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Title: What’s Your Fantasy?
Author: WhosYrDaddy
Rating: R/NC-17 (as always)
Category: Liz/Zan/Max/Future Max (without the gray hair, so really just a long haired Max)
Disclaimer: Not Mine. Only Zan in my dreams *sigh* Jason Katims/Melinda Metz
Feedback: HELL YEAH!!!!!!!
Summary: AU, No Aliens. What’s your fantasy? I dunno...but this is mine and I think you’ll all agree it ain’t too bad ;) . I got the idea to write this when I was chattin it up with Zanslove. Eliza (Liz) decides to take a trip, but what happens when they go thru the bermuda triangle and she winds up on a deserted island? Read on and find out!!!!!
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Part 1

”Flight 69 non-stop to Jamaica is now boarding: Flight 69 non-stop to Jamaica.”

‘That’s me’ Eliza thought as she picked up her carry-on bag and purse and headed for the gate. She was so glad to be able to finally be able to board the plane, a few more hours and she’d be on the beach. ‘A well deserved vacation’ she thought, after 4 years of Harvard. Hell, after a lifetime of being the perfect student. She was finally done. Her friends were already on the island, waiting for her at an exclusive resort that their daddies had booked for them. Eliza was from a wealthy posh family, she never had a thing to worry about. Well, as far as money went. Everybody had their issues right? Anyway, that’s not what this was about. It was about fun in the sun. And hopefully some warm tan tall dark and handsome men to go with it. She had little time for men while in school, and she planned on making up for some lost time.

The flight was going smoothly the first hour or so, and after a few drinks of the alcoholic kind, she needed to use the restroom, and made her way into the tiny confined space. And then she heard the loud speaker:

”Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering a bit of some harsh weather, so we will be experiencing some turbulence. Please remain in your seats and buckled in. Thank You.”

Great. She hated being rushed.


Suddenly all she felt was herself being tossed around the small cabin before hitting her head and falling out of the bathroom. Eliza tried to make it back to her seat but the hole in the side of the airplane had other plans for her and she was sucked out freefalling, losing consciousness .
Hours, Days...who knows later:

As Eliza came too, she looked up at the hot sun behring down on her. She winced. Her head was throbbing, and as she put a hand to feel the bump she felt a gooey liquid and looked at her hand, realizing it was...her blood. Oh g*d. What happened? Where was she? All there was a few pieces of luggage strewn across the white sandy beach.

“HELLO? HELLO? IS ANYONE OUT THERE? HELP!” No reply. And then she saw a piece of a plane sticking out of the sand, it looked like one of the seats. And it hit her. Oh no, how was she ever going to get out of here? Where was here? Was she the only survivor? She knew she wasn’t going to get anywhere just sitting here. . . .

Eliza felt like she must have been walking the beach forever, she hadn’t seen any other passengers and she hadn’t seen anything else walk up on shore for that matter. The sun had been beating down on her and all she was wearing was a dress with her slip under it. She figured until the sun at least started to set, she should stick by the edge of the jungle like trees, they at least provided some shade without her actually having to go in it.

Suddenly there was a rustle coming from the brush and what she saw, was unlike anything she had ever expected. Never had she seen a wild beast, at least not one that looked that beautiful . . .or dangerous. She slowly started to back away, but the beast had move like a jungle cat and before she knew what was happening her knees buckled and she blacked out again.

Air. Swooshing threw her hair. She felt as if she was flying, palm trees and others of all sorts with vine like ropes were passing by her. And she felt strong arms around her waist. Ugh, she was getting dizzy again, but she dared not let go. No, not unless she wanted a few broken limbs to go with the bump on her head.

Her captor’s feet suddenly hit the ground, but she was swung over his shoulder and being gruffly carried up a ladder made of bamboo before she could get a good look at him. He roughly tossed her onto some animal skin rugs and turned back to the hut-like doorway, making a grunt-like noise, very loudly, and then before she could sit up to react . . . Three sets of amber and gold flecked eyes stared down upon her.

She took in each of their appearances as they slowly circled around her, and suddenly she had the urge to pull down her dress that had ridden up past her thighs. Tall, tanned bodies with their gazes intense: The one to her left had a shaggy look, bangs hanging in his eyes. The one in the middle had short spiky hair, with some kind of paint all over him, like tattoos. . And lastly, on the right, one with a shoulder length hair. All a deep brown, almost black. Eliza felt the need grow, to try to compose herself as they looked at her like she was their last meal. And to close her legs. But not before the middle one kneeled down to crawl between her legs, bracing his arms on each side of her.

