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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, really AU. Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM
Why: I don’t know.

Note: This is try number 2 at FanFic. Some elements of Roswell S1 are here. But some of the other elements are different. Michael and Maria are good friends, but nothing else, yet. Max and Liz are about where they were before Liz took the bullet in the stomach. Sorry, Liz doesn’t get shot in this one. Kyle is not as nice as usually portrayed in fanficdom, think S1. Oh, and Tess? Who’s Tess? Do we know anybody named Tess?

This started out as a group of disjointed ‘scenes’ that I thought would be good to use in a story. Well, as the number of ‘scenes’ grew it became time to try to weave them into a story. This is that story. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Part 1

September 7, 2001 – Journal entry 226 – Senior year. The last year of school at West Roswell High. This will probably be the last chance that I have to get Max to notice me. I know that Maria tells me he always watches me, but why doesn’t he ever ask me out? Is it Kyle? Does he think Kyle and I are together? Kyle is nice, our parents are great friends, but there could never be anything serious between us. Any time I try to talk about anything serious, Kyle gets this blank look on his face. We’re just too different.

But somehow I have to get Max to notice me. We’ve gone to school together since third grade. We’ve been lab partners all through high school, but other than hanging out and talking about a science project or the weather, nothing. It’s as if something is holding him back. Maybe I’m not cute enough for him? Am I too smart? Does that scare him? Am I that much of a science dork?

This year somehow I’ll get Max to notice me. Otherwise when I leave for Harvard next Fall I’ll never get another chance.

Max and Michael came around the final turn on the track, sweat pouring off of their bodies, “God, I’m glad this five mile run is over.” Panted Max. Michael just nodded his head in agreement, too tired to reply.

They crossed in front of the coach as he glanced at his watch to check the time. He was tough, requiring all varsity soccer players to complete the run at the end of the preseason training sessions. They completed the run in the middle of the pack, not too fast so that the coach would expect them to lead in the future, but not too far back where he would start giving them a hard time.

Max and Michael headed for their water bottles that were sitting on the ground so they could cool their aching bodies. “Five-mile run after a full practice, why do we want to play soccer again?” Michael asked to no one in particular as he reached for his bottle of water. Both boys collapsed on the ground, picking up their bottles and taking long, grateful swallows of water. “So, what are we doing after practice? Besides going home and collapsing in bed I mean.” Asked Michael as he turned his head to look at Max.

“I don’t have anything planned. A good rest is all I’m looking forward to.” Replied Max just before taking another swig of his water.

“Friday night and you have nothing planned? You are so pathetic. How about going to see the girl’s soccer game after the coach lets us go? It’s their first game of the season and I promised Maria I’d go see her play.” Michael asked Max as he sat up to stretch his tired muscles.

When Max took his time answering the question, Michael continued with a big smile on his face, “Don’t worry, she’ll be playing. Maria told me she’s starting at right forward.”

“Huh? Who do you mean?” Max asked innocently.

“Come on Max. Who are you trying to kid? You know I mean Liz Parker. I still don’t understand why you don’t ask her out. She’s perfect for you, athletic, beautiful, and smart…” Michael paused for a moment and then continued. “Need I go on?”

“Yeah Michael, I know.” Cutting off Michael’s familiar tirade. “ Maybe that’s just why I don’t ask her out. Gees, what would she see in me? She’s popular, rich, beautiful, and smart. She could go out with anybody. I’m definitely not in her league.” Max stood up and began stretching his own muscles. He thought that Michael would get the hint that he didn’t want to continue this conversation but he was wrong.

“Liz isn’t like that, sure, her parents own half of Roswell, but she’s a really nice person.”

“Michael, she’s dating Kyle Valenti, his parents own the other half of Roswell. Do you see the car he drives? How many high school kids drive a Z3 BMW? He’s the perfect match, rich, popular, and captain of the football team. I can’t compete with that.”

“Max, he’s dumb as dirt. He’s still in remedial science. Liz is in AP Biology with you. And anyway, you’re the captain of the soccer team. And your jeep isn’t so bad. Its better than what I have, which is nothing.”

“Yeah right Michael, captain of the soccer team, lets see, Captain of the football team that fills up a 5,000 seat stadium every home game,” Max held his left hand above his head and then continued. “…versus captain of the soccer team that has a huge crowd of 10 or 20 parents at their games.” He took his right hand and held it about waist high. “Nope, I’m sure that Liz just sees me as the guy that mows her parent’s lawn once a week. God, Michael, we live in a desert, do you know how much money it takes to have a lawn around here? I’m definitely not in her league. Nope, no way.” Max shook his head no for emphasis.

“Well, come on anyway. You can still keep me company while I watch Maria play. I won’t give you a hard time about the goofy look on your face and the longing looks you aim at Liz. But, I draw the line at you drooling and having your tongue hanging out of your mouth.” Michael joked with Max as they walked over to the watch the girl’s soccer game.

They got to the field just as the goalie punted the ball up field. They watched the ball sail towards midfield where they saw Liz run in and trap the ball in front of her self. She quickly got rid of the ball by passing to Maria who was running up the middle of the field. “Did you see that trap?” Max asked Michael. “Maybe you should ask her to teach you how to do it. You have absolutely no soft touch on the ball.” Max continued joking with Michael.

“Funny, real funny. I bet she couldn’t do that again. Anyway, I have great ball handling skills.” Michael responded to Max.

As they were talking they kept watching the game. Max never realized how good Maria and Liz were. Before the half came to a close they had managed to put a few plays together and were responsible for the two best scoring chances that their team had. Even with their best efforts, the half ended in a scoreless tie. The goalie from the other team making some great saves.

During halftime Maria and Liz had half of their attention to the coach while the other half was scanning the fans that sat in the bleachers. “Max Evans hasn’t stopped staring at you the entire game.” Maria whispered to Liz.

“No way Maria. He’s just here with Michael to watch you play.” She replied trying to force herself not to turn and look at Max.

“If he’s here to watch me, why is he staring at you?” Maria said, while digging Liz in the ribs.

“Have something that you want to share with the team?” The coach asked Maria and Liz. Liz’s face started to turn red, as she shook her head no.

Maria, without missing a beat replied, “Liz was telling me that she was faster than the girl guarding her, and that we should try to go down the right side.”

“Oh, okay. We’ll try that.” The coach replied obviously not expecting an answer.

Liz looked at Maria with gratitude in her eyes. “Good save ‘Ria.” She whispered.

The second half started and as usual Max’s complete attention was taken up by Liz. Liz and Maria seemed to dominate their side of the field and the opposing team tried to ensure that the ball stayed on the other side of the field. Eventually, the two of them were able to break down the opposing defense with Liz scoring a goal on a great pass from Maria.

After the game Liz and Maria gathered their gear and walked over to the fan’s side of the field. The Parkers walked over to the girls and as they reached them Liz placed a smile on her face before greeting them, “Mom, dad. I’m so happy you could come.”

Nancy handed her cell phone back to her personal assistant before responding, “Of course we’d be at your first game. How could we not?” As she finished her assistant called out to her, “Mrs. Parker, we have to leave now if we’re going to be at the gallery in time.”

“Well, I have to go. That was such an exciting game. I cheered when you scored the touchdown Liz. I’m so proud of you.” Nancy said as she placed an air kiss next to Liz’s cheek.

Liz gritted her teeth when she heard her mother refer to her goal as a touchdown. Her mother had made one or two games a year since Liz had started playing soccer at 6 years old. You would think she would learn something about the game.

Liz turned to her father who was shaking his head, “Nice goal Liz. I guess all the practice paid off.” Jeff Parker may have been to fewer of Liz’s games over the years then Nancy, but he prided himself on being knowledgeable about everything. If his daughter was going to play soccer, then he would learn all about it.

As they were talking Nancy noticed that both Maria and Liz kept looking past them at something. Sneaking a peak behind her Nancy noticed two boys in soccer gear obviously waiting for someone. Looking back at the girls Nancy asked, “Are we keeping you from someone?” Glancing back at the guys.

“No, uh, that’s uh, that’s just Michael and Max.” Maria stuttered. “They just want to talk about the game. They play for the boy’s team.”

“Oh, well, then we’ll see you later then.” Replied Nancy. And the Parkers started to walk to their separate cars.

“Oh, Mom, remember, I’m staying at Maria’s tonight. Okay?” Liz called after her parents.

“Okay, Liz, see you tomorrow. Remember, you and Maria have the breakfast shift so don’t stay up too late.”

As they turned to walk over to Max and Michael, Kyle and his entourage walked up. “So, how was the game? Sorry I couldn’t come and watch. I had practice and then…. Well you know how I hate to watch soccer. It’s so boring. I bet there wasn’t even a goal the whole game.” Kyle said as he put his arm around Liz.

Max, hearing the put-down of soccer snapped out, “You’re wrong Kyle, Liz scored a goal. It was great, really exciting. Too bad you weren’t here to see it.” Max didn’t want to look like he was waiting on Liz or anything like that so he continued on to the parking lot only to be stopped by Kyle’s glare.

Kyle looked over at Max with a look that just screamed ‘Who asked you?’ But actually said, “Whatever, sorry Liz, maybe next time. How about I make it up to you by giving you a ride home?” Kyle threw his arm around Liz and tried to get her to go along with him.

Liz looked over at Maria, a pleading look in her eyes. Maria chirped, “Sorry Kyle, Liz is spending the night with me. I’m driving her to my house.” A look of relief washed over Liz’s face and along with that she shrugged Kyle’s arm off of her.

“Ok, well… if you get bored or anything, call my cell phone. I’m going out with the guys.” Kyle leaned in to kiss Liz on the lips but she turned her head so all he got was cheek instead. She was just a little bit pissed at him. Kyle stood back up straight as if he didn’t just get the cold shoulder and continued. “I’ll tell you where I’m at and you can meet me there.” That was it. Maria and Liz watched Kyle leave without a second glance back in their direction.

Liz’s gaze shifted just in time to watch Michael and Max hop into Max’s jeep and peel out of the lot. When the jeep was out of site she scanned the lot for Kyle. She was a little surprised to see him talking to two girls from the other team. She saw him let one of them write something on his hand. Liz reminded herself that this thing between them was only casual. Maria saw what Liz was looking at and grabbed her arm and headed for the locker room.

The two girls made it to Maria’s jetta and they got in. As Maria pulled out of the school parking lot she asked Liz a question that had been bothering her for a while, “Liz, why are you dating Kyle Valenti? He just doesn’t seem to be your type.”

“My type? What do you mean my type?” Liz responded.

“Not for nothing Liz, but you’re not a cheerleader, you’re not outgoing, you’re not blond, and you’re definitely not dumb. You’re not the type that Kyle usually dates. I don’t mean anything bad by it.”

“Yeah, well, Kyle is okay. He’s nice, funny, and we usually have a good time when we’re together. Our parents are friends. My mother thinks he’s perfect for me. And he asked me out. It’s not like there’s all these guys at my door. And anyway, it’s only a casual thing.”

“So, if a secret admirer was to become not so secret, you might think of dating him?”

“Secret admirer? Yeah right. Like I have some secret admirer out there somewhere.” Liz scoffed as she looked out her window.

Maria just looked thoughtful for a minute then added, “How about Max Evans?”

“Max Evans? Michael’s buddy Max Evans? Known him since 3rd grade Max Evans? I don’t think I’m on his radar screen Maria.” Liz looked at Maria like she had grown a third eye or something.

“I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you.” Maria continued.

September 7, 2001, My name is Max Evans and I have no clue why our Journalism teacher is having us do this project. Write a journal? Why? She says she isn’t going to collect it, or read it. So why do it? She said we should get used to putting our thoughts and feelings on paper. It’s supposed to make us better writers.

Okay, and? What exactly do you put in one of these things? Everything that happened today? Just the important stuff? I live in Roswell, what important stuff?

Okay, here it goes. Journal Entry 1 - Woke up. Went to school. Did stuff, studied stuff. Last bell rang and school was over. Exciting day.

Huh? No? Needs more detail? Okay, after school, went to practice. Coach made us do the 5-mile run today. Had to slow down so Michael could keep up but I don’t think he noticed. He was gulping air like a whale when we were done. I wonder why the coach makes the goalies do the run? Not that it didn’t do him good.

After practice went to see the girls play. Outside of AP Bio it was the best part of my day. She was playing. Forward. Right side. It was great watching her play. When she’s on the field she seems so sure of herself. She’s a great player and watching her is a revelation. She moves up and down the field with such grace that she looks like she’s moving in slow motion. Sitting next to her in class, you would never realize it was the same person. In class she’s so controlled, taking notes, concentrating on the teacher. But on the field she plays with abandonment, totally enjoying the game. Always with a big smile on her face.

She has a beautiful smile.

Tbc? I really need some feedback. Should this be continued?

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, really AU. Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM
Why: I don’t know.

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 2

September 13, 2001 -- Journal entry 227. What can I say not much happened this week and there is only one more day left to this week… All the words of encouragement last weekend from Maria did me no good. The clock is ticking and if I want Max Evans I’m going to have to make my move.

I wonder if he likes football? I’ve never seen him at a game before. I would know because I’ve always looked for him. I wonder why he doesn’t come with Michael? He does everything else with him. Tomorrow in Bio I’m going to have to make my move. Maybe I’ll ask him to go with me. What could I loose? We’d still be lab partners and we would still have the same conversation that we’ve had for the past four years.

Ok, Parker you can do this. You have the plan mapped out all you have to do is execute. Execute.

One week later Max walked into the Bio lab and threw his books on the lab desk he shared with Liz. He looked over at her and was amazed that she looked so cool and collected with her hair hanging straight down. He remembered a different Liz Parker; she was hot and sweaty and had her hair in a ponytail after last Friday’s soccer game. He had come to the conclusion that under any circumstance Liz Parker would always look beautiful. It was impossible for her to have a bad day. He had to work up the courage to talk to her. To ask her out. Michael had razzed him all weekend and if he didn’t want to be totally humiliated he should be the one to ask her out. Otherwise, Michael said he would do the honors and he had absolutely no idea what would come of it.

The teacher explained the purpose of the next lab and told them to start. It was to include observations through a microscope. And Max and Liz started on the work preparing the slides for their observation. After that was done Liz mounted a slide and started to look at the subject.

Max stared at Liz as she adjusted the focus on the microscope. He reached over and gently pushed her silky hair back behind her ear. She looked up and smiled at him and then continued to look through the eyepiece. He leaned closer moving his body behind hers so he could have the advantaged and began to nibble on her exposed, perfect ear. Liz let out a moan as chills ran down her body. He could see the effect that his proximity had on her by the way the goosebumps traveled down her arm. Max reached to cup her face to turn it towards his…..

“So Max, are you going to the football game tonight?” Liz asked.

“Huh? What?” Max asked, as he was startled out of his daydream. “The football game? What game?” Max replied as he fought with all his will to compose himself.

“It’s Friday Max. We always have a game on Friday night.” Liz answered obviously annoyed that Max hadn’t been paying attention. “It’s an important game. We’re playing Eastern Albuquerque. We’re both undefeated, it should be a great game. You should go.”

“Yeah, maybe I will. I haven’t been to one this year yet.”

The rest of the class went quickly with Liz catching Max staring at her a few times. ‘Maybe Maria was right? Nah, no way. Max wouldn’t be interested in me.’

As the class ended Max followed Liz out into the hall, “So, maybe I’ll see you at the game, okay Max?”

‘Huh? Did she just ask me to the game? What do I say, what do I say?!?’ The thoughts racing through Max’s head. “Yeah sure. I think I’d enjoy seeing a game. Won’t Kyle be mad though?” Max had to restrain himself from smacking himself in the head as he thought, ‘God, could you sound anymore pathetic?’

“No, I never even see Kyle on game day. He has to get on his game face or something. I wouldn’t see him until after the game.”

“Okay, then I’ll give you a ride. I’ll pick you up at 6:00, okay?”

“Yeah Max, see you then.”

As Michael walked up to Liz and Max he heard them making plans to meet for the football game, he turned to Max and asked, “Didn’t you promise Pam that you would go to her game tonight?” At that Max looked shocked and answered, “Gees, how could I forget. She’ll kill me if I miss another one.”

At hearing the name “Pam” Liz started to think, ‘Pam, Pam? Could he mean Pam Troy? Is Max dating Pam Troy? Please God, say it isn’t so. I give Max a lot more credit than to be seeing Pam Troy. What kind of game could Pam be playing tonight? Oh God, don’t tell it’s some guy code word for, for, eeewwww.’

Max turned to Liz and said, “I’m sorry, I totally forgot about the game. It’s a makeup game and isn’t on a regular day. I’m sorry, I have to pass on the football game.”

Liz heard the regret in his voice and replied, “That’s okay, you had prior plans. Maybe the next one.” Max heard the disappointment in her voice and noticed a little of the light go out of her eyes as she turned to leave.

Thinking quickly, Max called after Liz, “Hey, would you like to come with me tonight? It might be fun.” Max was saying ‘please say yes, please say yes’ to himself. He so wanted to be able to spend sometime with her.

Liz turned back to Max and asked, “Won’t Pam mind if I’m there?”

Max looked at Liz quizzically, “No, why should she? So, will you come? I’ll pick you up at 6:00. I have to be there at 6:30. Okay?” As Liz started to nod her head in agreement, Michael started to drag Max away. “Come on, I need a ride home before I head over to the Crash for my shift.”

“6:00, ok? And dress real casual. Shorts, tee shirt.” He hollered as Max was dragged away by Michael.

As they pulled into Puhlman Park, Liz noticed the soccer fields were lit for a night game. There were two teams on the benches getting their equipment on. Max parked the jeep and went around to help Liz. “What are we doing here, Max?”

“We’re here for the soccer game. Roswell Aliens against East Roswell Green People. It’s the first time they’ve played under the lights and they’re really excited.” Max explained as they walked over to a bench filled with little girls intent on putting on their socks and cleats.

As Max and Liz approached the bench four of the girls that had finished getting ready raced over to Max excitedly, “Hey Max, you made it!” Each one of the little girls held up their hands to receive a high five from him as they crowded around him.

Max tried to make some space between the girls and him self and turned to Liz saying, “Liz I’d like you to meet Pam, Becca, Jen and Sue. They love to make my life miserable. One of these days they’ll listen to what I try to teach them and I’ll have a heart attack.” Max joked with the girls.

The girls looked at Liz suspiciously. “Hi, how are you?” Their ringleader Becca said.

As Max led Liz over to the coach of the team he explained why they were there, “I’m training the team. The coach is just a parent that had never played soccer before. He asked the high school coach to recommend some players to help him teach the team skills and I was one of the guys he recommended. The other guys lasted about a month but I found out that I really enjoy this and stuck with it.” As they approached the coach, Max made the introduction, “Mr. Green? I’d like you to meet Liz Parker. She’s one of the best players on the girl’s soccer team at West Roswell. She doesn’t know it yet but she’s here to help me get the girls warmed up.”

“Hi, Liz. Help with the girls is always welcome. They can be a real hand full. Thanks for your help.” Mr. Green responded shaking Liz’s hand. “And it’s Bob, not Mr. Green.” And looking over to Max he said, “Remember? Its Bob.”

As Liz and Max walked back on the field they were surrounded by 5 or 6 players, most of who were pestering Max, calling out, “Let’s play donkey, Max. Come on, donkey.”

Max looked at his watch and said, “Okay, but just for a few minutes. And I think we only have enough time for don. Not donkey.” At this he turned to Liz and explained, “I’m trying to teach the girls how to juggle a soccer ball. So we play donkey. Each time a player lets the ball hit the ground they get a letter. When they reach don, there out. They are as competitive as hell and hate losing so it gives them a reason to practice.”

As they started the game of donkey Liz started to see an entirely new Max. He was laughing and joking with players. He really appeared to be having a great time. None of the shyness or reserve was there. It was a Max that Liz had never seen before.

After about 10 minutes of playing, Max called a halt to the game, with Becca complaining, “Come on Max, why are you quitting? Afraid Liz will win? Let’s keep playing.”

To that Max replied, “We have to get ready for the game, you have to warm up.”

“Nah, You just don’t want to lose to a girl.” The rest of the team picked up on Becca’s argument.

As the game started it was obvious that the two teams were evenly matched. The game went from one end of the field to the other with neither team able to score. Max’s team had some of the better opportunities, but at the half the score was still 0-0.

As the girls came off the field at half time Max told them to gather their water bottles and sit down. He then started to go over what they had done the first half and then explain what he wanted them to concentrate on in the second half. As he talked to the team Liz stood back and watched him. She was amazed at what she saw. Liz had known Max since the 3rd grade. He had always been shy and withdrawn, hardly ever smiling. But watching him work with the team was a revelation. He was completely different. His hands were flying around as he talked to the girls. His face was animated, smiling, frowning, and concentrating. It was definitely a new Max. A Max that should be seen more often.

Liz’s daydream was interrupted when all of the girls turned to face her expectantly. She tried to remember the last thing she heard Max say. “Uh, um.” She stuttered as she finally recalled that Max had asked if she had anything to add. “Uh, no not much, except that Becca is it?” She asked looking at one of the girls, when she received a nod saying she got the name right she continued, “Becca should stay further forward, she’s dropping back too far when the other team has the ball.”

Max looked over to see if Becca understood and seeing her nodding in agreement. He told the team to take the field.

The second half was a lot like the first, a pretty even game. Becca was trying to play forward like Liz told her to but was caught offsides during three different plays. After the third time, Max seemed to lose patience and called over one of the girls that had been on the bench and substituted her in the game for Becca.

As Becca came off the field Max turned to Liz and snapped out, “Would you please explain the concept of offsides to her. She’s killing us.” And then he turned back to the game.

Liz took Becca aside and explained to her about the rule in question and then walked over to Max. “Okay, I think she understands now. Nobody ever told her about it before.”

Max let the little dig pass and called Becca over, “Next substitution, go in for Jamie. We need a goal, I’m depending on you, alright?” Max patted her on the back and went back to watching the game.

After Becca went back in the game she played a great game. Almost scoring on a few plays. During the half Max kept muttering “In the goal, not around it.” As the players would miss shot after shot. Max and Liz were both getting excited and frustrated with the way the game was progressing. Their team was obviously better, but they just couldn’t seem to score.

Just then Pam played a ball behind the defense and Becca raced after it. She took the pass and continued up the field, only the goalie between her and a sure goal. As she started to move past the charging goalie, the linesman snapped his flag up and the referee blew his whistle and signaled offsides.

“WHAT!! Are your blind! It’s when the ball is kicked!!! She was onsides!!” Liz was livid at the call. A shocked Max went over and jumped between Liz and the offending Linesman.

“Calm down Liz. Bad call, but it happens. Calm down or they’ll make you stand over with the parents. Come on, you don’t have a coaches card.” Max’s words seemed to wake Liz up and she looked apologetically at Max. “Sorry, I was just in to the game.”

“Unbelievable isn’t it?” Max responded as he turned her back towards the bench. “It’s easy to get carried away during an exciting game.”

As the game continued Liz continued to help instruct the girls. She and Max would discuss what was going on during the game. Every now and then Mr. Green would make a comment to Liz and Max concerning the game. Liz was having a great time.

Finally, their instruction paid off. Becca ran on to a pass from Pam, got around the last defender and drove a perfect shot into a corner of the goal. As the ball crossed into the goal, Liz and Max both jumped into the air, fist raised. Liz then turned to Max and yelled, “She did it!” And jumped into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck in a hug. After getting over his shock, Max wrapped his arms around Liz and gave her a big hug. As the excitement of the moment waned, Max and Liz slowly released their holds on each other. As they stepped away from each other, both of their faces started to turn red.

“Uh, sorry Max. I just got a little too excited.” Liz mumbled.

“No, that’s okay, I was excited too.”

The rest of the game was just as exciting. Max’s little girls relaxed now that they had the lead and played better. They took some risks on offense and it eventually paid off with a second goal. This time Max and Liz were a little more restrained when they celebrated. The final whistle blew and the girls charged off the field and surrounded Max and Liz. Max instructed them to line up for the ritual post game handshake with the other team. Liz held back, not feeling a part of the team but Max forced her to get in line with everybody else. As Max reached the coach of the other team the coach shook Max’s hand and complimented him on the team. “Great game, you have a great team.” He looked at Max and Liz and continued, “You two make a good coaching team, the girls really respond to you.”

As they walked away from the field after the game Liz was smiling and turned to Max and jokingly said, “No wonder you enjoy training this team. You have 14 girls that have major crushes on you.”

“What? You got to be kidding me. They’re only 12 years old. Please, I’m sure they don’t even like boys yet.”

“Max, you are oblivious. Why do you think they were so suspicious when we first arrived? They thought I was your girlfriend. They were jealous.”

“No, you’re wrong. No way.” Max replied as his ears started to turn red.

With that Liz let out a short laugh before jumping into the jeep for the ride home.

The score stood at Albuquerque 24 – West Roswell 20. West Roswell had the ball at Albuquerque’s 45-yard line with 1:30 left in the game. The game had went as advertised. Both teams had great offenses but even better defenses. The game had been hard fought and the fans had been on their feet for the last 5 minutes as West Roswell slowly engineered a drive against Albuquerque. But time wasn’t on their side. They had one time-out left and a long way to go.

The play came in from the sideline, Kyle called the play in the huddle and as the team ran up to the ball Kyle surveyed the defense. Kyle took his position behind center and began to bark out the signals. The ball came up into Kyle’s hands, he started a roll-out to the right but his receivers were covered. He pulled the ball down and tried to do the best he could with the busted play. He gained 4 yards but couldn’t make it out of bounds, so the clock continued to run. The clock now became an even bigger enemy than Albuquerque.

The next play was signaled in an as the team again went to the line of scrimmage, Kyle noticed the clock counting down to 45 seconds. Time was running out on their hopes for an undefeated season. He surveyed the field, he called out the signals, and the ball came up into his hands. As he dropped back into the pocket he saw Tommy Jeffers streaking on ‘go’ route up the sideline. Kyle let the ball go just as he was buried under the Albuquerque pass rush.

As the players got off of Kyle he noticed the cheering from the stands just as Jimmy Grant, his center, pick him up off the ground as if he was a doll. He grabbed him into a boned shattering hug as he screamed in his ear, “You did it. He scored.” And he began to jump around as much as a 250 pound lineman can jump around.

The rest of the game went by in a blur. The vaunted West Roswell defense held, and the undefeated season was extended for another game.

As the players left the field and started to mingle with the crowd, Kyle began to search the stands for a particular face. He missed seeing her during the game. He could usually pick her out of the crowd but tonight he wasn’t able to. He marked it down to the larger than normal crowd and the excitement of the game.

He came across Michael and Maria as they walked by, “Have you seen Liz anywhere?”

He didn’t miss the look that passed between Michael and Maria as Michael answered, “Great game Kyle. That was a perfect pass at the end.”

Beaming with pride at the compliment Kyle didn’t even notice the change in topic. “Yeah, it was just a desperation thing. I saw Tommy and let it go. I didn’t even see if he caught it or not.”

As Maria started to pull Michael back into the crowd, Kyle again remembered to ask, “Have you seen Liz? She’s usually with you Maria. Do you know where she is?”

Before Maria could answer, Tommy and Jimmy walked up. Maria started to stammer out an answer. “She’s, uh, she’s not here Kyle. She had something else to do tonight.”

“What could be more important than a football game? I had one of the best games of my life and she missed it? What kind of girlfriend is she?

“If you must know, she went to a soccer game.” Maria tried to explain.

“Soccer? She went to a soccer game? Why? Who would want to see a soccer game?” Kyle responded with surprise in his voice.

“Kyle, she’s a soccer player. She just might be interested in seeing a soccer game. Football isn’t the only game in town.” Maria snapped back, starting to lose her temper. “Anyway, Max asked her to go see a team he’s coaching.”

“Max asked her? Oh, that’s just great, she went to a soccer game with Lawn Boy, instead of coming to my football game.” Kyle didn’t see the anger flare in Maria’s eyes and he turned to leave before she could bite out any more comments.

“Max Evans, huh? He’s Liz’s lab partner, he’s always with Michael at Liz’s soccer games, and I always see him talking to her when he goes to do the Parker’s lawn for his father’s lawn service. I think I better have a talk with him.” Kyle mentioned to his friends as they walked into the field house for their post game showers.

The ride home had been great, with the two of them talking about everything, the game, school, the time just flew by. Too soon they were parked in front of Liz’s house and things again became awkward between them.

“I had a great time Max. Thanks for taking me to the game.” Liz said as Max jumped out of the jeep.

“I’m glad you had a good time.” Max replied as he helped Liz out of the jeep. They then turned and started up the stairs to the house.

“Well, I guess I may see you tomorrow Liz,”

Liz looked around at Max. ‘See me tomorrow? Was he asking her out again?’

“Lawn day. I do your parents’ lawn tomorrow. Maybe I’ll see you then?” Max continued.

As he saw Liz’s smile dim a little Max started to think, ‘Did she want me to ask her out? Damn, why didn’t I take her someplace to get a snack or something. She’s going to think I the biggest cheapskate on the planet.’ Max finally mumbled, “Good night Liz. Thank you for coming tonight.”

As Liz closed the door she flopped back against it. Well, at least we were together out of school she thought. Just then her mother walked into the entrance hall, “You’re home early. Was that Kyle? How was the football game?”

“No, mother. It wasn’t Kyle. That was Max Evans, he took me to see a soccer game.”

“Oh, yes. I didn’t think it was Kyle. What was that thing you drove up in? It was so…”

“That was a jeep mother, an army surplus jeep. Its what Max drives around in.”

"Nobody we know saw you in that ...thing, did they?"

“God, no mother. Nobody saw me. I wore a disguise.”

“Oh, well who is Ma…. Wait a minute. Don’t we have an Evans that...” Nancy started to think out loud, nose wrinkling.

“Does our lawn? Yes, Max is his son. And yes, Max mows lawns for his father.” Liz continued her mother’s thought and added some additional information.

“What does Kyle think? You missed the football game to watch soccer?”

“Yes, mother I went to see a soccer game. Remember? I play soccer? I like to watch the game? And anyway, I’m sure I’ll hear all about the football game in excruciating detail when I see Kyle next.”

Before Liz could respond Nancy’s assistant walked into the room, “Mrs. Parker? The call from the Chairperson of the ball committee you’ve been waiting for is on line one.”

Nancy sighed while turning to her assistant, “I have to handle everything myself. Why have a committee?” Looking back at Liz she asked, “How do you have a winter ball without snow? Do you know they don’t want to import snow for the decorations? Snow? How expensive can snow be?”

“Oh, and I think you should apologize to your boyfriend for missing his football game.”

Liz stood up away from the door and snapped, “Mother, the only reason I'm with Kyle is because you and his dad have this... this idea of us being a couple. We are friends. Well, not even friends. There's not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I had a boyfriend that I could have an intelligent conversation with. I can just barely tolerate Kyle and his macho crap. And believe me it's not getting easier." Liz turned her back to her mother and stomps up the stairs to her room.

September 14, 2001 – I could die right now this minute and I would die a happy man. I had her in my arms and she was hugging me.

Let me explain. The day started out great as usual. We had lab together. Well not really together, together, we’re just lab partners. But it’s great just being near her and being able to smell the strawberry scent from her hair.

I had that fantasy again. Reaching over and touching her hair. Pushing it behind her ear. Reaching over and… But then I woke up. Liz caught me staring at her and asked about the football game tonight. Sometimes she looks at me like she knows what I’m thinking. I hope not. I would just crawl into a hole and die if she could.

She asked me about going to the football game tonight. I was all set to go, it wasn’t a date or nothing, just going to the same game, but then Michael reminded me about the soccer game. One thing led to another, and she agreed to go to the girl’s soccer game.

We both had a great time. She was wonderful with the girls. Her eyes were just twinkling during the game. I never thought I’d say that I saw someone’s eyes twinkle. I thought that was just some writer’s crap. But her eyes were twinkling. She was having a great time. The girls just loved her. I think they loved having a girl there that knows the game. They don’t feel like oddballs then.

When Becca scored her goal she jumped into my arms in excitement. It was all I had ever dreamt it would be. No, I think it was even better. She just fitted against me like a second shirt. She was so soft and warm….

God, now I have to go take another cold shower.


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Just some brief responses to feedback questions.

Yes, there are aliens in this, Max, Michael and Isabel. Of course they don’t feel like they have to hide as people, just that they’re aliens.

Will Kyle stop coming between Liz and Max? Read on.

Why does Liz put up with Kyle’s crap? She’s used to it. Its comfortable and it’s what her parents expect. And Kyle isn’t always a jerk. Or is he?

When is Liz going to dump Kyle and move on with Max? She’s trying but Max being a guy, he’s pretty dumb, and can’t read signs, and needs to be hit over the head a few times, and he can’t believe….. well you get the picture.

Is Jim Valenti the sheriff? Nope. The Parkers are the richest family in Roswell with the Valentis running a close second. Or is it the other way around?? Hmmm.

Oh, and are other characters going to make appearances? Well, you see, I have a very serious case of tunnel vision. It’s really bad. This is an M/L story so I’ll only bring the others in when there needed. Like if Liz has a flat tire, Alex may stop by to change it for her. Or if Max needs that whack on the head, Michael or Maria will make an appearance, club in hand.

Well, the next part of the story will be posted in a few minutes.

I can’t thank you all enough for reading this story and leaving such wonderful feedback.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, really AU. Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM
Why: I don’t know.

Note: Again, thank you for all of the great feedback. I’m glad that you’re enjoying this..

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 3

September 14, 2001. Journal Entry 228 - Coach would be happy to know that I had fully executed a play that I designed. Yes me, Parker executed a play perfectly… Well maybe not perfectly. Max’s defenses fell and I ran right with it. But on second thought I don’t think coach would want to know about it since it had nothing to do with soccer and everything to do with my love life. Ha, love life. What love life? Just because I had the most fantastic time with Max at his little league game tonight doesn’t mean that it automatically moves from lab partners to love partners.

What happened today? I’ll tell you. I set my mind to talk Max Evans into spending an evening with me and he accepted. Well he didn’t actually accept my proposal but countered it and boy am I glad he did. This feeling that I’m experiencing has got to be the ultimate greatest feeling that I have ever experienced in my life. The game was so exciting and our emotions were so taut that when Becca scored that goal I couldn’t help but be happy and I jumped right into Max’s open arms.

Part of me wants to sit here forever remembering his strong arms surrounding me and then there is the other part of me that keeps on dragging Kyle into the scene. I know its only casual but what am I going to do with him? Should I call our relationship off? I can’t really do that to him. It’s not fair. I owe him more than that and what would my parents think if I just happened to dump Kyle before the big shindig of the year. It would be a total embarrassment to them. I just can’t do that right now. I don’t know which side to decide with. I need help. Snap out of it girl. I have to see if there is anything to this relationship with Max because to fool around on Kyle is definitely out of the question.

I need to come up with another plan. The lawn is scheduled for maintenance tomorrow, and Max said he’d be the one to do it? I need to quit writing and concentrate on what I am going to do when Max shows up. There are so many ways that this whole thing can end up. I just have to make sure that the one that happens is the one I want.

NOTE to self – Think positive and things will work out the way you want them to. Hang in there Parker. You can do this.

Saturday morning Max pulled the truck and trailer up to the curb in front of the Parker residence. Well, mansion would be more like it. He jumped out of the cab and went to unload the equipment he would need to trim the Parker’s lawn. Max always made sure that he did this particular lawn because every so often he got to talk to Liz.

After unloading the riding lawn mower he hopped on it and began the task of doing the lawn. Repetition and experience allowed Max to daydream while doing the work. So his mind started to go over the previous night as he traveled across her lawn. Liz had asked him to go to the football game with her but he had to decline. He would have never thought that she would have passed on one of Kyle’s football games to attend one of his girls’ soccer games. She had actually gone to the soccer game with him and enjoyed it. Well at least he thought she had enjoyed it. Or was she just being polite? No, she was excited at the game. Max dropped into a daydream of the game, especially Liz jumping into his arms after the goal. As he relived the moment he was jarred back to reality when the mower bumped over something. Looking back he saw a severed yucca plant laying in the center of a disturbed flower bed. “Damn it! Now I have to replace it. Dad is going to kill me.”

Max finished the mowing and got the edger and began to trim the flowerbeds. Could Michael and Maria be right? Was there something there? Could I actually have a chance with Liz? Michael said that Maria is driving him crazy trying to get him to push me to ask Liz out. He says his life will be a living hell if I don’t do something soon.

Max finished the edging and got the blower to finish the job. He looked around but didn’t see Liz. Surely if she had as good as time as he did she would have been out here already. She usually was out here by now to watch him finish up. Sighing he continued to clean the last of the grass off of the sidewalks and driveway. As he shut down the blower, he heard, “Hey, Max, how are you doing today?”

Max spun around, startled out of his thoughts, “Oh, hi, Liz, , uh, uuh, I’m just finishing up here. So, how are you?” Max couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. ‘Why am I so tongue tied around her?’ He thought.

“I just wanted to tell you that I had a great time last night. Your team is really cute. It must be great working with them.”

“You did? You had a great time?” Max replied.

Before Liz could reply they heard the screeching of tires as a silver Z3 BMW squealed to a stop in Liz’s driveway. Kyle hopped out and walked over to where Max and Liz were talking.

“Hi, Liz. Hey Max.” Kyle said as he approached them. Kyle was surprised to see them talking when he had drove up. Random thoughts raced through Kyle’s head, ‘Liz had missed a football game to go to some stupid soccer game with Max. Now he catches them talking while Max should obviously be working. What the hell is going on with Liz? He’s the lawn boy for heaven’s sake? I don’t care if his father does own the business, he still mows lawns!’

“Max, my parents are having company this afternoon. I know they would appreciate it if you got the lawn and stuff done this morning. Think you can handle that?” Kyle sneered at Max.

Totally missing the shocked expression on Liz’s face Kyle continued while glancing at his Rolex, “I figure if you leave right now you can get the lawn done by noon. Okay?”

Max swallowed the reply that had jumped to his lips. His father needed the Valenti accounts for his business. “Sure Kyle. I’ll leave right now.” Glancing at Liz Max said, “I’ll see you around Liz.” And started to pick up the rest of his equipment.

“Let me help you with that Max.” Kyle said as he picked up the edger and tossed it into the trailer haphazardly. As Max and Kyle walked around towards the front of the truck Kyle leaned close and said so that only Max could hear, “Stay away from her Evans. She’s dating me right now. So keep clear if you know what’s good for you.”

Kyle glanced down at his hands and realized that they were dirty from handling the equipment. He took the bottom of Max’s shirt and wiped his hands in it. Still not satisfied he turned to head for the house to wash his hands fully but not before adding, “Be warned Evans.”

As Kyle walked up the drive towards Liz’s house, Liz stood there as Max got into the cab of the truck and drove away. She lifted her hand in a brief wave but Max never looked back. She turned on her heels and stormed after the person that was so rude. Grabbing his shoulder to turn him around she said, “Could you have been any more rude Kyle? Max is a friend of ours, what the hell were you thinking?”

“Hey, what’s wrong? I told him my parents needed the lawn done. What’s wrong with that?” Kyle replied while holding his hands up defensively. He then continued accusingly, “Is there something I’m missing here Liz? Is something going on between you and Max?”

Liz realized how she had sounded and calmed down a bit. “No, there’s nothing going on between us. We’re friends, and I don’t like my friends to be treated like dirt. You were an ass Kyle, you should apologize.”

“Hey, Liz. I’m sorry if I got you upset. I just don’t like him hanging around you that’s all.”

Liz calmed down a little more as they began to walk up to the house, “So, why are you here Kyle? Did you come looking for Max?”

“No, I came to see you. You missed the game last night. I was great. I connected with Tommy for the winning touchdown. You should have been there to see it.” Kyle boasted. “Anyway, Jim is having a party tonight. His parents are out of town and we’ll have a great time.”

“Kyle, I thought we were going to the observatory tonight? There’s a meteor shower and the alignment of Mars, Venus and Jupiter. I told you about it weeks ago.” Liz complained.

“Sorry Liz, you’ll have to miss the stargazing thing. This will be a great party. We’re celebrating our win last night.”

“Kyle, we always do what you want to do. Tonight, we’re going to the observatory.” She wasn’t going to be pushed to do what he wanted to do. She was definitely drawing the line.

“Sorry Liz. I’m a team captain so I have to go to the party. You’ll just have to go see whatever it is you want to see next week. Anyway, we’ll have a great time.”

“Great time? Yeah, I’ll have a real great time watching you get drunk and puke in Jim’s pool. And like I told you, this meteor shower only happens once every two years and the alignment once every ten!”

“So, you just get the video of the meteor alignment thingee. And you’re wrong Liz, I won’t get drunk and barf in the pool, Jim doesn’t have one, all right?” Kyle answered chuckling. He always laughed at his own lame jokes, a habit that drove Liz crazy.

As they reached the front door, Kyle tried to give Liz a kiss but all he got was a very cold cheek. As he turned to go, he shot back over his shoulder, “I’ll be here at 7:00. Be ready.”

Liz replied, “Don’t bet on it!” just before she slammed the door closed. As Liz leaned back against the closed door she thought of Max, ‘Would Max ever force me to go to a party I didn’t want to go to?’

Kyle looked at his hands and realized that the reason he was walking to the house was so that he could wash them. He knocked on the door. “Go away Kyle.”

“I need to wash my hands. They’re filthy.”

“Go away… I’m sure you can figure out how to use the hose outside.” Liz walked away from the door as Kyle stood there for a few minutes.

‘I can’t believe she won’t let me in.’ he said to himself as he walked around to the side of the house to use the hose. Just as he turned the knob the hose flew off the spigot and water sprayed all over him. “Great. Just frickin great. I’m going to get Evans if it’s the last thing I do. This is all his fault.” Leaning over and turning off the water he stomped off to his car. Getting in and peeling out he left Liz’s with thoughts of revenge floating through his mind.

* * *

Later that day Maria stopped in to see Liz and hear how her, uh, hmm, ‘outing’, had gone with Max. Maria refused to call going to a soccer game a date.

“Hey Liz, how did last night go?” Maria asked as Liz let her into the house.

“Great Maria, I had a great time. Max’s little team is so cute. It reminded me of us when we were that age.” Liz gushed. “Remember that camp we went to with the cute trainer? The one you had a crush on?”

“Hey, you had a crush on him too, you know.” Maria replied defensively.

“Yeah, whatever, well the girls on Max’s team were the same way. They kept looking at me like I was the enemy when I first got there. They eventually warmed up to me though.”

“So, when’s he taking you on a date?” Maria asked with a wink.

Liz seemed to deflate a bit before replying, “I don’t know. I know we had a good time together and all, but Max didn’t ask me for another date. And after Kyle this morning, I don’t know….”

“Kyle? What happened with Kyle?” Maria cut in.

“Kyle stopped in while Max was here doing the lawn. He drove up while Max and I were talking. He was really nasty to him. He really treated him like a hired hand or something.” Liz answered. Seeing the look on Maria’s face Liz had to ask, “What’s wrong Maria. What happened? What aren’t you telling me?”

“Uh, well. Uh, Kyle kinda stopped us while he was looking for you at the game last night.” Maria started, then continued in a rush, “I’m so sorry Liz. It just slipped out. I really didn’t mean to say anything but he was just so smug and he was boasting about…”

“Stop! Maria! Quit rambling. What slipped out? What did you tell Kyle?”

Maria gave Liz a sheepish look before continuing, “I, sorta told him that you went to a soccer game with Max.”

“Shit, no wonder he was so nasty to Max.” Liz said as she dropped her head into her hands..

“Liz, look, I’m sorry if this complicates things between you and Kyle. But he was being such a jock. I couldn’t stand it.”

“Nah, that’s okay Maria. I’m sure he would have found out sooner or later.” Liz replied. Then changing the subject she continued, “So, what are we going to do today? We have practice at 4:00 and then I wanted to go to the observatory tonight. Kyle wants me to go to some lame beer blast but I won’t give in this time, I’m going to do what I want to do.”

“Hey, you tell him Tiger. Girl power all the way!”

“Uh, would you and Michael like to go to the show with me? I really don’t want to go alone.”

Maria remembered the last time she and Michael had gone to some science exhibit with Liz. Snore city. There would be no way she could get Michael to go to another. Just as she started to refuse a thought occurred to her. ‘I know someone who wouldn’t be bored.’ And a plan started to form in her mind as she answered, “Sure, Michael and I would love it.”

* * *

Max slammed the door closed as he stormed into the house. His run in with Kyle Valenti kept running through his head. ‘God, Liz must think I'm a wuss, backing down like that. I should have stood up to him. Who does he think he is?’

Hearing the door slam Isabelle stuck her head out of the door of her room and asked, “What’s wrong? What happened? You better be glad Mom and Dad isn’t home. You know what they say about slamming doors.” Their parents had lectured Isabelle on numerous occasions about the proper use of doors. They were not to be used to show her just dumped boyfriends what she thought of them.

“That bastard Kyle Valenti. He was at Liz’s house this morning while I was finishing the grass. He treated me like a serf, like a hired hand. He was the most arrogant bastard I’ve ever dealt with. And I took it Izzy. I let him walk all over me. Liz was standing right there and I took it.”

“Max, calm down. I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.”

As they talked, Max and Isabelle had walked into the living room.

“Liz must think I’m a coward. I just stood there and took it then left.” Max turned and slumped down on the couch and put his head in his hands, “Just when things were starting to happen between Liz and I. Now she probably won’t want to talk to me. Kyle hammered it in that I was just one of the hired hands.”

“Max, I know you’re upset but Mom better not catch you on her couch with your work clothes on.”

Max jumped up from the couch like he had been shot. And began to walk to his room, Isabelle hot on his heels.

”Wait up Max, what do you mean things are starting to happen with Liz? What’s starting to happen?”

“I asked Liz to come to one of the teams soccer games last night and she did. Izzy, we had a great time. Liz was just telling me how much she enjoyed herself when the asshole showed up.”

“Let me get this straight. You asked Liz Parker to go to a soccer game and miss one of Kyle’s football games and she did?” She looked at Max waiting for an acknowledgement and when he nodded she continued, “Do you have a death wish Max? You’re trying to date Kyle Valenti’s girlfriend? And you’re surprised that he’s pissed off?”

“Liz isn’t really Kyle’s girlfriend, Kyle is always dating other girls. Anyway, I can’t help it Iz. She is so different from Kyle. Do you know he’s never seen her play soccer? I bet he doesn’t even know her favorite flavor ice cream is vanilla, or that she loves white roses.”

“Whoa there. How do you know what Liz likes?” Isabelle asked. When she saw her brother’s face turn beet red she continued, “How Max? Been studying Liz for awhile?”

Max nodded sheepishly before Isabelle continued, “Boy, you have it bad. Max, I know you’ve had a crush on Liz since third grade but you also have to realize that it can’t go anywhere. We’re different Max. As much as we hide it we’re still different. Anything you do can’t go too far.“

* * *

It was just after 7:00 when Maria, Michael and Liz pulled into the parking lot at the observatory. The show wasn’t supposed to start until 8:00 but Liz didn’t want another confrontation with Kyle so she had Maria pick her up early. And she figured that having Kyle sit in her driveway until he finally got it through his thick head that she wasn’t coming would do him some good. As they got out of the car Liz turned to Maria and Michael and told them, “Look, I know this isn’t your thing. So you don’t have to keep me company or anything. I’ll understand if you want to wander around on your own.”

As they walked into the observatory Liz started to wander through the exhibits, she had been here countless times and probably knew the descriptions on the various displays by heart but she still made her way slowly past. Michael soon got bored and started to walk faster, Maria close on his heels.

As Liz stood in front of the huge display of the solar system she was in awe as she usually was. No matter how many times she saw it she still just loved to stand in front of the display and realize just how insignificant humans were. She started to back away from the display, in order to take in its entire scope, when she bumped into someone and heard a few brochures hit the floor. She whipped around and quickly started to bend down to pick up one of the fliers when her head crashed into another.

“Ow, gees, I got it. I’ll pick them up.”

“I’m so sorry…..” Liz replied. The blood was rushing to her face in embarrassment when she looked into two beautiful amber eyes, and realized it was Max.

“Max! I’m so sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“That’s okay Liz, I wasn’t either.” Max shifted the brochures in his hands nervously before asking, “So, astronomy? Another science that Liz Parker is interested in?”

“Yeah, you know me, I love anything to do with the sciences. Are you here to see the meteor shower?” Liz replied, smiling.

“Yeah, that and the alignment. I’ve been looking forward to it. There won’t be another like it for ten….. Oh, I guess you’d know that wouldn’t you?” Max said sheepishly.

Liz gave Max a smile before replying, “Yes, I do but I don’t mind you talking about it. At least there’s someone in Roswell that I can have an intelligent conversation with.”

Max caught what Liz said then looked around for Kyle. “Oh, where’s Kyle? Isn’t he here with you?”

Liz glanced at her watch before answering, “Around now Kyle should be getting the hint that I’m not going to his beer blast with him. I told him weeks ago about this show but he still wanted me to go to the party. He thinks I’d have more fun watching him barf into the flower beds at Jim’s house then come here. Sometimes I get the feeling that he doesn’t know me at all.”

“Well, his loss is my gain.” Max couldn’t believe he had just said that and hurried up with what he wanted to ask her next. “Would you like to watch the show with me? I’m supposed to be meeting Michael here but I haven’t seen him yet.” He looked down at the floor not wanting to see her come up with a story for her not wanting to.

Looking around Liz noticed that Michael and Maria had melted into the crowd and she realized that she and Max had been set-up. “Yeah Max, that would be great. It appears that I loss Michael and Maria. Maria comes just to humor me; she really isn’t into this. She and Michael will probably make-out during the show and miss everything. I’d love to be with someone that’s actually interested for once.”

Max looked up with a surprised look on his face and then glanced at his watch and noticed that it was almost time for the show to start, “Well, we better get in there. The show will be starting soon.”

As they turned to go in the auditorium, Max put his hand on Liz’s back to guide her towards the door. Across the exhibit room was a very bored Tom Keating. His girlfriend had insisted they had to go to the show, his science teacher had given them the chance to get some extra credit if they attended and wrote a report on the show. His girlfriend insisted that if she was going to write him a paper to help him pass the course, the least he could do was go with her. His mind was at Jim’s house hoping that the rest of the football team didn’t finish the keg before he got there. As he looked around the hall his eye caught Liz Parker and Max Evans. He watched as Max put his arm around Liz, very much looking like they were on a date. ‘Kyle will be very interested in this.’ He thought.

Max and Liz settled into seats near the center of the viewing area. As the show started Max and Liz discussed the show in low tones. There was an older couple behind them and after the second or third comment Liz and Max had exchanged, the husband leaned forward and asked them to keep it down. Max apologized and then settled back down. After a few minutes of not being able to talk to Liz he leaned over and whispered, “Want to sit somewhere more private?” Liz gave him a questioning look but nodded ‘yes’.

Max took Liz’s hand and began to lead her out of the row of seats and then back up the aisle. As they walked up the aisle there was a pair of eyes tracking their every move. As they got to the rear of the auditorium Max lead them to an archway with a rope stretched across it. He proceeded to step over the rope.

"Max... Where are we going? We can't go back there."

"This is the only place to see the show..."

"Max... " Liz said as she held tight to his hand and stopped.

Max gave her hand a gentle tug and said, “There are great seats up here, nobody will see us. Nobody goes up here. I promise, we’ll be completely alone.”

Liz gave a nervous look around before nodding her head and following Max over the rope. Max led Liz up the stairs, it was very dark, the only light in the stairwell from the emergency exit sign. Max held on to Liz’s hand since he knew the way up the stairs.

As they reached the top of the steps Liz realized that they were in the balcony area. Max leaned close to her and whispered, “They only use this when there’s a large crowd.”

Max led Liz to the center of the section and the two of them sat down. Even though it was the last thing in the world that he wanted to do, Max finally released Liz’s hand. They settled back to enjoy the rest of the show making comments to each other as it progressed.

After a particularly interesting part of the show both Max and Liz turned to look at each other. Their eyes locked and Max felt himself drawn closer to Liz. He glanced down only to catch her nervously running her tongue across her bottom lip. He continued to move closer, until there was no distance between them at all.

“Liz. I suppose you aren’t here with Kyle?”

Both Max and Liz jerked back to see who had interrupted the kiss they had been anticipating for over a week now. “Tom… Oh, hey. No. I’m not here with Kyle. Um… He decided to break his plans with me tonight and go to Jim’s party instead.”

“Oh, I’m sure if he knew what kind of show this was going to be he wouldn’t miss it for the world. I guess I will let you get back to what ever you two were doing. Darcy is probably waiting for me. I was supposed to be getting some popcorn but I must have gotten lost. See ya at school on Monday.” Tom didn’t wait for a reply but just turned around and left Max and Liz alone on the balcony. Liz sunk lower into the seat and Max scooted more to his side of his own seat.

“I guess Kyle has spies all over. If you want, I’ll tell Kyle that we weren’t here together, that we just bumped in to each other. After all, it’s the truth.” Max replied to her with concern in his voice.

Liz thought a moment then said, “No, the heck with Kyle. I asked him to come and he couldn’t be bothered. His party was more important.”

The show ended and Max and Liz stood up to leave. When crossing the rope Liz tripped and Max was able to catch her just in time. He held onto her hand to steady her and she continued to pull him through the crowd. Liz continued to scan the crowd trying to spot Michael’s tall head above the crowd with no luck. “They might be waiting by the car. Come on Max. We’re parked this way.” They walked into the parking lot and soon were approaching Maria’s Jetta. As they drew closer they saw that the windows were completely fogged over.

“Oops, there is no way I’m knocking on that window.” Liz said with a slight blush on her face.

“Let me give you a ride home and leave them to their fun.” Max offered.

“Sure Max. If it isn’t too far out of your way.” After thinking a moment Liz continued, “Why don’t we stop at the Crashdown. I’m buying. Okay?”

“Sure, I’ll stop at the Crashdown but I can’t let you….”

“Max. I insist. It sure beats waiting around an empty parking lot waiting for these two to come up for air. Anyway, we can discuss that last lab we had. I thought it was…..” Liz and Max began to discuss their recent lab together as they turned and walked over to Max’s jeep. As Max helped Liz into his jeep and walked around it, he was trying to think of a way to thank his friends tomorrow.

September 15, 2001 – This journal thing isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. There are just some things you like to express and can’t tell your sister or best friend.

This day really had its ups and downs. It started out great. Talked to Liz at her house today after finishing the lawn work and she told me she had a great time with the team. After seeing her reactions last night I thought she did but it was great to hear her say it. Not only did she have a good time, she said she had a great time. Wow. I’ll have to treat the girls somehow. Candy after practice? Less laps? I’ll have to think of something.

The day then turned from great to terrible. Kyle showed up. What a pain in the ass. I let him browbeat me into leaving. It really made me look like crap in front of Liz, but I couldn’t think of anything else to do at the time.

That basically ruined the rest of my day. Even Isabelle was no help. She reminded me of my ‘differences’. I really don’t know why I want a friendship with Liz. Nothing, and I mean nothing can come of it. She has no idea what the real me is. Hell, I don’t know what the real me is. I’ve been living with this secret as long as I can remember and it still scares me. What would it do to Liz if she found out?

Then it happened, we bumped into each other at the observatory. It was great with the exception of Tom interrupting us. We were just about to kiss. At least that’s what I think we were going to do. Liz was great. She didn’t let him bother us and we ended up spending the rest of the evening together at the Crashdown. This day will definitely go down as one of my better days.

During and after the show we could talk about anything. She just makes me feel like I could trust her with anything. I know I can’t tell her my secret, but she’s probably the only person on earth that wouldn’t freak out about it. She’s always open for new ideas. She’d probably just nod her head and start thinking of all the possibilities.

I think Isabelle was wrong in one respect. I think I’m in too deep already. There’s no way I can back away now. I have no idea what I’m going to do about how I feel but cutting myself off from Liz isn’t an option.


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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, but Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Again, thank you for all of the great feedback. I’m glad that you’re enjoying this.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 4

September 15, 2001. Damn Kyle and his friends. Why can’t things ever go right? I was this close to kissing Max Evans and Tom Keating had to show up and ruin everything. I’m sure he’s already told Kyle about it. I’m sure Jim’s is where good ol’Tom is at right now. Oh, well. I can’t let that shadow my night. Other than that it was perfect. Spending the entire evening with Max. Talking about things. Things Kyle and I never talk about because it bores him to death. Things that Max finds just as interesting as I do. Anyway… I still have to work on it… Think of something new. A different game plan.

Maria stopped by to say that she was sorry for deserting me but she had to admit that they had seen Max and me head up to the balcony and decided that they didn’t need to keep me company anymore. She wants to get together tomorrow. I can only imagine what she wants to talk about. Probably me and my complicated love life.

There I go again. I’m talking about Max and love. It’s amazing how my sub-conscious is linking the two of them together. Could it be? I don’t know… Surely Max would do something if he liked me like that. Surely he would have kissed me tonight. He didn’t. I sit here dreaming of what it would be like.

Max looked forward to getting back to school on Monday. Even though he knew that Isabelle was right and nothing could really happen with Liz, Max still wanted to be close friends with her. The time he spent with her over the weekend was magical. But the more he thought about it the more he realized that kissing Liz would be a big mistake. Liz was dating Kyle. End of story.

Max walked into the bio lab and sat down at the desk he shared with Liz. He looked at her sheepishly hoping that they could move past the major blunder he had made over the weekend. As he put his books down she gave him a welcoming smile and he knew everything would be okay between them. He let out a huge sigh of relief, friends, they could still be friends.

Max leaned closer to Liz and said, “I’m sorry about Saturday night. I don’t know what came over me. I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble with Kyle. That’s the last thing I wanted to do. It won’t happen again.”

Liz looked at him and replied, “It’s okay Max. Nothing happened. Okay? Let’s forget about it.”

All through this exchange a pair of ears hung on every word. ‘Something happened between Liz Parker and Max Evans? I wonder what?’ Vicky Delaney thought. As she leaned further back on her lab stool to follow the conversation.

“No Liz, I’m really sorry. Friends don’t attack friends. I’m sorry it happened.”

Liz chuckled at the concerned look on his face before answering, “I hardly think almost kissing would be considered an attack Max.

‘This just may be the information I need to break Kyle and Liz up. Why they’re dating I’ll never know. Liz is so not his type. Quiet, mousy, always reading a book. Kyle could be doing a lot better. He could be dating me.’ Vicky thought.

Ms Hardy walked up to the front of the classroom and the chance to further discussion was over.

* * *

As Liz and Maria walked into the cafeteria later that day they stopped at the door to see where Michael, Max and the rest were sitting. Just as Maria spotted Michael, Liz felt an arm snake around her shoulders. “How’s my girl, Liz.” Kyle said. “Why don’t you come eat with me. I’ve missed you all weekend.” And before Liz could protest he was leading her towards the jock’s table.

All during lunch Max watched Kyle and Liz from across the cafeteria. He was absolutely amazed. Kyle and Liz were sitting side by side but Kyle was completely ignoring Liz having turned away from her to talk to his friends. Liz just sat there, nervously looking around, picking at her lunch, and appearing to be bored to death. Their eyes locked for a moment and they gave each other a brief smile before quickly looking away.

* * *

The rest of the week went like that, talking to Liz during lab class or as they passed each other in the halls. Things began to get back to normal between them and Max was grateful that Liz was so forgiving. Too bad her boyfriend wasn’t.

At lunch that day Kyle again dragged Liz to the jock’s table as Max sat in his usual place next to Maria and Michael. Isabel of course sat with her court at a table at the center of the room. “Better to show the masses the correct way to dress.” She had informed Max. As he sat down his eyes scanned the cafeteria for Liz as they always did. He saw her again sitting with Kyle as he and his friends joked and carried on totally ignoring her. He shook his head as he thought how dumb Kyle must be to be dating someone like Liz and then ignore her.

He unpacked his lunch and glanced back at Liz. She appeared to make up her mind about something and said something to Kyle,

“Kyle” And when she got no response she tapped him on the shoulder, “Kyle? I’m going to sit with Maria. Maybe she’ll actually talk to me.”

“What? I’m talking to you.” Kyle tried to reply.

“No Kyle. You’ve ignored me since we sat down. Have a nice lunch with your buddies.” Liz replied as she placed her lunch on top of her books and picked the pile up. She turned away from Kyle and walked across the cafeteria and sat with Max, Maria and Michael.

"Hey Liz. What are you doing here?" Maria asked.

"She's here because she wanted to be able to have an intelligent conversation instead of being ignored." Michael said jokingly.

"Well, I'm not sure about the intellectual content of most of your conversations Michael but at least you talk to me." Liz shot back.

The whole table began to laugh as Michael tried to say that he could have an intellectual conversation. The lunch hour went by fast and before they knew it, it was time to head to their next class.

* * *

As Max walked in to the boys bathroom after lunch, he felt that something wasn’t right. He glanced around noticed that the bathroom was oddly deserted for a lunch period. As he finished washing his hands, Tommy came up behind him and told him, “We have a message from Kyle. Stay away from Liz Parker. It appears that you don’t hear so well, or don’t listen to what you hear.” At that Max felt four strong hands grab his arms and Tommy threw a punch at his face. The beating didn’t last long but when Max finally felt his arms released he fell to the floor. His body and face felt like he had been hit by a truck. Max crawled into a stall and closed the door and tried to shake the cobwebs from his brain.

Max stayed in the restroom until he heard the bell for fifth period ring. As he heard the traffic in the restroom diminish, he came out of the stall and went to wash his face. As he looked in the mirror he saw that he had the start of a black eye, his lips was swollen and cut, and his cheek looked like a bruise was developing. He ran the water until it was as cold as possible and soaked a wad of paper towels in the sink and applied it to his face. He was doing this when Michael finally found him.

“Wow, Maxwell Evans cutting class, what will happen next. Find aliens living on earth?” As he continued talking Michael finally got a look at Max’s face. “God, Max. What happened to you?”

Chuckling Max tried to joke, “Would you believe I tripped and fell?” When Michael shook his head no, Max tried, “How about I walked into a door?”

“Cut the bullshit Max. What the hell happened? Who did this to you?” Michael demanded.

“Look Michael, you have to promise me that you won’t get all excited and go seeking some revenge thing right?”

Michael started to respond when Max held up his hand and asked, “You’ll remain calm? Okay?”

Michael slowly nodded his head.

“Kyle’s friends think I’m spending too much time with Liz. That we’re getting too close. Tommy saw me almost kiss Liz at the observatory. They were trying to get me to see the error of my ways.”

Michael grabbed Max’s arm and started to drag him form the restroom, “Where are we going Michael? Stop.” Max pulled his arm from Michael’s grasp forcing Michael to turn back to him.

“Paybacks are in order Max. Come on. We have a few assholes to visit.” Michael seethed.

“Michael, we can’t do anything. We have to keep a low profile remember? Stay under everybody’s radar. If we go after those guys the whole school will hear what’s going on and we’ll be the main topic of the rumor mill for months.” Max tried to explain to Michael. He knew Michael had a tendency to act first then think things through and now was not the time for that.

“Bullshit Max. If we don’t do something they won’t stop. You know how they like to pick on people.” Michael tried to reason with Max.

Max slowly stop shaking his head and a smile started to grow on his face. That is the smile grew until the cut started to break open again, “Ooh, that hurts.” Loking at Michael he said, “I think your right Michael.”

Michael looked at Max, his eyes growing. “I am? About what?”

“I think Kyle and his friends are do a little payback, but we have to let everything blow over before we get them back.”

Michael thought about what Max just said and slowly nodded his head. Okay, so Max wanted to let everything calm down? Fine. But the guys won’t know what hit them.

“Look, Michael, cover for me will you? I don’t want anybody to see me like this. I’m gonna ditch the rest of the day. Tell Iz to find a ride home, okay?” Michael nodded his head in agreement. Max turned to leave and managed to slip out of the school unnoticed.

* * *

Liz walked up to Maria and Michael at the end of sixth period and Michael walked off but not before Liz heard him grumble, “It’s all her fault.”

“What’s that all about?” Liz asked. She couldn’t imagine what could be her fault that would interfere with Michael.

“Um, Nothing. Nothing. So how was your day?” Maria asked as she was trying to change the subject.

“No, Maria. You aren’t changing the subject on me. What is my fault and what does it have to do with Michael?”

“Well he has to give Isabelle a ride home and he’s not happy about it.”

“Why would he have to give Isabelle a ride home? Where’s Max?”

“Um… Max had to leave early.” Maria closed her locker and headed for the parking lot.

“Why did he have to leave early? What’s going on. I haven’t seen Max since lunch.” Just as she was finishing up her thought she overheard Vicky Delaney telling Pam Troy about Tom and the other’s beating up Max Evans. “Kyle didn’t like the looks he kept on giving her from across the lunchroom so he sent the boys in to take care of business. Let’s just say that Max Evans now knows what it means to stay away from someone else’s girlfriend.” The girls snickered.

Liz looked at Maria. “Is that what’s my fault? Kyle sent his goons after Max to tell him to stay away from me?” Liz’s eyes looked like they were about to release a stream of tears. Maria grabbed her girlfriend and pulled her out of the school.

“Don’t listen to them. They don’t know. You know how they gossip… They probably got something mixed up.”

“I don’t think so. Otherwise Michael wouldn’t be mad at me right now. I’ve got to go see Max.”

Maria drove Liz to the Evan’s residence and waited for her in the car while Liz went to the front door to speak to Max. Maria watched while Liz knocked and the door opened. Diane Evans shook her head no and then shut the door.

Liz walked back to the car with her head hanging low. “What did she say?” Maria asked.

“He’s not home. But I don’t believe it because the jeep is here. He doesn’t want to see me. Can you just take me home? I have to work tonight.”

“Sure. Are you going to be ok?” She asked with concern.

“Yeah, I’m not the one you should be worried about. Kyle is going to see me tonight after my shift. I don’t know who he thinks he is deciding who I can talk to and who I can’t. He doesn’t own me and I’m going to put him in his place.” They had reached Liz’s house just as she was finishing up her tirade and Liz opened up the door and got out of the car without saying another word.

“I’ll see ya later. If you need me call me… Liz you hear me? Call me.” Maria sat in her car and watched Liz.

The dinner crowd was busier than Liz had anticipated and she was unable to get to Kyle’s that night. She would talk to him first thing in the morning.

* * *

The next morning Max walked into lab and set his books down. He glanced over to Liz and hoped that she wouldn’t notice his face. Not a chance. One look at Max and her whole expression changed to one of concern. “Oh, Max. Your face!?”

Max just chuckled and tried to make light of his injuries, “Yeah, I walked into a tree last night when Michael and I were playing Manhunt.”

“Manhunt, Max? Come on, we’re seniors in high school.”

“No, no. Michael wanted to play manhunt for old times sake so I humored him.”

“Max, I know what happened. I’m really sorry. I had no idea Kyle and his friends could be so vindictive. It will never happen again. I talked to Kyle this morning and he said he had nothing to do with it. That it was his friends.”

Max reached over and lightly held Liz’s hand, “I know it wasn’t your fault. That’s okay.”

“No, it isn’t okay. I told Kyle that I couldn’t date anyone that treated me like property. We weren’t really dating anyway. It was a casual thing. But it’s over now.”

Max fought hard to keep the elation out of his voice, “You broke up with Kyle?”

“Yeah. I just didn’t want to be with someone who tried to control me, that tries to force me to do thing I don’t want to do. I want to be with someone that let’s me be me. Someone I can talk to.” Liz said hoping Max would understand whom she meant.

But, Max being a guy, the words sailed about twenty feet over his head. He never realized that her words were aimed directly at him. As he went to say something else, Ms Hardy walked up to the blackboard and class began.

* * *

Saturday Morning Max decided to go to the library to try and get his English paper done. “The Role of The Monarchy in Early Elizabethan Drama” what the hell was that supposed to mean. This was the last time he would take an honors English course. He walked over to the book shelves filled with books concerning Shakespeare and his fellow writers, maybe there would be some books concerning the whole Elizabethan era. (Fat chance) He grabbed about six books that looked promising then shuffled to the back of the library to find a quiet place to do his research.

He tried to concentrate on finding something useful for his paper, but his mind kept wondering to last week’s game. Liz seemed to have a great time helping with the team. He couldn’t believe how good she felt in his arms after Becca’s goal. She was really excited, and just jumped into his arms in celebration. After the initial shock of finding Liz Parker in his arms, it felt just so, so, uh, Wow. It was like an electric current went through his body. I wonder if she felt the same or was it just the moment. Liz just seemed to fit, her body just molded itself to his. Her hair had smelled of strawberries, and was so soft as it brushed his cheek. God, Max thought, ‘I’ve been having this same fantasy all week.’

Max flipped one of the books open in front of him. Ben Johnson, what the heck did he write? Comedies, dramas? Didn’t they write all kinds of stuff?

Then his mind wandered to the night at the observatory and the following week. If Tommy hadn’t shown up would Liz have let him kiss her? She didn’t appear to be pulling away. And Monday she treated it like nothing had happened. No big deal. Could we be moving past the friends stage? No, that’s impossible. Liz had been going out with Kyle. Hmm. But they aren’t any more.

But then there’s our ‘difference’. Would it be fair to Liz to be more then friends when she had no idea what I truly am?

It also didn’t help his concentration that he heard laughter every so often from the children’s section of the library. It must be reading day. Whoever is doing the reading really has the kids’ attention.

Realizing that there was no way in hell that he would get any work done today, Max put his things away and started to walk out of the library. As Max passed the archway into the children’s section, the voice of the person reading caught his attention. As he peered around the corner of the archway he saw Liz sitting on one of the children’s stools, book in hand, reading and showing the pictures to the 15 or 20 kids sitting on the floor around her. Liz looked adorable.

Either she caught the movement out of the corner of her eye or something else caused her to look away from the children and up into his eyes. A big smile crossed her faced as recognized him. Liz kept looking in his direction every few minutes until she completed the book she was reading. As she finished the book she excused herself, running up to Max she said, “Hey, Max, can you do me a favor? The male voices are killing my throat. Do you think you can help me out?” Max’s face turned beet red, and he started to back out of the room as he noticed all eyes turned to him. “Uh, uh, “ He stammered. “I don’t think so, I’ve never read to kids before.”

Liz grabbed Max’s hand and tried to pull him into the room as she tried to coax him into helping, “Come on, they’re a great audience. Very forgiving. Come on. I went to the soccer game, now it’s your turn to help me.”

Liz’s hand felt warm and sent a tingling sensation up his arm and then he made the mistake of looking in to those large brown pools that she tried to pass off as eyes. Max knew right then and there that he wasn’t leaving the library any time soon. “Okay, but remember I’ve never done this before.”

As the two of them sat down Liz announced, “This is Max. He’s going to help me read today. Okay?” Liz picked up the next book and told Max that he would do all of the male voices while she handled the females. They started the story, and after the first few pages, Max started to enjoy the experience. The kids were great, laughing at his attempts to get the voice of the ogre low enough. And sitting next to Liz, smelling her strawberry shampoo, with their arms brushing lightly, was heaven. Liz and Max did one more book together as an encore before the session was over. Max wished it had gone on for a few hours more.

After the reading session, some of the kids came up to Max and Liz as they sat there waiting for the kids to clear out. One of the little girls came up to say hi to Liz, it was obvious that she knew her. “Is he your boyfriend?” She whispered to Liz. Max overheard the question and was dying to hear Liz’s response but couldn’t quite hear it..

Liz leaned over to the little girl and whisper back, “Not yet.”

Liz and Max helped the librarian put the books they had read back on the shelves. As the gathered their things to leave, Max asked Liz, “Would you like a ride home?”

“Isn’t it out of your way Max? I don’t want to inconvenience you.”

“No, I don’t mind.”

“That’s great, I was planning on taking my dad’s car and using it to drive home. This saves me having to tell Randolph to drive back and pick him up after he’s done working.”

“Your dad works Saturdays?”

“Yeah, he says that he can think better with an empty office. The phones don’t keep ringing, that sort of thing.” Liz explained.

Liz and Max reached his Jeep, got in and pulled away from the library. As they drove through town, Liz asked Max, “Why were you here today Max? Have a paper due?”

“Yeah, something on Elizabethan drama. I didn’t get much done. My heart wasn’t in it. There was this group of kids that kept laughing and broke my concentration.”

“You have English Lit with Johnson? He comes up with some really tough assignments. Where you able to find anything?” Thinking quickly Liz continued, “I have the same topic to work on. Maybe we can share notes?” Liz suggested.

“That would be great. I’d love to work with you. How about we start Monday after school?” Max replied enthusiastically.

“Great, Monday it is.” Liz replied while thinking, ‘Note to self, tell Mr. Johnson that I changed my mind about the topic of my paper.’

“I’m glad you were there Max. I had a lot of fun with someone to work with. I think the kids enjoyed it too.”

As they continued driving through town Max kept glancing over at Liz and catching her looking at him. Finally he worked up the courage to blurt out, “Liz, do you have to go right home? Would you like to stop for some ice cream or something?” As he asked Liz noticed his the knuckles of his hands turn white on the steering wheel.

“Yeah, sure that sounds great, let’s stop for some ice cream.” Liz replied. She looked around to see just where they were in town, and suggested, “How about Harvey’s on Winslow St.? He makes the greatest banana splits and has the best vanilla ice cream in town.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I love that place. Harvey’s it is.”

They pulled up to the curb across the street from Harvey’s and got out of the jeep. It was a beautiful fall day in Roswell. They had parked next to the town green. The two of them dashed across the street to the ice cream store and waited in line for service. As they waited, Max suggested that they get their ice cream and eat across the street on the green. Liz agreed.

They went back across the street and found a quiet place under a tree and they both sat down with their backs to the tree. As they ate there ice cream the conversation touched on the previous weeks display at the observatory, then progressed to their lab class and discussion the last lab they did, and just seemed to keep going, neither one getting bored or noticing that their ice cream had disappeared hours ago.

Finally Liz glanced at her watch and shot upright. “Oh my god! It’s nearly 5:00. I should have been home hours ago. My mother is going to kill me.” As Max and Liz walked back to the jeep, Liz dug her cell phone out of her purse and dialed home.

“Mom? Oh, Jeanine, is my mother there?” Liz listened for a little bit and answered, “I know Jeanine. I just lost track of time. Can I speak to my mother?”

“Hello, mother? I’m really sorry, I’ll be home in about 10 minutes. I went for ice cream after the library and I just lost track of the time. No, mother, I wasn’t kidnapped. I’ll see you in a little bit, bye.” Liz punched the end button as she said, “Well, mother’s mad. I bet I get the worried for my safety speech when I get home.”

“I’m really sorry that I got you in trouble. I’ll talk to your mother when we reach your house and I tell her it was all my fault.”

“No Max, it won’t be a problem. I should have called.”

They had gotten in the jeep and were driving towards Liz’s house, each trying to think of something to say. As they turned into Liz’s driveway, they both started, “Liz, I was wondering,….” “Max, could you……” Max stopped and told Liz, “You first” Liz shook her head and told him to go first.

Liz, I was wondering. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble. Um, if it wouldn’t take up too much of your time, I was wondering if. Uh. Could you. Uh.” Liz listened to Max stuttering and reached over and laid her hand on his arm. “Max, its all right. Ask me our question. I won’t bite.”

“Okay, would you like to help me with my soccer team? The girls really liked you and you were a great help, and I know we can have a lot of fun, and …..”

“Max! You’re babbling worse then Maria. Yes. I’d love to help you. I had a great time the other night. Thank you for asking.” Liz replied while keeping her hand on his arm.

Max walked around the jeep and opened the door for Liz as they reached the front door Liz seemed to think of something and turned to Max. “One good turn deserves another. Since I’m helping with your soccer team, you have to help me with the reading hour. Okay?”

Max looked at Liz and answered, “I’d love it. Every other Saturday, I’ll be there.”

The two of them stood there awkwardly for a minute before Max said, “Good Night, Liz.” He stood there for another minute before impulsively leaning forward and giving Liz a quick kiss on the cheek. He sheepishly backed away and waved as he said, “Good night, I’ll call you to let you know when the next practice is.”

September 22, 2001 – I love little kids. I really do. Especially ones that go to the library for story hour. If there weren’t little kids at the library today I wouldn’t have spent 2 hours with Liz Parker. Who cares that I didn’t get anything done on my English paper, I spent time with Liz.

Things just keep getting better and better between Liz and I. I couldn’t ask for a better ally than Kyle Valenti. And the funny thing is, he doesn’t even realize it. He has to be as dumb as a door knob. He was dating Liz and treaeds her like crap. He ignored her, didn’t even try to understand her love of science, and made an ass of himself every chance he got. Gotta love the guy for trying.

I finally worked up the courage to ask Liz to help me with the team. She said yea. Now I have to start having longer and more frequent practices. Or maybe I should just call special ‘coach’s meetings’? Mr. Green will be thrilled; he just loved Liz and keeps asking when he’d see her again.

Only one problem. I had to promise to help her with the reading time at the library. Ha, ha. Like that’s a problem. Saves me from having to make excuses to be in the library every other Saturday afternoon.

Can life get any better than this?

Oh, yeah. I kissed Liz today. Nothing major just a little peck on the cheek. Today is just another day to remember.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, but Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Again, thank you for all of the great feedback. I’m glad that you’re enjoying this.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Taxes. Damn taxes. Feds, NYS & NJS. Next part???

Part 5

September 22, 2001. What am I going to do? I have no idea what to do. I can honestly say that I don’t think Max still thinks of me as just a friend. I don’t know what to do. We had such a great time at the library today and then the ice-cream shop. All in all it was a fabulous day and he’s agreed to do it again and again and again. On one slight condition, that I help him with his soccer team. I don’t mind, really... It would be a good experience for me to get back to the basics and it won’t hurt on my Harvard application.

The basics. What do I know about basics? Max and I have always been lab partners all through high school. Even before then I think we’ve always been friends on a small level. I mean we’ve always said hi to one another. There’s always been this friendship that’s been there since before I could even remember. Max and I are the basics. What I want Max and I to be are much more than that. But I can’t risk the basics on something that might not make it.

Could we ever go back if we move forward and find out that it just wasn’t meant to be? I don’t know. Will I ever know? I ‘m not sure if I want to take that risk. After all, having Max in my life as a friend is a lot better than not having him in my life at all.

Ugh! I’m so confused. Why can’t anything be as easy as black and white… hot and cold… sweet and spicy… on and off? Why does life have to be so complicated? I’m not sure but I do know one thing. Max kissed me tonight and it’s only got me wanting more.

Tomorrow is another day… Maybe if I don’t see him I can get it out of my system for Monday. Because if I can’t it’s going to drive me crazy having him sit next to me. I already have ways of making contact with him without him knowing what I’m doing. I can see it now. “Max can you take a look at this.” As he leans over my notes I step back and smell his scent. I brush against his warm masculine arm and I begin to tingle wherever our skin touches each other.

A girl can dream and this girl has to end this once and for all. Kyle has got to go. I know that I already told him to leave me alone, but this time I want him to know that I mean it. That’s it. I’ve made up my mind. Tomorrow is a new day and I have a lot to do… First Maria, then Kyle and the best for last… Max.

Liz came trotting down the stairs on her way to Maria’s. They decided to go on a trip to the mall before heading to the Crashdown for their shift. The nice thing about working the closing shift was being able to go shopping before hand.

“Elizabeth, where are you going dressed like that?” Nancy asked her daughter.

Sighing, Liz had turned to her mother, “To the mall with Maria. We figure we’ll go shopping before we go to work.”

“Okay,” Nancy responded while wrinkling her nose. “But do you have to dress like that? You look like you’re going to work on a…”

“What’s wrong with jeans and a tank top? Comfortable, functional. What more could you ask for?”

“Those are fine for lounging around the house, but people will see you. What are those things on your feet? They’re hideous.” Her mother looked at them with disgust.

“They’re Copa’s, mother. Adidas Copa indoors. They’re what all the fashion conscious soccer players are wearing. They go great with jeans? As far as I know, Manolo doesn’t make a sneaker.”

“Well if you say so, but I don’t see what you see in them. They don’t even match the color of your top. I know I’ve taught you how to accessorize and this isn’t it Elizabeth.”

“ARGH! Mother! Please. Do we have to fight about everything all the time? Can’t you just once say something pleasant to me? Like… ‘oh Liz. You look so wonderful and the smile on your face just makes you glow?’ No. You know why? Because you’ve never seen me smile the kind of smile that could make me glow!” Liz stomped passed her mother and slammed the door shut. She couldn’t wait to get out from under her parents’ thumb and go away to college.

Liz drove over to Maria’s house she was still fuming from her little ‘incident’ with her mother. She worked hard to get all the bad and negative thoughts from her mind because if she didn’t it would only cause Maria to feel the same thing and she didn’t want to do that. She was dying to talk to her about the day she had with Max and no matter how much she argued with her mother nothing could diminish the great time she had with Max.

As she drove up to Maria’s house she noticed that Max’s jeep was parked in his driveway and was up on blocks. As Liz got out of her car and walked up to Maria’s front door, she glanced over across the street to Max’s house and saw two legs sticking out from under the jeep and guessed that they were Max’s.

Liz reached the door and knocked. As she waited for the door to be answered she turned around and looked across the street one more time. The more she looked, the more she was convinced that the legs poking out from underneath the jeep were Max’s. When the door finally opened Liz turned her attention back to the door, “Hi, Maria. Ready for our trip to the mall?” She said while taking another glance across the street.

“Yeah, let me just get my bag, I’ll be right with you.” Maria couldn’t believe it as she was answering, Liz wasn’t even paying any attention to her. “Hey, it looks like Max has some work to do on his jeep. Do you know he spends part of every weekend under it trying to keep it running?”

“Oh, yeah? I wonder if he needed some help?” Liz joked while looking across the street again. Turning to Maria she saw the smile on her face and shot out, “Just kidding Maria. Just kidding.”

“Yeah, right. Why don’t you go over and say hi to him while I get my bag? I’ll take my time.”

Liz reached over and placed a friendly hand on Maria’s arm, “Thank you. I won’t be long, it’s just that I’m having a hard time getting him out of my system and before you say anything I am so going to tell you about it… all of it. Well maybe not all of it but most of it.” Then she turned and started to jog across the street.

* * *

Max had been under the jeep for the past hour working on a brake adjustment. The work should have taken about twenty minutes but his mind kept wandering to a certain petite brunette that he shared a lab table with. He never heard anybody approach the jeep so he was totally shocked to hear Liz’s voice, “Hey, Max. How’re you doing?”

She had bent over so she could see under the jeep. Her hair was cascading down and was almost touching the ground when Max snapped out of his daydream and tried to sit up, not remembering that he was under his jeep until his head came into violent contact with an exhaust hanger. “Shit!!” Was Max’s first word as he slid out from under the jeep.

“Oh God, Max, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to surprise you. I thought you heard me walk up.” She squatted down beside him and placed a gentle hand on his leg.

As Max slid out from under the car he tried to make Liz feel better, “No Liz that’s okay. I was just concentrating on what I was doing. Ow, that hurt.”

As Max’s head finally came in to view Liz saw that there was a gash just above his left eye. The blood had already started to stream down his face. Liz grabbed Max’s hand when she noticed that he was about to touch it. “Max, you have a bad cut and your hands are filthy, don’t touch it. The least I can do is help you clean it up. Do you have a first aid kit in the house?”

As Liz went to touch the cut Max anticipated the pain and grabbed her arm to stop her. “No, that’s okay, it’s nothing.” He finally noticed how dirty his hands were when he saw what he did to her arm. There was a big greasy handprint on her forearm. Max was instantly apologetic, “Liz, I’m so sorry, look at what I did to your arm. I got grease all over it. I’m really sorry.”

“That’s okay Max. Next time I’ll know to stay out of range of your hands.” She answered chuckling. “Come on, let’s get that cut fixed.”

As they turned to walk into Max’s house, Liz looked over to see that Maria had come out of her house and was waiting for her on the front steps. “I’ll be there in a minute Maria. Max hit his head. I’m going to help him fix it up.” She shouted across the street.

Maria just waved to show that she heard Liz then slid down to sit on the front step to wait.

Liz wondered if Max would be more comfortable if his mom was there to clean the wound instead of her so as they walked into the house Liz asked, “Max, do you want your mother to fix the cut? I’ll get her if you want me to.”

“No, she’s not home today. She and my dad drove over to the mall to do some shopping. She had to drag my dad kicking and screaming.” He tried to lighten the mood just a little. Liz was fussing over him as if he were a baby. Not that he was complaining but he couldn’t let her know that her close proximity was affecting him any.

As they walked into the bathroom Max walked to the mirror and took a good look at the cut. “Doesn’t look too bad. At least it won’t need any stitches.”

“Why don’t you sit down while you tell me where the first aid supplies are?”

As Max went to sit down on the toilet, he instructed Liz in where to find the first aid supplies, “Every thing should be in the medicine chest.”

Opening the door to the medicine chest Liz started pulling out the supplies she thought she would need, Hydrogen Peroxide, iodine, stirry strips, band-aids, and disinfectant wipes. She sat everything down next to Max and turned to wash her hands. “I’m sorry, but this is going to hurt you more than me.” She told Max in an amused voice.

“Uh, what’s all that for?” Max asked while eying the supplies. “Just throw a band aid on it and it will be fine.”

“No Max, it’s pretty deep. We have to make sure that we clean it out. You don’t know how dirty the underside of your car is. You don’t want to get an infection.”

Liz dried her hands off and opened a disinfectant wipe and approached Max, “Now hold still I have to clean out the cut.” As she bent over to clean the wound, Liz steadied his head by cupping one side of his face with her hand while swabbing at the cut with the other. Max’s eyes wandered to the top of the tank top she was wearing. The scent of her hair reached his nose and he was in heaven. He almost didn’t feel the sting of the disinfectant. Almost.

“Ooow, that stings!” Max yelled while jerking his head away from Liz’s hand. He went to reach his hand to the cut and Liz snapped, “Max! Don’t touch it. Your hands are still dirty.”

Liz reached back and grabbed Max’s face while again reaching over to clean the cut. Max tried to shy away. “Do you want me to go get Maria so that she can hold your head still? I will if you don’t stop moving.” Liz threatened.

“Liz that really stung. Just put a band aid on the cut, okay?”

“Quit being such a baby Max. It has to be cleaned out. It’s filthy.”

When he heard Liz call him a baby, Max clamped his jaws closed and said through clenched teeth, “Okay, go ahead. Fix it.”

Liz continued to work on the cut with Max periodically jerking his head away when it stung too much. She finally got done and leaned closer and started to blow on the cut to dry it. Max looked up at her lips, her soft breath having a very strong effect on him and all he wanted to do at that point in time is reach up and wrap his arms around her and kiss her. All he could think of was what it would be like to kiss Liz Parker the right way. Not some little peck on the cheek but a full-blown kiss.

Liz stood back to reach for the stirry strips and the spell was broken. She quickly applied the strips, and then added a band-aid over everything. When she was done she impulsively leaned over and gave Max a kiss on the cut. “See, all better. Now that wasn’t so bad? Was it?”

Max was surprised at Liz’s impulsive gesture and looked up at her from his seat. His eyes kept moving from her eyes to her lips wondering just what Liz had meant by the kiss. Was it a ‘just friends’ thing, or was it more? All he wanted to do at that point in time was reach up and kiss Liz. Her lips were so close, they looked so soft, so inviting. He started to lean closer and then he remembered; she’s a friend, just a friend.

Max’s gaze was pulling Liz in. His eyes were beckoning her to come forth. It would be so easy just to grab his face a give him the kind of kiss that he deserved. Lip lock and all. Liz shivered just a little at the very thought of it. They were only mere inches away from each other, the scene of his greasy black hands making handprints on the back of her shirt was tantalizing her imagination.

They were so close and then the spell was broken. Neither knew why and they would both question it later once they had gathered some sort of sanity. Liz had stepped back and cleared her throat. “Well, I better go. Maria and I start our shifts at 3:00 and we want to stop off at the mall first.”

“Maybe I’ll stop in for dinner. My parents will probably eat out tonight.” Max replied as he walked Liz to the front door.

As Liz and Max stood on the front steps, Liz was standing on the step below Max when he said, “Well, I guess this is goodbye. Thanks again for the first aid.”

Liz looked at Max, who was standing inches away again and then glanced back at Maria across the street and something just snapped inside, she couldn’t take it anymore. Reaching up she placed a hand on either side of Max’s head and pulled his head to hers for a kiss. Liz and Max were both totally shocked by her actions. Liz released Max’s head and stepped back. She looked at his face not knowing what to expect. What she saw was shock. Total and complete shock.

When Max didn’t immediately respond, Liz turned to leave, “See you at the Crashdown later, Max.” She then looked over at Maria who had stood up from the steps and jogged across the street.
* * *

Max watched Liz jog across the street and he took in a deep breath and was surprised that he could smell the scent of her shampoo in the air but was even happier that he could still feel her lips on his. Although the scent of her shampoo faded quickly, he was still mesmerized by the feel of her lips. Liz stopped in front of Maria and the two of them were talking. Max could only imagine that it was about him and what a klutz he was. Not wanting to act like he was staring he decided to go inside and wash his hands. They were filthy and maybe, just maybe, Liz’s scent would still be in the bathroom. Max opened up the door and went inside after taking one more glance over his shoulder to see Liz getting into the driver’s side of the car.

* * *

Liz went back over to Maria’s house so they could head to the mall. As Liz approached Maria she was close to tears. She took Max’s shocked reaction as disapproval. She thought Max didn’t like the kiss. If he had, wouldn’t he have tried to hold her? Wouldn’t he have tried to deepen the kiss?

“Liz? What happened? Did I just see you kiss Max? All right Chica!! That’s my girl!!” Maria was excited that Liz had finally decided to take the lead. As Liz got closer, she saw the unshed tears in her eyes. “What happened Liz? What’s wrong?”

“I can’t believe I did that Maria. And I think Max hated it.” Liz responded.

“You have to be wrong, Liz. Max was probably surprised and too shy to react.” Maria tried to calm Liz down. Her words seemed to be accepted by Liz.

“Do you really think so Maria?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, Liz. There’s no way that Max didn’t like a kiss from you.” Maria saw Liz’s face brighten, “So, you driving? My gas tank’s near empty.”

As Liz and Maria got into her small Honda Civic she looked back at Max’s house but he had already gone back inside.

Liz had just pulled away from the curb when Maria just had to ask what had gone on with Max. “You were supposed to have gone over just to say hi to him and you end up playing Nurse Betty instead. You were over there for an hour. An hour I sat on my front porch waiting for your love struck butt to get back over here. Then I see you kiss Max goodbye? Now we’re not going to be able to get that much shopping in before we have to be at work.” Maria was only razzing her friend about Max but when she looked at Liz she knew that she wasn’t even in the car with her. She was probably still back at Max’s. “You two are just too much. So tell me. What was it like to be in Max’s bathroom with Max in it?”

“I couldn’t believe I did it Maria. After I was done putting the band-aid on I kissed the cut. I don’t know what Max must be thinking. We’re just friends. Good friends. He doesn’t think about me that way Maria. We have a lot of fun together. He treats me like a person, not a girlfriend. He actually listens to what I say. And then when he was standing so close to me on the porch and I saw you sitting across the street, something just told me to go for it.” Liz rambled on and on about how they should be just friends. Maria, as well as anybody else that wasn’t Kyle Valenti, could see that Max and Liz had it bad for each other, but something was holding them back.

“Liz, you’re babbling. I’m the only one that gets to babble.” Maria says jokingly.

Maria then gets a little more serious as she continued, “Liz, I know being friends is great and all, but if you think it can be more, then you should go for it. I have it on good authority that Max isn’t against the idea.” Liz looked at Maria with a look on her face that said ‘who died and made you the know all see all goddess.’

“Great advice Maria, but what about you and Michael. You guys have been friends since freshman year and you guys still won’t admit that you are more than just friends.” Liz held up her hand to stop Maria from interrupting her and then continued. “I saw the two of you in the car the other night in the observatory parking lot. Well, I couldn’t actually see you guys because the windows were too foggy, but anyway, I know you guys weren’t just talking.”

