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Author: Adian
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Disclaimer: Charaters based on the Roswell books of Melinda Metz. Jason Katims the creator of the TV show Roswell now showing on the UPN
Summary: A twist on the unforgivable season 2 based in the future.

For Chapters 1-23:

Chapter 21

Our Aunt was Queen but we weren’t of royal blood. We all loved Nicholas but none of us understood him. Nicky was always jealous of you. He wanted to be you. Nicky was friends with Khivar and I honestly don’t know who originally came up with the idea to steal the throne.”

“What happened to him?”

“His best friend Khivar killed him. Nicholas after supposedly killing Michael, Isabel, and everyone else you cared about was ready to return triumphant to Antar. Khivar didn’t want a constant reminder of his dirty linen so he killed Nicholas instead.”

“I’m sorry Serena.”

“Thanks Max but don’t waste your pity on him. Well I do have work to do so I’ll leave you to your meal.”

Max watched her leave and gets up to explore Liz’s rooms. One wall filled with pictures keeps calling him back. He reaches out to touch it surprised when a handprint appears. Placing his hand over the print the wall opens into the Granolith chamber. Alaric is sitting on the divan waiting for him to come forward.

Alaric stands before Max can touch the Granolith. “The time of Judgment is at hand Max of the Blood Royal. The choice is yours leave and be an ordinary man or if you dare go forth to judgment. A heart against a feather weighs a soul. Tip the scale and your name will be a distant memory. A worthy heart shall be rewarded. Will thou be judged?”


“Come forth and let it begin.” Max lays on the divan resting one hand on the Granolith. First Max is shown his life through the various timelines. All knowledge merges and one Max stands before the Granolith for judgment.

~You have been given three chances to reclaim your heritage. What have you learned?~

“I am not the one to rule.”

~How came you to this conclusion?~

“In the first timeline I was selfish. My wants and needs were more important than my destiny, my friends, Michael, and Isabel. All I wanted was a normal life with Liz. I did not prepare myself or the others for the battle we all knew would come. Denying who I was cost me everything and everyone.”

“In the second timeline my anger at myself for failing dictated my actions. Instead of finding a real solution I chose the worst way to punish myself. I set myself up to fail damning everyone else in the process.”

“In the third timeline I consulted no one and turned myself and the Granolith over to Khivar. My foolish noble gesture still got everyone killed. The only redemption for me is the time I spent imprisoned on Antar. With Alaric’s help a plan was formulated that would save everyone I loved and regain the throne for my son. Keeping me locked up so I couldn’t screw anything up was one of the best decisions ever made.”

~What is your hearts true desire?~

“Liz. It has always been her. I want to have a life with her and my children.”

~What would you do with your life?~

“I would be my Queen’s strength.”

~Once you were a King would this truly keep you content?~

“Yes. I’ve never hated a word more than destiny. I didn’t want to be an alien on Earth. I didn’t want to be King. I didn’t want everyone looking to me for answers. Liz became my strength. She helped me make rational decisions. Without her I had no anchor and chaos ensued. Liz is a great Queen. If I have a destiny than this is what it truly is. I was made to be there for Liz in whatever capacity she needs me.”

~Is there anything else you would like to say before the verdict is made?~


~Every ruler consecrated by the Granolith gives up a part of himself and leaves it in the care of the Granolith. Your judge and jury are the past Kings and Queens of your House. Are you ready to hear their judgment?~


Chapter 22

An older distinguished looking man with golden eyes appears before Max, "Hello my son." Max looks upon his father in shock. "I abstained from the vote because I could not be objective. I also wanted to meet you. It is so strange to look upon you now. You resemble your human donor so much. But your soul is pure Zan. In both incarnations your idealistic spirit shines through."

"Father," Max softly cries. "I never expected the chance to meet you. Your death was so sudden I never got the chance to tell you I love you. I was so wracked with guilt because those last months you were alive all we did was fight. Marriages for dynastic alliances I thought were archaic. Vilandra and I were so shocked at your attitude. We wanted the chance to find a love like your's and moms. Can you forgive me father?"

Max finds himself enveloped in his fathers embrace. "My son it is from you I should be seeking forgiveness. There are some things you should know."

"Your mother and I were so lucky in marriage. It was love at first sight. Our love remained strong and true throughout our lives. It is only natural you and Vilandra wished for the same type of marriage. I was so hidebound by tradition I forced you both into betrothal's where you did not love. For that I am eternally sorry. The whole kingdom paid the price for my stubbornness. I brought that viper Ava into our lives."

"You never knew this but I had talked to Alaric about breaking your betrothal. I realized how much you and Ava hated each other and that a marriage between you would be a catasrophe. We had hoped to at least give you a choice of one of Ava's younger sisters. Somehow Ava found out and she poisoned me before anything could be done."

Shocked to the core Max screams, "She did what?"

"Max calm yourself. Ava or should I say Tess will pay for her crimes. In this lifetime Ava's soul was truly split. Tess is evil incarnate and Ava is wholy good. Max in Liz you have chosen well. Do whatever you must to keep her for she is your salvation. Don't let pride rule your life. Love is the only way to overcome the trials ahead. My son it is time." His image begins to fade. "Know that I love thee my son."

~Max of the Blood Royal the judgment has been made. You will be granted status as Prince of the Realm due to your blood. You will never rule. Your son Rian will inherit the crown from his mother Queen Elizabeth. If she so chooses Queen Elizabeth may marry you and grant you the title of King Consort. This is an honorary title. Will you accept judgement?~

Head bowed Max replies, "Yes, I accept your judgment and I thank you." A feeling of peace decends over Max. For the first time in his life his destiny is clear and it is a welcome one.

