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Title: I Can't Hide My Pain No More
Dedication: Hm. Where to begin? (taps head thoughtfully) Erin, Doris, um, and I am sure there are people I am forgetting, but I can't think right now.
Rating: pg-13 maybe R
Couples: M/L, M/M, I/J, K/A
Future Fic/Sequel
Sequel to What Happened Happened
An: Ok, picks up three years after M/L cement their relationship. Liz left when Max went to get his son. All will be explained. This is my fave book in this series and the one I get extrememly evil in. If you haven't read whh, mainly the only thing that happened is that Isbael found out she was pregnant with Alex' s son after her and Jesse were married. It ended with MAx and LIz cementing their relationship. And Jesse and Isabel still togehter.

Liz sat in the living room of her New Orleans town house, watching the stairs while reading her latest letter from Ava. Ava had moved to Roswell a few months after she had left.

Dear Liz,
How's my Alyssa? She miss Tante Ava? And how's Matthew? Growing up so fast I bet. Ok. I guess you want the Roswell gang info. Alex is growing up so fast. Last week I caught Isabel crying about it. Ms. Ice Prness crying because her baby boy is growing up. Her and Jesse are doing wonderful and have started talking about having more kids. Isabel wants to wait until she graduates net year. She's decided to become a social worker. Can you believe it? Maria and Michael have also started talking about having kids. Oh my gosh Liz I forgot to tell you. Michael became a deputy at the sheriff's office along with Kyle. Maria is sooooooo proud. She's decided she wants to become a music teacher. Klye also is deputy as I mentioned earlier. I have no clue what I want to do. Haley adores him and he adores her, but I know he's glad when she goes to visit her dad IT gives us a chance to be toether alone. But as of mid-August, Kyle will be Haley's stepdad. Kyle adnd I are getting married. Maybe, just maybe I hope you'll be able to come. Haley is all excited. She's running around the house singing I got two daddies now. Sometimes she wants to know why she don't have two mommies. What do I tell her? Your dad's only true love can't be here? Sorry, it's just I know that Max is miserable, and I'm thinking you are too. And now for Max. He's accepted Ahley and loves her so much. He loves spending time with her. He wants to be a vet. I gues he knows then that he can use his powers without people knowing. Collin is growing like a weed. But Max still misses you. It tore him apart that you left. I mean I know why you left, and I understand, but he keeps hoping you'll come back. Well I got to go bring Haley to Max. Write later bye.

Love, Ava.

P.S. Send pictures.

Liz put the letter down. So much had happened she had left Roswell about three years ago. Her life had probably changed the most along with Max's and sadly they had changed without each other. Liz had always thought their lives would change together, but they hadn't. Max had left to get his son and she had found out she was pregnant. She couldn't bring that on Max. He was getting his nine month old son, he didn't need another kid weighing him down. She hadn't expected that Ava had Haley. Franly, she had freaked and within an hour of taking the test had been on the plane to New Orleans. Her grandmother had been co-owner of a traditional Cajun food café and had passed it to Liz. Liz was snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of a baby crying. Going up the stairs and into the nursery, she saw something that made her stop in her tracks. Two-year-old Alyssa was standing by Matthew's crib going "Shh, Matty, shh shh. Momma need shh time." She was saying while rubbing his back with her hand squeezed in through the crib. Matthew was barely five months old, while Alyssa was two years and three months. HE looked nothing like his dad. He was pure Liz. Alyssa was the oerfect blend of Max and Liz, with a little of Max's sister. She had Isabel nose, Liz's eye's, and Max's ears Liz's hand moved down to her stomach. Just before the mail had arrived she had taken the test. How was she gonna tell Nathan? Matthew had been after a drunken night and this one was too. Hearing Alyssa's voice she snapped out of her thoughts.

"It's ok Lissy. We gotta get ready to go meet Tante Rena." Liz said walking over to the crib. She picked Matthew up and holding him close she took Alyssa's hand and led her down the steps.

Ok. I should have more tomorrow, but I wanted to get this up for Erin, and Doris, and Krazykitti, hhere ya go. My Past should be updated Wednesday.

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Ok. Someone pointed out that they were a little lost. Liz left after she found out she was pregnant. Collin is MAx and Tess's child. Haley is Ava and MAx's child from Antar. They found her pod. More will be updated tonight, and I hope you are not too confused, but I was under the impression that as the irst chapter I didn't have to explain everything.
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OK. I meant to update but a whole entire blood drive got droppewd into my hands. I promise to update tonight when I get back from gettinh highlights.
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"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" Max groaned as he heard two too cheerful voices coming in the front door. But the amount he feet he heard was more than two little kids. He sighed. Isabel. GE really didn't feel like dealing with anyone right now.

"Hey munchkins." He said picking Haley up. He still couldn't believe Ava had found her pod. Luckily she had come out of her pod as a two year old. She was now four, and the oldest our of all the kids. Max put her down and turned to Collin. "Hey big boy. Were you good for Auntie Izzy?" he asked. Collin nodded. Had it really been three years ago that Max where Tess was and gone to get Collin. In some ways it seemed too short an amount of time and others too long. It seemed like yesterday Max was just bringing Collin home and now he was almost four. But he knew it had really been three years. It seemed longer though since Liz had left. Everyday was like a fight to go on. The only thing that kept him going was the connection he had with Liz whenever she had realy strong emotions. He shook his head clearing all thoughts of liz from his head. Isabel usually knew when he started thinking about Liz and he didn't want to talk about it right now. He had gotten a barrage of feelings about and hour ago. He had three of those since she left and those were the only things that kept him going.

Isabel turned to him. "Are you bringing them on the pre-school pinic?" she asked. Max nodded dumbly. "As much as I'd like to stay and tell you to stop brooding over Liz, I don't have time I'm meeting Jesse's at his mom's for lunch. Which by the way the kids need to be fed"

Max nodded. "I promised them hot dogs."

"Better feed them." Isabel said, heading out the door. Turning around she added. "Don't forget, dinner at my house tomorrow."

"Collin, Haley, come get washed up for lunch." Max yelled as him mom walked in the house a little girl trailing behind her. Max turned to the little girl. "hi Claudia." He said to her.

