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Summary: I don’t want to give anything away, so the only thing I’m going to tell you is that this story takes place on Antar.

Disclaimer: Roswell’s not mine, yada, yada, yada.

Authors Note: Now I know what you’re all going to say: ‘Why the hell are you starting another fic when you have a hard enough time updating the one’s you already have?’ My answer is simple: I have no idea. What can I say? Inspiration hit me and I decided to run with it. Hope you enjoy it!

Keys Of Faith


As I walk through the streets of the city I once knew, I can’t help but wonder when things started to change. When did things start to go wrong?

I think back to a lecture that my science professor once gave about instincts. He said that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water, the frog would immediately jump out; but if you put that same frog into a pot of warm water, then heated it slowly, the frog would eventually boil to death. Right now I feel like the frog that boiled to death. I’ve been in this city for so long that I never even realized what was happening right in front of my eyes, even though I should have.

There are bloodstains and dead bodies everywhere I walk. I feel like crying, but my tears have all dried up. How could I let this happen? These people were depending on me to protect them, and when the time came to fight for what we believed in, I was forced to leave. I was forced to run and protect myself while my people were killed. I didn’t want to go, but the General left me no choice. He dragged me away from the Palace, kicking and screaming.

Now that I’m back, I get to see first hand all the damage I’ve caused. I failed in my role as a leader; failed so badly I can taste defeat in the air. This once wonderful city of Cyria, the capital of Antar, is now nothing more than a wasteland.

There was no reason for the attack. Khivar, the person responsible for all the destruction, didn’t destroy my city because he wanted to invade it. He didn’t destroy my home because he wanted to conquer and take control of my planet. He feels no pity, he feels no remorse; he killed my people simply because he could. Those he didn’t kill, he took prisoner. Now there are only a few left in this once thriving community.

As I pass a shop on the corner of the street, I see a child, a boy, crying near the body of a young woman - a young woman I assume is his mother. The boy looks up at me, and from the look in his eyes, its clear that he’s aware of who I am. He says nothing as he continues to stare at me, his tears freely falling down his face.

My gaze shifts and I see an older man nearby with his head in his hands, hovering over another lifeless body. He’s shaking his head slowly, obviously mourning the loss of a loved one.

I can’t watch any longer. My head falls and my gaze locks on the ground in front of me. I can feel a single tear run down my cheek, and I’m amazed that I have any tears left. The only thing I’ve done all day is cry.

I wander around aimlessly, suddenly finding myself at the city border, overlooking the forest that lay beyond. I can see people moving around in the thick brush, busy gathering firewood and food for the upcoming night. It wasn’t too long ago that things were different; things were simpler. I was just a young teenager back then with my biggest worry being impressing members of the opposite sex. I’m still a teenager now, but I feel as if I’ve matured light years past my age.

I hang my head again as I turn toward the Palace. The Palace is the only building that still stands, having been practically untouched during the attack. Khivar wanted it that way, saying he wanted me to sit on my undamaged throne and look out over my now decimated city.

As I approach the Palace gates, four members of the Royal Guard rush up to me frantically.

“Where have you been?” one of them asked in concern. “We’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

“You shouldn’t be wandering around the city alone, Your Majesty,” another said as all four of them escorted me into the Palace.

As I look around, for some reason I reminisce back a couple of years to my fathers’ last words to me before he died.

“You have to be a fair and honest ruler. Always think of what’s best for our people, not what’s best for you. Above all, let the people talk to you. Let them give you their opinions and ideas. The greatest civilizations out there are often run by democracy, with one person overlooking everything just to make sure there is no corruption in the ranks. Be that person. Don’t let yourself be corrupted.”

I let out a heavy sigh as I am led to my living quarters.

“Please stay here until we can secure the city,” one guard tells me.

What city? There is no city anymore. I let them close the door as I walk up to one of the windows in my room that runs from floor to ceiling. I look out over the destruction, my mind rewinding to earlier this morning when I first arrived back at the Palace.