Chapter 23

Max wakes to find himself looking up at Alaric. “Max don’t try to get up you have been communing with the Granolith for about 18 hours. Are you hungry, thirsty?”

“Alaric, why don’t you join me for supper in my rooms. I have a ton of questions for you.”

Gingerly, Max stands up. Leaning on Alaric they slowly make their way up to Max’s room. Max lies down on his bed while Alaric rounds up some supper.

“Obviously the Granolith found me worthy of keeping alive if only to make Liz happy.”

Angrily Alaric berates Max. “That is not true and you know it! The Granolith showed you all of your lives to see if you had learned. The reason you are alive is you accepted your true destiny. For the fight to come the Queen is desperately going to need your strength to lean on. She needs someone she can be her true self with.”

“Liz needs the strength of a failed king? I didn’t just screw it up once but multiple times. What I saw only made me feel more inadequate. I know I said I wanted to be my Queen’s strength but how?”

“Let me tell you Rian’s story. When Maria and Michael arrived here Maria was pregnant. Rian attached himself to her. He would take naps with her and sneak into her and Michael’s room at night. No one could figure out his behavior. The only obvious effect was the baby was calm when Rian was around. Maria actually got to sleep so she didn’t mind Rian’s presence. Michael was a different story he was jealous. When Maria went into labor they wouldn’t let Rian inside. She was having a very difficult labor and Rian was upset."

"He called Riona and Rigan to come help him. The three of them knocked on Maria’s door again. A very worried Michael answered the door. Rian demanded to be let in and Michael said no. Rian told him as he was the Prince and Michael had to obey. Michael’s face was priceless he was so flabbergasted. While he was in shock Rian and the others went in. Rian stood on one side of Maria holding his hand on her stomach. Rigan climbed on the bed and held Maria’s face in his hands. Riona sat on the bed one hand on each of her brothers."

“Liz asked them what they were doing and Rian looked at her and said ‘My queen Mellan is being born and she needs me here.’ Liz asked him how did he know and he looked at her like she was insane. He replied, ‘Daddy knew it was you the first time he saw you. I knew it the first time I touched Aunt Maria’s stomach and connected with Mellan.’”

“We stood around dumbfounded at Rian's pronouncement. The kids ignored us and got busy. Rigan like you is a natural healer. Instinctively he knew what to do to help Maria and Mellan. The triplets bond allows them to transfer energy and gifts. Maria was dying and they saved her. Max those kids weren't even two years old but Rian knew his Queen from the first moment as did you. You chose Liz and your heart chose truly."

"Gods help you but Liz is in your blood. If you don't find the courage to truly open your heart to her your life will be miserable. Search your memories Max, your soul. Your mind only confuses you, listen to your heart. The right path is before you.” Alaric quits the room leaving Max to fight his inner demons.

The merging showed me who I truly am. How can she love me with everything I've done. I never truly chose her as a man loves a woman. I chose Tess over her, my son over her, my freedom, even my kingdom over her. I left her alone to handle a mess of my making. I left her alone to raise three children. She's done a magnificent job at all the things I failed at. How can Liz love me? Doesn't she see the incompetent weakling inside?

I've been obsessed with Liz for lifetimes but was it love? Or was she the embodiment of normalcy I craved? They all seem to think Rian is a chip off the old block. He knew Mellan was his at first contact. I just watched from afar I didn't have the courage to claim Liz.

Oh god what happened to the Max who found his soulmate in the depths of those chocolate eyes. A heart so pure and steadfast she willingly did everything I asked. Even alone with the pain nearly killing her. Alaric is so right I am a coward. I am so afraid to see myself through her eyes.

Chapter 24

Worried about Max’s state of mind Alaric goes in search of his Queen. Finally he finds her hidden in her sanctuary the science lab. Noticing him Liz teases, “You must really need to talk to me if you willingly came to my stinky lab. So what gives?”

“Liz its Max. He just finished the judgment about two hours ago. I’m really worried about how the assimilation of his lives is affecting him. His state of mind right now isn’t so good. He told me, ‘Obviously the Granolith found me worthy of keeping alive if only to make Liz happy.’ Some of the other things he said that worry me are, ‘Liz needs the strength of a failed king? I didn’t just screw it up once but multiple times. What I saw only made me feel more inadequate.’ I tried talking to him but nothing I said got through to him. Liz you are the only one who is going to be able to bring Max back to us.”

Liz sits in silence her head bowed. Vainly trying to think of a way to convince Max how much she needs him. Finally a plan begins to form and a playful smile graces her face.

The next afternoon

Serena ushers Max into Liz's chambers. A hidden door in Liz's room has been opened. Serena tells him to follow the candlelight. Curious Max goes through the door following strategically placed candles. The path curves and he reaches a ledge with a mass of candles. Nestled among the candles is a note with his name on it.


I don’t know how to convince you what I feel inside. You always wanted to read my journal so I’ll let my words express how I feel.


Living without you, living alone

This empty house seems so cold

Wanting to hold you, wanting you near

How much I wanted you home

But now that you've come back

Turned night into day

I-need you to stay

So now I come to you, with open arms

Nothing to hide, believe what I say

So here I am with open arms

Hoping you'll see what your love means to me...

Max rereads the note in wonder. Seeing there are more candles ahead he resumes his journey down the lighted path. Soon he comes across another candle lit ledge. The ledge is filled with pure white and deep purple roses.


When we exchanged wedding vows this is what you said to me…

You’re the hope that moves me
To courage again
You’re the love that rescues me
When the cold winds rage
And it’s so amazing
Cause that’s just how you are
And I can’t turn back now
Cause you brought me too far

As he touches a white rose memories overcome him. A vision of Liz wearing a royal purple gown, her hair flowing about her shoulders looking at him with tears glistening in her eyes.

