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Title: Evil Awakening
Rating: PG13 so far, but will be NC17
Disclaimer: I own nothing pertaining to Roswell or The Mummy.
Summary: Please read to find out. Clue: Sarcophaguses, distant planets...Love...


Kaimo, Antar – home of the sovereign ruler Matheus, known throughout the land for his strength in leadership and kind heart. Tessandra – the king’s sultry young mistress…no other man was allowed to lay a hand on her, and live to tell about it. And Khivar, head priest of Antar and Matheus’ chief counselor.

The tall, heavy doors opened as if on silent command and the parallel rows of subordinate priests, acting as guards that lined the hallway of the inner sanctum dared not turn their heads to see who was entering. It wasn’t necessary, because they all knew what had become an evening ritual for the two, with their secret rendezvous. One pair of eyes defied the norm, turning to watch the curly haired blond that strode purposefully forward, the feminine parts of her body barely covered except for the ritual gold and black paint that layered her skin, and the black netted sheath the purpose of which he never understood. Being able to see so much of such a beautiful woman and not touch her was like forever standing in the eyes of temptation. As her shoe-less feet moved her soundlessly behind the blinds at the opposite end of the room where her lover stood anxiously waiting, he and his fellow priests headed off in unison to close the doors and make sure the couple would not be interrupted.

The two moved towards each other with an eagerness that belied the fact that they had only been separated for one night. Their lips met and they kissed, his hands moving unconsciously over her shoulders and smudging the freshly painted markings. It was then that the noise from the doorway interrupted them, and Tessandra pulled away from her beloved quickly sending him to hide in a corner so they wouldn’t be caught.

The subordinate priests were pushed back as the King Matheus made his way into the room. He had suspected something was going on with Tessandra, so when he saw her make her way towards the sanctuary that evening, he decided to follow her.
“Tessandra…” he stated, moving behind the thin blinds to find her standing emotionless next to one of the golden statues. “What are you doing here?” he continued, in their native Antarian language. But she didn’t have a chance to answer him. “Your shoulder…who has touched you?” Matheus voiced in anger.
Tessandra glanced down at the smudged paint then back up at her King, worry merely flashing in her eyes before being replaced by some strange sense of confidence.
Matheus saw this and followed her eyes to the figure that quickly moved up beside him, “Khivar!” he exclaimed. But those turned out to be his last words. Khivar moved swiftly in his attack, stabbing the king in his gut while staring directly into his eyes. For fear that once wasn’t enough, Tessandra followed soon after with an attack of her own, but this time she aimed directly for the heart, watching without much emotion as the man she had claimed to serve in the face of all Antar fell lifeless, to the ground.

Outside, on the castle balcony facing the sanctuary, the young princess stood stunned and terrified. She had seen everything, and as the tears finally began to roll down her cheeks, she screamed to the palace royal guards standing in the foyer below,
“Guards! My father needs you!” But even as they ran towards the entrance of the building, she knew they would be too late. Her beloved father was dead.
Astelisea tried to hold in her grief. She couldn’t rest until Tessandra and Khivar paid for their treachery. She looked up then, as the guards came bursting into the room to face that wretched woman who had betrayed them all.

Just minutes before the royal guards entered the sanctuary, Tessandra turned to her lover and pleaded for him to leave.
“Go my love, before they come.”
“No, I wouldn’t leave you.” He spoke back, reaching out to clutch her.
“You must go, you are the only one who can resurrect me!” she stated.
Khivar knew it was true, so regretfully he turned away, but not before allowing them one last kiss.
As soon as he and his subordinate priests disappeared behind the thin blinds, they heard the loud bang of the hallway doors being flung open. He turned back one more time to see her take her own life, and as her body slumped to the floor Tessandra’s last words reached his ears,
“My body is no longer his temple.” He vowed then and there to bring her back to him and rescue her soul from eternal torment.

It was two nights later that Khivar was able to finally steal Tessandra’s body from the heavily guarded tomb they had placed it in. Now, they raced towards Humanaptra, the city of the dead, where only he had the power to bring his beloved back.

Astelisea’s relief at seeing Tessandra fall to her death was short lived when she realized that Khivar had escaped and later stolen her body. She knew immediately what he had planned, and silently berated herself for not anticipating his actions. Quickly dispatching the rest of her trusted army, Astelisea sat anxiously awaiting word of Khivar’s capture. She already had the perfect plan to deal with him, and she couldn’t wait to set it into motion.

