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Liz/Max after departure
and then onto life on antar.

She took a step back away from the group. Everyone was crowded around in the Crashdown. Max,Michael and Isabel were safe. They survived and had decided to stay. Home

More like were stuck here.

Her feelings didn't match everyone around her.

Love/ Happiness /Relief

It just didn't fit. She tried to pretend. Maybe she could be that girl again. Shy and innocent/ Liz Parker smallest of small town girls. The one that didn't know that aliens existed. That hadn't been shot. That didn't know the feeling of betrayal.


Looking to Max. Embracing Isabel in a tight hug and then there was Michael holding hands with maria. But there in his eyes was recognition. That not everything was going to be the way it was supposed to be. This wasn't happily ever after.

That something shifted when he stepped out of that chamber Into the dessert air. He knew me and he knew max and what happened their on Antar just like I did.

No memory retrival needed. just an overwhelming rush when I stepped into the granolith and I was inundated with memories of a life before my time. A life on Antar.

My thoughts were interrupted by a pair of strong arms surrounding me. pulling me into his warmth. Eyes of an angel down on me. He promises that he's not going to leave me again. He professes his love and I smile because that's all I can do to hide the hurt.

He seems so different but theres a little of Zan in there. I haven't got all of my memories but I get the feelings that there's more to come.

I look to Micheal from my place tucked under Max.


Max wouldn't understand if we told. With everything that's going on. He's oblivious to what's right in front of him.I guess somethings never change.

Michael looks to me. The feeling of knowing everything about your past can be overwhelming.

He knows that on Antar he was Rathard and Max was Zanard. They were incrediably different but how did I get involved. when I came everything fell apart,everthing went wrong.

Ok what do you think? If their is a next part it's going to be about life on Antar.There will also be some Polar Moments.

Does anyone know of any fics about antar?