She sat paralyzed, with fear and anticipation, as one of his hands came up to grope her breast, and then with a wild look to his eyes he said “WOMAN.”

And then two more sets of hands came upon Eliza’s thighs.

She wished for tall dark and handsome didn’t she? Well, she got it. In triplets. With Loin cloths.
Author's Note: Well, shall I continue on this escapade or not? Because I'm pretty sure I could have a lot of fun with it....but it's all depending on that Feedback!!!!!!

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****Just thought I'd add that since this is my fantasy land and I know somebody will ask . . . there are no pregnancies or STD's on this magical trip I'm writing...just a fantasy****

Thanks for all the FB!!!!! I don't know if I'd continue writing without it!!!!

Part 2

The feel of hands upon her legs was just about Eliza’s undoing. They were rough against her smooth skin and for a moment she felt herself start to relax back against the animal skin rugs. Her hair falling around her, she let out a gasp as the one with the relaxed shorter hair was moving his way down to her leg, placing kisses behind the arch of her knee, causing her to giggle. The one with longer, shoulder length hair, seemed fascinated by her own the second it fell around her and he instantly stood up and moved above her head and took it into his strong, surely capable hands and started caressing from her temples out until it seemed he was reveling in the softness of her locks. And the one with the shorter, spikier do, and that war paint all over his hard body, had one hand still upon her breast kneading it. His other hand very near her waist as it braced him to bring his face to the side of her neck. She could feel his hot breath surrounding her, smelling her scent leisurely, down till he reached the valley of her breasts . . . and then savagely he ripped at her dress with his teeth, before both hands took control and ripped it completely down the center, leaving her left with only her satin slip.

It sobered her immediately as she screamed “NO!”

They all immediately stopped, the spiky one looking in confusion at her and then his brothers. “No?”

She shook her head this time as she repeated herself, and said “No, stop.”

They came around to all sit in front of her looking quizzically at each other, not quite understanding the situation. Not that she was clear on much either. Why was she on this island? How long had they been here? How long would she be here? Did they have names? What did they want with her? And what was her reason for making them stop the Oh-so-pleasurable torment they were causing her body to feel? Oh yeah. She was in the weirdest,, fantasy. Things like this never really happened to someone, did they?

Eliza decided the best way to figure some of this out was to start asking questions.

“Where am I?” Blink. Gaze at her body.
“Do you have names?” Blink. Gaze. Blink.
“What do you plan to do to me?” Long gaze. Blink.
“ANSWER ME DAMMIT!” And at that demand, no doubt heard throughout the jungle. The one with the spiky-do gave an even bigger grunt than before and stormed out, followed by his two brothers who’s gazes kept wondering back to her until they were out of site. “Should have guessed he would do that, typical of a man to leave when a woman starts asking questions.” Eliza muttered to no one but herself.

Her shoulders slumped feeling defeated. She wasn’t used to not having people respond to her, verbally that is. They had definitely responded to her physically, she could tell by how restricted their loin clothes had gotten in only those few moments. Looking around the hut set high in the tree, she noticed a hammock hanging in the corner. Most likely what they used for a bed. She crossed over to it and laid down. Suddenly very exhausted from what the day had brought her.

When she awoke again, she felt rested. It was dark out by now and the only light she noticed was coming from torches adorning each side of the hut’s entryway. She made her way over and looked down below. There she could see the three of them around a fire cooking something on what seemed to be a make-shift rotisserie. She hadn’t been there long before the three noticed her, and stared in awe. For with the torches and moonlight illuminating her in the doorway of the hut, she seemed like an angel sent to them from above. Her slip fit so snugly to her curves and hair falling all around her in cascades. The one with the longer hair started to prepare a plate to bring up to her, but as he headed towards the ladder, the boisterous one with spikes stepped in his way, and grabbed the plate. Deciding he would be the one to bring her dinner.

Quickly seeing which one she would have to encounter, she scurried back to the hammock, turning away. But this one, he was relentless. Grabbing her chin her forced her to look at him. He then offered her the plate. When she denied him, he placed a strong hand to her stomach and said “Need it.” She sat up a little more, looking at the plate warily. He took this as another sign of her resistance and started to pull meat away from the bone and force it at her lips. After much coaxing, Eliza finally began eating and with a laugh aloud but more for herself, she said “Tastes like chicken.”