Max- I can’t ever turn back because you’ve brought me too far to ever let go.

Max continues his journey following the flickering lights and the lingering smell of vanilla-Liz’s scent. Red candles and white roses surround his next letter.


I never thought of cement as a word associated with love until our wedding night. Our souls were cemented to each other becoming one. With you…

It feels like a ton of love
Followed by a mountain of
Emotions coming over me
To take complete control of me
And I get swept away
Deeper in it everyday

I'm blown away when I look at you
'Cause you see me so completely
You consume me with the power of a little kiss
It feels like a ton of love
And I get swept away
I swear I'll never give you up
'Cause our souls are connected

Max continues to follow the warm glow in a daze. Disbelief warred with hope. Before him the candles were arranged in the Antarian symbols of hope and eternity. Picking up the letter beneath he wonders could Liz still truly be in love with him?


Neither of us is perfect but we have always tried to do the right thing. We have caused each other so much needless pain to spare the other. We are better people together when our soul works as one. I need you…the flawed man with the honorable soul who owns my heart.

I love your imperfection
I love your everything
Your broken heart, your broken wings
I love you when you hold me
And when you turn away
I love you still and I’m not afraid
Cause I know you feel the same way
And you’ll stay

Cause when we’re torn apart
Shattered and scared
Love has the grace to save us
We’re just two tarnished hearts
When in each other’s arms
We become Saints and Angels

The tears flow freely down Max’s face. Believing himself unworthy for so many years, this testament of Liz’s love has staggered him. He continues forward praying Liz is at the end of the journey. Her warmth is melting the despair encasing his heart.


We chose this course so many years ago. Being without each other was a choice we willingly made to set the balance right. For so long I’ve only been able to see you in my dreams. For me waking up has always been the hardest…realizing your warmth was only a distant memory.

Sometimes I close my eyes
And imagine you with me
Chasing passion into the night
All tangled in a dream

I want to taste your kiss
Be the reason for your smile
Touch the magic on your skin
Be the one that drives you wild

Oh if you could see my heart
The way I feel inside
You would know just how far
I'm willing to go to get to you
There is nothing I won't do

Oh if you could read my mind
You'd know you're everything I need
You'd see yourself through my eyes
And you'd understand what I'm going through
And just how much I want you

Let me love you

Let me love you…how could I not? Max begins running through the tunnel desperate to find Liz. Instead another candle lit bower waits. Impatient to find her he briefly reads the letter.


To put it simply…

I need you like water
Like breathe, like rain
I need you like mercy
From Heaven’s gate
There’s a freedom in your arms
And it carries me through
I need you

And I need you, Liz. Once again following the soft light he begins to hear the sound of rushing water in front of him. Reaching the cave entrance he stops staring in wonder at the magical sight before him. The crystalline walls are sparkling by candlelight.

Liz stands underneath the waterfall letting the water rush over her body. He had to swallow past the lump in his throat at the sight she bestowed upon him. The white bathing suit she wore was almost see through offering tantalizing glimpses of Liz's wet lithe body. She was alluring like a siren from Greek Mythology. Max could feel his arousal spring to life as desire slammed through him.

Major praise needs to be given to Jenn aka Luvroswell26. Jenn found almost all of the songs I borrowed lyrics from. She has been instrumental in the composition of this chapter. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Lyrics from several songs were used for the “Love Notes.” The artists and songs are:
Love Note #1 “Open Arms” by Journey
Love Note #2 "I Need You" by Leann Rimes
Love Note #3 "Ton of Love" by Chris Cagle
Love Note #4 "Saints and Angels" by Sara Evans
Love Note #5 "Let Me Love You" by Tim McGraw
Love Note #6 "I Need You" by Leann Rimes

Chapter 25

Authors Note: This chapter is truly a departure from what I usually write. It is co-written by Jenn aka Luvroswell26. Without her I wouldn't have had the courage to do this scene. Thanks for helping me explore new avenues in my writing.

**Warning NC-17 material ahead**

He could hear the sound of rushing water in front of him. Reaching the cave entrance he stops staring in wonder at the magical sight before him. The crystalline walls are sparkeling by candelight.

Liz stands underneath the waterfall letting the water rush over her body. He had to swallow past the lump in his throat at the sight she bestowed upon him. The white bathing suit she wore was almost see through offering tantalizing glimpses of Liz's wet lithe body. She was alluring like a siren from Greek Mythology. Max could feel his arousal spring to life as desire slammed through him.

He looked into her eyes and the love shining there took his breath away. He always knew that the only person he could love this completely and who would love him back, as completely was Liz. Yet he never dared to hope for it because he didn't want to get hurt, but now that she was with him he couldn't remember why he ever tried to protect himself. This what he's longed for and he would be damned if he let his mind get in the way of his happiness again.

"Liz, this is amazing," he told her.

"I, well, I just wanted you to see how much I love you and how desired you are. I want this to be forever Max and I'll wait for you until you are ready, but I just had to show you how I feel," she told him.

"My heart still belongs to you and even after all these years my love is still true. I don't know how to show you just what you mean to me but there is one thing I can promise you. I will spend the rest of my life doing everything I can to prove my love to you," he said.

Liz had tears in her eyes after Max recited the poem to her. She almost forgot how romantic and sweet he can be. She missed this and now that she has it back there is no way she will ever let anyone take it away again. She will fight until the end to keep her life with Max.

"That was beautiful," she told him.

