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Summary: AU Two lives forced together somehow find true love
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Part 1

Men's Bathroom

He runs a hand over her smooth stomach, which lies barely exposed through her open shirt. “Max…” She moans, arching backward towards him, urging him to move upwards to her uncovered breasts.

He moves down, instead sliding her skirt away, and feeling the curls at the base of her tummy. Her panties remain in a puddle at her feet.

“Do you want it?” He teases, moving her dark hair aside, and licking the spot behind her ear.

“I want you…” She replies breathlessly, tugging his head forward with one hand, and pinching her nipple with the other.

His hard cock presses against her lower back.

“You have me.” He tugs playfully at the skin on her neck, rubbing himself against her.

“I want…” She swallows painfully. “I want you inside me.” She bites her lip and presses against him.

“Oh, baby…” He whispers, his voice a low rumble in her ear.

Suddenly, she cries out, and leans her head on the wall as he thrusts into her from behind, pressing her flush against the thin partition of the stall.

Her nipples ache, as he continues to thrust forcefully against her buttocks.

“Max!” She cries, with every thrust, her back arching with pleasure.

Slowly, she begins to move with him.

He grits his teeth, and quickens his pace, his eyes clenched shut. Fingers tug impatiently at her nipples as she begins to beg and moan.

“Ah… Ah… Oh God!…YES!”

She stretches her arms above her head as she comes, riding out her orgasm. Sweat trickles down her arched neck. Her cries trigger on his, as he comes a moment later, eyes clenched shut with fever.

He collapses onto her sweaty form, feeling the energy drain out of his system.

“Max…” She whispers, helplessly. “Max…”

“Sarah.” He whispers back, burying her head in her neck. Wow, what a fuck.

There’s a loud banging against the stall door. “Hey… What the hell’s going on in here?!”


Late morning
The Orange Peel


It’s remarkable how deceiving and mistaken they can be. In only a mili-second, an entire being’s position can be reduced to the single corollary of the human eye. Taking into consideration Thoreau’s belief, though arcane and mildly outdated, an individual’s awareness of---“

“Hey Duchess…”


Please, I don’t need this right now.

I glance up from my ethics novel, at the tall, slightly boyish, but beautifully muscular guy weaving through the tables, headed towards me. Deep brown hair peeks out from beneath his baseball cap, and hides eyes that burn with an intelligence that never fails to surprise me.

“I need five bucks.”

I frown. “Since when are you up so early on a Sunday?” I’m not too excited by the idea of sharing any more space than we need to.

He straddles the chair opposite mine, and takes a rye breadstick from the basket. “Since never. I had a date.”

“Aw, did she stand you up?”

“Hardly.” He smirks. “But we did have a little …catastrophe in the men’s lavatory.”

I scrunch up my face in disgust. “Oh god, please tell me you didn’t try to have sex with her the bathroom.”

“Who said anything about try?”

“You’re a pig.”

“Maybe. But its 11 o’clock, and already I’ve had more sex than you’ve had all week.”

I roll my eyes. “That doesn’t even deserve a response.”

“So how was poetry night with Humdrum Boy?”


“Yeah. Brandt.” He frowns distastefully.

“It was great. And don’t talk like he’s some kind of disease. At least has an IQ number higher than his shoe size.” I add.

“He’s too dull to be disease. He’s more… bacteria… material.” Max muses, chewing.

“Whatever, Max. Because I need you approval to date the guy.”

“Hey, I’m just trying to---”


He smirks, and my irritation grows. “Why are you getting so defensive? Trouble in paradise?”

“I’m not getting defensive. I just hate it when you do that.”

“Do what?”

“Forget it. Where’s your date?” I say instead.

He shrugs carelessly. “Went back to her dorm, I guess.”

“You guess? You didn’t take her home?”

“She took a bus.” He says, as if that makes it ok.

“Again, Max, you’re a pig.”

“Don’t throw shit at achievement Duchess… Just cause you don’t understand it, doesn’t make it your personal dart-board.” He grins crookedly. “See ya.”

I watch his built back as he heads out the exit of the Orange Peel, holding the door for a group of sorority girls, as he does so.

God, there’s just something about him. He’s beautiful. And smart. And dangerously sexy…

Only problem is, he knows it. And that, right there, is my biggest reason for staying clear of him.

He’s heartbreak waiting to happen, if I ever saw one.


Michael’s Apartment

“Mike? Michael?” I call out, walking into my best friend’s neat, if not pricey apartment.

A pizza box lies open on the floor, half eaten. I can hear the shower running through the open bedroom door.

“Hey! MIKEY!” I call, walking up, and banging loudly on the bathroom door.

“Yeah, gimmie five minutes, man.”

“Two.” I correct, looking down at my watch. “Stovouski’s gonna eat our asses if we’re late again...”

Walking back into the living room, I pick up the remote, and flop onto the easy chair, pizza slice in hand.

The door rattles, and Maria Deluca, Michael’s girlfriend, Liz’s best friend, and all-round sweetheart walks in, holding a bag of groceries.

“Hey Shortcake,” I call out, wiping my hands on my baggy jeans.

“Hey Max… Where’s my lover boy?” She asks, peeking through the kitchen door.

“Right here.” I say grinning modestly.

“Oh, you’re my lover man…” She teases, coming over to kiss my forehead under the bill of my cap.

“He’s in the shower.” I admit, tugging at a curl, and watching it bounce back into place.

she wanders into his bedroom, and I try not to think about the fact that Michael's in there, stark naked.


Late morning
The Apartment

Hm. I peer suspiciously into the fridge.

Ham; coffee; five-day-old pizza; something old and green …Bagel! Jackpot!

I pull out the only edible looking object in the fridge, and crumple the note attached, that emphasizes: “Hands off!”

She wont mind, I decide, taking a large bite of the bread

“That’s mine.” I swing my head around. Liz limps into the kitchen, clutching the counter for support.


“Mmm.” She mumbles, shoving at me so she can get to the coffee machine.

“Late night?”

She glares. “Leave me alone, Max.” and yawns, pushing her hair out of her face.

“Hm.” I stare at her in amusement


I shrug. “What?”

“Why’re you staring at me?”

“I’m not staring at you.”

“Yes you are.”

“No. I’m not.”

“Don’t you have a fifty year old professor to hit on, or something?”

“Interesting comment coming from the girlfriend of Dr Dull, supreme protector of all things humdrum.”

“Ugh. Shut up, Max. I don’t have time for this. And stop eating my food.” She complains, grabbing the bagel from my hand.

“Ok, ok… nobody needs to get hurt.” I laugh, loving how riled up I can make her.

I pour myself some milk from the carton marked L.P. “Anyways, don’t you have a class in five minutes?” I take a swig of my milk, and lean against the counter opposite her.

“Shit.” She stares at me. “SHIT! Shit shit shit shit!!!” She hurries into her bedroom, bagel in hand, and her robe flopping behind her.

I laugh, as I hear her stumble, followed by a loud curse.

“Not helping, Max.”

“Wasn’t trying to.” I assure her.

“Oh, Max, if Maria calls, tell her… tell her… shit! Ok…” She comes outside, dressed, clutching her books. She sighs, trying to think clearly. “Ok. Tell her I will pick her up… Just as soon as I…” She throws around the sofa cushions around frantically. “Just as soon as I find my keys. Max, if you don’t shut up, right now, I’m gonna hurt you very badly.”

I lean against the wall, laughing. This is hilarious.

“Where the fuck are my keys?!” She screams, bending over to look under the couch.”

I grab them off the kitchen counter, and toss them to her, just as she straightens up. “Heads up!”

“Ok, good. Thank you. Tell Maria I’ll pick her up, ok?”

“I’m not your answering service.”

“Max, PLEASE, ok?!”

“Alright, alright. Go.” I call out, as Liz shuts the door behind her.


After class

Money. Money. Money. I need my money.

I lean against a nearby tree, hurriedly search through my knapsack, pawing wildly for my bright green wallet. A few papers are clamped in my mouth, and my hair slides annoyingly over my eyes.

Where the fuck is it?!

“Liz!” I look up to see Brandt walking up the path, in… a yellow tracksuit? “Hey Swetpea!”

“Jus’ a secong.” My voice comes out muffled, with the papers in my mouth.

“Hi.” Brant slides his hand around my back.

“Just a secong, Brang, I neeg my wallep’’”


“I neeg… my wall…” Just then, his hand catches in the strap of my knapsack, and everything, papers, highlighters, books, and book bag, come raining onto the ground.

I stare at the mess. “Shit.” I look at Brant. “Shit.”

He grins, and then lifts up my green purse from among the papers. “There you go, Sweet pea.”

I smile stiffly. “Thanks.” Stop calling me Sweat pea.

“So where are you headed, Sweet pea?”

“Lunch.” No Sweet pea. Lose the fucking Sweet pea.

“I’ll walk you.”


The two of us head across the grassy quad to the over populated, excessively noisy and always open The Orange Peel, and we cross everything from Frisbee players to dog lovers, to the local science group, collecting leaf samples from the ground.

Ain’t college life grand?

The sun beats down happily over the campus, and I can feel my mood lifting. I smile up at Brandt, and he easily wraps an arm around me. Maybe today isn’t as bad as it was turning out to be.

We kiss languidly at the entrance, and I promise to call him later that evening. “Bye…” He gives me a last, gloomy kiss on the cheek, and then heads off down the path, to his own dormitory.

The restaurant is typically busy for this time of day, and I head over to our usual tale, stopping to chat with the Delta Gammas, and a couple of guys from my BioChem class.

“Hey, you guys…”

There’s a chorus of greetings from Michael, Kyle, Tess, Maria, Max and Janet Hughes, and everyone scoots over to make room for me.

“So what’s going on?” I pick a carrot stick off Maria’s plate.

“Ok, maybe you’ll have something more interesting to add.” Kyle makes a show of turning his chair, so he’s face to face with me.

He pauses dramatically. “How much money would it take for you to kiss another girl? You know, like, french her.” He adds, his eyes dancing eagerly.

I frown, disgusted. “This is the topic of the day? Lesbian inclinations?”

Max shrugs. “Well… yeah.”

“Tess says a thousand. Maria says more.”

“Kiss another girl?”

“Yeah, french her.”

I shrug, thinking. “I don’t know… A coupla hundred? Yeah, I guess. Its not all that disgusting.”

Michael looks at Max, a spark of interest glimmering in their eyes.

“So you’ve done it before?” Max casually toys with a paper napkin.

Maria rolls her eyes, and sits up suddenly, her face crumpled in revulsion. “God, what is it with men and this… obsession?”

I nod, throwing my hands up. “I know! I mean, men with other men, like, totally freaks them out, but…”

Kyle cringes, and throws a disgusted look at Max and Michael.

“…but two women? They’re jacking off like bunnies in---” Tess joins in, but Kyle quickly cuts her off.

“No, no. Don’t change the subject. You can’t do that.”

“Yeah. Come on, did you, or didn’t you kiss another girl?”

I shrug, as if its no big deal. “Well, yeah. Once. But I mean, everyone experiments with… stuff… and it wasn’t really a planned---”

Kyle nods his head impatiently. “Yeah. Yeah, so who was the other girl?”

Mike’s and Max’s eyes peer at me from across the table.

“The girl?” I look at Maria. “Um… you don’t… really… know her, she’s… uh… She’s from… Germany and---

Maria sighs. “It was me, ok? It was Liz and me, junior year in high school, and it was no big deal.”

The boys burst into raucous shouts and catcalls, and Maria, blushing wildly, hurries to explain. “It was no big DEAL! I thought I had thing for Donna Hunter during the summer, but then the Backstreet Boys came into my life, and… and… Stop it, you guys! Liz was in this too…”

But the guys are too far gone to notice. “Oh gad… I don’t know what’s more disturbing… the fact that you kissed Liz, or the fact that you actually liked the Backstreet Boys.”

Maria rolls her eyes and sulks in her chair, as the table erupts into another fit of laughter


Well? What do you think?


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A few days later
The Apartment

“Mail call.” I stride into Max’s room, clutching a bunch of envelopes, and snacking on my Low-Fat-Lo-Cal-Low-Protein chocolate bar.

He’s sitting in his usual position on his bed, laptop on his lap, battling aliens from another planet. The computer beeps continually, as I run through the envelopes.

“Mine. Mine. Bill. Junk. Junk. Mine. Yours. Porn?! Max…” I cringe, looking at the cheap, naked woman on the cover of the magazine.

“That’s not mine… ” He says quickly.

“Yeah. Right.”

“Leave it on the desk, and I’ll make sure it’s sent it to the rightful owner.”

I roll my eyes. “You’re so transparent.”

“I try.”

“Junk. Junk…” I pause. “Um…”

The envelope in my hand’s addressed to Paul and Katherine Evans.

Max’s parents.

“I... um… I guess this is yours?” I say uncertainly. Everyone knows that Max’s parents and sister had been killed in a car crash many years ago. And, I mean, he never talks about them, or anything, but its pretty obvious that he’s never really gotten over their sudden deaths.

“What is it?” He asks, looking at the letter in my hand. “Oh.”

He swallows, and goes back to his game. “Dammit!” The computer beeps, and plays a little mourning song, as Max hits the “Play Again?” key.

I look over at him carefully. “So I’ll just leave this here?”

“No, just throw it out.” He’s concentrating on the computer screen.

“Throw it out? Don’t you want to know who its from---?”

“No.” He says curtly, his eyes shadowed under the bill of his baseball cap.

“Are you---”

“Just do it, ok?” His expression turns irritable.

“Fine.” I look at the letter. “I guess someone didn’t get the news.”

“I guess.”


I slip out into the living room, the letter still in my hand.

Throw it out.

I close my own bedroom door, and sit crossed leg on the bed, opening my mail, and skimming over them, distractedly.

His parents’ envelope lies two inches away from my fingers.

I can’t. I tell myself firmly.

It just wouldn’t be right.

Twenty seconds later, I’m ripping the envelope open. It’s a card. A birthday card. Dated 29th November. Tomorrow.

A typical cartoon cake glares at me, its candles flaring gaily. Happy 40th! The card proclaims.

I open it.

Dear Paul,

Tried your house the other day, and got no answer.
Where is everyone?
The kids are dying to meet Max and Isabel again.
Hope all’s well.

Lots of love,

Marty, Anette and the kids.


Max rolls his eyes, as a tear rolls down Maria’s cheek. “This is ridiculous.”

“Are you kidding? This is the most beautiful movie ever made.”

“I love this part…” I whisper, watching the screen intently.

Max frowns, looking from my earnest face, to the TV screen. “Don’t tell me you’re getting sucked into this, too.”

“Sucked into what?”

“This crap. This soppy… mindless… girly bullshit. It’s just a movie!”

“Max, if this story does not bring a tear to your eye, then you are dead inside.”

“God… he’s so… honest. Why cant guys like him exist in the real world?” Maria gushes.

“They do exist. They’re the ones that get the crap beat out of them during recess.”

“Shh. Shut up, Max.”

We watch tearfully, as the last scene plays out, and the credits start to roll.

“I love that movie.”

“Really? I didn’t hear you the first fifty times.”

“Oh, come on, Max. Don’t be grumpy. Its not our fault that Sarah has to work.” Maria coos, tugging at the bill of his cap. She stands, and stretches, her mouth widening to a yawn. “’k. I’m gonna hit the hay. See you guys tomorrow.”


“Tell Michael ten o’clock, ok?”

“Will do.”

The door clicks shut, and the apartment is filled with silence. Max and I are laying down on opposite ends of the couch, covered by a single, white Afghan. Suddenly, I feel funny being so close to him.

Self consciously, I shift up a little, accidentally brushing my ankle up against his. “Sorry.”

“Hm.” He’s staring idly at the screen.

“Enjoy the movie?” I tease.


“I could tell.”

“Through the tears?”

“It was a sad movie!”

“I’d hate to see you at a funeral.”

“You’ve never cried at a movie?”

“Can’t say that I have.”

“That’s just stupid.”

“That’s reality, Duchess.”

“You’ve never gotten so caught up in a movie that even a---“

“Caught up, sure. But cry?”

“Well, what makes you cry, then?”


“I’m serious.”

“Nothing makes me cry.” He says, his voice suddenly bitter.


“I don’t expect you to understand.”

“I might.”

He’s shaking his head, and after a pause, “You don’t know me, Liz. You wont like what I am inside.”

“You don’t know me, Max. Maybe I will.”

He meets my eyes. And for a second, maybe less, I can see right through to his soul. Sadness, pain, …emptiness.

He swallows, and looks away. “We’d better get to bed.”

“Yeah.” I clear my throat, and tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, quickly extracting my feet from their warm cocoon.

A few minutes later, he’s back to being the arrogant little bastard he usually is, but tonight, instead of feeling the ugly frustration that I usually do, when I’m around him, I find myself actually laughing at his jokes, and agreeing with his morbid philosophies.

I watch him from the corner of my eye, as he sloppily folds the afghan on the couch.

Let me in. Please.

Confused. Uncertain.

He’s an asshole, definitely.

But… I mean, maybe it’s sympathy, or something, but just the fact that he tries so hard to hide himself away, you know, just hide that hurt away and lock it up inside… it makes me feel something in the pit of my stomach.

Like maybe he’s just really lost.

Or that maybe, in some twisted, confused way, he’s just crying out for help.


I knock anxiously on Kyle’s dorm room door. “Kyle? Its Maria and me.”

The door flies open, and Kyle stands before us, in sweatpants, and socks.

Classic moping clothes.

Maria gapes at him “She didn’t…”

“Oh, she did. In the middle of the freaking night.”

“I’m sorry, Kyle.” I move into the room, and pull him over to sit on the bed. “Are you ok?

“I’m terrific.”


“No, I was trying for sarcasm.”

“So what happened?” Maria comes over and sits on his other side.

“I’m not really… sure… One minute, we’re going at it like dogs in heat, and then, suddenly… nothing.”


“Yeah. Nothing. She’s sitting up, and telling me we need to talk, and then there’s a lot of… talking, and she storms out of here, like… like… I don’t know.” He turns to me accusatorily. “Women suck.”


“Well, they do.”

“Yeah, some of them do.” Maria agrees.

“If this carries on? I’m seeking other options.”

“There are other options?”

“Men… I’m turning gay.” He threatens.

“What? You can’t turn gay, you have to be born gay.”

“Yeah, it’s not like a religion, you know. You can’t just convert whenever you want.”

“Minor detail. You have no idea how much we guys have to adjust for girls. This’ll be a piece of cake.”

“Come on, Kyle, you’re not turning gay.”

“I am, too.”

This conversation rages for longer than you would imagine possible. Kyle seeking other options, and Maria and me trying to convince him that there are no other options.

Finally, after a candy bar (there was no ice cream) and some cajoling, we convince him to give up the idea, and come to Licks for ice cream, so we can seriously start the healing process.

“I’m not paying.”

“Like you ever do, Kyle.”

“Well, I’m poor.”

“I’ll pay ok? Kyle, you gotta change.”

“Yeah, ok.”

Twenty minutes later, we’re sitting at a booth at the brightly colored ice cream store, and wildly bitching about Tess. The Julie/Kyle break up got too old too fast.

“She’s never even said a direct thank you for that. It was a shitload of my time, you know?”

“But her breasts? They’re very… fondle-able.” Kyle points out.

“Right. Ok…um, notice how she’s always so sweet to every guy she meets?”

“Yeah, like she’s so desperate.”

“I swear. Hey.” Maria lowers her voice. “You think she’s still after Max?”

I chew slowly. “Max?”

“Yeah. Like, she’s always flirting with him, and he’s flirting right back… so, you think they’re… involved, like, secretly?”

“No way.”

“Huh uh. No. Max hates her.”

“Well, maybe he’s pretending. To throw everyone off, you know?”

“Max is too smart to date her. Unfortunately, all men were not born with such godsend. If that’s a word…” Kyle stares glumly at his rapidly melting ice cream.

“Kyle… come on, we went over this. Its not your fault that things didn’t work out with Julie, ok?”

“Yeah, ok.”

I want to go back to the Max topic.


The Apartment

I roll my eyes at Max, turning my head over, and brushing my hair repeatedly from the bottom. He’s lying in front of the couch, in his faded sweatpants and t-shirt, arms crossed behind his head.

“Oh, right, what do you know about stress?”

“I know plenty.”

“Please. You don’t even go to half your classes.”

“That doesn’t mean shit. Not everyone gets their feathers ruffled over some fucking GPAs…”

“And you think that Roadrunner’s the cure?”


“You’re so full of shit, Max Evans.”

“It’s the only alleviation that---

“No, don’t even pretend to know what alleviation means.” I interrupt, tossing my hair over my shoulder, a big fluffy mess.

“Look, cartoons people happy. Period. Stress, or no stress, they’re definitely more constructive than friggin Alley McBeal.”

I roll my eyes. “I can’t believe I’m even having this conversation.”

“What? It’s relevant.”

“Yeah, for preschoolers.” I toss my cushion at him.

“Oh, we’re getting physical, now?” He sits up, and raises an eyebrow threateningly.

“Calm down, Machismo Man.” I murmur, completely transfixed by his eyes. “Its just a pillow.”

He continues to look at me, mouth twisted slightly in a small grin.

“What?” I’m feeling self-conscious.

He shrugs, and turns away, turning the volume up a little more. “Nothing.”

Now, why does he keep doing that?


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Late Night
Rokers Pub

A thousand bodies pulse on the dance floor.

Colored lights hit the walls from every direction, giving the room an incandescent glow, and making the adrenaline course through my veins.

I move easily with Brandt, my hips swaying flawlessly with the music.

He’s a great dancer.

His arm rests possessively on my butt, and he’s been shooting glares at any guy that even looks my way.

I’d be lying if I say I didn’t like it.

Whatshername (Max’s date)
Across the club

I watch with barely growing irritation, as Max’s eyes stray again, to the dance floor behind me. To the cute brunette, dancing with Brandt Stevenson.

“Ok, this is ridiculous.” I throw my hands up in defeat, and finally manage to get his attention.

“What?” He blinks, looking at me for the first time this night.

“Well, you’re sitting[ here, pretending to give a damn about my Cardiomyopathy, when all you really want is to be on that dance floor. With her.” I throw him a pointed look.

