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Title: Unheard Truths
Summary: The group receives some valuable information about Alex's death and Liz discovers she may be more important to the pod squad then she thinks. Please give it a try. This is our first fic.

Authors: Shama and Courtney

Note: Takes place after 'Cry Your Name'. In this Kyle doesn't think of Tess as his sister.

Dedication: Dedicated to our best friend Rachel Parsons.

Catagory:M/L CC

Disclaimer: Don't own anything, just borrowing 'em for a little while.

Unheard Truths Part 1

The sun was coming up and Roswell was awakening from its deep slumber. All while Liz Parker was lying in bed, tossing and turning, having an unusual, but vivid dream. She saw herself walking down an aisle towards Max Evans in what looked like a very old church. She saw flashes of them kissing and dancing. Suddenly she saw the face of a man, who she had never seen before, however he seemed very familiar. The man was raising his hand at Max and it started to glow. Liz saw herself jump in front of Max just and then there was a flash of green light that was almost blindening. She could feel a sharp pain all over her body. She was now lying in Max's arms. He was crying and telling her something, but she couldn't understand him. Liz then shot out of bed and started crying. She could still feel the pain from the dream. Her heart was beating faster every second.
After a while the pain slowly eased away, her heart beat slowed, but the fear and confusion remained.

"So you had a stupid dream, big deal, it was just a dream." Her best friend Maria Deluca said. Liz had called her as soon as she had calmed down. They were sitting on Liz's bed and she had just finished telling Maria about her dream. " I keep trting to tell myself that, but how come I could feel the pain even after I woke up." "Maybe it was your imagination." Maria replied. She was trying to help Liz, but her mind was just set on Alex. She still couldn't get past the fact that he was gone. She felt like crying, but right now she needed to help Liz. "Maybe, but I just can't get that face out of my head." Maria was about to say something when they were interupted by a beeping sound. Maria pulled out her beeper. When she looked at the number on it she imediately felt a little better. "It's Michael." She looked at Liz's sad face. "I'll just call him back later." "No it's okay go see what he wants right now." "Are you su..." Yes Maria I'm sure, now go." Maria hugged Liz and then walked out of the room.

Liz now had this overwhelming feeling to write in her journal. She climbs out of the window onto her balcony. She walks over to the wall and pulls on the loose brick. She pulled her journal out and opened it. A picture of Alex and a receipt fell out. She picked up both and stared at the picture. She felt tears come to her eyes and wiped them away. She then turned her attention to the receipt. It was signed 11100100100111011011. 'What are you trying to tell me Alex?' She thought.
Liz then heard a knock on her door. "Just a minute" She puts her journal back and climbs into her room. When she opens the door she sees her dad standing there. "Oh hi dad, is every thing alright?" " I was going to ask you the same question." She looks at him confused. "What?" "You were supposed to start work 10 minutes ago" " Oh, dad I'm so sorry, I forgot." " It's alright just hurry up and come down." he leaves. Liz changes into her uniform and goes down to the Crashdown.

When she walks through the door to the cafe she sees Max, Isabel, Maichael, Maria, and Tess sitting in a booth. "Just what I need," she mutters. She puts a fake smile on her face and walks over. "Hi, what can I get you?." They all remain quiet. 'Did they not hear me or are they just ignoring me?' She asks herself. Isabel looks at her. "We'll all just have the special," she says with a sad smile. Liz smiles back. "Okay whjat would you guys like to drink?" Everyone except Max says Alien Blast almost at the exact same time. Liz looks at Max, who is staring at the table. "Max?" She hadn't noticed that it had come out as a whisper until he whispered back, "Cherry Coke." She nods then goes to give Jose their order. She then goes into the back room to calm herself down. Just looking at Max made her want to cry. She realizes that she has to give them their drinks so she puts her pen in her pocket. She felt something else in there and pulls it out. It was the receipt. She stares at it, wondering what it could mean, completely oblivious to the fact that someone else had walked in.
A hand then touches her shoulder. Liz screams and jumps, dropping the receipt to the ground. She turns around to see Max's grief stricken face. "Max, what are you doing back here?" She asks breathlessly. "Sorry if I scared you" He apologized. "That's okay. I'm just a little jumpy this morning." she laughs. They both go to pick up what Liz had dropped, but Max reaches it first. "What is this?" he asks. "Oh, tht's just a receipt that got sent back after Alex signed it weird." She says nervously. She could see the anger rising up in him. "I thought I told you to stop doing this." He says trying to keep calm. "Look Max, you may not care about what happened to him, but I do." She replies, also trying to keep calm. "I do care." "Yeah well it doesn't really look like it." He shakes his head,"I'm outta here." he turns around to walk away, when he hears, "Yeah, sure run to Tess, that's what you always do." He turn back around obviously angry. He starts to yell, "Hey, don't turn this around on me okay. You're the one who betrayed me and everything we had. Damnit Liz, I loved you more than anyth..."I have to get back to work." She starts to walk past him. "Oh no you don't." He grabs her arm and...

A huge room filled with thousands of people. Some are dancing. There are two thrones. The king is wearing a crown with 5 jewels in the shape of a 'v' on it. The middle jewel is a diamond, while the rest are rubys and saphires. The queen has a similar crown that is thinner.
In the middle of the room there are two very familiar looking children that are dancing together. The boy has dark brown hair and is wearing a crown similar to the king and queen's. The girl has chocolate brown hair and is wearing a small tiara. They look about 9 years old. The people who are not dancing are watching them and smiling.

Suddenly the flash ends.
"What was that?" Max asks breathlessly. "I have no idea." She replies.

End of part 1

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Unheard Truths Part 2(a)

"What was that?" Max asked breathlessly. "I have no idea." She replied."Wow!" He said amazed. Liz then remembered why Max was there."I better go get the drinks. You should go sit back down with the others." She said not being able to look him in the eye. Max turned and walked away witha hurt look on his face.