“Hey, leave Michael and I out of this. I’m not talking about Michael and I right now. I’m talking about you and Max Evans.” Liz took a deep breath in preparation to hear what Maria had to say. “I’ll have you know that I have him right where I want him. Thank you very much. I have a plan and it’s right on schedule. Have you noticed his hair?” Maria didn’t wait for a reply from Liz to her question. She was making a point and she was going to do it now. “How about his clothes? I have plenty of time. I’m not going to be 2500 miles away in 6 months. But you are. And if you and Max don’t do something about this you are going to be in Boston wondering what would have been if only you and Max had dated.” Maria explained to Liz.

After thinking a minute, Maria asked again, “So, what’s keeping you two apart?”

As Liz pulled to a stop at a traffic light she turned to speak to Maria, “I don’t know Maria. What if something goes wrong? What if it doesn’t work out? I don’t want to lose his friendship. It’s been too much a part of my life. He’s been there for like forever and if dating him is going jeopardize it then I’m doing it no matter how much my hormones say we are.”

“You have to give it a chance if it feels right.” Maria responded while looking at her friend. Maria noticed the light turn green and snapped out, “Go, green light. We don’t have much time since someone just had to play nurse already today.” Maria couldn’t help ribbing her friend one more time about her and Max.

Liz started to turn back to the road as she pressed the accelerator, never looking to see if all the opposing traffic had stopped. Liz saw Maria’s eyes go wide. At the sound of screeching tires and the faint sound of Maria’s scream, Liz whipped her head around to see the grill of the speeding SUV just as it hit the side of her car. Then blackness reigned.

September 23, 2001 – Where the hell is Isabelle when I need her. Liz just kissed me. We were standing on the front porch and she kissed me. It was great. I’ve always tried to imagine what it would be like to kiss her, to hold her in my arms and kiss her. Well, today I got half of my fantasy. But it was just too short, too sudden. And by the time I realized what was happening she was gone. It was too late to hold her in my arms.

I hope I didn’t scare her away. I hope the stupid expression on my face and my lack of reaction didn’t make her think that I didn’t like it. God, it was fantastic, her lips were as soft as I imagined them and the scent of strawberries was intoxicating. I wonder if that’s what heaven is like?

I need Isabelle. She’ll know what to do. She’ll be able to tell me what it meant. After all she’s a girl, right? I’ll just wait around the house until she gets home and then go over to the Crashdown. I have to see Liz and tell her that I loved the kiss. I have to explain about my stupid reaction.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, but Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Back with another installment. I’m glad that you’re all enjoying this. Thank you for all the great feedback.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

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Part 6

This is KYWT 98.5 FM News at the top of the hour.

Our top story, Liz Parker, daughter of Roswell Financier Jeff Parker, was seriously injured in an auto accident this afternoon. Ms Parker was trapped in her car for over half an hour as rescue teams struggled to free her from her vehicle.

Ms. Parker was rushed to Roswell Memorial hospital where she underwent emergency surgery for multiple injuries.

Ms. Parker was injured when her 2001 Honda was hit broadside while crossing the intersection of Smith and Fourth. Maria DeLuca, a passenger in Ms. Parker’s car was also transported to Roswell Memorial.

Stay tuned to KYWT for additional details as they become available.

In other news,

The blond haired girl sat on the emergency room examining table, feet dangling over the side. Her normally glittering green eyes were bloodshot and red rimmed from crying. She kept asking anybody that came into the cubicle about the condition of her friend. Nobody could answer her questions.

After the accident, Maria was shocked that she had made it through the ordeal relatively unscathed. She had a knot on the side of her head from hitting the door glass, her hair was a bloody mat from a small cut in her scalp, and she had a sore hip from where the armrest on the door had dug into her. But other than that she was fine. The doctor had come in and ran her through a battery of tests to check her condition and had told her that someone would be in to suture her scalp injury. And so she waited.

The images of her friend trapped in the car kept flooding her mind. She was terrified for her best friend. The last time she had seen her, she was covered with blood as the firemen tried to cut her out of her car. Maria remembered how pale she looked and how still she was. She was not responding to the rescuers as they worked.

Maria had been forced into an ambulance and taken to Roswell Memorial Hospital were she presently sat. She had fought to stay with her friend but they wouldn’t let her, claiming that she would only get in the way of rescue operations.

The last few seconds before the truck impact ran through her mind as she remembered her last words to her friend, “Go, green light. We don’t have much time.” She could remember every word perfectly. If she had kept her mouth shut Liz would be fine right now. If she had only said nothing. Liz always looked both ways before starting off at a light, always. If she hadn’t said anything, Liz would be fine and we would be at work right now.

Maria’s mom had been in. The hospital had called as soon as she had arrived. Being 17 and with no life threatening injuries, they needed parental permission to treat her. Her mother had stormed into the hospital, frantic to make sure her little girl was okay. Maria had gotten her calmed down, and to give her something to do so that she didn’t drive her crazy she told her to call the Crashdown to let them know they wouldn’t be at work that day.

While Amy had been at the phone, she placed a call to Michael after calling the Crashdown. She knew that Maria would need a friend with her right now.

* * *

As Michael walked through the door of the waiting room, Maria launched herself at him. He gathered her into his arms as she started to babble, “It was all my fault Michael. If Liz dies it will be all my fault. I told her to go. It was my fault.” Maria took a breath while looking up at Michael, “I’m so scared Michael. They had to cut her out of the car. She had blood all over her.”

Michael tried to calm her down by stroking her back and just being there for her. Eventually she ran out of words and quietly clung to him for support.

At first Amy was a little upset that Maria would leave her to cry in the arms of Michael, but then she realized that Michael was probably going to be the one. Maria and Michael had been hanging out together since they were freshman. Michael had become almost a fixture at their dinner table. And yet, she never saw them holding hands or caught them exchanging kisses. Sometimes she thought her daughter was a little on the weird side. As she looked at the expression on Michael’s face she knew she was right. Better have a talk with Maria after all of this is over.

Michael looked over the top of Maria’s head at Amy and raised his eyebrows questioningly. Amy got up and walked over to the couple and had just told Michael that they didn’t know Liz’s condition when there was a commotion at the entrance to the emergency room.

They all turned to see what was happening and saw Jeff Parker, followed by his assistant and secretary charging into the emergency room. He told his assistant “Find out where she is. Find out where they have her.” He then scanned the room and his eyes came to rest on Maria.

Jeff walked directly over to Maria and started to bombard her with questions, “Where is she Maria? How is she? What happened?”

Seeing that her daughter was about to break down again, Amy jumped in with, “She’s in the operating room right now. She was wheeled in there as soon as she arrived. They won’t tell us her condition.”

Seeing that he would get no pertinent information from Maria or her mother, Jeff wheeled around and charged after his assistant. “Robert! What’s going on? Haven’t you found out anything yet?” The assistant visibly flinched under the onslaught of his boss and shook his head in the negative.

Jeff pushed him aside and said, “I pay you six figures and you’re totally useless!” Then looking at the nurse behind the counter he slammed his hand on the desk, “Elizabeth Parker. Where is she.”

The nurse behind the desk had seen it all, distraught fathers, whining mothers, drunks. She had been an emergency room nurse for twenty-six years and nobody slammed their fist on her counter and lived to tell about it. She took her time looking up from the chart she was making a notation in and calmly asked, “May I help you?”

Those that knew Jeff Parker well in the crowded room backed away. His face flamed bright red and his eyes widened. “Elizabeth Parker. Where is she!” He yelled again. The nurse just looked at him and said, “We can’t give out patient information. Are you a relative?”

Jeff’s jaws started to work as he was beyond they ability to talk. Trying to head off the explosion he knew was coming, Robert jumped in with, “He’s her father. We were told she was brought in here. She was in an auto accident.”

The nurse looked at the assistant and saw the pleading in his eyes and relented. She pushed some charts around on her desk before finding what she was looking for. “Yes, she was admitted. She was taken directly to an OR.” She then relented further and picked up the phone and dialed a number from memory, “Hello, Joan? You have a young girl in one of the ORs. Do you have a condition on her yet?” The group in front of the counter hung on her every word. She appeared to listen for a minute, nodding her head every few seconds, then hung up the phone. “She’s still in surgery. She listed as extremely critical. You can sit in the OR waiting room, the doctor will look for you there. Its down and….”

Just then there was another commotion at the entrance to the ER and all heads turned to see Nancy Parker storming into the room with her personal assistant in tow. “We have to find out how long we’ll have to be here. Or, better yet, make sure you cancel all my engagements for the rest of the day. Oh, and remind me…” she stopped talking when she saw the grave looks on the people at the ER counter.

“How is she? How long will we be held up here?” She said completely misreading the expression on her husband’s face.

Jeff walked up to his wife and gave her a peck on the cheek before leading her to a side of the room and telling her, “Nancy, she’s very seriously injured. She’s in surgery right now. We won’t know anything for a while.”

“What do you mean we won’t know anything? Make them tell us Jeff. We’re her parents, we deserve to know.”

“Come on Nance, lets go sit down. She’s badly injured and they don’t know how seriously yet. They’re doing all they can right now.”

“That’s not good enough. I’m her mother, I deserve to know how she’s doing.” As she started to turn towards the ER desk Jeff grabbed her arm.

“Nance. Come on Hon. They don’t know anything yet. Lets go sit near the OR’s. That’s where they’ll come looking for us.”

With that Jeff led his wife to the waiting room.

* * *

Around 4:00 Max walked into the Crashdown for an after work, before dinner snack. And if Liz happened to take a break and come over to talk, so much the better. He sat down in a booth in Liz’s regular section and waited for her to come out of the back. He picked up the menu that he had memorized and scanned it as he waited. He felt the waitress arrive only to look up and be surprised to see his sister.

“Hey Iz, what are you doing here? I thought you were off at 3 when Liz and Maria started?”

Isabelle looked at her brother quizzically, “You haven’t heard, have you? Liz and Maria were in a car accident. I’m covering for them.”

Max’s head shot up from the menu, eyes wide, “What? What accident? Where?”

“Max, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that you didn’t know. God, how would you know?” Isabelle started, “Liz and Maria were driving to the Mall when someone ran a red light and broad-sided Liz’s car. They’re at Roswell Mem….”

Isabelle never got to finish what she was saying as her brother jumped up and started to race to the door. “Max! Max! Be careful!” She called as she raced to catch her brother. She caught him as he started to turn the key in the ignition of his jeep. “Calm down Max. It won’t help anybody if you kill yourself on the way over there. I know how you feel about Liz, but you have to take it easy. Don’t do anything rash.”

* * *

About three hours after their arrival at the hospital one of the surgeons that had been attending to Liz’s injuries came out to talk to her parents. He did not look happy.

Jeff and Nancy stood up and walked over to him. Michael, Maria, Amy and Jeff’s assistant stepped up behind them as the doctor started to explain Liz’s injuries.

Mr. Parker? Mrs. Parker? I’m Dr. Jamison, the surgeon that was working on your daughter. I’m sorry to say that your daughter sustained some very severe injuries. It’s a miracle that she’s still alive.”

Nancy gasped and clamped her hand over her mouth, tears starting to trickle down her cheeks. Jeff looked stoic as he asked for further details, “What happened to her?”

“Well, she sustained a severe head injury, and we’re monitoring her for swelling on her brain, she had numerous cuts and deep lacerations. Somehow, during the impact it appears that one of her vertebrae was shattered and a piece has partially severed her spinal cord. We don’t know the extent of the possible paralysis and we won’t know until she wakes up.” As the doctor was listing the extent of Liz’s injuries Jeff kept snapping at his assistant, “Are you getting all this?”

Nancy asked the doctor, “Can we see her?”

“She’s still in recovery. She’ll be out in about an hour and will be placed in Intensive Care. You’ll be able to see her then. But only for a very short time.”

“I’m very sorry that I couldn’t give you more hope, but if it’s any conciliation, your daughter is in excellent physical condition. If anybody can survive, she will. We can only watch and wait now. The rest is up to her.”

As the doctor turned to leave, Jeff caught his arm and started to ask him some additional questions, “Doctor? You mentioned brain damage, that’s neurology, isn’t it? Who’s the best doctor for that? The best in the country?”

The doctor pondered for a moment and answered, “That would probably be Smythe at NYU Medical Center. He’s done some brilliant work on…”

Before the doctor could continue Jeff snapped at Robert, “Did you get that name? I want him here by noon tomorrow.” Turning back to the doctor he asked, “You mentioned a spinal injury, who’s the best there is for that?”

The doctor gave Jeff a quizzical look before answering, “Probably Jenkinson, at UCLA.”

At hearing the answer Jeff snapped at Robert, “Did you get the name? I don’t care what it takes, but get them here by noon tomorrow!”

“Mr. Parker, I know that you have your daughter’s well being at heart. But I can assure you that your daughter is receiving the best possible care. Everything that can possibly be done is being done.” The doctor tried to explain to Jeff.

“Look doctor, I know you’re doing all that you can. But I want the absolute best care possible for my daughter. She will not be a vegetable and she will not be confined to a wheel chair. I’m sorry if I’m stepping on any toes here but that’s my daughter we’re talking about.”

“I know that Mr. Parker and I can sympathize with you. But we are doing everything medically possible to help your daughter.” The doctor explained to Jeff. “We have excellent facilities here at Roswell Memorial…”

“I know, damn it, I paid for most of them!!” After regaining control of himself, Jeff continued, “I’m sorry, I’m just very worried about my daughter. I think you can understand that. My wife and I want to thank you for everything you’re doing for her.”

* * *

As the doctor had started to explain the extent of Liz’s injuries to her parents, Michael saw Max come charging into the room. He went over to his friend and quietly grabbed his arm. “How is she Michael? Where do they have her?”

“Calm down Max. She’s in the recovery room. The doctor is telling us how she’s doing.” With that he led Max over to the group surrounding the doctor.

Max stood and listened to the litany of injuries. And with every further explanation his heart died a little more. When the doctor had finished telling about Liz’s injuries, Max turned to leave but Michael grabbed his arm before he could get too far away. “Where are you going Max? Why don’t you stay here with us? Maria could use the moral support.”

Max tried to shake Michael’s hand away, “Let me go Michael, I can help her. I have to find her and help her. Let me go.”

Michael’s grip increased as he hissed to Max, “Are you crazy? Do you want to get us all killed? She’s in the recovery room, and she’s surrounded by doctors and nurses. You wouldn’t be able to get near her.”

Max’s shoulders slumped as he listened to Michael, realizing that he was right. “You’re right Michael, I’m sorry. You’re right.”

As Michael released his arm Max said, “I can’t stay here, I’d go crazy. I…I have to get out of here.” And with that he left.

As Max walked out of the room, Maria came up behind Michael and asked, “What was he talking about Michael? What did he mean he could help Liz?”

“Nothing Maria, he didn’t mean anything. He’s just upset. He was just offering moral support.” Michael replied as he tried to explain Max’s words away.

“No, Michael. I heard him distinctly say he could help Liz. What did he mean by that?”

“Maria, please, he’s just upset and didn’t know what he was saying. He’s probably meant he could donate blood or something.” Michael tried to explain away Max’s words. As he was talking to Maria he was thinking, ‘I’m going to kill him. I knew this thing he had for Liz would get us in trouble. God, and I let Maria convince me to help get Max and Liz together.’

Maria looked into Michael’s eyes and realized that she got the only answer that she would. She made a note to talk to Michael about this again. But for now she would let it drop.

* * *

Max walked out to his jeep in a daze. He couldn’t believe that Liz was in the hospital in mortal danger. He thought he could help her. His first instinct was to storm into her room and make everything all right. But Michael was right. She was surrounded by doctors and nurses and any attempt by him to help her would only expose them all for what they were.

Max climbed into the jeep and put the key in the ignition. Thinking of the beautiful girl that he had seen not 4 hours ago. He remembered the kiss and his reaction to it. Maria was right, Liz did like him. And he had just stood there and done nothing. Maybe if he had reacted to her kiss she would have stayed a little longer and none of this would be happening right now.

Max pounded on the wheel in frustration. Knowing you could help make things right and not being able to was shear torture. But Michael was right, he couldn’t expose them. He had to protect Michael and Isabel. It wasn’t only about him and Liz.

Max reached over and turned the key in the ignition, and the jeep roared to life.

* * *

It had been a long vigil, Jeff and Nancy Parker were sitting in one part of the ICU waiting room with Maria hoping for word about their daughter. Their assistants had staked out the other side of the room. The assistants sat nervously wringing their hands with nothing to do. The head nurse had stormed in a few hours ago and banned the use of their ever-present cell phones.

Every now and then either Jeff or Nancy would get up and pace back and forth for a while before dropping back on the couch. Everything they had heard so far indicated that things would be touch and go for the next few days. The doctor’s description of her injuries left no doubt that Liz was in for the fight of her life. Michael had just returned with coffee for everybody when the public address speaker came to life. “Dr. Jamison, room 225, Dr. Jamison, room 225.”

“Oh, God! That’s Lizzie’s room.” Nancy moaned while he jumped to her feet and started to walk towards the IC unit. Jeff, Maria and Michael followed close behind. As he rounded a corner he could see a doctor and some nurses hurry into his daughter’s room and a nurse walk out with a shocked expression on her face.

This is KYWT 98.5 FM News at the top of the hour.

In our top story, Ron Wilson, age forty-one, driving a 2000 Ford Expedition, ran a red light at Smith and Fourth running into a 2001 Honda driven by Elizabeth Parker, age 18. Ms Parker was life-flighted to Roswell Memorial after spending nearly thirty minutes in the wreckage as crew members of the Roswell Fire Department had to use the jaws of life to free her from her vehicle. Liz is listed as being in critical condition and is under close eye of the Intensive Care staff.

Maria Deluca, age 18, a passenger in Ms Parker’s car, was treated for minor injuries and was released.

Ron Wilson was treated and released to the custody of the Roswell Police Department pending results of blood and urine tests.

When asked, the Parker’s stated that they would bring what ever doctors that would be needed to take care of their daughter’s extensive injuries. Her condition is critical but everyone is being hopeful.

The Parker’s have asked that no flowers be sent to the hospital and in lieu of flowers that everyone prays for their daughter’s recovery.

Stay tuned to the KYWT for further updates on Ms Parker’s status.

In other news,


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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, but Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Back with another installment. I’m glad that you’re all enjoying this. Thank you for all the great feedback.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 7

September 23, 2001 -- I had to get out of that damn waiting room so I went down to the gift shop and found this little diary type thing. I remember all the times I used to catch you writing in your journal that Grandma Claudia gave you for your sixteenth birthday. I figured I would give it a shot.

Where was I? Oh yeah, your parents are driving me insane. I don’t know why I’m doing this; you’re going to be out of here before we know it. They haven’t allowed anyone but your mom and dad back to see you yet. I’m not leaving until I see you. You can’t leave me here, because who would I have to talk girl talk to? No one that’s who. You have to get better. I’m not going to be writing journal entries for the rest of my life. That’s your job.

You’ll never guess who’s here with me. Well not here right now but in the waiting room. Michael. Yeah, mom called him. Can you believe it? My mom, the one that says I’m not dating until I’m thirty, calls him to comfort me. I’m still having a hard time getting used to him being here.

We’re all pulling for you so you better hurry up and get better because if you don’t you’re going to have to read pages and pages of this stuff. So do the right thing and just get better real soon. I miss you and I love you. I love you a lot Lizzie Parker.

As the jeep roared to life, Max kept thinking of ways to help Liz. There was no way he could just sit back and let nature and the doctors try to heal her. Max thought back to what he had seen of the layout of the Intensive Care Unit. Each patient appeared to be in their own separate room. Privacy, that was the key. All he needed was five minutes alone with her and he knew in his heart that he could heal her. But how often were the patients checked?

Shutting the engine off, Max decided that he had to at least try to get the necessary time alone with Liz. Her life depended on it and now Max knew that in a way his depended on it also. The last few weeks had been the best of his life as he and Liz had spent time together.

As he walked into the hospital he tried to remember the twists and turns that he had taken to get from the ICU to the front exit. The ICU was on the third floor and he had remembered seeing an emergency exit at the other end of the hallway from the waiting area. Since he knew he wouldn’t be able to sneak past the Parkers, Maria and Michael. He figured that would have to be the best way to approach Liz’s room.

He finally thought he had figured out which wing the ICU was in and had started down the first floor hallway looking for the stairway entrance. His concentration was entirely on finding the necessary door when he heard, “Young man? Can I help you?”

Turning in the direction of the voice, Max was confronted with a hospital security guard. “Can I help you? You look lost.”

Max thought quickly, he really didn’t want to appear guilty or nervous. “I was looking for a restroom, I thought they said it was down this way.”

“Can I see your visitor’s pass? You really aren’t supposed to be in this part of the hospital without one.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t pick one up yet. Where do I get one?” Max asked.

“Over at the desk over there.” The guard answered pointing it out to Max.

He watched as Max walked towards the counter. ‘What do I do now? I don’t want anybody to know where I’m going.’

As he arrived at the desk, he happened to glance down and see a stack of unfiled visitor’s passes, when the hospital volunteer asked for a patient’s name Max read off the name on one of the passes strewn across the desk. The volunteer entered the patient name into her computer terminal and when the room number popped up turned to flip through the file of passes next to her. “He’s in room 426. Hmm, it doesn’t appear to be here. I guess all the passes are in use.” She said as she turned back to Max.

Max appeared to look down in disappointment before saying, “Oh, look here. You said room 426? Here it is.” Max made a big show of pointing to the pass on the desk.

“Oh, you’re right. I guess we just didn’t have a chance to file them yet. It’s been very busy.” The volunteer said as she picked up the pass and handed it to Max.

Max turned and walked past the security guard towards the elevators. As he passed the guard, he raised the pass and waved it at him. Shrugging his shoulders to indicate that he didn’t realize that he needed the pass.

Max got on the elevator and rode to the 4th floor. He got off and quickly realized that there were no guards on the actual hospital floors and that he would only have to worry about the medical staff. As he stood there he looked for a diagram of the floors. He wanted to find the stairwell that was nearest Liz’s room. He saw a fire exit map and quickly figured out that stairwell ‘D’ was the one he needed.

Max made his way along the 4th floor trying to look like he knew where he was going so that no one would stop him. As he approached the stairwell he looked around and seeing that nobody was paying attention to him opened the door and entered. Max quickly made his way down the stairs, passing a doctor on his way down.

As he reached the second floor doorway he listened to see if anyway was approaching on the stairs before opening the door to see if anyone was in the hallway. Max opened the door slowly and saw that he was where he expected to be, about three doors down from Liz’s room. He stayed like that, watching the hallway trying to see if there was a pattern to how the nurses visited the various patients. He understood Michael’s concerns about his getting caught trying to help Liz.

After an hour Max took a deep breath and leaving the stairwell he entered Liz’s room and silently closed the door behind him. He had waited, anxiously watching Liz’s room from the fire exit until she was alone. The nurses seemed to make rounds about every twenty minutes probably relying on the various monitors and alarms to tell them if anything was wrong with a patient. Liz’s parents were sitting in Intensive Care Unit’s waiting area praying that their only daughter would survive her extensive injuries. The doctors were guarded in their prognosis. Liz had lost a lot of blood and suffered numerous severe injuries. It was a testament to her excellent physical condition that she survived at all.

Max looked over at Liz and was shocked at her appearance. Max had never seen anyone look so pale; it seemed as if she was drained of blood, her skin almost translucent. She was laying there completely still only the slight rise and fall of her chest an indication that she was still alive. The wall above her bed was covered in various monitors, EEG, EKG. The only sounds in the room, a steady beeping and the hiss of the oxygen supply.

As tears started to fall down Max’s cheeks he walked up to the bed and looked closely at Liz. She had IV’s coming out of each arm and an oxygen mask over the lower half of her face. The left side of her face was heavily bandaged as was various other parts of her body. Max had trouble believing that this was the same girl that had been talking to him just scant hours before. He couldn’t believe that this was Liz, the Liz that was so full of life. The Liz that had kissed him. Max was praying that he would be able to make some type of connection so that he could heal the worst of her injuries.

Max recalled overhearing the doctor talking to the Parkers about their daughter. He was so upset that he only caught parts of the conversation, “Extensive internal injuries, ….. shattered vertebrae cut into the spinal cord,…. extent of paralysis unknown…… injuries to pelvic region… may not be able to have children…… severe head trauma, …. Concussion, Brain may swell and require additional surgery….. broken ribs, …. collapsed lung … plastic surgery for facial injuries.

Max placed his hand on her body, just above her stomach. He tried to form the connection he so desperately needed. He had to be able to heal her; failure was not an option. He concentrated and almost panicked when he was unable to form the necessary connection. He slid his hand under the blanket and under the hospital gown, making contact with her cold skin. He again tried to force a connection. “Liz, you have to help me. You have to reach out to me.” He whispered in her ear. He concentrated with his entire being, and as sweat began to pour from his brow the connection blossomed. He began to be bombarded with flashes from Liz’s past,

Liz in a dress covered with cupcakes.

First day of school in third grade, a new boy arrives and sits in front of Liz.

Lab partners in 9th grade

Arriving at her house after the soccer game, her hoping he would kiss her.

Max tried to ignore the flashes and concentrated on healing the most grievous of her injuries. He felt through her body and found the bruise on her brain and healed it, he sensed a small leak in a blood vessel and sealed it, traveling down her body he repaired the damage to her lung and then healed the spinal injury. He partially healed her pelvic injury, relieving the pain. He looked at the bandage on her face and knew through the connection that it hid repairs to a long gaping wound. He realized that he could not heal her completely, it would raise too many suspicions among the doctors and nurses. He did a quick check to make sure he didn’t miss any life threatening injuries and noticed that Liz’s breathing had quickened and her eyes started to move behind her eyelids. Max quickly leaned over and gave her a light kiss on her lips and while pulling away whispered, “All better now. You’ll be okay now. I love you.” Realizing that he had spent too much time in the room he turned and left.

Just as Max was opening the door Liz’s eyes fluttered open. She glanced around the room trying to remember where she was. Her attention was caught by a movement to her side and she noticed the door closing as a sneakered foot went through.

* * *

As soon as Max cleared the door he had to stop and catch himself against the wall. He looked to where he had planned to exit and decided that he wouldn’t be able to make it down the stairs but knew that he had to get into the stairwell before he was discovered. “Excuse me?” said a nurse whose face showed concern at his unstableness. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine I just feel a little lightheaded, that’s all.” Max replied while nodding his head. He then began to walk while stabilizing himself with help of the wall. “Whoa, let me help you. Come this way.” The nurse took his free arm and began to help him to the nurse’s station. After depositing him in a seat she said, “Stay here. I’ll be right back.” The nurse didn’t want to miss her round in checking on Liz and the man that she was helping looked like he was beginning to get his strength back.

After taking a few deep breathes to rid himself of the pain and wooziness that still lingered from Liz, Max stood up and began to move to the stairwell, that was the only safe exit he could use. Max realized that he couldn’t risk anyone seeing him here. He could already be in trouble by the nurse that had helped him. Max made it to the stairwell door without anybody else seeing him. He opened the door and staggered over to the handrail. Holding the rail until his knuckles were white he sat down. ‘Liz is going to make it. She’s going to be fine.’ He kept repeating to himself as he composed himself. Max sat for a few minutes trying to regain his strength. Luckily nobody appeared to be using the stairwell. Not wanting to press his luck any further and get caught on the stairwell he stood up and began his descent.

* * *

Her first thought was about the wonderful dream that she just had. Max had visited and placed his warm hand on her stomach and the pain and hurt went away. The last thing she remembered from the dream was Max kissing her and telling her that she was all better. She began to wonder just what had happened, just how badly she had been hurt. The fact that she was in a hospital bed with IV’s in both arms and an oxygen mask on her face indicated that her injuries must have been bad. The last thing she remembered was the grill of the truck as it hit her side window.

Her attention was drawn to the door where a nurse had just entered. As Liz turned her head towards the door the nurse realized that Liz was awake, “Oh My God, you’re awake! I have to get Dr. Jamison.” And the nurse went to the bedside phone and called in the page.

After putting the phone back down the nurse turned back to Liz, “How are you feeling?” She asked Liz as she quickly scanned the monitors and checked her IV’s.

Liz mumbled an answer through the oxygen mask, “I’m feeling better. Where am I? What happened?”

“You’re in Roswell Memorial Hospital. Intensive Care. You were brought in here after an auto accident.”

* * *

“I don’t believe it.” The doctor said as he entered the room moments later. ‘There is no way that this girl should be awake.’ He grabbed the chart and then compared it to the readouts to the machines that were still monitoring her vitals. He shook his head before he scribbled something on the chart and then moved over to look at his patient. “Your coloring is back. You don’t know how lucky you are to be alive. You must have a guardian angel on your shoulder.” He said as he smiled at his patient.

The doctor took a penlight out of his pocket and checked Liz’s eyes for reaction. Seeing a normal response, the doctor mumbled under his breath, “There’s no way that this girl should be so lucid. It’s like she was never hurt.”

The doctor moved to the foot of the bed, uncovered Liz’s legs in and began to feel for the blood pressure in her legs. He checked one and then the other by pinching her achilles tendon between his thumb and forefinger. He then ran his pen down the center of her foot and as soon as contact was made her foot twitched. “Did you feel that?” He asked.

“Yes.” Liz murmured.

Shaking his head in wonder he said, “Ok. Same thing but on the other foot.” When he saw the second foot twitch he couldn’t believe it. She had reflexes in both of her feet. That was a good sign. “Ok. Now I want you to curl your toes.” If she had control over the function of her toes then he would definitely like her odds of surviving.

Liz curled her toes and began to wonder what all of this was about. The look on her doctor’s face showed that he was totally amazed that she could do that. “What’s wrong?” She asked fear starting to make her voice tremble. There had to be a reason why he was paying all this attention to her feet. She tried to sit up but the nurse immediately laid a gentle hand on her shoulder to lay her back down.

The doctor, ignoring Liz’s question, said to the nurse, “I want a complete set of X-rays. I want to see how bad she is.” He then took a seat and sat down next to Liz. “Ok. I can see that you are starting to panic. There’s no need to. I can assure you that everything is going to be ok, but I just want to run a few more tests just to be on the safe side. I’m sure you want to see your parents but I’m going to hold off any visitors until all the tests and the films are back. I don’t want anyone in here to jeopardize your recovery. Ok?” He waited for her response and after seeing her nod he stood up squeezing her hand. “It’s going to be ok. Hang in there kiddo.” He left the room.

As the nurses began wheeling the portable x-ray equipment into her room she closed her eyes in hopes of being able to remember more of her dream of Max. It felt so real and she couldn’t believe that it had been a dream. It was like he was actually there. She could still feel his hand pressing on her belly. The warm tingling sensations that were generated felt so real. A nurse slipping a x-ray plate under her lower back brought Liz back to the present. Liz lay perfectly still as they took the x-ray. The process was repeated until they had shots of her entire body. The humming of the machinery made her drift off to sleep once again.

* * *

Two hours later Michael was escorting a very tired Maria DeLuca out of the hospital. It had taken all of his persuasive ability to convince her that it would be all right to leave Liz for the night. They had been there when the shocked doctor had come out of Liz’s room to inform her parents that she was awake. The doctor had gone on to explain to her parents that the latest tests indicated no serious brain injury nor was there any indication of paralysis. Liz’s parents were allowed to visit her for a few minutes but Maria wasn’t allowed in her room.

As they left the hospital doors and started towards the parking lot Maria suddenly stopped and started to turn back. “I can’t leave Michael, I can’t just leave her in there. What if something happens to her overnight?”

Michael gently grabbed her arm and turned her back towards the parking lot, “We’ve been over this already, Maria. Nothing is going to happen to Liz. She’s wired to every device known to modern medicine. They’ll take good care of her. Come on, you have to get some sleep. You can be back first thing in the morning.”

As they started across the parking lot, Michael noticed a familiar looking Jeep. “Hey, isn’t that Max’s Jeep?” Maria asked when she noticed Michael gaze.

Maria and Michael started to walk towards it wondering why it was here. Max had said that he was leaving hours ago. As they approached, Michael saw someone slumped over the wheel and rushed to the side of the jeep.

As he approached the Jeep, Michael realized that it was Max. He grabbed his shoulder and pushed him back in the seat and noticed that he was completely out of it. “Max, Max, wake up Max. What are you doing here?” Michael kept shaking his shoulder, trying to get a response out of him.

Maria was standing just behind Michael trying to see what could be wrong with Max. He couldn’t just be sleeping, not the way Michael was shaking him. He seemed to be either drunk or on drugs. “Michael, maybe we should get some help. He should have woken up by now. Maybe he took something.”

“No, he’ll be all right.” As he said it Max started to open his eyes and groggily looked at Michael. “Are you okay Max? What are you doing here Max? You left hours ago.”

Max tried to focus his eyes on Michael as he answered his question, “Had to help…. Couldn’t go home….. I had to help her, Michael.”

As Michael listened to Max, he realized that Liz’s recovery wasn’t so miraculous. He had seen Max heal things before, but never saw him so weak afterwards, “What happened Max?” Because of his concern for Max, he forgot that Maria was standing behind him.

“Tired, ….just really tired.” Max mumbled out. He seemed to rest a moment before continuing, “Too much damage, used to much power.”

Maria was taking this all in and started to bombard Michael with questions, “What power Michael? What kind of damage is he talking about? Why is he so weak and tired?”

Michael finally remembered that Maria was behind him and ignored her questions. “We have to get him home. Can you help me get him in the back seat? I’ll have to leave my bike here.” As he was talking Michael climbed into the Jeep and with Maria’s help was able to move Max into the back seat of the Jeep.

He quickly moved to the driver’s seat, started the jeep and started the drive towards Max’s house.

September 23, 2001 –


I saw this on your desk… I don’t even want to know what’s in it but just to let you know. The minute you wake up from your power nap your ass is mine. That was a stupid thing you did back there at the hospital, Maxwell. If we make it out of this without anyone finding anything we will be lucky.

I’m angry with you for doing what you did but I can’t really say that I wouldn’t do the same thing if I were in your shoes. We need to talk. Hopefully when you wake up you’ll read this and you’ll find me.

By the way… Liz is doing ok. She’ll be ok. You better hope that Isabel doesn’t find out about your little stunt. I definitely wouldn’t want to be in the same house when you tell her. Hell, I wouldn’t want to be in the same state. (Don’t tell her, but sometimes, your sister really scares the crap out of me.)

I’ll talk to ya later, man. I hope you get to feeling better soon.


Ps: Oh, and I would find a better place to hide this if I were you. I’m sure Isabel would love to read it.

September 23, 2001

God, I can’t believe Michael found this. I guess I’ll just have to trust him that he didn’t read it. Yeah right. Some testing is definitely in order.

On to the reasons for keeping this thing

All of my life I dreamt of one thing; well maybe two things. But one of the things was to be normal. Completely normal. I had resigned myself to the fact that I could never lead a normal life. That I could never simply grow up, go to college, get a good job and live happily ever after with my other dream, Liz Parker. I’m not normal and no matter how hard I wished otherwise, I never would be normal.

After today I will always be thankful that I’m not normal. My gifts helped me save the life of Liz. They gave her back the ability to walk.

Although I know that my differences will make it impossible for me to ever live my dreams, I am thankful that I was able to help her.

I’m sure Michael thought that I was going to go for a drive to try to calm down when I left the waiting room. I remember hoping that he would think that. But that was the furthest from my mind. All I could think of was finding a way to get a few minutes alone with Liz.

Why, Why Liz. That was the first thing that went through my head as I had raced to the hospital. I drove carefully; trying to obey all of the speed limits knowing that what Isabelle had said was true. If I killed myself on the way to the hospital, I wouldn’t be able to do Liz any good.

God, Liz. Why am I drawn to her the way I am? Why did I have this overwhelming desire, no need to be there to help her? What is it about Liz Parker that makes me want to risk everything just to make sure she’s safe?

Could that be the reason that I’m here? Why Roswell New Mexico? Is it my purpose for being to protect Liz? Is that why I can’t fight this urge to risk my life to save hers?

Or is that what love is?

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Don't you just hate it when you see that a writer has left a note for a story? You just know that they're going to tell you that they're leaving for a trip to Katmandu and won't be posting for a few months. But, I'm not going to do that to you.......yet. This is just a brief note to the people that left feedback. *big*

Wow, lots of feedback. I’m really glad that you liked that part.

frenchkiss70 – Remember? Oh, the dream she had. Oh, yeah, she remembers the dream.

FreeFall – Michael flip out??? Our Michael? No, really. In my fics Michael and Max are actually friends that like each other. I don’t do the Katims’ testosterone thing to best friends. But, is Michael mad? Yep.

FreeFall – What would a healing be without flashes? Gotta have them.

Alienchica – Who said nobody suspects a thing? Things are a little confusing right now, a lot is going on and Maria is concentrating on Liz. We’ll see if anybody else suspects anything.

LttleMrmade – Liz has the benefit of a Maria egging her on.

TrueLoveConquersAll – Ah, the wrath of Isabel. Would a loving sister really be that mad? But then it is Isabel. Love your name, sort of what this story is about.

Bordersinsanity – How bad is Max? Remember the Energizer Bunny? Max’s creators chose Duracell. He just needs a recharge.

Araxie HRH – Michael afraid of Maria?? Michael thinks he can handle her.

Mermaidgirl – Was that a bump? I can’t remember ever being bumped before. Thank you.

To all the others who have left feedback that I didn’t mention by name, thank you for taking the time to leave feedback and let me know that you enjoy the story.

Part 8 will be posted today.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, but Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Back with another installment. I’m glad that you’re all enjoying this. Thank you for all the great feedback.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 8

You never know what you are missing until something drastic happens to you. I’ve been in this hospital for three days now and the only human contact that I am yearning for is Max’s. All the possibilities are racing through my mind and the only answer I have for him not coming to see me is that he’s afraid of hospitals. Or he doesn’t want to face me because I kissed him.

Thank God for Maria. If it weren’t for her I would be a vegetable. The only thing for me to do is watch TV and count the ceiling tiles. I’m still bed ridden but am hoping that that will change sometime soon. Maybe that’s what is keeping Max away. He’s waiting for me to be on my feet. Maybe he doesn’t want to see me in this condition. I’m so ugly. These big ugly bandages on my face aren’t doing anything for my social life. Surely that can’t be it. Max was never one to go by surface appearances was he? NO! Not possible.

The next two days in the hospital dragged by. The doctors and Liz’s parents wouldn’t think of allowing her to get out of bed. As the days wore on she realized that she was extremely lucky to be alive. She had been kept in the Intensive Care Unit over night and then moved to a private room. Her parents wouldn’t hear of her being put in a standard room.

Liz yearned for her journal but didn’t feel comfortable asking anyone to bring it to her so she had to make do with the diary that Maria picked up for her. There were so many thoughts travelling through her mind that she couldn’t really grasp reality. One thing she knew for sure was who cared about her.

Her mom had it down to a science. Visiting twice a day for exactly twenty-two minutes per visit. Denise, her assistant kept close proximity so that she would be able to remind her of when it was time to go. Liz’s dad was seen even less. Most of the time he would stop in to see her and then would be interrupted by an urgent phone call that would drag him away with promises of spending more time with her next time.

The highlight of her day was always Maria who spent any and all time that she could with her. Liz could tell that Maria felt guilty but Liz didn’t want to bring it up for she knew that her best friend would feel even worse. Maria kept her up on the gossip around school. The ins-and-outs of what was going on; but what she never talked about was the one thing she so desperately wanted to know. Finally on the second day in her private room she asked. “What has Max been doing, Maria?”

“Max?” She asked nervously.

“Yeah, Max. How has he taken the news?”

“Well, when he came to the hospital the day of the accident he almost lost it. When the doctor told your parents how bad….” Maria stopped short.

“Wait. Max was here? He was at the hospital?” Liz broke in.

“Yeah. Like I was saying. When the doctor started to tell us about your….” Maria stopped again trying to decide how to continue, she didn’t think she should be telling Liz about her injuries. She then continued, “Well, let’s just say that he didn’t take your injuries well. He started acting really weird and Michael talked to him and he left. He said he couldn’t just sit and wait.”

Liz looked at her friend and asked, “If he was so concerned, why hasn’t he come to visit?”

“Well… You… Know… I’m not sure.” It was the truth. Michael said that Max had been sick.

“Maria. You’re not helping me. What aren’t you telling me? Don’t make me get out of this bed and hurt you.” Liz was trying to keep things light but she couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong. “Is there something wrong with him?” Maria could see the concern etched across her friend’s face so she decided to tell her. There was no use trying to keep it from her any longer.

“He’s been sick. Michael says its nothing to worry about but he hasn’t been himself for the last two days. He even missed school, so he must really feel bad.” Maria held Liz’s hand to comfort her friend.

“What do you think it is Maria?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve known Max for a long time. He’s lived across the street from me for like forever and I’ve never known him to be sick. He didn’t even get chicken pox when the rest of us did. Remember?” She said the last part with a light chuckle.

Liz began to laugh too when she remembered her and Maria with socks on their hands to minimize the scarring. “It’s just a bug, Liz and you are in no position to worry about any one else right now.”

“I know. Its just that I would have thought that he would have stopped by, by now. Things between us were going somewhere. At least I thought they were.” Liz looked away from Maria and focused on the last few meetings she had had with Max. Could it have been her imagination? She didn’t think so. Maybe she overstepped her boundaries when she kissed him. Maybe he just wanted to be friends and having her kiss him made him back up. There was so many possibilities, and all she knew is that she missed him desperately.

Maria watched Liz zone out for a moment. While she was thinking Liz gently reached up and ran her fingers over her lips. Maria shook her head knowing what Liz was thinking about.

“I hate to break up the gossip fest but I need to sit down and talk to my patient a little.” Dr. Jamison walked in and waited for Maria to leave. She looked a little disappointed though it was time to leave but that didn’t stop her from leaning over Liz and giving her a gentle hug and a peck on the cheek.

“Don’t worry about Max. Worry about you. He’ll show up. I know he will. I’ll be back this evening. ”

“Thanks Maria. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Maria exited in a hurry. She didn’t want Liz to see her tears from her last comment.

“So Doc. What’s the prognosis?” Not waiting for him to answer, she decided to answer for him. “You’re going to let me out tonight.” Liz smiled at him with hope showing in her eyes.

“I wish it were that easy Liz. But I just can’t do that until I know for sure that you are ok. You’re very lucky to be here, let alone with little to no damage.” He sat down on the edge of the bed, clipboard in hand and rested a hand on hers. “Liz, let me be perfectly honest with you. When you were brought into the Emergency Room you were a mess. You had lost a lot of blood while the fire department cut you out of your car, you had severe head injuries, and your left leg was cut up pretty bad. When we checked the reactions of your pupils, they indicated a severe concussion; you had no reactions in your feet. Geez, Liz, I have ex-rays that show spinal damage and then I have ex-rays that show no damage.” The doctor looked at Liz trying to gauge her reaction to what he just told her. “Liz, I’ve been doing this for 22years, based on what I saw when you were brought in, I’m shocked that you’re awake, much less able to sit up and move your legs. That’s why I need to be absolutely sure that there is no damage. You can understand that can’t you? What’s a few days with all these nurses waiting on you hand and foot twenty-four hours a day compared to a lifetime in a wheelchair?” Liz thinking it over and finally realizing what the doctor was getting at relented to his argument.

“I know and I understand your concerns but I know I’m fine. I can feel it. Can’t you give me some kind of activity to do to get me out of this bed?”

“I understand where you are coming from but I won’t authorize that until I am absolutely sure. You of all people should know what kind of threats your parents can wield. Look, I have a MRI scheduled for later today. The X-rays were clear but they don’t show soft tissue damage, if the MRI comes back OK, I’ll see about letting you get out of bed. Please don’t fight me on this and I will see what I can do. Okay?”

Liz hesitated in her answer. “I’ll throw in some ice cream if you behave just a little bit longer. I promise, give me one more day, two tops and you will be a free girl once again.”

“Ok. I’ll be expecting my Ben & Jerry’s promptly at seven.”

“You got it kiddo.” He left and Liz sat there with nothing to do but ponder what kind of injury she actually had to make this doctor so scared to death that he wouldn’t even let her out of bed. She felt fine really she did but he was the one in charge and he had promised her ice cream so she went along with him, but only for another day, two at the tops. Just like he said.

As Liz laid her head back on the pillow and started to count the tiles on the ceiling for the umpteenth time her mind wandered back to her dream. She remembered being in pain, her head, her back, leg, she remembers hurting everywhere. And then Max was there and the pain went away. Now her doctor’s telling her that she shouldn’t even be awake?

She looked down to the bandages on her left leg. Shouldn’t it hurt? Were they giving her some type of painkillers? If they were shouldn’t she be groggy or something? Her train of thought was interrupted by the nurses wheeling in a gurney for the trip to radiology.

“Can’t I use a wheel chair?” Liz asked the nurses. The thought of everyone staring at her as she was wheeled through the hospital didn’t appeal to her. A wheel chair just seemed more anonymous.

“No, sorry, doctor’s orders. No standing, sitting or wheel chairs.” As she was saying this, the hospital orderlies had positioned the gurney next to the bed and were ready to shift Liz.

* * *

As the stretcher moved down the hall she heard her mother call, “Isn’t that Liz? Where are they taking her?”

The stretcher slowed to a stop and Liz tried to crane around and see her mother as she walked up. “Hi, mother. I’m going for a MRI.”

“Oh, will it take long? I don’t want to miss our little time together.” As she was saying this she was glancing back at her secretary.

“Maybe you can walk with her to radiology, Mrs. Parker. We have time for that.” The secretary responded to the look.

* * *

Later that evening Dr. Jamison walked into the room carrying a bag full of ice cream pints and an envelope from radiology. “Here’s the ice cream I promised for being good. And I have something to show you. You’re parents said you’re interested in science so maybe you’d like to see the results of your MRI.”

As Dr. Jamison put the bag on Liz’s bed he continued, “I forgot to ask what flavor ice cream you like so I took a chance on Phish Food, Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia, and Vanilla.” He walked over to the light box on the wall and placed a MRI sheet into the viewer. “Want to see what your insides look like?”

Liz glanced over at the doctor, “Is it alright to get out of bed? I can walk now?”

“Yep, all the test show you’re fine except for the cuts and bruises. Your head and spine are fine. We’ll probably release you tomorrow.”

Liz sat up carefully in bed and even though the doctor knew that it was ok for her to get up, he walked over to the side of her bed, hand extended with all intentions of helping his patient up. Knowing that she could do this, that he was over reacting, she slid her feet over the edge of the bed and hopped down. The doctor flinched by her sudden movement. “Doc, I’m fine. You said so yourself that there shouldn’t be any problem with me.” She smiled up at him as he took a slow step back to give her some room.

“I know…” He faded away. “It’s just amazing. I just can’t believe what I’m seeing. Forgive me for hovering over you.” Looking at how she reacted when she was standing on her own he needed more information. “How do you feel?”

“Good.” She took a few steps, as if she were trying on a new pair of shoes in the store, and then turned and walked back. “Satisfied?” She asked.

“No, but I reviewed your situation and I’m just going to have to live with it. Here, come take a look.” The doctor turned from Liz to the x-ray viewer and as Liz approached he said, “See? These are your MRI results. They show nothing wrong. No brain injuries, no spinal injuries. As far as these show, you were never in an accident at all.” The doctor turned to look at Liz, “Just because we don’t see anything doesn’t mean there isn’t a small problem that we might have missed so don’t over do it. You can walk down to the nurse’s station and then I want you back in bed. We’ll release you tomorrow morning. Take care.” The doctor opened the door and walked out. Liz grabbed the bag of ice cream and then proceeded to the nurse’s station with a huge grin on her face.

After sharing all the wonderful flavors that the doctor had brought her she returned to her room and grabbed the phone. She just had to call Maria to tell her the good news.

“Hello.” Maria answered.

“Hey, it’s me.” Liz replied.

“Hey, how are you doing?” Concern in her voice.

“You are never going to believe it. I’m getting out tomorrow.”

Maria started screaming into the phone. “Are you serious? I can’t believe it. I’m so going to be there. I don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight, I have so much that I need to do.”

Liz was waiting for her friend to calm down. She thought that Maria was just as, if not more excited than herself. “Maria…” More gibberish from Maria. “Maria… Hello? You know it’s me, the one that needs you to stop talking so I can talk.” She said. Maria quieted down. “Ok… now that I have your attention. I was wondering if I can ask a favor.”

“Sure. Ask and you shall receive baby. I’m the happiest person on this world right now. I can do anything.” Maria was smiling from ear to ear.

“Well. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind getting Max’s number from Michael. I want to ask him something.” Maria was a little surprised about that request but began to shuffle in her nightstand for her address book.

“There’s no need to ask Michael. I have it here.” Maria opened up the book to the “E’s” and then slid her finger down the page. “Ok. You ready?” She read off the number while Liz wrote it down.

“Thanks Maria. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Liz didn’t wait for Maria to answer and just hung up the phone. She had no idea what she was going to say to Max but maybe hearing his voice on the phone something would come to her. Punching in the number she waited for someone to answer.

“Hello, you have reached Max. I’m unable to come to the phone. Please leave your message after the tone.” His answering machine had picked up. Its not what Liz was expecting.

After the beep Liz began, “Um. Hi Max. It’s me Liz. I just wanted to tell you that I’m getting out tomorrow. I haven’t seen you since before the accident and was just wondering if everything was ok. Um… I’m in room 215. I’ve been given walking privileges. If you want to come up here and talk we can walk the halls. I’m just really tired of being in the room by myself. Well, I guess you aren’t home so I’ll see you around.” She hung up the phone and then just laid back down in bed. She wondered if he was ignoring her on purpose or if he was out. Maybe she had over stepped her boundary when she kissed him. She picked up the remote, turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels.

* * *

As Liz walked into her room the first thought she had was ‘SHOWER’ She couldn’t remember the last time she felt really clean. Yeah, the nurses wanted to give her sponge baths in the hospital but Liz was too shy to let them do more than her arms and legs. Time for a really long, hot shower.

She gathered the clothes she planned on wearing after her shower and walked into the bathroom. Liz walked to the mirror and started to examine some of the injuries she had experienced. She traced the line of sutures that ran from her hairline, down the side of her face to her chin. ‘I wasn’t that beautiful without the scar, what will people think when they see it?’ Liz thought to herself. As she slowly got out of the clothes she had worn from the hospital she marveled at the black and blue bruises that covered the left side of her body. As she straightened up and looked into the mirror she was shocked to see a handprint, a silver handprint on her stomach. Shock was the only emotion that Liz felt. She gingerly ran her fingers over the mark, expecting to feel paint or something like it, but was surprised that she just felt her skin.

Liz flashed back to the dream. The handprint was just where she had dreamed that Max had touched her. Was this some weird mind over matter thing? She dreamt of something and her body made it appear? It was impossible that Max had anything to do with it. Wasn’t it?

Liz picked up a washcloth and gently rubbed at the handprint. It wouldn’t come off. She decided to take her shower and try to come up with some rational explanation about the cause of the mark.

* * *

The next morning Liz was determined to talk to Max about her dream and miraculous recovery. Something told her that Max would have the answers to the mystery.

She walked into the Morning Room and found her mother having breakfast with her secretary. As soon as her mother noticed her entrance she turned to her, “Liz, you’re home. I’m so happy they released you from the hospital. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to bring you home. I’m sure your father handled everything all right?”

“Yes, mother. Dad couldn’t make it to the hospital himself so he had Juanita and Randolph bring me home. And of course Maria was there.” Liz took her seat after giving her mother a kiss on her proffered cheek and asked, “I’d like to drive over to Maria’s today. Will that be a problem?”

“Liz, you just got out of the hospital. I think a day at home, resting would probably be better for you. Why don’t you ask Maria to come over here?”

“No, Mom, look I’m fine. See?” Liz responded as she turned around in front of her mother. “I’ve been laying in bed long enough. If I don’t get out of this house I’ll go crazy. Please, can I go?”

“Um, I don’t know, let me check?” Liz’s mother then picked up a small bell to summon the maid. When she appeared she requested, “Could you have Randolph come in here please?” Then turning to Liz she answered her questioning look, “We have to see what your father has planned for Randolph. He’ll have to fit you in.”

“Mother, I don’t want a driver. I can drive myself.” Liz replied.

Reaching over and holding Liz’s hand Nancy said, “Liz, we almost lost you. I would be happier if Randolph did the driving from now on.” Then patting her hand she continued, “Okay? Humor me.”

“No mother. I don’t need to be driven around. I can drive myself. I can’t believe you’re suggesting it.”

“Okay, don’t say I didn’t try to be a good mother.” Then looking at Liz for a minute she continued, “Liz, your father and I had a discussion. If you want to drive around, you have to use the Navigator otherwise Randolph will take you wherever you want to go in the limousine.”

“Mom, that thing seats like twenty people. It’s huge. I don’t want to drive that thing.”

“Fine, call Randolph then. I’m not letting you drive a little car again so get used to it.”

* * *

As Liz pulled up to Maria’s house she was thinking, ‘Please don’t let Maria see me driving this thing.’ But as she came to a stop and started to climb out of the Navigator Liz saw Maria come trotting out of her front door to greet her.

Maria had a big grin on her face as she approached Liz, “Can you even see over the dashboard in that thing?” She chuckled.

“Ha, Ha, and Yes I can see over the dashboard.” Sweeping her hand back towards the SUV Liz continued, “Meet the result of my parent’s stab at the Good Parenting Seal of Approval.”

As they turned to walk up to Maria’s house, Maria’ noticed Liz’s limp. “Hey, Chica, are you pushing yourself too hard? Should you even be walking?”

“It’s okay Mom.” Liz answered jokingly, “It’s just a little tender. I couldn’t stand spending another minute lying in bed. I have to be up and moving. Gees, a whole week of laying on my back. Do you know how out of shape I’m going to be? Just as Maria opened the door to the house Liz looked over her shoulder to the Evans’ house.

“Still haven’t heard from him?” Maria asked when she noticed her friend looking at Max’s house.

“Nothing, and I even left a message on his machine for him to come and see me. Even Kyle came to visit. I’m sure his mother made him, but he was still there. I guess Max and I are just lab partners after all.” Liz said as she walked into the house. Walking straight back to Maria’s room Liz plopped down on the bed.

“So you have it bad for him don’t you?” Maria asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe. .. Yeah.” Liz sat up and looked at her friend. “Do you think there is something wrong with me? I mean why wouldn’t Max want to date me?”

“I don’t think that at all, Liz. You should have seen him the day that the accident happened. Max rushed in and Michael had to actually hold him back.” Maria grabbed her friend and embraced her into a big hug. “I’m so glad you’re back.”

Liz pulling away. “Maria? When was he there? When he was there, did he do anything weird? Tell me about it. What did he say?” Liz shifted to a more comfortable position and waited for her friend to tell the tale.

Maria was looking across the room trying to remember exactly what happened. “Well he didn’t show up until the doctor’s came out to tell us what was wrong. You should have seen the look of panic on his face. There is no way that that boy doesn’t have a major thing for you. The first thing he asked was how you were and then he wanted to know where you were. When he found out that you were in ICU he turned to leave. Michael grabbed him and tried to convince him to stay with us until we found out something else about your condition.” Maria was no longer in her room with Liz, she was reliving the scene that had happened in the hospital that day. “Max pulled his arm out of Michael’s grasp and said to let him go. That he had to help you. Michael said that he was crazy and that by helping you he would get them all killed.” Maria was jolted back to the present when she felt Liz jump up off the bed. She saw Liz disappear through her door and in a few moments heard her front door slam shut. She got up, went over to her window and spread the blinds and saw her friend crossing the street to see Max.

“Good luck Liz. I hope you find out what was going on. I know that Mikey G has a lot of explaining to do.” Maria closed the blinds and then reached for the phone.


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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, but Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Back with another installment. I’m glad that you’re all enjoying this. Thank you for all the great feedback.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Did I say greatly? I mean immensely.

Part 9

Liz took a deep breath and pushed the doorbell and then stood back to wait for the door to open. She wasn’t surprised to see that Max had answered the door. Isabel would be working at the Crash and his parents would probably be working as well. “Liz.” He was surprised to see her there. “What are you doing here?” Max realized that that wasn’t what he wanted to say to her so he corrected himself. “How are you doing?”

Liz pushed the door open so that she could walk in. “We need to talk Max and we need to do it now. When are your parents going to be home?” Max stepped aside to let her walk past him and then he gently shut the door behind him.

“Um, well they should be home by now.” He said glancing at his watch. Max then looked back at Liz. “Liz… what’s going on? Is everything ok?” Liz had a determined look on her face.

Liz didn’t bother answering him she just continued down the hall as Max followed her. “Which is your room?” She asked turning around and looking at him.

“Second door on the right. Liz what’s going on?”

“That’s what I’m here to find out Max.” She opened up the door and walked in.

“And you’re going to find it in my room?” He asked with his voice going slightly higher as the thought of Liz Parker being in his room. It was something he had spent many sleepless nights dreaming about.

As Liz and Max entered Max’s room she asked him to close the door. Liz stood looking at Max trying to decide just what to say to Max. “Gees, now that I’m here I don’t know where to start.” She seemed to think for a moment longer then appeared to make a decision; Liz looked away from Max and started to slowly make her way around the room, picking up an object here or there, while she quietly talked to Max, “Max, after my accident, while I was in Intensive Care, I had a dream.” Liz picked up a picture of Max with his little soccer team and smiled. She put the picture back down and continued, “Well, I thought it was a dream. I was in this dark place and then you were there. I dreamt that you touched me and all I could feel was this healing warmth flow through my entire body. I had felt pain all over, and then slowly, all of my pain seemed to be washed away. The pain in my head? Gone. I had no feeling in my legs, and then I had feeling but no pain.”

Liz stopped and looked directly at Max. Max, whose eyes hadn’t left Liz since she started to talk, glanced down at the floor. “Max, I have to know the truth. Am I going crazy?” She pleaded with him. “Did something miraculous happen? The doctors all say so. Can you help me out here Max?”

Max continued to look at the carpet and simply shook his head No.

“Max, if you know anything about what happened you have to tell me.” As she said this she had walked over to Max and tried to lift his chin so that he would look at her. Max picked up his face but his eyes darted around the room like he was looking for some way to escape. “Max, please?” Liz pleaded.

When Max didn’t answer Liz decided to try something different. She slowly picked up the front of her shirt revealing the silver handprint.

Max stared at the handprint, stunned. “Oh, wow.”

“In my dream Max, this is where you touched me.” As she said this she slowly reached out and took Max’s hand and gently placed it over the mark. It was a perfect match and the minute he touched her there she could have sworn that she began to tingle all over.

“What happened Max?” Liz gently asked him. Max slowly shook his head, refusing to look her in the eyes, she forced him to look at her.

“Max, the doctors said that I had a broken back, that I shouldn’t be walking. But here I am, I’m walking. They said I had a severe concussion, and that I should still be in a coma, but I’m awake. It’s all gone Max, all fixed. My father was going to have experts flown in from all over the country, but now I’m fine.” As Liz spoke to Max she had placed her hand tenderly on the side of his face. Max closed his eyes. She didn’t know if it was because he didn’t want to look at her or what but the reason was because he had longed for her to touch him just like she was. “I think you saved my life Max. Tell me that I’m wrong. Look me in the eye and tell me that you had nothing to do with what happened.”

All Max could concentrate on was the velvety feel of her skin under his hand. As soon as Liz had placed his hand on her skin, a warmth had shot up his arm and transfused his entire body. It was as if someone had injected sodium pentathal in his veins and as he looked into her eyes he realized that there was no way he could lie to her. It was simply impossible. Max glanced down before finally starting to whisper to Liz, “I couldn’t let you die, Liz. I couldn’t just stand there and let you die. I… I…uh, I healed you.” As he was speaking Max looked up into Liz’s eyes and saw the confusion and shock that was there.

Liz took a step back before asking, “How? How could you heal me Max? What are you?”

Max noticed Liz take the step back and thought it was out of fear. He realized that he couldn’t hide from Liz any longer. He had to tell her the secret he had been dying to share with her since they had started to get closer. “Liz, I’m not from around here. I don’t know what I am.”

Liz stood there stunned. Here was Max Evans, the guy that she was developing feelings for telling her that he didn’t know what he was?

“What do you mean Max? You don’t know if you’re a faith healer, a doctor? What?”

Max dropped his gaze back down to the carpet before admitting, “I think I’m an alien.”

When Max finally worked up the courage to look at Liz he saw the stunned expression in her face. “Alien? Max, there’s no such thing as aliens. I know we live in Roswell and we’re supposed to make the tourists think we believe and all that but, alien?”

Max saw Liz’s face change from shock to anger, “Okay, fine. You don’t want to tell me what happened.” Liz started to limp past Max to the door, as she past him he reached out and grabbed her arm, turning her to look at him.

“Liz, do you think I would tell you something like that if I didn’t think it was true. I think I was in the ‘47 crash. I wouldn’t lie to you about something like this.”

Looking at the pleading in his eyes, Liz relented but then something else struck her, “Max, the crash was like 50 years ago, you’re 18, How could you have been in the crash?”

“We, er, I was in an incubation pod. When I came out I looked 6 years old. I really don’t know how or why, or anything, really.” Max answered her question. Seeing the look of disbelief in Liz’s eyes, Max looked around for some way of proving himself to her. He noticed a piece of aluminum foil that he had thrown into his garbage pail. Pulling it out he wadded it up and then closed his hand over it.

Liz watched amazed as he closed his eyes, took a deep breath and appeared to concentrate. His hand began to glow with a blue light. After no more than a minute, Max opened his hand and there was a silver ring with a beautiful swirling symbol on it. Max picked up Liz’s hand a placed the ring on her finger. It was a little large so Max again closed his hand over the ring, the glow appeared and Liz could feel the ring tighten on her finger.

“Now do you believe me?” Max asked an obviously amazed Liz.

Liz just stared at the ring on her finger. It wasn’t even hot. He had formed the ring and it wasn’t even hot. “How… What did you… It was aluminum… “ Liz stumbled backwards until her legs hit Max’s bed and she abruptly sat down. She seemed to come out of her daze and looked at him. “How did you do that? It was foil, and now its silver?”

“I can manipulate molecular structures. It was the way I healed you.” Max replied. As he watched Liz try to absorb everything he had just told her, he continued, “I’ve wanted to tell you for so long Liz. I hated keeping secrets from you.”

Liz remembered something else Max had said, “You said ‘we’ before Max, what do you mean ‘we’? Are there more of you here?”

Max looked like a deer caught in a set of headlights. He couldn’t believe that he had been so careless. It was all right to tell Liz about himself but he had no right exposing the others. His first thought was to lie to her, to tell her that he was alone, that there were no others. He looked up and opened his mouth to tell her the lie and his mouth snapped shut. One look into her eyes and he realized that he couldn’t lie to her. Not anymore. What was done was done.

Max stood there for what seemed like forever until Liz’s eyes grew wider, “Isabel, oh my god, Isabel too?”

Liz let her head fall into her hands as she sat on Max’s bed. Her thoughts ran rampant through her head, “Max is an alien? Isabel is an alien? How can I have a crush on an alien? He healed me? He risked being discovered to heal me.”

Max watched Liz from across the room for a moment until he heard her sob. Kneeling in front of her he took her hands into his, “I’m sorry Liz. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I wanted to.”

Liz looked at Max and shook heard head. “I have to think. I can’t think here.” Standing up she almost knocked Max down. She turned to the door and started towards it when Max grabbed her arm. “Liz, please, you can’t tell anybody about this. It’s too dangerous. You have to keep this a secret.”

“I know Max. I know.” Liz replied as she fumbled the door open. She turned from Max and the he watched with a breaking heart as she made her way down the hallway.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Maria hit speed dial #1 and then waited for Michael to answer it.

“Talk.” Michael answered in his normal fashion.

“I don’t know what Max is hiding but Liz is on her way over to find out what’s up.” Michael slammed the phone down and ran out his door. He didn’t even bother to lock it as he left.

Maria just looked at her phone and then she hung it up. “Well he’s going to have a few things to explain to me when I see him.” So help me if Max Evans hurts Liz I will kill him myself.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hey," Michael said as the front door to the Evans’s house flew open and Liz ran out. She didn’t even acknowledge him. Michael turns to watch her leave. "What's up with that?" He asks as Max made it to the door a second later.

"What are you doing here?" Max asks as his heart breaks watching her make it across the street to Maria’s house.

"Maria called. Said you had a lot of explaining to do." Michael volunteered.

"About what?" Max asked.

"How am I supposed to know? Maria's mind doesn't operate on the same wavelength as the rest of ours. What was Parker doing here?" He drilled again. “And why is she so upset?” Both men were looking after the crying half running petite brunette.

"She had a few questions that needed to be answered herself." Max leaned back in the house and Michael followed.

“And did you answer them?” Michael scratched the spot between his brows with his thumb. It was his signature move when he was irritated and didn’t go unnoticed by Max.

Max sat down in the club chair and rested his head in his hands. “Jesus, Max. You didn’t tell her did you?” Michael began pacing.

“What was I supposed to do? I couldn’t let her die.”

“No, you couldn’t let her die so now you’ve not only saved her life but handed ours to her on a silver platter. Do you have any idea what is going to happen now? People like Liz Parker don’t care about people like us.”

Max whipped his head up from his hands and looked at Michael. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“She’s money Max. And money doesn’t care about us. I’m going home to pack… Call me when you and Isabel are ready to jet.”

“What are you talking about. Liz won’t tell and besides she doesn’t know about you. Just Isabel and me.” Max stood up and grabbed Michael’s arm. “She won’t turn us in. I know. Just wait. You’ll see.”

Michael yanked his arm away from him and continued for the door. “I’m not taking any chances. As far as today goes, I’m packed and ready to leave.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Maria had just happened to walk pass the window in the front room and she saw Liz running across the street trying to get into her truck. Maria opened up the door and ran out to her friend.

“Liz… Liz! What’s wrong?” Maria set a hand on Liz’s arm, which made her turn and look at her friend.

“I’ve got to go, Maria. I need to think.”

“You’re not going anywhere in the condition you are in. Come inside. I’m not letting you in a vehicle, I just got you back, I don’t want to loose you now.” Maria placed her arm around her shoulder and pulled Liz close to her as they walked into her house.

“Sit down. I’m going to go get you a cup of hot herbal tea.” Liz sat down and curled herself up into the chair. While Maria was off making tea Liz ran through her thoughts. There was no way that she was going to tell Maria Max’s secret. She began to twist the ring on her finger.

She looked down and stared at the work of art that fit perfectly on her hand. How could she do that to him? He had handed himself to her and she returned the gesture by running out on him. Bawling no less.

“Where’d you get that?” Maria asked as she came in with a hot cup of water and a tea bag dangling over the edge.

“Um… Max.” Liz answered hesitantly

Maria sat the tea down on the table beside the chair and took Liz’s hand. “Now, see. What’s got you worried? Max adores you. I’ve been dating Guerin for a couple of years and have never received anything like this. It’s absolutely beautiful.” Maria sat down in front of Liz. She was still holding her friend’s hand. “Hey it’s me. It’s not a question of whether or not Max likes you anymore is it? Tell Maria what happened. You know once you do, you’re going to feel a whole lot better.” Liz shook her head.

Just as Liz shook her head there was a knock on the door. “Stay here. If its Max I’ll tell him to go away.” As Maria stood up Michael came through the door. “Hey, don’t you know it’s not nice to barge in here like that?”

Michael ignored Maria. “Come on. We need to talk.” He grabbed Liz’s hand and they left. Maria was close behind.

“You can’t take her. Michael!”

“Give me the keys Liz. I don’t think you should be driving right now.” Liz was in a daze. She had never seen Michael act this way before. Unable to think on her own, she handed Michael her keys.

Michael opened the door for Liz and helped her inside. “Michael. Where are you taking her.”

“Don’t worry Maria. I’m not going to do anything to her. I just want to explain Max’s actions to her. We’ll be back in a little while.” Michael glanced across the street and noticed Max was headed his way. “I’ve got to go. Keep Max busy. He’s not going to like what I’m about to do.” Michael leaned over and kissed Maria on the cheek.


Michael hopped into Liz’s Navigator and started the engine. Putting the vehicle in gear they drove off just as Max had reached his destination.

“What’s he doing?” He asked Maria.

“I have no idea but whatever he’s doing he said that you’re not going to like it.” Maria looked at Max and saw a flash of worry cross his face. “Ok, come here and tell Maria all about it.” Maria threw her arm over Max’s shoulder and pulled him inside.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“So what’s this all about Michael?” Liz asked. She wasn’t about to divulge any information until she had to.

“I need to make sure that you understand what’s at stake here.” He said without even looking at her.

“Where are you taking me, Michael?” Liz finally looked over to where Michael was.

“I need to talk to you and I don’t want Max to stop me. For some reason he trusts you. Hell, he’s loved you since he first saw you.”

It took Michael’s statement a while before it registered and Liz answered with an, “Excuse me?” Liz couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Max loved her.

“Look. Just wait until we get to the quarry. I can’t talk and drive at the same time and Max will kill me if anything happens to you. Deal?” He looked at her.

Liz could see what it was taking for Michael to be this calm. The last thing she wanted to do was get in another accident. “Ok.”

Michael maneuvers the vehicle through the dirt road that led to the secluded rock quarry. He turned off the truck and sat there. “Ok. Tell me what you asked Max.” He asked her.

“That’s between Max and myself.” Liz wasn’t going to tell. If Michael didn’t know what Max was and that was the way it was looking then she wasn’t going to tell him. She started to twist the ring on her finger. Not realizing what she was doing Michael was drawn to it.

“Where did you get that?” He asked.

“This?” She looked down at the ring. “Max.”

“Let me see it.” Michael reached for it and Liz drew back.

“I’m not taking it off. Here.” She shoved her hand out for him to look at it. “You know something that you’re not telling me Michael. You don’t trust me though do you?”

“I don’t trust anyone Liz.” That answered more than one question for her.

“That sounds like a personal problem to me… You seem to trust Maria enough.” She shot back to him.

“You would think I do but there are some things that I still prefer to keep from her. WE all have secrets, Liz. Some of them just aren’t as important as others.”

Liz couldn’t stand sitting in the truck any longer. “I have to get out and walk a little. My hip is beginning to get stiff.” Michael jumped out of the truck and hurried around to the passenger side.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Michael asked. Liz could see his concern and she placed a calming hand on his forearm.

“I’ll be fine.”

“So what did Max say that made you so upset?” Michael began to dig.

“I was just upset because he didn’t come visit me in the hospital.” She could tell that Michael wasn’t buying it. His scrutinizing glare made her skin crawl. She now knew what it was like to be Max. To have to do this with everyone that was in his life. She needed to let him know that she was sorry for making him feel this way with her. She didn’t want him to have to feel that way around her anymore. When Michael took her back she was going to have to find him and let him know how she really felt. But for right now she had to play this game with Michael. “I thought we were getting closer. And I end up in the hospital, I almost die and he never came to see me. Never.”

“Did he tell you why he didn’t go see you at the hospital?” Michael decided to see what she knew because he knew that Max did go see her.

“No, but Maria had said something about him wanting to be there at the very beginning and I didn’t fully understand why if he was so adamant about seeing me then why he didn’t come see me when I was better. It hurt me for him not to come see me. I thought we were starting to have some kind of relationship. I like him Michael but I don’t think he really likes me that much. We’re too different.” There she said it. They were different. Let’s see what Michael had to say about that.

“Please. You want to know why Max didn’t come see you in the hospital?” Michael was furious. Leave it to a woman to miss something that is right in front of her eyes.

“YEAH!” Liz yelled back. Michael was irritated which made Liz irritated.

“Max Evans is so in love with you that he would give his life for you to be happy.” Michael was thinking the way Liz was acting was stupid and it made him angry but he was able to catch himself before he went any further. “Max trusts you.”

“Would you trust me?” Liz had to ask.

“I don’t know, I’m having a real hard time trusting my best friend right now let alone a girl that he hasn’t had any personal conversations with.” This wasn’t going anywhere. “Come on Parker. Let me drive you home. You’re looking a little pale and I really don’t want a hassle with Max over me keeping you out on your first day out of the hospital.” Michael opened the door for her and waited for her to climb in before he shut the door for her.

They traveled back to town in silence. Michael had to admit Liz was able to handle herself. If he didn’t know that she already knew he wouldn’t be able to pick up on the signals. He’d keep an eye on her and see what would happen.


“Yeah.” He answered back.

“I’m glad Max has a friend like you around.” She hopped out of the truck and walked around to the driver’s side.

“What’s that supposed to mean Parker?”

“Just what I said. If I were in Max’s shoes I would want to have a friend like you.” She leaned up and kissed his cheek. “Michael, I did something really stupid and I really have to find Max. I have to let him know that I forgive him for not visiting me at the hospital.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“Now I want you to tell me why Liz left your house crying.” Maria sat Max down on the couch as she sat beside her.

“Maria… That’s between Liz and myself.”

“No, no, no… you see it was between you and Liz before I saw the fact that you are breaking her heart. Now it’s between you and me. You see when the matter of Liz being happy or not is in question and she’s not able to make a proper decision that’s when the best friend rule comes into effect.”

“What?” Max had never heard of the best friend rule before. It must be a girl thing.

“Yep, I know it and even Michael knows it. That’s why he is off talking to Liz while I’m talking to you. Hopefully that lug nut of a boyfriend isn’t doing more damage than you’ve already done. So now tell me. Why didn’t you go see her in the hospital?”

“Maria, that is not why Michael is talking to Liz.”

“Really? Hmm. What is he talking to Liz about then?”

“Nothing. Nothing.” Max stood up but was pushed back down to the couch by Maria’s grasp. “Maria. I don’t want to talk about this. Liz knows how I feel about her. I told her I was sorry for not seeing her at the hospital but I had my reasons. We’re just two different. It’s not going to work out. No matter what Michael says to her there will be no more Liz and Max. I know what a hopeless romantic you are and I appreciate everything you did to try and get the two of us together but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’ve got to go.” Max stood up and left a speechless Maria left to sit alone in her living room.

Her mind began to reel. There had to be a way to get the two of them together. She stood up and took the untouched teacup back into the kitchen. “That’s the last time I offer anyone tea. No one drinks the damn stuff.” She did dishes and then called Liz’s cell phone. There was no answer. “Great!” Just wait until I see her.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

His shift at the hospital had ended at five o’clock this morning but here he was at two in the afternoon still in his office. “Doctor, I’m sorry to bother you but the attendant that did the Parker MRI is here. Do you want me to send him in?”

“Yes, please. Thank you.” He called out to his secretary over the phone. A moment later a young man barely over the age of graduation walked in. “Thanks for seeing me Joshua. You did the MRI for me yesterday evening?”

“Yes sir. The girl that was in the car accident, that was me. It took me longer than normal to do it because I saw on the news what her car had looked like. I actually ran the test twice.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, I did. I couldn’t believe the results of the first one, so I ran a second one. Ms. Parker didn’t complain did she sir?”

“No, she didn’t complain. I was just hoping that you would remember something that would help me. I just find her situation rather mystifying.”

“I know. I couldn’t believe it. If you ask me there is no way that that is the same woman. I mean, I was talking to Rudy, he did her first MRI when she came in and he was telling me that there was a bet on how long she would survive.” Joshua quit talking for a moment. He didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. “I mean. Don’t take this the wrong way, I don’t want to get anyone in trouble but he just didn’t think that she would make it.”

“I understand. That will be all.” Joshua stood up and walked out of the doctor’s office. “I just wish there was a logical explanation for this. I’m not one to believe in miracles and Liz Parker is definitely experienced a miracle.” He said to no one in particular.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Septemeber 29, 2001 – Well, she knows now. There is no denying the fact that Liz Parker knows how different we are. I was such a fool to think that there could ever be anything between the two of us. I can never have normal, which means I will never have Liz.

I’m not so sure that I would want her to have me even if she would want me. I mean. What will having me do to her? Being with Liz will only endanger her life. Just look at what I did already. I saved her life so I wouldn’t have to live the rest of mine without seeing her. I wasn’t doing it for her but for me. I’m such a fool.

She ran when I told her what she wanted to know. She ran with tears running down her face. Michael was pissed. I hope he doesn’t do anything drastic. He isn’t one to plan what he does. I haven’t told Isabel. This is going to kill her too.

Is there not a person that I have had contact with that I haven’t ruined some part of their life. Let me list them.

· Liz – yep (see above.)
· Michael – yep (because he’s going to lose the only person that he truly cares about, Maria.)
· Maria – yep (because Michael is going to break her heart when she finds out who we are.)
· Isabel – yep (because she is going to freak out that people know our secret.)
· Mom & Dad – yep (because they have no idea why their kids don’t lead a normal life.)
· Kyle – yep (because Liz broke up with him and realized what a jerk he was because he wasn’t me.)

Need I say more? It’s amazing how my mistake can mess up so many other people’s lives. It’s just not fair. I never asked to be different.

My life sucks. I really need to quit feeling sorry for myself. I brought this all on by myself. I’m going over to Michael’s to calm him down and make sure he doesn’t do anything rash. The hard part will be the two of us telling Isabel. I hope Michael agrees to help me. I just don’t want to deal with Isabel alone.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 10

September 29, 2001 – I went to Max’s today expecting to yell at him for not coming to see me at the hospital. I went to Max’s today to confront him about my suspicions. I went to Max’s today and broke his heart and who would have thought that mine broke right along side his.

The conversation with Michael is what opened my eyes. Yeah, Michael. Of all the people in Roswell, Michael Guerin set me straight. He made me stand in Max’s shoes. He criticized me. He made me lie. I did everything that Max has had to do every waking moment of his life and I hated it.

I went to Max’s after my conversation with Michael and he wasn’t home. I went to the soccer fields and he wasn’t there. I went to the library and he wasn’t there. I even camped out at Michael’s until dinner and he never showed up.

I’m trying really hard to believe it. Michael said it twice while we were in the car and I still find it hard to believe. Max loves me. Max loves me. The man that I made an oath to myself to get to notice me this year, not only did, but is in love with me.

All he wanted from me was for me to understand, for me to not run away. What do I do the first chance I get? I run. I run as if my life depended on it. Looking back I realize now that I have nothing to fear from Max Evans. His heart is as gentle as the spring breeze. His eyes have told me that much.

He must hate me now. There is no way that he loves me after everything. I wouldn’t even love me. There is no way that I deserve the love of anyone. I’m such a bad person. I’ve ruined Max Evans’ life.

What is Max going to do now? I know what I would do if I were him and the person that I had loved turned their back on me. I would run.

There’s only one thing left for me to do. I have to make Max Evans realize that I love him, that I won’t run from him anymore and that I’m not a bad person.

Max watched Liz leave Michael’s with a long face. He knew the reason why it was there. He had put it there. He was the reason Liz Parker was sad. He watched her truck go down the street and he carefully came out from behind the tree that he had been hiding behind. Walking up the stairs to Michael’s place, he knocked.

“Max. Where the hell have you been?” Michael asked.

“Hey, Michael. Nice to see you too.” Max said as he walked passed Michael. “I need help.” Max plopped down on the couch and looked straight ahead.

“What are you talking about?” Michael sat down beside him.

“Liz. I told Liz and she ran. That’s why she left crying earlier this afternoon. She doesn’t know about you but she knows about Isabel and me. I was such a fool. I should have listened to the two of you. I shouldn’t have gone in there and done the things that I did. I only put the people that I love in danger.” Max slumped forward and put his head in his hands.

“Have you talked to Isabel?” Michael asked. He dreaded telling the ice princess more than anything that her perfect little ‘normal’ world was crumbling around her all because of her beloved brother.

“No. I’ve been dodging Liz all afternoon. She’s been everywhere. That’s why I need your help. I figured we do it together.” Max peeked through his hands to look up at Michael.

“Oh no! No way! I am not telling Isabel.”

“Telling Isabel what?” She walked in through Michael’s door. Both men looked at her. She instantly knew what was going on. “You told her?” She threw her hands up in the air and began pacing. “We were just talking about this the other day. I can’t believe you told her.”

“Well it was kind of hard not to… She has a glowing, silver handprint on her belly, Isabel. What the hell was I supposed to say to her. I can’t lie to her. Not her.” Max stood up.

“What else? Tell me all of it Max. Did she jump for joy when you told her or did she run?” She waited for him to answer. Seeing the expression on his face and not getting a response to her question, Isabel continued, “I knew it. She ran. Ran like I knew she would. We can’t trust anyone. ANYONE!. So was that what you guys were arguing about telling me?” She had her hands firmly planted on her hips and she was giving them the death glare.

Max looked at his sister. “She not only knows about me but she knows about you as well.” Max hurriedly turned his back on his sister, he couldn’t stand seeing the fear in her eyes.

“How? What the hell did you do Max? Oh, by the way, Liz, I’m an alien and so is my best friend and sister.” She went to the kitchen and kicked the trash bin. “I can’t believe you!”

“That’s not entirely true. She doesn’t know about Michael.” Max kept his distance from his sister.

“Great. Can my life get any worse? Thanks a lot for ruining it for me. Like I didn’t have it hard enough. My brother decides to take care of it for me.” She walks to the door and as she leaves she slams it so hard that a few things that Michael had hanging on the wall came tumbling down.

“I can’t believe she knew. When I was talking to her earlier she didn’t tell me a damn thing. I had no idea that she knew. She was as tight as… I won’t say it. She knows about you? Are you sure? Because she sure in hell didn’t act like it.” Michael stood up and ran his hands through his hair. “I told her that you trusted her. I told her that you had loved her.”

“God, Michael, you told her that? Why? That was supposed to be our secret. You know what a secret is right?

“Yeah, Max. I know how to keep secrets. I thought you could too, but I guess I was wrong.”

As Max turned towards the door to leave the door was slammed open and Isabel stormed back into the apartment. “We have to leave. We can’t stay in Roswell if anybody knows our secret.” Isabel stormed after slamming the door shut behind her.

“What are you talking about Iz. We can’t leave. Roswell is our home. Where would we go, what would we do?” Max tried to reason with her.

“Max, we can’t stay here. Liz is going to tell people about us. It’s only a matter of time.”

“Isabel, we can trust her not to tell anybody. I know anything we may have had together is dead and buried, but she won’t tell anybody. I trust her.” Max pleaded with Isabel to understand.

Michael just stood there, an observer in the battle of the siblings. He knew that Max was the only one that could reason with Isabel when she was like this.

“Iz, give me some time to make this right. I know Liz won’t tell anyone our secret. Give me a chance to prove it.”

“No, it’s too dangerous to stay. So, are you coming or are you staying? It’s your decision. I’ll be ready to leave tonight. If you’re not there by midnight I’m leaving without you.” Isabel stormed out of Michael’s apartment for the second time.

Max turned to Michael. “I don’t have a choice. This is all my fault. I can’t let Isabel leave alone because of something I did.” Max turned to leave with his head hanging down. As he got to the door he turned back to Michael, “We’ll keep in touch to let you know that we’re all right, okay?”

“For what its worth Max, I agree with you. Liz won’t tell anyone.”

* * *

Liz pulled the truck in front of the garage and climbed out. She could have parked in front of the house and had Randolph bring it down here, but she wanted a little time to think as she walked back to the house.

It was a beautiful night. Fall nights in Roswell weren’t too cold and the sky is usually crystal clear. Liz glanced up at the sky as she walked

She looked at the stars in a new light. Max was from up there. His home was somewhere out there. She started to pick out individual constellations, Could Max have come from one of the stars that make up Orion’s belt? How about Polaria, or the North Star?

A sob escaped Liz as she continued walking to the house. She couldn’t believe that she had acted that way to Max. How is it possible that she was afraid of him?

Liz stopped at the door trying to stop the tears and gain control of her emotions. It would do no good to have her mother see her like this. She would start asking questions, and Liz had nothing she could tell her.

Liz walked into the front door and silently closed it. She glanced around the entranceway and started to walk across the floor to the stairs. Just as her foot was reaching for the first step she heard, “Elizabeth? I didn’t hear you come in? Where have you been?”

Liz didn’t turn to face her mother, she just answered the question, “Out, I went to Maria’s then drove around for a while.”

Hearing the tone in her daughter’s voice Nancy walked up to her and turned her towards her, “What’s wrong, it sounds like…. Elizabeth, you’ve been crying. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Mother. Nothing you can help me with.”

“Is it your break-up with Kyle? We can help. I’m sure I can have a talk with….”

“No, mother. It has nothing to do with Kyle. If you must know its another guy. One I really like a lot.”

“Oh, well. What happened?”

“Like I said mother, nothing you can help me with. I have to work this out for myself.”

Nancy tentatively pulled Liz into her arms, “Elizabeth, I know we’re not really very close. And I know it’s probably my fault, but I want to help you. I really do love you.”

Liz put her arms around her mother and returned the hug, “I know mother. It’s just not something I can talk about right now.”

* * *

Liz slowly shut the door to her room and stood there. She felt so lost, so empty. There was only one thing that would help with the way that she was feeling right now. She needed to put it down on paper. Grabbing her journal and sitting down at her desk she looked at the blank page. She scribbled the date on top of the page and then she sat there and stared at it. It mocked at her. ’This isn’t working.’ She said to herself.

Slamming the book closed she stood up and opened up the two french doors that led to the balcony. She leaned over the railing and looked up as she did. She always had the feeling that there would be life out there but she never realized that that life was closer to her than she thought. Just thinking of the possibility of it all sent chills down her spine, she just had to see Max. She had to let him know that she was sorry that she had hurt him and that she would take anything that he wanted to give.

Not wanting to go back downstairs and have the possibility of having to have another meaningless conversation with her mother, Liz hiked her leg over the railing and grabbed onto the trellis. It wasn’t the first time that she had used this as a way of escape and it wasn’t going to be the last. As she made it down to the ground she began to strategize what she was going to say to Max. Whatever she did she needed to make sure that he wouldn’t stop being friends. She had to convince him that she would be a good friend. She couldn’t imagine having to go back to her “Pre-Max” existence.

Walking as fast as she could while remaining in the shadows she made it to the truck. Randolph hadn’t put it up yet and she was thankful for such a small miracle. “Going somewhere Miss Parker?” A deep voice coming from the shadows said quietly.

Liz jumped before she realized that it was Randolph. “Um. Yeah, I needed to take care of something.” She began before Randolph cut her off.

“I take it you don’t want your parents to know that you aren’t in your room?” He smiled at her because he could see that she was worried that he was going to tell on her. “Don’t worry Miss Parker, your secret is safe with me.” Liz took two steps and leaned up and kissed the man. “Just be careful. I would hate for anything to happen to you. You just got out of the hospital I would hate to have to visit you there again so soon.”

“I will be careful, Randolph. Thanks.” She opened the door to the Navigator and hopped in. She waved goodbye to the man that never ceased to amaze her and backed out of the drive and headed for Max’s house.

* * *

Parking on the side of the street around the corner from the Evans’ household Liz briskly walked to her destination. The house was completely dark. Not a single light was on and she thought it was weird. Even teens stayed up late. Not wanting to wake up his parents she walked to Max’s bedroom window. Tapping softly on it to see if he would answer, she waited and waited. After realizing that tapping wasn’t going to work she knocked a little louder. The minute she connected to the window it swung open. It was unlocked. “Max? Are you in there?” She called through the open window.

There was no answer so she took a look around to see if anyone was watching. Seeing that the coast was clear she pulled herself up and through the window. She landed on the floor on both feet as quietly as possible. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room and she looked around. Nothing had changed from this afternoon. She pulled the chair out from the desk and sat down. She would wait for Max to come.

She had been sitting for almost ten minutes when the dull, nagging pain in her hip began to annoy her. She had overdone it. Crawling down the trellis and climbing through windows had overexerted herself. She stood up and stretched. She needed to relieve some of the pressure off of it so she went to the bed and laid down. Not ten minutes later she had fallen asleep.

* * *

Max had been walking for an hour. He had tried to convince Isabel that they could stay, that Liz could be trusted. But she simply wouldn’t listen to reason. He didn’t blame her. This was her worst nightmare but only this time it was real life. Locking the front door behind him he walked down the hallway to his room. Everyone was in bed; they should be because it was late.

The minute he opened his door he knew there was something wrong. The tiny hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end. Not wanting to stand in the dark he quickly flipped on the light. His eyes instantly fell upon the sleeping beauty on his bed.

Max’s breath caught in his throat as he gazed upon her. Her brown tresses were spread out over his pillow. One hand was resting comfortably on her side while the other was tucked up under the pillow. Her knees were bent slightly. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. How did she get in? He wondered if his mom had let her in to wait for him. That thought was quickly disproved the minute he saw the opened window. She had snuck in.

The light must have woken her up for she began to stir. Rolling on her back she stretched. Her tank top raised in unison with her stretching arms. The silver handprint was still there. He couldn’t help but smile. He had touched her and in some ways she would always have a piece of him with her, whether she wanted it or not.

Her first instinct was to cover her eyes because she knew the light was on by seeing it behind closed lids. She was lying there going over the events when she remembered that she wasn’t at home. She was at Max’s. She instantly sat up and was faced with Max standing by the bed looking at her.

“Max! I’m sorry. My hip… “ She began to stutter

“Liz, what are you doing here?” He had to ask even though he didn’t mind coming home to such a vision. How many times had he fantasized just this very scene? Too many times. He shook his head to clear those thoughts from his mind.

“I needed to talk to you. I needed to tell you that I’m sorry.” She turned on the bed so her feet would dangle off the edge of the bed. She shouldn’t have made herself comfortable.

“Sorry for what?” Max asked with a confused look on his face.

“Sorry for running. That was the last thing I wanted to do but it was the first thing that I did. I’m sorry.” She stood up and immediately began to fall. Her hip wasn’t ready to take on her full weight. She was instantly caught by Max’s strong arms. She looked up at him and smiled to ease his fears. “Thanks. I’m not used to taking it easy. My hip is still healing.” She explained. Her hands were resting on his forearms as she spoke to him. She was so close and the smell of him was overwhelming all of her senses.

“Are you okay?” Max gently asked as he held her in his arms.

“Just give me a second and I’ll be fine.” She said as she rested her head on his chest. The beating of his heart was strong and beating steadily. She closed her eyes and just took in everything.

Max was surprised that she rested her head on his chest. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked when she didn’t move for a few moments. He enjoyed her being in his arms but he knew that there was something that she wanted to tell him.

She looked up at him and backed away all in the same motion. His arms reluctantly let loose of her and dropped to his side. “Thanks.”

“Why are you here?” He asked as she sat down on the bed once again. He turned and grabbed his desk chair and pulled it over in front of her.

“I realized what it was like to be you today.” She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. When she was nervous that was what she did.

“I don’t understand?” Max had his elbows resting on the arms of the chair as he listened to Liz.

“Today, when Michael basically kidnapped me, I realized what it was like to be you.” She looked at Max hesitantly, she saw that he was going to say something so she hurried to try and explain herself before he interrupted her. “He asked me what you had told me. I lied to him. I’ve known Michael really good since freshman year and I lied to him. At that point I knew what it was like to keep things from everyone. Max when you healed me you said you saw things…” She let her thought trail. She was unsure of how to approach the subject with him.

“I can try and reverse the connection if you want to really see.” He had a feeling that was what she was getting at. He saw the relief wash over her face. She nodded her head. “I’m going to have to touch you.”

“I’m not scared of you Max.” She scooted to the edge of the bed.

Max scooted his chair closer. His legs were straddling hers. He cupped her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. “I’ll need you to look at me and hold my gaze. Take deep breaths and blank your mind out.” She shook her head that she understood what she needed to do.

Liz saw his apprehension as he began the process so she reached her hands up and held onto his and smiled at him. He smiled back and the first wave of flashes began instantly.


Two small children holding hands in the desert. Feeling fear and apprehension as two headlights of a vehicle made their way to them.


Seeing Liz for the first time on the school playground playing patty cake with Maria. His first feeling of relief in his life as she looked at him and smiled at him.


Watching Liz play soccer. Her hair falling out of her ponytail and sweat pouring down her face. Thinking that she is the most beautiful person on this earth.


Sneaking into the hospital risking everything to heal her. Leaning over and whispering that everything was going to be ok and that he loves her.


Liz turning around on the steps after fixing his cut on his head wondering what she was doing and then being surprised that she kissed him. Wishing that he could tell her what she means to him and feeling for the first time in his life that he could have normal.

The flashes ended and Max tried to take his hands away from her but hers were keeping them in place. Her thumb was gently rubbing the back of his hands. She looks at him and says, “Me too. Max, I want to be with you.” She tilted her head in his hands and smiled at him.