"You inspire me. I want to thank you for everything past, present, and future. You shame me. I doubted you but it was truly myself I didn't believe in. You've done everything I've ever asked no matter how painful. Your inner beauty, courage, strength, and endurance are awe inspiring. I didn't understand how you could love me when I hated myself. With the help of Alaric and the Granolith I came to terms with my life as Zan and various ones as Max. I realized my true path." Gently cupping her face with his hands. "It is to walk beside you in every life my friend, my lover, my wife, my soul's other half."

"Max," she sighed but was cut off by Max's hand sliding over her cheek. He couldn't resist. He's been dying to do this since he first saw her in her chamber all those days ago. He buried his hand into her hair remembering how silky it always felt and to his surprise still feels. He inched closer to her closing the distance between them.

Their eyes met and they got lost in one another. It had been so long since they looked to one another's souls and the love, compassion, and loyalty, they saw in one another was amazing.

Max touched his lips to Liz's lightly wanting to savor every second of this joining. He hadn't felt the softness of her lips, or tasted their sweetness for way to long. He wanted to remember this moment for the rest of his life.

Liz sighed at the contact loving the feel of Max's lips on hers and his strong arms around her. She felt safe and loved, and she never wanted to give these feelings up. She parted her lips slightly asking Max to deepen the kiss. He slowly ran his tongue across her lips loving the taste, strawberries. Liz always tasted like strawberries, and it always made his head spin, today was no exception. He pulled her closer to him deepening the kiss further and they both moaned at the first contact their tongues made.

Liz wrapped her arms around his neck pushing her body flush against his. She could feel his arousal and her nipples hardened in response against his chest. He kept one hand in her hair and the other went around her waist keeping her locked against him.

Her body was awakening from a long slumber. She abandonded herself to sensation. His lips trailed down her slender neck tasting her sweet skin. "Oh Max," she moaned as he began kissing the pulsing hollow at the base of her throat.

Max drunk on the taste of her vanilla skin slowly moved them further into the water. Liz registering the wall at her back lifted her legs up and wrapped them around Max’s waist. He was vaguely aware of what she was doing but when her legs went around his waist he got even harder, which was something he thought was impossible. The ache he had for her was becoming unbearable.

Liz couldn’t keep her hands idle any longer. Using a bit of alien magic she removed Max's shirt. Running her hands over the muscles in his back trying to memorize every crevice, every minute detail. When she reached the waist of his pants she brought her hands back up his body raking her nails against him. He let out a growl and sucked on her collar bone marking her.

Liz leans her head back allowing him access to anything he wants. Max licked the droplets of water off Liz’s breasts leaving a trail of fire on her skin. She moaned arching her back to give Max more access.

"Oh, Max," she whispered setting his blood on fire.

"Liz, my sweet Liz," he replied hoarsely.

His hands worked on getting Liz out of her bathing suit as quickly as possible. Kissing his way back up her body he finally takes her nipple into his mouth. Liz gasped at the sensation threading her fingers into his hair to prevent him from moving away.

He swirled his tongue around her nipple teasingly before he started sucking and nibbling on it. He continued his ministrations until Liz cried out with pleasure. He then let her nipple slip from his mouth and Liz groaned out her disappointment. She let out a low breathy moan with Max fastened his lips onto her other nipple. It felt like Max was consuming her with just a kiss and she needed more.

"Max, please, I need you so much," she breathed out breaking off the kiss.

He answered by pulling her bathing suit the rest of the way off and throwing it towards the shore not caring if it made it out of the water or not. Liz reached for his pants once again and tugged them down. Max helped her take them the rest of the way off and those were thrown in the same direction as the bathing suit.

Their eyes locked their breathing coming in unison as their connection flared to life. His lips recaptured hers, more demanding this time. They were like two thirsty souls searching for an oasis and finally finding it in one another.

Max moved them closer to the waterfall itself because he remembered seeing a little ledge there. Once they reached it Max broke off the kiss not only to check for the ledge but to also get some much-needed air. He found the ledge and lifted Liz up onto it. She was the perfect height now. Their centers were perfectly matched up. Liz grabbed his head and pulled him towards her. She met his lips with her own and kissed him possessively letting him know that he was hers now and forever and her returned her kiss letting her know that he would never want anyone else as long as he lived.

He inched closer to her trying to close up any distance between. The feel of her skin rubbing against his made him dizzy with desire. He couldn’t get enough. His erection brushed against her core and a moan escaped both their lips. Max knew that he needed to be inside of her and soon. He didn’t know if he could hold out much longer.

He kissed her everywhere. Her lips, eyes, nose, ears, the pulse point on her neck, and all the while his hands kept roaming her body. They stopped at her the curls between her thighs. She whimpered for him to continue and he was in no state to deny her anything. He slipped a finger into her very wet core and almost lost it then and there. She was so wet and ready for him. He positioned himself in front of her and she grabbed his erection.

Liz guided him to her core and he slipped into her warm depths. Max groaned as her walls tightened around him adjusting to him inside of her. He didn’t think anything would ever feel this good, and he made himself a vow to never live another day with out experiencing this.

When he was buried to the hilt he left light teasing kisses on any part of Liz’s body he could reach waiting for her to adjust to him. She tightened her walls around him a couple of times letting him know she was ready. Max needed no further invitation.

His strokes were slow and steady at first. He wanted this to last and he knew that if he didn’t take his time he would lose it way too soon. Just the thought of being inside of Liz was enough to drive him over the edge, but to actually be able to experience it was something else entirely. Liz did her best to meet his thrusts but it was difficult from her position so she had to settle for alternating the tightness of her inner muscles.

Max was driving Liz wild and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She kept thrashing her head from side to side while moaning in pure pleasure. She captivated him, she was his goddess.

