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Title: Walk On (not sure on the title yet)
Author: Butterfly_girl
Disclaimer: I don’t own them.
Rating: PG, PG-13 (It will not get any higher)
Distribution: E mail me first
Summery: AU. No aliens. I really don’t want to give a summery away because I want to keep the storyline a surprise. I am a dreamer so don't worry.

Authors Notes: I have been playing with this idea in my head for months and just recently started to write. I wasn’t sure if I should post this yet until I wrote more but I read what I had so far to my cousin and she loved it and I decided I should post the prologue first and get other peoples reactions. I know it is short but I would love peoples guesses on what going on. Please give me feedback. Lots of feedback. And if you do I might have the inspiration to post more and maybe a summery. *big*

Oh...this is my first fic so people please be kind. I also hate grammar so if there is grammar problems sorry.

Theme Song:

Walk On-U2
And love
Is not the easy thing
The only baggage
That you can bring
Not the easy thing
The only baggage you can bring
Is all that you can't leave behind

And if the darkness is to keep us apart
And if the daylight feels like it's a long way off
And if your glass heart should crack
And for a second you turn back
Oh no, be strong

Walk on
Walk on
What you got, they can't steal it
No they can't even feel it

Walk on
Walk on
Stay safe tonight

You're packing a suitcase for a place
None of us has been
A place that has to be believed
To be seen

You could have flown away
A singing bird
In an open cage
Who will only fly
Only fly for freedom

Walk on
Walk on
What you got
You can't deny it
Can't sell it or buy it

Walk on
Walk on
You stay safe tonight

And I know it aches
How your heart it breaks
You can only take so much

Walk on
Walk on

Hard to know what it is
If you never had one

I can't say where it is
But I know I'm going

That's where the hurt is

And I know it aches
And your heart it breaks
You can only take so much
Walk on

Leave it behind
You've got to leave it behind

All that you fashion
All that you make
All that you build
All that you break

All that you measure
All that you feel
All this you can leave behind

All that you reason
It's only time
All that you care
And I'll never fill up all I find

All that you sense
All that you scheme
All you dress up
And all that you see

All you create
All that you wreck
All that you hate


Looking back and remembering the last three years I realize that even though I was never able to achieve being a normal girl, I had a purpose. I new what my purpose in life was.

To tell the truth I didn’t like it and I fought it the whole way, but in the end there was no escaping it. I guess you could say I had a destiny even though I hate the word. I make my own destiny who cares what they and the books say.

I know that through all the hardships and turmoil I have faced I was never completely alone even when the world and everything was against me. I know there is someone out there, a higher power that was guiding and helping me along the way. It is because of this higher power, my friends, family, him, and my complete determination that I was able to survive as long as I did.

Glancing once more around the destruction before me and looking at my friends, everything is becoming more clearer now and everything is making more sense. I know what I have to do. I have never felt this way before. I am at complete peace and I know everything will be okay. I know that no matter what happened in my life it was to bring me here. Whether this is the end of my journey I do not know but I do know that I made a difference in this world and how many people can say that.

butterfly_girl *happy*

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This next part is dedicated to roswellluver, Aaliyah, and abbs007 for being the only ones who left me feedback. Thank You. I’m not completely sure I’m happy with this part but I decided to post it anyways.

Chapter 1: (Three Years before)

I was born on a stormy Saturday night on October 28. My parents car happen to break down and they lived out in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Utah. Unable to call for help because the storm knock out the power lines, my mom had to give birth to me on the living room floor. My parents always said that night was magical......or so I was told.

I never knew my parents. They died in a car crash when I was one years old. I wish I had some memory of the kind of perfume my mom wore or what my dads laugh sounded like. Sometimes late at night I always try to imagine what they were like or what my life might have been if they had not died. I guess that question will always be in the back of mind and I know I shouldn’t dwell of things that will never be.