“How do you know?” He’s shocked and she can see it clearly in his expression.

“How can I not know? I can feel it when I’m with you. I know what I want and I know what you want and it’s the same thing. I want you, Max. I lu…like you.” She took her hands off of his and grasped his face. “We have to give this a try.” And she pulled him in for a kiss.

Max let her pull him to her. He closed his eyes in anticipation and was instantly rewarded with the feel of her warm lips on his. He began to rub his thumb softly against her cheek. Max reached his arm around Liz and pulled her closer, Liz let her tongue run over Max’s lips and he…..

“Max, I hope you’re packed. It’s….. “ Isabel stopped in the doorway and stared at Max and Liz. “What the hell are you…” Isabel started to say before she realized that the door was still open. She closed the door softly behind her so that they wouldn’t wake their parents and turned towards Max.

Max and Liz had pulled apart and Liz sat back on the bed before noticing that Isabel had a suitcase in her hands. She looks back at Max. “You’re leaving?”

Before Max could answer Liz’s question Isabel spat, “Yeah, we’re leaving. It’s not safe here anymore. It won’t be long before everyone knows.” Isabel glared at the girl sitting on her brother’s bed.

Liz stood up. “I’m not going to tell anyone. I won’t tell anyone.”

“I’m supposed to put my life in your hands? I’m not my brother. Hormones do not run me, and you’re not my type. I’m leaving, Max and I guess I’m going alone.”

Isabel turned on her heels and as she went to open the door Max grabbed her arm. “I can’t let you go alone Iz. This is all my fault. I’ll have to go with you.”


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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Author’s note: Damn, nobody feels sorry for Isabel? Nobody wants Iz and Max to hit the road together? I did say that this is a M/L fic so I guess I’ll have to figure a way to convince Isabel to stay put. That may take a while, you know how stubborn she is.

Thank you for the great feedback. It makes the time spent writing this fic worthwhile.

Part 11

“What you can’t go.” Liz grabbed Max’s hand and forced him to look at her. Isabel stopped at the door. She was waiting on her brother.

“Liz…” His eyes were begging her to understand his situation. “She’s my sister. We stick together.”

“I see. I understand.” She turned to Isabel. “You would rather leave and drag your brother with you then try and take a chance on me.”

“That’s the way I see it.” Isabel said as she shut the door to Max’s room once again. She could see that Ms. Parker had other things on her mind and it wasn’t going to be so easy as she thought it would be to just leave.

Everyone was looking at everyone when there was a noise from the window. All eyes turned to see what the commotion was. A duffle bag was the first thing through. “I hope you guys know that Maria is going to kick my ass for leaving her like this. I had it good until you had to go and fall in love with Liz Parker and let her know that we’re aliens. You of all people Maxwell should know that we can’t let our situation be known.” Michael was climbing through the window as he spoke.

When he finally stood up he realized that Liz was standing there staring at him. Michael smiled at her before saying, “Hi, Liz. Um, guess what? I’m an alien too.” He had no idea what he was going to do but he knew that there was no point in trying to get out of the situation.

“That was what this afternoon was about? I can’t believe it. You made me lie to you just so you could see what I knew?” Liz threw her arms up in the air and scoffed. “This is ridiculous.”

“I had to see if you would crack. I had to see if our secret was safe with you.” He walked over to her and grabbed her by the arm. “I know how you feel. I saw it today when you didn’t tell me what you knew. I trust you like Maxwell does but it’s not safe for us anymore.”

“Why? Just because I know? I won’t tell anyone.” She turned to Max. “Please, stay. Don’t do anything rash. Where are you going to go, what are you going to do?”

When Max shrugged indicating that they hadn’t thought that far ahead Liz continued, “You don’t even have a plan. You can’t just disappear into the night. Let’s think this over.”

“Look, Max saved you from near death. Hospitals have surveillance cameras everywhere. There’s only a matter of time before someone realizes that your recovery wasn’t a miracle. All it’s going to take is for someone to see a before and after of the floor you were on and they will see Max coming and going. They’ll run a security check on him and before we know it, we will have the sheriff asking all sorts of questions.” Isabel had thought long and hard about it. Sure she knew that Max trusted Liz but that didn’t mean that she needed to. Even if she did there was the possibility of what she just explained happening.

“I didn’t think of that.” Liz sat down a flash of pain flitting across her face as she did.

“Are you okay?” Max asked her going to her side.

“Yeah, it’s been a long day. I’m fine. Just let me think.” Everyone stood around looking at Liz. “I go back for a check up on Wednesday. Maybe I can talk to some of the nurse’s at their station and see what kind of surveillance system they have.” She looked up.

“It’s not going to work. We’re leaving tonight.” Isabel said as went to the door.

“Please, Isabel. Just give me a week. A week is all I need. I’m off school the rest of the week and I’ll see what I can come up with. Just give me a week. Don’t leave not yet. If they have no evidence that Max was near the ICU they’ll have to agree it was either a miracle, or that I’m the one that healed myself. And I’ll let them run all the tests they want on me, because they’ll all come back negative.” Liz had stood up and went to Isabel’s side. She laid a gentle hand on her arm and looked up into the blondes brown eyes. “Isn’t your life here in Roswell worth one week? Please. One week.”

“Fine! I don’t like it but I can see I’m out numbered. Michael’s in the same boat as Max is. He doesn’t want to admit it but he’s grown accustomed to being around Maria.” She left the three of them alone. The door shut quietly and the tension in the room lifted a little.

Liz stood there facing the door. She let the breath that she was holding out and the minute she did her hip gave out on her and she slumped to the floor. “Liz!” Max was instantly by her side.

“I’m okay. Just give me a minute.” She said as she closed her eyes and rested against Max’s chest.

“Max? How are you feeling? Do you think you can help her?” Michael asked.

“No!” Liz sat up as she spoke.

“Liz, you’re still hurt. Let me fix it.” Max looked down at her in his arms.

“No, I go to the doctor on Wednesday and he’ll see the handprint. I won’t let you do it. It’ll be hard enough to try and keep him from seeing the one on my belly.” She pulled herself away from Max. “I’ll be fine. I’ve just over done it today that’s all.”

“Max. Lets focus here. We have more important things to worry about.” Looking between Max and Michael she continued, “You know Isabel better then I do, what is it going to take to make her stay? We have to have a plan.”

Max shook his head, “I don’t know. She really doesn’t want to leave, but she’s terrified that we’ll get caught.” Looking at Michael, “What do you think? Prove that I wasn’t seen? Will that be enough?”

“I hope so Max. We aren’t going to far on the 53 dollars I have in my pocket.”

Max shook his head, “Didn’t you save any of your money?”

“Hey, I have rent, utilities, and do you know what PlayStation II games are going for?”

“Okay, okay. Look I’ll see you in school tomorrow. It’s really late.”

“I’m taking you home.” Max said as he stood up and helped Liz up to a standing position.

“So, I take it I’m safe with Maria for the time being? We’re not leaving?” Michael asked as he headed for the window and his duffle bag.

“Isabel’s given us a week. If we can prove to her that we’ll be safe here then I think she’ll drop the issue of us leaving.” Max told him.

“Okay, then I have a problem. Maria. She was there every time you screwed up Max. At the ER when you went off about helping Liz, at the Jeep when you told me you’d fixed things,…?” Michael shook his head slowly. “I know Maria. She knows something weird is going on, and the fact that it concerns her best friend …. Well, she isn’t going to let this go. She’s going to go after Liz, you, me, and any body she thinks she can get an answer out of. She’s tenacious man. The only thing holding her back right now is the lack of proof. She’s heard you talking but hasn’t seen any real evidence.”

Max looked between Liz and Michael. “I don’t know what to say.” Max looked at Liz. “What would she do? Can we trust her?”

Liz chuckled before replying, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. I can just see it now, telling Maria that Michael is an alien.” Liz shook her head laughed harder, “After we pealed her off the ceiling, she wouldn’t tell a soul. I’d trust her with the secret.”

“Well, if we put it to a vote it would be two against one to trust her. I know what my sister’s vote would be.” Max glanced at the look in Liz’s eye. “Sorry Liz, you don’t get a vote on this.”

Liz nodded, “I understand Max.”

Max shook his head before reaching up and kneading his forehead in thought. “Okay, here’s what we’ll do. Keep it a secret a little longer. If she starts asking the wrong questions and seems to be getting close we’ll tell her.” Max looked between Michael and Liz. “Does that sound reasonable?” Everyone shook their heads in agreement.

“Ok, see ya tomorrow at school. Be careful Liz and get some rest.” Michael picked up his duffle bag and tossed it out the window and quickly followed it.

“So… Lets get you home.” Max opened up his bedroom door and walked Liz out of the house. “Where are you parked?” He hadn’t seen her truck.

“I parked it around the corner so no one would see it.” She had her arm around Max’s waist for support as they walked out of the house.

Max realizing that his problems were over for tonight relaxed a little. He stopped Liz on the steps. “What are you doing?” She asked smiling at him when she saw that his eyes weren’t so serious.

“I’m not going to let you walk to your truck.” He turned around so his back was to her. “Climb on. I’m giving you a piggy back ride.”

“Max! I can walk. I’m not crippled.” She exclaimed while trying to hold back her laughter.

“Come on Liz, humor me. It’s either this or I carry you.” He looked up over his shoulder to see if she was going to move.

“Okay, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She began to climb up onto his back with small giggles. “Quit moving.” She whispered in his ear. She grabbed hold of him and looped her arms around the front of his chest. She leaned over so as to help keep his balance.

He grabbed the backs of her legs and looked up at her. She leaned in and kissed him quickly. “What was that for?” Max was once again shocked by Liz’s bold move.

“Do I have to have a reason to kiss you?” She asked playfully.

“No… no… I’m not complaining. It’s just that it’s going to take me a lot of getting used to.”

“I know.” And she did know. She knew what it was like to walk in Max Evans shoes. She knew how long he had held his true feelings from her. “Just promise me that you won’t hide from me anymore. I don’t want to waste precious time that we can have together.”

He looked back up at her. “I promise Liz. No more hiding.” He smiled up at her and she could see that it reached his eyes. She was falling fast for him and it was almost scary. Almost. She smiled back at him and tightened her hold around his chest and leaned into him as they made their way back to her truck.

Rounding the corner the big truck loomed ahead. He went to the passenger side and gently set her down. “Keys, please.”

Liz didn’t protest she dug in her pocket and fished out her keys. “You know I can drive home myself.”

“I know, but I don’t want to let you go just yet.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her into him. “This is like a dream come true for me.” He whispered to her.

She wrapped her arms around him and began to smile. “What are you smiling for?”

“Promise not to laugh?” He shook his head. “I swear if you laugh I am going to be so mad at you.”

“I promise. Just tell me.”

“Well, I had made a promise to myself that this would be the year that I get you to notice me.” She bowed her head so he wouldn’t be able to see her embarrassment. “Not only is this your dream Max but it’s mine as well. I just never believed that you would share the same feelings for me as I do for you.”

He tilted her head back up so he could look at her beautiful face. “Don’t be embarrassed. I want to hear it all. I want to know everything. We’ve wasted so much time hiding and we may not…” Liz placed her finger over his mouth silencing him from completing his statement.

“We’ll make it safe for you. Don’t think anything else. Please.” Max leaned in and Liz dropped her finger from his mouth and he kissed her. Wrapping her tighter in his embrace they kissed. Their hands were roaming up and down each other’s bodies.

Max was the first to pull away. “I’ve got to get you home now or you’ll never make it.”

“I don’t want to go home.” She whispered.

“Let’s get pass our problems and then…” He let the rest dropped because he didn’t want to assume what she wanted. He opened the passenger door for her and held out his hand to help her up.

“Thank you.” She said quietly as he let go of her hand and shut the door for her. He ran around the front of the truck and hopped in.

They drove to her house in silence. Liz had grabbed hold of his hand the minute he was in the truck. She was still holding it when he turned the truck off in her drive. “Shouldn’t I park it somewhere?”

“No, I’m going to have Randolph take you home.” She said as she opened up her door.

“Wait.” Max called out to her. He quickly jumped out of the truck and ran around the other side in order to help Liz out of the tall vehicle. “I wanted to help you.” He said when he saw that she was already out by the time he got around to help her.

“I’m a big girl.” She said as she put her hands on her hip.

Max smiled at her. “I know you are a big girl.” He leaned over and picked her up. “But you just got out of the hospital and you have overdone it today. I don’t want to take any chances in you re-injuring yourself.

Someone in the shadows cleared their throat and Max stood still. “I’m glad that someone is finally looking out for her.”

“Randolph you scared me.” Liz answered. “I don’t need taking care of. Like I was telling Max here, I’m a big girl.”

“Well, all the same, Ms. Parker it’s about time you found someone that wants to adore you. I’ll wait here and when your young gentleman returns I’ll make sure he gets home safely.” Randolph went back into his apartment that was above the garage.

“Am I going to get you in trouble?” Max asked when he saw the tall man walk up the stairs.

“No, but I don’t want to keep him up too much later. He will have to get up and take my parents to work in the morning.”

“As you wish.” Max said as they made their way to the house.

He went up to the front door and placed Liz down she looked up at Max and when she realized that he wasn’t going to kiss her she started to turn to the front door. “Wait. I can’t go in the front door.” Liz said, turning back to Max. “My mom will know that I’ve been out. She’ll have a fit if she sees that I was out this late with you.” She regretted what she had said the minute she said it. She gently laid her hand up to cup Max’s face. “Don’t.”

“What?” He knew what her parents thought of him. Especially her mom but it was like a slap in the face when he heard her say it.

“I’m going to tell them tomorrow. I don’t want to hide the fact that we are together.” She said as she still caressed his cheek.

“Liz, I don’t think you should tell them.” Max reached up and ran his finger along her jaw line, “I think we have to keep things the way they were. Just friends.” Seeing that she was going to argue with him he placed his finger over her mouth, stilling her response. “We have to keep a low profile for a while. There is nothing I would like better then to walk into school Monday with my arm around you, to let the world know that Liz Parker and Max Evans are together, but we can’t do that right now.” Max shook his head, “We don’t even know if we’re staying.”

“Oh God, Max, please don’t say that. I promise you. I’ll convince Isabel to stay.”

Max reached down and grabbed Liz’s hands in his, “No, Liz, we’ll convince Isabel together. I know she’s just afraid right now. Terrified really. You had a good plan. We’ll just have to take it one step at a time.”

Max stood there for a second looking at Liz before remembering why he was there, looking around he said, “How did you get out if you didn’t go through the door?”

“I went down the trellis.” She took his hand in hers and led him over to the back of her house.

“You went down this?” He couldn’t believe it. “I’m not letting you climb up that, not tonight. It doesn’t look safe.”

Liz chuckled before telling him, “Oh, its plenty safe. My father made sure of that. When Maria and I were 11 we discovered that it was a great way to get into and out of my room. We used to use it so that my parents didn’t know when we left.”

Max chuckled, interrupting her, “Liz Parker, sneaking out behind her parents back. Who would have known.”

Liz playfully slapped Max on the chest, “I’m not all studying and science fairs, there’s no way Maria would let me get away with that. Anyway, when we were 13, we were sneaking out when the trellis broke away from the house. I ended up on the bottom of the pile with a broken arm. I still tell Maria that I saved her life.”

“Yeah, I remember that. Eighth grade, you wore a cast for a few weeks. Wait a minute, Maria went around telling everyone that you broke it riding a dirt bike.”

“Yeah, well, you know Maria. She said her story would sound more exciting.”

“My mother forbade us from ever using the trellis again, but my father knew that we wouldn’t listen so he had the thing strengthened so that it was safe.”

Max shook his head when Liz was done with her story, “I still don’t want you climbing it with your hip. You’re having trouble walking, and now you want to climb?

Liz stepped closer to Max, “Why don’t you stay down here. If I fall, you can catch me. All right Mr. Nervous?”

Max looked down at the teasing glint in her eye. She had stepped so close, he could smell the strawberry scent from her hair. As he watched Liz ran her tongue nervously across her bottom lip. As if the had a will of their own, Max’s arms came up and encircled Liz’s waist and drew her the last few inches until she rested against him. He bent down and gently rubbed his lips against hers. He was marveling in the fact that she was actually letting him kiss her and as her arms came up around his neck he crushed her body into his and attacked her lips. Finally passion gave way to the need for air and they reluctantly pulled a little apart.

“God Liz, I’ve dreamt of doing that for so long.” Max gasped out as he placed his forehead against hers.

As their breathing returned to normal, Max stepped back a bit more and looked up the trellis. “Well, I guess you better get up there. You really need rest. I’ll stay down here to make sure you get up safely.”

“Yeah, you better go before Randolph comes looking for you. He’s as bad as a second father.” Liz joked.

Max reached down and gave Liz another kiss. But this time both Max and Liz had control of their emotions. As they parted Max reached up and cupped Liz’s face with his hand, “I love you Liz Parker.”

Liz looked into Max ‘s eyes and responded, “I know. I can’t wait until we can show everybody we’re more then friends. Then the spell was broken as Liz turned and slowly climbed up the trellis. Once she was at the top, she turned and waved goodnight to Max and then she was gone.

* * *

September 29th – How could things change so drastically in a few hours? From total despair to complete happiness? Well, almost complete happiness. Isabel is still going to be a problem.

For some reason I’ve always thought that Liz would accept our secret. That she wouldn’t think of us as freaks. I guess I was right. When Liz ran from my house in tears yesterday I was convinced that my heart had been wrong, that she couldn’t accept the truth about me. The look in her face that I thought was fear and loathing was really shock and surprise. And I guess I can’t blame her. It’s not everyday that you find out that a friend of yours is an alien.

And what about our friendship. Liz said that she wants to be together. I know I want to be with her but what exactly can we do about it? Is it safe? Do we have some bacteria in our system that isn’t safe for humans? I guess not. None of Isabel’s boyfriends have died from any strange diseases. And Maria seems okay since the night at the observatory.

Of course, the only person I can discuss this with is Liz. Maybe she can figure out some tests to run to see if everything will be okay.


Tell me what you think of it.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 12

September 29, 2001. Well one week. That’s all the time I have to prove that it is safe for Max, Michael and Isabel to stay here. I don’t think it will be too hard to convince Max or Michael but Isabel… That’s another story. Why does she have to be so difficult? I have to succeed. And in order to succeed I have to have a plan. I can do it. After all I set my sites on Max Evans and looked at what I achieved.

Oh, Max. Can he be anymore perfect? He’s just the sweetest thing. Everything seems to take on a whole new meaning when I’m with him. Today was one roller coaster. I’m not one to like rides but if they all ended with him giving me a kiss and telling me he loves me I think I could get a season’s pass.

It’s hard to believe that all three of them are the same. Well, not the same but anyway different. Max… What can I say? He has a heart of pure gold. Will do anything for anyone. Michael… well, he’s Michael. He’s a perfect match to Maria. Maria… I wonder if she knows? If she doesn’t will they tell her? Will Michael tell her? I know it’s not my place to tell. I wouldn’t do that but I can’t keep it from her. She has to know. I’ll call Michael in the morning. Yeah. And then Isabel. I always thought that she was this closed off … Well, I was wrong. She’s just scared. I can understand her now. Michael and Max are her world. Literally and to see them with other’s must be hard on her. I wonder if… if there were a way to find out who she likes. If she had a friend that knew her like Max and Michael know her maybe she wouldn’t be in such a hurry to leave.

So, Parker… here is your mission. 1). Destroy all evidence at the hospital. 2). Find out if Maria knows. She could come in handy. 3). Find out if there is anyone that can get under Isabel’s icy exterior. 4). I think it’s time for the three musketeer’s to reunite. Alex might be more useful than any of us realize. I may need him to tap into the hospital’s records. And he just might be the one to get to Isabel. I could kill two birds with one stone.

Well, that’s it for tonight. I’m off to dreamland to dream of my dream guy. (Sigh…)

Michael opened the door to his darkened apartment. It had been a long tiring day. First it was fighting off Maria’s incessant questioning, then it was testing Liz, and then it was being in the same room with Ms. PMS. ‘Well at least Liz got us an extra week in Roswell.’ He was looking forward to a good night’s sleep as he threw his duffle bag on the couch.

“Ooomph.” He heard from the darkened room. Turning on the light he saw Maria trying to squirm out from under the bag.

‘God, what the hell is she doing here now.’ He thought. “Maria? What are you doing here?“

“No, You aren't asking the questions.” She shook her head as well as her finger at him. “You have the answers and I want them now.” She held up the paper. "You were leaving? Why?"

As he bent down to give her a kiss, Maria turned her face away and started to wave the piece of paper in front of his face. “I want an explanation Michael… What is this?”

“Oh, um, Max and I were going camping. I was just leaving a note telling you I wouldn’t be here.” It was the best that he could do. He was never any good at coming up with things under the gun. Especially when he had eagle-eye Deluca on the case.

“Bull shit Michael.” Maria stormed to her feet and placed herself right in front of Michael. Jabbing her finger into his chest she continued, “This note isn’t about a camping trip. I’m not an idiot. This note is saying good bye. You weren’t planning on coming back.”

‘I am so going to kick the living crap out of Maxwell when I see him next.’ “Maria, babe.” Michael started as he gently placed his hands on her shoulders.

Maria shook of his hands “Don’t give me that babe crap. I want answers. Why did Max say he could help Liz at the hospital? Why was he collapsed out in the parking lot saying her healed ‘her’? Who was the her he was referring too? Why was Liz so upset with Max today?”

Michael looked at Maria sheepishly, “Would you believe that Max has a serious drug problem and is delusional?” He tried his best to smile sheepishly at her but the look on her face told him not to even try to charm her. He had been had. That’s all there was to it. Michael watched the color of Maria’s face go from scarlet to a very unattractive shade of purple. Just before she was going to say something he shook his head and said, “No, huh?”

“God Michael, I know we’re not together. I know we’re just good friends. But I thought we trusted one another.” Maria turned and started to walk to the door. Michael realized that if she got to the door, he would lose her.

“Maria, stop. I’ll tell you.”

“Everything, Michael. If you’re not going to tell me everything then you might as well not tell me anything. You got it?” He shook his head. Maria could see the worry crossing his face. He pressed his thumb against the nagging twitch that was beginning to happen in between his eyebrows.

“What is that for? It can’t be that bad.” Maria knew what that twitch was. “It’s me, Michael. Come on. It can’t be that bad.”

“Yeah, right. Look. You have to promise me that you won’t do what I know you’re going to do. No running down the street in hysterics. No screaming of ‘oh my god’.”

“Yeah, yeah. Sure. No hysterics and no running. I got it.” Maria went to reach for his hand to comfort him but he immediately pulled away from her. “Come on, Michael. It can’t be that bad.” Waiting for him to agree, she knew that it was pretty bad if he didn’t come back with a comeback. “Michael… Come on. Max knows, right?”


“Well, he still likes you. And then there’s Isabel. Right?” She was trying to ease his tension just a little. She’s never seen him so nervous in his life.

“Yeah.” He didn’t add, ‘they really have no choice. They’re in the same boat as me.”

“So what can be so bad? They’re like your two best friends. Trust me I’m a good judge of character.” He could see his tension easing a little. “Tell me. What was Max saying about he could help her? Was it Liz?”

“Yes.” He threw up his hands and then rubbed them along his face. “ARGH! I never knew it would be this hard. I see now why Max looked like hell when Liz found out.”

“Wait. You and Max? What do you and Max have in common?”

“Well, you can say that we have the same genes.” He gave a lopsided smile.

“Well, there’s not too many places to get our clothes Michael. Everyone pretty much shops at the Mall.”

“No, Maria, genes. As in DNA.” Leave it to her to think of fashion at a time like this.

“Oh… You guys are brother’s?” She didn’t think that was right but anything was possible.

“Well, in a way yes.”

“Ok. So what does this have to do with Max and Liz? If he hurts her you know I’m going to have to hurt him. He can’t play with my Lizzie’s heart as if it’s nothing.”

“Come on Maria. This is Maxwell we’re talking about.” He took a deep breath and let it out. “Max loves Liz. You know that right?” She nodded her head. “He would do anything for her.” She nodded her head again. “Well, when Max heard Liz’s condition at the hospital he flipped.” He started pacing. This was so hard. How can he do this.

“I can see you’re having problems. Did Max tell Liz?”

“Yes. This afternoon.” He turned and looked at her.

“Is that why she came running out of his house crying?”


“Is that why you basically kidnapped her?”

“I didn’t kidnap her.” He said in his defense.

“Ok… so Max told Liz and she went off crying. You talked to Liz. Does she know about the Max and you and the gene thing?”


“Well how did you tell her?” If he could tell Liz then he could tell her, right? After all they were sharing spit the other day. If you can share spit you can share anything.

“She was talking to Max tonight and I just happened to be talking when I was climbing through his window. I had no choice than to tell her.” He looked up at Maria.

“So what? You need to climb through a window to tell me?” She started for his window and reached down to open it.

“No. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

“Well if Liz was at Max’s then everything is ok. She’s ok. If she’s ok. I’m ok.” She quit trying to open the window and turned and looked at him. She put her hands on her hip. “Michael Guerin if you don’t tell me what this is all about. I’m out of here. You hear me?”

“Ok, ok.” He held his hands up defensively.

“Max and Liz…” She motioned with her hand to get him started again.

“Right, Max and Liz. Well, you know how everyone is amazed that she has miraculously healed.” She shook her head. “Well… Max did it. That’s why he was so far gone in his jeep the other day.”

“Okay. Fine if you didn’t want to tell me… FINE!” She made her way to the door.

“Maria. This is hard.”

“Really? Well it can’t be as hard as me walking out of you life, Michael.” They stood face to face and he could see her turmoil. “Please.”

“I’m not from around here.” He spilled.

“What do you mean? You’ve lived here all your life.” She reached for the door knob.

“I mean. I’m not from around here.

“I heard you the first time.”

“Ok, fine. You want to play hard fine. I’ll tell you. You’re going to freak I know it. You’ll…”

She cut him off with a kiss. His hands were flapping as if he didn’t know what to do with them. As they pulled away he looked into her eyes and he just said it. “I’m an alien.” She continued to stare at him. “Did you hear me? I’m an alien.” He waited for her to slap him or start screaming or something but she just stood there staring at him. “Maria…”

She busted out laughing. “You’re so funny. Alien. What a hoot. You know I should be mad at you for not telling me the truth but that’s just a classic. I supposed that Max is an alien too and that you guys have super powers and Max’s is being able to heal. Ooh. Ooh. Isabel… The ice princess.” She acted like she was thinking of what her special power is. “She’s able to coordinate any outfit in the snap of a finger. Or she can freeze water with a glance. Yeah, yeah..and you… Let’s see. You’re able to wreak destruction at a blink of an eye. I can see it already.” She was turning red from the lack of oxygen. She was laughing too hard.

Michael glanced around the apartment looking for some way that he could prove to Maria that he “wasn’t from around here”. He remembered Liz’s ring. The ring that Liz said Max gave her. Now he realized why it was so important to Liz. Seeing a food encrusted spoon peeking out from under the couch he grabbed it and showed it to Maria.

“Look, I’ll prove it to you.” Anything to get her to quit laughing. She was making such a joke out of this that the only thing he wanted to do was wipe that silly grin off her face.

“What like you’re going to clean your apartment?”

“No, just watch.” Michael closed both of his hands over the spoon so that it was completely hidden. ’I wish Max were here for this. I’m not good at this.’ He thought. Michael’s hands started to glow and when the glow finally faded away he opened his hands and the spoon was in two pieces.

“See? I can manipulate molecular structures.” Michael said, very proud of himself.

Maria just shook her head; “I saw that on Penn and Teller last week. I know, next your going to put the two halves back together.”

Michael looked at her stunned that it wasn’t enough proof.

“Okay, okay…” Michael said as he looked around the apartment again. Seeing his CD player he remembered Isabel using her powers to listen to the music. He strode over and grabbed a CD. Returning to stand in front of Maria he said, “Listen.” He raised the CD to his ear and as he concentrated the CD began to glow, and then quickly melted into a shapeless glob.

“Damn it! That was my favorite Metallica CD.” Michael ranted as he looked at the shapeless glob in his hand.

Michael, not wanting to lose the CD opened his hand and concentrated. As Maria watched, the glob started to reform into the CD. Michael, his concentration centered on his hand never noticed Maria’s eyes roll up in her head as she started to collapse on the couch.

As she started to fall Michael realized what was going on and he caught her and eased her down. He lifted her legs so that she was comfortable on his couch. He grabbed her hand and started to rub and pat them like he saw people do on TV. Getting no response he started to freak out. ’What do I do now?’ He glanced around and remembered that they also give sips of water. He ran to the kitchen but was faced with the fact there weren’t any clean glasses. “I really have to clean this place.” He grabbed a glass and tried using his powers to clean it. It shattered in his hand. Grabbing another he decided no powers and rinsed it out under the tap. He filled the glass with cold water and returned to the spot beside Maria. He lifted her head and tried to get some water into her mouth but couldn’t do it.

Running out of options Michael took the glass and threw it in Maria’s face. Her eyes flew open as she sputtered. Michael watched her settle back down for a minute before trying to sit up.

Maria sat up a little groggily. Looking around she asked, “What happened? I feel like… Why am I all wet?”

“You fainted.” Michael replied. He was kneeling in front of her, trying to help steady her. He was looking into her eyes, trying to see a reaction.

Her eyes seemed to steady on Michael as she said, “I had this really weird dream. You were trying to tell me you were an alien or something. Man, I have to lay off the Taco supreme. It really gives me some crazy dreams on top of the heartburn.”

Maria noticed Michael’s expression; “It was a dream, right?”

Michael just shook his head and answered, “No, it happened. And then you fainted.”

Michael eyed Maria warily, waiting for the explosion that he knew was coming. Maria wasn’t known as the schools most notorious drama queen for nothing. The seconds passed, turned into minutes and still no outward reaction from Maria. Michael had just started to get really worried, thinking of who he should call for help when Maria raised her head to look at him, “So, these powers, are they like really powerful? Can you do like useful things? If, like the next time Pam Troy is being a bitch, can you like give her a big zit on her nose or something?”

As soon as Michael heard Maria’s questions, he knew that the worst was over. Maria wasn’t going to go all, well, Maria on him.

Maria thought for another minute, “Is this the way you really look? Like, human? Or is this a very good disguise?” Maria edged closer and looked like she was trying to see into Michael’s skull through his eyes, “You aren’t all green and slimy in there are you?”

Michael closed his eyes and shook his head, chuckling as he answered, “No, as far as we know this is the way we look. We’ve never looked any different.”

Thank God I found this thing. I can’t call Lizzy and talk to her, I don’t know if she’s even home. And I can’t talk to my mother. So I guess I’m stuck with this diary. Luckily I didn’t toss it out after Liz got out of the hospital.

It took every ounce of courage I had to stay seated after Michael’s bombshell. Michael is not like us. I wonder if that’s why it took him three years of friendship to finally kiss me?

Gees, we’ve been friends. Like I told Liz, I’ve even been turning Michael into boyfriend material. Got him to change the hair, he now owns shirts that aren’t black. Given a few more months I know I could have gotten him out of the boots and into sneakers.

That night at the observatory took me completely by surprise. Not that I didn’t enjoy every minute of it. But I still was surprised. Maybe Michael can take a hint? Maybe he’s not quite as dense as I thought?

I wonder if I should be worried about anything. Is it safe? Will I catch anything? How different are they? Gees, where’s my best friend when I need her.

God, Liz. So that’s why she was a basket case after leaving Max’s house. He actually healed her. He must have told her about what he is. No wonder Michael kidnapped her. I guess she proved something to Michael because he seems okay with Liz knowing their secret.

I wonder if Michael can use his powers on the Jetta? It hasn’t been running right lately.


So, is that how you pictured Maria finding out their secret? Let me know.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away. Most of you seemed to like Maria's reaction to the news. Don't know how I'm going to let Isabel know that Maria knows. I definitely don't want to be the one to tell her.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

Note: I can't believe the way that this story is going. This part was supposed to be like the first 2 pages of Part 13 but it grew to its own part. Actually Part 13 is now going to be Parts 13, 14 and 15. You have Jenn to blame, when I mention adding things to a part she agrees, doesn't remind me that they aren't part of the plan. And then to add insult to injury, she suggests some additions.

Part 13

September 30, 2001 – I know I usually write in this at night but I woke up just knowing that something was going to happen. Something good. After all I’ve had a little string of bad things happen, it’s time that something good happens. I wonder what it could be?

Will I get to see Max today? What am I going to do? I’m going to go insane if I have to stay the entire day cooped up in this house. Ooh. Someone’s at the door. I wonder who it is? I’ll finish this later.

Note to self: Call Alex…

“Can someone get the door!” Nancy Parker hollered to no one in particular. The doorbell rang again. “Hello! Is someone going to get the door?” Seeing that there was no one in the house besides her and her assistant she stood up and walked out of her office to open the door. “What the heck do we pay a staff for if I have to do everything.” She muttered to herself as she opened up the door. “Mom! What a surprise.” Nancy’s voice rose an octave at the site of her mother standing in her khaki clothes.

“Nancy. Where is that granddaughter of mine?” Claudia busted past Nancy and looked around to see if Liz was anywhere in sight.

“She’s upstairs.” Nancy said poised as ever.

“What is your assistant doing here?” The older woman asked her daughter.

“She’s working. I’m working.” Nancy offered.

“Well, that’s just not acceptable. If I’m not working you’re not working.” Claudia turned around to look at her daughter. She was wearing a dark dress suit and a fashionable pair of heels. Her red hair was done up in a bun and her face was lightly dusted with make-up.

“Mom, I can’t just drop everything. I’m in the middle of a lot of important things.” Nancy strolled passed her mother and back into the office.

“Too bad, Nancy. You know our deal. While I’m here no cell phones and no assistant running your life.” Claudia followed her daughter in and shut the door behind her efficiently blocking the dark headed assistant outside.

“But part of our deal was you giving me two weeks notice before you came so I could reschedule things.” Nancy sat back down behind her desk and then looked up to see where her assistant was.

“So I’m early, deal with it.” Claudia leaned over the desk to stop Nancy from rummaging through the pile that sat before her.

“Early?” Nancy asked while glancing at her assistant who had quietly let herself back in, she immediately began to look through the planner to see if she had missed anything. After seeing her assistant shrug her shoulders she continued, “Mom, you didn’t give us any warning.”

Claudia looked at her daughter condescendingly, “Nancy, you sent the message about Liz. Do you really think that I wouldn’t catch the first plane I could get out of Peru to be here?” After seeing the shake of Nancy’s head, she said, “See, you’ve had plenty of time to get things squared away.” Claudia spun around on her heels and walked out of the office. She would just go look and see if she can find something to eat.

Just as she cleared the office door she heard, “Grandma!” She looked up and saw Liz practically running to hug her.

“Honey Bear! Let me look at you.” She pulled her granddaughter away and took a critical look over her. “You doing better?” Her question lay heavily with worry.

“Yeah, a lot better. What are you doing here?” Liz asked as she took hold of her grandma’s hand.

“Well right now I’m looking for something to eat. The food on the plane was absolutely horrible.” She followed Liz who just happened to be walking in the direction of the kitchen.

“You didn’t take the family jet?” Liz looked up at the older woman.

“No. I think your mother forgot about me. I almost think she thought that I wouldn’t be coming. Seeing how her assistant is still here and they are working harder than ever.” They walked into the brightly-lit kitchen and Liz started rummaging through the refrigerator.

Nancy walked in just as Liz was beginning to shut the refrigerator door. “Whatever you want Mom. Just tell Juanita.” Nancy said. “If I’m going to shut down my phone for a week and get rid of Sheryl I have to make some phone calls. I’ll see you in an hour or so.” As Nancy turned to leave Juanita walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning Mrs. Adams. Welcome home.” Juanita greeted Claudia.

“Juanita, could we have two breakfasts, with lots of coffee. Lots of coffee.” Turning to Liz she continued, “As much as I fly, I’ll never be able to sleep well on an airplane.”

“What would you like to eat Mrs. Adams?” Juanita asked.

“Oh, surprise us. And can you bring it out to the patio. It’s too nice a morning to stay indoors.”

They went out to the patio to wait for their breakfast. As they are walking Grandma put her arm around Liz and pulled her close. “You had me worried Honey Bear. But looking at you it seems you did remarkably well.”

“Yeah, the accident was pretty bad, but I’m a lot better now. My hip still hurts, but other then that, I’m all right.”

“You seem… Really happy for someone that just had a near death experience. Things getting better with Kyle?”

“No, definitely no. Kyle and I are over.” Liz said, as she made a pushing motion with her hands, “Kyle and I are definitely not couple material.”

Liz got a questioning look on her face, “Grandma, how do you know when you’ve met the “one”? You know the one that you’re meant to be with? You told me that you knew that you and Granddad were…. uh”

“Soulmates?” Grandma cut in. Her face broke into a happy grin, “Do you think you have? Who is he? What does he look like? Will I get to meet him?”

“Grandma, grandma! You’re babbling like Maria. I, well, I don’t know what he is. Things are just really complicated.” Liz said, shaking her head. “There are a lot of … problems we have to...” Liz’s voice trailed off.

“These problems, is he worth trying to solve these problems?” Liz nodded her head just as they get situated Maria storms in.

“Liz, thank god you’re up. I…” She stopped immediately when she noticed that Liz was not alone. “Grandma!” She squealed as she immediately went to hug the older woman.

“Maria? What are you doing here? I thought you had to work?” Liz asked as she watched her friend hug her grandma. Maria had always called Claudia, grandma. Liz always chalked it up as being in each other’s constant presence.

“Well, I’m going in late and now that I know that grandma is here I think I’ll call in sick for rest of the day.” She beamed at the older lady as she plopped down in the iron, cushioned chair beside Liz.

“So, what are we talking about?”

“The accident. How good Liz looks. After the call from Nancy I was expecting that Liz would still be in the hospital.” Shaking her head Claudia continued, “Your Guardian Angel must have been working overtime Lizzie.”

Maria got a mischievous gleam in her eye, “Oh, you can definitely say that she has a very active Guardian Angel watching over her.”

Liz snapped her head around and saw the gleam in Maria’s eye. “Maria!”

“You could even say he’s the reason for the bounce in her step.” Maria continued, ignoring Liz.

“Oooh, a real angel? “ Claudia chipped in, noticing Liz’s face turn a bright red.

“Oh, definitely not of this earth.” Maria teased.

Suddenly Liz knew that Maria had found out the secret. “Stop it, Maria.”

Maria just batted her eyes at Liz, “And the most soulful eyes.”

“Maria! Stop!” Liz cried, face crimson.

Turning to her grandmother she changed the subject, “What have you been doing Grandma?”

“Oh, you know I’ve been in Peru looking into… “ Grandma Claudia continued to tell the girls stories of her dig in Peru. Breakfast was served and both Liz and Maria brought her up to date on their lives in Roswell.

As they finished their breakfast Grandma seemed to remember something, “Wait, I have a surprise for you two. Come on, let’s go up to my room.”

The girls excitedly followed Grandma Claudia to her room. As they went in they saw that her suitcases had been neatly unpacked and there was a wrapped parcel on the dresser. Claudia went to the parcel and ripped the paper off of a set of three books. Turning to Liz and Maria, Claudia opened the cover of the first to look at the flyleaf, “This ones for you.” She said to Maria as she handed her a book, looking at the next, she told Liz, “And this one’s for you.”

Liz took the book and read the cover, Cave Art of The American Southwest by Claudia Elizabeth Adams. Looking back at her Grandmother, Liz exclaimed, “Grandma, your book. They finally published it.”

“Yes, it’s been on their schedule for about six months. I finally got the first editions. I wanted you and Maria to be the first to have copies.”

Liz opened the book and began to flip through the pages. She had seen a lot of the pictures that were in the book during the times her grandmother had visited and told she and Maria stories of her digs. She came upon a symbol that looked very familiar, “Grandma, what’s this symbol mean? Where did you see it?” Liz asked, surprised.

Claudia looked over Liz’s shoulder at the open page and answered, “That’s the Mesaliko symbol for home. It’s one of the symbols that are common with symbols found in Peru.”

As she looks at the page she notices Liz’s ring for the first time, “Here it is here. It’s on your ring.” Taking Liz’s hand in hers she took a closer look at the ring. “This is really beautiful. Where did you get it?”

Liz held her hand out admiring the ring with her grandmother, letting the light catch the design. “It was a gift from a friend.” Taking her eyes from the ring, she looked at Maria who looked like she was about to say something but didn’t.

“It’s a very beautiful gift. Did he get it at the reservation?” Claudia asked.

“No, I’m pretty sure he didn’t get it there.”

Monday at school was a nightmare for Isabel. She constantly expected to feel the hand of the authorities on her shoulder as they came to drag her off to a laboratory for testing. Even her “closest” friends noticed there was something ‘off’ about their usually poised leader.

At lunch that day she almost jumped out of her skin when Alex Whitman tapped her on her shoulder. As she turned to face him and realized it wasn’t a contamination-suited scientist who had come to take her away, the Ice Princess persona leapt to the fore. “May I help you.” She shot at Alex. She had to remind him who was school royalty and who wasn’t.

“Oh, sorry Isabel. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to ask you if we’re on for tutoring this afternoon.”

“Oh, hi Alex. Sure. After last period as always.” Isabel replied, her voice not so icy.

Alex looked around the table and realized he had nothing else to say, “So, uh, I’ll see you there. Uh, 2:30.”

As Alex turned to leave, he heard Isabel tell her friends, “I’m tutoring him in color coordination.” Waving a regal hand in his direction she continued, “As you can see I have a long road ahead of me.”

Later that afternoon Alex came walking into the computer lab. He had been held up by one of his friends wanting to discuss cracking the latest protection method on game CDs. Normally Alex would have forgotten everything and stayed there for an hour discussing it. Breaking security barriers was a hobby of Alex’s. But, he knew he had Isabel Evans waiting for him. ‘Wait, did I just have the thought in my head that Isabel was waiting for ME.’ I really have to get a life. Isabel needs help, that’s the only reason she’s in that room.

Isabel had been staring out the window thinking of everything that had gone on the past few days. ’Liz Parker knew their secret. Max and Michael seem to think she can be trusted not to tell. Max? Yeah, of course he’d trust her, but Michael? He’s another story entirely, he’s as paranoid as I am.’

Isabel looked at her watch, Alex was 5 minutes late. Alex was never late for their sessions. Never. He was such a nice guy. Too bad he wasn’t a little higher up the food chain. He always treated her like the most valuable friend he had. He could make her laugh with those sick and lame jokes he told. Thank God nobody heard her laughing at them.

She was broken out of her thoughts by Alex walking into the room, “Sorry Isabel, Tommy Jones wanted to talk shop. I couldn’t shake him. He’s really pissed about the new copy prot….” His voice trailed off as he realized that Isabel wouldn’t understand what he meant. “Well, anyway, I’m sorry I’m late.”

“That’s okay Alex. I figured something stopped you. You’re never late. When I saw you were 5 minutes late I was thinking of calling the sheriff.”

“I know, you thought I was abducted by aliens right?”

Isabel’s eyes narrowed at the joke. Alex was a good friend of Liz. Had she told him the secret already? Reading his expression she realized it was just a sick attempt at ‘Roswell” humor. “Yeah, the green scaly kind, that eat their prisoners.” She finally responded.

Before Alex could respond Maria popped her head in the computer lab door, “Hey, Alex! I’ve been looking all over for you. Liz needs to see you as soon as possible. Can you call her?”

“Yeah sure. Do you know what she wants?”

Maria noticed the girl sitting next to Alex at the computer keyboard. She was surprised, and didn’t seem to hear Alex’s question. “Isabel?” She asked.

Isabel realized that her secret would be all over the school tomorrow and wasn’t happy. Well, at least it wasn’t one of her friends that saw she and Alex together. “Hi, Maria. Just getting a little extra help.”

Maria nodded and looked Alex in the eye. “You…..Later at the Crash. Talk.” And started to pull out of the room.

Alex noticed the look on Isabel’s face and started after Maria. “Maria, wait up.”

As he pushed her into the hallway he started to talk, “Maria, you have to keep this quiet. Isabel doesn’t want anybody to know she’s being tutored. Okay?”

“Okay, my lips are sealed. At least till we talk at the Crashdown. It isn’t nice to keep secrets from Maria. I thought I already taught you that?”

Alex answered nervously, “I know, I know. It won’t happen again.” Glancing back into the room Alex said to Maria, “I better get back in there. I’ll see you in a couple of hours, okay?”

“Yeah, see you later.”

Alex walked back into the room and reached for his bag, “I better find out what Liz wants.”

Isabel watched Alex dig in his backpack for his cell phone and snapped, "Does every male on this planet drop everything and run to Liz?"

Alex stopped his search and turned to look at Isabel, “Hey, what’s wrong? It can wait, I guess.”

Isabel heard the tone of Alex’s voice and relented, “I’m really sorry Alex. I must sound like a real bitch. Liz is one of your best friends. Go ahead and call her.”

“No, .No, that’s okay. I mean it, what’s wrong? You seem really upset today.”

"I don't know what I'm going to do? They just don't understand." Isabel puts her head in her hands and takes a deep breath so that she doesn't start to cry.

"Come on Isabel, it can't be that bad. Michael and Max have always been there for you. What makes you think that they won't do the right thing this time?" Alex placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him and smiled.

"I know they'll do the right thing. It's just that I wish I had what they have. I've always done what I thought should be done and now they're basically telling me that what I've been doing isn't right. I want to know when I can start making the decisions for myself rather than relying on them." Alex looked up at the blonde bombshell that he had high hopes of becoming more than just the figure in the background, and smiled.

"Sometimes, Isabel, you just have to do what you have to do. Max and Michael may have done something that you guys had agreed on never doing and that upsets you. But you have to move on. You have to forgive and you have to start thinking of you. If you want to be able to do what they are doing then I say do it. What can they do? Get mad at you? I don't think so because they have already done what you want to do." Alex hoped he was giving her some kind of help. It was tough helping someone when you didn’t have a clue what the problem was.

Thinking back to what he just said he groaned and continued, “Oh, God, that didn’t sound the way I think it did, did it? Even I don’t understand what I just said.” Now it was Alex’s turn to drop his head in his hands.

Isabel turned to Alex and rested her hand on his arm. “Believe it or not you did help. Sometimes I need someone to talk to and Max is not around that much lately.”

“Isabel, any time you want to talk, I’ll listen. Granted, my ears aren’t as big as Max’s but…” Alex stopped as he tried to dodge the book flying for his head.

October 1, 2001 – Didn’t go to see Liz on Sunday. Keeping a low profile is going to be really tough. Having Liz say she wants to be with me is making it very hard. It is going to be pure torture being around Liz and having to play the “Just Friends” bit.

It was really hard sitting in Bio class today. I really miss her by my side. Today would have been so much different. Before, I had to watch her from afar. Not getting involve, not letting her know how I feel. But now, when she catches me looking at her, I don’t have to look away hoping she didn’t catch me. We can’t let anybody else know about us yet, but we’ll know

Yeah, we’ll know.

Tomorrow is Lab day. And Liz won’t be in school again. I think I’ll volunteer to bring her bio homework over to her house. This is the second week she’ll be out of school. Don’t want her to fall too far behind. Do we???


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Hi, just answering some of the feedback. A new part should be out by Monday.

dancepixie- Maria is one of those friends that loves to tease. You’ll see more of her later.

Pegleg- How do you comfort someone when you don’t have a clue what’s wrong? But its Alex and its Roswell so he has to throw some alien humor in there. Grandma Claudia’s here in answer to some of the feedback, hope it works out the way I hope.

BLS40- I was going for the comedy. Had to offset the serious M/L confrontation. Isabel is scared, doesn’t want to commit, etc.

the better twin- This is an M/L fic and I’m not JK so I’ll see what I can do.

sylvia37- I’m leaning towards Liz or Maria, Isabel wouldn’t attack them. Or would she?

mermaidgirl, LttleMrmade - Hmm, Alex and Isabel. Computer Geek and Ice Princess?

roswellluver- We’ll have to see how much homework gets done.

Araxie HRH- Grandma Claudia will be around for a little while, they may talk some more, and she lives to a ripe old age. She actually leaves this fic under her own power.

cyanzee2, Transparent Clear- One of the things they shouldn’t have droped from S1 was the Native American connection. Oh, and the Native American deputy, he would have been better then Hanson in S2.

And for all the other people that left feedback, thank you. You great comments are driving me to continue.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It's really great reading it.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 14

September 30, 2001 – Grandma showed up today which was really surprising. The tension between her and mom is thick and I don’t seem to know why that is. I know Grandma loves my mom and I know Mom loves grandma but I don’t know why they have to butt heads all the time. They act a lot like mom and I do sometimes.

Well, I didn’t see Max at all today. In fact, the only one I saw was Maria. We spent the whole day together talking with grandma and it was great. Tomorrow’s Monday. I wonder if anyone will stop by. I told Maria to hunt Alex down for me. For some reason I can’t get through to his cell phone. He must be busy either that or he’s hacking into somewhere he’s not supposed to be. I don’t know how many times I have told him that he’s going to get caught sooner or later, the boy never listens to me. Well, at least I know he’s the right guy to help me with my plan. If the hospital has any sort of sophisticated security system, Alex’s the man for the job.

I’m so missing Max. He wanted to act normal until we knew the coast was clear. I don’t know if I can act normal. I’m tempted to sneak out of the house tonight just to go see him but I know Randolph will know that I left and if Randolph knows then there is the opportunity for my parents to know.

UGH! I can’t wait until Wednesday. The doctor has to tell me that I’m ok to go back to school. He just has to. Oh well, another day down. What will tomorrow bring?

Liz woke up from her restless slumber. Visions of Max, Michael and Isabel running from the government tortured her while she slept. Walking into the bathroom and stripping off her pajamas she turned on the shower and jumped in. Tuesday morning was finally here.

Stepping into the shower she closed her eyes and let the water spray flow over her face. Letting all of the tension that she woke up with run away with the water as it traveled down her body. Loading her loofa up with soap she lathered herself and finished off her shower by rinsing off the conditioner in her hair.

Climbing out of the shower Liz grabbed the towel and vigorously dried herself off. She had started to wrap the towel around her hair to make a turban when she glanced at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She finished tying the turban and slowly approached the mirror. Slowly she lifted her hand to stomach and felt her skin. The handprint was gone, no trace of it remained.

Liz felt a loss. Yes, it was something that she would have to hide, but she had grown used to having it as a reminder of Max. She had caught herself on numerous occasions over the past week running her fingers over the handprint as she thought of Max. Max had risked everything to heal her and the handprint was a symbol of that risk.

Then Liz had a terrible thought, ’If the handprint faded and disappeared, what would happen to Max’s healing? Was that only temporary too? She wasn’t supposed to see Max until after her doctor’s visit. She would have to wait and talk to him then.’

* * * *

Max parked the jeep in the Parker’s driveway, grabbed the books sitting on the passenger’s seat and jumped out. He stood for a moment looking at the imposing entrance to the mansion. He had never gone up to the front door before let alone gone inside. The Parker’s had made it very clear where his boundaries lie. He drove up and worked on the lawn and most times was approached by Liz. Never did he go looking for her and never was he to use the main entrance.

Walking up to the door he located the doorbell and pressed it. Somewhere deep inside the house he heard the chimes going off. He stood at the door nervously rocking back and forth on his heals. ’I hope Mrs. Parker isn’t here.’ Max thought. As he was starting to press the doorbell again the door was slowly opened, showing one of the maids.

"Hi, I'm here to drop off some Biology Homework for Liz. Is she available?" He asks.

"Miss Parker is in her room. Go up the stairs and it's the first door on your right." Juanita opened the door wider for Max to enter the house.

"Thanks." He began his ascent up the winding staircase. As he climbed he looked at the paintings along the wall, and took in the mahogany woodwork. He was feeling very out of place by the time he reached the door to Liz’s room. Taking a deep breath he hesitated for just a second before knocking.

"Come in." The voice called out to him.

Max grabbed the doorknob and slowly pushed the door open, as he walked in he saw that the room was empty, but looking further he saw Liz sitting on her balcony. Her hair was covering most of her face, as she was quickly writing something down. When she looked up to see who was at the door her face brightened as if the sun were only shining on her and the biggest smile he has ever seen began to form on her face. "Max!" She put the book down and walked over to him.

Max watched Liz approach and noticed that the limp was hardly noticeable. She was right, she just needed some rest. She was dressed in a simple tee shirt with a pair of soccer shorts; her hair was hanging loose. Liz’s face held a beautiful smile and Max found it hard to believe that a few days ago she had said she wanted to be with him. As she approached he didn’t know how to greet her so he just stood and fidgeted nervously.

He was finally able to stammer out, "I brought your biology homework. I didn't want you to fall behind." The smile on Liz's face fell some and Max noticed that he hadn't said the right thing. "And… I just couldn't stay away from you any longer." The smile comes back full force and she throws herself into his arms causing him to drop the books that he was holding.

"I missed you too. I thought I wouldn't see you until Saturday. I'm glad you came by. Really glad." She pulls away from him and looks into his eyes. They were sparkling the way she knew they could. "So, what else is new?"

“School is the same as always.” Looking at Liz Max blurted out, “I really miss you in Bio. I’ll be really happy when you get back.”

Liz just beamed up at Max, “That’s probably because I’m not there to do all the work.”

Max shook his head, “No, I really miss you.”

Max stared at Liz nervously before bending over and giving Liz a fast kiss on the lips. “Sorry, I just had to do that.”

Liz smiled up at Max, “That’s all right Max.” And stepped closer to him.

Max reached up and ran his fingers down the side of her face sending a chill down Liz’s spine. He then reached up and caressed her hair. God, it’s so soft. He leaned in closer until their lips met.

Max let one hand run into Liz’s hair while the other circled her waist and drew her closer. Liz reached up and wrapped her arms around Max’s neck. As the kiss continued Max ran his tongue along Liz’s lips and she opened her mouth to allow the kiss to deepen. The hand that Max had behind Liz’s back started to slowly rise up to her back and edge under the hem of her shirt. As he felt the silky skin beneath his hand his temperature soared.

Air became a terrible necessity, and although it was the last thing in the world that he wanted to do he pulled his head back just enough to break the kiss and gulp in much needed air. He looked down at Liz and saw the passion in her eyes before again attacking her lips with his own.

“Hey, Liz. Is that Max’s jeep out front?” Maria said as she barged through the door without knocking.

“Oh, God. Alex hide your eyes, you’re not old enough for this.” Maria screeched out. After Max and Liz jumped apart Maria continued, “I’d tell you two to get a room, but you already have.”

Alex stood in the doorway in shock. ’Shy, quiet Max Evans in a passionate embrace with one of my best friends. And where the hell had his hand been? Oh, geez, I so don’t want to see this.’ Both Max and Liz had turned beet red as they turned to face the door. He tried to grab Maria and pull her out of the room, “Uh, we’ll just come back later.”

Maria shrugged off Alex’s hand and continued into the room, “Come on Alex, we’ve already broken the mood.” She threw over her shoulder. Looking back at Liz she asked, “I thought we were acting normal.” She stressed the word normal to make her point that this was not normal. “I thought a certain relationship was being kept secret.” As she said the words secret she whispered so Alex couldn’t hear.

“We were keeping it secret, Maria. Have you ever heard of knocking?” Liz asked sarcastically.

“Me knocking? Yeah, like that will ever happen.” Maria snorted. “The best dirt is found when walking through doors unannounced.”

Maria walked into the room and jumped up on the bed. She looked around and leered at Max saying, “Well, at least the bed is still made.” Looking at Alex she added, “We were in time to save Lizzie’s innocence.” Alex groaned, that was the last thing he wanted to hear. He never thought of Liz that way and he didn’t want to even begin.

Max and Liz turned even redder if that were possible. “Maria,” yelped Liz. “I can’t believe you said that.”

“Yeah, like you haven’t told me about your fantasies with….” Seeing the pleading look on Liz’s face she said, “Josh Hartnet.” Max looked at Liz and she could see the look in his eyes. Liz rolled her eyes and shook her head to tell him not to worry. He understood and the look was gone.

Alex stood next to the door and watched his two best friends going at it. Liz was just too easy a target right now. Maria was having the time of her life but it was time to rescue Liz. “Hi, Liz. I’ve missed you in school. How are you feeling?” Alex walked farther into the room and hugged her. When they released Liz smiled up at him.

Liz grabbed for the change in subject like a drowning girl lunging for a life preserver. “I’m bored Alex, I miss school. Max came over to bring me the notes from the last Bio experiment.”

“He’s interested in bio experiments all right.” Maria whispered from behind Liz.

Liz whirled around, “Do I have to bring up fantasies, unmade beds and the reason I had to hitch a ride from the observatory the last time we went?” Liz asked Maria, one eyebrow raised.

Alex perked up at the counterattack and piped up, “I’d like to hear about it. What happened at the observatory?”

Now it was Maria’s turn to blush. Looking at Liz she answered, “I’ll be good. No more comments.”

“No, No, you can’t stop there, I want to know what happened.” Alex asked Liz.

You, be quiet or we’ll start discussing tutoring other students after school and soulful looks over a computer keyboard.” Maria snapped at Alex. After the words were out of her mouth she remembered she was supposed to keep it secret, clamping her hand over her mouth she mumbled through her hand, “I’m sorry, Alex.”

Looking between her friends Liz finally stepped in with, “Look, no more teasing each other. We have to focus here. We have a lot of ground to cover.”

“Yeah, what did you need me for? You weren’t too specific over the phone.” Alex asked.

“I have a little project and I wanted to know how much you knew about security systems. Your dad designs and installs them right?”

“Yeah, you know that. He’s done most of the systems in the state.”

Max was listening to Liz and realized they were going to discuss the security at the hospital. He was torn between staying and finding out all about it, and leaving so that Alex didn’t know that he had a definite interest. Max stood up, “I better go. I have some other homework to do.”

Liz’s head whipped around, “No! Uh, no. Stick around. Don’t leave yet.”

Settling back down in the chair, Max replied, “Okay. No problem.”

Turning back to Alex, “Do you know anything about the system at the hospital?”

Alex’s eyes lit up, “Yeah. It’s really cool. The state of the art. I helped with some of the installation while I was working at the firm. My dad loves it when his sons get their hands dirty in the business.”

“It’s a really high security system?” Liz asked with a little tightness in her voice.

“Why are you so interested in security systems all of a sudden?” Alex asked.

“I don’t know, laying in bed for a week, then walking around the hospital, my mind just wandered, thinking how easy it was to walk in and out.” Liz had to find some reason for her interest besides Max.

“Yeah, it is easy to walk in and out of there. It’s state of the art but not high security. They depend on the main desk and visitor’s passes to control admittance. Other then that the cameras just monitor comings and goings and maybe a few other locations. I only worked on one or two floors pulling wire, I don’t even know where all the cameras ended up.”

Liz was disappointed. It would have been great if Alex had the info they needed, but know she was going to have to play Nancy Drew to get the information. “What do the cameras look like?”

“Oh, you don’t see the cameras. They’re hidden in plastic domes, that way you don’t know which way the cameras are aimed.” Alex looked like he wanted to ask another question. This was definitely not something Liz was interested in before.

They continued to discuss the hospital visit until Liz was sure what she was looking for. Max watched Liz ask Alex questions without giving out the true reason for her interest. If he thought he could trust her before, he was absolutely sure of it now. Here was Liz getting information from one of her best friends and she deflected all of his questions concerning her interest.

Maria finally looked at her watch in surprise, “I better get home. My mom will freak that I’m out this late on a school night.” Turning to Liz, “Do you need company tomorrow at the hospital? I can take you over.”

“Yeah, that will really be great. You can help me there. Meet me at the hospital. My mom will be there. She wants to talk to the doctor about me. My appointment is for 3:00.”

As Alex, Maria and Max started to leave the room, Liz reached out and took Max’s arm. Maria and Alex left the room and Liz closed the door after them. Turning to Max she started saying, “I have a question for you Max. I think the healing may not work.”

Alex and Maria left Liz’s room and started down the steps to the main floor. They had gotten about halfway down when Maria stopped and turned back up the stairs. “We’re forgetting something.” She told Alex before heading back to Liz’s room.

Maria walked over to the now closed door, this time she stopped and knocked once before throwing the door open. “Okay, lover boy you better come with us. If Mrs. Parker catches you here with Liz looking like that you’ll be singing soprano.”

“God, Maria will you quit! I have to ask Max something. He’ll be with you in a minute.” Liz told her.

Looking at her watch Maria replied, “Okay, 5 minutes, then I’m coming back in here.” As she looked at Max and Liz she added, “If I hear the bed creaking, it will be sooner.” She then laughed at the look in their eyes and left the room.

Max looked at Liz with concern in his eyes, “What’s wrong Liz? Why do you think the healing didn’t work? Are you in pain?”

“No, Max. It’s just this.” Liz then lifted the hem of her shirt to show where the handprint had been.

“The handprint. It’s gone.” Max said. “Did it wash off?”

“I don’t know Max, I noticed it after my shower this morning. It was just gone.”

Max tried clear his mind of the vision of Liz stepping out of the shower. “Uh, I don’t know what to say. Other times I’ve healed scrapes or cuts, I never left a handprint, but the healing never reversed itself. I think you’re safe. If not, I’ll just do it again.”

Liz chuckled, “I miss it. It was like a tattoo, and now it’s gone.”

“Well, lets just keep an eye on you. If you feel anything strange call me. Do you hear me? Call me.” He grabbed hold of her and drew her in to a warm embrace. He loved the way she felt in his arms and he loved the way her smell just drifted up to his nose.

“Yeah, I will. Now you better go before Maria comes back in here. I’ll walk you down.” She pulled away from him and took his hand in hers and they started for the door.

As she turned towards the door Max turned her back towards him, “I won’t see you for a few days. Let Maria wait.”

Liz saw the gleam in Max’s eyes and stepped close to him and tilted her head to his. Practice makes perfect, Liz thought. This time there wasn’t any awkwardness, Liz and Max fit together perfectly. As their lips came together, their mouths opened so that their tongues could duel each other.

Finally coming up for air Liz playfully asked, “Will that tide you over for a few days?”

Max shook his head, “No, I miss it already.”

Liz playfully swatted Max on the chest and grabbed his hand to lead him out of the room. “Well it will just have to do.”

Liz opened the door and found Alex and Maria standing in the hall. “Bio lessons all done?” Maria asked.

“For now.” Responded Liz.

The friends walked down the staircase and out onto the front porch where they said their goodbyes. Max and Liz were back in good friend’s mode so only exchanged yearning looks as Max climbed into his jeep. “I’ll see you at the hospital.” Maria called to Liz as she climbed into her Jetta.

As the Jeep, followed by the Jetta, went down the driveway, a limousine coming in the driveway passed them.

“God, just in time. They’re back from shopping.” Liz said to herself as she walked down the steps to greet her mother and grandmother.

October 2, 2002 – Geez, I can’t believe it. I forgot to show Liz the lab work. Oh well, she’ll manage.

When I got there today I found Liz writing in a book. I wonder if it’s a journal like this. What could she be writing? The day’s happenings? A log of temperature, weather? Did she mention her accident and the healing?

Am I as large a part of the ramblings in her journal as she is in mine? Of course she would only have started to include me in her thoughts since the accident. Right? Would she have written anything about the soccer game, or the library? How about the observatory? Were those things as important to her as they were to me? Were they as life altering?

It amazes me how Liz and I fit together. When I hold her in my arms, it just feels right. I’m not an alien pretending to be human and she’s not the daughter of the richest man in Roswell. I’m just Max and she’s just Liz.


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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 15

October 2, 2001 – I feel so lost. The part of Max that I thought I would have for all times is gone. I have mixed feelings about it. In one I’m grateful that it’s gone because that would be one less piece of evidence for the doctor to find and in another I feel so totally lost. Having the mark of Max made me feel like everything was going to be ok. Like everything was going to fall into place.

Is it too silly to believe in happily ever after? I feel like that Max and I could have that when he is with me but at times like this when I’m alone in my world I feel like I’m incomplete. I feel empty. The more time I spend with him the emptier I feel when he’s not here. Could this be a sign? What will happen if I can’t fix it? What will happen if they leave?

Tomorrow I go in for my check-up. I can’t wait to be able to see Max on a day to day basis. Saturday seems so far away. I don’t see how I managed it before. I’ve been having this reoccurring nightmare. I walk into school and everyone is looking at me and whispering. They’re whispering and I can’t hear them. I begin to run down the halls and I’m searching. I begin to panic because I haven’t found what I’m looking for, who I’m looking for. They’re gone! I scream. No! They’re gone! They left without me. Why? I wake up sweating and scared and I realize it’s a dream. A horrible nightmare that I’ve been having ever since Isabel told me I had one week to right the wrongs.

Maria once said that she wasn’t the one leaving in six months that she had no need to make her move. She was talking about Max and me. She was telling me that if I didn’t make my move to make Max notice me that I would be forever wondering what could have been. I now find myself wondering what should have been. If he wouldn’t have saved me then they wouldn’t have to run. What if I fail and they have to run? I can’t let them go through that. Whatever happens I have to make sure that they are safe.

Liz Parker your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to seek and destroy any incriminating evidence that can be linked to the others.

Of course I accept it. It’s my life now. I owe it all to him because without him I wouldn’t be here now.

Liz finished writing in her journal and absent-mindedly sets the book on the seat next to her. She was thinking about the evening’s happenings. Well, Alex knows that she and Max are more than “just friends”. He asked some probing questions about my interest in security, hope he isn’t too suspicious. She leaned back in the chair and gazed up at the stars. Where did Max come from? Which star does his world circle around? Could it be Vega, over there? No. It’s a blue star. Too hot. How about Antares? How far away was it?

Liz stood up and walked to the railing of the balcony. She glanced down, remembering Max standing there, making sure she climbed to the top safely. It was amazing how much the small things around her house are starting to remind her of him. She couldn’t help but smile.

She ran her finger over her lips remember how that kiss earlier had been amazing. I wonder if he’s thinking about it too. Well, hopefully, the doctor will allow me to go back to school Thursday. It helped having Grandma Claudia here. It was great traveling around with her, shopping, visiting flea markets. But I’m ready for school.

Liz turned back to the chair and picked up her journal. She wasn’t paying attention and the pen flew out of the book and landed behind the chair. Liz climbed on the chair and reached over the back to get the pen. Stretching as far as she could her hand still came up about a foot short. Damn short arms, she thought. She concentrated on the pen and stabbed downward with her hand hoping the momentum would give her added reach. The pen was still out of reach. Gearing up for one last effort, Liz concentrated on the pen but just before she was able to lunge for it, it gently rose into her hand.

Liz jumped back like she had been stung, flinging the pen away from her like it was a wasp or spider. She looked at her hand and then at the pen that was back under the seat. Liz shook her head dazedly before collapsing into the chair.

Liz didn’t know how long she sat there pondering what had just happened. She was still in a daze when she felt a hand on her arm shaking her. Looking up she saw the concerned eyes of her grandmother. “Liz, are you okay? I’ve been calling you.” Seeing the expression on her granddaughter’s face she sat next to her, “What’s wrong, you look like you’ve seen a ghost?”

“I’m okay, grandma. I was just thinking about something that didn’t seem possible. I think I’m going to bed. Running around with you all day has worn me out.” Liz stood up and kissed her grandmother on the cheek.

Claudia could tell that there was something terribly troubling her granddaughter but years of experience with her own daughter made her not pry any further. “I’m sorry, I think that I forgot that you aren’t one-hundred percent right now. Don’t be afraid to tell this old grandma of yours that you need your rest. I’m just used to the way you used to be.” Claudia kissed the top of Liz’s head and went to the door. “You’re sure there wasn’t something else or should I say someone else that was bothering you?”

Liz smiled, “Grandma I swear if I didn’t know any better I would say that you and Maria spent all day together just finding ways of making me spill who he is.”

“Ah-ha. You were thinking of him.” She wiggled her finger up and down at Liz and smiled. “Don’t worry, Honey bear. Everything happens for a reason. What is meant to be will be. Have a good nights sleep.” She walked through the open door and quietly closed it leaving Liz alone once again in her huge room.

* * * *

Liz was in her bathroom sitting at her vanity fiddling with her new powers while getting ready for the day. She had been up at the crack of dawn working on her newfound abilities. Get up was the operative phrase, because it definitely wasn't 'wake up'. How do you sleep when you find out something so earth shaking. The lipstick floated to her hand as smoothly as if it had a mind of its own. She looked at it and was still in awe of what she had been able to do. “No, this can’t be.”

“What can’t be, Honey?” Nancy Parker asks as she walks into her daughter’s room.

Liz looked up at her mother’s presence with shock clearly on her face she couldn’t believe that she had been so careless and left the door open. “I was… just… saying this can’t be. It feels like the accident happened so long ago. I can’t believe today is the day that the doctor is going to tell me that I can go back to being normal.”

“Well at least one of us can return to normal. I’m afraid your grandmother has informed me that she will be staying on for a little bit longer.” Nancy walked around behind Liz and put her hands on her daughter’s shoulders.

Liz could see the pain in her mother’s expression. “Mom, you know that grandma loves you. Why don’t you just give a little? Why do you fight her so hard?”

“It’s a long story, Liz. Come on. Let’s go. Randolph is waiting downstairs to take us for your checkup.

“Mom, my appointment isn’t until 3:30 this afternoon. Why are we going so early?”

“Your grandma is spending the day with some old acquaintances. If all goes well at the appointment I just might be able to get the finishing touches to the gala finished before she returns.” Nancy winked at Liz conspiratorially, “What she don’t know won’t hurt her. After I drop her off I have to run to the office. I don’t want Randolph to make a special trip for you so you’re coming with me to the office.”

Liz knew there was no point in arguing with her mother so she stood up and grabbed her purse and followed her mother down the stairs, before she even crossed the threshold of her doorway her mother had her ear plastered to her cell phone. “Some things will always be normal.” She muttered to herself.

* * * *

Maria ran out of the school at the end of last period, she was intent on being on time for Liz’s doctor’s appointment at the hospital. She had told Michael that they would meet at the Crashdown afterwards.

Maria got in the car and started to drive across town to the hospital. As she drove she went over the visit at Liz’s the night before. She chuckled as she remembered walking into the room and catching Liz and Max in a passionate kiss. They were a perfect match for each other, each with identical blushing faces as they were caught unexpectedly. It had been too easy taking shots at Liz.

Liz did a great job getting information out of Alex. The security system doesn’t seem too complicated. Liz and I just have to check out where the cameras are placed. Alex may be a problem though. Too bad he’s no dummy. He can smell something’s up with Liz but doesn’t know what. We definitely have to throw him off the trail. Maria thought to herself as she maneuvered in and out of the school traffic.

She continued her ramblings the rest of her way to the hospital. Well, at least he knows about the Liz/Max thing. Liz wouldn’t be able to keep it from him too long anyway. As soon as Liz gets back to school everyone will know anyway. The way Liz acts around Max is definitely barf worthy. Parking her car in the visitor’s parking area she made her way to where her and Liz had agreed on meeting. It gave her time to think of what all Alex had asked on the way home from Liz’s Boy, that boy knew how to interrogate a person. Where was he when I needed Michael to answer the questions the other night? She shifted her stance and scanned the parking lot.

There was no sign of the Parker limo anywhere. She looked down at her watch. They were running late. That was unusual for the Parker’s.

* * * *

”Maria, you have to tell me what all that was about.” Alex said as he fastened his seatbelt.

“What all was about? I don’t know what you are talking about.” She started the car and followed the jeep out of the driveway. “The Liz and Max is that what this is about?” She eyed him out of the corner of her eye and didn’t wait for him to tell her no that wasn’t what he was referring to. “I think it happened that Friday night when Liz didn’t show up to the football game. She had gone out with Max to one of his little league soccer games instead. If you ask me Max is soooo much better than Kyle any day. Anyway after the soccer game…”

“NO! Maria, that is not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about the sudden interest in the security system at the hospital. What happened? Why is Liz staking the system out?”

“She told you why? She’s curious. She said that she was doing a paper for the school. Something about how safe are you in public facilities or something like that.” At the time she thought that she had come up with a great idea but then it dawned on her what Liz had actually told him. She could have hit herself in the forehead for being so dunce. If she had only been paying more attention to the conversation instead of trying to find another way of making Max’s ears turn crimson red. She smiled to herself as she remembered how cute it all was.

She had to admit that they were a cute couple and it couldn’t have happened to anyone more deserving. They were perfect for each other. He showered Liz with the affection and interest, that growing up as the daughter to the richest man in Roswell didn’t get.

“Maria! You’re not even paying any attention to what I’m saying.” Alex said firmly to his best friend.

“Look, Alex. What do you see when you see Max and Liz together?” She looked over at him.

“They’re happy.” He said as if it was obvious to anyone.

“Right. Have you ever seen Liz that happy?” She didn’t wait for Alex to answer. “I haven’t and I’m not about to ruin it. Don’t go asking questions that are going to ruin her happiness. If she needed something from me I would give it to her no matter how weird it sounded. I love Liz as if she was my sister. She is family to me and I’m not about to turn my back on family.”

“Okay! Okay! I get your point. I’m not going to get any answers from you am I?”

“No! I trust Liz. Don’t you?”

“Of course. She’s Liz.”

“Right, she’s Liz. Don’t forget that, Alex. Just be there if she needs you. No questions asked. Okay.”


“No, buts. Trust me she’s not doing anything that you wouldn’t do if you were in the same position, in fact it may affect you more than you realize. You better hope she succeeds in what she has to do.”

“Maria. That’s no fair. I was just about to drop it but when you say it like that I can’t. Can’t you just tell me?”

“It’s not for me to tell. Be patient. Be the friend that you’ve always been to Liz and I promise you that you won’t be sorry. Trust me Alex. You won’t be sorry.” Maria stopped the car in front of the Whitman household. “Keep your cell phone free for the rest of the week. We may need to call you in.” Maria looked at him and then reached over him and opened the door. “Goodnight Alex. I’ll see you tomorrow at school. If there’s anything that you forgot about the hospital make a list. We will need everything we can get our hands on.”

“What do you mean we?”

“We as in Liz and me. You don’t think I would let her do anything serious without me now do you?”

“Maria…” Alex looked in through the passenger window that was rolled down.

“Good night Alex. Quit worrying. With Liz’s brains and my gift of gab what could go wrong?” She put her car in gear and drove off. “That was close.” She said to herself.

* * * *

Randolph pulled the car up to the entrance that they needed to go in. Liz instantly saw Maria outside waiting and was impressed. She was on time. Mark this day down in history. Opening the door to the limo Liz got out and said, “So this is a first. Maria DeLuca on time for something that doesn’t revolve around her.” Liz smiled even wider to let Maria know that she was only joking.

“I’ll have you know. I’ve been here for ten minutes. What’s taken you so long? Usually you’re here a half hour before you need to be somewhere.”

“That’s me, not my mother. She found the drive over here was actually a blessing in disguise to get some needed work done since grandma was away: It was bad enough that I had to spend the whole day at the office with her.” Liz looked around to see that her mother was busy talking to someone on the other end of her phone and grabbed Maria. “We might as well go on in, mom is going to be awhile.” Liz looped her hand through Maria’s arm and led her into the hospital.

As Liz got to the door she turned to her mother. “Mom. MOM. MOTHER!!!” She called until she finally got Nancy’s attention. “We’ll be in Dr. Jamison’s office, okay?” She told her as she pointed into the hospital.

Nancy nodded her head and put her hand over the mouthpiece, “I’ll be right in. I just have to finish this.” Then concentrated on her call.

As Maria and Liz entered the hospital Liz leaned over and reminded Maria, “We’re looking for black glossy globe thingees.” Maria nodded in agreement.

They walked in the entrance and started looking for the cameras. Every time they spotted one they pointed it out to the other. Between the entrance and the elevator they spotted two.

“That’s not so bad. I guess Alex was right.” Liz mentioned to Maria as they waited for the elevator.

“We have to check out the stairwell. Max said that’s how he got up to your room.” Maria reminded Liz. “While you’re in with the doctor I’ll look around.”

Liz walked up to the reception desk and gave the nurse her name.

“Ah, our miracle girl. How are you feeling?” She asked.

“Really great. Bored out of my skull, but otherwise all right.” Liz responded with a smile. The miracle girl title made her a bit nervous.

The nurse glanced at the appointment book and then at her watch, “3:30. Right on time.” She stood up and started to lead Liz down the hall. “Follow me. I’ll get you set up and then the doctor will be with you.” Leading Liz into and exam room she opened a cabinet and handed Liz an examination gown. “Can you change into this? Dr. Jamison is on time today so you won’t have too long to wait.”

Liz went into the adjoining bathroom to change and when she came back in she noticed her file sitting on the desk in the corner of the room. Liz went over to the file and started to quickly go through it. She kept looking at the door hoping the doctor was delayed for a bit longer. Liz scanned page after page of descriptions of her injuries, but most of the descriptions reference certain x-rays or MRIs. Liz picked up the top envelop below the file and saw the results of an MRI, ’I didn’t have an MRI until after Max healed me. So these aren’t a problem.’ Liz thought. Jamming the photos back into the envelope she grabbed the larger envelope and found it full of x-rays. She grabbed one at random and held it up to the light, even with her untrained eye she could see the dislocation of the bone that had been circled by the radiologist. ’Damn-it. That’s way too clear. These x-rays have to be lost.’

Liz went to pull out another x-ray when she heard the knob turn on the door. As she went to jam everything back in the envelope and put everything back the way she found it she glanced back at the door and saw the doctor start to enter.

“Doctor? Can I speak to you?” She heard her mother say. The door started to close again and Liz breathed a sigh of relief. ’Thank God for small miracles. Note to self. Give mom a hug! That was too close.

She finished putting the things away and she had just jumped on the examination table when the door opened and the doctor walked in followed by her mother.

The office visit went swiftly. Dr. Jamison was amazed that Liz’s only complaint was her sore hip. Liz’s mom started to grill the doctor about plastic surgery. How soon it could be done. What kind of results they could expect. Who he recommended. Liz’s mind wandered, ’Jamison doesn’t really have a lot of evidence. Just the x-rays. The ‘before’ x-rays. If we get rid of them we’re home free.’

Liz was brought out of her thoughts by the doctor and her mother standing up. “Well, she’s free to go back to school. No sports though until her hip feels better. The x-rays didn’t show any bone damage so it’s probably still a deep muscle bruise or other soft tissue damage. If it keeps hurting we’ll look at it again.”

Turning to Liz he said, “You were a very lucky young lady. I’m releasing you, since I can’t find anything else wrong with you. You can go back to school tomorrow if you want.”

Liz swung her legs and responded, “Thank you doctor. Staying home is driving me crazy.” The doctor winked at her and gave a sympathetic smile to show that he knew why she would be feeling that way. Picking up Liz’s file he and Liz’s mother left the exam room.

There went any chance of stealing the xrays.’ Liz thought. We’ll have to come up with something later.

After changing, Liz came out of the exam room and looked around for Maria. She spotted her mother waiting for her next to the reception desk, but no sign of her friend. Liz walked up to her mother, “Have you seen Maria?”

“No, she wasn’t here when I came out.”

Glancing back down the hall Liz spotted her coming out of the stairwell door. “There she is.” Liz said. Turning back to her mother, “Is it okay if I go visit the ICU? I want to thank the nurses there. I’ll get a ride home with Maria.”

“Doesn’t Maria drive that little Jetta? You know what I think about little cars.”

“Mom, the accident was a freak occurrence. We’ll be really careful as we drive home.” Seeing her mother’s doubtful look she continued, “We’ll drive so carefully that drivers all over Roswell will curse us for being so careful and parents will point us out to their kids as models of driving excellence. Why….”

“Go, go with Maria. Just stop the babbling.” As Maria walked up to them Nancy turned to Maria. “Liz can ride home with you, but drive carefully, okay.”

“Oh, yes, Mrs. Parker. I alllwwwaaayyys drive carefully.” Maria teased.

Nancy shook her head at Maria, gave Liz a peck on the cheek, and turned to leave. “I’ll see you at home. Don’t stay out to long.”

As she watched her mother disappear down the hall, Liz turned to Maria, “Where have you been?”

“Checking out the stairwells. I didn’t want to sit in the waiting room reading year-old magazines.”

“What did you find?” Liz asked.

“Come on. I’ll show you. We can take the stairs to ICU.” Maria said as she turned to lead Liz to the stairwell.

October 3, 2001 – Well Liz and Maria should be at the hospital by now. Just a short note before I go back to school for practice. We have to have a late practice since the football team’s practice field is flooded. Freak accident. Yeah, right. If Michael only knew what he was doing when he tried to get back at Valenti and his goons we wouldn’t have to be going back to school when we should be home for good.

I could be talking to Liz on the phone or better yet, I could take her out for ice cream for being a good girl at the doctor’s office. Yeah.

Note to self – Tell Michael the next time he has a brilliant plan he must tell me first before he initiates it.


Your turn Nikki.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 16

October 3, 2001 – This morning I was nervous, not at what the doctor was going to tell me, but what I was going to find out at the hospital. I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to get rid of everything but after seeing my file today I feel pretty confident about getting the job done. I’m hoping that the nightmares will go away too. I have a feeling they are occurring because I have this deep-seated fear that I won’t be able to get rid of everything. The evidence, I mean. My greatest fear is walking into school one day and finding out that Max, Michael and Isabel are missing. It’s my fault and that’s why I have to fix it. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if anything bad happens to them. I can return to school starting tomorrow but I can’t go back to the team until my hip is healed. I have to go in for some physical therapy every other day for two weeks and then after that I might not have to do it at all. I can’t wait to be able to see Max everyday again. To be close to him in Biology. (Insert sigh) *happy*

Maria’s going to come pick me up and take me to the little league soccer practice. I just had to call and talk to Max and his mother told me that he would be coaching tonight. She’s another one that I have to worry about. Maria. Her schoolwork has to be lagging some since our accident. I know she feels responsible. When is the vicious cycle going to end? Maria blames herself. I blame myself and Max blames himself. There’s only going to be a time when we begin to forget what it is all about and start blaming everyone else. I have to make sure that that doesn’t happen. Everyone involved is good. We all deserve something good and I know that there are three people on this earth that doesn’t think that anything good can ever happen.

Well, they never had to deal with me, Maria and Alex. Everything is going to be all right. I just have this weird feeling that everything is going to work out the way it’s supposed to.

Oh, great. Maria’s here already. I didn’t even get to change. Well I’ll finish this tonight. Gotta go.

Isabel walked into the computer lab a few minutes early. She walked over to the workstation they always used and laid her books on the top and sat down. As she gazed out of the window she saw all the everyday things that she had come to take for granted.

The window looked out over the parking lot and she could see all of the seniors and juniors going out to their cars. There was Jim Tracy walking with Pam Troy. Didn’t he know that dating Pam after I dumped him doesn’t make my taste in men look good? There was Bob Goodman. Still single after their break-up even though it had been a month. Now that’s how my dumpees are supposed to react. Dazed and confused. She smiled to herself, knowing that even though her world was in complete chaos some things would always be the way they should be.

Then she saw Max heading for his jeep and the reality of the day crashed down on her and her smile faded. Liz had her appointment today. We’ll know by tomorrow if they were going to stay in Roswell or not. God, I hope Liz can come up with some good news, I really don’t want to leave Roswell.

Alex walked into the computer lab exactly on time. But he still hadn’t beaten Isabel into the room. He stopped for a minute and just looked at her. She was sitting, gazing out the window with a sad expression on her face.

Dropping his books on the desk next to hers, he said, “Hey, why so glum? I’m not that bad a tutor, am I?”

Isabel shook herself out of her mood and turned to Alex, “No, I’m just thinking how much life sucks.”

“Whoa, Isabel. Things can’t be that bad.”

“Can’t they? You have no idea Alex.”

Alex remembered the conversation from the last tutoring session, “Isabel, I know all about Max and Liz. You have nothing to worry about.”

Isabel’s head whipped around at Alex’s statement. “You know all about Max and Liz!! Who told you??” Isabel sat up straighter in the chair and stared at Alex all wide-eyed.

“Hey, calm down. I was at Liz’s last night and I found out. Max and Liz were together and it just came out. Maria kinda forced the issue.”

“Oh, God. Maria knows too?” Isabel groaned as she dropped her head into her hands.

“Look Isabel, I know it’s supposed to be a secret, Liz and Maria can be trusted. Nobody will find out about Max and Liz. I promise you.”

“God, Alex. I can’t believe Max told you we were aliens.” She said in her hands not looking at him.

“What do you mean aliens? Isabel, you’ve lived here for as long as I can remember. It only takes like five years to become a citizen. How can you still be aliens?” Isabel’s head snapped up and looked at Alex.

“What exactly did Max tell you?” She questioned.

“Well, Max pretty much kept his mouth shut. But between all the teasing that Maria was giving Liz I figured that they were together and that they decided not to tell anyone about it for a little while.” Isabel slumped down into her chair and closed her eyes. Alex rested a hand on her leg. “It’s going to be okay. I’ve known the Parker’s forever and I know they’ll get over the fact that Max mows their lawn. The Evans’ Landscaping Service is the biggest lawn services in Roswell and he has nothing to be ashamed about being who he is.” A groan came out of Isabel’s mouth but Alex continued on anyway choosing to ignore it. “They’re happy, anyone can see that and if anyone can change a person’s mind it’s Liz Parker. She just has the way of getting everyone to see the most logical side on why it’s better this way.” Alex finally finished and looked at Isabel. There was a tear sliding silently down her cheek.

“Isabel?” She sat up and quickly swiped the tear away and tried to smile. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No, Alex. No. I just thought you knew it all and you don’t and now you might as well know. It’s only a matter of time before you figure it out anyway.” She stood up and took a deep breath and steeled herself for the blow of a lifetime. Well, not really. I’ve already had a blow of a lifetime when I found out that Liz knew.

“Isabel, what are you talking about? What else is there to know?” Alex swiveled his chair around so he could make eye contact with Isabel.

“First, I liked to thank you for keeping our secret. I know you’ve gotten a lot of ribbing about me giving you fashion lessons and things like that and you never told anyone.”

“You’re welcome. I gave you my word that I wouldn’t tell and I meant it. I know you don’t think of me as a friend but I’ve always hoped…”

“I do. I mean… I know I have a weird way of showing it but I do think of you as a friend… I just… have…”

“A image to maintain and I don’t quite fit. I know, Isabel. I’ve been this way forever. I can live with it and knowing that you really do think that I’m a friend makes me feel good.”

“No, if Liz can do what she says she can do. I’m changing my ways. I’m tired of being the only one not living the life that I should.”

“Okay, I’m lost. Maria said something last night that what Liz was doing would affect me more than I know it would and now you say the same thing. What does the hospital security system and Liz have to do with you and me?”

Isabel sat down in front of Alex and took another deep breath. She had never done this before and she didn’t know where to start. “Well, it all started a long, long, long time ago when Max had this crazy notion that Liz Parker was an angel. He’s had a crush on her from the first day he saw her.” Alex nodded his head and rolled his eyes. “I know, but it’s true. Anyway, when Liz got hurt Max couldn’t just sit back and not do anything.” Isabel paused and took another deep breath.

“There was nothing that any of us could do for her. Everyone is saying it was a miracle that she survived.” Alex thought a moment, “What are you really getting at?”

“Alex, we’re different. Max and I,…. we’re different and he could do something about it and he did.”

“Wait… wait…wait. Different? How?” Alex held up his hands to stop Isabel from going any further.

She began to wring her hands and Alex could see that she was terrified of what she was trying to tell him. He took hold of her hands and looked at her and nodded his head to signal that it was okay. “We’re not from around here, Alex. Max and I… we’re not from around here.”

“Isabel, I know you guys were adopted.”

“Alex… That’s not what I’m trying to tell you. Max went into Liz’s hospital room and healed her. He saved her life.” She exhaled and inhaled and then continued. “We’re aliens Alex and Liz is trying to destroy all evidence of Max being in the hospital that day so we won’t have to leave Roswell.” Her shoulders relaxed. She had done it and she sat there waiting for Alex to react. “Okay you can go screaming through the halls now.”

He looked up at her. “What? Why? Nothing’s changed. That’s what Monday was all about wasn’t it? Max and Michael told Liz and Maria your secret. The secret that you all swore not to tell and now you guys are worried that we will treat you all differently.” He smiled at her. “You don’t know the three of us very well. Once we offer friendship it’s yours for keeps. The three of us are like family, what affects one affects us all. So what if you guys are now permanently adopted into our family. We already accept you as you.”

Isabel was shocked. All this time worrying what it would be like if someone knew her secret was for nothing.

Alex watched the play of emotions that crossed her face. He finally broke into her thoughts and pointing a finger at her, he smiled. “So, you can heal? Wow, that must come in handy.”

Her heart felt lighter and she was a little bit off kilter. Can I really trust him? I don’t know but this sure feels good. Shaking her head Isabel answered, “No, I can’t. Max can heal. I’m able to dream walk.” She said hesitantly.

“Dream walk? What’s that?” He sat back and smiled. Isabel Evans does have a soft side. I knew it.

“I’m able to go into people’s dreams and see them.” She saw Alex’s face pale and she began to panic. “Alex?”

“So… you… can… like go into people’s dreams. Anyone’s? Like mine?”

She laid a hand on his leg. “I’ve never gone into yours, Alex.” She saw him relax a little and couldn’t help smiling at his blushing face. “I could if you want me too.”

“Umm… I’m not sure I’m ready for that.” He saw her face fall some. “It’s just that my dreams are of y…., well, they’re really private.and…” She smiled again and it gave him enough courage to continue. “You see Isabel. You have nothing to worry about me knowing. I’ve always known you were different. I always knew that there was this other side to you. I just had no idea that it would be this.. this…huge, wow! I’ve always had a crush on you and every now and then I dream about you. I know I’m not your type and I’m okay with that. Just knowing that you trust me enough to know the real you is enough for me.”

“Thank you Alex. Thank you.”

“So, what about getting to those if then statements.” He clapped his hands and turned towards the computer.

* * * *

Maria and Liz drove into the parking lot at Puhlman Park and stopped near the soccer fields. The two girls scanned the fields and finally Liz saw Max and his team. “There they are, two fields over.” Liz started to open the door to get out of the car and Maria asked, “Should I wait for you?”

“No, I’ll get a ride home from Max.”

“Liz, your mother told you not to be too late. If Max offers you a ride home you might not make it out of the parking lot.” Maria teased.

Liz glared at her friend, “I’ll get home just fine, thank you.” As she stood up she turned back to Maria, “Thanks for the help today. I think we’ll be able to convince Isabel that they should stay.”

“No problem Liz. Call me later. I want details.” Watching Liz’s face redden Maria pulled away.

As Liz turned to walk to the field she realized that she really wasn’t dressed for the soccer fields. A yellow sundress and sandals were okay to visit a doctor’s office, but she felt distinctly out of place now.

As she approached the field she saw Max setting up a drill for the girls. She smiled as she saw the attention the girls were paying to the drill. Liz walked up to a pair of mothers that were watching practice, one turned to see who the new arrival was and recognized Liz. “How are you Liz? The girls really miss you.”

“Oh, hi Mrs.…” Liz couldn’t remember the woman’s name.

“James. But call me Barbara. And this is June.” Barbara rescued Liz from her problem.

“Thank you, Barbara. I’ve missed the girls. I’m going crazy not being able to do things.”

Out on the field Max had just set up the drill and had the team divided into two lines. He had ran through one set of girls when he turned and saw Liz standing and talking with two of the team’s mothers. “Okay, water break. Go get your water bottles and make sure you drink plenty.”

“Max, we just started this drill. Why are we stopping now?” Rebecca complained.

“Uh, you look really tired and thirsty. Take a rest.” With that he turned and started to jog over to Liz.

Liz noticed the stop in action, “Looks like break time. I’ll see you later.” Liz started to walk onto the field to meet Max.

Max and Liz met half way and being in the middle of the fields with eyes all around Max felt he couldn’t give in to his first thought which was to pick her up and give her a crushing kiss. “Hi, I wasn’t expecting to see you today. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything is fine. I just had to talk to you. How much longer is practice?”

“Another twenty minutes.”

“Good, can we go somewhere private then?” Liz asked.

Max’s eyebrows rose before he answered, “Some place private? With you? Oh, yeah. No problem.”