“What’re you talking about?” He scoffs, realizing too late, that he sucks at lying.

“Oh, come on. Gimmie some credit, would you? I’m a woman. I can sense these things.” I smile. “Now get your pretty little ass over there, and ask her to dance.”

He looks at me, and then at the table, shaking his head, and fiddling with his beer bottle. “Nah, its not… We couldn’t…” He trails off, shaking his head firmly.

I squint, and lean down on the table. “Let me guess. You’re best friend’s girl, and you haven’t stopped thinking about her. Not since the first time she walked into your life.”

He chews on his lip, lost in thought. “Yeah…”

“Really? I’m right?” I sit up excitedly.

“Well. No. Just about the last bit. The I-cant-stop-thinking-about-her bit.”

“Ah.” I sigh, as Max’s eyes stray, once again, to Miss Teen America.

And, again, I pose the question: Why?

Why are all the good ones either gay, married, or already in love?


Roker's Pub

Its late, now, maybe past midnight, but the crowds haven’t thinned a bit. I’m dancing with a redhead. Carla, Clara, or something.

God, she’s horny.

She’s been rubbing herself up against me for the last hour.

“Hey.” She whispers. “Wanna come back to my place? I’ve got some videos and some whipped cream.”

I pull her body closer. Kinky, like, huh?

Why not?

I bring my head up to tell her ok, when suddenly I catch a glimpse of a sole figure, leaning against the far wall of the club.

“Uh… I actually need to get up early for work tomorrow, so…” I lie, smiling at her apologetically. “Maybe some other time.”

She grins in a sexy, catlike way. “Sure. You know where to find me.”

I watch her walk away, for a second, and them my eyes turn back to Liz.

She’s wearing a deep red strappy shirt, and low, black pants. Her hair’s all tousled, and she stands casually against the wall, looking bored out of her mind.

Smiling, I make my way through the crowd, to her side. “ Hey.”

She looks up at me, and raises her hand in a small wave. “What’s up?” She murmurs unenthusiastically.

“Here.” I hold out my drink “Have this, and things’ll start looking a lot better.”

She hesitates. “Oh, yeah, I… I uh, actually just had one of those, so…” She shrugs.

I smile wryly. “Let me guess, you don’t drink.”

“Its bad for your liver. She admits, guiltily.

I laugh, and put my arm around her shoulder. “Come on. I’ll buy you a coke.”

“Make it a Sprite, and I’m all yours.”

“So where’s Fly Boy?”

She doesn’t even glare at me for the Fly Boy comment, but tilts her head at the pool tables at the back. “He’s off playing with some loser guys in the back.”

“How charming.”


She yawns, and runs a tired hand through her hair. She must be exhausted, I realize.

“Hey, you wanna forget the drink, and just head home?”

She looks up. “You don’t wanna stay?” She knows I usually stay here till much later.

“Nah… Come on, the car’s out back.”

“Gimmie a minute, ok?”


She turns, and hurries back towards the pool tables, but turns, midway. “Max?”

I look at her.

“Thanks.” She smiles sweetly, and I feel something tug sharply inside my chest.

“Yeah.” I turn away, and head for the exit.

Gym C






“Come on, man, you can do better than that.” Michael urges, arms crossed, as he waits for the leg-weights.

I grind my teeth, and my mouth lifts in a grimace as I fight the fifty-pound weight on the downward motion of the curl. Giving up, I release the weight, and it drops to the floor with a low, deadening thud.

“Nope. That’s it.”

“You’re growing soft, Maxwell.”

“You’re one to talk, Mr. Twenty-Five push ups.” I scoff, wiping the sweat from my eyes.

“Hey, I have a torn ligament in my forearm, and the doctor specifically---”

“Yeah, yeah, my ass, Mikey.”


I roll my eyes, and moodily execute a few curls with a smaller weight.

“So what was happening between you and Liz last night?”

I drop the weight. “Liz?”

He grins; almost as if that was the answer he was looking for. “Never mind.”

“What do you mean, me and Liz?”

“Nothing. Never mind.”

I shrug. Fine.

There’s nothing going on between me and Liz.

She’s annoying, and prissy, and… and…

“I don’t like her, or anything.”

“You mentioned that.” He grunts, pushing at the weight against his legs.

“Why, did she say something to you?”

“Nope, not really.”

“Ok. Ok, good. Cause there’s nothing to say. Nothing… to talk about. At all.”


“Yeah.” I mumble, wanting to get the last word in. “Good.”

Me and the Princess? Ha ha. Ha.



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Gym C






“Come on, man, you can do better than that.” Michael urges, arms crossed, as he waits for the leg-weights.

I grind my teeth, and my mouth lifts in a grimace as I fight the fifty-pound weight on the downward motion of the curl. Giving up, I release the weight, and it drops to the floor with a low, deadening thud.

“Nope. That’s it.”

“You’re growing soft, Maxwell.”

“You’re one to talk, Mr. Twenty-Five push ups.” I scoff, wiping the sweat from my eyes.

“Hey, I have a torn ligament in my forearm, and the doctor specifically---”

“Yeah, yeah, my ass, Mikey.”


I roll my eyes, and moodily execute a few curls with a smaller weight.

“So what was happening between you and Liz last night?”

I drop the weight. “Liz?”

He grins; almost as if that was the answer he was looking for. “Never mind.”

“What do you mean, me and Liz?”

“Nothing. Never mind.”

I shrug. Fine.

There’s nothing going on between me and Liz.

She’s annoying, and prissy, and… and…

“I don’t like her, or anything.”

“You mentioned that.” He grunts, pushing at the weight against his legs.

“Why, did she say something to you?”

“Nope, not really.”

“Ok. Ok, good. Cause there’s nothing to say. Nothing… to talk about. At all.”


“Yeah.” I mumble, wanting to get the last word in. “Good.”

Me and the Princess? Ha ha. Ha.



Late evening
The Apartment


“I’m busy.”

“Please? This’ll just take a second.”

“Tell me what you want, and if it’s worth my while, then maybe I’ll get up.”

“You’re such an asshole.”

“I’m hurt beyond belief.” I call through the shut door.

There’s an all too cheery knock on the front door.


“Hey, I think Germo-Man’s here…” I cry at Liz, as I go over to open the door.

Jesus, you gotta see this guy to believe him.

He looks ordinary enough, I guess. Blond hair spiked up, overly priced… Whoa. I stare at his feet.

“Hey Brandt. Nice shoes.” I smile stiffly at Liz’s boyfriend. Loafers. He’s wearing brown, buckled loafers, with white socks.

“Thanks, man. They’re brand new.”

“Thrilling. Come on in. Liz’ll be out in a few minutes.” I flop back onto the couch, and raise the volume back to 40.

“Hockey, huh?” Brandt sits beside me. Oh, nothing gets past you, Germo man, I think sarcastically.

“Yeah.” Now, shut up, and let me watch the game.

“N… H…L… Right. I’m more of a… tennis guy, myself.” He continues. As if anyone cares. “You know, Becker, Agassi, Helmen.”

“Henman.” I correct, turning up the volume even more.

Take a hint, guy.

“Right. Henmen.”

I nod, and turn my attention back to the game. Maybe if I sit real still, he won’t see me.

“So who’s winning?”

I sigh, and look at him, deadpan. “I’ll go check on Liz.”

I walk down the corridor, and turn the door handle to Liz’s room. “Hey, Brainiack, Romeo’s getting a little too… Oh. Fuck, sorry---”

“MAX! Shit, get out!” Liz grabs a dress from the ground, and clutches it to her chest.

“--- oh God!--- sorry…” I slam the door shut behind me.

Oh, man. Naked Liz.

I mean, Liz is pretty, and all that, but naked Liz pretty much blows her away.

I stand frozen in front of the closed door. What do I do?

“Um… Brandt’s waiting.” I call through the shut door.

No reply.


“Knock, Max. Next time, knock.”


I quickly head back to the living room. She’s scary when she’s angry.

Of course, Brandt has the remote, now. And of course, he’s watching the weather channel.


I head into the kitchen and grab myself a Mountain Dew, and an apple.

“Max?” I stop chewing, as Liz walks into the kitchen, fastening her large hoop earrings.

“Max, I need five bucks.”

I stare. “Is that what you’re wearing?”

She glances down. “Well, yeah.” She looks up uncertainly. “Does it look… wierd?”

“No.” Not wierd. “It’s slutty.” I shrug, frowning distastefully.



I cant take my eyes off her.


“I paid my ass off for this. For two hundred bucks, its not slutty, its revealing.”

“You can’t be serious.”

She makes a ‘watch me’ face, and walks back into the living room, her tiny skirt fluttering.

Oh man. This woman has legs like you wouldn’t believe.

I follow her almost unconsciously, and stand to watch from the kitchen doorway.

“Hey sweetie.” Humdrum Boy coos, standing to give her a chaste kiss on the cheek.

“Hi.” She whispers, a smile lighting up her face.

“You look like a goddess.”

“Aw…” She flushes a little. “Thanks.”

Aw… GAG!

If there’s anything more sickening than insects in a cerial box, its romance in your living room. With a half-naked Liz.

My pal Brandt waves enthusiastically at me, as he leads her out the front door, placing his hand lightly on her ass.

She smiles, and closes the door softly behind her, reminding me to leave her food alone.

I shake my head, totally irritated by the fact that she went out looking like… that.

…Try to get back to my hockey game, but I cant concentrate.

My mind keeps swirling away, playing with the image of half-naked Liz and Naked Liz.

Half naked Liz with Naked Liz.

Half Naked Liz becoming Naked Liz.

…Naked Liz lying under me. Moaning. …

Whoa! I sit up, breathing hard. Where. Did that come from? Picturing naked girls? That’s fine. But picturing yourself with naked girls? That’s just wrong. Especially when those naked girls happen to be your roomate.

What is this? Why the hell am I totally aroused by her?

No. no, this is too weird. I need distraction.

I pick up the phone, and dial quickly, reading off the number from the pad next to the receiver.


“Hey, Sex Kitten…”

An hour later, she’s screaming my name, grasping at my hair, arching her head into the pillow.

“Maaa--- Oh MAX! YES! OH YES!”

I pump into her, hard and fast, feeling her core tighten around me, as she comes.


That was a good fuck.

I fall back on the bed, next to Liz, and ---Sarah. Sarah. I fall back on the bed next to Sarah, and wipe my tired eyes.

I suddenly notice how much Naked Sarah looks like Naked Liz.

Late night
Entrance to the building

By the time I get home, its almost one in the morning. Not that it matters, anyway. Liz’ll probebly spend the night at that asshole’s.

I picture her sleeping on his million dollar satin sheets, all smiley, and exhausted. Ugh. Satin sheets. Could this guy be any gayer? Is ‘gayer’ even a word?

As I walk down the corridor to the apartment, keys in hand, I notice a tiny huddled figure at the door.


“I can’t find my keys.” She mumbles, looking up.

A trusty sardonic line barely escapes my lips, when her tear-streaked eyes meet mine.

Mascara streams trail down her creamy cheeks, and one of her dress straps hangs loosely off her shoulder.

Guess there’ll be no satin sheets tonight.

I unlock the door, and offer her my arm so I can help her up. She ignores it, and lifts herself up.

I raise my eyebrows, but follow her inside, and shut the door.

“What happened?” God, if that bastard hurt her, I swear I’ll kill him. Fucking choke him with his satin sheets.

“Nothing,” She cries softly, leaning against the wall to pull off her heels, not caring that I can clearly see her underwear. “Nothing.”

“Ok, good, cause the crying kinda threw me off.”

“Shut up, ok? Just… Please. And spare me your fucking sarcasm. I don’t… I can’t…” She shakes her head for a second, her face crumpling with unshead tears, and finally covers her face with her hands, sobbing miserably.

“Oh, hey, hey, hey…” I hurry over, and lift her into my arms. “Come on, what happened?” I ask again, this time more sincerely.

She whimpers. “He…He was…f…fucking some…one else.. beh…hind my back.” She manages, between sobs, her eyes streaming.

“Oh…” Bastard.

“Yeah. So just… Just say it ok? You… you told …me so…”

“Come on, forget that. I was just fooling around.” Prick. Shank. Dog. Rat. I wrack my brain for more colourful adjectives.

“Three fucking months!” She sobs, hitting my chest angrily with her fist.

“He’s an asshole.” I agree, pulling her tighter against my chest, and stroking her hair. Her body shudders with uncontrollable sobs, and I feel a slight lurch in my stomach.

I stand there for a few minutes, just holding her, and letting her sob into my chest. She’s so frail, her entire body’s encased in mine.

“You better?” I ask, patting her back, suddenly awkward.

“Mmm.” She pulls away a little.


“So… Do you wanna go for a drive?” I ask a moment later, relieved to hear her sobs quietening.

“No.” She frowns.

“Do you wanna… watch… tv?” I rasie an eyebrow questioningly.


“Tv. I don’t know, what do you wanna do?”

She laughs, suddenly, Brandt forgotten. “Wow, you’re worse at this than I thought.”


“At calming me down.”

I shrug. “Hey, I made you smile, didn’t I?”

She sniffs and nods, looking at me from under her lashes. Christ, she’s pretty.

I graze her back softly with my fingertips, and she tilts her head up.

“So what do you wanna do?” I ask, looking away abruptly. Whoa, buddy, I caution myself. Don’t lose it completely.

She’s looking at her hands.


Wipes her eyes with the heel of her palm. “I don’t know.”

“Do you want me to call Maria?” I ask gently, passing her the Kleenex box.

She shakes her head no. “She’s not home.”

Now what? “Um. You wanna just hang out here? With me?” I add doubtfully, half expecting her to laugh in my face.

She doesn’t. Instead, she nods tucking her hair behind her ears, and coming to sit next to me. She smells like apples.

I smile at her. “That’s a really good look for you, you know. Kinda Cindy Lauper.”

She laugs a little through her tears. “Shut up. I’ve just been through an emotional upheaval; you could try and show a little sensitivity.”

“Hey, I’m not promising anything.” I say, only half-joking. I’m terrible with this kind of stuff. She’ll probably end up feeling worse at the end of the night.

*Accepting the cookie sheepishly*....

I could come up with a really cool excuse, and make y’all feel sorry for me and everything. Would that help?

I’m a colossal moron, and I don’t seserve your cookie.

*hands back the cookie * you guys share…

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“So what do you wanna do?” I ask, looking away abruptly. Whoa, buddy, I caution myself. Don’t lose it completely.

She’s looking at her hands.


Wipes her eyes with the heel of her palm. “I don’t know.”

“Do you want me to call Maria?” I ask gently, passing her the Kleenex box.

She shakes her head no. “She’s not home.”

Now what? “Um. You wanna just hang out here? With me?” I add doubtfully, half expecting her to laugh in my face.

She doesn’t. Instead, she nods tucking her hair behind her ears, and coming to sit next to me. She smells like apples.

I smile at her. “That’s a really good look for you, you know. Kinda Cindy Lauper.”

She laugs a little through her tears. “Shut up. I’ve just been through an emotional upheaval; you could try and show a little sensitivity.”

“Hey, I’m not promising anything.” I say, only half-joking. I’m terrible with this kind of stuff. She’ll probably end up feeling worse at the end of the night.


“…And this… I think that’s your luck- line.” She muses, grazing my palm with her fingers. Its almost four in the morning, now, but we haven’t budged from our spot in front of the couch. An empty box of diet chocolate mint ice cream lies next to me, and Tom and Jerry battle it out on the muted television in front of us.

“Yeah?” I lean in closer to her, trying to see what she’s talking about.

She frowns. “No. No, that’s your life line.”

“Life line.”

“Or maybe that’s… wait.”

I laugh as her nose wrinkles up. “Palm reader, my ass.”

“Shut up! I used to be really good. I just haven’t done it in a while.”


“You want the last sip?” She asks, holding up a beer bottle.

“Go ahead.”

She throws her head back, and swallows the rest of the liquid. I stare unobtrusively at the delicate curve of her neck. The skin looks soft.

She takes a deep breath and looks at my hand, that’s still clasped in hers. “Ok, lets get this right.” She traces the fold that runs across the middle of my palm. “That’s definitely your luck line.”

“Right.” I gaze at her face as she runs her tiny finger over my palm, explaining what all the creases mean. “Right.” I keep repeating, at the correct places, my eyes enamouered by her peaceful face, curtained slightly by her hair.

She smiles, and looks up at me.

We stare at each other for a second, and my smile fades slightly, as I realize that a slight pang in my heart’s making breathing difficult.

“Umm,” I swallow, turning away quickly. “I’m gonna get some more… beer.” I quickly pull my hand out of hers, and head for the kitchen, not risking even a peek at her face.

Is this happening? Am I really thinking about kissing Liz Parker? Really kissing her?

I quickly shake my head. Too complicated. Too… difficult.

I quickly pull out two beers, and place them against my face, which suddenly seems to be burning up.

She’s a friend. I’m helping out a friend.

But as I enter the living room, and catch a glimpse of her tiny hunched figure, I feel a lurch in my chest again. Her knees are hudgged close to her chest, and she stares at the floor, lost in thought.

Its sympathy. I insist. That’s all it is. That’s all it can be.

The wall sits in shadows, as the single lamp illuminates a tiny circle around it, giving the room a warm, safe glow.

I slowly sit back down next to her, careful to leave some space between her body and mine.

I offer her the beer, and she accepts, smiling greatfully. “Thanks.” She fiddles with the neck of the bottle uncomfortably. “And, uh, thanks for tonight. I mean, thanks for… you know,” She shrugs. “Just being here.” Her face takes on a slight flush.

I nod. “No problem.” I take a swig from my bottle. “You do know I charge ten bucks an hour, right?”

She rolls her eyes, but laughs anyway.

“I’ll take cash.”

“Shut up, I’m serious. Thank you.”

I nod awckwardly. “No problem.” Like I said, I’m bad at the semtimental stuff.

There’s a little silence.

I hesitate before speaking. “Isabel… Just before the accident, she had a really nasty break up with this guy…” I frown trying to remember. “…Roger, or Rick, or something. ”

Liz looks up cautiously. She knows it’s a sensitive subject for me. “Yeah?”

I nod, smiling. “God, she cried for days… didn’t talk to anyone.” I feel a different kind of lurch in my chest. “She finally got back together with that asshole. I wanted to wring his neck.”

Liz laughs, looking at the ground. “It’s hard for you to talk about her, huh?”

“Mmm?” I shrug. “Its not that its difficult. Its just… one of those things that you just completely want to get out of your life, you know?” I struggle to exlain it more clearly. “Its over. There’s just… There’s no reason to open up old wounds. Anyway, I don’t like to think about it.”

She nods. “Yeah, I guess I can understand that.”

“And, listen… that day when you asked me about the photograph---”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sorry about that, I didn’t---”

“No, that’s not… I just wanted to say sorry for biting your head off. I mean, it wasn’t your fault, and…” My voice trails off, and I look at her face.

She smiles. “Hey, no harm done.”

We continue to talk as we have all night, moving easily from topic to topic. Only now, something inside me starts to ache, everytime I see her smile.

At some point, she nestles her head in my shoulder, and I cant think about anytthing, but the smell of fresh apples that seems to waift from her soft hair.


My eyes crinkle up with laughter, and he shakes his head in disbelif.

“And you told her?”

“Well, I couldent lie…”

“So you told her? Oh god…”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it, cause I was absolutely tortured! I wanted to run away t oanother town.”

“I can understand that.”

“Its not so funny”

“I just cant believe it.”

“Yeah, well, I was young and stupid.”

“Right. Anyway, don’t change the subject… we were talking about Sarah.”

“We finished talking about Sarah.”

“What’re you going to do?”

He sighs, and runs a tired hand through his hair. “Break up with her.”

“Max, come on. She adores you!”

“Yeah. Can’t blame her, though. I am pretty adorable.”


“I…” He shakes his head regretfully. “I don’t love her.” He shrugs. “I’m not going to lead her on, and waste my time because there’s no way that she and I are going to work out.”

“You don’t know that.”

“That’s just it; I do. We’re not… Its not gonna work out.”



“It’s your love life.”

“Yeah. Its is. It’s a disaster, but its still mine.”

“It’s not a disaster!”

“Well, not compared to yours, no… But---” he breaks off laughing, as I hit him on the arm.

“Yeah, you’re one to talk, Mr Nail-her-and-leave-her.”

“Hey, at least its never boring.”

“No, Max, there is no justification for being a pig, so don’t even try.”


“Seriously, though?” I look at my hands, then at his clear hazel eyes. “When you’re not being as asshole, you can actually be a pretty wonderful guy.”

He looks at the bottle in his hand. “Yeah, well. Just don’t let it get around.” He smiles quietly, and I drop my head onto his arm.

The blackness outside seems to have given, and the sky burns with a deep orange color. It’s beautiful.

“Its almost dawn.” I murmer.

“Hmm.” His breathing is heavy against my ear.

“You sleepy?” I mumble, closing my eyes.

“A little.” His voice wobbles as he speaks, and I realize he must be exhausted.

What a sweetheart. No matter how much of an asshole he is, he really comes though when he has to. Or when he wants to anyway. I smile wryly, distractedly noting how well-developed his bicep feels under my cheek.

The sound if his steady breathing is the last thing I remember, as sleep overtakes me.


My first instinct is to shove him away. (God, why am I on the floor?!) But then suddenly, the events of last night come flashing before me, and I stop struggling.

Max and me, laughing at the silly late night Retro Cartoon shows.

Max patting my back ackwardly.

His beautiful mischeveious eyes.

I lean my head back onto his chest, and feel his strong steady breathing against my cheek. This… well, this feels weird.

I’ve never thought of Max in that way, and the reason’s simple: I never really knew Max.

Max was the loser.

The womanizing smart-ass who made life just a little bit harder. He was just… Max.

Suddenly, he’s metamorphsized into this amazingly sweet, simple guy, that I never even knew existed.

Kinda hard to believe

I look at his sleeping face, inches from mine, and suddenly, the desire to reach down and just press my lips against his seems uncrushable in my mind.

Oh god, am I…?

The door handle rattles, and I lift my head up to see the front door swing open, and Maria stride through the house, and straight into my room. “Liz?”

I smile.