The little girl smiled shyly at him. "Hiya Max." she said before putting her thumb back in her mouth.

"Haley's upstairs. Go wash your hands. I'm making my speciality for lunch." Max told her.

"Hot dogs?" Mrs. Evans asked laughing,

Collin walked in at that moment and made a beeline for Mrs. Evans. "Gandma!" He yelled running to her. She picked him up laughing. She knew most mothers wouldn't be as happy as she was having a teen-age son with two children, but the sad fact was, she couldn't exactly blame either on him. Tess had been messing with his mind and Haley had been in a pod from her son's birth planet. And she couldn't complain. Max was such a good father.

Haley walked in at that moment and ran straight for Diane. Collin got out of her arms and went over to Claudia. "Hey Auntie Dia." He said. Haley noticed Claudia and went over to her.

"Let's go play barbies." Haley said leading her into the living room. Mrs. Evans followed.

Max looked over at his son as he made dinner. "What's wrong?" he asked kneeling in front of him.

"Where's m mommy?" Collin asked, his large chocolate doe eyes wide. "How comes she's not here with us?"

"I don't know, sweetheart." Max told him. No one knows where she is at." Collin had never asked about his mom before and didn't know what to tell him.

He was saved from answering further. "Daddy, the hot dogs are smoking."

Max groaned. After putting the fire ouit he went to the phione. "Yeah I need two large pizzas for delivery,"

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OK. I am about to start typing the next chapter. It's a long one.
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I got a present. A super long part.

“Hey, Rena.” Liz said sitting down at the table Serena had grabbed for them. They were at New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood Company for their weekly gab session. Placing Matthews carrier on the chair she put Alyssa in the high chair Serena had grabbed. Sitting down she pushed some money towards Serena for the seafood platter. Liz loved seafood, something they didn’t have much of in Roswell. “I got a letter from Ava.”

Serena looked over at Liz. She was one of the few people who knew about the changed future. Serena, Ava, and Liz would have been college roommates. Serena knew all about the Roswell gang and often asked questions about them. Liz usually shared her letters. “Well? Care to share?”

“Max misses me.” Liz said. Serena rolled her eyes. “Ok, yes. I still love him, but it’s too late to go back now. I mean I am married and have kids with Nathan.”

“Get it annulled. You and Nathan both know this marriage wasn’t even out of love. It wasn’t out of duty either, it was for convence.” Serena told her.

Liz groaned. “But I do love Nathan. We have a kid together and one on the way.” Liz covered her mouth. So much for telling Nathan first.

Serena stared. “Something you wanna tell me?”

“I haven’t told Nathan yet. I just found out before I left.” Liz told her.

“Well, yay for you.” Serena said unsure of what to say. There were things Liz didn’t know about Nathan and she couldn’t find them out. But Serena knew that Matthew had been prophesied, while this one hadn’t. Three people knew what the prophecy was and Liz found out little by little, but to her they were riddles. Serena flashbacked remembering the first time Liz had read one of the letters from her grandma.~ ~ ~ ~
The second child shall be brother to the fourth child.~ ~ ~ ~ (an. That was an excerpt from the letters mentioned in whh.) Liz had been puzzled for weeks. Serena knew what it meant. Collin was the first child, Alex the second, Alyssa the third, and Matthew the fourth. Any future kids, Serena didn’t know about but would be told about when the time came. So as far as Serena could tell this new child was not prophesied. Which worried her. “So what were y’all celebrating this time?” When Amtthew had been conceived Liz and Nathan had been tipsy off wine from celebrating Nathan getting into medical school.

Liz giggled. I can graduate a year early because of all those summer claesse I have been taking.”

“Does this change anything?” Serena asked. “I mean won’t you have to take time off to have the baby?”

“Nope. I’ll just go this summer and maybe take off first semester. Then I’ll still graduate next year.”

Well for have just finding out, you sure do have it planned out.” Serena said.

“I wish.” Liz said. In truth she had no clue what she was gonna do.

~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Haley Elizabeth do not jump on the sofa.” Maria Guerin yelled over the noise of the tv.

“But it’s not a sofa, Aunt Ria.” Haley said her four year old voice not completing the t’s perfectly.

Maria looked at her. “What do you mean?” she asked. Haley was not one who usually talked back so she was a little shocked.

“S’a trampoline.” Haley told her grinning carefully pronouncing the big word..

Maria came around the sofa and stopped short. Sure enough it really was a trampoline. “Haley Elizabeth Evans, what in the world did you do?” she asked stunned.

Michael came running when he heard her. “Maria, are you ok?” he asked trying to catch his breath.

“She used her powers and made the sofa an actual trampoline.” Maria told him.

“Well then it wasn’t of this world.” Michael said while walking over to Haley. “Hale, please change the tramp back into a sofa.”

Haley looked at Michael confused. “I though Tess was dead.” She said.

Maria and Michael both stifled a laugh. Obivously Haley had heard someone call Tess tramp and when Michael had said the shorthand version she had gotton confused.

“Haley, I meant turn the trampoline back into a sofa and stop freaking Aunt Ria out. She does not need any stress right now.” Michael said.

“Cuz of the baby?” Haley asked in a whispered. Michael nodded. Haley turned to Maria, “Sorry Aunt Ria.”

“It’s ok, just warn me next time you do something like that.” Maria told her.

Suddenly a cell phone began ringing. Haley jumped up off the sofa. “Mommy left her cell phone.” She said running to her backpack. She pulled the phone out and flipped it open. “Hello?” she said into the phone. Her face lit up in a huge smile. “Tante Lizzy.” She yelped. Maria felt her heart drop. She knew it was Liz Brail, Ava’s friend from New Orleans who they went to visit yearly. “I’m at Aunt Ria’s right now, but I’ll tell mommy you called. She can call you later.” Maria smiled. Haley reminded her of Liz sometimes with her intelligence. They didn’t know if it was because she was full alien/human hybrid or not. Ava said she reminded her of her friend Liz’s daughter Alyssa. “Are you gonna come visit us this summer?” Haley asked. Maria watched as she frowned. “Well ya gotsa get over that fear Tante Lizzy… Ok. Bye.” Haley hung up.

“Don’t forget to tell your mom.” Maria told her.