The pressure was building and Max knew that he was almost spent. His strokes were shorter and faster, and the cries from Liz were getting louder and louder. He didn’t want to go over the edge without her so he reached between then and found her nub. He pinched and rubbed her clitoris stimulating Liz more then she ever thought imaginable. She screamed out Max’s name as her orgasm washed over her. The tightening of her inner walls was all it took for Max to go over the edge. He called out Liz’s name and thrusted into her for the final time.

They stayed in that position until their breathing clamed down. Liz ran her hands over Max’s face lightly not wanting to break the mood. He looked into her eyes and gave her the special smile he always gave her in high school. The one reserved only for her and tears pooled in her eyes. Max was hers, he truly was hers forever and that smile was all it took for her to know.

He leaned down and kissed her gently.

"I love you so much. Thank you," he told her.

"No thank you Max. For everything," she replied.

Chapter 26

Riona, Mellan, Maria, Ava, and Siban are lounging in the family room by the fire. They are happily chattering about plans for Mellan’s wedding to Rian. Mara and Ceara walk in the room each carrying several books and notebooks. Mellan moans, ”Aunt Isabel is in Wedding Nazi mode I’m out of here!”

Before she makes it out of her chair Isabel enters with seamstresses in her wake. Immediately she begins snapping out orders to everyone. “Mellan it is time for another fitting.” Seeing Mellan roll her eyes, “ If you would cooperate this would be over much sooner!”

As Isabel turns around Mellan sticks her tongue out at her. The younger girls see this and fight to keep their giggling under control. Isabel gives them the infamous “Ice Princess” look and they quiet down beginning their tasks.

Mellan thinks all of the wedding trappings are nonsense. She just wants to get married and quit wasting time on non-essentials. Mellan never really looks at herself and fails to see the beautiful woman she truly is. She is being fitted in a dark green silk dress her alabaster skin glowing against the material. Her honey blonde tresses and leaf green eyes are shown off to perfection.

Maria sits back and watches Isabel work. “So who let their powers get out of hand earlier? The power surge was enormous.”

Golden eyes snapping with mischief Riona answers, “Mom and Dad rebonded.” Watching Maria turn scarlet she adds, “Aunt Maria you do realize that when Mellan and Rian formally bond the same thing will happen.”

Isabel and Ava can’t contain their laughter at Maria’s horrified expression.

Mellan blanches, “Oh god no! Daddy is going to know when Rian and I have sex!” All of the ladies begin laughing imagining Michael’s reaction.

Ava finally takes pity on Mellan. “Honey it only happens the first time. When the monarch or heir bonds for the first time with their mate it is announced in this manner. It lets everyone know the marriage has been consummated.”

“Aunt Isabel does Daddy know this is going to happen?”

“Actually I don’t think Michael does. It is not a matter that would have concerned him until now.”

Mellan looks at the group with steel in her eyes, “Then what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him! Promise me you guys won’t tell him!”

Siban reached for her mom, Ava trying to keep her balance. She fell to her knees her eyes rolling up into her head. “Siban, Siban what’s wrong honey? Siban?”

While Ava was trying to wake her unconscious daughter Riona mentally called Rigan. Everyone watched the silver haired girl in concern for they knew something wasn’t right.

As Rigan reached the family room Siban’s violet eyes snapped open focused on something in the distance. A disembodied voice speaks…Keeper of the Balance…Scales rise and fall upon every breath…Illusions shattered…The fiercest enemy is the one with nothing left to lose…Strength is back in the broken places…Twinned souls unite…Ware the jade living or dead…
Siban falls down onto the carpet unconscious again.

Rigan gently picks her up and lays her on a couch. He begins his examination of her. Finished he looks into Riona’s panicked filled eyes. ~Rigan, ware the jade! Not jade please it can’t be true!~

I know...Finally another part! I've been working on a term paper and doing extra-curricular writing wasn't high on my list of things to do. Thanks to Jenn for proof reading and the wonderful compliments!*bounce* You are such a dear*big*

Chapter 27


"Kyle how are we going to tell Rian much less Liz and Michael about this? Between you and I there has never been a security system we haven't been able to crack. How do we tell them there is a trap but we can't find it!" Alex and Kyle sit across from each other at a loss.

Rian walks into the command center to find his Uncles deeply perplexed. "From your dour looks I take it you haven't solved the puzzle yet. As humorous as it is to see you two finally stumped it scares me even more. Two of the most devious minds I have ever encountered can't figure out how to spring the trap."

Head bowed in defeat Kyle replies, "Rian it pains me greatly to admit this but we need to bring Riona in on this."

Alex jumps into the conversation, "We have taught her well Rian but she will have a different perspective on this. She has depths of deviousness we don't."

"Oh Mom is just going to love this."

"Rian we all know this is a trap but Riona has the ability to delve into the facade to find the truth."

"Ok I'll talk to Mom but," with a smirk on his face Rian adds, "your going to have to convince her yourselves."

Antarian Resistance Headquarters-Earth

"Ava you can't deny it any longer Siban is a seer. She was born with the mark and her coloring only confirmed the fact. I know you have tried to hide the fact that she began her womanly courses."

"Liz I don't want her to die. I don't want her to be a seer."

"Siban is not like your sister. Ansha was never trained because your father thought it was a perversion of the true gifts. She died because she didn't know how to leave a vision. Have you ever wondered what catastrophes could have been avoided had Ansha been properly trained? I have indulged your fantasy long enough. Siban must be trained."


"Ava I'm not trying to be heartless or pull the Queen card. But I will to save her life. Don't make me order it. Siban needs you so badly right now. She needs to know that you love her and will support her. Ava can you master your fear and support Siban?"