After a bit she had realized that he hadn’t eaten any of it himself and offered it back to him. He refused. So she figured ‘fine if he wants to force feed me like a child, I’ll treat him just the same’.

She may not of had that thought if she knew what it was leading to.

The second she tried to put the meat past his lips, he bit at her finger, before sucking it into his mouth luxuriously. She instantly heard a moan escape her lips, as her gaze looked into his heated amber orbs. Then she did the only thing she’d been wanting to do since she first saw him . . . lunged at him and sent him tumbling on his back, and kissed him with bruising passion. His hands grabbed for her breasts once again as he exclaimed loudly “JUGS!” He reached into her slip pulling the top down a bit freeing them. She had him pinned by straddling, but as he pushed himself off the floor enough to take one of her rosy hard nipples into his mouth, biting at it. She hissed in pain and brought her hands up to his face whimpering out an “ouch” and tried to communicate to him to do it softer. It seemed to work, for he softened it to nipping and suckling. Eliza could feel herself growing hotter and wetter, so wet, as his assault on her body went on. Grinding her hips into his, he noticed this and laid onto his back, only to push up her slip to show her thong. And if it were at all possible, his eyes grew darker with lust.

And then, in a masculine growl that had come to grow on her in such a short time, he said “HUNGRY NOW!” and grabbed her by the hips and yanked her body down until her sopping center was at his face. She felt his tongue snake out and lick her thigh as close to her pussy without actually touching it, and then in one swoop her tore off the underwear, and began his feast on her most private of places. Biting, licking, sucking, a relentless torment that she couldn’t get enough of. She was at a silent scream and constant spasm as he continually ate and licked her clean and sent her over the edge repeatedly. She raked her nails up and down his sides trying to gain any control back she could, finally pulling herself back up to her straddling position before he could send another wave crashing over her.

He looked at her and she simply grabbed at his loincloth ripping it away, and dispensing of her perspiration soaked slip too. Her little hand wrapped around his erection and then, in her own cave woman-like glory she said “NEED THIS!” And she sunk down on him. His eyes bulged, but as she began to move up and down on him he quickly began to thrust his hips with hers, soon grasping at her hips, each moving with such frenzy that she had a fleeting thought he might fuck right through her. The tightening and ache in her stomach and lower regions built beyond what she could stand anymore, and her inner muscles clamped hard around his shaft. Both cumming so hard that they both screamed out what had to be a mating call heard throughout the jungle.


Eliza immediately collapsed upon his chest, their bodies sweat and sticky against each other. After a few moments, she tried to get up, but her legs protested. He withdrew from her body and picked her up carrying her to the hammock. They fell into it together, and into a deep, deep sleep.

The two brothers had heard strange noises coming from above, and had snuck their way up the ladder. crouching by the doorway they saw ‘the woman’ and their brother in frantic motion, skin slapping and groans. They became even more intrigued by the primal call, and seeing him withdraw from her somewhere hidden. Finally leaving to their own huts, once they saw them sleeping. Knowing something carnal and enticing had happened, they would communicate tomorrow. And find out just what having ‘the woman’ here meant.


Sun broke through the trees, and shined into Eliza’s eyes. Immediately she felt the soreness of the rigorous encounter she had had last night. And a sated smile crossed her lips knowing it wasn’t a dream. She pulled herself gingerly out of the hammock and made her way over to where her slip was lying on the floor. Pulling it over her head, she walked out to the small balcony - like area and looked down upon the three males. They seemed to be communicating animatedly as her lover from last night drew some sort of diagram in the dirt, then walked off leaving the two behind. Soon after, they took off into the trees too.

Climbing her way down, she crossed over to where they’d been looking at on the ground. And there, in the dirt was a female and male stick figure, with a circle drawn around the female region, and a stick where the males was. From the looks of it, he had been giving his brothers a crash course in ‘where his went last night’.

A smile unlike no other she’d ever thought she possessed spread across Eliza’s face and the thought ‘Maybe I’ll just educate them myself’.
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Major NC-17

Part 3

Eliza had waited for the boys to return after they split off from their ‘lesson’, but it had been quite awhile so she decided to be brave and venture into the jungle a little. She thought maybe if she could find her way back to shore, she could go through some of the suitcases and find some things she might be able to use. After all, she had no idea how long she was going to be on this island.