Liz slapped Max on the chest, “You’re as bad as Maria. What happened to shy?”

“Okay, I’ll…”

Before Max could finish he was interrupted, “Yeah Max, we looked tired.” Becca called to Max

“Yeah Max, we looked thirsty. Right.” Another girl yelled.

“Okay, that’s it. Ten laps.” Max joked with the girls.

“Hey, Liz. Why aren’t you dressed for practice?” Becca asked.

“Liz, don’t let him make us run.”

“Come on Liz, help Max with practice. You explain the drills better.” Another called.

Liz chuckled as she looked at Max’s still red ears. “Okay, but I can’t do too much. I still have a sore hip.” Liz responded as she took off her sandals and started to walk over to where the drill was set up.

* * * *

Liz climbed out of the jeep and started to walk towards the old quarry. She had her arms wrapped tightly around herself, head bent, obviously trying to think of what to say. Max walked up behind her, “Okay, Liz. We can’t get anymore private then this.”

Liz stopped walking and slowly turned towards Max. She still didn’t respond to him.

“Liz, what’s wrong. Did something happen at the hospital today? Is there bad news?”

Finally Liz seemed to come out of her thoughts when she realized that she was scaring Max. “No, everything went great. I think I’ll be able to convince Isabel to stay. Your secret should be safe.”

“Then what’s bothering you? You haven’t said a word since we left practice.”

“I’m sorry Max. It just... well something’s come up...” Liz stopped talking for a moment. “Max? When you healed me, what exactly did you do? Did you change anything? Like… things inside of me?”

“What’s wrong Liz? Aren’t you feeling okay? Where does it hurt?” Max asked. He didn’t understand what was wrong with Liz.

Liz shook her head ‘no’. “I’m feeling fine Max. The hip is still sore, but everything else is fine. There’s just… Well, I found out…. God, why is this so hard?” Turning away from Max Liz held out her hand and concentrated. As Max watched, dumbfounded, a small rock lifted off the ground and seemed to hover in the air. Liz closed her hand into a fist and let her arm fall to her side as she did that the rock fell to the ground. “That’s what I just found out Max.”

Max saw the tears glistening in her eyes and stepped up to take her in his arms. Liz’s arms came up around his waist as she asked him, “What’s happening to me Max? How much have I changed?”

Max didn’t know what to answer so he just held her tight and tried to comfort her, “I don’t know Liz. I’ve never healed a human before.” Max gently stroked Liz’s hair, “I’m sorry Liz. I’m so sorry.”

Hearing his words Liz pulled back from him so she could look into his eyes, “No, Max. You’re taking this all wrong. Don’t be sorry. You saved my life. Everything is just happening so fast. I’m in an accident and I’m miraculously healed, The boy I’ve lu…liked for a long time tells me he’s an alien. Just when we’re starting to get closer his sister is threatening to drag him away. And now I have powers. It’s just too much right now.”

Max took both of Liz’s hands in his, “Why don’t we take one thing at a time. First, we’ll convince Isabel to stay, then we’ll sit down and try to figure out if you’ve changed, and if you are, how much.”

“Yeah, okay Max. That seems like a good plan. Convince Isabel then start studying me.” Liz said with determination in her voice. Then her voice regained its nervous sound, “But what if I do something strange again? It was a shock when I found out I could move things. I didn’t even know I could do it.”

“You looked like you had pretty good control to me. It doesn’t look like you’ll do something out of the ordinary.” Max replied.

“Well, I… I’ve been practicing. When I found out I had this ability, I wanted to find out what I could do and how to control it.” Max could see the red blush in her face, Liz was embarrassed to be caught experimenting.

Max chuckled then said, “Ms. Scientist, couldn’t resist an experiment, huh?”

Liz’s blush deepened, “I was bored. I had nothing else to do. It…it… was something to pass the time.” Liz tried to defend her interest.

Max took a hesitant step forward and when he saw that Liz wasn’t taking a step back he folded her into his embrace. “The next time you are bored and you need something to help you pass the time. Call me.” Liz looked up and saw the sheepish grin on Max’s face.

“Yeah, and what will you do when I call you?”

“I’ll be there in a flash.”

“A flash uh? So are you saying you’re Superman now? Knowing that you’ve changed me you think you do can do anything?”

Max smiled increased as Liz began to tease him. “Well, I’m not so sure about anything but I know what I want to do.” He leaned down to kiss her.

“Is this what you will be doing to me the next time I’m bored?”

“Hmm mmm.” Max moaned as he made his way down her neck. “Unless you had something else in mind?” He lifted his head to look at her and he could see the effect he had on her. It was the same that she had on him.

“Well, I wish I would have known that you were such a willing candidate Mr. Evans. I will definitely be calling you for your services the next time I find my self bored.” Liz smiled up at him.

“So, tomorrow after school I’ll get everyone together and we’ll meet out here. Okay?” Max asked. Liz didn’t reply. “Liz? Is that okay with you?”

“I don’t know. I’m still back where you were kissing my neck. I don’t care when or where we meet, I am just hoping that you can start kissing my neck like you were before. And….” Max’s mouth closed over hers, stilling her comments, he then kissed his way over to her ear where he gentled nibbled at the lobe. Max felt Liz tremble in his arms before granting her previous wish moving down to her neck. Liz finally moaned out, “I think I’m going to enjoy having this new kind of power if I can make you do this.”

“Liz, you could do this even before you had any powers.” Liz could feel Max smile as his lips brushed against the sensitive skin beneath her chin along her neck.

“Oh. If I only knew.” She smiled as his hair briefly tickled her. “If I only knew.”

They continued to kiss a little bit longer before Liz realized that she needed to go home. “I promised my mom that I wouldn’t be out too late.”

“Oh, do you need me to take you home?” He asked.

Looking around at the remoteness of their location, she smiled at him. “Uh, yeah, that would be nice.”

Max’s face redden a little, “Okay, dumb question.” He held his hand out for her to take it. “I’m glad that everything went okay today at your appointment. Not just for me but for you. I don’t think I would be able to live with myself if anything happened to you, Liz.”

“I’m fine.” She squeezed his hand to reassure him and they walked in silence the rest of the way to Max’s Jeep.

* * * *

“Stop here.” Liz called out. Max did what she wanted and pulled to the curb.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It’s just that I wanted to do this…” She leaned in and grabbed his face and pulled it towards her and gave him an open mouth kiss. “I know you wanted to keep us a secret but its probably the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep, so, you’ll have to forgive me if I can’t seem to keep my lips off of you.”

“No need to apologize. Feel free to kiss me anytime.” Max smiled down at her.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at school.” She leaned one more time and kissed him. They pulled away and rested their foreheads together.

“Yeah, I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Max said as he looked into her eyes.

They stayed there in the same position for five minutes before Liz finally stepped out of the Jeep. “Tomorrow…” She called out as she began to walk to her house. He sat there and watched her round the corner. After a few minutes he put the Jeep into gear and made the turn just in time to see her bound up the front stairs to her house. She turned and waved and then pushed through her front door.

October 3, 2002 – Liz has powers now. Powers. That means I changed her somehow after I healed her. What did I change, how much? I don’t know enough about my own abilities to know what I did to her.

I can’t believe that I’ve given her my curse. That she can’t be normal now. She seems overwhelmed by everything that’s happening to her, us. All of us right now. Hopefully, after the meeting tomorrow we’ll be able to return to a normal life.

On the bright side, Liz said that she could probably convince Isabel to stay. There are a few loose ends to tie up, but we’ll be staying. I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Is Liz having powers a result of my healing her or her getting closer to me? Like Liz said, everything is happening at once and it will be awhile before we can figure out what’s going on.

School tomorrow. With Liz there. It’s amazing how you take things for granted. School was always a place to see Liz. Then she wasn’t there and what a void that created. Now we’re getting closer, will I be able to sit next to her and not touch her? That “Just Friends” crap I suggested for now is really going to suck.

Big time!

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Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. I didn't finish the next part yet, but I swear it will be posted sometime on Friday. It's 80% done.

I had trouble getting the part out and then was busy all day. Again, thanks for the great feedback.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Note: Sorry about the note yesterday. Don’t you just hate when Author’s write notes? You know it isn’t going to be good news. Right? Well, here’s part 17 as promised. Thank Jenn for it only being a day late. For some reason I couldn’t stay focused, and she helped keep me on track.

So without further delay:

Part 17

October 3, 2001 – I’m free, I’m free, I’m free! I get to resume my life starting tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s real. I’m looking back on my life and am wondering how I was able to function without Max in my life. That’s easy to see now. I wasn’t living. I was getting by. I have butterflies floating around in my stomach. I feel like I’m five years old going to school for the first time. What’s it going to be like? Are people going to stare at me?

I’m nervous about a lot of things. The first being how Max and I will ever make it through our first day together as friends. It will probably be the hardest thing that I’ve ever had to do. The second is my new talent. What if I forget about it and someone sees me use it?

I know now what they must have felt like living like this their whole life. I’m just worried that I’ll screw up and will ruin their lives. I’m not so worried about mine, technically I probably wouldn’t even be here right now, but I won’t play with theirs.

UGH! It’s passed midnight already and I can’t sleep. I wonder what Max would do if I call him? Tell him I’m bored and can’t go to sleep. I can’t do that to him. It would be nice though. Wish me luck! I’ll need it.

Max rushed towards the Bio lab, no loafing in the halls to talk to fellow teammates, no shooting the breeze with Michael. Today, Liz was back. Yeah, he had just seen her last night but he missed seeing her in school. As he walked into the lab he stopped dead in his tracks, Liz wasn’t there. His first instinct was to panic but he soon calmed himself down.

He had missed her at her locker because Isabel chose today of all days to have trouble deciding on what to wear. Isabel had even stooped to ask his opinion on a few of the outfits. Like he told her, “Who cares? You look fine in any of your clothes. Who are you trying to impress anyway?” After flinging a paperweight at his head, his sister had stalked out of the room.

After that, the wait had been agonizing. When Isabel finally walked out of her room she was in the first outfit that she had modeled for him. The drive to school had been quick, with very little conversation between the siblings. Max skidded to a stop in one of the spots and glanced at Isabel.

"Who are you looking for?" Max asked as he put the jeep in gear and engaged the emergency brake and then turned the engine off. He had noticed Isabel craning her neck as soon as they pulled into the lot.

"No one." Isabel says as she still scanned the lot.

"Yeah, sure. Who’s your latest victim, anyone I know?" Max asked as he hopped out.

"Ummm. NO." Isabel climbed out and headed straight for the quad with Max at her heels.

They walked into the quad and saw that it was almost empty. Max noticed the disappointment in Isabel’s eyes, “See, I told you to hurry up. School’s about to start and we just have enough time to go to our lockers.”

Isabel’s eyes lit up, “Yeah, our lockers. Well, see you after school.” Isabel then took off for the school.

“Izz, your locker’s that way.” Max called out while pointing in the opposite direction.

Isabel stopped and turned part way towards Max. “But Al…uh, Algebra is this way. Have to get to class on time, don’t I?” Isabel finished with her face turning pink as she turned and again started towards the school.

“Algebra? Iz, you’re taking AP Calculus. And don’t you need your books?” Max called after her as she disappeared into the building.

* * * * *

Max went to his locker hoping to see Liz across the hall. No such luck. He got the books that he needed for his first few classes then went into his first period Bio class. He scanned the room looking for Liz and didn’t see her at the lab bench they shared. He went and sat down and wondered where Liz could be. She had said that she was coming back to school today.

Ms. Hardy walked in and called the class to order. ‘Where could she be? Is her hip acting up again? Maybe she couldn’t walk.’ Max thought. The teacher had just begun taking roll when the door opened and Liz walked in. “Welcome back Ms. Parker.” The teacher greeted Liz.

Liz, embarrassed about being late, nodded as she walked up to the teacher. “I had to sign in with the nurses office since I was out of school so long. Here’s my late slip.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re able to join us.” Ms. Hardy squeezed Liz’s hand, “Mr. Evans will be happy to have his partner back. He’s been out of it the last few days. Start working on the lab that we are doing for today and if you have any questions that Max can’t answer let me know.” She smiled at Liz and Liz turned and looked at Max with a raised eyebrow. The smile on his face was like the one that he had always given her; Liz’s heart sank just a bit. ‘How is it that he can act like everything is normal?’ Liz tightened the hold on her books and started for the lab station that she shared with Max.

“Hey.” She said as she sat her books down to her side of the station.

“Hi.” He said in a husky voice.

Liz looked at him and her smile widened when she took in his appearance. His eyes were dark and his lips had just been licked. His hand was resting almost in the middle of the station but was definitely closer to her side of the table. She sat her hand down on the table and he scooted his hand so his pinky just barely touched hers.

The minute they made contact Liz took a sharp intake of air. She had almost forgotten what it was to be touched by him. She closed her eyes and took in the sensation. This would have to last until later. “So.” She began in a choppy kind of way. “Where are you on the lab?”

Once they were into the lab the urge to touch each other had subsided some. They were able to make it through the class with a little touch here and a small caress there. The bell rang and they picked up their books. When Max leaned over to grab his backpack he asked in a whispered voice. “When can I see you again? I don’t think I’ll be able to wait until after school to see you.”

“There will be lunch.” She offered.

“Oh, yeah, lunch. I was thinking that I could ask for a hall pass before then…”

“Max.” Liz was shocked “I was thinking the same thing. I don’t think I’ll be able to last until lunch and then…”

“We will be out in the open and we won’t…” He started where Liz had finished.

“Be able to touch.” They said together.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to break away from class with it being my first day back and all. I want to, believe me I do.” They started walking out of the class and their conversation ended.

“I know Liz. Well, I guess I’ll see you at lunch. Have a great day.” They parted ways, but not before staring into each other’s eyes and saying a silent promise of what to come when they could be alone, and went to their lockers.

* * * * *

At lunch that day, Liz, Maria and Alex were sitting together eating lunch when Isabel and her group made their entrance. Isabel smiled at the three before continuing on to the table reserved for school royalty. Liz and Maria both went back to their lunches and had taken a few bites when they noticed Alex just sitting and staring at Isabel.

Liz and Maria continued to eat until Maria couldn’t stand it any more, “Alex, yo, Alex!” But Alex seemed to be in a daze. Liz then reached over and nudged him trying to get his attention. Finally, he seemed to come out of his trance.

“Obsess much?” Maria asked him.

Alex looked between his two best friends and started to pick up his lunch things, “Can I talk to you somewhere private? Like, right now?”

The two girls both answered in unison, “Okay, sure.” But Maria continued, “But right now? We’re waiting for Max and Michael, and I’d like to finish lunch.”

“No, it can’t wait. It has to be now.” Alex said nervously.

The girls both packed up the remains of their lunches and followed Alex out to the bleachers near the athletic fields. Glancing around to ensure that nobody was within earshot Alex turned to the two girls, “Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you let me know what was going on?” He looked between his two friends and continued, “I thought I was your best friend? I didn’t think we hid secrets from each other.” As Alex had been talking he had begun pacing back and forth in front of the girls.

Liz finally reached out and grabbed his arm to stop him, “Alex? What are you talking about? What secrets?” Liz had a gnawing suspicion that she new exactly which secret he was referring to but had to be sure.

Alex gave Liz a hurt look, “Liz, how long have we been friends? Don’t you trust me?”

“Trust you about what Alex?” Maria chimed in.

“You know.” Alex replied. He winked his eye, “The secret.” When Liz and Maria still just looked back at him, Alex threw his hands in the air and started to pace again, “The secret about Max and Isabel?” Alex looked at Liz, “And about you.” Alex hesitated a bit, “That they’re… And Max… You… God, I feel like one of those kids in a sci-fi show that has to say some unbelievable line with a straight face.”

Maria grabbed Alex’s arm, “Alex, stop babbling. Just spit it out. What are you talking about?”

“Look, I can babble all I want. It’s not everyday that you learn that there really are aliens, that the girl you worship is one, and that your best friend would have died if one hadn’t healed her.” Listening to what he just said Alex eyes widened in shock and he placed his hand over his mouth to shut himself up.

Alex looked at the two girls, “I can’t believe I just said that.”

Both Maria and Liz moved to stand beside Alex and wrapped their arms around him. Liz was the first to speak, “Unbelievable, huh? It gets better when you let it all sink in.”

“Sink in? SINK IN!?! This has been sinking in all night. I couldn’t sleep at all. When Isabel told me yesterday…”

“Wait a minute, Isabel told you?!!” Maria cut in. “She’s the one that’s been screaming that nobody should know their secret.”

“Well, yeah. She was all sad and stuff, and I thought she was worried about Max so I told her I knew about Max and Liz, you know, being together. I think she misunderstood. She thought I meant the BIG secret.”

Liz turned to Maria; “This is just what Isabel was worried about, people finding out their secret. We have to convince her that the secret stops here.”

“Yeah, she was upset when you were the only one that knew, now there’s three of us. It’s getting out of control.” Maria responded.

Alex realized that they were talking like he wasn’t even there, “Who are you two? Have they done something to your brains?” Turning to Liz, “I can see you being all Miss Scientist about this and wanting to find out all about them.” Then turning to Maria he continued, “I can’t believe you know about this and aren’t freaking out? This is like big. No, it’s like huge! And you’re acting like you just found out they liked Snickers instead of Milky Ways.”

“Well, if you must know, I didn’t take it that well, I broke down in tears and ran out of Max’s house when I found out.” Liz explained.

“Yeah, she was really upset. And she wouldn’t tell me why. I wouldn’t believe Michael when he told me, then when he convinced me I fainted.” Maria added. “And it’s Three Musketeers, with lots of Tabasco.”

“What are you talking about?!?” Alex came close to yelling at Maria.

“Snickers or Milky Ways. It’s neither, Michael loves Three Musketeers.”

“I can’t believe you. The topic is aliens. Real aliens. And you’re okay with that? You don’t mind that there are aliens among us that can do all sorts of voodoo, magic stuff?”

“Alex, we’ve known them most of our lives. We know who they are. Now we also know what they are. It really doesn’t make a difference.” Liz tried to explain.

Alex walked over and sat down on the bleachers and dropped his head in his hands. He sat like that for a few moments, then seemed to make up his mind. He ran his fingers through his hair a few times then looked at Liz and Maria. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Max has always been a great guy, a little shy, but a great guy. And Michael too. Okay, I guess everything is okay.” He nodded as if trying to convince himself, “Yeah, everything is okay.”

Liz walked over and sat down next to Alex. “Alex, Max risked all this getting out so that he could heal me. That’s why we had an interest in the security system at the hospital. We have to make sure there isn’t any evidence of Max’s visit to my room.”

“I figured it wasn’t some new found interest in security that made you ask me those questions. But, this? It’s just like… Wow.” Alex thought for a moment more, “Okay, what do you need? The security system isn’t that complex.”

Liz put her arms around Alex and gave him a friendly hug, “I knew I could count on you.” Going back into planning mode she began to outline her plan, “Well, here’s what I think we should do…”

* * * * *

After school that day Max for once begrudged the fact that they had soccer practice. It was great having Liz back in class with him but he had missed her at lunch. Michael and he had been late getting out of gym class and when they walked into the cafeteria, Liz and Maria were no where to be found. Michael and he had checked the quad, and then Max decided to check the library for Liz. Michael noted that there was no way that Maria would be in the library and went back to the cafeteria to eat.

“So what’s the plan?” Michael asked while he tied his cleats.

“What plan?” Max asked as he pulled his practice shirt over his head.

“You know… the plan.” Michael said again.

“Well, were keeping it low key. We don’t want anyone to see us together out of our normal routine so I placed a note in her locker telling her that I missed her.” Max answered as he too began to tie his shoes.

“No, you idiot. I don’t mean about you two I mean about the evidence.” Michael couldn’t believe how one-tracked minded Max had become since Liz had found out about his true being.

“Oh, we’ll meet tonight at your place. Seven o’clock.”

“Well, she better have something good to tell us or else your sister is going to have us hitching before you can even blink.”

“Speaking of Isabel. Have you noticed how she’s been acting all day today?” Max stood up and started for the stairs leading up out of the locker room.

“Yeah, what’s up with that? Does she have a new boyfriend?” Michael followed Max up the stairs and he took the last two in one bound to catch up with him.

“I think so but she’s not saying anything. She even asked me what she should wear to school. Whoever it is she’s nervous about it.”

“That’s a first. Isabel Evans nervous.” Michael chuckled as he leaned into the door leading outside to the practice field.

“Tell me about it.” Max said with a slight chuckle as well. “Just think what the poor guy is getting himself into.”

“Okay you pansies!” The coach yelled as everyone gathered around to the start of practice. “We have a tough game next week and the fact that we had to share our field with the football team because of their unfortunate mishap with the sprinkler system all last week didn’t help us. Well guess what gentlemen we are going to make up for our lost time. We’ll be having three hour practices the rest of this week and two practice sessions on Saturday to get ready.” Everyone began to groan and Max slapped Michael in the chest.

“This is all your fault.” He said as they took their places on the field.

* * * * *

Max and Michael sat at opposite ends of the couch in Michael’s apartment. Max had come directly here after practice since the additional practice time made it impossible to go home and still get to Michael’s place for the meeting. Max had called home to tell his mother that he wouldn’t be home for dinner and to tell Isabel that she’d have to get a ride for herself.

As the two of them sat on the couch, the effects of the extended practice started to be felt. The first to drop off to sleep was Max. As his head fell onto the back of the couch he started to softly snore. The sound was unheard by Michael, who’s own head had fallen forward on his chest.

Maria and Liz walked up to Michael’s apartment. Maria just grabbed the doorknob and started to walk in. Liz grabbed her arm, “Maria? You can’t just walk in there. What if…if.. Michael’s uh, Not dressed?”

“Nah, that was Max’s jeep out front so he’s here. And they’re expecting us. Come on.”

As Maria and Liz walked into the room, they stopped dead in there tracks. They both stared at the scene before them. The two boys sound asleep, at their complete mercy.

“Oooh, this is just too good to pass up. We have to do something.” Maria whispered to Liz. “Think of something.”

“Maria, just let them alone.” Liz responded, “Don’t they look cute sitting there?”

“Yeah, yeah, right. Real cute, now think of something.” Maria whispered again.

“No, Maria. It would embarrass the heck out of them.” Liz tried to talk Maria out of her plan.

Maria turned to Liz with a look on her face like she was trying to explain something to a two year old, “That’s the whole point Liz.” Maria thought for a moment, “Have any lipstick or eyebrow pencil?” When she saw Liz’s expression she continued, “Oh, I forgot, you’re one of those girls that can get away with a little lip gloss, big help you are.”

“Come on Maria, let’s be nice. I don’t have the heart to do anything mean. They’re just too cute.”

Maria looked at the sleeping guys and had to admit, Liz had a point. “Damn you Liz, chances like this don’t come along every day. You’re ruining a great opportunity.”

Liz looked sideways at Maria and replied dryly, “I’ll try to make it up to you somehow.”

“Yeah, well, you better.” Then Maria chuckled before teasing Liz, “Your alien snores.”

Not having a comeback ready, Liz walked over to where Max was sleeping. She leaned over and began to tickle his nose and face with her hair. The soft snoring stopped and as she continued to tease the sleeping boy she saw his eyes begin to move rapidly under his eyelids. Liz had just started to wonder what Max was dreaming about when a low sensuous moan escaped his Liz. She heard Maria chuckle and with her face red with embarrassment decided to wake Max in an appropriate manner. She bent down and kissed him and as her lips came in contact with his lips, Max’s eyes flew open.

Max had been having a fantastic dream. The scent of Liz surrounded him, and a slight breeze was blowing tendrils of her hair across his face as he leaned in for a kiss. When their lips came together he realized that he wasn’t dreaming and as his eyes flew open he saw it was Liz hovering over him.

He reached around his girlfriend and dragged her over the back of the couch so that she came to rest in his lap, never allowing the contact of their lips to be broken.

Liz couldn’t believe the effect that kissing Max always had on her. It had started out as a chaste, wake-up kiss, but when Max’s arm came around her and started to pull her into his lap it became so much more. Liz became lost in the sensations running through her body. She forgot that she and Max had an audience as her arms went around his neck as she strove to get as close to his body as she could.

Max was lost in the sensations of Liz. Her smell, the feel of her body pressed up against his, her hair falling over his face, her lips on his. He opened his mouth and before he could ask, Liz had her tongue dueling with his.

Max and Liz entered a world of their own. Gone were all the worries they had. Gone were the other two people in the room.

Both Liz and Max were brought back to reality by a shout, “What the heck are you doing?” They both turned their dazed expressions towards Maria and Michael and had to laugh at the picture before them. Michael had his lips cover in a bright red lipstick with Maria seated next to him, sheepish grin on her face, tube of lipstick in her hand.

Before Michael could retaliate there was a knock at the door and Maria jumped up and out of his reach and went to answer it. Throwing the door wide open Maria was surprised at what she saw. She had been expecting Isabel and what she saw was Isabel standing next to Alex. “Hey, Iz, Alex. Come on in. We’ve been waiting for you.”

Isabel scanned the room, her eyes took in Michael’s red lips and then Liz sitting in Max’s lap, a disheveled and dazed look on both of their faces. “Yeah, it looks like you were waiting for us.” Looking at her brother she continued, “If you want, we can come back later?”

Max started to try to get up but soon realized that even if Liz wasn’t sitting in his lap there was no way that he could stand up right now without suffering major embarrassment. “No, that’s alright. We have a lot to talk about.”

Liz feeling Max’s embarrassment, which matched her own, calmly slid off of Max’s lap and sat beside him. Max reached over and grabbed her hand as they watched the fireworks begin.

Michael was the first to ask, “Uh, Iz. Why did you bring Alex? You know what we were going to talk about.”

Isabel breezed into the room and after a brief hesitation, Alex followed. “Alex, knows. I told him yesterday.” Isabel pronounced as if she was describing the weather.

Michael jumped up from the couch, “What?” He asked in astonishment, “You told him our secret? Isabel, I thought we weren’t …”

“What, telling anyone?” Isabel snapped back at Michael as she motioned to Maria and Liz. “It’s done, so get over it like you keep telling me to.” Isabel had taken a position in front of Michael daring him to continue the fight.

Michael’s mouth started to work as he tried to think of what to say. Maria came to his rescue, “It’s okay Michael.” She said as she walked over and calmly took his arm and began to stroke it. “Alex can be trusted. He’s our best friend and he’s all right with what’s going on.”

Michael looked down at Maria. He knew he could trust Maria, hell he had told her his secret hadn’t he? Of course he could trust her. “Are you sure? I mean are you really sure?”

Max took the opportunity to voice his opinion. “It will be fine Michael. He’s Liz and Maria’s best friend. If they trust him, I think we can too.” Hearing that Liz gave Max’s hand a squeeze, showing him how much she appreciated those words.

Maria listened to what Max had to stay then looked back at Michael, “We talked to Alex at lunch. He’s fine with all this. A little upset that we were keeping secrets from him. A little wierded out by the whole alien thing, but once we made him realize that you’re all the same people we’ve known for years he was fine.”

Michael slumped back down on the couch, “It has to stop here. It can’t get any bigger.”

Max chimed in, “You’re right. Nobody else.” He stated as he looked at each member of the group until they nodded in agreement.

“Okay, that’s settled, let’s get to the reason for the meeting.” Max started.

“We have to get into the hospital and get….” Max continued before being cut off by Liz.

“What do you mean “We” kimosabe? You’re not going anywhere near the hospital until we know every thing is taken care of.” Liz broke in.

Turning to the group at hand, “Maria and I are the only ones with a valid reason for going in to the hospital. I have to go for physical therapy, and Maria will tag along as company. People are used to seeing the two of us together.” She thought for a moment. “We have to come up with a reason for Alex to get near the security system.”

Liz looked around the room to make sure there weren’t any objections. Michael looked like he was about to say something but when Liz looked at him, he just shrugged his shoulders, “Okay, let’s here your plan. I may not like being left out but…” He left the end hanging.

Liz thought for a second before continuing, “I given it a lot of thought and here’s what we’ll do…”

October 4, 2002 – We held the meeting tonight. And there was another shock. Isabel had told Alex Whitman about us. Isabel, who was the most adamant about keeping the secret, had brought someone else into the secret.

Talking to Iz later, she told me how it happened, the mistake that she made thinking that Alex already knew. But even after that, she had changed her mind about the absolute need to leave.

Why? Why change so radically? Did Isabel finally realize that there were people out there that would keep our secret and even offer to help us? That there were people that wouldn’t think of us as freaks?

Oh, now I get the whole wardrobe thing. The wanting to look perfect this morning. No, that can’t be it. Isabel and Alex? Glamour Goddess and Nerd? No way. It couldn’t happen. What alternate universe have we slipped into?

Liz executes her plan tomorrow. Ouch, maybe executes was a poor choice of words. I hate the fact that I can’t be there to help, but Liz is right. I have no reason to be there and it won’t help matters if I run into the nurse that saw me that night.

Anyway. I have faith in Liz. If this thing can be pulled off, Liz and Maria can do it. Oh, and Alex too.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 18

October 4, 2001. Well, we made it. It wasn’t easy but we made it. Max and I that is… made it through the whole day without combusting. Once we get into a routine we will be able to sneak a minute here or a minute there. I’ll make sure of it.

Well the plan is set. Tomorrow’s the day. I’m feeling pretty good because we are complete. Isabel threw us all for a loop when she brought Alex in on the plan. I was really hoping to try and keep him out of it but I’m really glad that he’ll be there with us tomorrow. We’ll all meet behind the bleachers right after school and then when the three of us are done we’ll meet at Puhlman Park at Max’s little league game.

Here goes nothing but then again it could be everything…

The day started out great. In direct contrast to her nervousness the day before, Isabel was ready and waiting to leave for school in the morning. As Max turned to walk into the kitchen for breakfast Isabel held up two packets of Pop Tarts and said, “Breakfast is all taken care of. Let’s go.”

“I need some OJ to go with those.” Max replied as he started to turn towards the kitchen again.

“Got it covered.” Isabel responded as she held up a container of juice.

“But how about …..” Max started to ask.

Isabel just cut him off with, “Max, just get in the jeep. If you don’t come now I’ll drive myself and leave you here.”

“Okay, okay. Let me grab my books.”

The drive to the school was quiet, with a few exchanges of words. Isabel had decided to drive so that Max could eat his breakfast. “You know I hate cold Pop Tarts don’t you.” Max complained.

“Max, cooking strips food of most of its vitamin content. Didn’t you know that? Ask Liz. It’s a fact. Anyway, if you want them hot, heat them yourself.”

“I don’t think they had Pop Tarts in mind when they came up with that statement. I’m sure they meant raw unprocessed food.” He waved his hand over the breakfast item and took a bite of the s’mores flavored Pop Tart. “So, Alex was the one you were so nervous about yesterday?” Max continued with his mouth full.

“I wasn’t nervous. I just wasn’t sure about what to wear, that’s all.” Isabel responded.

“Yeah, Isabel Evans asking her brother for fashion advice was normal.” Max laughed. “You always tell me I have no fashion sense at all.”

“Well, you don’t. But you are a guy. I figured your opinion couldn’t be too far wrong.”

As they pulled into the student lot at school Max turned to Isabel, “Iz, Alex isn’t like the guys you usually date. He’s…”

“What, he’s one of Liz’s best friends? I know he’s different than the guys I date. I’ve gotten to know him. He’s a really nice guy.” Isabel responded as she pulled into a parking space and turned to face Max. “I don’t plan on hurting him Max. I’m getting tired of the Ms Ice Princess routine. I finally realize that I have a lot of acquaintances, but no real friends. Nobody but you and Michael to talk to.”

“Fair enough Iz. So, I’ll see you after school?” Max said as he swung out of the jeep.

“No way. I’m not waiting around for you to get done with a 3-hour practice. Find another way home or call me when you’re done.” Isabel replied.

* * * * *

Max and Isabel split up as they reached the school. Max heading for his locker and a glimpse of Liz before first period and Isabel went hunting for Alex. As Isabel walked around the corner near Alex’s locker she suddenly stopped. Students that had been walking behind her had to quickly dodge around her to avoid bumping into the notoriously touchy Isabel Evans.

Isabel continued to study the view in front of her. Alex was standing at his locker, notebook open, as he seemed to be explaining something to a Jennifer Campbell. As she continued to watch, the young girl carelessly touched Alex’s wrist, then when Alex turned to look at her she tossed her jet black mane of hair in a flirting gesture.

Isabel stood rooted to the spot. Never had she thought that Alex might be seeing someone else. Yet here they were standing in the hallway, looking very comfortable together. Alex closed the notebook and put it back into his locker. As he turned back to Jennifer he continued talking to her and Isabel saw her laugh at one of Alex’s jokes.

’Damn her. What is she laughing at his jokes for? And what the hell is Alex joking with her for.

But Jennifer Campbell? If Liz was the class genius, Jennifer wasn’t too far behind. The two of them had been in a heated race for class valedictorian since they walked into West Roswell High. As she continued to watch, Isabel studied her every move, the toss of the hair, the inadvertent touch on the arm, the complete concentration on what Alex was saying. Damn, she was good. She had all the moves down. The same flirting moves that Isabel herself had used countless times to nail the boyfriend she wanted.

Isabel studied her new adversary. She was dressed as she always was, a look that Isabel wouldn’t be caught dead in. A sort of grunge, goth, I’m a genius and don’t care what I look like ‘look’. And Isabel had to grudgingly admit, it worked for her.

Just as Isabel resumed her walk to Alex’s locker, she saw Jennifer reach up and button the top button on Alex’s shirt. It was a move that made it look like Jennifer and Alex were a bit more then ‘just friends’. Isabel veered away and continued on by. As she passed Alex caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and turned his attention towards Isabel and smiled. Isabel looked over at Alex, “Hey, Alex, catch you later, okay?” and she continued on to her locker.

* * * * *

Max had left Isabel in the parking lot and headed straight for his locker. As he approached he saw Liz at the locker across from his. She turned as he entered the hallway as if she sensed his presence. He smiled as he caught her eye and everyone and everything else just seemed to fade into the background when she returned his smile. He continued on to his locker, hating the fact that they had to pretend to be “just friends”. He wanted to be able to cross the hall and give her the good morning kiss to end all good morning kisses. Well, maybe in the future.

He got the books he would need for his first few classes and turned to go to his first period class. Liz had waited for him and together they walked down the hall making small talk.

They settled into their lab station and as they were setting up for the lab that was on the blackboard they made small talk about the outcome of the lab that they would be doing. The bell rang and the teacher walked into class. She told them to get started and before either one of them knew it the bell was ringing again signaling the end of the period.

“Wow. I’m not ready for class to end just yet. I haven’t even had a chance to look at you.” Max sat there with his bag on his back.

“I know… I’ll see you at lunch and we can stare at each other all period.” Liz tucked the one runaway piece of hair behind her ear and started walking beside Max as they left the room. “I hope you have a great day. I’ll see you at lunch.” She said as they parted ways at the lockers.

* * * * *

Liz was hurrying towards the cafeteria for lunch. She had stayed late in her last class to make sure she had no missing assignments. As she neared the cafeteria she saw Kyle and a few friends walking towards her from the opposite direction. Kyle greeted her as she neared the door. “Hey, Liz. Haven’t seen you in a while. Have lunch with us?” Kyle attempted to put his arm around Liz as he was talking but Liz deftly outmaneuvered him.

Avoiding his arm Liz responded, “No, I’m eating lunch with Maria.”

As Liz went to enter the cafeteria Kyle grabbed her arm. “Liz, I think my girlfriend should eat lunch with me.” He looked around to see if any of his friends had stayed to witness the conversation between them but they had all turned their back on them.

“Kyle, we’re over. I thought I already told you that. I was tired with being ignored. I’ll be with friends that appreciate me.” Liz looked down at where Kyle was holding her arm and then looked back up at him and glared.

“You’re really going to dump me for those geeks and losers?” He nodded his head to no one in particular as he said it. It made Liz think that he thought they were no one special, but they were. They were her friends and no one was going to put them down. No one.

Liz grabbed his wrist where he was holding her arm and forced him to release his grip, “Yeah, I am Kyle. I finally woke up and decided I can do better than you.” Walking past him into the cafeteria Liz shot over her shoulder, “See you around Kyle, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.”

Liz continued on into the room and searched for her friends. They were sitting together laughing and talking together and the only one that had noticed Liz’s confrontation with Kyle was Max. As Liz approached the table Max asked, “What was that about?” Then seeing the upset look on her face he continued, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just told Kyle that we were through again. He didn’t want to believe it. It’s okay. I think I convinced him.” Liz went and sat across from Max. She knew that if she sat next to him he would want to hold and comfort her and she knew they weren’t ready to let the world know about them. Soon, very soon, if all went well, they could be together in public.

As Liz unpacked her lunch she glanced around at her gathered friends, Maria and Michael were sitting together at the end of the table quietly arguing about something, Alex was sitting and staring at Isabel who was at her usual table in the center of the room. Max was sitting across from her just gazing at her.

“Hey, how were your classes? Anything interesting happen?” Liz asked.

“Without you in them they were pretty boring.” Max replied. As he finished his sentence both Max and Liz heard fake barfing sounds coming from Alex. When he saw he had Max and Liz’s attention he chuckled and said, “Could you guys take the mushy stuff outside? Its really disgusting to us of the single persuasion.”

Max and Liz both redden as they glanced back at each other. It was hard to remember that others were near them when they were together. “I thought you were working on changing that?” Liz asked.

Alex glanced over towards Isabel and sighed, “I think it’s going to take a long time. Or, maybe I set my sights too high.”

“I think you’re wearing her down Alex. You just have to stay in the game, don’t give up.” Max replied.

“Really? You think so? Did she say anything about me?” Alex was on the edge of his seat. He was practically on top of the tabletop in Max’s face.

“Well, not in so many words but she would have made me run behind the jeep if I wasn’t ready as early as I was for school this morning. Hang in there. It’s only a matter of time before you wear her down.” Max smiled at Alex and just as he finished his sentence the bell rang signaling the end of the lunch hour.

Max and Liz shared one more soulful glance into each other’s eyes as they parted ways yet once again that same day.

* * * * *

After the final bell, Liz went to her locker to exchange the books she had with the ones she would need for the night’s homework. She was deep in thought concerning the afternoon’s activities. It had seemed so easy last night as she outlined her plan to the others. As she closed her locker she sensed someone next to her and looked up to see a concerned Max. “Hey, you look like you’re in another world.”

“Maybe that’s because I am. I’m really nervous about this afternoon. It seemed so easy last night. Now?” Liz shrugged her shoulders before continuing, “It seems a bit more dangerous in the light of day.”

As Max and Liz started out of the school to meet the others at the bleachers, Max tried to calm her fears, “Everything will work out fine Liz. It’s a great plan. Nothing will go wrong.” He glanced at the worried look on her face and wished he could take her into his arms and make her feel better.

With everyone being gathered Liz pulled out a piece of paper. “Okay guys lets go over the plan again. Maria and I will go to my appointment as planned. Mean while, Alex will go in search of the security guard and ask him the ins and outs of the system as if he were doing a report. Alex it’s really important to ask to see the videos. We’ll have to go back for it later.” Liz was outlining what everyone had to do.

“I think I have something that will help… I was thinking and I thought of some things that might help us out.” Alex pulled his bag off of his shoulders. He reached in and pulled his laptop out. He sat it down on the high jump pad that was stored behind the bleachers and then reached in again. This time he pulled out two walkie-talkies.

“I was thinking, if I can get into the system alone I can recreate the hallway for the entire time and just tape over Max. I may have some problem with the time stamp on the frames, but nobody ever looks at those. They’ll never know that there was anything wrong.”

“What are the walkie-talkie’s for?” Michael asked.

“Well, I was hoping that Maria could use some of her acting skills that she’s learned in Drama class to get the security crew downstairs and out of the building for ten minutes. I’ll give her the signal on the walkie-talkie and she can get them all. The guy that I’m with will unfortunately have to excuse himself and I’ll just tell him that I will wait here for him.”

“I don’t know. You’re asking a lot of Deluca.” Michael began and quickly grunted with an elbow in the ribs from her. “Ouch! What was that for?”

“That was for implying that my acting skills won’t cut it. I’ll have you know I’m up for the lead part in ‘My Fair Lady’.”

“Guys. Can we get back to the plan? We’re running out of time. I have fifteen minutes to get to the hospital for my therapy.” Liz looked at Michael and Maria sternly and they quickly quit their bickering. Max stepped up closer behind her and added his glare to hers to make sure that Michael listened to what she said.

After five more minutes of preparation the group separated. The three humans off to make sure the three aliens stayed in Roswell.

* * * * *

Liz, Maria and Alex walked through the doors of Roswell Hospital and split up. “You guys be careful.” He winked at them and rounded the corner while the girls waited for the elevator. Alex knew the plan called for him to contact the security guard but if he could get around that it would be great. He was going to try to find a vacant room where he could tie into the hospital’s computer network so he could look at the security videos from the night of the accident. Knowing that his father’s company had installed both the security system and computer network gave Alex confidence that he could navigate into the systems through a back door.

Liz and Maria, on the other hand, went towards the outpatient section where the physical therapists had their facilities. They would split up there. Liz going to her therapy session while Maria went in search of the record’s room.

The walkie-talkie clicked twice. “He’s in position.” Maria clicked twice to confirm that she had heard it. “Wish me luck. Have fun. I hope you have a hottie for a therapist.”

“Maria!” She faked slapped her on the arm. “You are so bad. Why would I want a hottie for a therapist?”

“Oh, I forgot you have Maaaaaxxx. Well this is it. I better go… the next time Alex clicks I have to be back downstairs ready for action.” They hugged and went their separate ways.

* * * * *

Alex found the vacant office that his dad had used while working on the system. It was still empty and he let out a sigh. “Thank you for one small miracle. Let’s hope there’s more where that came from.” Alex grabbed his laptop out of his bag and started to hook up. Turning it on he waited for it to boot up. He sat down in the chair and waited.

“Great. They made this terminal a dead hole.” He left his laptop there. He would be coming back once he had everything going again. He came to a door that was labeled ‘Security’ and knocked. “Looks like I’ll be using Liz’s plan after all.” He said to himself.

“Come in.” The booming voice called out.

“Mr. Stevens. I was hoping you were still here. Remember me? Alex Whitman… I helped my dad two summers ago install the system.” Alex could still see the confusion on his face. So he smiled and continued. “Remember?” He held up his hand to represent glasses. “The geeky kid with the glasses.”

“Ahhh. Now I remember. Alex. How have you been?” The guy stood up and adjusted the waistband to his pants. Alex smiled at the guy. He had to have put on about twenty pounds since he had last saw him.

“I’m good. I was wondering if you could answer some questions about the system. I know I probably know more about it than you do but I need to get a user’s point of view compared to the technical point of view. Would this be a good time? I know you have a very important job and I don’t want to take away from that but all of West Roswell High is going to be reading the quote from John W. Stevens next week.”

“You’re going to publish my name in the paper?” Alex could see the gleam in the guy’s eye. He wanted to be noticed and that was how Alex was going to play it.

“Yep.” Alex reached into his pocket and clicked the walkie-talkie. He was ready for Maria to do her thing.

* * * * *

Liz had been in therapy for about fifteen minutes. “Okay, I think that will do it for today. You’re going to be sore as it is.”

“That’s it?” She couldn’t believe how quick that was.

“Yep, I’ll see you Monday. You have someone that can take you home because your muscles in your legs are going to be sore for a little while.”

“Yeah, I just have to go find her. Thanks, I’ll see you Monday.” As she went to get off the apparatus she felt a shooting pain in her hip the made her gasp. “Whoa, no wonder its only fifteen minutes. Liz slowly straightened up as the therapist looked on. Liz grabbed her stuff, which wasn’t much, and limped out of the room.

Liz followed the hall that led her to the record’s room. When she rounded the corner she saw Maria standing outside. “What are you doing out here?” She whispered.

“There’s someone in there. I can’t just walk in there and say ‘oh yeah, don’t mind me I’m just here to steal my girlfriend’s records.”

“Well, no. But I thought you could at least get in there and get them out of there. Come on. You distract the clerk and I’ll get the files.” Liz grabbed Maria’s arm and together they walked in. What they saw amazed them. Row after row of shelves that reached the ceiling. Files with multicolor tabs with codes and letters filled the shelves.

Liz and Maria could here the file clerk rummaging in a row towards the back of the room and Liz decided to go down one of the rows and hide amidst the shelves. As soon as she was out of sight Maria rang the bell on the clerk’s desk to get her attention. The clerk returned to where Maria asked the clerk if she could show her where ICU was.

The clerk smiled at Maria and tried to give her directions. As she tried, Liz was almost in tears trying to keep from laughing when Maria first talked with a foreign accent. Liz made a mental note to ask about the accent later.

“Go out the door and turn left, go to the second hallway and turn right. Go down to the second doorway on your left and that’s it.” The clerk smiled as she finished and saw Maria nodding as if she understood.

“I go out the door and turn left.” Maria began. She looked at the clerk and the clerk said, “Right.” Maria looked confused, “I thought you said left?”

Realizing her mistake the clerk chuckled and answered, “You’re right, you go left.”

Maria looked even more confused, “My right? But you said left?” Liz was standing behind the stack trying to keep the laughter in.

The clerk just stared at Maria for a moment before she finally started to walk from behind her desk and walk to the door. “Okay, follow me. I’ll show you where it is.”

Once Maria and the clerk were out of site Liz hurried as fast as she could to find her records. With the stiffness settling back into her hip she couldn’t move very fast. Starting at the first filing stack that she came to she sees that it’s the “A-D’s” so she moves on to the next and the next. Finding the cabinet marked “O-R”, she walked down the row running her hands over the files until she came to the P’s. She scanned the section until she came upon her files. She quickly opened it and grabbed the x-ray folder. She quickly scanned the rest of the file to make sure nothing else was left that could prove how badly she was hurt. Taking the files she tried to stuff them into her bag but they were just too big. Damn, I should have brought my soccer bag. she thought. Quickly she decided to hide them under her shirt. So she slipped them under her shirt and into the waistband of her shorts.

Just as she turned to leave she heard the clerk laughing about the woman she had just helped to get to ICU. Great she’s back already. Liz ducked behind the end of the shelves and prayed that the clerk wouldn’t be coming back here anytime soon.

Looking over her shoulder she saw an emergency button. Thinking really quick she reached out with her hand and hopes that she has enough control over her new powers to do what she needs to do. Closing her eyes and visualizing the button being pushed she pushes outward. When she hears the clerk get up from her chair Liz opens her eyes and sees her walk through the door.

Liz quickly picked everything else that she needed and made her way out of the records room. “I hope Alex and Maria are about done.” She walked as if she belonged there and made her way to the little red Jetta. Both Alex and Maria have their arms crossed and sunglasses on. They’re smiling from ear to ear. Liz gives them the two thumbs up and they both begin to jump up and down.

* * * * *

The red Jetta pulled into the parking lot at Puhlman Park just as Max had ended practice. He was talking to Mr. Green when he noticed Liz getting out of the car and leaning in to say something to Maria. Mr. Green noticed that he no longer had Max’s attention and he followed his gaze until he saw Liz turning away from a car. He really has it bad for her. he thought.

“So, Max.” Mr. Green said as he nudged Max to get his attention. As Max reluctantly turned back to him he continued, “The tournament is the weekend after Thanksgiving and we’ll have to spend at least two nights there. It’s a four-hour drive to Albuquerque. Mrs. Jeffers will be making the room arrangements, okay?”

“Uh, yeah. That will be great. The girls will have a great time.” Max answered as they walked towards the parking lot.

As they reached the lot Liz joined them with a big smile on her face. “How was practice?”

“Great, but the girls really miss you Liz.” Mr. Green answered. “How are you feeling? Will you be back to help Max before the tournament?”

Liz forced herself to look away from Max and at Mr. Green, “What tournament? The girls are entered in one?”

“Yeah, Max convinced us to apply to the Albuquerque Thanksgivings Tournament. He says the girls should do okay. He even made me apply to the premier division.”

“Pretty sure of yourself aren’t you Max?” Liz joked.

“No, I’m pretty sure of the girls. They’re doing great.” Max replied.

“Liz, you’re a coach now too. Can you come too? The girls would love to have you. Like I said, they miss you.” Mr. Green asked.

“Yeah, sure. That would be great. I have to ask my parents of course, but I’m sure they’ll let me go. I can even offer a ride to anybody that needs one. I’ll bring the Navigator. It seats about eight.” Liz responded enthusiastically.

“Good. Let us know at the next practice. We’ll also have a meeting at my house to discuss who’s going and rooms and all.” With that Mr. Green turned and walked towards his car.

As soon as he was out of ear shot Liz turned to Max as they walked towards his jeep. “Everything went fine. I got the x-rays and Alex fixed the security video. We’re home free.” Liz exclaimed enthusiastically. Max reached over and grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze. He wanted to wrap his arms around her but they were in the middle of the parking lot and still “just friends” to the rest of the world.

About half way to Liz’s house Max just couldn’t stand it any more. He pulled to the side of the road and turned to Liz. Liz looked at him questioningly, “Why are we stopping?”

“I just couldn’t wait any longer. Every time I’ve been with you all day I just wanted to do this.” Max explained as he leaned over, pulled Liz close and kissed her.

The kiss started out slow and tender but eventually started to heat up. Liz was the first to open her mouth and run her tongue invitingly over Max’s lips. Then it was the two of them, tongues dueling until lack of oxygen forced them apart. Max rested his head against her forehead as his heart rate settled down. Running his fingers along her jaw Max whispered, “This ‘just friends’ thing sucks. “This ‘just friends’ thing sucks.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. I say we give it another week then let the world in on our secret.”

“Okay. A week.” Max answered as he gave Liz a short kiss on the lips before sitting back in his seat and resuming the drive to Liz’s house.

October 5, 2001 – Home free. Those were the words Liz used. Home free. That has so many layers of meaning. Isabel, Michael and I have always considered Roswell our home even though we have no idea where we’re really from. We know this isn’t our real home but it’s the only one we know.

Isabel will be happy that we don’t have to leave. Poor Alex. That means he’ll be subjected to the Isabel full court press. He doesn’t stand a chance. There’s no way he could resist even if he wanted to.

What does this mean for me? It means that Liz and I can finally come out in the open. It used to be hard to sit next to her and not touch her or talk to her before she knew about me. After she found out about me and accepted who I was it become immensely harder. I was like an addict who gets his first taste of a drug. Once started there was no turning back. Now there doesn’t have to be.


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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 19

October 5, 2001 – I can’t believe it’s all over. Alex, Maria and I were able to get rid of all the evidence. What a relief. I feel like I have actually done something good. To see the look of relief on Isabel’s face tonight was nice. She even left with Alex. I hope she knows what she is doing to him. Every little crumb she leaves him, makes him hoping for more. I’m beginning to like Isabel. I understand her more but I can’t help but worry about Alex. I hope she won’t hurt him. Maybe I should talk to him tomorrow or something. Make sure he understands what he is getting in to.

Moving right along. Mr. Green asked me to help Max coach the team at the tournament in Albuquerque. I have no idea how I’m going to get my mom to see that it’s a good thing. I can hear her now. ‘Why would you want to do anything like that? It’s not like you’ll be playing.’ I’ll just have to hit her up at the right time.

Tomorrow is Saturday. It’s a big day for Max and me. He’ll be over early to mow the yard and then later in the afternoon we get to spend time with each other reading to the children at the library. It’s going to be hard to be so close to him and yet pretend that we are just friends. One week is all we are giving. We have to let the dust settle for a little while. Even though we got rid of all the evidence there are still people that can place Max at the hospital when I was there and if they remember anything about my case and put Max with it they might start to get suspicious. I have to be strong for one more week. It will definitely be worth it… I came close to losing him once I won’t put us in jeopardy again.

Things are finally going to get back to normal. I can’t wait.

Liz walked down the stairs a little slower than normal. She was still feeling a little sore from yesterday’s therapy. “Ah, senorita. Buenos dias. Your mother is out on the patio. I’ll bring you your breakfast shortly.” Juanita smiled her usual smile at Liz and continued with light steps around the kitchen.

“Good morning, Juanita. That will be nice. Thank you.” Liz continued on out to the patio. This was probably the first breakfast she had shared with her mother in a long time. “Morning mom.” She sat down and placed the napkin in her lap and took a drink of the orange juice that was sitting in its place.

“Morning.” Nancy had looked her daughter over as she sat down and was a little worried about her. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“Good, a little stiff from therapy but they assured me that I will recover quicker the more we do it.”

“Good. “I see the swelling and color are going down on your scar. We’ll be able to see the plastic surgeon soon.” The minute her mother said something about the thick pink scar on the side of her cheek Liz dropped her head and allowed her hair to cover that side of her face.

“Yes, mother, it gets less noticeable every day. The concealer helps a lot too.”

Nancy nodded her head slightly. As she looked at her daughter she realized just how beautiful she was. And she also noticed how embarrassed she was to talk about the scar. She reached over and held Liz’s hand. “I’m sorry I mentioned it. I know that my talking about it makes you self-conscious.”

Liz looked up and the two women locked eyes. “Yeah, well, it’s not like it’s going to fade away.” Liz tried to smile but it just didn’t reach as far as it usually did.

“We’ll do everything necessary to make it go away, Liz. I promise you that.” Nancy responded while patting Liz’s hand and leaned back into the chair. “So, where will it be this year? Los Angeles or New York?” Nancy asked, changing the subject.

“Pardon?” Liz asked with a lost look on her face.

“Gowns, Liz. Where are we going to go to find a gown for the winter ball? Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive?”

Liz shook her head while dropping her head into her hand. “God, the winter ball. I forgot all about it.” Picking her head up she looked at her mother. “I would really like to skip it this year.” Liz pleaded with her eyes in hopes that her mother would give in just this once.

“Liz, hiding isn’t going to solve anything. Most of the people there will know you’ve been in an accident. Besides, your father said we can have the jet the weekend after Thanksgiving.”

“The weekend after Thanksgiving?” Liz tossed her hands in the air. Not only was her mother not considering her feelings about her looks but she was going to ruin her weekend with the girls and Max as well. “Uh, I can’t make it. I was asked to go to a soccer tournament.”

“Liz, your hip still hurts you. Are you sure you’re ready to play?” Liz could see that her mom was truly concerned about her well being, other than her wanting to go shopping for some formal gown that she’s only going to wear once.

“Oh, no. Not as a player, as a coach.” Liz took a deep breath and began her speech that she practiced all night last night. “Mr. Green asked me to help coach the Roswell Aliens little league soccer team when they go to Albuquerque. I won’t be playing I’ll be co-coaching. We’ll leave Friday afternoon and get back Sunday evening.”

“Two nights away? Where will you be staying? Who will you be staying with? How will you get there?” Nancy stammered.

“Mom, I’ve done this before as a player remember? Maria and I used to room with Maria’s mom. The only difference is I’ll be a coach this time.” Liz tried to explain. “One of the mothers from the team is arranging for the rooms. I just have to let them know I’m coming.”

Nancy couldn’t fail but notice how enthusiastic Liz was about going, after the discussion about her scar and seeing how uncomfortable it made her it was nice to see something that took her mind off of the accident. “I’ll have to talk to your father Liz. But I can’t see any reason why you can’t go.” Nancy picked up her cup and took a sip of her coffee; “We’ll just have to put off the shopping trip until the following weekend.”

Liz shook her head but still smiled, “I can’t get you to forget the ball can I?”

Nancy chuckled before answering, “Forget the ball? After all the time and effort I put into it? Never.” She looked at Liz a moment before continuing, “How about a deal. I’ll let you go to the tournament if you willingly go to the ball, deal?”

Liz shook her head at her mother’s one-track mind but replied, “Okay, it’s a deal.” As Liz went to grab her coffee cup she heard the faint sounds of a lawn mower coming from the front of the house. Jumping up she told her mother, “Gotta go mother, see you later.”

As Liz climbed out of her chair Nancy stopped her, “Liz, you haven’t finished your breakfast.”

“Oh, right.” Liz reached over and grabbed her glass of orange juice and chugged it down before reaching into the fruit bowl and grabbing an apple. “See you later.” As she turned to leave she stopped, turned back and grabbed a second apple. “Bye,” and then she was off.

* * * * *

Claudia made her way down the stairs to the main entrance hall when she noticed the front door was ajar. She remembered that she had heard the sound of a lawn mower and decided to see what was going on. Walking out the door she saw Nancy standing on the wide porch with her arms crossed tightly over her chest.

Claudia looked out over the lawn and saw the target of Nancy’s displeasure. Liz was leaning up against a lawn tractor obviously joking and having fun with the driver.

"Remember John Franklin?" Claudia asks when she sees Liz with the lawn boy and Nancy clearly upset over them being together.

"What does John Franklin have to do with anything?" She spat without looking at her mother. Her eyes were focused on her daughter and the Evans’ kid.

"Your father pushed for the two of you to be together and you would have nothing to do with him." She smiled at the young couple whispering and smiling as if they didn't have a care in the world.

"Mom, that was so long ago. I don't see the relevance in bringing him up now." She replied.

"I see every relevance. You're doing everything to your daughter that you despised us for doing to you.” Claudia shook her head sadly, “Do you realize that Liz is raising herself? Do you have any idea why I demand that you get rid of that damn cell phone, and your assistant when I visit?” Seeing the look in her daughter’s eye Claudia continued, “I want some of your precious time while I’m here. You’ve built this world of charities and clubs and forgot your daughter along the way. Remember how you used to hate your father and I for leaving you with my parents while we did our thing?” Claudia stopped for a moment to let her words sink in.

“You have a beautiful, and intelligent daughter that loves you very much. Don’t make my mistakes.” Claudia continued quietly. “Look at them Nancy. Have you ever seen Liz so happy? She’s practically glowing. And look at the way he looks at her. Tell me Nancy what is wrong in letting Liz choose who she wants to be with?" Claudia asked in a hushed voice.

Nancy turned around to face her mother. “I have really high hopes for her mother. I don’t want her wasting herself in Roswell.”

“Are they your hopes or hers? She has to live her own life. Make her own decisions.”

“She’s making her own decisions. She applied to Harvard already. Early Decision. If she gets in she’ll be leaving next fall.” Nancy sighed. “Then I may lose her.”

“You have to give her a reason to want to come home.” Claudia advised, she looked at Nancy and nodded her head towards the scene on the front lawn, “And by the looks of things a big reason is sitting on that mower.”

Her hand was over her mouth and the realization of the idea had just hit her. "I'm so blind. She must hate me."

"Now you see. No, Nancy, she doesn’t hate you. There’s still time. Let her pick and choose. Be there for her when she needs you because if you push her now she may never come back." Claudia stepped closer and patted her daughter's shoulder. "Who knows, it looks like this young man has already won your daughter's heart he may just have enough in him to win yours too.”

* * * * *

Max and Liz had been joking around, oblivious to the world around them. Max glanced at his watch and saw they had been talking for half an hour, “I better get going; I still have to get over to the Valenti’s.”

“Will I see you at the library later? We have a reading session today.” Liz asked.

“Uh, well, I don’t know about that. The deal was that you help with soccer and I’d help with the library. You haven’t been to many practices lately.” Max replied with a gleam in his eye.

Liz poked him in the chest, “I had a good excuse for missing practice.”

“Well, yeah, I guess you did. Okay, I guess I’ll be there. I promised to help you.” Max replied as if he was agreeing to be tortured. As Max glanced around he caught sight of Nancy and Claudia standing on the porch watching he and Liz. He jumped up and reached for the ignition key, “I better get going and finish up, your mother’s watching us.”

Liz turned to look at the porch and caught sight of her grandmother. Reaching over she grabbed Max’s hand before he could start the mower and said, “Wait, I want you to meet my Grandmother.”

“Huh? Why? Your mother’s there too. Couldn’t this wait until some other time?” Max said.

“No, come on Max they won’t bite... Well my grandmother won’t anyway.” She turned and smiled and then tugged a little bit harder to get him to get off the mower.

“Oh, thanks. Your mother is going to bite?” Max looked scared.

As Max released the key Liz took it out of the ignition and dangled it in front of him. “If you want it back you have to meet my grandmother.”

Sighing loudly, Max swung his leg over the tractor to get off. “I look terrible, I’m not really dressed to meet family.”

“Max, my grandmother is an archeologist, she works at digs. She knows you’re working, she won’t mind.” As Liz grabbed his hand and started leading him to the porch.

Max dragged his feet and pulled at his hand, “I really stink, my hairs a mess…”

Liz had no mercy on Max, “Max, give it up. You’re meeting them so get over it.”

Claudia watched the scene before her, a reluctant Max allowing himself to be dragged along by Liz and smiled. She glanced over towards Nancy and was happy to see that she was forcing a smile onto her face as the young people approached.

As Max and Liz reached the stairs leading up to the porch, Max finally relented and followed along willingly as he and Liz ascended the stairs. As they reached the top Liz looked back and flashed a smile of encouragement. Turning back to her grandmother she started the introductions. “Grandma, I’d like you to meet Max Evans. Max, this is my Grandma Claudia Adams.” As Max started to reach out his hand he remembered that he hadn’t washed it and reluctantly smiled as he held it up to show that it wasn’t clean.

“Never mind, I’ve had dirty hands before.” Grandma responded as she took Max’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Max.”

“Mom, this is Max, Max, this is my mother.” Liz continued after Max and her grandmother had shaken hands. Forgetting his hands Max reached for Nancy’s hand. As he released her hand he remembered, “Mrs. Parker, I’m so sorry. My hands are….”

Nancy shocked Liz but cutting Max off with a chuckle, “I’ve had dirty hands before Max. My mother used to drag me into the desert and make me dig for my dinner.”

Claudia snapped her head around towards her daughter and continued the joking tone, “We never had to force you to dig. You used to like every minute of it.”

Nancy again surprised her daughter by agreeing with Claudia. Slowly nodding her head she replied, “Yeah, I did.”

Liz watched the interplay between her mother and grandmother and decided that there was a story there that she wanted to hear. She made a mental note to corner her grandmother and dig it out of her.

“So Max, is your father Phillip Evans? Doesn’t he own that landscaping business and nursery out on 285?” Claudia asked.

“Yeah, he is. And he does own the nursery.” Max responded. He continued with pride in his voice, “It has the largest selection of native plantings in the southwest.”

“I figured he would. He was always trying to save all the native plants from extinction.” Turning towards Nancy she continued, “Didn’t you get arrested with Phillip a few times? I remember posting bail for a Phillip Evans.”

Liz looked on in shock as her mother’s face turned a fiery red. “Did you have to tell her that mother? Now she’ll think I was a criminal or something.”

“Nancy, I told her because I was proud of you.” Turning to Liz she continued, “Your mother was arrested for …” Turning back to Nancy she asked, “What was it the first time? Saving the old Indian burial ground off of Jackson St?” Claudia asked, when Nancy nodded her agreement she went on, “And then there was the time you wanted to save the Twin Spine Morning Cactus. Wasn’t that when they were trying to extend the military base?” Again Nancy just nodded.

“That was a federal offense. Good thing I knew the local senator so you didn’t have to spend too much time in jail.” Claudia was close to laughing at Nancy’s discomfort.

Finally Nancy couldn’t take it anymore. “That was a long time ago. And they were very important causes.” Nancy stated primly. Turning to Liz and Max she snapped, “Don’t think that this gives you permission to get arrested. It doesn’t.”

Claudia finally couldn’t hold her laughter in any longer and started to laugh out loud at her daughter. Nancy turned towards her with a furious expression on her face but the sight of her mother quickly caused her anger to subside and slowly she started to join her mother in laughing.

As Claudia regained control of herself she wiped the tears from her eyes and glanced at Liz, “Close your mouth Liz. It’s very unbecoming for a young lady to stand with her mouth hanging open.”

Turning to Max she asked, “So, Max would you like a late breakfast? I’m just about to sit down and I hate to eat alone.”

“No, I’m sorry Mrs. Adams. I have to finish up here and then head to the Valenti’s.” Getting a little bolder Max asked, “Can I have a rain check?”

“Max, call me Grandma. I get the impression that we’ll be seeing a lot more of you around here.” As she said the words she winked at Max.

Max was surprised by the wink and looked at Liz to see if she knew what her grandmother meant. Liz just smiled at him and gave a small shake of her head.

“Well, Max has to leave.” Liz said while taking Max’s hand. She didn’t want her grandmother’s comments to raise her mother’s suspicions. “I’ll be right back to keep you company grandma.” She turned and pulled Max down the steps, at the foot Max stopped and turned, “Nice meeting you Grandma, and Mrs. Parker.” He then turned and walked with Liz towards the tractor.

Watching the two teens walk across the lawn, Max holding his arm out for Liz to hang on to incase her hip gave way, Nancy turned to her mother. “You’re right mother. Are you happy to hear me admit it? You were right. Max seems like a great boy. And I’ll have to let Liz make up her own mind about him. She’s never done anything to cause Jeff or I any grief. She’s always made us very proud of her.”

* * * *

Max and Liz walked into the ice cream parlor. Max had decided that this would be a weekly occurrence, helping Liz at the library then giving Liz a ride home with a stop for ice cream. The only change was Liz remembering to call home.

As Max walked up to the counter he placed the two orders. He didn’t have to ask Liz what she wanted he had her preferences memorized. A double scoop of vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. Max ordered a banana split and as usual Liz gave him a hard time. “I can’t believe you can eat that then go home to dinner. Aren’t you afraid you’ll get fat?” Liz asked as he poked him in the waist.

Max pulled up his tee shirt and patted his six-pack, “No chance of that, I exercise it all away.”

Liz reached over and ran her hands over his exposed skin, “Yeah. I guess it’s firm enough.” She finished up by giving him a playful pinch just as their orders were done.

Max held his ice cream with one hand and led Liz across the street to the park holding her hand. They found a convenient tree and dropped down in its shade.

“Is your mother going to let you go to Albuquerque?”

“Yeah, we made a deal. I go to the winter formal and she’ll let me go.” Liz replied.

“That’s great. Mr. Green and the girls will be thrilled. You can tell them at the game tomorrow.”

“Game? Tomorrow?” Liz asked.

“Liz, tomorrow’s Sunday. We have a game at noon.” Max reached up and faked knocking on Liz’s head, “Anybody home? You should remember this.”

Liz smiled and tried to elbow Max in the ribs and when she missed she ended up in his arms half lying across his lap. Instead of sitting back up Liz shifted herself so that she was comfortably lying in the grass with her on Max’s lap. Max idly stroked her hair as they continued to talk and joke around oblivious to all those around them.

As they continued to talk Max and Liz became aware of a person standing right next to them. As they looked up Liz noticed it was Carrie Tobin, the gossip of West Roswell. Liz guiltily bolted upright from where she had been lying. “Hi, Carrie. How are you doing?” Liz asked.

“Not as good as you Liz.” She replied while making a big production of looking Max over. “Definitely not as good as you.”

She waited for Liz or Max to say something before trying to get additional information. She prided herself on the accuracy of her dirt. “So, you and Max huh? Kyle must be thrilled.”

Liz started to violently shake her head, “No, you have the wrong impression. Max and I are just friends.” Liz replied as she pointed her finger between herself and Max for emphasis.

Carrie chuckle, “Ooh, kaay.” She nodded her head, “Just friends. Gotcha.” She said as she gave Max and Liz two thumbs up. “Just friends.” She repeated as she said goodbye and continued through the park.

Max and Liz watched her leave until she was out of earshot, “Damn Max, if it was anybody but her…”

Max reached over and pulled Liz back into the position they had been caught in, “The heck with it. I wouldn’t have lasted the week anyway. We’re caught. So lets enjoy it.”

“Look I’ve been thinking.” Max said, “We took care of all the evidence. The x-rays. People know I was in the hospital, but only in the waiting room. I agree with you. I think we got away with it.” When Liz still didn’t look convinced Max continued, “Liz, its not like I went into a crowded restaurant and healed you in front of every body. You were in a private room.”

Liz thought for a moment then shrugged her shoulders, “I guess you’re right.” Liz looked up into Max’s eyes then reached up and put her hand behind his head and started to pull him down to her, “Care to let me taste that banana split?” She asked just as their lips came together.

October 6, 2001 – I can’t believe that Liz made me meet her mother and grandmother. But, I’m glad that she did. They were both very nice. Liz’s mother surprised me. She wasn’t anything like I expected her to be from Liz’s descriptions of their fights.

Grandma Claudia was great. She really had Mrs. Parker turning red. I really have to ask my father about his stays in jail. Next time he gives me a hard time about something at least I can remind him that I’ve never been arrested.

I can’t believe Liz and I let Carrie Tobin catch us in the park today. One week? Yeah right. Having her see us was like taking a front page ad in the Roswell Daily Record. If there’s such a thing as a rumor mill at West Roswell High, she the driving force behind it. Liz and I are so out of the closet now.


Ok? Happy now? They didn’t wait the week. For all of you that didn’t want them to wait, if they get caught it’s on your head.

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I'll have a new part of this up tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: I don’t know why but this part just didn’t want to get written. It was like pulling teeth to get it out. (Well actually I do know, its called laziness.) All of you that were waiting patiently for this part, send your thanks to Jenn. It wouldn’t have gotten done so soon without her help.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 20

October 6, 2001 – What a day! What a day! If you had asked me earlier I had said that my day was going to be bad. Very bad. But everything happens for a reason. Isn’t that what they always say? Started out with breakfast with mom. I was a little afraid at what she was going to say to me but it all worked out. She even said yes to me going to the soccer tournament. I can’t believe it. I’m on cloud nine. It was rough listening to her talk about my scar. I hadn’t even thought about it because no one says anything about it. Max has never made me feel incomplete when I’m with him so I had sort of forgotten about it.

But, I promised to go to the Winter Formal. Gag me. I thought I could pass this year but mom won’t hear of it. I’m going to be forced to walk into the country club in front of all my so-called friends staring at me and making comments about my scar when they think I can’t hear them. If only Max could be there with me. He would be my pillar of strength and make me forget the nasty comments. Why am I even thinking about it? I’ve never seen him at something like this; his parents don’t even belong to the club.

Then I finally had a chance to have Max meet grandma. She loved him like I knew she would and even mom surprised me. She was really civil to him and I think both Max and I were blown away to hear about what his dad and my mom used to do when they were our ages. I’ll have to remember to ask grandma to give me more of the scoop when we get a chance to be alone.

We were both in such a great mood after reading to the kids at the library. By the time we were eating our ice cream outside in the park across the street from the ice cream parlor we had forgotten that we were supposed to be acting like we were just friends. Well I guess I don’t have to say it but I’m sooo glad that the cat is out of the bag. Carrie Tobin caught me with my head in Max’s lap and I had to say that my first instinct was to deny everything but then after talking to Max I can honestly say that I no longer have that feeling.

I am dreading the rumors that will be going around the halls by first bell on Monday morning but as long as I can hold Max’s hand I think I’ll be okay with them. I’m almost curious to hear what they will be saying. The key word being almost…

Tomorrow busy day for me once again. I’ll have to go to church and then afterwards will have to head straight for the soccer game.

Today at the park across from the ice cream shop I was caught by the biggest gossip in the land with my head in Max’s lap. I was so embarrassed but Max made me feel better. It was just meant to be. That’s what he said.

All I have to say about today is this… It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Liz walked onto the patio and came to a stop, the scene before her was surprising. Her grandmother and mother were sitting and talking, interrupted every now and then by laughter. Liz couldn’t remember the last time the two women had been so comfortable in each other’s presence. Liz made a mental note that it was another thing that she had to pump her grandmother about.

Liz walked around to her grandmother and gave her a kiss on the cheek and a brief hug, “Good morning, Grandma.” Liz looked over at her mother and something made her walk over and give her mother a kiss too. “Morning.” She said.

Her mother reached up and gave her a brief hug. “Good morning to you too.” Liz walked around to the other side to her seat and sat down. Nancy watched her daughter, it seemed like she was moving much better this morning. “Your grandmother and I have been talking about what we were going to do today. After services we were thinking of going over to the reservation, your grandmother wants to visit with a friend of hers and we can do some shopping while we wait.” Liz’s mother explained.

Liz looked at her mother guiltily, “I’m sorry. I have something planned for today. I’m going to help coach at a game today.” Liz glanced over at her grandmother, “Maybe we can go after the game? It will be over about one.”

Nancy glanced at her mother then back at Liz. “That should be fine. It’s just the three of us shopping and your grandmother visiting an old friend.”

Liz reached over and filled her juice glass and took a sip. Then she grabbed a bagel and started to load it down with cream cheese. As she finished fixing her breakfast she half listened to the other two women finish the conversation they had been having. Finally she was brought out of her thoughts by her grandmother, “So, you’re a coach now? How did this happen?” Leave it to her grandma not to miss a thing.

Liz felt her face color a bit as she responded to her grandmother, “A friend of mine asked me for help.” Liz continued because she felt the need to elaborate on coaching more than the friend that she was helping coach. “It’s a lot of fun, I’m having a blast even with the sore hip.” Liz saw that her grandmother was going to ask additional questions so she changed the subject, “So, who are you visiting at the reservation? Anybody I know?” Liz knew some of the Native Americans from all the times she had been on field trips with her grandmother.

“Yes, you probably do? River Dog? Does that ring a bell?” Claudia noticed the subject change but figured she’d steer it back later.

“River Dog? He’s still around? He must have been a hundred years old the last time I saw him.” Liz said and then took a bite of her bagel.

Claudia chuckled before answering, “He wasn’t that old. You were just a lot younger. I missed seeing him that last time I was here so I wanted to make a point of visiting with him this time.”

“Isn’t he the guy you had that big fight with?” Liz asked. She thought a moment, “He wouldn’t let you investigate that cave, said there were evil spirits.” Liz shook her head at the memory, “I never saw you so angry.”

“Yeah, I was angry. I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t let me in there. River Dog believes in evil spirits about as much as you believe in the tooth fairy.” Claudia explained.

Claudia sat up and then leaned forward towards Liz, “So tell me, who this friend was that got you interested in coaching?” Seeing the expression on Liz’s face she continued, “Anybody I know?”

Liz felt trapped by the direct question. With her mother sitting right next to them she wasn’t sure if telling them was the best thing right now. Her mother just might rethink the trip to the tournament.

Before Liz had a chance to come up with an answer she was saved by the entrance of her father, “Good morning ladies.” He walked over and gave his wife a kiss on the cheek, as he sat down next to his her he nodded to Claudia, “Hi, how’s the visit so far? Nancy getting over her cell phone withdrawal?”

“Yep, I think the cold turkey approach worked. We’ve been having a great time together. We’re even going shopping later.”

Turning back to Nancy he told her, “I checked my schedule, the first weekend in December would be fine. You can have the jet then.” After thinking a moment, “Isn’t that cutting things close? Don’t you like to take a month or so to pick a dress?”

“Ha, ha. It won’t be a problem. We’ll be fine.” Nancy answered. Turning to Liz she asked, “Do I have to ask you who your date will be this year?”

“I...I uh, don’t really know. I… was thinking of going alone.” Liz stuttered out her answer and dropped her head so her hair would cover up her scar.

Nancy gave her a condescending look; “I think you could probably come up with an escort if you tried.” Looking like the thought had just struck her, “I know. How about?” And she snapped her fingers like she was trying to remember a name, “Uh, Mike, no…uh, Mick, oh, I got it. Max.” She looked at Liz, “Think he would want to go with you?”

Before Liz could answer Nancy looked at her mother, “What do you think Mom? Think he’d agree to go?”

Claudia looked at the playful gleam in her daughter’s eye and answered, “Oh, I think if Lizzie asks real nice he’ll agree to go.”

* * * * *

Liz came walking out of the church in her soccer gear. She had driven herself to church so that she could go directly to the soccer game from there. After services she had said goodbye to her family and went to use the restroom to change. As she came out of the church she was brought up short by her grandmother standing and waiting in the front of the church.

“Hi, Grandma? Where’s mom and dad?” Liz asked as she looked around the front of the church, “They didn’t leave you behind, did they?” Liz looped her bag over her shoulder and walked up to her grandma.

“No, I decided that I wanted to go see you coach. You don’t mind do you?” Claudia asked. She really wanted to see what excited Liz so much about coaching this little team of hers.

Liz shook her head, “No, not at all. I’m… uh... I’m happy to have you.” As Liz and her grandmother started to walk towards her car she continued, “But I have to warn you, we won’t be able to stand together. I’ll have to be with the team.”

“Oh, I won’t mind.” Claudia answered as she shook her head up and down with a wide grin on her face. As they settled themselves in the car and Liz started the short drive to the park Claudia turned to Liz and asked, “So, who’s this friend that has you helping him?”

“Boy, you won’t give up even though you’ll know in about three minutes.” Liz replied as she shook her head. “It’s Max. The guy you met yesterday.”

“Ah, why am I not surprised. Could he be the one you were talking about…” Claudia had her answer when she saw Liz’s face turn red. “Well, he seems like a nice guy.”

“He is. He’s a really great guy.” Liz sighed and then continued, “That’s why I wanted you to meet him.” Liz said quietly. “Even if mom was there.”

“Don’t be so hard on your mother Lizzie.” Claudia replied.

“What happened this week grandma? Mother’s changed so much. She was actually laughing and joking with you. And…”

“Your accident happened Lizzie.” Claudia cut Liz off. “The accident opened her eyes up a bit and then we’ve had a few good talks.” Claudia looked at her granddaughter’s profile for a moment, “Sometimes people need a kick in the rear to realize what’s important.”

As Liz pulled the Navigator into the parking lot she scanned the fields for Max’s team. Seeing them she pointed them out to her grandmother. “There they are. Our team is in red.” Liz steered the truck into a spot close to the field and the two climbed out.

As Liz walked around the SUV and joined her grandmother she started to point out the bleachers, “The game should take about an hour and some change. The bleachers are over there. I’ll be with the team.” Liz glanced down at her watch. “Twenty minutes until game time, I better introduce you to a few parents and then help get the team warmed up.”

Liz quickly introduced her grandmother to a few of the parents that she had already met and then turned her attention to the field. As she walked out onto the field, she was met halfway by Max. He came up to her, and though he wanted nothing better then to kiss her hello, he settled for grabbing her hand and giving it a squeeze. “How are you feeling? I meant to call you last night but…”

“Yeah, I know. I was talking to Maria and she complained that you and Michael were in a heated game of Half-Life over the internet.” Liz elbowed Max in the ribs. “Killing aliens is more important than talking to me?” Liz joked with Max.

“No, I just got wrapped up in the…” Max started to explain when Liz cut in again.

“Here I was, sitting in my room, journal entry done, it was cloudy so I couldn’t stargaze. I had absolutely nothing to do…”

Max groaned when he realized what Liz was getting at. “No more Half-Life for me.” He promised her.

Liz looked at Max innocently, “Oh, don’t give up your games for me.” And she batted her eyelashes at him to let him know that she was kidding.

Just then there conversation was halted by the shouted welcome of the girls on the soccer team. “Hey Liz. Glad you came.” “Liz, are you going to run through our warm-ups with us?” “Let’s do that drill you taught us, okay?”

“Whoa, hold it. Liz can’t do any drills yet. Doctor’s orders.” Max answered for Liz. “Maybe next week. Okay, Casey, you and Becca are captains today, start the warm-ups.”

As the girls walked away and started to get in their circle Liz started to clap her hands loudly, “Come on, show some energy, it’s almost game time. Move it.”

The girls started to jog into position. As they started their exercises, Max and Liz walked to the center of the circle and started to kid with the girls, “Becca, actually touch your toes.” Max said.

“I thought Max said a circle, aren’t circles round? This is a square.” Liz kidded. The two of them continued until the warm-up was done then set up the first drill.

* * * * *

The soccer game was nearing its end with Max and Liz’s team winning by two goals. Claudia didn’t know much about the game and had spent most of her time watching her granddaughter and Max interact on the other side of the field. Even from this distance Claudia could see how much Liz was enjoying herself. It was hard to tell though just what Liz enjoyed more, coaching the soccer game or being with Max.

Claudia looked up as a pair of feet were stepping down so the owner could sit beside her. “Hi, I’m Mrs. Green. Bob’s wife, Debra. I couldn’t help but notice that you came with Liz.”

“Oh, yes. She’s my granddaughter.” Claudia smiled and shook the outstretched hand of the other woman.

“You must be very proud of her. She sure has helped turn this team’s morale around that’s for sure. Although Max is good I think it helps seeing a girl like them know what she’s talking about.” Debra was looking out across the field. “I hope she can go with the team to Albuquerque for the tournament.” Debra stood up and started cheering as Becca made a break with the ball and no one between her and the goal. “Go Becca!”

“I know that she talked to her mother about it yesterday.” Claudia offered and that was all she offered. It wasn’t her place to give any more information in case Liz changed her mind. Although Claudia didn’t foresee that happening in the near future, she had learned her lesson with her own daughter. Let them tell their own news.

“Good, good. Bob was worried with her just recovering from her accident and all. He didn’t think her parents would allow her to travel so far away from home so soon. I guess with it being after Thanksgiving she should be healed by then.” Claudia was watching Liz and Max while listening to Debra.

“So, how did Max get started with coaching?”

“Oh, well… My Bob’s not that athletic and Becca wanted to do something with all of her friends and there were no other parents that offered to coach. Well, to make a long story short, Bob went to the high school coach and asked if he could recommend any of his players to help out. The coach asked a few of his boys and Max is the only one that showed up. He’s been there from the very beginning. When he first brought Liz the girls were very leery of her. But she won their hearts just like she did with Max. They are so cute together don’t you think?”

“Oh, yes. I agree. I think Liz wouldn’t be in the shape that she is if she didn’t have the comfort of her relationship with Max.” Claudia focused on Debra when she said it. The whole time Debra was shaking her head up and down.

“I totally agree. She acts as if everything was normal. The long scar that runs along her cheek was really bad but she doesn’t even act like its there.”

“I think she doesn’t think about it unless someone brings it up. There’s just something about the two of them. It’s like they are in their own little world when they are together.” Claudia smiled.

* * * * *

After the game Claudia waited for Liz and Max to walk across the field. As they approached she greeted them, “Well the mystery of your love for coaching is solved.” Claudia half chuckled as she grabbed Liz into a hug. “You know I love you. I wouldn’t tease you if I didn’t.”

“Sure grandma. Whatever you say.” Liz just glanced at Max before responding, “I really do like coaching the girls, Grandma. It’s a lot of fun. It reminds me of Maria and I when we started.”

“But the fringe benefits aren’t bad either, huh?” Claudia shot back while looking at Max and letting Liz go from her arm that was around Liz’s shoulder.

As they were walking back to the car Claudia noticed Max fidgeting with his hands, “Max, will you just hold her hand already? You’re driving me crazy with the nervous twitching.” Max glanced over at Claudia and saw the smile on her face and gratefully grabbed Liz’s hand.

As they neared Liz’s car, Liz unlocked the doors with her remote, as Max moved to walk around the car to open Claudia’s door she told Max and Liz, “I wish we had time to stop for some coffee or ice cream.” Looking at Max she continued, “I’d like a chance to get to know you a little better before I head back to Peru.”

As Max opened the door and Claudia got in she leaned over and quietly said, “Thank you Max. You’re making Liz really happy. She needs it after her accident.”

“You don’t have to thank me Mrs. Adams. I like Liz…. a lot. She’s a great friend.”

“I thought I told you to call me Grandma?” Claudia said sternly, and then reaching out for Max’s hand she told him, “I may not see you again before I leave, so good bye, good luck and have fun with your team.”

“Thank you, it was really great meeting you. Have a safe trip.” Max answered then walked around the car to help Liz in. As he walked up to Liz and started to open the door he said, “Remember, we’re out of the closet.” Liz looked up to him with a smile on her face as he started to lean over to give her a kiss. As he got closer Max whispered, “Hope your grandmother doesn’t kill me.” Their lips came together in a tender kiss. But as with every other time they kissed the rest of the world seemed to fade away. Max reached up and cupped Liz’s face with one hand while running his other hand through her hair. As the kiss deepened Liz ran her hands along Max’s arms before finally reaching around his neck and pulled him close while running her hand through his hair.

They were brought sharply back to reality by the sound of Grandma Claudia clearing her throat. Max and Liz both turned bright red at the thought of losing themselves in front of Liz’s grandmother.

As they parted Liz looked up at Max as he asked her, “Call me when you get home?”

“Yeah, I will.”

Liz sheepishly looked over at her grandmother as she climbed into the car, “Sorry, I… “ Liz looked at the gleam in her grandmother’s eyes and stopped trying to think of something to say. As Max shut the door she adjusted her seatbelt before she reached over and started the engine. Max stepped back and waved as she pulled away.

* * * * *

Max walked into his house after the game and walked into the kitchen to grab a drink. His mother was standing in front of the stove stirring a pot of something that had a weird… ’God, I hope that isn’t for us to eat.’ Max thought.

“Hi, mom.” Max said as he reached the fridge. Opening the door he searched the interior and fished out a bottle of Gatorade.

“How was the game Max? The girls play well?” His mother asked.

“They played great. We won 3 to nothing. I think they’ll have a good chance to win some games at the tournament next month.” As Max was answering his mother’s question Isabel breezed into the room. Looking at Max she commented, “That better not be the last Gatorade.”

Diane seemed to ignore Isabel’s comment and said to Max, “I’m glad they’re doing so well Max. I’ve never seen you so happy. Coaching must really agree with you.”

Isabel snorted at her mother’s comment, “It isn’t coaching that has Max smiling mom. It’s his assistant that puts that grin on his face. She stopped as she saw Max’s face turn beet red and she started laughing.

Diane turned from the pot and looked at Max, “You have an assistant? Who’s that dear?”

When Isabel saw Max’s embarrassment she answered for him, “Liz Parker. You know her, Max’s lab partner? She works at the Crashdown.”

“Oh, I know her. Her father’s Jeff Parker, right?” Diane asked Max.

Max nodded his head before answering, “Yeah, he is.”

“Wasn’t she in a terrible accident? How is she feeling?”

“She’s great mom. She’s recovering really well. She still has a sore hip but she’ll be fine.” Max looked at Isabel and his mother before mumbling, “Well, I have some homework to finish up.”

As Max went to walk past his mother she stopped him, “What is that on your face Max?” She asked as she reached up to rub a spot under his lips. Max tried to dodge the finger but she was able to wipe some of the substance off. She looked at her finger, then back to her son, “Is this lipstick?” Before she could ask another question Max bolted by her and escaped to his room, the sound of Isabel’s laughter chasing him the entire way.

October 7, 2001 – Another great game today. The girls are really starting to come around and play great. They should have a great time at the tournament.

Liz came to the game today. It looked like her hip wasn’t bothering her as much as it was yesterday. Maybe it was because it was early and she hadn’t walked much. But maybe it’s getting better. Even with the sore hip Liz is great to have with me on the sidelines. The girls really enjoy talking with her and she seems to be able to explain things to them a lot better then I can. Maybe it’s a girl thing.

Saw Grandma Claudia again today. I must be doing something right, she really seems to like me. She even said that I make Liz happy and thanked me for it. I think she realizes how amazing Liz is but doesn’t realize that I want to make Liz happy. That seeing her smile just makes the day so much better.

Sunday night. What to do? Homework and studying all done. Forecast calls for a cloudless night later. I wonder if Liz has anything to do tonight? She’ll call me after she gets back from shopping. Maybe I should call and leave a message? Surprise her? Nope, Randolph would probably shoot an intruder.


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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 21

October 7, 2001 – Just a quick note while grandma and I change clothes before going out to the reservation… Max is a hell of a kisser. When his hands go gently into my hair I’m lost. Feeling his warm breath just moments before our lips touch drives me crazy. Okay get my head out of the clouds.

Our team won today and it was really nice that grandma came. I really hate to see her go. She’ll be leaving soon and I don’t think I’m ready for that. I wonder if I can guilt her into staying until the ball? That would be so cool. Well until later.

Just thinking about kissing Max sends chills down my back. UGH! I’m hopeless.

“I’m just going to go look for River Dog. You girls go have fun. I’ll meet up to you a little bit later.” Claudia waved good-bye to her daughter and her granddaughter and was off to search for her long lost friend.

Liz and Nancy watched as she walked off. “I guess it’s been awhile since they’ve talk.” Nancy said to Liz.

“Yeah.” Nancy grabbed Liz and pulled her to the first shop.

“If you see anything that you like let me know. I want to buy you something.” Nancy said as they began to mull over the selection of Indian jewelry.

“Okay, mom.” Liz looked over everything and couldn’t help but notice a lot of similarities in the pieces.

“So… are you going to tell me what happened at the game today?” Liz looked up at her mother in shock.

“Umm. Well we won.” Liz offered. She had wondered if her grandma had told her mom about the kiss after the game.

“And…” Nancy tried to get her daughter to elaborate.

“We won by three points.” Liz smiled and picked up a silver bracelet. “Oooh this is pretty.” She said as she tried to change the subject.

“I was just wondering because you looked a little flushed when you came into the house this afternoon and your grandma was grinning like she was a cat that just ate the canary.” Nancy looked closer at the piece. “That is a pretty piece. It looks like it belongs with the ring that you are wearing.”

Liz looked at her ring that Max had given her. She hadn’t even noticed it. But the symbols on the ring were duplicated on the bracelet. Liz looked up at the attendant and asked; “What do these symbols mean?”

Just as the attendant was beginning to answer Claudia walked up and interrupted. “Here you two are. You didn’t get very far.” Liz looked up to her grandma and noticed an Indian standing behind her.

“Nope. Not really. You guys done talking already, mother?” Nancy asked.

“No, when River Dog found out I was here and that I had brought Lizzie with me he made me bring him out here for introductions.”

River Dog took a step up and held out his hand. “So nice to see you again.” He smiled and bowed his head a little to Liz.

“You too.” Liz held her hand out and the two of them shook hands. Liz was watching the older man. He had his eyes locked on their hands.

“This is quite a unique piece, little one.” He said as he let loose of her hand. “I have never seen anything like it before.”

“Really?” Nancy asked. “This bracelet seems to be the companion to the piece.” She said as she held the bracelet out to River Dog to examine.

“Oh, I can see how you can make the mistake of assuming that.” He took the piece from Nancy and began rotating the bracelet to examine it. “It’s close but this is definitely one of our pieces.”

Liz had let her hand drop to her side in hopes to not draw any more attention to the ring that Max had made her. She watched as all three adults hovered over the bracelet as River Dog explained what each symbol meant.

Liz was fascinated by River Dog’s description of the various symbols. He obviously was very knowledgeable about the symbols used to create the jewelry and artwork. Just as Liz was beginning to feel that he had forgotten about her ring he turned to her, “So, you see the difference?” He reached for her hand and Liz couldn’t think of a reason to hide the ring. “This has a lot more detail.” He said as he held Liz’s hand and showed the ring to Liz’s mother and grandmother. “It’s as if our symbols were a poor attempt to copy this.”

As River Dog got deeper into his explanation Liz noticed that he dropped the accent he had been using and spoke like a college professor. “Could you tell me where you got the ring?” He finally asked.

“A friend gave it to me,” Was Liz’s response. “I thought he picked it up here.”

“I’d like to talk to him. I’d be very interested to find out where he got it.” He continued. As he spoke he held Liz’s hand and looked directly at her. It was as if he knew that Liz was trying to hide something from him. “If you can, will you bring your friend to see me?”

* * * * *

“Max! Dinner’s ready Max!” Diane called down the hall towards Max’s room. She turned and walked back into the kitchen to help Isabel set the table.

As the food was being placed on the table, Max walked into the kitchen and took his seat. Looking at the serving dish he saw that his mother had made lasagna, one of his favorite dishes. His favorite that is; until his mother started reading Martha Stewart and began to “Test” the new recipes that she had found within. He smelled the aroma coming off of the dish and realized that it was regular lasagna, nothing strange.

His mother dished out the food and the garlic bread was passed around and Max took a large fork full of Lasagna and chewed with delight.

“I thought you were going to try that broccoli lasagna today?” Phillip asked.

Diane looked up from her dish and replied, “I was. But I can’t find the issue of Martha Stewart that I saw it in. It seems to have disappeared.” Glancing over to Max she asked, “You haven’t seen it dear? Have you?”

Max looked over to his mother and shook his head, “No, I don’t read it.”

As Diane started to turn towards Isabel, Isabel took the chance to change the subject. “How was the soccer game today Max? Girls play well?”