"What's wrong?" Isabel asked when she saw Max. He looks at her. "Um, it's nothing." He replied. Liz then walked over with their drinks and set them on the table. "You're food will be here in a little while." she says and walks away as fast as she could. When Liz is in the back room she looks for Jessica, the new waitress her dad hired. "Hey, Jessica could you please take over my section, I don't feel good right now?" "Uh sure, I don't mind." Liz smiles at her. "Thanks, I'll make it up to you." Liz walks up the stairs to the apartment.
'Soon Princess, very soon' Jessica thinks to herself then walks out to the cafe.

"You wanna tell me the truth now?" Isabel asks Max after Liz is out of sight. "It's nothing Isabel, I just tried to talk to Liz, but we ended up getting into another fight." "Great, well I hope you feel better." Maria said angrily."She's already going through enough, but you have to make it worse. I mean she's already having dreams, what's next visions?" Jessica comes up to the booth with their order just in time to hear Maria's outburst. 'Looks like it's gonna be sooner than I thought.' "Here you go." Max looks at her. "Where's Liz?" He asks her. "Oh, she didn't feel too good." She puts their food down "Anything else?" "No thanks" They all say.She walks back to the backroom and tries to think about what she just heard.'So she's already having the dreams. I better contact my boss.'

"What dreams are you talking about?" Max asks Maria. "Nothing that concerns you" she replies. "Maria please, tell me" She sighs. "All right, last night Liz had this weird dream about someone killing her, only after she woke up she could still feel the pain from it ." she said not really wanting to mention that Liz died trying to protect Max. "That's weird" He said. Maria looks at him. "Well congratulations Captain Obvious, didn't I just say that?" "No I mean when I was back there I grabbed her arm and I got this vision" "What kind of vision?" Michael asks him. "I'd rather not say." "Um, just a question. What were you doing grabbing her arm anyway?" Tess asks. "Oh my god would you get over it! You already broke them up alright. Max is yours. She gave him to you on a silver platter!" Maria yells and runs into the backroon.

None of them noticed that Jessica was listening to every single word. 'How the hell did Ava break them up. Something is definitely not right here!'

End of part 2(a)

This is only half of part 2 cause I don't have that much time to type tonight. I'll have the rest of part 2 tomorrow.

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Here's the rest of part 2

Unheard Truths Part 2(b)

After Maria ran off Michael looked at Tess and said, "Oh, thanks Tess, now I've gotta go calm her down. I'm gonna get my ass kicked." She glared at him. Isabel is trying to hold back her laughter. He shakes his head and gets up to go to the back room. Just then Kyle walks through the cafe doors. Tess imediately noticed this. "Kyle, over here." Shhe yells. He looks over at Tess and smiles. He quickly makes his way over to the booth. He's still looking at Tess."Hi guys" He turns and looks at Max "Hey Max, how's it goin?" Max glares at him then gets up and begins to walk out of the Crashdown. "Max?" Isabel calls after him, but he just keeps walking until he's out. Isabel runs after him. "That went well." Kyle said. Tess just smiles at him.

When Michael couldn't find Maria in the back he decided to check upstairs. 'Maybe she's with Liz' he thinks to himself. As he was about to knock on the apartment door, he could hear crying. He opened the door to find Liz in Maria's arms. It was clear they had both been crying. Maria looks up at him. "Are you guys okay?" He asks. She nods. "Yeah, I'm fine and she's just a little upset right now." "I'm gonna go home then okay?" "I thought you guys were eating." "We're done." She nods "Okay then I'll talk to you later." " Yeah, I'll call you tonight. See ya Liz." "Bye Michael." Liz whispers. She looks at Maria. "Why can't Max see that there is more to this than he thinks?" "Maybe there isn't." Maria said with a hint of shyness in her voice. Liz looks at her with disbelief. "You mean you actually think Alex killed himself. She says with her voice rising. "No Liz, of course I don't, I just don't think it was murder either, alright. It was an accident. Why can't you just leave it at that? This whole thing about him being murdered is just making everyone feel worse." Maria explained. Liz nods. "Fine, if you don't want to believe me, then you can leave." "No Liz don't shut me out." Maria pleaded as tears rolled down her face. "Get out!" Liz yells. Maria slowly gets up and walks out without looking back. She slams the door shut. Liz then changes out of her uniform into a pair if blue jeans and a red sweater. She calls for a cab to pick her up in the park. Then she packs a bag, garbs some money, the receipt, and a pictuire of Alex in Sweden and climbs out of her room, which now felt like a prison. She climbed down the fire escape on her balcony and started walking.

"Do you wanna tell me what happened in there?" Isabel asked Max when she caught up to him in the park. "I just can't talk about it right now." She nods. Well I've gotta get back to the Crashdown. She said, Mom's gonna be there to pick me up any minute to take me to the dentist." "Alright see ya at home." "She looks at him. "Are you going to be alright?" "Yeah I'll be fine." Isabel then says goodbye and heads back.
After a few minutes Max decided that he should also go back. He couldn't get his mind off that flash though. It was like that one he had in Vegas. He didn't remember it, yet it seemed like a memory. He then walked back to the Crashdown. When he looked inside he saw Tess and Kyle laughing and smiling. He knew he should feel jealous, but he couldn't, cause he just didn't feel anything for Tess other than friendship. He walks in and makes his way over to them. "Um Tess can I talk to yo for a sec?" She looks up at him."Yeah sure Max." He looks over at Kyle. "Alone." "No problem I gotta get goin anyway, I'll see you at home Tess." Kyle gets up and walks out. Max then slides into the booth with Tess. "What do you wanna talk about Max?" "I wanted to try some more memory retrievals tonight." She smiles brightly. "Of Course! What time?" "Oh, whatever time you want." "Alright" He nods his head, realizing there's nothing more to say he decides to just go home and rest. "Okay, well I'll see you tonight, bye." "Bye." After he leaves Tess felt happy. 'Maybe he's finally coming around' She thinks to herself. She tried, but she couldn't get herself to stop smiling.