My mother and I were separated when the evacuation order was given, so we were forced to leave on different transports. I don’t know how, but I just knew that something had happened to her. As soon as I got back, I saw that I was right. Her transport had been attacked immediately after it took off, sending it crashing back to the ground. I ran into the ship, calling out to her, but she was nowhere to be found. I was told that she had been taken, or rather kidnapped, by Khivar. I was too late…she was gone.

That’s when the tears had started.

I look down at my hands, noticing that they’re shaking uncontrollably. My emotions are still running high as I sink to the floor and pull my knees to my chest. It’s not fair for someone of my age to be put into a position like this.

My thoughts suddenly shift to my friends. Most of them are halfway across the planet enjoying their youth, as I should be, but at least their safe for now. Cyria was the only city that was attacked this time, but Khivar will be back. I’m sure that he traveled back to his home planet to savor his so-called victory.

I rest my forehead on my knees as I start to rock back and forth slightly, wondering why things had to happen the way they did. I know that it was my mother who was technically responsible for the lives of millions, she was Queen and ruler of our planet, but I can’t help but feel that everything’s my fault. I can’t help but feel that I could have stopped all the destruction if only I were stronger.

But I guess that’s what its like to be me, Princess Elizabeth Til Parker of Antar.

To Be Continued…

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Part 1

- Innocence Of Youth -

Three Years Earlier

“Maria, Maria,” Liz yelled as she ran up to her best friend who was sitting on a bench in the Palace Gardens, waiting for her. There were very few people allowed on the Palace grounds who weren’t part of the Royal Family, but Maria was one of them. “You’ll never guess what happened in Professor Steinhall’s class today,” she said with an enormous smile.

“What?” Maria asked, her excitement about finding out some school gossip evident in her eyes.

“Max Evans talked to me!” Liz said cheerfully, nearly squeaking with joy.

“MAX EVANS!” Maria exclaimed. “No way!”

Liz nodded as she started to bounce up and down. Max Evans was the shyest, but cutest boy in her entire class. He rarely talked to anyone unless he was spoken to, and even then he would only give a one-word answer. For him to actually initiate a conversation with anyone was a big deal, but for him to initiate a conversation with Liz was out of this world. Or at least she thought it was. “He sat next to me and when our eyes met, he had that cute smile on his face. You know the smile I’m talking about.”

Maria nodded as she listened intently.

“Anyway, when Professor Steinhall started his lecture, Max slipped me a piece of paper,” Liz continued. “When I went to reach for it, our hands touched. He actually made sure our hands touched!”

Maria was nearly as excited as Liz was. She knew that her friend liked Max, had liked him for a long time. She also knew that the two of them never really talked to each other, and when they did it was always school related. “So what did the note say?” At that Liz reached into her pocket and gave Maria the note so she could read it for herself. Maria unfolded the paper and read it, her eyes widening as she looked back up at Liz. “Really?”

Liz nodded as she took the note back. “He wants to go to the festival with me!”

The festival was an annual event around Cyria where the entire community came together at the enormous fairgrounds located west of the Palace. There was music, dancing, games, rides…much like a carnival or amusement park. It was the biggest event of the year and everyone went to it, including all the politicians from the various continents.

Maria then threw her arms around her friend for a hug as they both started to bounce up and down with excitement.

“What are you going to wear?” Maria asked after she pulled back.

“I…I don’t know,” Liz said with a shrug. She hadn’t really thought that far ahead yet. “What do you think I should wear?”

“Let me take care of that,” Maria said. “You’ll be the most beautiful girl there, next to me of course.”

“Who are you going with?” Liz asked, confused. “I thought you broke up with Doug.”

“I did,” Maria replied. “What? Can’t I go by myself? Maybe I’ll meet some really cute boys there; you never know.”


The festival was held later that same week. Most of the people in the city helped out one way or anther, whether it was strategically planning events or physical labor. Liz’s parents, the King and Queen, traveled over to the fairgrounds a number of times to make sure that everything was running smoothly.

When the night of the festival came, Liz found herself standing in front of a full sized mirror, looking at the clothes that Maria had picked out for her to wear. “I like the skirt, but my father would kill me if he saw me wearing this top.” Needless to say, the top showed off a lot more skin that most royals bared.