Still seeing Ava hesitate, "Ava do you think I don't know how you feel? I sent Rian to battle on another planet, Rigan is future First Advisor, and Riona will be her brother's warlord! Ye gods, my daughter's destiny is to be a warlord do you know how terrified I am for her? Do you ever consider the immense gifts our children have been given? How powerful they are now much less in the future? Siban a seer, Amergin bard and burgeoning spymaster, Declan and Desmond have taken to the arts of war so naturally their instructors are tired of being beaten! Hell Riona is already eyeing them to be her seconds."

A knock on the door interupts Liz's tirade. Isabel opens the door, "Liz, Riona needs you. Something in Siban's vision has her upset. Rigan took her to her rooms but he needs your help."

Without a backward glance Liz runs out of the room to her daughter's quarters. She walks in to find Riona sobbing in Rigan's arms. Rigan looks at his mom not knowing what has caused this extreme outburst in his sister. Liz crawls on the bed and puts her arms around them both.

~Rigan what did Siban say to cause this?~

~…Keeper of the Balance…Scales rise and fall upon every breath…Illusions shattered…The fiercest enemy is the one with nothing left to lose…Strength is back in the broken places…Twinned souls unite…Ware the jade living or dead…~

Rigan watches the color leave his mom's face. ~What is it?~

~The last part …Ware the jade living or dead...~

~Mom what does it mean to you and Riona?~

~The House of Jadenspear on Antar has always been one of our biggest supporters. The heir Jade and her twin Jaden are a few years older than you. Jaden is to be Riona's bond-mate. She fears her heart has been given to a traitor.~

To hopefully end some confusion I'm adding a list of the players:

Liz=Queen of Antar in exile
Max=Prince of the Realm and Consort to Liz
Michael=First Lord of War
Alaric=First Advisor
Isabel=First Advisor in training
Ava and Maria are councillors

Rian=Heir to the throne of Antar
Riona=Warlord for her brother Rian
Rigan=First Advisor to Rian
Mellan=betrothed to Rian
Amergin=Bard and Spy
Declan and Desmond=Warriors

Rian being the Heir has a functioning advisory council in replica to Liz's. Some of them like Amergin haven't fully grown into the roles they will have as adults. Usually the position of First Advisor goes to a sibling of the Heir. Riona's talents and personality suited the position of Warlord better than Rigan. Rigan as a healer fit the First Advisor capacity in mind and talent.

Khivar=Usurper of the Throne of Antar
Tess=Khivar's Queen and mother of Zannor
Thalia=Khivar's daughter
Zannor=bastard son of Tess and Max

House of Jadenspear
Jascen=Head of House Jadenspear
Jaden=twin to Jade

Chapter 28

Riona has finally cried herself to sleep in Rigan’s arms. ~Mom what are we going to do? ~

~I want you to block her from dreaming or dream walks for a few days. We need to find out what is going on in the House of Jadenspear. We need to find Serena and Alaric. ~

Liz marches out the door barely waiting for Rigan to follow. Liz has sent out a mental call for all concerned to meet in her office. ~Mom I hate to ask this now but why haven’t I found anyone yet? ~

~Oh honey, when your time comes you will know it. Your Dad knew it was me in 3rd grade but I didn't’t know until years later. Someone may see you this way right now but you aren’t ready to see her yet. ~

~Mom are you keeping something from me? ~

~NO! I just believe love will find you in it’s own time. We can discuss your love life later right now I need you to gather everyone for a full council. Let’s say an hour from now. ~

Liz summons Michael, Alaric, and Serena for a private meeting beforehand. “We have to know what is going on in House Jadenspear. I’ve decided to send Amergin and Mariska to investigate.”

Suspicious Alaric states, “Mariska is an assassin! What are you really planning Liz?”

“Amergin is the best choice for infiltration. He will pose as a bard who is on his first trip to the big city. Amergin is too talented for him not to come to the attention of the Master of Ceremonies for House Jadenspear. They have a reputation for discovering new talent. Mariska is going to pose as his older sister. Mainly she will be there to ensure his safety. I’m not taking any chances depending on what they find immediate action may be called for. Serena?”

"If House Jadenspear has turned we don't know how many agents have been compromised. Sending in a trustworthy unknown will be the best plan."

Michael concurs, “I agree if Jadenspear has turned traitor they must be eliminated. We can not lose the element of surprise with Khivar.”

Stunned Alaric asks, “What about feeding them disinformation?”

“Entrapment is the plan. I am going to send different information to the agents and see how far the leak has spread.”

Troubled Alaric asks, “Liz don’t you think this is a bit much for Amergin’s first mission?”

Liz turns to Serena. “You’ve trained him and he is your chosen successor. Is he ready?”


Entering the council chamber Rigan, Max, Isabel, Maria, Mellan, and Amergin are already seated waiting for them. “I’m sure by now everyone has heard Siban’s words. We need to discuss the meaning behind her vision. If you look upon your data pads the words from the vision are on them. Does anyone have any thoughts?”

The council chamber is filled with dead silence everyone averts their gaze to the ceiling or floor. Incredulous Liz asks, "None of you have an opinion? Maria? Isabel?"

Torn Isabel speaks, "Liz it's not that I don't have an opinion I have too many. I've never had to interpret a vision before and it's so vague it could mean anything."

Agreeing Maria states, "Really 'illusions shattered' could apply to Khivar, Tess, Zannor, even Max. The worst enemy part could refer to Khivar, Tess, or Zannor. Nothing strikes a chord saying this is it."

Liz's gaze rests upon the one person who has and wonders why Alaric won't venture any theories. Finally meeting her gaze Alaric's eyes bring no comfort. "The Keeper of the Balance is an ancient name for the Granolith. And on Khivar's home planet there is a legend of the Keeper of the Balance. It deals with the struggles between darkness and light of the old gods during the time of the beginning. Part of the legend includes the scales where the purity of a heart is weighed against a feather. If the heart is unpure the scale drops and the soul goes to hell."