End of Part 2(b)

Unheard Truths Part 3

When Max is about to get into his jeep he sees Liz running somewhere with a backpack on her shoulder. 'I wonder where she's going.' he thinks. He thinks of what he should do. His mind is telling him to leave and go home, but his heart is telling him to follow her. He decides to follow his heart. He gets into his jeep and drives the way she was running. He ends up in the park again. He climbs out of his jeep and looks around. He then sees Liz sitting on a bench. He walks up behind her. "Hey." She jumps at the sound of his voice. "Oh My God Max, you scared me!" "Sorry. Um What are you doing here?" "Um just taking a walk." "With a backpack?" "Well I um, I uh..." Just then a taxi pulls up."Are you the one who ordered the taxi?" The taxi man asked. Liz looked at him. "Yeah." Max looks at her confused. "Whare are you going?" He asks. Liz is still mad about Max thinking that Alex killed himself and she thinks that this doesn't concern him. "Why do you care, I'm not your girlfriend anymore? I don't have to answer to you." She starts to get in the taxi. "Liz, wait" He grabs her arm like before and...

There's a room full of people. Most of them are crying, the rest are close to tears. Max is walking through the crowds and towards a coffin. He is also crying. Everyone clears the way when they see him. Isabel, Michael, and Tess are standing near the coffin. Isabel is crying and Michael seemed to be fighting back the tears. The surprising thing is that Tess is crying worse than anyone else. All three looked up as Max walked up next to them. They all look in the coffin and lying there is a lifeless Liz.
End of flash

Max let go of Liz's hand. She looked like she was in shock. He reched for her arm again. "Liz?" She took a step back. Max sighed. "Liz I know you saw it." She looks at the taxi. "I have to go." She starts to climb in. "Liz, no" "Listen Max, I don't have time for this right now, alright. I have to find out about Alex." She gets in and tells the taxi man to go before Max can say anything else. "Where to?" said the taxi man. "The Albuquerque airport."
A while later they pulled into the airport lot. Liz paid the taxi man and hurried inside to buy a ticket. "May I help you?" The woman at the counter asked. "Uh, yeah, when's the next flight to Sweden?" The woman looked at her "1 hour" "All right can I get a ticket." Liz then pulls ou the picture of Alex and stares at it. The woman at the counter looks over. "Oh, can I see?" Liz smiles "Yeah, sure." She hands her the picture. "Oh, that's the building in Sweden that was torn down in 1994, isn't it. Liz looks at her shocked. "What!" "That building. It was torn down in 1994. They're rebuilding it right now. I plan to go see it when it's finished." "Oh my god! Um, could you cancel that ticket, I have to go." She turns around to run, but runs into someones arms. She looks up to see Max. "What the hell are you doing in an airport!" He yells. He looks at her face and sees that she has tears in her eyes. "Max, just go back to Tess." "I don't want to." She looks in his eyes. "Why not?" she whispers. He smiles. "I want to help you." She looks down for a second then back up. "Why?" He takes a deep breath. "I think you're right." "Oh." She says a little shocked. "Now, you wanna tell me what you're doing here." "I was going to Sweden, but I just figured out that Alex was never there." He looks at her confused. "What do you mean?" She hands him the picture. "This building was torn down in 1994. Alex would have been 7 years old." "Then how..." "I think they're fake." She interupts him, knowing what he was going to ask. "Okay, do you know where he could have been?" She shakes her head. He then smiles. "Did Alex send you any letters or e-mails?" 'Why is he asking me this?' she thinks. "Yeah he sent me some e-mails." "I have an idea. Come on let's get outta here." He takes her hand, but she pulls it away. He sighs then starts walking. She stands there for a moment then begins to follow.

The ride back was uneventful. Niether said a word to the other. When they got back to Max's house Isabel was the only one home. When they walked in to the livingroom Isabel was sitting on the couch eating ice cream. She looked up at them "What's going on?" She asked. "Alex never went to Sweden." "What are you talking about, we have pictures and everything of him?" "The pictures were fake." "Well then where was he all this time?" Max and Liz glance at each other. "We don't know, but we're gonna try and trace the e-mails he sent me." Liz said. Just then the doorbell rang. "I'll be right back." Max says. He slowly walks over to the door and hesitates in opening it, but does. When he swings the door open he comes face to face with a grinning Tess. "Hi." He says sounding surprised. "Hi, so you ready?" 'Ready for what? Oh yeah' He thinks. "Yeah, come on in." They walk into the livingroom, where Iabel and Liz are discussing their plan. Liz looks up and sees Tess right by Max's side. She feels a little sad. "Hi Liz." Tess says. Liz puts on a fake smile. "Hi." She looks at Isabel. "So, you wanna go now?" She nods her head. "Yeah, the sooner the better." Max looks at them. "You guys are going right now?" They nod. "Go where?" Tess asks suddenly. Isabel looks at her coldly. "None of your damn buisness slut!" They all look at her in shock and Tess' jaw drops to the floor. Isabel grabs Liz's arm "Come on." Isabel starts to drag Liz out. "No, wait. Liz I meant what I said, I do want to help." "No Max it's okay.She looks at Tess, You're obviously busy right now so we'll fill you in later." He nods "Alright." Isabel then grabs Liz's arm again and drags her out of the house and slams the door. Liz looks at her. "You wanna tell me, what you have against Tess?" She asked. Isabel looked at her. "I hate her." "Why?" Isabel takes a deep breath. "Well at first she was okay, she was my friend, but now that we found out our destiny it's like she doesn't care anymore. Like she was only using me to get Max. I hate being used. I don't think we should talk about this right now. Let's go and see if our plan will work." Liz smiles and putes her arm around Isabels's shoulder. "Yeah, let's go."

Jessica was sitting on a bed in a very small apartment. 'Alright Serena, let's think of what you found out today. She's already having dreams and visions, which means she's getting her powers. She and Zan were broken up by Ava, which makes absolutely no sense and she seems to think she's human. Looks like you've got a lot of work ahead of you.'

