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Title: Heatwave (subject to change, but probably won't)

Author: Lynn/sugarplum17

Disclaimer: I don't own the Roswell characters. Some studios, Jason Katims, Melinda Metz and most likely a few other people own them. But I'll put them back when I'm done playing, I promise.

Summary: Fresh out of college, Liz is confused on what to do with the rest of her life. Everyone is so sure she should be a scientist of some sort, but she's not sure she wants to make that her life. Will an ambitionless drifter help her decide?

Author's Note(s): I'm working on a website, I haven't updated any fics in what seems like ages, so does anyone care to tell me why I'm starting yet another fic?

*Part One*

Liz leaned her weight against the counter and wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her heavy hand. It was 104 sweltering degrees outside, and the air conditioner in the Café was on full blast. To say the least, in the main dining room it was uncomfortable, but in the kitchen it was more like a sauna! She felt sorry for Michael and Jose, the cooks who had to stay back there, her pain and suffering in the main dining room were nothing compared to what they were enduring in the kitchen.

She glanced out the window before going back to the task she’d been trying to complete before stopping to wipe her sweat; wiping the counter. As she looked down at the wet dish rag in her hand, she briefly considered wiping her face with it. That’s how hot she was, but even that wouldn’t have been enough. The water was lukewarm. Man, she sure didn’t miss that summer heat when she was in Boston.

“Lizzie!” Her dad’s voice floated out from the back room where the office was located. “Phone!”

That was weird, she hadn’t even heard it ring. Slowly moving around to the other side of the counter she lazily tossed the rag into the bucket that was hidden behind the counter and wiped her hands on the skirt of her dress before picking up the teal phone. It was old school, the kind every family had in the late 80's to mid 90's, rotary dial. She had decorated hers like Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All. God she used to love that show. Nobody had as much style as that girl, Liz aspired to be just like her. She’d even gone out and found a best friend of the male persuasion, who regularly climbed to her window by way of a ladder; Michael Guerin.

“Crashdown Café, Liz speaking.” She drawled out slowly, the heat getting to her. She heard the click of the office phone and knew that her father was off the line.

“Lizzie?” A familiar voice on the other end asked.

“Izzy?” Liz’s eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. How did Isabel get her work number? “Is that you?”

“Oh my god Liz! Thank god I finally reached you!” Liz heard Isabel breath a sigh of relief before she started talking again. “You have no idea how many people I had to call to get this number.”

“How did you get this number anyway?” Liz asked as she tried hoisting herself up onto the counter, and failed miserably because of the heat.

“Don’t ask! Please god don’t ask.” Isabel told her from the other end, there was a scratching noise that could be heard, Liz knew she was probably sitting beside a pool and filing her nails. “Look, Lizzie. I need to ask you a really big favor.”

Liz smiled, Isabel was always asking people to do really big favors for her. Most of the time it was to send her something she really, really missed while she was out of the country on a shoot or something. Other times it was something so ludicrous that many people turned her down. Unless they were men. “Depends.”

“Okay, my hood rat little brother went on this cross-country summer vacation right?” Oh this was going to be a good one. Liz could already see it. Her best favors started in the form of a question. “So anyway, he goes on this cross-country summer vacation, blah, blah, blah to make a long story short he gets stranded in Albuquerque, right? So he gets stranded and the little dork manages to get himself arrested. Guess where?”

“I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say...Roswell or somewhere very near to it. Right?” Liz asked, smiling at the coke machine.

“Bingo.” Isabel told her. “His car is a broke down piece of shit that’s sitting in the scrap yard in Albuquerque, he some how made his way to Roswell and to top it all off he’s got no money.”

“Okay, so you’re asking me to go bail him out and buy him a bus ticket?” Liz sighed. Just like Isabel, always dumping her problems on everyone else.

“Well, it’s a little bit bigger than that.” There was that sweet, innocent voice that everybody always called the big guns. She only ever used that voice when she really wanted something and the favor was really big.

“What? You want me to let him stay at my place for a couple of weeks? Hook him up with a job?!” Liz asked incredulously.

