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Hi everyone! Here's a quick summary/recap cuz scrapes one to five are gone forever (unless someone save it). Okay, 1 to 5 was quite NC-17. Scrapes six and seven will not be.

The cast: the NY Four plus
Alspeth/Peth (Dupe Liz) - a kind of prophet/shaman in her other life

Ka-Jodas/Jodie (Dupe Maria) - famous intergalactic lawyer (LOL)

Gunnar (Dupe Kyle) - governor under the king of half of Antar and Ka-Jodas' husband

Leanjunockii/Lean (Dupe Alex) - governor under the king of the other half and he works out and is even buffer than Zan, by the way

The story so far - the main points:

The Dupes are very sexually promiscuous. They go with each, with humans, even shapeshifters. First there was Zan and Ava. Jodie ditched Gunnar and fought Ava over Zan and for a while he had them both but a whim made him chose a loose kind of exclusivity with Jodie. Lately, he's been strangely aware of Peth and vice versa and they never particularly got along. Peth's been with Gunnar but Gunnar is crude and unsatisfying, so she ditches him. Rath sneaks in her room, does something oral for her but she cries out Zan's name. Rath being Rath doesn't care. Rath pursues her and Zan is a little jealous - tells him to stay away from her - causes a scene at Tower Records where Peth works when Rath disobeys him. Next, they all go to a wild block party Ava finds out about. Ava dresses Peth in a pretty red dress and does her make-up nicely. (Peth is more the bell bottoms/T-shirt/mini backpack kind of gal.) Before they go, Lonnie 'oralizes' Ava making her scream (so Jodie was right about Lonnie's talent in this area!). This excites both Peth and Lean in the livingroom and Lean fingers Peth to satisfaction. Lonnie and Lean and Rath usually made a threesome - with Lonnie doing most of the watching, but at this block party when Lean wins a kiss from Lonnie in a game, they end up a twosome - standing up - and Lonnie is quite satisfied. Ava is bored, wanders in a house full of potheads playing twister and finds Gunnar in the basement cheating some varsity types at poker. They accuse him of cheating (he did) and he uses his powers on them openly. Ava drags him out. Zan arrives with some girl named Kayla who's been doing him half the night and he's a little tired but still not quite satisfied. Rath is after Peth who dodges him and runs into Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit but she only talks with him about music which she loves in general, but he's trying to get her. Rath walks up trying to start trouble. Meanwhile Ava laughing at Gunnar stripped naked and moonwalking on the hood of an SUV. Jodie sees Kayla with Zan and starts fighting the girl. Zan gets pissed cuz some cops are snooping around and the podsters don't need any extra attention. So he makes Kayla blank out, has to do a Vulcan neck thing on Jodie to make her pass out, then he makes Gunnar sober up. He orders Ava to take Jodie home and really blows a fuse when he sees that Durst guy and Rath arguing over Peth. He orders Rath home. Fred Durst thinks they're all frickin weird and saunters over to the vague-looking Kayla. Zan snatches an indignant Peth away and they drive and argue and end up 'swinging an episode' in Riverside Park in Zan's jeep which slips out of 'park' and slams into a tree at the same time the their goal. Then a second time up against that very same tree. But it turns out not to be the simple release they thought...


We continue the story here. This is PG-13 / R from here on. Enjoy!

scrape six

Peth lay in bed wide-awake. Everyone else was drunk and asleep so she could be alone with her agitated thoughts. She just about hated Zan at that moment. The sex they had meant something to her. She didn’t want it to since he was being such an ass – but it did. And she was afraid that he meant something to her without the sex. He’d been cold and silent on their way home shutting himself off from whatever was forming between them. He came hard…then he went. Now she was stuck with unrequited, stupid feelings. Bastard!

Turning towards the window she wondered where he was and wished he were here right now so she could tell him to his face what a coward he was. Yeah, that’s the first thing she’d do if….No, she should forget all this sh*t. Forget him. That’s right! Forget his ass…

***** *****

Zan felt like a complete moron. He was sick of driving around like he was some chickensh*t. So what Peth swung a little episode with him and he was still feeling the thrill. It was probably just cuz they made a weird combination. For most of the past ten years she was just a short big-eyed brown imp with a smart mouth. All of a sudden this year she started making him hungry for something he couldn’t put a name to. Well, he thought sex would take care of that but it just made things worse.

Zan mashed on the accelerator. Nah. He was just hyped up about the ‘Flight Back’ tomorrow. That thought satisfied him for about a minute driving down the Bowery. Then he scowled and spit out the side of the jeep. The d*mned alien trip didn’t excite him one way or another. He was Da Man here, right? He’d have to be the Da King there, right? Same sh*t, different existence. Forget this! Zan made a crazy u-turn. He f*cked tonight like he’d done a hundred times before! It was nothing special. Nothing! He headed back to the podplace. What was wrong with him anyway? Everything was about to change. A mega-war was personally waiting for him light years away and he’d be all up in it within 24 hours. Now here he was whining over some milk ‘n’ cookies bullsh*t. Zan felt better now that he’d gotten a grip. Just as he passed 42nd Street a little voice inside whispered… Yeah boy, the sweetest cookies you ever had…

Shut up!