“I won’t. Tante Lizzy said it’s important.” Haley told her.

“Aunt Ria.” Collin said coming into the room. “Did you know my mommy?”

Maria looked at Michael. He saw the confusion in her eyes, the question. Which mommy was Collin talking about. Tess or his true mommy?

“Why did she leave?” Collin asked.

“Nobody knows why.” Maria answered. Liz had left so suddenly. She had been there one day and gone the next. Mrs. Parker had come back from the doctor with the best news and Liz had been gone. Maria knew Mrs. Parker knew why Liz leftm but had told them if Liz wanted them to know she would have told them. Maria sighed. “She does love you though.” Maria assured him. ‘If she knew him, she would.’ Maria thought to herself. It wasn’t until they had finished the book that they had found out more about Liz’s relationship. Not theirs alone but how deep Max and Liz’s connection. Max never told them how Collin was Liz’s son. He told them that Liz deserved to know first.

“You know what?” Michael asked breaking into their thoughts. “I want pizza.” He yelled loud enough so all the kids could hear. Feet came pounding into the living room. “Guess I’m not the only one.”

“Mikey, what kind?” Claudia asked.

“No Tabasco.” Maria assured her. “I don’t like it either.”

“Aunt Ria, can we get pepperonis.” Alex asked.

Maria smiled. At his prounciation. “Can you get a pizza from the Flying Pepperoni without it?” she asked grinning.

“Claudia Amelia Parker, come get dinner.” Nancy Parker called from the kitchen of the apartment.

“Daddy home?” Claudia asked coming in the kitchen.

Nancy nodded. “He’s washing his hands.” She told her. “Now where were you?” she asked. “god, she looks more and more like Liz each day.

“On sissy’s bacony.” Claudia answered.

“You are so much like her, ya know that?” Nancy asked. ‘So much like her.’ She mused to herself. Claudia smiled.

“Mrs. Evans says that’s a good thing and that she hopes I’m as smart as her.” Claudia answered. “Does that mean I have to go away too?”

“No sweetheart. And your sister will be back too. Nancy said pulling Claudia close. “She just needed some time.”

“So, what’s for dinner?” Jeff asked walking into the kitchen. He smiled at what he saw then remembered that Liz was much older. And this was Claudia. Now he loved Claudia, but he felt he had been cheated. One daughter for another.

“Tuna casserole.” Nancy answered. She knew that look on his face. He was thinking about Liz. “Now let’s eat. Max is bringing Collin over around seven. He’s gonna be spending the night here weekly starting tonight.” She said happily. Max had always been scared about letting him go somewhere without one of the aliens. Isabel once told her it was his only link to Liz.

“Where’s he gonna sleep?” Jeff asked. “Wait, why so suddenly?”

“He’s gonna sleep in Liz’s room and because he’s started asking questions about Liz.” Nancy told him placing a plate in front of Claudia.

“That is Liz’s room, why do you want to give him Liz’s room?” Jeff asked. ‘Was Nancy forgetting about her oldest daughter’ he wondered.

“Because it’s got a bed.” Nancy answered. “Besides it’s not like Liz’ll know.” She added.

Claudia slipped out of the room as the two kept argueing. She went and waited on the stairs for Max. She covered her ears as the yelling got louder.

“What do you mean it’s not like she’ll ever know?” Jeff demanded to know. “You always tell Claudia not to touch her stuff cuz she’ll be back, yet now you want to give to Collin?”

“Because maybe she is happy. Maybe she has moved on with her life.” Nancy countered back.

“You just want to forget about her. She hurt you by leaving without you telling you why. And it kills you so now you say you don’t care about her.” Jeff couldn’t believe Nancy. Didn’t she know her own daughter. Liz would never be happy without family. She had thrived on family and friends.

“You think I don’t know why she left.” Nancy asked. “I do.”

Jeff looked at Nancy stunned. “What? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I didn’t know why at first and then I I just couldn’t.” She yelled.

“Couldn’t what?” Jeff demanded. “Couldn’t tell me why the hell my seventeen year old daughter left without a trace? Nancy you knew and didn’t tell me. That isn’t fair.”

“Do you really wanna know why she left?” Nancy asked. “Do you really wanna know what you are missing out on?”

“Yes Nancy. I would like to know. I want to know anything I can about Liz.” Nancy yelled. Was Nancy that dense? Did she really think he wouldn’t want to know.

“She left because she was pregnant.” Nancy screamed.

Max froze outside the door, Claudia had told him her parents were fighting over Liz again. ‘Does Liz realize how much she had torn apart when she left?’ Max had wondered. Now he knew why she left. She had been pregnant, from their one night, that one time.

Jeff opened the door, hearing footsteps on the stairs, He was met by Max’s face which had a dozen different emotions flitting across it. He finally settled on sadness and regret. Instantly Jeff knew whom the father was. Max. Nancy stood beside Jeff, Claudia holding her hand.

“I thought so.” Nancy said. She had figured it was Max’s and after hearing about the aliens she realized why Liz had left. She wanted to keep the baby safe. Seeing the look on Max’s face Nancy realized he hadn’t known. “Come in.” She told Max. Looking at Collin and Claudia “Go play in your room.”

“I didn’t know.” Max told them. I would have gone with her, or something.”

Nancy looked at Max. HE really hadn’t. The three of them just sat there in silence.

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Max drove down the highway leading out into the desert. Liz’s emotions must have been on supercharge right now. He wasn’t getting just a flash of feelings every so often. It was like a constant buzz. Max longed to be there and be the one to calm her down, but he couldn’t. He didn’t even know where she was. Sometimes Max loved the connections to Liz. It let him know that she was alive, and sometimes really happy. But other times, like now, Max thought it a tease. He could fell her, but he couldn’t help her and it drove him nuts. Suddenly Max swerved off the road as the emotions cut off suddenly. No one stopped feeling things in an instant.


Liz drove around the lakefront. Driving always calmed her down and cleared her mind and at the lakefront you could drive for a pretty good ways without too much traffic. Serena knew something she wasn’t telling Liz, though Liz had no clue what it could be. Knowing Serena anything. Serena reminded Liz of Maria sometimes, with her wackiness, though Serena could out wacky Maria any day. She hadn’t told Nathan she was pregnant yet either. She didn’t know how too. Liz waited for the light to turn green and the two cars in front of her to go before going across the intersection. The song on the radio was the last thing she heard before everything went black.

