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Title: Not of this Earth
Author: Wendy (wcatsdogs⊕
Rating: Pg-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't owes nothing, but bills and bills and bills....
Category: AU, M/L all the way baby!
Summary: Think if Max was never picked by Diane and Phil. Michael and Isabel was picked up instead. What happened to Max? Read and find out yourself.


‘Mm…I don’t like this at all. Hell, he doesn’t deserve to be here at all. He could be out at the park playing like any 6 years old kids do. But then again, this boy is not a human after all. That’s the reason why he is in there. He looks so sad and lonely. He is just a child.’ Dr. Parker shook his thoughts out of his head and looked again through the window.

The other side of window where 6 years old Max sitting on the white floor. He is holding a small, blue plastic ball. He is just sitting there looking at his ball.

‘I couldn’t believe what FBI people have done to him. Poking him, cutting him open, hurting him, and scaring the life out of him. He is just a little boy who came out of nowhere. He may be a different, but he doesn’t deserve harsh treatments that he gets from those people. I am so glad that I am getting him out of that awful place. He would be better off with me.’ Dr. Parker continued to look at Max.

Max looked around the white room. The room is so bright and so white. He looked down the blue ball.

‘So blue, so pretty. I never see this before. I wondered what this blue round thing can do?’ He thought.

He looked around the room again. He wondered why he is back in this room again. He had been here before when a strange man first picked him up. He doesn’t know how he got here in the white room He doesn’t know even where he came from. He had a trouble remember what’s happening around him. It was all blurry. Everything happened so fast. All he can remember that once in the white room, people comes in and begins to test on him. He doesn’t want to go through again. He felt like he wanted to cry but he is not going to do that in front of those people that treated him very bad. He doesn’t wants to show them that he is weak. They get mad at him every time he cried. He better not cry. He begins to think that people like them do things to him as to punish him. He knew that he might have done something wrong. He just doesn’t know what it is but everyday, they would come in and test him.

Then all of sudden, they just stopped coming in. He wondered if he did well by behaving and not crying at all have something to do with it. He looked down to his hands that he is holding something. He is not sure what this blue thing called. It was first time that someone gave it to him. A tall man wearing a white lab coat on, he came in few hours ago and gave to him. He just left without a word to him.

He smiled. ‘I got a blue thing. It is so pretty.’

Dr. Parker moved away from window and came out of the private room into hall. He turned left and walked next door where Max is being held. He slides his card through a slot and the sound ‘beep’ went off. He entered to see Max stood up and backed up the wall. His eyes were filled of fear and anxiety.

“It is okay. I won’t hurt you. My name is Dr. Parker. Do you remember me? I am the one that gave you a blue ball.” Dr. Parker pointing the ball in Max’s hands.

Max refused to move at all. He just stared at him waiting for something to happen. Dr. Parker closed the door behind him and walked a little bit more in the white room. He looked around noticing a sleeping pad on the floor at the left corner. A thin green blanket lay clumsy on the pad. No pillow or anything else in this room. He looked at Max again.

He noticed that Max is wearing a green scrub thread pant and a top. He looked like a mini doctor prepared for a surgery. His hair is black and short. His skin is pale and very skinny little boy. He looks so tiny and fragile. He noticed his marks on his neck and arms. Looks like bruises.

Dr. Parker sighed. 'What have those people have done to Max? He doesn’t know, but he will change this and make things easier for Max now. He is going to take control of this situation. It will not happen again to Max under his wing.'

“Um…your name is Max right?” Dr. Parker asked. Trying to make a conversation with 6 years old boy. ‘I should be able to talk to him with no problem. I have a 2 years old daughter at home. Why am I having a problem talking to Max? Deep breathes! Max is not going to hurt you. He is actually terrified of you. Just look at him.’

Max slides down from the wall behind him to the floor. He puts his blue ball down. He pulls his legs up to his chest and wraps his arms around his legs. He looked up at Dr. Parker.

“I have a good news. I am going to take you to someplace else. Better than in here. How’s that sound? The people who I have working for me are more friendly than the people that worked here. We are here to help you. We are not here to hurt you. It is okay. We are going to get you out in few more minutes. We are waiting for someone to come in to help us out. But first thing we have to do is to put you to sleep.” Dr. Parker said.

Max looked at Dr. Parker, shaking his head “NO NEEDLE! PLEASE NO NEEDLE!”

His eyes are wide filled of fear and tears.

“I am sorry, but we have to put you to sleep in order to transfer you to other place. We can’t have you awake while transferring you. It is too dangerous for you and for us too. We need to put you to sleep.” Dr. Parker said.

Max stood up so fast and started screaming “PLEASE NO NEEDLE! I CAN’T!”

Dr. Parker stood back afraid of what Max might do. Instead of fighting, Max started to cry. He is just like a little boy that is afraid of needles.

Dr. Parker felt something about this boy. He doesn’t know what it is about this boy. But he surely knows that this boy is very special. He is going to do everything he can to help this boy. But right now, he has to put this boy to sleep one-way or other for safety reasons.

A door opened revealed two men entered. One of them carried a tray with a needle on it. Other man carried a strap jacket.

Max’s eyes wide and looked sharply at Dr. Parker. He shook his head vigorously.


Dr. Parker closed his eyes and slowly shook his head “no.”

Max looked around frantically while a man with a strap jacket stepped closer to him.

“Max, just do what they tells you. They won’t hurt you. You have to let them to do the job. Just do it okay?” Dr. Parker said.

“NO!” Max screamed.


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Thanks for the wonderful feedback. Its been too long since I wrote back in April. So my writing is kind of rusty. I just need to polish it again. HEHEH...

Anyway get to the story, it is kind of slow especially I am busy with my baby Willow. She's handful!


Part One:

“Daddy! You’re home!” a little girl ran up to meet her father at the front door. Dr. Parker bents down and picked up his 2 years old daughter in his arms.

“Hi sweetheart! I missed you baby.” Dr. Parker kissed her forehead. She beamed at him and gave him a kiss on his right cheek.

“Liz, have you been a good girl while I was gone?” Dr. Parker looked at Liz’s eyes. ‘She’s growing up so fast. She’s so beautiful just like her mother. With her dark brown, long hair along with her brown eyes, she looked exactly like her mother.’

He was snapped out of it when Liz answered, “Yes, daddy! I have been a good girl. I drew you a picture. You wanted to see it daddy?”

“Yes sweetheart. Why don’t you go and get the picture for me?” He bents down and let Liz lands on her feet. She ran off down the hall to her room. Dr. Parker sighed as he watched her go.

Dr. Parker stood up and took off his coat. He hanged it on the wall next to the door. He set his briefcase and his key on the small table. He walked into to the kitchen to greet Liz’s nanny.

“Hi Carole. How are you?” Dr. Parker walked up to the refrigerator and opened it. He looked down to see if there is anything to drink.

“Hey, Jeff. Just fine. I am making a tuna casserole and it will be ready in about a hour okay?” Carole poured pasta into skillet and started cooking.

Jeff found what he was looking for. He reached inside of the fridge and grabbed a can of coke. He closed the door and went to sit down to watch Carole busying with cooking.

Carole had been taking care of Liz ever since she was born. Liz’s mother and Carole were best friends since their childhoods. So it was good thing that Carole offered to become Nanny for Liz and her mother. Liz’s mom died giving a birth to her. There were too many complications with her pregnancy so she died on the table. There was nothing the doctors can do for her. But there is a beautiful baby named Elizabeth Marie Parker. He wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.

Jeff smiled as Liz ran into the kitchen. “Daddy! Here is the picture that I drew for you!” She climbed up to her daddy to sit on his lap. She laid down her picture on the table and looked up at her daddy. A picture filled with colorful people and a house.

“See? That’s me. This is you. And this is Carole. Do you like it?” Liz turned her face toward to her father. Curiously with her father's react to her picture so she watched his face. Liz hoped her father like the picture. She worked hard on this for him. Just for him.

Jeff looked at the picture Liz drew just for him. ‘How precious does Liz is to me? She did this for me. Oh how I wish her mother would see this. Liz is becoming so smart and she can do things that really surprised me everyday.’

His thoughts turns toward to a little boy Max that being held in cell. ‘Poor Max. He had been through a lot and still amazed to me that he is still alive. Max will never have someone to holds him and read a bedtime story like I do with Liz. Max will never know what’s the meaning of love. Its break my heart to know that Max will never know what’s like to live like a human. I don’t know how I feels if it was Liz instead of Max. God knows what I will do if it was my Liz.’

“Daddy? You don’t like it?” Liz’s lip begins to quiver. Jeff looked down to his daughter.

“Oh no, this picture is so beautiful. I loved it honey. Do you mind if I take it with me to work?” Jeff said.

Liz shook her head. She smiled at her daddy. ‘He likes it! He is going to take it to work! Maybe he will show it to everyone that works for him.’


Max felt something so soft beneath him. He doesn’t want to wake up to see himself back in white room. He wanted to stay whatever he is in. He felt so warm and safe. He can see the bright light beneath his eyelids. He doesn’t know what it is.

He decided that he couldn’t sleep forever. He slowly opened his eyes. The light, whatever it is, is shining so bright that hurts his eyes. He turned his head away from the light. He noticed that he is on the bed.

He sat up and looked around the room. He is in a huge room. The floor is made of wooden. The walls are light blue. The bed is in the center of room. On the left, there are a table and four chairs. There are two doors on both sides of the walls. He turned his head to the right side. There is a couch and lazy chair and a television connection to the wall. There is a window on the wall on his right side. He doesn’t know what it is since the window is tinted. You can’t see what’s the other side of that window.

Once again, the light is seemed to be bothering him. He looked toward up to the ceiling. There is a window ceiling. The sun is shining directly to his bed. He awed at the sun. He hasn’t seen the sun in a long time since he came out of the pod. He also noticed there is another tinted windows on the top of ceiling. He doesn’t know what it is either.

He lay back down on the bed and let the sun bathed him. He surely missed the sun. He wanted to take every opportunity he gets to feel the sun touch his face. So wonderful that he fell asleep again. Not aware where he is, but he doesn’t care as long he gets to see the sun once again.


“Hey, did Max wake up yet?” Jim Valenti asked as he walked into security room.

Inside the security room, three walls are filled with televisions that watched every room. Only one wall that had a huge window down beneath is Max’s room.

Jim walked up to the window and looked down to see Max’s form on the bed. ‘Mm…still asleep.’ He looked at a man sitting at the desk pushing all buttons on the table. His name is Mr. Hanson. He is in his 30s, single, and very quiet guy. He’s wearing his blue uniform.

“Well he did wake up, but then he went back to sleep. I guess the medicine they gave to him hasn’t worn out. I guess he got spooked of whereabouts he was and needs to see if he is alive or not.” Hanson answered.

“Alright.” Jim looked at Max once more and walked away to the huge table in the middle of room. He sat down and looked at all the files that he has to go through on the table.

Jim sighed. ‘I am getting too old for this.’

Jim Valenti is a chief security on Dr. Parker’s base and had been for a long time. When he graduated from high school, he was selected by FBI to become a FBI agent after passing a test. Ever since then, no one knows that he is secret agent. Not even his wife Amy and his two kids. They think their husband and father is a sale person that travels around the world to sell something. They never question him because he always manages to be home on time and were always there for them.

‘Maria and Kyle are almost same age as Max is. Maria’s 4 while Kyle is 6.’ Jim sighed. ‘ My kids, they may be spoiled rotten, but that’s doesn't stop me from loving them. I hope Max isn’t too much trouble to keep me from going home. I don’t want Amy gets suspicion of my job. There are a lot of sakes in this situation. We can’t have that. I better keep eyes on Max.’

Jim shook his head and got to work on paper works. He hoped that he would able to finish it in time to go home for dinner with his family.


Somewhere in deep cave, it was so dark and so cold. Inside of the cave, there are four pods connected to the wall. One of the pods starts to open very slowly. Inside of the pod, there was a little naked boy covered with clear slimy. This boy woke up in confusion. Unsure where he is, he moved around a little inside the pod. He tried to pull himself out of the pod, but instead he fell down. He grabbed a hold of piece of pod to pull himself to stand up. He looked around the cave. He looked over the pods. He can see forms inside the pods. They are two girls and a boy. Their pods haven’t open yet.

His legs are very wobble. He didn’t move as much as he can without falling down. He kept getting up again and again. He saw the light at the end of cave. The curiosity got better of him and he couldn’t wait for the others. He begins to walk toward to the light.

The light was too bright that hurts his eyes. He covered his eyes with his hands and kept walking until he is out of the cave. He is not sure where it is. He is somewhere on the cliff on the mountain. Down there, he can see the thousands of miles of desert. He looked back toward to the cave. He doesn’t want to wait for them. He wanted to go and looks more especially he wanted to know what’s out there. He walked away from the cave.

Max woke up and sat up.


“Jim…um…I think you better call Dr. Parker now. Max’s awake now.” Hanson turned to look at Jim Valenti.

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Okay, listen up! NO ONE IS TAKING MAX HOME not for a while anyway...heheh. I love to torture you guys.

Just be patience and yes Max will meet Liz. I can't wait to write this part....hehheheh.

Okay, here is next part. It is not much but it is for now.
Have fun reading!

Part Two:

Dr. Parker strolled down the hall, looking over the file based on Max. ‘I can hardly believed that Max survived those testing they had done on him. I wondered how he is doing after all those experiments. Anyone that went through is either end up in mental hospital or put to death after violent episode. Things can happen. Who knows what will happens to Max now? He may be human outside, but inside he is alien. Being an alien can equal disaster that is waiting to happen. I know he will be very unhappy and I don’t blame him. I hoped being here with me will change him for better than before.’

He closed the files, as he got closer to Max’s cell door. He stopped in front of the door. He pulled a necklace with a card off his neck. He slides his card through the slot and the sound “beep” went off. You can hear the door clicks. He entered to see Max cuddled in the corner by the tinted window on the side.

“Hey, Max? How are you?” Dr. Parker walked a little bit closer to Max and crouched down to Max’s eyes level. Max’s staring back, not moving at all and not even speaking either.

Dr. Parker wondered if Max is in shock or something. He begins to worry about him. ‘He’s not moving. He’s not speaking either. He’s not looking at me. He is just stared.’

“Max? Are you there?” Dr. Parker waved his hand front of Max’s face. Not a flinch from him. Nothing.

‘Something is wrong with him.’ Dr. Parker’s worried begins to increase the longer Max’s staring.

“I will have someone to deliver you something to eat. You need to eat. I don’t think anyone fed you yet. I wanted to check you out to make sure you are okay. I know they hurt you but I will not let that again to you happen. I will let you eat and rest up. And then we can do talk more for another time okay?” Dr. Parker continues to look at Max’s eyes.

‘His eyes, something about his eyes, that seems to intrigue me. I don’t know what it is. He looked like he is in trance or someplace else.’

Dr. Parker decided there is nothing he can do right now so he got up and left the room.


He can feel the stinging on his back. The sun had beaten his back with burning. He had been walking and walking. The desert seems to go on and on. There is nothing else out in the sight but the sand and bushes. He is getting tired. He doesn’t know where he is. He doesn’t remember how he got here. All he knows that he came out of the pod. There is nobody out there. He doesn’t know who he is either. All those questions kept plagues his mind. He’s confused and scared.

The sun begins to sunset. The air is getting cooler and cooler. He felt much better with the breeze healing his burns on his back and his face. But sooner, he can feel his chills go up his spine. He realized it is getting cold here. He kept walking hoping to find something, but he doesn’t see anything. It is getting darker as the sky gets really frighten him. He can see the moon started rise and shining bright. He can see the million of stars across the sky twinkle like they are dancing. It is beautiful to see.

He felt something smooth on his bare feet. He looked down on his feet. He realized he walked onto some kind of road. ‘That’s it. This road might lead me to something.’ Max thought.

Making a decision, he decided to keep walking on this road. He saw the flashlight ahead of him. The light is so small, but it kept getting bigger as the light got closer to him. He kept walking toward to the lights. He can hear the rumbling. He doesn’t know what’s that.


Phil looked over his wife, Diane. She looked so quiet and sad. He knew what’s wrong with her, and yet he didn’t want to say anything wrong to her. So he kept his mouth shut and kept driving.

He saw something up ahead and he wasn’t sure if that’s wolf or not. He squinted his eyes to see harder. He can see the forms up ahead.

Diane, too, noticed the figures up front. She looked at Phil and asked, “Phil, what’s that?”

Phil turned his head at Diane and shrugged his shoulders.

He kept driving; later they can see what’s ahead of them.

It is a little boy and girl. They are both naked.

Phil and Diane looked at each other.


He can see the headlights getting closer to him. He can feels the excitement and the fear inside of him. He stopped walking in the middle of the road and waited for the lights to come to him.

He can hear the rumble of engine. It is loud. The lights are too bright so he shields his eyes with his hands.

The truck came to stop in front of him. An old man came out the door and walked up to him. He looked down at this little boy.

“Well, well…look at this. A little naked boy,” an old man bent down to look at this boy’s eyes level and asked, “What’s your name boy?”

He looked at old man. He curiously looked at this old man. He had a white long beard. He is wearing an old blue jean that looked like it is been worn for a long time. He is wearing light brown boots and a jacket that zipped up. He realized he is freezing. He shrugged his shoulders at old man.

“Mm…no names? Tell you what, I will name you as “Max” for now until we finds out where you came from and how in the world you are standing here bare!”

Max shrugged his shoulder again. “Alright, my name is Gary Evans and I am going to take you to see Sheriff and finds out where is your parents. In meanwhile, let’s get you some clothes on. You looked like you might get frostbites.”

Gary reached out a hand toward to Max. He eagerly grabbed his hand.

Together, they walked toward to Gary’s beat-up blue chevy truck. Gary grabbed a blanket from the seat and wrapped around Max’s shoulders.

He picked Max and put him inside the truck and closed the door. He slowly walked around the truck and got himself inside the truck.

“Cold outside huh?” Gary grinned at Max, but soon turned to frown. ‘Why would his family abandon this little boy out in nowhere? He is lucky that I found him. If it wasn’t for me, the wolves’ bellies would fill by dawn.’ He shook his head and turned the engine on.

“Let’s roll!” Gary started driving while Max gazed outside the window.


“It’s been two hours and he haven’t move at all. He is not eating or anything. I am kind of worried about him. Do you think he is in shock?” Dr. Clark asked Dr. Parker from her position at the end of table.

“I don’t know honey. I am not sure anymore. He is different and I am afraid of doing something that will spark Max to something that we might not want him to do. I don’t want Max to be afraid of us. I even don’t want him to hate us because we are humans. I am sure we will figure something else.” He gazed down the window where Max still cuddled in the corner unmoved since this morning.

Max had wake up of all sudden and ran into the cuddled and stayed there since then. He won’t eat or use the restroom. He wasn’t sure what causes of Max’s behavior.

He rubbed tiredly of his eyes. It is getting late in the afternoon and they haven’t done anything work done. He is not happy about that. He turned away from the window and walked to the big table.

He looked down all the files sitting on the table. He looked around the room. Everyone is here sitting and waiting for orders from Dr. Parker. He knew he must make a decision of what to do with Max and how to get Max snap out of whatever he is in.

He once again looked down on the table and see if there is anything on the files for Max. He found something. He slowly smiled, “I’ve got an idea!” Everyone that sitting at the table eagerly listens to what Dr. Parker had to say.

What Dr. Parker found a piece of paper is his daughter Liz’s drawing.



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Hey! Thanks for the wonderful feedback and thanks to LiLEvEe for the bump.

Willow is nearly three months now and you can tell that she is getting more and more handful. Its drove me crazy, but she’s my precious so I would rather be a crazy mother. So be patience with me while I am trying to write a story. My mind opens up at nighttime so I am thinking maybe I should write better if I stay up all night. What do you think?

Anyway, get on to the story….

Part 3:

“Son, wake up. We are here.” Gary shook Max’s form.

Max slowly woke up in state of confusion. He rubbed his eyes to see where he is. It is daylight now. He realized he slept through the night inside Mr. Evans’ truck. He noticed the truck’s engine is off and they are parked somewhere in a small town.

In front of him is a brick two-story building, a sign hanging in front of the door “Sheriff Department”. He turned to see Gary getting out of the truck.

Max’s curiosity got better of him so he turned head to his right side to look outside of the window. He wondered where he is now. He can see row of buildings side by side and there is road lead to out to desert.

Something caught his eyes that frighten him a little bit. It is a restaurant, there is a spaceship hanging that seems to attach itself to the building. He tried to focus the name of the restaurant. Turns out to be ‘Crashdown Café’. There is something about the spaceship that seems to bother him. But right now it is not the time to think about it. He shook his head and went on looking more around.

Across the street, he can see bright neon light “UFO Museum.” Down along the road, he watched children running down the sidewalk while a mom pushing the baby stroller. People are going in and out of the buildings. He turned to see Gary walking around the truck to his side.

Gary opened the door and lets Max out. Max slowly climbed out of the truck and lands on his bare feet. The blanket that wrapped Max’s body fell down to his feet, standing there all in glory naked. Gary shook his head and bents down to pick up the blanket.

He frowned noticing something on Max’s chest. It is some kind of symbol or a tattoo. From what he can see, it is a shape of swirling and the color is gray. He doesn’t know what it is or how Max got the mark from.

He once again covered Max with the blanket and firmly told, “Max, you have to keep the blanket cover your body until we gets you some clothes. You can’t walk around naked like that. You don’t want to offend people okay?”