“You’re right,” Maria said, turning towards Liz’s closet to find another shirt. “Try this,” she said as she handed Liz a much more conservative top.

“Do you think Max will like it?” Liz asked as she looked in the mirror again.

“Of course he will,” Maria said. “Remember, I have an eye for fashion.”

“Are you girls ready to go?” Queen Parker asked as she walked into her daughter’s room. “Oh my!” she said with a smile when her eyes landed on Liz. “You look so pretty, Elizabeth.”

“Thanks mom,” Liz said, returning her smile. Her mom always called her by her full name, along with the rest of the adults on the planet. Her parents said that Elizabeth sounded more ‘Royal’ than Liz, which was what all her friends called her.

“Now you’re not meeting any boys there, are you?” Queen Parker asked, giving Liz the look that only a mother could give a daughter.

“Of course not, mom,” Liz answered with a sigh. Her parents were very strict when it came to boys. She wasn’t allowed to go out with anyone, especially a commoner, which was unfortunately the category that Max fell into. It was strictly against the rules - rules that her parents didn’t even make up. These rules were made up as far back as anyone could remember, and were handed down from family to family, or so Liz was told. They were always followed without question, until Liz came along that is. She had told Maria that she’d be damned if she let some stupid rule come between her and Max.

The only contact Liz had with any boys her age was at school, which was held inside the Palace itself. Every single one of them were royalty of some sort, whether it be from another planet or from one of the various continents on Antar.

The only exceptions were Max and Isabel Evans. They were the only commoners allowed to go to school with the royalties because the Elders of the planet believed they had ‘special powers’. What those ‘special powers’ were, nobody knew, not even Max and Isabel.

“I hope not,” Queen Parker said with a raised eyebrow. “Now hurry downstairs you two. We’re leaving shortly.”

Liz and Maria ran out of the bedroom door before the Queen could even finish her sentence. She couldn’t help but smile at the teenager’s enthusiasm as she turned to follow them down the stairs. She always said the festival brought out the best in everyone, and this year was no different.


When Liz got to the festival, she went straight to the fun house and waited, just as Max had told her to. Her and Maria had only been there for fifteen minutes when Maria started to get impatient.

“So where is Prince Charming?” Maria asked. Liz could tell that she was eager to go talk to a group of boys who were standing nearby.

“I don’t know,” Liz said worriedly, scanning the crowd for Max. “He said to meet him here.”

“Yes I did.”

Liz whirled around at the sound of his voice, a smile instantly coming to her face when she saw him standing there, looking more handsome than she had ever seen him before. He was wearing an off white shirt with black pants and jacket, along with black shoes. It was a simple outfit, but one that made him look incredible.

Max in turn gave Liz that cute smile of his that drove her completely crazy, causing Maria to roll her eyes

“Hi,” Liz said shyly, biting her bottom lip as she continued to smile at him.

“Hi,” Max said in return, his smile still on his face.

“Hi Max, bye Max,” Maria said with a wave of her hand, making her exit stage left, leaving Max and Liz alone.

“So,” Max said, shoving his hands in his pockets as he began to rock back and forth on his heels.

“So,” Liz replied, nervously tucking her hair behind her ears.

They both stood there in silence for a minute before Max let out a nervous laugh. “This conversation is going well,” he joked with a half smile.

Liz couldn’t help but giggle in response. “Did you want to get something to eat?” She asked, pointing over her shoulder with her thumb, hoping that food would help ease all the nervous tension that was circling around them.

“Sure,” Max said.

Apparently food was all that was needed because before long, the two of them were laughing and joking with each other, all the while doing as much flirting as possible.

As they were walking around the festival, Max suddenly decided to playfully nudged Liz. She, in return, shoved him and started running, laughing as he gave chase. When he finally caught up to her, she let out a squeal as he held her hands behind her back and pinned her up against the side of a booth, the front of their bodies coming into full contact. Liz’s laughter died down as soon as she realized just how close they were to each other. Apparently Max noticed as well because his gaze suddenly shifted to her lips.