A second later, she walks out, and comes into the living room.

“What the hell?!” She does a double take when she sees Max and me lying together, but I quickly shush her, and gesture for her to wait for me in the kitchen.

Max frowns, and stirs, turning over, and entrapping my body even further.

I shift. No reaction.

I push at him. Nothing.

“Max?” I try softly, but still no cigar.

Frustrated, I shove against him with all my might, and finally manage to get loose. Running a tired hand though my hair, I glance at my watch. Past noon.

I’m not surprised, considering bedtime wasn’t till sunrise.

Streaching and yawning, I stumble into the kitchen, where Maria’s standing, obviously bursting with curiosity. She leaps up, as I walk in. “Oh god.”


“You. And max?”

“Me and… no!”

“You slept with Max?!”

“NO! god, Maira!”

“What? What am I supposed to think when I walk in here well after noon to find you and your roommate locked in each others arms? I’m---- Oh god! This was the news, right? This is what the message on the machine was about!

“No, Maria---

“---I need to talk to you? ASAP? Come on! This is it, isnt it? You’re having sex with my brother… ish… person…” She finishes, more horrified than trumphant.

“First off? Slow down. Max and I didn’t have sex last night. Second, Brandt and I broke up---”


“Yeah, that’s what the emergency was.”

“Why? Was he, like cheating on you, or something?”

“Kinda, yeah.”


“I said that too.”

“So what happened?”

“Well? I uh,… told him to go to hell,… threw his coffee on his crotch, and left the café.”

“No way.”


“No fucking way!”

“It was pretty glorious.”

“And then you called me?”

“Yeah, six times, till I remembered that you had that group study… thing..”


“And then I came home.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there, Sweetie.”

“Its fine. You didn’t know.”

She nods. “Are you ok, though?”

I pause for a second. “You know, I’m actually feeling pretty good.” I say, sounding surprised.


“Yeah. I don’t… maybe its not yet registered, but, you know, I feel… great, actually.”

“So are we still on for tomorrow night?”

I frown, trying to remember. “Tomorrow night?”


“Rokers! Right. Sure.” I pause. “I was planning on going with… with him, so… maybe I’ll just skip it, ok?”

“Are you sure? Everyone’s going.”

“Yeah.” I smile. “I’m gonna mope for a bit.”

“Want some company?” Maria smiles at me sympathetically, her eyebrows raised.

“No, go ahead. Have a good time.”

“Just call, ok?” She offers, as I walk her to the front door. I nod, and give her a quick hug, as she disappears out the front door.

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thanks again for your stellar feedback... As for how Max and Liz got to living together?...

*looks around helplessly* I dont know... I just work here.

Maybe he was looking for a roommate, and she just happened to be looking for a place to stay.

*frustrated* I DONT KNOW! I;m in a very unimaginative mood right now. I'll maybe get back to ya'll on that.

(But I'm keeping the candy)

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From Part 4...

“Are you sure? Everyone’s going.”

“Yeah.” I smile. “I’m gonna mope for a bit.”

“Want some company?” Maria smiles at me sympathetically, her eyebrows raised.

“No, go ahead. Have a good time.”

“Just call, ok?” She offers, as I walk her to the front door. I nod, and give her a quick hug, as she disappears out the front door.



I turn over on the mattress, that suddenly feels as hard as a rock, and squint at the clock by my bedside.

Where the hell----?!

Oh. Right. The hrd floor, the lack of alarm clock suddenly comes together as I realize that last night ended right here, in front of the television.

Which is sill on.

I reach for the remote, and click on the power button. I’m trying to keep all thoughts away from her right now. Too early for that shit.


I freeze, mid yawn, as Liz comes wandering out of the bathroom, all wet and smelling nice, wrapped only in a towel. A cloud of steam billows behind her, like some sort of glow. “Hey, you’re up.” She runs her hand through her hair, and shakes it a little, spraying water over the floor.

“Yeah.” I say, rubbing my eyes, my voice still husky with sleep. “What time is it?”

“’Bout two, two thirty.” She ambles into her bedroom, but continues to talk to me through the open door. “Mike called. He wants to know if you’re going to Rokers tomorrow. My guess is that he has no intention of going, but Maria’s dragging him there.”

I frown. Is she always this chirpy in the morning? “I’ll call him.”

“Yeah, and Mrs. Wyatt wants to know if we’ll babysit Professor Kibbles this weekend.”

“All weekend?”

“Three days.”

“Sure, I guess.” I frown. “Don’t like cats much, though.”

“She told me you offered.” Liz walks out, dressed in sweatpants, and a large, baggy sweatshirt.

I raise my eyebrows. “Fashion statement?”

She looks down at her clothes. “Um, I don’t feel like going to class today.” She mumbles, going into the kitchen.

Right. I kick myself. She’s moping. Well, duh! Go on and rub it in, why don’t you, Mr. Sarky-Sarcasm?!

“I’m gonna have a shower.” I tug off my shirt, and head into the bathroom, just as someone knocks on the door. “That’s Michael. Tell him I’ll be out in a few, ok?”

“Will do.” She nods, and goes over to the front door, as I walk into the bathroom.

“Mike, I’ll be out in a minute, ok?” I call through the shut door.

No response.


I open the door and poke my head out.

Liz turns to me from the front door. “Its for me, ok?”

She’s standing stiffly at the entrance, not opening the door completely.

“Who is it?” I ask suspiciously.

She hesitates, looking at me nervously.. “Uh… It’s- I’ll just---“

I stride over to the door, and pull it open.

Brant Stevenson stands gallantly in the hallway, arms folded across the chest.

Hello, asshole.

“Brant, how’s it going, man?” I say casually, moving Liz behind me.

“Max, hey.” He smiles chummily.

“So what’re you doing here? I thought… you guys broke up…?” I frown.

“Better believe it.” He snorts at Liz. “Bitch threw her coffee at my suit… so I’m here to collect the money she owes me for the dry cleaning.”

“Threw her coffiee…?”

“I know. What a wailer, huh?”

I laugh and raise my eyes sympathetically. “Yeah, I know what you mean, buddy.”

Oh, this guy is priceless.

Abruptly, I bring my arm up, and then slam it into his face, so hard, that he stumbles onto the ground, bleeding. “Prick.” I’m seething.

Liz gasps behind me, moving in closer, and clutching my shirt.

“FUCK! FUCK!” He screams, clutching his nose protectively. “You broke my fucking nose!”

I reach into my pocket and pull out a twenty dollar bill. “Here’s your fucking twenty dollars.” I throw the bill at him. “Stay away form her, or I’ll fucking really kick your ass.” I can feel the fury coming off me in waves.

“Fuck! FUCK YOU, you—Oh godogoddo---GOD!” He screams, too overwhelmed by the blood to talk legitemate words.

I slam the door shut, rubbing my bruised fist. “Fuck…” My knuckles are already turing blue.

“Oh… your…” She pulls me into the kitchen, and grabs a bag of frozen peas from the freezer.

Neither of us exchange words, as she takes my hand in hers, and gently presses the cool bag against my knuckles.

I wince, a slight hiss escaping my teeth. “Ahhh…”

“God, its turning blue.”

“Yeah, well, you’re freezing it to death.”

She hesitates, and then laughs. She still hasn’t looked at me.

“Just keep this on your hand for a while, ok?”

“I don’t know, its gonna be a tough drive to gym.”

She doesn’t smile. “I’m sorry, Max… I didn’t, I mean, I didn’t know he was coming or----”

“Look, its not your problem, ok? Just forget it.”

She stares at my hand. “Thanks.”

“Yeah. No problem.”

I’d do it again in a heartbeat.



And I thought, Wow, we’ve been through this whole thing together, and now things between us are going to be different. We’ll be able to talk more openly, maybe. He’ll stop being such a jerk, maybe. I mean, that’s what’s supposed to happen, right?

Well, someone didn’t send Max the memo.

The next day, things are completely back to normal. He’s being a jerk, I’m complaining, he’s eating my food, I’m complaining, he’s taking stuff from my room, and guess what… I’m complaining.

It’s a vicious circle.

And I thought, I’m feeling something for him. Maybe there’s more to him than just sarcastic ruthlessness and smart ass comments. Mabe, inside, he’s just this hurt, lonely, misunderstood guy, screaming for attention.

I wish.

If he so much as lifts a finger to do something selfless, I’ll probably die from shock. And sensitive? Forget it. if I hear one more PMS joke, I swear, he’s leaving.

…oh God, I think I love him.



I hate her.

She nags more than any goddamn female I’ve ever known.

“Get your shoes off the coffee talble,” She says. And “Stop eating my food,” And “Give me back my stuff.” And on and on and on. If she thinks I’m being an asshole, she hasn’t seen anything yet.

I love her.

She doesn’t see me looking at her as she reaches for the bread on top of the fridge, or as she twirls her hair around her finger, deep in thought. At least, I hope she doesn’t see…

Her face scrunches up, as she looks at the torn black shirt hanging from my doorknob. I can hear her singing in the shower. “You cast a spell on me, I don’t know what you do-oo… I think I may be falling, so in love with you…”

And I think, “So true.”


Geez. Its been over 10 days, hasnt it? Time flies when you're lazy, it really does...

Thank you, thank you for all the feedback! my head is now three sizes bigger than before, and I can no longer wear hats, but its worth it. *wink*

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Part 5(?)

Meg Reily’s POV
St. Gemain Cemetary

The boy’s hair ruffles slightly, as he idly watches the rippling grasses streaching out before him. There isn’t a soul for miles. (And yet, he’s surrounded by them.)

He leans back against the bark of the tree, staring up at the sky. I’ve seen him here before.

He just sits here for hours, silent, unmoving. Then gets up and leaves. No flowers, no talking, no crying. And his face takes on a quiet, peaceful stillness, as if just being here calms him.


His eyes blink open, and I can see it again. The tranquility, the calm. “Mrs. Reily.” He smiles, and stands quickly, pulling me in for a small hug. “How are you?”

“As well as can be expected for a fifty year old widowed hen, I suppose.”

“Oh, come on, Mrs. Reily. You know you don’t look a day over sixteen.”

I laugh. This boy has the power to do that. To make me laugh. “Boy, that sweet talking is gonna get you places.”

He smiles, and looks at his feet, hands stuffed in his pockets.

“How are you? You look much happier. Healthier.” He’s gained a little weight, got a little muscle. No longer the skinny little skeleton he was two years ago.

My heart aches again, as I picture him standing against the same tree, hands in pockets, staring at his shoes.

Trying so hard not to cry.

“I feel better, thanks.”

“Good, good.” I look into his face. “You shouldn’t come here, Boy. Its only a reminder of things that should be forgotten.”

“Uh, Yeah. I… I know. Its…” He nods guiltily.

“So you going to give an old woman a ride home?”

“Of course, sure. Yeah. Um, my car’s out back.” He takes my arm, and set off across the car.

This boy deserves so much better.


The courts
12:23 pm

“Foul! That was a clear fucking FOUL!” I shout, my voice echoing through the court, over the squeaking of sneakers on the waxed floor.

“Relax, Evans, it was just a tap.” Brad Ulger calls out, holding his hands out in surrender.

I scowl. “Tap, huh? So you don’t care if I tap you?” I shove Brad roughly with my hands. He reacts instantly, pulling himself to his full height, and lunging towards me.

Almost immediately, everyone steps between us, trying to cool it down. All I hear is a jumble of ‘chills and ‘cool its, as the rest of the guys pull us apart.

“Fuck!” I shove Pete Wilson away from me, and stalk off in the direction of the
change rooms.

“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” I kick the lockers in frustration, a loud bang resounding through the large room. A couple of guys look at me strangely, as I begin to change, banging things around.

“Stressed much?” I turn to see Michael leaning against the wall, an amused grin on his face.

“Fuck off.” I swipe my face and arms with the towel. I’m in no mood to play Queen of Retorts with him.

He shrugs it off, and starts to change, too, pulling his soaked t-shirt over his head.

“Sarah?” He asks, a second later.

I sigh exasperatedly.

“Tina!” He guesses.

“Michael, forget it, ok?! I need some privacy. At least between my ears.” I sling my bag over my shoulder, and head for the change room door.


“I’m leaving.”

“That’s it, isn’t it? You and Liz. I knew it! I fucking knew it!”

I shove the door open, and walk out of the gym, seething.

What the hell is his problem?

What the hell is my problem?!

Dejected, I drop down onto a deserted patch of grass, and moodily tug at the blades beneath me. This is so stupid.

I know what’s bothering me, and I cant help being furious with myself for letting it get so out of hand.

Ashes to ashes

I’m a grown man. I can do without the self-pity thing.

Dust to dust.

So my family died. So what?

“Are you Max Evans?”

There’s millions of people without families. Without anyone. So just get over yourself!

“Son, I’m afraid I have some bad news. You need to come down to the station with me.”

I’ve got plenty of people who care about me. I’ve got Maria, and Michael. And Liz---

“Max! Max!” I turn irritably to see a very decked up, and scantily clad Sarah Merek hurrying across the grass towards me.

“Great.” I murmer, sending my eyes skyward.

“Hey darlin’” She calls, smiling sweetly, and reaching down to peck me on the lips.

What is she doing here? Did we have a date? Suddenly I cant remember. Suddenly, I don’t care. Suddenly, the innocence that I had once seen in her seems to come off as fake and boring.

“How’s it going?” I smile weakly, and listen with half an ear, as she launches into a detailed description of her sad, miserable life.

There’s nothing.

No chemistry, no appeal… nothing.

An image of Liz sitting on the couch, arguing passionately about the jelly donught in her hand flashes across my mind, and unconsciously, I find myself longing to get home.

No. Stop that. You’ve got plenty of girls. You don’t need another.

But somehow, I get the impression that what’s between Liz and me could be more than just some horny kids, looking for a good hard fuck

And that’s what scares the shit out of me.

“Darlin’?” I look at her.

“What?” I don’t even bother masking the fact that I haven’t been listening to a word.

She’s a little miffed, but swallows it graciously. “Dinner, Honey. Are you free for Dinner?”

I pause.

If I go home, I go to Liz. I behave like a jerk, and she ends up hating me even more.

If I go with her… Chances are, I’ll be too distracted to think about… stuff. About them.

…Ashes to ahses…


I sigh, and try to smile, the resignation eminent in my voice. “Dinner sounds good.”

…Dust to dust…


The apartment
12:56 am

My pen taps continually against the page, as I gaze at the tiny print in my Econ text.

I’ve been reading the same freaking lines since ten oclock.

The Federal reserve was founded by Congress in 1913---


God, its almost one, now.

---to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and---


Where is he?!
---more stable monetary and financial system.Today the Federal Reserve's---

Maybe he’s at Michael’s. Yeah. Yeah, that’s probably where he is right now, watching some lame, late night football match.



I’m gonna call.

---duties fall into four general areas: Conducting the nation's monetary policy;supervising and regulating banking---

…Geez, this is hopeless!

I close the book with a sigh, and slide down the sofa, till only my head is propped up by the arm.

Two bucks says he’s with a woman.
As if on cue, I hear the doorhandle jiggle, and Max’s deep voice floats through the closed door.

I hastily open my book to a random page, and throw my arm casually under my head.

Pretend I’ve not been sitting here anxiously for the past, like, four-

A high pitched giggle, and the door swings open.

I feel my heart sink like a stone, as Max enters the apartment, his arms and lips entwined in Sarah Merek’s.

They’re giggling, laughing like lovers usually do. A bomb could have gone off, and they wouldent have noticed I was in the room.

I sniff loudly.

“Oh my God…Max!…” Giggle.


I clear my throat, and that finally seems to do the trick. Max looks up from Sarah’s neck, and has the decency to at least extract his hands from her… curves. He slings an arm around her, and nods at me. “Hey.”

“Oh…” Giggle. “Sorry, Liz. Thought you were sleeping.”
Sarah gushes, her hand resting on Max’s butt.

“Yeah.” Whatever.

I don’t look up from my book.

Max looks at the books strewn across the floor, and the television, turned onto an old rerun of Newheart.

“Active night life, huh?” He smirks at me, as he leads the Little Slut into his bedroom.

I smile insicerely. And although I know he’s just teasing,

I feel the sting right through my heart.

You jerk! I feel like screaming.

Jerk, Jerk, Jerk!!!

I know we’re not… involved, or anything. And, I mean, I’m not intereted in him at all, but… DAMN HIM!!!

How can he do this to me?!

I contemplate further self-pity, but in the end, sleep triumphs, and I trail into my room, robe flapping behind my feet.

Who the hell was I kidding? Max was, is, and always will be a guy.

And by guy, you know what I mean.

Sooner or later, Liz Parker, you gotta get rid of this
cloud you keep clinging onto.

Men are dogs, and as long as they have penises, so shall they remain.

I’m just getting into my little feminist/oomphy pep talk, when suddenly, the all-too-obvious pounding and the muffled sound of Sarah’s aroused moans fill the air.

“Oh…oh, yes… You’re so big. Oooh God… Yes, make me come! …oh, MAX!…aaaah… ”

Hurridly snapping off my bedside lamp, I wrap a pillow around my head, and feel a tiny lump forming in my throat.

Some women suck, too.

Can I just say that some of your feedback is really adorable? I mean, really. I was laughing...

Sorry, no nookie yet. Its too soon, dont you think? I thought a little background on Max would help...

posted on 31-May-2002 3:29:48 PM by PEACELOVESHEEP
I’m just getting into my little feminist/oomphy pep talk, when suddenly, the all-too-obvious pounding and the muffled sound of Sarah’s aroused moans fill the air.

“Oh…oh, yes… You’re so big. Oooh God… Yes, make me come! …oh, MAX!…aaaah… ”

Hurridly snapping off my bedside lamp, I wrap a pillow around my head, and feel a tiny lump forming in my throat.

Some women suck, too.


The apartment
10:07 am

“Hey Liz.”

Whatever. Slut.

“Hi Sarah.” I smile sweetly.

Slut. Slut. Slut.

“Morning.”She comes over, and slips onto the kitchen counter, swinging her legs innocently.

“So, you have a good time last night?” No. NO! What the hell am I doing? I don’t want to know how last night was. I want to erase that particular period of time from my mind forever.

…I’ll bet it was incredible…

As if reading my mind, she smiled giddily. “It was amazing…”

“Good. That’s… great.” Change the subject! I start to do just that, when she continues.

“Max is really a great lover.”

“I’m sure.”

“A little aggressive, sure, but to me, that’s really hot. Its more… stimulating, you know?” She giggles, as if it’s a really cool secret, or something. As if she’s twelve, and someone said the word ‘boobies’


Aggressive lover.

I imagine him pounding into me, stroke, after stroke, moaning, gasping, biting---

I clear my throat.

“You’re pretty close to Max, right?” Sarah asks out of the blue, closing the fridge, and placing the milk on the counter.

I shrug. “I guess. But I mean, he’s not the easiest person to understand, you know?”

“Yeah.” She muses. “No, I didn’t think he was. Its really sad, isn’t it? You know his parents died? The accident was exactly two years ago yesterday.” She lowers her voice and leans in, as she talks.

I look up. “Really? I didn’t know it was so recent.”

“Oh, yeah, the legal stuff isn’t even sorted out yet.”

“Oh.” Poor guy.

“I know. He must have been so---”

“What the fuck is this?!”

I turn my head. Max stands in the doorway, shirtless and furious, clutching a handful of papers.

Sarah visibly stiffens. “I just… I… I was just looking.” She stammers, looking a little surprised.

“This is none. Of your business, ok?! So keep your fucking hands outta my stuff!”

“Cool it, Max, she obviously didn’t mean to---” I begin, frowning. What the hell is he so angry for?

He doesn’t even look at me.

“I told you. LAST NIGHT, I said ‘don’t touch this.’ I said that, right?” He’s shouting, now, his voice filled with anger. I’ve never seen him like this.


“I SAID THAT, RIGHT?!” He bellows, looking at Sarah furiously.

“I said I’m sorry, ok? I just wanted to understand what’s going on with you.” She starts to cry, and I quickly put a hand on Max’s shoulder.

He shrugs it off, and looks at Sarah disgustedly. “Fuck this. Why don’t we just friggin’ publish this in the newspaper, huh? Sarah? You wanna do the honours?!”

“Why are you being so horrible?” Sarah’s voice trembles, and she looks disbelievungly at the ground.

“Because I don’t like being jerked around. We’re not fucking married.” He snaps, his eyes flashing.

“You know what? You’re an asshole, and we’re through.” Sarah grabs her purse from the table, and runs out of the apartment, sobbing angrily.

“God, what is wrong with you?!” I cant believe this guy.

“Yeah, like you’d understand.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“You are one fucked up guy, you know that, Max?” I shake my head. “You can’t treat people like that. You cant treat your girlfriend like that.”

“I don’t need too hear this.” His eyes are hard, unfeeling, but sparkling with fury.

I grab his arm, as he turns away.

“No, you know what?! You do. You need to hear this, because if you keep doing this, if you keep treating the people around you like shit, then you’re gonna end up alone all your goddamn life.”

“Fuck you, you don’t know shit about being alone.”

“Maybe. But at least I’m---”

“No, Liz. DON’T FUCKING TEACH ME ABOUT BEING ALONE, OK? DON’T YOU FUCKING TRY! YOU AND YOUR…. YOUR PERFECT LITTLE EXISTENCE… YOU THINK YOU KNOW ANYHTING? YOU DON’T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE! Do you know what its like to be completely surrounded by people, but feel so lonely inside, that yo uhave no idea where to look? Have you ever been so close to death, that you ca nsmell it on your skin when you go to sleep at night?” His eyes shoot venom at me. “HAVE YOU EVEN BEEN TO A CEMETERY?!” His teeth are gritted, and he spits out each word, obviously trying to control his anger. “LIZ?!”

“Max…” I’m shaking my head, eyes clenched shut and streaming. “Stop it, please.”

He laughs bitterly. “YOU HAVE NO. FUCKING. IDEA!!!” He’s shouting, his face so close to mine, that I can feel his breath on my skin.

I’m crying. Not because I’m scared, but because I can see right through him; because I can see him hurting. I reach out a comforting hand, but he jerks it away. “FUCK!”

“Max, stop.”