All was dark and quiet on the homefront. They better all be here too. He could see the outline of Rath’s mohawk hanging off the side of the couch and Jodie was snoring somewhere like an atomic bomb as usual. Time to check the bedrooms. Lonnie and Lean – in. That was fine. If he was with Lonnie then he wasn’t…somewhere else. Ava – in. Gunnar. Where was that knucklehead? Alarmed, he just barely stopped himself from flinging open Peth’s door…before checking Snorella’s room. Opening Jodie’s door when she was snoring was like letting out mad hogs and Rath moaned in protest from the couch. Zan squinted. Sprawled beside her in the dark was Gunnar. Zan relaxed and closed the door again.

“Wuss,” he mutter to himself because he hesitated before pushing open Peth’s door. He found her sitting up in the dark, staring right at him. It looked like she was sleeping in a slip, the red one he saw earlier. “What are you doing awake?” he demanded lamely.

“Minding my business. What are you doing in my room?”

Zan was doubly annoyed that he wanted nothing more than to climb all over her. “What I always do, idiot,” he returned with more venom than he intended. “The night check.”

Peth pressed her lips together to hide a tremor. “Well you checked, now get out.” She slid under the covers, turning her back to him. Zan fought the urge to snatch her right up from the d*mn bed. Instead he slammed her door on the way out, eliciting a few choice curses from Rath again. Ignoring him, Zan stalked to his own room, stripped and fell on his bed, an arm flung over his eyes in a futile attempt to hold back the memory their time in the park – of the way her skin felt under his hands, the way she moved with him… He’d gotten too lost in her flesh. He had to stay frosty. The sooner they all went back to Antar, the better. He was sick of being the leader of a bunch of spacey Jerry Springer rejects anyway. The whole scene was tired.

***** ***** *****

Late the next evening the podsters were still packing up, having been instructed – or rather threatened – to be ready by the time Zan got back around 11pm.

“Why he gotta come back at 11?” Ava complained with a mouth full of carrot cake. “Now I won’t be able to watch the Oprah rerun.”

Lean shrugged. “So?”

“It’s a Dr. Phil Tuesday rerun, clueless.”

I’m clueless?”

Jodie was rummaging almost violently in her tote bag. “Where is my frickin’ make-up case?”

From his relaxed position on the couch, Rath watched her, idly twirling a toothpick around in his mouth. “We goin’ back to Planet Home in about four hours and you worried about some g*dd*mn make-up? As if it worked for you N-E-way.”

Popping her gum, Jodie gave him the finger, not deigning to even look his way.

Ava hopped up next to Gunnar on the kitchen counter. “What’s wrong with you, zombie?”

“Nothing. That’s just it, man. Nothing’s wrong with me so why am I going on this one-way freak trip? You the queen and Zan thinks he’s a king. Peth’s some kinda witch with the key to the MIA granolith stuck somewhere in her old memory – as opposed to the one she got now – Rath’s a commander and Lonnie’s a royal. They got all these frickin’ wannabe leaders here…why do they need a governor like me for?”

Ava rolled her eyes and took another bite of cake. “We’re like a complete set, Gunnar. A unit. Anyway, what the frick would you do on Earth for the rest of your life? You can’t strip and moonwalk on the hoods o’ cars every night, man.”

Gunnar stared at her. “D*mn, you always eatin’…”

Closing her last zipper with an annoyed yank, Peth raised her eyebrow warningly at Lonnie who was casually blowing smoke in her face.

“Yo, what’s eatin’ my brother?”

“Jodie!” Rath replied, laughing stupidly.

“Jealous cuz you ain’t?” Jodie shot back.

Lonnie blew the thickest cloud yet. “I’m talking to you, Peth. You all on his tip and he’s acting weird. Did you put a mojo on him,…soothsayer, magic mouse, whatever you are?”

Peth folded her arms. “I’m f*ck you, that’s what I am. I ain’t got nothing to do with your brother. Ask him what you want to know or eat sh*t. It’s the same to me.”

“Hey, ain’t we gonna order something from Shaylene’s?” Ava asked plaintively. “I’m hungry, yo.”

Gunnar stared her mouth. “You’re eating right now, man. What’s wrong with you? Chew any faster and you’ll get a jaw cramp, sh*t!”

B*tches, who took my make-up case?!” In reply Rath belched in Jodie’s face and she smacked him hard enough to leave a welt. He only laughed.

Lonnie hadn’t taken her narrowed eyes off Peth. “Woke up in the toilet, did we? I don’t need to ask him. I’m asking you.”

“I guess it’s ‘eat sh*t’ then, huh?”

Lonnie smiled nastily. “Hold up a minute. Let me put this cig out and then I’ll stomp ya into liquid. How’s that, loser?”

Lean sauntered over, his eyes slumberous. “Don’t waste juice kickin’ Peth’s ass. Why don’t you…?” He put Lonnie in a loose headlock and whispered in her ear.

“Get off…” Lonnie smiled. “You dog. Now?” Lean pulled her behind him.

Peth had had enough of them all. She hurried into her room and slammed the door. She was sick of every twisted one of them – including herself. All they did was play and screw. What the f*ck was the point of their existence here? Why were they like this? She was depressed now and just wanted this to be over. She lay back on her bed, gradually relaxing now that she was alone. She thought she’d just close her eyes a little…not sleep but just…rest…

***** ***** *****

“Get up.”