End of Part 3

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Unheard Truths Part 4

After Liz and Isabel left Tess was still in shock. "I can't believe she said thet to me!" She yelled. Max looked at her. "Tess just calm down, I'm sure she didn't mean it." He says then looks back at the floor. "Exuse me, did you not hear her? Trust me she meant it." "Tess, maybe she was in a bad mood." She walks up to him. "Then why the hell was she being so nice to Liz, and why didn't you tell me you guys were back together!" He frowns "We aren't." "Could have fooled me." she mutters.

Jessica (Serena) is on the phone. "Yes sir"... "Uh no"... "But she's already having dreams and visions..."I can't do that"... "Cause we only talk to each other at work and there is no way I'm walking up to a total stranger and saying 'Hi, remember me, I was your best friend in a different world and lifetime'"... "No I don't think she remembers anything about that"... "I could give her the necklace"... "Yes I still have it"... "I'll just pretend to leave it at work"... "Yes I'm sure it'll work"... "Alright, bye sir." ' Okay Serena let's put your plan into action. She walks over to a drawer and pulls out a very ancient looking box. The top has a the four square symbol on it except there was one extra square in the middle making it five squares. The front of the box had a very peculiar looking lock That looked like a sun. Serena takes of the necklace around her neck and puts the pendant onto the lock. It was a perfect match. She then twists it and the box opens. She lifts the top and inside is a necklace with a pendant that looks like the one Serena was wearing except it didn't have a flat surface. The surface was round and looked like a gem. It was a blueish, greenish colour. She picks it up very gently, almost as if she was afraid it would break if she held it too tight. She turns it over and looks at the back. It was ingraved with 'Zan and Aura for Eternity'. She smiled and thought 'This was the way it was supposed to be. What happened? Why is Ava with Zan? It just doesn't make any sense unless...Oh My God!'

Liz and Isabel were stunned. "I can't believe Alex was in Las Cruses the whole time." Isabel said. "Yeah, it's pretty weird and why did he tell us he was in Sweden?" They both tried to come up with an answer, but couldn't. "Well I guess we should just go home and tell Max what we found out" Liz said. "Yeah, or we could go to Las Cruses." "What! Isabel are you crazy?" Liz yells causing everyone else at the library to look at them. The librarian glares at them and says "Shhhhh" Liz turns towards her "Sorry" she whispers. "Please Liz, that way the sooner we go the sooner we can find some answers and plus, if we go back home and Tess is still there she's gonna wanna come too, just so she can keep you and Max apart." Liz sighs. "Alright we'll go, but we're gonna call Max on the way." Isabel hugs her "Thank you."

Meanwhile, there was a figure standing behind the bookshelf watching them. 'Well if it isn't my two favourite women in the universe. My mistress and my soon to be wife. I'll get you this time princess, I made a promise and I have every intention of keeping it. I just have to figure out how to get Zan out of the way.


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I guess I will bring back Alex and don't worry, this fic will have a happy ending and this is a dreamer fic not a polarist. I don't swing that way either. However Michael and Liz do have a connection. They are also connected to Tess. In this Tess will become good in the rest of the stoy. Sorry if some of you wanted her to be the enemy, but she's not. Part 5 will be up tomorrow

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Thanks for the fb. Just so you know I am going to keep writing this fic even though Roswell has been cancelled*sad*.

Unheard Truths Part 5

Serena ran to her car as fast as she could. 'They're at the library, they have to be. I just hope I'm not too late.' She gets into her car and drives off. When driving she glances at the ancient box on the passenger side. She puts her hand on it and whisperes "Please give me a flash, please give me a flash." After a moment when nothing happens she sighs and says "I guess I'm on my own." When she pulls up into the library parking lot she sees Isabel and Liz getting into the jeep. She waits a while after they drive off and then begins to follow them. Just by watching the way they were acting she knew exactly where they were going. She pulls out her cell phone and dials a number. After 3 rings someone picks up. "Hello?" "Alex, it's Serena. Listen Liz and Isabel are on their way to Las Cruses. I need you to get out of the university. Go to my apartment."

When in the car Liz began to feel very sleepy. She looks at Isabel. "Are you okay driving, cause I would like to get some sleep?" "Yeah, sure go ahead, I'm fine." Liz then closes her eyes and almost imediately falls asleep. She starts to have another dream.

Liz saw herself on a bed in a huge room looking at a picture of Max. She has a dreamy look on her face. Liz's window then opens, which snaps her out of her daydreaming. She walks over and closes it. She looks outside for a moment then turns around. A hand covers her mouth and she starts squirming. Someone then whisperes in her ear. "So I wasn't good enough for you, but Zan is huh. I may be in love with Vilondra, but I promised my parents that I would marry you. Do you know why they wanted me to marry you. The same reason Zan wants to." He turns her around to look at him. "He only wants your powers. He doesn't love you. All he wants is for you to give him an heir, because your child will be the most powerful being in the universe. Don't ask me why, cause I honestly have no idea.
Did you know that the day you were born my parents brought a proposal for you. Your parents declined so they were killed. They were planning on kidnapping you, but you had already been sent to the palace to live with them. You were brought up a princess and were told that you were one. They got you to fall in love with Zan so they would be able to rule. The day my parents found out where you were they came after you. Unfortunately they were killed. While they were inside I met Vilondra. I fell in love with her. But when I learned that my parents had been killed because of you I promised to forget her and fulfil their wishes."

Liz suddenly jumps awake. She looks around and sees Isabel staring at the road and bobbing her head from side to side along with the music coming from the radio. Isabel looks at her. "You awake." Liz nods. "Alright we're only about half an hour away from Las Cruses." She nods again. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine." Isabel nods then goes back to staring at the road.

Max and Tess were sitting on his bed getting ready to do some memory retrievals. "Okay, so you ready?" Tess asks. "Yeah, I guess" She puts her hands out and he puts his hands in them.