“FUCK!” He slams the pepper grinder off the counter, and sighs restlessly, pressing his hands to his head.

I touch his cheek helplessly. “Max, Please. Just calm down, ok?” I beg, feeling the tears stream down my face.

“FUCK! Fuck…” He hangs his head, allowing his voice to tremble slightly.

“I know what happened yesterday, Max.”

He looks at me for a second, then turns away. “I can’t talk about this with you.”


“Just… LEAVE ME ALONE, ok?!”

“Max, don’t do this. It’s ok. It’s ok to be sad.” I hold his face in my hands, trying to make his eyes meet mine, trying to reach him.

“No…” His voice is weak, as he tries to break away.

“Its ok, Max.” I sob, pulling him into my arms, and hold on as tightly as I can, despite his struggle to push me away.

Suddenly, as if admitting defeat, he leans his head on my shoulder, and allows himself to be held. I can’t tell if he’s crying. He looks so tired, so drained.

He’s struggling with his breathing.

I hold him, for what seems like hours, just rubbing his back, and soothing his hair comfortingly.

Finally, I hear him take in a ragged breath. “I hate this.”

“I know.” It’s barely a whisper.

He shakes his head apologetically, as he sees my tears. His v voice trembling as he speaks. “I… I can’t cry like you can. That’s… That’s why...” He sighs.

I nod, understandingly. He’s trying to apologize. Trying to explain. “Its ok.”

He shakes his head, murmering. “I just- I didn’t mean…”

“Don’t worry about it, all right?”

He nods for a second, then smiles embarrassed. “I’m horrible.”

“No, you’re not.”

“I am. I’m like those mean, unfeeling bastards that OD themselves to death.”

I laugh slightly.

“I should apologize to Sarah.”

Right. Sarah. His girlfriend.

“Yeah. That sounds like a plan.” I pull myself away from his warm body, and wrap my arms around myself.

Suddenly, its very cold.

He nods, and pulls away from me. Reaching for his jacket and his keys, he manages to avoid all eye contact. “I’m gonna head out for a while.”

“Yeah, ok.” I can tell he needs to be alone.

“Cya.” He mumbles as he leaves, looking so lost, that I just want to hold him against me again, and let him cry for as long as he wants.

The Peel
4:56 pm

I enter the restauraunt and head straight for the back, where Maria’s sitting alone. “Hey.”

“Liz! Where the hell have you been?” She demands, pulling a chair up for me, her voice taking on that motherly tone as it usually does, when she’s worried about me or Max.

“What do you mean? I had a class.”

“You mean, you’re done moping?”

“Ages ago.”

“Oh, good. Then you’ll come to the party Friday night.”

“Um…?” I hesitate, not wanting to get into the whole I’m-swearing-off-guys-for-a-while speech.

“Come on, Liz. You’ll just be bored at home. Besides, I think Tess and Kyle are having a secret love affair, and I want you to be there when we---”

“Wait, Tess? What happened to getting over Tina?”

“Ugh. Way over. Problem is, Tess is still after Max.”

“But Max---”

“Is with Sarah, I know.”

“No, actually, they broke up.”

“Since when?”

“Since this afternoon. I overheard Max on the phone.” For some strange reason, I don’t tell her about the whole Max episode from the morning.

“Well, good riddance, anyway. I hate being polite to bimbos.”

“She was nice.” I shrug.

“Yeah, nice. But, I mean… think about this. Max is a smart guy. I mean, really smart. But he insists on going out with these absolute blonds, and its so---”

“Maybe he likes being smarter?” I pop a grape into my mouth.

“No… its more than that.”

“Did you know that yesterday was the anniversary of---”

“Yeah, Michael told me.”

“Poor thing,… I feel so bad for him.”

“Yeah, don’t let him hear you, though. He hates pity.”

“It’s not pity. I just… its just sad.”

She pauses. “That’s probably it, you know. He dates all these dumb, bubbly dingos, that are, like, completely wrong for him, so that he never has to fall in love.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… “ She pauses for a second, thinking. “Its kinda like, he doesn’t want to ever lose anyone he loves, so he just completely stops himself from… from feeling. ” Her voice sounds sad.

“Yeah…” I stare at the counter for a second, remembering yesterday.

“I’m glad he’s coming. He probably needs to have a good time.”

“He's coming?”

“Totally based on my powers of persuasion.”


“Yeah, and you gotta come, too. He’d never admit it, but he really likes you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Yeah. No, no, not in that way, although you never know… I meant, you know, he loves being with you.”

“Well, we’re friends.” My heartbeat begins to decend to its normal speed. Its weird to call him that. Friends. We’re not actually friends.

And really, we’re so much more than friends.

I turn my attention back to Maria.

“…Meet them there, ok?”

“Sure, ok.”

Just then, Max walks in through the front doors, and my hear leaps as it usually does. It either leaps, or squeezes, or clenches, or sometimes gives up on me completely.

Oh God, could I want this man any more?

Hey, I didnt mean to make him Evil Max! I was just showing how utterly and totally confused he is. He's really messed up, but dont hate him!

*fails arms helplessly* Great. Now everyone hates the hero. What am I gonna do now?

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Walking can be the most relaxing thing in the world, you know?

I mean, here we have massages and bath salts and alcohol, but sometimes just wandering around in a mall, or walking through the empty quad can be enough.

Especially at night.

Granted, ENMU’s not the most peaceful campus after dark, but it still has the tiny pinch of comfort, and certainty about it.

I walk around for what seems like hours, just thinking.

I sound insane, I know.

But sometimes, life just gets so electrifying, you need a little darkness.


The apartment

“Hey, anyone here?” I drop my books onto the table as a loud bang eminates from the kitchen, followed by series of curses.

“Is everything ok?”

Max storms out of the kitchen a second later, his t-shirt stained with parsely. He visibly relaxes when he see’s me.

“Oh, thank God you’re here. Would you please get in there and do something about Psycho Sidekick? She’s completely taken over the kitchen.” He looks disgustedly behind him.

“Maria?” I raise an eyebrow, walking.

“She’s making a mess.”

“I am not! Its Eggplant with pepper sauce, you uncivilized inbred. It’s a fucking delecasy in India.”

“Feed it to the Indians.”

“Eat my shorts.”

“Make me.”

“Make me make you!”


I cross to the open kitchen counter, only to stop dead in my tracks.

The typical comic-book scene is laid out in front of me, complete with food scattered all over the place, and the guilty looking cook standing motionless right in the middle of it.

“Maria!” I cry helplessly looking at the mess then at her. “My kitchen!”

“What kitchen?” Maria blinks, innocently.

Max begins laughing behind me. “Man, this is priceless. This is fucking- I’m calling Kyle and Mike. They’re gonna love this.”

“Don’t you dare! Max Evans, don’t you fucking touch that ---AH!” Maria runs out after him, wooden spoon in hand.

I shake my head, disbelivingly. University seniors. What would our parents say?

I can hear Max and Maria laughing, chasing each other around the living room.

Rolling my eyes, I turn, and walk into the livingroom.

“Coming THROUGH!” Max leaps at me from the couch, and begins running over the cusions scattered over the ground. Maria follows, yelling, and tosses her wooden spoon at him, missing terribly.

They’re both laughing and squealing, and I quickly join them, bellowing “Not on the---not on the fucking furnature! Guys! Maria, Max, get off the couch!”

I grab his shirt from behind, as Maria leaps off, and we tumble backward, onto the ground.

I begin laughing, too, as he straddles me starts tickling. “Max! Oh god…NO!” I gasp, writing, and choking with laughter.

A full-fledged wrestling match ensues, and I’m just in the process of pushing Max’s arm away, when Maria’s face catches my eye.

She’s standing over us, eyebrows raised.

I stop, and quickly push Max away. He must have seen her too, because he immediately moves away, and smooths out his hair.

I look at Maria. “What?”


I pick myself off the ground.

“You guys just looked a little busy, that’s all.”

To my horror, I feel myself turn a bright shade of pink. “I’m uh… I’m gonna put my stuff away.”

“I’ve got to check on my… on uh, Michael.” We both go to opposite sides of the apartment, leaving a grinning Maria behind.


The park


I shriek, as I feel something wet rub against the back of my exposed thighs.

“Jake! Jake, come here!”

I turn to see a tall, lean guy running up to me, and grabbing a rather large scary looking dog, as it retreats away from me.

“Jake!” The guy leans over, and quickly snaps on a leash. He’s panting. “Hey, I’m really sorry. This thing is completely out of control.” He looks at the dog disgustedly.

“Its fine.” I smile slightly, watching the poor guy struggle to catch his breath. I remove my headphones, and mop my sweaty face with a towel. “Not yours, I take it?”

“Thank God, no. He’s actually an investment. Dog sitting. Not going too well, so I can probably cross out any future career prospects in animal control.”

I laugh. This guy’s all right.

He straightens up. “You’re Liz parker, right?”

I frown. “We know each other?”

“Sorta. A friend of mine had a crush on you in high school.”

“Really?” I’m flattered. “You went to West Roswell?”

“Yep. I was three years under you.”

My face falls. “Oh. So you’re…still in school.”


“And you’re 18.”

“And three quarters.” He says with a mock-hopeful look.

Again, I laugh.


The apartment
12:13 pm

“Ooooh…” The door slams shut, and Maria trudges in, and slumps onto a kitchen stool. “Death to alcohol. That’s all I’m saying.”

“Wow. You look as bad as I feel.” I nod sympathetically at Maria’s rumpled hair and bloodshot eyes. “I’m never drinking again.”

“I thought you’d given up.”

“I had.”


“And then I met Scott Kusouzki.”

“Scoot K? The short skinny kid form high school?”

“He wasn’t that short.”

“He’s what, 17?”


“God bless my soul, you’re completely serious.”

“And why wouldent I be? He’s smart, and funny and---”

“And still in high school!”

“Maria, that’s not the issue, here.”

“That is SO the issue. Liz, this guy probably has a cerfew. And an allowance.”


“So do you really want to go through the whole mauling-in-the-back-seat, be-home-by-eleven mess?”

I scowl. She has a point. “I don’t know.”

“Besides. You’re never gonna live this down, if Max or Michael find out you’re going out with a kid.”

“He doesn’t look like a kid. He has a car.”

“Grasping. At. Straws.”

“Shut up, Maria. I’m going out with him tonight, ok? And if it works out, then… then I’ll just deal with it, ok?”

“Fine. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


aw, geez. you guys are really bad. My head's grown three sizes already!

Eccentric One...I love your insight. I didnt know my writing had so many dimensions...*wink* I'm glad you liked the emotional scene. I loved writing it.

izzylizard ...Uh...*looks around nevously* um... I DONT KNOW! ok? I think you should understand that I screw up the details quite frequently, and that you should probebly just ignore them, or you'll go insane trying to figure everything out. I suck at details.

JaneJane aw... shucks! you're tooo kind...

ffaddy1 thanks for everything that you said... I love writing this story.


posted on 23-Jun-2002 2:59:01 PM by PEACELOVESHEEP
The apartment

I smile back at Scott, as I enter the apartment, and shut the door softly behind me. Michael, Maria and Max are sprawled all over the living room, and a movie playes on the television.

Maria looks at my face. “Ooh! Looks like someone had a good time tonight.”

“Someone had a great time, thanks for asking.” I take off my coat, and throw it onto the table.

She smiles, and looks casually back to the televsions. “So what’d you have, a McChicken, or just a regular Big Mac?”

I roll my eyes. Here it comes.

Michael frowns. “Yeah, I hear they don’t have valet. Where… Where’d you park the scateboard?”

Maria squeals with laughter, but Max sits quietly in the corner, staring at the screen. His face is a dead mask.

He’s usually the one to start bugging me about my dates, and it seems impossible that he hasn’t said anything yet.

“Come on, Max, just say it. I know you’re dying to.” I comment, but to my surprise, his face remains serious.


“Its your fucking life. Live it how you want.” And he climbs off the floor, and brushes past me into the kitchen.

Michael raises his eyebrows. Whoa. Not a very Max thing to say.

I stare after him. “Whatever. I’m gonna change.” I don’t have the energy to figure him out.

Suddenly, I just want to bury my head in my pillow.

I walk into my room, and start to undress, when Maria knocks, and walks in. “God, if I watch one more movie with Pam Anderson in it, I swear I’ll hurl.” She flops down onto my bed, and fiddles with her hair.

“Why does he do that?”


“He runs so hot and cold on me. Like, one minute, he’s so incredibly sweet and understanding, and then…” I fail my arms helplessly. “Why does he do that?”

Maria shrugs it off. “Oh, he’s just mad that you’re dating that guy.”

“No, Maria. Max doesn’t care who I go out with. Why would he?”

Maria looks at me, and then smiles sympathetically. “Aw, sweetie, you really havent figured it out yet, have you?”

I frown. “What’re you talking about?”

“The guy’s crazy about you. Its too obvious, sometimes.”

“Maria, come on.”

“I’m serious. Havent you seen the way he looks at you? The way he talks to you? Trust me, Liz. He’s fallen for you, and he’s fallen hard.”

“Really?” I digest this slowly, sitting own beside her. “Has… Has he ever… ever said anything to you?”

“Not in words.”

“Oh.” I look at my hands, feeling something stir in my chest. Max and me. It sounds strange. Strange, but oddly exciting. I turn to Maria. “But if he really likes me, then why is he such a jerk to me?”

Maria shrugs, and sits up, too. “Because he sees you with all these losers, and all he can think about is how you deserve so much better. How they cant ever make you happy.” She pauses. “But that’s just my theory.”

I sigh. “I like your theory.” Flopping down onto my back, I cover my face with my hands. “Oh, god, what am I going to do?”

“Well, give him a chance, at least.”

“He’ll never tell me. He’s too proud to admit he actually likes me. If he likes me.”

“Maybe. But he’s Max. He’s full of surprises, you know?” I look over at her, nodding. I hope she’s right.

The club

Liz Parker has got to be the most gorgeous woman in here.

Not that I’m looking, or anything.

No. No, I’m really busy having my jello shooters.

And dancing with this girl… Maria. Its only Maria.

And I haven’t seen Liz in over an hour.

“Hey… switch partners?” I look up to see Michael and Liz standing a few steps away, looking drunk and happy as ever.

I look down at Maria, already guessing that the idea of dancing with Mike is perfectly fine with her.

I haven’t dared to look at her yet. At Liz.

I sigh, mock dissapointedly, and let go of Maria. “Ok, but this is the last time.” I say seriously, and make a show of wrapping my arms around Michael’s neck.

Maria and Liz burst into giggles, and Mike shoves me away. “Get off.” Rolling his eyes, he grabs Maria, and pulls her away.

“Don’t be getting into trouble, now, y’hear?” I call after them. Ok, so I may be a little drunk.

Liz giggles again, and I feel my chest swelling. I’m so witty.

“Shall we?”

I’m breathing.

And he’s breathing.

And maybe it’s the alcohol, but rightnow, its all I can hear.

Face, inches from mine. I stare dumbly into his hazel eyes, and I guess he doesn’t mind, because he’s staring right back.

God. Make the world stop spinning so fast.


I murmer. “Yeah?”

“This is going to sound insane, but I think I want to kiss you.”

“Oh.” My mind’s clouded over.

His voice is a low rumble in my ear.“Do you wanna go someplace?”

I swallow. “Yeah.”

He smiles, and we’re running through the crowd, to the back of the club, down the stairs, through a million different doors.

“Where...” I can’t even complete the sentence.

We stumble into a filthy room, bare iron bars, single light bulb, chipped tiles.

And he’s pressing me against the dirty walls. Taking me places I never dreamed.

“Jesus Christ.” He swears, lifting me up, and wrapping my legs around his waist. Wet, warm lips. Honey, and molasses…

I’m moaning, I’m fighting. I want control.


I cant think. Hands fly over my arms, along my spine, through my hair and then-


Max and I break apart, and turn to the door. “Who’s down there?”

Heavy footsteps.

Max grabs my hand, and pulls me into the shadows, pressing a finger to my lips. We try not to giggle.

And he’s breathing, and I’m breathing, and its all I hear.

Footsteps. “Anyone down here?”

As the sound dissipates down the hall, Max tugs at my arm, and we race through a corridor, and out into the cool night air, through an exit.

We’re giggling, and trust me, its hilarious.

“Lets go home.” I say, suddenly, clutching at his jacket. My body’s on fire.

He looks at me for a moment, then leads me to the car.


sorry guys... exams, summer etc... but enjoy the new part! I'm off to the lake!


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the camping was a little more hectic than expected, and I'm just recovering and working on a new part right now.

I'll have it up tomorrow at the very latest.

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The apartment

She stands there in front of me, dressed only in her black lace underwear, and all I can think about is how I want to rip it off her.

The lights are dim, and its surprisingly cool. Is that why her nipples are pushing up against her bra like that?

I swallow with some difficulty, and we stare at each other for a little while.

And then I’m lifting her up into my arms, holding her head with one hand, her ass with the other, kissing her for all I’m worth. Tongues, lips, I fiercely gnaw at her bottom lip, reveling in her breathy moans.

Christ, I'm gonna lose it. Right here, right now.

Max… Ungh…” She breathes, pressing her damp panties up against my stomach. My penis is completelty erect, and it throbs impatiently against the zipper of my pants.

Oh man, her skin… that smell…

I slam her roughly against the door, and grind my cock aginst her. Her hands are on my chest, and she cries out in pleasure as I violently suckle her neck, leaving a stain on her creamy skin.

We’re on the bed, now. God knows how we got here. I want to fuck her. I want to feel her cumming around my cock, begging and screaming for more.

I want.

I bite at her dark, pleading nipples, hearing her scream my name in ecstasy. “Now…Ungh... Max. Max!”

My eyes darken with lust, and I take her into my arms, my control slowly dissipating into nothing; her cries echoing in the swealtery room and filling my senses.


Max’s Room

I open my eyes to blackness. That, and a headache like someone’s crushing walnuts with my skull.

Where the fuck am I?Who’s bed is this? It smells different. Oddly familiar, but still different.

Moving my hair away from my face, I streach my naked body languidly over the mattress, and---

Oh no. No. NO. NO. NO!

My feet come in contact with something warm and smooth. Other feeet. Male feet.

Jesus Christ, what the hell…?

Shoving the blanket from my face and ignoring the ache inside my skull, I almost cry out wen I see Max’s firm large body streached out next to mine. His arm’s thrown casually across my stomach, and his face is buried peacefully in my arm.


Wild, outrageous panic.

Oh God, how is this happening?

How am I half naked, sleeping in Max’s bed? Did we--?!

Oh god, did we have sex?

No. No, we didn’t. Thankfully, I notice that my panties are still on, and the ususual ‘morning after’ ache between my thighs is absent. Relif surges through my veins.

Now, I gotta get out of here.

Gently, I shift over to the side of the bed, and allow his hand to trail across my stomach, then fall limply onto the bed.

He stirs.

Please. Please, please don’t get up

He blinks and then groans, turning onto his back. Clutching his head shaikily, he sqints against the harsh sunlight and then freezes as he catches sight of me, perched uncomfortably at the edge of the bed.

Oh.” He looks as shocked as I feel.

“Yeah. Hi.” I murmer, holding the blanket higher against my bare chest, and giving him an ackward little wave.

He picks up the clock by his bed, and squints at it. “Fuck.” He slams it back down, and then sits up, exposing an equally bare torso.

I swallow uncomfortably.

He coughs. "So…uh… did we---"

I quickly shake my head no. “No. No I’m pretty sure we didn’t. We uh, we didn’t.” I pull my knees close, and stare at the white comforter.

He stares too. “Oh. Ok. Ok, good.”



We look around ackwardly at everything but each other.

“Um… could you…?” I point to the floor by his bed.


“Could you pass me..”

“Oh.” He sees my bra on the floor.

“My bra. Its on the.. yeah, the floor. Thanks.”

He lifts it up between his index and middle finger, and quickly holds it out to me, turning away, as I grab it and put it on.

This is hell.


Max's room

Without another word, she slips out of bed, and starts collecting her clothes.

I cant help but stare longingly at the black, skimpy thong that barely covers her ass.

I’m a moron. Moron, moron , moron!

She coughs, and then, with quiet dignity, walks straight out of the room, her clothes still under her arm.

This is just perfect, man. Just perfect.

I fall back onto the bed, and press my face into the pillow. This is sort of cruel, weird joke, right? It has to be. I can almost see god, pointing a finger at me, laughing his ass off.


The apartment

Shutting Max’s door quietly, I lean against it, and struggle to pull on my jeans. Stupid, idiot jeans. Stupid idiot everything. I swear, if there was one---

“Um… Hi.”

I let out a shriek, and clutch the pants to my waist, my head snapping up to catch the owner of the voice.

Maria, Michael, Kyle, Tess, Greg Almer and Janet Browning blink at me from the kitchen, their hands frozen mid-meal. This is obviously not a sight they expected to see here.

“Its not what it looks like.” I say quickly, still standing against the door.

Maria shrugs. “We didn’t ask.”

“Yeah, I know, but.. I mean, I realize that what this looks like… coming out from Max’s room… I mean, because I’m uh,… you know…”

“Half naked?”

“Yeah… uh, this just isn’t… we ---” I sigh, and slump my shoulders, deciding it’s too much of an effort to explain the whole ordeal.

“Coffee?” Kyle holds up a mug.

“Please.” I nod greatfully, and lean down to pull on my trousers.

“What the hell’s going on---” The door behind me opens, and I stumble backward into the room, and right into Max, who manages to grab me by my bra, and stop my fall. “Whoa.”

Maria snorts.

And then the whole kitchen bursts into a flurry of laughter and talking, as Max ackwardly moves away, and I run into my room. Horrified.

Stupid. Idiot. Everything.


Ah. Finally.

Word of advise? Do NOT go camping when its freaking fifty degrees outdoors. Really. The mosquitos get a whole lot grumpier, and the campfires arent quite as romantic anymore. Just sweaty.


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Main Hall - North Building


I look up from my bookbag to see Max jogging through the crowded main hall, headed towards me. I swallow.

“Detour from the Wasted Wagon?” I ask, nodding at the science building.

He smiles, and awkwardly pushes one hand into his pocket. “I have a tech course in the next building, actually.”

“I wasn’t aware you had courses.” We start walking.