Liz could feel his breath on her face and it caused her heart to beat triple time. Neither of them had ever kissed anyone before so this was an awkward moment for both. Max swallowed nervously, something that Liz learned he always did when he was a little unsure of himself.

Liz, on the other hand, was so nervous that her stomach was tying itself into knots. She was having such a hard time breathing that she was forced to part her lips to get more air into her lungs, and that in turn caused Max’s eyes to widen a little.

Just when she started to feel him lean in closer, a band of children ran by and diverted their attention. That’s when they saw some adults casually walking their way, causing them to break apart abruptly so their parents wouldn’t find out that they were just about to kiss.

They both just looked at each other, smiling shyly.

“I…I don’t think I’ve told you how incredible you look tonight,” Max said softly.

“No you haven’t,” Liz said with a tiny smile.

“Well, you really look incredible Liz, just like you always do,” Max said humbly, a hint of awe evident in his voice.

“Thank you,” Liz replied. “So do you.”

There was a moment of silence as they both continued to stare at each other.

“Did you want to dance?” Max asked, nodding towards the dance area, breaking the silence.

“I’d love to,” Liz replied with a smile. Truth be told, she had been waiting for him to ask her that all night.

Max reached out and grabbed her hand before he led them over to the rest of the crowd where they spent the rest of the night dancing.


For the next six months Max and Liz were inseparable. They hung out as much as they could, which was basically at school since neither of their parents would allow them to date at the age of fourteen. They continued to grow close over the months, but never once did they kiss. They had come close on a number of occasions, but something always managed to interrupt them. Even with the lack of intimacy, their feelings for each other never swayed one bit; they were both in love.

Then one day, an event occurred that would change both their lives forever.

Max walked into class one morning, a morning like any other, but this particular morning had not brought him good news. He sat beside Liz, just as he had done for the past six months, but never once did he look up and gave her the smile that she was so accustomed to seeing.

Liz noticed the change in him right away. He wore a long face and his eyes spoke volumes of the sadness he was feeling. She waited for him to look up at her, but he refused to for some reason. He kept his gaze locked on the top of his desk. She finally had to lean over into his line of vision so their eyes could meet for the first time since he walked in. “What’s wrong?” she asked, her brow burrowing together in concern. When she saw him swallow nervously, she knew it wasn’t good news. The only time he ever swallowed nervously was when he was unsure of himself.

Max continued to stare at Liz, obviously trying to find the right words to explain what had happened to him. “I’m leaving,” he finally managed to choke out.

“Leaving?” Liz asked, confused. “What do you mean, ‘leaving’?”

“My parents are sending me away,” Max said sadly. “To another planet.”

Liz could literally feel her heart shatter into a million pieces. Her mouth fell open as her brow furrowed together even more, and she could feel the tears begging to well up in her eyes. “Why?” she asked quietly.

“They said that I’m needed there,” Max replied.

“You’re needed there?” Liz asked.

Max shrugged before he slumped his shoulders. “That’s all they would tell me.”

“But I need you here,” Liz said desperately, selfishly. She then took a deep breath when she saw his face sadden even more at her words and reached over to grab his hand. She realized that the last thing he needed was for her to make him feel guilty about a situation he had no control over. “Are you going by yourself? Where will you stay?”

“They’re sending Isabel too,” Max replied. “I have an uncle who lives on Welmar, so that’s who we’ll be staying with.”

It took a second for his response to sink in because Liz was still trying to comprehend what was happening. The boy she was in love with, had been in love with for the past six months, was being forced to leave her. He was being sent to a planet on the far side of the galaxy, a planet that was literally as far away from Antar as physically possible. “When…when do you leave?”

“Tomorrow,” Max said with a defeated sigh.

“Tomorrow!?” Liz asked, now openly crying. “But that’s not enough time!”

“I know,” Max said, closing his eyes. He couldn’t bear to see Liz cry, and knowing that he was the reason for her tears caused him so much pain that he felt like dying inside. “Can you do something for me, Liz?”