Max tried to answer around a mouth full of food, “Yeah, gwate.” As he swallowed his food he repeated, “Yeah, they had a great game. We won by 3.”

Isabel wasn’t going to let Max off the hook, “So the coaching staff is doing a great job? The new assistant is working out?”

Always trying to show an interest in Max’s activities, Diane picked up the conversation, “You have someone helping you? Who, dear?”

Max’s eyes glared at Isabel before dropping down to his plate, “Liz Parker,” he mumbled.”

“Who, dear, I didn’t quite hear you.”

Max looked over at his mother “Liz Parker.” He said in a louder voice. “She began helping a few weeks ago. The girls love her.”

Before Max could continue Isabel chuckled, “Just the girls?”

Diane watched Max’s face flame red from Isabel’s comment and she started to put 2 and 2 together, glancing at Isabel she wondered, “The lipstick?” Isabel just answered with a nod and a laugh.

Max looked like he wanted to crawl under the table and die but was saved by his father. Phillip hadn’t been paying that much attention to the conversation until Liz Parker’s name was mentioned; he finally cut in to ask, “Liz Parker? Isn’t she Jeff Parker’s daughter?”

Grabbing the new direction of the conversation like a drowning man grabbing a life preserver, Max answered, “Yeah, she is.” Trying to keep away from discussions of lipstick Max continued, “Is it true about you getting arrested?” When Max saw the confusion in his father’s face Max clarified his comment. “When I was over to do the lawn yesterday, I met Mrs. Parker and Liz’s grandmother, Mrs. Adams. Grandma told me that she had to bail you and Mrs. Parker out of jail a few times.”

Phillip took his turn at blushing, “Yeah, well, we got caught up in the times. Nancy and I used to….” He shook his head remembering, “We really tried to save our little corner of the world.”

Diane chuckled at Phillip before turning to Isabel, “The first time I met your father he was wearing a flowered shirt, cut offs, sandals and had hair down to the middle of his back. He was trying to get people to save an old oak tree on campus. It was being cut down to make way for a new Computer Sciences building.”

“Hey, that tree was over a hundred years old.” Phillip defended himself. He turned to Max and winked before continuing, “Anyway, it was a great way to meet girls.”

Diane snorted, “Yeah, right.”

“Hey, it worked on you didn’t it?” Phillip responded.

Diane leaned over and replied, “Maybe it was something else that worked?”

Isabel and Max watched the conversation between their parents and when Isabel realized where it was headed she said, “Oh, no way, too much information. I really don’t want to hear this.” And she put her hands over her ears.

Diane and Phillip burst out laughing and as Phillip took Diane’s hand in his, he put on an innocent face, “Why, what’s wrong? I asked your mother to sign the petition, and she did. I decided that I had enough signatures for the day and asked her if she wanted to get some coffee…”

Diane snorted again, “Enough signatures, you had three.”

Phillip looked over at Diane, “Diane, that snort really isn’t attractive, and it was 4 signatures.”

“Okay, 4. So we had coffee.” Turning to Isabel she stressed, “Which I had to pay for.”

“Heh, I had just made a contribution to…”

Diane looked back at Phillip and cut him off, “And we lived happily ever after.”

Phillip smiled at his wife, squeezed her hand and picked up his fork to continue eating.

Glancing at Max he wiggled his eyebrows, “Liz Parker, huh? I hear she’s really beautiful. Really shooting for the stars, huh?”

Max’s face turned red again now that the attention was back on him. “Gees, dad. It isn’t like that at all. She’s really smart, and… and… kind… She’s so great.”

Phillip and Diane watched Max try to come up with a description of Liz and glanced at each other before looking at Isabel. Isabel saw her parents looking to her with a questioning glance, she rolled her eyes, shrugged her shoulders before nodding to indicate that they were right, Max had it bad. Very bad.

“Oh, well, in that case, you should invite her to dinner some evening.” Diane mentioned to Max.

* * * * *

Liz heard the rustle of the plants on the trellis and she jumped to her feet in anticipation. As she walked to the edge of her balcony and looked over she could make out the dark form of Max climbing. As his head cleared the top of the railing she smiled and welcomed him. “Hi, Max.” As he climbed over the railing she didn’t back away, deciding to remain as close to Max as possible.

Max stepped onto the balcony and Liz was right near him. Standing there with Liz so close, he was finally able to do what he had wished to do for all those years, take her in his arms and kiss her. Max reached up and ran his hand down the side of her face before burying his other hand in her hair and pulling her close, his lips descended slowly and the first brush of their lips was full of tenderness and love. Liz slowly wrapped her arms around Max’s neck and pulled her body close to his as the kiss deepened. Tongues dueled, teeth nipped at lips, but finally air became a problem and the reluctantly pulled apart. They both had glazed looks in their eyes as they shyly smiled at each other.

Liz held on tightly to Max’s hand as if she was afraid that he would leave. She led him to the glider on her balcony and they both sat down.

“How was the shopping trip? Buy a lot?” Asked Max.

“No, not a lot. But Max, something strange happened out there.” Liz looked at Max to see if he was paying attention. “My grandmother has an old friend named River Dog. He’s one of the elders of the tribe. He saw the ring you gave me and he started to ask all sorts of questions.”

Max’s senses left their Liz induced haze and he became fully alert. “What kind of questions? What did he want to know?”

“Nothing really specific. Where I got the ring. Who gave it to me.” Liz held the ring up so the two of them could look at it. “I thought it looked like a Native American design, but River Dog said it wasn’t. Close but not the same.” Liz looked over at Max, “He seemed to know the design Max.”

Max didn’t have a reply to that and just sat and thought. Liz finally broke the silence, “What is the design Max? What does it mean?”

Max came out of his thoughts, “I don’t know. Its something that Isabel and I remember. We both recognize it, but we don’t know what it means.”

“Max, do you think this could be something to do with where you were from? Some type of memory?”

“I really don’t know. I guess it could be. Isabel and I both recognize it, but we’ve never asked Michael about it.” Max reached and took Liz’s hand and looked at the ring. “You said the design looked familiar to him?”

“Yeah, it’s in my grandmother’s book. But River Dog said it isn’t the same. Let me get the book.” Liz jumped up and went to grab the book. She quickly returned and was thumbing through the book looking for the symbol. “Here it is.” She turned the book so that Max could clearly see the symbol.

“Home?” Max said after reading the description. The two of them looked at one another.

“This isn’t really helping.” Liz said. “He said he wanted to talk to you, Max. He wants me to bring you out to the reservation.” Seeing the indecision in Max’s eyes Liz continued, “Why don’t I go by myself and get some additional information? That way we’ll….”

“No, if we do this, we go together.” Max cut her off. “I don’t know if Isabel and Michael would want me to pursue this. It seems awfully risky.” Max thought for a moment before running his hands through his hair, “God, I hate it that he may know more about us than we do.”

Liz reached over and grabbed his hand and held it in both of hers. “It must be terrible not knowing anything about yourselves. This may be a chance to find out something….anything.”

Liz’s touch seemed to calm Max down. He looked into her eyes, “I can’t believe that you’re so accepting of all this.” He reached over and stroked the side of her face before tangling his hand in her hair and drawing her closer. Max stared at Liz’s lips and saw her nervously run her tongue over them. Just as there lips came together tentatively, tenderly they were snapped back to reality,

“Liz, can you come down here for a minute?” Nancy called up from the bottom of the stairs.

Liz jumped up and was panicked for a few seconds before realizing that her mom wasn’t in her room. “I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.” She leaned in a kissed his cheek. She practically ran to the door. She was afraid that Max would get nervous and leave before she got back.

“Yeah, mom?” Liz said as she stood at the top of the stairs.

“I was just wondering what you were doing.” Nancy couldn’t help it. She had had a great time with her daughter today and she couldn’t get enough of the bonding that had started.

“I’m doing some…” thinking fast she blurted out, “homework. I have an important research paper due and I’m just typing it into the computer so I can print it out.” Liz smiled and began to bounce from one foot to the other showing her impatience. “Was there something that you needed?” Liz asked.

“No. I’m sure you are busy. I won’t bother you again. Have a good night.” Nancy smiled up at her daughter and waited for a reply.

“I do and thanks mom. I really had a great time with you and grandma today. See you in the morning.” Liz hurried and turned around.

Liz walked back out on the balcony and as she walked through the door drew the back of her hand across her brow as if wiping sweat off, “Whew, that was close.” As she got to the couch she threw her wrist to her forehead as she sank back on the seat across Max’s lap and dramatically said, “Parents, they can be such a burden...” and then burst out laughing with Max.

As they stopped laughing Liz looked up at Max and asked, “So, where were we?”

Max looked down at Liz, “hmmm, I think we were here.” And he leaned down and placed a light kiss on forehead, Liz shook her head, “No, not there.” Max raised his eyebrows, “Or maybe here?” and he leaned down again and placed a kiss on the tip of her nose, leaning back he looked at Liz, and she again shook her head, “Nope, wrong again.” Max looked at her as if trying to remember, shaking his head he leaned forward again, “Or how about here?” and he kissed her right eye lid, Max leaned back and Liz, “Nope, maybe I should refresh your memory Mr. Evans.” And she reached up and pulled him down and placed a feather light kiss on his lips. Drawing back Liz said, “Remember now?” Max nodding his head, “I think its coming back to me. Let me try that again to make sure.” Max leaned down and kissed Liz. Like every other kiss that Max and Liz shared, it started out soft and slow but gradually escalated into passionate. Liz ran her hands up Max’s arms and around his neck where she played with his hair. Max had his hands around her back. Liz’s top had ridden up and exposed skin that was driving Max crazy.

Liz let out a soft moan as she felt Max’s hands on her bare skin and clung even harder to him driving her breasts into his chest. The feel of Liz crushed against him, and the sound of her moan as their tongues dueled was a true test of Max’s control. One hand was tangled in Liz’s hair while the other one roamed up and down her back caressing her soft skin.

“Liz, are you in here?” Grandma Claudia asked as she walked into Liz’s room. She glanced around and not seeing her started for the door to her balcony where she thought she heard some movement.

Just as she reached the door a disheveled Liz, hair tousled, eyes glazed met her grandmother at the door. “Hi, grandma? Can I help you?”

Grandma Claudia edged out onto the balcony and looked around, “No, just came to spend some time with my granddaughter.” Looking back at Liz she asked, “I didn’t catch you at a bad time did I?”

Liz shook her head before answering, “No, you picked a great time. I was just getting done with, my…”

“Homework? I heard you tell your mother you were doing some homework.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m done. It was easier than I thought.” Liz patted her mouth as she tried to stifle a fake yawn. “I was just going to come in and get ready for bed. School tomorrow.”

“Oh, I don’t want to keep you up. I guess I’ll just say good night then.”

“I’m really sorry Grandma, I guess the game and the shopping trip really wiped me out.” Liz again placed her hand over a fake yawn.

As Grandma Claudia turned to go back into the house she turned her head towards the trellis and sang out, “Good night Max,” then walked into the house, leaving a shocked Liz standing at the door.

October 7, 2001 – What a day. Had a great time with Liz at the game. Found out afterwards just how great Grandma Claudia is. Liz and I got lost in each other and she didn’t seem to mind. I almost fell off the trellis when she said good night to me. After she went inside Liz came over and we quickly said goodnight.

I was planning on killing my sister. I really didn’t want my mother to find out about Liz just yet. But thanks to Isabel, mom and dad know about Liz. Not just that I have a girlfriend, but also that it’s Liz. Now mom wants her to come to dinner. I’ll have to hide the Martha Stewart magazines when she does.

I guess I wanted to keep Liz secret a bit longer because I wanted to get used to the idea of having her in my life. I wanted to keep her all to myself without others getting in the way. I guess that plan’s down the tubes.

I was really shocked when Liz told me about the ring I made her. I wish I knew what the symbol meant. I know it must be something from my past, but what? Should we go talk to this guy River Dog? Does he know anything? Is the information dangerous? Is it some sort of trap? I’ll have to think long and hard about what to do with this chance of finding out some information about us.

Oh God. Tomorrow will be the first day back at school since Carrie saw Liz and I. What will people be saying? I hate that we’ll be the topic of the hottest gossip at West Roswell. But, we’ll be together. That should make it worthwhile.


Oh, and Pegleg? I give up. I look ahead and all I can see is your dust.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for all of the great feedback. It really blew me away.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

I know, I know. Its about damn time! I’m sorry, this part just did not want to be written. Thanks goes out to Jen, without her help this would still be a blank screen.

Part 22

October 7, 2001 – How embarrassing. Grandma caught us. Max was hanging out on the trellis and I was probably as red as a cherry tomato. Not only do Max and I practically make out in front of her this afternoon after the game but she catches us out on the balcony too. UGH! Just kill me now.

Tomorrow school’s going to be even worse. There isn’t going to be one person giving us a hard time but the whole student body is going to be dishing it out. Can I say it again? I won’t, not yet, anyway.

I don’t know if I should make a big deal out of it or not but we didn’t really decide whether or not we were going to go visit River Dog again or not. I’ll ask Max again, we sort of got side stepped from the topic. I don’t quite remember how it happened but it did.

There is no way that I’m going to survive tomorrow. No way. This is going to be so embarrassing.

Max came hurrying into the kitchen Monday morning and headed straight for the coffee maker. He poured himself a cup of coffee, and was in the process of adding cream and sugar when he heard, “Well, good morning to you too.” As Max turned towards his sister she shot out, “Gees Max, rude much?”

Isabel had been sitting at the kitchen table finishing her breakfast while reading up on the latest winter fashions when her brother had shot past. Max never usually ignored people. As he turned to look at her she could tell he was really nervous about something. “What’s going on Max? Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Sorry, Iz. It’s just that I want to hurry up and get to school before Liz gets there. I don’t want her to have to greet the masses by herself.” Max didn’t want to tell Isabel the real reason and he was skirting the problem very well. He knew she was going to demand more from him.

“Liz is a big girl. She’s gone to school without you holding her hand for almost four years now.” Isabel glanced at Max’s face, “Wait, what’s the problem now? I thought the two of you were going to take things slow.” Isabel took a drink of her juice and then got up and deposited all of the dirty dishes into the sink. “Come on Max, what happened?”

“Well…” He started nervously.

“What? Just spit it out already.” Isabel snapped, losing patience, “I know something is up. You look like hell. You’ve been up all night worrying over something so you might as well just let me in on it.” Seeing the look on her brother’s face Isabel relented a bit and continued in a kinder tone, “Maybe I can help you a little.” Isabel washed her hands and was in the process of drying them when Diane walked in.

“Help with what, sweetheart?” Diane went to the coffee pot and grabbed a cup off the stand and proceeded to pour herself a cup of coffee.

“Nothing.” Max shot out and grabbed his sister and pulled her out of the kitchen. “We gotta go. See you when we get home. Don’t worry about supper, we’re going to the Crashdown to eat.” The two teens were immediately out the door.

“Thanks a lot. You are enjoying my squirming way too much. Can you just cut me some slack?” Max jumped into the Jeep and started it, while he spoke to Isabel.

“So.” She said chuckling a little as she too jumped into the Jeep. “I’m just getting back at you for all the times you and dad made comments about my dates. Payback is hell, Max. Remember that next time.”

“Well, thanks to you I’m running behind schedule. I just have this bad feeling that this morning is going to be rough.”

“Is that the reason you told mom we weren’t going to be home for dinner tonight?”

“Yeah, and I think there is something that we need to talk about together as a group. I’ll let you know more at lunch today.” Max parked the Jeep and was immediately heading for the double doors that led to the hall that Liz’s locker was.

He rounded the corner and realized that he was too late. Liz was storming down the hall with both Kyle and Maria staring after her. Max stopped and watched the rest of the scene unfold. Kyle had said something and Maria slapped him across the face. The crowd that had gathered roared even louder than when Liz had left. He wondered what had happened. He would kick himself if Kyle had said something to Liz and had hurt her feelings. He would have to catch up to her in first period. He didn’t have that much time before the bell rang anyway and he had to get his books out of his locker.

* * * *


Liz walked down the hallway with Maria towards her locker. They had been waiting outside for Max and Isabel to arrive but the snickering and whispers of the students as they passed them soon drove them inside. Liz knew that all the whispering had to do with her and Max.

“Can you believe the nerve of some people? They never mind their own business.” Maria said loud enough for all the students who were walking the hall to get the idea that they needed to keep their comments and whispers to themselves.

“Maria, you don’t have to do that. I’m a big girl and sooner or later I’m just going to have to face the music.” It wasn’t so much the gossip about her and Max but the whispering concerning her scar and how could Max stand to look at her with it. She was just wishing that he were here to give her the peace of mind that always came when they were together.

“Chica, you’re my best friend. You know I have your back.” Maria said in a confidential tone, “I just hate it when people, don’t mind their own business.” She again raised her voice above the noise in the hallway.

They stopped in front of her locker and Liz took her backpack off her shoulder and started shuffling books to and from the pack. She grabbed the books that she needed for her first three classes. That way she wouldn’t have to travel the halls that much. She would just have to trek to the next class rather than stopping at her locker. The less she heard the better.

Maria was noticing that Liz had been really quiet since they got to Liz’s locker. “I am sooo going to kick Carrie’s ass. I don’t know what’s so special about this. I mean…” Maria thought about it and then realized that the reason it was spreading so fast was because someone had caught the catch of the school. Max Evans had been caught, hook, line and sinker and by no other than, Liz Parker… That was what was going on. It had nothing to do with Liz’s scar and everything to do with who they were.

Liz was from a born rich family while Max’s family earned every red cent in the bank. They were two opposites from everyone else’s point of view. And for Liz to be the first girl that Max was caught with….. Well, that was what was so appealing to the gossip that was going around.

“Maria. Don’t go doing anything rash. This will pass and you kicking Carrie’s ass is only going to make things worse.”

“Well, well, well. Tell me my ears are lying to me.” Kyle glided up to where Liz and Maria were standing and leaned in next to Liz’s locker with his arms crossed.

“What do you want, Kyle?” Liz asked as she slammed her locker door.

“Well, I came into school and what was the first thing I heard this morning… My girl Liz Parker dumped me for Max Evans.”

“Kyle! I’m not your girl! How many times do I have to tell you that.” Liz was getting upset. Kyle had a thick skull and the nerve of him coming to her at her locker and telling her what she was doing wrong.

She began to storm off but was grabbed by his firm grip. “Look Liz. I’m sorry you had your accident and I guess you must have banged your head or something to pick Max Evans over me, but our parents want us together. You know we’re perfect for each other. So when you get tired of doing the lawn boy and you decide you want a real man my door is always open.”

Liz was stunned by what he was saying, could this guy be any denser? Her shock at what he just said wore off and her only reaction was to slap his face and storm off.

* * * *

Liz had gone into the restroom to get away from the probing eyes. As she sat in a stall she heard a group of girls enter and she could tell that she and Max were the topic of discussion. “Liz must be paying him to tutor her or something. Why else would she ditch Kyle for Max Evans. It’s not like he’s this really social guy or anything.” She heard Pam Troy say.

“Come on Pam, you’ve been trying to get a date with Max for years.”

“Yeah, well I wasn’t dating Kyle Valenti was I? Max is definitely hot, I have to give Parker that much.”

Pam’s friend Heather asked, “But Liz is the smartest girl in school. Why would she need help?”

“She may appear smart, but I wonder how much Daddy’s money helps when it comes to grade time.” Pam retorted. “Maybe she isn’t as smart as we all think.” Pam thought for a bit longer, “Why else would Max date someone with a scar like that? Max Evans never dates anyone, she must be paying him.”

Liz sat there getting angrier and angrier. Why couldn’t she and Max get together because they like each other? Why does there have to be some hidden reason? Finally hearing enough Liz opened the door and strolled out. Walking up to an unused sink Liz started to wash her hands.

After the stall door had opened and Liz walked out, you could hear a pin drop in the room. The rest of the girls in the room held their breaths waiting to see what Liz said. They all knew that Pam and Liz hated each other and Liz couldn’t help but hear what Pam had been saying.

Liz finished washing and drying her hands and started to touch up her lip gloss before turning to Pam, “Pam, just for your information, I don’t need Max’s help to maintain straight A’s. And to put your mind at rest, I’m not with Max Evans for his help in school, one look at Max should convince you that he has other ‘assets’ besides his brain.”

Looking at the shock on Pam’s face she decided to throw a dig at Kyle, “As to why I ditched Kyle? He just wasn’t satisfying me.” As she turned to walk towards the door she continued, “Max is much better at giving me all I could want and more.” As she opened the door, her parting shot was, “Pam, why don’t you give Kyle a try, he would be perfect for you.”

* * * * *

Liz walked into her first period class just as the bell rang. She walked over to the lab station she shared with Max and slammed her backpack on the table. Max had watched her storm into the class and asked, “What did Kyle do this morning?”

“Not much, he was just being Kyle. He’s not the only reason I’m mad.” Liz shook her head, “Damn, her and her big mouth.”

“Who? Carrie?”

“No, Pam Troy. She was holding court in the bathroom. She and her friends were trying to figure out why we were together. The consensus is that I’m paying you to tutor me. It’s the only reason you’d date someone with a scar like mine.”

Max reached for Liz’s hand and he could feel her tense under its weight. She was starting to believe what everyone was saying. “Liz, I’m sorry you have to put up with all this because of me. I didn’t realize we would cause so much gossip.”

Liz returned Max’s squeeze of her hand when she heard his apology. She just needed to feel him. To touch him and all this crazy mess would disappear. “I really don’t care Max. There’s nothing that Pam Troy can say to hurt me. Get me pissed off? Yeah, but as long as we’re together, she can’t hurt me.” Liz forced a small smile and started to flip through her notebook.

“How about Kyle, what did he do? Maria said you smacked him?” Max asked.

“Like I said, he was being Kyle. He said something that got me mad and I hit him. End of story.”

Just as Max was going to respond the teacher breezed into the room, “Sorry I’m late people. Please open your lab manuals to page 78 and start reading the purpose of today’s lab.” As soon as the teacher had walked in Max and Liz’s hands had flew apart as they both turned to face the front of the class.

* * * * *

Max and Liz paused at the door to the cafeteria. They could hear the dull roar of the students as they talked during the lunch period. Max and Liz stood holding hands as Max looked down at Liz, “Ready?”

Liz looked up at Max and gave him a nervous smile. “Sure, let’s get this over with.”

As Max and Liz walked into the room the noise slowly died down as heads turned towards the door. Students looked at the new couple walking in then over to the jock table to see the expression on Kyle’s face.

Liz followed the gaze of the other students and looked over at Kyle. Seeing who was draped all over him she nudged Max and indicated the table, “Damn, Pam is fast. I thought it would take at least until tomorrow for her to attach herself to Kyle.”

Knowing the eye’s of the students were on him Kyle ignored Liz and Max and turned and gave Pam a kiss.

The noise level in the cafeteria returned to normal as Max and Liz made their way over to their friends and sat down.

“Hopefully Carrie will move on to the new Troy-Valenti relationship and leave Max and I alone.” Liz said to Maria.

“No way that will happen.” Maria responded. “That’s old news, a jock and Pam Troy? What’s so interesting about that?”

Liz sighed, “I guess you’re right. Hopefully something else will come up.”

As they were sitting there Max saw Isabel walking in with her usual group. “Hey, Izzie. Come here a minute.” He called over to her.

Isabel turned an icy stare at Max and then said something to her friends and walked over. “I thought we weren’t going to use that name outside our house Max.” Isabel said icily.

Warming up a bit Isabel looked directly at Alex, “Hi, Alex. How is everything?” And gave him a smile.

Before a flustered Alex could untie his tongue and answer, Max jumped in, “Oh, gees Isabel. I’m really sorry about that. I’ll definitely remember in the future.” Max responded, clearly not sorry. “Anyway, we have something we have to discuss later. Will you be available?”

“Not today Max. I have to …” Isabel started to respond.

“Iz, it’s important.” Max started to argue. Before he could say more Liz put her hand on his arm, “We have time Max. We don’t have to talk about it until later in the week.”

Looking at Liz then back to Isabel, “I guess we’ll talk about it later. Have fun with your buddies.”

Isabel threw a fake smile on her face and turned to go back her group.

“Man, did the temperature just go back up when she left or is it me?” Michael joked.

Liz chuckled, “She isn’t that bad Michael.”

“Speak for yourself.” Maria shot out.

“I didn’t think she was so bad.” Alex threw into the conversation.

Maria smirked, “Rein in those hormones Alex, they won’t do you any good.”

* * * * *

Max and Michael wandered in to the locker room to get ready for soccer practice. They passed the rows of lockers that the football team had claimed as their own. They noticed where Kyle and his close buddies had set their equipment bags down when the football coaches started going through the room telling the players that a team meeting was about to start.

The football players raced out of the room in response to the coach’s call and the soccer players started to filter out of the room to practice. Max grabbed Michael’s arm as he stood up to leave, “Wait a minute. Now is our chance.”

Michael looked at Max questioningly, “What do you mean, what chance?”

Reaching into his locker Max came out with a tin that he showed to Michael, Cayenne Pepper. “Time to make a few football players uncomfortable. Come on.”

“Wait, I thought we were keeping a low profile? It hasn’t been that long.” Michael asked.

“Is that the voice of reason I’m hearing?” Max asked as he looked at Michael with a raised eyebrow. “We won’t get a chance like this again. Come on.”

Sneaking over to the aisle where he had seen Kyle drop his gear bag, Max picked out the one he was looking for, “Find Tommy’s and Gary’s and give me their jocks.” Michael realized what Max had in mind and a grin spread across his face.

“Wait until they start to sweat.” Max said. Michael and Max worked through the bags of the players who had cornered Max in the bathroom. As they turned to go a thought struck Max. He turned back to Kyle’s bag and dug out a cleat, “Make sure nobody’s watching Michael.” He then held the shoe and his hand glowed for a second. He placed the shoe back in Kyle’s bag and the two guys left the locker room.

“What was that last thing about?”

“That cleat is now smaller than the other. Kyle may think it’s a little tight, but since it’s the same as the other he’ll wear it. At the end of practice he should have some winner blisters.”

* * * * *

Max and Michael came wandering out of the showers as the football team came streaming into the room. Kyle and his friends had led the pack and were tearing at their shorts as they entered the locker room. Kyle was moving with a decided limp.

Michael turned to Max and smiled seeing the pain that was written across the faces of Max’s tormentors. “Got to watch out for you quiet guys. You really know how to make someone suffer.”

“Yeah, well. I can’t stand around and gloat. I have to drop some notes off at Liz’s.”

* * * * *

Max walked up to the front door of the Parker’s and rang the doorbell. He waited a moment and Juanita opened the door, “Is Liz available?” He asked.

Opening the door wider she nodded her head, “She’s in her room. Should I tell her you’re here?”

“No, I just have some lab notes to give her.” As Max walked into the house he saw Mrs. Parker walking across the hall and waved. Nancy turned, gave Max a brief smile as she walked over.

“Hi, I guess you’re here to see Liz?”

“Yeah, I picked up her lab notes by mistake. She’ll need them for her report.”

Nancy smiled at Max, “Picked them up by mistake? You know Freud had a lot to say about little mistakes like that.”

Seeing Max’s face turned red Nancy had mercy on him, “Liz just got back from her therapy. She’s pretty sore so you better go up to her room. I don’t want her walking down the stairs.”

“Thanks Mrs. Parker. I’ll take them right up.”

Nancy watched Max trot up the stairs with a smile on her face. ’He is a really nice boy.’

Max walked up to Liz’s closed door and knocked. Liz came to the door and opened it. When she saw Max her whole face lit up with a wide smile. “I didn’t know you’d stop by tonight.”

Waving her notes at her Max replied, “Your notes, I grabbed them by mistake.” Max waited a beat before continuing, “Of course your mother thinks I did it on purpose.”

Liz chuckled, “Well did you?”

“No, but if I would have if I thought of it.” Max smiled wide as he raised his left eyebrow up showing that he could be devious if it came down to it.

As Liz turned back into her room a look of pain flashed across her face.

Max was instantly by her side, shutting the door behind him. “Liz? What’s wrong? Are you okay?” His arm was looped under her shoulder and around her waist in an instant.

“I’m fine. I just twisted the wrong way. I think I stretched a muscle too far. It wasn’t ready for that movement yet.” Liz was fighting the tears in her eyes. She didn’t want to have Max see her cry.

He sat her down on the bed. “You’ll probably be better if you lie down. That way there won’t be any pressure on it.” Liz laid back and took deep cleansing breaths to try and get her focus off the throbbing pain. “Better?”

Liz smiled and shook her head, yes. Max looked her over carefully and he knew she was lying to him. “You’re not fooling me.” He said as he eyed her.

“I know but I don’t want you to see me cry. Therapy was pretty rough today. I think they tried to make me scream or something. I’ll be fine by the morning.” Liz smiled at him again. “Do you want to sit down?” She attempted to scoot over so there would be enough room for him to sit beside her.

“Liz, we have to do something about your hip. I hate it that you’re in pain.” He couldn’t stand to see her suffer like she was.

“It’s healing Max. It feels better everyday.” Liz responded. “We’re supposed to let it heal naturally.” She looked up at him and put a reassuring hand on his arm.

Max let out a sigh, and turning away from her and pacing in the small room, “But what if it doesn’t? What if there’s something that doesn’t respond to therapy?”

“I… I… don’t know.” Liz said as she shrugged. “I’ll just have to trust the therapist that she knows what she is doing. I’ll mention it to her on Wednesday she may ask the doctor’s opinion and everything will be okay.”

Turning back to Liz, Max walked up and took Liz’s hands in his. “I think I have an idea. Do you trust me?”

Liz nodded her head slowly. “You know I do.”

“Good.” Max replied. “I want to try something. Okay?”

Liz again nodded her head, “What?”

Max leaned in and looked into her eyes, “You know how you’re developing powers?”

When Liz slowly nodded, “I want to see if you could heal yourself.”

“What? You have to be kidding. That would be just way too weird.” Liz responded. When she saw the look on Max’s face she quickly continued, “Weird for me Max. I didn’t mean to …”

Max quieted her down, “That’s okay Liz. I know what you mean.” Still looking at Liz, “I think we should try.” Still seeing the nervousness in her eyes he continued, “Hey, come on. Where’s the scientist in you? Where’s the Liz Parker that wants to know how the universe ticks.” He tried to joke.

“I thought I’d be experimenting on something else, not myself.” Liz replied. Looking at Max she made a decision, “Okay. What do I have to do?”

Max smiled at Liz. She couldn’t stop herself; she had to know if she could do this. He turned so that he was sitting facing her and took her hand. “Okay, remember how we connected? Take deep breaths, and try to make your mind blank out. Don’t think about what’s around you.” Max thought a second. “Its probably a good thing that your hip is sore. It gives you a target to search for.”

“Ready now?” Max asked, when Liz nodded he continued, “Breathe slowly, let your mind blank out.” He saw Liz start to relax, “Look inside of yourself, search for the source of the pain. See if you can find out what’s wrong.”

Max watched Liz closely. She seemed to be relaxed but a sheen of sweat started to form on her forehead. Her breathing started to speed up and then her eyes flew open. “I found it. I found what was wrong but couldn’t fix it.”

“Okay, that’s fine.” Max tried to calm Liz down. “You were able to find the problem?”

Liz nodded her head, “It’s the joint, there’s a small tear.”

“That’s fine Liz. Let’s try again.” Max smiled at Liz reassuringly. “At least you found the problem. Now let’s fix it. When you find the problem you have to think about the repair, what it needs to be whole.” Gripping Liz’s hand in both of his Max said, “I’m going to try to help a bit this time.”

Liz again started to relax. As her breathing slowed, Max was able to form a connection with her and followed her as she guided him to the source of her pain; together they were able to heal the problem with the hip. As Liz again opened her eyes and looked at Max she said in awe, “I can’t believe that I can do that. It’s unbelievable.”

“Yeah, it is.” Max answered quietly. They sat there a moment as they absorbed what they had done together.

Liz got up from the bed and started to walk around her room testing her hip. “Wow, I can’t believe I did it.”

“Remember, you have to keep limping.” Max nudged her. “We can’t have anymore miraculous recoveries.”

Liz smiled at Max, “Yeah, no miracles.”

Max got up and took Liz into his arms. “I have to get home. My mother will wonder where I am.”

“Yeah, okay.” She stood in Max’s arms and as she looked up she saw his head lowering towards hers. Max tried to make it a light kiss, but Liz was still able to feel the love behind it. She reached up and locked her hands behind his neck as the kiss deepened. When the kiss eventually ended, Liz and Max separated and held hands as Max walked to Liz’s door, he leaned down again and gave her a quick kiss and a smile.

As Max turned to leave Liz stopped him, “Max, I have something to ask you.”

Turning back to Liz, “Yeah, sure, what is it?”

“I know we’ve just gotten together, and I know you’re pretty shy and don’t like big crowds, and I’ve never seen you go to…” Liz started to ask Max.

Max chuckled and reached over and ran his hand tenderly down the side of Liz’s face, “Liz, what is it? You’re babbling, ask me your question.”

Taking a deep breath Liz asked, “The Winter Gala at the country club. Will you be my date?”

Max’s face dropped. He saw how much it meant to Liz. “I’m really sorry Liz, I can’t. I’m going to be busy that night. I’m really sorry.”

“No, no. If you’re busy that’s all right. It’s just that my mother is in charge this year and won’t let me get out of going. If you’re busy…”

“I really wish I could go but I promised this person months ago that I’d…”

“Max, its okay. It’s no big deal.” Liz answered then reached up and gave Max a good night kiss.

Max gave Liz a hug and another kiss before turning to leave.

October 8, 2001 – I can’t believe we were able to do it. I can’t believe we were able to get Liz to heal her hip. I thought it might be possible, she did have some powers, but to be able to heal herself so soon? With almost no training? Wow.

Gees, Kyle. What am I going to do about him? Originally I thought of him as a stupid ally. He was such a jerk to Liz that he drove her away. Right to me. Now he’s a major pain in the ass. But at least I had a bit of revenge. Too bad he doesn’t know who did it. And I don’t think he’s smart enough to figure it out.

Damn, it was fun getting back at him. No wonder Michael plays his little tricks on people. With Kyle as a target this could get addicting.

The Winter Gala. Roswell’s premier society function. And Liz wanted me as a date. I wish I hadn’t promised to be a waiter. There’s no way they will be able to find someone to replace me. It never dawned on me when I agreed to work that I would be invited to attend by Liz. I didn’t even know that she felt anything for me. And she had always gone with Kyle.

Well, at least I can be there to support her. I’ll be floating around handing out canape’s and if I spend a little more time next to Liz? Who cares? I just know that Liz will need someone there for support. She still thinks that the scar is something to be ashamed of. She doesn’t realize that she’s still the most beautiful girl in Roswell. (Sorry Isabel.)

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thank you for your patience and all the great feedback.

Oh, and this story would not be here without the help of Jenn, BordersInsanity.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 23

October 8, 2001 – UGH! I didn’t think this day could get any worse. Not only did I have to deal with the whispering and the gossip all day but when I asked Max to go to the Gala he said he had prior commitments. What? I didn’t want to ask since he didn’t offer but I figure it has to be something important if he won’t even consider breaking them for me.

Where are my friends when I need them? I called Maria and she wasn’t home. Amy said something about a science project being due tomorrow… Maria didn’t tell me about any science project. She must be with Michael. That’s the only logical explanation. So I called best friend number two. Alex was at band practice and Mr. Whitman said that he would tell him to call me.

I’m drowning and there isn’t anyone that I can talk to. Grandma and mom were arguing when I came home. I only caught bits and pieces but it was something about mom going back to work. Well I’m surprised that mom lasted as long as she did. I don’t want to burden grandma about things although I know she wouldn’t mind. The journal’s just going to have to do. Take out all my frustrations here in private.

I don’t know how to react around Max tomorrow. It just seemed really weird that he just didn’t hop on the chance to go to the Gala with me. I wonder if it has anything to do with all the gossip and the whispering. Maybe he’s thinking twice about dating me. Maybe Pam was right. Maybe Max was dating me because he feels sorry for me.

That can’t be it. When Max kisses me its just…It’s just...

Gees, I’m acting like a spoiled brat. So he can’t go to a stupid affair with me. But it would be so nice if Max was there. I really need him there.

I don’t want to think about this anymore. Maybe I’m just overreacting.

“Hey, Chica!” Maria chirped as she popped up next to Liz.

Liz jumped when Maria first arrived but then went back to exchanging books in her locker, “Hi, Maria. Why do you have to be so happy this morning?”

“Come on Liz, it’s a beautiful day.” Maria responded before she finally got a look at Liz and saw that she wasn’t her usual happy self. “What’s wrong? You seem down.” Looking around, “Where’s Prince Charming?”

“Oh, he’ll be here. You know Isabel, every hair in place. It drives Max nuts that he has to wait for her.” Liz couldn’t believe that she hadn’t said anything about not returning her phone call.

“Okay, I still want to know what’s wrong.” Mara continued her inquisition, “We’re in school, it’s a great day, Max will be here any minute. Sounds like a perfect day in Lizland.”

“Yeah, well…if you would have returned my call last night you would know what was wrong with me this morning.”

“What! You called last night.” Liz shook her head at the way Maria was acting. She slapped her head. “I totally forgot. I’m so sorry.”

“Forget about it. I know there isn’t any science project due. I didn’t let your mom know although I would have if I thought that you would have forgotten to call me back. Anyway…” Liz started she saw Maria lean forward to listen, “Max stopped over last night. He had taken my notes by mistake.”

At that Maria snorted, “Yeah right. By mistake.” Maria stifled a laugh when Liz shot her a killer glare.

“Maria, do you want to hear this?” Liz asked, seeing Maria nod, “God, that’s the same thing my mother said. Can’t we make a mistake without everyone accusing?”

“No,” Maria cut in. “Not now. Not the way the two of you look at each other.” Maria imitated her version of Max and Liz staring into each other’s eyes.

Liz slapped at her “Thanks Maria.” Liz sneered, “Your support is noted. Anyway, Max came over to drop off my notes. I asked him to the Gala and he said he couldn’t go. Some previous commitment or something.”

While Liz told Maria about her talk with Max the night before Maria noticed Liz was nervously playing with her hair. Since Maria had known Liz, one of the sure signs that Liz was nervous was her playing with her hair; she had a nervous habit of pushing it behind her ear. This time Liz was still playing with her hair but she was pulling it forward and nervously using it to cover her scar.

“Let me get this straight, Max refused to spend time with you?” Maria asked, while Liz responded with a nod Maria’s face lit up, “Oh, the Gala. Max has a commitment the night of the Gala?”

“Yeah, he didn’t tell me what it was and I didn’t ask. I was pretty upset and couldn’t get over the fact that he didn’t say yes.” Shaking her head, “My mother will probably try to get me to go with Kyle.” Liz shivered and made a face. “I can’t believe I dated him for all that time. Gees, I must have been crazy.”

“Or lonely. Waiting for Mr. Clueless to notice you could wear on you.” Maria thought a moment, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

“How… what are you going to do Maria?” Liz didn’t like it. Whenever Maria got that look on her face things always got screwed up.

Maria leaned in and rested her hand on Liz’s arm, “Max is supposed to work at the Gala. He promised my mom he would. I’ll just get him out of it.” Maria thought for a moment as she tapped her finger on the side of her face, “It may be a problem but I think I can do it. Just leave everything to me and don’t say a word until I know for sure.”

“But why didn’t Max think he could get out of it? And why didn’t he just tell me his reason for not wanting to go to the Gala with me?”

“He’s being Max. You know, Mr. Reliable? He promised my mother he’d work the affair, its two weeks before Christmas and everybody and their brother is having a party. Waiters and waitresses are really hard to come by.” Maria explained. “He doesn’t want to leave my mother short handed. She needs all she can get at the club.” Resting her hand on Liz’s arm she said, “Look… I’ll talk to Max. I’ll straighten this out.”

“Maria, don’t let Max know I talked to you. He doesn’t have to know what a spoiled brat I’m being?” Liz told Maria.

“You’re not being a spoiled brat. I know there’s more to it than trying to get your way. I’m not your best friend for nothing, I know what having Max there will mean to you.”

Liz smiled and took Maria into a hug as she answered, “Thanks Ria, I knew I could count on you.”

As they broke their hug Maria noticed a smile light up Liz’s face as it took on its “Max look”. She didn’t even have to turn to see who it was when she heard a soft “Hey” from behind her. Looking over her shoulder she smiled at Max before saying, “Morning Prince Charming.”

Max didn’t take his eyes off of Liz as he answered, “Morning Maria. How is everything?”

“Oh, fine, fine. I was…” Maria started before she noticed that Max wasn’t paying attention, “I’ll just go find Mikey G.” She said as she glanced back at Liz, “See you at lunch.”

The movement of Maria starting to walk away broke Liz out of her trance, “Oh, yeah, see you at lunch ‘Ria.” Waiting a beat, “Oh, and thank you for your help.”

Maria smiled and waved in response just before the crowd in the hall swallowed her up.

“Gees, I thought she would never leave.” Max said with a smile on his face indicating the joke. He moved closer and Liz could feel the temperature in the hallway rise. Max reached up and ran his hand under her hair along the side of her face. Liz tilted her face into his hand as she reached up and covered his hand with hers.

Max leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Pulling back he looked in her eyes before closing in for a second kiss. As their lips came together they both opened up and their tongues started to duel.

“God, would you look at that crap? It’s like watching one of those lousy chick flicks. It’s enough to make you want to hurl.” They both heard Kyle say from a cross the hall.

Slowly pulling away Max turned to Kyle, “Then don’t watch.” Noticing Kyle was with his usual posse, “Don’t you guys have some steroids to take or iron to pump?”

“Funny Evans, really funny. We have a lot to do.” Kyle snapped back.

“Then do it.” Max looked down at Liz then back at Kyle, “Unless of course you’re taking notes?”

Max saw the frown deepen on Kyle’s face as he started to take a step toward Max.

“Hey, how’s everything going.” Michael said as he arrived with Maria. Turning to Kyle, “Hi Kyle, what happened to you car? There’s a big scratch down the side.”

Michael was rewarded with Kyle’s look of shock. “What, my car? I’ll kill whoever hurt my car.” He yelled as he turned to head off towards the exit into the parking lot.

Max looked at Michael shaking his head, “You, didn’t….”

Michael smiled, “No, no way. As far as I know his car is in perfect shape.” Chuckling a bit, “I just thought I’d have some fun with him.”

The four friends laughed and Max said, “You know he’s going to want some payback for that, don’t you?”

Michael just smiled at Max, “Let the games begin.”

* * * * * *

The six friends made their various ways out to the bleachers. They had decided at lunch to hold the meeting that Max had requested, after school but before most of them had their practices. Isabel, of course, was the last to arrive. “Okay, I’m here. What’s so important that we all have to meet?” She said as she took a seat.

Max and Liz were standing together facing their seated friends. Liz looked at Max and at his nod she started, “Um, Sunday I went shopping at the reservation with my mother and grandmother. And I was looking at some jewelry when my grandma introduced me to a guy called River Dog.” Max took hold of Liz’s hand for support and she squeezed it gently and continued. “When I shook his hand he noticed my ring.”

“So.” Isabel was in one of her moods and they all knew it too well and knew well not to push her.

“He wanted to know where it came from because the symbolism on the ring was something that he had never seen before on any of his people’s work.”

“What does this have to do with us?” Isabel crossed her arms across her chest and crossed her legs as well.

“Max made the ring and gave it to me when I found out about who you really were.” Liz looked at Max. She knew she had just gotten him in trouble with his sister but she didn’t know what else to say. He smiled and squeezed her hand to show that it was okay. That she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Before Isabel could say anything, Max began. “He wanted to meet the person that gave Liz her ring. He was very interested in it. I think he might know something and I think we should meet him to see what he can tell us about the symbol and whatever else he may know about.”

“What? Go to the reservation? No way. Absolutely no way.” Isabel snapped as she jumped to her feet. “Do you want to advertise? There’s no way we should advertise who we are.”

Max started to reply but Isabel continued, “You made her a ring?” Isabel asked while pointing her finger at Liz. “And she’s been walking around for how many weeks?” Turning towards Liz she held out her hand, “Here, give it to me.” Isabel made a come here gesture. “You can’t wear it anymore.” Liz looked at Max to see if he thought the same way.

“Calm down Isabel.” Max tried to reason with her. “Liz is not going to give up her ring.” Max was rewarded with a relieved sigh from Liz. “As far as we know it doesn’t mean anything. This guy, River Dog, probably just thinks it’s some new design he’s never seen and wants more information on it. He’s supposed to be an expert.”

“Max, that symbol means something. We all recognize it, you, me, Michael. That can’t be a coincidence. I vote that we hide the ring, and forget there’s any interest in it.”

“Isabel, this is a chance to find out something about us. It may be a lead to who we are.” Max tried to reason with her. “We don’t know anything about ourselves. We have to follow this lead.” Turning to Michael for support, “Right Michael?”

Michael just nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah… I say we keep searching for the cave we came out of. But we need to be careful with what we reveal around this River Dog guy. Who knows maybe he will help us find it.”

At the mention of a cave Liz’s head shot up, “Cave? What cave?”

“Max never told you?” Michael looked to Max and Max just shrugged. “We came out of these pod things that were hidden in a cave. We keep looking for it but have never found it.”

Liz started to get excited, “Where was the cave? Could it be near the reservation?”

Max noticed Liz’s excitement and responded, “My parents picked Isabel and I up on a dirt road near the reservation. They had been out in the desert stargazing away from the city lights. It could have been near the reservation, why?”

“My mother and grandmother were talking about River Dog. My mother mentioned that she remembered that River Dog and my grandmother had a big fight over exploring a cave on the reservation. He told my grandmother that it was full of evil spirits.”

“So, what’s that have to do with us?” Michael asked, not getting the connection.

“Michael, he wouldn’t let my grandmother into the cave. Grandma said that River Dog believed in evil spirits as much as we believe in the tooth fairy.” Liz explained. Not seeing a light go on in Michael’s eyes, “He wanted to keep grandma out of there. It may have been your cave.”

Michael looked at Max, “If she’s right we have to look into this. You’ll have to see River Dog.”

Before Max could reply Isabel broke in, “Why, what’s so important about the cave.”

“Iz, we have to find out who we are. Why we’re here.” Seeing the tears starting to glisten in her eyes, “Don’t you want to know where our home is?”

Isabel crossed her arms across her chest, “That’s just it Max. This is ‘MY’ home. This is the home I know. Let’s just leave it at that.”

“Iz, we have to…” Max started to reason with Isabel. Before he could go any further Liz cut in.

“Isabel, I’ll go out to the reservation. I’ll talk to River Dog and find out why he’s so interested in the ring. None of you have to be in danger.”

Isabel snorted before snapping at Liz, “Yeah, look at him.” She said as she pointed to Max. “Do you really think he’ll let you go out there alone if he thinks there’s the slightest chance of you getting into trouble?”

“Okay, I’ll take, uh, Alex with me.” She indicated a shocked Alex. “Would that be all right?”

Isabel sat up a little straighter getting ready to argue further and before anyone could say another word, Max looked at his watch and said, “We’ve got to go to practice.”

“We do too.” Maria said. She stood up and walked to the end of the bleacher. “Let me know what you guys decide.” She waited for Liz and Max to part.

“I’ll call you later.” Max said as he grasped Liz around the neck and brought her in for a kiss. “I’m sorry about Isabel.”

“Don’t be. I understand.”

“No, I’ll see if there is something else bothering her.” They kissed and parted. Maria and Liz heading for the girl’s locker room while Max and Michael headed for the boy’s.

“So Isabel… ready for our tutoring session?” Alex wiggled his eyebrows up and down.

Isabel ignored the question and asked, “Are you all right with going out there with Liz?”

Alex flexed his arms, “I’m always available to protect my best friends.” He put on his meanest expression.

Isabel slapped his shoulder and then grabbed his arm. “I don’t know how you do it but you’re always able to get me into a better mood. Don’t ever change Alex.”

“I promise I won’t.”

* * * * * *

Maria walked into the kitchen at the Crashdown antennae bouncing. “Hey, Michael.” She leaned up against the refrigerator and tried her best to look seductive. “What do you have planned for December 15th?”

Michael gave Maria a quizzical look, “Why? What’s happening then?” He could tell, by the way she was looking at him that he wasn’t going to like what she had planned.

“I got you a job. Waiter. You’ll make lots of money.”

“Uh,uh. No way. I have a job. I just cook stuff. There’s no way I want to serve it too.” Michael turned back to the grill shaking his head. “Who wants to listen to the complaints.” And in a whiny voice, “Oh waiter, the vegetables are cold, or, oh waiter, the meat isn’t the right shade of pink.” Shaking his head again he added, “There’s no way that I want to put up with that crap.”

“Come on Michael, I’ll be working there too, we’ll have a lot of fun.”

“You’ll have a lot of fun, because I won’t be there.”

“Michael. Liz needs our help. She needs Max as a date to the Winter Gala and Max needs someone to fill in for him. You’re it.”

“No way, this isn’t tag.” Looking over at Maria, “How about your best friend Alex? Let him fill in.”

“Alex’s parents make him go to the thing too.”

“Perfect. Let him take Liz. It’s not like he could get a date anyway.”

Maria just shook her head at Michael as she moved closer, “You don’t understand. Liz has to walk into that nest of vipers and she needs all the support she can get. When she’s with Max she forgets all about her scar, her limp. He makes her feel whole.” Maria saw that some of what she was saying was getting through.

“Max can support her with his free hand while he holds a tray with the other. If Liz is in the room, Max ain’t moving far away anyway.”

“Guerin, give it up. You’re working the Gala. Liz needs you, Max needs you, I need you.”

“Yeah, yeah, My country needs me.” Michael cut off Maria’s whining. “Was that where this was going?”

Maria decided to change tack, wiggling her eyebrows she purred, “I’ll make it worth your while.”

Michael’s mouth went dry at the look in Maria’s eyes. Maria reached over and ran her hand down Michael’s arm, “Liz really needs Max’s support.” Maria gently pulled Michael to turn towards her. Michael’s eyes started to get a glazed look as he felt the nearness of her body and concentrated on Maria’s lips. He started to lean in for a kiss, seeming to be totally lost in the moment. As his lips got closer Maria whispered, “So you’ll do it Michael?”

“I don’t think so.” He whispered back to her as he gave her a quick peck on the lips and stepped back with a smirk on his face.

Maria jokingly smacked Michael on the chest, “That works when Liz does that to Max.”

“Yeah, well. Max is totally whipped.” Michael shot back.

“Michael, please. Liz is a friend of both of ours and…” Maria stopped when she heard the sigh of defeat coming from Michael.

Knowing there was no way he would win this argument he shook his head and looked up at the ceiling, “I know I’m going to regret this.” He waited a bit while he flipped a few burgers, “This is not going to work.” He mashed the spatula on the burgers, flattening them out. Looking over at Maria, “If I screw everything up its on your head.” He said as he pointed the spatula at her. “And I refuse to pay for anything I break.”

Maria squealed and launched herself at Michael, “You’ll do it?? You’ll really do it?”

Michael tried to maintain his stoic image and peeled Maria away from himself. “I have cooking to do. Do you want your customers to wait?”

Maria looked up at Michael saw the twinkle in his eyes, “Let them wait.” She then pulled his head down for a kiss that told him how much she would make it up to him. Michael didn’t wait for her to finish her move for he met her halfway. He had forgotten about being in the kitchen and about being in charge of the grill until he heard Agnes yelling about her order not being ready.

Michael pulled away and Maria straightened her uniform while she started to walk to the door leading into the dining room when Michael asked, “What day is this again?”

“Saturday, December 15th.” She answered.

Maria walked out to check on her customers as Michael went back to watching the grill. For some reason the date bothered him. The 15th huh? He thought. Finally it came to him, turning to the pass-through window he rang the bell to summon Maria. As she approached, “Can’t work that night. Big Hockey game. Edmonton – Montreal. Should be a real blood bath, the teams hate each other.”

Maria just looked at Michael, stunned. “A hockey game? Uh, uh, no, you already agreed. We kissed on it.”

“Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have kissed you.” He shot back as he turned to the grill.

October 9,2001 – Well the meeting went well. Not! Isabel is really spooked. But we have to do something. The best solution is for Liz and I to go out there. Liz is definitely not going out there alone. No! Way!

Michael’s phone call was a welcome relief. Now I can go to the Gala with Liz. I’ll probably hate it. Who ever thought up tuxedos was a sadist. I wonder how he knew I needed a replacement? And has he even waited tables before? Maybe I should call back and make sure he’ll know what he’s doing.

No, why look a gift horse in the mouth. Liz would never say anything but she was really disappointed that I couldn’t take her. I think I’ll call her and let her know that I can.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: I’m sorry this took so long. I had a busy weekend. Hope it’s worth the wait. Thank you for all of the great feedback.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 24

October 11, 2001 – There’s so much happening that I’m finding it more and more difficult to find time for myself. Me, smallest of small town girls, am busy. Between refereeing between grandma and mom I’m also trying to stay objective to Max and Isabel.

Max so desperately wants to go with me to search for the cave, while Isabel doesn’t want him or anyone else in our group to get involved. It’s not a matter of whether or not I go; it’s more of who’s going to go with me. I have every faith in Alex and know that he would be able to pull his weight in finding facts for the other three but Max just doesn’t want me to go without one of them there to protect me. I’m a big girl. I can handle whatever is out there.

My grandma wouldn’t be friends with a man that would harm people. If he knows something surely he would tell me. At least something. Grandma… I don’t know how she puts up with my mother. I thought they were doing better but after being away from her cell phone for almost two weeks I think my mom was going through withdrawals. Needless to say my grandma hasn’t been spending too much time at the house. I think she’s been going to the reservation. I so desperately want to ask her if she has worn River Dog down yet but I think that would bring unwanted attention to me and my motives of helping the others.

Maria has a big soccer game tomorrow and I’ll be once again on the sidelines. My therapy is going well. I want to just quit going but that too will bring unwanted attention to me. If I didn’t have any patience in the past I’m learning how to deal now. Everything that I want to do I have to weigh the consequences of what will happen. It’s not just me that will suffer but the others, that I have grown to cherish as family, will be pulled down with me.

The best thing about tomorrow is that it’s Friday and with the end of the week so close I can feel myself fantasizing about how Max and I will be spending every available moment this weekend together.

Liz was busy exchanging books in her locker when she heard a quiet “Hey” from behind her. Just the sound of his voice sent goosebumps up and down her arms and made her smile from ear to ear. She turned and saw Max with his welcoming half smile on his face as he walked up to her.

“Hi, Max.” Liz replied as Max bent down and gave her a brief kiss.

Max leaned back and reached up and gently ran the tips of his fingers down the side of her cheek. “You look beautiful today.” Liz tried to tilt her head down from his gaze because she felt conscious of her scar but he firmly kept her where she was.

When Liz looked up she rewarded him with a brief radiant smile before his smile could dim a bit she decided to tease him all thoughts of her scar forgotten once she saw the sincerity in his eyes. “And I wasn’t yesterday?” She leaned into his gentle hand that was still cupping the side of her face and batted her eyelashes at him.

Liz got the reaction she was looking for when the smile on Max face disappeared and a look of confusion replaced it. Max began stuttering out an explanation, “No, I didn’t mean….. You’re always… God, Liz, you know I think…” Max’s face started to get redder and redder until he noticed the mischievous gleam in Liz’s eyes.

“Gotcha.” Liz said as she reached up and erased his frown with a kiss.

She turned back to her locker to finish with her books and threw a question over her shoulder, “Did you talk some more with Isabel? Do you think she’ll change her mind?”

Max let out a long sigh of frustration, “Isabel is more than happy with her life as it is right now. She doesn’t want us to make any waves, or have any suspicions raised about us.”

Liz nodded in understanding, “I can understand that. You have to remember, she’s had a lot happen over the last few weeks. Three new people know her secret. She had to live in dread for a week until we took care of the evidence in the hospital. Her world has really been rocked lately.” Max shook his head in agreement. All of their lives had changed drastically in less than a month’s time.

Liz shut her locker and the two of them began walking to their next class. “When River Dog first started to talk about the ring as if he knew something about it I was excited. I thought that it would be great that you could learn something about yourselves.” Liz tried to explain to Max. “Then I was terrified that you might be exposed. Over the last few weeks Max I learned what it must be like to be you. I think you have to give Isabel time.”

“Yeah, well. I may be reasonable but Michael isn’t so easy to control. I don’t think we can take that much time. He’s really pushing to do something.” Max tried to explain his own reason for wanting to go ahead with meeting River Dog.

“Max, why don’t we just go with my suggestion? Alex and I can go out there. We ask some questions, see what River Dog knows and report back.” She looked up at Max as she let her suggestion seep into his thoughts.

Max stopped the two of them in their tracks and turned her toward him. Settling his hands firmly on both of her shoulders he looked her in the eye. He tried to look for some sort of doubt in how far she would go for him and while he searched he absent-mindedly played with the ends of Liz’s hair before he responded, “I don’t think that will work. From what you said, this River Dog guy knows something. I think it will have to be one of us that goes with you. Alex just won’t do.” ‘Didn’t she know how dangerous it could be if anyone knew that she knew?’

Liz reached up and took Max’s hand, “Think of it as a recon mission. We’re just doing a quick visit. We…”

“No.” Max cut her off, “When we do this, I’ll go with you. We don’t know what you’re walking into.” Max looked into her eyes, “Isabel was right about one thing. There’s no way that I’m going to let you walk into danger alone.” Max shuddered slightly as he thought at how close he had been to never being able to have Liz Parker in his life. He wasn’t about to lose her now that he had her.

Liz lifted the hand with the ring on it and looked at it, “I wonder what it means?” She started to rotate the ring on her finger. Taking in the full circumference of the ring.

Max looked at it with her and reached up and took her hand, “It may mean nothing. It may just be a pretty symbol like …”

“Max, even a symbol has some meaning.” She looked up into his eyes and he met her gaze easily.

“Yeah, they do.” Max sighed, “But we’ll just have to wait to find out what this one means. I mean it Liz. You don’t go out there without me.”

Max dropped a soft kiss on Liz’s knuckle above the ring and let go of her hand as the warning bell rang, “Come on, we’ll be late for class.” He swung his arm around her shoulder, she snuggled deep into his embrace and they went to their class.

* * * * *

Sunday’s game had gone the way that Max and Liz had expected. Their team was getting to be recognized as one of the best in the league and today’s game proved it. They had played the team that had won their division for the last two years and beat them handily.

As they were walking off the field Liz noticed that Max wasn’t as happy as he should have been. He seemed preoccupied.

“What’s wrong Max? You seem a million miles away.”

“About thirty miles to be exact. I keep feeling like I shouldn’t wait to visit the reservation.” Max chuckled, “Listen to me I sound like Michael. Don’t wait, just do.”

“Yeah, I can understand that. This is something you’ve wanted to know your whole life.”

“Michael keeps telling me we should just ignore Isabel and go out there.” Max said as they reached Liz’s SUV.

Liz turned to Max and asked, “And what do you want to do?”

“I want to go out there. I want to throw caution out the door and find some answers.” Max reached up started to play with Liz’s ponytail, a habit Liz realized indicated when he was nervous and wanted to touch her for assurance. “This whole thing between us Liz…. I don’t know if you’re in danger for being with me? I don’t know if … Well, I don’t know much.”

“The answers will come Max. You have to believe that.” She cupped his face and forced him to look into her eyes. She wanted to reassure him that everything was going to be all right. That they had overcome a few obstacles in their brief history together and that this would be just another hurdle.

Max smiled at Liz, “God, all you ever do is try to make me feel better.”

“Isn’t that what girlfriends are for? To support their boyfriends?” She leaned up and kissed him briefly and then turned to hop into her truck.

Max seemed to come to a decision, “What are you doing for the rest of the afternoon?”

“Nothing, why?” He shut her door and walked around to the passenger side of the SUV and climbed into the passenger seat.

“Want to visit the reservation with me?” Max asked.

“Are you sure you want to do this? Won’t Isabel will be really mad.” She wanted to support him but she knew how much his relationship with his sister meant to him. He was willing to leave her so he could travel with Isabel when she first found out about them.

“Mad? Try irate, incensed…” Max waved his hand in the air as he tried to come up with a better word to describe just how mad Isabel would be. He finally gave up and continued, “For once, Michael’s right. We need some answers and Isabel will never agree to finding any.”

“Okay then.” Liz reached into her pocket ad pulled out her cell phone. “Let me tell my mother I won’t be home until later.”

* * * * * *

Liz put the truck in park and looked at Max. “Here we are.” She pulled the keys out of the ignition and put them into her pocket. She looked out the window and pointed. “There’s the jewelry stand that has some pieces similar to the one you made. Come on, I’ll show you the difference.” Liz hopped out of the truck and met Max around on his side since it was closer to the stand.

He took hold of her hand and they walked in silence the few yards to their destination. They stood in front of the case surveying the several silver pieces that were laid out in front. “Here. See this bracelet.” Liz held up the bracelet that she had seen last week while she was here with her mother.

Max took the bracelet and began looking at it. He rotated it until he saw the entire thing. “There are other symbols besides the one on your ring.” He looked up at her.

“The symbol on my ring isn’t on there. It’s close but it’s not the same. Look.” Liz pointed out the difference as she held her ring up beside the other piece.

Just as they had began going over a few other pieces of jewelry that were on display the owner of the stand walked up to them. “You’re back and I see you brought a friend.” The indian woman smiled deeply at the young couple standing in front of them.

“Yeah. I was so fascinated last weekend that I had to bring him out. He’s looking for something for his sister. Her birthday is in a few days.” Liz didn’t know exactly where the cover story had come from but she didn’t question it too much.

“What does your sister like?” She asked Max.

He switched his glance from Liz to the woman asking the question. “Um… I think she would like something with a story behind it. For instance this bracelet… what do the engravings mean?”

The woman took the piece and began to inspect it for the meaning behind the symbols. “Well, it’s a little hard to explain so that you would understand.”

“Lizzie. I was hoping that I would see you out here so soon.” Both Liz and Max turned around suddenly when the voice softly greeted them.

“River Dog.” Liz tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

“I see you brought a friend. Is he the same one that gave you that special ring that you wear so proudly on your finger?”

“Hi, I’m Max, Liz’s friend.” Max held his hand out to the elder and waited for him to shake it.

River Dog looked from Liz to Max and then back again. “Come let’s get out of the sun’s heat. What you are looking for is this way.” He turned and began to walk.

Max looked at Liz who shrugged and then turned to the indian woman that was helping you. “Thank you for your time. We’ll be back.”

The indian woman just smiled and nodded. “You better go. When he gets this way he doesn’t wait for anyone. I’ll be here when he’s through.”

Liz grabbed Max’s hand and followed River Dog. “I don’t like it Liz. He’s acting strange.” Max ran his free hand through his hair. “It was so much easier at the soccer field. Now that we’re here it seems….”

“Isn’t that the reason why you wanted to come out here, to talk to River Dog? We can’t turn around now. He may have the answers that the three of you have been searching for your entire lives. You can’t stop now when you’ve come this far.” She quit talking and dropped his hand. “I’m going. You can stay here if you want to but I have to know. It’s part of me now too.”

Max stood there and watched as Liz caught up with River Dog. The elder stopped and looked back over his shoulder to where Max was standing and then turned and continued walking knowing that Max would soon follow.

* * * * * *

They walked through the desert for about two miles, winding their way through the brush and up and over a few low hills. Max had lost count of the number of times he wanted to tell Liz that they should just turn around when they finally climbed a more substantial hill and as they went over the crest of a hill and followed a trail down towards a clef in the rock. As they approached they saw that this was the narrow opening to a cave. Max stopped and took in his surroundings.

“Does anything look familiar?” Liz walked back to stand beside Max when she asked her question.

Max had a look of deep concentration on his face. His gaze kept being drawn to the hillside that sloped away from them. “We went down that hill.” He whispered in awe. He turned around and looked again at the landscape that he had thought was all wrong and suddenly realized that it wasn’t wrong after all.

“We… we came out of the cave and went down the hill.” Max gazed into the distance and pointed in the general direction of Roswell. “We were headed in that direction for some reason.” Liz followed his gaze and then looked back up to him and saw all the fear that he had when he was a little boy starting to peak through. She took his hand and squeezed it to assure him that he wasn’t alone this time that she was there for him now.

“Was it day or night Max?” She quietly asked so not to break him away from his memory but to keep him in it.

“Night, definitely night. I can remember the headlights from Dad’s car approaching.” Max shook his head; “They scared Michael into hiding. That’s why he wasn’t found with us.”

“If it was night, the lights of Roswell would have been lighting up the night sky. Maybe you were heading for that?”

Max nodded his head in agreement. “That’s probably it. We saw the lights and headed in that direction.” Liz didn’t know whether he was actually remembering it or if he was just trying to justify the acts of a six-year-old. Was he trying to comfort her with his agreeing tone or was there more? She didn’t want to press the issue. Now wasn’t the right time.

River Dog had quietly gone ahead of them and stood waiting at the entrance to the cave. As Max and Liz approached River Dog, Max holding tightly to Liz’s hand, River Dog turned and led the way into the cave.

Just inside the cave, River Dog had stopped and lit a torch that was waiting on the right hand side. As soon as the flame took hold of the torch, River Dog proceeded to venture further into the cave. As he rounded one corner Max and Liz lost sight of him. Their speed began to increase as Max could feel the nervousness in Liz’s grip.

The instant they rounded the same corner as the indian elder the cave was plunged into darkness. The loss of light was so sudden and so total that Liz let out an inadvertent scream. Max pulled Liz close behind him and wrapped his arm around her as he held out his hand and created a light that bathed the cave in an eerie blue light. Max’s need to protect Liz by being able to see if they were being attacked outweighed his fear of showing River Dog his powers.

“Are you okay?” He asked. This had been the first sound that either of them had made since they had entered the cave. Liz nodded her head not wanting to create anymore noise than what she had. Her scream was foolish and she knew that Max hadn’t even thought about it but the instant light that he had created wouldn’t be easy to hide. Because of her he had once again revealed himself.

As they looked around they saw River Dog standing a bit ahead with the extinguished torch. “You’ve passed the test.” He intoned. River Dog turned and began walking using the light that Max had created to light his way.

As Max and Liz edged their way further along, they realized that the cave had opened up into a large room. River Dog relit the torch he held and found others. As additional light was cast upon the surrounding walls Max was drawn to one wall in particular. It was covered with symbols.

Max walked up to the wall and studied the symbols. “What do they mean? Who left these here?” He asked River Dog. His gaze, never leaving the wall.

“They were left for you by another visitor. He said that when the time came you would know what they said.” River Dog stood back and waited. He was to wait and see if the other one knew what to do. He had seen the visitor many a times stand at the very wall but no matter how hard he had tried he couldn’t duplicate the needed action.

Max glanced down and over at Liz, “They’re familiar. It’s like I should know what they mean.” Shaking his head, “But I don’t.” Max ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. “We’ve come this far and still don’t have any answers.”

Liz rested her hand on Max’s tense shoulders, “Max, it’s all right. It will probably take some time to remember. You’ve been waiting and searching for over ten years. Give it time. It will probably come.” She tried to give him what he needed and she didn’t know exactly what it was but she would try.

Max pulled Liz around so she stood directly in front of him both facing the wall. As he stood there he wrapped his arms around her and seemed to draw strength from her. Max bent down and kissed her temple, “You’re right, I have to be patient.” She leaned into him and they continued to stare at the wall looming in front of them.

They stood like that for a few minutes lost in each other. Finally Liz broke the silence by asking, “Does anything look more familiar than the others? If they do, maybe you should concentrate on that.”

Max scanned the wall then pointed, “Well, that one of course. It’s the same as the one on your ring.” He thought for a bit longer, “And that one. It’s important.” Max said as he pointed to a design that resembled an uneven V.

Max slowly released his hold on Liz and walked around her towards the wall. He reached for the swirling symbol that resembled Liz’s ring and as he started to trace the design it began to emit a soft glow. Max pulled his hand away and the glow slowly faded. Glancing back at Liz he wondered, “What was that about? Why would it do that?”

Liz shook her head, indicating that she didn’t have a suggestion for him.

Max reached next to the symbol and started to lean on the wall with his hand, as his hand rested on the wall it caused a handprint to appear. Max snatched his hand away fearing that he would be burned but soon realized that the handprint gave off no heat. He reached up and tentatively placed his hand in the print. And after a moment a section of wall next to them seemed to dissolve.

Max had been turned in the other direction and didn’t notice the wall disappear until Liz’s breathless voice said, “Max, behind you. It’s a doorway.”

Max whipped his head around, shocked at the new opening.

A musty smell of a room long sealed flowed out of the opening. Max peered in and saw that the room seemed to have its own light source. It was bathed in a soft light that seemed to have no particular point of origin.

Liz stepped up beside Max and interlaced her fingers with his and took a grip on his arm to give him support as she looked beyond him into the chamber. As they edged into the room they saw a set of what appeared to be dust covered containers stacked against one wall.

“Those were our pods Liz.” Max said in awe. “We came out of those.” Max’s voice grew more excited, as he glanced down at Liz, “We were born here Liz. This is where we came from.”

Liz was stunned by Max’s revelation, “My God Max. There’s four of them.”

October 14, 2001 – Four pods. Four empty pods. That means that there are four of us on earth. Somewhere there is another one of us. He, or she can’t be in Roswell, one of us would have felt it before now. That’s the way we met Michael, he just felt like one of us. Where could the other one be? And is he still alive?

It’s all so amazing. Saving Liz opened all of these new doors for us. Michael and I have been searching for years for the cave we were born in and in one afternoon with Liz… we found it.

Liz is just so amazing. When I suggested going to the reservation she just came. She’s there to support me. It’s amazing to have someone in your life that trusts and supports you like that. Her statement took me by surprise though. She said this was just as much a part of her now as it was me. I hope she doesn’t get disappointed. I mean… it’s not everyday that we get lucky and find a valuable piece of the puzzle.

When we questioned River Dog about the origins of the cave he just told us that a visitor, Nasedo, in his language, built the cave and asked that River Dog protect its secrets. River Dog said that the protector would return when it was time. As of today, River Dog had never seen him again.

There has to be more to the story, why did River Dog trust him, why did he trust River Dog. There’s a lot that River Dog isn’t talking about. Well, maybe with time he’ll open up some more. At least we know what’s in the cave that Liz’s grandma was turned away from all those years ago.

It’s just so damn frustrating, we want answers, but all we get are more questions. And what makes matters worse is that Liz and I haven’t told Michael and Isabel where we were this afternoon. I don’t know if that’s such a great idea or not but I wanted to be able to go back and find some more answers without anyone worrying about the fourth pod.

It’s going to be difficult to get passed that fact. What if whoever is out there is in trouble or has been in trouble and they are all alone. Do they know that we are out here? Have they even looked for us? So many questions and its only the beginning.

Okay, now what do you think? What was in the fourth pod?

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Dupe post

posted on 28-Jun-2002 8:55:53 AM by SciFiNut111
Boy, mention a fourth pod and everyone gets upset.

It looks like you all have some serious issues with Tess. Don't worry, the Max Evans in this story has eyes for one girl only. Others may try but none wil succeed in turning getting him away from Liz.

Another part will be coming sometime, I'm not sure when.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: I’m sorry this took so long, it took longer then the last part. But, I have an excuse, this part did not want to be written. It really didn’t. Ask Jenn, she kept bugging me to get something done, you have her to thank for this part getting done. (And that was while getting three parts of her own story done.) What’s in this part is not what was in my outline. It just sorta jumped onto my screen. I hope you like it and it was worth the wait. Oh, and thank you for all of the great feedback.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

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Part 25

October 18, 2001 – Hard to believe that this week is almost over. I wonder if we’ll be going to the cave this weekend or not. It still has us stumped. The inscription on the wall is just screaming to me to try and decipher. The symbol that is on my ring is there. Not to mention the fourth pod that we found inside the secret chamber.

Neither one of us is able to figure that out. Max clearly remembers leaving the cave and he remembers Michael and Isabel there but for some reason he doesn’t remember a fourth. There has to be more. Maybe there’s another test of some kind. Maybe there’s another locking mechanism that will open up yet another portion of the cave that will give them the answers that they so desperately need.

There are so many what ifs I don’t even know where to begin anymore. All I know is that it’s Max’s call and whatever he decides I will support him. What are girlfriends for? Although I’m feeling a little unloved lately I’m still his girlfriend. He’s busy and I’m busy. Besides going to school and having to attend soccer practice to show my support to the rest of the team while I’m out, I have had little to no extra time to be with Max.

Maybe he’s feeling it too? I wonder what I can do to make it better for the both of us? Maybe we can go out tonight… Maybe we can stay in tonight… Maybe… Well… never mind.

Until then I must be strong. It’s not about me right now; it’s about Max and the others.

“So, my brother escorting Liz Parker to the formal.” Isabel mentioned on their drive to school. “Her parents must be thrilled.” She continued dryly.

Max glanced over and responded. “Liz says it was her mother’s idea.” Seeing Isabel’s raised eyebrow expression, “I know. I know. But she said her mother suggested it. She says her mother actually likes me.”

“Max, she doesn’t know you. You don’t move in those circles.” Isabel shook her head in disbelief.

“No, I met her mother and grandmother a couple of weeks ago when I was there doing the lawn. They were very nice. Her grandmother even came to the soccer game two weeks ago to watch Liz and I coach. She’s really nice.” Max’s face turned red briefly when he remembered how he had kissed Liz in front of her and how she had reacted.

They rode on in silence for a bit more, “You know Max. You’ve been really quiet this past week. You and Liz have been going off by yourselves a lot. Are you mad at the rest of us?”

Isabel couldn’t help but see the look of guilt that flashed across Max’s face before he replied, “No, nothing’s wrong. Liz and I just wanted to spend some time together. That’s all.”

“Max, are you sure nothing’s going on? You and Liz, both, always ate with your friends. And now you guys don’t even make an appearance in the quad anymore. What do you guys do with all this alone time?”

“No, Iz, nothing’s going on. Gees, you never eat with us and you don’t see me giving you the third degree. Why can’t Liz and I eat alone some of the times?”

“Okay, okay. You don’t have to bite my head off. I was just asking a question. It’s just that you seem preoccupied with something all week and I was just trying to help.”

“Everything’s fine. Don’t worry about it. It’s just between Liz and I for right now.” He knew he had said too much. It was only a matter of time before she began her questioning again. He was surprised that they were able to finish the rest of the ride to school in silence. As Max pulled into a parking spot, Isabel made to jump out of the jeep as it stopped. Max reached over and grabbed her arm, “I’m sorry I snapped at you Isabel. I… I just have some stuff on my mind. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.”

Isabel looked back at Max and relented, “That’s okay, Max. I didn’t mean to pry. But I just wanted to help you. I know I don’t always show it but I want to be there for you if you need help. It just seems that since you’ve been dating Liz you never ask for my help anymore.”

A wave of guilt washed over Max for keeping the secret of the reservation visit from Michael and Isabel. The two of them had the right to know what he found as much as he did. He just wanted to find out a bit more before involving them.

“Okay, Liz and I will try to involve you more in the future.”

Isabel looked back at Max with a horrified expression on her face, “Oh God, no. Who the heck wants to be on a soccer field with little kids, or read to them in a library? You can keep all that geek stuff between you and Liz.”

* * * * * *

Liz and Max walked into the lab, fingers intertwined. They made their way over to their lab table and sat down. Liz sat her backpack down and started unloading it. Max followed suit and when they were all set to resume their conversation. “Isabel was giving me the third degree about what we’ve been doing by ourselves all this time.”

“What did you tell her?” Liz knew how hard it has been on Max by keeping this from them but every time she had asked him if they should ask the others he told her not yet.

“I just turned it back on her. None of us ask her when she doesn’t spend every waking moment with us and that was that.”

“She gave up just like that?” Liz couldn’t believe that Isabel would give up that easy.

“Yeah, but I don’t think it will be that easy the next time. We really need to solve the problem of the cave. There just has to be something that we are missing. If we’re not any farther along by Saturday we’ll take them out there. Okay?”

“Okay. Did you want to go out there this evening after your game this afternoon?”

“No, I don’t think we should risk it. Are you coming to the game?”

“No, after my therapy appointment this afternoon coach wants me to report to him when I’m done. He caught me running in the hallway trying to catch Alex because he stole my notebook. I have a feeling that he wants me to start practicing again as soon as possible.”

“He’s probably getting nervous about some of the upcoming games. The girls have a really hard schedule this year.”

“Thanks to us winning the title last year, we have one of the hardest schedules in the league.”

“I bet you’ll be happy to get back out on the field.”

“Yeah, I think I am. It’s hard to believe that it’s been four weeks.” Their conversation ended just as the tardy bell rang and the teacher walked in telling them to set the microscopes up for the lab that they would be doing.

* * * * *

“Oh, God am I sore.” Liz exclaimed as she lay back on the ground with her arm shielding her eyes. Practice had ended a few minutes before and Liz had made it to their equipment bags before she collapsed on the ground.

“Are you okay? It isn’t your hip is it?” Maria asked with a voice full of concern.

Liz uncovered her eyes, lifted her head up off of her bag and looked at her friend, “No, I’m just really out of shape. I didn’t realize how much until now.” Liz sat up and reached into her bag for a bottle of water, “This is definitely going to be an Aleeve night. I have pains where I didn’t know I had muscles.”

“I guess going to the boy’s game to watch Michael and Max is out of the question then?” Maria asked.

Liz’s head shot around to look at Maria, “I forgot about that. I promised Max I’d go watch.” She threw her water bottle back in her bag and dug out her sandals. She quickly removed her cleats and peeled her socks and shin guards off and threw them into her bag. Standing up she looked down at Maria as she stepped into her sandals and hiked her bag on to her shoulder, “I’m ready, let’s go.”

Maria hurriedly mimicked Liz’s action as she shed her cleats and got ready to walk to the soccer field.

As the two girls walked over to the field Maria started to make conversation, “How is Max dealing with the whole cave thing? It must be killing him not to be able to go investigate.” As she was talking she looked over at her friend. She noticed that Liz looked a bit uncomfortable. “I’m sure Isabel will come around. She just needs some time to let it all sink in.”

“Yeah… Yeah, you’re probably right Maria.” Liz answered uncomfortably. She had always been a terrible liar and could never hide anything from her probing friend.

Maria noticed the tell tale signs of an uncomfortable Liz trying to hide something. “Is there something you want to share with the class, Liz?”

Liz’s head snapped around, “No….NO, nothing. There’s nothing I’m trying to hide. Absolutely nothing.” Tearing her eyes away from Maria she bobbed her head as she looked down at the ground ahead of her and increased her pace towards the field.

“Oh God. You went to the cave! You went to the cave and found something!” Seeing Liz’s shocked expression, “You found something! You found their spaceship didn’t you?”

Liz stopped and turned to Maria grabbing her arm to stop her too. Looking around to make sure no one was close she whispered, “Maria! Keep your voice down. And no Maria, we didn’t find a spaceship.”

Liz turned and resumed their walk towards the field. They walked a few paces when Maria grabbed her arm bringing them both to a standstill, “But you did go to the cave? You found something?” She paused a moment looking at Liz’s face, she shook her head as she said, “Michael is going to be so mad that you didn’t take him with you. Hell, Isabel is going to go ballistic that you even went at all.”

“Yeah, we know. Max is trying to figure out a way to tell them. It really bothers him to be keeping secrets from them.”

Liz and Maria finally arrived at the field to see that West Roswell was winning 1 zip. The time remaining was just under 20 minutes and it looked like Clovis was stepping it up and attacking. Liz looked for Max and saw that he was back playing defense.

“What’s Max doing on defense? He’s usually up front.” Liz asked.

“Michael told me the coach wants to try him there. Jimmy was having trouble in the back. He was the fastest guy on the team but wasn’t good at anticipation. Max isn’t as fast but he reads the play better.” As Maria finished her explanation a player from Clovis took a wicked shot at the goal. Michael dove to his right and was just able to push the ball wide of the net giving Clovis a corner kick.

Michael moved to the center of the goal and started to point to open players and the girls could see him telling Max and Jimmy to cover the posts. As the Clovis player moved in to take the corner the other players broke towards the goal. The ball was drilled in towards the box low and hard and a Clovis player dove and got his head on the ball. Liz and Maria both watched as the ball was deflected towards Roswell’s goal and let out a relieved sigh as Max stopped the ball and was able to clear it up field.

“God, that was close. They need to win this game. If they tie or lose they’ll fall behind Clovis in the standings.” Maria explained.

“Uh, yeah, I know Maria. I’m going out with a soccer player too.” Liz answered.

“Oh, sorry.” Maria

Play was mostly in the center of the field for the next few minutes with neither team getting any offense going. Liz and Maria kept looking at the clock and the play on the field.

“What was it like? What was in there?” Maria asked during a lull in the play.

“What was what like?”

“You know, the cave. What’s there that has Max upset?” Maria clarified her question. “You know you want to tell me. Well, you know you’ll tell me whether you want to or not. I’ll just weedle it out of you.”

“It was just dark, stony. You know a cave in the side of a hill.” Liz tried to get out of giving away too much.

“Liz, Liz, Liz. You know you’re a terrible liar. You and Max wouldn’t be so secretive if you found nothing.” Maria explained, “So spill already.”

Liz let out a sigh before responding, “Okay, okay. River Dog led us to the cave. I guess it was the same one he had the fight with Grandma Claudia about. He led us in using a torch then doused it. And Max, well, he used his powers to create a light. I think it was some sort of test for Max and I.”

Just then Max made a great interception of a pass and started up field. “Great play Max!!” Liz shouted out. She continued watching the game ignoring Maria.

After a few moments Maria asked “And, what was in the cave.”

Liz kept her attention on the game as she continued, “The wall of the cave was covered with symbols. It looked like someone had left a message. One of the symbols was the same as my ring.” At that Liz held up her hand to show Maria the ring. “Max seemed lost in the writing. He said they looked familiar but didn’t know what it meant.”

“Does Max think that maybe the three of them can figure it out?” Maria asked.

Liz looked away from the game at Maria, “Maybe. Max seems to think it’s something they’ve forgotten. That they should be able to remember.” Liz turned back to the game, “Anyway, Max started to lean on the wall as he studied one of the symbols and as he did a handprint appeared on the wall and a sorta door opened. It was really freaky, like some ghost movie.”

“Don’t tell me you and Max went in there with out anybody else there? Are the two of you crazy?” Maria asked as she turned Liz towards her.

“Well, we were already there. Max didn’t sense anything dangerous. So we decided to peek in.” Liz tried to explain to Maria. “It was amazing Maria.”

Changing the subject, “Has Michael ever described where he came from? Or how he was found?”

“Liz, what does this have to do with the cave? What was in there?” Maria asked, exasperated.

“I’m getting to that. Answer my question.”

“No, I’ve always thought he was just adopted by the Guerins. He never mentioned where he came from and now I know why.”

“Well, Max told me that their earliest memories were coming out of these pod things in a cave. They were like incubators. They wandered out into the desert where the Evans found them. When Michael saw the headlights of the Evans’ car approaching he got scared and ducked back into the desert.”

“Okay, they were hatched out of pods. What does that have to…. “ A light came on in Maria’s eyes, “Oh, that was…”

“..the cave.” Liz finished for Maria. “Michael and Max had been searching for it since they started driving. And now we found it.”

“So Max thinks they can figure out where they came from? Why they’re here?” Maria asked.

Liz smiled before continuing, “That’s not all Maria. When we went into the pod chamber we found four pods.”

Liz saw Maria’s eyes widen, “Yeah, four empty pods.”

“Oh my God! There were four of them? Where’s the forth?” Maria started to get excited.

“Ssh. Calm down Maria. It’s one of the things that has Max upset. He knows he has to bring Isabel and Michael out there to see the chamber. They have to figure out what it means and start looking for the fourth person.”

“Gees, four of them. I wonder who the fourth could be?” Maria thought out loud, “You know Jennifer Campbell has always been way weird.”

Liz chuckled, “Why, because she’s interested in Alex? Or because she’s smart?”

“Oh, I got it! Pam Troy. She has that whole Ice Princess thing like Isabel does, down pat.”

“We’re talking an advanced being here. Pam may be an icy witch but she’s also dumb as a post. Anyway, Max or one of the others would have sensed the fourth alien if they were in Roswell.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Maria sighed as they returned to watching the game.

As the final minute wound down a player from Clovis sent a long ball down the side of the field. One of the Clovis player broke behind the Roswell defense and as he approached the 18, Max caught up with him and cleared the ball with a perfect slide tackle. His momentum carried him into the Clovis player and brought him down. As Max jumped up he heard the referee blow his whistle signaling a penalty.

“No way.” Michael screamed as he came off his line to talk to the ref. Before be could take too many steps he saw the Clovis team setting up to restart play so he back pedaled into the goal. As Max and Jimmy and a few other players tried to set up a wall the Clovis player passed the ball to a player cutting towards the middle of the field. The player took the open shot at the goal and only a diving save by Michael saved the ball from crossing into the goal. He jumped up with the ball in his hands and started to wave his team up field before he would punt the ball. Before he had to get rid of the ball the horn sounded ending the game.

* * * * *

Max walked Liz to her door after having dinner at the Crashdown. They decided to celebrate the win, which put them in first place in their league. “Do you want to come in for awhile? We can do some homework together.” She had turned around and looped her arms around his neck. They were eye to eye since Max was one step lower than she was.

“I don’t know. What will your mom think?” He really wanted to, she could tell by how dark his eyes had gotten.

Before Liz had a chance to answer him the front porch light was flipped on and along with it the front door swung open. “Well… how was the game?” The two teens separated and looked at Liz’s mother.

“It was good, Mrs. Parker. We won.” Max supplied as he wiped his suddenly wet palms on the thighs of his pants.

“Max! I was hoping you would come by. I’m so glad that you’ll be taking my daughter to this year’s gala.” Nancy grabbed the two teens by the arms and pulled them into the house. She looped her arms into theirs as they walked into the front room. “Why don’t the two of you stand right here.” She directed them to a blank wall and posed them as if she were going to take their picture.

Max looked at Liz and Liz just hid her head in her hands. “Mom… do you have to do this now?” She asked.

“Liz. The gala is little over one month away. There are preparations that still have to be made and I want the two of you to be perfect.” She stood back and looked at them again. “I was thinking of a red dress for you Liz with your hair done up in loose tendrils of curls. And for Max a black tux with red cummerbund and tie.” She stepped closer and primped at Max’s hair. “You’ll definitely need a hair cut.” She said as Max blushed. “Maybe a slightly different style.” She wondered almost to herself as she stepped back and tapped a well manicure finger on her teeth. She snapped her fingers, “I know just the look. Wait here.” She whirled around and ran into her office.

“Come on, now’s our chance to get away. She’s only going to have us sit here the entire night talking about the arrangements.” Liz grabbed Max by the arm and they loped up the stairs to Liz’s room.

“What was all that about?” Max asked while Liz shut her bedroom door firmly.

“That was my mother… She’s going into planning overdrive. I swear if this gala doesn’t come soon, I’m going to kill her. That’s all I hear from her. You should have seen her when I told her the other day that you had found someone to fill in for you and that you would be able to take me after all.” Liz closed the distance between them and took his hand. She gently pulled him out onto her balcony.

She sat down and he followed. “So, how is this going to work? Do I drive you to the gala in my dad’s car?” Max snuggled into Liz’s ear as they settled out on her balcony.

“Nope, we get to arrive in style in my parent’s limo.” Liz replied with a little peck on the neck. “Oh, and when I told my mother that you were taking me she started to plan a little pre-gala get together. She figured your parents would want pictures of us and wants them to come over.” Liz pulled away from him and looked at Max. She knew how obnoxious her mother could be and she didn’t want Max and his family to feel uncomfortable.

“Pictures? My mother and pictures?” Max smirked. “Oh yeah, she’ll definitely want pictures of us. Not only is she absolutely thrilled that I finally have a girlfriend,” Here Max tried to imitate his mother’s voice, “It’s that adorable Liz Parker.”

Liz laughed at Max’s joke, “Your mother’s just excited Max.”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.” Max responded. After a moment, “It’s nice of your mother to have my parents come over. Your mother didn’t have to do that.”

Liz looked at Max sideways, “Wow, sounds like you’re defending my mother Max.”

“Yeah, well, she can get excited too you know.” When he saw the look in Liz’s eye he continued, “She’s always been nice to me Liz.” Max pulled Liz closer, “She’s stepped back and given us a chance.”

Liz rested her head on Max’s chest, “Yeah, you’re right. She’s been really great. Really supportive.”

The two of them sat like that for a little while content to be in each other’s arms. Finally Liz broke the silence, “You’re thinking about the cave aren’t you?”

“So, we can add mind reading to your list of new found powers?” Max joked. He glanced down at Liz’s upturned face before continuing, “What am I going to do Liz? We have to get Isabel and Michael out to the cave. Isabel will really be pissed that we went out there already.”

“Max, it’s something you have to do. You can’t just ignore who you are. Isabel will realize that.” Liz paused for a second, “Given time…… Lots and lots of time.”

Max pulled Liz close again and kissed the crown of her head. “Tomorrow. We’ll go out there tomorrow. I know that Isabel and Michael work in the morning. We’ll tell them to meet us at the library when they get off. We can go from there.”

Max placed another kiss on the crown of her head then leaned down and gently kissed her ear. Liz sat up a bit and turned her head and pulled Max’s head towards hers so that she could gently rub her lips across his. He nipped at her lower lip and then gently traced her lips with his tongue before she opened her mouth and they began the duel. Max’s hand slid under Liz’s shirt and caressed the soft, silky skin of her back. The feeling of Max’s hand on her naked back sent shivers down her spine and she shifted so that she could press her body against Max’s. He reached up with his free hand to run his fingers through her long silky tresses.

“Liz? Liz honey? Where are you? I found that magazine.” Nancy called out as she walked into Liz’s room. Scanning the room and seeing it was empty she proceeded to the doors that opened up onto her balcony.

Liz and Max flew apart when they heard the voice of Liz’s mother. Liz jumped up and straightened her clothes as she turned to see her mother coming through the doors. Max stayed seated hoping that he wouldn’t have to stand with Liz’s mother right there.

Nancy came onto the balcony with the magazine and stopped next to Liz. “See, here’s the hair style that Max should wear. He would look great.”

“Mom, I think Max should decide how to wear his hair. I think it looks great the way it is.” Liz defended Max.

Nancy looked at her daughter and saw her jaw clenched, “Oh, I’m sorry. I just wanted to…”

“We know mom, you want everything to be perfect.” Liz cut her mother off, “Max will do fine. Remember, he has a mother to make sure he gets it right.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll back off.” Turning to Max sitting on the lounge chair, “Sorry Max.”

As Nancy left Max got up and walked to Liz. “I guess it’s time for me to go.”

“Oh, you really don’t have….”

“Liz, you’re sore, I can see you wincing. You better get a good nights sleep. We have the library tomorrow then we’ll be climbing to the cave.”

“You want me to come with you?”

Max reached up and traced her jaw line with his finger, “I’ll use any excuse to be with you. I’m not wasting an entire afternoon away from you.”

Max was rewarded with a brilliant smile from Liz. She also reached up and pulled his head down for a tender kiss.

Breaking away Max took Liz’s hand as he headed for the door of her room, “Yeah, I also need you there for protection. I don’t think Michael and Isabel will murder me with a witness.” Max joked.

Stopping at Liz’s door, “Why don’t you stay and go to sleep. I’ll show myself out.”

“Okay, Max.” Liz replied. Max reached down pulled Liz close as he gave her a kiss that would have to last them until the next morning. Finally running out of air, the two of them pulled apart with dazed expressions on their faces.

“Good night Liz.” Max said as he opened the door and walked into the hall.

“Good night Max.” Liz responded as she watched Max start down the steps to the front entrance.

October 19, 2001 – Gees what a great game today. Michael made some great saves. There was that one that I was sure was going in but he was able to….. I wonder if… No, Isabel would kill him and I would have sensed something if he used his powers. He’s just a great goalie.

Tomorrow will be the day. We won’t tell them where we’re going; we’ll just take them out to the cave. Liz is sure that we’ll be able to find it from the old highway. It was one of the highest hills in the area. When we take them in there and they see what’s there I don’t think Michael and Isabel will stay mad for long.