As she walked along throughout the trees, she began to wonder if they had names or not. Their English seemed poor, so she figured they must of been left to fend for themselves here at an early age. She wondered how she got so damned lucky to get stuck here with them in the first place. They were f*cking ADONIS’!!! And if the other two were as good as the one she had last night, hell this could prove to be a very pleasurable and educational trip for her too. And somehow they new what a woman was, she couldn’t figure out the workings of that, but maybe, when she wasn’t giving them lessons, they could give her a little background.

Eliza came into a clearing and saw the most beautiful waterfall spilling over rocks into a lagoon. Nothing looked better than that right now. She hadn’t showered, obviously, and if she could at least rinse off then she would be relieved some what. Especially after last nights workout. Just thinking about it made her skin tingle with anticipation of what it would be like to be with the other two, or even him again.

She took off her slip again and slid into the water, it was warm, which was not all that surprising for the climate they were in. She started to swim out a bit, ducking her head underwater. It was refreshing, like waking up all over again. Eliza didn’t realize how long she was out there, swimming on her back and just splashing around. But at some point she had gotten over to the waterfall and realized that there was an opening behind it. She decided to climb up some of the rocks and take a peek. My, my, how adventurous this island had made her.

Finally, she made it to the opening behind the water fall, but not before walking through the waterfall to get in there. Eliza was completely unaware of the eyes that were appraising her naked, soaked body as she finally made her way through the cascade.

Water was trickling all down her body, her long dark locks hanging over her breasts just enough to cover her nipples from his sight. He watched her as she looked all around the cave. They had markings all over the walls, and there were vines hanging down from the ceiling of blooming in patches along the sides. She was a portrait of perfection . . . she was their goddess.

As she got closer, she noticed him standing there, staring right back at her with heated eyes. And he started to move towards her, his hair hanging down his face to his shoulders. She noticed his eyes lowering to her most private of places, and she moved her hand over it caressing herself and then softly said “Want some?”
He licked his lips and nodded vigorously.

“Well then come and get it.” And she took off running towards the opening of the cave, jumping through the waterfall down into the lagoon. When she broke free above the water she couldn’t see him anywhere so she swam to the closest edge and looked around.

Abruptly she was snatched around the waist and hung upside down, she could feel something being tied around her ankle, and then the other. Soon she realized she was hanging with her legs spread apart; her pinkness exposed to her captor. And then he came into her view. Sneaky son of a bitch. She hadn’t even seen him exit the water.

His rough hands came upon her hot, wet core and part her lips just a bit and he said “Want some?” in a tone so husky, she could have cum right then. When she couldn’t get a reply out, he licked her clit making her squirm, and peered down at her face and said in a more demanding tone “WANT SOME?!”

Eliza nodded her head madly and moaned “Ohhh yeeeessss.”

His hands gripped at her butt squeezing as his mouth began to devour her. Thrusting his tongue at her, she couldn’t contain the quivering that was overcoming her. His tongue was so hot on her, it scorched. She noticed his erection, as it was directly in front of her face and began to snatch away the cloth that hid him. He was just as large and pulsing as his brother had been, and ready for her mouth. Her arms came up and braced him as she licked the length of him, before taking him into her mouth, sucking away at him slowly at first and then matching his fevered pace. As her final orgasm rocked her and he tensed up, she was fully prepared to swallow all he had to give. But he removed himself from her mouth, and instead grabbed his member in his hands and came all over her breasts.

Quickly, her held her waist and cut the vine, but only to set her upright and grab her wrists and bind them with another above her head. She could feel the heat building inside her once again as he looked at her with hooded eyes. he moved to lean back against a rock, content to just sit there and look at her as his captive. She rubbed her legs together trying to tame the ache that had begun. All while giving him a pleading look.

The sight of her in such a state of lust and wanting made him spring alive again. Even harder than before, if that was possible. He crossed back over to her, kissing at her neck, a hand snaking around to hold her head in place as he took a hungry kiss from her red lips. Then he moved his hands down her back, cupping her buttocks before moving them just below where her thighs began. He moved them apart and slid his dick over her wet center, then he plunged in, taking her for all she was worth. With what strength she could muster she wrapped her legs around him and brought him deeper. His hips thrusting in a circular motion, her looked deep into her eyes, and became even more unbridled with his movements...her pants became moans, her moans became screams . . .