Something shook her. She opened her eyes to see Zan frowning down at her.

“Yo, it’s time to go.”

“What? How long did I sleep?”

“How am I supposed to know? I only been in here ten minutes.”

Peth’s stomach lurched. What was he doing in here while she was asleep? No, she wouldn’t ask. In her agitation she jumped up and Zan reflexively grabbed her arms. Peth blinked, the feeling of his palms on her so familiar. He was holding her kinda close. “You can let go now. I ain’t gonna hurt ya,” she said breathlessly. So much for the tough vibe she was trying to send. “It’s time to go, right?” she snapped trying to pull back. He wouldn’t budge. “Let go, fool!”

Zan shook her. “I’m getting tired of your mouth.”

“Since when?” she drawled suggestively, eyebrow arched. She tried not to quiver when he tightened his hold, pulling her up on her toes. His stormy face was about an inch from hers.

“Don’t kiss me! I don’t like the way you do it!” she hissed defensively.

One side of his mouth curled up mockingly and she wanted punch his lights out. She really did. “Don’t waste ya breath, baby. I ain’t got time for what you want.” He plunged his hands in her hair, rubbing her scalp, all trace of humor gone now, a fierce light in his eyes as he studied her, his face still so close, so close…

Peth was weak. She was longing for him and hanging on to her pride by a thin thread. Oh, he was vile – so vile to tease her! “I’m sick of your sh*t, Zan. They said when we make the change we’ll barely remember these past ten years. They'll be like one long dream. Good! All I want to do is forget every last minute – especially you!”

The fire immediately left his eyes and he thrust her away. Peth hated feeling like she just lost something.

“I don’t give a d*mn what you want.” He walked out, adding without a backward glance, “Just grab your sh*t and bring your ass out here!”

***** ***** *****

It was 2am, eastern standard time, United States, Earth. The alien hybrids were all standing in row inside an underground chamber beneath Riverside Park. Two purebred aliens manned the controls. The hybrids stood on neon circles of various colors two feet in diameter. The aliens didn’t look much different from humans which was somewhat surprising. The only real difference was that Antarian eyes were noticeably larger and the average alien height was eight feet.

Miveet and Idd were their escorts, both male, both pilots. Miveet was also Zan and Vilondra’s third cousin or something like that. From their height of about nine feet they stared solemnly down at the king.

“Kad ahhshor ved kor, Dyus?”

Zan answered back slowly. “Veede ahhshori nye.”

They bowed low before him and then began to sequentially press pads on the metal panel in front of them. The podsters stared straightforward - subdued, resigned, expectant. No pint in backing out now even if they wanted to. They were already changing. Peth shifted as she felt a strange heat penetrating up through her feet inching up to her knees. It hurt. A little spurt of panic made her look at Zan and their eyes caught and held.

He mouthed the words, "Yo... Kividay. Kividay, mafaynitiy. Med covi.” It meant, “Relax. Relax, little soothsayer. I’m here.” And suddenly the powerful currents surging through the hybrids - all of them - forced every head upwards, straining. They seemed to be engulfed by rays of flames and then…nothing.


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Hi Pandas and Cinder! Man, am I up late! I better get some shut-eye.

Cinder originally wrote:
Oh...I remember this fic! How come the first parts were deleted?????

Well *shy*...I started to write this fic when I was in not such a good mood. The fic was very porny and I don't want to write that, so it all had to go. I hope the summary gives you a general idea of the characters. I know it's not the same as having it written out properly. My bad!

Until next time...too-da-loo!
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Thank you, LEL. *happy* I'm working on what will be the last part as we speak.
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Tabasco Liz, is that little bundle of joy yours? How precious! Congratulations! *angel*

Alien614 and LivE, yes another chapter of "a dupe jones" will follow the last (next) chapter of "rough dreams". But...I'm nervous. I'm scared! I'm intimidated. Zan's been burning soooo long. (I'm so sorry, Zan!) I need those ecstasy vibes again BIG time. *bounce*
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Hello everyone. Pinky here. My father died of lung cancer complications on April 15. That's why "scrape seven" has been delayed. I'm happy that my father isn't suffering anymore and now he's with the Lord and his loved ones who passed before him, like my mother. There's a kind of joy in my grief.

I have been working on the next part though (writing cheers me up), so I want to post it Tuesday or Wednesday.

See ya then!
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Sorry, Roswellians. It's been kinda hectic in my life right now. I'm in the grieving period, y' know. *sad* Miss my Dad. Anyway, just dropping in to let you know that I am working on the last chapter of this fic, the wrap-up. And now I'm wondering if my Zan in "adj" will even talk to me! Don't worry. He's coming back strong in May, k? Keep sending the vibes (and prayers too). Thanks!*angel*
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I was really depressed today so I need to post...and eat...and scrape eight will be the last for real. I'm anxious now to get back to "a dupe jones".

scrape seven

Two years later…

On Antar, premier planet in the second sector of the Dakka galaxy…

The entire court was assembled for the victorious return of the king and his entourage, the famous Antarian army. After the return and transformation of the hybrids they immediately took their rightful places within the kingdom, the murky past of their human lives faded to the background – for most of them.