I know something is there. I can feel it. It isn’t just the familiarity of the symbols; it’s the “feeling” I get while I’m there. It’s like I should know something, or be doing something. Maybe Michael or Isabel will sense it too and we can figure out what it is.[/]


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Wow, so much feedback. I guess its finally time to answer some of it. So here goes:

the better twin - Glad you like Liz's mom now. She may not be done interfering yet.

Faith Evans - Thank you.

1 Tiger Lily - I'm glad it jumped on the screen too. I found that pulling my hair out doesn't work. I'm trying to show that they have a life outside of the alien abyss. Life goes on.

boobear1514 - Liz the 4th alien, you'll have to wait and see.

mermaidgirl - What's in the cave huh? I wish I knew. It would make writing the next part so much easier. Michael and Isabel won’t be happy campers.

CEO Shaft – Still trying to decide what the symbols mean. The fourth pod seems to have everyone on edge.

Bordersinsanity – It’s amazing what almost losing your daughter will do for your attitude. You and I both know why they keep getting interrupted.

Araxie HRH – Max and Liz are both a little nervous about Iz. She scares everyone. They definitely have to put their heads together to figure out what everything means. Oops, was that a clue?

Mary N OO8 – You would figure that being Maria’s best friend she would learn a thing or two about being deceptive. She definitely has to learn how to lie, but then what fun would that be? Ooo, Destiny, I forgot about that.

Lisa1783 – Thank you. I’m having fun with it.

roswellluver – The cave is definitely next. They’ll get some answers.

woodwinds – Nancy and Diane do know each other. We may find out more about them. Glad you like the soccer stuff. I always worry that I’ll put in too much detail. I had to flip a coin about Max going with Liz or just be there. Going with won.

JaneLane – Hopefully I will.

Breathless – Don’t be. She won’t. Has to be within, uh, range.

BLS40 – Nancy is being nice, isn’t she. Too nice?

frenchkiss70 – She won’t. And I never thought Tess was ugly, not as beautiful as Liz, but not ugly.

Phaedra223 – Glad you found it and like it.

Well, I guess its time to stop procrastinating and actually write the next part. Okay, let me see if I got this right. No Tess? Gotcha.

Also, thank you to all the people that left feedback to earlier parts and weren’t included in this post. The feedback is what keeps me writing.


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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: I’m sorry this took so long. I had a busy weekend. Hope it’s worth the wait. Thank you for all of the great feedback.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 26 A

October 19, 2001 – Tomorrow’s the day. He’s finally decided that they should know. I think he’s overreacting about Isabel’s reaction once she finds out, but I’ve agreed to be there for him. He needs me and I’ll be there, no matter what.

Practice went well. I’m just a little sore but it’s not anything that I can’t deal with. The boys’ game was awesome. I couldn’t believe how exciting it was. Max and Michael had a great game, especially Michael. Without his key blocks at the end we would have lost.

After the library it is. We’ll head out to the reservation just like we’ve been doing for the past week but only this time Michael and Isabel will be tagging along. I really wished that we could have a lot more answers before they were introduced to the infamous cave.

Liz walked on to the patio and saw her grandmother reading the paper with one hand while toying with her breakfast with the other. “Good morning Grandma.” Liz said as she walked up to her. Grandma Claudia turned her face so Liz would be able to give her a kiss.

“Good morning Honey Bear.” Claudia replied.

Liz sat down next to her grandmother and reached for the pitcher of juice on the table. She poured herself a glass as her grandmother asked her, “What do you have planned for today? Can we do something together?”

“Oh, I’m really sorry Grandma. I’m going to be busy.” Liz replied with regret.

“That’s okay. Maybe tomorrow?” Claudia asked.

“That would be great. I have the soccer game at 12, then I’ll be yours for the rest of the day. We can do whatever you want.”

Liz leaned back in her chair and let the sun play across her face. “There won’t be too many more days where it will be comfortable to eat out here.”

“Yeah, we’ll have to settle for having lunch out here.” Claudia answered.

As Liz and Claudia were talking Juanita walked, “would you want anything to eat?”

Turning to Juanita, “No, I’ll just have one of the bagels here.” Looking around she continued, “There isn’t any cream cheese, could you get me some, please?”

Liz finished her glass of juice as the cream cheese arrived. Liz and Claudia continued to chat as Liz poured herself some coffee and prepared her bagel.

Taking a bite, “These things are so much better in New York City.” Liz said indicating the bagel. “I never had any that good.”

Claudia chuckled, “How many people in New Mexico know the difference? They probably think those are great.”

Liz looked down at her plate and replied, “I guess I’m pretty lucky, huh?”

Before they could continue their conversation Liz heard the distinctive sound of a lawn tractor coming from around the side of the building. Liz sat up, and took a huge bite of her bagel and visibly had trouble chewing and swallowing it. She tried to wash it down with her coffee and scalded her mouth. Talking around the large chunk of bagel in her mouth Liz mumbled, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

As Liz ran down the steps to the lawn, the source of the noise came around the corner. Claudia watched as Liz trotted up to the tractor, Max had stopped as soon as he saw Liz and he reached his arm around her and leaned over to give her a kiss. They separated for a moment as Max looked up and waved to Claudia. She waved back and watched as Max and Liz talked for a moment, she saw Liz shake her head “no”, but after Max said something else she climbed up into his lap and Max continued cutting the grass with Liz in his lap.

Twenty minutes later Claudia was joined by her daughter, “Good morning Mother.”

“Hi, Nancy. You’re up early.” Claudia responded.

“I have to go to Phillip Evans’ nursery to order the trees and garland for the Gala. Would you like to go with me?” Nancy asked.

At the mention of Phillip Evans Claudia looked around, hoping that Max and Liz would not be coming around on the tractor together. She had a suspicion that Nancy would not approve of the seating arrangements.

But, luck was not on the side of Liz and Max. As Nancy sat down they appeared around the corner. Liz was the first to spot her mother but before she could turn the tractor around Nancy had turned towards the source of the noise. Nancy jumped to her feet and walked to the top of the stairs leading toward the lawn. She waved to Liz to come over and watched as her daughter climbed down and followed by Max made her way over to the patio.

“What are you thinking riding like that?” Nancy stormed at Liz. “Don’t you know it’s dangerous.”

Turning to Max, she continued, “And, you! You should know better. She could have gotten hurt.”

Max surprised Liz by answering her mother. “It was safe Mrs. Parker. You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt Liz.”

Slowly realizing that she was over-reacting her temper started to cool. But, being a parent she hated to be wrong. Turning to her mother she snapped out, “And you let them ride like that?”

Claudia held her hands up as if to ward off an attack, “Hey, she’s 17 years old, she can ride a tractor with her boyfriend.”

At the mention of the word boyfriend, Max looked at Liz and smiled while reaching out and taking her hand.

Nancy just fumed a bit longer, looking between Liz, Max and Claudia, “Okay, fine.” She pointed her finger at Liz. “If you get hurt, he can take you to the hospital and sit in the waiting room.” Nancy then turned and started for the door, “I have to go to the nursery. I’ll be back around noon.”

Liz looked up at Max and shrugged. “Oh, well. That went well.” Liz then tugged at Max’s hand, “Why don’t you come and have some breakfast?”

Max shook his head, “If I’m going to make it to the library on time I have to get this lawn done, then finish the Valenti’s too.”

Liz nodded her agreement and Max leaned down to give her a short kiss before waving to Claudia and returning to the tractor.

Liz walked up to the table and sat down. While she was pouring herself another cup of coffee Claudia asked, “You have the reading thing today? Mind if I tag along?”

“Uh, umm. Max and I were going to do something afterwards.” Liz stuttered. “We were going for a ride with his sister and his friend Michael.”

Claudia looked at her granddaughter, did she sense something wrong? “Where are you going? Out to the reservation?”

Claudia saw Liz look up at her with a guilty expression, “Yeah, we might be going there. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, because I know you went there last Sunday, and I saw you and Max there during the week.” Claudia explained.

Liz just looked back at her grandmother, not knowing what to say.

“Is something going on Liz?” Claudia asked. She reached across and held her granddaughter’s hand, “You know you can talk to me. I’m a great listener.”

Liz gave her grandmother’s hand a squeeze. “No, nothings going on. I know I can come to you with anything. Thanks.” Looking at her watch Liz quickly stood up. “Look at the time, I have some homework I have to get done before I leave for the library.”

Claudia realized that it was Liz’s way of escaping unwanted questions so she just nodded her head, “Have fun today.” She said smiling.

* * * * * *

The last book was read and the kids had all filed out of the library or scattered to pick books to take home with them. Max and Liz began returning the books they had read to the shelves. Finally, they had no reason to stay in the library and had to go outside to wait for Isabel and Michael.

As they approached the door Liz had a thought and asked Max, “How are we going to take them to the cave?”

“I guess through the reservation. It’s the only way we know.”

“Why don’t we try a back way? That way Michael and Isabel won’t feel so exposed. It may keep them from completely blowing their tops.” Liz suggested. She didn’t add that her grandmother was suspicious of something going on out at the reservation.

“How do you suggest we find it? It’s a big desert out there.”

Liz thought for a moment before turning towards the reference section of the library. “They have a complete set of USGS quadrangle maps here. Lets see if we can figure out how to get there a back way.”

As they approached the section Max glanced at his watch, “We only have about 10 minutes before Iz and Michael will be here.”

Liz went up to a set of file drawers that Max had never noticed before. She pulled out a drawer and started to thumb through the contents. “Here it is. This is the key plan.” With that she unfolded a map of the state of Mew Mexico. She ran her finger down the map from Roswell to the reservation and then noted the area it was in. “Good, it’s in the Roswell Quadrangle. We may be able to make a xerox copy of the part of the map that we need.”

Glancing at Max she noted the strange look he was giving her, “My grandma used to bring me in here to help her do research. She taught me how to read these maps and find the right ones to use.”

She walked over to the file drawers and again went through the drawer until she found the map she needed. Looking at the date she noted, “Good, its only 10 years old. It should show most of the roads we’re interested in.”

Liz unfolded the map on the table and Max and her started to pick out the points of interest. “Here’s the old highway towards Albuquerque.” Max noted as he traced it with his finger. “Here’s the reservation.”

“Yeah, and here is the road into it. We shouldn’t have to go that far. We walked north from the reservation towards Roswell.” Liz and Max both bent down closer to the map studying it. Liz finally lifted her head a bit and tapped three separate locations north of the reservation. “One of those three hills.”

Max looked at the locations, “Why those?”

“They’re the only ones close enough. We walked for about 30 minutes. I guess we could have walked about 3 miles.”

Max thought for a minute. “Yeah, I agree.” He studied the three hills trying to remember anything else that might be important. “Wasn’t there mostly flat land towards Roswell? That would knock out these two hills. We’d see them from near the cave entrance.”

“You’re right. That one it is.” Liz studied the map, “We can take this dirt road here, it should get us really close.” Tapping her finger on the map, “We’re in luck, its right past a bridge so we’ll be able to find it.” Looking at the map Liz commented, “We should be able to fit what we need on a legal sized sheet of paper, let’s copy it.”

After making the copy they needed Max and Liz put away the maps and started out of the library for the second time. Looking at the expression of Max face, Liz reached over and squeezed his hand as they approached the door, “It will be fine. They’ll rant and rave then agree that it was the right thing to do.”

Max returned the squeeze, “Inside, I know you’re right, but I think we shouldn’t have gone behind their backs.”

Max watched Liz shrug her shoulders, “Well, it’s done. We can’t change it now.” Looking at Max, “You know they’ll thank you. Isabel wants to know about her past as much as you do. She’s just really scared about what you’ll find.”

Max nodded, “Yeah, but I really don’t want to face the wrath of Isabel. Like Michael says, she can be really scary.” Walking a few paces further, “Liz, you don’t have to come you know. You don’t have to get into this argument. Isabel will probably blame you for everything.”

Liz shook her head, “No, Max. I’m a part of this now. I want to see where this is all leading.” She gave a brief chuckle, “Remember, I have powers now too.”

As they approached the parking lot they saw Isabel and Michael leaning against Max’s jeep waiting. As they walked up they heard the screech of tires and a red Jetta pulled into the lot. The door popped open and Maria jumped out, “Hi, can I tag along?”

Liz gave Maria her meanest look, “I don’t think so Maria.”

Maria walked up to Michael and gave him a brief kiss before turning to Liz and asking innocently, “Why not? Where are we going anyway?”

As Maria was walking up to Michael, Max had looked over at Liz and she just shrugged her shoulders and nodded at Max’s questioning look. Turning back to Maria, Max responded before Liz could, “We’re just going for a ride in the desert, we may drive over to Hondo to go to the shops.”

“Oh, great.” Maria said as she walked over and grabbed Liz by the arm, “Liz and I haven’t been shopping together in a while.” Glancing at Liz, “Since before the accident.” She hugged Liz’s arm to her body, “It will be a lot of fun.”

Michael just looked up to the sky, “Oh, God. Kill me now.” Glancing back at Maria he held up his hand and spread his fingers, “Five minutes in each shop. Got it? Five minutes.”

Isabel rolled her eyes, “Whatever, lets just go.” Looking at the jeep and the five of them she continued, “We won’t all fit in the jeep. How are we going to split up?”

“Hey, why don’t we take my Navigator? It has plenty of room.” Liz responded.

“That’s great Liz, let me grab my CDs.” Maria piped up.

“No way am I listening to that boy band crap you listen to all the way to Hondo.” Michael snapped.

Maria turned around, “And what are we supposed to listen to? Metallica? I don’t have any of their CDs.” Maria snapped back.

Michael towered over Maria and glared down at her, “Well you would if you didn’t conveniently lose the ones I gave you.” Michael retorted.

Before the argument could get any worse Max cut in, “We’ll just listen to the radio, okay?”

Maria and Michael’s heads both snapped around towards Max. “Fine!” They both snapped out in unison as they turned their backs on each other.

Isabel witnessed the argument and complained to Max, “I don’t want to sit with them complaining for an hour.”

“It’s all right Izzy, they’ll behave.” Max replied, then turning to Michael and Maria he told them, “You will behave, right?”

Maria just snorted while Michael just maintained a stoic silence.

“I’m not sitting between the two of them.” Turning to Michael she told him, “You’re sitting in the cargo section until you learn to behave.”

Michael whipped his head around, “Why me? She started it!” He whined while pointing a finger at Maria.

“What?” Maria yelled, “You’re the one that complained about my taste in music.”

“Yeah and it really….”

“That’s enough. If you don’t keep quiet we’ll never get on the road.” Max cut in. “Now stop fighting and get in the truck.”

Michael started to reply to Max but thought better of it when he saw the look on Isabel’s face. ‘Maybe a nice ride, listening to the radio would be relaxing.’ He thought.

* * * * *

Michael and Isabel wondered why they had taken the old highway if they were headed for Hondo, there were other, quicker ways to go. Their suspicions heightened when Liz started to look at a map and the road and finally told Max, “There it is. That’s the bridge we want. It should be another quarter mile.”

Max started to slow down anticipating the turn onto the unimproved road that was shown on the map. As they found the road and Max turned onto the dirt he was glad that they had the Navigator and not a car. It was a road, but it was full of potholes and deep ruts.

Isabel was the first to question the turn, “Why are we turning here? This definitely isn’t the way to Hondo.”

Max was just about to answer when they passed a sign indicating that they were entering the reservation.

“The reservation, they’re taking us to the reservation, Iz.” Michael snapped out.

“Damn it Max!” Isabel yelled, “You came out here didn’t you? Even though we agreed not to, you came out here!”

Max tried to calm his sister down, “Calm down Iz, it’s not as bad as you …”

“What? Not as bad as I think? This isn’t right. We shouldn’t be here Max. It’s too damn dangerous.” She yelled back. Turning to Liz he continued, “It’s because of you! We’re all going to be caught because of you. They’re going to know that we’re freaks. They’re going to take us to some lab and cut us open.” Isabel dropped her head into her hands.

Liz turned around in her seat, “Its okay, Isabel. Nobody will find out about you. Everything…”

Before Liz could continue Max asked, “Is that it up on the left Liz?”

Liz looked out the window and consulted the map, “Yeah, that should be it.”

Max turned off the ‘road’ they had been following and got as close to the hill as he could. He finally stopped and put the truck in park. “Well, that’s it. Where we came from.”

They all climbed out of the truck and stood and stared at the hill before them. Michael turned to Max, “I can’t believe you came out here without us. This affects us all Max.”

“I’m sorry Michael. You know we had to find this place. We hunted for it enough times together.”

Michael agreed with Max but still was upset. He ran his hands through his hair as he felt a comforting arm reach around his waist. Their argument of before was forgotten as Michael let his arm drop to Maria’s shoulders and he pulled her to his side.

Isabel looked at Max then Liz and turned to the hill, “Lets get this over with. Is it this way?” She asked as she started to walk.


AN: I can’t believe that they aren’t rooting around in the cave yet. They were supposed to in there already, I swear. Don’t worry, we’ll actually reach the cave in the second half of this part. It should be up in a few days. Monday at the latest.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: I’m sorry this took so long. I had a busy weekend. Hope it’s worth the wait. Thank you for all of the great feedback.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 26 B

“Wait, Isabel. Hang on a minute. We need flashlights.” Liz called to Isabel as she walked to the rear of the truck and opened the door. She rummaged through the back and came out with four lights. She handed one to each of the others, “Max and I can share one. I didn’t know Maria would be here.”

Max and Liz lead the way up the hill. The climb was completely different then the drive here. Everyone walked in silence. Liz assumed that each of them was struggling with the new possibilities. It would be strange to live your entire life thinking one thing and then have it all change at a blink of an eye. What they had thought of as being real was all about to be proven wrong. Whatever lies ahead was going to change the way that they thought about everything and everyone.

Michael was anxious to see where he had come from. All his life he knew he was different from those around him and wanted to find out why. He and Maria were walking behind Max and Liz. Maria still held onto Michael’s hand. She was afraid that he would some how pull away from her but was surprised that he held onto her in the same fashion. Isabel followed a few feet behind everyone. She seemed to be deep in thought, about what none of them had any idea. Michael had expected her to take up where he had left off when talking to Max. She was so anxious to start out that she looked upset when Liz had stopped her to give her a flashlight.

Isabel kept her eyes trained on the path in front of her, the future of her life becoming more and more unpredictable the further she walked. She was trying to accept that they would be finding out more about themselves. She was just having trouble deciding if it would be good or bad.

As Max and Liz led the way up the hill they weren’t completely sure that they had chosen the correct hill until they came around a rock outcropping and saw the cave opening. As they approached they slowed their pace so everyone could catch up.

“If you don’t stop squeezing my hand so hard I won’t have a hand for you to hang on to.” They all heard Michael mumble to Maria.

They all turned to Maria with questioning looks. Seeing that she had become the center of attention she looked back before asking, “What? Can’t I be nervous? What if we find some body snatchers that drop down on our backs and take control of our bodies?”

Seeing the pained expression on Isabel’s face she continued, “Present company excluded. I really didn’t mean you Iz.” She shook her head again and when she felt Michael squeeze her hand she looked at him and in a stage whisper, “I said I was sorry.”

Liz gave Maria a nasty look and gritted her teeth as she turned to the cave entrance. Before they started into the cave Max said to everyone, “There’s nothing to be afraid of. We’ve been in here a few times, it’s safe.”

“A few times?” Isabel complained while she shook her head. “This just gets better and better.”

Max just looked at Isabel and realized he didn’t have a response so he turned and gripped Liz’s hand as he turned on the flashlight and entered the cave leaving the others no choice but to follow.

Max and Liz walked quickly to the wide space outside the pod chamber. They stopped and waited for the others. They wanted to see their reactions to the symbols on the wall.

Michael was the first to enter the room, and seeing the wall caused him to come to an abrupt stop. Maria had been walking close behind and banged into his back when he stopped. Michael and Maria both staggered forward a bit, “What did you stop for?’ Maria asked. When Michael didn’t respond she peeked around him and saw the wall. Coming out from behind Michael she just exclaimed, “Oh, wow,” was all that the usually talkative Maria could get out. She walked further into the room and asked Max, “Do you know what they mean?”

“Liz and I haven’t figured anything out. That’s part of the reason why we… finally decided to bring you guys here.” He turned to the wall and began to tell them what he thought. “This symbol is familiar to me. It’s the symbol that I put on Liz’s ring. These over here are familiar too but I have no idea what they mean.”

“So, basically all you’re saying is that you have nothing… you brought us out here for nothing.”

“This isn’t nothing, Isabel. This is us. This is really us.” Michael interrupted Isabel’s rant.

“It looks like one of those newspaper puzzles. You know the ones that your dad does all the time, Liz.” Maria stepped forward and began to trace the symbols that lined the wall.

“That’s what I was thinking, that it was a puzzle for them to figure out. But the symbols don’t mean anything to them, so they can’t decipher it.” Liz explained. “Before they can go much further, they have to see if they remember what some of these mean.”

“Remember what they mean? And how are we supposed to do that? We never saw anything like this.” Isabel snapped as she gestured at the wall. “How do we even know it has anything to do with us? It could be…” Isabel continued to complain before Max cut her off.

“Isabel! Just look at them. Aren’t they familiar? Don’t you recognize some of them? I do.” Max said in a resigned voice. “We’ve been wondering about ourselves all our lives. So, it takes a bit longer to get answers, at least we have a place to start now.”

Isabel let out a deep sigh, “You’re right Max. We need answers. But, geez, it’s just so…”

Max looked at the scared expression on Isabel’s face and walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her trying to give her some comfort. He knew that Isabel was terrified about what they could find out about themselves. “I know. It’s scary, we might like what we find.”

Isabel leaned back and looked up at Max, “Max, this isn’t much to go on. If this is all that was left for us to find, we may never learn anything.”

“I have to agree Max. I can’t see why you kept coming out here. Just make a sketch and we’ll study it.” Michael added.

“Um,” Liz looked over at Max. “Maybe we should show them what’s in the other room.” Liz was implying the pods. The four of them. She walked over and took hold of Max’s hand and squeezed it to reassure him.

“Yeah, I’m sure that will …..” Maria started before she saw the look on Liz’s face. She remembered that she wasn’t supposed to know much about the cave. “Well, any additional information would be….” She let her voice trail off. She wasn’t batting all that well. Maybe she should just keep her mouth shut until it was all over.

Max looked down at Liz and then walked to the wall still holding her hand for moral support. “We found this by accident. This is the reason we kept coming back here.” He turned and placed his free hand on the wall, a silver handprint appeared, as he pressed his hand against the print the wall opened. He looked back at the others to see the look of amazement in their eyes.

“How did you know to do that?” Michael asked.

Max grinned sheepishly, “I didn’t, it was pure dumb luck. I happened to lean my hand against the wall while I was looking at this symbol and the door opened.” Max explained. “You can turn off the flashlights. There seems to be some sort of glow in here.”

The section opened up. Max and Liz walked in and stepped aside for the others to follow. “It’s huge.” Maria whispered loudly.

The room glowed brightly and it wasn’t hard to know what everyone was going to be looking at the minute they had entered. It would be difficult not to notice the four green glowing pods that were sitting dead center in the room.

Isabel approached the pods first eyes wide in shock. One hand was placed over her mouth as if it would stifle any unwanted comments. She quickly looked back to the others. “There’s four of us.” She whispered as she turned and looked directly at Liz before continuing in a louder voice. “There’s four.”

“How did you find this?” She asked when she turned back around.

“We met with River Dog. He showed us the cave. Said that he was expecting us.” Max provided the somewhat needed answer.

“So what did he do? Did he just take you up here and drop you off? How did he know that you would know about what was in here?” Michael was shooting off questions left and right.

“He said that there was a test. I passed.” Max was reluctant to tell them how they came about finding the cave. That he had to use his powers in order to prove who he was.

“What kind of test?” Michael could read between Max’s line, he was trying to minimize what had happened. Looking at Max’s face he accused, “He knows you’re an alien, doesn’t he?”

“Yes,” Max nodded slowly, “it’s safe to assume that he knows.” Before Michael could explode he tried to explain, “I was scared. The torch went out and Liz screamed and I thought that something had happened to her. I wasn’t about to let her get hurt.” Liz wrapped her arm around Max’s waist and he pulled her in graciously. He needed the support that she was giving.

“How many times are you going to risk your life for her? Our lives.” Michael started ranting. Maria stood back and waited for Max to defend himself but was surprised when Isabel began to speak.

“Michael, there’s four pods here.”

“I realize that Isabel. So.”

“Michael think about it!” Isabel snapped. Pointing to Max she counted, “One”, pointing at Michael she continued, “Two.” Then finally pointing to herself she added “Three. Are you getting the picture?”

A stunned expression came over Michael’s face but all he could answer was, “Oh.”

“Yeah, Oh.” Isabel replied. “There’s another one of us out there somewhere.” Turning to Max she said, “This doesn’t get you off the hook Max. It’s important but it was also important to keep our secret. Now there’s someone else that knows about us.”

“He already knew about us Iz. He was waiting for us. The only thing he learned was who I am. He doesn’t know about the rest of you.”

“Max, once they find you it isn’t going to take a genius to figure out who might also be aliens. I’m your sister, remember?” Isabel pointed at Michael, “And who’s the only person you used to hang around with?” Seeing the look on Max’s face Isabel ended up saying, “Yeah, find you, they find us.”

“Look, he’s been protecting this cave for years. Of course he can be trusted. Why else would he make sure that the secret of this cave was never found?” Liz cut into the argument.

Michael turned to Liz, “How do you know he was protecting this place? He brought you and Max up here.”

“My grandmother is a very good friend of his. They’ve known each other for years. But River Dog would never let her into this place.” Liz said. Seeing the look of doubt on Michael’s face she tried to explain. “My grandmother and River Dog had researched Native American cave art and culture all over the state but he would never let her in here.” Liz raised her eyebrows at Michael as if to ask, ‘do you understand now?’

“If he’s been protecting this place, why were we able to just walk in here?” Michael still wasn’t convinced.

Liz couldn’t answer the question and tried to stutter out a response, “I don’t… Maybe he…” Before she was cut off.

“We need to find our fourth. It’s no longer the three of us anymore. Whoever’s out there may need us.” Max ran a hand over one of the pods and it fluctuated just slightly.

“She’s out there. I just know it.” All heads turned to Isabel.

“She?” Max asked.

“Don’t ask me how I know. I just have a feeling that it would be a girl. Do you know how awkward it would be to have three guys and a girl? There’s two of you so there has to be two of us.” Isabel knew that she wasn’t thinking logically but seeing the fourth pod made her wish for a sister. It just had to be a girl. She would finally have someone to talk with. Someone that knew what it was like to be like her.

Isabel walked up to the pods and knelt before them as if in a trance. She reached out and placed her hand on a pod, “This one. This one was hers.” Glancing up at Max, “Don’t you remember? When we came out of these things.”

Max slowly nodded his head as his memories of that night returned. “Yeah, for some reason she didn’t come out. We waited until we were too hungry to stay.”

“Yeah, well, we still need to find her.” Max thought for a moment, “The trail is twelve years old. How are we going to …” Max’s voice trailed off as he thought about hunting for the missing fourth.

Michael had been deep in thought while he watched Isabel and Max discuss the fourth pod. “Maybe she’s been in Roswell all along. Maybe we sensed her but didn’t realize it because she didn’t have any powers. Maybe she just had to have a near death experience to have her powers kick in?” Michael suggested. “Maybe a healing experience?” Michael turned to Liz. “Maybe your powers were…”

Liz held up her hands to stop Michael, “Don’t even go there. I’ve gotten the 28 hours of labor guilt speech from my mother often enough to know that I didn’t come from a pod.”

“28 hours? Last time I heard your mother give that speech it was 20. What happened?” Maria asked.

“That was three years ago. We’ve had a few more arguments since then. Every time it seems to be getting longer.” Liz chuckled. “I figured it would jump to 30 or more when I started to date Max.”

Max’s head whipped around from his staring at the pods, “I thought your mother liked me?” Max whined.

Liz wrapped her arms around him and looked up into his eyes, “That was before she met you. I knew she’d like you if she only got to know you.” Liz tried to calm Max’s worries.

Michael watched the two of them start to stare into each other’s eyes as Max reached up to brush a strand of Liz’s hair behind her ear. “Can we focus here? Can the two of you do that whole staring thing on your own time?”

Max and Liz moved apart slightly and looked around them. “Well, that’s the tour. We haven’t been able to find anything else so far. I think if we keep trying we’ll remember more of what’s supposed to be here.”

“I think it will be more helpful if you come here together. You seem to trigger memories in each other. You bounce ideas off of each other. You now seem to agree that the fourth pod was a girl.” Liz suggested.

“Why don’t we come back next weekend. That will give us some time to think about what we saw.” Max suggested.

Isabel and Michael nodded their heads in agreement. “Yeah, that’s a good idea. We can meet at my place during the week and discuss anything we think of before then.” Michael concluded.

Isabel was standing and staring at the pods. “What if it is hers?” She said absent mindedly as she tapped a well-manicured fingernail on her teeth. She took a sideways glance at Liz and then back at Michael. “He’s been mooning over her since the first day he ever saw her. He has every right to protect her if it is her pod.”

“Wait, Isabel. No, that’s not my pod.” Liz pulled away from Max. “We have definitely gone over this. The labor thing?”

“How do you know?” Isabel asked. “Maybe there was some...” Before she could continue Liz cut her off.

“I’m not like you. Think about it. I was in the hospital for a week. I had dozens of tests ran. Blood was taken. I’m not like you. We would know if I were.” Liz tried not to pull away from Max but she felt him do it himself. She had made him realize that they were different, very different. That she knew that they were different. They would always be different. She went to take a step forward but Max pulled away a little more. She could feel the warmth leave her side as Max pulled away.

She turned to Max trying to explain her comments; “I didn’t mean it like that. You know I didn’t mean it like that.” She pleaded for him to understand.

Max forced a smile on his face, “I know what you meant. It just….” Max sighed, “I know what you meant.” He said as he pulled Liz into his arms and gave her a hug before turning towards the entrance. “So, the three of us will come back next week?”

Liz felt a stab of pain go through her as Max said those words. He was excluding her. She knew that she said she was different, but she still wanted to be a part of his life, no matter what it entailed. They were at a crossroads right now and she had to make sure that Max knew how she felt. “We’ll all be back here next weekend.” She said with authority. Grabbing Max’s hand she let him know that he could depend on her. Max squeezed her hand back quietly accepting her support.

Michael took one last look around the pod chamber before taking Maria by the hand, turning on his flashlight and walking out the door. Isabel stayed a moment longer seeming in thought as she looked at the wall with the clover symbol. She also turned and walked out.

Liz stopped Max from walking out for a moment. “I think we should bring Alex out here next week. He may be able to help us with the symbols. He’s great with puzzles and codes.”

“Not to mention he’d be able to keep Isabel from freaking out.” Max added.

“You noticed it too? Her eyes loose the iciness when he’s around.” Liz commented.

“Yeah, I think she’s fighting it though. She can’t see that they make a great couple. I never see her laugh as much as when they’re together.” Max replied. “We better go or they’ll leave without us.”

“They can’t, I have the keys.”

“And Michael and Isabel Both have alien powers.”

“Oh, then we better hurry.”

October 20, 2001 – Well, that went well, sorta. Took everyone to the pod chamber today. Isabel and Michael took the whole thing a lot better than I thought they would. I guess Liz was right, I shouldn’t have been so worried. Michael and Isabel both want to know about themselves as much as I do.

Isabel and Michael still look at Liz like they’re blaming her for ruining something. Like she’s taken away their peace of mind. I have to figure out how to show them that she’s hasn’t taken anything away from them, but she’s given them the chance to truly know who they are.

Knowing Liz has really widened our horizons. We found out where we came from. That was the first step in finding why we’re here. We have friends that we can depend on.

Liz seemed really upset with Michael’s suggestion that she may be like us. I guess she isn’t as comfortable with us as I thought. She still seems to have some doubts. Could this thing between us just be her gratitude for my saving her? Could this whole thing between us be an impossible dream? Will she wake up one day and realize just how different we really are?

God, I hope not. Now that we’ve been together, even for this short time, I don’t know what I would do if she said she wanted to walk away.


Well, it was almost Monday. Only a few hours late. Hope you like this part.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: I’m sorry this took so long. I had a busy weekend. Hope it’s worth the wait. Thank you for all of the great feedback.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Sorry this was so long. Got hung up reading another story and…… well, had trouble writing. But, here it is, hope you like it.

Part 27

November 3, 2001 – Time seems to be flying ever since Max and I showed Michael and Isabel the cave. All our free time is spent up there. I’m glad that we found the alternate route to the cave because I’m sure the natives would be getting restless if they continued to see six teens wondering the hills on the reservation every other day.

I still remember the look on Michael and Isabel’s face when they saw the fourth pod. They immediately looked to me as if it were mine. I tried miserably to convince them that they couldn’t be more wrong about their assumptions. I tried so much that I think I had hurt Max’s feelings. The looks aren’t that noticeable anymore, either that or I’m just getting used to them eyeing me. I’m still not sure that Michael and Isabel believe that I’m not one of them and it doesn’t look like we are going to figure out the symbols any time soon.

Max, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. Things between us are not the same. I first thought that it was the idea of the cave but now… I’m not so sure if it’s that. We are never alone and even when we are it’s not like it used to be. There’s a distance that’s growing between us. What can I do to change it? How can I make him realize that even though we are different we are the same? We’re two of a kind so to speak.

From here on out it doesn’t matter how many steps Max Evans takes I’m taking them with him, whether he likes it or not.

Isabel walked through the halls after leaving Max. She happened upon Alex leaning against his locker talking to Jennifer Campbell. Isabel shook her head, ‘Why does that bother me so much?’ She thought. As she stopped at her locker and dug out her books she watched them out of the corner of her eye. ‘Friends, they’re just friends.’ She thought.

The early bell rang and the two friends split up, each heading in a different direction. Alex headed towards Isabel who had finished in her locker and turned and joined Alex. “Good morning, Alex.”

“Oh, hey, Isabel. Yeah, great morning.” Alex replied. “Headed to C wing? I’ll walk with you.”

“They walked for a bit in silence before she was able asked, “I hear you’re helping with the symbols. Trying to decode them.”

“I can’t help too much. To really be able to decode a set of…..” Isabel listened as Alex explained the code breaking process. She was able to understand a surprising amount of what he said and was shocked when she found that she was actually interested.

Eventually they reached Alex’s class and he came to a stop outside the door, “Here I am.”

Isabel pointed down the hall at her classroom, “I’m down there.” She smiled at Alex before noticing that he had buttoned his shirt all the way up. “I thought I told you to leave these unbuttoned?” She scolded as she proceeded to undo the top two buttons of his shirt. Isabel ran her finger inside the opening as she pushed it open, “See? Isn’t that much better?” Her face flushed some from being so intimate with him. ‘What was she thinking? That was easy she wasn’t.’ “Even if it isn’t this is the way that all the fashion guru’s are wearing their clothes.” She quickly added so that Alex wouldn’t get the wrong idea which when she really thought about it, was the exact thought that she wanted him to have. She didn’t like him hanging around with Jennifer. It rubbed her the wrong way.

Alex fought to keep his mouth from dropping open in surprise. He watched as Isabel walked down the hall and disappeared into her classroom. Alex shook his head in wonder, ‘What just happened here? Am I dreaming?’ As he turned to walk into the classroom he walked into the door, the resulting pain was able to convince him of two things, he wasn’t dreaming, and he was a klutz.

* * * * *

Max and Liz walked into the hall after meeting in the parking lot. Although they weren’t holding hands they were walking as close to one another without touching. “Max, I think we really need to talk.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” Max asked a little surprised by Liz’s being so direct.

“You’ve been acting strange the last few weeks. I feel you pulling away from me.”

“I’m not going anywhere Liz. I’m right here. I’ve been busy. That’s all.” Max glanced her way briefly and gave her a weak attempt for a smile.

“Yeah, you’re right here but I miss you. I miss us the way we used to be. Is this about the other? Do you know who she is and you’re just afraid to tell me? Is she slowly taking my place?” Liz and Max had stopped in the middle of the hallway and were now facing each other. Neither had noticed that Kyle had stopped a few feet away and was witnessing their argument.

When Liz said something about another person taking her place Kyle couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help the situation along. If Evans wanted out then who was he not to help. “So, the lawn boy has another girl on the side? Way to go Evans. Never thought you had it in you.”

“I don’t have another girlfriend.” Max said through clenched teeth. “This is none of your business Valenti. Move along.”

“Hey, I dated Liz for almost a year and I know that she doesn’t give it up. I can understand you wanting to get some somewhere else. I thought of it quite a lot but always had a sneaking suspicion that Liz would be one hell of a romp in the hay if I could just get passed her defenses.” Max was clenching his hands into fists with every passing word that came out of Kyle’s mouth.

“Come on, Max. He’s just trying to goad you into a fight. He’s not worth it.” Liz tried to pull on Max’s arm but he shrugged her off.

“We’re not leaving until he apologizes.” Max said intently.

“I’m not apologizing to you, Evans. You’ve got another thing coming if you think that.”

“I wasn’t wanting you to apologize to me but to Liz.”

“Liz? Boy Evans you’re sure mixed up. Just minutes earlier she was asking about some other girl now you’re taking her side. What gives? Maybe she’s given you a little piece of the forbidden fruit? Yeah, you just want it all. You’ve grown up with nothing and now that you’ve been in her world you want it all. The way she was pleading with you earlier she’ll probably give it to you.” Kyle couldn’t help but look at Liz and shake his head. “Rolling around with the servants. I can’t believe it. It must be the scar. I thought your mother taught you better.”

That was it. Max couldn’t take it any longer. He swung quick and hard with a right hook and Kyle went slamming back against a set of lockers. Liz immediately yelled at Max and grabbed his arm to keep him from going after Kyle. “He’s not worth it, Max. He’s not worth it.”

Max shook her off again and went after Kyle. Just before he was able to reach him someone was pulling him off. “Mr. Evans, Mr. Valenti to my office now.” The principal intercepted the two. Max didn’t get a chance to say anything to Liz and as he looked over his shoulder he could see that she was crying.

* * * * *
An hour later Max came out of the Main Office and almost ran over Liz who was leaning against a wall waiting for him.

“Gees, Liz. What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in History”

“I couldn’t go. I had to find out what happened to you.” Liz explained. “Is everything all right?”

Max nodded his head, he was ashamed that he had let Kyle make him lose control, and upset that Liz had been involved. “Everything’s fine. Can’t have the star quarterback in trouble. Ford didn’t see me hit Kyle, he wants to believe I just pushed him. No punch, no fight. We can stay in school.” Max grinned a mischieviously, “Of course Kyle’s chin strap is going to hurt where it rubs against his chin.”

“Max you can’t let Kyle or other people get to you. It doesn’t matter what they say. I can take it. You…”

“No, you shouldn’t have to take anything.” Max cut in. He reached up and cupped her face with his hand. “You’re too good for that. You’re the most beautiful girl in the school, I know its just jealousy speaking with him, but you shouldn’t have to put up with it.”

Just then the bell rang to change classes, “Liz, we have to go to class. We’ll talk about this later. Okay?”

“Yeah, okay Max.”

Max grabbed Liz’s hand and they blended into the rest of the student body as they went to their next classes.

* * * * *

Isabel glided into the quad and scanned the area her eyes alighting on the table that held her brother and his friends. They were all there, Maria, Liz, Michael and, of course, Alex. As she watched, Alex whispered something into Liz’s ear and she glared at him before bursting into laughter. Max, Maria and Michael glanced at Alex in annoyance before going back to studying something on the table.

As Isabel continued to look at their table Alex happened to glance up and catch her studying them. Looking away Isabel failed to see the look in Alex’s eye. Isabel saw her “friends” at their usual table thinking, ‘Yeah, like anybody else in this school would dare sit there.’

As she started forward her arm was grabbed by one of her crowd, Marcie Andrews, “Hey, Isabel. Seventeen just hit the newsstand with an article on…..” Isabel tuned out the rest of her words as she studied her “friend”. The first word that popped into Isabel’s mind when she looked at her was “Fake”. From the caps on her teeth to the nose that was a present from her parents at 15, she lived for the fashion magazines and was usually the first to sport the newest fashions no matter how hideous they were.

Isabel didn’t want to but her mind started to make comparisons between her circle of friends and the new group that was forming around Liz and Max. God, she thought, ‘I’m even starting to think of that as one word, LizandMax. Don’t tell me I’m starting to accept Ms Science Geek and my brother together. I’m going to have to put up with my friends’ teasing for the rest of the school year?’

She nodded her head regally as she joined her group and sat down. She heard Diana and Janice snickering about something, she knew it wasn’t important. It occurred to her that they never really laughed unless it was at someone’s expense. They never let anybody know who they were, they never discussed their hopes and dreams for fear they would be ridiculed if they didn’t meet the groups standards. Isabel yearned to be among friends that would just accept her for who she was. She was coming to realize why she was among this group. She could hide here. They only dealt with the superficial, never anything important. She slowly realized that she didn’t want to be here right now.

She glanced back over to her brother’s table and saw Alex’s face turn a deep shade of red. Liz and Maria were laughing and she wondered just what they were talking about to embarrass Alex that much. God, even Michael was smiling.

Liz had been kidding around with Alex when she saw her friend freeze and the expression on his face change to a far away not on this earth look. Looking over the quad she saw he was staring at Isabel. She lightly kicked Maria under the table and nodded at Alex. Maria looked at Alex then in the direction of his stare and just nodded knowingly at Liz.

“Alex, why don’t you ask her out?” Maria suggested.

Alex tore his eyes away from Isabel and glanced at Maria, “What? Who?” His face was turning red after getting caught staring.

Liz draped her arm around Alex, “You know who, Isabel Evans.”

“Oh, God, you have to be kidding me. There’s no way.” Alex replied, face getting even redder.

“Hey, you won’t know unless you ask her. She’s not that bad….” Maria started before she was interrupted by a snort from Michael.

“Yeah, right. The King of the Geeks and the Ice Princess.” He laughed before his face filled with pain and he reached below the table for his foot. “OW, Crap! What was that for?” he whined out while looking at Maria. “I have a game to play and can’t do it with a broken foot.”

“I was just trying to teach you that it’s impolite to interrupt someone when they’re talking.” Maria answered primly.

“Now, as I was saying before Mr. Sensitivity opened his mouth.” Maria continued after turning back to Alex. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You know you’d like to get closer. Ask her out.”

“Yeah, Alex.” Liz took up the argument. “What’s the worst that can happen? So she says no,” Liz shrugged her shoulders, “no harm, no foul.”

“What is this cliché day? What’s the worst that can happen? Try total and complete humiliation. After she shoots me down and the rest of the school hears about it…” Alex just shook his head indicating that the thought of what would happen was too terrible for words.

“You know, they may be right Alex.” Max finally broke in. “Isabel isn’t really happy with that group. She’d like some real friends.” He ducked his head down again and continued looking over the drawing of the cave.

“Et tu, Max?” Alex whined. “I thought we guys were supposed to stick together? You know, unite against….” Looking at Max and Liz he sighed, “Who am I kidding, you disagreeing with Liz?” He said as he shook his head.

Liz looked nervously at Max and then back at Alex. She was going to say that even her and Max had their disagreements but Maria snapped her fingers, “I know. The Gala. Ask her. She’s probably dying to go.” She shot out at Alex. A grin broke out on Maria’s face, “That way you won’t have to take your cousin.”

“Do you really think she’d say yes? Really?” Alex asked the table at large. He glanced at Liz and Max who were nodding in agreement, he then looked at Maria and Michael but he saw Maria glaring at Michael daring him to say something. He shook his head before the rest of what Maria said hit him, “Hey that wasn’t my cousin last year.”

Michael was fast losing patience with the topic, so jumped in, “Enough already, ask her Alex.” Then turning to the rest, “We have other things to discuss.” He said as he pointed to the drawing he had laid out on the table.

The drawing Michael was calling their attention to was of the symbols on the cave wall. He had made the drawing during their last trip to the cave so that they could discuss it during the week. They recognized some of the symbols but still didn’t know what they meant.

“Michael, we’ve stared at it, and stared at it. We just can’t seem to remember what it means.” Max argued. “It hasn’t helped. Let’s just give it some time, maybe we’ll remember.”

“Are you going to hit me too when I disagree with you?” Michael couldn’t help but rub it in on Max. He had it easy during lunch. No one had even mentioned anything about his visit to the principal’s office. Max just looked up and then back down. There was no way he was going to be drawn into that conversation.

Maria was gently rubbing Michael’s back while she rested the side of her face against Michael’s arm and looked at the drawing. Shaking her head she pointed at some of the symbols, “You know, if these symbols weren’t here, and you just looked at these….” She thought for a minute longer before glancing at Liz, “Don’t these things look like hills or mountains? And this looks like a… I don’t know, a lake maybe?”

Liz hunched over the table to study the things Maria was pointing out. Looking at Max she asked, “Didn’t you say that you didn’t recognize some of the symbols?”

Max reached out his hand and started to point them out. “This one, and these. And this one here. None of us recognize them.”

Liz smiled as she glanced up at Maria, “You did it. That’s what it is.”

“Huh, what is it?” Alex asked.

Michael just nodded his head in wonder, “It’s a map.”

They sat for a moment before they all started talking at once. “It’s a map of what?” “Where do we start?” “Which way is north?”

Michael finally just picked up the drawing and stood up. “We have to go to the cave. We have to check this out.”

“Whoa, Michael. It’s the middle of the school day. We can’t just take off.” Max pointed out to Michael.

“Maxwell, don’t you know what this means? There may be something else out there, other caves.”

“Yeah, I realize that Michael, but we can’t just go running off. All that stuff has been there for fifty years, a few more days won’t matter.” Max reasoned.

“Michael, if we wait we’ll have a chance to do some additional research.” Liz added.

Slumping back down in his seat Michael sighed, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Glancing at Liz he smiled, “We gotta have a plan.”

Just then the bell to change classes rang. They slung their backpacks on their shoulders and picked up their lunch time garbage. As they turned to walk out the door they all heard Alex telling Maria, “That wasn’t my cousin last year.”

* * * *

Alex sat at the computer desk mumbling to himself as Isabel drew up a seat and sat down. She looked at Alex and could see that he had something on his mind. He seemed very preoccupied.

“Hey, Alex. How was your day? Write that killer app that Gates will pay you millions for?” Isabel asked.

Alex’s head snapped around in surprise as if he had been caught doing something wrong. “Oh, hey, Isabel. I didn’t hear you come in. What did you ask?”

Isabel just chuckled to try to ease Alex’s nervousness, “It was only a joke Alex.” Pausing a beat she asked, “Is anything wrong? You seem preoccupied. Do you want to cancel for today?”

Alex’s eyes widened as he hastened to reply, “No, Today’s fine. Today is perfect, really. I don’t have a problem with today.”

“Alex. It’s okay.” Isabel placed her hand on Alex’s arm to get him to quiet down. She had never seen Alex so nervous.

“Oh, okay. Then lets get started.” Alex started to open the book they were sharing to the right page. He had just found the page when he placed his hand on the book and turned his head towards Isabel.

“I…I have a question to ask you.” He started. When Isabel looked up into his eyes he snapped his head away and stared at the computer screen.

“Yeah, sure Alex. Ask away.”

“Uh, Isabel. I’ve been tu tut tutoring you for uh a few months now. And I think we’ve gotten to be… uh, friends.” Alex stole a glance at Isabel and saw that he had her attention.

“Uh, you know that, uh, my parents belong to the country club, and they always go to all of the functions.” Again Alex glanced at Isabel then back to the monitor. He rested his hands next to the keyboard and started to tap his thumb nervously.

“Well, this year they had the bright idea that I should go…again…as if last year wasn’t embarrassing enough.” Alex chuckled, “Just think of me in a tux…” The thumb started to tap faster.

“Um, usually, when you go to one of these things, you bring a date.” Alex again glanced quickly at Isabel.

Isabel finally realized what Alex was trying to ask her, “Sure Alex, I’ll go.”

Alex was so nervous that he missed what Isabel had said to him, “Liz and Maria had this crazy idea.” And again Alex glanced at Isabel, “I know this is going to sound really crazy. And you don’t have to agree with it. You probably have…”

Isabel reached over and trapped his rapidly pounding thumb. “I’d love to go with you.” She said with a smile.

“Believe me when I tell you that I told them it was crazy and that…” When Isabel’s hand closed over his, Alex’s eyes dropped to were they were touching.

“Oh God, I’m babbling. I know it wasn’t healthy for me to be with Maria. I knew I’d pick up her bad habits. Not that I was “with” Maria, because I wasn’t. Michael would kill me if he ever thought I was “with” Maria. We’re just very good friends. And all.”

Isabel did the only thing she could think of to stop Alex’s babbling and make him pay some attention to what she was saying. She reached over and grabbed his head between her hands. She turned his head to face hers, thinking of getting him to look at her face. As his face turned towards hers, her original plan went out the window when Alex nervously licked his lips and Isabel couldn’t tear her eyes away from them. All of a sudden she just had to kiss him. She just had to see if his lips were as warm she thought they would be.

November 5, 2001 – What a day… I can’t believe I let Valenti get to me but it sure did feel good to let loose like that. Luckily Mr. Ford didn’t see me hit Kyle, he just thought I pushed him. That way we didn’t get suspended. Like they would suspend the star quarterback the week of a big game.

Liz has it all wrong. It’s not that I have feelings for the one that we left behind but something like worry. I worry about her all the time. Just like I look after Michael and Isabel I feel like I should have been able to look after her as well.

I can’t help but wonder what kind of life she has had to live. The image of her in the pod haunts my dreams at night and I don’t know if Liz would really understand. Maybe she was right when she said that we needed to sit down somewhere and just talk. I don’t think I can go through everyday with this rift that is forever becoming bigger and bigger with each passing day.

I should have known that today was going to be weird when Liz and Maria suggested that Alex ask Isabel to the Gala. At first I thought they had lost their minds. Maybe my fight with Kyle had caused Liz permanent damage. Isabel and Alex? Alex is a really nice guy and all but Isabel and Alex? I would have never believed it but the way that Isabel was floating around the house tonight gave proof that I was wrong.

When the phone rang and mom said that it was Alex she hurried and ran to her room. I’ve never seen her act that way when any other boy called the house. Mom and Dad looked to me for answers. I shrugged and left the room.

Being proved how wrong I was about Isabel and Alex made me realize that I need to go see Liz tonight and tell her how sorry I am for the way I’ve been acting. My life just hasn’t been balanced with this distance that is between us. She may not be one of us but she’s a part of me and she always will be. I really have to convince her that she’s going to be a permanent part of my life.

So? What did you think? Let me know.

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Two Of A Kind

By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Wow, less then a week. Sorry, another transition piece. (I am fast coming to realize that “transition piece” is author speak for don’t have a clue where to go now.) We’ll see what kind of info they dig up this week.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 28A

November 5, 2001 – Max just left and yes, we are fine. He apologized and I apologized and then we did a lot of making out which was the best part. I can’t believe my mother let Max visit so late. 9:00 on a school night? It must have helped that my grandmother answered the door but mom didn’t freak.

I now understand what kind of feelings Max has for the fourth pod member. I’m sure I would feel the same way if I were in his shoes. That’s what I have to remember is that Max isn’t your ordinary teenage boy, he’s special and every situation with him has major consequences. No one realizes what it is like to be him but the more that we spend together the more I realize that I’m glad I can be there for him. He told me tonight that he wouldn’t have done things any other way. Having me in his life was one of the greatest things he could have done and he can’t even think what it’s going to be like when I go off to Harvard for school.

I hadn’t thought about that scenario either and now that he brought it up, I’m beginning to think my college choice over again. I don’t want to have a long distance relationship with him. I don’t think I could handle it. I can hardly go a day without seeing him. I definitely don’t want to go holiday to holiday until I can see him.

Things are going well for all of us. Really, if you think about it. Max and I are back on track and Michael and Maria are Michael and Maria but the greatest thing is what happened to the last third of our group. Yes! Alex asked Isabel to the Gala and she accepted and not only did she accept but she kissed him too. Way to go Alex! Whoop, whoop, whoop! Yeah! I believe this is the way that it was supposed to be. The six of us working together, what could be more natural than three best friends dating three other best friends.

There’s just one thing that can throw a wrench into our fine-tuned working machine and that’s the fourth unknown pod. They all seem to think that it’s a girl and Isabel and Michael are still giving me the knowing eye but I can’t help but feel that there just might be more to it. We’ll see. I’m not ready to give up on the happiness that I’m just now finding. After all I did say that this was my last chance of getting Max Evans to be my boyfriend and look how that has turned out…

Liz bounced into the dining room for breakfast and saw her grandmother sitting and eating. Walking up to her she planted a kiss on her cheek, “Good morning, Grandma.”

“Hi, Lizzie. You seem happy today.” She loved to see her granddaughter smile like that and was glad to see that the scar on her face wasn’t even an issue to her friends. She could clearly see that with or without the scar they all cared about her very much.

Liz sat down and stretched in her seat before reaching for the pitcher of orange juice. “Why shouldn’t I be? It’s a beautiful morning.” She couldn’t keep from smiling. Everything was perfect and she refused to think of it any other way. She just wasn’t going to do it.

Claudia shook her head, “You didn’t seem so happy yesterday. Could that smile be a result of a certain visitor last night?”

Liz’s eyes dropped to the table as her face reddened slightly, “Yeah, Max and I were having a misunderstanding.” She looked back over to her grandmother; “He came by and we talked it out last night.”

Claudia flashed a smile at Liz, “First fight, huh?” Liz was still looking down at the table and was refusing to look her grandma in the eye.

Liz shook her head, “It wasn’t an argument. It was a…” Liz tried to decide what to call what had happened, “It was like I said a misunderstanding.” She finally looked her grandma in the eye and saw her nod her head to signal that she understood.

Liz looked down at her glass of juice, “Grandma, did granddad ever pull away from you and not tell you why?” She shifted in her chair and then continued. “Like something was bothering him but he wouldn’t tell you what it was?”

Grandma shook her head and chuckled, “All the time. It’s the male animal; something in their genetic make-up forces them to keep things inside. They probably think they’re protecting us.”

Liz smiled at her grandmother and started to pour some cereal into a bowl. “Exactly. I knew you would understand.”

“You shouldn’t take it personally. They don’t even notice that they’re doing it.”

Liz nodded in understanding, “Yeah, but it still bothered me.” She grabbed the milk and started to pour that over the cereal. “Max has always been so open with me that when he bottled up so quickly I didn’t know what to think. We can talk about anything and it hurt my feelings that he thought that he couldn’t talk to me about his situation.”

“Honeybear, this is really new to the both of you. You’ve only been dating for a few months. You’ll get better at reading each other just don’t forget that communication is what makes a relationship last. Without it you just have good whoopee.” Claudia chuckled when she saw her granddaughter blush. It really pleased her to know that Liz was still such the innocent girl but she had a feeling that what she shared with Max was going to be changing soon. Especially when it gets closer to graduation.

Liz nodded her head, “I can’t believe you said that. Grandma you should be ashamed of yourself. But…Yeah, I guess you’re right about this being new to both of us.”

Seeing that Liz wasn’t going to say anything more about Max, “How was the soccer game Sunday?”

Liz smiled, “Great. The team just keeps getting better and better. The parent’s all say that Max is the greatest coach that the girls have ever had.”

Claudia looked at Liz questioningly, “What team are you going to the tournament with?”

Liz looked up from her cereal bowl, “That one.” Again she squirmed a little in her chair. “I help Max coach and the parents are insisting that I come along. You know that.”

“And Max will be going on this trip with you?” When she saw Liz nod in reply, “Does your mother know that Max will be along on the trip? She may think that’s important information.”

“I keep meaning to mention it.” She pushed a piece of hair behind her ear as she spoke. “I do, I really do. But I keep chickening out.” Liz confessed.

“You know that if she finds out on her own she’ll be very mad, don’t you?” Claudia folded the newspaper that was sitting in her lap and placed it on the table and then sat up a little straighter to let Liz know how serious it could be if she kept that kind of information from her mother.

Liz nodded again, “I’m just afraid that she’ll change her mind about my going.”

“Lizzie, you should tell her. If she finds out on her own she may stop your going.” Claudia looked at Liz a moment, “You may be surprised at her reaction. I would almost say that your mother likes Max.” She looked over the top of her reading glasses and her left eyebrow raised like Spock’s did on Star Trek.

“Okay. I’ll tell her.” Liz could see the disbelieving look on her grandma’s face and reiterated it again. “I definitely will.” Liz replied while taking another spoonful of cereal.

Liz and Claudia sat in silence for a few minutes.

“So, how was your trip with Max Saturday? Have a good time?” Grandma finally asked.

Thinking real fast Liz answered, “We had a great time. We drove over to Hondo to eat, looked in some shops.” She had to make sure to tell Max in case grandma decided to ask him how Hondo was. She would hate to get caught in a lie. That would be bad. Very bad.

“Oh, that’s odd. Your mother and I drove over there after we went to the Evans’ nursery. I don’t remember seeing your truck.”

Liz was saved from answering when her mother breezed into the room, “Good morning mom, Liz.” She took a seat at the table and reached across the table for the coffee carafe. As she poured herself a cup, Juanita came out and asked if she wanted anything else.

“I think so, I have a busy morning planned.” She thought for a few moments, “Bacon and eggs over easy, whole wheat toast. Okay?” When she saw Juanita nod her head and turn to head to the kitchen she noticed Liz eating cereal.

“Is that all you’re having? How about….”

“No, mom, this is fine. I have to leave in a minute anyway.” Liz was shoveling spoon after spoon as quickly as she could without either one of the other women noticing her doing it. She didn’t want to continue the line of questioning that her grandma was on.

“Well, okay.”

Nancy seemed to remember something as she looked over at Liz with a big smile on her face, “I had this great idea. It came to me when we were talking to Phillip and I decided to do it when I saw Max last night.” Nancy paused for dramatic effect. Seeing the lost looks on Claudia and Liz’s faces she continued, “We’ll invite the Evans for Thanksgiving dinner. What do you think?”

Liz looked back at her mother in surprise, “Bu,bu, but, we always just have family there.” She stuttered. Liz figured that nothing good could come of this. Max’s parents and her's under the same roof? No, uh, uh. Definitely not good. Her mother’s come a long way but still had a lot longer to go.

“Oh, but the holidays are for more than just family. There for friends too.” Nancy gushed as she furiously nodded her head in hopes that her daughter would agree too.

Claudia smiled at her daughter then frowned and made a show of squinting at her, “Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?”

“Funny mother, funny.” Nancy replied. “Talking to Phillip the other day just made me realize how much I miss talking to him.” Reaching over and squeezing Liz’s hand she continued, “It will give your father and I a chance to talk to Max. You know, get to know him a little bit better.”

‘Oh, God, just what I want.’ Liz thought. Smiling at her mother she gave her hand a squeeze, and forced a smile on her face, “It should be fun. I can’t wait.” Glancing at her watch, “Gotta run. My turn to drive to school.”

Liz gave her mother and grandmother a kiss on the cheek then trotted out of the room.

* * * * *

Michael walked up to the truck before Liz was able to close the door, “Don’t bother locking it. We won’t be staying.”

Liz turned to Michael, “What? It’s a school day Michael. You go to school on a school day.”

As she went to close the door Michael grabbed it and reached in to unlock all the doors, “Sorry, not today. We’re going to check out the map theory.”

As Michael opened the rear door Liz noticed the bundle of papers Michael was throwing in the back of the truck, “We can’t just go to the cave. We need USGS maps. We’d have to make copies at the library.”

Pointing a thumb into the back of the truck at the stack of papers, “All done. I got all the maps they have of the area.”

Liz inspected the papers again and realized the Michael hadn’t made copies. He had just taken the originals. “Michael, those were in the reference section, you can’t take them out of the library. What if other people need them?”

Michael just looked at Liz before replying, “Well I guess that’s a very good reason for us to hurry. So that we can get them back so others can use them.” He said snidely.

Liz glanced at Maria, who was still sitting in the passenger’s seat; Maria just shrugged and gave her a look like ‘It should be fun.’

Liz glanced at Isabel, who look pissed at the world, and finally at Max who just looked resigned to playing along with Michael. Max and Isabel started to move towards the truck when Michael shouted out, “Hey, Whitman! Over here!” They all turned to see what he was doing. Michael had his hand up waving Alex over.

As Alex approached the truck he nodded to Max and Liz and looked at Michael, “Hey, what’s going on?”

“We’re going on a field trip. You get to come.” When Michael saw Alex hesitate he continued, “We may need your help.”

Alex still didn’t sound convinced, “I have a …..” He started to say as he pointed his thumb back at the school.

“Alex, come on. We don’t have all day. We need your help.” Michael tried to convince him. When he still wasn’t moving toward the truck Michael threw in the clincher, “You get to sit next to Isabel all day. Okay?”

Michael knew he had Alex then as he watched his face turn a bright shade of red. As Michael turned to get into the truck he saw Isabel’s expression was not as harsh, “Happy now?” He snapped at her so everyone could hear. He was rewarded with the legendary Ice Princess blushing to her roots.

“Dammit, where’s a camera when you need one.” Maria whined. “I could get good money for a picture of Isabel blushing. It would be like a Ripley’s Believe It or Not for West Roswell High”

Liz laughed at Maria as she climbed back into the driver’s seat. She pulled the door shut and then heard Michael firing out the seating arrangements. “Isabel, Alex, all the way in the back. Maria, you’re with me.”

“Who died and made you King?” Isabel snapped. “I can’t just drop everything and leave.”

“What did you have planned for today Iz? Flirting with Alex before homeroom? Check. Now you can flirt with him all day. He’s here. Michael tapped his finger to the side of his face as if he were thinking of something else, and then he snapped his fingers. “Oh, I know, taking the latest Cosmo Poll with your friends during lunch?” Michael growled back at Isabel. “Check. Look in the back seat, I picked it up at the grocery store last night. You can give it to Alex on the way there and then he can give it to you on the way back. “We need you with us. You can do all that stuff tomorrow.” He then leaned in to the front seat. “Maria move your lovely rear end back here.”

“Hey, I want to ride shotgun. I’m already here.” Maria said.

“You’re not the one that Liz wants to hold hands with and it’s her truck. Come on; hop on back here. You know you want to hear the answers to the Cosmo Poll.”

“How are we going to do this Michael?” Max started as he waited for Maria to move on back so he could climb in. “We have practice after school and if we’re marked absent we can’t go.”

“Who sez? The football players do it all the time. It shouldn’t be a problem.” Michael responded. Turning to Liz, “The sooner we get there the sooner we can return the maps.”

Liz just glanced at Max while shaking her head and started the Navigator back up. As she pulled out of the parking lot she heard Maria start up, “So, I asked before, who made you boss. And how did you know I wanted to sit with you? Maybe I wanted….

It was going to be a long ride.


Again, a part that wouldn’t fit in one post. Part B will appear…..

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Hi, Just wanted to take some time and answer some of the wonderful feedback you’ve been posting.

frenchkiss70 – Yeah, he is. I’ll have to have Maria kick his butt some time.

Faith Evans – Thank you

CEO Shaft – I’m an unrepentant dreamer. The girl, oops, the person, from the forth pod will be revealed.

Just a random thought: Did you ever notice that the pods on the show were opaque, you couldn’t see the granalith glowing away behind them, but you could clearly see Tess floating around?

Roswellluver – Michael wants answers and feels he has nothing better to do on a school day.

ForeverDreaming8602 – The next part is being proofed this weekend, hopefully, by Tuesday you’ll get the rest of 28. It was hard for Jenn to Beta part 28B when I sent her 26B.

Mermaidgirl – Liz and Max need each other, any walls between them will be paper thin. Does Michael want to go home? Hmm, not sure he does. He just wants to know who he is.

Araxie HRH – Glad you liked the joke. It was just so fitting for this part. I didn’t know where they were going, but they get there in 28B.

rattlebox – Max and Liz will regain control. This was a weak moment for them, they want answers too. Hey, Liz isn’t the only one with parents. And you won’t be burned here. Singed maybe.

the better twin – Glad you like it. He’s the comic relief.

Angelus84 – More is on the way. Glad you like Michael.

JaneLane – Tuesday evening, hopefully.

Lisa1783 – Max will do his absolute best to reassure Liz. He’ll even, … well, he might.

RosWool – Glad you caught up. Yeah, their off to solve the mysteries of life, well, their life, one clue at a time.

BLS40 – It would be hard not to get caught, schools keep records, call parents, etc. BUT, these are good kids, seniors in HS, not a blemish on their records, I’m sure the punishment will be swift, sure and appropriate.

izzylizard – Glad you liked him.

ForeverDreaming8602 & GirlZ KicK! – Thanks for the bumps.

woodwinds – Hopefully they’ll get some answers. I have to thank Jenn for Michael “borrowing” the maps.

I want to thank you all for taking the time to leave feedback. It makes me want to give you a good story to follow.

The next part should be out by Tuesday..... Hopefully.

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Two Of A Kind

Banner by BordersInsanity

Story By: SciFiNut111

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Hah! I decided where they’re going! And they get there in this part. So I guess this isn’t a transition piece.

I have to thank Jenn for help writing parts of this. Writer’s block is a pain in the… Well, she helped get this done.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 28B

“So, let me get this straight.” Alex panted as they approached the cave. It was a long, uphill climb from where they left the truck and he was surrounded completely by athletes who took no pity on him. “The three of you came out of pods thirteen years ago and this cave holds your pods.”

“Yeah, that’s right except there’s a fourth one out there somewhere.” Isabel replied.

Alex shook his head as he realized that he had forgotten the fourth. How could he have done that? Not wanting to dwell on the forbidden topic of the group he continued, “And there’s a painting on the wall in there that you think is some kind of map?” Alex continued to pant out.

“Maria thinks it is. The jury’s still out.” Isabel explained.

Walking next to Isabel he had tried to keep his panting to a minimum, he didn’t want her to know he was in such terrible shape. As they reached the mouth of a cave Alex slumped against the wall and looked over at Isabel and couldn’t believe what he saw. Where he was breathing hard from the climb and had sweat dripping off his face she looked like she had taken a leisurely stroll through the park, breathing easily and not even breaking a sweat. He wondered how she did it and then he remembered seeing her early one morning running alone through the park. He chuckled; of course none of her friends would run with her, they thought filing their nails was exertion enough. He shook his head and pushed away from the wall while thinking, ‘Note to self, get away from the computer and do some jogging.’

Liz started to pull flashlights out of a bag and handed one to each couple. “We only need them for a little while.” She explained to Alex as she handed the light to Isabel.

They all turned and headed into the cave, Max and Liz lead the way with Alex and Isabel bringing up the rear. As they approached the entrance Isabel grabbed Alex’s hand and whispered, “Stick close, it gets dark for a while.”

Alex stumbled a bit while concentrating on Isabel’s hand in his instead of where he was walking.

“Are you okay, Alex?” Isabel asked when she grabbed hold of his elbow to steady him.

“Yeah, I’m fine, just not used to all this extracurricular activity, not to mention being able to hold your hand. This is a little out of my realm, so I’m sorry if you’re a little disappointed in me.” Alex went to take a step forward but Isabel held him back.

“I’m not disappointed at all. I wouldn’t know anyone else that would risk damaging their reputation and ditch school to go on some alien scavenger hunt. In case I haven’t told you, thanks a lot for coming. We’ve practically thought of everything that we can and we haven’t come up with too many convincing answers.”

Isabel and Alex hurried to catch up with the others and entered the cave just as the other four settled their flashlights on the wall. Max turned his off and waved his hand towards the ceiling, and a dull glow seemed to light up the entire chamber.

“Whoa, how did you do that?” Alex just had to ask.

“Whoever used these caves placed some kind of light source in the ceiling. I figured out how to use it the last time we were here.” Max explained.

“Pointing to the wall he continued, “This is what we’re here for. We think it may be a map. We had a drawing of the symbols, some were familiar, some weren’t, we wanted to see if there was some other, obvious difference in them.”

Alex just nodded his head in understanding as Max explained the reason for their visit.

Liz and Max walked up to the wall and closely examined the drawings. They both seem to notice something strange at the same time and turned their heads to look at each other as Liz said, “These symbols weren’t done by the same people.”

“Yeah, they used different methods.” Max continued for her.

“These seem to be painted on.” Liz said while pointing to a few symbols.

“And these seem to be burned on.” Max replied while pointing to others.

“This one here seems…” Liz started.

“Stop! Just stop it.” Maria broke in. “You two are creeping me out. Do you hear yourselves? It’s like you’re sharing a brain.”

Liz and Max locked eyes for a second and as they seemed to come to a decision Maria snapped out, “And stop that too!”

Liz looked at Maria with questioning glance, “Stop what? What are you talking about Maria?”

“That, that… that staring thing. That talking without talking thing you two do.”

“What are you talking about Maria?” Max asked.

“You and Liz. You’re staring at each other like you know what each other’s thinking. You do it all the time and it’s really beginning to get on my nerves.”

“You’re crazy Maria.” Liz chuckled. “We do not.”

“Yeah, you do.” Alex chimed in.

Liz snapped her eyes to Alex then looked at the others, they were all nodding their heads in agreement. Liz and Max looked at each other as their faces turned red. They dropped their eyes to the ground in embarrassment.

Liz finally shook her head and went back to studying the wall trying to change the subject, “Which symbols are familiar and which aren’t?” She asked.

Max, Michael and Isabel started to point out the ones they thought seemed familiar. They stepped back and tried to make sense of what they were looking at. Liz noticed a set of identical symbols that nobody recognized, “None of you recognize these symbols?” When everybody shook their heads no she continued, “They were done by the original artists. They were burned onto the wall.” Stepping back she seemed lost in thought.

Turning to Michael she held out her hand, “Can I see the map Michael?”

“Uh, which one? There are like six or seven of them. I wasn’t sure which ones would be the most helpful so I took them all.” As she reached in for the one she wanted Max stepped up beside her to help study the map.

“They look like mounds. Like someone was trying to draw three large hills.” Liz mumbled to herself.

Tracing her finger on the map she found what she was looking for. “Here they are.” She looked at the other symbols on the wall then back at the map. Turning it around she said to Max, “I think I have it.” She held the map against the wall and started to explain.

“If you take this four squares symbol to mean this cave, and you say those mounds are the Three Sisters. Then this other thing…”

“Three sisters? What are they?” Isabel asked.

“Huh, what?” Liz snapped out of her train of thought and turned her head to look at Isabel.

“The Three Sisters, what are they? I never heard of them.” Isabel asked again.

“Oh, they are three large hills in the desert. They’re in the middle of nowhere and Native American legend has it that their God of Courage created them to honor three sisters.”

Warming to a subject her grandmother had taught her to love, Liz continued, “One of the local tribes had set up their camp in the area. The warriors had all left to track down a large herd of buffalo to the east. The camp with women, children and old men were left alone, little did they know that a war party from another tribe was in the area when all their warriors left.”

“In order to save the tribe the three sisters led the attackers in another direction. When they were finally caught they were brutally tortured and killed. As a monument to them for saving the tribe, a large burial mound for each was erected. The God of Courage saw the efforts of the tribe, and to honor the sisters he raised the mounds so they would touch the sky.”

Liz finished telling the legend of the three sisters and looked at the astounded look on her friends’ faces, “What? What’s wrong?” Realizing that they were surprised that she knew the legend her face reddened as she stammered out an explanation, “My, uh grandmother told it to me when I was little. I always loved the old Native American legends.” She shook her head when none of them moved, “Hey, I can’t help it if I remember all the stories my grandmother has ever told me.”

Max put his arm around Liz and pulled her close, placing a soft kiss on the top of her head, he told her, “That’s one of the things we love about you. You have an encyclopedia in there. Don’t be ashamed of it.”

Liz looked up at Max and smiled and as she gave him a kiss to thank him Michael snapped out, “Hey, we have work to do. Liz was telling us about the map.”

Max and Liz slowly parted as Liz went back to explaining what she thought the map meant. “Okay, where was I? Oh. Yeah, if these are the Three Sisters, and this cave art is a map that’s to scale, then this hour glass should be…” She paused as she looked closely at the map. Finally she tapped her finger on the page and said, “Right here. Falcon Rocks. It’s about half way between here and the Three Sisters.”

“Okay, people. Let’s get a move on. We don’t have all day.” Michael was rounding up the troops when he heard Liz say that the next destination on the drawing was Falcon Rocks.

“Wait, Michael, Hold it... We don’t even know what we’re looking for. All we see is an hourglass type thing. We have no idea whether it’s big, small, medium…”

Michael cut Liz off, “And we won’t know any of that standing here.” Turning to the exit from the chamber he started to move them out, “Come on. Next stop, Falcon Rocks.”

“Don’t even think about rounding me up, Michael Guerin.” Maria had her hands on her hips and there was no way that she was moving. “You can ask me nicely and then and only then will I go.”

She had another thing coming if she thought he was going to ask her nicely. Michael leaned over and picked her up around the knees. When he stood up she fell over his shoulder and he carried her out. “Michael Guerin if you don’t put me down right now. I’m never going anywhere with you ever again!” Maria screamed.

“Is that a promise?” He asked as he slapped her behind.


The others were already waiting outside by the time the two of them walked out. Well Michael walked out with Maria hanging over his shoulder. They all laughed as they saw the sight before them.

“Maria if you don’t quit wiggling around I’m going to drop you.”

“Okay, okay… I think I’m going to enjoy the free ride down the hillside. I’ll behave. Just make sure you don’t hit any ruts along the way. Your shoulder is digging into my hip bone.”

Michael immediately dropped her down onto her feet. “If you think I’m hauling you down the side of this hill you have another thing coming.”

“I knew that would get you to put me down.”

“If you guys are done flirting now, we do have another cave to locate.” Isabel pushed passed the two squabbling lovebirds and took her place beside Alex.

They continued walking towards the Navigator, “Um, Michael… I don’t want to rain on your parade and all since it was your idea to skip school but I was wondering if you thought of the need for nourishment at all during our little escapade? We’re in the middle of a desert and water would be appreciated.” Alex was walking backwards.

“Yeah, Michael. What about food and water? Who knows how long we’re going to be out here in the desert… My life is in your hands… What are we going to do about food and water?” Maria began to follow Alex’s suit.

“Thanks a lot, Whitman. I don’t know. That never crossed my mind. I didn’t think about being out here all day.”

“And in the heat. It’s not going to do anything for my complexion.” Maria began to pretend to look for a mirror. “Geez, I didn’t even bring any sunscreen. Are we going to be outside at Falcon Rocks? Is there any shade?”

“Oh for pete’s sake. Give it up.” Michael whined. “Liz! We can stop somewhere on the way to the “Three Sister’s” right?”

“Way to go Michael. Kill us all why don’t you.” Isabel joined in with the two others.

“Liz!” Michael yelled again. He started to pick up the pace so he could catch up to where Max and Liz were. “They’re bugging the shit out of me. Tell me there’s some place around here where we’ll be able to get something to eat and drink.”

“Yes, Michael. We’ll be able to stop some place. It will be faster going around by highway, then trying to go cross-country.” Liz gave him a serious look, “Maybe next time when you decide to kidnap us you’ll think of these things first.”

“I’m never doing this again. You and Max can stick to the planning of this kind of thing. No way are you going to see me doing this again. No frickin’ way.” Michael continued on pass Max and Liz and was waiting by the truck by the time they all arrived.

“Just because I didn’t bring any water or food doesn’t mean I enjoy sitting out here all day in the sun. Chop, chop, people.”

* * * * *

Liz had just turned onto the highway to head towards Falcon Rocks when Maria started to squirm in her seat. She finally leaned forward and whispered in Liz’s ear.

Sitting back she still couldn’t quite sit still and finally Michael lost patience, “Will you sit still? What’s wrong with you?”

“Uh, well, mm, all that talk about water reminded me that we haven’t been near a restroom all morning.” Maria sheepishly explained.

Michael rolled his eyes before replying, “We really don’t have time for this. We have to find what’s at Falcon Rocks and then head back to school in time for practice. The coach would be really mad if we missed it.”

“The coach? How about the seven teachers that will be marking us down as cutting class?” Maria reminded him.

“We don’t have a state tournament game in any of our classes.” Michael argued, “Gees DeLuca, I thought you knew how to prioritize things.”

“Uh, sorry Michael if I think school is a bit more important than sports.” Maria snapped back.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. We’re still in a hurry.”

As he finished talking Liz started to pull into the lot in front of a convenience store, “Here we are. Water, snacks, sunscreen, meet back here in five minutes.” Liz told the group.

Everyone piled into the truck five minutes later and Alex wouldn’t let Michael live down the fact that he was the second one in line to use the restroom.

As instructed the group was in and out in five minutes. Liz had to wonder if they all didn’t feel like Michael. Something was out at Falcon Rocks and they all wanted to know what it was. Even though the majority of them whined about being out here.

Falcon Rocks was thirty minutes away from the convenience store and the trip was made in almost complete silence. Alex and Isabel were all the way in the back and only their whispers could be heard. Michael and Maria practically had their backs toward one another and Max and Liz were looking out the front window in anticipation of see the Falcon Rocks.

Liz had turned off the highway about ten minutes ago when Max said, “There it is.” Max pointed out and as he did everyone leaned forward so they too could see it.

Falcon Rocks was a strange rock formation that appeared in the middle of the desert. It looked like a giant had tried to create a rock garden. There were huge rocks that seemed to be thrusting up towards the sky.

Liz pulled up and parked the truck. “Okay. This is new to all of us. Don’t go anywhere without your buddy. Just like camp, okay guys. If you find anything that could represent our hourglass holler and whatever you do don’t touch anything until we know it’s safe.” Max had turned around in the front passenger seat and was instructing the group on what to do.

Everyone piled out of the truck the minute Max had stopped lecturing about group safety. What was he worried about? If anyone got hurt he would be able to heal them. Wouldn’t he? He stepped out of the truck and was met by Liz. She held her hand out for him to take and he did with a smile. Michael and Alex were starting to walk towards the right, while Isabel and Maria were heading towards the left.

“I guess we’ll try climbing a bit.” Liz said as she pointed towards the rock outcropping.

“I guess so.” They started to work there way towards the top of the rock formation. As they reached the top they looked around to see where the others had gotten to. Maria and Isabel had made it half way around the formation where they should have met Michael and Alex. Liz and Max looked around towards where the boys should have been but Michael and Alex they were no where to be seen. Max and Liz started down towards Maria and Isabel and when they finally reached level ground Maria and Isabel looked furious.

“What part of, ‘don’t do anything until we know its safe,’ do those two not understand?” Isabel asked. The four of them started to walk towards where they expected to see Michael and Alex.

They had walked about a quarter of the way around the rock outcropping when they noticed a cleft in the rocks. Max glanced at the gound and noticed footprints heading in that direction. “Come on. It looks like they went into that gap in the rocks.” They approached the gap and saw it lead into another cave. The four of them ducked inside and immediately turned on their flashlights. “Alex… Michael? Are you guys in here?” Liz called out.

“Yeah, over here.” Alex called back.

They followed the sounds of Alex’s voice and saw the two boys standing in front of yet another wall covered in drawings.

“Great!” Isabel complained. “As if we don’t already have too many symbols to try and decipher we have to find another cave with a whole new batch of symbols.” Maria wrapped a soothing arm around the other’s shoulder. It was a far reach since Maria was considerably shorter than Isabel but she managed.

“It’s okay, Isabel. We’ll figure it out.”

“I know. It’s just that we’ve gone so long with knowing practically nothing, and now we have the answers but can’t read them. We have more questions than what we began with. It’s frustrating.”

“Yeah, but you know what the difference is now?”

“No, what?”

“You have us to help you through it.”

“Thanks Maria.”

Max nudged Liz so she could see the interaction between Isabel and Maria. Liz raised an eyebrow to him and then smiled. Their little group was getting a lot closer and it made everything they did together a little bit more special.

Liz turned back around and looked at the wall. Once again she noticed some similarities to the other cave.

“Max, come here.” Liz asked. As he walked over he noticed Liz studying the four square symbol. Unlike the other cave this one was separated from the other symbols by several feet. She turned and looked at him. “I want to try something.” She explained as she reached for his hand. She spread his fingers out as she raised it to the symbol and placed it on one of the figures that looked like a male. When nothing happened she moved it and placed it over the other male symbol. She started to nod her head vigorously when it started to glow.

“I thought so.” She exclaimed to Max. “Isabel and Michael, come here please.” As they each walked up they saw the symbol glowing under Max’s hand, as Liz told them, “Isabel, place your hand over the female symbol.” When she tried it the symbol glowed, “We had to try twice to get it right with Max. “Michael, place your hand over the other male symbol.” He did as directed then saw that three of the symbols were lit but nothing happened.

Michael was the first to speak, “Okay, what now? So the symbols glow.”

“It has to mean something Michael. I think its some kind of combination lock.” She looked at the three glowing symbols as she continued, “You need the fourth alien to open whatever’s behind the wall.”

Liz glanced up and saw the three aliens looking at her expectantly. “No way. We discussed this already.” Looking at Max, “We decided I was right. I’m not the fourth.” Glancing at Michael, “You agreed, remember.” Finally looking at Isabel, “You agreed with me too, right?”

“What would it hurt Liz? Just touch the symbol.” Isabel trying to be comforting, something she usually wasn’t. “If nothing happens it will prove your point.”

Liz gritted her teeth and stepped up to the symbol, “All right. If it will get you off my back.”

Liz reached with her shaking hand and placed it squarely on the vacant part of the symbol. She watched with fearful eyes and when nothing happened she let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding and said to Isabel, “See I told you I wasn’t the fourth.”

Max, Isabel and Liz removed their hands from the symbol and stepped back. Max placed his arm around Liz, silently thanking her for trying to help. He knew that she was fighting the idea that she could be an alien. And it took courage for her to take that last test.

As they looked at the wall Michael finally snapped, “Damn it!” Michael yelled out. “Three steps back for every step we take forward.” He seethed.

“Michael, it’s not that bad.” Isabel tried to reason with Michael. “We aren’t taking any steps back. At least we know there’s something important for us here. We just need to find our fourth and we’ll know what it is.”

“The key to our existence could be behind door number one.” Michael’s voice steadily got louder as he complained, “But we don’t have the God Damned Key!!” As he yelled out each of the last three words he kicked the wall. When he gave it the final kick he grabbed his foot and started to dance around the room. “OW, jeez, that hurt.” He finally tripped and landed on his butt where Maria went and tried to comfort him.

Max and Liz stood to the side trying to hold back their laughter. They knew it was serious, that it was very important to them all to find out where they came from, but Michael’s antics were just too funny. As the tension eased in the room Max and Liz started to chuckle, it quickly spread to Alex and Isabel. Michael and Maria sat on the floor with Michael holding his foot glaring at the others.

“Will you stop the laughing and come help me Max. This foot is killing me.” He looked at Maria and saw her shoulders shaking but loyalty to Michael kept her from laughing.

“Go ahead, laugh. See if I come over and do that…OW!” Michael stopped talking as he felt Maria slap him in the head as her face turn a brilliant shade of red.

Max walked over and knelt by Michael foot. “Let me see what I can do.”

* * * * * *

They finally decided that there was nothing left to find in the chamber and started to file out the door. As Liz started to pass Max he grabbed her arm and had her wait until everyone else had started down the hill to the truck.

“Liz, why are you so upset that you might have been an alien? I know you; I know you’re not afraid of me and the others. Why were you so afraid?”

Liz shook her head, “I…I don’t know.” She turned her face and looked at Max through tear filled eyes. “I think I’m afraid to find out that my life was all a lie. That everyone that I’ve trusted all my life was lying to me. Mom, Dad, grandma Claudia. Everyone.”

Liz kept looking at Max and saw that he still didn’t understand, “You’ve known your entire life who you are. My whole life I’ve been told that I am a normal human girl. Everyone that I love has told me that. I would just feel so betrayed if it was all a lie.”

Max gathered her into his arms, “So it’s not what I did to you that’s got you so upset? The whole powers thing?”

Liz leaned back so she could look in his eyes, “How can I be upset with that? You saved my life Max. I’ll always thank you for that.” She chuckled before continuing, “The powers are a bit freaky, but I have you to help me with that. I could go through anything with you Max.”

November 6, 2001 – I can’t believe we did that. I can’t believe we let Michael talk us into skipping school to go on a cave hunt. We’ll be paying for this for a while.

Talk about twp steps forward and one step back. Found another cave that was used by our…. What do I call them? Countrymen? Planetmen? Others? That sounds about right, the Others. Were they like us? Were they aliens?

Back to the story, Found another cave and it seems to have some sort of combination lock on another chamber, well, Liz thinks it’s a combination lock. We need to find the fourth one like us to open it. Whatever is behind what Michael called door number one must be really important to protect it that way. Our pod chamber had no security like it. Weren’t our pods considered important?

The combination lock seems to prove that Liz isn’t one of us. Her powers must be from my healing her, not from some alien origin. She was relieved. The possible alien connection was bothering her more than she was letting me know.

She really amazes me sometimes. She seems to be scared of her powers but when I asked her about it she said she wasn’t. She was afraid that her parents and grandmother were lying to her about where she came from. She seems to accept the changes I caused in her body. She’s really amazing.

How do you find a needle in a haystack? How are we supposed to find the fourth alien? Liz and I discussed it on our ride home and it will be a big project. We think the best way of searching is to go through old newspapers. We’d be looking for stories about girls found in the desert. The problem will be the time frame. We know she left her pod after us, but not how long after. We also have four or five newspapers from local towns that we’ll have to check. It’s going to take forever. But, at least we have hope that we’ll now get some answers.

We got to practice a few minutes late. Coach wanted to know why we showed up on the attendance form as absent. When we didn’t have a good excuse he told us to expect some detention unless we could come up with a note from our parents.

Oh, and our parents. Damn the school’s telephone messaging system. It automatically calls parents to tell them that their kids aren’t in school. Didn’t remember that little tidbit of information until I walked into the house to the sound of my mother’s rapidly tapping foot. Grounded. For a week. Starting today.

Well, at least I got my phone to call Liz at night and I’ll be able to see her in school.

I wonder what Liz’s parents said to her?

Hope you liked that part. Let me know what you think.

Trust me, eventually they will start to learn something about themselves.

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Two Of A Kind
By: SciFiNut111

Banner by: BordersInsanity

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Another part for you, almost on time. This is shorter then most. Sorry.

Jenn didn’t mention that this part wouldn’t be done yet with her pushing me to get it done. Had some important stuff to do, Ashton updated Rope The Wind, Mockingbird39 updated Innocent and Breathless updated Maxeo and Lizziet. How am I supposed to follow those acts.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 29

November 6, 2001 – It’s official. I mean it’s been proven that I’m not the fourth. We’ve got our work cut out for us. I’m glad I like research for if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to do what is needed to be done. Locating the fourth is a must now and I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to feel about it.

Over all it was a good day. I got lucky when I got home and was told by Juanita that mother was waiting for me in the kitchen. When I walked in and saw her face I just knew I would be in a lot of trouble. Damn the school for their calling parents about kids missing school. Just as she started to give me heck grandma walked in and her tune totally took a hundred and eighty degree turn. She even looked a bit guilty. I hope everyone else was as lucky as me.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. Not only am I going to be spending a lot of time in the library but I’m going to have to do a lot of make-out, er, make-up work as well. No more free-period…

Alex dropped his backpack on the table and slumped into the seat, “Hey, how’s everyone doing?” Looking around the table he saw many different expressions. “How did everyone do with their parents? I ended up grounded for a week.” He continued as he tried to bring the group out of their stupor.

Liz shook her head, “First offense for me. My mother let me off with a warning.” Alex curled his lip and shook his head up and down as he admired his best friend’s skill of being able to slip by her ever-demanding parents.

“How the heck did that happen? How did you get away with it?” Alex chuckled he could see it now… Liz begging to be forgiven.

“My grandmother was in the room. I think my mother was afraid that she would have been reminded about her senior year in high school.” Looking up at Max knowing that he would understand what she was talking about.

“I got a week too.” Max responded to Liz’s look. He reached over and grabbed Liz’s hand when he saw the concerned look in her eyes. “I can still coach the team and read at the library, but then I have to go straight home.”

“Wow, what are Isabel’s friends going to say about her being grounded because she was with you and not some boytoy?” Alex chuckled as he thought of Isabel trying to explain it to them.

“Hah, she won’t have to explain anything.” Max grumbled. “Her excuse was that she went along to keep me out of trouble.”

“And your parents bought that?” Maria said in surprise.

“Yeah, they did. She used that innocent, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth voice.” Max continued to complain. “And they say it’s a man’s world.”

Liz leaned over and started to stroke Max’s back, “Aww, poor baby.” She joked. And leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Alex looked across the table at Maria and Michael, “How about you two?”

Maria shook her head, “Senior prank, mom didn’t mind. Just said not to do it too often.”

“Same here.” Michael answered also. Looking at Max and Liz, “My parents aren’t worried about me getting into any Ivy League schools.”

Max chuckled, “Mine neither. UNM it is for me.” Max thought for a second. “Oh, you mean Liz.” Turning to her, “And you got away with it.” Max planted a soft peck on Liz’s nose; looked at her a second and then kissed her on the cheek, looked at her again and smiled before leaning in and kissing her on the lips. Once he started he just couldn’t stop and Liz reciprocated the exact same feelings.

Max had just started to move his hand up to cup her face when Michael groaned out, “Will you two stop that. We got things to discuss.”

“It could have been a lot worse. Why do all of you still look like you lost a friend? Still bummed that you couldn’t get in to see whatever’s behind door number one?” Alex asked the others at the table.

“Yeah, it’s really frustrating. We keep getting these hints of more to find but never really get any answers.” Michael tried to explain his frustration. Alex noticed the others nodding their heads in agreement. Even Maria and Liz were nodding their heads.

Wanting to relieve some of the defeat from his ever-growing group of best friends he began to state his theory. “You know, I’ve been thinking about that chamber. You go to a lot of trouble to protect something. But you can’t make it so secure that it can’t be accessed.” Alex looked around the table and saw that he had everyone’s attention. “You have a combination lock that requires four people to open it. Didn’t the people that built it realize that all four of you may not survive? There has to be some way to use the thing with only three of you.” Alex raised his eyebrows questioningly as he looked around the table. Would they think it possible? He sat and waited for someone to be the first to agree or disagree. He rather hoped that he seemed logical. After all computers where his thing… and with computers you had to be able to see the end before you could begin.

“That seems reasonable. But how are we supposed to find out how to work it? It seems like something we were supposed to be told.” Max asked.

Alex nodded his head in agreement. He had an answer waiting for them. He couldn’t really sleep last night so he laid in bed wondering about all the possibilities and the more he thought about it the more he realized that he needed help so he got up and went to his computer. He was up to almost three o’clock in the morning. “When people create security systems on computers they usually leave some type of back door. You, know, in case there’s an emergency. I can’t believe that there isn’t something like that here.”

Michael started to shift in his seat and Maria quickly reached out and grabbed his arm, “Keep your ass in that seat spaceboy. You aren’t going anywhere.”

Michael looked at Maria, “Maybe he’s right. Maybe there’s something to find.”

“Think Michael. We have to keep a low profile for a while. Half of us are grounded because of yesterday’s stunt.” Maria explained. “Besides, you have a state tournament game this afternoon. You have to be there.”

Michael slumped back in his chair, “Yeah, you’re right. We’ll have to wait and go this weekend.”

Alex shook his head at Michael and Maria and looked around the quad, his eyes came to rest on Isabel as she came out of the school building accompanied by her usual group of friends.

* * * * *

“So, Isabel where were you yesterday? You have my only copy of Cosmo and we didn’t have anything to look at during lunch.” Isabel had ignored Cynthia’s comments. They had just entered the quad and her eyes began searching for the others. She saw them and stopped. Turning to her friend she gave her her copy of Cosmo, “I have to go talk to my brother, so here’s the mag.”

‘You’re going to eat lunch with Max?” Cynthia asked, surprised. Max was serious eye candy and she had made it obvious to Max that she was interested but he always hung out with a group of geeks.

“Yeah, I will. I some things to talk to him about.”

“But that means you have to sit at the geek table.” Cynthia tried to explain. “It wouldn’t look good if one of us sat over there Isabel. We have to think of our image.”

“Get a life.” Isabel snapped at Cynthia as she started towards Max’s table.