Max scrunched his face in confused. Gary sighed. “Never mind. Come on, let’s get you inside and see the Sheriff okay?”

Gary led Max inside the building. Inside, you can people in their brown uniforms are swarming around doing their jobs. Gary walked up to the front desk, “Hey buddy, no long time to see huh?” greeting his old friend Deputy Bob.

Bob, in his brown uniform along with his gold badge on his left chest, greeted back, “Mr. Evans! What are you up to now huh?”

Max stayed closed to Gary’s right leg while watching people passing by.

“Well, I need to see Sheriff Stein. Its seems that someone abandon a little boy out in the desert and I am the one that found him.” Gary nodded his head down to brown hair head.

Deputy Bob leaned over and saw a little boy no more than 6 years old kid. Max felt eyes on him so he looked up to see both are of them are staring at him.

“Got it, I will go get the Sheriff now.” Deputy Bob left the front desk.

Gary smiled at Max’s staring at him. “Everything is going to be okay.”


Phil and Diane stood whispered quietly while watching a little girl and a boy in a bed sleeping together in their bedroom.

“What are we going to do? They came out of nowhere. Do you see their marks? I know they are not from around here. I have this feeling. I don’t want to turn them in. Oh Phil, look at them.” Diane turned her tearful eyes on Phil.

Defeated, “I know. They are not our to keep, but I also know that we can’t turn them in. Do you know what that means?” Phil wrapped his wife with his arms and held her tight.

Diane nodded, “Yes, I think I know.”

Diane and Phil realized how much those kids are in dangerous. How did they know? Easily, because of their marks on their chests is unlikely thing you ever see. Knowing it is not a birthmark or some kind of tattoo. You don’t get to see a tattoo on six years old kid like that. It is something else and they don’t know what it is.

Also picking those kids up from out of nowhere and being naked is something you don’t see it everyday. Back in their minds, they knew it is not normal circumstances.

They watched their new children sleeping soundly. They decided it was time to change their lifestyle for those children’s sakes.


“Okay. Thanks. Bye.” Sheriff Stein hanged up the phone while Mr. Evans and Max wait.

“Well, they can’t find anything that match Max’s identify so no one hasn’t file a missing report on him. But they are working to see to see if there is any more information based on Max. Maybe he is from different city or out of state. So in meanwhile, we should take Max to the hospital and have them check him out. You know to make sure there is nothing wrong with him.” Sheriff nodded his head toward to Max.

Mr. Evans nodded understood what he is saying. Sheriff Stein is right about taking Max to the hospital to rule anything else. He might be kidnapped or even worse like rape. He knows that Max is not hurt. There was not a single bruise on him. He looks like perfect healthy boy.

“Son, have you eat?” Sheriff asked Max. Max looked at him in confusion so he turned to Gary for help.

“Well, I think Max’s hungry considering that he haven’t eat breakfast this morning and he needs clothes.” Gary answered to Sheriff Stein for Max.

“Okay, I will have someone to brings some clothes for Max to wear and I will call the Crashdown Café and have them deliver breakfasts for both you. I am going to go ahead and make arrangements right now so stay here and I will be right back okay?” Sheriff got up from the desk and walked around it. He patted Max’s head and walked out of the door.

Max watched Sheriff leave the room and turned to Gary. They both have been sitting in Sheriff Stein’s office for over two hours questioning Max.

When Sheriff Stein found out that someone abandon a little boy out in the desert…well naked, he can smell there is something fishy in that situation. So, he got to work right away by questioning Max along with Mr. Evans with him. Look like to me that Max refused to leave Mr. Evans’ side which Sheriff Stein doesn’t blame him for being afraid of him.

He had been asking him with all those questions; for example, how he gets there, what’s his name, who are his parents, how did he end up there, where he is from, and so on.

Sheriff Stein can feel the frustrated boiling inside of him when he is not getting any answers from Max. He decided to give up after figuring out that Max hasn’t said a word and he seems to be confused. He thought that maybe Max’s deaf; but later ruled that out after Max got scared of phone’s ringing off the hook.

Sheriff realized that he is not going to get any work done so he got his people to work to find out where Max’s from by looking up the computer and finds pictures that match Max’s identify. So far, nothing match yet.


Dr. Parker once again came back to Max’s cell room. This time, he brought something with him. He glanced at Max when entered in the room.

Max was still cuddled in the corner, staring out to nothing. Dr. Parker looked around Max’s new home. He seems to be pleased that the room is very comfy and would suits to Max just fine.

Finally found what he was looking for, he walked up to the other side of room where there is a table with four chairs around it. He put something on the table and turned around.

He walked over to Max once more and crouched down to Max’s eyes level.

“Max, I left you something on the table for you. I will be back tomorrow morning. If you need me, just push the button by the door. They will come to you whenever you need something. Just let them know what you needs and you will get it. They won't hurt you okay? Well...I guess that's it for now. Good night Max.”

Dr. Parker stood up and walked out of the room.

To be continue…


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Thanks to Lonnie for helping me fix this story. The weekend is here and you know what's that mean? I won't be back until Monday to post a new part. I will be posting during weekdays instead of weekends from now on. So have a wonderful weekend!

Part 4:

"Sweetheart, I am going to take your temperature, so open wide." Nurse Shelly puts a temperature stick in Max's mouth. Earlier, she showed Max what she is going to do with the temperature stick on herself before doing to Max.

"Now, close your mouth like this." Nurse Shelly pretends to close her mouth for Max to do it just like Nurse Shelly did.

Gary watched amused how Nurse Shelly did. She did a fine job. He guessed after many years working as a nurse at Roswell Baptist Hospital , especially with those sick children. Nurse Shelly seems to be expert on this.

"That's better." Nurse Shelly smiled at Max after he closed his mouth on temperature stick. He watched what's Nurse Shelly doing. She watched her watch on her right wrist while her left hand still holding the temperature stick.

"Okay, all done." She removed the stick from Max's mouth. She puts it in her pocket and picked up her file. She wrote something on the file, "I will be right back okay honey."

She left Max on the bed in an observing room alone with Gary. Gary is sitting by the bed next to Max. He glanced down Max's clothes then back to his face.

A while ago, Max got some clothes from the Sheriff saying that he got it from his nephew that were about his age. Max is now wearing dark blue jeans along with a superman t-shirt. He was given socks and running shoes too.

Right now, Max seems to be fascinating looking around the room. Gary's mind began to wonder back to the time he first picked Max up.

He was on his way home from after visiting his daughter and his son-in-law. Needless to say, it hadn't been a good visit for him. So he decided that he couldn't stay there any longer and left at early evening to drive home overnight. He wasn't expecting to come across this boy.

He was surprised to see him naked and all alone out in the desert. He still doesn't understand how did this happened or why. Max still hasn't said a word to him or anyone yet. He wondered why Max is not speaking at all. He doesn't want to scare Max anymore than he is in now.

There is something about this boy that he noticed is differently. He can't tell what it is right now. Maybe another time, he will figure out what it is so special about this quiet boy.

He wondered what's the symbol on Max's chest too. He will have to wait for the doctor to come in and examine this boy. He hoped there is nothing wrong with this boy. He felt strongly for this boy. He knows that he is getting soft for Max.

His thoughts stopped abruptly as the male doctor entered along with Nurse Shelly.

Gary stood up and shook the doctor's hand.

"Hello, my name is Dr. Turner," A short, thin man in about his late 40s' spoken, "and you are?"

"My name is Gary Evans and this is Max," Gary turned to Max, "Max, say hi to Dr. Turner."

Max looked up at Dr. Turner and still not saying a word yet.

"Um…Max can't speak at all or better yet, he won't say a word. We don't know for sure yet." Gary made an excuse for Max to Dr. Turner.

"That's okay. Well, I am going to go ahead and exam him now." Dr. Turner smiled at Max.

Nurse Shelly came up to Max and begins to pull Max's t-shirt up.

Max complied what Nurse Shelly wanted him to do by taking his clothes off.


"Nana! Come and see what I did!" Liz grabbed Carole's right hand and dragged her from the kitchen to her bedroom.

Once they are in Liz's bedroom, Carole was surprised to see what's in front of her.

There stood some sort of a tent, which it was made out of a blanket. Looks like Liz made a tent by bringing a small table next to the bed along with a bookcase. She had pulled the blanket from the bed and scraps them over it to make it look like a tent. 'A sloppy tent, no doubt about it.' Carole thought.

Liz lets go of Carole's hand and went crawling under the tent. "Come on Nana!"

Carole got down on her knees and crawled under the tent, well not really, it is a table she is under right now.

Liz giggled at Nana while she is trying to get comfortable inside the tent.

"Do you like it? I am going to sleep here tonight. Will you sleep with me? It will be just like we are at camping!" Liz is babbling on.
Carole smirked at Liz for being so cute. She nodded her head at Liz. She will sleep with Liz tonight for the fun out of it. It is not everyday you get out of the house and go camping. This is the close she and Liz can get. So be it, Liz will get her camping.

"I got an idea. It is better than this one. I got a real tent up in the attic. What do you think if we get it out and set it up in the living room next to fireplace? So that way, we can have marshmallows by the fireplace and I can tell you a story. Then we will sleep inside the real tent. What do you think?"

Liz's eyes widen, "Really? Can we do that?"

Carole nodded, smiling happy.

"YAY!" Liz screamed.


Dr. Parker walked into his house feeling down. It had been a long day for him. He doesn't understand why Max hasn't move to see what he got for him on the table. He made sure to tell Max that he left him something.

Maybe Max wasn't ready to trust him yet. Dr. Parker sighed.

He removed his coat and hung it up on the wall. He dropped off his briefcase next to the coat. He tiredly removed his tie as he walked into the living room.

His eyes widen at what was ahead of him.

"What the…?" Dr. Parker wondered why there is a huge tent in his living room.


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Abb-you are right about Max's remembering how in the world he ends up captured by government. Soon, you will see it.

And to everyone, yes you will find out what's on the table on Monday. I just need the weekend to write few parts to last me for weekdays because of Willow. Kind of hard to get online if you are holding feeding her and typing the part at the same time. It is not a pretty sight though. Smile.

Be patience. It is going to be bump ride for Max and Liz. I can't wait to see how things goes for Max and Liz. It is going be very interesting huh?

Take care and have a wonderful weekend.
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Let me give you a advice, NEVER DO THE TAXES ON THE WEEKEND and DO IT A MONTH EARLIER! I spend four hours filing everything on the computer trying to figure out the difference between the state of Georgia and the federal on taxes. To be honest, I am still learning how to file for it MYSELF and I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier. The deadline was on April 15th. And needless to say, I found out how much I owes to IRS…um… let’s just say, I had a awful weekend okay? My birthday is this week. I wish my birthday was different month. April is not a good month to do on taxes. I am babbling am I? I will shut up now and lets you read a new part.


Part 5:

People from upstairs were still watching Max since Dr. Parker left Max’s room a while ago. They had been concerned about Max’s welfare. They wondered if Max will ever get up from that spot to eat something or even use the bathroom. They knew what Max had been through from hell back and forth. There was nothing they can do at the beginning since they had been prohibit to study Max until FBI is done with him. But now that FBI is finished with him, they can make life easier for Max’s sake. They wanted Max to live. That’s their main concern right now.

They kind of wished that FBI hadn’t done those testing on Max in first place. So they can see what Max’s likes and dislikes. How he behaved around the humans. How he eats, sleeps, and so on. But it is too late and now Max is more terrified of humans than ever. They are here to evaluate Max’s behaviors that which is one of the reasons they are studying on him. There are other reasons they are holding Max for; but that’s for another time to think about it.

Now that FBI had done damaging Max more than they ever know, they wondered if Max will ever get back to normal like a little six years old boy. They doubted it. They knew it in their back of minds. There is nothing they can do to change the past; but one thing they know for sure that Max’s life will be much better in future.

Ever since they found out that they are not alone in this world, there are ‘others’. They had been thrilled and filled with excitement; but also scared out of their minds. They’re curious and wondered where the ‘others’ are from. No one knew, not even after the Area 51 that they had done testing.

Back in 1947, there was a crash. A spaceship. There were few the ‘others’ survived. FBI had made sure the civilians believed that it was a weather balloon crashed. They didn’t want to panic the civilians and causes the riots or even worse…war. They studied them at a place called “Area 51.” No one is allow to speak about this place or what they saw. One word out of their mouths, they are to be killed on spot. Therefore, they were very lip tights all their lives.

Back in time, they had failed to see that those ‘others’ are much alike humans except only the form is not made of human. They couldn’t survived from the testing that they had done on them. So they died on the cold tables, tortured to death. They didn’t want to make the same mistakes that their back generation made. Now the opportunity had rise again and this time, they are not going to let FBI make the same mistakes and take Max away. They fought as much as they can to stop the testing on Max.

Not that they doesn’t mind if FBI tested on Max to check his body inside and outside out to rule anything out. So far, they know that Max’s body is almost human. One thing is different about Max that his blood is not human. It is a alien blood. They even wondered how the ‘others’ made into human body. No one knows, but those testing that FBI done on Max are not the way to do it. There are other ways. It takes time and a lot work to do. FBI doesn’t have the patience to do it. They wanted the answers now or else. It took a lot of work to convince the FBI that this boy, Max, will grow up and perhaps Max might have something they wanted in future. The FBI wasn’t sound happy about that; however they decided to leave Max to them and will be standing by to see anything happens.

Here they are, upstairs in big room, watching Max trying to find ways to evaluating him. They are little bit of scared of getting close to a alien or in another word ‘Not of this Earth.’


Max whimpered as he closed his eyes tightly while another needle stick into his right arm again.

Gary has been holding Max close to his chest to keep his eyes away from the needle. Since Max had been cooperated to every tests the doctor had done on him even from saliva sample to urine sample. Now, they are doing double blood work on him and Max screamed the moment Nurse Shelly sticks a needle into him.

Gary was surprised to hear Max’s voice for first time and it was not a good sound. His heart broken as he listened to Max’s crying. He knew Max’s hurting from the stinging needles for the blood works. He didn’t like the needles either.

He fumed inside watching the nurse draining the blood out of Max’s arm. He didn’t understand why the doctor ordered another blood test. He noticed something off in the room especially with all those doctors and nurses kept coming in and out. Checking on Max and doing repeat tests on him. He doesn’t understand and he is angered at them.

None of them refused to speak to him or even introduced themselves. ‘Something is wrong.’ he thought.

“Enough is enough. The blood you just took better be the last. I wanted to see Dr. Turner now. I wanted to know what’s going on.” Gary’s eyes flared at Nurse Shelly.

Nurse Shelly nodded, “Yes sir, I will go page him now. I will be right back.” She puts a tube filled of Max’s blood on the tray and walked out of the observing room.

Max still held on Gary’s arms, his face closed to Gary’s heartbeat. Gary just kept holding Max and rocked him back and forth. Trying to calm him down and himself too.


“Daddy?” Liz whispered to her father’s left ear.


“Are you awake?” Liz giggled as her father crunched his face.

“Well, it’s depend on you.” Jeff smiled while Liz climbed on the top on his chest.

“Daddy?” Liz once again whispered.

“What?” Jeff looked up at his daughter. His daughter’s eyes are filled of innocent and pure.

“Can you tell me a story? The one with a sad prince?” Liz’s face turned into a puppy face in hope to make her daddy to tell her a story.

Jeff sighed after seeing Liz’s face. ‘Oh alright, anything for my daughter. She’s just like her mother.’

Jeff smiled, “Okay, here we goes. Um…once upon a time, there is a beautiful girl named Lady Liz….”

Liz lays her head down on his chest close to his heartbeat while listening to her daddy’s tale story.

Liz loved her daddy’s stories. Because in every story, her daddy had made sure that there is always ‘Liz’ in the stories. Especially a story about a sad prince that had no home and no family. Her job was to show him a way to see how life can beautiful. With that, sad prince had found his happiness. His happiness is Liz. Liz loves that story.

Liz closed her eyes, her lips turned into a smile while her father went on telling a beautiful story.


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I am not doing well. I am on medicine that making me falling asleep all the times so my mom is taking care of my baby Willow for me. I missed Roswell show, Buffy show, Angel show, Enterprise Show AND Wolf Lake show. I missed everything!!!! And now my computer is fucking up because it is being overload. I got to fix it soon or other.

So give me a Monday. I will have a part 6 that I promised to post last time. Don't hate me please.

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Hey, guys! Thank you for being patience with me while I was gone for a week. I am doing much better…I think. But anyway, I have to write a short part for now. I have so many doctor appointments to keep up for this week. Sorry, this part is short for now. Enjoy it.

Part 6:

Amy can feel the pounding inside her head, which nearly driving her crazy enough with all those household chores. They kept coming more and more. She didn’t think she would ever get everything done around the house. It would be nice to have servants that would do everything she commands them to do that including cleaning out the oven from the stove. While the servants clean, she would take a long, nice hot bubble bath to soak in while the music plays out. She would like that a lot…

She smiled as she went on washing the dishes in the sink daydreaming; however, her smile last for short time when the phone rang off the hook.

She sighed, stopping washing the plate and dropped it back in the water. She grabbed the towel rag off the counter next to the sink, walked over to the wall where the phone was held.

Wiping her hands, she picked up the phone. “Hello?”

Her eyes rolled up when she realized who is on the phone, sighed irritating. “Yes, this is Amy DeLuca. What it is this time?”

She didn’t want to speak to Mr. Reese who is calling her to complain about mess-up orders. She gritted her teeth as she listened to him going on and on about her orders that being delivered late…wrong size…wrong brand…wrong color…She didn’t know why she is doing business with Mr. Reese in first place. He is nothing, but a troublemaker. He is doing this to get refund and keep the items for himself. ‘Yeah, nothing but trouble…’ She muttered at herself.

She vaguely heard something in the background beside the television blaring the sounds in the living room. She ignored Mr. Reese’s blabbering, covered the phone and listened the sound whatever it is coming again.

‘It is the door!’ The realization hits her.

She looked at the phone, wanting to hang it up and go answer the door instead of speaking to blabbermouth Mr. Reese. Since the phone is chain with cords that only allows her walks around the kitchen, but not out of the kitchen enough to answer the door herself.

Making a decision quickly, she decided to keep talking to Mr. Reese and try to work this out.

She once again covered the phone, yelled out to her son, “Kyle, go answer to the door! I am on the phone.”

Kyle’s been sitting in his father’s favorite lazy blue, leather chair. He’s watching his must-see show “X-Men Mutants.” It is Saturday afternoon, he got up earlier to watch all his favorite cartoons and now he is watching the last cartoon before they stopped the cartoons to starts off with movies. He was sure that he heard what his mother yelled out him to do; but then again, he simply ignored his mother. He was too busy to watch Wolverine fighting against Sabertooth.

Amy went back on the phone, “I am sorry, but what did you say?”

Once again, the doorbell rang again.

Amy walked to the doorway of the kitchen, pointing at the door for Kyle to look at.

Kyle began to protest, “But Mom! I am waiting to see who will win at the end between Wolverine and Sabertooth. There is no way I am missing this show. Let Maria answer to the door.”

She closed her eyes really tight, trying to take a deep breath to ignore the frustration boiling inside of her. At the end, the frustration won out.

She blew her top off by yelling the top of her lungs.

“KYLE PATRICK VALENTI! Go answer to the damn door now! OR ELSE!”

Kyle was stunned toward to his mother. Often, he doesn’t hear his mom cussing. But then again, that was the first time he heard her.

He decided not to push his mom’s buttons right now. He scrambled to get off the chair and ran to the front door.

“Who is it?” Kyle asked.

“It is Alex.”

Kyle smiled as he opened the door to let Alex in.

In meanwhile, Maria decided to come out of her room to watch TV. She spends an hour singing in front of her mirror. The mirror is being glued to the closet door in her huge bedroom. Her walls are pink with few posters of her favorite singer, Britany Spears. She absolutely adored her singing and dancing. She wanted to be just like her. She decided to be a singer and that’s all she ever wanted to be.

Her mom is signing her up to be in dancing class. She’s so very excited and looking forward to it. She will get to dress up and puts make-up on her face and curling up her hair. She can’t wait to start.

Now, she is getting tired and wanted to take a break. She came out of her room, walked down the hall to the living room. She picked up the TV. Remote off the coffee table and climbed up the vacant lazy chair.

She pointed her remote and begins channeling to find her favorite cartoon, “Sesame Street.”

In that moment, Kyle and Alex had walked into the living room in time to see Maria singing ABC’s song along with the TV.

Kyle’s eyes widen, “What are you doing?”

Maria smiled at Kyle, “Watching Sesame Street. Oh look! Cookie man is eating his fingers!”

“NO! I was watching X-Men Mutants first!” Kyle barked at Maria. He stormed up to Maria and grabbed the remote from her hand.

“HEY!” Maria stood up on the chair to face Kyle eye to eye.

“It’s my turn to watch, not you. You wait for your turn!” Kyle held his chin up.

“It’s my turn! You were not here. I was here first!” Maria put her hands on her hips.

“Uh-huh! I was here first!”




The next thing they know it, they started to bicker on each other while Alex stood back watching them fighting each other. Alex smirked, liking to see them yelling each other. It is kind of funny to watch. He didn’t have any brother or sister to pick on. So this is the next best thing he can get.

Maria and Kyle turned toward to the kitchen, yelled, “MOM!” at the same time.