“AAAhhhhhh...Ohhhh, YESSSS. OH Please...PLEEEEEASSEE. MMMM...aaauuuuuhhh!!!!!!”

He could feels her walls tighten around him. So, he grabbed harder at her ass and it brought him over the edge, a few more hard thrusts and he exploded within her. Their bodies writhing against each other. He withdrew from her and stumbled back, once again resting against the rock.

Eliza’s head was rolling to the side unable to keep it up after such a climax. But it wasn’t over yet . .

She noticed movement from the corner of her eye and as her spiky haired lover came into view she was sure that she wasn’t about to be released from her bonds. He simply stood in front of her and lifted her chin, and watched her look at him with droopy eyes. When he let go of her chin her eyes fell down to see his erection, and she unconsciously licked her lips and gave out a whimper. She looks back into his eyes with longing and he returned it.

He grabbed himself and looked at her and gruffly said “Need Zan?”

And she whispered out “Oh hell yes.”

Zan moved behind her, pressing his hardness into her back. Moving her hair aside he nipped at her neck and earlobe, remembering her instructions from the night before. And then his hands came upon her hips, tilting her until he thrust up inside her once again dripping core. He rocked into her with a rhythm all his own. Making her whimper and whine. When he felt the need to release as he had last night he moved his fingers to the front of her and stroked and flicked at her clit, until she screamed “Oh ZAN! F*CK YES! YES ZAN! Uuuaaaahh.”

He removed himself from her, his member now flaccid. Their juices running down her legs, he untied her from the vines. He tried to hold her up as she was about to collapse, but he was so worn that he called his brother over.

“XANDER!” He quickly came to his brothers aide and picked their goddess up and carried her back into the lagoon. There they made sure to clean away their juices and freshen her. She was still unable to regain her full energy from their activities so they carried her back up to the cave behind the waterfall and held her there. Xander massaging at her legs, and Zan holding her upper body rubbing her shoulders and back. Somewhere in it all she fell into sleep. Nothing but the sound of the waterfalls hitting her ears.
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here we go!

Part 4

As she opened her eyes, she began to regain all of her senses. Eliza still heard the roaring waterfall, and felt a strong pair of arms cradling her against their chest. One hand came up to stroke her hair lovingly. She turned her head up to meet the eyes of the brother she had yet to educate. He didn’t seem in any need to rush her as she became more alert though. He simply kept holding her, looking deep into her chocolate brown pools.

After sitting there awhile, just enjoying the calmness of their environment inside the cave. As night began to fall, Eliza noticed that the torch was casting a glow onto the walls. She moved her way off of his lap and stepped over to the drawings that she saw. Many different drawings adorned the cave walls, but what really caught her attention was one of three boys, or men. Each with a name under them. Zan. Max. Xander.

Max was obviously the one currently sitting in the cave with her, if hearing the other two’s names were any indication. Further along the wall was a mural of a women, and she began to wonder how they knew to make her seem, so appealing. It was as if they had taken her out of a magazine. And strangely enough, the way she was painted resembled Eliza in many ways. ‘Hmmm, no wonder they were so eager.’

Max must have realized just what she was looking at, because soon she one hand running through her hair again, and another rubbing her hip. She turned to face him. Max. That was his name. Now she knew all three. Eliza cupped his face and looked him in the eyes.

“Max, Is that your name? Max?”

He nodded his reply, seeming to be lost in her gaze. She turned back around for a moment and traced a hand over the woman’s figure on the wall and said “Where did you draw this from?”

He looked at her quizzically for a moment before replying “Zan.”

“Zan drew this?”

Max gestured to the whole wall, and said “Zan make.” They stood there for a few more moments before Max started to lead her out of the cave. She looked at him hesitantly before he said “This way, more this way.”

She nodded her head in understanding. Some how he knew she wanted to learn more about them, and not in the physical sense of it all. Before they headed off, she stopped back by the lagoon where she had left her slip and slipped it on again. Not quite ready to be fully exposed in this nature.

They had gone through part of the jungle. He kept her close at all times. Perhaps he sensed that she wasn’t sure if something was going to jump out at her at any moment. It was beautiful. All of the greenery and plants in bloom. They began an uphill climb that soon began to wear on her feet and she slowed her pace. Max took it upon himself to give her a piggy back ride the rest of the way up. Once they reached the top of the hill, the trees seemed to become a rarity and it gave way to green grass with flowers blooming everywhere. On the other end of the valley was a shack, if you could call it that. And she figured that must be where he was headed.