They saw Liz and Tess sitting in a huge bedroom on the bed. They were both wearing pjs and were eating some kind of food that looked like ice cream. "So, you gonna tell me what happened or am I gonna have to go through Zan?" Liz looks at her "You wouldn't?" Tess grins "Oh yes I would." "Ava" She whines "Aura" She mimicks back "No!" "Okay then, if you don't I'll tell Rath you went out with him." Her jaw drops then closes again. "Okay, Okay, I'll tell you." She pauses and then looks at her. "He kissed me." She then smiles. Tess looks stunned the starts screaming "Oh My God You're Gonna Be The Queen Of Antar!" Liz grabbs her arms and then puts her hand over Tess' mouth "SHHHHHHHHH! You need to calm down okay." Tess bobs her head."Okay" She takes her hand off. "You're gonna be the queen of Antar" She whisperes sounding really excited. "No, Ava, You don't know that." Are you kidding? Have you seen the way he looks at you. He's already head over heels in love with you." Liz smiles and looks down "I think I'm in love with him too." The door suddenly opens and in comes a very angry looking Michael "You What!!!?" Tess and Liz jump.

Max and Tess open their eyes. They look at each other and Max notices that Tess has tears in her eyes. "Oh My God, Max I'm so sorry." "Liz she's,... she's" Tess interupts him "She's my sister." She says with a smile.


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End of Part 5
"Liz she's...she's..."Tess interupts him. "She's my sister." She says with a smile.

Unheart Truths Part 6

"We shouldn't jump to any conclusions, we don't know anything yet." Max said."What do you mean we don't know anything? I just saw it and I know you did too!Tess yelled. "At this point we don't know what we saw."Max replied. "Don't know! Max it's not like it was a blur. We both saw it clearly. Why can't you just accept that?!" Tess screamed."I think it's time for you to leave." Max suggested. Tess glared at him for a moment before she spoke. "Fine." She grabbs her jacket and storms out of the house.

Max picked up the cordless phone and dialed Liz's cell. "Hello?" Liz answered. "Liz?" a voice on the other end said. "Max is that you?" She asked. "Uh yeah, um any luck at the library?" "Library? Didn't Isabel call you?" She turned to Isabel. "Didn't you call Max?" She asked her. "I didn't want him to bring the trampy blonde homewrecker."Isabel replied. "SWhy don't you speak a bit louder, I don't think Max heard you." Liz said sarcastically. "Oh sorry. I DIDN'T WANT HIM TO BRING THE TRAMPY BLONDE HOMEWRECKER TESS WITH HIM!" I sabel screamed so loud Max had to pull the phone away from his ear. "We're in Las Cruses, Max. It's where we traced the emails to." Liz explained. "When are you coming back?" Max asked."Well not tonight, right now we're going to the Travelodge to stay the night." Liz said. "Okay, book me a room. I'll be there in a couple of hours." He said. "Alright see ya then." She replied. "Oh and tell Isabel not to worry, I'm not bringing Tess." Max says before hanging up.

When Max got to the Travelodge his eyes imediately searched for Liz. She walks up to greet him. "Hi" She says. He walks past her to the elevator. Liz follows. "Can I help you with your bags?" She asks him. "No, I'm fine." They step into the empty elevator and Liz presses the button to the 7th floor. "Where is Isabel?" Max askes. "Um she's in her room." "Great." Max replied. Liz in frustration presse the STOP button. "What are you..." She interupts him. "What the hell is your problem.?" She screams at Max. "MY PROBLEM! My problem is that I can't get a picture of you and Kyle in bed together out of my head!" He yells. "Why do you care, You've got Tess?" "You know why." Max replies. "No, I'm sorry I don't. You're gonna have to explain it to me." "Liz I loved you okay, I still love you, but how could you betray me like that..." "Betray you? Max we weren't together1 She screams. "This isn't the time or place for this Liz." She shakes her head. "No, I say this is the perfect time and place. You obviously have a lot on your mind so go ahead. Let's say all the things we never said." He turns to look at her. "Fine, you wanna know the truth Liz, here it is. When I look at you I not only feel pain, but I feel sick. To know that you could betray me like that is just sickening. He says then leans over and restarts the elevator.

The two of them spent the rest of the time in silence. As the door opened and as Liz was about to step out max spoke. "Liz I'm sor..." "No it's alright, really. She then hands him his key and walks off to her room. Max couldn't help, but stare at her as she walked away.


Max climbed out of bed to answer the knock at his door. "Liz?" he asked when he saw her tear stained face. "Liz what's wrong?" "Can I come in?" She asks quietly. "Of course." He moved aside to let her in . She walks over and sits on the bed. He then follows and sits beside her. "You were right you know, in the elevator I mean. I know that sleeping with kyle was horrible. She says. "Liz look.." "Except I didn't" She interupts. "It was all staged so that you would think that Kyle and I slept together and so you would move on to Tess. I knew you were going to come to my window that night. "How?" He asked . "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." "try me." max replied

Feedback please. Did you like that part?
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awww No feedback*sad*. Oh well, here's part 7

Unheard Truths Part 7
"Try me." Max replied. "You know I went to a pyscic once. Maria, Alex and I." Liz started babling. She said I would marry my true love." Max interupted her, "I don't understand." "You will max, just let me explain." She takes a deep breath. "The night you saw me with Kyle something else was supposed to happen, but I stopped it." "What was supposed to happen?" He asked. "Well you see it's kind of complicated, but you just see it's ..." "Liz calm down." She takes another deep breath. "It's too hard for me to explain, so could you connect with me?" He stares at her for a moment. "Uh, yeah sure." He puts his hands on the sides of her head.

"The reading is clear. You marry your true love."

"I Liz Parker take Max Evans to be my..."

"What do you expect me to believe, that the granalith is some kind of time machine?" "It wasn't intended to be..."

"I need you, to help me, fall out of love with you"

"The closer you and I got, the worse it got with Tess"

"The end of the world"

"We eloped. We were nineteen"

"You're only making me love you more"

"We made love"

"30 minutes before I came here, I held Michael in my arms... dead. Isabel died two weeks before that."

"What can I do thet's going to make you turn away from me?"

"I need your help."

Liz and Kyle climbing into bed

"Kyle, when he healed you, did you see things?"

"The look on his face."

"So Max and Tess are gonna be together now?"

"I wanna have my wedding dance."

Liz and future Max dancing on her balcony.