Amy heard them and knew what the kids are doing. They are going at it again. She’s too tired to lecture them at that moment. She’s still on the phone listening to Mr. Reese going on and on about stupid wrong brand items.

She glanced at the sink where there is all kind of dishes needing to wash. She hasn’t start dinner yet and Jim Valenti will be home soon. The kitchen is a mess. Heck, the house is a mess. She definitely needs a mom break.

She moaned when she heard something breaks in the living room. She doesn’t want to know what’s it is. She knew it is going to be a long hard day. Saturday is the worst day for all mothers especially with all kids that are out of school and have nothing to do.


Jeff smiled down to his little girl sleeping on his chest. He felt good to be home and doing things with his daughter. He doesn’t get enough time to spend with his daughter due to his job and other personal reasons. It has been a hard on him since losing his wife Nancy to have a beautiful daughter. He had to everything on his own without anyone’s help. He had no family or even friends. It was hard because his job kept him away from outside of world.

He realized how much in common he had with Max. None of outside life they can get to do. His job demanded him on moving all the times. He is doctor after all. He had been doing all those classified labs. He even wondered if he would ever get to settle down and get married. But he did, he married to a beautiful wife, Nancy Benson. She was wonderful lady. She looks a lot like Liz now. Especially with dark brown hair and brown eyes with peak nose. He had met her at the conference where all doctors from all of U.S. to meet and discuss of any new develop. Nancy used to be Pediatric. She loved children and had always wanted to have a child. It was a love at first sight.

Soon, they were married and Nancy got pregnant. It was a dream came true, but then again dream turned into shattered nightmare. His wife died giving a birth to Liz.

He never regretted having a beautiful daughter, but then again, he missed his wife so much. No wonder he spends all his time working to distract his pain over the loss of his wife.

No doubt that he loved his little girl. It is just that his Liz had so much her mother had in her. With her mother’s charms, her brown eyes, her personality, and her love. It was just too much for him. He is trying to overcome that and move on. It is slowly processing.

He was very thankful to have Carole Howell to help him out when he brought Liz home from the hospital. Carole decided that she wanted to become Liz’s nanny. She felt that she owes to Liz by taking care of Liz until she is old enough to take care of herself. She felt needs to do it for Nancy, her only best friend in the world. She was so sad of losing over her; but she wouldn’t change that for world of Liz. Liz brings sunshine to everyone and they wanted to keep that way.

He looked around the inside of tent. He thought it was so funny of Carole to set the tent up in the living room. They have a back yard for that. He doesn’t know why Carole went ahead and set up in the living room. He didn’t care anyway. It was fun either way. Carole is sleeping by his side. She’s exhausted which he can tell. He knew she was up all night telling a scary story and warming up hot dog by the fireplace with Liz. He was relived that he got home in time to enjoy the games and foods with them. It was wonderful to see Liz being happy. He wanted what is best for Liz.

He can hear the phone ringing in the kitchen. He moved Liz off the chest and gently laid her down on the blanket.

He crawled out of the tent and stood up. His back is killing him from sleeping on hard floor. He groaned as he stretched.

He walked to the kitchen in time to pick up the phone after fourth rang.

“Hello?” He answered. He looked up the clock next to the phone. It is 9 o’clock in the morning.

“Um…she’s sleeping right now. May I take the message?” His eyebrows frown.

“Okay, let me go wake her up now. Can you hold on?” He puts the phone on the table next to him.

He went back into the tent and gently woke Carole up.

“Carole, wake up. There is a phone for you. It is urgent. It is your sister Jan.” Jeff whispered in hope not to wake Liz up.

Carole climbed out of her blanket and followed Jeff out of the tent.

Into the kitchen, Carole picked up the phone from the table and answered.

Jeff went ahead to make some coffee. He was thinking of what to cook for breakfast and wondered if Liz would like French toast. He is in good mood for cook for once.

He can hear Carole’s talking to her sister Jan. Her voice changed to whispers.

When Carole was done with the phone, she hanged up and turned to face Jeff.

Jeff noticed the tears ready to fall from Carole’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“It is my mom. She passed away last night.”


I know you wanted to know what happen to Max...I am working on it.

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Hey! After watching Roswell last Tuesday night, I cried. I don’t know if I am sad because of Tess’s death or Max’s giving up his son. It was really good show. I am satisfied now. I hope the final chapter on Roswell next week will be good as last too. HOPEFULLY! Anyway, here is new part. Hope you like it and please give me any ideas. My mind is blank at this moment. I don’t want to blame on my daughter for eating my brain. Smile. Also a feedback will be good!

Part 7:

He snapped out of trance he was in when the light went off in his room. He realized he been sitting in the dark. He doesn’t like darkness at all. He is very afraid of the dark. The only light he can see is from the window ceiling. It is a full moon tonight.

He knows that he had been sitting in the corner too long. He doesn’t know how long he been sitting there. But none of that matters right now. Right now, he needs to get up because he can’t feel his butt from sitting on hard wood floor.

He slowly stood up, all stiffed and sore from not moving too long. He has to blink his eyes couple of times to see much better in dark in his room. He noticed there is a lamp next to his bed. He slowly walked his way over there, in fear of tripping over something that he can’t see on the floor.

He turned the lamp on. He felt better now there is a light on. He sat down on the bed, all tired and achy. He been sitting in the corner afraid of something is coming after him. He knows he is being paranoid but he refused to take that chance. Too many things had already happened to him and he doesn’t want to repeat bad situations to him.

He remembered earlier that Dr. Parker came in and left him something for him on the table. He turned around to see the table at the opposite of room. He got up and walked around the bed toward to the table.

His lips turned into smile when he saw what’s on the table.

There on the table is a blue thingy that Dr. Parker first gave to him from other day in an awful place. It was first time he got something nice from a man. It was rarely that he gets something from someone. A gift what he meant. He was glad that Dr. Parker didn’t forget his gift for him. It warmed inside of him.

He ran to the table and picked the blue thingy. He vaguely remembered what Dr. Parker told him that the blue thingy is called a ball. He absolutely loved his blue ball. He noticed there was something else on the table as well.

He looked over what it is seem to be a crayon box and a booklet. He opened the crayon box to see inside filled with all beautiful colors. He looked over the booklet and opened the front to see what’s it. It’s filled with blank papers. He doesn’t know what to do with or even with crayons. He just left them alone for another time to think about what’s that for. He went back to his favorite ball.

He looked around the room. His curiosity got the best of him when he walked to the door closed. He opened to see inside is a bathroom. He went in to see what’s inside have. It is a full-bathroom. From the shower to sink, it had everything what people needs in the bathroom for. He saw himself from the mirror above the sink for the first time.

He was stunned to see himself. He touched his face and his hair. His eyes are puffy from tiredness. His hair is all mess up. He looked so pale since he haven’t see the sun for a long time. He looked much older than he really is. Maybe after an awful traumatic was too much for him. Perhaps took a toll on his body as well.

He didn’t like what he sees. So he finished up what he came in for and came out of the bathroom. He went over to the queen size bed and climbed up. He didn’t like to be alone in a big room. But at least he will have something to sleep with, his blue ball. He peeled the blankets under him off and crawled underneath it. He left the light on. He simply refused to sleep in the dark. Too many times, he had been left in the dark. This time, it is not going to happen again.

He moved into fetal position with the blanket covered him while his both hands held on tightly to his blue ball. Soon, he fell asleep to nightmares again.


Dr. Turner came into observing room where Max and Mr. Evans were. Max was still in Mr. Evans’s arms. Max had decided to refuse to cooperate with any more testing for the nurses.

Dr. Turner walked up to Mr. Evans, “Mr. Evans, I need to speak to you in privately. Will you please come with me out in the hall for a moment?”

Mr. Evans looked down to Max still holding on his chest with his small hands fisted held to his shirt. He looked back to Dr. Turner, nodding.

Gary removed Max’s hands off his chest, “Max, I will be right back. You will be fine here. The doctor needs to talk to me about something. Okay? You just stay right now and don’t move. Okay?”

Max’s fearful eyes turned to Dr. Turner then back to Gary. He nodded his head and let goes of Gary’s shirt. He sat down on the bed while Dr. Turner walked Gary out of the room.

Dr. Turner guided Gary to his office down the hall away from the observing room. Gary walked inside not aware of FBI people just walked into Max’s room.


Jeff felt so frustrated as he tried to find someone that will babysitting Liz while he goes to work. So far, he hasn’t found anyone.

Ever since Carole found out that her mother died yesterday morning things had been nuts around the house. Her mother died last Friday night in her sleep, turned out that she just died from natural cause. Only there is one problem, someone must comes in and take care of her father. Since her mother is no longer there to care for him, Carole is the only one left in the family to care for him. So Carole spends all day packing her stuff and making arrangement to fly out the next day. Carole is not happy about leaving Liz, but she had no choice. She has to go home to her family. She has lot things to do for example making arrangement for a funeral and taking care of her father.

Liz wasn’t too happy either about her favorite nanny leaving her; but then again, she understood that Carole have to go. Liz spends all day watching Carole running around the room picking out clothes to wear and puts them in the suitcases.

Jeff had spends all day on the phone trying to see if anyone can watch Liz. He wished he had many friends. He can’t ask his family because all of his family relatives lived out of the states. And some of his close friends are either working or busying with their own life with their children as well.

He sighed, wishing there is something he can make things easier for him right now. He has lot things on his mind from his work with Max and now with Liz. It is so frustrating for him to think of ways to come up with something. So far, his mind is blank for now.

He hanged up the last phone call he made after unsuccessful finding a babysitter. His shoulders slumped thinking what to do next. He gave up. That’s it. He will have to make some kind of decision of what to do, but not right now. He still has tomorrow Sunday to think about it. He got up from the table and walked out of the kitchen.

Curiously, he went to Carole to see how she is hanging in there. He knows that Carole is trying not to break down in front of Liz. Liz is too young to understand what’s death means.

Carole must be so upset of losing her mother. He doesn’t really know her mother well. It is sad of course of losing someone. He knew what’s like to lose someone like his wife Nancy. He doesn’t blame Carole for putting up a wall and acts nothing is wrong.

He stood in Carole’s room doorway watching Liz helping Carole packing the clothes up. He is sad to see Carole goes, but then again he knows that it was time anyway. It was time for Carole to have her own life and move on. She can’t stay here and take care of Liz for rest of her life. It was time for her to fly her wing and get out of here. Maybe meet someone to marry and have her own kids. He bet her father would loves to see a grandchild for once. He knows he would like that for Liz when he gets older. He just wished Nancy would be here to see her grandchild as well.

He shook his head to get that painful memory out of his head and let his presence knows.

“Can I help?” Jeff offered.

Carole stopped what she was doing and looked up Jeff. Her eyes went softly and she nodded.

Jeff went and helped Liz and Carole packing the stuff up in silently.


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Tomorrow is Tuesday and I am dreading to see it…but I must come to terms with it and move on. I know that I will cry at the end of Roswell…sniffle. I am crying already!

Enough of this, here we goes…

Part 8:

Sunday afternoon, May 18th of 1981:

Jeff rocked the chair holding Liz in his arm in the living room. It is been a long day for both of them. No, to be specific, it had been a sad day for them.

They just got home after dropping their only friend Carole off at the airport. Its had been the hardest thing they ever to do is to say good-bye to Carole. Liz had a hardest time letting Carole go. Carole and Jeff had agreed that Carole won’t be coming back after all. It was time for her to go and move on to her new life. She has her own family to take care. Carole didn’t want to leave Liz and Jeff since they were her family ever since she knew Nancy from their childhoods. She kind of wished she didn’t have to leave; then again, she felt needs to go.

Liz had cried her heart out begging Carole not to go. Jeff had to pry Liz out of Carole’s arms to let her get on the plane. Carole saw the tears fall down on Liz’s face. Her heart was breaking after seeing Liz crying, she tried not to cry in front of her. But it was a lot harder than she realized. She was trying to be strong for Liz and lets her know that it is going to be okay.

As soon as Jeff got Liz out of Carole’s arms, she turned away and walked into the plane without looking back. She can hear Liz’s crying, she, too, kept crying as she boarded on the plane.

Jeff kept Liz in his arm and walked out of the airplane without staying to watch Carole’s plane taking off. He must take care of his Liz.

He recognized the feelings he is having. The feelings are empty and sad. He knew that feelings that he felt when his wife died. It is like someone you loved is being taken away from you. Ripped apart from the family he only knew. He didn’t want to face the feelings again.

They rode back home in silence. Liz didn’t say a word the whole time. She just puts her head on the window and watched the buildings and trees passing by.

Now, they are home sitting on the rocking chair, comforting each other the only way is to hold each other.

Jeff had a lot things on his mind of what’s coming up next. He knew he has think about his daughter and what he can do for her. She is his only baby; therefore, everything must comes with her first.


Monday night, March 22, 1981:

Max kept looking at the door where Gary Evans followed Dr. Turner out of his room. He wondered when is Gary going to come back. He kind of wished he went with him instead of staying in this creepy room. Everything seems so distant and cold. The smell is odd and the room is sterile and white. He doesn’t like the feelings of being alone in the room all by himself. The feelings he is getting making his stomach all knots up.

He didn’t like what the nurses and doctors done to him. They had took his clothes off and put a paper clothe on his waist so they can check him out. He didn’t like being naked sitting on the bed. He was glad that Gary stayed with him. They had took couple of pictures of his chest showing of his tattoo. He got scared of the flashing lights from the camera they used to take pictures of him. They kept poking him, checking his ears, his mouth, his noses, and so on. He was glad they stopped after Gary’s tempers toward to them. He was relieved to have Gary with him at all time. So Gary had his clothes back on.

Ever since Gary picked him off the street, he started observed what’s going on around him. In other words, his mind begins to learn everything from the noise of Gary’s truck to trees. He also learned to understand Gary’s speaking English. Every words he hears from Gary, he understood what the words means. Even those people around him that he understood them as well. He had watched their emotions, their behaviors, and so on to know how to acts like them do.

He actually knew what was Sheriff Stein saying to him. However, he couldn’t brings himself to speak to Sheriff Stein. Something in the back of his mind, he knew he is in precarious position. He had this feeling that he must keep his mouth shut and lets everything plays itself out for his sake and others.

He had thoughts about humans comes out of pods just like the one he did; however, he noticed everyone is making a big deal that he came out of nowhere. He had this feeling that he must keep of whereabouts he came from for safety reasons. He decided to follow his instincts just in case.

So now, he is waiting on Gary to comes back and get him out of this place.

He watched the doorknob turned and the door opened revealed four men in blue uniforms coming in.

His eyes widen.

He can feel the knots in his stomach turned for worse. He realized he is in serious trouble.


Saturday Morning, May 17, 1981:

Max was startled out of his dream when a noise woke him up. He opened his eyes just in time to see a man in his white uniform carrying a tray coming into his room.

He scrambled to sit and back up the headboard. He pulled the blanket up to his chin, watching intently on the man who just puts the tray on the table.

The man didn’t bother to look at him. He walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Max turned to look the tray sitting on the table. He smelled something good.

His stomach growled, he looked down on his stomach. He didn’t remember when was the last time he ate. He is surely hungry.

He threw the blanket off him and ran to the table.

He pulled the lid off the plate to see what’s inside.

On the plate, there is scrambling eggs, bacons, biscuits, and strawberries. There is also a carton of milk next to it. There is a plastic fork along with a straw to drink out of carton.

His lip turned into smile. He pulled chair out and sat down.

He is definitely hungry. He picked up the fork, remembering how Gary taught him how to use the fork to pick up the food and puts in his mouth.

His eyes closed after tasting the scrambling eggs in his mouth for first time. 'Oh how good the eggs' He thought.


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Part 9:

For the next two days, Max had kept himself busy by exploring around his own room. Technically, it is not his room; however, he felt so comfortable in this place so he called his own room. He had noticed the room was set up only for him. Especially everything is either blue or white. He absently wondered if the people knew his favorite color was blue. Especially the walls are blue, which reminded him the color of sky. The bed is covered with white blankets along with blue sheets and pillowcases. The table, the coffee table, and all furniture he sees are made of real oak woods just like the floors are. He felt more and more comfortable there.

He was still dreading of what’s ahead later. He wondered if he made a mistake of moving around in his room. Because surely, the bad people would come in and torture him anytime he moved. Surprisely, no one came in to torture in. People who came in are either bringing him something to eat or clothes to wear. Sometimes, they would talk to him. None of them touch him or even comes near him. With that, he was very relieved. He wasn’t ready to trust or lets anyone touch him.

He still runs to the bed or to the corner to cuddle when someone comes into his room bringing something. He had refused to move until the person finished whatever they came in for to leave the room. He would go and check whatever the person had brought in. Sometimes, it was foods for him to eat. Sometimes, it was clothes for him to wear. Sometimes, it was toys and few others things he wasn’t sure what it was.

He had met a nice lady, named Dr. Clark. She came in twice a day to talk to him. Oddly, she acts like he was not there, but she still talks anyway.

He listened to every word Dr. Clark had spoken of. He was very interesting of what’s she was saying. Especially, he was so eagerly to understand what are those things the people had brought in for him. Like for example, what’s toothbrush for?

He was able to learn how to use the bathroom with the help of Dr. Clark. She didn’t have to teach him how. She acts like she was going to wash her hands from the sink in the bathroom. He cautiously watched Dr. Clark every move she made. She would explain what she is doing and what she is about to do to avoid scaring Max away.

Each time, she would comes in and teach him something and he would listen from the distance. He was still afraid to come near her or anybody. He wasn’t ready to trust anyone and Dr. Clark doesn’t blame him for the way he behaved around her and others.

Once he was left alone, he would play with the toys the people have left for him to do. His favorite toy is his blue ball that Dr. Parker had left for him. He would bounce the ball and throws it up the air around the room. When he gets tired, he would take a short nap in his warm bed. He likes to go to take a nap during noontime because the sun will be high noon enough to shine through the window ceiling. He likes to fall asleep with the sun bathing him and keeping him warm at the same time.

He had found something that he likes to do. He likes brushing his teeth since he likes the taste of toothpaste in his mouth. Unfortunately, Dr. Clark came in the next day and told him that he needs to rinse his mouth out after using the toothbrush. He wasn’t sure how she knew about that. But it doesn’t bother him a bit. He still enjoyed the taste of toothpaste in his mouth.

Sunday afternoon, Max had decided to take a shower after noticing an odd smelling on around him. But when he tried to take a shower, he got the violent thoughts in his mind during showering. He got so scared that he had to get out of the shower so fast. He ran to his bed all naked and wet. He didn’t bother to turn the water off in the shower. He was too upset by the bombard of bad memories.

It had been a while since the FBI had given him a bath, well not in the friendly way. He shuddered after seeing a thought in his mind.

The FBI had dragged him into a sort of shower room and stripped his clothes off. Leaving him on the floor naked. His body was shaking from the cold floor and the air was chilly.

The next thing he knows, he saw four men in white scrubs with masks covering their faces. They were carrying equipment on the carts. He had run to the corner trying to put a distance between him and the FBI. However it didn’t stop the crew coming to him. He didn’t have anywhere to go.

Two men have grabbed him and hold his arms up while others got their water hoses to spray him. The water was hot and stingy his body. He screamed then.

The screaming that Max made didn’t bother the FBI. They kept spraying him until they are satisfied that Max is completely sterile and clean. His body was all red and burned. He cried and cried.

When they were done, they dragged Max to his new room, the white room. They threw him hard on the floor. He was shivering and wet. He crawled to the corner of the white room.

He tried to cover up his naked body by putting his arms around his legs.

He had a hard time snapping out his painful thoughts. He took a deep breath.

Making a decision, he decided he is not going to take a shower ever again. Meaning he would use the washcloths and rinses them wet. And wash his body with that. No way he would get back in the shower until the people forces him to take it. He will just have to wait and see if they will force him.

Eventually, later the running water in the shower bothered him so he got out of the bed to turn the water off. He got dress again and this time, with clean clothes the people brought for him.

He left the bathroom and went on playing with crayons and color book.


“I see that you have been doing well with Max here.” Jim said to the woman sitting on the desk working on her paper works.

Dr. Clark turned her head up from the paperwork. She smiled warmly at Jim standing by the window watching at Max.

“Well, it is not the only me. Dr. Parker had done the same thing. He gave Max a gift, a blue ball. That’s his favorite toy. He refused to put the ball down to come and sit down with me. He is such as sweet and quiet little boy. He is doing so much well. I was more surprised that he was able to trust me enough to listen to what I was saying while I was in that room. He seems so eager to trust someone that pulled him out of that god knows that awful place. He had so much to learn and I can’t wait to teach him more. Heck, I have so much to tell Dr. Parker. He would be pleased to hear this.” Dr. Clark cheerily said.

Jim smirked at Dr. Clark going on how good Max had been doing. It is Monday morning and there are other people there as well. Dr. Parker is late for the meeting to discuss about the situation concerning with Max. Jim had been monitoring Max over the weekend and so far, everything seems goes well considering what this boy have been through. He was surprisingly enough to see that Max was able to allow Dr. Clark comes closer to him.

He was so nervous watching Dr. Clark talking to Max from the window. He was afraid that Max might do something harm to Dr. Clark. He knows Max is just a small boy, but no matter how small he is. He is still an alien with powers who knows what he might hurt Dr. Clark anytime. Since Dr. Parker decided not to drug him to neutralize his powers. He wanted Max to grow up all natural and let his powers develop on his own. He and Dr. Parker had sat down and talked about this before picking up Max from the compound. They had made the room to be safer and made the walls stronger that Max wouldn’t able to get out of. They discussed the safety of the crew. If there is something goes wrong and Max gets out of control, Jim will have the power to use his tranquilizer shot Max to sleep. He had Dr. Parker’s permission for that.