A warm breeze gently blew Peth’s pearl gray robes around her petite seven foot four frame. She looked briefly up at the mint green sky populated with pale yellow cirrus clouds. It was a perfect day for his…er, for their return. Her young cousin’s excited squeal drew her attention back to the growing line on the horizon.

“Alspeth, look! I can just make out the king!”

Peth smiled down at Tirahsh. “Among all that gleaming metal? Besides, he wouldn’t be in front.”

Tirahsh wrinkled her nose in puzzlement. “Oh course he would be in front. Where else would he be?”

Peth didn’t answer. Her anticipation grew sharp even though she remained outwardly calm. The blast of the trumpets seemed to run along her veins as quickly as her mounting excitement. But she was careful. Shamans were supposed to be always stoic and steady. Of all people they had to exercise the most effort to be that way because of the passions that ran deep in their race – passions that enabled them to intuit deeply in service of whomever they were bound.

When Peth could finally sense where Zan was among his army, she turned away in the spirit of self-denial and self-control.

“Where are you going, Alspeth? Aren’t you going to cheer him on as he enters the gates?”

Again Peth did not answer her but moved gracefully down the ornate hallway. No, she would not watch Zan’s approach although she wanted to much more than Tirahsh could imagine. She would not wait for him like an anxious lover. That was Ava’s job – if she could tear herself away from her wild bunch of friends long enough to do it. Anyway if he wanted her…(Peth unconsciously balled a fist)…or rather, if her services were needed, she would be summoned.

It took a long time for her to reach the rear entrance of the palace and she was certain that by the time she did, Zan had already arrived at the front arch within the city limits. The palace was monumentally huge. Peth swiftly made her way down about a hundred stone steps to the beach. How she loved the ocean and the serene rush of the waves. Whenever she was called to the palace, which had been frequent in the beginning when the Lost Royals had first returned, she took this route. The easily resumed their Antarian lives, and for most of them Earth was a dream, but not for Peth. It was more like a clear memory of a not so long ago past – a past that was an intrinsic part of the Antarian she was now. The others in her coven looked at her strangely from time to time. She was not the same Alspeth sa-Feddin - First Mafayni of the royal family - that she was before being killed decades ago.

Peth continued to reminisce about that time not so long ago, as she walked along the beach toward her home. It was a modest dwelling, spacious but homey. The outer walls were a quiet lime green mixed with minerals that made them appear to be dusted with silver glitter. The royal family had always been generous to their ‘sayers. She went upstairs to the back parlor facing the sea. Some music and quiet contemplation were in order. She took off her headdress and robes revealing a snug sarong of the same color underneath. She put on her favorite music, poured herself a drink and settled down on the couch facing the sea.

She should be satisfied. Everything was peachy in her world now. In a second lifetime she had proven her skill and knowledge and was once again valued not only as a shaman but also as…a teacher for Sutyei children. Some of the other ‘sayers in the coven raised their eyebrows at that one. ‘Don’t get too close,’ Mother Svuva Aiyen, the Superior, cautioned indulgently, ‘It only takes one mistake…’

Peth took another sip and stared pensively down at her goblet. Shamans were once very much distrusted. They had been hunted and imprisoned for practicing their religion and using their gifts. In a particularly dark period many were killed. But with sanity came social reform although the shamans were still suspect in certain circles. There had existed a relatively easy alliance between the Mafaynis (a minority of mystics) and the Sutyeis (regular folk). It was strictly a business alliance. Socializing between the two races was strictly monitored and limited. She found out the hard way, but even now she wouldn’t change a thing if it meant she’d never see that boyishly affectionate smile meant just for her…

She drained her goblet. No, she didn’t want to go there.

***** ***** *****

Zan was the last man to enter his city. He was so proud of his people. For nearly two years his troops fought well and with honor, restoring order to a disordered solar system. They deserved every accolade that now rose stridently from the crowds. They waved flags, threw flowers and confetti, and shouted hymns played triumphantly on large instruments. The men and women who fought with him deserved the most honor, so he walked behind them to show it. However it seemed to make the crowds scream his name all the louder, “Zan Dyus! Zan taegon!” (“King Zan! Mighty Zan!”)

The troops divided in half to the left and right, insisting that Zan and his core entourage walk past them so they could salute this king whom they loved so much. Beside him among others was Rath who had proven himself in battle but who had on more than one occasion needed to be restrained from committing excessive acts of violence. Gunnar and his wife Ka-Jodas, Leanjunockii, Vilondra, and several other members of the High Court were waiting for the two men up on the dais in front of the palace entrance. Zan’s gaze narrowed as he scanned the group again.

She wasn’t there.

Vilondra didn’t wait for them to get close. She rushed down and hugged Zan. “Brother, welcome home!”

He smiled at her. “It’s good to be welcomed, sister.”

She raised her eyebrow playfully at Rath. “And who’s this ruffian?”

Rath scowled when she grabbed him. “You haven’t changed a bit, princess.”

“Towards you…no,” she whispered in his ear, before hurrying ahead to fling open the doors.