“Well, he’s one of those doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, drifter types Liz! I figure you, Ms. Grounded and Responsible could be a good influence, you know?” Isabel was defensive. “It would just be until he earns enough money to get himself home. And any expenses he incurs in the duration of his stay, you know I’ll pay for. Hell you know I’m good for it.”

Liz sighed but remained quiet. Everyone was so sure that she was Ms. Grounded, everyone was so sure that they knew how focused she was, how dedicated to her job she would be when she started it. ‘They don’t know shit’ Liz thought to herself. Blowing out a ragged breath she pushed a loose strand of sweaty hair behind her ear. “Fine. I’ll do this, but only because someday I’m going to be maid of honor at your wedding.”

Isabel giggled girlishly on the other end, something else she always did after getting her way. “Thanks Lizzie! You won’t regret this I swear!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Liz said solemnly. “Love you Izzie.”

“Love you Lizzie!” Isabel told her sincerely, repeating the traditional goodbye since one drunken night during their sophomore year in college.

Hanging up the phone, Liz went to tell her father that she was taking an hour long break. It wouldn’t really matter since the only customer in the restaurant had only ordered water and was half asleep in Agnes’s section.

Should I continue? And for those who were confused by the Clarissa Explains It All reference, it was my favorite show in the like early 90's. Melissa Joan Hart was the star. Her phone was sweet as hell.*tongue*

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Didn't you think she was the most stylish person on TV back then? I would now, never in my right mind wear the kind of stuff she wore on the show, unless it was Halloween or something. But back in the day, I'll admit it, my friends and I tried to dress like her.

I loved her computer games too. Like when she would try to come up with a plan to sneak out of something or get Furgface back. Those were tight. *happy*
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Part Two

Max lay back on the small cot in his cell, unbelievably uncomfortable but beyond the point of caring. For the past unbearable hour, all Max had done was lay there and stare up at the ceiling, counting the minutes until his savior would come to rescue him. He knew Isabel was going to be pissed, and that she would most likely slap him, but that she wouldn’t leave him to rot in the jail cell. She’d been working when he called her cell phone, and she had told him that she would see what she could do. In Max’s mind that meant that she was pushing back the shoot, hopping on a plane and flying to his rescue at that very moment.

“Evans!” The heavy set officer called out as he waddled back toward Max’s cell, his keys clanging together at his side. “Get up you good for nothin punk. You’re sprung. And don’t let us catch you exposin’ yourself in a public park again!”

Peeling himself off of the cot, he picked at the damp white tee-shirt that was plastered to his back with one hand while saluting the officer with the other. “Yes sir!”

He already told them that it had been an accident. He was not a sexual deviant. He didn’t get off on exposing himself to little old ladies in the park, but they didn’t care. They’d thrown him in jail anyway. All he’d been trying to do was change his pants behind a bush in the park that he’d slept in the night before. It slipped out of his boxers and it was just his luck that it was then that the sweet old lady who turned him in happened by at that exact moment. Once he was in police custody, she hit him over the head with her purse and called him a pervert. Refusing to listen to him when he said he wasn’t.

Retrieving his confiscated things from one of the officers, he walked out into the lobby of the police station and looked around. He didn’t see his sister anywhere, there were no men huddled around a voluptuous woman, no women giving death looks to the model, as jealous women sometimes did. It left him confused. If Isabel hadn’t bailed him out, then who did?

- - -

It must have been the heat. Yeah that’s it. It was the heat. The gorgeous rugged man who walked out of the cell, a large green army duffle bag slung over his shoulder, was simply a mirage. There was no way that someone could be that attractive. His white tee-shirt was clinging to his torso, which was in very, very good shape from what Liz could see. His khaki shorts hung low on his hips, coming to a stop at his knee. His arms, were amazing, so strong looking.

She could’ve done without the slight beard, and he was in serious need of a haircut, but when she locked eyes with him none of that really mattered. His eyes were what drew her in. They were hazel, almost a glowing amber. They made him look mysterious.