“Neither was I. Apparently they expect you to come to all the lectures.”

“Strange.” I feign surprise.


I smile at my shoes. We haven’t looked at each other yet.

Abruptly, he stops, and touches my arm, turnng me towards him. “Hey, listen. I, uh, I actually wanted to talk to you. About. Last night.”

“Yeah. Um,…”

He continues. “I just… I wanted to say I’m sorry, you know?” He smiles. “For whatever its worth.”

“Oh, hey, you don’t have to do that. Its not your fault.”

“I know, but… I can be pretty… persuasive when I’m… when I’m drunk, so…” He shrugs. “Just wanted to clear the air. I mean, last night… It was a stupid, uh, crazy…”

“Yeah, I know. You’re right. Its fine. I mean, we’re adults, and… and we should just forget it, and move on.”

“Yeah. Forget it. And anyway, you’re going out with that kid… uh…”


“Right. Scott.” He bites back a smile

“Not one word, Max Evans, or I swear, I’ll smack you.”

He grins, then walks, away, throwing me one last smirk.

I watch him leave, my heart in a turmoil. At least he doesn’t hate me.


“Its in the building, Sam, and if you don’t deactivate it, we’re all as good as dead.”

“Then I guess I have no choice. Hey, Jonis? Do me a favour.”


“Tell Jimmy I won’t be able to make it to his baseball game.”

I shift in my seat, taking a sip of my cola. “Who’s that guy?” Maria hisses, for the millionth time, leaning in.

“He’s the cop.”

“Bad guy?”

“Good guy! Its Bruce Willis, Maria. He’s been the hero since the beginning.”

“I know! I just… I hate this movie.”

“Tell me about it.” I mumble, as the sixth car explosion lights up the screen. Suddenly, Maria leans over to the other side, as Max whispers something to her.

A second later, she’s out of her chair, and Max flops into her seat, looking releved. “Jesus Christ!” He whispers, shaking his head in wonder.

“What happened?”

“Tess Harding happened.”

I giggle. “She’s realy sunk her teeth into you , hasn’t she?”

He rolls his eyes, and leans back, reaching out to steal some of my popcorn. I don’t care.

Suddenly, the movie isn’t looking so bad

My room
Midnight, my birthday

Somewhere between the haze of sleep and conciousness, I hear quiet murmering. “Hey! Shut the fuck up, you’re gonna wake him.” Some one hisses.

I moan, and turn over, wrapping a pillow over my head. Yeah. Shut the fuck up. Its ---

Suddenly, a heavy body climbs on top of me, and holds me down, as strong arms grip my body. “What the fuck?!”

A blidfold is wrapped around my head, as I struggle against the swarming bodies. I can feel my wrists being tied down to the bedposts, and a gag is pressed over my mouth. I’m panicking, squirming, when suddenly, I hear laughter.


Twenty minutes later

Tugging at the ropes one last time to make sure they’re secure, Michael sighs. “Ok, lets do it.” Some one leans over to untie the blindfold, and pulls it away from my eyes.

I squint, even though the room’s still fairly dark, take in the scene in front of me. Michael, Maria, Kyle, Tess and about twenty other people are crowded around the bed, smiling at me. A million candles adorn my desk, my bedside talble. Liz’s perched on my bedside, a cute little smirk on her lips. I raise an eyebrow at her (my gag’s still on), and she laughs. “Get comfortable, Max.You got a long night ahead of you…”

Michael looks over to the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen… Hey guys, shut up! Ok, Ladies and gentlemen and Kyle, we’re gathered here to welcome our friend, and our confidant Max Evans to his twenty second year on this planet. He appreciates… Hey! Anderson, shut up!… Ok, He appreciates your attendance, and in return, he encourages you to abuse his gaged, tied up sorry ass to your hearts CONTENT!”

The crowd breaks into cheers, but Michael hold up his hand for silence again. “Ok, Ok, but first,… First, we gotta officially say goodbye to year twenty one. So everyone twenty two and older, grab a candle, and gather around. You know what to do.”

A few people step forward, each grabbing a candle. Tess moves down beide Liz, and I catch a glint of something in her hand. A sissor. I watch with barely held back dread, as Tess gestures for Liz to get up, and takes her place. What the fuck kind of screwed up ritual is this?

Tess picks up my shirt, and starts snipping, cutting a straigt lne from my neck to my navel, then through my sleves, so that my entire torso lays exposed.

Michael nods. “Ok, people, that’s our que.” Stepping forward, he holds out his candle, and pours the collecting hot wax onto my chest.

A hot searing pain shoots through my skin, and I arch upward, groaning slightly in agony. Oh god, what the fuck is this?!

Everyone around me begins to cheer, but I open my eyes to meet Liz’s concerned ones. “Michael, come on, it probably hurts like hell. Stop it.”

No one listens to her.

“Michael!” She grabs his arm. “Michael, come on. Stop it. This is so silly.” She doesn’t look away from my eyes.

“Relax, Liz, it only hurts the first time. He’s a big boy.”

And he’s right. By the time the third jet of wax hits my skin, I don’t even feel it, and the cheering and hollering actually makes it fun.

Later, Maria giggles, holding up her glass for silence. “Ok, now girls.”

“Does anyone else want to go first?” Tess asks, already making herself comfortable by my side. She doesn’t expect an answer.

“I’ll go.”

My eyes snap up, at the sound of her voice.

I don’t see Tess’s face fall, or hear the catcalls around me,… just her, walking toward me, leaning over, and placing a perfect, lipstick print on my skin.

I’d like to say that her lips felt soft and supple, like petals pressing against my skin. That her hair gazing against my nipples felt like satin, but thruth be told, my skin was numb, and all I could do was stare dumbly, as she pressed her soft, coated lips to my chest.


Six hours later

Hours later, I’m promising a very drunk Kyle and Michael that I’ll leave Max tied up till sunset, and shoving them out the door. I swear, alcohol can turn people into such morons.

Everyone else has already left, and the place is a terrible mess. I look around the room. God, I’ve got a class in three hours, how the hell am I going to manage this?

Deciding to procastinate the cleaning up, I head over to Max’s room. Poor guy.

He’s still tied to the bed posts, and his chest looks like a picasso painting gone bad. Rivulets of wax lay frozen down his stomach, and everywhere else is spotted with lipstic and marker pen stains. Messeges are scribbled along his face and arms, and forehead.

His head is turned over to one side, and he’s breathing steadily, as if asllep, as I reach over to untie the ropes that bind him. Almost immediately, he opens his eyes and looks at me. Watches me, as I work on the knots. I don’t remove the gag till the very end, and he sits up.

“Thank oyu”

“No prolem.”

“So you knew about this?”

“Me? No.”

“You’re a terrible liar.”

“ Really.”


“I’ll get a knife.”


“For the wax. We’ll have to shave it off.”

“Are you voulenteering to help?”


“Are you?”


“Bring a sponge, too.”


“For the…” He rubs a lipstick print with his fingers.

“You can shower, yo uknow.”

“Yeah, but this way’s a lot more fun.” He smiles in that usual way he does, amused.

“Dream on, Max.”

He raises his eyebrows, then presses the back of his neck slowly.

“Hey, Einstien,”

He looks up.

“Happy birthday.”

He just smiles, rubbing his wrists, as I walk out of the room.


thank you, all you wonderful people! If they made a bubble head doll for me, they'd have to make my head smaller... *wink*

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Outside Michael’s Apartment

The door opens, and I’m face to face with a rumpled, scruffy, half asleep Michael.

“Hey man.”


“I gotta talk to you.”

“Right now?”

“Right now.”

“Ok, sure. Cause I’m usually available at this time of night.”

“Yeah.” I say distractedly, shrugging off my jacket and tossing it onto the table.

“So what’s the emergency?”

I turn to him, and say simply, “I want her.”

He nods understandingly. “Tess?”

I frown. “Liz.”

“What about Tess?”

“Tess wants Liz?”

“No I mean, you and Tess.”

I crumple my face distastefully. “There’s no fucking way…”

“Are you kidding?”

“When was there ever a Tess and me?”

“I don’t know, wasn’t there?”

“No, I want Liz.”

“Just Liz?”

“Yeah. Just Liz. And I want her bad.””

“And you just realized this? At a quarter to fucking three in the morning?!”

“NO! No, I just…” I sigh and flop onto the sofa. “Its just… she’s always there, you know? Talking, and… streaching and wearing that… nightdress… Its so… insane.” I moan, hanging my head.

“So what’s the problem? Just talk to her.”

“No, its not that easy. With other girls, I wouldn't have given it a thought, you know. I can handle them. But she’s… different.”


“Yeah. She’s not gonna fall for some cheesy lines or anything. She’s smart. And… and sweet, and gentle…and---” A goofy smile spreads across my face.

“Ok, enough with the commercials. What do you want from me?”

I look up at me miserably. “Advice?”

“Advice. Ok, go tell her how you feel.”

“What, do you have a death wish for me, or something? That’s the last thing I wanna do. I have trouble thinking when I’m around her, forget professing my undying adoration!” I drag my hand over my face. “Fuck!”

He shrugs and runs a hand through his hair. “Wow.”

“Tell me about it.”

“So you really like her, huh?”

“Yeah. I’m crazy about her, man. She’s amazing.”

“That she is…”

We stare miserably at the floor for a few minutes, thinking. My mind keeps drifting back to this evening, to a picture of her walking out of the kitchen, her nose buried in a book.

He’s right. I have to tell her. It’s the only way.

“I’m gonna tell her.” I declare. “I’m gonna walk in there, and tell her everything.”

“Good plan.” Michael nods in approval.

“I’m gonna make the first move.”


“Move-making is about to commense.”


“All right.” I nod definitely.

He stares at me.

I stare at him. “What?”

“Why are you still here? Go. Go get her. Tell her how you feel.”


“Carpe diam, Maxwell, seize the day.”

“Carpe diam. Right.” I mumble.

“Yeah, now get outta my apartment.”

“Thanks, man.” I nod gratefully, standing, and heading for the door. I walk out of the apartment, all fired up, and prepared. Just tell her. Its really that simple. And, I mean, its not like she hates me or anything, right? Right?

And if she does, she’ll just slam the door in my face, and have a good laugh. It’ll be fine.

By the time I get home, its well past three, but I can see a faint glow emerging from the tiny space below her door.

Sigh. I can do this.

Carpe. Fucking. Diam.

I knock softly on her door. “Liz?”

God, is that my voice?! My heart’s pounding a mile a minute.

“Liz?” I knock again, then turn the door handle, and sneak a look inside.

Oh fucking---! This is exactly what I need.

She lays there, asleep, between the soft, feathery quilt, her lips parted slightly, and a hand thrown gracefully over her stomach.


Even that fucking turns me on.

I can’t help but stare.

She looks like a painting, in the dim lamplight, with ther book resting gently on her stomach.

I dare not walk any closer, but invoulantarily, my hand reaches out, and moves a stray strand of her hair aside. If you’ve felt silk…

“Oh, Christ.” It’s a sigh. What does she do to me?

My eyes trail down her smooth cheek, to the tender curve of her neck and breasts.

Gently extracting the book form her fingers, I place it on the nightstand, and switch off the lamp, bathing the room with darkness.

“Goodnight.” I whisper, shutting the door, and leaning against it.

This is torture.

Tess’s Dorm

I stare out into the street below, relived to get away from the smoke and the laughter, and the deafening music. Parties aren’t really my scene.

The door slides open a second later, and Max walks out, clutching a glass. “Home made fruit punch?” He offers, coming closer, and leaning over the railing next to me.

I wrinkle my nose in disgust. “Stop trying to palm it off. Everyone’s just junking it into the sink.”

He looks out into the crowded street below. “So you and that kid are really hitting it off, huh?”

“Scott? Yeah, you’d love that, wouldn’t you? I know its killing you to have no one to abuse.”

“Yeah, Liz, because that’s what keeps me going. The finer thrills of life.” He rolls his eyes.

I raise my eyebrows wairily.“Actually, its pretty clear that he’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend. I broke up with him over drinks.”


“Tell me about it. Speaking of exs, though, Tess seems completely attentive to your needs tonight, doesn’t she?” I grin.

“Don’t remind me.” He runs a hand through his hair. “She’s been breathing down my neck all evening.”

“You’re complaining?”

He shrugs. “Usually, I’d be surprised too, but come on… if you had a bat eating she-devil following you around, you’d hate it too.”

I laugh. “Aw, young love.”

He smiles mockingly.

“Well lookie here… speak of the devil, and she appears. With more fruit punch.”

“Kill me.” He doesn’t turn. “Still coming?”

“Still coming. Walking, walking, head--- oh.” I slump. “She’s talking to Kyle.”

“Oh, sweet Jesus.” He sigs with exaggerated relief, and I roll my eyes.

He stares at the street below for a moment, as if contemplating something, then brings his eyes up to mine. “So, you gonna hang around here for a while?”

“Naa. Pretty random fiesta. I’ll probebly head back soon.”

He looks over a me, hesitantly. “You wanna go somewhere?”

I smile. “Definitely.”


Coffie House

A hour later, we’re sitting inside a deserted coffee shop, playing tic tac toe on paper napkins, having the time of our lives.

Two cups of piping hot moha coffee sit to one side of the table, forgotten.

“Dammit! Stupid… fucking… I hate this game.” I drop my pen onto the table.

He leans back in his chair, staring smugly at his undefeated paper napkin.

I frown. “Ok, last game, winner take all.” I challenge, grabbing my pen again.

“Its your funeral.” He shrugs, leaning forward again.

I can feel him watching me, as I ponder over the little grid, chewing my lip thoughtfully. I begin to draw an ‘x’ in the middle, when---

“No, see? There’s your first mistake right there.” He grabs the pen from my hand and starts to scribble on the napikin, as he explains. “You put an x there, and… see? That's a chance for me. I put an o there, and there. Four possibilities. But you gotta watch for this square, because if I put this there? Wait. No, yeah, if I put an o there, then you’ve already won. Two places across…”

He scribbles furiously, trying to explain his theory, brow furrowed, and eyes completely focused on the napkin. I watch him.

He stops suddenly, and looks at me. “It’s the coffee.” He states, seemingly embaressed by the way he’s been going on.

I smile at him for a second, as he reaches over to take a sip of his coffee. “Ah! Son of a…!” He winces, holding up a napkn to his lips. “Still too hot.”

I laugh. “No kidding.”

He puts his mug down.

“So why are you doing this?” I ask, abruptly, looking at him.

“Doing what?”

“Being here. Being with… me.”

“Why shouldn’t I be with you?”

“I don’t know. You’re a… party guy. I thought you wanted to hang out at the bash for a while.”

“I did.”


“And nothing. I’m having a better time here, anyway.”

“Plus you wanted to get away from Tess.”

“The She-Devil.”

I giggle. “Right. The She-Devil.”

“God, I don’t want to sound mean, but doesn’t that girl have a clue? I mean, I’ve already told her I’m not intrested… she just doesn’t get it.”

“She probably cant believe it. Guys are on waiting list for her.”

“Well, they can have her.”

“How come you hate her so much?”

He shrugs. “I don’t know. I just do.”

“She’s pretty.”



“So big deal. That’s all she is.”

“Well, that’s the only qualification you needed for all your previous girlfriends.”


“Sorry. I didn’t mean it like---”

“No, its ok. You’re probably right. Sometimes its just the timing, you know?”


“Yeah. Maybe I’m just rooting to get someone else.” He mumbles.

I swallow. “Right.”

He stares at me through those amazing hazel eyes, and I feel mysel drowining.

Me? Does he…?

The rain outside patters against the glass window of the coffee house, creating a soft, comforing music inside. It feels as though this is the only safe place here for miles.


Bus Stop

We’re leaning against the wall of some building, waiting for the bus in the slight drizzle.

She’s been silent for a while, lazily watching every car that passes by the deserted street. Crickets chirp in the background, giving the whole area a peaceful feel.

I look at the side of her wet face, radiant in the glow of the moonlight.

She looks at me. “What?”


She shrugs, shivers and pulls her thin sweater tighter around herself.

I gaze moodily at a beat up old truck that cruises by, the stereo blaring.

She yawns, sliding down, and sitting on the grimy pavement.

I look down. “You ok?”


“Mmm.” I join her on the ground, placing my arms on my knees.

She shivers again, and wraps herself into a tighter ball.

“Ain’t gonna happen, Duchess.” I say matter of factly.


“You’re not getting my jacket.”

“I don’t want it.” She grimaces.

“Good, cause I’m not giving it to you.”

“Please. I’d rather freeze.”

“Yeah, and what’s the idea of wearing... that… when its fucking three below outside?”

“I wasn’t planning on a moonlit walk, ok?”

“Its still stupid.”

“Thank you, Troy Mclure.”

“Its fucking backless.”

“I know. Trust me, I know.”

I stare at the floor for a second, my face expressionless. Then, sitting up, I peel off my soggy jacket, and wrap it around her bare shoulders.

She accepts it silently, and settles into my side, laying her head on my arm. Thanks.


My bedroom
12:43 pm

I cant understand it.

All I know is that I crave her. In my sleep, during classes, everywhere. If I see her across a crowded room, or just passing by my door, I feel her pulling me in, drawing me to her.

She’s always on my mind. Is she happy? Sad? Is she tired? Does she think about me?

I stare up into the ceiling, my thoughts filled with locks of dark brown hair, chocolate eyes.

She’s like a fucking deity.

She’s been up for a while, now, and I’ve been lying here, stupidly listening to her walk around the apartment, singing softly to herself. I picture her leaning against the kitchen counter in her tiny sleep shorts, showing off long shapely legs.

Tuning onto my stomach, I uncnciously grind my cock into the mattress, sighing at the welcome relief.

Reaching over to my bedstand, I grab a couple of tissues, and reach for my aroused dick. Its not the first time I’ve jerked off to her, and I know it wont be the last.

I cant remember the last time a woman kept me so captivated.

The chordless on my bed suddenly springs to life, its shrill bell cutting through the stillness of the room.

“Christ!” I swear, fumbling for the phone beneath the quilt. “Hello?”

There’s a quiet, “Um…”


“Uh…” There’s a pause.

“Who the fuck is this?” I snap irritably. Stupid crank callers.

A woman’s voice. “Um, I'm Nancy Parker. I was actually looking for Liz… Elizabeth Parker, I may have the…”

“Oh!” I sit up, and wince. “Sorry. I’m so… sorry, I thought. Uh, just. LIZ!” I scramble out of bed and race for the door.


damn, but I want them to get together more than you guys do. They will, you know. Very soon. Like maybe in the next post or something... gah. I'll do waht I can.

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She’s been up for a while, now, and I’ve been lying here, stupidly listening to her walk around the apartment, singing softly to herself. I picture her leaning against the kitchen counter in her tiny sleep shorts, showing off long shapely legs.

Tuning onto my stomach, I uncnciously grind my semi hard cock into the mattress, sighing at the welcome relief.

Reaching over to my bedstand, I grab a couple of tissues, and reach for my painfully aroused dick. Its not the first time I’ve jerked off to her, and I know it wont be the last.

I cant remember the last time a woman kept me so captivated.

The chordless on my bed suddenly springs to life, its shrill bell cutting through the stillness of the room.

“Christ!” I swear, fumbling for the phone beneath the quilt. “Hello?”

There’s a quiet, “Um…”


“Uh…” There’s a pause.

“Who the fuck is this?” I snap irritably. Stupid crank callers.

A woman’s voice. “Um, I was actually looking for Liz… Elizabeth Parker, I may have the…”

“Oh!” I sit up, and wince. “Sorry. I’m so… sorry, I thought. Uh, just. LIZ!” I scramble out of bed.


The apartment

“We’ve had this conversation before, Mom, I’m not going to get stoned or pregnant or arrested, just because I don’t stay on campus.”

I walk around the room, picking up stray pieces of clothing, the phone tucked neatly between my ear and shoulder. God, how long have these been under my bed?

“Yeah. Yeah, Mom, I’m eating fine.” I walk out into the kitchen, where Max is busy making a sandwich.

“Sure. Uh huh.” I squeeze past Max to get to the garbage. “Uh, just…”

“Oh.” He quickly moves back, bumps into the fridge. “Yeah, sorry.”

“Thanks. Uh-huh. Yeah, Mom, I’m here.” I pick up the magnet marker from the ground, and snap it onto the fridge. “Uh, no… No, that’s my room mate. Yeah, he’s a guy, but… Mom…”

Throwing a glance at Max, I quickly squeeze past him again, and head back into my room. “No…mom, I’m not living with him. Its not like that. He needed someone to share the apartment with him, and he just happened to be a --- MOM! No! I refuse to answer that. Yeah, yeah, he’s fine, don’t worry. He’s a good boy.”

I hear a sniker, and I turn to see Max leaning against the doorframe, smiling. I glare at him. Bending over, I pick up a large RubberMaid basket, and hand it to him while I talk. “Yours.” I mouth.

He pokes around the basket a little, and pulls out a pair of panties. Raising an eyebrow, he dangles it from one finger. “Yeah, mom, he’s a great roommate.” I snatch it from his outstreached finger, and mouth “Get out.” As forcefully as possible.

He rolls his eyes, and wanders out, shaking his head.


The couch
11:02 pm

“Damn it!! You bastard! Go back to the fucking bench!” Michael screams, tossing a pillow at the television.

“Amen.” I agree, chewing moodily at a Twizzler. Its about eight o clock, and I’m just not getting into the game. My mind keeps wandering places it shouldn’t. I’m not sure its normal, this obsession that I have with her.

They say guys think about sex every six seconds. I think about this girl all the time, and everytime the fucking six seconds pass, there she is, naked and moaning, and writhing under the soft white sheets.

I need a break. I need a---

“Hey... Earth to asshole! Maxwell?”

I look up. “What?”

“You look ill, man. And what’re you eating, anyway?”

“Um, it’s a … Twizzler.”


“Its Liz’s.” I blush, just because my six seconds are up.


“She likes them a lot.”

He looks at me.


“You’re sick. You’re just sick.”

I shake my head, like I don’t know what he’s talking about. Suddenly, she appears from the kitchen, nose buried in a book.

“Hey.” She says to no one in particular, and Michael says something.