The others gathered around with their praises and thanksgivings. As soon as he was able to Zan pulled Vilondra aside. “Where’s the ‘sayer?”

“Don’t you mean ‘where’s the player’, your bride-to-be…Ava Montaro? That’s easy. She’s still in bed with her lover. I hope you’re hungry, Zan, because Lani created a serious pre-banquet banquet for you.”

“Where’s Alspeth, Vilondra?”

Vilondra rolled her eyes. “Oh, floating around somewhere I guess. Why? Oh please don’t tell me I’ll have to look at any Malaynis tonight at the banquet. The war is over. We don’t need them anymore.”

“Your Highness!” A shrill voice called out right behind them before a little girl in robes launched herself at Zan.

Frowning, Vilondra turned away, muttering, “Speaking of devils…”

“Look at you! A little woman!” Zan spun Tirahsh around, making the child laugh. “Come walk with me. How’s my favorite imp?”

“Very well, your Highness.” She was beaming from ear to ear. “I can’t wait ‘til the party tonight!”

“Mm. Is your cousin bringing you?”

“I don’t know. She’s been acting weird. We were standing here watching you approach and all of a sudden she just left and didn’t say a word.”

Zan looked at her thoughtfully. “You better go home now.”

Tirahsh started to protest but caught herself. It was an honor to be on somewhat informal terms with the king, but that leeway only went but so far. She bowed low to him with a ‘Yes, your Highness’ and quickly left.

Lani, the royal chef, and her servants brought out lots of delicacies in the main hall as a welcome brunch but Zan didn’t join the others right away. He paced a little before a window and then motioned to a page. Moments later the page was racing along the beach.


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I'm just gonna post and not say a chapter is going to be the last or not until I'm truly certain of that. Needly to say...there's a scrape nine! I'm nuts! Also, excuse misspellings and misused words, if any. I'm beta myself. Isn't that bad? :lol:

scrape eight

At the main house of the coven their protests were bombarding her, making her have second thoughts. But that’s all they were – second thoughts.

“You’re crazy! You can’t do this!”

“No one defies a direct order of the king! You’ll cause us trouble we don’t need.”

“What kind of Mafayni are you??”

“Look at her. There’s no reasoning with one such as her. Ever since she’s been regurgitated on that primitive brick of a planet, she hasn’t been the same.”

The Superior, Svuva, suddenly walked in and everyone stood at attention with their eyes to the ceiling and arms stretch out to the sides, palms upward. She looked around sternly. “At ease. Alspeth, follow me.”

Peth was led down the long hallway to the library.

“Sit down. I don’t need to tell you that this is a critical time once again for the Mafayni. In bad times they need us, but they never really want us. In good times when the crisis is over…well, they aren’t our good times. Actually none of this makes a difference in this case. Be one a Mafayni or a Sutyei, one does not ignore the king’s orders unless one is a fool. He wants you to represent us at the victory banquet tonight. This is an honor for all of us and harbinger of good fortune for us in this time of peace. We need this, Alspeth, and you know that. So what is your problem?”

Peth’s profile was stony. “I am sick.”


Exasperated she turned to her superior. “I am. What difference does it make if I miss this banquet? Peace has been restored to about a dozen planets after a century of war. This victory party won’t be the last one at the palace.”

Svuva sat too and studied her. “I’ve been wondering something.” She looked down at her folded hands. “When you and the king were children, you were playmates – nearly inseparable. As you both approached the mating age, you were separated to prevent…any misunderstandings.” She paused to observe a reaction that never came. “I noticed subtle changes in you ever since that time – until you were killed, but now…. Alspeth, did something happen between you and the king while you were hidden on Earth?”

Peth stood abruptly. “I don’t want to talk about my life on Earth, Svuva. It’s over now.”

“Is it?”

The silence stretched out when Peth didn’t answer and Svuva became very inch the official again. “Very well. Have it your way. But if the king is displeased, expect no support from the coven. We can not all go down for the whims of one. Be wise, Alspeth sa-Feddin.” She dismissed the younger woman with a wave of her hand.

Peth returned home, preferring to walk instead of using the transport. Upon entering her home she didn’t feel the comfort she usually felt. She was frustrated, angry and just plain miserable in general. Earlier that day her heart did a flip when a page had come directly from Zan ordering her to come to the palace tonight. But later she was sickened by the word-of-mouth news that this wasn’t going to be your regular garden variety end-of-a-hundred-years-war welcome home/victory ball. Ohhh noooo. Zan and Ava’s final vows were to be taken that night to top the festivities.

Peth snatched off the robes in the middle of her living room, poured herself a goblet of her favorite wine and paced. She knew it was unwise to disobey Zan, but she just couldn’t bear to watch him be joined to another. She was crazy – (She downed her drink.) – crazy to love him. That was just begging for pain! He was still Earth punk Zan in certain ways – arrogant with a smart mouth – but she had observed from a distance that he was also Antarian Zan – loyal, generous, affectionate (well, not with her) and in some ways fair. The brief time she’d been in his presence when they returned home, he was too busy preparing for war and he was all business with her. Maybe he didn’t remember that night…maybe like all the other people they’d slept with during their Earth adolescence it didn’t mean anything. Peth sank down on the couch, growing more depressed by the minute. D*mn him! She rubbed her cheek, willing herself to calm down. But…he’d been such a sweet boy when they were young Antarian children – very gentle, guileless but also full of harmless mischief and fun. And they were like two peas in a pod. Then the days came when he’d grown a little taller and she began to view him differently, suddenly shy with him sometimes. She often caught him watching her with a look she hadn’t seen before – one that made her nervous and warm inside. Then suddenly he was taken away from her and he could never get near her after that.