“Anything,” Liz said, calming down slightly.

“I want to spend my last day with you,” Max said, finally opening his eyes to look at her. “Can you sneak out with me tonight?”

Liz nodded without hesitation as she looked over his face, trying to memorize it; for when he was gone, memories were all that she would have left.

Professor Steinhall walked into the classroom just then and started his lecture.

“Meet me in the Palace Gardens tonight,” Max whispered.

“The Palace Gardens?” Liz whispered back. “But how will you get past the guards at the main gate?”

“Don’t worry about me,” Max said. “Just meet me there.”


Later that night Liz snuck out of the Palace and wandered over to the Garden, just like Max had told her to. Once she got there she looked around, expecting to find Max, but saw no sign of him. She sat down on the bench and folded her hands on her lap, waiting anxiously for him to show up.


Liz quickly stood up and looked behind her, trying to pinpoint the location of the voice that had called her name.

“Liz! Over here.”

Liz walked over to the bushes that lined the Gardens and crouched down, peering through them. That’s when she saw Max lying on his stomach, hiding from anyone who might happen to walk by.

Max crawled through the shrubs and stood up next to her. “Hey,” he said with a smile.

“Hey,” Liz replied softly, smiling in return. “What are we going to do now?”

“Get off the Palace grounds,” Max replied, grabbing her hand.

“But how?” Liz asked, following Max as he led the way towards the main gate. “The guards will catch us.”

“No they won’t,” Max said with a smile. “I had Isabel flirt with the two guards while I put sleeping powder in their food.”

“The guards eat at the gate?” Liz asked in surprise. “I thought that was against the rules.”

“It is,” Max said as he approached the two sleeping men. He turned and raised a finger to his lips, telling Liz to keep quiet. They silently slipped past the two guards, but just as they were about to run down the street into the city, they heard another guard who had been patrolling the perimeter of the palace walls yell out to them.

“Hey! You two! Stop right there!”

Both Max and Liz turned to see two other guards running as fast as they could in their direction. That’s when Liz turned to Max, silently asking him what to do.

“Run!” Max said, pulling on her hand as they made a beeline for the city.

They could hear the two guards trying to give chase, but after making a few sharp turns, they ducked into a hidden passageway and waited until they saw the two uniformed men run past them.

“That was close,” Max said with a smile, slightly out of breath.

They carefully made their way out of the passageway and headed in the opposite direction the guards had gone. The two of them spent the rest of the night walking through the streets, hand in hand, talking about anything that came to mind. The subjects of their conversations were unimportant; the only thing that matter to them was hearing each other’s voices.

Finally, as the night gave way to morning, they found a quiet spot on a hillside just outside the city were they sat in each other’s arms and watched as the two suns rose.

“I’m going to miss you,” Max whispered as he tightened his arms around Liz.

“I’m going to miss you, too,” Liz whispered back as she laid her head against his shoulder. “Can you do something for me before you leave?” she pleaded, sitting up straight so she could look into his eyes.

“Anything,” Max replied.

“K…kiss me,” Liz said.

She could see the corners of his lips curl up slightly as he started to lean forward. He rested his forehead against her as their eyes stayed locked on each other.

“I love you, Liz,” Max said, his eyes glistening in the early morning light. “I always have, I always will.”

Liz could only smile as a solitary tear made its way down her cheek. “And I love you, Max. Always and forever.”

Max started to close the distance between them as their eyes fluttered shut, both knowing that this could very well be the last time that they ever saw each other. The kiss, being the first for both of them, was tentative at first, but soon turned urgent, filled with emotion.

Liz was only fifteen years old at the time, but she knew without a doubt that no one would ever kiss her the same way that Max did that night. She knew that she would never let anyone kiss her the same way that he did that night. She had to cling to the hope that she would see him again some day, and Max, in turn, held onto that same dream with her. It was never spoken out loud, but that night they both made an oath to stay loyal to each other. They promised that they would never let anyone else into their hearts because that person would only be second best. They promised their souls to each other and made a vow that they would keep each other’s soul safe until they met again.

To Be Continued...

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