The light shooting across the sky.

After the flashes ended Max and Liz both had tears in their eyes. Max wipes her tears away, then leans in and kisses her. Liz puts her arms around his neck and kisses back.

Liz sitting on a bed next to max. "No, Zan you don't understand. My parents died because of me."

Liz broke the kiss. "Oh my god." Max looks at her. "Liz there's something important I have to tell you." "What is it?" He looks at the floor. "It's about Tess." She shakes her head. "Max I really don't think I want to hear this." He looks back up confused. "Liz what do yo..." "Did you sleep with her?" Max is clearly shocked. "WHAT!" he yells "Why the hell would you think that." "Well you did kiss her at the prom. Liz replied. "You saw that?" "Well obviously." " Look Liz it has nothing to do with that. Tess is, well, um, she's uh, Tess is... "Is pregnant with your son and wants to name it Zan." She asks sarcastically."Your sister." Max finally spits out. "Max don't be stupid." "No Liz I'm telling the truth. You were on Antar." That explains our flashes. All thoses flashes were of us Liz, of us." Max explained. "Max are you feeling alright? Are you drunk again?" She asked a little worried. "Liz I'm fine. I did memory retrievals with Tess and we saw a vision. he pauses for a moment. It was of you and her talking.Talking about me." Liz bursts out laughing. "Me and Tess... were talking, about you... together. Max the idea of me and tess getting along and talking about you is just, well it's insane. Tess and I never get along". Liz said "Maybe on Earth, but on Antar you were sisters, friends even." Max replied."No Max, I can't be from Antar. What about my parents? My blood is human. And I don't have any powers. "You do have powers, you've used them before." "What are you talking about I've never used any powers?" Liz said . "Yes you did. When you dreamwalked me while I was in New York." Max explained. And what about my parents and my blood?" She asked him. "I dont know." He whispers. "All I know is thet from the first moment I saw you, I knew you were the one for me. That you were my destiny." He touches her face with his hand.

"You are not letting yourself change!"

Max kisses Liz again and without breaking it they slowly lay down on the bed.

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Hi, I know I haven't posted in a really long time, but Part eight is actually done and I will post it when I have the time.
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I know I haven't updated in a really long time, but I've been really busy. Plus I have another fic that I have to update too, its called Tell Me You Love Me so if you have time check it out. Oh and I forgot to put a rating on this, but it's not NC-17 its PG-13. Thanks for the feedback.
I'M BACK!!!*bounce*

Unheard Truths Part 8

When Liz woke up she realized that she was not in her room. She looked around an d remembered that she was staying in a hotel in Las Cruces for the night. Yet she was not in her room. She was lying on something hard. She looked down and realized it was Max's behr chest. She also realized she wasn't wearing any clothes. She then smiled remembering what had happened between them last night. Everything in her life was finally perfect. Except for the fact that she might be an alien, but she really didn't want to think about that right now. She looked up and saw Max staring down at her. "Hi," She whispered. He smiled. "Hi." She smiles back. "How long have you been up?" He shrugs. "About an hour." She moves up a bit so her face was even with his. Why didn't you wake me up?" "Because I wanted to watch you for awhile." Max confessed. "Why?" "Because you're beautiful." Liz blushes then leans down and gives Max a soft kiss. "Thank you." She says "For what?" She runs her hand through his hair. "For making me feel so special." Max cups her face and kisses her and pulls away. "Any regrets?" He asked. Liz shakes her head. "Never." Liz then cuddles up to him and He kisses her temple.

There was a loud nock at the door. Max and Liz both look at it. "Who is it?" Max yells. "Max its me. I can't find Liz. She's not in her room! Yells a frantic Isabel."What if she was taken... or... or..." "Isabel calm down. She's in here." "WHAT!!! What's she doing in there. Okay you two I want you out right now. I'll be waiting in the lobby. Don't forget your key." Max sighs and looks at Liz. "I guess we'd better get dressed." she says. "Or we could stay in bed." he says grinning evily. Liz gives him a quick kiss and says. "No." she quickly gets up and runs into the bathroom.

Isabel looked up from her book as she saw Max and Liz walking towards her. "It's about time. I was about to leave without you." Max gives her a sarcastic smile. "Well lets go then." He says "NO. I wanna talk to Liz. You go give the front desk your key then go and wait for us at your jeep." "I thought you wanted to leave?" Liz says. "It'll only take five minutes." She look at Max " What are you still doing here. Go away." Max gives Liz a kiss then smiles at Isabel and walks away. Liz stares after him. Isabel snaps her fingers in front of Liz's face. Liz looks back at her. "Okay, spill. What happened.?" Liz smiles. "Well we're back together." Isabel rolls her eyes. "Like I didn't know that already." "well we had a fight about something and I needed to tlk to him so I went into his room and we... well we forgave each other for everything and then we... well we.." "Slept together." Isabel finishes. Liz blushes and nods. "Something else happened though. I can tell." "Listen Isabel its a really long story. I'll promise I'll tell you later, but right now I think we should go." Isabel sighs. "Alright, but you'd better tell me every single detail later, Aura." She frowns. 'Where did that come from'. She thinks. Liz stares at the floor. 'I know that name.' She thinks. 'Where have I heard it before. Could I really be an alien. Of course not Liz what are you thinking.' Liz is pulled oput of her thoughts when Isabel speaks. "Well we should get to the jeep." Liz nods. "Yeah. Oh Do you have a ponytail?" Isabel smiles. "Yeah sure." She takes one out of her bag and hands it to Liz. "Thanks. Liz takes her hair and puts it up. Isabel's smile disappears. For on Liz's stomach there was a tiny glowing handprint. Isabel looks at her. "Well should we go." Liz says.

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Her address is

I would really appreciate you helping. I'm sorry this is taking so long

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Alright I've decided to just write the rest of this story by myself by. I'll write my own part 9. I keep e-mailing her but she doesn't reply. I'm just gonna do my own stuff. I'm gonna put my other stories on hold and write this. I'll try and have part 9 out as soon as possible
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I have not written this on paper I'm just typing as I think. Its always been easier that way for me.