Baby, I knew at once that you were meant for me
Deep in my soul I know that I'm your destiny
Though you're unsure, why fight the tide
Don't think so much, let your heart decide
Baby, I see your future and it's tied to mine
I look in your eyes and see you searching for a sign
But you'll never fall, 'Til you let go
Don't be scared, of what you don't know
True to your heart
You must be true to your heart
That's when the heavens will part
And baby, shower you with my love
Open your eyes
Your heart can tell you no lies
And when you're true to your heart
I know it's gonna lead you straight to me
(Got to be true to your heart)
Someone you know is on your side can set you free
I can do that for you if you believe in me
Why second-guess, what feels so right
Just trust your heart, and you'll see the light
(Ya know it's true) Your heart knows what's good for you
(Good for you) Let your heart show you the way
(Ya know it's true) It'll see you through
(Got to be true to your heart)
Girl, my heart is driving me to where you are
Well, you can take both hands off the wheel and still get far
Be swept away, enjoy the ride
You won't get lost
With your heart to guide you.
Chorus (2times)
When things are gettin' crazy (crazy)
And you don't know where to start (to start)
Keep on believin', baby (baby)
Just be true to your heart
When all the world around you (baby)
It seems to fall apart (apart)
Keep on believin', baby (baby)
Just be true to your heart
(Got to be true to your heart)
Repeat till fade ~ 98 Degrees

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Liz woke up as they were wheeling her into the emergency room. One of the nurses noticed.

“You’ve been in an accident. You’re in the emergeny room. You’re gonna have to be put to sleep for a little while ok?” the nurse told Liz. Liz nodded not fully comprehending and barley able to talk.

“Baby.” Liz mumbled before the drugs completely took over.

Nathan Brails ran into the emergency room Matthew in his arms and Serena on his trail carrying Alyssa. He ran to the nurses station. “I’m looking for my wife, Elizabeth Brails.”

The nurse looked up. “She’s in surgery. You can go wait over there.” She said pointing.

“You tell me my wife is in surgery, and expect me to sit and wait?” Nathan asked.

“Sir, I don’t know why. I’m just told who is where to tell family members.”

~ ~ ~ ~
“Maria it’s like she fell asleep.” Max said. He had been trying to get Maria to understand for almost an hour now.

“Maybe she did.” Maria told him stirring the pot on the stove.

“But Maria if you had fifty thousand emotions running thorugh your head wou;d you suddenly fall asleep?” No. Something had to have happened to her.” Max said trying to reason.

“Max, even if something did happen to her, there is nothing you can do.” Maria told him, stirring a pot on the stove. “Max, I know that that has to be killing you right now, but Liz is strong. I’m sure she’ll be ok.”

“She was pregnant when she left.” Max said. Maria turned around to look at Max. “Mrs. Parker found the test a few days later.”

“Whose was it?” Maria asked. Seeing the look on Max’s face she realized. “Oh my gosh. She never told me.”

“About a month before she left.” Max told her.

“Oh Max, I’m so sorry.”

“I just wish I knew why.” Amx told her.

Maria debated on whether or not to tell Max about the conversation she had had with Liz not too long after the heatwave. “Max, I think I know why she left.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“Mr. Brails, I’m Dr. Dongeaux, your wife’s doctor. I’m sorry to have to be the one to have to tell you this but your wife…”

Ok. Yes I know. Very evil.

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Ok. I have been really busy latley. I had prom last weekend and this week I have had projects and stuuf out the wazoo. Give me time becasue right now I only have a short amount of computer time each day. I will proabably get a part tomorrow, but if not, give me time. I have a book report and a lit project all before the 24 and I just found out, and key club stuff going on at the same time. And next asaturday is out of the question because I have a key club project starting at 9:00 am and lasting until 6:00 am the next morning so I'll proably sleep all sunday. If not, I'll try to post.
I hope you understand. ~Alysha

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Nancy Parker stood in the doorway of her oldest daughters bedroom. Collin
was playing on the floor with it talking book. From the view Nancy had it
reminded her of Liz. 'Just like Liz' she thought. 'Where did that education
go?' she asked herself. 'Liz is probably a waitress making minimum wage.'

Collin looked p. "Nanna, does my mommy love me?" he asked, kis doe eyes wide
and serious.

'So much like Liz' Nancy thought before answering. "You're mommy loves you
very very much."

"Then why'd she leave?" Collin asked.

"She was scared." Nancy told him.

"Of us?" Collin asked.

Nancy knew she didn't mean her, who wsas human, but his alien aunt and
uncles. "No. She's scared of what would happen if she stayed." Nancy noticed
the confused look on Collin's face. "If something were to happen to your
mommy, it would hurt your daddy very much so she left. That way no one could
hurt her to hurt your daddy." Nancy finished up pulling Collin into her lap.
"But she loves you very much."

"Nanna, would you read me a story?" Collin asked.

"How about you go change in to your pj's and we'll get Claudia and we'll
watch home videos of your momm when she was younger and maybe even some


"Maria, why did she leave?" Max asked.

"She, she once told me that as much as she loved you, she was scared to have
kids with you." Maria admitted facing away from him.

"Wh wh why?" Max sputtered. "Why was she scared and you're not?"

"She said it was because as your child it would be hunted by all. Alien or
human. Alien because it would be royalty, and also because she knew if
someone hurt your child you'd go crazy." Maria looked up and over at Max.
The look on his face was one of complete sadness. " And human, because
you're the only one who has been caught by the FBI."

"I would have gone with her. We could have hidden out together." Max told

"Don't you see Max? She doesn't want to hide out. She wants to live."

"But she once told me nothing better ever happen to me, because she couldn't
live." Max said.

"Then Max. But now she has someone else to live for."

"Max looked at his watch. " I have to go. I'm taking Haley to the ballet."


"you're wife lost the baby" Dr. Dongeaux told Nathan.

Nathan looked confused. What baby?" he started to ask, then realized.
"That's why she's been throwing up lately.