After my parents died I went to live with my Grandma and Grandpa Parker in Roswell, New Mexico. My childhood was one of the best times of my life. I guess you could say my grandparents spoiled me rotten. I had the best of friends and grew up knowing I was loved by those around me and a day never past with me feeling unwanted. But there was always a part of my heart that had a whole in it for not knowing my parents.

Fourteen years came and past and at the age of fifteen, Grandma Parker died. That was the first time I ever felt the loss of a loved one that I knew. I loved my grandpa and I miss him. He was the greatest guy. After he died things were never the same again. After he died my grandma was never completely the same again. She still is the lively grandma Claudia I know and love but one look in her eyes you know apart of her heart is missing and that part is my grandpa.

I want a love like there’s one day. The type of love that could move mountains. The type of love that can last until the end of time. That was the type of love my grandparents had and still do. I know wherever my grandpa is...he is waiting for my grandma.

Growing up my friends and I always walked in on them slow dancing, hugging, or kissing and of coarse my friends would be grossed out by it because they were old and my grandma and grandpa would smile and laugh at them for it. But I was never embarrassed by just made me want what they had more.

I don’t know what I would do without my friends. Especially Max. He has been my best friend since I was one. My grandparents were friends with his parents and so of course when I moved to Roswell we ended up being playpen buddies. We have been best friends ever since. Growing up we were always little mischiefs. Always getting dirty playing in the mud, or climbing up tress and of course his sister always thought we were crazy.

Isabel. Max’s twin sister and totally the opposite of him. She would never come with us on our little adventures of catching frogs down at the pond or camping outside during the summer. She cannot stand getting dirty. Despite this we have always been good friends.

When kindergarten came around I meet Maria, Alex, Kyle, and Michael. Maria and I hit it off and became best friends at once. Unlike Isabel she didn’t mind getting dirty. Alex was the next to join the group, followed by Kyle and Michael. We have been inseparable ever since. Today we are known as the Scooby Gang to Roswell High and they know not to mess with one of us because you mess with one you mess with all of us.

And that brings me to today. Tomorrow I will be turning sixteen. To be all honest with myself I’m not that excited. I mean YAH I’m turning sixteen. It just feels wrong not being at least a little bit excited. Shouldn’t all girls be happy to be turning sweet sixteen. I’m sure if I tell Maria this she is going to go all ballistic on me.

When Maria turned sixteen she made sure she was going to have the biggest party ever. She planned that party for months. A week before her birthday the whole school new about it and all of them turn up for it. I was told everyone could hear the party for miles away. I’m surprised the cops didn’t turn up. I’m sure Maria’s mom who has been dating Sherif Valenti had something to do with it.

Back to the subject at hand. My birthday. I made Maria promise that she wasn’t going to throw a party and to be on the safe side made the rest of the Scooby Gang promise to. Just incase she persuades them to throw it instead. Party’s are just not my thing. I rather just hang out with my friends, or go on the little adventures Max and I always do. I’m a very exciting person....not.

So for my birthday we are just going to hang out at my house. Probably rent some movies and order pizza. And of course open some presents. No way am I going to pass up the chance of opening birthday presents even when I’m not entirely excited about the thought of turning older.

Note: This is going to be a trilogy. So far I'm thinking there is going to be 6 parts to it. I already got parts of it planned out. I also have other story ideas in my head so if people are liking this it might give me a boast of confidence to post some more stories.*big*


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Ok, last night I wrote chapter one around midnight and by the time I got around to finishing the chapter I was really tired. So I ended up ending it quickly because I wanted to post another chapter before I went to bed. Looking back at the chapter this morning I didn't like how I ended it at all. So I went back and added some more.*big* I will also probably post another chapter late tonight but by some reason I don't. I'm sorry.

On a personal note thank you for the feedback. I was completely scared to post it. It is my first Fan Fiction and I wasn't sure anybody was going to like it and I still have a little fear of posting it. So as a thank you to the people who gave me feedback I decided to give some clues on what this story is going to be about and that will be in the summery I'm going to write tonight.

butterfly_girl *angel*

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