The others in her clique of “friends” stopped and watched as the most popular of them all walked over to the table of “weirdos”.

“What’s up with that?” Someone asked as they saw Isabel sit down across from the school’s biggest computer geek. All of them just clicked their tongues against the roof of their mouths and continued on to their reserved table.

* * * * *

Alex couldn’t help but see the same look on Isabel’s face as the others had on their faces. What was going on? Why was he the only one that was grateful for only getting a week? It could have been a lot worse. Hell, only two out of the six were grounded. They should be happy that they were able to spend the whole day searching for clues.

“Are you okay?” He asked when she sat down across from him. She nodded her head but didn’t look up at him. She had her hands crossed and in a death grip with one another on top of the concrete tabletop.

“I hear you got off. You’re lucky… It looks like Max and I are the only ones grounded for the week.” Isabel’s lack of acknowledgement made Alex’s eyebrows scrunch in question. Alex took another look around the table.

“What were you guys talking about?” She finally asked. She didn’t want to hear any snide remark about her joining them in public. After yesterday’s events that was all she had heard for the first half of the day.

Alex didn’t like seeing her like this so he offered an answer to her question. “I was thinking that there has to be some kind of backdoor to whatever’s behind that wall. There has to be some way to access what’s behind the wall without having all four of you.” Isabel sat up straighter and looked at Alex from across the table.

“Maybe we had our hands in the wrong positions?” She asked.

“We did have to have Max try both positions…” Liz started to say.

“But yours lit up on the first try.” He said to Isabel, “Maybe you were in the wrong square?” He turned to Liz. “You only tried one of the squares. You didn’t try both of them.”

Liz began shaking her head. “It’s one or the other. Since Isabel’s square lit up, she was touching the right one. Ergo, when I touched the square and it didn’t light up it means I wasn’t the fourth.” She pushed her hair behind her ear as she continued, “Alex is right about there having to be a backdoor to whatever’s in there.”

Everyone glanced over at Michael when he mumbled into Maria’s ear, “Ergo, who the hell knows how to use ergo in a sentence?”

Maria jabbed Michael in the ribs with her elbow before responding, “That’s easy, ‘I saw ergo into the mall’.” She joked causing the rest of the table to groan at the lousy pun.

Liz turned red as her two friends started to poke fun at her. She was relieved when Alex jumped in to save her.

“That’s not what I meant. Maybe…” All heads turned to stare at Alex. “Maybe your newly established powers are beginning to surface so you can be a stand in so to speak.” Liz huffed she couldn’t believe her ears.

She glanced at Max. She knew he still had hopes that she was one of them and here her best friend, who she had known since they were infants, is agreeing with him. Leaning forward towards Alex she complained, “This is crazy. I’ve had to deal with Michael and Isabel stares now you are doing it too. I can’t believe you Alex. You’ve known me since we were babies.”

Alex waved his hands to motion for Liz to calm down. “Just listen will you. I know you’re you, but think about it. Max healed you. You have powers that aren’t normal. You’re changing whether you like to believe it or not. What if it’s their,” he motioned his head to the three aliens, “way of making sure that there is always four. You know. Two guys and two girls.”

Liz slumped back in her seat and thought about what Alex was saying. After a moment she shook her head, “I’m not cutting class to go back out there. If… and this is a really big IF we do go it’s this weekend when all of you are off of probation. I’m not going to go until we all can go.” Everyone nodded their heads in agreement and Max pulled her into his side. Once again in awe of the woman sitting beside him.

* * * * *

Lunch was nearing its end when Max tugged at Liz’s hand “Come on I have somewhere I need to stop before our next class. Their friends all watched as Max and Liz started to walk towards the school building.

Curious, Liz let Max lead her into the school. “Are we going to our lockers?”

Max turned his head back to look at Liz, “Do you need to?” He asked.

“Nope, have everything I need, do you?”

“No, I have someplace else in mind.” Max responded with a grin on his face.

Liz finally realized that they had turned down the hall with the infamous Eraser Room, and a slow smile appeared on Liz’s lips. Max and Liz reached the door and Max opened it and pulled Liz inside. “Max. we….”

“Uh, uh. No grandmothers, no sisters, no friends.” Max cut Liz off as he turned from locking the door. He reached up and gently caressed the side of her face, as he got closer.

“No grandmothers, just 657 students, 53 teachers, and...” Seeing the look in Max’s eyes, she blushed and looked down at her feet before continuing, “I had to do a report for …”

The words were lost as Max gently lifted her chin and brushed his lips across hers. He pulled back and looked at Liz. She had closed her eyes and seemed to be holding her breath as if in a daze. As she realized that Max had pulled back for a moment her eyes opened.

“Max, we can’t be late for class. We’re on probation. If we get caught in….” Liz continued to argue as Max enfolded her in his arms. His lips sought out hers and when they connected all thoughts of class left Liz’s mind. As the two of them came up for air, Liz whispered, “Well, maybe we do have some time.” She then dragged Max’s face back down to continue what he had started.

Liz could feel the smile on Max’s lips as he realized that he was having the same effect on her as she always had on him. The kiss drew more heated as Max picked Liz up and set her on the workbench. Liz responded by wrapping her legs around Max’s waist dragging him closer. Max and Liz struggled to bring as much of their bodies as possible into contact.

Max slid one hand up to cup the back of her head while the other slid under her top and started to knead the skin of her back, as one hand started to work its way forward, the warning bell for the next period sounded. Max and Liz slowly separated, “I guess times up?” Max said as he rested his head against hers. Liz was still holding on to Max with her eyes closed. “Liz, we have to go.”

Liz finally snapped out of her daze, “Oh….yeah…..right.” She responded as she looked around appearing to notice where she was for the first time. “Yeah, class. We better get to class.” Her legs slowly loosened from around Max’s hips and fell to the sides of his legs. “You’re really grounded huh? You can’t stop off to visit tonight?” Max sadly shook his head ‘no’ as he backed up and helped Liz to jump down from the workbench.

The two of them reached down, grabbed their backpacks and then held each others hand before Max turned to open the door.

* * * * * *

“Come on Maria, the second half probably started already.” Liz snapped at a trailing Maria.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” Maria responded as she hopped along on one foot trying to settle her sandal on her foot. “Gees hold your horses.”

Maria caught up to Liz and the quick stepped towards the varsity soccer field. They had walked in silence for a bit when Maria asked, “Where did you and Max have to rush off to after lunch?”

When Liz didn’t answer right away she glanced over and saw the redness in her cheeks. ‘This looks interesting,’ she thought. “Did you have to stop at your lockers?”

“No, we had all our books.”

“Oh, yeah. You have that project for…” Maria snapped her fingers trying to remember. “AP Chem?”

“No, it’s for American History and it isn’t due for a month.”

“So when did that stop you from getting started? Were you in the library?”

“No, Maria. We didn’t have to stop there.”

Maria saw Liz’s face getting redder. She finally reached out and stopped Liz. “Don’t tell me you went…”

“Maria! We have to get to the game.” Liz said as her face turned a brighter shade of red and she turned to continue towards the soccer fields.

“Oh no you don’t. Not with a face that red.” Maria again stopped Liz. “You know you’re going to tell me where you went so just spill.”

“Wewereintheeraserroom.” Liz mumbled as she turned to continue towards the field.

Maria caught up with Liz and again grabbed her arm to stop her but Liz just kept on walking, dragging Maria along. It didn’t stop Maria from continuing her questions, “Where were you? I could swear you said the eraser room.”

Liz stopped in her tracks and turned towards Maria, “Okay, we were in the eraser room. We stopped off before class.” Liz whispered to Maria. She then turned and kept walking towards the game.

Maria stood there stunned for a minute. Liz Parker did not go into the eraser room. Everybody knew what type of girl went in there. The other students said that Pam Troy and Cindy Blaine were thinking of installing a cash register in there.

Maria turned to see a retreating Liz, “Details! I need details!” She called out as she hurried to catch up with her friend.

They reached the side of the soccer field to find it was crowded with the fans of both Roswell and Hondo. State tournament games always seemed to attract a larger than normal crowd. They walked down to join the other Roswell fans and Liz waved and called out a greeting to Max’s parents as they went by. They smiled and waved back.

Maria and Liz turned their attention to the game, checking the scoreboard they saw that the game was tied 1-1 with ten minutes remaining. They immediately looked and found Max and Michael on the field. Michael, as usual was in goal and Max had been kept at sweeper. As they watched Roswell’s Joe Curry took a shot on goal and the girls watched as the Hondo goalie made a great save, just barely able to push the ball over the top of the goal giving Roswell a corner kick.

Liz remembered Michael saying how great Max was in the air around the goal as she saw him leave his sweeper position and head up the field to the penalty area.

As Liz watched everything started to go in slow motion. Max’s head deflected the ball towards the Hondo goal as a Hondo player trying to stop him swept his legs out from under him. Max appeared to slowly rotate in the air and he reached down with his hand in an attempt to break his fall. Liz later swore she heard his arm bone as it snapped. Max continued to fall and as his arm slowly collapsed his head pounded into the hard, grass bare ground of the penalty area.

The Roswell players all raced over to Max thinking that they were going to begin to celebrate a fantastic goal. As they reached Max they saw that he wasn’t moving and it slowly dawned on them that he was unconscious. Michael reached Max’s side and quickly started to wave to the sideline to call out the school’s trainer.

The stands became eerily silent as the fans realized that one of the players was seriously hurt. The trainer quickly reached Max’s side and had begun to check him out when he started to regain consciousness.

Phillip and Diane had started to make there way towards the field when they saw that Max was waking up. The trainer kept him on the ground and the fans saw the trainer keep her hands on his shoulders to keep him from sitting up. A siren could be heard in the distance and in moments an ambulance pulled on to the school grounds and headed for the field.

* * * * *

Liz and Maria stood and watched the ambulance; carrying Max, slowly pull away. Liz looked around and saw Isabel heading for the parking lot and Max’s jeep. “Maria, take my stuff. I have to go with Isabel. She looks really upset.” Liz called to Maria as she took off after Isabel.

As she reached the side of the jeep Liz noticed that Isabel was having a hard time fitting the key into the ignition. “Isabel, let me drive. You’ll kill yourself if you try to drive right now.”

Isabel turned her tear-streaked face towards Liz, “What are we going to do Liz? When they get to the hospital they’re going to want to run tests, they’ll draw blood and then they’ll find out about Max.”

Nov. 7, 01 – Writing with my left hand is going to be a pain in the ass. This entry will be short.

Couldn’t believe how much it hurt when my wrist was snapped. But then I only felt it after I came to, everyone said I was out cold. Don’t remember.

Got to the hospital and was X-rayed, and had blood drawn. Good thing Liz and I had already looked at my blood and saw it was normal otherwise the doctors would have known something was up when I freaked.

Doctors wanted to keep me but there was no way that I would stay there. Mom and dad are so happy I only broke my arm that they let Liz come over.

I needed someone to help me with my homework and the TV was soooooo loud that I just had to keep my door closed so Liz and I could concentrate.

This cast will make life awkward for a while. But Liz and I will manage.


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Two Of A Kind
By: SciFiNut111

Banner by: BordersInsanity

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Another part for you, way late. Don’t kill me when you get to the end. Sorry.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 30A

November 9, 2001 – Well, we did it. Max is finally released from being grounded and we head off right after our library session to go see if we can get the ‘backdoor’ opened. I’m still a little hesitant but the more and more I think about it, it really does sound logical. It has to be logical. After all they are an advanced species. Space travel in and of itself is a difficult task to accomplish so they would have been smart enough to think that all four ‘keys’ wouldn’t always be around.

I feel bad for Max. Having to walk around with the cast on his arm for no reason. It’s beginning to itch he said today in Biology. I almost busted a gut when he was jamming his pencil down inside trying to relieve the itch that was bothering him. The one good thing about Max having his hand in a cast is that his mom and dad let his grounding end sooner than they had wanted. Sympathy is a wonderful thing.

I can’t wait until the tournament. Three days alone with Max. No parents, no grandma, no sister, no best friends, and no scavenger hunt to interfere with the two of us. Am I being selfish? Probably. Do I care? No. We deserve this and I plan on making the best of it.

I just have to make it through tomorrow without anything new cropping up to spoil my plans.

Too bad Alex couldn’t convince his dad to let him off for good behavior. He’s still grounded and he won’t be able to come along.

“Nope, nothing. Maybe it will just take more time.” Liz turned back to an obviously disappointed Michael and Isabel. They had tried the “lock” in all the possible combinations. Alex had even gone as far as working up a program on his computer to generate all possibilities he had given it to her yesterday since he knew that he wouldn’t be able to come and oversee the different combinations himself. “Alex may be right, but we have no idea what this lock is looking for.” Liz dropped her hand from the wall and the others followed suit.

Isabel shook her head in agreement. “Yeah, you’re right. Or then again, maybe there’s a whole different failsafe method of getting into this thing.”

“Well, we have no other options right now. We keep trying with what we have. And right now that’s Liz.” Michael cut into the conversation.

Max slipped his arm around Liz’s shoulder, “Liz said she’d help all she could Michael. I don’t know what more we can do.” Max lightly kissed the top of Liz’s head as he thought about their next move. “At least we don’t have to worry about this being a life or death thing. All of this stuff has been sitting here for 50 years, a few more days or months shouldn’t make a difference.”

“Yeah, but Max, its just so damn frustrating. The answers we want are behind that wall and we can’t get at them.” Michael responded, clearly frustrated. Maria wrapped her arms around his waist trying to show her support. Michael smiled down at her as he gently reached up and held her close.

“Umm, Liz and I have been talking about….” Max began but was suddenly interrupted by his sister.

“Is this some more research that you and Liz are working on?” Isabel snapped out. “Is this like the blood tests or is it another secret that you don’t think you should fill us in on?”

“Isabel, we talked….”

“Bull, Max. You had no right to keep that information from Michael and I. No reason at all.” Isabel continued to fume. “It affects us as much as you. Do you have any idea how scared I was when they took you away in the ambulance? If Liz hadn’t caught me before I got in your jeep to go to the hospital I probably would have wrapped myself around a tree on the way there.”

“I told you why we didn’t….”

“Oh, right. You weren’t done with your tests. You wanted to finish before telling us.” Isabel cut Max off again. “That isn’t good enough.” Isabel punctuated every word with a jab to Max’s chest. She looked back and forth between Max and Liz, “Next time Michael and I expect to be in the loop. No secrets.” She made sure that the two of them knew how serious she was too.

“Yeah, what she said; Maxwell.” Michael broke in. “We deserve to know.”

Max held up his free, cast encased hand in surrender. “Okay, we promise, no more secrets.”

Isabel looked at the two of them for a moment gauging Max’s promise; she finally nodded her head, accepting what he had said. “Okay.” Turning to Michael, “Is that okay with you?”

“Uh, well some groveling for forgiveness would…. Ow! What did you do that for?” Michael reacted to Maria digging her elbow in his ribs.

“They’re sorry, Michael. Leave it at that. They obviously didn’t think it was as important as it turned out to be.” Maria explained. “They can make mistakes too, you know.”

“Look I’m the one that usually screws up and has to apologize, Max never does. I just wanted to get my money’s worth.”

“Look guys, can we get back to the subject at hand here?” Liz broke in, “Max and I will let you all know what we’re doing, okay? Can we move on now?” Seeing everyone else nod in agreement, Liz turned to Max waiting for him to start.

“As I was saying, Liz and I were talking about the two caves. We thought that we left the other cave too soon. As soon as we deciphered the wall map we came here and never looked any further in the other cave.”

“So, you and Liz had looked it over, why go back?” Isabel asked.

“Max and I really didn’t look all that hard. We saw the map and then the pods and didn’t think to look further.” Liz explained to Isabel.

“That cave is miles from the crash site. Someone had to carry the pods there and create that hidden door.” Max took over from Liz. “He created the map to lead us here, but what if he left other things in the cave to help us learn or tell us who we are?”

“Or left some way of contacting them?” Liz suggested.

“Obviously not everyone died in the crash, we’re proof of that. Maybe we should be looking for them too.” Max explained.

“So, you’re suggesting that we go back to the other cave and look it over? See if you two missed anything?” Michael asked.

Both Max and Liz nodded their heads in agreement. “Yeah.” They replied together. Max and Liz both smiled as they looked at each other, as if deciding who should continue Max turned, “And we think that Liz should have another talk with River Dog. He has to know more than he told us so far. Hopefully he’ll talk to Liz.”

“I don’t know about that Maxwell. Talking to someone else about….” Michael started to argue.

“No, Michael, I think they’re right. If we can’t find any other answers, they should talk to River Dog.” Seeing Michael getting ready to argue the point, Isabel continued, “I’m as paranoid as you, maybe even more, about anybody finding out about us. But River Dog seems to know all about us. I agree that we should talk to him.”

* * * * *

As they drove over to the old cave Liz turned to Max, “I finally told my mother about the tournament.”

“Huh? I thought you already told her. You said she was letting you go.” Max asked as he shifted his eyes to Liz and then back to the road quickly.

“I told her about the tournament, but not the whole story. I left out some things.” Liz tried to pull her head down to show that she hadn’t really used the best judgment on how to handle her mother and she felt bad about it as well.

“Like what things?” Max pinned her with his gaze for longer this time. The road they were traveling on was pretty straight and he could afford the extra time it took to reprimand her for trying to keep something that was so important from him.

“Well, like the fact that you were also coaching the team and would be going too.”

“Oh, gees, Liz.” Max threw his hands up in the air. He just knew that Liz was going to tell him something that he didn’t want to hear. “What did she say? Oh no. With the cutting of classes the other day…” Max knew it wasn’t going to be good. He just knew it.

Liz reached over and placed her hand on Max’s arm to calm him down. “She took it really well.” Max looked at her and she shook her head up and down to emphasize that it did go pretty well. “At first she did the “Why were you hiding it from me” thing. But then she calmed down.”

Liz continued, “My mother hates to be wrong. She had already given me permission to go so she didn’t want to change that. It helped when I told her that Rebecca, Pam and Sue would be sharing my room. Nothing like three 12 year-old chaperones.”

“So she’s all right with you going? She won’t stop you?” Max just had to get that straight. He had been looking forward to spending three entire days with Liz.

“Yeah, I’ll be able to go. But she’s going to call Mr. Green and the team mom to check where we’ll be staying and to make sure that the sleeping arrangements are like I had told her.” Liz smiled at Max reassuringly, “Don’t worry about the tournament Max. We have to get through Thanksgiving Day first.”

At the look on Max’s face Liz burst out laughing. “It won’t be that bad Max. My parents aren’t that bad.” She waited a beat, “Remember, my mother wants you alive to escort me to the gala.”

* * * * *

They had gone over the walls of the cave and the pod chamber inch by inch. Their hands were raw from running them over the rough rock face. Max had healed them all after they were done but it was still a frustrated group of hunters as they ended the search.

Max slid down the wall and sat on the floor. He spread his legs and pulled Liz down to sit between them. Resting his chin on her head he asked, “So, any other ideas? It seems like this place is a dead end.”

Liz slowly shook her head, “There has to be something here Max. It would be totally illogical for someone to leave you here without anything.”

Max chuckled before giving her a light kiss on the top of her head. “But that’s just what they did Liz. There’s nothing here.”

Isabel, Michael and Maria sat against an adjacent wall and watched Max and Liz think about their problem. They could barely hear what they were saying to each other and when they did it seemed that they were using some verbal shortcuts, speaking in short clipped sentences that only they could follow.

“The walls and floors.” Liz said.

“Nothing. And the outer chamber too.” Max added.

“Maybe the cave leading in?” Liz asked.

“Too hard to find anything.” Max responded.

They settled in to think. Liz and Max’s eyes roamed the chamber trying to spot something they might have missed. Finally Liz’s eyes came to rest on the pods. As she opened her mouth to mention them to Max he said, “No, we didn’t look at them.”

Liz craned her neck around to look at Max who returned her look with a shrug. The two of them got to their feet and approached the pods. Seeing Max and Liz break into action the rest of the group got to their feet to join them.

Max reached the pods and glanced back at Liz, “I guess I’ll check mine first.” He then started to work his way into his pod.

Seeing what Max was doing Isabel stepped forward and followed suit, pushing the cracked and brittle material that was the front of the pod aside so she could inspect the interior.

They both pulled out together, shaking their heads. “Nothing’s there.” Max informed everyone. Michael then went down on his knees and entered his pod. Excitedly pulling out he told the others, “There’s something on the outside here.” He said as he reached between the pod and the stone wall holding the pods in place.

He slowly pulled out a metallic looking orb that had obviously seen better days. It had originally been a beautiful metallic blue with the swirling symbol they all recognized gracing its top. But the orb had sustained extensive damage and was charred and blackened with one side being dented.

Michael turned the object over in his hands trying to figure out what it could be. He looked for any type of switch or latch that could be used to activate the object. He finally gave up and handed the thing to Max who also looked it over closely.

“What the heck could this be?” Max asked nobody in particular.

He continued to study the object when Isabel finally spoke up, “It’s a memory orb.”

All eyes snapped towards Isabel, whose expression had turned to embarrassment, “Don’t ask me how I know, but I think it’s a memory orb.”

Michael shook his head before asking, “And what the hell is a memory orb?”

Isabel could feel the weight of all the eyes upon her as she stammered out her answer, “I don’t know, its… its like a VCR, it has movies or thoughts… It has holograms...” Isabel shook her head nervously, “It just came to me what it is. That’s all I know.

“Okay…Okay… It’s a memory orb. How do we get it to work?” Michael asked. He reached out and took it from Max and thrust it into Isabel’s hands. “Make it work. You know what it is, now make it start to play the movie.”

Isabel nervously turned the orb over in her hands, “I don’t know how it works. I guess it has to be touched the right way or something.” Thrusting the orb back into Max’s hands she told him, “You try to make it work. You opened the doors and everything.”

Max reluctantly decided to try to make the orb function. He rotated the orb in his hands before finally deciding to concentrate his thoughts on the swirl symbol. He tried to send thoughts of working, or asking for information to the orb but it didn’t seem to respond. Just as he was about to give up Liz slipped her hand under his arm and took a firm grip, offering her support.

As with every time that Liz touched him a sense of calm came over him. He could feel the warmth of her touch traveling up his arm and as he continued to concentrate on the orb it suddenly started to glow and an image appeared across the room.

As they all stood mesmerized the image began to speak, “If you are seeing this image you have successfully arrived at the planet Tixatl 3. I am taking this image because it will be familiar to you.”


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Two Of A Kind
By: SciFiNut111

Banner by: BordersInsanity

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: The second half of Part 30 – Some answers. Some questions.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 30B

You four are an exploration team from the planet Antar. It is a member of the Federation Of Planets in the Whirlwind Galaxy. Zan shshsssssssss leader and shsssssssss Ava shssssssssssssssssss Psychology. Rath, military and shssssssssssss Valondra, Cultural shsssssssss.

Max stopped concentrating on the replay when the static hit. The damage to the orb must have effected the message. The static seemed to effect both the audio and video of the hologram but not necessarily at the same time.

“Damn, the damage must have destroyed a lot of the message. What are we going to do now?” Max asked as he turned the orb over in his hands.

“I say we listen to the end, see how much is damaged and try to piece the message together.” Michael suggested.

Glancing over at him, Max nodded in agreement. “This whole quest is starting to get on my nerves.”

Michael let out a snide chuckle, “Tell me about it. We seem to hit more road blocks than highway.”

Max nodded in agreement before starting to concentrate on the orb again.

If you are seeing this image you have successfully arrived at the planet Tixatl 3. I am taking this image because it will be familiar to you.

You four are an exploration team from the planet Antar. It is a member of the Federation Of Planets in the Whirlwind Galaxy. Zan shshsssssssss leader and shsssssssss Ava shssssssssssssssssss Psychology. Rath, military and shssssssssssss Valondra, Cultural shsssssssss.

Tixatl 3, known as earth to its inhabitants, was found to have a rapidly advancing humanoid population. The Federation shshssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss was discovered during the last routine check shssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssd. Because shssssssssssss development shssssssssssssssssss place a team on the planet shssssssssssssssssss report shsssssssssssssssssssssssss culture.

Earth shssssssssssssssss difficult for the shsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss create enhanced human clones shssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and live with the human shsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss understanding of the society.

Your duty shssssssssssssssssssssssss report back all shsssssssssssss advances in science and technology. Shsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss chance of survival. shsssssssssssssssssssss

As you develop shsssssssssssssssssss, you are to send shssssssssssss samples you deem shssssssss Federation using the Granalith.

The Federation will use Shsssssssssss for various reasons. Humans are a shsssssssssssssss unlimited shsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss a danger to shssssssssssssssssssssthe Federation in the future. We will shsssssssssssss technology as needed to help shssssssss develop shssssss aggressive manner.

The essences shsssssssssssssssssssssss degree of loyalty to the Federation as shssssssssssssssssssssssssssss members of your various fields of study. We know that you will do your duty to the Federation to the best of your ability.

As the last image faded away they all started to talk at once, “That doesn’t make much sense.” Michael snorted out.

“We’re researchers? We’re here to spy?” Isabel asked. “It’s like we were supposed to know what we’re here for.” She continued.

“Whoa, hold it. The orb is obviously damaged. There’s probably a lot we’re missing. We only got bits and pieces.” Max tried to calm everyone down.

“We should compare notes and see what we can figure out. Then we should try to play it again.” Liz suggested.

“It’s simple, we’re here to spy on earth and help the Federation thing wipe out the planet.” Michael ranted.

“Michael, that’s not the way I understood it.” Max quietly spoke. “Lets take this one thing at a time. Did everyone catch the same names I did? Zan, Ava, Rath and Vilondra?” When he saw all of them nod in agreement he continued. “Okay, damn, where’s a pad of paper when you need it.”

“My lists are rubbing off on you huh?” Liz tried to break the tension.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Max replied. His frustration ringing clear in his tone. “The first part seems to talk about the team and its makeup. Zan is the leader, Ava does something Psychological, Rath handles the military and Vilondra’s field is Cultural. That doesn’t really give us much. Psychological what, warfare, the way peoples brains work? And what do they mean ‘Cultural’?” Max shook his head indicating he wasn’t sure what they meant.

“Well we know that Zan is the leader. Now all we have to figure out is which one of us is Zan, Max or me?” Michael took over from Max.

“Why does Zan have to be a man? Maybe it’s a woman’s name.” Maria cut in. “Maybe Isabel is Zan.”

Michael turned to Maria in disbelief, “Are you crazy? Who would put a woman in charge of a…” Michael started to say before he finally noticed the fire in Maria’s eyes, “Well, yeah, maybe you’re right. Uh, maybe…. Uh, maybe Isabel is this Zan.”

“You’re damn right Isabel could be Zan. If women were in charge there wouldn’t be…” Maria started out on a now familiar rant.

Michael clamped his hand over her mouth, “Okay Gloria Steinem. We get the picture. Woman in charge.” Michael quickly snapped his hand away and held it to his chest grimacing in pain, “Oww. What did you bite me for?” He painfully held it away from his chest as he looked at it. “Damn, Maria. You almost drew blood.”

“I’ve told you before not to try to put your hand over my mouth to…”

“Will the two of you stop? We have more important things to do here.” Isabel snapped at the arguing couple.

“Isabel’s right. It doesn’t really matter who Zan is. Let’s try to figure out the rest.” Max cut in.

They all nodded in agreement.

“Okay, did everyone get the thing about the Granalith? Whatever it is we can contact this Federation using it.” Max continued to discuss the message.

Across from Liz and Max, Maria leaned over to Michael, “Zan could be Isabel or the other female, the lost one.”

“Maria?” Liz shot out in warning. Maria turned to Liz and mouth the word, ‘sorry’. And mimed zipping her lips.

“Look, it would probably be better if we all wrote down what we think we heard then compare notes. That way we all get our own thoughts on paper. But we can’t do that right now.” Looking at the orb in his hand Max continued, “It would be great if we could figure out a way to fix this thing. I would really like to see the entire message.”

“Maybe Alex can do something with it.” Isabel suggested. “After we’re done here I can go over to his house and see if he can figure it out.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” Thinking a moment Max continued, “So far, what I get out of it is that we’re some type of clones sent here to investigate earth. That humans are developing fast and may be a danger to the federation, whatever and wherever that may be.”

The teens stood in silence for a moment before Max continued, “Clones…” He said as if testing the sound of the word. He shook his head and repeated, “Clones.” As he was talking he had subtly moved away from Liz. Finding out that he was manufactured in some way enforced how different he and Liz were. “We were manufactured. We were made by someone.”

Liz could see him working himself up and as she felt him retreat from her side she stopped him, “What are you doing? What are you getting yourself so upset about?” She reached out and held onto his arm so that he couldn’t shy away from her any farther.

Max just shook his head at her, “Liz, we’re manufactured freaks.” Liz could see how upset he was with the message he had just heard from the orb.

“Don’t do this Max.” Liz tried to reason with him. “Don’t do this to yourself.” Liz grabbed both of his arms and moved to stand right in front of him, forcing him to look in her eyes, “Do you know what a human clone is Max?” When he didn’t answer she continued, “I do! It’s an exact copy of a human being. Do you know what that means Max?” Liz saw the understanding start to dawn in his eyes. “You’re human Max, 100% human. Forget that manufactured freak crap. Forget the clone part. You’re human.”

Turning to look at Isabel and Michael she saw the thankfulness in their eyes. She had put the message in a positive light for them. She had chosen to accept them as her equals, human in every way.

“Come on. Let’s watch the message again.” Liz said to break the mood of the assemble friends.

* * * * *

They had watched the replay of the orb once again and the message didn’t improve with being replayed. Max still wanted each of them to come up with their own interpretation of what they had saw so they decided they had had enough exploring for the day.

As they filed out of the cave Max lightly touched Liz’s arm indicating that she should stay a moment. As the sound of their friend’s footsteps faded into the distance Max asked Liz, “Did you feel that? Did you feel what happened when you touched me?”

“I don’t know? What do you mean?” Liz asked, confused.

“When I was trying to get the orb to work. When you touched me it felt like you were giving me some energy or something.”

Liz shook her head, “No, I just wanted you to know that I had faith that you could get the orb to work. That I supported you.” Seeing the questioning look in Max’s eyes she continued, “You looked like you didn’t think you could get it to work Max. I just wanted you to know that I had confidence in you.” She reached over and grabbed Max’s hand and squeezed it.

As they turned to follow the others Max continued, “I never felt something like that before. It was like you were adding something to my try at getting the orb to work.”

“All I did was hold your arm Max.” Then thinking a bit she chuckled, “Along with thinking, work, damn you, work! You guys deserved some answers for all your searching.”

Max stopped and turned to Liz. “Do you think that you…”

Liz shook her head stopping him, “It was all you Max. I probably just gave you confidence in yourself.”

“Do you think?” Max said as he pulled her into his arms. Seeing Liz’s upturned face he leaned down and kissed her. He wanted to show her just how thankful he was for her love and support.

“Ah, gees. We want to get home today sometime.” They heard Isabel whine from the cave entrance. “We’re all waiting out here. Can we go now?”

Max looked from Isabel back to Liz, he tenderly pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear before kissing her on the tip of her nose and turning he put his arm around her to walk out of the cave.

* * * * *

Isabel walked up the walk to Alex’s house and knocked on the door. She knew that Alex was grounded but had a cover all worked out. She didn’t want to wait until Monday to show Alex the orb, he was a part of their quest now and she was disappointed that he hadn’t been there to see the message.

The door was opened and Mr. Whitman was framed in the opening. “Hi, can I help you?”

“I’m here to see Alex. He’s been helping me with my computer class and I ran into some problems with my homework this weekend.”

“Well, Alex is grounded for cutting school this week. He’s not supposed to have any friends over.”

“Oh, I knew that. I’m sorry. It was just that… Well, this homework is due Monday morning and I really need help.” Isabel tried to give him the look that had her father give in to her every whim.

“Well, if its school work….” Mr. Whitman mused, weakening. “I guess it should be okay.” Stepping back into the house he invited Isabel in while calling out for Alex. He didn’t see the little look of victory that flashed across Isabel’s face, ’works every time.’ she thought.

* * * * *

Isabel walked into Alex's room and waited for him to close the door. As he walked in he could see that something was upsetting her. Watching Isabel from afar for the last few months had let him learn her various moods.

"What's the problem. You look ready to burst."

"It's just that we found something today and..." She sat down on the bed and finished, "it just really sucks."

Fumbling with her backpack she reached in and finally found what she was looking for, "This!" She said as she thrust it into his hands.

Alex turned the object over in his hands seeing the scorch marks and the obvious dent in the side. He saw the symbol on the top and recognized it as being the same as the one on Liz's ring. "What is it?"

“It’s a memory orb. It stores a hologram or video that you can play back.” She saw the look on Alex’s face. “I already told the others, I don’t know how I know that but I do.”

Still seeing the questioning look on Alex’s face, "Its...Its ...all about us but the damn thing is broken. The message is all garbled and, and, staticy."

“How do you get it to work? I don’t see any knobs or buttons.”

“I think you just project your thought at it telling it to run.” Isabel explained. “I couldn’t get it to run, but Max could.” She thought for a second. “Wait, Max seemed to need something from Liz to get it to work. He tried but it only ran after Liz held his arm.”

Alex dropped onto the bed next to Isabel, “Gees, this must really be freaking Liz out. She seems to be…..”

Isabel continued, “I don’t know how to describe it either. It’s like Max needs her energy or something. The two of them are getting to be really strange with the team talking and soul mate look into my eyes thing.”

Alex held the orb up in the air and twirled it in his fingers, “If it takes Max and Liz to operate it then I don’t know what I can do.”

“I, I mean we just thought that it was some kind of digital memory thing and you’re so good with that stuff….” Isabel let her voice trail away.

“I’m really honored, but this thing is about a hundred years in the future for me.” Seeing the disappointed look in Isabel’s eyes he sighed then continued, “Let me try to see what’s inside.”

Alex walked over to his desk where he had been working on a RC controlled helicopter, ‘O Gees, I have Isabel Evans in my room and she’ll see that I’m such a dork that I still play with models.’ He sat at his desk and picked up and Exacto knife. He examined the orb closely trying to find a seam or something similar to pry at. Finding nothing he tried to scratch the surface along one end. “I’m surprised this thing is damaged. I can’t even scratch the surface.” Shaking his head again, “It must have been in the crash.”

Alex got up and walked back to the bed, handing the orb to Isabel as he sat down, “Sorry that I couldn’t help.” He watched as she put the orb back in her backpack. “What did it say anyway?”

“We aren’t too sure, there was a lot missing.” Isabel looked at her hands as she continued, “It seems like we’re some type of human clones sent to study earth and its people. Something called the Federation is interested in the planet.”

“The Federation? Like in Star Trek?” Alex said, excited. “That’s really cool.”

Isabel looked at the excited gleam in Alex’s eyes and rolled her eyes, “Alex, this isn’t Star Trek. This is our lives. It’s not a sci-fi show.”

Alex gave Isabel a knowing look, “But what if Gene Roddenbury was the fourth alien? Maybe it was a signal to you, Max and Michael.”

“Whoa, Trekky, before you start imagining that you’re getting a ride on the Enterprise, we figured out the fourth alien was a girl.” Seeing that Alex was going to protest, “and we’re only 18. The fourth alien would be 18 like us.”

Alex’s shoulders sagged as he realized that Isabel was probably right. “It was worth a shot.” The joking gleam returns to his eyes as he said, “What the use in knowing aliens if I don’t get to ride in a space ship?” He picked the orb up again, “Or have cool toys to play with?”

Isabel slapped Alex on the arm, “If you don’t get a ride in one you can’t crash in one either.”

As Isabel and Alex continued to talk Isabel glanced around Alex’s room. “You have three guitars? It must be fun being able to make music.” Looking back at Alex she told him, “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, learn to play an instrument.”

Alex’s eyes lit up. “Your wish is my command, Oh intrepid explorer.” Alex joked as he got up and grabbed one of his guitars. Sitting back down on his bed Alex leaned over and placed the guitar on Isabel’s lap.

“Okay, lesson one, how to hold a guitar.” Alex placed her right hand above the strings, “Place your other hand over the neck. Good.” He told her when she was doing it right.

Alex pulled the pic out of the strings and handed it to Isabel, “Let’s try something really easy. Take your index finger and place it over the string near that fret... no, the next one…. Good.”

Alex lead Isabel through some very basic chords and he saw that Isabel was having a great time, no Ice Princess, just a good friend enjoying a lesson. “Lets try something more difficult. We’re going to use two fingers.” Alex started to explain what to do. “Place your index finger on the first string and your second finger on the third… Hmm, it’s going to be hard with those nails. Try using... Yeah, like that. Now move them down a bit. Good.” Isabel strummed the guitar. “Great now move your fingers down to the third... Yeah, there. No… a bit further. No…” Alex reached around Isabel’s back and placed his hand over hers and placed it where he wanted it. “We’re going to go between these two positions, okay?” Isabel nodded her head in agreement and started to play. As she strummed the guitar she let Alex move her other hand. It was a very simple chord but Isabel was happy that she could do it.

When Alex stopped moving her hand Isabel turned her head with a big grin on her face, “Did I do that right? Did it sound okay?”

Alex was lost in another world. He was sitting in his room with his arms around Isabel Evans. It was one of his greatest fantasies come true. He looked at her smile and noticed it lit up her entire face. He couldn’t remember Isabel ever having a smile like that. And he realized that he was the reason that it was there. He saw Isabel nervously run her tongue quickly over her lower lip and something inside him forced him to lean forward, closing the last few inches between them.

This wasn’t the first time that Alex had kissed Isabel, she had kissed him in the computer lab a few weeks ago. But he hadn’t been ready for that and he had been too shocked to enjoy it. He had also kissed Isabel a hundred other times… in his fantasies. But nothing could compare to the reality of here… and now. The softness of her lips, the warmth of her body pressing against his. Isabel slowly started to open her mouth asking Alex for more and he was going to give her everything she wanted when the guitar slowly slid off of Isabel’s lap. He paused for a second and noticed that she gently let it rest against the bed as she turned towards Alex, not missing a beat. Alex moved his hand to frame her face before slowly sliding it back to run through her silky tresses.

Isabel reached up and played with the hair at the nape of Alex’s neck, sending a jolt throughout his body. Alex and Isabel just started to lean back onto the bed when the door was pushed open and Mr. Whitman pushed his head through the door, “Dinner Alex.”

At the sound of the door opening Alex and Isabel had jumped apart but not before Mr. Whitman had seen the “Studying” that the two teens were engaged in. If he hadn’t actually seen them in a heated embrace the way they looked now would have told him what had been going on. The dazed look on both their faces, the swollen lips, the disheveled hair.

Embarrassed at walking in on his son like this, Mr. Whitman stuttered out, “Um, uh. Your mother…” He pointed his thumb down the hallway, “uh, she has dinner ready Alex.” He started to back out of the room before stepping back in, “Uh, mm. Your friend is welcome to stay if she wants.” Mr. Whitman then turned and escaped back down the hallway.

* * * * *

November 10, 2001 – If this were someone else’s life it would almost be funny. Every time we find another piece to the puzzle that’s our life we find out that it is incomplete or broken or doesn’t tell us everything that we want to know. Its really frustrating knowing that all these answers may be out there but we have to work so hard to find them.

It’s really strange. Here Isabel, Michael and I are supposed to be these “Enhanced” humans but Liz always seems to come up with the good suggestions. She seems to come up with the plan and it usually works out. I guess it’s all those years of lab work, science projects and embracing the scientific method.

Isabel recognized what the orb was. It surprised us all. Could that mean that we all will start to remember things if we get the right incentive? We seemed to recognize the cave symbols but don’t know what they mean. Could we finally start remember what they mean in the future?

It’s truly amazing that Liz could accept the fact that I’m a clone, a person that was created by someone else. It just seems so, so… wrong. But Liz spun it to seem all right. She’s really amazing. But then Maria is the same. When I looked over at her I could see her nodding her head in agreement when Liz was explaining just how human she thought we were. It just seems so amazing, that out of the billions of people that inhabit this planet, Michael and I have found two people that have no trouble accepting us for what we are.

So? How was that?

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I was sitting down to write and just to see what was going on I checked the board. Damn, a new part to Captive Hearts. My readers want a new part, but will Ellie be saved? Had to go check on Ellie. Damn, there went the concentration.

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Then you throw in RL (writerspeak for RealLaziness) and writer’s laziness. You get the picture.

I can’t believe how long this part became. I was having trouble writing it, then I sat down and forced myself to start something, anything. Jenn helped A LOT! So, a hard part turned out to be long.

This isn’t a dreamer part. Stargazers will be happy, maybe.

I hope it was worth the wait.

Two Of A Kind
By: SciFiNut111

Banner by: BordersInsanity

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Have to clean up some stuff and inch the plot along.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 31

November 11, 2001 – Well it’s been a few days since we watched the message in the orb. It makes a bit of sense but it would be great if we can figure out a way to make the entire message play out.

It was interesting. Max seems to think that I had something to do with making the orb work. I wonder what it could be? We tried to discuss what Max was feeling but not having really had time. Max said that he felt something when I touched him and thinking back I guess I felt something too. It was just like a tingling in my hand, but then I get a tingling in my hand a lot when I touch Max. This is something we have to work on together. It may mean something.

A state championship final. I don’t really feel it now, but I know that by game time I’ll be nervous as heck. I missed a lot of the season and I’m just starting to feel comfortable on the field again. Win or lose, tomorrow is my last high school soccer game, and probably my last game ever. When I go away to college I don’t plan on playing, I plan on concentrating on my studies. I’ve been playing since I was 6 years old, I’ll miss it.

Isabel sat at the table with her friends trying to concentrate on the magazine they were reading. It was a lost cause. How was she supposed to concentrate when every few minutes she could hear laughter from across the quad at the table that seated Liz, Alex and Maria? She looked over for like the hundredth time since she had sat down five minutes ago to see Alex’s hands in the air as he described something to Liz.

As she watched they were interrupted by the arrival of Max and Michael. Max leaned in and gave Liz a kiss as he sat down with his lips still attached to hers. Michael just took the seat next to Maria and nudged her to say hello. Liz and Max separated and she began to talk to him. The table again erupted into laughs as Alex’s face turned red and Max and Michael turned to look at Isabel.

Isabel immediately dropped her eyes to the magazine while her cheeks started to turn red. ‘Oh my god, Alex told them about last night.’ At first she was upset, but then while she thought about it, well, Liz and Maria were his best friends, and his father’s reaction was really funny….

* * * * *

“So? What do you think?” Alex asked the table at large. He had originally planned to talk to Liz and Maria about his problem but Max and Michael arrived and then Liz mentioned last night, and Max is Isabel’s brother, and Michael might as well be, and it just came out, ‘Jeez, I’m babbling in my thoughts’.

Michael looked at Alex like he had grown a second head, “Who the heck would want to date Isabel? It would be like dating …”

“She’s not that bad Michael.” Max interrupted as he tried to defend his sister, “Once you get to know her, she’s really warm and caring.”

“Yeah, once you get to know her. That could take years. Alex doesn’t have that kind of time, we graduate in six months.”

“He doesn’t want to marry her Michael he just wants to date her.” Liz cut in. “I think he should go for it.” Liz said with a reassuring head nod and a small smile of encouragement.

Michael shook his head and looked at Alex, “Wear something warm. Really warm if she agrees to go out with you.”

Alex looked at Max and Liz, “You think I should ask her out? You know, before the Gala? Like, go to a movie or something?”

Max nodded his head, “Yeah, I think you have a chance. I think she likes you Alex. The fact that the kiss didn’t turn you into a block of ice must mean something.”

Max laughed at the look on Alex’s face as he high-fived Michael. Liz just punched Max in the arm, “Will you quit. Alex needs support, not jokes.” Looking at Alex, “Alex, you should ask her out. I’m sure she’d go.”

A confident look crossed Alex’s face as he clenched his jaw, “Okay. I’m going to do it. I’ll ask her for a date.” Before he could lose his courage, Alex jumped from the table and started for Isabel’s table just as Rodney Greene, star tailback walked and slouched into the seat next to her. His steps faltered for a moment but he continued on.

* * * * *

“Hey, Isabel. Gala next month. We’re going together.” Rod opened.

Isabel just kept reading the magazine as if nothing had been said.

Not quite as sure of himself, Rod tried again, “Hi, Isabel. How is everything?”

The girls around the table tried to hide their smiles as Isabel brought another guy to heel.

Isabel finally looked up as if Rod had just arrived, “Oh, hi. I didn’t hear you. Did you say something?”

As Rod looked into Isabel’s eyes he thought, ‘How could brown eyes look cold and penetrating’ as he stuttered out his question. “The country club gala is next month. Would you like to go with me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I already have a date.” Isabel told him sounding anything but sorry.

“Uh, mm, okay then.” Rod looked around at the other girls who returned his look, some with shrugs and some with “Ask me” looks. But being shot down once was enough for the jock and he cut his loses and got up from the table. “I’ll see you around then.”

Isabel, not raising her head from the magazine, waved over her shoulder, “Yeah, see you.”

As Rod walked away the girls’ questions started, “Who are you going with? Jimmy. No, it couldn’t be Jimmy. How about Kyle?”

Isabel just shook her head to the questions then replied nervously, “I’m going with Alex Whitman.”

“What? Alex? Isn’t he like the president of the nerd club?” Pam asked.

“I know. It’s because your brother is dating Liz Parker, and she’s Alex’s best friend.” Courtney tried to think of a reason.

Pam shot out again, “Isabel, the gala is the biggest event of the year. There’s no way you can go with him. We have an image to maintain.”

“I really don’t care. He’s a nice guy. He has a great sense of humor and we’ll probably have a good time.” Isabel tried to defend her choice.

As Alex approached the table he heard Pam say, “Just tell us. This is a bet, right? I heard Trish say something about it in gym the other day. That’s what this is, isn’t it? It’s a dork date bet. I knew it.” Alex stopped in his tracks. “Yeah, Isabel. Like that’s going to fly. You could have been honest with Rod and told him that you were just holding out for him to bring you flowers or something like that.”

Alex stopped in his tracks and saw Isabel laugh. He immediately turned around and stomped off back to the table where his friends were. Arriving there he slammed his books in his backpack and stormed towards the school without a word to anyone. He needed to vent his anger and there was nothing better than heading to the music room to strum on his guitar for the remaining duration of lunch.

Isabel caught Alex’s expression as he turned to go and knew that he had taken the conversation wrong. She knew she had to talk to him before it got too far out of hand. “It’s not like that at all.” Isabel stood up and glanced over toward Alex in time to see him stalking off toward the school. She turned back to her friends, “I’m going to the gala with Alex Whitman and it’s not because of some bet and it’s not because I feel sorry for him. I like being with him. He let’s me be me. When we are together I have fun and he actually listens to me and I don’t have to fend off like eight pairs of hands.” She stepped away from the table and immediately looked towards the door of the school, and then back at the table he had been at.

She scrunched her eyebrows at Liz hoping she would give her an idea of where Alex had went. Liz pointed to the school and shrugged her shoulders as Isabel went after him. “Okay, Isabel. This isn’t April fool’s Day you can cut the act. There is no way that you are serious about this. This is going to ruin your reputation as one of us.”

“I don’t care.” She quickly left her wannabe friends and went after the one that had taken their place. She had to find Alex. There wasn’t time to go ask Liz what had happened. By the looks on their faces they didn’t know why Alex had stormed off. Dammit! He had to have heard her conversation with those… those… ugh! She didn’t have any words for them.

Flinging the door open she walked into the school. She hurriedly walked down the hall. Students parted in shock in front of her, Isabel Evans never hurried. She reached the first intersection in the hall and looked right and then left. Which way would he have gone? She had two choices, the music room or the computer room. She chose the music room and made a right hand turn.

When she rounded the last corner and came to the closed door her hand hovered over the doorknob. Should she go in or should she just wait for him to come out? She didn’t want to crowd him but this needed to be straightened out. Just as she turned the knob the bell rang signaling the end of lunch. She had five minutes to get to her next class. She didn’t care if she was late.

Moment’s later students began to file out of the room. She stepped aside and watched to see if Alex were amongst them. When the bodies had stopped filing out of the room she took a chance and looked in. It was completely empty. She stepped in and called, “Alex? Are you in here?” No reply.

She left and quickly went to her other choice. She was going to be late to class, there was no doubt about it, but she didn’t care. Climbing the stairs two at a time she pushed through what seemed like the entire student body. “Move… get out of the way…” she said as she made her way up to the top.

By the time she reached the room her hair had fallen out of her ponytail and she was actually breaking a sweat. She stood outside the closed door and before opening it she smoothed her hair back as best as she could. That was the only hesitation that she showed, once her hair was back in place and the few beads of sweat were removed she walked in. “Alex? Are you in here?”

* * * * *

“I can’t believe this is our final game. Win or lose. Are you ready?” Maria asked.

“I guess so. It just went by so fast. I missed most of the season. I hope coach doesn’t expect too much out of me.” The two girls pushed their way out of the locker room and started jogging for the field.

“She knows what she’s doing.” Maria assured.

They went through opening warm-ups and the crowd was getting larger and larger the more the time ticked away. “Have you seen Max or Michael?” Maria asked.

Without looking Liz said. “They’re almost here. I would say that they just now parked the Jeep.”

Maria stopped in her tracks when she saw the two boys off in the distance making their way to the bleachers. “How can you do that?”

Liz’s face reddened a bit, “I don’t know. It just happens that way.” Liz volleyed the ball between her two feet and then kicked it up to her knee. She juggled the ball a bit and then punched it to Maria. It hit her square in the chest.

* * * * *

“Man I can’t go anywhere. Her head’s not even in the game. Did you see the ball hit her in the chest?” Michael leaned heavily over the top edge of the fence.

“Hey, it’s bound to happen. This is a very important game for them. They’re the first team in eight years to make it this far.” Max followed Michael’s stance and then leaned his chin down on his arms. The cast on his arm made it easy for him. The top edge of the fence didn’t even penetrate the protective barrier. “Damn Michael, a State final game.” He continued, as his eyes remained glued to Liz. He loved the way Liz moved when she was out on the field. She was so graceful and even though she was a sheer force to be reckoned with she did it elegantly.

“I hope they win. I placed a fifty-dollar bet with McNalley today. Can you believe it, the odds are ten to one against them? Where’s school spirit now a days?”

“Michael… are you sure you want to be spending your money like that?” Max looked at his friend.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure. I have a win-win situation going on.”

“Explain.” Max smiled. He didn’t see how losing fifty bucks would still ensure that he would come out a winner.

“I see it like this. If they win, I definitely win. If they lose, I’m out of fifty bucks but when Maria finds out.” He clapped his hands together and wiggled his eyebrows. “I’m a winner.”

“Whatever.” Max turned his attention back to the girls warming up.

“I knew you would be here to see Liz and Maria play their final game. I was wondering if we could schedule some time to make a recording of the orb? ” Alex had stepped up behind Max and Michael some time ago. He had heard the entire conversation and was grateful that someone in their group was lucky. He was sure that if he looked like Max or Michael and had the whole jock thing going for him the story between him and Isabel would be completely different.

Catching the tone of Alex’s voice and seeing that he wasn’t his usual self, Max had to ask, “Is everything okay?” Choosing to ignore his question about the orb.

“Yeah…” he looked out to the field and leaned hard onto the fence. “No… not really.” Alex looked down at his feet a second before looking back at Max. “What is it with your sister, Max? Why the hell is she playing me? I’d help you with the orb without all the come-ons.”

Max stood up straight and turned to Alex, “Whoa, wait a minute. What happened? We know you’d help us Alex.” Max studied Alex face for a moment, “What do you mean that Isabel is playing you?”

“For the last few weeks Isabel has been really nice to me. Last night we even, uh, well, you know, we kissed.” Alex looked at Max expecting him to get all big brother on him when he just listened he continued, “Then today Isabel and her friends were making fun of me at lunch.” Alex shook his head in disbelief, “How could I be so stupid, I thought things were different but I guess they really aren’t.”

“Alex, are you sure Isabel was making fun of you. It just doesn’t seem like her.” Max turned sideways and looked at Alex who was watching the girls as they started to line up for the start of the game.

“Look, I heard what I heard and just so you guys know, Isabel’s only going to the gala with me because of some bet that is going around school.”

Just as he finished speaking Isabel jogged up to the three of them. “Alex, there you are. I’ve been looking for you ever since lunch.”

“Don’t try and string me along, Isabel. I heard that this is all some kind of joke. You’re not around your little friends so you don’t have to keep up the false pretenses.” Alex pushed away from the fence. “I’ll see you guys around. I’ll be at home if you want to work on the orb. The sooner I get done with it the sooner you guys can quit being nice to me.”

Isabel stood in front of Alex refusing to let him pass, “Max… tell him I would never do anything like that. You guys know me. I may act like that but I would never do anything like that. Not even to someone I really wanted to do it to.” Alex stopped and looked at Michael and Max. Their two heads were bobbing up and down in agreement.

“You can say what you want to and they can agree all day long but I know what I heard, Isabel.”

“Fine. You don’t believe me. I’ll take you to someone that you will.” Isabel grabbed Alex’s forearm and proceeded to drag him up the bleachers to where her ‘friends’ hung out. She didn’t really understand them coming to watch the girls play but when she saw all the boys that were swarming the small group she soon realized why.

“Isabel… where are you taking me?”

“Just wait.” She didn’t know what had gotten into her. Why the hell did this mean so much to her? Here she was marching up the bleachers to confront the entire ‘cool crowd’ and she was dragging Alex Whitman behind her.

“Pam… Courtney… everyone… I just want to set the record straight. Did I tell you guys that I was going with Alex to the gala because of some bet?”

“Well, yeah. Isn’t that why you are going?” Pam asked.

Alex gave a “see I told you so” look to Isabel and started to turn to leave. Isabel’s hand snaked out and held him in place. Isabel shook her head. “That’s not what I said. Will you guys listen to the question?” She straightened and then asked again. “What did I tell you guys was my reason for going to the gala with Alex?”

The two girls looked at each other and the rest of the group got deathly quiet. Courtney looked at Pam and shrugged, “You said that you were going with him because…” One more look to the other for clarification and when the nod came Courtney continued. “You like being with him. He let’s you be you and when the two of you are together…” Courtney paused and looked around at the group. Everyone was leaning in. Hanging on her every word. “You have fun and he actually listens to what you have to say. That’s why you’re going to the gala with him.” Courtney took a deep breath waiting for Isabel’s wrath to come lashing out on her. “Oh, and he doesn’t paw you all the time.” She wasn’t sure why Isabel was making such a production out of this. It was only going to ruin her reputation. Jeez, it was Alex Whitman they were talking about.

Isabel turned around and looked at Alex. “Now do you believe me? Or do you need more proof?” She didn’t wait for him to answer she grabbed hold of his face and pushed her lips to his. When she was done kissing him she pulled away. “I’m going to the gala with you because I want to go with you and I don’t care what anyone thinks.”

Alex opened up his eyes and began to stutter. “F... f… fine. I’m taking you to the gala.” The entire crowd began to clap and hoot for the new couple. Both Alex and Isabel turned beet red.

“Did I just kiss you?” She leaned over and whispered in his ear.

“Yeah, you did. Do you regret…” He didn’t get a chance to add ‘it?’ to the end of his question because Isabel’s lips were on his again. He had his answer and he wasn’t going to be asking it again.

* * * * *

Max turned back to the soccer game after watching the drama that had played out in the stands. It was about time that Isabel gave up that whole Ice Princess façade. It had gotten really old. While they were in school or out at the mall, he missed the warm, caring person that Isabel was while at home.
Michael turned back with him. “Damn, I should have made book on that. We could have made a fortune.” Max glanced over to Michael, “What?” Michael asked, “You know its true. Who the hell would believe that Isabel and Alex would actually be seen in public together, never mind kissing.”

“Is nothing sacred Michael? She’s like a sister to you.”

“Yeah, well. A few extra bucks never hurt.” Michael grumbled.

“The beating she gave you when she found out would have though.” Max responded.

Max and Michael watched the rest of the first half hanging by the fence. The game was a lot better than the fans thought it would be. Clovis was a perennial state power and West Roswell wasn’t supposed to be in their league but as the half drew to a close they were only up by one goal.

The second half started with Clovis on the offensive. Their coach must have read them the riot act during half time and they pinned Roswell in their own end for the first ten minutes. Finally Roswell was able to clear the ball forward and Maria came out of a pack of players with the ball. As she moved up the field Liz headed up field on her right with the other forward, Cindy sprinting to try to catch up with the play on the left.

Liz slowed down as she came even with Clovis’s sweeper, not wanting to go offsides, it allowed the fullback she had beaten to catch up but there was nothing else she could do. As Maria got within yards of the sweeper she sent a through ball towards Liz’s side on, on the kick Liz was off. It was a great pass and as Liz approached the ball she looked up to see Cindy even with her on the other side of the field.

Liz slowed a bit as she approached the ball; the goalie had started to come out to try to cut down Liz’s shooting angle. Liz again glanced over to Cindy planning on crossing the ball to her. Just as Liz reached the ball and started to pass it she felt her legs being swept out from under her as she was tackled.

Liz felt a shooting pain in her ankle as she hit the ground and before she could get up she heard the referee blow her whistle, signaling a penalty.

Liz rolled into a sitting position but as she started to place her foot under her to get up she felt another sharp pain in her ankle so she remained sitting. The referee made her way over and seeing that Liz was hurt called for the coach.

As Liz was helped into the trainer’s cart Michael smacked the top of the fence, “Damn, there goes my fifty bucks!”

“It isn’t over yet Michael, they’re playing great and that cheap shot may get the team angry.” Max tried to be hopeful.

“Yeah, right. Liz is their best scoring chance and she just left the game if you hadn’t noticed.” Michael shook his head. “Well, maybe you’re right, maybe Cindy will come through.” He scanned the team to see if there was anyone that he had over looked.

As they discussed Liz’s loss to the team Maria lined up to put the ball back in play. The ref had called a penalty and they got a free kick about 25 yards from the goal.

“I wonder if Maria sees Cindy on the other side? She’s a lot taller then the girl marking her. A nice lob in her direction would be nice.” Max pointed out.

Just as Max stopped talking they watched as Maria sailed a ball across the penalty area, which Cindy headed into the net to tie the game.

Michael and Max both started to jump up and down as they celebrated the goal. “It looked like Maria heard every word you said Max.” Michael beamed as he patted Max on the back. Max looked at Michael and knew just how proud Michael was of Maria.

“Now all they have to do is hold them off and hope to win in a shoot out.” He had seen them score but Michael still didn’t feel that Roswell could score without Liz.

The game continued with Clovis again taking charge. A few times Roswell tried to break into Clovis’s end of the field but Liz’s replacement, Rachel, was called offsides every time.

The game clock wound down and it looked like it just might go into overtime. Max and Michael excitedly watched the game when all of a sudden Max felt “something”. He wasn’t sure what it was, it was just a feeling. Glancing over at Liz he saw her sitting on the ground near the bench rubbing her sore ankle.

“What the hell is Liz doing?” Michael snapped out.

“She’s rubbing her ankle. It’s probably killing her to sit on the sidelines right now.”

Michael looked at Max, “You feel something strange too. Don’t you?”

As they watched and talked Liz stood up and gingerly tried out her ankle. She walked a bit up and down the sidelines then tried jogging. She still had a limp but it seemed to be getting less and less.

Liz finally walked up to her coach who looked at Liz, then down to her ankle. Liz turned and jogged up the sideline, turned and ran back as her coach watched. They talked for a bit more before the coach pointed to the scorer’s table.

“Maybe you didn’t lose your money after all Michael.” Max said as Liz trotted onto the field at the next stoppage of play.

The team seemed to be re-energized when Liz trotted out. As play resumed the game became a seesaw battle with both goalies having to make some fantastic stops.

The game clock continued to wind down when Roswell again broke down the field towards Clovis’s goal. It was almost a replay of the play that Liz had been hurt on. Liz and Cindy on the wings as Maria tore down the center of the field. As Maria came at the sweeper she again passed the ball towards Liz. This time Liz didn’t slow down, as the ball was passed she took off after it and as she got to it she fired a lob across the goal mouth towards Cindy. Cindy had to leap for the ball that was a bit high but she was able to deflect the ball towards the upper corner of the net. It looked like a sure goal but out of nowhere the goalie was able to get a hand on the ball deflecting it over the top of the goal.

“Corner, that’s a corner.” Michael shouted out. Both he and Max were having trouble keeping themselves from jumping the fence in excitement.

“God, I hope they can do something with this.” Max prayed.

Maria dribbled the ball over and set it up for the corner kick as her teammates took up their positions. As she started forward they all broke towards the goal. As she moved forward Liz could feel her shirt get grabbed by the girl defending her and had to fight to move forward. Maria’s kick was low and hard and as the ball neared the goal Liz gave one last tug, wrenching her jersey away from the defender and diving at the ball. She got her head on it and as she landed on the ground she heard the distinctive sound of the ball hitting the upright. She started to jump up as she saw the ball rebounding back towards her but a blur of blue shorts went by her as Jaime, a halfback from Roswell buried the ball in the goal.

The stands erupted as the ball crossed the goal line. And the players on the field were jumping up and down with their arms wrapped around one another. The celebration was short as the Clovis players took the ball out of the goal and raced to set up the restart of the game.

The rest of the game just inched along with Clovis mounting a few great attacks. The Roswell fans prayed for the clock to move faster and eventually time ran out on Clovis and West Roswell High School was the new state champions.

Max and Michael thought the after game ceremony took forever. The teams shook hands, the state athletic director presented the Clovis coach with the second place trophy and then presented the Roswell coach with the state championship trophy. As he made the presentation the stands again erupted with cheers.

Finally the ceremony was over, the teammates all said their final goodbyes and made plans to celebrate at the Crashdown later that evening. Maria and Liz picked up their stuff and hurried across the field to share their excitement with Max and Michael.

As Liz neared Max she dropped her bag, running up and launching herself into his arms. Max grabbed her and almost knocked the wind out of her as he squeezed her tight. Liz leaned back a bit and their lips came together as Max spun Liz around.

Breaking apart for a minute Liz excitedly said, “I can’t believe we did it!! State Champs!!” And she again kissed Max.

They broke apart for air and Max added, “It was a great game. You were fantastic.” And he again captured her lips.

During the final kiss Liz and Max both heard someone loudly clearing their throat. Max looked and saw Liz’s parents and grandmother patiently waiting to congratulate their daughter. Max immediately released Liz and she gave him a questioning look as she slid to the ground.

Turning her head to see what had distracted Max, “Mom! Dad! Grandma!” She started to turn a brilliant shade of red, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you. Um, I um was just celebrating. Uh. How did you like the game?” She asked as she went to give her family a hugs and kisses.

“It was really great. You should be really proud.” Her father started.

“I was on the edge of my seat, Liz.” Her mother added. “I was really nervous when you were injured. I was afraid it was your hip again.”

“No, it was my ankle.”

“How’s it feeling?” Grandma Claudia asked as she gave Liz a hug.

“It’s feeling great. I think it was just bruised or something. It doesn’t hurt much at all.”

“Oh, so you can walk? I thought Max was carrying you to the parking lot because your ankle was sore.” Grandma teased.

As Liz talked to her family Max had picked up Liz’s bag and rejoined everyone. When he walked up he took Liz’s hand and she squeezed it to let him know that she wanted him with her.

“Mom, Dad? The team is going to the Crashdown to celebrate after we go home and change. Would that be all right?”

“Of course. That will be fine.” Jeff answered. “I tell you what. When I get home I’ll call the manager, I think the new state champs deserve some free food and drinks.”

Liz reached over and hugged her father, “Thanks dad, I’m sure the team will appreciate that.”

November 12, 2001 – New Mexico State Champions. The girls did it. They won a state championship. It was an exciting game. Liz got hurt but was still able to play at the end and help score the winning goal. God, am I proud of her.

When I confronted Liz about using her powers in public she denied it. Liz could have used her powers and not even know it. She admitted that her ankle hurt a lot when she came off the field but as she rubbed it it felt better. I don't know what Michael and I felt today but Liz was sure that it wasn't her. Could there have been another out there somewhere? Our fourth maybe? I don't know. I'm not sure if we'll ever know.

What is going on with Isabel? Kissing Alex in front of all her friends? I knew Isabel liked Alex, but I thought it was a friends type of thing. Dragging Alex up into the stands just so she could prove something to him….. Alex’s friendship must be very important to her. Damn. Now I have to put the fear of god into him, Liz’s best friend or not. I have to let him know that he better not hurt my sister.

I just realize something. Today we didn’t do much worrying about the orbs, caves, powers or anything alien. It was nice to just sit back and relax. Maybe we should take a breather?

Can I convince Michael of that? After all, he has $500 to spend. We can have a lot of fun with $500.


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Geez, don't you just hate author's notes? I do. When have you ever seen an author telling you that they were going to start posting faster? No, usually its to explain that they aren't going to be posting as often, or that they're going on vacation for a month, or my favaorite is the semester abroad, (Like there's no internet access in Tibet.) We all read "The Onion", we all know what goes on abroad.

Well, this note isn't going to be any different from any other author's note. The next part is delayed. For a few days longer. Now for a creative reason... The letter "_" doesn't work on my computer and I need a lot of them in the next part? See, I couldn't even get it to work here. No? Won't accept that?

Okay, okay. I'm still reeling from tha fact that Liz smacked Jack And didn't immediately collapse with guilt?? (Don't know which fic that is do you. Loved that Mockingbird39 actually had her stay mad.) No?

Okay, okay. The real reason: laziness and writer's bloc are sorta waging a battle for my soul. It's a tie so far.

Well, before I use every ounce of creativity I have left for today in writing this note, I better end it here.

So, the next part will be out by.... Thursday?? Maybe?? I know what I want to write, it just isn't coming out right. Hopefully I can get a good part done in the next day or so.

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Two Of A Kind
By: SciFiNut111

Banner by: BordersInsanity

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Have to clean up some stuff and inch the plot along.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 32

November 15, 2001 – Haven’t written in this for a few days. Sorry journal. Too much celebrating, each of us seniors wanted our own party. It’s not everyday you’re a state champion.

What a game. We did it. Can’t believe I missed that header, but at least Jamie was there to win the game.

Just got home from celebrating. Again. The school is giving us tomorrow afternoon off for doing such a fantastic job. To let us start the weekend early. Mom said I could take the whole day off but I don’t think I will do that. If I do then I’ll miss Bio lab with Max. I definitely don’t want to do that.

I know the way that Max looked at me after the game. Even though he agreed that I didn’t use power to heal my ankle he still believes that there is a small possibility. He could be right and I’ll never know until I get to the bottom of it and I’m not going to get there if I keep lying to myself.

Grandma’s agreed to stay through the holidays. I’m so excited. It will be the first time that the family is all together since I was a baby. Grandma’s always been off doing something somewhere.

Well, I better close for now because it’s late and I have class in the morning. A certain dark hair god will be waiting for me.

Woohoo! I can’t believe we’re State Champions. Go Comets!!!!!

Max and Liz were leisurely cleaning up their lab station after completion of their latest experiment. They had finished ahead of the rest of the class so they had to keep their voices down as they planned their evening.

“So, it’s settled. We’ll rent some movies and watch them at my house tonight?” Max asked.

“We could go to my house. We have that movie center in the rec room with the huge flat screen and surround sound.” Liz responded. She used her hands to demonstrate how huge the TV actually was. It was far greater then her arms would ever reach.

Max thought for a moment, it was very tempting, but in the end he shook his head, “No, let’s go to my house.”

“Are you sure? I thought all you guys liked to watch movies on a big screen?”

“Are your parents going to be home?” Max asked.

Liz nodded her head in response wondering why he asked.

Max wiggled his eyebrows at her before replying, “Mine won’t be.”

Liz broke out with a shy smile as her cheeks turned pink.

Seeing Liz’s reaction he shot another zinger, “And Isabel says she’s going out somewhere.”

Liz broke into an even bigger smile, “So I guess that means I can pick out any movie I want right?”

Max looked at her and saw the teasing twinkle in her eyes, “What do you mean?”

“I get to pick out anything I want because you don’t plan on watching the movie do you?”

Max’s ears turned red as he joked back, “Well, if the movie is boring I’ll just have to find some other way to amuse myself.”

Before Liz could come up with a response to Max the bell rang announcing the end of class. Liz and Max both grabbed their backpacks and threw them on the lab table getting ready to put their books away and leave the class. As Liz’s backpack settled on the table a folder fell out and the contents landed all around her feet. Max and Liz both bent over and started to grab sheets. Max started to help her pick up the various forms but the heading on one caused him to freeze.

Liz glanced over to Max and saw what made him stop as she heard him mumble to her, “Wow, Harvard huh?” Max looked over at Liz and saw that she was holding application packets for Princeton and Cornell also.

Max handed the Harvard application form to Liz. “Boston is so far away Liz.”

“They’re only applications Max. I probably won’t get accepted. Mrs. Stroud says I have to apply to some great schools as a stretch.”

Max shook his head at Liz’s words. “These won’t be a stretch for you Liz. You can make it in to any of these schools.” Max watched as Liz shoved the applications back into her pack, “I always heard you talk about going away to Harvard but it just hit me. You’ll be going to Harvard next fall.”

“Max, I ..I don’t know where I’ll be going to school next fall. I haven’t made up my mind. Maybe I’ll go to UNM. Who knows?” Liz shrugged her shoulders, “We don’t have to make any decisions until next April or May.”

Liz zipped her bag and threw it over her shoulder and joined Max as he walked toward the door. “Where do you plan on applying to Max?”

“Probably UNM or ASU, a state school, I’ll probably have to watch the tuition costs.” Max responded.

Max and Liz walked down the halls oblivious to the students around them, as Liz continued, “What do you plan on majoring in?” She shook her head. “I can’t believe we never talked about this before.”

Max chuckled before replying, “I think we had other things on our minds lately. Soccer finals, homework, cave writing,…..” Max picked up Liz hand and gave it a kiss, “My girlfriend turning into Wonder Woman.”

Liz pulled her hand away from Max and smacked him on the arm. “Thanks to you.” She grinned as she continued, “I never have to worry about cold coffee or warm soda again.”

Max gave her a serious look, “Or sore ankles.”

Liz looked down to the ground for a second before looking back at Max. “We don’t know if it was powers or just my ankle feeling better.”

Max started to respond but Liz cut him off changing the subject, “Anyway, you didn’t answer me, what do you plan on majoring in?”

“Yeah, well. This may just be a dream but I was thinking of Medicine.” Max glanced over to Liz to see her reaction and saw her eyes light up,

Liz squeezed Max’s hand to show her support, “That’s great Max. You’d be a great doctor.” Max saw the gears start to grind in her head, “That means you need a school that has some ties to a medical school. It will make it…”

Max stopped and Liz turned to face him. The students in the hall flowed around them, “How do you know about medical schools and ties to colleges”

Liz’s face reddened a bit as she realized that she was sounding like a school counselor. “I want to major in Molecular Biology and it seems that it’s a stepping stone to medical school. So one thing led to another and my mother started to spout about how proud she’d be if I became a brain surgeon or something.”

“And to quote a very smart person, You’d be a great doctor.” Max gave Liz’s hand a squeeze.

Liz looked up at Max with a thoughtful look on her face. “Harvard has a great medical school, it would...”

“Yeah, Liz and it costs 50 thousand a year. I can’t ask my parents to spend all there savings and mortgage their house to send me to school. And they have to worry about Isabel too.”

“It’s 37 – 5 and they have financial aid and scholarships and loans. It would be….”

“I probably wouldn’t even get accepted. I’m not that class valedictorian with a 1560 on the SATs. I really don’t think that…” Max saw the determined look in Liz’s eyes and knew he wasn’t going to win the argument. He stopped and turned to Liz, “Okay, what if I apply to Harvard. Will that make you happy?”

Max was answered by a beaming smile from Liz as they continued down the hall, “You know Max it doesn’t have to be Harvard, there’s BU and BC and UMass….”

* * * * * *

There was a knock on the door and Michael pushed himself up off the couch to go answer it. His eyes never left the screen. There was an awesome hockey game on TV and they were in the middle of a huge power play. Second period, tie score, 5 minutes left in the period and the NHL championship on the line. He flipped the door open, not even bothering to look and see who was at the door.

He walked back to the couch and plopped down again. He hadn’t heard the door close so he took a quick glance at the opening seeing Maria standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips. “Are you coming in or are you going to stand out there and let the cold air come in?”

“Hello, Michael.” Maria said sarcastically as she walked into his apartment and slammed the door shut. “Hello, Maria you look lovely tonight.” She continued to have a conversation with herself because Michael’s attention was glued to the TV and the stupid hockey game. It wasn’t even hockey season yet and the game he was watching was from 1989 when the Leafs and the Bruins were facing off for the cup.

“Shhhh… they’re getting ready to score.” Michael waved his hand at Maria to shut her up. He was now standing on his couch with anticipation on the upcoming score.

Maria looked at the screen, “The one’s in red are going to win.” Maria tried to get Michael’s attention.

“What? How do you know? You hate hockey.”

Maria just shrugged, “I may not know hockey but I know about style and those red uniforms look great. I really don’t know what they were thinking picking that black and gold combo. And what’s that thing on their chest? At least you know what’s on the red.”

“You think a team is going to win because their uniform is…” Michael stopped as his attention went back to the screen. The TV announcer’s spiel was growing with excitement and just as the puck left the ice in the direction of the goal the electricity went out. Michael jumped off the couch and immediately looked to Maria. “What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything.” Maria said face to face with her boyfriend. “Maybe the breaker flipped or something.”

“Crap! I’m going to miss the game.”

“Michael, the game is history… literally that game was played like ten years ago.”

“It’s a classic, Maria. Do you realize the significance…”

“Yeah, whatever. I’m out of here. You probably just forgot to pay your electric bill.”

“I was going to do that tomorrow.” Michael said as Maria entered the hallway leaving his apartment.

“I knew it. God, and you live on your own. A judge thought that you were capable of taking care of yourself and here you are in the middle of winter with no electricity.”

“I’ll just go over to Max and Isabel’s. No big deal. I get paid next Wednesday anyway.”

Maria continued walking and was headed to her car. “Whatever, I’m out of here.”

“Wait! You just can’t leave me here. You have to drop me off at Max’s.”

“No, get there on your own. You’ve put me in a foul mood. We had a date. Now I have to go home and sit by myself.”

“What about Liz? You can call her for company.” Michael asked.

“Uh, helllllloooo… did you forget that her and Max are watching movies over at Max’s house tonight?”

“Great… see it all works out once again. We’ll just go over there you know they’re not watching a movie and I can catch the rest of the game. When it’s over we can watch movies, eat a little popcorn and have a lot of fun.”

“I’m not going to interrupt them. Do you know that I have to listen to Liz complain about how her and Max never get any free time for just the two of them anymore. No, I’m not going over to the Evans’ tonight. Figure something else out.”

She climbed into the little red Jetta and started it. Michael climbed in and buckled up. “What are you doing?” Maria asked. A look of disbelief on her face.

“You’re taking me to Max’s.”

“No, I’m not. I told you I’m not going anywhere near the Evans’ house.”

“Oh, come on, Maria. We’ll just peek in the window and see what they are up to. If it looks like all they are doing is watching TV then what will it hurt. It’s not like we’ll be interrupting anything.

Maria just shook her head.

Michael reached over and started to play with her hair the way he knew she liked, “If I know Max he let Liz get all sorts of chick flicks. We can go over there and you can watch the movies you like.”

Maria started to lean into where his hand was doing wonderful things to her neck. She tried to shakes her head “No” because she didn’t trust herself to speak. She made the mistake of turning her head towards Michael and he knew he had her.

Michael fluttered his eyelashes at Maria the way she did it to him and whispered “Please.”

Maria gritted her teeth, “Damn you.” She slammed the car into gear and stomped on the accelerator.

As they sped down the street she shot at Michael, “You tell Max and Liz why we’re going over there. I do not want to face my best friend with some lame excuse.”

Michael settled back to enjoy the ride. “No problem. I’ll play on their sympathy, living alone, no power. They’ll feel sorry for me.”

“You hope.” Was all that Maria could respond with.

* * * * * *

Max walked up to the front door and unlocked it. He reached in and turned on the hallway light then stepped back to let Liz walk into the house first.

“Where are your parents Max?”

“They went out to dinner and then a movie. We have the house to ourselves for a few hours.”

“And Isabel is with Alex?”

“No, actually, she went to Alex’s. She said something about guitar lessons.” Max shook his head, “She never used to be interested in playing an instrument.”

Liz gave him a look that indicated that he just wasn’t getting it. “Max. Think about it. Who’s she getting the lessons from? I’m sure there’s more to it then learning to play a guitar.”

Max shook his head, “I guess I better start playing the protective older brother?”

“No, I don’t think that will be necessary. I think Isabel can take care of herself.”

Max shrugged in response. “Why don’t you take the movies into the den and I’ll get the popcorn and sodas.”

“Yeah, okay.” As Liz moved to walk past Max into the den he blocked her way and bent down and gave her a soft kiss.” He straightened up and turned to go towards the kitchen.

Liz reached out and stopped him, “What was that for?

“I’m just happy to be alone with you. Nobody else around, no distractions.”

Liz looked at Max with an apologetic expression, “I know. We never get any time to ourselves anymore. But at least we have tonight. Just the two of us.”

They both walked into the kitchen and went about building a tray of snacks and drinks. Popcorn, potato chips, nachos with salsa, cokes. Liz was surprised at the amount of junk food that the Evans had stocked.

They carried their snacks into the den and settled themselves on the couch facing the TV. “I loaded The Musketeer first.”

The DVD started to play and Liz settled back against Max’s chest and he wrapped his arms around her. Liz rested her head against Max chest as the previews started.

“Max? I’ve been thinking about the soccer game.”

“Yeah, it was great wasn’t it? Rebecca was awesome last night.”

“I don’t mean that one. I mean the state game.” Liz sat up and looked at Max. “You thought that I used my powers to heal myself and I think you may have been right.”

Max sat up and held her hand waiting for her to continue.

“How is it supposed to feel when you use them? This is all so new to me. I remember my ankle being really sore and as I applied the ice the trainer gave me I start to rub it.” Liz looked at Max, “Is it that easy? I just… I just sorta wished the pain away.”

“Sounds like Iz and I discovering our powers. Things just started to happen when we wanted them to. Iz would wish that her sneakers were red and they were. It shocked us. Of course Iz had to change the sneakers back to the right color so mom wouldn’t find out.” Max chuckled, “She still does it, changes the color of clothes, but now she has so many that mom can’t keep track of her wardrobe.”

Liz slumped back against Max’s chest and he leaned back so that he was lying on the couch with Liz cradled against his side. “Do you think that’s what happened at the cave? When you said I helped with the orb? Have I been doing things and not even realize it?”

Max shrugged his shoulders, “It just may be. When you grabbed my arm to offer your support I felt something but I just thought it was the way I usually feel when you support me.” Max ran his finger along Liz’s cheek. “You just give me so much confidence in myself. Like with the orb, you just knew I would get it to work and if I couldn’t well that was okay too. The pressure is just gone.” Max shrugged again, “A lot of the time when you may have used your powers we were holding each other or touching…. We just thought it was me.” Max kissed the top of Liz’s head tenderly. “We’ll figure this all out. It will just take some time.”

Max and Liz laid there on the couch, the video long forgotten. After a few minutes of watching they decided that The Musketeer wasn’t a good remake of the Three Musketeers anyway. Now if he was playing D’Artangin and Liz was playing a lady in distress. A small smile began to creep onto Max’s face just at the thought of being rewarded with her rescue.

Max drew Liz a little closer and she responded by turning her head towards his. The first kiss was tentative, teasing, as Max brushed his lips across Liz’s. Liz shifted some more as she turned around to lay half on Max and half on the couch. She reached up and pulled Max towards her, not wanting the slow teasing kisses. She attacked his mouth with hers and the two of them started to lose themselves to their passion. Max ran his hands up and under the shirt Liz was wearing and the feel of her silky skin started a reaction that he couldn’t hide. Liz could feel Max harden under her and felt in awe that she had such an immediate impact on him.

Liz reached down and pulled the hem of his shirt up and Max did the same with hers, both aching for the feel of skin on skin. Max’s other hand came up to cup the back of Liz’s head, fingers running through the rich silk of her hair. That simple movement sent a stream of pleasure through Liz’s body. Max reached down with his free hand to cup her bottom through her jeans and Liz couldn’t help but start to grind herself closer to Max.

Max slid his hand up and started to slide his hand under the waistband of Liz’s jeans. The cloth was a barrier he didn’t want.

“Bam, Bam.” Liz and Max both pulled apart as the sound of someone banging on the door broke into there passion shrouded conscious. “Go away,” Max mumbled as he reached his head up trying to recapture Liz’s lips. Liz returned Max’s kiss but they were again interrupted, “Bam, Bam, Bam.”

Max groaned as Liz again pulled away and dropped her head on his chest. “They don’t seem to be taking the hint Max. Maybe you better get that.”

Max stormed over to the door ready to kill anyone on the other side. He flung open the door and saw Michael with his hand raised, ready to pound on the door again. Maria was behind him trying to get him to stop.

“What are you doing here Michael? Don’t you have your own apartment door to pound on? Go away!” Max started to close the door but Michael pushed by Max the sarcasm completely lost on him.

“What are we watching?” He asked as he walked into the den, “Hi, Liz. How’re things?” Catching sight of the TV he snapped out, “The Musketeer? This movie sucks! Let’s watch some hockey.”

He went over and stopped the DVD and turned to the Hockey game. He then walked over and plopped down next to Liz and grabbed one of the open soda cans with one hand and a fist full of popcorn with the other.

Max and Maria came stalking into the room and when she caught sight of Liz’s appearance her heart sank. She stormed over to Michael and grabbed his arm while she kept up a steady stream of apologies to Liz, “I am so sorry Liz. I told him we couldn’t come over here. I’ll just take him to my house.”

Michael just sat there not letting Maria pull him off the couch. “Why go to your house? You’ll just have to bring me back here.” Turning to Max he explained, “I have to crash here tonight. They turned my power off.” He leaned back on the couch and put his feet up on the coffee table across from him, his attention locked on the TV.

Max looked over to Maria for confirmation, “Yeah, they cut the power a little while ago. Michael said he was going to pay the bill tomorrow.”

Max just looked at Liz and raised his hands indicating that he didn’t have a choice. Liz just returned his look with a smile. Max then walked over and sat next to Liz and took her into his arms. “So, what game is this? I thought the NHL didn’t start for a few weeks.”

November 16, 2001 -- Damn Michael. He’s always been like the irritating little brother that you see on TV. But what am I supposed to do? I feel responsible for him. Granted, I wanted to kill him tonight, but how was I supposed to throw him out when he had no electricity?

At least Liz understands. Can’t say that Maria does. I think Michael is in for some rough times with her. She was really embarrassed that they walked in on us.

Liz finally realizes that she may be using her powers and not realize it. She has to gain some…. Feel? Is that the word I want? Feel for what she’s doing. We have to take some time and just sit down and let her experiment, to learn how to control what she’s doing.

Knowing Ms Scientist she’s going to have a blast learning new things.

Harvard. I always knew that Liz wanted to go there. I remember her talking about it. Why was I so shocked that she actually had a Harvard application package then? We’ve been together two months. Hardly a reason to change your entire life around. To drop all your life long dreams for someone. I agreed to apply but I know I won’t get accepted, and if I was I can’t let my parents pay that kind of money for my education.

Geez. 2000 miles away. Liz will be 2000 miles away. It kills me when we’re separated across town. How am I….


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Where is the next part you ask? What the heck is an author’s note doing where the next part should be? I can hear you all: “Damn SciFi it’s been two weeks. You whine like hell when other author’s take as long.”

Okay, okay, The next part is almost done. Well, half of it is. 9 pages. It will be posted in two parts (or three) so you don’t have to worry about waiting too long. I have the bestest beta reader/co-writer in the world on the case and so it shouldn’t be long before the next part is out.

I think I’ll answer some feedback while we’re waiting:

Faith Evans – Kill Michael???? Isn’t that just a tad bit harsh?

the better twin – Apply to all those schools? Liz and Max will figure something out. What’s 2000 miles between friends.

Deejonaise – Gotta practice my NC-17. So far I’m better at writing interruptions.

NATEVANS – Would a brother ever strike a brother???? Heaven forbid. (I have scares from my older brother)

Pegleg – Thanks, a slice of everyday life. Maybe the Circumstances will get Complicated.

dawnuk – He’s not thoughtless, he’s Michael.

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sylvia37 – He wouldn’t be Max if he didn’t.

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Araxie HRH – Max has some studying to do. There are a lot of schools around Boston. But out of state tuition? Airfare,……

roswellluver – There was a hockey game to be watched.

woodwinds – Dreams will collide with reality. Max’s dream is to be a doctor. Nancy’s dream is for Liz to be a doctor. Liz just wants her own lab, a few lackey’s to help her with her research, then world domination. Well, maybe not the world domination part.

frenchkiss70 – Michael won’t interrupt them the next time they’re alone. I promise. 2000 miles? 4 hours by air.

ckkitten – Shakespeare this semester??

rattlebox – Damn, now that you mention it…… Didn’t do much in this part.

mia3 – Thanks for the bump

Bordersinsanity – Oh, my God! I have that many things left hanging??? To answer your questions, sorta, nah, send not take, there will be some blushing, maybe, its there, Don’t know what she knows and when she knew it yet. That clear things up??

Well, it was Maxio and Lizziette and Party Challenge, and just as I was going to start typing yesterday Meagzie updated Loves You For You (Max is in deep doodoo.)

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Two Of A Kind
By: SciFiNut111

Banner by: BordersInsanity

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thanksgiving. A great American holiday where families get together to celebrate and parents get a chance to embarrass their children.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 33A

November 22, 2001 – Thanksgiving day… All I can say is good food, good friends and family. What else can a person ask for? Well, in my case all I need to ask for is that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Please let everyone get a long really, really well and please don’t let mom or dad pick too much on Max.

And please God, no powers!!!

See not much to ask for.

Liz wandered into the dining room on Thanksgiving morning and saw that the table was bare of its usual setting for breakfast. She wandered into the kitchen wondering if she was too late for breakfast or if it had been shifted to the patio. It was a bright sunny morning so maybe it was warm enough to eat outside.

The scene that greeted her in the kitchen made her stop in her tracks. Her mother, Nancy Abigail Parker nee Adams was standing at the preparation table in an apron with kitchen knife in hand. To really understand the enormity of what Liz was witnessing you have to know one thing, Liz’s mother never cooked.

Shaking off the daze that the view of her mother caused, Liz put on a smile and made her presence known, “Good morning, mom.” She walked over and planted a kiss on her mother’s cheek.

Making a show of glancing around, Liz had to ask, “What are you doing? Helping Juanita with the preparation for dinner?”

Nancy stopped chopping the celery in her hands and turned to Liz. “No, I thought I would give her the weekend off. It isn’t a Mexican holiday but she hasn’t seen her sister in a few months so I gave her off until Sunday.”

“You are joking, right mom?” Liz looked at her watch in a panic, “The Evans will be here in three hours. What are we supposed to do for Thanksgiving dinner?” Liz hoped that her mother was just joking. It was really important to her that today went off well. Having her and Max’s parents be friends again was very important. “Oh, I get it. So, when are the caterer’s coming?”

Nancy turned to Liz in surprise, “I thought I’d cook dinner myself. It will be more personal that way.” Finally realizing why Liz was so upset she planted her fist on her hip while still holding the knife in the other hand and glared, “You don’t think I know how to cook? Do you?”

Liz started to shake her head, “No, I wouldn’t think….” then decided to be honest, “No, I’ve never seen you in the kitchen, much less cooking.”

Nancy seemed shocked by Liz’s answer, then slightly mad. Pointing the knife in Liz’s direction she started in on her daughter, “You really don’t think I can cook?” Seeing the look on Liz’s face she waved the knife around indicating the house in general, “Do you think your father and I have always had a house like this with a cook?” Seeing Liz’s expression she continued, “You do. Don’t you?”

“Well….. As far as I can remember...” Liz started before her mother cut her off.

“When your father and I were first married we lived in an apartment over the Crashdown Café. Your grandfather made your father start from the ground up in the family business. And that meant living on what he made as a junior manager in the land division.” Nancy punctuated every sentence with a jab of the knife.

Nancy tried to keep up her indignant façade but seeing her daughter’s interested expression she had to smile. “I guess we never talked about it that much. We lived there until you were born and then your grandfather bought us the house on Tyler St.”

Relenting a bit Nancy handed Liz the knife, “Why don’t you finish the celery while we take a stroll down Memory Lane.” Nancy went to the oven and opened it to check the turkey. Closing the door she looked around the kitchen, “The turkey looks fine. I guess we’ll start on the potatoes next.”

Over two hours later Nancy shooed Liz out of the kitchen to get ready. Her grandmother had joined them about an hour ago and the three had had a great time just talking. As Liz made her way towards her room she couldn’t help but wonder about the miraculous change that had come over her mother in a few short months.

* * * * * *

Liz heard the ring of the doorbell and made a beeline for the door. She wanted to be the one to greet Max and his family. As she reached the top of the stairs she heard the door open and her mother greet the Evans’.

Liz started to run down the stairs but was brought up short by her mother’s voice. “Elizabeth!” Liz wondered how her mother did it, she couldn’t see her from the front door but Liz knew that she meant to stop running so she skidded to a stop on the stairs and proceeded to walk down them in the approved manner, slowly and gracefully.

As Liz rounded the bend in the staircase her eyes took in the scene below. Mr. and Mrs. Evans were taking their coats off, with Max helping his mother. Isabel already had her coat off and was being greeted by Liz’s mother as she looked around the entrance foyer. Liz realized that Max was probably the only Evans family member that had been in the house.

Max finished helping his mother and felt Liz’s approach. He looked towards the staircase and froze as his eyes drank in the vision before him. Liz was dressed in nothing special, preppy, came to mind, gray pleated, knee length skirt, and a maroon sweater. Her hair fell around her in a chocolate waterfall that bounced as she walked.

Max heard Isabel clear her throat and realized that she had caught him staring at Liz. He also realized that Mrs. Parker and his mother had been talking. He ripped his eyes away from Liz long enough to catch the smile on her mother’s face as she greeted his family.

Max went through the motions of greeting Mr. and Mrs. Parker as quickly as he could because all he wanted to do was give Liz a kiss hello. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Liz greeted his parents and Isabel then turned to him. As they approached each other the rest of the world seemed to fade away. Just as he grabbed Liz’s hand and started to lean in for a kiss Liz’s hand was pulled out of his.

“Diane? Isabel? I’m doing the honors of cooking today. Why don’t we go into the kitchen and talk? We’ll do it the old fashioned way with the men in the parlor watching football while we complain about them in the kitchen.” Max watched the shocked expression on Liz’s face as Nancy then started to pull her away towards the kitchen as the fathers and Max made their way towards the den.

As Liz was led away by her mother she meekly tried to protest, “But I like football.”

* * * * *

Jeff, Phillip and Max walked into the den. As Phillip and Max walked in they took in the room; it was every man’s fantasy. Comfortable, overstuffed leather couch flanked by to recliners, all aimed at the huge plasma screen TV on the wall. One wall was entirely covered with shelves that held hundreds of books. Another wall was completely made up of windows that faced out over the desert, the drapes covering the windows had been partially drawn to cover the windows. In one corner was a mahogany bar that looked like it came out of a wild west saloon.

As Jeff walked behind the bar he asked, “What will you have? Beer, wine, soda?”

“Uh, I’ll have a beer.” Phillip answered.

Jeff bent down to the fully stocked beer cooler and asked, “Any preference? Coors, Heineken? Wait, why don’t you try this one? Kaiser Bier. It’s made in Austria.” Jeff pulled a bottle of the beer out of the cooler and showed the bottle to Phillip. “I fell in love with this the last time I was in Austria. It’s really good, light, not filling at all.”

Phillip nodded and as Jeff turned to get a glass he asked, “What will you have Max? Want to try a beer like your dad?”

Max shook his head, “No, I’ll just have a coke if you have one.” Max thought Jeff was probably just testing him. He was under age even if this was a family gathering.