Liz ventures the question no one dares to ask. "Alaric is the Granolith actually from Khivar's homeworld?"

Chapter 29

Without a word Alaric leaves the council chamber. Maria starts ranting, “Order him back here! He can’t leave us hanging like this. Whatever he knows it has got to be bad.”

All eyes watch Liz, “Leave Alaric alone. Whenever he is ready to enlighten us he will. Until then we have other matters to worry about. Michael is everything going according to plan?”

“Yes, the off world troops have begun to amass at the rendezvous points. The starships from Vevin are on their way to pick up the troops. The only troops left in question are the High Guard here. How many are going to stay to protect the compound? And then when are we going to transport the rest to Altir?”

“How soon can we move the command center to Altir?”

“I need Alex and Kyle back to do finish the conversion.”

“OK they need Riona’s help to finish a project there. Hopefully, it will only take them a day or two to finish and then you can have them back.” Liz turns to Isabel and Mellan, “Are the four-square groups ready?”

Pleased Isabel answers, “The cross training has worked out better than we ever hoped. Blending the groups together to combine power has worked beyond our wildest expectations. All of you really need to come to the training center and see for yourselves.”

“Isabel will tomorrow morning be good for you?” Isabel nods her agreement. “Michael what time in the morning do you want to go?”

“Say nine?”

“Sounds good to me. Does anyone else have anything to discuss? No then the meeting is adjourned.” Liz looks at Amergin. ~Meet me in my office in 30 minutes.~ He nods and follows his mother out the door.


A smile alights Rian's face seeing his mother and sister shimmer into being. He pulls them into fierce hugs. "I have missed you so much. Come let me show you to your rooms. Once you get settled in Alex and Kyle desperately want to see you two."

"Wait I want to see something before we enter the building." Riona goes into a trance like state examining the area. A few minutes later she opens her eyes and smiles. "I know what it is! Our Uncles would've never figured it out. Forget settling in I can't wait to see their faces when I tell them."

"Riona you can't leave me hanging! What is it?"

"No way big brother!" Riona runs off with Rian chasing her to the entrance. Liz smiles seeing Riona's light hearted manner.

"You've figured it out already." Kyle mutters, "Man this is so unfair we've been working for weeks and she figures it out in minutes."

Looking superior Alex retorts, "But Kyle she had a genius for a teacher, ME!"

Trying to be stern Liz orders them to be quiet. "Riona you've had your fun now tell us what the trap is."

"Khivar used his power to set the trap for Dad. It is keyed to go off from his DNA. The reason everyone can feel it is because Rian and I share Dad's DNA. The trap is confused because it doesn't know whether to spring or not." Riona regards the stunned group happily. "Rather clever of Khivar wasn't it?"

"Can you disable it?"

"I don't know and I don't think I should. Tampering could alert Khivar. Dad isn't coming here so why bother?"

Kyle and Alex look at each other and then nod in agreement. "Now I want to see the troop commanders and review the troops. I'm going to need the latest supply and weapons lists. Also, I need a secretary and a page. Let me go get changed into battle gear and we can go to the encampment."

Liz turns to Rian, "I need to inform you of some developments. Let's go take a walk while your sister gets ready."

Noting the pensive look on his Mom's face he states, "Just tell me."

Liz tells him of Siban and the vision. "I think you and Mellan need to marry sooner. In fact you need to wed before we begin the invasion in three weeks. I want you married. Rian I don't know why this is so important. But I haven't been able to shake this feeling that if you aren't wed something will happen on Antar."

Seeing how agitated his usually calm mother was getting he agreed. "I'd marry Mellan today if I could so just let me talk to her first. Will two weeks be enough time? I know Aunt Isabel can pull everything together with Aunt Maria's help. Now are you going to tell me what else is bothering you?"

"Rian this is a non discussable even with Riona. I've sent Amergin on a secret mission with Mariska as his bodyguard. I haven't told Isabel or Alex yet. Nor can I tell you or them the details of his mission yet."

"Can I not be there when you drop this and the wedding on Aunt Isabel?" Joked Rian.

"You know as future King you need practice delivering unpleasant news. I think you're perfectly capable of handling this while I hide inside the Granolith!"

Chapter 30

A young man anxiously waits in a moonlit copse. Hearing faint movement he blends in with trees until the danger passes. His name is whispered on the breeze calling him to the meeting place. Running silently he reaches the ruined temple. Sensing the caller inside he enters.

“Aeden I’m so glad you are ok. Are you being treated well? How’s the training going?”

Blushing. “Aunt Liz I’m fine! Right now Lord Dearborn is in high favor with Khivar. We’ve been training with his personal guard. Let me tell you what I know for sure. Then we’ll get to the rumors and speculations. Tess and Zannor are still ‘sick’ and confined to quarters. His plans to have Thalia marry Zannor are no more. I don’t know how you did it but Khivar still hasn’t found out Max escaped.”

Aeden gestures for Liz to sit with him on the bench. “Now comes the fun part. Evidently all of the books concerning the Granolith are missing. The last record of them being checked out is over 70 years ago. His men are checking all of the temples in the solar system. Now we come to the weirdest part of all Thalia is more important than anyone knew. Khivar married Lisele of Anholt. The marriage of Khivar and Lisele united all of the bloodlines of the former royal house of Anholt. If Thalia had been a boy she would be heir to the planet of Anholt. There is a legend saying that once the blood of the royal house was reunited then the Granolith can be reclaimed.”

In disbelief Liz cries, “What? How?”