As for the rest of staying, Dr. Parker is the only person that will give the permission to give drugs to Max. No one is allowed, not if things get out of control. Dr. Parker wanted to see how Max can control his anger and his frustration. He wanted to see how much powers Max have in his body.

Jim and Dr. Parker had comes to conclusion that no one is to kill this boy at all including if Max hurts or kills anyone. They would put him to sleep instead of killing him. They need him and since he is the only alive alien in the world. They can’t afford to kill him.

Jim smiled as he listened on Dr. Clark’s babbling how sensitive Max is and so on. He watched Max down below. He frowns at Max’s form as he twitching around the bed.

The realization hits him; Max is having another nightmare. Every time he gets bad dreams, he would get up and runs to the corner by the tints window on the wall. He would sit there and space out whatever his mind takes him.

Sometimes, Max would snap of trance if someone enters in the room or the lights go off. He had noticed that Max is fear of darkness which it is explained why Max sleeps with the lights on.

Heck, his son Kyle sleeps with the lights on. His beautiful daughter Marie is a strong head and can handle anything. He chuckled thinking that his son might be wimp to what Marie had said. But once again, Kyle is older and he is very protective of Marie just like his father. He smiled thinking how similar he is to Kyle. Like a father and son. Very over protective to people they loved.

He turned around to see Dr. Parker entering the room in rush.

The meeting has begun.

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Anyway, on to the story…WITH LIZ AND MAX!

Part 10:

After the FBI was done washing Max, they dragged him to the white room and left him alone. He was still shivering despised that his skins felt like he is on fire from the hot waters that the people sprayed to clean him.

Once alone, he crawled to the corner and tried to cover up himself by pulling his legs up to his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs. His hair was dripping wet and his teeth are chattering.

He wished that Gary were here to get him out of this whatever this place called. He doesn’t know where this place from or how he gets here. All he remembers at that first place those men had come into the observing room during earlier day and sedated him. At first, he wasn’t able to scream for help since they had quickly pinned him down on the bed and gave him a shot

The shot he received has made him drowsy so he was in and out most of the day, not aware what’s happening around him. No one suspicion when the men wheeled him out of the room on the bed. Only few nurses and doctors knew the truth about Max and his origin. In the earlier day, Dr. Turner had decided to call FBI after a startling result from the lab. The results are not normal and he was afraid of what to do next. The FBI came in earlier that day and gathered the nurses and doctors that knew about Max to the conference room to discuss to keep the words out of the media. They are not allowed to speak about Max’s results outside of the hospital or to anyone.

They set up to stall the time and get Mr. Evans out of the observing room to go to Dr. Turner’s office while the security would go in and gather Max. And the mission had accomplished. Now they have Max in their custody.

Max sighed wondering what’s going to happen next. But he doesn’t have time to think about since he heard the noises outside the room.

He heard the door clicked, he moved his head up to see who are coming in. He watched as the men in their white scrubs covered with masks and everything to protect them from himself coming in. They pushed their carts in that hold everything they need to experiment on Max. They started to set up the equipments while keeping their eyes on him.

He can feels the hair stick up back of his neck. He had this bad feeling that something is going to happen to him and none of it are good.

Two men in their white scrub stopped working with equipment and came up to him. Each man picked each Max’s arms and pulled him away from the corner toward to the center of the white room.

Max tried to fight them off at first; but it was harder for him since he is still too little and those men are a lot bigger than him. He kept fighting…until he saw what’s ahead of him. He didn’t notice that they had brought in a steel table in.

‘No…this can’t be happening. What’s this? What are they going to do to me?’ Max feared.

He watched everyone setting things up around the table. He turned his fearful eyes toward to the men that were still holding his both arms. He was still cold from being naked and wet.

He saw a young man wearing a white lab coat along with a tag named Dr. Pierce. He walked up to the table and nodded to the men.

He was picked up and laid down on the steel table. The table was too cold. His teeth were still chattering. He watched people gathered around the table watching him.

He watched men putting locks on his arms and his legs.

Dr. Pierce, with his slick black hair and gleamed dark eyes, looked down at him and smiled.

‘What is he going to do to me?’ Max wondered.

“Where is Gary? Why am I here?” Max asked Dr. Pierce.

Dr. Pierce leaned down to Max’s ear and whispered, “You won’t be seeing Gary ever again. You are mine now.”

Max turned his tearful eyes toward Dr. Pierce’s eyes.

He knew.


Max scuffled and turned around the bed trying to wake up. He couldn’t get away from Dr. Pierce.

He gasped as he sat up quickly. His breathing was rapidly fast and heavy. He looked around the room to see if he is in the white room. He realized he is not in the room, but he can’t get rid of the feelings that he is still trapped by those people.

He peeled the blankets off of him and ran to the corner when he heard the noises outside of his door. He cuddled into the corner and watched an orderly man walked in carrying a tray to the table.

‘It must be breakfast time.’ He realized after his stomach growled confirmed it.

He waited until the orderly left the room before went up to see what he is eating for breakfast.

After eating French toasts for breakfast, he cleaned up himself in the bathroom.

All dressed in his blue jean, running shoes and a flannel sleeve green shirt, he wondered what he is going to do today.

He didn’t like the sounds of activities going on outside of his door because the noises are increasing. He has this feeling that something will happen. He learned not to ignore his instincts after what happened with Dr. Pierce. He wanted to be preparing what will happen next.

But there was nothing he can do in his room. There is no way out. The only way out is the tint window and window ceiling. He can’t break it with furniture because it is being nailed down to the ground or to the wall. So he doesn’t have anything to break it. If he did break it, where would he go? He doesn’t know where he is or even where Gary lived. So he decided to stay put and see what happen next.

The sounds behind the door kept getting louder and louder. He decided that he didn’t wanted to be any closer to the door; he walked over to his spot and sat down in his corner.

Now, the waiting begins.


Liz Parker smiled mischievously as her father left her alone in his office. She didn’t hesitate to start playing like she owns the office.

She ran around the big oak wood desk and climbed up the leather chair. She sat down and started opening the drawers to see what’s in there.

In meanwhile, Jeff Parker hurried down the corridor passing Max’s room. He doesn’t have time to stop in and see how Max’s doing. He is late for the meeting.

The morning didn’t start off the way he wanted it to be. He got a phone call from the new nanny saying that she wasn’t able to be Liz’s nanny for some reasons. He tried to find a babysitter on the last minute; unfortunately, his timing was bad.

So he decided to take Liz with him to work in hope to find someone to watch his daughter while he works. He didn’t want to bring Liz regarding the compound is no place for Liz to play around. And especially this place is too dangerous. Liz’s still too young to start preschool. So he hadn’t any choice but take her with him to work.

He just left Liz in his office, firmly told her not to touch or break anything that doesn’t belong to her. He had told her to play with her toys that she brought along with. Liz understood that someone would be coming shortly to watch over her while her daddy works.

Jeff knew it was a mistake to leave a 2 years old daughter alone in his office. Who knows what Liz might get into? He had no choices; he is late as he already is for the meeting. He will sends someone to watch Liz from the meeting.

He sped up his walking to get to the conference room.


In meanwhile, Liz was getting bored after going through her daddy’s drawers. It is nothing in there, but a lot of papers work.

‘So boring!’ Liz thought. She looked around the room to see if there’s anything she can do.

She climbed down from the chair and went behind to check out the bookcase.

‘Books, books, books, books, how boring it is…’ Liz’s face turned frown. There is nothing for her to read. She can’t read those adult books yet.

She turned away from the bookcase to look around more. She noticed there is a tint window on the other wall next to the desk.

She walked up to the window. “Why is this window black?” Liz muttered to herself.

She noticed there is a red button next to the window. She reached up to push the button; however, she was too short to touch the button. She turned around to get the leather chair.

She pushed the chair up closer to the wall where the button is. She climbed up the chair and stood up on the chair.

She pushed the red button. She stood back, holding the back of chair for balance as she watched the window turned from black into clear exposing what’s the other side of the window.


Max heard something whirring. He turned his face to see the window just in time to see the black window into clear window.

His eyes went widen as he saw something from the other side of window. He watched a figure moved around.

The other side, Liz saw a little boy sitting in the corner next to the window. She climbed down the chair and moved closer to the window to see what’s the boy looks like.

She wondered what is the boy doing in there. She puts her hand on the window, curiously looking at him.

Max looked at her, as she got closer to the window. He never see anyone that size of her compared to him. Perhaps there are others just like him. He felt his stomach flipped as he watched her.

He doesn’t know what the feelings he is getting, but he knew he doesn’t have to be afraid of this girl. He moved closer to the window after seeing Liz putting her hand on the window.

He puts his hand on Liz’s hand on the window as well. He watched her lips turned into smile. He smiled for first time in a long time.

He never sees anything so pretty like her. With her pretty eyes and her smile. He can feels more calm and peace now.


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Part 11:

Jeff huffed and took a deep breathed, looking apologetic to everyone sitting at the table in the middle of room.

“Sorry, I am late. I was um…” Jeff muttered something beneath his breath as he tried to get his mind straight out. He completely forgot what to say to his co-workers. He knew this is not a place to talk about his personal life. This is a place where everyone focus on one thing and that’s a little boy named Max. He shook his head, walked over to the front of table and settled his briefcase down.

He nervously smiled at his employees, he cleared his throat and tried again, “I had a problem with my daughter’s new nanny so I had to bring Liz with me to work instead. I just had no idea how much it takes to get Liz ready. Anyway, please forgive me for being late.”

Everyone including Jim and Dr. Clark smiled at Jeff, nodding to show their supports and understandings.

Jeff sighed, opening the briefcase and pulled out the files based on Max. He was glad that no one complained or giving him one of those looks ‘He shouldn’t be talking about his daughter. It is not our business, blah…’

‘They seems to understand what I am going through. Maybe I am not the only one that has a family. I don’t know much about their life; especially one of so-called rules that no one is allows talking about their family or personal things to keep things neutral and classified inside those walls. Outside of this compound, no one allows to socially with his or her co-workers. It is really complicated rules. No one doesn’t wanted to mess with the rules, especially, they doesn’t want to lose their jobs. ‘

“Okay um…Mr. Hanson?”

“Sir?” Mr. Hanson stood up from his monitor desk, wearing his uniform.

“I need you to go down to my office, I left my daughter there. I need you to watch while I am in the meeting. I will be there shortly as soon the meeting is over okay?” Jeff explained to Mr. Hanson.

Mr. Hanson nodded his head and left the room.

“Okay, let’s get to work. Can anyone tell me how’s Max doing so far over the weekend?” Jeff asked as he walked over to the window to see what’s Max up to.

His eyes went widen, “OH SHIT!”

Jeff bolted out of the room quickly causing puzzled expression on his co-workers’ faces. They all got up and went over to the window to see what’s the problem.


Max kept his hand on Liz’s hand. It is closest thing he can ever get to touch her. It doesn’t matter if he is touching the window instead of her hand. He never saw anything beautiful.

‘I wonder if she is same as me. I mean she’s in the room alone stuck just like me.’ Max curiously looked at her face. From her eyes to her lips, she’s so pure and innocent. He frowned thinking that she couldn’t be here. She doesn’t deserve to here to suffer just like he did.

Liz, the other side, kept watching Max. She giggled at him when he made a frown face at her.

“HI!” Liz beamed at him.

Max can see her lip moving, but no sounds coming out of her mouth. He kept frowning at her, trying to understand what’s she doing.

Liz frowned at him too for not responding back. She pulled her hand away from the window startling her when Max went frantic with his hand pounding on the window.

Max became upset when Liz moved her hand away from his hand. He didn’t want her to leave so he pounded his hand to get Liz’s hand back on the window.

Liz puts her hand back on the window and watched as Max puts his hand on her hand. Something in the back of her head, she was feeling scared and confused. Something wasn’t right in here and she knew it.

She looked up to see Max starring at her.

Max realized that he scared her, he didn’t mean to that. He just doesn’t want to be left alone in this room. He needs her to keep him from going insane.

He didn’t realized that his hand was glowing blue permeate to Liz’s hand. He was too busy adoring Liz’s amber eyes. He saw something beneath of her eyes.

All of sudden, Max can feels his soul coming alive as he watched Liz’s eyes went widen.

Their connection was cut shortly as Jeff Parker rushed in, scaring Liz in processing. She moved her hand away from the window to look at her father.

Max, too, turned his head just in time to see Dr. Parker came in to pick Liz up and left the room.

He held his both hands on the window and whimpered as he watched Liz in her father’s arms leave the room. He couldn’t move or say a word. He kept his eyes on that door where Liz and Dr. Parker had gone.

‘No, don’t leave me here. Please don’t take her away from me. Please, no.’ Max pleaded in his mind.

He doesn’t know what to do, but he knows for one thing. He is in big trouble with Dr. Parker, especially since he looked very unhappy when he picked Liz up.

The door in other room opened, a man in his uniform came in and walked up to the window. Max kept his hands on the window waiting to see what this uniform man is up to.

The uniform man pushed something by the window and the noise of whirring is back. The window went black before Max’s eyes.

Max couldn’t no longer see what’s other side of the window. He shook his head, ‘No, no, no…bring her back. Please just bring her back.’

Max closed his eyes and crawled into fetal position in his corner and cried.

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New part for you guys!

Part 12:

Max doesn’t know how long he had been in that fetal position on the wooden floor next to the tint window. The realization dawn on him that the hours went by without noticing the time. He rolled onto his back to see the ceiling window. From what he can see, the sky had turned into nighttime.

He had cried himself to sleep, only to wake up from another nightmare. He turned his head toward to the black window, wondering how’s his girl doing.

No one even bother to come in after his encounter with a dark-haired girl. He wondered if they are too busy with this girl to notice him. ‘Nah, it can’t be. I am the one that caused the problem. They should be here punishing me by torturing me with their equipments. Something’s not right.’ Max thought.

He can feels his stomach doing the churn from thinking what would happen to this girl. He can’t forgive himself if he is the one that caused the problem for her. He can’t stand the thoughts of her screaming and crying because of HIM. He can feels the bile in his throat rising up. He lurched toward to the bathroom and hurled his vomits down the toilet.

He kept throwing up and crying at the same time. When he was done, he flushed the drain and closed the lid of toilet. He laid his sweat head down on the lid and closed his eyes.

He wanted to see those of her exquisite eyes one more time. He needs her. He knows it. She is the only one that can help him breath and lived once again.

‘There is something about her that made my heart sings. Maybe it is because she might be the same as him. What else can it be? She is trapped in that room just like him. Or maybe because of her beautiful doe eyes that he can’t get it out of his head. Or maybe she is just simple beautiful to him. She looks so small, smaller than him to be exact.’

‘They can’t hurt her. I can’t allow that happened to her. I must get her out of here. But how?’ Max wondered how to get her out of this place and keep her safe from awful people. He hadn’t faint idea what to do.

The light inside his room went off had got him on foot, sending him blind-fold looking for the lamp next the bed. Once he turned the lamp on, he sunk down on the bed, feeling stiff and tired.

His eyes started to fill with the tears wondering where she is and if she’s hurting or alive

A tear rolled down his left cheek and more tears came. He turned around and crawled into bed. He curled his hands into the blankets and held on for life for whatever it is coming.

He cried himself to sleep once again having another nightmare.


“He is asleep now,” Mr. Hanson turned his head toward to Mr. Valenti, “Look like he is having another nightmare again.”

Jim didn’t bother acknowledge Mr. Hanson; he kept watching Max from the window.

It was unbelievable sight after Max’s incident with Liz this morning that sent everyone scrambling to get to work on either labs or computers. None of them left the building and it is midnight. They decided they didn’t want to miss anything more. They had their own cot to sleep in their offices. They kept working nonstop, coming up ways to solve those problems between Liz and Max.

They wanted to test Max; however, Dr. Parker had the authority to decide what kind of testing he will allows them to do on Max. Since Dr. Parker had to take Liz home, he didn’t want to miss anything out; therefore, he ordered everyone to put the testing on hold until tomorrow morning when he will be here for.

Everyone thought it was a good idea to put on hold until they calm down and set up what’s ahead. They used “today” to put their heads together and decide what strategic will they use to test on Max.

They kept watching Max for any signs of alien powers through the cameras or the window in the conference room. They spent all day coming up the ways to approach Max without harming him and how to get him to communicating with him.

They were worried about Dr. Parker especially he had left with his daughter so abruptly. They do not know whether he is angry with Max or upsets with Liz. No one knows for sure. Jim Valenti had already called Dr. Parker in his home to see how’s Liz doing and give him any update regarding about Max’s condition. Only at the end, Dr. Parker didn’t say much about Liz’s condition. All Jeff told him that Liz is fine. He was worried that there is something wrong with Liz. He can’t stand to see Liz getting hurt because of Max. If Max did something to Liz, he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to down to Max’s room and scold him for whatever he did to Liz in fear that Max might turn against him. So he decided to wait until tomorrow to decide what to do with Max.

Dr. Parker had told him that no one is allowed to go to Max’s room at all. Especially since Max is very emotional at that time that he might do something forceful to brings Liz back. So no one brought the foods or anything to Max’s room for now until tomorrow.

Jim had monitoring Max all day. He is not happy what happened this morning, but then again it wasn’t Max’s fault. Liz is the one that pushed the button.

He smirked thinking it was Dr. Parker’s mistaken of leaving 2-year-old alone in his office.

‘I would never do that. My kids always get into something bad. They always do. Liz is not the only one here. She’s just a little girl who made a mistake. My kids, Maria and Kyle do that the same thing. They always managed to find Christmas presents that we went so far to made sure to hide very well; however, at the end, the kids found the presents up in the attic. He doesn’t know how in the world they managed to get into anything. He knew not to challenge their kids and decided not to trust them alone in the house. Anything’s possible. They can break anything without letting us know about it until we find them hiding the broken things in their bedrooms.’

His lips turned into grin remembering something, ‘Maria and Kyle got into a fight which led into wrestling match in the living room. They had ignored their mother’s constantly telling them to stop fighting or they will break something in the living room. Of course, they managed to knock the lamp off the corner table. The lamp had broken in half and they decided to hide the broken lamp in Kyle’s closet. None of us noticed the lamp was missing until about a week later when Amy was in one of her mood “The Spring Cleaning”. She had strolled into Kyle’s room to clean out Kyle’s closet that Kyle thrown all dirty clothes in there. She wasn’t expecting to find a broken lamp beneath the dirty clothes. Of course, she was ready to blow off her top; however, she decided to play a game with the kids when they got home from school. She purposely puts the broken lamp back on the corner table and lets the kids see it when they entered the house. None of them noticed at first, they were too busy throwing their school bags, shoes, and jackets on the floor. Amy had been patiently waiting for them to come into the living room and sit down to watch T.V. like they normally do. Unfortunately, they took their times and went to raid the fridge before coming back to the living room bringing along with the snacks and drinks with them. They settled down on the floor eating and watching the T.V. Kyle was first to notice the broken lamp. His face went paled looking at the lamp. He elbowed Maria on his left side to get her attention. Maria turned her head to Kyle and then to see what’s Kyle looking at. Maria’s pop-eyed and lips quivering turned her head back to Kyle. They both slowly turned their heads behind to see mom smiling at them. Kyle and Maria were perplexed at their mom. Unsure of what to do, they didn’t move at all in fear that mom will do something crazy like strangling them. However, mom smiled sweetly and gave them a punishment to pay off the broken lamp. Their punishment was no T.V. for two weeks and they had to clean out the garage. Afterward, Kyle and Maria never wrestling again in the living room.’

Jim chuckled thinking how his wife done a wonderful job with the kids, no to be more specific, spoiled brat kids.

His brow turned into frown as he watched Max fighting with his blanket in his sleep.

He wondered if Max is dreaming about his captured by FBI or something else. He looked up at the window above the wall to see the clock just strikes 1 a.m.

‘It is going to be a long night.’ Jim thought.


Jeff Parker slowly got up from the rocking chair and bid a kiss on Liz’s forehead before walking out of her room.

He softly closed the door behind him, walked down the hall to his bedroom. It is been a long day for him. He wasn’t expecting to see Liz meeting Max like that. In fact, he never thought about having Liz to meet Max at all. Max is an alien, a very dangerous alien.

He shuddered thinking what would have happened if he didn’t save his daughter earlier. He saw Max’s glowing hand on Liz’s hand. He doesn’t want to think about it, not now anyway. He is too tired to figure out how in the world that his daughter managed to get a chair up to the window and pushed the button. Of course, he is mad at Liz. But now, he is too tired to be upset with her. He is more concerning about Liz’s welfare.

Liz was very quiet and fearful toward to him when he came in the office earlier today. He knew that he was being rough by coming in and grabbed her out of the office without any explanation.

He just took her out of the compound and went straight home that he didn’t noticed that his Liz been crying in fear of him. Liz might have thought that he is mad at her. His heart broken from the sight of Liz’s crying in the backseat.

As soon as they got home, Liz went to her room to hide from him. Jeff never felt so guilty and so stupid. He is the fault of that. He should have known better than to leave Liz alone in his office. He knows it that he made a mistake and shouldn’t have take it out on her. It wasn’t her fault at all.