They reached the other end in no time at all, and he put her down and grabbed her hand, pulling her to the edge of the cliff. They weren’t that high up. Hell, they could jump into the ocean if they were feeling adventurous enough.

Eventually, he led her over by the hut and gestured for her to take a seat. She sat back as she watched him work wonders building a fire, and then he went to a pile of rocks and began to move them until he pulled out a box and brought it over to her. He opened it up and began to show her just what it held:

A picture. Of three young boys who were triplets, standing on a dock somewhere. Still fairly young.
An action figure. Something that maybe made it onto the island with them? She guessed they were there from a boat crashing, for she vaguely remembered seeing a drawing of that sort on the cave walls as they left. A magazine. Of the adult type. ‘Well, I guess that answers some questions.’ She thought as she looked up at Max with a wry, knowing smile. He simply blushed and took it and set it aside.

“Am . . . am I the first . . .woman you’ve seen here Max?” Eliza gently asked, hoping he’d understand.

He looked at her for a bit and then shook his head and said “No woman. Bu...but now . . .yo-you.”

She stuck out her hand and said “My name is Eliza.”

But instead of shaking her hand, he took it and rubbed it against his cheek. It was so adorable she almost cried. She cuddled in closer to him and placed a hand on his neck playing with his hair. He pulled her into his lap and she placed a kiss to his temple, moving down until she reached his lips. Their kiss started out gentle, and as time grew on she traced his lips with her tongue. He opened and they sought each other out. Their kisses grew hungrier and deeper, but never too insistent. His hands playing through her hair and another massaging her breast. All he could hear were her moans of pleasure. Everything about Eliza felt so soft to his fingertips. His hand moved over her stomach and abdomen, and in that instant her hunger became apparent.

Her tummy growled, and it wasn’t just for him. Eliza began to blush and turn away, but he stopped her. He rose quickly from where they were sitting and crossed his way over to a tree and began picking fruit from it. Then he made his way back over an gestured for her to take a bite. She tried to take it from his hand, so that she could eat it but he politely brushed her hands away, obviously intent on feeding her. She bit into the fruit, and savored it. It was so fresh, and warm from the sun on it all day. She took another bite, and another chewing slowly, as he didn’t seem to mind. His eyes never left her mouth. It was as if watching her eat was the most erotic thing he had experienced. As she got more and more to the juicy core of what she could deem passion fruit (if his suddenly apparent erection was any indicator) a little bit of the juice dribbled down her chin. Max stealthy moved in, and began one long slow lick from her chin up to her mouth, kissing her, tasting her. Then he pulled away and took a bite of his own. And she understood just how fascinating it was, his lips seemed so enticing. She wished for his mouth on her as it was when he took that bite.

Their heated stares locked and she grabbed the fruit from his hand. Taking his head in her hands she placed kisses all over his neck, up to his chin and then onto his mouth. Max’s tongue snaked out to taste what was left on her sweet lips, before she opened and he gave her a fuller, plundering kiss. He moved her to straddle his lap. Admiring her as the now moonlit sky cast a glow over her. His hands lightly traveled up and down her arms, before moving over her stomach, down her waist reaching the hem of her slip. His fingers played with it a moment. He then looked back up at her and continued to lift it up over her head. He gently tossed it over to the box he had retrieved earlier. A keepsake he wanted for sure. His hands returned to her thighs as he began to stroke them, focusing more and more on the inner area, moving upward. Purposely missing her center he moved to her taut stomach, drawing little designs over her. She couldn’t contain the giggle that passed her pink plush lips. Max then moved his skilled hands up, to the sides of her breasts, cupping her, running a thumb over her already hard peaks. Then, as gentle and light as possible, he kissed around each nipple, before his tongue grazed over them and blew on them.