At Humanaptra

The priests, dressed in their ceremonial robes knelt in a circle around the stone altar that held Tessandra’s body. The thick black waters of life bubbled slowly at first as they chanted their prayer. The ceramic and gold jars shaped with the heads of the sacred animals, stood surrounding her still body as if waiting to return to their host form. Khivar spared no time in opening the familiar black Book of the Dead, and as he chanted the ancient words with certainty and power the bubbling of the black ooze soon increased as a shadow seemed to escape its depths. Khivar looked on as it floated above them anxious to be able to say the three words he needed to, which would seal his beloved’s soul into the body where it belonged. But as Tessandra jerked awake with her first breath, the marching feet of the Royal Guards halted all of their actions.
“No!” Khivar yelled as he saw Tess’s shadowed soul leave her body once again to return to the inky depths of the dead.

The Guards informed their Princess of Khivar’s capture and followed her instructions to the T. They mummified Khivar and his priests, burying them alive in strange metallic sarcophaguses and transporting them to the aerial chamber that was built just outside the city limits. There, Astelisea stood with a determined look on her face as Rath, the chief general, led the transport team into the building.
“Your highness.” He stated, kneeling appropriately before her.
“Rath please, can we dispense with the formalities for now? I need you to listen very carefully to me.”
He nodded, rising to face her.
“For Khivar’s deception and treachery I’m banishing him and his priests to be buried in a parallel world, where his presence would never be known and his existence on Antar forgotten.”
“But Your High… Astelisea, what you are doing is dangerous. Should he ever be awakened on this planet, it would spell its death. He would have powers that are way beyond any we have seen.”
Astelisea bowed her head a moment before turning back to face Rath.
“I know.” She stated in a gentle voice, “That’s why I’m sending backup.” Turning to walk towards a nearby room she continued as she signaled for Rath to follow her,
“I’m sending four of my most trusted soldiers with them, to make sure that Khivar and Tessandra are never discovered.”
“Who are you trusting with such responsibility?” He asked, knowing her answer already.
“Kaylil, Alanux, and you Rath.” She looked a bit uncertain when she mentioned his name, but his firm affirmation of acceptance squelched any doubt.
Rath’s expression soon turned hesitant, “But that’s only three. Who’s the fourth?”
“Me.” She simply stated.
“But Your Highness…” Rath began to argue, turning back into official mode. But his objection was useless and he knew it.
“No arguments Rath. My cousin Larek is taking over as King in my absence. You know he will rule well.”

Despite his continued dissention with her idea, Rath went along with the plan. Later that night, as the twin suns set below the horizon, the steel sarcophaguses passed through the portal, followed closely by a small ship that held Princess Astelisea and her three companions. They were abandoning the only life they knew to face one on a strange world, all to ensure that both worlds remained safe from one man who would arise a walking evil to destroy them all.

Author's note: This is my take on the Roswell/ The Mummy twist, if you want to read more, please leave lots of feedback. I love hearing from you and it helps my muse...*big*

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Title: Evil Awakening
Rating: PG13 so far, but will be NC17
Disclaimer: I own nothing pertaining to Roswell or The Mummy.
Summary: Please read to find out. Clue: Sarcophaguses, distant planets...Love...

Author's note: Thanks to everyone who left feedback. It helps...please continue to read and tell me what you think.*big*

To Spicy trini - I'm glad you found this and left feedback. I hope you like this part.

To Roswellluver and Crazy4Max... I love the Mummy too!! I have it on tape and was watching it for the millionth time when I thought...Hey, Max and Liz would be great in this! *happy*

To Tamira and Frenchkiss 70, thanks for reading. I hope you like this part.

Well, here it is, Chapter 1...don't forget the feedback!

Chapter one

For 3000 years his people had fulfilled their destiny – to look over this land where two worlds lay unknowingly connected. In its depths held such evil among its superficial beauty. He’d watched since his childhood as men came from all over earth and fought over its ownership. Now, as he sat upon his strong black steed quietly looking down at the battle below, he knew the time was drawing near.

His mind went back to the oracle’s words eight years ago on his eighteenth birthday…

“Within your time, HE will awaken. I see you in a great battle with five others…” her voice stated shaking with age, “five old souls… like yours.”
“Who are they?” he’d asked, intrigued.
“I do not know, but you’ll find each other.”
“Will we be able to defeat this evil?”
“The answer lies in a sacrifice…it is foretold.”

She had been brief, but Michael had understood just as his father had before him, that the future was in their hands.

“They are drawing closer Michael. Should we move in now?” Kyle’s voice brought Michael back into reality.
“No.” he stated, voicing the order in the ancient language of the old ones. Staring down the sandy slope, he watched with mild disapproval as the two armies fired their guns at each other, gradually depleting their numbers.
‘They are so primitive…’ he thought once again, ‘ didn’t they realize the potential strength they would have if they just worked together instead of against each other?’
Michael quickly dismissed the thought. Right now, having them fight each other was safer for everyone else. They would be occupied, and HE would remain undiscovered.


“Ready!” Lt. Maxwell Evans yelled, aiming his gun at the approaching targets. “Ready!” he yelled again, then, glancing to his right he whispered to his partner, “ You with me on this Niko?”

