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Title: Chasing Dreams
Author: Kayarra Ali

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Summary: AU fic. Liz Parker, Maria DeLuca, Isabel Taylor, and Tessa Harding run away from a nightmare of a foster home and chase after their dreams. Based on the V.C Andrews novel "Runaways"

Disclaimer: You again. I don't own anything. The characters all belong to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims. The idea of the fic is from the talented Virginia C. Andrews.

AN: I don't plan on this being an all romance fic. I want it to be about friendship and how it prevails over obstacles. But don't worry, Liz WILL meet Max and fall in love.

* * * * *
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Note: Song is “Runaway” by Linkin Park

* * * * *

Graffiti decorations
Underneath a sky of dust
A constant wave of tension
On top of broken trust
The lessons that you taught me
I learned were never true
Now I find myself in question
(they point the finger at me again)
Guilty by association
(you point the finger at me again)

* * * * *

You know that saying, “I felt my blood turn into ice?”

Never thought it was true until now.

I see Isabel shaking…crying so hard, and it feels as though the warm blood that flows through me has stopped…that it has been replaced by icy cold water.

I watched Maria put her arm around Isabel and walk her out of the room, and Tessa followed. It wasn’t until the others had completely left the bathroom I had followed.

“What do you mean he touched you?” Maria asked.

Maria always knew what to do in situations like these…she doesn’t clam up and break down like I do. She takes action.

More tears fell down Isabel’s eyes and my heart lurched. I couldn’t just stand there…I had to do something; I had to say something to make it better.

I slowly walked towards Isabel and sat on her other side, letting her head rest on my shoulder.

Soon, the shaking stopped and Isabel began talking.

“I was bathing…and he came in…” she paused and shook a little, obviously remembering back on what happened. “He told me to be quiet…and touched my chest…” she sobbed that part out. “That’s when I screamed.”

The thing is, Isabel is well endowed. She gets a lot of flak about it and a lot of times and sometimes, guy’s talk to her chest, more than her.

Isabel shook against me, and let out another small sob.

I can feel the tears falling down on my face now…that’s pretty amazing to me.

The thing is, I don’t cry. I used to, when I was kid…but after that I found other ways to get my anger and hurt out. I began writing little poems, eventually started writing short stories…angry and sad ones of course.

Nothing better.

That’s why I’m so surprised to be crying. I guess something like this really shakes you up inside.

Isabel lifted her head her eyes filled with determination, and then looked at me, turned to Maria before settling her eyes on Tessa, who had been crying silent tears the whole time.

I want to runaway
Never say good-bye
I want to know the truth
Instead of wondering why
I want to know the answers
No more lies
I want to shut the door
And open up my mind

“I want to run away.” She said in a steady voice. Her eyes once again turned to all of us, looking at our expressions.

Disturbing isn’t it? Something like this made her change her mind.

Why couldn’t it be a bad grade on her report card?

Maria nodded her head. “Yea, okay.”

I could tell at that moment, Maria was thinking about anything other than herself. That she didn’t care about the running away for her sake…but for all of our sakes.

Tessa looked at us all, obviously knowing she had missed something. “Runaway?” she asked in her quiet voice.

We all nodded, and I finally found my voice to say something. “Yea Tessa…this place, this hell isn’t working out. If we run away we can all be together, and get far away from Grant.

Tessa nodded. “Okay.” She said without a second thought. She obviously had the same thought before.

* * * * *

We spent the rest of the last week of school going to school and coming back, like normal. We’d eat dinner, and do our homework and avoided Grant as if he were the plague.

At nights when everyone was asleep we’d make our plans to leave. Tonight, the night before we were to leave, we finalized our plans.

“So, are you guys almost done packing?” I asked everyone. “And remember, necessitates only…we can’t pack to much.”

I watched everyone nod before asking the next question. “And everyone has emptied their bank account?” They nodded once again.

“How much we got Iz?” Maria asked.

Isabel got out a piece of paper with all of our totals. “$50,000” she said, her voice a bit breathy with wonder. “Liz…how did you get so much money?” she asked me.

“I've been working at Leonie’s for three years now…I just haven’t spent anything yet,” I answered with a shrug. It’s true though.

“Okay, Tessa…transportation?” I asked her.

Tessa was quiet for a bit. “We have to steal Grant’s.” she said quietly.

I don’t think I know what to be more shocked of. That we’re stealing Grant’s car, or that she of all people suggested it.

“What?” Isabel asked, her voice in a high squeak.

Tessa nodded. “Yea…that’s the only thing I could come up with. A bus or train would make it to easy to spot us.”

Sounds reasonable. “Okay, fine, but whose going to get the key?” I asked. No one volunteered.


“Fine, I’ll do it.” I told them. I wasn’t scared. I could be very quiet when I wanted too.

“So is everything ready?” I asked.

Everyone nodded.

“Looks like we’re running away people.”

* * * * *

You know how when you want a day to come by quickly, but it comes slowly instead?

Yea, that’s kind of how I feel now. Although, I've come to the conclusion that someone one really hates me up there. It feels like it’s going to be a year until tonight. But it’s only like, 4 hours till we leave.

Right now Maria and I are sitting on our beds, watching the clock. Eventually I stop and go pick up a book.

Reading is good.

I have a whole collection of books that I’m taking with me, and this is the only one I haven’t packed up yet…“Catcher In the Rye” by J.D Salinger.

Wanna hear something funny? Apparently, J.D is as loony as Holden. Ever since the book came out, like in the ‘50s, no one has seen J.D…not once. He didn’t like the attention that the book got, so he went all recluses. There was a movie that was kind of based on him…I forgot the name though. I think its “Finding Forrester”, something to that extent.

All the public knows is that, he’s married, and has kids, and is still alive. Strange isn’t it? He can be so normal and abnormal at the same time.

“Okay chica, time to get the key.” Maria said. I looked at the time, 11:50 pm. Ten more minutes left in the hour before I could start my new life.

The plan was for the others to get the stuff and wait by the car that Grant rarely uses, and I would get the key and we would book it. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well it is simple. Around this time, Grant is so drunk that a hurricane wouldn’t wake him up.

I nodded my head at Maria and took off my shoes. I got up, slowly, afraid to make any noise. Before I left, Maria gave me a thumb up sign and I smiled.

I walked silently down the hall and opened Grant and Courtney’s door. They leave it unlocked, for obvious reason.

Like, incase any of us decide to run away.

Anyways, getting the key wasn’t hard. It was right by his bed, so I just walked to the table and picked it up.

Before I left, I looked at their sleeping bodies one more time.

Paper bags and angry voices
Under a sky of dust
Another wave of tension
Has more than filled me up
All my talk of taking action
These words were never true

Bastards. They’ve hurt us so much that I just want them to be damned for life…that I wanted them to live in my shoes for a minute.

That’s when I said something I always wanted to say.

“Fuck you…” I whispered. They couldn’t hear it, but I hoped to God, that they could feel it.

I left them then. There was no use in staying.

Running outside felt different then all other times I ran out that house…more satisfying.

I ran to Maria, Tessa, and Isabel who were waiting by the car.

I opened the door as we all grabbed our stuff and hopped inside.

“Ready ladies?” I asked before driving away. Didn’t wait for an answer…that would have been unnecessary.

Who wouldn’t be ready?

I want to runaway
Never say good-bye
I want to know the truth
Instead of wondering why
I want to know the answers
No more lies
I want to shut the door
And open up my mind


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