Shivers ran down her spine. His lightest touches and caresses sent her soaring. His hands moved on to her back, kneading away any aches she had, spending just the right amount of time in each tender area. Moving even further down to the small of her back, pressing her closer to him. Her mounds pressed against his broad chest, their body heat. His hands began to massage her waist area, just above her bum. And he must have hit a pleasure point because Eliza thrust her hips into him and moaned into his ear as he continued his assault on her. She was putty in his arms. He laid her back onto the ground and went for another piece of fruit. He let her take a nibble off of it before bringing it to his mouth and licking the part she had just taken from. Then, in a most seductive manner, he squeezed juice from it all the way down the center of her body, letting a little of it pool in her belly button. Bending down, he began to drink the juice out, and licked his way back up her body. He left nothing behind. As he reached her face to cup her cheek and place a tender kiss to her lips, tip of her nose and then forehead. His other hand came down to feel her center.

“Wet, juicy.” Max lamented. Then he squeezed more of the fruit onto her private place and went down for a taste. He moaned and then . . . “Sweet.”

Fleetingly she thought ‘Hmm, maybe it should be called forbidden fruit’.

“Please Max, please.” Eliza couldn’t wait any longer. He was taking his time and it was too much to behr. Her breathing had deepened and all she could manage were pants and moans.

Max crept up her body until they were aligned, rubbing his erection over her soft forbidden womanly place, and then thrust himself in. Their bodies moved together in a time of luxurious passion. Muscles sleek with sweat. Skin looking so shiny from the moonlight. Eliza brought her legs up high around his waist taking him down, down into her. Drowning in amber pools was the last thing she could remember before she came taking him with her moments later. Her cries sounding out like something that had lived in the jungle for generations. His groans and heavy breaths swallowed in a lasting kiss, as their bodies settled, and finally relaxed against one another.

Max rolled, holding Eliza against him, as they fell into a blissful sleep.

****And to think...the fun isn't even over yet for these two..****
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********AUTHOR'S NOTE*********

WOW! Thanks for all the FB! And the bumps! You guys are too good to me! OK, sorry for the lack of updates the last couple weeks. Real life is kinda kickin me in the arse and left me with no energy to write. But, have no fear...I'll get a new part (maybe 2 parts) for your extremely gracious bumping and patience. I never thought this story would get that much of a reaction. Guess I was wrong. So thank you thank you thank you! And stay tuned...we will soon resume our previously scheduled program. smileok

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Hopefully everyone hasn't completely forgot me.

Thanks to everyone who bumped me. I never meant to be gone for this long, but life happens.

After this update I will do one for Bullet Proof Life & IF.

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*Hey Everyone! I know its been a long time, and this part isn't going to be as long as I planned. But I'm just kinda getting back into the swing of things and didn't want to give you the big nookie I had planned w/o seeing what you thought of here it is:

Part 5

Sunlight beamed down upon them. Eliza’s eyes slowly opened to greet the morning, and found those beautiful amber pools staring down upon her. She wondered just how long he’d been staring at her, and her body.

He began to stand up and held his hand out for her to take. She stood up and stretched, not missing the appreciative gaze that Max gave.

Eliza gave him a sly smile before asking “What now?”

He grinned, and led her over to the edge of the cliff, before turning to look at her with a boyish grin.

Eliza’s eyes widened when she realized just what it was he wanted them to do. “You want to jump? The cliff?”

Max nodded his head wildly “Jump.”

“Oh. Oh No. Oh no no no no.” She shook her head vigorously. But he just kept nodding yes, and then backed up and made a run for the edge grabbing her by the waist as he went by.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Was all Eliza could manage before she hit the water.

When her head finally broke to the surface, she looked all around her trying to locate Max. She started to panic when she felt something brush her leg, but then there were hands. Hands wrapping around her waist holding her as she came face to face with her newest lover. His hair was matted against his forehead and slightly hanging into his eyes. As she treaded water trying to stay afloat Eliza used one of her hands to brush the hair out of his eyes.

He smiled brilliantly at her and started swimming towards the white sandy shore. And she swam to keep up with that cute, tight, fine ass of his.

Once they reached the shore line and walked up onto the sand, Eliza noticed more of the washed up remainders of luggage. She quickly rushed over to them and began to drag them further onto dry land. If there was a chance that she might find something of use to her she was sure as hell going to keep it. Who knew how long she’d be here. But, glancing at Max, and thinking of her other two students . . . she decided that might not be such a bad thing.

Max had began building another fire for them and a make-shift umbrella. He didn’t want the sun to harm her beautiful glowing skin too much. He on the other hand had spent enough time on the island that the suns rays had less of a harsh impact upon him. Even in his current, very nude state. After all, he didn’t give either of them much of a chance to cover up before this mornings ocean plunge.