Jeff poured the beer into the glass like a pro, leaving a nice 1-inch head on the glass. He handed it to Phillip and pulled a can of coke from the cooler. Turning he grabbed a glass, added ice then poured the can into the glass.

All through the exchange Max noticed that Jeff and Phillip seemed to be a bit reserved. Max remembered that they knew each other through Liz’s mom so he wondered why there was this strain between them. They were trying to hide it but anyone could tell that it was still there.

They moved away from the bar to the seats in front of the TV, Max and Phillip chose the couch and Jeff settled into one of the recliners.

“Damn, 3 minutes left in the first quarter and Denver’s already down by 10.” Jeff started trying to start a conversation.

“They always start slow, give them time. They’ll come back.” Phillip responded. As he settled back in the couch he looked around the room, “This is really great. It’s a perfect get away. How did you get Nancy to let you build it? I didn’t think she’d be into such a male room?”

Jeff looked over at Phillip and tapped his head knowingly, “Psychology. I asked her to decorate it. I gave her some hints about what I wanted and the rest is her doing.” Jeff chuckled a bit, “The dark wood and the TVs and all make it look like an old fashioned gentleman’s lounge but everyone uses it.” He sniffed loudly. “See, no cigar smell? Nancy makes sure that there’s no smoking in here.”

Silence descended upon the room once again. They watched the game in companionable silence for a few minutes, but the tension was getting to the two men. Finally, Jeff turned to Phillip just as Phillip turned to him, “Jeff?” Phillip said, just as Jeff said “Phillip”. They both chuckled, “You go first Jeff.”

“Okay.” Jeff answered as he nodded his head trying to decide where to start. “I want to thank you for coming today. It means a lot to Nancy.” Jeff looked over to Phillip to gage his reaction. “She’s missed you.”

Phillip knitted his brow questioning the thought. “She could have come and...”

Jeff held up his hand stopping Phillip, “You know how loyal Nancy is. There’s no way she could have stayed in contact with you after the battle you and I had.” Jeff let that sink in for a moment.

Phillip chuckled before answering, “Yeah, I definitely know she’s loyal.”

Seeing that Max didn’t have a clue what they were talking about Jeff decided to explain, “You look lost Max. Let me tell you what happened.” Jeff looked at his hands for a second deciding where to start, “The first major development deal that my father let me handle all by myself was the old Casa San Juan property out on 285 South. You know it. It’s a big multi-use development, commercial, business, residential. It was my father’s final exam for me.”

Pointing at Phillip, Jeff continued, “Your father was really big into environmental causes at the time and didn’t want the land developed at all. We really …”

“I never said no development. I just wanted…” Phillip tried to cut in.

“So many restrictions that the project wouldn’t be economically feasible.” Jeff continued.

“It would have been feasible just not as profitable. That was a…”

Jeff held up his hands in surrender. “It’s done. It’s over.” Looking at Max he continued, “It’s still a sore spot.” Looking at Phillip. “Your father still thinks he lost the war. He won’t admit he actually won most of what he was after. Well, we both won really. I went around your father to the city planning department and city council.”

“Bribed them all.” Phillip mumbled under his breath.

Jeff chuckled at Phillip’s accusation, “That’s what your father accused me of at the time. Not publicly, of course. I think he realizes that I wouldn’t do anything illegal.”

“Yeah, I did know. But you had won, I had to accuse you of something.”

“We both won. My proposal was to develop 700 of the 1000 acres and give the other 300 to Roswell. 300 acres of pristine desert for nothing. The town graciously accepted the gift.”

Phillip nodded his head, “And we’ve been able to keep it undeveloped, no playing fields or parking lots, just hiking trails.”

“And we were even able to save that stupid cactus of yours.” Jeff continued with a glint in his eye.

“That cactus was an endangered… “ Phillip started to reply before he noticed that Jeff was smiling.

Jeff got up and walked to Phillip and held out his hand, “Think we can put the battle of Casa San Juan to rest?” Glancing at Max, Jeff continued, “I think we’ll be spending more time together.”

Phillip took the hand and nodded. “I’ve missed Nancy too. I think you have a great idea.”

The men went back to watching the game and as Jeff grabbed some chips he noticed there wasn’t any dip. “I guess Nancy forgot the dip. I know she made some.”

Max jumped out of his seat, “I’ll go get it.” He was grateful for any excuse to get out of the room and get the chance to see Liz. Maybe he would finally be able to kiss her hello like he had planned to do almost a half-hour ago.

Jeff glanced over to Phillip and caught the knowing smile on his face that matched his. “Sure, it should be in the kitchen.”

As Max left the room he heard Phillip say to Jeff, “Your daughter really cast a spell over Max, he...” Max didn’t hear the rest as he closed the door.

* * * * *

The women walked into the kitchen and took seats around the table. As they walked in Diane jokingly said to Nancy, “Do you think it’s safe? Can we leave Phillip and Jeff alone together? You know it’s only been twenty years since the big blow-up.”

“Max is there to referee. I don’t think they’d start swinging at each other with him there.” Nancy replied with tongue in cheek.

Nancy and Claudia puttered around making sure everyone had a drink and that there were plenty of snacks at hand. They started to talk and catch up on the last few years. The conversation was about general things, past friends, where they are now kind of stuff. And then it turned to the couple of the hour.

Diane finally asked Nancy, “What do you think about Liz and Max dating? Did Jeff have a problem with it?”

“No, he didn’t. I think I had more trouble with it.” Nancy confessed.

Seeing Diane’s raised eyebrow Nancy explained, “Liz was dating Kyle Valenti one day and Max the next. I always thought Liz and Kyle would…”

She stopped when she heard Isabel snort, “No way. Kyle and Liz were never great together. I never knew why they dated, but Liz was way too good for Kyle. He never treated her well.”

Nobody noticed that door start to open slightly.

Nancy felt a pang of guilt because she had pushed them together so much. Trying to change the subject, “So, how about Max? Who was he dating before the big connection?”

The door stopped.

Diane looked at Nancy, “Max? I don’t think I ever saw Max date? He always hung around with Michael.” Leaning in close to Nancy she whispered, “Before Max started to date Liz, Phillip was starting to wonder about Max.”

Leaning back in her seat she continued, “Yeah, Max never seemed interested in girls…” Thinking a moment she remembered, “Except for that time in third grade….” Turning to Isabel, “Remember? You made Max’s life a living hell for weeks.”

Diane nodded her head, "Yep, third grade. I remember Max coming home from his first day in third grade saying the same thing about a dark haired girl named...." Diane thought back and then pulled out the name she was looking for, "Elizabeth. Isabel chased him around the house for days singing Max and Elizabeth sitting in a tree... "

Nobody noticed as the door to the kitchen closed.

Nancy nodded her head in agreement, “I remember when Liz was in third grade? She wouldn't stop talking about the new boy in her class. He sat right in front of her and she couldn’t stop talking about how nice he was. Maria gave her a hard time about it.”

The two mothers look at one another before Diane says, “Do you think?”

All eyes in the room turned to Liz who was blushing furiously.

She jumped out of her seat and went to the fridge, “I need more ice.” She mumbled, embarrassed beyond words. Whose idea was it to have the Evans come to dinner, and why did she think it would be a good idea again???

Liz opened the fridge and spotted the perfect excuse to escape the room. Grabbing a bowl she whipped around, “Here’s the ice for daddy and the guys. I think I’ll bring it to them.”

Ears flaming Liz made a quick escape from the room as the others chuckled at her expression.

* * * * * *

Max walked back into the den. He had almost managed to get the color of his face back to normal. How could Iz and his mom embarrass him like that? Liz will never let him forget it.

Jeff noticing something wrong with Max asked, "Max, I thought you were going in there to get more dip?"

"Oh, sorry. I forgot." The two older men looked at one another and smiled.

"The girls talking about way back when and embarrassed you didn't they?" Jeff asked Max as he sat down in the club chair.

"Is it that noticeable?"

“I think the red face is a dead give away.” Phillip joked. “What were they talking about?”

Just then Liz walked into the room carrying the ice. She saw where Max was seated and took the long way around towards the bar.

Jeff called out to Liz, "Honey, the ice goes on the bar. We need it over there."

“Okay daddy.” Liz replied. She placed the ice on the bar then returned to stand next to Max. “How’s the game going? Who’s ahead?”

“Dallas. The damn Broncos started slow again.” Jeff mumbled.

Liz, looking interested in the game and sat on the arm of the couch next to Max. As she watched the game her hand slowly found its way to the back of Max’s head where she gently caressed the back of his neck running her fingers through the short hairs there. She watched a few more minutes of the game seemingly unaware of the affect she was having on Max.

Liz finally got back to her feet, "Um, do you need anything else?" Liz asked as she started to leave the room.

"As a matter of fact, we need dip." Jeff responded.

Liz nodded as she left the room indicating that she would go and get some.

As she disappeared out the doors Max waited a moment before excusing himself. “I think I‘ll uh, use the facilities.”

As Max walked through the doors to the den he was grabbed and dragged towards a door in the foyer. Liz threw the door open and Max saw it was a walk-in coat closet. As they entered Liz closed the door and the two of them finally greeted each other they way they had wanted to for the last half-hour.

Almost twenty minutes went by and Jeff looked at Phillip, “How long does it take to get some dip? I know it was already made.”

Phillip stood up with his beer in his hand, “Let’s go get it ourselves. It looks like it’s the only way we’ll get any.”

Jeff and Phillip walked into the kitchen and scanned the room, "Where are Max and Liz? They were supposed to be getting us some dip?"

"Liz left about twenty minutes ago and we haven't seen Max since we got here." The women looked to one another for confirmation. They all nodded their heads in agreement.

"Somebody better go find them, dinner is almost ready." Nancy instructed

* * * * *

As soon as the door was closed Liz turned to Max. He was surprised that she had dragged him in the closet but he definitely wasn’t complaining. He reached up to cup her face, “We were in the same house and I missed you. What’s with the separate rooms?”

“I think my mother wanted to get to know your mother again. They haven’t seen each other in a long time.” Liz watched Max’s lips as his face descended towards hers, the first kiss was gentle, caressing, cherishing. As he started to pull back Liz reached and grabbed his lips with hers and then gently sucked them into her mouth. Max responded by opening his mouth and challenging her to a duel of tongues. He let his hands drop down from her face and encircle her body, pulling her closer to him.

Time had no meaning as they feasted on each other’s mouths. They had only seen each other the day before but it seemed like longer. Max ran his hand under Liz’s sweater to feel the soft silky touch of her skin. Liz moaned into his mouth as she attempted to get closer. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and her hands were driving him crazy as he played with the sensitive hairs on his neck. Lips ground together, bodies molded to each other and time stood still.

“Liz…” The call of her name could be faintly heard through the door. “Max…” Lost in each other, they didn’t hear the calls.

Suddenly the door was opened and they sprung apart to see Isabel staring dumbfounded. The three of them stood there a moment before Isabel covered her eyes with her hands, “I’m blind. Oh, God I’m blind!” She joked as she pushed the door shut behind her.

Isabel stopped joking, “Are you for real, Max? Everyone is looking for you. Dinner’s ready.” Isabel shook her head, “What if Liz’s father caught you?”

Max reached down and grabbed Liz’s hand and started toward the door. “Okay, let’s go.”

Isabel held her hand up stopping them, “Not like that you won’t. Look at the two of you. If our parents see you, they’ll know exactly what you were up to.”

Max looked at Liz and noticed that her lipstick was smeared and her hair was a mess. He knew he probably didn’t look any better. He almost started to panic when Isabel stepped forward and waved her hand over Liz’s face and the lipstick smears were removed. She turned to Max and did the same.

“If the two of you keep this up you better practice getting straightened up.” She said as she turned to leave.

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Two Of A Kind
By: SciFiNut111

Banner by: BordersInsanity

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Thanksgiving. Still. They haven’t eaten yet, but they will in this part.

I have to apologize that this part took so long to get out. No excuses, well maybe just one, writer’s block. Well maybe two. Have you ever read the end of a story and felt that the writer should have done three more pages? That the ending she gave you was fine, great even, and really fit the characters, but three more pages, would have been better? That happened this week. The bad part was, those three damn pages kept swirling around in my head and wouldn’t leave. They’re still there, just sitting there, wanting to get out.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 33B

As Isabel, Liz and Max made their way into the dining room, Nancy looked up from arranging the serving dishes on the table, “Oh, Isabel, you found them. Good, we can sit down now.”

Glancing around the room at the assembled family and guests Nancy started to assign seats. “Liz, you, Isabel and Max take that side of the table, Mom, you sit in the middle over here.” Glancing at Phillip, “Why don’t you sit by me and Diane can sit by Jeff.” Taking one more look around the table Nancy finished by saying, “Okay, I guess we’re ready for the first course, Liz will you help me bring it out?”

Max and Isabel went to sit down at the table, as Max started to pull out a chair Jeff stopped him, “Why don’t you sit down here Max, I’d like to get to know you.” Max noted the smile on Jeff’s face and nodded his agreement and sat down. Isabel left the seat next to Max empty and ended up next to her dad.

As Liz came out of the kitchen with a salad bowl for the first course she noted where Max was seated. Her step faltered a bit, nervous for Max knowing that her father was planning on grilling him during dinner.

Liz sat the salad bowl down in front of her grandma. Her eyes never left her father and Max. Claudia noticing where Liz’s attention was whispered to her, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll make sure that it doesn’t get out of hand.” She winked at Liz and made her smile.

“Thanks grandma.” She rubbed her shoulders as she passed her to go sit down beside Max.

“Nancy, you’ve done such a wonderful job on the meal. The table is just gorgeous.” Diane complimented.

“Thank you Diane. You should have seen Liz this morning when she walked into the kitchen and she didn’t see Juanita there preparing the meal. I still don’t know if she thinks I can’t cook or not.” The table broke out in laughter.

“Hey, I’ve never seen mom cook before. It’s always been Juanita so you can understand where I was coming from.” Liz defended herself as she slid into the seat beside Max.

With everyone sitting they all clasped hands and said their thanks for friends, family and the food they were about to eat. Once everyone unclasped hands the food began to make its round around the table.

“So, Max, I was wondering why you’re the only one that comes to do our lawn? I know it’s not because your dad’s other crews don’t want to do it.” Jeff began to grin from ear to ear as he watched the color begin to rise on Max’s face.

“No sir. Your yard has always been one of mine. I enjoy doing your yard.”

“Are you sure that’s all you enjoy?” Max was taking a sip of soda when Liz’s father had asked his question. He almost lost his control and spit out the swallow that he had in his mouth.

“I’ve never really thought of anyone else taking care of your lawn, sir.” Max dodged the question that Jeff had asked. “I’ve been doing it ever since I was able to work.”

“And even before that. When he first started working with the lawn crews, he always made sure he was on the crew that worked here.” Phillip had a smile on his face. Seeing his son squirm like that was something he hadn’t seen in such a long time. Max was always so independent and so well mannered that Phillip very rarely had to scold him. “I always wondered why he was willing to pay Jose to take his place on the crew.” Then looking directly at Liz he continued, “Now I know the reason.”

Liz grabbed Max’s hand under the table and squeezed it. Max turned his head and took in her comforting smile. He squeezed her hand back to say silent thanks.

“Jeff, you better be grateful that Max continues to do your lawn. Now that him and Liz are dating I’m surprised that the lawn even gets mowed.” Claudia added her two cents.

Seeing Liz and Max both squirming Nancy had to get a dig in, “I think we should get a discount. The last time Max was here Liz was helping him on the tractor.”

“Mooommm…” The phone rang and interrupted Liz’s comment. “I’ll get it.” She chirped, happy to escape the line of fire. As she started to slide out of her chair Max held tight to her hand with a look of fear in his eyes. Leaning close he whispered, “Coward.”

Liz grinned back, “You bet.” Max relented and released her hand to let her answer the phone. He hoped that whoever was calling wouldn’t keep Liz on the phone for too long. He didn’t know how much more ribbing he could take.

“Mom? That was Alex his dad got called in for an emergency business trip and his mother has been at her sick sister’s house for the past month, so could he join us?”

“Sure, it’s fine.” Nancy replied. “There’s plenty of food.”

Liz left for a moment and returned carrying a place setting for the table. “Where should we have him sit?” Max watched Liz as a gleam came into her eyes, “How about next to Mr. Evans?”

“NO!” Isabel shot out, then realizing she had over reacted she calmly continued, “He’s one of your best friends Liz, maybe he should sit between the two of us?”

Max wasn’t going to let Isabel get out of being embarrassed that easily. If he had to put up with it he was going to drag her into it too. “No, Isabel. Alex can sit next to dad so dad can thank him for all the private tutoring that he gives you.”

Isabel gritted her teeth and tried to kill Max with her eyes. She had no idea where this thing with Alex was headed and didn’t want to be questioned by her parents.

Phillip watched the exchange between his two children and just had to ask, “Am I missing something here? Do I know Alex?”

“No, you aren’t.” Max replied innocently, “Alex is a real whiz at computers and he’s teaching Isabel all he knows about them.” Phillip seemed to accept the answer and Isabel had just started to relax when Max continued, “And Isabel is teaching Alex all she knows on, uh other, subjects.”

Just then the doorbell rang and Liz jumped up, “That must be him. I’ll go get the door.”

Liz returned a moment later with Alex in tow. “Hi, mom, dad, grandma.” Alex said to the Parkers. “Thank you for having me for dinner. It was lonely at home, there’s just so many times you can play Half Life.”

Nancy, Jeff and Claudia waved a greeting and Liz continued, “Do you know the Evans?”

When Alex shook his head Liz continued, “Mr. And Mrs. Evans, this is Alex Whitman.”

Phillip half stood from his seat and offered Alex his hand, as Diane just nodded a greeting.

“Alex, you get to sit between Isabel and Mr. Evans.” Liz continued.

As Liz sat down Max leaned over, “Why does Alex call your parents mom and dad?”

“He and Maria are over here so often that they started calling them that.”

Alex sat down and flashed Isabel a huge smile. She rolled her eyes at him because she knew that he was having a hard time holding himself together. “So, Alex I hear you’ve been teaching Isabel how to use a computer.” Phillip asked as he passed a bowl of food to him.

“Um… yeah. Monday after school we’ve been working on her assignments.”

Phillip scrunched his eyebrows and then looked at his wife. He then turned back to his daughter and the boy sitting beside her. “Didn’t you go over to his house the other night?”

Isabel adjusted herself in her seat and looked to Alex and then to Liz. “Yeah… ummm… yeah, Alex missed a day of school and I had to take him his homework.” Alex whipped his head to look at Isabel.

“Now was that the day that all of you kids skipped school?” Diane asked as she passed the dinner rolls to her husband.

Everyone at the table tuned into the conversation mainly because they wanted to see if the story that was told to them jived with the others. This was the first that any of them had heard that Alex was involved.

“Umm, no. It was a few days later. Uh, Isabel got some of our assignments from a friend of hers.” Alex tried to explain away the visit. Alex nervously chuckled a bit before continuing, “As it was I had already gotten the notes from someone so we just hung out in my room for a bit.” Looking at the eyebrow Phillip raised at hearing that his daughter had spent time in Alex’s room, he tried to correct the situation, “Uh, I, um, Isabel was interested in my guitar so I showed her how to play a few chords.”

“Oh, you were showing Isabel your guitar?” Phillip glanced up from scooping a fork full of mashed potatoes, “Is that the same thing as showing her your etchings?” Phillip got the reaction he wanted from Alex as he turned red and started to stutter as Phillip turned to Isabel, “Are you going to take up the guitar again?”

Isabel looked at her father in shock. Her face started to turn red and she gave her father a look that just begged him to stop right there and not say another word. Please, her eyes pleaded, not another word. But of course fathers being fathers, he was totally oblivious to the look and turned to Alex, “Isabel took guitar lessons for four years, she was really good at it too.” Glancing back at Isabel he asked, “Why did you ever quit?” Then he seemed to remember, “Oh yeah, it cut into cheerleading practice.”

Alex turned to Isabel and saw the color of her face. ‘So she knows how to play a guitar? Why did she act….’ Alex’s face lit up as he realized that Isabel may like him just a little bit more than she’s willing to admit.
The dinner conversation died down some as the plates were filled with food. Seeing that the father’s had successfully embarrassed their daughters as well as their daughter’s boyfriends sufficiently they silently came to the agreement to let them eat in peace.
Max finished loading his plate with food. Not wanting to have to let go of Liz’s hand the rest of the meal he hurried and cut his meat into bite-sized pieces and then dropped his hand back into Liz’s. If he had to eat left handed, so be it. He just hoped that Isabel wouldn’t make a wise crack about it. As he took his first few bites Jeff started to make small talk again. He just didn’t want Max to relax too much. Keep him on his toes.

Max knew the inquisition was starting again and with his anticipation he tightened his grip on Liz’s hand. “So, Max, what do you have planned for after high school?”

“I plan on continuing school.” Liz gave his hand a reassuring squeeze under the table.

“Do you have a goal in mind? What will you be majoring in? Or do you plan on starting un-declared?” Jeff looked at Max to watch as he answered.

“Max plans on majoring in pre-med, daddy.” Liz tried to help Max.

“Pre-med huh? Do you plan on going all the way through and become a doctor?” Jeff watched Max; “You know its eight years of schooling, right?”

Max felt Liz start to take a breath to answer and he squeezed her hand to silence her. “I plan on becoming a doctor. And yeah, I know its eight years of schooling.”

“So you want to become a professional student.” Jeff prodded Max.

“No, not at all. If I didn’t have to work over the summers to help pay for school, I’d probably take summer classes to finish earlier.” Max answered sincerely.

“Where do you plan on going to school Max?” Grandma Claudia broke into the conversation.

Looking over to someone he felt was on his side Max answered, “I was thinking of UNM. Its relatively close and affordable.”

Hearing where Max was thinking of going to school Nancy couldn’t help but beam, “That’s really nice Max. Did you know that Liz will be going to Harvard?” When she saw Liz start to say something she continued, “She’s wanted to go there since junior high school.”

“Mom, we don’t know if I’ll be accepted, they’re really selective.”

“Oh, you’ll get in Liz. You’re the class valedictorian, your SATs were great….”

Max was nodding his head in agreement, “That’s what I told her. There’s no way she won’t be accepted.” Max squeezed Liz’s hand in a show of support.

Diane glanced down to the other end of the table and caught Phillip’s eye, he just nodded in silent agreement. Diane then looked at Liz and asked, “Isn’t Harvard in Boston?”

“No, not really. It’s just across the river in Cambridge.” Liz corrected her.

Diane nodded her head as if she finally understood. Looking at Max she stated, “So that’s the reason for the interest in colleges in Boston.”

Liz looked at Max with a huge smile on her face she was happy that Max was trying to go to school in the same area she was. Max glanced at her and shrugged letting her know that he was going to at least try.

Conversation continued to swirl around the table, with Jeff exchanging additional small talk with Max. As the meal progressed he realized just how great a guy Max was. Quiet, smart and if the looks he kept giving Liz were any indication, worshipped his daughter. All in all it was hard not to like the guy.

Looking down to the other end of the table he saw that Phillip was doing the same to Alex. Isabel and Alex may not be an official couple but the two of them acted a lot closer then just friends. Jeff could see that Diane was dying to sit with Alex and ask a few questions of her own.

Jeff heard Liz ask Max, “Are you all packed for tomorrow?”

Max’s joking response, “What’s to pack, I’m a guy. A toothbrush, a couple of changes of underwear, and I’m ready.”

Hearing Max’s statement, Isabel leaned over, “Don’t worry Liz. I’ll help him pack. I’ll make sure he packs some decent clothes.” Looking over at her brother, “Max, you’re going to be near Albuquerque, the least you can do is take Liz somewhere nice to eat.”

“Iz, it’s a soccer tournament.” Seeing the look in his sister’s eye he relented, “Okay, okay, there’s a Chili’s near the hotel we’re staying at, we’ll go there for dinner.”

“You are such a guy. Chili’s? That’s a step above Micky Dees.”

Liz jumped in to rescue Max, “That’s all right Isabel, we’re going to be taking care of three of the players. We have them for the weekend since their parents can’t go. We volunteered to watch them. I even have the three of them as roommates.”

Jeff and Diane had listened to the conversation with interest. Finally Jeff added his two cents, “I wasn’t too happy about this whole weekend away deal, I don’t like Liz being that far from home without us, especially near the big city.”

“Daddy, it will be fine. It’s a soccer tournament. I’ve gone away to them before.” Liz tried to make him feel better.

“But not as one of the coaches. You weren’t in charge. You had someone to watch over you.”

“Please don’t worry about her Mr. Parker. I wouldn’t let anything happen to Liz.” Max reached down and clutched Liz’s hand, “I would never let anyone hurt her.”

Jeff watched the possessive way Max gripped Liz’s hand and Liz’s acceptance and realized that he was probably looking at his daughter’s future. He had just spent a long mealtime trying to find something to dislike about Max and the only thing he could find was that it was painfully obvious that his daughter loved him. And for a father, that was an uncomfortable feeling.

Finally the meal was over and it was time for desert. Liz stood up to clear the table and was quickly joined by Max, Alex and Isabel.

“Should I start the coffee yet or should I wait a while?” Nancy asked the table at large.

Jeff leaned back in his chair and looked at the others, “I say we wait.” He patted his stomach, “I’m really stuffed.”

“Nancy, everything was really good.” Diane told her. She looked at Liz, “Your mother surprised you, huh?”

Liz nodded her head in agreement, “Yeah, she really did.” Then looking at the others, “I think there were a lot of surprises today.”

The kids finished the dishes and the table was cleared. The four of them just stood there as their parents talked quietly to one another. “You ask them.” Isabel whispered through clenched teeth to Liz.

“Okay.” She cleared her throat. “Mom, dinner was great.” A little buttering up always helps she thought to herself. “If you guys don’t mind I think we’re going to go call Maria and Michael and see if they can come over and watch a movie with us.”

“No, that will be fine. We’ll probably be in the den. When you decide you want desert let us know.” She glanced at her watch, “How about an hour? Would that be all right?”

“Thanks Mrs. Parker dinner was really great, I think it’s going to take at least an hour before I can eat anything else.” Max patted his belly and Isabel rolled her eyes. They all turned and headed for the stairs.

“Kiss ass much?” She asked her brother as they walked up the stairs.

“It never hurts. The art of kissing ass has come in handy for me once or twice.” Alex said from the bottom of the stairs. “Mrs. P you’re the greatest and if I didn’t have a mother you’d find yourself with a son.”

“Why thank you, Alex.” She said sweetly.

“See? Kissing ass never hurts.” Alex hurried up the stairs and passed the three of them that were just standing there staring at each other.

“Yeah, Isabel a little ass kissing never hurts. Even your boyfriend says so.” Max hurried up after Alex and both Liz and Isabel chased after them.

“I’m going to kill you!” Isabel screamed after her brother.

“Over my dead body. I have plans for him.” Liz said as she pushed Isabel aside so she could come between her boyfriend and his sister.

They all plopped down on the bed once they were inside Liz’s room. Alex pulled a tape out of his pocket and showed it to the others. “Hurry up and call Michael and Maria. They want to hear this. You guys were so totally off on what you thought the orb said.”

Liz dialed Maria’s number. “Hi, Mrs. Deluca is Maria available?” Liz covered the phone. “She’s getting her now.” She uncovered the phone and began speaking. “Maria, you have to get Michael and come over here now. Alex got some of the message from the orb fixed so we can hear the first few sentences. Okay. Just come on in. The parents know that you guys will be coming over to watch a movie. Okay. Bye.”

Liz turned to Alex after hanging up the phone. “Michael ate Thanksgiving dinner at the Deluca’s. Amy is rather impressed.”

“Whoa. Heavy.” Alex said.

“What? I don’t get it. Why are the two of you so shocked? Hello… it’s Michael. He and Maria are finally an official couple.”

“Mrs. Deluca has never allowed any of us to intrude on their Thanksgiving. It’s always been a time that the two of them spend together. It’s like a ritual with her.” Alex explained to Isabel. Alex shook his head while he thought a moment and turned to Liz, “Something is going on.”

“I agree. That was almost too easy.” Liz said while shaking her head up and down.

“Wait… you’re saying that you and Alex have never been to Maria’s on Thanksgiving.” Max asked. Liz and Alex both shook their heads in agreement to Max’s statement. “And she’s never been allowed to come over to either of your houses for Thanksgiving?” Once again they shook their heads up and down.

“You don’t think?” Alex began.

“She’s got a date?” Liz finished.

“If that’s true, Maria will be bouncing off the walls when she gets here.” Alex replied.

Liz shook her head before answering, “No, she sounded really calm on the phone. Like nothing was wrong.”

Max and Isabel watched Alex and Liz discuss their best friend. It seemed that Maria was taking the whole thing about Amy dating fine until both Alex and Liz suddenly looked scared, “You said she sounded calm?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, but that was before we figured out that Amy….” Liz started.

“Oh my god. This could be bad, really bad.” Alex cut in.

“What could be bad? Liz said that Maria was really calm.” Isabel had to ask.

“The Maria filter.” Liz and Alex both said at the same time.

Alex continued to explain, “Its like a calm before a storm. When Maria is really upset, she gets really quiet and seems to be reasonable. Then Boom. She lets it all out at once.”

Just then the door to Liz’s room burst open and Maria stormed in followed by a quiet Michael, “She won’t tell me. Liz, she won’t tell me.” Maria started to pace before her friend, “She demands to know every one I go out with but does she tell me who she’s dating? No. She won’t.”

Turning on Alex she snapped, “Is that fair? Isn’t that a double standard?”

“Maria, calm down, it can’t be that bad.” Liz tried to calm Maria down.

“Not bad? She could be going out to meet some crazed stalker.” Maria snapped back.

She started towards the door, “Come on Michael, we’ll just have to follow her and find out who she’s meeting.”

“Whoa, wait a minute.” Alex jumped up and cut Maria off before she could get to the door. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Get out of my way, Alex. This calls for drastic measures.”

Alex took his life in his hands by reaching up and taking his best friend by the shoulders and trying to reason with her, “Maria, listen to me. Would you want your mother following you on a date?”

“No, of course not. That would be spying.”

“Isn’t that what you want to do right now?”

“This is totally different. I’m a teenager; I can date. Mothers aren’t supposed to date. They’re supposed to stay home on Thanksgiving and watch Miracle on 34th Street with their daughter.”

Alex nodded his head in understanding, “But sometimes Maria, you have to give them a little freedom. You have to trust them.”

Maria stood and looked at Alex for a minute before she broke out into fit of giggles. She held her hand up to her mouth trying to stop herself but couldn’t. Finally Maria looked up at Alex, “You sound just like Reverend Camden on 7th Heaven.” Maria shook her head a moment then asked, “Was I that bad?”

Alex just nodded his head, “Nothing we haven’t seen before.”

Max, Isabel and Michael looked on as if they were seeing a maniac, but Liz and Alex just watched knowing that Maria was just being Maria.

Alex turned Maria back into the room and walked back towards the others. He put his arm around one of his best friends and rubbed her arm. “All calmed down now? I have something for all of us to listen to.” He looked over his shoulder to Michael, “You may want to shut the door.”

Alex released Maria and then walked over to Liz’s stereo, “I only have a small part of this done. I thought you may want to hear it.” He slid the tape into the door and shut it but before he hit play he explained, “This took me about three hours to do. It’s really hard to cut out the static and still keep the voices.”

“We really appreciate all the work you’re putting in on this Alex.” Max spoke for the group.

Isabel stood up and went to stand next to Alex, “I really appreciate everything you’re doing Alex.” And she pulled him into a hug.

Alex reached for the stereo’s play button keeping his arm firmly holding Isabel, three hours was nothing if it got him a chance to be close to her.

The six sat there as the tape began to play:

You four are an exploration team from the planet Antar. It is a member of the Federation Of Planets in the Whirlwind Galaxy. Zan the expedition leader and Medical expert. Ava the second in command and Psychology. Rath, military and material sciences and Valondra, Cultural dynamics.

Tixatl 3, known as earth to its inhabitants, was found to have a rapidly advancing humanoid population. The Federation has been monitoring their development for approximately 1000 years but it was discovered during the last routine check that they had progressed faster and farther then could normally be expected. Because of this rapid development it was decided to place a team on the planet to monitor and report on the development of the culture.

Alex hit the stop button, “That’s all I have so far. I’ll try to get a bit more done over the weekend.”

Isabel gave Alex another hug, “That’s really great Alex. Thank you for all of your time. At least we know who we are and that there definitely were four of us.”

Michael had a questioning look on his face, “Know who we are? How? The message didn’t say anything about who’s who.” He looked around at the others, “What, am I missing something?”

Maria shook her head, “Just a brain.” Seeing that Michael still didn’t get it. “Zan’s the leader. That has to be Max. That makes you Rath.”

Maria looked at him like he was a particularly slow child, “Duh. Think. Leader, medical expert. Max is always bailing your ass out of trouble. And healing Lizzie took a great deal of medical knowledge.”

“Yeah, yeah. Okay. That tells us about Max and I but how about Isabel, is she Ava or Vilondra.”

“Oh, that’s an easy one Michael.” Liz jumped in.

Michael tuned to Liz with a baffled expression on his face, “How the heck did you figure that one out? There’s no way that you could figure that out form the message.”

“Michael think about it. Isabel has to be Vilondra.” Still seeing the baffled look on his face she raised her eyebrows and hinted, “Cultural dynamics?” When Michael still didn’t get it she explained, “Cultural dynamics. How groups interact. If Isabel entered a room with a group of people she’d know within 5 minutes what the pecking order was.”

“I figure three.” Maria suggested.

Liz chuckled, “You’re probably right.” Shaking her head a far away look came into her eyes, “You know, it’s really amazing. You guys claim that you have no memories yet your personalities match the ones in the message.”

Before they could get into a bigger discussion they heard Mrs. Parker calling for them to come down for desert.

Liz glanced at her watch. “Exactly one hour. I guess we can continue this some other time.”

November 22, 2001 – I survived. I survived the meal at Liz’s house and I did it seated next to Mr. Parker. Looking back it wasn’t that bad. He could have been a lot worse. He was actually very nice and seemed to be genuinely interested in me. It helped having Liz there for support and my mother across the table, but it still was fine.

Alex did it. He was able to make something out of the static. I wonder what the rest of the message has to say? Hopefully Liz and I will get a chance to discuss the message this weekend.

God, we leave tomorrow. It should be great. Liz and I together for an entire weekend. Well, maybe not an entire weekend. We will be sleeping in separate rooms. It’s a lot better this way, our families are putting a lot of trust in us, letting us go away like this. We can’t abuse that trust. But at least we’ll have the days.

I better get to ride shotgun tomorrow.

I hope you liked that part. You have Jenn, Bordersinsanity to thank for getting it done. She kept hounding me to get it finished and helped when I needed a push.

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Two Of A Kind
By: SciFiNut111

Banner by: BordersInsanity

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: The day after Thanksgiving, the tournament.

Sorry about the long delay. No excuse. Just couldn’t seem to write the part. I’ll try to be a bit quicker with part B of 34.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 34A

November 22, 2001 – What a great day today was. Everyone together and getting along was absolutely wonderful. Max survived Dad’s inquisition but barely. Thanks to Isabel we didn’t get caught in the closet, which is always good. I don’t think my parents want to believe that I’m growing up. I’ll probably always be their little girl.

One more hurdle out of the way. Having my parents see Max as my boyfriend rather than just the lawn boy makes me feel better. I should probably whisper a thanks or two to grandma for helping out in that department. I know she probably had some thing to do with it.

The only thing that bothered me is that mom wouldn’t let the fact that I’ve applied to Harvard go. I could see that it upset Max but true to his nature he tried not to let me see that. What’s going to happen to us if I get accepted to Harvard? How in the world are we going to survive a long distance relationship? I think I would rather die than try to survive without Max. He’s become such an intricate part of my life that I don’t think of us as two separate entities anymore. I think of us as one. Working together for one common goal. How will I be able to help him find the missing fourth if I’m half-way across the United States?

There’s no doubt about it. We definitely have to come up with a plan. Max has to aplly to some schools in Boston and I’ll aplly to UNM. If Max doesn’t get accepted there’s only one solution left and I’m not letting him change my mind either. I’m following him to where ever he goes. No if’s and’s or buts about it.

On a side note: The big tournament is this weekend and Max and I are going unchaperoned. Woohoo! Finally time to ourselves. Can’t wait.

Max walked to the front door of his house with his duffle bag in his hand. He tossed it by the door and glanced at his watch. His mother walked out of the kitchen, “Ready to go? What time is Liz picking you up?”

“Around 11. We figure it will take 4 hours to drive there and we want to be able to check out the area while it's still light out.”

“It’s good that the Parkers are letting Liz use the Navigator. The drive will be a lot more comfortable.”

“Yeah, I think they still want Liz with a lot of steel around her. And it was either the Navigator or my jeep.” Max explained to his mother. “And then there’s the girls we’re taking along. It would have been really cramped with the three of them in the back seat.”

Diane shook her head, “I forgot about the girls, Max. This is a big responsibility for you and Liz. You have to be real careful with them. Keep an eye on them.”

“Mom, I know. Mrs. Parker already had this discussion with Liz and dad already talked to me. We know we’re the ones responsible for them.”

As Max and his mother continued to talk Max started to hear the unmistakable sound of Mikyla coming up the street. Max looked out the window and saw Liz’s Navigator swing into the driveway. “This is going to be a long ride.” Max shook his head.

“Is that coming from Liz’s car?” Diane asked in surprise.

Max nodded his head, “Yeah, I guess the girls want to be able to hear the music.” He continued sarcastically.

He watched the driver’s door pop open and Liz jumped out. Turning to his mother Max gave her a swift kiss on the cheek and picked up his bag. “I’ll call when we get checked in to the hotel.” He said while reaching for the doorknob. He swung the door open just as Liz reached the top step of the porch. Max and his mother made their way out of the house to meet Liz.

“Morning, Mrs. Evans.” Liz smiled brightly. “Hey, Max ready to go?”

Max leaned down and gave Liz a short welcoming kiss aware that his mother was standing right behind him. Looking over to the car Max asked, “We’re not going to put up with that noise all the way to Albuquerque are we?”

Just then the song ended and a commercial started to play, as they listened, the radio started to switch stations at lightning speed, two or three seconds then another station. “What the heck is going on? Is something wrong with the radio?” Max asked as they walked to the car.

Liz rolled her eyes, “Rebecca happened. They hate listening to commercials, they’re deciding on another song.” They walked a bit farther, “It took me 6 months to figure out how to program the radio, Rebecca redid it all on the ride over.”

“I don’t care what they listen to, but they’re definitely turning the volume down.” Max said as he opened the door for Liz. He closed the door after her and walked around to the back to get rid of his bag.

Max walked to the passenger door and opened it to see the smiling face of Rebecca strapped in to the seat. “I called shotgun first, Max.” She said to his startled face. Max just glanced over to Liz who shrugged her shoulders so he closed the door and climbed in the back between Pam and Jen.

“Ut uh… it’ll be too crowded. We took a vote and you’re all the way in the back.” Jen said right after Max had sat down.

“Liz…” He whined. “This isn’t fair. How am I supposed to talk to you from way back here?”

“Sorry, Max but that’s the way it works. They called it when they got in.” She smiled at him and he stood hunched over and stared at her. Not even believing how this kind of thing could have happened. He turned around and plopped down into the back seat. He leaned over the back of the seat and dug into his duffel bag for his earphones. If Liz was going to let the girls listen to anything they wanted to he was going to listen to his music.

Liz carefully drove through town and as they turned north on Route 285 Pam asked, “Can you stop at the next rest area? I have to use the bathroom.”

Max groaned as he slid down in the seat, “We just started out? We can’t stop every twenty minutes or we’ll never get there.” He glanced at his watch. “It’s 11:30 now, how about we stop in an hour for lunch. Is that okay?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Pam conceded.

* * * * * *

Four hours, lunch and two additional rest stops later they pulled into the parking lot of the Hampton Inn. Max and Liz had switched positions at lunch and then on the last stop Liz had remembered to call shotgun so she moved up to sit with Max. Max steered into a spot near the entrance as he looked for other cars that he may recognize.

They gathered their gear out of the back of the car and went into the check-in desk. Max dumped his bag next to the desk as the clerk walked over. “Hi, I’m Max Evans and this is Liz Parker. We have reservations.”

“Yes, just one moment.” The clerk started pushing buttons on her computer and when she read what she was hoping to see she smiled. “Looks like your rooms are ready.” She said as the printer standing next to her computer started spitting out pages and pages of agreements. When the printer stopped printing she pulled them off and straightened them out. She then went and grabbed to key cards and swiped them into a machine.

“Here are your keys. They’ve been programmed to match the locks to your doors. Ms. Parker’s room is 317 while yours is 217.”

“Cool we’re on top!” Rebecca cheered.

“We can jump up and down all night long and the only one we will disturb is Max!” Jen said.

Max whipped his head around and pinned the three girls. “I don’t suggest you jump up and down just because I’m in the room below the four of you. You have a game at 9:15 in the morning so you better get a good night’s sleep.”

“Man… what’s up with him. He’s no fun.” Pam whispered as she elbowed Jen to get her attention.

Liz turned around and laid a finger to her mouth to quiet the three girls. Seeing their disappointed faces she winked at them making them smile again and going yes!

“If you will sign right here.” She pushed the papers across to Liz so she could sign. “It looks like everything has been taken care of. I would also caution that there are mini-bars in the rooms and that if an item is taken out for over fifteen seconds that your room will be charged for that item.”

“Oh, thanks. I didn’t know that.”

“Not many people do.” Liz signed her papers and gave them back to the clerk.

“Here you go. If there is anything that you need at all dial room service and we will bring it up to you.” The clerk started to turn away before remembering something else, “Oh, the pool opens at 3:00 and closes at 9:00. There isn’t a lifeguard on duty so you have to swim at your own risk.”

“Thanks.” Max took the keys and gave Liz hers. He reached down and picked up his bag and followed the girls to the elevator.

“I wish our rooms were closer.” Liz whispered as they waited for the elevators. The girls were busy running up and down the halls.

“I do too.” Max replied. He thought for a moment then added, “Maybe it’s better this way.”

The elevator dinged and the door opened. The girls ran in pushing Max and Liz to the back. Their giggles filled the little space in no time. Max looked at Liz and was surprised that she had a smile on her face. At least it was her that was staying with them. He didn’t know if he would have the patience to mind the three of them alone.

The elevator stopped on the second floor. “I’ll meet you guys in the lobby when you have your things put up in the room. We’ll be playing on fields at UNM so I thought it would be a good idea to drive over to the University and check out where they are and what parking will be like.”

“Great idea, Max. We’ll meet you in a little while.” The elevator doors went to close and Liz stuck out her hand to keep them from closing. She took a step out and kissed Max briefly. “I’ll see you later.” She said and then stepped back into the elevator.

As the doors closed Max heard the three girls singing. “Max and Liz sittin’ in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

“Ha, Ha… very funny.” Liz called over their cajoling. The sound of their voices disappeared as they made their way up to the third floor. Max turned; check the sign for the room numbers on the wall and headed for his room.

* * * * * *

As the elevator doors opened the girls were still singing. Liz’s hair was a little messed up but she still looked presentable. “What happened to you?” Max asked. Liz could see his concern streak across his face.
“Oh, they couldn’t decide which bed they were going to sleep in.” She could see that he didn’t understand what that had to do with the situation so she continued. “They started to jump on the bed which turned into a mini-pillow fight.”

“Ah… I see now.” Max smoothed his hands over Liz’s hair and the static electricity that was causing her hair to stand on end disappeared. “There, all better.” He leaned over and kissed her again.

Max caught sight of the girls in the background rolling their eyes, “One of these days you’re going to have boyfriends and I’ll make your life miserable.” Max threatened.

“No way!” Jen called out with a disgusted look on her face.

“Boys? Yuck.” Rebecca started to say before she was cut off by Pam, “How about you and Jimmy? You always do your homework together.”

Rebecca pushed Pam on the arm, “I do not. I don’t even like him.”

“You do to!” Pam laughed back.

Before the argument could get too heated Max cut in, “Okay, that’s enough. Let’s get out of here before they throw us out.

As they walked out of the hotel lobby Liz leaned over to Max, “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to last the weekend.”

“I can see that we’re going to have to lay down a few ground rules.” Max observed.

“I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to but I can see that there isn’t any way around it.” The two latched hands and went to the truck. The three girls were already standing by it.

“I called shot gun!” Jen hollered.

“No,” Max started. “New rule… the front seats belong to the adults unless they wish to relinquish ownership and in case you don’t understand what I’m saying. Liz and I are the adults.”

A round of moans escaped the three girls’ mouths. “That’s no fair.” Rebecca sassed back to Max.

“Well, life is never fair. You have to play the cards that are dealt to you.” Liz pushed the button on her key chain and the door unlocked. The three girls piled inside. Not a single word was said about the shot gun situation again.

* * * * * *

The next few hours were spent driving over to the University to find the playing fields, going to Tournament Headquarters to check in the team and then on to dinner. Max had wanted to drive through the UNM campus to see what it was like but by the time they reached the university night was falling.

As they pulled into the hotel parking lot Max noticed Mr. Green, the girls coach, entering the hotel with his family, “Oh, great. Mr. Green is here. I can give him the tournament stuff.”

Everyone piled out of the SUV and headed into the lobby. As Max walked in he could see that Mr. Green was visibly upset and appeared to be arguing with the clerk. As Max neared he could hear Mr. Green, “What do you mean you only have a single occupancy room left? I reserved a double over a month ago.”

“I’m sorry sir. There seems to have been a mistake. We gave out the last double an hour ago. This is the only room we have left.”

Mr. Green ran his hand through his hair trying to keep his temper in check. He glanced at his wife and two daughters. His wife tried to be helpful, “Hon, why don’t we try another hotel?”

Mr. Green shook his head, “They’re all booked. This tournament is huge and we were lucky to get the rooms here.”

Max took the opportunity to break in, “Hi, Bob.”

Turning to Max, “Hi, Max. I hope you got a room. They’re all out.” He shook his head in disgust before continuing, “When did you get here? Have you seen anybody else?”

“We’ve been here a while. We drove over to see the fields and check in the team. We also stopped for dinner.”

“Thanks for checking the team in Max. I wasn’t sure I’d be here in time.” Noticing his wife and kids waiting for him he started to turn back to the desk, “Let me finish checking in and we can talk in a minute.” Looking at the clerk he asked, “Can we at least get two cots for the room?”

Before the clerk could answer Max cut in, “Why don’t you take my room Bob? They gave me a double and I’m in there alone.”

Bob turned back to Max, “They did?” And letting out a relieved sigh he continued, “That would really be great. Thank you.”

As Bob turned to finish checking in Max turned to Liz, “Why don’t you go up to your room with the girls, I’ll be up after I get my stuff from my old room and dump it in the new one. We can watch a movie or something.”

“Okay, that sounds great.” Liz replied. She reached up and gave Max a peck on the cheek, “See you in a few.” She turned and walked towards the elevator as she called to the girls.

Bob finished checking in and turned to Max with the key card. “Here you go. It’s on the third floor. Where are we going?”

Max chuckled before answering, “The second floor. You have the room under Liz and the girls. It’s really going to put a damper on their plans. They said they were going to jump around all night with me below them.”

Max accompanied the Greens to their room and grabbed the bag he hadn’t bothered to open when he arrived. As he turned to leave he stopped at the door, “Oh, the fields are about 3 miles away. It only takes a few minutes to get there so Liz and I plan on leaving around 8:15 or 8:30.

“That sounds great Max. We’ll see you in the morning then.”

Max closed the door behind him as he left and decided to take the stairs to the third floor. As he came out of the stairwell and walked down the hallway he could hear the sound of music. He saw room 317 and found it was the source of the music, he continued down the hall and found he had the next room down the hall. ‘This will be convenient. Our parents would be mad, but it’s convenient.” He mused.

Max let himself into his new room and was shocked to discover that his room connected to the room with Liz and the girls. ‘Our parents are going to kill us if they find out about this. They’ll think we planned it.’

Max threw his bag on top of the dresser, not bothering to open it. He debated opening the connecting door but the sound of music and the girl’s laughter kept him from doing it. Who knew what he would find on the other side of that door? For all he knew they were dancing around in nothing but their underwear. He shook his head to get the picture of Liz in her bra and panties out of his head.

Max finally decided to let them know he was next door, they were going to watch a movie weren’t they?? Max unlatched his side of the connecting doors and knocked on the other door. He waited a bit and when nobody answered he knocked a little louder. That seemed to draw a response and he heard the latch being withdrawn on the other side and the door swung open to reveal Rebecca.

“Don’t you know you shouldn’t open a door to strangers?” Max asked.

Rebecca gave Max a strange look before responding, “You’re not a stranger Max.” She then turned to the other girls in the room, “Hey, Max is here and he has the room next door!!”

Liz looked over at Max surprised. He returned her look and shrugged, “When I exchanged rooms with Bob, I ended up next door.”

Liz shook her head, “I hope our parents don’t find out. I don’t think my mother would have let me come if she knew we would be in adjoining rooms.”

“Well, at least we have our three chaperones.”

They watched a movie and grabbed a bag of popcorn out of the vending machine. When the movie was done Max left the girls so they would be able to get a good night’s sleep. “I’ll see you in the morning.” He leaned harder on the door frame not wanting to leave. Liz’s lips were calling to him and he so wanted to take the correct amount of time worshipping them but with the three girls giggling in the background he hurried and gave Liz a modest goodnight kiss.

“Bye…” Liz sighed as she watched Max walk next door to his room. He paused in the doorway and looked back at her and when he saw her standing there watching him he smiled back at her.

* * * * * *

Max woke to the loud music. He looked at the clock and saw that it was past midnight. He couldn’t believe that the girls were still up. He quickly stormed to the door that joined the two rooms and swung it open. “What do you think you’re doing!” He hollered over the loud music.

All four of them stopped in mid-jump and stared at him. The sight of Liz robbed knocked any further thoughts from his mind. The girls were dressed in tees and pajama bottoms but Liz was dressed in an old pair of soccer shorts and a mini tank top. A very mini tank top. Max just stared. Liz was the first to make a move out of all of them. “Max… did we wake you?”

Max shook himself out of his daze, “Yeah, you did.” He said with a tinge of sarcasm. “Liz they have to be up by seven so they can eat breakfast and make it over for warm-ups by eight-fifteen. They’re not even going to get a full eight hours of sleep at this rate.” He took his heated gaze off of Liz and stared at the three young girls. “Bed. Now. I don’t want to hear another peep out of any of you.”

There was a round of moans from the three youngsters. Max turned and went into his room shutting the door behind him but the door didn’t shut. “Max… I’m sorry. They were nervous about the game tomorrow and I thought that fooling around would help them unwind.”

He stopped and turned around. There in his room was a half-naked Liz standing in all her beautiful glory. His jaw dropped open and he quickly looked back into her eyes. “Oh, okay. I’m sorry I snapped at you guys.” His eyes wandered down below her neck and paused at her… white tank top with nothing underneath? Pulling his head out of the gutter he quickly snapped his focus back to where it needed to be. So far Liz hadn’t noticed and he realized why. She was looking down at him in his boxers. What was he going to do? “Um, yeah… well, just remember that we’re the adults and if we let them get away with this now they’re just going to run over us for the rest of our lives.” Yeah, that sounded good.

“Max, it’s just the weekend. I think the girls will be fine. You’ve trained them well and if they happen to lose then it was meant to be. Remember this is their first time going this far and it’s all because of you.”

“Thanks, Liz. I’m sorry for yelling. Have a goodnight. I’ll see you in the morning.” He couldn’t help but taking the two steps that separated them so he could kiss her. He wrapped his arms around her bare waist and pulled her into his body for a deep apologetic kiss. “I love you.”

“Love you too, Max.” She walked reluctantly to the door and paused, “Goodnight Max. Sweet dreams.”

“You too.” She stepped through and all the warmth that had flooded his body had erupted. He needed a cold shower. There was no way that he was going to be able to sleep in this condition.

* * * * * *

Max started to wake up from an amazing dream. As he came awake he fought to stay asleep, as his senses were flooded with the smell of strawberries. Ah, Liz I can’t wake up right now this feels so fantastic. He fought the new day as he settled further into his pillow, his arms full of the girl that he loved. As he tried to tunnel further into the pillow he became aware that his head wasn’t resting on the course polyester hotel sheets but on the softest silk. He sighed and pulled Liz’s warm body closer. Her warmth flooded him in sleep. The body next to him MOVED and then sighed as it settled back to sleep. Max came aware that he had his arms around a sleeping person, and that the person was soft and warm. That he was having a very obvious reaction to that person. He noticed that his hand was cradling something soft, yet firm. His eyes flew open when he realized that it was a breast, and he was appalled that he might be caught fondling Liz in her sleep.

Liz?!?!?!? IN HER SLEEP?!?!?! IN HIS BED?????

OH!! MY!! GOD!!!

Liz must have sensed something because as Max’s eyes flew open she started to lazily roll onto her back as she stretched. Max pulled his hand away from Liz’s breast as if he had been burned. Liz gave him a sleepy smile as Max looked on in horror wondering what had happened the night before.

“Good morning.” Liz whispered as she continued her turn towards Max.

The sound of her voice made Max surge into action. He whipped the blankets off of himself and tripped on his way out of the bed. He landed with a thud on the floor then fought to a standing position. “Liz!?! What are you doing here?”

“Rebecca, she kicks in her sleep.” Liz explained. Her voice husky from just waking sounded very sexy to Max.

“Yeah, but why are you here? Why in my bed.” Max looked at Liz with terrified eyes as Liz tried to smile to put him at ease. ‘God, she looks gorgeous in the morning.’ He thought.

“Every time I started to fall asleep Rebecca kicked me. I thought you wouldn’t mind if I slept in here.” As she explained her reason for joining Max in his room she let her eyes wander over Max’s body. He had chosen to sleep in a pair of cotton sweats and a tee. Her eyes came to rest on Max’s obvious reaction to their close embrace a moment ago and she fought to keep from smiling.

Max noticed Liz’s eyes taking him in, gazing over his body and he remember his most noticeable reaction to waking up with Liz in his arms.

He grabbed for the pillow to cover the lower part of his body, holding it tightly against his body like a drowning man would hold a life preserver. “Nothing happened!!!” He insisted.

“Yeah, yeah. I know Max.” Liz agreed as she tried to calm her nervous boyfriend down.

As nervous as Max was he could still remember the feel of Liz’s breast in his hand and he felt himself harden even more. He looked over at her propped up in bed on her elbows and he noticed that Liz had a reaction to him. The thin material of the tank top she was wearing failed to hide her hardened nipples. Max tried to keep his eyes above her neck, as he had to make her understand that he didn’t realize what he was doing when he took advantage of her. “I woke up and you were in my bed.” Max picked his hand up “God, Liz. I’m sorry for… I didn’t realize that I was….. I thought I was still dreaming.”

“Max, its okay. I know.”

Max’s terror started to subside as he realized that Liz wasn’t mad, in fact, looking at her face she looked slightly amused at his reaction.

Trying to look everywhere but at the intensely arousing sight of his girlfriend in his bed, Max noticed the alarm clock. “It’s, um, it’s, ah 7:00. We, uh, should be getting ready. “Uh, maybe you should, uh, go wake the girls.”

Liz nodded her head in agreement, “That’s a good idea, Max.” As she went to throw the blanket off of her Max turned red and glanced to the floor. Hooking his thumb towards the bathroom he told Liz, “I’ll, uh, just uh go take a shower.” Seeing the humor in Liz’s eyes Max nodded in agreement, “Yeah, a cold shower. Really cold.”


If anybody ever saw The Sure Thing you’ll recognize one of the scenes above. Those of you that haven’t seen it, get it. Great movie with John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga.

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Two Of A Kind
By: SciFiNut111

Banner by: BordersInsanity

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: The day after the morning. And then the next night and back to Roswell.

I’m sorry that this took so long to get out, I didn’t realize it had been so long. I can’t think of a good excuse right now.

Thanks goes to Jenn for her help in getting this part finished.

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 34B

Max let the cold water pour down over his head as he tried to get the thought of Liz in his bed out of his mind. Hell, he would be satisfied to get the feel of Liz’s firm breast in his hand out of his mind. He knew that she said that she understood his stuttered excuses for groping her but he was still worried that she would be upset with him after she had a chance to think about it.

Max hadn’t even bothered to use the hot water knob when he climbed into the shower; he knew that he would need all the cold water he could get to make his obvious desire for Liz less obvious. He clenched his teeth together to try to stop their chattering as he remembered the talk in the locker room about how to take care of sexual frustrations by yourself. Nope, it didn’t seem right for some reason, doing that to himself while thinking of Liz.

He turned the water off and climbed out of the shower and quickly dried off. He glanced around the small bathroom and cursed to himself, he had forgotten to bring his bag into the room. Hoping that Liz had closed the door between their two rooms he wrapped the towel around his waist and slowly cracked the door open and checked. He breathed out a sigh of relief seeing the room empty and the door closed.

Max dressed quickly, Warm-up suit, heavy sweatshirt, jacket, Copas. As he dressed he could hear the girls in the next room whooping it up. ‘God, I hope Liz made it back into the room before the girls woke up.’ He would be a dead man if the Parkers ever heard that Liz had spent the night in his room. Never mind the look his mother would give him for abusing her trust.

He heard Liz’s voice as she tried to get them to calm down, telling them to save some of their energy for the game this morning. He thought back to the fact that the team wasn’t a morning team. Every time they had played a game before noon it took them five or ten minutes before they got their heads into the game.

Max was just trying to decide if he should get everyone moving when he heard a soft rapping on the door. He opened it to Liz’s smiling face, “Ready to go? We’re all dying for some breakfast.”

“Yep, all ready. I was just going to knock on the door.” He smiled at her and his heart sped up just looking at her and the memory of how he woke up this morning made its way back into his thoughts.

Liz looked back over her shoulder and called to the girls, “Max is ready too. Let’s get out of here.” Liz pushed the door all the way open before asking, “Where do you want to go? The motel has a breakfast thing in the lobby. Do you want to try that or go somewhere else?”

“Let’s just eat here. We can get something else after the game.” He loved it when she wore her hair up in a ponytail. It gave him such a good view of her neck but Liz had chose to wear it down, which was fine with him as well. He had come to find out that he had a hair thing when it came to Liz’s hair. He shook his head to try to make himself quit thinking like that. If he didn’t the team would be waiting for him to get into the game.

Liz nodded before turning back to the girls again. “Bring all of your stuff with you so we don’t have to come back to the room.”

Moments later the girls trooped through the adjoining door with their sports bags slung over their shoulders. “Liz, I’m going to have to come back up here after breakfast. I’ll have to use the bathroom.”

Seeing Max roll his eyes Liz chuckled as she answered, “You can use the bathroom in the lobby. We don’t have to come back up here.”

As they moved down the hallway toward the elevator Max was trying to decide what to do. He still felt a little embarrassed about the morning and wasn’t sure if Liz wanted him to hold her hand or just keep his hands to himself.

As they got into the elevator, the rowdy girls pushed Max and Liz toward the back. Max felt Liz grab his hand and give it a squeeze before entwining their fingers together. “This is going to be a great day Max. The girls are going to have a blast.” She beamed a smile up to him, which helped with some of the indecision that was going on in his head.

Deciding if Liz was okay with what happened, then he was too. He responded by squeezing her hand back, “Yeah, it should be fun. We just have to get them going in the first game. I don’t think we’ll be able to get away with a slow start with the type of teams we’ll be playing.”

* * * * * *

Max pulled the Navigator slowly through the campus trying to find the student center or an administration building. Although most of the student body had left campus for the Thanksgiving Holiday, many of the basic buildings had to remain open for the students that had stayed on campus.

After the game, which they had won 1-0; Liz had suggested that they take a tour of the UNM campus between games. Hearing Liz’s suggestion, the girls had started whining about finding something else to do and Mr. Green had jumped in and offered to take care of them. Thus, Max and Liz found themselves blissfully alone, listening to a radio station they preferred at a level that Max’s ears would flinch, as they drove through the campus.

“Max, why didn’t you tell me the campus is so nice? It’s pretty big, but nice.”

“I’ve never been here. This is the first time I’m seeing it too. I saw a few pictures of the campus in the guidance office, they looked nice but I didn’t realize it was so big.” Max sounded a little awed by the school. West Roswell wasn’t a huge school, and given Max’s shyness Liz could understand Max being a bit overwhelmed.

“Oh, Max. There’s the visitor’s center.” Liz pointed across the way and directed Max’s vision to follow. “If it’s open we should be able to get a map there.”

Max and Liz went into the building together and Liz slowed to look at a few of the posters on the wall, “I’m just going to see if they have a map we can use.” Max said as he started toward the reception desk.

As he approached the desk Max saw that there was a bored coed sitting behind the counter watching a TV. “Hi, do you have a map of the campus?”

Without taking her eyes off the screen the girl answered, “Yeah, in the basket right in front of you.”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t see them.” Max grabbed a map out of the basket and glanced back at the girl. Sensing his eyes on her and thinking he had another stupid question she sighed loudly while she tore her eyes away from the TV. Finally getting a good look at Max her demeanor changed instantly.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” She asked as she rose from the chair and glided lithely to the counter.

“Could you tell me if the Student Center is open and where it is?”

She flipped her long blonde tresses over her shoulder, “If you wait a few minutes I’ll take you there myself.”

“No, that’s okay. I should be able to find it myself.”

The girl leaned forward on the counter crossing her arms below her chest and thrusting it forward as she did so. “I could show you some places that aren’t on any map of the campus.”

Max glanced down at the map totally oblivious to the offer being made. “No, that’s fine…” As he started to answer he felt someone start to slide between him and the counter and looked down and saw Liz’s smiling face. “Max.” She whined, “Do we really have to look around the campus? Couldn’t we just go back to the motel and kill some time?” As she spoke she reached up and started to play with the hairs at the nape of his neck. Liz could feel Max’s instant reaction to what she was doing and held back a smile.

Reacting to Max’s confused expression she purred, “I’ll make it worth your while.”

Liz pulled Max’s head down and gave him a slow kiss. Max had no idea why Liz was behaving this way, and in public no less, but he wasn’t about to fight it. Putting his arms around Liz he pulled her close and as he was starting to lose himself in the kiss he was brought back to reality by a disgusted voice complaining, “Can you take that somewhere else?”

Liz glanced back over her shoulder at the girl behind the counter, her hair falling gently over Max’s arms and hands. “Oh, we most definitely will.” She turned back to Max and grabbing his hand started to lead a dazed Max out of the Center.

As they approached the car Max could hear Liz mumbling under her breath, “I can’t believe that girl. God, she’s worse than Pam Troy. If that’s the type of girls that come here… Max is definitely going somewhere else.”

“Liz, what the heck is going on? What was that about, back inside there?” He had stopped when he had asked his question.

Turning to face Max, Liz looked up into his questioning eyes. “You really don’t know? Max, I was watching that girl come on to you.” Liz flipped her hair over her shoulder, “Can I help you?” She crossed her arms under her breasts and started to push them up, “Would you like a personal tour of the campus?” She dropped her arms; Max was just staring at her as she did her illustration. He was enjoying it rather immensely when Liz said, “I obviously don’t have the equipment for a proper demonstration.”

Liz turned back toward the car, “If I hadn’t jumped in I was afraid she was gonna strip her top off and let me tell you that counter wasn’t high enough to keep her from getting to you.”

Max took a quick step and pulled her around to face him. He had a huge grin on his face, “Are you jealous, Liz?” He asked in amazement. “Do you really think…” He searched her eyes, going from one to the other to search for some sort of sign.

He stopped as he saw the guilty look in Liz’s face. He pulled her into his arms as he laughed at her, “You are too much. I never even paid attention to her.”

Liz pushed herself out of his arms, “You jerk. You really didn’t realize that she was coming on to you?”

“I was looking at the map trying to find the student center.” He started explaining what he was doing.

Liz looked at him and decided he didn’t have a clue, “Okay, but that was enough of UNM for today. Maybe we should go get something to eat.”

They turned and continued toward the car and Max decided a little teasing was in order, “So, she was actually coming on to me?” He had bounced up and down a few times to try and rile her up, to make her think he was excited about the idea.

Liz sensed that he was trying to tease her and ignored the comment continuing to walk toward their vehicle.

“I think I’ll like coming here if all the girls are as friendly as her.” Max saw Liz’s ears start to turn red as her temper started to rise. Her steps got shorter and quicker with every one that she took.

“She did have beautiful blue eyes.” He continued to badger.

Liz whirled around and pushed Max in the chest, “You Jerk! She had green eyes, so you can stop teasing me right now!” She stood staring at him, her nostrils flaring from the anger that she was trying to hold back. Her hands were planted firmly on her hips. She was doing a pretty good imitation of Maria right about now.

Max reached over and gently pushed a strand of hair behind an ear. “Hey, you know I prefer brunettes.” He paused for a moment as she looked up into his eyes, “Brunettes with these amazing brown eyes that seem to look into my soul.” He leaned in and kissed her, pulling her in while wrapping his arms around her waist. “How about going to get something to eat? The next game will be here before we know it.”

* * * * *

The girls won all three games that they had that day earning them a place in the semifinals in the morning. The girls had scored six goals while not giving up any. To Max’s surprise every one of the girls that were staying with Liz were on the ball. All the jumping on the bed and the pillow fights did wonders. They didn’t miss a beat. Now, they had to worry about the semi-final game in the morning against Socorro. Liz and he had watched them play for a few minutes and saw that they had a few great players but he now knew that his team could play with anybody. Max didn’t look forward to the championship game which would probably be against Casa Grande or Los Lunas. If Max had to choose he would rather play anyone but Casa Grande. Casa Grande had been in the tournament for the last five years and had gone undefeated four of them, making them the returning champs from last year.

The team went out for a celebration dinner and then came back to the hotel for the night. Liz never left Max’s side during the whole evening. When it came to go to bed, the girls charged ahead to their room arguing over who got to open the door as Liz and Max stopped at the door to his room. “So…” she started by looking down at the carpet. She just couldn’t look him in the eye. What if he thought that it was improper for her to ask if she could come to his room if Becca kicked again? What if he didn’t want her in his room again? He was pretty freaked out in the morning. Every kind of negative emotion flew through Liz’s mind in the brief moments between her first word and the next. “Umm… I was wondering…” She still had her head tilted down.

“Liz… the door will be unlocked if you have any troubles sleeping tonight.” Her head popped up and she could see that Max had just about as much uncertainty in his expression as she did.

“Oh, okay. That’s exactly what I was wondering.” She leaned up on her tiptoes and kissed him. He hurriedly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him. He breathed in her scent and when she broke her kiss from him he leaned his head against her forehead.

“I promise to keep both hands to myself.” His eyes glistened with affection for the young woman that he held in his arms. He didn’t want to do anything that would make him lose her. She was fast becoming the center of his world and if the past two days was a glimpse into the future of what it would be like to be with her for the rest of his life, he was looking forward to the future.

She looked up into his soulful eyes and made sure not to waver in her determination. She wanted to make sure that no matter what had happened in the past and the reasons he had that made him feel like he didn’t deserve her were put away for good. “You don’t have to worry about where your hands are, Max. They’re already holding my heart.” She kissed him quickly before he was able to say anything more about what she had said. “Don’t wait up for me. I don’t know when the girls will end up going to sleep but…” she was standing in front of her door now. “I will come to you tonight.”

She slipped in and Max leaned heavily against his door. If she only knew what she did to him. He fumbled with the key card and finally just gave up and waved his hand over the device. When the door clicked opened he pushed the door open and stepped in.

He had never gotten ready for bed as fast as he did that night. The butterflies in his stomach just wouldn’t settle. Thinking, no, hoping, uh, worrying that Liz was going to sleep with him again tonight he put on a full set of sweats over his normal sleep attire of a tee shirt and boxers. The neon green numbers on the digital clock seemed like they were bright enough to land a 747 in his bed. Max tossed and turned the entire time he was without Liz.

When he heard the click of the adjoining door, he froze in mid motion. At first he thought it was his imagination running away with him. The hairs on the back of his neck rose and his eyes strained to see if she was at the door. The damn neon green lights all of a sudden didn’t seem to be that bright after all.

* * * * *

Liz had waited as long as she could. Her body was humming with all the pent up energy that came out of nowhere. She could sense that all the girls were asleep after their long day. When finally Becca had started to kick, she practically jumped out of bed with excitement. She opened the adjoining door to their room as quietly as possible. She stepped in and began to pull the door behind her. When it was almost closed she placed her hand on Max’s adjoining door.

The slight hesitation gave her enough time to think of whether or not he had left it unlocked. Right before she began to chicken out she slowly twisted the knob and sure enough, it was unlocked as promised. She released the breath that she had been holding and slowly pushed forward.

The lights from the digital clock showed that Max was lying in bed on his side but she couldn’t distinguish whether or not he was facing her or the other way. When she realized that she was stalling, she took her first step out from under the doorframe. Her hand was clinching the doorknob as if it were her only anchor in this world.

Trying to relax herself she took a deep breath and let the tension ease. She silently closed the door and then turned. There he was… in his bed and hopefully asleep. With every step she took her confidence began to build. She could do this. She was a senior after all. An adult really if she wanted to look at it from the direction. It’s not like they were going to have sex. They were just sleeping together… Yeah. That’s all. Sleeping and boy if she had one thing to admit to herself it was this… sleeping with Max Evans last night had been the best night’s sleep that she had ever had. EVER…

She was almost there when she tripped over his bag. Max immediately sat up and was instantly at her side. Liz was whispering “Ow…ow… ow…” She didn’t want to wake the girls so she made sure not to yell too loud.

“Shit. I’m sorry. I should have made sure that the path was clear. Are you okay? Did you break your toe?” Max felt like such a heel. He was so nervous about what he was wearing that he didn’t think to make sure the path from the adjoining door to the bed was cleared.

“I’m fine.” She assured him as she massaged her left foot. “What the heck do you have in the bag that’s so hard?”

Max could clearly see that Liz had stubbed her toe good so he reached down and picked her up. Her arm wrapped around his neck to stabilize her and he made sure to kick his bag out of the way before going any further. When he reached the bed he leaned over and sat her down onto it. “I’m sorry you stubbed your toe. It’s my fault. I’ll just go sleep over in the chair.” When Max went to leave for his said chair, Liz clamped his hand and made him look down upon her. The neon digits of the clock seemed to be working well again. He could see her features as if he was looking upon her in the middle of the day.

“Please… stay. I’ve been looking forward to spending the night with you again.” She gently tugged on his hand and when she felt him relent she scooted over so there was enough room for him beside her.

“I feel like such an ass…” He started to say but was stopped by her closing her mouth on his before he could finish his sentence.

“Don’t be. I think we’re both nervous. After all we both know that the other is here and it’s just a big step for both of us. It’s a major stepping stone for our relationship.”

Liz started to put her arms around Max’s neck again and realized he was wearing a sweatshirt. “Max, what are you wearing? Aren’t you hot in that?”

“Uh, um I didn’t want… Liz I...” Max tried to stutter an explanation.

“Max, listen. I trust you all right? You don’t have to get all bundled up. It’s too hot in this place for all those clothes.” Liz pulled at the tank top she was wearing, “See, you have to be comfortable or we’ll never get to sleep.” Liz grabbed the hem of his sweatshirt and started to pull it up. “Come on, get comfortable or I’ll feel too guilty to sleep well.”

Max quickly stripped off the shirt, leaving his tee and looked at Liz, he ran his hand down the side of her face. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered.

“Thanks…” she sighed at his glorious words. Her heart skipped a beat and she started to wonder if it was her or if the temperature had just climbed a few degrees. Liz could feel him trembling so she decided to help him a little. She quickly kissed him once more and then rolled over and scooted her backside into him. “Now hold me so we can get some sleep. I’m pooped.”

He complied with her demand and was grateful for her change of mood. If she hadn’t he wouldn’t have known where the night would have ended.

* * * * *

Liz and Maria sat on Liz’s bed with a tub of ice cream between them. Liz had called Maria to let her know she had gotten home. Maria had heard something in Liz’s voice to let her know that her friend needed to talk so had come over.

“How was the tournament? Did the girls play all right?”

“They were great Maria. We took first place. We even beat a team from Casa Grande that has a professional trainer. Mrs. Green said the parents from the other team were really pissed. They had won the last four years and were expecting an easy win again this year.”

“Max must be really proud of himself; he’s the one that coached them.”

Liz chuckled, “You know Max. He didn’t take any of the credit. He said it was all the girls. He even said I had more to do with it than he did.”

“How was it? I mean spending three whole days with Max?”

Liz sighed and Maria could see what she and Alex had dubbed the “Max” look come over her friend. “It was really great. You would think we’d get bored with each other after being together twenty-four hours a day but we never did. We had a great time.”

“Twenty-four hours a day? Liz didn’t you take time out to sleep?” Looking at Liz she leaned forward and looked Liz in the eyes, “You did sleep, didn’t you?”

Maria watched the red color start at Liz’s neck and work its way quickly to the roots of her hair. Realizing what that may mean Maria squawked out, “You didn’t sleep with him, did you?”

Liz dropped her eyes to the tub of ice cream, “What??” Maria continued, in full rant mode, “You slept with him? I can’t believe it. You actually slept… I didn’t think you were ready. Did it hurt? I’ll kill him if he hurt you… Protection, you used protection right? Crap, Max was pretty damn sure of himself if he had a condom with him…”

Liz’s eyes shot up, and she lunged at Maria, clamping her hand across her mouth as she hissed, “Keep your voice down! We did sleep together as in sleep together. Nothing else happened, Maria.” When she knew that Maria wouldn’t continue her rant Liz let go of her mouth and settled back on the bed.

Maria let out a sigh of relief, “That’s good. You’ve only been dating for a short time and you’re not one to just…” Maria stopped for a minute, “Wait, you two were in bed together? Did Max like make the first move? Did he ask you to sleep with him? It’s so not like Max.”

“No, that’s not what happened. Max ended up with the room adjoining ours. We were going to sleep in our own beds after all we had the three girls as chaperones. Becca started kicking me in her sleep so I decided to go into Max’s room. He was sound asleep so I just climbed into bed and went to sleep. We woke up the next morning and…” Liz remembered waking up in Max’s arms and decided that she had told Maria enough.

“And, and…” Maria prompted. Liz had gotten to the good part and she wasn’t going to let her stop there.

“And nothing happened. Max freaked out when he woke up and found me in his bed. He was really upset that I would think he was a pervert for holding me.” Liz smiled as she remembered. “He really was cute.”

“Wait, you woke up in his arms and nothing had happened? Uh, was there something, like uh, wrong?” Maria held her hand up with her finger curled down and slowly straightened it then popped it into a stiff position, “Were all systems go?”

Liz covered her eyes with her hands, her face turning redder than it had been, “Oh god Maria!! I can’t believe that you asked me that!!”

Liz dropped her hand from her eyes and looked at Maria. “Will you get your mind out of the gutter?”

Liz waited a bit looking at the questioning look in Maria’s eyes before finally relenting, grinning as her face got just a bit redder, she whispered out, “Yeah Maria, all system were go.”

November 27, 2001 – What a weekend. I can’t believe that Liz and I actually slept together. I was just looking forward to spending three whole days together. I never dreamed, well I did dream, but I never really thought that I would wake up with Liz in my arms. Feeling her body against mine was heaven. I don’t think I’ve ever experience a better sensation. Winning the tournament didn’t even top it.

All the parents think I’m some kind of god. If they only knew what I really was. Would it matter to them? I often wonder what people would do if they knew my secret. Not everyone would handle it like Liz did.

The parents keep saying what a great coach I am. I hope they realize that Liz was a big part of getting the girls to play as well as they do. It was really important to have Liz there showing the girls that it was okay to practice hard and play hard.

Liz… how did I manage to get such a wonderful person to love me? Love… Is it? For me it always has been but does she? Our relationship has progressed farther than my imagination had ever taken it but still could she really feel that way about me?

Ugh… there is so much that I don’t know out there. I wonder if I could just live in my head where Liz is always in my arms and everything is perfect. I don’t think I’m ready for the real world where messages from the home planet are scrambled and a missing alien is still missing. I wish my life were normal… but then I’m glad its not. Because if I were normal I would have to live the rest of my life without Liz.

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Two Of A Kind
By: SciFiNut111

Banner by: BordersInsanity

Who: Max and Liz. Others as needed.
What: AU, Aliens are aliens, humans are humans.
Where: Roswell, NM

Note: Damn, I’m really mad at myself. Here we were supposed to get a glimpse of the 4th alien in the last part. Well, the last part is finished and posted and no 4th alien. I guess I’ll just have to figure somewhere else to fit her oops, he or her in. (WHy does the fourth have to be a female??)

And last but not least, the rights to all things Roswell belong to UPN, Melinda Metz, 20th Century Fox and a very undeserving Jason Katims.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Part 35

December 7, 2001 – Well, mom took it better then I thought she would. She always liked to go to New York for gowns and she looked forward to some alone time with me. I think she’s getting very interested in just how strong my relationship with Max is becoming. A few hours in the air would have given her ample time to grill me.

My relationship with Max. My mother definitely senses that something changed during our trip to the tournament. Actually having a relationship with your mother means they expect answers about your feeling, what your relationship with your boyfriend is like, all the things we never talked about before. I guess I didn’t know when I had it good? Only kidding, it’s been great to get to know my mother. And maybe a few hours together would have given me the opportunity to let her know how much Max means to me.

But, how was I supposed to say no to Isabel when she asked if we could go shopping for our gowns together? Another interested party heard from. Of course, she wants info on Max and me, but her main interest is Alex. Being one of Alex’s best friends gives me the inside scoop on how he’s feeling about Isabel and Ice Princess façade aside, she’s just as insecure as the rest of us. I guess when something actually means something to you, you worry about it.

Liz glanced up when she heard the dead leaves rustle on the trellis. A slow smile formed on her face when she realized it was Max. She placed her pen in her journal to hold her place and placing it next to her chair she stood up. As Max’s head appeared above the railing of the balcony, Liz walked over to him.

“What are you doing here Max, you just dropped me off?” She looked over her shoulder through the doors to her room to make sure that her bedroom door was indeed closed. They didn’t need her parents walking in on them and ruining their precious time alone.

Max swung his leg over the railing and as he landed on the balcony, Liz flowed into his arms. “I was halfway home and I realized that I wouldn’t be seeing you tomorrow.” He tightened his arms around her and leaned his head down so he could inhale her sweet smelling scent.

“Max I’m just going shopping with Isabel and our moms tomorrow.” Liz tilted her head up so she could look into his soft amber eyes.

“I know. That’s what has me worried. You’ve never shopped with Isabel. She can be ruthless. She’ll drag you all over every mall in the state. She’ll shop you into the ground.” He couldn’t help it. He leaned over her and took her mouth into his. Her strawberry lip gloss was calling to him.

When they broke apart, he couldn’t help but notice that Liz curled her lower lip into her mouth. When she released it from its torture, he could see that it was all puffy from their kiss. “I’m in great shape from soccer; I think I can keep up with her. And anyway, it could be worse, Max. Usually mom and I go to New York to get a gown for the gala. If it weren’t for Isabel you wouldn’t see me for the next couple of days. Be thankful for your sister insisting on going with us. Besides, it will give us some time to get to know one another.”

Max tightened his hold on her and they began to sway back and forth. “I don’t think I will be able to survive without you for a whole day. The weekend spoiled me. I need to see you every day.”

“I’ll keep my phone on and when I can break away I’ll call you.” She knew exactly how he felt for she felt the same way. “I promise.”

Just as Liz had finished promising to Max, her bedroom door slowly opened. “Liz…”

Liz pushed Max to the side of the balcony that was out of view from the interior of her bedroom. She took two steps and walked into her room. “Mom, what do you need?”

“I just wanted to make sure that Isabel and her mom were going to be here on time tomorrow. Are you sure that we don’t need to go by there in the morning and pick them up?”

“I’m sure, Mom. I’ll call her just to make sure. Now, go.” Liz shoved her mom out her bedroom door and closed it quickly. She turned to the balcony and went to Max. “Now you better go before my mom comes back. I’ll see you tomorrow when we drop Isabel off.” She kissed him and had to fight the urge to drag him back to her bedroom. It was too tempting and she reminded herself that she needed to be strong. They wouldn’t always be able to sleep together.

Just before Max disappeared over her balcony he paused and said, “Sleep well, Liz. I love you.”

“Love you too, Max. Now go before I change my mind.” She leaned over the balcony and watched him climb down. When he reached the ground, he looked up and waved and then he just stood there taking in her beauty.

Max was just here and I would have to say that it is getting harder and harder not to take our relationship to the next level. My body just hums when he’s close. It’s been a week since the tournament and I’m still having trouble getting to sleep without him near. I wonder if it has anything to do with me changing. Could I be taking the place of their fourth? Does this mean that their fourth is gone or is she still out there? Only time will tell.

“That dress looks perfect on you Liz. Max will be drooling the whole evening.” Isabel said as she stepped back and admired Liz’s choice. “Let’s go show our moms how it looks.”

As Liz turned to the door of the changing room; Isabel stopped her, “Wait a second. This zipper wasn’t sewn in right and isn’t laying right. It’s puckered.”

Liz craned her neck around trying to see the back of the dress and the problem Isabel was pointing out. “Where, I can’t see a problem.” Looking at Isabel she continued, “Should we get another one to try on?”

“This was the only one like it out there.” Isabel replied while shaking her head. “This is definitely the dress to drive my brother crazy.” Isabel mumbled under her breath. “Here let me try something. Stand up straight.”

Liz turned and looked to the front as Isabel smoothed out the dress. When the dress was sitting properly on Liz she ran her hand over the offending stitching. “That should do it. Now it’s fine.”

Liz again tried to crane her neck around and look at the dress in the full-length mirror behind her. “That’s a really handy skill to have.”

“Yeah, it is. Now let’s go show our mothers.”

* * * * * *

“Oh, Liz… that’s just beautiful.” Nancy squealed as the two girls exited the changing room.

“Do you really think so, mom?” Liz asked instinct taking over as she dropped her head to hide the partially healed scar on her cheek.

Nancy seeing the familiar movement of her daughter took a few steps closer to her and embraced her while pulling her chin up so she could look her in the eyes. “You’re beautiful and any gown that you could have picked out would look absolutely amazing on you.” Liz grinned and hugged her mom.

* * * * *

Her head snapped up from the work she had been concentrating on, refolding and restacking the sweaters on the sales table near the front door, it wasn’t a glamorous job but someone had to do it. People could be such slobs, and during Christmas time in a mall store, she had learned first hand just what pigs people could be.

She thought she felt….. something. Something that called to her. Something that touched that side of her that she knew she had to keep hidden from all the crowds of people surrounding her. Could it be?

Her eyes scanned the crowded boutique looking for some sign to pinpoint the source of the weird feeling that had popped into her conscious then just as quickly died. Over in the casual wear section there was a group of teens looking at the various designer jeans. Damn, another place I’ll have to straighten out once I’m done here.

Her eyes continued to the group of people near the formal dresses. As she watched, two women were met by two girls coming out of the fitting rooms, one obviously showing off the dress she was trying on. She spun around to show the two women, who must have been the mothers of the two girls, the entire dress. ‘Good taste,’ she thought, ‘that was my second choice. It looked like two daughters with their mothers, trying to find the right dress.

She looked at the girls, one petite with long brown hair the other much taller with long blond hair and a figure to kill. Could one of them be like me? Could one of them actually have the same type of powers that I am so afraid to use?

She continued to scan the store but her eyes kept coming back to the group in the formal section. The woman that appeared to be the mother of the girl in the dress was pointing out something along a seam and shaking her head.

It must be one of the flaws she had noticed when she had tried the dress on. The seam hadn’t been sewn properly and bulged a bit. That and the problem with the zipper was the reason she had rejected the dress. Luckily, she had first choice when the dresses arrived; she had purchased hers a month ago, right after Denny had invited her to the Gala event at his father’s country club.

She went back to stacking the sweaters neatly. A group of teens approached the table but giving them a nasty look and a little “nudge” with her mind had them move away. She had just fixed the table and she would be damned if it would be wrecked so soon.

She again felt the “feeling” and again quickly scanned the crowded store. She noted that the two girls had left their mothers seemingly to take the dress off.

The sense of powers being used was something she had never thought she would feel. She had thought all the others were dead. It had been twelve, no thirteen years since she had emerged from her pod to find herself alone in a cave, the three other pods long vacant. It was by sheer dumb luck that a family, which had been on a nature hike through the desert, had found her. They had taken her back to town, dehydrated and starving. She had spent a week in the hospital before she was well enough to be given over to Children’s Services.

* * * * * *

“Damn, your mother’s good, very good. I didn’t see that seam before.” Isabel said in admiration. She ran her hand over the seam getting ready to repair the problem.

“I don’t know if this will work Isabel.” Liz twirled in front of the full-length mirror. “My mom saw the flaw. She’s going to know.”

Isabel pulled her hand back before making the repair. “You look great in this dress. Max will love you in this dress.” Isabel knew what buttons to push. “I’ll take care of your mother.” Liz pinned her with her gaze. “Trust me.”

“It’s just that I don’t want to bring any suspicion to you. How are we going to explain to my mother that the seam is miraculously fixed?”

“Just let me do all the talking.” Isabel grabbed Liz’s arm and pulled her out to show their mothers the formal gown that Liz would wear to the gala.

As they approached their mothers, Isabel started talking, “Mrs. Parker? The seam isn’t that bad. I think I can fix it at home later.” When she saw the doubt in Nancy’s eyes she continued, “Liz really loves this dress and I know it will drive my brother crazy.”

Nancy glanced at the hopeful expression in Liz’s eyes. They had been through almost every store in the mall and this is the first dress that Liz really seemed to love. She motioned for Liz to turn around so she could take another look at the offending seam. “Are you sure Isabel? Why buy a dress that isn’t perfect?”

Nancy signaled over a sales person, “We’re interested in this dress but it has a problem. Do you do alterations?”

“Yes, we do. It normally takes a week to ten days.” The clerk replied. “Can I see the problem?”

As Liz showed the seam to the clerk Nancy continued, “We really don’t have ten days. We need the dress by next Saturday.”

Turning back to Nancy the clerk nodded apologetically but still answered, “We don’t do the alterations here, and we send them out. I’m sorry but that’s the best I can do.”

Diane moved in to look at the problem before adding her two cents, “That isn’t too bad and I know that Isabel is an excellent seamstress. She won’t have any problem with that.”

Nancy glanced at Diane with a bit of doubt in her eyes, “We have been here all day and the dress does look fantastic on Liz.” Turning back to Liz and seeing the pleading in her eyes she relented, “Okay. We’ll take this one.”

“Thanks, mom.” She pushed away and looked at Isabel. “So… what dress are you going to pick?”

“I don’t know. I love the red one but the black… well, the black one is calling my name.” Shaking her head in thought, “What do you think?”

Liz grinned before answering, “I know a certain guitar playing computer geek that loves you in red.”

“He does?” Isabel asked surprised. Her voice cracking with her question.

“Oh yeah. Every time you wear that red sweater he can’t keep his eyes off of you.” Liz chuckled a bit before adding, “Well he can’t keep his eyes off of you more than normal.”

* * * * * *

It was after 8:00 when they finally pulled into the driveway of the Parker’s. After digging out the bags and garment bags that they collected on their shopping spree, Isabel and Diane said good night and headed for their car while Nancy and Liz headed into the house.

Liz yawned as they went through the front door, thanked her mother with a kiss on the cheek and headed directly for the stairs and her room. She put away her purchases and got ready for bed, washing her face and changing into a tank top and a pair of pajama bottoms. Digging out her journal, she yawned her way out to her balcony. She took one step out onto the cold concrete and darted back into her room. At first she thought of writing in her journal while curled up on her bed but decided against it, she loved to be able to see the stars while she wrote. Heading to her dresser she pulled out a thick pair of sweat socks and pulled them on. On her way back outside she made a detour her closet and pulled out a quilt her grandmother had given her. After making her way back out on the balcony she pulled the quilt around her before she plopped into her lawn chair, sagged back and took a good look at the stars before opening her it and thinking what to write.

She had just decided what to write when she was distracted by the sound of rustling leaves. A smile lit up her face as she put her journal down and went to greet her boyfriend, “You could have come through the front door Max. My mother wouldn’t mind.” She asked as he topped the railing. “And anyway, didn’t you say we wouldn’t see each other today?”

“I didn’t think Isabel would let you finish this early. This must be a record, usually she closes the mall.” Max said as he took Liz in his arms.

“Oh, come on. She isn’t that bad.” Liz said as she fought another yawn. Liz reached up and pulled Max’s head down for the kiss she had been dying for all day.

As they broke from the kiss, she turned and led Max back to the lounge chair where he sat down and pulled her into his lap. Max wrapped the quilt around the two of them as Liz sagged into his arms and rested her head on his chest.

“Were you able to find a dress?” Max asked

“Mm, hm.” Liz nodded against Max’s chest. She let her eyes drift close for a moment as she listened to the steady beat of his heart.

“What color is it?” The heat from his breath sent chills down her spine.

“A deep blue.” She sighed as she snuggled deeper into his embrace. The warmth of his body seemed to surround her.

“I can’t wait to see it on you.”

When Liz didn’t respond; Max tried to look down at her face but Liz just held him tighter and Max realized by the even breaths that she had fallen asleep.

“You thought you could keep up with Isabel?” Max said as he planted a tender kiss on the top of Liz’s head. He continued to hold her, letting her sleep while he just sat there enjoying the feel of Liz in his arms.

Realizing that he really didn’t want to get caught on Liz’s balcony in this position, he picked her up and walked through the doors into her room with the intention of putting her to bed. He was halfway across the room when there was a soft knock on the door and it was opened. Max froze like a deer caught in the headlights of a car as Grandma Claudia walked into the room.

“Oh, Max! I didn’t realize you were here.” Her hand went to her throat from the surprise of seeing her one and only granddaughter in the arms of her boyfriend en route to her bed.

“I uh, I uh. Just came to see Liz.” Max responded. “I guess they had a tough day at the mall because she fell asleep.”

“Nancy said they did a lot of shopping.” Grandma Claudia responded as she watched Max expectantly.

“I was just going to put her in bed and leave.” Max said as he gestured toward Liz’s bed. He finally got his feet moving and Grandma Claudia turned down the bed as Max laid her down.

He planted a soft kiss on her forehead as he pulled away and let Grandma Claudia tuck the blankets around her.

Max stood and looked down at Liz for a moment before gesturing at the doors to the balcony, “I guess I better go. Tell her I’ll see her tomorrow.”

“Why are you headed that way? Come this way.” Grandma said as she gestured toward the hall doorway.

“I, uh. Well I didn’t come in the front way.” Max replied as he gestured at the balcony. “I came up the, uh.”

“Trellis?” Claudia asked.

When Max nodded yes, she chuckled, “Then I guess you can’t go out the front door if Nancy doesn’t even know that you’re here.”

“No, mam. I can’t. I don’t think that will be very good for me to have her know that I climb Liz’s trellis every time I want to see her.” Max looked Claudia in the eyes.

Seeing the devotion in Max when it came to her granddaughter Claudia walked out to Liz’s balcony. “Well, I know one thing.” Max had followed her out and waited for her to continue. “Liz is happy when you’re around and she probably has the strongest trellis in the world.” She turned her head and smiled at him. “Go on. I won’t tell Nancy that you were here.”

“Thanks.” Max threw his leg over the balcony and quickly climbed down. When he looked up Claudia was gone.

December 8, 2001 – Hah! Liz didn’t realize that she was dealing with a pro. My sister can shop anyone into the ground. I wonder if it has anything to do with our alien… Nah, that’s just a coincidence.

Well, at least I was able to see her for a few moments. Well, I saw her for longer then a few moments, but she couldn’t stay awake that long. Should I be insulted or complimented? Insulted because I bored her? Or complimented because she was comfortable enough to fall asleep in my arms?

I think I’ll go with the complimented. Over the last few months Liz and I just keep getting closer and closer. After the weekend we spent together, when we’re touching I can sense what she’s feeling and can almost read her thoughts.

One week until the gala. I know Liz is really nervous about going. She heard Pam and her minions talking about her scar and it really bothered her. Isabel wasn’t with them at the time or I’m sure she would have ripped into them.

Hmm, how can I make Liz forget the scar and have a great time?