He sighed. He unbuttoned his shirt, took it off. His shoes came next and his pant off to the floor. Only in his boxer, he walked over to his bed and peeled the blanket back to crawl into the bed.

He stared at the ceiling with his hands beneath his head, wondering what to do with Liz and Max. He would have to make some decision regarding what will happen to Max and he knows that he will have to run some tests on Liz to rule anything out.

He hoped to God that there is nothing wrong with Liz and that Max didn’t do anything harm to his Liz. He doesn’t want to lose Liz this way. Not this way. He can’t afford to lose his baby. Liz is the only one left that he had in this family. His only baby.

He closed his eyes, willing to let the sleep taken it over.

Soon, he fell asleep.

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Guys, I am going to speed up a little bit…well okay MUCH LATER okay? This is the longest part I ever wrote. Nearly 10 pages and my neck is killing me. I am on roll! Two parts in two days already...that's new for me! Applause your hands for me pls?

Part 13:

Seven years later…

“Quit it!” Maria yelled at Michael after a pit ball landed on her face. Her eyes glared at Michael across the table, showing him she’s ready to beat him up if he did that one more time.

On the right side of Michael, Kyle snickered, “Well, well, look at that. They are at it again.” He nodded his head toward to Maria and Michael’s bickering.

“That’s nothing new.” Isabel shook her head at Kyle across the table from her. She moved her head right toward to Alex’s ear and whispered, “Alex, are you coming over to help me with um…you know…the computer thing?”

Alex nodded and turned his head to smile at her. Isabel had been having a problem regarding how to use the computer. She doesn’t want anyone to know that she, cheerleader and most popular girl in West Roswell High, know nothing about the computer. Secretly, she had asked Alex for his help and together they worked on it, SLOWLY. Alex had to teach her from the start. Obviously, Isabel didn't know how to turn the computer on. Alex didn’t mind as long as he gets to spend time with Isabel alone in her dad’s office. Even though, they are not boyfriend/girlfriend. He still enjoyed being her friend and a tutor.

Alex snapped out of his thoughts as Maria and Michael’s bickering increasing.

It is lunchtime and they are eating inside of the school cafeteria, which it is something they doesn’t like to do. Normally, they would gather together to go outside and eat. But today, it is a different story. It is been raining all week. Because of the weather, everyone is either grumpy or cranky. The dark clouds had been putting their moods down for a week. All they wanted is a glimpse of sun to see to bright their days. Lately, that hadn’t happened yet this week.

It is late November and they were kind of hoping the raining would stop just in time for Thanksgiving. They wanted to do something with their friends outside, maybe play some pranks in the neighbors but they started to have their doubts due to the raining that seems to drone on and on.

Alex, Isabel, and Kyle groaned at the sight of Michael leaning over the table to kiss Maria on her lips.

“Hey, get your lips off my sister!” Kyle barked at Michael.

“Yeah, we are trying to eat here!” Isabel showed her disgusted face toward to her brother, Michael.

Michael and Isabel are both brother and sister. Michael is 16 and in 11th grade while his sister Isabel’s 15 and in 10th grade. They’re both adopted. Their parents are Diane and Philip Evans. Diane is a housewife and full-time mother while Phil is a full-time lawyer. They moved here to Roswell, New Mexico when they were only 6 years old.

Later, they met Kyle and Maria at elementary school. They had become inseparable. Alex was soon joined the club when they reached 4th grade. Alex’s 16 and in same grade as Michael; however, he is in advanced classes. He is genius on computer and math. Therefore, he didn’t have any classes with his friends. The only time he can get to be with them is during the lunchtime and after-school activities. He is only child in his family. His parents weren’t able to have another baby to give him a brother or a sister. So he gets to enjoying watching Maria biting Kyle’s head off or Isabel’s showing her ice-princess toward to Michael.

Maria is 15 and in same grade as Isabel is in. Both of girls had a lot of things in common and one of them is their fashion. They absolutely must have clothes comes out of the magazines and Internet no matter how much it costs. They used to drive everyone crazy with them asking for their opinions on their clothes and so on. Isabel wanted to become a clothes design. She had this attitude that everything must goes her way or else. She’s well known for her ice princess especially she never showed her feelings out in the public.

Everyone knows Maria as Hurricane Maria because of her smart-mouth that she inherited from her mother. Maria had devoted her time in singing and wanted to be become a famous songwriter/singer.

That’s one thing Michael and Maria have in common. That’s only thing they would able to get along with each other when they talks about the music or works together on writing songs or whatever that is related to the music.

Finally, Kyle is a little bit older than the rest of them. He’s 17 and is the only person that has a car. Kyle is in 11th grade same as Alex and Michael is. He is one year behind on the grade. He failed the 4th grade back in his childhood. He had an accident riding the bicycle that kept him out of school, most of time, which explained why he was kept back in 4th grade again. Kyle didn’t mind as long he gets to hang out with Alex and Michael in the same grade. Also to keep his eyes on his baby sister, Maria, he is very overprotective of her. He doesn’t want to admit it to everyone.

At last, together they became best friends as long as they could tolerate with each other.

The bell ranged signaled the end of lunchtime, sending everyone to gather up his or her finished lunch and book bag off the table.

Together, they walked out of the cafeteria, chatting away about Thanksgiving break that is coming up next week.


Dr. Parker drummed his fingers on his wooden desk, waiting for the computer to finish up downloading a program he recently added to it.

His ears perked up to the sound of music, curiosity, he looked at the doorway that led to the hallway. He looked back to his computer to see how much longer would he have to wait.

Making a quick decision, he got up and walked out of the office to follow the music whenever it is coming from. The music was coming out of Liz’s room.

He came to the doorway to find his Liz lying on her stomach on the floor with her head bobbing to every beat from blaring stereo sitting on the floor next to her ears. He wondered if that’s healthy to listening to the loud music next to her ear.

Liz didn’t seem to notice that her daddy is in her room. She was too busying listening to the music and flipping the magazine.

‘Look at Liz; she’s only 14 years old and she already wearing Britany Spears outfits. What happened to my baby? And what’s kind of that music it is?’ Jeff’s brows scrunched toward to the stereo.

‘I wish I didn’t bought that stereo for her birthday. Oh well, it is better than her messing with my 80s’ stereo.’

Liz had finally noticed that her father is in her room. She turned her head and glared at him.

Jeff flinched at that glared that his daughter is giving him. He moved backward out of Liz’s room and knocked on the doorway.

“May I come in?” Jeff asked in sarcasm.

Liz shrugged her shoulders and went back reading her magazine.

Jeff sighed, thinking how things are different now. Their relationship has turned into silence and avoiding each other.

Jeff walked in and pulled a chair from the desk to sit down, “Um…what’s the name of that music?”

“Why would you want to know for?” Liz not even bothers to look up to her father.

“Well, I happened to like the music you are listening to. It is not like I am going to take it away from you.” Jeff answered bitterly.

Liz’s eyebrows shot up after hearing the answers her father gave. She closed the magazine and pulled herself to sit up.

She knew her father better. Anything that her father sees to fit her is fine with him. If something that her father doesn’t like it, he would take it away. He always does that with her. She prepared herself to have one-to-one with her father.

“Now what?” Liz coolly asked.

Jeff looked closer to his daughter, ‘Whatever happened to my precious princess the one that always run into my arms every time I gets home? The one that begged me to read her favorite story, The Sad Prince. The one I always take her to ice cream parlor every Sundays. What have I done?’

But he knew what’s wrong.

Ever since Liz’s first time meeting Max, things were not the same way he had hoped for. He had brought her home and had tried to explain without giving her too much information. He explained to her that this boy she met back at the compound is very sick and they are here to help him. He firmly told her to not to mention about this boy to him or to anyone ever again. Jeff had made sure not to mention this boy’s name to her so she would easily to forgot what happened that day and moved on.

He had done testing on Liz along with her protests and screaming. He has no choices, he needs to find out if there’s any damages done to her body. That’s means he would have to do the testing such as MRIs to blood work done on Liz. He tried to be gently as possible with her along with nurses helping him out. He done the tests all to himself, not trusting anyone to do those works on his Liz.

He was relieved to hear that there’s nothing wrong with Liz and that she is perfect healthy girl.

He tried to explain to Liz why he done the tests on her, but he wasn’t sure that Liz understood clearly. Liz’s only 2 years old when this happened and he was sure that Liz would forget about that in later time when she gets older.

Perhaps, he could be wrong. Liz had grew up becoming more stubborn and headstrong on everything goes around her. He had sent Liz to all-girl private school in Boston in order to keep her away from Roswell, New Mexico. He was afraid that if she is here and that she might not able to forget her experience with this boy.

Liz never spoken about what happened that day or even asks about Max. She had kept it to herself. She didn’t speak that much. Normally, for 14 year-old, she would chat away about boys and clothes.

Maybe because the way he sent her off to boarding school at earlier age. Or maybe he didn’t spend enough time with her. He wasn’t sure what to do with this situation. He knows that he made a lot of mistakes in the past and he is trying to do his best as he can to be a good father to Liz. It is just that he has responsibility for his 2,000 employees under his care. He wasn’t able to focus on Liz and Max at the same time. He thought sending Liz away would be good for her to get the best education she needs for the future.

With Liz’s away to school, he was able to use his times to work with Max. He knows that it was selfish thing to do by sending Liz off to focus on Max than on his only daughter.

He sighed, wondering how to fix this. He was glad to see Liz back home for holidays. He had missed his daughter terribly. He took off from work to be with her and this is the way to spend on holidays.

Jeff snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the music was turned off. He looked to see Liz cleaning the mess up from the floor.

“What is it you need?” Liz asked her father as she straightens out her magazines and put it on the desk against the window. She didn’t even bother to look at her father; instead she looked outside to see the full moon shining bright.

Liz closed her eyes, thinking how things turned out between her and her father. She didn’t want things turn to sour. She wasn’t sure how to make things work with her father. But that’s the problem. She felt that she doesn’t know her father that well. And something inside her mind bother her and she can’t figure out what it is. She had a lot of angers toward to her father for many different things. She always wondered why her own father sent her away to school instead of living here with her dad and go to public school. She had tried to understand her dad’s decision; however, she was having hard time to grasp it. She started to think that perhaps her own father doesn’t care about her or even love her enough to spends time with her and lets her live with him.

‘I guess I will never know.’ Liz thought. She believed that the only reason her father is sending her away because no one is here to watch her while her father works. Her father works at army compound doing classifieds work that her father refused to tell her.

‘He is too busy to noticed me. I know it. I think he is not happy with me. Especially the way he treats me. I have no mother. I have no one to talk to. I can’t even talk to him without listening to his lectures. I know he is trying, but then again it was not enough for me. ‘

There are used to be a time that she would have her head filled of questions she wanted so badly to ask her dad. She always wondered what her father does at the compound. What about her mother? How did her mom died? What did her dad used to be when he was in her age? And the questions go on…but there is one question she is afraid to ask her father. She knew that if she asked about it, her father would blow up his top and sent her right back to school. That’s what she is afraid of. Being sent away and never sees her father again.

Jeff can see the defeated shoulders of Liz. He wanted to go up there and holds her and tells her that everything is going to be okay. He wished he can shield her from a cruel world, but he knew better.

Making a decision, “Well, I thought maybe you and me could go out for a dinner and maybe afterward we can grab some ice creams on the way. I know your favorite ice cream is vanilla.” Jeff asked his precious daughter.

Liz looked up toward to her father; she can see her father is trying to mend the relationship between them. She really missed him very much and wanted to talk to him.

If going out to eat dinner is the only way to talk to her father then so be it. “Okay, let me get my shoes on first.” Liz walked over to the closet to receive her sandals.

Jeff smiled and waited for Liz to get ready.


Dr. Clarks strained her neck as she tried to finish up typing her report for today before turning in for the night.

‘Max’s body is still going through some changes. It is like he is going through transformation and I do not know how long that he will complete his changing. One thing that I am sure about that his abilities are growing more powerful. It is only matter of time that he will able to escape this place if he is smart enough which I am sure he will.’ Dr. Clarks typed in.

She leaned back the chair, starring the screen, thinking of what else to type in.

It is been a seven long year. A lot of things had happened since then.

Dr. Clarks, Dr. Parker, and other people had came in and taught Max how to read, how to write, how to spell, and so on. Starting from the kindergarten grade all the way up to 12th grade. Remarkably, Max had the abilities to scan every word in a book in 10 minutes flat. With him being only 11 years old, he is smart enough to be in 9th grade and work his way up to higher grade.

They kept testing his brain from MRI, cat scan, every name they comes up to test with him and at the end of results, his brain is unlike other than as human brain. His brain holds a lot of energy and more powerful. He is very intelligent and smart. He can learn fast and understands our language.

Not only they’ve been testing his brain to see how smart he is, they been testing his body as well.

They wanted to see what kind of abilities does he had and how strong his abilities. They would set up a project for him to do. They would ask him to do something. If Max refused to do something, they would ask him again next time. But they found a way to work with Max.

Max decided to work with them if only they bring something from outside. They would bring a new movie or a new game for him to play with PS2 or whatever they would brings so Max can have something to do and in turn, Max would do something for them.

Each year went by, Max went undergo changed from mental to physically. The people been monitoring him very closely to see what day he would change rapidly. They had marked the date of July 28th which it is the day that Max’s hormones rocked sky high.

They had cameras watching him 24 hours 7 days straight. Anything new or something out of order, they would write it down on reports.

There are times that Max was shameful of himself and his body because of his body changing that he couldn’t control. Jim Valenti had offered to come and had a ‘birds and bees’ talk with Max.

After the talk, Max had asked Dr. Parker to remove a camera from the bathroom to give him some privacy in turn that he would do some more projects that he rejected while back.

There were still lot things that Max hadn’t learned; they decided what kind of subject they would use to teach him. They kept some information that they don’t think it is important for him to know like what are his rights, the politics, the war, the violence, and so on.

Max did ask Dr. Parker where did Liz go and what they have done to her. Dr. Parker was speechless for Max’s concern of Liz’s welfare. Dr. Parker told Max not to ask him that question ever again and that he never met Liz that day. At the end, Dr. Parker admitted that Liz is okay and that Max wouldn’t have to worry about anyone hurting her.

After hearing Dr. Parker said her name, Liz, Max realized there’s something soft tone Dr. Parker used his voice. Obviously, he is not the only one that is worried about Liz.

Max never stopped asking how’s Liz doing. Dr. Parker had repeated told him not to say a word about Liz ever again and still Max being stubborn kept asking.

Eventually, Dr. Parker gave in and told Max all about Liz.

Max relied on listening to Dr. Parker telling stories about Liz when she was a baby until to now how stubborn she was becoming just like her mother.

Max was able to live day by day as long as he gets to hear how’s Liz doing. Dr. Parker didn’t mind talking about his Liz because he too missed his Liz just like Max does.

Dr. Clarks stopped typing and decided to wrap up. She turned the computer off, gathered her briefcase and walked out of the office unaware a man hiding in the shadow down the hall.

Dr. Clarks walked down the hall away from the office and turned left to other hall. A figure moved out of the shadow and walked into Dr. Clarks’ office and turned the computer on.

A figure smiled when he sees a file popped up based on Max.

“Bingo!” A figure said.

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To Gaby7tvm-thanks for three times bumping and encouraged me to get back on and post the next part so here I am! Also to everyone, thanks for bumping too. Happy 4th of July! Have fun!!! BE SAFE TOO!

Part 14:

“There you go honey.” Jeff handed her a bowl filled of vanilla ice cream along with chocolate syrup.

Liz beamed at him, “Thank you daddy.” She took a spoon, swooped up a piece of it, and puts in her mouth.

She closed her eyes sighing how much she is in a food heaven.

Jeff chuckled at Liz, eating his banana split from a bowl in his hands. He is having a wonderful time with his Liz. It is been too long since he actually spends time with his daughter. He didn’t realized how much he is missing out of his Liz’s life.

He had missed everything that his Liz went through starting from a little girl to becoming a young woman. He was very glad that they were able to talk about everything from school to future plans over the dinner. He beamed thinking that his Liz is doing so well in school and her grades are higher than average grades. ‘Enough for her to get in Harvard or Yale,’ he thought.

He glanced his daughter, seeing how beautiful she is becoming just like her mother. His sadness hits him knowing his daughter is growing up so fast and soon, she will be away to college and have a career. He feared that he would never get to see her again once she finishes high school.

He sighed loudly; Liz turned her head up from the bowl. “What is it Daddy?”

Jeff didn’t realized how loud he was, he smiled assuredly her everything is fine.

Liz didn’t fall for it, knowing from her dad’s face expression showing regret and sadness.

“Daddy, I know you. Tell me what’s on your mind?” Liz pushed forward.

Jeff smiled knowing his Liz will not give up until she gets the answers. ‘That’s my daughter, not giving up without a fight.’

“Well honey, I was thinking how much you have grown up and I didn’t realized how much I have missed a lot things in your life. And I had no idea how much mature woman you are becoming and you are just like your mother you know?”

Liz’s eyes filled tears, “I know Daddy.”

Liz looked at him closely, “Daddy, I understands why you sent me away to school. You have work to do and you just wanted a best education for me. And I was just in the way you know and it is not your fault. I understand really.”

“No, Liz. It is my fault. I should have keep you home and take care of you better. I am your father and you always come first. I guess there is a lot things you doesn’t know much about my work and my responsibilities. But know this, you are never in the way. I love you so much. I guess I worried about you and your future. That’s my problem; I didn’t bother to think about your needs and how you feel about it. I felt bad enough for not being the father you need me to be and I wasn’t there for you when you needed me the most.” Jeff explained.

Liz threw her bowl in the trashcan, moved over the bench closer to her dad. She lays her head on her dad’s shoulder and softly whispered, “Daddy, it doesn’t matter to me. I still love you and I always will be.”

Jeff closed his eyes, “I love you too.”

Liz smiled, remembering something, “Daddy?”

“What darling?”

“Can you tell me a story about a sad prince?”

Jeff’s emotions caught in his throat, ‘Oh my precious, sweet little girl. What do I deserve to have angel Liz?

“Okay. Well, let me see if I can remember it. Once a upon, there was a beautiful Lady Liz…” Jeff went on telling a old, beloved story of A Sad Prince for his only Liz.

Liz closed her eyes, felt relieved for first time that she felt no more angers toward to her daddy.


Max leaned his forehead on the shower wall while he lets whatever the feeling he felt washed him over his body.

He tried to take a cold shower earlier today, but it wasn’t working. He tried the other methods like thinking of mud or doing the intense physical workout. However after trying all of it, he frustrated gave up and went to the bathroom.

He was glad for once that the camera was out of his bathroom, leaving him in privacy to do his thing.

He sighed feeling the hot water traveled down from his head to his back. He moved away from the wall and finished washing up.

He climbed out of the shower, grabbing a towel off the bar, and walked up to the mirror. He wrapped his towel around his waist, starring himself from the mirror.

Feeling ashamed for what he was doing in the shower, he puts his hands on the counter and closed his eyes to avoid the face starring back at him from the mirror.

He can’t help feeling aroused from the thoughts he had been having. The thoughts he had were filled of his beautiful Liz. He felt guilty for thinking of Liz that way especially it is Dr. Parker’s daughter. He had a lot of respect for Dr. Parker because he hadn’t turns his back on him. Dr. Parker never hurts him or even forces him to do things. But still, he can’t get over feeling of ashamed for thinking of Dr. Parker’s only daughter.

He had seen Liz from the pictures Dr. Parker had showed him few times over years. He had noticed that Liz wasn’t the only one that went through life-changing called puberty. Though, he is older, his body is still undergoing changing.

He remembered Mr. Valenti came in few years ago with the books and an educational video based on sex. He was very embarrassed and he can tell that Mr. Valenti wasn’t comfortable either; however, he was very determined to do this to help him out.

Max was glad to have someone like Mr. Valenti to come in and talks to him about this. He was sure that Mr. Valenti might have been the only one that can talks to him on this. He still doesn’t know why not the doctors or nurses to come in and talks to him about this. Instead he gets Mr. Valenti, a chief security, to give him a Sex talk. It was awkward and odd though.

After the talk, Mr. Valenti and Max had become very good friends. Max likes Mr. Valenti since he acts like father figure for him. Mr. Valenti was always there to answer the questions he would ask from him. He couldn’t talk to Dr. Parker in fear of him turning his back on him and do the tests on him. He felt comfortable talking with Mr. Valenti and wanted to keep that way.

He smiled warily; thinking how the talk he had with Mr. Valenti went. It was when he turned 13 years old; his body was going through some changes.

Someone might have noticed how uncomfortable he was while taking a shower because he covered a camera above the mirror with a towel.

He had noticed that an organ part in his between legs was acting funny and he wasn’t sure if it is an alien thing or a human thing. He still doesn't know much about the body because he hasn’t learned on that yet. Mostly, he learned was English, math, social studies, art, music, and so on. But the beneath of human body, he still haven’t learn that part. He freaked out when he started to grow hairs under his arms and between his legs.

He noticed no one from the above had said a word about it, he figured out that the hair thing might be normal. He, too, noticed Dr. Parker is growing a beard and he also noticed other people that comes in the room had their own hairs. He wasn’t sure if it was normal to have hairs between his legs.

After a while, things were back to normal; however, that’s when he was wrong.

He woke up one morning to find his private part standing straight up, he actually freaked over that.