Peth finished her second glass of wine and glanced out the window. The two suns had set. The banquet was in full swing by now. Dejected, she went to her bedroom. She would sleep now and when she woke up it would all be over. There would be nothing to nurse her fragile hope that he would…. Peth wearily pulled the covers up over her head. Tomorrow she could truly get on with her life in a way she hadn’t done since the hybrids’ return to Antar.

***** ***** *****

Zan stood at the door of his bedroom, looking at the doings inside with a cynical twist to his mouth, listening to panting and gasping that would have made him laugh if he hadn’t been disgusted. There was Ava with somebody going at it in his own bed. Nasty trick!


Ava shoved her lover away and shot up in bed, pulling the cover up to her chin as she sharply drew in a breath. “Zan! What are you doing here?”

Her partner in crime turned and began to shake. He was Lani’s eldest son and Zan’s age. “Your Highness, I – I – I…”

“Why is everybody so nervous? Were you doing something wrong?”

Ava eyed him uncertainly. “You aren’t angry?”

“Why should I be? I already knew you were doing half the planet in my absence instead of trying to be a leader to support and encourage our people. I already knew I wasn’t going to marry you.”

“You have to marry me! I’m supposed to be queen!”

Zan stepped menacingly toward the bed, causing Lani’s son to flee from the room. Zan barely spared him a glance. “You’re supposed to get out of my bed and take those sheets you funked up with you. Leave the palace and don’t return.

Ava stood hastily. “You can’t humiliate me this way, Zan!”

“You did that to yourself. Get out.”

As she made her way to the door, she accused him. “You shouldn’t hold this against me, Zan. I’m not a world leader! I’m your betrothed! What else was I supposed to do while you were gone all those months?”

He held the door open wide. “What else indeed? Have a nice life.”

She sucked her teeth, stomped out, and Zan slammed the door shut behind her. He pressed a button and within thirty seconds a young man appeared at the door.

“I want the bed – sheets and all – taken out of here, burned and replaced. Now.”

The servant looked puzzled. “Burned, sire?”

Zan sighed. “Just get this mess out of my sight permanently.”

“As you wish, sire.”

As Zan reentered the ballroom, his eyes instantly swept the room and frustration surged through him. He’d already been in a bad mood before having his suspicions about Ava confirmed before his very eyes. Proof of her infidelity was merely an irritant. It was Peth’s defiance that was bothering him. She hadn’t come to greet him since he’d been back and she was obviously ignoring his direct order. He watched his guests laughing gaily, dancing and eating. It was a nice party – touching actually. And here he was unable to enjoy even one second of it. Well…why should he stand around fuming like a jilted lover? The little shaman had some explaining to do and he’d be d*mned if he was going to wait to hear it! Zan’s cloak billowed behind him as he strode towards the rear of the palace.


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This is really it, baby, yeah! The finale! *bounce* I think...:lol:

scrape nine

Peth was startled by the ringing of the bell. She sat up hastily disoriented by the interruption. She slid wearily out of bed, a curse on her lips as the noise continued relentlessly. A glance at the clock told her it was midnight. She went to a panel in her room and opened the shutter covering a foot wide screen. It was dark and rainy outside and she could only see the outline of eleven figures but it was clear by their posture that they were members of the royal guard.

“What do you want?” she demanded, too cranky to be nervous.

“Open up in the name of the king!”

“I’m not letting you in in anyone’s name. State your business.”

One of the figures stepped forward. “Will you not shelter your king from the inclement weather?”

Peth’s breath caught and she quickly shut the screen. What was Zan doing here with armed guards? She moved slowly downstairs towards the back entrance. Seems like no one, including her, used the front much, but who needed to with the Kavi Sea in the back. However, it wasn’t a good night for a stroll on the beach. The hairs were rising on her neck but she had no choice but to let him in. She pressed a button and the large doors slowly parted inward. The first man to step in was fully covered in a flowing rain slicker, his hood hiding his face, but the five star insignia on the front unmistakably marked him as the king. He turned to the guards.

“Leave us.”

They bowed and retreated from sight. Zan stared at her, his amber eyes unwavering from the shadows of his hood. Peth bowed slightly, trying to hide her growing alarm. “Your Majesty.”

“Don’t lie. If you meant those two words, you wouldn’t disobey my direct order.”

“I do not feel well.”

“Hm.” He brushed past her, swung off his cloak and hood with a single flick of his hand and strode around her parlor like an inspector. Peth’s heart fluttered at the sight of him. He was dressed casually in black, his arms bare, showing off biceps and triceps to die for. The last time she’d seen him his head was shaved close like the rest of his men and women in arms, but now it was kind of spiky just like it had been on Earth – just like when they were…mating in Riverside Park…. Zan abruptly turned away from the artwork decorating her walls to stare into her face again and she quickly averted her eyes. Oh g*d, all she needed was for him to know how much she remembered, how much she still wanted him. This very same man who now cast her a careless once-over, not lingering even an extra beat on her slightly clad form, and continued examining his surroundings. Arrogant cheek!