She watched his eyes travel down her neck and come to a stop at her cleavage, and in that moment she felt like the biggest hypocrite. Moments ago, she’d been devouring him with her eyes, she knew it. And now that he was giving her the same treatment she was angry.

“That’s not my face.” She told him moodily, angry with herself for her double standards. “You Isabel’s brother?”

Slowly, Max removed his eyes from the small amount of cleavage she was sporting, and let them slowly travel up the column of her neck and finally to her face. Such a pretty face, he thought to himself, just like in Isabel’s pictures. “Yeah, who the hell are you?”

“Liz.” He arched an eyebrow, expecting more of an answer, a last name maybe. He didn’t know. “Isabel and I are friends, she called me and asked me to come and bail your sorry ass out.”

Outwardly, Liz showed no sign of being affected by him or surprised by what she’d said. Inwardly, she was freaking out. She suspected that his ass was definitely not sorry. Infact it was probably anything but.

“Oh gee, thank you.” He said rolling his eyes and pushing his way past her.

There was no mistaking the sarcastic tone in his voice. And as walked through the glass door she turned around toward Sheriff Jim Valenti to see if this guy was serious or not. At the shrug of Jim’s shoulders she turned around and pushed through the glass door. “Hey!”

He looked back, but kept walking across the parking lot. “What?”

“Hey stop!” She called out quickening her pace, until she was right behind him. “I spend my hard earned money bailing you out of jail and that’s the thanks I get?!”

Turning around he stared at her hard before looking away. “What do you want me to do? Kneel at your feet and praise you?”

“No.” She scoffed, putting her hands on her hips and staring up into his very attractive face. “But a decent amount of genuine gratitude would be sufficient!”

“Okay, okay.” He put his hands infront of him, defensively. “Look...what’s your name again?” Knowing full well what it was.

“Liz.” She answered through clenched teeth. Upset for some reason that he didn’t remember.

“Look Liz, thank you.” He told her sincerely. “But you really didn’t do anything special. You bailed me out, and I’m willing to bet that Isabel is going to pay you back for it. And the bus ticket as well.”

She shifted her weight and crossed her arms under her breasts. “Yeah, about that. There won’t be a bus ticket.”

“What? Am I supposed to sleep in the park until Isabel decides that I’ve learned my lesson?” He asked moodily. Sometimes being the younger twin really sucked.

“Not exactly.” She told him wearily as she lifted her hand to her head. The heat was starting to make her tired. “She wants you to stay at my place and get a job. She wants you to earn the money you’ll need to get yourself back home.”

Max looked at Liz for a few long seconds. Staying at her place? He and Isabel lived in Vermont, if he played his cards right, it would take him a while to earn the money it would cost to get him back home. A home he was really in no hurry to get back to. There was nothing waiting for him there but a future that he definitely didn’t want.

TBC? So what'd ya think?
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Lets hope I can Peg.

Transparent Clear, I had this part ready last night. I was holdin out on you guys. *tongue*

Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

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AN: Kind of a boring part, but it's still a part, right?

*Part Three*

After Liz gave him a short tour of her apartment, showing him where everything was, and the couch where he would be sleeping for the duration of his stay, she left for work. But not before issuing a warning, he was to clean up after his self and put the toilet seat down, or there would be hell to pay. And then she was gone, leaving Max standing alone in her fairly large living room.

He stood beside the love seat for a few seconds trying to figure out what to do with himself. He imagined that he was supposed to find a paper and start looking for jobs, but he wasn’t going to do that just yet. He wanted to get settled in his new temporary home first.

His wandering eyes came to a rest on her entertainment center. It housed her DVD player, her television, her radio and her collection of DVD’s. There were tons of comedies lining the shelf of her entertainment center, a marginal amount of dramas, a few sci-fi movies and about two action movies. He never would have figured her for a Braveheart fan, but then again, Mel Gibson was a winner with ladies of any age. He’d learned that from living with both his mother and his sister.

His eyes moved from the entertainment center to the small bookshelf that sat underneath an open window. On closer inspection he found a ton of science books lining its shelves. And not science fiction books either. A few mystery novels were shoved in beside the thick text books.