Unheard Truths part 9a

"So what did you guys do yesterday at the library?" Max asked when Isabel and Liz got to the jeep. "Well not much really." Liz started. We were only there for about an 10 minutes before we came to the hotel." Isabel was silent. She couldn't get that picture of of Liz's stomach out of her mind. What was that. Was Liz pregnant. "Isabel..?" Mx asked. She looked at him. "Yeah?" "I was just saying that maybe we should go back there and find out what we can." Shenods. "Where?" He looks at her weird. "The library." "Oh uh yaeh we should go back." "Are you okay?" Liz asks. "Yah I'm fine. I was just thinking about something else." They nod." Well I guess we should have breakfast first so where do you want to go?" Max asks. "Breakfast?" Isabel asks sarcstically. "Okay so brunch." Max says. "Anyway. Where do you want to go?" "Well how about we just get Mcdonalds." Liz suggests. "It'll be fast so we can hurry up and get to the university." She looks at Max and Isabel. "Yeah that sounds fine." Isabel says. Max nods. "Mcdonalds it is."

"Okay Max you can order, me and Liz are gonna go find a table." Isable says with a smile. Max pouts. "Why are you taking her away from me?" "Oh shut up you baby. You had her all night." Max and Liz blush. She drags Liz away. "So. I have some questions." Liz nods. "Okay. Did it hurt?" "Well did at first but Max healed me" Isabel nods. "Obviously. Okay um were you scared." "Terrified." "Do you feel different?" Isabel wanted to ask something else, but was way too scared to. 'What if it was just my imagination?' she thought. "Alright here you go." Max said as he put the trays down. "Thank you." Liz said as she gave him a light kiss. Max sits down next to her and uts his arm around her shoulders. "What were you guys talking about?" He asks. "Oh nothing. Just girl talk." He nods.

Liz takes a bite of her hamburger and spitst out. Max looks at her. "What's wrong." He asks She shakes her head. "I don't know. It tasted funny for some reason." She looks at his. "Can I try some of yours?" She asks. "Its got tobasco on it." He says. She ignores him and takes the hamburger out of his hands. She looks at it for a moment than takes a bite. She smiles and takes another one. Max ad Isabel stare at her. "What?" She ass. "Since when do you eat tobasco?" Isabel asks. Liz shrugs and continues eating. Max is still staring at her. Liz finishes the hamburger. "Where's the tobasco sauce?" She asks. Isabel hands her the bottle. Liz takes it and dumps all the tobasco on her hamburger. She takes a bite. "It tastes right now." She informs them. "I'll be right back." Max says. "Where're you going?" Isabel asks. "The bathroom. I'll be right back." She nods.

Max walks outside and sits on one of the benches. 'I can't believe this. I dont understand. Yesterday she was perfectly normal and now... She wont admit she's an alien, but I know it's true. It's the only explanation.' "MAX you'd better get back in here." Isabel says from the door. "What's wrong?" She grabs his arm and drags him back to the table and points at Liz who is now staring at them with tears in her eyes. "Liz what's wrong?" He asks and pulls her into his arms. "Why'd you leave me?" She cries. "Oh honey I just needed some air. I didn't leave you. I'll never leave you" She looks him in the eyes. "Promise?" He nods. She hugs him.


"Serena! I get to go home!" Aura yelled." Are you serious?" Aura nodded. "Zan sent me a letter this morning." "Oh my god I'm gonna miss you so much" "No you won't." Serena looked at her confused. "What's you mean? Of course I am." "No you won't cause you're coming with me."

End Flash

Liz jumped back. She and Max stared at each other. "That was Jessica." Liz said. "Why was Jessica there?" "Why was Jesica where?" Isabel asked "Who's Jessica? What's going on?" "I think I can explain." Someone said. They all looked to the voice. Max's eyes went wide. Isabel gasped and Liz yelled "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?"
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***Important AN***

Okay I changed some stuff in the first few parts. I'm telling you now DO NOT go back and read it. It's just a waste of time. All that really matters is the fact that in part 3 I think it was, Serena said that Liz's powers were returning. I changed that to she's getting her powers. The reasons are in this part.

Also very important question at the end of the part.

Oh and I didn't have any paper so wrote this on cue cards so I'm not really sure how long it is

This is like the most I've ever gone in the sci-fi world.

Unheard Truths part 9b

"Are you not happy to see me Lizzie?" Alex asked. "How is this possible? You're dead." Liz says. "Uh... no I'm not." "Yes you are! You were murdered!" Liz yells and stands up. The people around her start staring at her. "She's just practicing for a play." Max says. Thay all look away. Isabel, Max and Liz look back at Alex. Isabel runs into his arms. "Uh Iz as happy as I am to see you, I do need to breathe." She doesn't move. "I'm so happy you're alive. I love you." She whispers. He smiles. "I love you too." Isabel leans over and gives him a kiss. "Don't you dare leave me again!" She orders. She finally lets go of him and sits down. Liz walks up to Alex and hugs him. "I thought you were dead?" "Nope I'm right here. Happy?" "God yes I missed you so much." Alex then looks at Max. "Hey." he says. Max smiles. "Nice to see you again." "Ya you too. So I guess you two are back together?" Alex asks looking between Max and Liz. "Ya she's mine so let go of her." Max joked and took Liz out of Alex's arms. "Hey she came to me." Alex defended himself. "Anyway I think we should get back to business here." They all sit down. "Okay um wait did you say that I was murdered." Alex asked confused. "Ya you were murdered. Well I thought you were atleast." "Really? Well Serena didn't tell me that." Max and Liz's stare at him. "You know Serena?" Max asks. "Ya I met her awhile ago." "Alex did you miss me?" Isabel interupts them. Alex looks at her and smiles. "Of course I missed you. I thought I was gonna die if I had to go another day without seeing you." Isabel smiles and kisses him again. "Yes yes very nice, now can we get back to Serena?" Max says. Isabel glares at him. Liz smiles and shakes her head. "Anyway you were saying?"