"She will alos most likely to be able to have any more kids. The part of
impact was car bumper to uterus. Her uterus got damaged." Dr. Dongeaux told
Nathan and Serena. "She's been moved up to recovery and you can go visit her
for an hour." The doctor turned ready to walk away before turning back. "
I'm sorry."

SOrry. I had this typed up Friday but couldn't open the disk to updte.
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Ok. I am trying my hardest to update tomorrow. I have had some pretty bad stuff happen lately. Two boys I went to school with who graduated this year dies, along with two children I work with at the hospital so, to say the least I haven't been that happy. I wrote a few parts and ended up scrapping them, because they were just to dark, and not working.
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Ok. My computer is screwed up at the moment. Right now all microsoft office programs, like wordperfect, excel, and those are lost. I have to redownload them. The power went out and totally screwed with the computer. I had two long parts for this one, two regualr parts for another one, and one part for another fic that I have been writing for a while trying to get that one part perfect, and all of them are lost. PLease give me a few days to get back what I had as well as the programs
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This is for all my rosbell pals. You know who you are.

Liz lay in bed, Alyssa sleeping beside her. It had been six days since she had lost the baby and three since she had been released from the hospital. She looked at the date on the calander. March 14. She had left three years ago today. Liz thought back to what happened right before she left.
“Liz, I found them.” Max told Liz as he met her on her balcony.

Liz didn’t even have to ask who, she knew automatically. She leaned back in his arms as he sat in the chair. “Where?”

“Maine.” Max said, giving a bitter laugh. “The whole freakin time they’ve been here on Earth.”

“When are you leaving?” Liz asked tears forming in her eyes.

“My dad and I fly out tomorrow morning.” Max said pulling her colder, attempting to draw strength from her. “Hopefully we’ll be back next Saturday.”

Liz rolled over so that her face was inches away from Max’s. “What’s gonna happen to us when you get back?”

“Nothing will change.” Max told her.

Liz wished it could be true, but knew everything would change. “Max everything will change. “You’ll be responsible for another person. We can’t just go out and do things. You have to put your son first, Max.”

“I know Liz. But I’ll still love you and hopefully you’ll still love me.”

“Max, you know I’ll still love you, but this does change things.”

“How about we cross that bridge when we get there?” Max asked wanting to spend the his last few hours with Liz without worrying.

“Ok, Mr. Evans. I hope that’s not the only reason you came by.” Liz smiled.

“No, Ms. Parker.” Max said catching on to Liz’s playful tease. “I had hoped my favorite girl would come with me to break the news to my hormonal sister, and maybe spend time as just us.”

“Well, Mr. Evans, if we hurry we can have some fun later on.”

“Max groaned. ‘Does she know how much just a promise turns me on?’ he thought to himself.
Back in the present, Liz smiled. That night had been the last time she had seen Max. And one of the best.
“Max, you’ll be careful?” Liz asked later, as her and Max lay curled up in the hammock she had gotten for Christmas. “We all need you.”

“I’ll be careful. I promise.”

“Good.” Liz said before their lips met for what was supposed to be one long kiss, which ended up a make-out session.

“I have to go.” Max said sadly pulling back.

Liz nodded, biting her lip to hold back tears. It didn’t work. A tear still escaped from her right eye, followed shortly by one from her left. Max leaned in and tenderly kissed them away.

“Liz, I hate to do this, but I really have to go. I love you.” Max said climing over the side of the balcony.

After Max left left, Liz in her room. She walked over to where the pregnancy test sat in a shoe box. ‘I’ll take it tomorrow.’ She told her self
In the present Liz would never forget how a small pink plus sign had changed her life so completely. Writing the letter she had written to Max had been the hardest thing in the world for her to do. While she wished she never looked back she constantly did. But if she had to do things different she wouldn’t. Alyssa and Matthew were her life.
Liz sat at her desk, paper and pen in front of her. This was gonna be the hardest thing in the world for her, to tell Max she’d never see him again.

Dear Max,
You once asked me what’s so great about normal. I’m not sure I ever really answered you. And I still can’t. Once you healed me normal went out the window. But now that I think about it, the alien crap is normal. Normal in my life is paranormal to most.

I wrote a letter yesterday
Just trying to explain
Couldn’t find the words to say
‘Cause you are so far away
So far away
I wrote a letter yesterday
It’s so hard for me to face
That it had to end this way
But my love will never change
Will never change
When I seach my soul to find the truth
About the love we shared
I wonder why your no longer here

And even though I’m leaving, my life will never be normal. Because of what I know. Because of how your love changed me .You changed my life in more ways than you’ll ever know and I am forever grateful for everything you’ve done for me

You can just walk away
But I don’t feel the same
My heart still beats for you, breathes for you, sings for you
And these feelings will never fade
I can hide my pain
But I can never hide the way I feel for you

I desperately wish I could stay in Roswell, but I can’t. I have to leave. Nothing you did made me leave so don’t ever think that. It’s something we both did. But neither of us can be blamed for what happened. I know you don’t know what it is that happened and it’s best if you don’t know what it is that happened. I have to leave though and I know you want to come with me and protect me, but I’ll be more protected if you don’t. Max this is the hardest thing I ever have to do.

I’ve been talking in my sleep
About the way it used to me
Girl, I pray that you’ll hear me
And then I’ll see you in my dreams
Oh, in my dreams
But I can’t forget the words you said
To move on with my life
And no matter what I’ll carry you inside

I love you, please always remember that. No matter what happens in the future, I will always remember and cherish the moments, all of them, we spent together.

Sooner or later you’re going to realize
That this kind of love happens once in your life
So, open your eyes girl
And see what we could be
Come back to me
Liz read her copy of the letter, it was the rough draft. No to most it would seem stupid that she had written a rough draft of a love letter, but Liz had wanted to make it perfect and make sure it said everything she had wanted it to say. She wanted the last thing Max would ever have of her to be perfect. Sometimes she just wanted to throw clothes and other whatnots in a bag and run back to Roswell. But she couldn’t she had responsibilies here.