When each had finished their tasks and met under the umbrella, Max had immediately wanted to take another kind of plunge . . . into her depths. Their was a slight breeze coming off the ocean that kept Eliza’s hair wispy and free-flowing around her. How he had fantasized about a woman like her being on their island.

It didn’t take long for her notice his arousal. Hell, anything that large would be hard to miss. It was almost magnetic. Beam me up SCOTTY! He’s cleared for landing. Even if it’s a rough one. Although Max is more of a smooth operator.

Dirty thoughts are interrupted by a grumbling sound. OOOoooh, she didn’t know Max wanted her that bad. But then would he be looking at her with that silly smile?

No. Definitely not.

Uh oh, there it is again.

And it’s coming from Eliza.

Actually, Eliza’s stomach.

“Um, I’m a little hungry Max.”

He grabbed her hand in his and picked up a spear-like stick and dashed into the ocean. Eliza watched him in amazement as he speared a few fish with ease and skill. He led her back to their fire and cooked them, while she went to gather some fruit to go along with it. When she returned to Max he was finished cooking up the fish, he helped her with the fruit, blushing slightly remembering what he had done with it the night before. And if Eliza didn’t know what he was turning as red as a strawberry for, she did when she saw
not-so mini-max making his second appearance for the day. And hopefully not the last.

They sat in each others arms feeding each other, and having a little more ‘fruit filled fun’ with out getting too carried away. Both were exhausted from their morning of labor. Max finally settled onto the sand spooning Eliza as they rested. His palm smoothing over her tummy in a loving manner, lulling her and himself into a slumber as the sun began to set in rays of purples and magenta.


When they awoke the moon was shining brightly with the stars blanketing the sky. Eliza turned in Max’s arms giving him soft kisses along his collarbone up to his mouth. As he lost himself in her warm mouth, she took advantage and rolled him all the way onto his back. Her hand crept down stroking him, feeling him growing harder, and groaning.

Eliza broke the kiss, and with the slyest of smiles, dragged her warm body down his until her thoroughly kissed lips met with his arousal. Looking up at him one last time, and grinning at his wide-eyed expression. She took his dick into her mouth, loving it with all she could. Only looking up at him a couple of times to notice the exquisite bliss he was experiencing. Max was going between looking down at his angel of love and throwing his head back in ecstasy and spinning with the stars as she continued her delicious torture on his man hood. Eliza’s hair laid out brushing his thighs tickling him and turning him on more. His hands were digging into the sand trying to find something to grasp for as she took more of him into her mouth. He would explode any moment. His hands sought out her head and he snaked his hands into her hair to keep her there as he exploded into her mouth.

She took every last drop. And came up smiling, licking her lips.

Then, before he could recover and pull her into his arms. She got up, looking at him with complete wanting and playfulness, she gave him a come-hither motion with her finger, and ran for the ocean.

He got up and chased after her, catching her and sending them down into the waves. He held her tight to him and gave her a series of mind blowing kisses. He brought her a little closer to the shore where they were more stable and continued making out, rolling around in the sand. Max rubbed sand all over her belly and breasts. His hands found her perfect little bottom and massaged it with his rough hands, before creeping in-between her legs. She was soaked in her honey. Max couldn’t wait any longer as he laid her down and slid into her. Eliza’s back arched as a breathy moan escaped her throat. His slow thrusts were driving her mad. She wanted him so badly, and harder. She was so close. With moves of a jungle cat she rolled him onto his back again and rode him. His hand moved to her and began stroking, both were sensing completion.

And reached it moments later, their screams and groans lost in the sound of the waves.

FB is appreciated...Greatly

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AUTHORS NOTE: OK people, I know its been a LOOOONNNGG FREAKIN time since I've updated, but I'm gonna work on it now, and hopefully get something done. Its going to be ending soon I think, only a few more parts. And I'm thinking of doing a WYF: 2 sequel kinda thing. It won't be the same story, just another fantasy type deal. So here are my steps:

1. Type new part, give it to my Smut-o-meter Lupe for a good rating.
2. Post it.
3. Finish the freakin thing.
4. Start sequel.

That's where you all come in: I want some ideas of your own kind of...fantasy. Post it here or bmail me and Whichever one strikes me with the most interest, I'll go at to speak.

Thanks! And I hope you'll all still read!