Everything becomes really quiet, then, as I watch her speak, watch her smile.

Watch her thrash about under silky white sheets.


“Huh?” I blink at her, being pulled out of the fantasy.

“Are you going to Janet’s party?”

“I… I guess. I don’t know.”

“Yeah, me neither.” She says, and I look at my toes.

Michael nudges me, as she turns around to pick up my socks from the dining table.

“What? I mouth.

“Ask her.” He hisses, irritably, motioning at Liz.

I stubbornly fold my hands across my chest, and stare at the screen, pretending not to notice Michael’s death glare boring holes into my head.

Liz looks at Michael, and then at me, and then hesitantly walks back into the kitchen

“You’re a jackass, Maxwell.”

He grabs his jacket from the floor, and rolls his eyes.

“Shut up.” I intone, watching my princess ride me, her body slick with sweat and sticking to the white sheets.

“So, what? You’re never going to tell her? You’re gonna fucking jerk off to her for the rest of your life?”

“Hey, back off, man! This is none of your business.”

“Talk to her, Max. You’ll lose her, of you don’t.” With a small wave, Michael saunters out of the apartment, and shuts the door softly behind him.


He has no idea what he’s talking about.

Its not that easy, ok?

I cant just talk to her. I cant, because its…

Its… what?

I swallow, realizing how stupid I sound.

I’ve talked to girls before. This is not new territory.

What the hell am I freaking out for?

She’s just like any other girl, right?



The kitchen
11:24 pm

Strategic and Operational Plans. Another useful pespective on plans is the scope or breadth of activities they represent. Strategic plans are comprehensive in scope and reflect longer term needs and direction of the subunit.

I pause.


Am I supposed to get this crap?

“Hey.” Max goes over to the fridge, and pulls out a carton of orange juice.

I look up, as he comes next to me, an pulls out a glass from the shelf. “Hey.”

He tugs at my ponytail. “What’s the deal with this? You got a Betty Cooper thing going, or what?”

I jerk my head away. “Its called a pony tail, Max. Sixty percent of the population have them.”

“Pony tail.”

“Yeah, That’s what they call ‘em”

“Its funny how women don’t mind their heads being compared to a horse’s ass.” He muses, leaning againt the counter.

“Yeah, well, you’d know all about those, wouldent, you?”


“Hey, you walked right into that one.”

I turn back to my carrot sticks and my Management and Productivity notes, that sit on the counter.


“No, I’m making notes for fun.”

“Wouldn’t put it past you.”

“Ha ha.”

He leans back against the counter opposite the sink, and fiddles with the glass in his hand. “So listen. You know Janet’s party ?”

“What about it?”

“Are you going?”

“I told you, I don’t know. Haven’t really thought---“

“Maybe we could go together.”

I look up. “You and… me?”

“No, I was talking to the refridgerator.”

“Why don’t you take Tess?” I tease.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”


“I don’t want to go with Tess.”

“You want to go with me?.”

“I’m an equestrian.”


“So, will you come?”

I nod, smiling at him casually. “Ok.”



He nods, and looks down. “Cool.”

Suddenly feeling shy, I pick up his empty glass, and take it over to the sink. “How come you’re not studying? Mid terms are a week away, you know.”

“I’m busy.”

“Doing what?”

“Dealing with you.”

“You’re done.”

“Am I?” His voice turns suggestive, and I feel a shy, blushy smile spread across my cheeks. What is he doing?

“Why, did you have something else in mind?” I concentrate on the glass, the soapy froth spiraling around and around in the deep sink. On the water slipping easily over my skin.

“Maybe.” I can feel him moving closer behind me. His hands reach across and grip the sink from both sides of my body.

My flesh breaks into goosebumps, and I choke out, "Like what?" It’s hard to form a sentence, especially with his body so close.

“Like…” His body touches mine, breath hitting my skin, making me shiver. Fingers reach down to rest on my hips. He doesn’t move, and for a moment I wonder of he’s really there.

Slowly, gently, he moves his hands up, and then over my arms, touching, grazing. His fingers entwine with my soapy ones.

I swallow. I’m conscious of his hard, strong body pressing against my back. Oh god, is that his belt, or is he…

“Max…?” His fingers slip easily over the lather, and our hands play slowly, tantalizingly, rubbing, exploring.

His arms crush my body. "Liz?"

His breath caresses my cheek. "Um, what… what’re you doing?"

“I’m… I, uh,” He licks his lips and swallows, obviously in the same slurred state of mind that I’m in. “I’m not sure.”

I turn my head to one side, eyes closed as I try to take in this incredible sensation churning within my body.

His hands massage my palm, but they slow, and I feel him move his head. Now his breath grazes my lips, and I part them slightly in fear, in anticipation.

And then I feel it. Gentle as a butterfly’s wings, but firm, his lips touch mine.

Oh god. Oh God!

I don’t resist him. A little more confidently, he moves his head closer, and his mouth suckles mine.

I cant breathe.

The water gushes softly, our hands still entwined, but still.

Kiss me, my insides beg, as I part my lips slightly.

And then he does. Hard and aggressive, so I can feel the world slip out from under my feet. “Oh…!”

I’m turning and dragging my soapy hands into his hair, trying to hold onto him for my dear life. He pulls away abruptly. “I’m sorry.” He quickly turns his head, averts his eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

I swallow. I can still taste his lips on my tongue “No. No, its-” I turn his face to mine again, and we both stare feverishly into each others’ eyes. Gasping, licking lips, swallowing. He feels so farmiliar, so right.

“Liz.” He looks as dazed as I feel.

Not being able to stand it any more, he presses his hands into my back, and crushes his lips to mine again. A tiny sound escapes me, as I succumb to his assault, and we kiss frantically. To hell with breathing.

He lifts me up, and I’m flying high above the ground, into some unknown, mysterious feeling that leaves me dizzy. And he slams me down harshly on the kitchen counter, whispering “Sorry… sorry.”

I nod, grasping his head as it travels down my neckline and over the gentle swell of my breast.

“Oh Christ, stop me.” He moans.

I can hardly hear. This is really him. Oh god, its really him. And he’s kissing me, and holding me, and… I moan, as his mouth gnaws at my jaw, my neck, body moving between my parted legs to get closer, and closer still.

“Max… Oh god…” I need to get closer. I want him inside me. I want him to shove his penis into me, and take me so hard, that I see stars. I want him inside…

He moves a hand up my stomach, and I press it against my breast, crushing my tender nipple beneath his large, warm hands.

I can feel myself losing it, losing control, the voice inside my head screaming God! Oh God! FUCK ME! Beginning to sound desperate. “Ok, we need to slow down.” I gasp, looking down, resting my head against his chest.

“Yeah.” His chest heaves against mine. “Yeah. You’re right.” He nods, but continues to kiss my neck, my ear, my cheek.

"This is not supposed to happen..." I moan, tilting my head back, as he suckles my jaw.

“I know…” He gasps. “I know, I tried, but… I mean, look at you. You’re like this..” He cradles my face in his large palms. “ Amazing girl… woman! And I’ve just lost all… all…” he frowns, struggling “...all ability to piece together a simple sentence… ”

I laugh softly, and bite my lip.

He smiles. “You’re amazing.”

“…Thank you.” I murmer, my eyes drifting down.

“And I know that sounds kinda…”

I gently cover his mouth with my own. Shut up. Shut up, because no matter how hard you try and hide, Max Evans… I know you. And I trust you.

He speaks between kisses. “I’m---”

Suddenly, the shrill sound of the telephone cuts in, and Max drops his head in resignation.

“Christ, it’s always something…” He looks temptingly at me, at my lips, and swallows. “I’ll be right back, ok?”

I nod, silently, my body screaming in protest as he pulls away, and I watch as he goes into the living room.

Turning around, I lean my hands on the sink counter, and close my eyes. My body and mind swirl into places that mke me blush even more.

Commanding myself to calm down, I turn off the gushing water. Slowly, I walk into the livingroom, and lean against the counter that opens into the kitchen. He looks at me as he speaks, his eyes dark and mersmerising.

Again, I feel the sharp tug in my stomach, and I turn away. He hangs up the phone, and strolls up behind me, touching my bare hands tenderly. “So where were we?”

“Um…” It’s a moan, more than a reply.

My eyes roll back into my head, as I feel the graze of his lips against my bare shoulder. He moves slowly, deliberately, sliding his hands down my arms, and entwining our hands, touching, caressing.

“Max…” A breath escapes my lips, as he moves closer, his body now flush against mine.

Gentle lips press against my neck, and I arch my head to one side, urging him to continue.

Even when his tongue takes over, tracing my neck, my ear, I don’t feel the distant warning bell that tells me I’m on dangerous ground.

It’s as though every cell in my body’s surrendering, giving into his sensual assault.

Gentle as a butterfly’s wings, but demanding, he plunders my sences, never, once, stopping to check my reaction.

I’m putty in his arms, and he knows it.

I can feel his arousal against my lower back, and he presses it harder against me, making me moan, sigh.


He’s raping me. (Is it still raping if you want it this bad?)

Finally deciding to move forward, he releases my hands, and his fingers wander downward, to the edges of my skirt. Yes. Yes.

Shamelessly, I raise myself up, to give him easier access.

His lips are now barely touching my skin, the shallow breaths of an aroused man staining my cheek.

He’s done nothing sexual to me, and yet, I feel as though I could orgasm the best fucking orgasm of my life with just one caress.

Fingers slide teasingly along my thigh, and I’m afraid they’ll travel too close and see how overtly wet I am. He turns me around with just a dig of his fingers, and I’m his slave.

Deep amber diamonds burn with intensity, but still, the ever-present humour glistens through, hypnotic, spellbinding.

Kiss me. Please. Its all I can think. Kiss me, before I burst into a million pieces of nothing.

His lips look so soft. Supple. Sexy. Sensual… I could go all night.

As if reading my mind, he leans in a little, and pulls me forward, pressing my core againt his leg. God, that he was shorter, and I could feel his cock instead.

“I want you.” The words are barely above a whisper, but his hands on my skin, his eyes boring into mine say its true, no matter how scared he is of admitting it.

I nod. Its all I can do. He smiles, and I feel my heart flutter.

“Kiss me?” I didn’t realize I could speak. It’s a genuine request on my part, but he laughs a little, seeing the humour in it, somewhere.

Leaning his forehead against mine, he flicks his gaze back and forth, between my lips and my eyes, building… building…

He licks his lips, and swallows, and a soft, frustrated cry escapes my throat. He smiles. “Patience, Duchess.”

He reaches down abruptly, and captures my upper lip between his own.

“Mmmh…” I immedeatly dig my fingers into his feather-light hair, and press his head closer to mine. I’m up on tip toe.

The gentle kiss is now, far from gentle. As our impatience grows, he moves his hands under my skirt, and kneads my fabric-clad butt, pulling me, commanding me.

We’re moving backward, stumbling. Sharp pain against my back.

And he’s putting me on the dining table. The vase on the table clatters to the ground, and shatters, pulling us out of our reverie.

We pull apart, gasping. I havent breathed in years,

His hands are entwined in my panties, his face inches from mine. We stare at each other, just breathing.

He swallows with some difficulty. “I’d say something clever, but my brain’s gone into overdrive.” He says, so sincerely, that I have to laugh.

“Yeah, I’ll bet you get that a lot.”

“All the time.” I giggle, biting my lip shyly, and moving my hand over his chest.

I cant believe he wants me.

“So are we really going to do this?” He disengages his hands from my butt, and slides them up to my back, so I know he’s being serious. “I mean, are you… ok with this?”


“You sure?”

I nod.

“Ok.” He smiles. “You asked for it.” He reaches down, and swings me into his arms.

“Max!” I giggle, as he effortlessly carries me into his bedroom, and places me on my feet, againt the closed door. “Hi.” I manage to say finally, as I watch him now standing over me, his hands resting on either side of my shoulder.

He smiles, and nuzzles my hair gently. “Hey."

I laugh from pure happiness, realizing in with an awesome fericity, that I’m really here, really in Max’s arms, and that he’s being palyful, and adorable, and just the way I’ve always dreamed he would be.

He grins at me, more in amusement, than anything else. “God, you make me crazy.”

I bite my lip and I wrap my arms around his neck to touch his hair.

And suddenly, the desperate, horny teenagers are back, and we’re kissing, moaning, clawing at each other…

I want this. I want this so bad.

Our lips meet frantically, skin on heated skin, and its amazing how the mood’s changed so quickly.


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I bite my lip and I wrap my arms around his neck to touch his hair.

He grins at me, more in amusement, than anything else. “God, you make me crazy.”

And suddenly, the desperate, horny teenagers are back, and we’re kissing, moaning, clawing at each other…

I want this. I want this so bad.

Our lips meet frantically, skin on heated skin, and its amazing how the mood’s changed so quickly.


The doorway

She lifts one hand, and trails it innocently over my temple, my cheek and down the side of my neck. My cock hardens as her chaste hand suddenly claws over a nipple, and I let out a low growl.

Grabbing my tshirt from my back, I tug it over my head, and let it fall to the ground. Her fingers resume, touching tickling my quivering skin. She hesitates, then brings her mouth onto my skin, gently kissing, nipping, sucking at pepple-hard nipples.

My breathing slow, erratic.

I swear she has some sort of power over me, that turns me into this pathetic, moaning piece of meat, incapable of rational thoughts.

My turn. Mustering up all my self control, I grasp her head, and force my lips onto hers.

Too long.

Christ, I’ve waited too long for this.

Tossing her hair aside, I gnaw at her pale, creamy neck, as my hands gently work their way up, under her shirt. Hair conceals eyes dark with lust, with unspoken love.

“Oh…” She feels weak in my arms, and I concentrate on keeping her up, keeping her here. She feels so good.

She moans suddenly, as my hand moves over her bra cup. “Max take… Take it…” The rest is lost in moans and gasps, as I drink thirstily from her lips again.

Tugging her dress over her head, and tossing it aside, I urgently move my hands down her exposed skin.

I kneel to slide my hands down her bare legs, cursing as I take in the swaths of bare skin, barely hidden by a black thong and bra. “You’re beautiful… so fucking beautiful.”

Her clothes a puddle on the floor, she stands above me, hands greedily grabbing at my hair. She moans. I lean forward, and bury my face in her lace panties, her spicy woman smell making me heady. “Liz…” It’s a sigh, a prayer.

Fingers slip forward, and under the fabric holding up her panties. I slip them down easily, over smooth, creamy legs. Crumpling them up, and tossing them aside, I feel a fresh wave of arousal as I realize how damp they are.

I press butterfly kisses along her inner thigh, and then over the triangle of curls at the base of her stomach.

Her wet juices glaze my lips, and I lick them, wanting more, wanting so much more.

She throws back her head moaning, “Max.. Please, oh god, Please…” And I can hear the unchained desire in her voice.

Giving in a little, I part her tinyfolds with a finger, and lap at the hot pinkness that flows unheeded. She cries out in ecstacy, and encouraged, I lean in further and tentatively press my tongue to the swollen nub of flesh hiding in her curls. She screams at the touch. Pressing her thighs further apart with my hands, I plunge forward and begin alternating between twisting my tongue inside of her and nipping her clit lightly with my teeth.

She cries out again, and rocks her hips toward my face in pained desperation.

I throw her legs over my shoulder, and she clings to the doorframe, her covered breasts heaving with ragged breaths. Rock hard nipples strain against the fabric, and she coarsely fondles one, feeling my breath against her core.

I’m being uncharacteristically patient, and my body feels it. My rock hard dick is straining between my thighs, protesting at the pace. I press my thighs together, trying to gain some relief, but Liz moans, and thrusts her core in my face just then, and I feel myself grow even harder.

Enough. I need to feel her. I need to be inside her.

Sliding her thigs off my shoulders, I reast my head against my stomach, breathing.

“No! please… no…” She moans, almost tearfully, digging holes into my skin.

I move up her body, placing soft kisses along the way, and then stop, our lips inces apart. “Patience, little girl…”

She swallows, then nods, breathing.

Looks up at me.


Licks her lips. Takes out her tongue and licks my lips. Big brown eyes shadowed with lust. I moan, pulling her body into mine, rubbing my cock over her stomach, making her gasp.

“Fuck me…” She commands.

I slip my hands over her bra cup, thumbing the hard nipples and she throws her head back, sighing, “Yes… Yes…”

We drop down, onto the bed, my mouth replacing my fingers, as I suck impatiently at the fabric over her nipples, painting on a circle of wetness. Frustrated fingers claw at the edge of the lace, and I rip off the hook securing it. Pale, creamy breasts with rigid brown nipples stare up at me, heaving, begging.

I begin to move down, but she suddenly shoves me, and we turn over, so she’s straddling my hips.

“My turn.” She teases, holding down my arms on both sides of my head. Damp hair sticks to her face, sways gently around her face.

She kisses my neck, darts her tongue out to lick the spot behind my ear. I swallow, as her hands release mine, and gently trail down my sides to the hem of my low pants.

Her mouth works on my neck, as she easily unbuttons my jeans, and slips a hand inside. I hiss, as her fingers tease my throbbing penis. “Oh, someone’s wide awake…” She mummers, removing her hands, and gently beginning to move her bare hips against my groin.

“Fuck. Fuck… oh fuck…” I gasp, grabbing her hips to slow her down. I reach up, and hold her nodding breasts in my palm,

Buttons fly across the room as Liz tears through my jeans and boxers and tosses them aside to meet her panties. Hands reach down to stroke my arousal, and I squirm underneath her clawing at the sheets to keep my grip on reality. Her name courses from my lips like a curse as I draw neaerer to my orgasm.

She runs her open mouth across my chest and tugs gently on my nipples until I’m swearing and forcing her down onto her back, crushing her under my weight. A tangle of silky hair and miles of bare skin pressed against me.

Her scent drives me crazy, the innocent kisses she presses against my skin like fuel to the fire.

She wraps her legs around my waist and beginns moving her hips in slow circles, teasing the sensitive head of my cock with her wetness. My basic instincts take over, and I lick and bite at every piece of flesh within my reach, burning to be inside her.

Reaching out a hand, I hastily pull out a condom packet from my bedside table, and rip the plastic package with my teeth. She takes it from me. Sitting up a little, I grit my teeth in agony, at the feel of her tiny hands rolling it onto my rock hard dick.

She makes a low sound in her throat as I position myself at her entrance, my hands on her hips.

Suddenly, I cant stand it, can’t stand being so close, and not being inside her warm, wet opening. I pound my cock hard into her tight wet hole, hearing a cry of completion from Liz as I enter her.

She writhes under me, contracting her walls, trying to take me in.

My heart squeezes painfully, as the sensation of being sheathed completely inside her washes over me. My body strains, as the pent up feelings of desire threaten to push me over the edge, and I keep my head buried in her neck, afraid that the sight of her thrashing about under me might force me to explode.

I begin to move, feeling the friction against my cock, the slapping of thighs, sweat trickling down my chest.
The bed
11:58 pm

I let my eyes roll back into my head as he thrusts into me, and I dig my fingers into his back.

“Oh…oh… Yes! Oh Max… YES!” I gasp out, feeling his penis fill my insides, streaching it out as much as possible.

He gives me a second to adjust, and then begins to move, his lunges hard and slow. With each one, I feel myself sliding upward on the bed, building, building.

His back is smooth with rivulets of sweat, his breath harsh in my ear. “Liz… Fuck!... oh fuck fuck fuck fuck…” He gasps, his movements suddenly turning urgent, savage.

“Unhhhh...” It’s a sob, and I struggle to keep up with him.

His cock slams into me, thrust after delcicious thrust, now touching my womb. I claw at his neck, his back, desperately trying to pull him closer, have him so deep inside me, that I cant tell where I end, and where he begins. Have my body meld into his.

I’m shrieking, now, tears, sweat, creaking bedsprings, Max’s low groans in my ear…

I can feel the edge close, almost here, and I bring his mouth to my neck, his fingers to my nipples.

Somewhere in the frenzied madness, I suddenly feel it overwhelm me. “MAX!”

The bottom drops out from beneath me, and the whole world blinks out. Tremeours wrack through my body, and I cling onto Max for my dear life, feeling my walls constrict around his cock. I hear him curse loudly, as he comes over, now, shooting hot, wet semen into my core. “Liz… Liz…” He bites my neck firmly, as he continues to thrust, and cum inside me.


Exhausted, we stay that way for a while, just breathing. His entire body presses against mine, and I can feel his ryhthemic heartbeat against my own.

I never knew.

I never knew this feeling of perfection. This feeling that screams out something so pure, so right, that I have to touch him again to make sure he’s real.

He stirs, then gently shifts off my frame, and onto the bed beside me. My body screams in protest, but I hold my tongue.

He throws an arm over his face, and sighs. “Jesus Christ.”

“I know.”

“This just got so complicated.”

He looks at me, and I turn my face to his. In unspoken resolve, I move towards him, and he wraps a tender arm around my quivering body.

The Bed

We talk about nothing and everything, about the sun and the sea.

Mutual confessions about how serious we are about each other. Quiet acknowledgments of hidden feelings. Laughter.

Half of our conversations don’t even make sence, but we talk and talk and talk, somehow wanting to capture all the closeness, and make up for hours that we’ve wasted.

I tell him about my first time in the back of my mother’s car, and he makes me laugh, slowly erasing the sadness.

He tells me about the tree house that hung in his backyard, and about how his dad fell through it, trying to fix a loose nail. He talks about lonliness, and love, and I listen, stroking his skin, reminding him that I’m here.

I never knew…


The bed

I smile silently as she speaks, watching her scrunche up her face, and animatedly move her arms about in the cute way that she does.

My eyes move past her face, neck, shoulders, and I notice the way her arm is folded against the quilt. It gleams in the dim blue moonlight that shines through the open window. The skin is flushed; tainted pink, and I can see tiny freckles scattered all over.

There are no scars. Distractedly, I wonder if she ever fell off her bike, or fell down in the park as a kid.

No scars. Just swaths and swats of flawlessness.

Of perfection.

The smooth skin calls out to me, and I gently caress it with my fingertips. The fact that a piece of skin, just tissue and flesh can get me so worked up, it alarms me. As if I need to have it in my possession, need to touch, to feel, to make sure its real.