He rushed to the bathroom and looked inside his boxer to see what’s that thingy between his legs doing. He got more panicky and looked around the room to do something about it.

Making a decision, he turned the shower on and stripped his clothes off to get in shower; however, the mirror distracted him. He never really actually looked at himself, so he moved closer to the mirror.

He never saw how much his body’s changing and he was interested to see what’s his private part do. It was awkward to see himself that way. His body was becoming more muscular, taller, tanner, and mostly important, older. His tattoo on his chest were still the same, only get smaller while his chest gets bigger and stronger.

Something caught the corner of his eyes, a red blinking. He looked up the mirror in horror. The red blinking was coming from the camera, the blinking means it is ON and they are watching him. He yakked the towel from the bar and threw it over the camera.

He quickly climbed in the shower to wash up and didn’t bother to wash between his legs in fear of hurting himself.

Eventually, his private part went back to normal, but not without making him so alert and biting his nails off.

That night, Mr. Valenti came in to save his life and he was thankful for that.

He was widen awaken after his talk with Mr. Valenti that night. He had no idea how much that information he received from Mr. Valenti would fill his head all kind of questions and what ifs. He was stunned and awed at the same time.

'That’s how humans breed.' He asked himself, ‘What about his kind, the alien side, do they breed like him?’ He doesn’t know for sure.

All he knows that Mr. Valenti explained to him that what his body is going through are all normal. He felt relieved to hear that, but at the same time felt scared. He doesn’t want to feel the experience of waking up to see his penis standing up. He was able to learn the name of his thingy between his legs. Mr. Valenti taught all about sexual relations, he didn't miss anything else. Mr. Valenti gave him a book for him to read about it if he have any more questions. He can feel the blush creeping up his cheeks thinking about the videotape he saw. The educational video shows the difference between a man and a woman and their bodies. It was first time for him to see a naked woman. Also a naked man that he might becoming like this man when he gets older. Not only the video shows the difference, he also saw the sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. He didn’t know what to say about that, but he was awe from the sight of making love. He actually wondered what’s it like to be in that position of making love. He guessed he would never get his chance to experience of that beautiful making love for humans to prove their love for each other. He wondered if his Liz would do that with other man or maybe himself if he ever gets that chance. He guess he will never know.

The knocking came, he snapped out of his thoughts and called out, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Jim.”

“I will be right out in just a moment.” Max called out. He hurried put his clean clothes on and looked at himself again at the mirror.

His name is Max and he is 18 years old and he is not of this earth.

He moved away from the mirror and exits the bathroom.


“Hey, how’s your day Max?” Dr. Clarks asked as she puts the brown bag down on the coffee table next to where Max’s lying on the couch. It is afternoon time and Max’s been busy reading a biology book. Dr. Clarks just came in bringing something. He warily expecting it is something from outside world for him to have. He had so many things in his room. The posters, the bookcase filled of books and pictures frames. And his desk filled with school works and art projects. His only home, he called it.

“Okay, well my friend found this out in the reservation and gave it to me awhile back. I thought it is a perfect for you to have.” Dr. Clarks opened up the bag and reached something inside.

Max pulled himself up to sitting position and puts his book down on the couch. He paid attention to what Dr. Clarks’ doing.

Dr. Clarks pulled something out of the bag and handed it over to Max. She stood back and awaits for Max’s reaction to her gift.

Max looked down to something in his hands; it’s a square, small box. He rubbed his fingers on the box, feeling smooth and the color is black. It is a metal box and weight a little bit heavy. He opened the box to see what’s inside.

Inside the box is a rock with a symbol curved out on it, suddenly, that sign seems to be familiar that he can’t make it out.

“Max, do you know where the symbol is coming from?” Dr. Clarks asked in hope Max might give the answer she wanted.

“Yes, it is same like the tattoo I have on my chest.”

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I realized that I made a mistake on Part 13. I was supposed to write 17 years later not seven years later. I wanted to make that clear for you guys. Remember, Michael, Maria, Kyle, Isabel and Alex are in high school from age 14 to 16. Max is 18 years old and Liz’s 14. Okay? I have part 16, but I need to make some changes on my grammar on it. I made quite few mistakes so I will post the next one this week okay? Toddles!

Part 15:

Thanksgiving dinner was successful according to what Liz felt; she has spent all day cooking a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. She had made sure to follow every recipe she read from her mother’s old cookbook. She was surprised to see her mother’s handwriting in the book, changing some of recipes to make it better and adds some secrets to make the foods tasty and juicy. She smiled thinking after reading the handwriting of her mother’s; she felt that her mother is right there teaching her how to cook in spirit. It didn’t matter that she knew how to cook; she had took home economic courses back east in school. She still felt a lot better now that she got to know more about her mother, especially she never knew that her mom is a homemaker.

Being with her mom in a spirit, she was able to cook a wonderful dinner for herself and her dad. She thought about cooking dinner for Thanksgiving as to make up for all those missed holidays she had missed with her dad. More likely to make up with her dad and try to make things better between them. It was a start for them to be a family for once.

She hummed as she cooked the big Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry juices, corn on the cob, and at last, pumpkin pie with whipping cream on top.

Her dad was pleasant surprised to see all of the foods on the dining table. Liz had kicked him out of the kitchen earlier that morning, even won’t let him to come in to get a cup of coffee.

Jeff tried to offer to help Liz by peeling the potatoes; however, Liz insisted that she would do it herself. Jeff understood what Liz was trying to say. He knew that Liz is trying to make things right. He decided to let Liz have her day.

So therefore, while Liz was slaving over cooking in the kitchen, he used his time to relax and watched his favorite sport-FOOTBALL! He didn’t miss any of his games; he would listen to the radio while driving to work or listening in his office. It’s been a long time since he sat down to watch television showing football. He actually got all excited after seeing a touchdown.

By late of afternoon, Liz finally finished cooked and set down the dining table. She called out her daddy.

Together, they sat down while drooling over the delicious foods. They shook their heads, thinking why they skipped Thanksgiving dinners all those years.

After Jeff said the blessing, they dived in, eating almost everything on the table. They didn’t care if their pants buttons would pop open if overeating. It is Thanksgiving after all.

Liz never felt so happy to hear her father saying all good foods she made. She thought it was wonderful to know that it was worth to cook all foods for her dad and herself too. She felt it was time for them to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner instead of eating pizza on a special day. It’s had been too long since they ate dinner like this day.

Liz remember those times that she would come home for holidays, but mostly of times, she stays behind back in east and spent holidays with her friends. Her father would call and say happy Thanksgiving or Christmas or other holidays. At the end, her dad always apologizing to her that he couldn’t get time off from work and would make up some excuses why he couldn’t let Liz comes home or he couldn’t come up to see her in school.
Jeff had felt that he missed too many and decided to take off from work while Liz’s visiting.

Jeff made the right decision. He couldn’t believe what he was missing and felt regrets that the time already passed by. But that’s okay, it is in past now. Right now, he can look forward to the future he has left with his only daughter, Liz.

Liz smiles, thinking for last few days was the best days of her life with her daddy. She was able get over her stubborn and rebels to try work things out with her daddy. She didn’t realized how much her dad missed her and she is happy to be home for once.

“What? Do I have something on my teeth?” Jeff asked, showing his teeth.

Liz covered her mouth with her hand, trying not to laugh, “No Daddy, I was just smiling that’s all. Is that wrong of me to smile?”

“Of course not, I am just teasing you honey.” Jeff warmly smiled at his Liz.

Jeff leaned back his chair, rubbing his growing belly, “Man, that’s was the best Thanksgiving dinner I had in a long time since your mom died.”

Liz lowered her eyes to her nearly empty place in front of her, “What was mom like?”

Jeff leaned forward, lifted Liz’s chin to look at Liz’s eyes, “Your mom used to love cooking really good foods everyday. It was like Thanksgiving dinners everyday. Oh honey, what you just did today is same thing your mom would have does. Really honey, everything you do is just like your mom did. You don’t need to ask me, just look at yourself, you will see your mom in you.”

“Really?” Liz’s eyebrow arched up, hoping the statement her dad just gave to her is true.

“Yes, really. You know I see your mom every time I see you. But…only you are more beautiful especially you’re so young and stubborn.”

“I do see other characters you gets from your mom.”

“What else do you see in me?” Liz’s curiosity piped up.

“Well, from what I see that my wonderful daughter is filled of innocence and naïve which it is my problem. You see, when your mom died, I just felt needed to protect you from the cruel world and keep you from doing things you wanted to do. But I think you knows the answers right huh?”

Liz shyly nodded.

“However, I can trust you to know that you will be fine without me. All I can do is supports you and be there for you for whatever you needs my help. I wanted you know to that okay? I don’t want you think that I am abandoning you or ignoring you. I would never do that. You are my daughter and will always be my little girl.” Jeff’s lips turned to quivering.

“I love you too Daddy.” Liz knew what her dad is trying to say.

Liz got up from the chair and sat in her daddy’s lap.

“ I love you, darling.” Jeff hugged Liz.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Daddy.” Liz smiled down to her dad’s tearful eyes.

“Happy Thanksgiving to you too, honey.”

“Now, who will do those dishes?” Liz giggled after seeing her dad’s horror face.


Max turned over the rock in his hands, wondering how his symbol from his chest is similar to this symbol from the rock.

Earlier today, Dr. Clarks had come in and gave him something he never thought it would be related to his alien side. He was surprised to see the rock that holds the answers from whatever he is from.

He tried to find more information from Dr. Clarks; however, Dr. Clarks doesn’t know much. All she said that she got it from an Indian reservation nearby where Max was found by an old man, Mr. Gary Evans.

After hearing Mr. Gary Evans for first time in a long time since he was 6 years old, he haven’t thought about Mr. Gary Evans or if he is still around now.

Once he was captured as a little boy, he had wondered where Gary is and if he is coming for him. But for a while, he stopped thinking of Gary after finding out what he really is.

He was disgusted and shamed of what he is and thought he would be better off not to be close anyone. He actually believed that once Gary found out and might have called the FBI to come picked him up. But he never knew if that’s actually happened or not. He was a heartbroken and all alone.

He remembers back then during his childhood, when he used to cry for Gary to come and gets him out of that white room; however, Gary never came. Max remembered being beaten and tortured by Dr. Pierce because of his crying for Gary. Dr. Pierce kept telling him that Gary is not coming for him because he is a freak.

He closed his eyes thinking how that day was his worst day of his life.

Because of that day, he had lost his hope for his friend, Gary, to come and save him.


“See this! LOOK!!” Dr. Pierce roughly grabbed Max’s hairs and forced to look at the mirror held by other man in his white scrub.

Max didn’t want to see himself. Seeing the mirror nearly everyday nearly killed him because the mirror showed him who he is and what he is. He tried to ignored of that part and wanted to forget of what he is.

But he knew that he couldn’t run and hide from what he is. It is part of him and he hated it. Dr. Pierce had made him more hateful and shameful of himself.

Everyday, he would come in with a mirror held for Max to see himself from top to the bottom naked.

Dr. Pierce would asks the same questions,

“What’s on your chest?”

“What’s does your symbol stands for?”

“Where are you from?”

“Where is your people?”

“How did you get here?”

“Why are you here?”

“Are you here to breed?”

Those questions, Dr. Pierce kept asking and yet Max wasn’t able to give the answers he needs. Max don’t have those answers and he wanted to give anything to Dr. Pierce to end the tortures but he can’t come up with anything.

So at the end of questions, Dr. Pierce would order his people to throw him in the ice water, freezing him and burning his skins.


He snapped out of his thoughts, wanting to stop the aching in his heart from the awful thoughts. He shook his head, trying to get all those thoughts out of his head and concentrate on the rock in his hands.

He didn’t think he would getting something like the rock he had would be something that related to his origin, though, he is thankful for the thoughtful Dr. Clarks gave to him.

Before Dr. Clarks had left, she firmly told him that the rock is for him to keep since it belongs to him from whatever he is from and thought he deserved to have something that are from his home.

Max nodded to Dr. Clarks and said good night to her before she left. He felt better now that he owns something that belongs to him. With this rock, he can try to figure out what’s his symbol meant to him.

Dr. Clarks didn’t wanted to leave Max alone in his cell but she had to leave early to go home to cook dinner for her family for Thanksgiving.

It is quiet and empty today, well except for the guards that watch over him up above behind the tints windows. The rest of crew are either out of town for holidays or went home to spend time with their families.

There were times people that works with Max would often stay and celebrate the holidays with him, even letting him have a small live Christmas tree in his cell. Especially since Christmas is his favorite holiday. It was a time that he would able to decorate around the room and make things as gifts for the people just for the fun out of it. However, there are two holidays that he wasn’t allow to celebrates, there are good reasons behind it.

Halloween is number one they believed it might insults to Max’s alien side. Since Halloween is nighttime where everyone would dress up to be someone else beside than whom they are for the night. They are afraid that Max would want to be someone else instead of who he is. They wanted Max to embrace his alien side instead of being human. They just didn’t want to get the wrong ideas in Max’s head.

The 4th of July is another holiday they can’t celebrate because of the fireworks. Though, they can celebrate by cookout and play games. Then once again, it is not 4th of July without the fireworks. One thing they do not wanted Max to get closer to fireworks in fear that Max may turns the fireworks into weapons. Really, simply it is just not safe that’s all.

Max doesn’t care as long he’s allows to the celebrate holidays and do what humans does everyday. That’s all he cared for.

He was given an access to leave his cell when he turned 13. He guess the people were finally able to trust him enough to know that he wouldn’t escape or harm anyone. They gave him an access card that would allow him to enter the limits rooms anytime. They had set up the back of building into a park with trees, flowers, swing sets, pond, and so on along with cement walls around it. They made sure to make the walls so high that Max won’t able to climb up or see what’s other side of the walls. They even went extreme to add the wire fences on the top of walls. It is not the only place they had set up for Max. They also had remodeling some rooms into a gym and a swimming hall for Max to keep up his physical shape. There are also other rooms, they would allows Max to share with are recreational room and library. They wanted Max to trust them and able to talk to them. They wanted him to social with humans and see how he feels.

They had made him to promise that he wouldn’t do anything stupid like escaping or hiding from them because once if he did, they would take his days off away and more concretrate on projects they sets him up. Max didn’t want to lose his time to relax and have some peaces. So he made the promised.

They made few rules for Max to keep and none of them are that serious. Max must stay in his cell by the nighttime to be up locked when everyone goes home except the guards to watch over him. If there are crisis, he must go to his cell and stays there until someone comes for him. If there’s no one here, except the guards, he still must stay in the room in order for the guards to watch him from the upstairs. The guards can’t leave the monitor room until it is necessary for them to leave to check out the building.

He stood up from sitting on the couch and walked over to the bookcase that holds all his valuable things. He sets his rock on a shelf, thinking what he is going to do during Thanksgiving. Today is not the first time he is alone on a Thanksgiving Day.


“Is that everything?” Jim Valenti walked in the kitchen, looking over his wife’s shoulder just in time to see her putting the containers in the brown bag.

“Yes, that’s everything,” Amy Valenti finished up and turned around, putting her arms around Jim’s neck.

“You know, it is very nice of you thinking of others, are you sure you are not trying to escape this family gather in the living room?” Amy pressed the question.

“Yes, I am positive. I am not trying to skip or anything. I am being serious. My friend is stuck at work tonight and with no family, I just felt bad you know?” Jim tried to explain in his best of terms.

“Alright, I will let you off this time. But next year, you are staying here all day long and all night long.” Amy’s lips turned into sneaky grin.

Jim gulped, knowing what she meant.

Jim nodded his head and picked up the brown bag.

He gave Amy a quick kiss on the lips and walked out of the backdoor.

Jim muttered, ‘Why did I put up with it? Max better owes me this.’


Max puts the book down after hearing footsteps outside his cell.

He can hear the beep, the door clicked and entering Jim walking along with a brown bag in his arm.

Max knew what’s in the bag so he jumped off the couch and grabbed the bag out of Jim’s hands.

“Geez…you must be hungry. Did they forget to feed you?” Jim looked on Max opening up the bag, pulling the containers out and setting on the coffee table.

“Well, not exactly, but you have no idea how hungry I am!” Max quickly replied.

Pretty soon, Max was making mess by eating all kind of foods at the same time. He made a moan sound bringing a smile to Jim’s face.

“You likes my wife’s cooking huh?”

Max nodded vigorously, unable to open his full mouth.

Jim chuckled, “That’s why I married her for!”

Max laughed, continuing to eat.

TBC…. Like it?

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Here is a new part for you guys! Hope you like it!

Part 16:

Max tried to swallow his dry throat, “Can I have some water, please?” Max raspy asked a young man in his white scrub as he puts down a fresh bowl in a corner inside the white room.

A young man turned his head, arched his left eyebrow and scoffed, “What? You wanted water? Well you aren’t getting any waters since you are not human. Aliens don’t drink waters. You better remember that.”

He turned his back on Max to pick up the wasted bowl and walked out of the white room leaving Max to dehydrating.

Max gave a harsh, dry cough, trying to moisture his throat to stop the coughing. Obviously, he can tell that he is coming down with something and he wasn’t sure what it is, but he never felt so sick for a first time. His whole body was aching and his sweating had broken out on his forehead and beneath his lips. He can feels his fever is spiking higher and it looks like it is not going to get better. He is trying to warm up himself by rubbing his arms and legs since Dr. Pierce wouldn’t allow anyone to give him any clothes to wear.

So therefore, he is sitting naked in the corner shivering on a cold tile floor. How he longed to have a thick, comfort blanket to wrap his body to keep him warm and help him get better. However, he doubts that it wouldn’t happen as long he is in the white room and under Dr. Pierces’ wing.

He wasn’t sure how long he’s been in the white room, he even tried to keep up the dates; but then, he had lost counting after numerous of tortures experiments were done on him making him forgetting to count. By the time he remembered that he was supposed to count the days, it was weeks already and it was too late to count anyway. Therefore, he just stopped counting.

He looked at the empty bowl a young man recently left in the corner knowing he would have to go over there soon. He can feels the bile rising up his throat; he doesn’t want to move over there at all. He is afraid to move his muscles in fear to feel the pains in his body. If he moves, the pains would shoot from the toes all the up to his spine and it would go through the head which its explained why he is having a split unending headaches. The feeling of hammer pounding his head is making him sicker and he wanted that pounding to stop to give him a peace of mind.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath to try to stop the vomits from coming out of his mouth; however, a moment later, he scrambled on his knees to other corner where the fresh bowl was and threw up.

He didn’t want to move at first place, but thinks again that he didn’t want to make a mess on the floor that would send people coming in to beat him and make him clean up. He kept vomiting while his throat and his lungs are burning badly.

‘It hurts!’ Max cried in his mind.

His tears stinging his eyes, ‘No, don’t cry.’ He pleaded in his mind, not wanting anyone to see him cry especially Dr. Pierce.

Dr. Pierce would often mocked at Max for his overly emotional and sensitive. Too much humanly he would said to Max.

There was a time that Max wasn’t able to stop crying out in his anguish pains that drove Dr. Pierce madder and had came in and beaten him with his own hands instead of his people to do it for him.

He shook his head and closed his eyes tightly to try squelched the tears from falling.

At last, there was nothing left in his stomach for him to throw up anymore so he moved away from the bowl. He laid down to his right side with his back up against the wall, keeping his eyes on the walls for anyone that might comes in to take him away.

Those white lights are blinding to Max’s eyes. He wondered if the light ever goes out. He haven’t see the lights out yet even at nighttime. They kept the lights on in order to watch him 24/7. He would try to cover his eyes with his arms to block out the lights.

The bruises and cuts from his body are hurting him now after he moved to the bowl. He moaned as he slowly moved his body into fetal position to make the aching go away. He can feels the tremors in his body making him feeling sicker. He wanted to go to sleep, but he is too afraid to close his eyes. He felt needs to keep eyes open to watch out for those bad people.

Few minutes later, the darkness welcomed him.


Max mesmerizes at the blue walls, not noticing Dr. Parker walking in.

Dr. Parker noticed Max’s eyes was glued to the walls, he turned his head to see what’s so interesting about the walls. He doesn’t get what he is looking at. It is just walls.

He looked back, “Max, are you alright?”

Max jumped after hearing Dr. Parker’s voices.

Max cringed after speaking in squeak to Dr. Parker “Yeah, I am fine.”

Dr. Parker nodded slowly, “Um…okay if that’s what you wanted to say.”

Max slumped his shoulders, giving up for trying to block his emotions expressions from Dr. Parker.

“What’s wrong?” Dr. Parker moved to sit on the couch across from Max in his lazy boy chair.

Max shook his head, not wanting to talk about it right now.

“Okay, we can talk on that for another time if you wanted it to be.”

Max weakly smiled and turned the subject around starting with a question he’s been dying to ask, “So, how was Thanksgiving with Liz?”

Dr. Parker’s lips turned into full smile, “Oh, what a wonderful week I have with Liz. She’s so clever and smart. Did you know what she did for me? Well let me tell you about it…”


Jeff Parker puts his glasses down on the desk and rubbed his eyes.

It is been a long tiring day and yet, it is only first day back to work after Thanksgiving break. Though, he was eager to go back to work and see how Max’s doing. But then again, he wouldn’t trade a week off with Liz for anything in the world.

He has such as wonderful time with his Liz and he was amazedly how much he had rested and relaxed with her during a week off. Now, today is Monday and Liz had gone back to school back in East. He is already missing Liz terribly. Therefore, he made a decision after saying good-bye to Liz as she boarded on a plane that would take her to Vermont where her school is.