The song is from 98 degrees revelation it's called Yesterday's letter

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Author's note. OK. I just realized something and I feel so stupid it took me this long. Matthew's name is supposed to be spelled MAtthieux. It's the cajun-french way, which since Liz lives in cajun country, and Nathan is cajun, it would be spelled. So in the fic it will be spelled either way, though most likelt Matthieux. Look for an update within the next week.
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Liz put Mattheiux to bed. Right now she was a ball of restless energy. She needed to talk to Nathan and she needed to talk to him now. Liz jumped when she heard the door slam. Running down the stairs she smiled watching Nathan and Alyssa giggling and laughing. Alyssa had strawberry gummy bear ice cream all over her face. And Liz was pretty sure she saw a red gummy bear in her chocolate brown hair. “Alyssa, go in the bathroom so I can wash you up, then bed. Nathan I need to talk to you.” She said turning to go up the stairs.

Twenty minutes later Liz desended the stairs, Nathan was sitting on the sofa taking all the candy out of Alyssa’s bag from the parade. Alyssa loved going to the St. Patricks Day parade and Nathan loved the candy Alyssa caught. “Does this mean I have to make cabbage stew?” Liz asked nodding towards the cabbage and carrots that were in another bag.

“Now, I’ll do it.” Nathan said looking up guiltily from the candy. “Liz we need to talk.” he said pushing the bags out of the way. “Liz, I’m not who you think I am.”

“What do you mean?” Liz asked confused. What was Nathan trying to tell her.

“Liz, tell me about Alyssa’s dad.” Nathan said suddenly making the conversation go in a totally different direction. One that Liz did not want it to go in.

“I would rather not.” Liz said. She had thought about Max enough for one day.

“Liz, please.” Nathan said gently.

Liz took a deep breath. “We started going out when we were sixteen. We were lab partners. One day I started drowning and he did cpr and saved me.” There I told him the truth while not straying too far from it. Max did save me, and he did have his hands on my chest. “After that we were inseparable.” ‘Until Tess came along.’

“Lizard, you and I both know that’s not what really happened.” Nathan said.

Liz gasped. “What did you just call me?”

Nathan ignored her question. “You and Maria were working at the Crashdown when you got shot. Max Evans healed you.”

Liz began panicking. ‘If he knows that much, he must know what Max is, and and and.’

“Lizzy, it’s me. Alex.”

More will be coming shortly. I just had to do a cliffhanger. I am half finished with the next part already.
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Liz stood there in total shock. “No, no you, you you died. I saw you being buried in the ground. Maria sang at your funeral.

“Ria sang at my funeral?” Alex/Nathan asked. “I’m glad.”

“Alex, is it really truly you?” Nathan nodded. Liz ran and launched herself in his arms. “Oh my god, Alex I have missed you soooo much.”

“Lizzy, now that I told you I, well um. Remember future max, how he sorta just disappeared?” at Liz’s nod he continued. “I’m sorta about to do that.”

“How long?” Liz asked. This wasn’t fair. She had just gotten Alex back a few mionutes ago and already he was leaving.

“About six hours. Which gives us time to talk” Alex led Liz over to a chair. “Tell me about my son.” Alex said.

“He looks like you. He had blue blue blue eyes, and kinda brown blonde hair.” Liz told him. She couldn’t believe it. It was truly Alex. “That’s all I know.”

“Ok. Tell me about Maria.”

They spent the next five hours like that, talking like they had done when they were younger. Liz showed Alex all the pictures Ava sent. Alex told Liz what hew wanted her to do. He wanted her to go back to Roswell. She didn’t have to get back together with Max, but just to go back, and be surrounded by family and friends.

And once again someone Liz loved dearly disappeared from her arms.

Three weeks later Liz stood in an empty nursery. She had packed the house up and most had already been sent to the house in Roswell. Serena had gone and picked one out for her. Liz didn’t want anyone to know she was coming home until she was already there. Liz turned and smiled. She was going home. She was glad. Because she couldn’t hide her pain no more.

Sorry for anohter short part. I promise another part probably tonight if not first thing tomorrow. I promise you'll alugh. I hope.

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Ok. Liz and NAthan married to marry. This is Alex, we're talking about. HE wanted to protect his best friend. They are married on paper only, so that people won't talk. I used New Orleans in this fic because it is where I live. Down here, you are frowned upon for having a baby out of wedlock. Very moral people. At least that's what they think. I just think too uptight.

LIz left because she though it would be safer. No matter what she will never truly be safe. Neither will Alyssa, not with Alyssa being a child on MAx's.

School. Giggles. Liz left at the end of MAy. School is over for the year. Sorry I wasn't clear on that. It's not the first week of June where the next chapter will pick up.

I had it all written out and then scrapped the whole thing. RIght now I am betaing a fic and then gonna try and write it.

Thanks for the fb,
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Liz stood in the kitchen of her new home in Roswell. It was a four bedroom, three and a half baths, not too big, yet not too small. Liz was a silent partner in a small chain of gift shops. Her grandparents had originally been the silent partners and passed it on to Liz in their will. Liz looked up as Alyssa walked into the kitchen. Her pale blue pajamas had bottles of Tabasco dancing all over them.

“Hey, baby. What’s wrong can’t sleep?” Liz asked picking her up and holding her close to her body. Alyssa didn’t answer. Instead she snuggled up close to Liz. Alyssa was definitely her and Max’s child. Alyssa was extremely shy and hardly talked to anyone. “Come on. Let’s get you back to bed, Lissy.” Liz smiled Alyssa was already asleep.

After placing Alyssa back in bed Liz checked on Mattheiux tucked snugly in his crib. Walking through the house Liz picked up the toys Alyssa had strewn about already. Not even there five hours and already Alyssa had worn it in making a small mess. Liz jumped when the doorbell rang. She wasn’t expecting anybody. She went to open the door.

“Hi, I’m Maria Guerin and this is my nephe….” Maria stopped mid-sentence, staring. Was it really Liz Parker standing in front of her?

Colin and Claudia peeked out from Maria. Michael had said Maria would probably scare their new neighbor, but it looked as if the new neighbor had scared Maria. Colin giggled looking up at Maria’s face. She looked like she had seen an alien. Colin started a full on laugh at this thought. Maybe Aunt Ria had seen a human and forgot what they were.