Liz looks at me, as I dotingly trace circles over her skin, play “Join the dots” with her freckles.

She laughs.


The bed
5:22 am




“What’s wrong with ballet?”

“Nothing. I just never pegged you as a ballet person.”

“Well I was. And I was pretty good.”

He gets up on an elbow. “Show me.”

“Show you.”

“Yeah. Give me a twirl, anything.”

“Its called a piruette.”

“Piruette. Whatever. Lets see.”

I bite my lip, and look into his challenging eyes. “Ok.” I say suddenly, extracting my legs and arms from the tangle of covers, and standing. His shirt hangs like a dress on me, the edge grazing my thighs.



He turns over, and switches on the clock radio.

“Oh, thanks a lot.” I roll my eyes as the strains of hip-hop fill the room.

“Hey, you work with what you get.” He shrugs, getting comfortable, waiting for my performance.

Forgetting the ballet for a second, I begin moving to the seductive beat, my hands crossed over my head.

“That’s not ballet.”

Looking down, I take in his rumpled hair and laughing eyes. He’s so beautiful.

“You got a problem with that?” I ask, my body moving on its own accord.

“No Ma’am.” His wandering eyes confirm it.

I hook my finger at him, calling him. Telling him to dance with me.

He watches, intent as a cat, his trademark smirk tugging at his lips. Suddenly, he crawls across the bed, and tugs me into him.

I squeal with laughter, and fight strong arms around my waist, as I sink into the enormous quilt with Max on top.

He wrestles me into his arms, and then we lay still.

“God, we have wasted so much time.” I muse, shaking my head.

“I know.”

I sigh, and lean my head onto his body, as he gently palys with my hair.

The morning sounds of busses and students filter in softly through the open window, saying Yeah, its real. You’re not in some strange, endless dream. His heart thumps sweetly under my ear.

I blink. “He was seventeen! Oh god, what was I thinking?!” I burst out suddenly, feeling disusted. Max laughs and hugs me tighter.

“Its not so bad…” He offers, but I cut him off.

“Not so bad? God, he was into ICQ… and Nintendo.”

“What’s wrong with Nintendo?” Max looks up, injured.

“You know what I mean…”

Max pauses. “Did you have sex with him?”

“Would it bother you if I did?”


Aw, my heart coos. “I didn’t.”

“Was he a virgin?”

I frown in disgust. “Why do you care?”

“I don’t.”

“You slept with Sarah a million times.”

“Yeah. But she was my girlfriend.”

I shrug. “I know. It still hurt.”

“Hey. I’m with you, ok? Lets just concentrate on that.”

“Yeah.” I smile. “Max?”


“You wanna lick ice cream off each other?”


“Why not?”


“Yes, Bartholamew, now.”

“Are you serious?”

“Not really.”


“Its cold. And we’d get all sticky… and then…”

“And then we’d have to shower.”

My smile widens. “Yeah, we would.”

We look at each other.

“I’ll bring a spoon.”

“I’ll get a towel.”

Its done, its done, its done!!! *throws her hands up, and dances wildly around the computer*

I'm happy with it, and I hope you are, too... and again, thanks for the incredible feedback... makes me all misty-eyed and proud...

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gah... no... the story isnt over.. the part is *big*

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Michael's POV
The apartment
9:43 am

I pick up my fist, and bang on the front door.

No answer.

"Maxwell? Liz?"

Nothing. I pick up the key from its usual spot above the doorframe, and enter the apartment. Max can sleep through war and flood, so I'm pretty used to letting myself in.

"Max! Wake up, man…" I go over and open his bedroom door. "Time to hit the courts! Jimmy and Gaaa-aah."

I freeze.

Max is not alone.

A dark head is pressed into his side, and the blanket is pulled over her, in an attempt to hide her face.

But Max is cool as ever. "Hey man."


"Listen, I'm gonna have to cancel on you, buddy. Something came up."

"Right. Right."

I blink at him for a few seconds.

He raises his eyebrows. "So you wanna get the fuck out of here, or what?"

I jerk out of my reverie, and nod quickly. "Oh, yeah, sorry." I look at the girl. "Bye Liz."

"Bye." She squeaks, her face still buried in Max's side.

"Oh god, he knows!" She moans as Michael leaves the room.

"So what?"

"So its weird! Now he's gonna tell everyone, and then they'll all pretend that they don't know, and they'll all expect some sort of announcement, and…. And oh god, Tess is gonna hate me."

"You hate her…"

"But she doesn't knw that! Max, this is horrible!"

"Relax! Relax. Hey, its fine. We don't have to announce anything till we want to, ok? Its no one's business."

The restauraunt

"Hey." I call out to the table in general, taking the seat next to Max. I haven't seen him since this morning, and I welcome the familiar rush as I take in his gorgeous eyes hidden beneath his baseball cap.

Max clears his throat. "Hi." His hand finds mine under the table

I turn to him. "Hi." I can feel myself blushing.

Maria's eyes move naughtily between Max and me. And then back again.

"What?" I say.

"Nothing. You tell me."

"What are you talking about?"

"Nothing. Forget it." She looks at her plate, but not before shooting me an "I'm on to you" look.

"So I'm guessing you and the girlfriend are coming to Janet Rino's tonight?" Michael asks distractedly, wolfing down his burger.

Max drops my hand. "Sarah?"

"No." Michael looks up at me, a little puzzled and I drop my eyes. "…Liz."

Maria smiles slyly at Max. "Yeah, we know all about you two."

Max leans away from me, as if proving his point and then speaks, each word cutting through my heart like a knife. "She's not my girlfriend, ok? Geez." He rolls his eyes.



I nod slowly, feeling my heart shatter like glass. Maria and Michael say nothing, but throw each other uncomfortable glances.

"Oh… ok."

There's an ackward silence.

This is horrible. I feel tears sting my eyes. "Um, You know what? I gotta get back to the apartment. There's… laundry." I hurridly pick up my bag and books, and race for the door. I can feel my control crumbling.


The apartment

I pick up a few CDs from the floor, and fling them into his room, along with his laundry and textbooks. "Jerk. Jerk. Jerk. Jerk. Jerk…" Its like a mantra.

The door opens, and Max walks in. He pauses in the doorway, having the balls to look stunned.

"What are you doing?!"

"Keep your FUCKING stuff, in your own fucking room. Ok?!"

"Stop it. Why are you being like this?" He grabs the headphones that I'm about to throw.

"Because you're a liar. You're. A fucking. Liar."

"What are you talking about? Liz?!" He grabs my wrist, but I shove him away.

"Don't touch me!" I shove him again, my voice thick with sobs. "Last night you went on and on about how I was special, and how it was different with me, and… oh god, I believed you, you…"

"I meant every word-"

"Oh yeah?" And I fling the headset onto the floor for emphasis.

"Oh god, is this about before? Because I said you weren't my girl---?"

"You figure it out."

"God, I thought we were---"

"You know what? I don't care. I want to hear any of your fucking lies." And I begin to walk off, when he grabs my arm so hard, I can feel a bruise forming.

"Hey, would you let me talk?! I thought you didn't want anyone to know."

"Right. Sure."

"Hey, don't screw with me, ok?! You told me that you didn't want things to get ackward, so kept my mouth shut. I thought that's what you wanted!"

I sniff, looking at him.

"I swear. You want me to tell them? I'll call them right now, ok? Is that what you want?! Tell me, cause I'm trying to keep up."

I pause. "Why should I believe you?"

"Because you know I wasn't lying when I told you how I feel about you."

I sniff again, feeling dejected, and he takes the opportunity to pull me into his arms. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, ok? Never." He whispers, kissing my hair.

I whisper an apology too, and we stay in each others arms, our anger and hostility dissipating.

I pull away, and wipe my eyes. "Great, now I feel like a complete idiolt."


"I'm so stupid."

"No you're not. Come on, Lets go throw stuff into my room. That'll cheer you up for sure." He slings an arm over my shoulder, and I laugh following him into the bedroom.

The apartment

"So now what? You're together?"


"You and Max."


"God, you're so lucky."

I throw her a "huh?" look.

"No, I mean… I mean, its done! You guys are like, perfect for each other, and… I mean, you're set for life, you know?"

"What are you talking about? You have that too.I thought you loved Michael!"

"I do."

"So what's the problem?"

She sighs, placing her hands in her palms. "I don't know. Lately… he's been giving me this… vibe."

"What kind of vibe?"

"I don't know. Just a vibe."

"Have you asked him about it?"

"Yeah. He keeps saying its nothing, but I can feel it, you know?"

I shake my head reassuringly. "It'll pass, ok? Don't worry about it."

"Yeah, you're probably right. Anyway. This is old. Tell me about Max."

I roll my eyes. "There's nothing to tell. We connected. Finally. And we're going to give it a try."

"Can I … um, can I tell you something? As a friend?"


"Um." She bites her lip, and looks at the counter. "Be careful with him, ok? He's had a rough time... emotionally… you know with his family and stuff... and… just… be nice, ok? I love both you guys, and I don't want this to turn into another Brandt episode, ok?"

I smile at her. "Yeah."

"I'm serious."

"I know."

"Ok." She seems satisfied, and goes back to peeling potatoes.

I laugh suddenly, throwing a cucumber peel at her. "You're such a mother hen."

"Shut up."

"Yes Mummy."

"SHUT UP!" But she giggles, anyway, bumping sides with me.

*laughing* wow, you guys sure know how to make a gal feel good, you know that? I'm totally awed, right now because a lot of you... you're like the authors that I've always adored, and your feedback is a totally awesome boost.


By the by, this is just transition....

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The apartment
11:34pm (after dinner)

Its amazing. They look and act exactly the same, joking, laughing, pulling each others’ leg, but there’s a certain fianality about it. As if some mysterious missing piece has finally found its spot in the picture.

The silent loving gazes, secret touches, everyhthing suddenly reminds me of an old romantic movie, as the hero and heroine, having gone through so much together, finally meet up for this one amazing kiss, and you think, ‘Wow, they’re going to be together for a long, long time.’

And Max. Mr. There’s-no-such-thing-as-love; watching him throw her winks and casually lik hands with her, god, its pathetic. Secretly, I had always admired him, you know? He was always the tough guy. A man’s man. But this… this brings tears to my eyes.

Just shows the cruel strength of the female sex, I guess.

“Hey. Cow-yon-fat!”

“Huh?” I blink, looking around at the figures sprawled around the television set.

“the remote. Its under your ass.”

“Oh.” I dig around beneath me on the couch, and toss it to Michael. Maria lies curled up on his lap, and Tess and… some guy are cleaning up in the kitchen. Max and Liz are talking and laughing quietly in the corner, wraped up in their own little world.

The phone springs tp life, suddenly, and Maria groans at the loud, obtrusive sound.

“Where’s it?” Liz looks around, but remains rooted in Max’s arms.

The phone continues to ring.

“Phone, you guys.” Tess calls from the kitchen.

“Thanks. We were wondering what that was.” Max quips, and Liz shoves him in the stomach.

“Will someone please get that?! Its driving me nuts.”

“I got it, I got it.” Michael digs out the chordless, and brings it to his ear.

“Hello?” He listens for a second, then holds it out to Max. “ ‘ts for you. Dan, or Dab, or something.”

Suddenly, Max;s whole demenor changes. His smile disappears, and he gently extracts himself from a confused Liz’s arms.

Taking the phine from Michael’s arms, he disappears into his bedroom, only a solemn mumble audible through the doorway.

We sit in silence for a second, watching after him.

“Who was that? Who’s Dan?” Maria voices everyone’s question.

Liz shrugs, looking a little upset. Max wasn’t the type of guy who spoke privately to Dan. He wasn’t the type of guy who knew a Dan.

“Lawyer.” Micahel says quietly, watching the televsion screen.

“Max has a lawyer?”

“For his… parent’s stuff… you know, the will and the house… Dan knew Max’s dad, so he’s been helping him out.”



Maria clicks her tongue, as Tess and boyfriend take a seat on the floor. “Poor guy. He just doesn’t get a break.”

“I know. He told me they ask him questions about his parents. Spending habits and all that stuff. Why don’t they just leave him alone?”

“His parents left him a huge trust fund. God knows he doesn’t need the money. Why doesn’t he just let the house go?”

“No… it’s not for the money. It’s his house. It’s a sentimental thing. You know, because of his family, ther’s probably a lot of memories there for him.”

“I knew that house. I used to play Doctor Doctor in that house.” Maria whispers, and Michael kisses her hair.

“Ok, shhh, he’s coming.” We hear the beep of him disconnecting the phone, and Maria smoothly changes the conversation into food.

But I can still see Liz, sitting in the corner, her eyes downcast and filled with emotion.


Max’s Bedroom

“Shhh.” I giggle as Max sucks noisily on my neck. I grasp his face and look into his eyes. “Hey, they’re still out there, you know.”

“I know.”

“And it’ll be really gross if they can hear us.”

“They’re big kids. I think they can handle it.” And he claws at my butt with his fingers.

“Seriously. Stop.” I squeal, moving away from his fingers.

“I’ll be quiet.”

“They’ll hear.”

“I’ll take two seconds.”

“Shut up.” I giggle, and finally manage to push him off me. Its past three in the morning, and like many other nights, Maria and Michael and Kyle have fallen asleep in the living room.

But its our third night together, and I’m dying for some fun. I watch Max’s dejected back, as he pulls off his shirt, getting ready for bed.


He looks over.

“Can you be real quiet?”

He grins, and climbs onto me. “You won’t even know I’m here.”

Max’s bed

“Ungh…ungh…ungh… Max, oh god, YES! YES!… aaaaaaaah…” I thrust harder, faster, as I feel her beginning to tighten around my dick. She clutches my hair with her fingers, and struggles to keep eye contact as we move.

“I’m so… oh god, I’m so close…”

Suddenly, she presses back against the pillow, her face contorted with pleasure, and her body wracking with shivers. “UUUUNNH!”

I strain to keep from shouting, as I cum, too, my thighs feeling numb and jelly-like after making love to this goddess.

Later, we lie sated in each others arms, barely awake, hardly asleep.



“The call? Before? Who was on the phone?”

My eyes blink open. “No one.” All sorts of arguments run through my mind, as I forsee the argument that’s about to take place now. ‘You’re hiding things from me’ she’ll say, or ‘you never open up to me.’ ‘Why cant you talk to me?’


But she doesn’t push it, choosing instead to settle into my arms, and wrap an arm loosely around my waist.


*cringing* I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I hate fics (And authors) that leave you waiting for days on end, and I'll bet you guys are all quite fed up of waiting, but I have excuses. Good ones.
- House guests, and six of them.
- Writers block
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- I just got Digital Tv
- I taped over my Sexual Healing casette, and I was in mourning for a while
- I'm fucking lazy

So there. Hope the new part makes up for the delay.


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The apartment

"Any pickles?"

I peer into the refridgerator. "Nope. There's some relish."

"Will do."

The door opens, and Max walks in followed by Liz, who clutches her right hand protectively. I can see it swelling up.

“Don’t you guys have a house?” Liz asks disgustedly, as she catches sight of us.

“Fridge’s empty.” Michael mumbles through a mouthful of chips.


“What happened to you?” Michael asks, nodding at her hand.

“Sarah happened.”

I freeze. “Oh god.”

“Sarah? Your ex girlfriend Sarah?”

“The one and only.” Liz replies bitterly.

“We ran into her, and she’s just talking, when whack!”


“You hit her?”

“Slugged her. Right across the jaw.” Max proclaims proudly.

“I didn’t hit her!”

“Yes you did.”

Liz pauses. “Ok, I did, but she started it.”

“Yeah, real mature, Liz.”

“What? I don’t—you saw her, Max. She too a swing at me!”

“She tripped, sweetie. Not the same thing. She was just trying to regain her balance, and she grabbed your arm.”

“Tripped, my ass. That was her cover.”

“So you slugged her?”

“Stop saying ‘slugged’. God, you’re making me sound like a beer guzzling trucker with an ‘I love Expo’ t-shirt.”

I wave my hands impatiently. “Wait, back up. Since when do you have violent tendencies? You hardly even yell at anyone.”

“Oh, she yells. Trust me.” Max grins slyly, and wraps his arms around Liz’s waist, bending over to suck on her neck. She giggles, and lovingly cradles his head in her arm.

I study them for a second. “Why are they always like this?”

Michael shrugs. “Beats me. It’s something to do with the location of the stars…. Maybe hormones. You know… puberty…”

I frown at Michael. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I don’t know. I’m just trying to shield my eyes. Whatever you do Maria, don’t look DIRECTLY AT THEM!” Michael teases, pawing my eyes with his hands.

I shove him away. Max and Liz carry on, oblivious, tongues, fingers… gross.

Liz looks over at us, as Max gnaws desperately at her neck. “Hey, you pervs wanna make yourselves scarce?”


“Why? Can you guess, little boy?”

“No, I don’t get it. We gotta leave because you two wanna make like bunnies. It makes no sense, really.”

“We’re loud.”

Michael chews for a second, then slips out of his chair. “Bye.”



The apartment

“I really hit her.”

“You really did.”


“I know.”


“Oh yeah.”

“God, I’m horny.”

He groans. “Say that again.”


“You’re sexy when you talk dirty.”


“Say something else.”

“Something else?”

“Something dirty.”

“Penis.” I sigh.


“God I love it when you touch me like that.”

“Like what? Tell me.”

“Like…” I trail off, my brain unable to assemble words.

“Like?” He promts.

“When you… When you play with me… I like it.”

“You like to play?”


“Then lets play.”


I paw desperately at Max’s hair as he tucks his tongue into my navel. “Oh. Oh...”

“Baby... Liz...” He trails his kisses down my stomach. I can feel his need against my leg, and I moan as he rubs it against me, desperate to gain some relief.

“Max... Please.”

“Please what?”

“Do it. Just... please---“

“What? Do what?”

“God... Do... Fuck me! oh, God, please, just fuck me!”

He obeys almost immediately, turning me onto my stomach roughly, and pressing himself between my ass cheeks.

I moan again, clawing at the sheets. I’m so fucking turned on right now, it hurts.

“Liz.” His voice is hoarse against my ear as he thrusts into me, hard.

I wail in pleasure and wrap an arm around his neck.

“I cant be gentle right now.” He murmers, his hips immediately jerking against mine, his voice almost apologetic.

“Then don’t be.”

I let the waves take over my body, and quickly swell into a shattering oblivion that leaves me trembling.

The quad

“No, downward. Swing downward.” Michael demonstrates with his arm. “And follow through. Yeah. Good, much better.”

Liz listens carefully, clutching the football with tiny fingers. She brings her arm up, and then slings the football into the air with all her might. It sails upward in a perfect arc, and she claps at herself triumphantly.

The ball flies down, and smacks someone on the back of the head.

“Oh… god!” Liz covers her mouth in horror, and glares at Michael and me, who’re laughing hysterically at her side.

“Assholes. Both of you.” She stalks off to retrieve the ball, and Michael and I flop down onto the grass. Its sunny as hell, and we’re both shirtless, wearing only khakis and sunscreen. Maria, Tess and Kyle stand by a hotdog vendor, gulping down cans of soda.

As if sencing she’s being watched, Maria turns to us. She smiles widely, and then throws us a kiss.

I roll my eyes, but a goofy, lovesick smile spreads across Michael’s face.

I laugh. “You’re a goner, Mikey.”

“What?” He’s still watching her.

“You. You’re pathetic. You’re like her lo-ove slave.”

“Yeah, well, you’re one to talk.”

“I know.” I say this sadly. Its true, I’m not much better off than he is. “But really. How serious are you guys?”

“Very.” He clears his throat, and plays nervously with his fingers. “Actually, I’m glad you brought this up.”

“Why, what’s up?”

“I’m gonna ask her to marry me.”

I stare at him. “You’re what?”

“I wanna marry her, Max.”

“You’re insane. You know that right? Its the alccohol that fried your brian, buddy—"

“I’m dead serious, Maxwell. I’m gonna do it. I got a ring and everything. I mean, she’s the one, you know? I cant imagine my life without her. She’s just… She’s become a part of me.” His eyes are distant, but wise. Almost as if he knows something that he wishes I could understand.

I raise my eyebrows. “Wow.”

“I know. Hey, don’t tell Liz, ok? She’ll never keep her mouth shut, and I want it to be a surprise.”

“Yeah.” And then, after a second. “Are you sure about this? I mean---”

“I’m sure.”

“How do you know?”

“I just feel it.” He turns to me. “You know that feeling, when you’re with each other, but you don’t ever have to talk? Like there’a this comfortable silent moment, and neither of you has to say a word, because you know each other so well? You know that feeling?”

I nod mutely.

“I think that’s it. That’s how you know.”

“Oh.” I think about Liz. Do we have comfortable silences? I guess. Sometimes, yeah. Does that…? I mean, are we in love?

Is she the one?

I watch her walk back towards us, football in hand, with Maria, Kyle and Tess. Jesus Christ, this relationship thing isnt always easy, is it?

“Hey Mike?”


“We were just having a comfortable silence moment. You know what that means?”

“Shut up. It doesn’t apply to guys. ” He closes his eyes, and turns away from me.

“But I love you, Mikey.” I coo, reaching out, as if to hug him.

“Get off me, you fucking queer!”

I laugh as the gang reaches us.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” Liz calls, coming over and lying down next to me.

“I like him better than you.”

“Shut the hell up, Max---”

“Hey, Liz, isnt that your dude?” Kyle says suddenly sitting up and pointing to a figure about twenty yards away.

Brant Svenson.

I sit up, realizing that he’s watching us. “Hey Evans!” He calls, then sticks up his middle finger spitefully. “Enjoy the ride!”

I scramble up, prepared to pound his face through to his ass, but Liz quickly gets up.

“Max. Max, let it go.”

“Fucking pussy. COME HERE AND DO THAT, YOU CHEAP SHIT!!” I call, and she presses a hand against my chest to hold me back. Michael also steps forward and grabs my arm.

“Cool it, man. He’s not worth it.”



In the end, I just stand there and watch him, my eyes dripping with venom, as he stalks across the pathway, and into the Science building.

That guy has something coming to him.


*sigh* another part complete. Wow, this story's getting mighty long, eh?