Brining his hand up to push his damp bangs out of his face he pulled at the collar on his shirt. He hadn’t realized how stuffy it was in her house. He noticed that all the windows were open, and there were fans circulating the hot air. “Air conditioning must be broken.” He told himself as he sat down on her beige couch.

- - -

“So Liz,” Michael started as he sat down at the counter in the main dining area. He had already changed into his street clothes and was looking surprisingly clean and fresh. Liz was guessing that he had somehow finagled his way into a shower upstairs in the apartment that her parents lived in. “Where’d you disappear to earlier today?”

“I had to go pick up Isabel’s brother from the airport.” Liz lied with ease. She wasn’t about to tell her best friend that she had to bail someone out of jail, he definitely wouldn’t approve, especially if he knew this ex-con was going to be staying in Liz’s apartment for a while. “He’s staying with me for a while.”

“Why?” He asked, already suspicious. He hated the fact that so many new people came through town. He said it was because the whole thing of people migrating to new areas made him suspicious, for example, he wondered what caused them to migrate in the first place. But she had always thought that he secretly liked the fact that it was a small town where everybody knew everybody.

Liz shrugged in answer to his question and turned around to glance at the clock. She was anxious for her shift to end. All she wanted to do was go home and take a nice long cool shower and then a nice long nap. What Max did with his time was of no concern to her. She wasn’t his babysitter.

“I left my movie at your house the other night.” He told her suddenly. “I should probably come over and get it.”

She rolled her eyes at him but shrugged in noncommital gesture. It was only natural that Michael would want to check this guy out. He was after all staying in Liz’s apartment, and just because it was Isabel’s brother didn’t mean that she was completely safe from harm. When she thought further on it, she thought it was sweet of Michael to look out for her like that.

“I’ll be over around eight. I have to take Maria to this...thing.” Michael told her as he pushed himself up from the stool and headed for the door. “She’ll probably want to tag along.”

Liz laughed and waved at his back. “Bye Michael.”

Maria was Michael’s “sometimes” girlfriend. Michael had never had the grades in high school to go to an Ivy League school, nor did he have the financial support, having been emancipated at the age of 16. So he had gone to the nearest local community college. It was there, sometime during his senior year that he’d met Maria Deluca. He had drawn her naked body in an art class and as Maria’s version of the story goes, sat around looking at the picture and totally obsessing over her until finally he snapped and asked her out. Michael’s version was slightly different and caused an argument between the two whenever the story of how they met was brought up.

Turning around to glance at the clock again, Liz sighed with relief. It was finally time to go home! She wasn’t even going to bother with changing her clothes until she had washed off all the sticky sweat from her body.

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Thanks for all the bumps guys! I haven't forgotten about this, believe me. It's on my list of fics to update, I'm just not sure when I'll be able to get around to doing that.
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Thanks for all the bumps guys! *big* I owe one more part to In the Light of Darkness readers, but after that I'm all yours, for a part or two! *wink*
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AN: This is kind of a short part, and that sucks considering how long you guys have waited for it, but right about now, it’s all that I can do. And I’m really unsure of this part, so please let me know what you think. Thanks!

*Part Four*

Stepping into her apartment, Liz closed the door and leaned her back against it with a weary sigh escaping her lips. On the way home from work, she had imagined the worst possible scenario. She had imagined her apartment to be a complete disaster! She had worked herself up so much with that image inside her head, that by the time she found herself staring at the gold numbers on her door, and her hand resting on the door knob, it was what she expected to see on the other side of the wood infront of her.

In her head, she pictured flies buzzing around dirty dishes that rested in the sink. She pictured books being strewn about carelessly, the binding completely ruined on some of them. She imagined her movie collection, pulled off the shelves and left sitting on top of the entertainment center, the empty movie boxes left laying on the floor. She pictured empty beer cans cluttering up her coffee table, which he rested his feet on. She could just see the open bag of chips laying on the cushion next to him, crumbs and crushed up chips littering her carpeted floors. And in the middle of this maelstrom of destruction, would be Max Evans, sitting with the remote in one hand a beer can in the other and chip crumbs on his t-shirt.