“Maria, it’s been awhile.” Liz said unsure of what to say. She was standing in a shirt and shorts with her hands pull of coloring books and colors, with a teddy bear or two mixed in there. Colin and Claudia looked up to the woman with the voice. Both of them froze. Both scared of what the lady would think of them. Claudia because this was her sister, and Colin because this was his real mommy. Claudia knew her sister didn’t know her. Colin just wanted her to love him. Liz looked down at the two children. One she could tell was Colin, Max’s son, the other looked almost like she had at three. “Maria, I’m going to close the door now and I suggest you close your mouth and find some cedar oil. Now do you want to come in?” Liz asked. Maria nodded dumbly. “I’m going put these upstairs and away and maybe by the time I get back you will have found your voice.”

Liz headed up the stairs trying to compose herself. She wondered how Maria knew she had moved back. Then again Maria looked as shocked as she was when she open the door. ‘Knowing Maria she was probably just being neighborly.’ A few minutes later Liz came down the steps. She stepped into the living room and noticed no kids.

Maria noted the look on Liz’s face. “I brought them to Michael. I wanna talk.” Maria said, knowing Liz reconginzed Colin as Max’s. Who wouldn’t he was a mini version. “Looks like his dad huh?” Maria asked. Liz nodded. She knew exactly who she was talking about. “So is it really you Lizzy? Are you really here to stay? Or are you leaving again?”

“I, I , I’m staying. For good.” Liz managed to stutter out. Who was this person in fron of her. Gone was the cedar oil sniffing Maria she had seen a few minutes ago. In her place was a calm cool, collected Maria.

“Chica, chica, chica?” Maria snapped her fingers in front of Liz. It was almost as if Liz were on another planet. Giving everything that happened with the gang Maria wouldn’t have been surprised. But Maria knew that wasn’t where she was.

Liz snapped back in attection when Maria snapped her fingers in front of her face. “Sorry, what?”

“Are you ok?” Maria asked looking at her concernedly. This wasn’t the same Liz that had left. Something had changed her.

Suddenly a baby’s cry filled the house. Maria watched as Liz scrambled for the stairs, as if trying to prevent something from happening. A few short moments later the cries of mommy filled the house as well. Maria followed up the stairs after Liz to find Liz coming out of one room with an infant and going into another room. A few seconds later Liz emerged holding an already fast asleep Alyssa and a half asleep, half awakeMAttheiux.. Maria turned heading down the stairs. Liz followed. Liz motioned Maria to the kitchen where she began the task of preparing Mattheiux’s bottle. It was kind of hard having two children in her arms. Maria noticed this and took the bottle from Liz. “How long?” she asked.

“Forty seconds.” Liz said heading into the living room to lay Alyssa down. Maria watched over the breakfast bar. Liz obviously loved her children and they were obviously the center of her world. Liz walked back into the kitchen. She started to take the bottle from Maria and then thought better of it. “Hold out your arms.” She instructed.

Maria looked at her. “Why?”

“Because, you’re gonna get practice.” Liz explained as if talking to Alyssa.

Maria looked at Liz. “I don’t wanna scare my best friend off less than ten hours after she got back.” Maria noticed the funny look Liz was giving her. “What if I drop him?”

Liz chuckled. There was the dear old Maria she missed. “Maria, you’re gonna have a baby in what? Six months?” Ignoring Maria’s shocked expression, she continued. “DO you worry about dropping yours?” Maria nodded. “Ria, it’s pretty hard to drop a baby. Now take him before his bottle gets cold and you have to reheat it.” Maria stepped forward and gingerly took Mattheiux out of Liz’s arms.

“What’s his name?” Maria asked. Looking down at him she saw Liz reflected in most of his features. He was adorable.

“Mattheiux Alexandar.”
“Whose his dad?” Maria asked. Max wasn’t gonna be too happy about this.

“Someone I’d rather not talk about right now.” Liz told her. The memory was still too fresh in her brain, in her mind. It still hurt her heart to talk about it.

Maria accepted Liz’s answer. If Liz wanted to talk she would. You couldn’t get Liz to do something she didn’t want to do.

“Not gonna ask me about Alyssa’s father?” Liz asked although she was pretty sure Maria knew. Alyssa had Max’s unearthly eyes.

“I know how Max is doing. I watch his son almost everyday.”

Liz was taken aback by the sudden harsh tone in Maria’s voice until she saw Maria’s eyes well with tears. Maria’s hormones were out of whack and on Maria that was not a good thing.

Maria immediately became apologetic. “Lizzy, I’m so sorry.”

Liz waved her off. “Hormones. I understand.”

“So where ya been living?” Maria asked wanting to make up for all the lost time of the past three years.

“You’re gonna laugh.” Liz said, knowing the irony of where she lived.

“Would you be hurt if I laughed?” Maria asked.


“Then why should you worry?”

“I lived about fifteen minutes from Avery Island.” Maria looked at Liz not quite catching on. “Avery Island is where they grow the peppers and make Tabasco.”

Maria looked at Liz. “I’m guessing that that would be alien heaven?” she asked sarcastically, remembering how many bottles of Tabasco she went through a week. “I’m guessing that’s where Alyssa got the pajamas?”

Liz nodded. “She gave me this look that was so Max I couldn’t resist.” Liz admitted.

“So you think you’ll have anymore one day?” Maria asked nodding to Mattheiux in her arms.

Liz’s face immediately clouded over and her eyes became misty. Maria instantly regretted it. ‘Maybe Liz thinks she can’t be with Max.’ Maria was about to tell her that Max still loved her when Alyssa started rolling over on the sofa. Liz immediately sprang back into mother mode. “I better go get her back in bed before she falls off.” Maria nodded and watched as Liz picked up Alyssa and brought her up to bed.

When Liz returned downstairs Maria decided to broach the subject again about Max and Liz.

“Liz, chica, Max still …” Maria was interrupted

“Maria, it’s not that I’ve given up on love. I can’t have kids. Ever. I was in a car accident a few months ago. I was pregnant and lost the baby. As if that wasn’t enough, I was told I couldn’t have any more kids. That my reproductive system was damaged.” Liz told Maria tearfully.