He is looking forward to winter break where Liz would be out of school for two whole weeks and would be coming home to him. He can’t wait to a Christmas morning where he would give her a surprise. He smiled thinking how would Liz react when she gets her gift.

He puts his glasses back on and started typing the prognosis on report based on Max considering that he had been gone for a week. He had received lab results from his staff and his security chief, Jim Valenti.

Now he was able to make a final statement on a report overall this year on Max’s.

He can tell that Max’s very dexterous with his abilities that no man can do.

For example, his sensory had rapidly changed to higher level. He has the eyes as a fox that can seek out the prey in the darkness though he still sleeps with nightlight on.

Jeff smirked as he typed the last sentence. He still can’t figure out why Max is so afraid of the darkness. He remembered giving the nightlights to Max when he was a little boy. Max, even though is now eighteen years old, still must have the nightlight on in his bathroom and by his bed no matter what.

Dr. Parker went back typing more…Not only Max’s sighting is changing, his hearing is changing as well. He can hears as the bats do. He can hear the echoes through his sensitive ears, useable for pinpoint the prey. Since his hearing is so sensitivity, he gets so cautious and alert to every sounds being made in this building. They went ahead and build soundproof walls around in his cell and Max still can hear outside of his room.

Surprisingly, Max managed to block out the annoying sounds and was able to go on doing normal things.

Because of that, Dr. Parker and the rest of staff were no longer able to have a meeting upstairs in fear that Max might be eavesdropping on them. So therefore they moved their meetings to other building that they had built later next to this building and moved all their labs and offices over there for safety reasons. What left in this building had turned into a home for Max. They had turned many labs room into a cafeteria, art room, music room, and many more for Max to use anytime. Those rooms are not only for him; it is for the staff’s use too. No one mind of sharing with Max especially he is so shy and gregarious. They actually had a good time with Max and were happily to share with him.

Max’s sensory is not the only thing is changing, his bodily function are changing as well. Dr. Parker and his staff had collaborated to come up with new projects with new challenges and more intense. They had been testing him starting with basic experiments and worked their way up slowly. As the time passed while Max got older, they upgraded their projects to higher levels. Now that Max’s older and legal adult, they believed they are ready to do more risky testing on him. They had hoped that Max would grow up with knowledge and more wiser to corporate and work with them, not fighting them back. They had hoped that Max would be resilient after having faced his frightening experience with Dr. Pierce.

However, Max still had the nightmares every night, though he doesn’t admit. But everyone knew better because of Max’s anguish thoughts, he had becomes despondent too easily. They do not wanted that to happen to Max, so they done everything they could to make Max’s life easier by giving him everything they can possibly give except the freedom.

In retrospect, Dr. Parker felt deeply regretted that he didn’t take the promotion he received from the Head of FBI a long ago that would allows him to take Max into his wing instead of Dr. Pierce. He doesn’t know how in the world that Head of FBI would allows Dr. Pierce to become a Head of Special Unit. In fact, he doesn’t deserve to be one after all, he is cold-blooded heartless person and impossible to work with. Dr. Parker still doesn’t understand how the people from FBI put up with Dr. Pierce. He is still puzzled over that.

He remembered that day he got a phone call from Dr. Pierce. Dr. Pierce had decided that he didn’t wanted to waste his time waiting on Max to come up with answers that he needs from him and asked him to take over it.

Dr. Parker found out that Max was captured and been held by Dr. Pierce for six months in the white room. He cannot possibly imagined what’s like to be trapped in that white room with the lights that never goes out for 6 miserably months while being beaten everyday.

He always wondered if the reasons Dr. Pierce sent Max to him is because they are too lazy to do all those hard work they done on Max. He actually knew it was only matter of times that Dr. Pierce will be back for Max one day. He wasn’t sure when and he is not looking forward to that day.

Dr. Pierce only comes once a year to check the prognosis Dr. Parker made with Max. Max never knew that Dr. Pierce was here to see him from the other side of window. But somehow, Max became so distraught and turned his eyes to the window where they were standing watching him. Max didn’t move a muscle, just staring at the tint window. Mac can’t see us, but still he stared. Of course, Dr. Pierce got nervous and decided not to stand there while Max’s staring. Dr. Pierce left, demanding to have better final report for him next year better than this year or last year.

Dr. Pierce always complained that the final report Dr. Parker provided every year wasn’t enough for him and firmly told Dr. Parker to come up with better results or else.

It was always like that every year, but as Max got older, it got more intense and risky.

Dr. Pierce is well known as notorious, hatred, racist, and heinous man as anyone ever known. Even scared anyone that comes to his way. No one would apply to work with Dr. Pierce, even the money are great.

Dr. Parker had every reason to believe that there might be a conspiracy behind this. He can smell something fishy going on. He can’t pinpoint on Dr. Pierce, not yet anyway.

Dr. Parker used to wish that he would be the one to get Max out of here and move him to his own lab compound without government or anyone touching him. However, he knew better because he doesn’t have any funds to bolster him and his staff to keep Max. Eventually, he gave up knowing he was unable to beat the government. However, he had hoped that after all those things he taught to Max would help him making the right decisions and knows what to expect in the future.

He never forgot that day he first time met Max at the base. He stunned to see Max covered in bruises and cuts from toes to head. He wanted so badly to punch Dr. Pierces’ nose and scream at him for hitting a little boy with nothing to protect him from Dr. Pierce.

But he didn’t, knowing he must get that boy out of here without going to jail for hitting a Head of Special Unit.

He never felt so guilty for not taking care of Max in the first place when the FBI asked him to do, but the thought of his Liz came crossed his mind. He knew if he took this position, it would be meant time away from his daughter and possibly never see his daughter ever again. He felt he made the right decision at the end, but he had to pay a costly price on that.

Jeff stopped typing as he heard the knocking from the door.

“Come in!”

“Sir, Dr. Pierce is here. Sir.” A guard answered.

Dr. Parker’s eyes widen, “WHAT! That’s impossible. He is not due for another four weeks. Why he is here?”

“Sir, I do not know why he is here for. But he is asking to see you. Sir.” A guard replied.

“Damn…alright, I got it. Thanks.” Dr. Parker stood up and moved away from the desk, putting to stop on typing up the final report.

He walked out of the office leaving a guard to go back to his post. He walked down the hall to the lobby where Dr. Pierce is waiting for him.

‘This is not good. Oh no, this is not good.’ Dr. Parker’s thought.

TBC....Like it?

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Hey guys, I am so sorry that it took me two weeks to able to get online. I have a lot of health problems going on in my family. Mostly, I am blaming to the secondhand smoking that is causing A LOT of problems.

One, my husband Blaine is doing okay and was able to go back to work. We finally got the results last Friday afternoon that his spot in his lung is NOT CANCER TUMOR! However, he still had the spot in his lungs so we are looking for the other options right now. The doctors are still concerning about that spot block his breathing. Blaine is not a heavy smoker. I just found that he smoked behind my back. He said he smoked maybe two times a month that’s it. It doesn’t matter, one cig. He smoked still caused him to spit up blood and coughing nonstop. He never had a problem until now. He is only 26 years old.

Two, the second week, I just spent a week taking care of my mom who have a lung disease after many years of smoking. Her breathing got worse especially the medicines (steroids) are not helping her to breath. Now, she’s doing better, but slowly.

Three, my daddy is going to have a surgery soon this month to fix his breathing inside his nose. My dad wasn’t able to breath and the oxygen wasn’t able to get to his brain that will end up a heart attack for him. So he is going to get it fix to avoid a serious heart attack. They might put some kind of tube in his nose or something. We don’t know for sure yet. He is not a smoker by the way!

Four, because of this, things around the house was just been so nuts. I was the only one that healthy enough to care my baby, my mom, my husband, my dad, my cats, my house and heck everything!

I know I should not tell anyone what to do…but I am praying that you guys will think about it. This is a serious matter because my whole family is dying with smoking around us. I do not want any of you to end up like my family. Heck, I was smoker myself during in my teens. But now after this…I am so glad that I quit. I am just so mad at the company that makes tobacco, I just wished I can sue them because our bills are piling up and it is difficult for us to go to work and can’t breath. It was bad enough that I have to take care of my family myself and I am only 23 years old. My daughter is barely one year old and my family might not see my baby going to elementary school or maybe graduating from high school. I am just so sad right now.

I decided to put this story on hold until I pull myself together and get my mind out of the gutter. Maybe I will put a new LONG part this week. I already wrote new part, but I am just not in a mood to put up a new part right now.

Thanks for being understanding. If I offend you somehow then I am sorry.


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I am back...for now, I guess. I am surprised that no one bumped for last three weeks...I wonder if anyone wanted to keep reading my story. Um...this part is short so I am sorry.

Part 17:

After the last-minute meeting with Dr. Pierce, Dr. Parker has entered into his spacious office fuming over his conversation with that malicious, hatred man. Dr. Parker can feels the frustrating boiling inside of him make want to scream the top of his lungs inside his soundproof office. But he didn’t, he, instead, removed his glasses and rubbing his tiredly eyes.

Sighing, he paced back and forth in front of his wooden desk trying to clear his mind. He couldn’t believe what a terrible day he is having and it is not over, not yet anyway. He wasn’t expecting to see Dr. Pierce for another 4 weeks; however, he just showed up and has demanded to see Max and himself.

Dr. Parker sighed unhappy thinking how Dr. Pierce treated him with no respect and lashed out on him for not doing his job properly. He was stunned after hearing those mean words from Dr. Pierce. He knew he did done his job the way any scientists would have done. Of course, he should have done the final report earlier just in case if something comes up; however, he wasn’t able to provide Dr. Pierce a final report today. He didn’t think Dr. Pierce would show up so early like this. It’s humiliating for him not able to give Dr. Pierce the results to proved that he done his job with Max. He knows he done his well job with Max, but with Dr. Pierce hovering over him. He can feels like a tiny, bitsy fly that is trapped by a web that Dr. Pierce as spider has made just for him. With all the webs as rules and procedures, he just felt so trapped with Dr. Pierce as his boss.

He wanted to fight back against Dr. Pierce, but technicality, since the project of Max really belongs to Dr. Pierce, not himself. So, therefore, there was nothing he can do, but kiss Dr. Pierce’s feet to make him happy and keep Max safe from Dr. Pierce for long as he could.

He wanted to confront Dr. Pierce by telling him that he doesn’t know what the hell he is doing with Max and that he doesn’t know anything about Max. That Max was better off with me, than himself. He was planning to tell him that, but decided against that after hearing Dr. Pierce speaking how he captured Max and tortured him. He went on and on how Max is very dangerous alien and that he had no feelings like human beings do. He even made a strong comment that Max is here to annihilate the earth population so he can take it over for his own people.

Dr. Parker scoffed the last sentence Dr. Pierce spoken of… “Max is dangerous, the one have no hearts for human beings. Remember, he is here to wipe us out. Don’t be fool! He is a alien killer.”

Dr. Parker couldn’t believe what Dr. Pierce just said. Dr. Pierce has no idea what he is talking about. Dr. Parker knows for the fact that he haven’t once in his lifetime that he haven’t seen the hatred or the violence coming from Max. He doesn’t know where does Dr. Pierce get that idea. He also had seen all the videotapes on Max that were under Dr. Pierce’s care. One thing, Dr. Parker know for sure that Dr. Pierce is the ONE that have dark side, unlikely like Max’s.

He walked around his desk to sit down, deciding what to do next.

He flipped a paper, looking over the results to see if there’s any evidence to prove Dr. Pierce that Max is not here to wipe out the humans.

After a little while, Dr. Parker gave up with the paperwork and thrusts the last paper into the file, moving it out of the way to see if there’s anything on the computer.

He pulled up the file from the screen, looking for a specific file that holds all data that related to Max’s.

The phone rang stopping Dr. Parker ‘s typing once again.

‘Now what!’ Dr. Parker muttered as he picked up the phone off the hook. He is getting madder every time someone interrupts his work. He seems can’t finish up the report and starts his new projects. He even wondered if he would ever around to finish his report.

“Hello, yes, speaking,” his eyes narrows as he listens to the phone, “Alright, I will be right there. I wanted you to print out a memo and send it to everyone that there will be a meeting tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. sharp. Got it?”

As soon he received an answer back, he slapped the phone down and picked up his walkie and walked out of his office.


“How’s Max doing?” Jim walked up behind Dr. Clarks’ back. He looked over Dr. Clarks’ shoulder to see Max pacing around like a lion inside his cell below through the window.

“Not good. His panic anxiety is increasing though. Jim, I am getting worried.” Dr. Clarks turned her head toward to Jim.

Jim grimly nodded, “I wished I could’ve know that Dr. Pierce was coming here. Look at me, I am Head of Security, I should have know what’s going on around here. But I didn’t and it’s my fault.”

“Maybe so, but we never knew that Dr. Pierce was going to come here. It wasn’t your fault. No one knew, not even Dr. Parker. You saw him right? He is mad as hell too.” Dr. Clarks’ eyes glanced up to meet Jim’s sad eyes.

Right now, they can smell the tenses in the air. Everyone is either having a nervous breakdown or very anxious due to Dr. Pierce’s surprise entrance.

None of them were expecting him to show up on the compound like that, embarrassing them and made them feels that they haven’t done their work like they were supposed to do. Though, their boss is Dr. Parker, Dr. Pierce still holds the compound and the FBI under his thumb whatever he pleased to do.

They were stunned and uncomfortable to see Dr. Pierce along with Dr. Parker walking down the corridor out of nowhere, demanding to see Max at once. They even glanced at Dr. Parker waiting for the answers; Dr. Parker grimly nodded his head. With no choices, they escorted them along with Dr. Pierce’s agents on his tail to Dr. Parker’s old office. Dr. Parker already moved out his office along with his staff to the new building next door. Though Dr. Parker doesn’t mind keeping his old office, but with all those equipments and paper works he decided he needed a bigger office.

So now with his old office had turned into an observer room for anyone that comes down from Washington, D.C. to visit Max through the tint window. People from scientists to military agents to even a Head of FBI himself came to see what’s Max looks like.

Max never saw any of those people from the window for safety reasons, especially the people are afraid that once Max seen their faces, he will come hunt them down and kill them. Of course, in the staff’s minds, they knew it is not true and it will not happen not in this lifetime anyway. Unfortunately, that’s what humans live on…their fear of being abducted and being experience on. Ironically, it is Max, an alien, being abducted and experience instead.

Since the old office had turned into an observer room, they had set up comfortable chairs for them to sit and watch as long they wanted to. It goes same thing for every observer rooms in this building for anyone who wished to see Max doing his normal routine; for example, Max doing his working out in the weight room or eating in the caferiera. They will able to watch without inference Max’s life and without being seen.

Dr. Pierce had spent an hour in the observer room, staring at Max while firing questions over and over to anyone whom worked with Max. Some were hesitinated to answer the questions. Some kept themselves; not believing it is not Dr. Pierce’s business to know. Since it is their life works and they are not going to let Dr. Pierce takes their work away from them and acts like he does all those hard works himself.

None of them know why Dr. Pierce is here so early. They are afraid to find out what’s beneath of that cold, emotionless face of Dr. Pierce. So basically, they just kept their mouths shut and wait what’s next for Max. They felt sorry for Max because he won’t know what’s going to happen to him when he is expect to be return to Dr. Pierce when he turns 21.

Finally, Dr. Pierce decided watching Max is not enough for him and announced that he wanted to meet an alien himself. Everyone protested saying it wasn’t right time and that would mess up their works. They need more times to work with Max and didn’t think it would do Max any goods if meeting Dr. Pierce himself.

Dr. Pierce barked at them, ordering them to take him to meet Max at once. Once again, they looked at Dr. Parker for the answers. Dr. Parker tried to assure Dr. Pierce that Max is not ready to face him and so forth. Unfortunately, Dr. Pierce is stubborn and insisted he to see Max.

Dr. Parker even asked Dr. Pierce to give him five minutes to go in Max’s cell and warn him ahead of time.

Dr. Pierce glared at him and said, “Max don’t need any warning or any help from you. I better not hear this from you or anyone else ever again. He is an alien, a dangerous one. He showed up on our earth without a warning so therefore, he won’t get any warning from us at all.”

Dr. Parker kept pressing in hope to change Dr. Pierce’s mind by explaining to him how important to them that they follows the procedures in order to avoid any problems regarding with Max.

Dr. Pierce didn’t bother to hear a word out of Dr. Parker’s mouth. He shook his head disapproval how hard they are trying to keep him from visiting Max.

After seeing Dr. Pierce shaking his head, they knew it is worthless of time to try to change his mind. They slumped their shoulders, eventually gave up.


He stopped pacing around his cell to try to take a deep breath. He can feels his heart pounding hard against his chest. He couldn’t believe his own eyes when he watched Dr. Pierce entering his own room. He lost his home as soon Dr. Pierce set his foot in his cell.

He knew his world is about to fall apart once again and he didn’t think he would make it out alive this time.

He couldn’t believe that his so-called friends had turned their backs on him. Not even bother to warn or perhaps prepare him for Dr. Pierce’s visiting. He never felt so betrayed and hurts.

He wanted to scream at them and ask them why they would do that to him, but he didn’t. He got up from the bed to stand face to face with Dr. Pierce.

This time, he is not going to let Dr. Pierce puts him down or beat him around. Nope, not this time. He is ready to fight against Dr. Pierce even using every power he had left in his body. He would do whatever to kill that man. He had nothing to lose anyway.

posted on 1-Sep-2002 5:30:40 PM by Wendy
Hey guys, since today is Sunday and my day off so I am going to go ahead and post a short part. I am sorry it is short, but I have a lot of appointments to keep up with this week. The court date, the insurance, doctor apt, etc. My husband got in a car accident which he got fired from his job for missing work while he was in the hospital. So we are swamped with suing everyone...hehe. Don't worry, I won't sue you. Heheh. Anyway, HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!! Bye!

Part 18:

“Well, well, is that the same frightened little boy I once knew that would often peed himself after seeing me coming in huh?” Dr. Pierce smirked as he caught the pale of Max’s face while entering into Max’s cell.

Max shook his head to resolve by putting his blank face back on, refused to let Dr. Pierce see him in his strained emotionally state.

“What are you doing here? You are not welcome here.” Max harshly replied back.

Dr. Pierce scoffed unbelieving after hearing what Max just said. He turned his head over his shoulders where his agents and the scientists including Dr. Parker were standing.

“Did you hear what Max said to me?” Dr. Pierce started to laugh out loud and turned back toward to Max.

“Is this that all you got? No greeting from out of the world?” Dr. Pierce chuckled softly, and then added, “Well, I am here for many reasons that you will not know what it is and that does including the people that are here with me right now.” Dr. Pierce gestured his hands toward to people behind him.

Dr. Pierce smiled in content at the sight of Max in his confusion. “Of course, I will tell you few of it and for the rest of it…well, you don’t need to know anyway.” He chuckled as he walked more into Max’s cell.

Dr. Pierce glanced around inside Max’s cell; “I see that you have made yourself home here.”

Max kept his eyes on Dr. Pierce, keeping his thoughts to himself, trying to figure out why Dr. Pierce is here to see him. He couldn’t believe with his own eyes that Dr. Pierce is actually here for real. He doesn’t know what to think right now at that moment because his mind is all distorted and scrambled of any ideas of what to do next. Could he go ahead and punch Dr. Pierce’s eyes out or better yet, break his freaking neck? All those hateful thoughts he wanted to do with Dr. Pierce. He can feels the energy humming inside of him was enough to blow up anytime. One problem, he wasn’t well train enough to control his powers, including afraid of hurting innocent people around him.

His thoughts were abruptly stopped as the door was once again opened and this time, Dr. Clarks and Jim Valenti entered.

He noticed their faces were pale and stunned. Please tell me they are here to save me unlikely what is Dr. Parker doing by just standing there with his blank face. They must be here to help me out. They have to be. He can feels the joy swell inside in his chest. ‘They are here to save me!’

Unfortunately, his hopes were squashed again as he watched Dr. Clarks and Jim Valenti stood by Dr. Parker.

He looked over to see Dr. Pierce walking around in his room. His own room!

Making a decision, he decided he is not going to put up with Dr. Pierce’s presence here in his own room.

He spoke and this time with his firmly tone, “Once again, I will have to say that you are not welcome in my room and that including that I do not wanted to see your face ever again.”

Dr. Pierce heard Max, but still ignored him, as he looked more around inside Max’s cell. He stopped by Max’s shelves and observed what’s in front of him.

“Actually, as matter of fact, you have no authority to kick me out of my own compound.”

Max turned his head to his friends to see if that’s true. He really thought this compound was belonging to rightfully owner, Dr. Parker. He might be wrong after all.

Dr. Pierce caught the look that Max gave toward to his scientists, he boldly went ahead and spoken, “and of course that’s including the people over there. You see, Dr. Parker, Dr. Clarks, Jim Valenti, and everyone that works here, I own them. They are working for me. Except mostly of them didn’t know that Dr. Parker is not the real boss.”

Max had no idea that those people who he had worked with him were actually the enemies of his. He can’t impossible think they would be working for Dr. Pierce, a hateful man with his heartless. He really actually thought that Dr. Parker is the boss, especially since Dr. Parker is the one that took him away from Dr. Pierce. Even promised him that no one including Dr. Pierce ever touch him or hurts him ever again.