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Moonlit Jade, jassybee: I feel your pain, guys. Just hang in therer. Watch EOTW a coupla times. That’ll cheer you up for sure.

Also future reference Max should learn that line like. “…I’ll only be two seconds…” and “…You won’t even know I’m there…” aren’t exactly the best seduction tactics.

Haha… I know what you mean… stupid boy hmour…

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They remind me of a couple of puppies.......little love puppies rolling around on the floor, nipping and gnawing, causing a little yelp of pain occasionaly which is quickly shrugged off for the next round. But puppies grow up and the nipping can get pretty nasty if it isn't curbed.

That is such an amazing analogy! Just gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling all over, don't it?


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Some reastauraunt

I distractedly twirl a strand of hair with my fingers, as I pick at my plate of pasta.

“Hey, you ok?”

“Huh?” I look up into Maria’s concerned eyes.

“You’ve been like a mummy for the past few hours. I mean, granted, I’m not the most talented conversationalist, but I’ve got to be more interesting than…” She looks at my plate. “…pasta.”

I roll my eyes, but smile. “Sorry. Its just… stuff.”


“Yeah. Well, Max and Brandt.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… Brandt? Again?”

“He called. Like, five times.”

“What? What did he want?”

“To talk to me. I think he wants me back.”

“Arrogant bastard.”

“I know. He’s really pathet---”

“LIZ!” I snap my head up at the sound of my name. Brandt, the devil himself, stands in the doorway, an earnest, dismal expression on his face. The entire restaurant turns to look first at the figure at the doorway, and then at me. “LIZ!” He says again, gliding forward, towards my table.

“What the…” Maria cringes, as Brandt comes over to our table.

“Oh god, no.” I murmer.

“Liz.” He says for the millionth time, and then kneeling, he takes my hand. “Sweet pea…” His eyes flutter as he gazes adoringly into my eyes.

“Oh god, ohhhhh god, this is not happening.” I moan softly, looking hesitantly at him. “Hi… Brandt…” I greet weakly.

“Liz.” Ok, we get it. I think everyone in the room caught my name. I think everyone on campus caught my name. “I love you. I love you like the wind on the ocean, and the sun in the sky.” And to my incredible, incredible mortification, he begins to sing, still kneeling, and holding my hand in his.

“I need you.” He croons. “Like the flower needs the rain, you know I need you. Yes I’ll start it all again you know I need you. Like the winter needs the spring, you know I need you. I… need… you…”

The crowd resounds with a barely audible, “Awwww…”

Maria buries her head in her hands, laughing so hard, that her shoulders shake with tremours.

I look at the expectant faces of all the customers and waitresses around me, and then at the adoring one in front of me. “What are you doing?” I hiss.

“Declaring my love.”

“I’m with Max.”

“I don’t care, Liz.”

“He’ll kill you, you know.”

“I don’t care. I don’t care about anything. Just you. You’re my world, Liz, and---”

“What? You cheated on her, you bastard! You called her a bitch and a whore!”

The crowd lets out a surprised. “Oooooh.”

With a tight, forced smile, Brandt looks at Maria. “Thank you, I was aware of that.” He looks back at me. “I know I’ve made mistakes, but I love you. Don’t you see that?”

“Uh. See, Brandt, you treated me like shit.”

“I know. But I love---”

“I know, I know.” I look around, uncomfortably, wishing all the faces would quit with the adoring gazes. “I’m sorry, Brandt. I really appreciate you coming here like this, and all. I do. But.” I swallow. “I’m in love with Max. He and I are really happy together.”

“What’re you saying?”

“She’s saying, get your fucking. Tub. Of. Lard. Ass. away from her, NOW!” Maria screams, throwing up her hands.

I look back at Brandt, nodding. “Basically.”

The apartment (living room)

“Its not funny, you guys.” I whine, tracing a pattern on the table top.

“Are you kidding? Its fucking hilarious!”

“You should have seen her face. I swear, that look was worth money.” Maria gasps, clutching on to Max’s arm to support herself.

We’re sitting around in the apartment, relating what happened this morning to the guys. Even Max, who was ready to kill Brandt a few days ago seems to be enjoying this. As if reading my mind, he speaks up. “You know what? It would be too fuckin’ pathetic if kick his ass now.”

Michael throws his head back with laughter, and then looks back at Max, petending to be Brandt begging. “Please forgive me…” He sings, and the table burst into laughter again, me included. I have to admit, it’s funny.

“You guys are cruel!”

“You are. That poor guy sacrificed his ---” I hop up, and reach out a hand to cover Max’s mouth, because he’s started singing, “Sac-ca-ri-fi-hi-hi-ce. Just a simple world… Two hearts living… in two separate worlds.” We wrestle about with our arms, as I speak. “He sacrificed his dignity and his reputation for me! He should… He… Max, SHUT UP!” We burst into giggles, and somehow end up kissing loud, open mouthed kisses.

“Ok, people still in the room.” Maria says, after a long pause.

“Not for long.” Michael tugs on Maria’s arm, and she reluctantly stands. I don’t hear what happens next, because I’m so consumed, but Max and I are suddenly alone in the apartment. I’m straddling his hips, holding on tightly to his hair. Our kisses are long, desperate, breathy.

He pulls back, his face flushed and radiant. Gently, he grazes the pad of his thumb along my cheek. I stare into his eyes, now liquid and shimmering with want. “Liz.” My name escapes his lips like a sigh, and he streaches it out, as if savouring the taste on his lips.

Slowly, I begin unbuttoning his shirt with nimble fingers, my eyes never leaving his. His chest is warm and smooth underneath, and I run trembling fingers down to his stomach. It goes taut as I trace his bellybutton slowly, deliberately.

My eyes pour into his as I jerk my hips forward, once, twice over his trapped crotch. “Sweet Jesus.” He hisses his fingers clenching on my skin.

He pulls me in for another kiss, but I only allow him a few teasing pecks before I pull back and tug my shirt over my head. His hands automatically move to my lacy bra, and he rubs the crowns with his fingers. I’m drowning further and further into the pool of desire, and his fingers bring on a fresh wave, making my lips tremble, making my insides burn. My nipples are hard as ripe berries, now, but he continues his assault, bringing his eager mouth forward and taking as much in as possible.

“Oh, God.” Someone gasps, and it takes me a moment to recognize my own voice. “Oh, God!”

I yank his head up and crush his working mouth with mine. The desperate, open mouthed kisses and startling hunger is all I can think about as grapple with the buttons on his Levis.

His trembling fingers join mine, and together, we release the hold on his crotch. Our lips are joined, dueling for authority. His cock thrusts out proudly through the slit in his boxers and the open jeans.

With amazing difficulty, I pull myself off his lap, and slide onto the floor, so I can tug off the garments completely. His boxers catch stubbornly on the erect penis, but with some prodding, I gently ease them off.

I’m breathing hard, my chest rising and falling as I stare at the swollen flesh in front of me. Max moans impatiently, lifting his hips slightly. I smile, feeling the trickle of womanly power flow through my veins.

Lening forward, I blow softly onto his upthrust shaft, watching it tremble and grow. Max’s fingers curl into my hair. I’m enjoying seeing him like this, seeing him completely at my mercy.

Again, I move closer, and deliver a tiny lick along the length of him. He shudders and curses through gritted teeth, eyes squinted from effort. A tiny trickle of precum escapes the top, and I watch, fascinated.




“My name’s Liz. So stop calling for Jesus.” And I take him completely into my mouth, reveling in the shuddering cry that escapes his lips.


The couch
9:56 pm

Her back arches, and droplets of sweat fall off her skin, as she thrusts her hips rythemicly over my cock. Her breath comes in gasps and moans. She stares intently at me with glassy eyes as she moves, knowing well how it turns me on.

I move my hand to her breasts, which jumps loosely with her body, and with my fingers, pinch and rub her nipple roughly. “Ungh.” She breaks eye contact, and throws her head backward, as I take in the feel of my hard, throbbing cock inside of her hot core.

I can feel her coming as her breath turns short and raspy, and hips move at a frantic pace. Fingers claw at my shoulders, and I press a hand across her ass to pull her closer. With my other hand, I reach down, and began fighting the tight bundle of nerves at the top of her hole.

With a shattering cry and a half-sob, she comes, her walls clenching and clasping at my cock. “MAX! Oh God!” If I don’t come soon, I’m gonna go insane. My arousal is painfully hard and full, and ready to explode.

Liz, just recovering from her orgasm, leanes down, and whispers seductively in my ear. “Come for me, Max. Come hard.” With a final, violent thrust, and a low grunt, I feel myself explode inside of her, jets of white juice shooting out of my cock, and into her.

“God… Liz.” I pant desperately, collapsing onto her sweat slicked body. Every muscle in my body seems to have gone limp and useless. “Baby…” I whisper again.


Some fancy restauraunt
A few days later

Sometimes, I like to sit, and just watch her. It sounds demented, I know, but watching her hair, arms, her face… it’s like poetry. I’ve become so used to doing it now, that its almost second nature.

God, she’d probably think I’m insane if she knew.

Right now, more than anything, that’s what I want to be doing. I want to be home, sitting on that couch, watching her, breathing in her subtle smell, looking into those soothing eyes…

Instead, I’m sitting in a stuffy old restauraunt across a fourty something guy, listening to him prattle on about judges, and rulings, and dollar figures. My mind whirls, the smell of his salmon steak, my untouched potatoes, wine… Clink of glasses, expensive suits… I hate these places.

The waiter, dressed more formally than I am, pours more wine into my glass, and I’m greatful.

“…and the judge wont look too fondly on an informal statement… the house itself will… and another fifty thou… will not be much… your father and I…” He goes on and on, jumping from topic to topic, and I nod along, looking at my plate.

“So when is this going to be over?” I ask suddenly.

“Huh?” He says, as if just noticing my presesnce in the room.

“When is this going to be over? I mean… I mean, its been a year now.”

“Well, son, these things cant be rushed, you know.”


“There’s paperwork, and signatures, and mortgages… It’s a fairly complex matter.” You ignorant punk. He doesn’t say it, but I can hear it in his voice.


“This time is critical, you know, before the jude decides…” And he’s off again, talking, talking, his mouth moving, but nothing coming out.

The club

A cold hand grabs me from behind. “Come on.”

I turn and let out a surprised yelp when I see Max standing there, still dressed in his formal suit, the collar undone. “Hey! You’re back.”

“Yeah, lets dance.” He hardly hears me.

“What, no hello?” A voice jokes from across the table.

“Hi Kyle. Come on!”

He drags me onto the dancefloor, and we begin to move, the deafening music completely taking over.

He tries to smile, to enjoy himself, but I can see the tension in his eyes. They’re a total give away.

As the music mellows for a second, I pull his face close to me. He misunderstands, and begins to kiss me, long and hard, pushing his tongue into my mouth, pressing me against him.

Something’s definitely wrong.

“Sweetie?” I hold his face in my hands, and try to look into his eyes. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong. I’m just having a good time.” He sucks on my neck, and his hands press against my butt.

“Ok. Hey, hey, Studboy, slow down.” I laugh lightly, grabbing his hands. “Do you want a drink?”

He pulls away, and runs a hand irritably over his face. “No.”

“Let’s go home.”

“Yeah. Yeah, ok.”

“Come on.”

We get out of the club, and out into the cool night air. He’s being unusually silent, and I contemplate asking him about it. “How was dinner?” I ask hesitantly, as he stalks ahead of me, and I struggle to catch up.


“You sure?”

“Yes I’m sure.”

“Ok. Cause you look a little tense, and I thought---”

“Would you fucking drop it?!” He yells suddenly, turning to face me. I stumble back a few steps. I couldent have been more surprised if he’d struck me.

Tears sting my eyes. He’s never raised his voice at me before.

“Fuck.” He shouts again, his voice echoing through the night. The fierceness in his eyes brings a slight twinge of fear, and I take a step back.

He looks at me, then shakes his head. “Lets just go, ok?” He reaches for my hand, but I pull it away.

“No, stop. Just go, ok? Have a drink, have a shower, whatever, just cool off, and then come back to me.

He looks at me in disbelif. “Oh, great. So this is how its going to be? You just want the happy, funny guy, but none of the shit that goes along with it?”

“Hey! I’m perfectly happy to know about your problems, but incase you’ve been asleep all this time, you never talk to me about them! And that’s fine. I don’t care, but I’m not going to be your punching bag!”

“Don’t gimmie that shit! You know every thing.”

“Oh yeah? Then tell me this: Why are you so upset, Max?”

“Why--?” He’s shouting. “Why the fuck do you think, Duchess? You sit with a lawyer and listen to him talk about how they can get the most money out of your parents’ death, and then I’ll tell you why. Fucking shit.”

“You never told me about the lawyer.“

“Oh fuck that. You think I cant hear you guys talking?”

“Fine. So you’re mad. Its ok. But don’t come home and take it out on me. ok?! I don’t know how to handle it. And its like being in a minefield around you. I get too close, and… I don’t want to be scared of you.”

He shakes his head, and suddenly his voice becomes quiet.“Well that’s how it is. That’s me. And if you don’t like it, than maybe we shouldn’t… do this.” He pulls his jacket closer, and walks away, hie slithuette fading into the night fog.

I watch him leave. “What the fuck do you want from me?!”

But he’s already gone. “Shit!” I gasp, turning to lean against a car.


Aha! See? you thought I'd given up on this fic, huh? No siree, I'm back. For now anyways...

*wailing* I know I'm mean cause I leave this thing updated for ages but you guys know how it is, right?
You're just whistling along, doing your own thang, when suddenly, it hits you on some ghastly hour... Right. The Board. ... And then I feel like crap till morning, at which point I forget about the update and then finally, after a delicious lunch of broccoli and pita (haha. delicious. right.) I'm finally get onto the laptop. and update. Its longish, so I'm hoping y'all will let my tardiness go.



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A table

“Hey, you’re back! Look, Liz’s back.”

“Shut up, Kyle, you’re totally wasted.” Michael rolls his eyes as Liz walks up and takes a seat on the messy table. Chairs are scattered all around it, empty glasses are spread all over and the flashing lights make it look like a disaster area. Damn, but I love it.

“Where’s El Dente?” I ask, my voice slurring just a bit.

Liz stares at the table.

“Hell-o? Earth to… you.” I smile at my humour. “Liz?”

“What?” She looks up, and Michael quickly leans forward.

He looks at her with a macho I’m-your-protectah look, and grunts. “What happened?”

She frowns. “Nothing. What do you mean?”

“Did you guys fight, or something?”

“Me and Max? No, of course not, don’t be an idiot.”

“So what happened, Barbra Walters? I’ve never seen you so quiet before. Except for that time when…” No one seems to be paying attention, so I shrug. “Never mind.”

“I’m fine.” She says firmly, managing a silly smile.

Its obvious she isn’t. Or is it the alcohol?

“I don’t think you are.” Michael said that.

Yeah, you tell her Protector Boy!

“Michael, would you cut the fucking big brother routine and leave me alone? God, I swear, you’re gonna start beating your chest and calling me ‘woman’. I can take care of myself." She snaps. "I don’t need a fucking bodyguard, and I sure as hell don’t need you telling me how I feel. ” She snaps, shoving a glass over the table, and stalking towards the dancefloor.

“Wooo. Aw, yeah! Go Lizzy!” I begin clapping, and thump a very dumbfounded Michael firmly on the back. “Don’t mess with the Parker girl, man. She’ll fuckin’ kick your ass form here to Hungary. Shit.” I add, laughing.


The apartment

I close the door quietly behind me, and take in the empty apartment, dark and barren. It must be close to four in the morning, and I cant help but feel a little anxiety over Max.

He’ll be fine, the pissed off part of my brain argues. He’s a big boy, he doesn’t need you to take care of him. He’s made that clear.

But as I picture his troubled face in the eye of my mind, I suddenly realize how fragile he really is. He needed me, and I acted like an idiot. The stuff he has to deal with is so much bigger than what I feel. I sigh, and drop my srtingy purse onto the couch.

The balcony door lays open, allowing small gusts of midnight air into the tiny apartment.

I walk over and start to shut it, but stop when I notice a small, huddled figure outside.

He’s sitting on the floor in his rumpled jacket and shirt, his head dropped back onto the concrete wall, looking very much like a broken doll. In the dim light, I can see a faint bruise beginning to form around his jaw. Way ward tear tracks glint across his pale cheeks, and he looks tired.

I hesitate. Maybe I should leave him alone. Its horrible to see him like this, upsetting. I mean, he’s usually so… in control.

Something tugs in my heart, and I think back to that evening Brandt broke up with me. I picture his protective arms holding me as I sob desperately. I can’t leave him like this.

He takes in a ragged breath, and rubs the heel of his hand over his forehead, as if trying to erase something from inside his brain.

“Max?” My voice is surprisingly calm, and soothing.

He jerks his head up, and then looks away, his voice shaking as he speaks. “Leave me alone.”

“Ok. Sure.” I turn to leave, but something inside begs me not to. I ask. “Are you ok?”

He nods; then after a moment, “Not really.”

I walk over to the ground next to him, and sit. And wait. This time I’ll be here if he needs me.

He doesn’t look over, just keeps looking at that spot of nothing next to his foot, head slumped, his breathing ragged.

He turns to me, sniffs, looking so beautiful, so vulnerable. I stare at him for one heart wrenching moment, his eyes like shards of broken glass, and then I pull his head to my chest, wrapping an arm around his hair, and tenderly stroking his back.

Suddenly, like a crumbling wall, he breaks down into sobs, his body quivering with sorrow. Hands clutch desperately onto my arms, as he cries, each tear cutting through my heart like a thousand tiny blades.

“Max…” I feel my own eyes streaming.

“I’m sorry.” He sobs, “I’m sorry…” Apolozising for what, I don’t know. Maybe for yelling at me, maybe for something else… I don’t care. I gently caress his neck in the blue darkness, whispering something, anything, just telling him I’m here.

“I’m so sorry.” He keeps repeating, and I can feel waves of desair, of lonliness coming off him like thick smoke, clogging my throat, stinging my eyes.


“Christ… I don’t know why I did that--- I’m sorry.” He pulls away slightly, and wipes his rainy eyes with his knuckles. He refuses to look at me, and I can tell he’s completely uncomfortable and embaressed.

“I didn’t… Things just get rough sometimes.. that’s why I act like a prick and…” He trails off. “God, I… I’m not really good at this kind of thing.” His voice is slow and halting. Hesitant. Scared.

“You’re doing ok.”

He nods. “… I know this doesn’t make much sense, but it’s the best I can do. I just. I react, that’s all. When that happens, I just need to be by myself… or something. I don’t know, I haven’t really figured it out myself.”

I have a million questions for him, a million pieces of advise, but hold everthing back. I know that the only thing he needs is a little space and time. Advise is like air. Available in abundance, but difficult to hold onto.

“The house is gone.”

I look at him.

“The house, you know, my parents house… I let it go. That dick started talking about subletting, and profit margins and… anyway, I told him to get a warm towel and go fuck himself.”

I let out a snort of spontaneous laughter. “What?”

“Can you believe it?” he murmers.

“You said that? Verbatim?”

“Yeah. My dad would have been proud.” His lip curls upward into a hesitant side smile, as he pictures the scene in his head again. “That stunned him so bad, he couldent tell his ass froom his elbow.”

“You’ve got guts, Max Evans, I’ll give you that.”

He turns to face me, suddenly serious. “I’m sorry about before.”

“Me too. I shoudent have said all that.”

“No, no, you were right. I act like a dickhead sometimes. I’m sorry, I don’t mean---“

“Max, really. I understand, ok?”

“No, you don’t, and it makes me feel horrible. You let me treat you like shit, even though you have no idea where its coming from.”

I smile and look down. “Thanks, I think.”

He puts a warm arm around me and I lean into his embrace, breathing him in. I know how hard it is to give me that. To give even that little of himself.

He sighs, and leans his head back against the wall. “So did I depress you to tears, or do you want to go someplace?”

“Go someplace? Now?”

“I want you to meet someone.”

“Ok, lets go.”


The jeep

The gentle breeze billows through my hair, and I look up in wonder at the stars twinkling against a velvet blanket.

The subtle breeze gently kisses my face, and I pull my wiindbreaker more snugly around me. The road is deserted and quiet, lit only by moonlight and the sharp headlights of the car.

A little while later, Max turns off the road, onto a mud path, and suddenly, we’re driving along a river, it's water shimmering in the moonlight and lapping softly below. Max comes to a stop near the edge, and turns the engine off.

Mounain water ripples in the Valley. Moonlight glints off his face.

“This place is beautiful.”

“Isn’t it?”

“You come here often?"

“More than I should, definitely. This is where my family is, now. Their ashes, anyway. I feel, I don’t know, close to them here.”

“Its so beautiful.”

“Yep. So there you go. Liz Parker, meet my family.”

And he says it with such simplicity, such sweetness, that I cant speak. I don’t think he expects me to.

“You cant tell, but they’re really great.” He jokes weakly.

I smile.

“And I know they would have loved you.”

I lean onto hi s chest, and he wraps his arms around me in a loose hug.

I can feel him struggling to let go, struggling to move on.

“Just gimmie some time, ok?” He breathes. “Sometimes things get difficult, and… Just gimmie some time to work all this stuff out.”

Stroking his back, I whisper, “You got it,” and he pulls me tighter.

“I love you.”

That finally does me in, and I feel tears slip down my cheeks. It’s just a whisper, but I hear it. “I love you.” All this time, he’s been so afraid to say it, so afraid to feel it, so afraid to need again, but at the same time, he needs me to know.

He doesn’t realize that you don’t need words to say something like that. You don’t. I would have known it by looking into his eyes more clearly than any language could express. And I have.

“I love you, too.” I smile against his chest, and breathe him in, knowing, from some deep force inside my heart that this love is strong.

Stong enough to move, strong enough to hold,

…and maybe, just maybe... even strong enough to heal.

The end


you dont understand, how long I've tried to put this off!!! You dont! I'm sobbing, right now, cause I just wrote the end... geez, can you say emotionally involved?

I can't believe I'm ending it. I hate me. But really, I dont want to streach it out for the sake of streaching it out, you know?... *sigh*

There'll be other fics. I guess...*sad*

God, I hate ending fics. Its only the second time I've done this.

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