“Khivar’s whole reason for overthrowing Zan had to do with recovering the Granolith. He couldn’t get it to work by himself. That is when he decided to try and fulfill the prophecy. He studied the bloodlines for years to find the right candidate. Khivar abducted Lisele and forced her to marry him. Thalia is the only child of theirs who survived infancy. Khivar also had a backup plan in place. Having Tess get pregnant with Max’s child. Now neither of his plans has worked and he is getting desperate. The people are becoming more vocal in their displeasure under Khivar’s rule.”

“I knew there was a reason to move Rian and Mellan’s wedding up. He should be talking with her now. Anymore news?”

“Khivar is planning something militarily but I don’t know if it is just to subdue the populace or if he has found us out.”

“I think it’s time to pull you out. I have moved up the timeline of the invasion and I don’t want you to get stuck on the wrong side.”

“I agree. I’ve learned the battle tactics of Khivar’s generals and his personal guard. Dad, Riona, and I are going to have quite a conversation when we get home.”

“Aeden take my hand and let’s go home.” Holding hands the two figures shimmer into nothingness.

To hopefully end some confusion I'm adding a list of the players:

Royal House of Antar:
Liz=Queen of Antar in exile
Max=Prince of the Realm and Consort to Liz
Rian=Heir to the throne of Antar
Riona=Warlord for her brother Rian
Rigan=First Advisor to Rian

Isabel=Princess of the Blood Royal; sister to Max
Alex=husband to Isabel
Amergin=son of Isabel and Alex
Mara and Ceara=twin daughters of Isabel and Alex

Serena=First cousin to Max and Isabel on Mother's side

Michael=First Lord of War
Maria=wife of Michael
Mellan=betrothed to Rian; daughter of Michael & Maria
Aeden=son of Michael & Maria

Kyle=husband of Ava
Declan and Desmond=twin sons of Ava & Kyle
Siban=daughter of Ava & Kyle

Alaric=First Advisor and High Priest of the Granolith

Khivar=Usurper of the Throne of Antar
Lisele of Anholt=Khivar's first wife & mother to Thalia
Tess=Khivar's Queen and mother of Zannor
Thalia=Khivar's daughter
Zannor=bastard son of Tess and Max

House of Jadenspear
Jascen=Head of House Jadenspear
Jaden=twin to Jade

A very special Thank you to Jenn!

Chapter 31

Antarian Resistance Headquarters-Earth

Liz and Aeden arrive back at the compound. Furious Liz immediately begins calling for Alaric. ~ALARIC!!! Meet me in my office now! ~

Arriving at her office Liz is greeted by a worried and furious Isabel, "Where is my SON? You sent him on a mission didn’t you? How could you do that and not consult with Alex and I?"

"Isabel I know you are concerned but spying is his chosen profession. I sent him on a mission and right now I can’t tell you any of the details."

Isabel’s Ice Princess mask falls into place. In an arctic tone, "How dare you send my 15 year old son out on a mission. Are you out of your mind? He is still a child! I want you to bring him back NOW!"

The cloak of regality slips upon Liz. Power emanates from her being, face remote her voice demanding absolute obedience, "Silence."

Isabel stops in mid rant knowing she has crossed the line. "Princess of the Blood Royal we have taken steps to ensure our beloved nephews safety. We sent our own bodyguard Mariska with him. The decision was not yours to be made. He volunteered for the mission and is doing his duty as a son of the Blood Royal. You have our permission to withdraw except for Alaric."

Once the room had emptied Liz looks upon her most trusted advisor with pure fury. "You have a lot of explaining to do Alaric."

Knowing Liz only uses the royal 'we' when she is beyond angry Alaric forces down the urge to flee.

Family Room

Max, Rigan, Kyle, and Ava are watching Isabel pace back and forth in front of the fireplace. She is in full rant mode, "How dare she? Alex, she didn’t even discuss it with us!" Wailing, "Amergin is god knows where and there is nothing we can do."

At this point Alex embraces a sobbing Isabel. He murmurs soft words to soothe her. Isabel turns to Max with a tearstained face pleading, "Please Max talk to Liz I need to know where my son is."

Unable to handle his sister’s tears he agrees. Max looks up to see Rigan behind Isabel and Alex shaking his head no. Max ignores the warning and reassures his sister. Rigan leaves the room and Max follows him out.

"Dad did you learn nothing from your Judgement? You said you wanted to be mom’s sanctuary how can you be that for her if you interfere in this way? Trust her, trust in her decisions. Mom would not have sent Amergin out unless his specific talents were needed. Every precaution has been taken to keep him safe she even sent her own bodyguard with him."

"Does this mean you know where he is?"

Indignant Rigan replies, "I don’t know and if I did I wouldn’t tell you. Mom, Alaric, Serena, and Uncle Michael made the decision together. If I had needed to know I would’ve been part of the decision making process. Mom has to have absolute trust in us and we in her and her decisions for this to work. If you can’t give her that kind of support don’t get involved!"

"Rigan I’m sorry. I never thought…"

"That’s always been your problem you don’t think things through. You would have gone and confronted mom and destroyed what little peace she has. Do you have any idea what she has been doing for the last 48 hours? Of course not it’s always about you. Mom is to the breaking point tired. She has been doing full-bodied astral projections and ferrying people to different worlds. She is preparing for a war to win back the kingdom you lost and to top it off she is running said kingdom. You would think after sitting on your ass in jail for 20 years some of the time would have been spent in reflection. Father you need to decide where your loyalty’s lay with your bond-mate and mother of your children or the rest of them. You have to change your patterns of thinking you are not the leader anymore. Aunt Isabel is always throwing a hissy fit about something it's part of the reason she has never become First Advisor. Father please don’t repeat Aunt Isabel’s mistakes." Shooting a parting look at his father Rigan walks away.

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