The scene she had pictured had been absolutely horrifying, and she had convinced herself that it wasn’t just her imagination running away with her, she was positive that it was a premonition!

But as she opened one of her closed eyes, and peaked through her lashes, she suddenly felt like an idiot. As far as she could see there were no chip crumbs, no beer cans, no books on the floor and it appeared as though not one single movie had been touched. And after setting her purse and keys on the end table closest to her, and kicking her shoes off into the closet beside the door, she made her way to the kitchen, finding it completely spotless. No flies buzzing around her sink like vultures. It was as empty as she left it, its stainless steal shining bright in the white light of the kitchen. But what she noticed most of all, was that there was no Max Evans.

Assuming, he had gone out to look for a job, she began unsnapping the buttons on her uniform on her way to the bathroom. The shower was calling her name. If she listened hard enough, she could hear it chanting her name in a whisper. Liz...Liz...Liz...Liz... It was like she was in a trance. The only thing she wanted to do in her hypnotic state was go to it. The only thing she could picture in her minds eye was standing underneath the shower head, and leaning her head backward, letting the cool water drop against her.

Her normally open bathroom door was closed, and she paid no attention to the light that shone on her toes from underneath the wood of the door. Without a second thought and without stopping to even ponder why the door would be closed, she threw it open and started to walk in.

Everything else seemed to go in slow motion for her. There he was, standing behind the clear shower curtain, in all his naked glory. His head had turned in her direction, and because he was taking a cold shower, there was no steam to collect and fog up onto the curtain. He was completely revealed to her. And there she stood, frozen in utter shock and embarrassment, partially revealed to him.


He raised an eyebrow at her slack-jawed expression, and considered asking her to join him. Her cleavage - what little of it there was - had driven him crazy at the station earlier that day, and now she had revealed more of it to him. He could see the hot pink fabric in the middle of the bra that rested on her chest, and part of the cups. He could see some of the smooth tan skin on her stomach, and his lips twitched. There were breast men, ass men, leg men, even toe men but he was definitely a sucker for the stomach. A woman with a nice toned stomach would do it for him every time, and this woman in front of him, was definitely doin’ for him.

“Joining me?” He asked, unable to stop himself from it, knowing that it would most likely snap her out of her stupor and make her angry.


It took two full minutes for the words to sink in, and when it did, she closed her open mouth and pushed her lips together. Trying to ignore the fact that he was completely naked, and focusing her eyes on his handsome face, she narrowed them until they were slits. She crossed her arms over her chest, and commanded him to hurry up before turning around her heel and walking out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Standing out in the middle of her dimly lit hallway, she thought about the situation. Those butterflies in her stomach, they weren’t from excitement, they weren’t from seeing him like that. No, she was positive that they were from the anger. She wasn’t aroused...not in the least! She was pissed off! The only thing she wanted to do was come home and take a shower and the fact that he had beaten her to it angered her like nothing else.

Stalking into her room and slamming the door closed, she yanked off her sticky uniform and angrily tossed it onto the floor before flinging herself down onto her bed. She tried her best to pretend that the damp spot in her panties was sweat, and she tried to ignore the pulsing between her legs. Someone like him could never arouse someone like her! No matter how attractive he was. He was nothing but a rude, inconsiderate drifter and she would not allow herself to be sucked into something like that. She was going to fight her attraction to him, at all costs.

Rolling over in her bed, she closed her eyes and tried to rid herself of the mental picture of a naked Max.


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Hey guys! *happy* No worries, I'm still here. Still working on this fic too. The thing is, I've got this block that's been going strong for a couple months, and I've only recently gotten rid of some of it. I've been trying to work through it, but the only ideas that are coming to me are for one of my other fics, BREAKAWAY. So I've just been concentrating on that. I gotta stay with what works while it's still working, you know?

So I'm really sorry, but I don't know when I'm going to be able to update this. *sad*