"Okay I guess I shopuld start with the fact that I never went to Sweden." They all look at him and say "DUH!" "Okay fine. Anyway I was planning on going. 2 weeks before my trip I started having these dreams. They were about Liz. Sometimes she would be with you Max, sometimes with Iz, sometimes with Michael, sometimes with Tess, sometimes with this other girl, and sometimes by herself. I couldn't understand them. At first I thought I was seeing the future. Then I realized it was the past. Anyway aft..." Alex stopped. "What?" Liz asked. "There's something else you need to know first. You need to know the truth." He tells them. "C'mon lets go." He standsup. "Where?" Isable asked. "Serena's."

"Hey Ser I'm here." Alex yelled when he entered the apartment. "What took you so lo...Oh hi." She said as she noticed the other 3 people in the room. "Isn't your name was Jessica?" Liz asked. "Oh uh it was a cover name." Liz nodded. "Well. Why don't we go into the living room." They follow her. "Okay I'm sure you guys have some questions so why don't we start there." She looks at them. "I'll start." Isabel says. Serena nods. "Okay lets start with, who are you?" "My name is Serena. I am from the planet Antar and I am your sister." "Our sister?" Max asks with disbelief.. Serena nods. "Yes but now is not the tme to talk about it. Next question." "Okay um why are you here?" "The queen." Serena simply answered. "Tess?' Liz asked. Max stared at her. Serena blinks in surprise. "No. Tess isn't the queen." She says. "So I wasn't married to her?" Max asks hopefully. "No you married her, but she was your second wife." "Who was his first?" Liz couldn't help but ask. Before Serena could respnd Isable interupted. "Please don't tell me it was you, 'cause we're not really into that whole incest shit." Serena bursts out laughing. "Me the queen?" She says between laughs. "Now that has to be the funniest thing I've ever heard. Okay not really but its close. Anyway no I'm not the queen I'm the queen's protector. The queen is Liz." Liz's eyes go wide. Max smiles. "I knew it." He says. Serena smiles at him. "What do you mean? I can't be the queen. I'm human." "You most certainly are not. Okay well you are. Your body is, but your soul is Antarian." Serena explains. "but I have parents. REAL parents. And I don't have powers. I can't I-I'm human." Liz started babbling. "Okay Liz listen. Being human doesn't mean you don't have powers. And I'm sorry, but you were adopted when you were three." "Three???" They all asked. "Why was she three when we were six?" Isabel asked."Unlike the rest of you who are half antarian, half human. Liz is a full human. Antarian children cannot survive on earth until the age of six. Liz didn't have that problem. We let her out when she was three because that was when your Grandma Claudia was exploring the caves. We figured you would be safer raised by humans who didn't know who you were. That way your enemies wouldn't be able to find you. You were too young to remember and your parents didn't tell you because they were scared that you would leave them and try to find your real parents." Liz just sat there trying to take in what she had just learned. She looked up. "How come I've never been able to use my powers?" She asked. "You won't recive all of your powers until you are connected to the other 4. Seeing as how you have already connected to Max and Isab.." "We didn't connect." Isabel interupted. Serena nodded. "Yes you did, you just didn't realize it. You connected when Liz dreamwalked Max in New York." "Why does she have to connect with us to get her powers?" Max asked. Serena took a deep breath. "Well you see, on Antar, Everyone has basic powers, as in connecting, manipulating molecular stuctures, etc. The nobles and royals however, had extra gifts. Such as healing, the shield, dreamwalking, mind reading, mindwarping, and that.... thing Michael does." "How do you know all of our names?" Isabl asked. "I told her." Alex said speaking up for the first time. "Anyway." Serena continued." Liz didn't have these gifts. Not even the basics. She couldn't even connect to someone. And that made her significant. For it seemed that Liz's child would have all of the gifts. Every power this child would have. Noone could understand it. Atleast back then. Luckily before you were sent here the reason was discovered. You see, every Antarian has a tiny bit of human in them. The human part gives them their powers, when the Antarian part allows them to access them unlike humans. Liz even though she had the human inside of her was different. She couldn't access her powers. That is the reason we made her a full humn. The Antarian side in her instead of making her capable of using her powers made it block the human part out. Her Antarian mind was too strong for the human part. If Liz had a child with anyone else the fact that her mind was so strong would make the child the most powerful being in the universe. So when we made her human, we needed to make sure she could have her powers. It is her only source of protection. If Liz connects to you other 4 her mind will copy them and make her capable of using them."

Serena stopped and looked at the group. Max was staring at Liz in disbelief, Isabel looked completely lost and Liz looked like she was going to be sick. "Um what.. what was my name?" She asked. Serena gives her a small smile. "Your name was Aura. You were the daughter of Lord Nasir and Lady Zaria. You are Ava and Rath or Tess and Michael's sister. Not to mention the queen of Antar and Zan or Max's first wife." "What do you mean by first wife?" Max asked. Serena and Alex shared a look. "Are you sure you want to hear this?" "Yes." They answered imediately Serena glances at Alex. Then looks back at the. She nods. "Okay then."

Important Question
Okay now we're getting into the past on Antar. What I want to know is if you guys want a whole past like a story within a story or just Serena teling them outloud? This is really important and I need to know before I can start part 10.
Thank you

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Just a selfish bump to say thanks to Eternal_Dreamer, Calinia, and cglenn for the feedback. Also thanks for answering my question. I am going to do it by Serena telling them outloud. I've already started part 10 and I'll have it up as soon as possible.

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I'm trying here, I really am. It's just not coming to me. I got in touch with Courtney, but she was at a writer's block too. Plus I don't think she's going to be writing for a while now, cause her grandpa just died*sad*. Feeling very sorry for her and hope she's okay.

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Okay just a little question. Would it be okay with you guys if I did the short version, but every once in a while I give a flash for some of the parts. Like the flashes I've already given I'll put them in again where they're supposed to be in the story and give some dreamer flashses sometimes? I kinda thought that would be better cause I've got some scenes I really want to write.
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K I'm so close to being done the next part. It'll be up soon, I promise.