‘Did Dr. Parker lied me like the rest of them did to me? Is Dr. Parker really going to let Dr. Pierce touch him? Oh no, it is impossible. I knew Dr. Parker too well to know that he couldn’t hurt a fly. Dr. Parker wouldn’t let that happen to him. But still all those times, why today Dr. Pierce had to show up? There had to be something wrong with this picture.’

TBC…Do you like it?
posted on 21-Sep-2002 9:41:23 PM by Wendy
Ta-da! A new part!

Part 19:

Dr. Pierce eyeing on Max, seeing how tense he is being around him. For one thing, he is surely glad to see Max still being terrified of him after all those years. Good, be very afraid of me, Max. You won’t know what will hit you. Soon, you will be begging for mercy of your life. You’ll see. Ha ha ha ha.

Uncomfortable of Dr. Pierce’s starring, Max squirmed a little bit, but still at the same time trying not to show his weakness in front of Dr. Pierce. He doesn’t like what Dr. Pierce looking at him like he is some kind of prey. He shuddered after a thought popped up in his mind. He does not want to know what’s goes in Dr. Pierce’s mind.

Still, Max hadn’t had a single idea what to do in this situation. Especially, since he still wanted to beat the crap out of Dr. Pierce and kill him slowly. However, with other people there, he doubts he would get that far. He obviously wanted to use his powers to kill Dr. Pierce and get out of this hellhole just like that. But still, he had his own doubts that he, alone, can do it. God knows he is not perfect with his powers, especially controlling his powers without going too far. He also fears that he might hurts others including him. So he dropped his ideas and waits out to see what’s up with Dr. Pierce.

The problem is, can he keep up with Dr. Pierce looking at him like that? He can feels his anger and his hatred toward to that man getting worse and he wants more than anything in the world to jump on Dr. Pierce and strangle him.

He continued deathly glared at Dr. Pierce while the time went slowly ticking countdown to what’s left for him to keep his patience with that man. He also knows that anytime he will blow his top off.

Tick Tock

Dr. Parker couldn’t believe this is happening right here in front of him and others. He wanted to stop this right now; however, he doesn’t have the authority to do that. Dr. Pierce is the only one that had the authority to do it so. Especially, it is very upsetting for him to witness Max and Dr. Pierce doing their facing off right in front of him. He knew that with Dr. Pierce being here is ruining their project and their subject, Max. Quickly, he is trying to come up with ideas to avoid this destruction. He once glanced at Max and then Dr. Pierce, just waiting to see what’s next.

Tick Tock

Dr. Clarks didn’t like what she is seeing, but still not knowing what to do. She wanted to push Dr. Parker to do something, but then after realizing that Dr. Parker is not her real boss after all. She just felt at loss of what to do. In her mind, she’s anger that she been put in the dark, not knowing what’s going on the compound. And she doesn’t like anyone playing around with her like that. She decided she will have a long talk with Dr. Parker later, but right now all she can do is to wait and see what will Max do. She secretly prays in silence in hope that Max will not do anything stupid to get himself in trouble.

Tick Tock

Mr. Valenti is definitely the unhappy person at this moment. He couldn’t believe that he is actually witnessing Max’s worst nightmare coming true. He had knows it because after all those years, he had watched Max from the above. He hadn’t forgot Max’s unending nightmares every night ever since he arrived here as a little boy. With Max being a man, he still cares for him as like his son. He knows his pains, his loneliness, his sadness and all those things that Max had went through. Now this, he wanted to stop this, but he can’t blow his cover. He wasn’t expecting Dr. Pierce to show up like that. Now, he will have to start all over and start planning in the future to avoid this happen. He just hoped Max would come to his senses enough not to do anything rash.

Tick Tock

Dr. Pierce smiled, hoping Max would do something stupid enough for him to use his excuses to hit Max just like that. He would love that…however, Max still hadn’t move his muscle at all. Max just simple glared at him with his dark harden eyes. He continued to waits a little bit longer, even tried to smirk more to tick Max off. But nothing had happened.

Dr. Pierce became fumed and decided not to play the waiting game with Max. He moved away from Max and walked to the door.

With his back on Max, he announced, “I will be seeing you soon, alien boy.” He walked out of the room without looking at Max. Dr. Pierce’s agents were soon followed.

Dr. Parker, Dr. Clarks, Mr. Valenti and few other scientists were stunned and just watching Max. Not knowing what to do say about what happened today.

In fact, they are at loss of what to say to Max especially they knows they did something wrong.

“Get out.”

That was all Max harshly said.

Dr. Parker was taken aback at Max’s words, “Max, I know you are upset…” He was cut short with outburst of Max’s.

“I SAID GET OUT!” Max screamed at the top of his lungs.

Dr. Clarks quickly moved away from Dr. Parker and Mr. Valenti to the door, not wanting to make any further worsen than this. Deciding that she would come back another time to let Max cool off. Before she left, she turned to look at Max hoping to show to him that she was sorry. Though Max was too upset to notice Dr. Clarks’ leaving, he was starring his blue walls to avoiding looking at others. Soon, one by one scientists left the room leaving Mr. Valenti and Dr. Parker alone with Max.

Mr. Valenti lowering his head to his boots, “Max, we didn’t know Dr. Pierce was going show up like that. If we knew of his coming, we would have told you; however, in this situation, it was too late. We are surely sorry and I hope you will give us a chance to explain you about what happened. But that would have to wait until the right time to do it. Um…I will leave you alone for now.”

Mr. Valenti turned his head up to Dr. Parker to look his eyes for a moment. They understood each other through silence what needed to be done. Mr. Valenti, then, walked out of the room.

Dr. Parker was left alone with Max. He’s in shocked right now to see how things has turned out for worsen. He knew that things are going to be very rocky for a while that Max is so anger with him and everyone.

He wanted assure Max that things will be going to be alright, but he can’t do that. Because part of conservation Dr. Pierce had said in was part of true. Dr. Parker does not have the authority to make anything better. But what he can do is to leave Max in peace for now, hoping that he would come up with something to make things better for Max. He, too, walked out of the room.

Leaving Max alone in the room, he slowly walked to his corner by the tinted window. Once cuddled down in the corner, he started to rock back and forth as his tears rolled down his cheeks.


Liz hummed as she waited for her daddy to pick up the phone. She has received a message from Mrs. Eggleston, a Head of Dean, saying that her father needing to speak to her at once. She was in her biology classroom at that time when Mrs. Eggleston came in to get her. She has gathered her books and walked with Mrs. Eggleston back to her office.

Once inside Mrs. Eggleston’s office, she was given a phone that was off the hook. She answered, but only to received that her father’s secretary saying that her father will be with her in a moment.

She has wondered what’s wrong and why he called in the middle of the day in urgent to speak to her at once. She prayed there is nothing wrong with her father.

The phone was finally picked up, Liz’s eyebrows went up while she asked, “Daddy, is that you? This is Liz.”

Jeff sighed, glad to hear her daughter’s voice, “Oh baby. Yes this is your father. How are you darling?”

“Hi Daddy,” she looked at Mrs. Eggleston, hoping she would leave her alone to speak with her father in privacy. Mrs. Eggleston got that looks Liz was giving her and decided to leave her office for five minutes. Once she left, Liz turned back to the phone, “Daddy, what’s wrong? I mean, I don’t mind you calling me. I am just wondering why you called in the middle of my classes.” Liz hesitantly asked.

“Oh that. I am sorry to call you in the middle of everything. I just need to speak to you. I am sorry, I am just having a very bad day, actually worst day of my life. I just felt hopeless that’s all and just need to talk to you. Is that wrong of me wanting to talk to my daughter and hoping that she would cheer me up?”

Liz smiled, thinking how they are doing so well, improving as father and daughter relationship. “No daddy, it is not wrong of you to call me. Actually, I am glad you called me. I have been homesick since I returned back to school. I have been missing you. I am just worried there is something wrong with your calling like this that’s all.”

“Yeah, I have missed you too. It was just an awful day for me that all. I am just feeling not so good and helpless you know? I just wanted to see how you are doing and seeing if you keep your grades up and all that.” Jeff clicked the computer off while cradling a phone to his ear on his left.

“Yes daddy, my grades are good and up. You have nothing to worry about. I am on the top of list remember that? I am genius just like her daddy huh?”

“Yes pumpkin. That’s right.”

“So, tell me why are you having a bad day?” Liz pushed

Sighing, Jeff wanted to tell her what happened, but he is not allowed to do it so. It is classified as he knows it. “It is a long story. I don’t want to talk about it. Um…honey, there is a reason why I am calling you like this is that um…” Jeff tried to clear his throat.

“I was going to wait until Christmas day when you will be home for winter break from school and I was going to give you a special present. But now, I felt that I wanted to give it to you now.”

“A Christmas present? Um…it is only four weeks away until Christmas. Do you think you can wait until I comes and see you first?” Liz’s confused eyebrows show wrinkled on her forehead.

“Yes I know that. But I just don’t want to wait. It is not something you can unwrapped your present you know. It is um…oh heck, Liz, I am going to give you an earlier present whether you like it or not okay?” Jeff’s frustrated starting up.

“Okay daddy, what is it?”

“Liz, since you are getting older and I felt that my time is running out. I have missed all those years with you when you were younger. I wanted to give you a chance to come home and live with me. So I can spend more time with you before you graduating high school and going off to college. I thought hard long about it and decided that I don’t want to miss my baby growing up anymore than this. What do you say?”

Liz was stunned, “Seriously?”

“Yes pumpkin, though it won’t be fun you know. I mean we will have rules and I might not be home as much as you hoped for me to be. But it would be better than being separate and don’t see each other until holidays and summers you know? I would try to be home on weekends and such like that. What do you think?”

“Mm…I would have to think about it first you know? I mean it is a big decision.” Liz’s beaming already made her decision of her life. She decided to tease her dad just a tad to cheer him up.

Jeff closed his eyes after hearing those words, ‘My Liz doesn’t want to come home.’ Stammered, “Yes, um…take your time to think about it.” Jeff replied back.

“Daddy, I was teasing with you. YES, I AM COMING HOME!”

“You are?”

“Yes daddy! This is the best Christmas present I ever had.”

“Are you sure? I mean you might miss your school and your friends you know?”

Liz scoffed, rolled her eyes up, “Daddy, I hate this school ever since I came here. All my friends are either snobs or stoned. Daddy, I am miserable here!”

Jeff was taken aback after hearing his Liz not being happy there, “Liz, why you didn’t say so?”

“Well, daddy it was back then when we were not getting along you know and I have thought that you didn’t want me. I mean you sent me away when I was barely three years old.”

Jeff closed his eyes once again, feeling regrets for what he done to his Liz. “Oh baby, it was my biggest mistake for ever sending you away. I was just under a lot of pressure from work and it was no excuse of me to do that by sending you away. I tried to bring you back, but things kept happening and I just…I am so sorry for doing that to you. Please forgive me for being a lousy father to you.”

Liz sadly smiled understood what her father’s trying to do his best as he can. She knew that her father is no perfect.

“Daddy, don’t worry about it. What’s done is done. Past is Past. I am coming home to you and we have all the times in the world to make up okay? I love you daddy very much. Do you know that?”

“Yes pumpkin. I love you too. I am going to send you through express mail with a plane ticket along with extra money for whatever you need. All those stuff you wanted to bring home with you, just pack them up and they would send here later. Alright?”

“Oh daddy, I can’t wait to come home. I am so excited!”

“Me too, pumpkin, me too.”

Liz and Jeff continued to chat more before Liz handed the phone over to Mrs. Eggleston to discuss about Liz’s transfer to another school in Roswell, New Mexico.

Liz couldn’t wait.

TBC….There is one more part on the way but can't type it up. It is 10 pages on it...and I had to go to bed now for church service in the morning. So I will try to post it tomorrow after church service and work. I gets off at 8 pm. Hope you like this part.

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Warning: Rated R to NC-17.

Part 20:
I took this part that I wrote a while ago off to replace with a new part to help me get rid of Writer's block. I am sorry if I wasted your time. Please forgvie me.

Part 20:

Max seemly doesn’t even notices how the days had turned into weeks since he first lasted saw Dr. Pierce. Because of that malevolent man, he had his worst nervous breakdown; which end with results of broken lamps, a television and among of few other things. God knows how much further he would cause more damages if it wasn’t those men have not come in to secure him. What he just done to his room didn’t bother him a bit. He just doesn’t give a damn about it. All he knows that his mind is so messed up and his heart is hurting because his so-called friends had betrayed him in front of Dr. Pierce. He just wanted to shout at them, “THE HELL WITH THEM!” But then he didn’t, he knew why he didn’t do it because he still cares of his so-called friends. What he have done to his room was his only way to get his angers and his frustrations out by physical tearing everything apart he came across. At least he didn’t use his oh-so mighty powers to tear his room upside down, in fear, that they will come and take him away again like the last time when he was younger.

Since then, he didn’t even bother clean up his mess and either orderly haven’t bother to clean up his mess either. They just left him alone in his cell, which it is fine with Max; he needed to be left alone to pull himself together. Because of what happened, he had felt raped after considering that his friends had took advantaged of him the whole time without him knowing it. They had played him into Dr. Pierce’s trap. Though he might not know what’s like to being raped, but one thing he know for sure that he felt like he was being raped by them.

He often wished he were never born. All those times, he wished he would never have cooperate with those scientists who turned out to be his worst enemies.


Max snapped out of his thoughts, “Mm?”

“Max, are you ready?” Dr. Parker asked softly, not wanting to push Max any further with him in his poor physical state; but he have work to do and he needed Max to do it. He does not want Dr. Pierce to have any reason to come down here and lash out at him again for not doing his job with Max. Especially Max does not need to see Dr. Pierce and he doesn’t want that to happen. If Max just cooperate, things would be easier, he can make it better for him if only Max just work with him.

Max know he is here for another experiment Dr. Pierce had decided to set up. He already done this before few times since Dr. Pierce had first arrived. He remembered Dr. Parker had disagreement with Dr. Pierce over the experiment that Dr. Pierce had wanted Max to do it. He smirked how they had argued in front of him and how Dr. Parker had tried to defend for him and didn’t think it would be wise for Max to be forcibly to do something that he wouldn’t want to do it.

Unfortunately, at the end, Dr. Pierce won. He believed it had something to do with who’s the boss.

So now he is in the animals’ lab, where he will be working on healings those injuries animals and sometimes bringing those dead animals back to life. This is the one of things he didn’t like to do, but it is not like he have any choices anyway.

He nodded Dr. Parker to inform that he is ready to do it. He walked up to the front table where the dead monkey is lying on. He observed the monkey as small, perhaps a female. With her full black hair body and small body, he believed she’s a young monkey. Though he couldn’t see anything wrong with her. No stabbed, no shots, none of damaged outside of her body. He looked over to her face, her eyes are closed which he is glad for. He doesn’t want to see those lifeless eyes. It scared him and he doesn’t want those eyes to haunt him in his dreams which he gets sometimes from other dead animals that he had tried to heal, but wasn’t successful.

He took a deep breath and put his hands over the monkey’s head and closed his eyes.

His forehead crinkled, his hands began to glow while Dr. Parker and other crews watched on with their clipboards in their hands.

The glow from his hands got brighter while his breathing became erratic. He tried to get in monkey’s head, but it was all blurred and wasn’t able to get in.

He gasped, letting goes of monkey’s head when he got a flash from his own memory.

Dr. Pierce walked into the white room where six-years old Max was cuddled in his corner.

Dr. Pierce had brought something in his hands that Max couldn’t see; however, he was still too afraid to come closer to Dr. Pierce. So, he just sat in his corner and wait to see what Dr. Pierce do.

“I have a surprise for you.” Dr. Pierce announced after entering the White Room.

Dr. Pierce opened his hands that hided something inside his hands.

Max still couldn’t see what’s in Dr. Pierce’s hands. He moved away from the cuddle to see what’s the surprise. Though he was very cautioned, he moved very slowly to get closer, but only stayed few feet away from Dr. Pierce.

Max’s eyes went widen as he saw something so beautiful, a tiny white fur with red eyes thingy in Dr. Pierec’s hands.

Max looked up to Dr. Pierce in curiously, wondering what’s that thingy in his hands.

Dr. Pierce mentioned, “This is a mice. His name is Spooky. It is a live animal. See how he moved around in my hands. This is my pet. Do you like it huh?”

Max didn’t bother to say a word, just merely nodded his head as he watched Spooky scrambled around in Dr. Pierce’s hands.

“Do you want to touch him?” Dr. Pierce asked.

Max hesitantly but then went ahead after Dr. Pierce ordered him to touch Spooky.

Max watched his hand as he patted and rubbed the mice. He giggled when Spooky sniffled him with his frisker that was tickling his hands.

Dr. Pierce watched Max and went continued to explain, “See, we have a lot of mice just like Spooky back in the lab room. But this mice is my pet and I need you to something special for me so I can know what you can do.”

Max stopped patted Spooky and moved his hand away to focus what Dr. Pierce saying.

Not aware what Dr. Pierce’s saying had a purpose to harm in him away, Dr. Pierce snapped Spooky’s front paw in front of Max.

Max’s eyes went horror when Spooky’s went wailing in Dr. Pierce’s hands.

“NOOOO! Why did you do that for?” Max yelled.

“Did you hear what I say? I said I need you to do something for me and I wanted you to heal Spooky for me.” Dr. Pierce replied back.

Dr. Pierce grabbed a hand of Max and put tiny Spooky in his hand. “DO IT!”

Max shook his head, “I can’t. I don’t know how!”

“Yes you do. We have caught you healing yourself after we beaten you. All your bruises and your cuts are gone. So show us how you did by healing Spooky. It is simple as that”

“But I didn’t know I was healing myself. I swear, I don’t know how!”

“DO IT! Look at Spooky! He is in pain and it is your fault. You are not helping him. Do it to stop his pain.”

Max held Spooky in his hands, not knowing what to do. He started to cry in front of Dr. Pierce.

“Don’t you dare cry you little brat.” Dr. Pierce remarked.

The tears rolled down Max’s cheeks as he watched in defeated of Spooky’s wailing in pain in his hands. He couldn’t stop crying, feeling the pain for Spooky.

“I…(hiccup). I can’t…I can’t.” Max cried out. “Please you fix it.” Max tried to give Spooky back to Dr. Pierce, instead he got a slap from Dr. Pierce.

“What did I say? We can’t fix it. You are the only one that have the powers to heal Spooky so you fix it or else. You don’t want me to send the others in, do you?”

Max shook his head, “NO PLEASE!”

“Then do it.” Dr. Pierce whispered, hoping to push Max do it.

Max looked at Spooky, he can still hear Spooky squeaking and wailing at the same time. He didn’t like the sounds; it is upsetting him so bad.

He wondered if he could try and see if he can heal him. But he doesn’t know how, heck, he didn’t even know that he healed himself without realizing it.

He folded his hands closed with Spooky inside and closed his eyes. He started by focusing Spooky’s leg, imaging, as it is broken.

Dr. Pierce watched Max in his held breath.

After few minutes, Max opened his eyes and opened his hands to see if it worked.

Unfortunate, in his hands, Spooky died.

“What have you done?” Dr. Pierce glared at Max.

“I don’t know. What’s wrong with Spooky?” Max, not knowing what’s wrong with Spooky, looked up to Dr. Pierce for the answers.

Dr. Pierce took Spooky off Max’s hands to examine him, turned out, the mice is dead.

“YOU KILLED HIM, YOU SON OF BITCH!” Dr. Pierce threw the lifeless mice on the ground and went after Max.

Max tried to get away from him; however, there was nowhere he can escape Dr. Pierce’s wrath.

He was beaten down on the ground with Dr. Pierce on the top of him. The security guards had to come in to take Dr. Pierce away from Max before he kills him. They need Max alive to study more.

Once Dr.Pierce was dragged away by the guards, Max laid still on the ground, not wanting to move. Because once he moved, he was in so much pain. The bruises on his back and his head were overwhelmed from the punches Dr. Pierce gave to him.

He turned his head to left side to see Spooky on the ground few feet away. He closed his eyes and turned his head to other side to avoid looking at Spooky.

He curled into fetal position, crying in his heart that he killed Spooky. He didn’t know what went wrong and he felt so shame.

Max had to snap out of his trance, feeling the bile going up in his throat. He stumbled away from the table; unable to see where he was going with his eyes blurring with tears.

He suddenly threw up all over the floor while Dr. Parker tried to help him by rubbing Max’s back. When he was done, he was too exhausted to keep himself standing up, he had collapsed on his vomits. He closed his eyes to try to take a deep breath.

“Max! Go get me towel now! Help me get Max to the cot! Get me a bottle of water! Now!” Dr. Parker barked over his shoulders to his crews.

The crews scattered in and out of the lab getting items they need to help Max.


He climbed out of the shower, feeling a little better after a little incident back in the animal lab. He walked up to the mirror, grabbing a washcloth to wipe the fog off the mirror.

He glanced at himself from the mirror seeing how much he had changed. He knows he is not a little boy. He even glanced brief at his tattoo from his chest.

He never felt so alone now that he doesn’t have any friends. He even wondered if there was someone out there like him roaming around the world. He even wondered if there was someone out there would accept him for who he is. All those what ifs questions in his mind are giving him a headaches.

The mirror started became blurred and he couldn’t see himself on the mirror anymore. He wondered if he could disappear. But how?

TBC…Happy Thanksgiving you guys!

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