“You live well, soothsayer.”

“You foot the bill.”

“Yeah well…I’m glad. But you’re ungrateful. Your counsel was invaluable to us in the beginning – true – but I think you’re forgetting your place.” Zan was now towering over her and she wished she could instantly grow a few inches closer to eight feet! “D*mn, you’re short.” Peth grit her teeth and said nothing. “Get dressed. You’re coming with me.”

She turned away muttering, “Not lately.”

He held her arm firmly. “What did you say?”

“I said, Your Majesty, that it would be magnanimous of you to let me stay home. I honestly don’t feel well.”

Before she could draw her next breath he quickly felt her forehead, squeezed her stomach and slid his arms around her waist, his face so close she could see the darker gold flecks of his iris.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“You feel just fine to me. Get dressed. Now.”

Taking a deep breath she pulled away from him. “No.”

Zan’s face darkened. “What the h*ll is your problem?”

“My problem is that I don’t want to be around you, Zan! Don’t call on me unless you need my expertise. Please.”

“I’ll call on you whenever I d*mn well please! Who do you think you’re talking to, Peth?”

“I don’t really know! Look at you. Why are you looking like you did back on Earth? Why are you here with me? There are oodles of officials and dignitaries from all over the sector at the banquet given in your honor right now and you come all the way out here in the dark and the rain to harass a lowly Mafayni. And you exchanged final vows with Princess Ava Montaro of Cauldron, right? Why aren’t you back there…consummating the union?” Peth almost choked on the words. “I mean, what do you want from me?!”

Zan jerked her tightly against him. “Not this bullsh*t!”

She had only a split second to see the fire in his expression and realize what was coming before his lips came down hot on hers in a rough, demanding kiss. His grip on her upper arms was hard, pulling her up on her toes. And yes, somewhere in her mind had been the desire to goad him into this and she reveled in his passion, caressing him feverishly. It had been two years since she’d tasted his sweetness and the more she received the more she wanted. Her mouth became even more mobile beneath his as she realized he’d probably soon say something irritating out of his and end this dream.

Zan reined the kiss in a little but it was hard cuz this woman was in his blood. Touching her triggered something vital but previously dormant inside him. The satisfaction was creating the thirst. He had to have her. Reluctantly coming up for air, he cupped her face in his large hands. “I’m not marrying Ava.”

Peth’s eyes widened. “You’re not?” she whispered.


“Why not?”

“Kiss me again and I’ll tell you.” She was about to comply when he stopped her, his husky laugh shaky with desire. “No, don’t. It might be tomorrow night before I can stop this time. The princess of Cauldron isn’t interested in anything except her own pleasure, not exactly the best attribute for the queen of a very large planet that governs other planets, is it?”

His smile was making her as breathless as his kiss had. “No, not exactly.” He was moving in again slowly and she gently pulled back.

“Zan, I need things to be plain and clear-cut and said out loud. Okay, first thing – why are you here?”

He stood silently a few moments, willingly losing himself in her eyes. “Plain and clear-cut, I want you.”

Peth swallowed, her mouth tightening. “You want sex.”

“That’s one way of putting it.”

“For how long, Zan?”

“For as long as you’ll give it to me.”

“Isn’t this kinda sudden? You never showed any particular interest in me when we came back. You’ve been away at war for two years and I’ve not heard a word from you in all that time. Now you’re back and this is the first time you’ve even seen me in two years and now you have this irresistible desire for me? It makes no sense.” She couldn’t get sucked in too easily. He could hurt her again without even trying.

He sighed hard with annoyance. “You act like we didn’t exist before our reformation two years ago. I remember a young girl growing into a woman before my eyes – my childhood friend. I used to wake up thinking, ‘wow I get to play with my best friend in the sand today.’ I remember when the thought of us playing in the sand wasn’t such a platonic idea anymore. But before I could do anything about that I was more or less imprisoned and when I did catch a glimpse of you, you wouldn’t look at me, Peth. Not once.”

She turned away to stare blindly out the window. “What was I supposed to do? Suddenly you didn’t come around anymore. Suddenly I was denied access to the palace. I was thirteen and no one would explain why. My feelings were hurt…” What an understatement! “…and I didn’t want them hurt anymore. And then when you reached maturity and they didn’t have control over you, you…never approached me.” She felt him come up behind her.

“Baby, I’m sorry, but my family and the council would have made trouble for you and all the Mafaynis if I did. They made an arrangement with Ava’s parents as a peace treaty of some kind and I was the booty – in more ways than one. I kept telling them how I felt about you and they were getting real ugly about it and then…the civil war began, then the intergalactic conflict and you know the rest.” He began to knead her shoulders and she closed her eyes, her flesh drinking in his touch. “Don’t stay mad at me,” he whispered close to her ear.

“I’m not. It’s just that on Earth we – all of us – slept around a lot, but you and I didn’t… ah, with each other… until the very end and…” She bowed her head and Zan turned her around.