“Of course Evans, I’ve got your back.” The thin man answered, but as Max’s next order to fire left his lips, Niko was gone, off and running like a scared hare into the ancient city.

“Damn Chicken!” he swore, firing his gun at the enemy, who continued to bare down upon them with a vengence.

As one by one his companion officers fell to their death, Max himself was forced to get up and run for safety. The sound of galloping horses behind him, Max headed for the city limits.
“Niko!” he called, spotting the wimp struggling to close the door to one of the buildings, “Niko you son of a bitch! Leave that door open!”

But Niko ignored him, and as the horse-mounted soldiers drew closer, they began to fire their guns at him.
Max pulled out his weapons, returning fire as he changed direction. There was no way he was going to die in this place. He stopped, leaning against some sort of statue. It was then that he felt it, like someone had walked all over his grave…an eerie feeling that passed through his entire body.

Max looked on as the two horsed rose up on their hind legs, neighing in obvious agitation. Had they felt it too?
The wind picked up suddenly, howling a deep cry that had his two pursuers running off in fear. Max turned around as the sound of a whispered voice reached his ears,

“Beware…” it seemed to say, then something caught his eyes. It was shining like silver, not too far ahead of him. Clearing away the sand, Max noticed the strange symbol in the center of the pentagon shaped object. There was just something about it, but before he could figure it out, the howling wind returned. Placing the object into his pocket, he passed his hand through his hair, and staggered out of the city. That eerie feeling was growing stronger and he didn’t like it. Right now, surviving was his top priority…later he’d figure out what he’d found.


They watched on as the two soldiers on horseback raced out of the city, followed shortly after by the lone male figure, and a smile tugged at one corner of Michael’s mouth.

“The creature has remained undisturbed.” He stated, satisfied.

“But what about that one?” Kyle inquired.

Michael looked back at the figure, who as if sensing that he was being watched, stopped. As their eyes met, a strange feeling passed through Michael, leaving a frown upon his face.
Shaking himself out of it, he turned back to Kyle.
“He’ll never make it out of the desert.


Meanwhile, in Cairo Egypt,
The Museum of Science – Astrology and Egyptology

Elizabeth Chione sat at the front desk of the Museum Research department, cluttered as usual in textbooks from every important era. Today it seemed even more congested as she tried to finish her own research paper while in the midst of organizing the newest exhibits. She loved working with old things… they held so much mystery and a wealth of knowledge that Liz just couldn’t resist attaining. Taking up four of the huge textbooks she headed off to the back corner shelf, looking timidly up at the top shelf where the open gaps indicated the missing books.

“Come on Chione,” she whispered reassuringly to herself “You can do this…it’s only a few feet up.”
With a renewed sense of determination, she moved up the shaky ladder.
“Okay, … ‘Letter from the Gods’… ‘Lunarity’ … ‘Matter’…” Liz whispered the names of the textbooks as she placed them into the slots. “Planetary alignment… P”
Glancing at the shelf behind her, Liz saw the open space for the book. She carefully reached out with one hand holding the book.
“Just a little closer.” She whispered, barely breathing. Suddenly the ladder stood teetering on its legs. Liz remained almost unnaturally still, afraid to move…

“Hey Lizzy!” the male voice boomed into the room. That was all she needed. Liz jumped in surprise causing the ladder to slam into the shelf. One by one in a domino fashion she watched them fall, scatting the books all over the floor.

“Alex!” she exclaimed, propping her hands on her hips as she looked over at her brother.

“Oh dear…”

“Alex, Dr. Valenti is going to kill me!” she groaned.

“Don’t worry sis, if you lose your job you’ll still have me.” Alex replied quirkily, walking up and draping his arm around Liz’ shoulder. At first she didn’t budge, but looking at that puppy dog expression he pulled since they were little, she couldn’t help but smile.
“That’s my brilliant scientist.”

“What are you doing here anyway?” She inquired, bending to pick up some of the books.

“I wanted you to take a look at this.” Alex replied, reaching into his jacket pocket.

“Oh Alex, I don’t want to deal with another one of your crazy discoveries…” she began, but was cut off when she saw the metallic object that her brother held in front of her.

“Where did you get this?” Liz stated, mesmerized by the symbols spanning over the structure. A few of them seemed familiar, like writings from some of the Egyptian scrolls found in the early centuries AD.

“I found it down at a dig in Thebes.” Alex answered eyeing his sister. “Lizzy, tell me I finally found something.”

Placing her hand over three of the symbols, they both went silent as the top half of the object slid open, revealing a strange pendent. “Alex,…” Liz started, “I think you’ve found something.”

And as if in answer to her statement, the triangular stone in the middle of the pendant glowed brightly rising up with a life of its own in front of both of them.
“The question is…what is it?”

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