“Peth, I remember every second of our joining and very little about anybody else I was with. All I can say is what you already know. The scientists screwed up and didn’t delete the remnant of the old Antarian mating instinct from our chromosomes. There was a time when a lot of us died in infancy and the ancients sex drive grew to keep Antar populated. We all went haywire. It’s not our fault. I had no special feelings for Ava or Ka-Jodas or any human girl. It was just screwing for them and for me. But you….my feelings for you were coming to the surface during those last few months. Remember the block party? That girl Kayla had just humped my brains out and I was bone tired…”

Peth rolled her eyes and turned her back again, but Zan made her face him. “Listen!…but when I saw you in that red dress, I was sprung and ready and mad as h*ll about it. I felt out of control.” His eyes were pooling with desire again. “Like right now. That night in Riverside Park…I think about it all the time.”

Peth rested her hands on his chest, mesmerized. “Zan, I can’t just…” She was afraid but she had to be honest. She couldn’t stand it anymore. “I can’t just sleep with you for tonight or a couple of nights or a couple of months until you move onto another lover…”

A cold expression crossed his face. “You’re either not reading the clear statement between my lines or you must be an idiot - which is amazing cuz you’re so good at what you do. I want to be lifebonded to you, Alspeth sa-Feddin.”

Peth couldn’t believe her ears. “Lifebonded?” Many people got married, but only about a fifth of couples went so far as to be lifebonded. Not even royalty did that very often.

“I love you and I know you love me too. A ten-year biological shake-up and a two-year absence haven’t changed that. We were meant to be. If I’m wrong, Mafaynitiy, tell me and I’ll leave.”

“Being in love is not a reason to lifebond – necessary, yes, but that can’t be all!”

“That’s right. We’re already tied to each other spiritually. I know you feel it, cuz I’ve always felt it. You are my soulmate. Whatever g*d there is decided that and here we are. I don’t need to question or analyze it to death. Do you want me or not?” Although his question was thrown out brusquely, Peth could see the anxious desire that he didn’t bother hiding.

“I have ached for you, Zan,” she began slowly. “I have fought it. I’ve been so worried that you would be hurt, knowing that you would not stay on the sidelines like other kings, that you would guide our people in every battle they had to fight.” She bent her head so low in front of his chest that he had to bend to catch her last words. “And if I could have traded places with you, I would have! I love you so much.” With a slightly shaking hand he tilted her face upwards and saw her tears. “I thought I’d never get a chance to tell you and that you probably didn’t care.”

“Oh my heart,” he said before kissing her long and tenderly. “I need you, Peth. You’re the one, the only one - for the rest of my life. Let’s get married, my Mafaynitiy. Tonight!”

“Zan, wait. What about the council? You know it could cause another civil war if the King of Antar married a Mafayni. Also, that means I’d be the queen. I don’t know if I can do that – “

“Shhh! It would be worse if we weren’t together. I don’t mean to sound irresponsible but f*ck the council! They were sitting on their asses while I was trying to win some peace! How much more do we owe everybody? They already made us test tube babies for their purpose. Now it’s time for them to give back! And this sanctioned bigotry against the Mafaynis is over. I’m changing all those stupid restrictive laws. As for your being queen…well, as far as I can see you’re the best choice for the job. Whatever happens we’ll face it together.”

Peth wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him close. “You’re making everything sound so simple and I know I should be practical, but I don’t want to be. I am spiritually bound to you. I need you, Zan. We can be secretly lifebonded without marriage to keep the peace if you want – “

“I want all of you,” he snapped. “Don’t hold yourself back from me, Peth, or I’ll make love to you until you give in.”

“Mmmm…” came her muffled reply. “Promise?”

“Let me see you.” She smiled widely up at him and he couldn’t resist responding in kind. “That’s better. Well, you have to get dressed.”


“The minister’s been waiting at Winlomec Castle. I mean, he’ll wait ‘til we get there but I’m not trying to abuse my loyal subjects.”

“Are you kidding me? You had this planned before tonight?”

He was planting devastating kisses all over her face to punctuate his words. “Yeah…so…let’s not…keep…(Mmm, sweet)…him waiting.”

“I – I don’t have anything suitable to wear and – “

“Just you and me. That’s all we need. We’ll have the marriage and lifebond ceremonies one after another, then we’re going to a secret little island, the location of which is only given to the king. And there we’ll make love until we can’t anymore. Only then will we return to announce our union to the rest of the world. How’s that sound? And no, no one will miss us – much. I’ve taken care of that.”

He looked so boyishly pleased with himself that Peth couldn’t help but laugh. “It sounds like your plan.” She sobered up. “If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.”

“Oh, it’s a dream but we’re wide awake.” He looked solemnly into her eyes. “I will love you forever, Peth, and never leave your side.”

“Ditto, Your Majesty.”

And so they went into the darkness and pouring rain to the very old and rarely visited Winlomec Castle where kings were married and optionally lifebonded. By the time the small ceremonies with a handful of the proper witnesses were over, the rain had stopped and the twin suns were kissing the horizon as if the world was rejoicing in love’s triumph once again.

‘Soooooo, what happened next?’ the readers ask. Lovemaking, my dears, awesome lovemaking….

The End
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