Maria sat there in stunned silence. Liz had been trough hell since she left Roswell. Maria vowed then and there that no one would hurt Liz for leaving. She knew it wouldn’t be too hard. No one hated Liz. There were upset she left, but all had known that she had her reasons.

“So, who was that little girl with you when you first came over?”

“It’s not my place to tell you.”

“Whose is it?” Liz asked.

“You’ll find out Lizzy, just get yourself back in the froup and you’ll know everything. I have to go. Please, Lizzy, please let everyone know you’re ok. Start with your parents. They have been so terrified and worried.”

Liz looked at Maria. “How the hell? Maria I.. I.. I’m not ready to face my parents yet.” Amria was one thing, but her parents? As far as Liz knew her parents would kill her.

“Well, you better tell them soon, before they find out for themselves. And they come to my house pretty often, so they so much as see you, or hear your voice Liz, they’re gonna know.” Maria said heading out the door.


Maria laughed as she stepped inside her house. Claudia and Colin had fallen asleep on the sofa, each had a head at opposite ends. Michael was sitting on the recliner. Maria motioned him into the kitchen.

“Is it true?” he asked immediately. “Is it really Liz?”

Maria nodded. “Don’t tell anyone yet. Liz needs time to get her life in order here before anything else. We have to keep Claudia and Colin from telling the anybody.”

Michael nodded. He could tell from Maria’s eyes that she wasn’t too happy with something that had happened at Liz’s.

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The next day.

Liz stood in Johnson’s Corner Store. Maria had told her that since Michael and she were throwing the weekly dinner party, that it would be safe for Liz to go shopping without running into the group. Liz still wasn’t ready to face anyone yet. Maria had promised to glue Claudia and Colin’s mouths shut if she had to. Liz still didn’t know who Claudia was but she looked awfully familiar. Liz looked down into the buggy. Mattheiux was sleeping in his car seat and Alyssa was sitting in the back looking at the box of Cocoa Puffs. All Liz needed were chips, Tabasco, cookies, and ice cream. After picking up the chips, Tabasco and the cookies. All she needed was the ice cream.

“Nancy, honey I don’t understand why we couldn’t bring ice cream from the CrashDown. You know I do sell sundaes we do have ice cream.” Jeff Parker said as they headed to the ice cream aisle.

“Yeah, but do you have birthday cake and oh good heavens?” Nancy asked referring to the favorite ice cream flavors in the group.

Jeff looked defeated. ‘Women. Can’t have just plain old vanilla. Liz liked plain old vanilla.’

“Ok, Lissy, what kind of ice cream you want?” Liz asked heading onto the ice cream aisle. She turned the corner from aisle eight at the same time someone was turning from aisle ten. WHAM. “Oh my gosh. I am so sorry.” Liz began as she picked Mattheiux up from his carrier.

“No, no dear it’s all my fault.” Nancy said trying to calm the young lady down. The girl had enough to worry about with the two kids in the basket.

Liz’s head whipped up. “Mom?” she asked. Oh my gosh, sure enough it was her mom, dad and the little girl she had seen with Maria yesterday.

Nancy and Jeff Parker stared. It was Liz. Liz had left a young woman. Yet the girl standing in front of them was definitely not a little girl. The hair was still long, and the face was still the same. She had gained some weight, gotten more of a figure, but that’s not what was different. It was the eyes. They held a sadness in them that hadn’t been there before. It was the sadness of someone who had lived forty years, yet here it was in their tweny-year-old daughters eyes. “Is it really you Lizzie?” Jeff asked stepping forward. Liz nodded and Jeff pulled her into a big hug.The tears that had been forming in Liz’s eyes flowed freely and unchecked. “Come on, let’s check out and go talk.”

Liz nodded her head still buried in Jeff’s chest, Mattheiux clutched close to her. Alyssa was watching the scene unfold in amazement. ‘who are these strange people mommy is talking to?’ Claudia smiled. ‘It’s sissy.’ she thought. She looked at Alyssa and smiled. Alyssa just buried her head behind the box of Cocoa Puffs. Nancy watched the scene, tears swimming in her eyes to. Liz was home. She was happy.

Nancy hugged Liz as they headed to the check-out line. “You missy, have some explaining to do.” Liz got in a line with no one in it so she checked out fairly fast. (Why can’t I ever get in those lines? J )Since the Parkers had only come for ice cream and abandoned that task at seeing Liz they didn’t have to. Nancy laughed as they walked out the door and followed Liz to her car. It was parked right next to theirs. “Lizzie, girl I think the gods above wanted us to meet tonight.” Liz turned puzzled eyes towards her mother. “Is that your Montero?” Liz nodded, “That’s our Caravan.” Liz looked to where Nancy was pointing right next to her car.

“I guess.” Liz mumbled. Jeff helped Liz load her groceries I her car. She was obivoulsy doing fine, her car was new, and the kids had on nice clothes, and there was pleanty food in the basket. ‘Yup’ he thought, ‘Lizzie sure has grown up.

“Where are you staying Lizzie?” Jeff asked watching as she heaved the baby carrier up and into the car. Lizzie was so tiny and the carrier so heavy. Suddenly a new thought came rushing into Jeff’s brain. Where was the little boy’s dad? He started to ask but Liz answered him instead about where she was living.

“You know the house that was for sale next to Maria’s? Guess who bought it.” Liz said now getting Alyssa out the basket and placing her in her car seat. Alyssa was still so small she needed a car seat.

“I’m riding with Liz.” Nancy said as she helped Claudia with her seatbelt. Claudia was in a booster seat now. Jeff nodded as Nancy handed him her keys. “Call Maria and tell her we’re not coming.”

Meanwhile on the other side as Liz got in the Montero, her phone began ringing. “Hello.” She said answering it. “Sorry Ria. I ran into them. Literally. Ok. Alright bye.” Liz started to hang up the phone. Nancy stopped her.

“Is that Maria?” Liz nodded, “Can I tell her something real quick?” Liz silently handed her the phone and put the car in drive. Following her dad out of the parking lot Liz got in the lead and he followed her to her house.

“Daddy, who was da baby? With Sissy.” Claudia asked her dad. She was slightly upset. She hadn’t gotten her birthday cake flavored ice cream.

“Your nephew.”

“Wha’s his name?” Claudia, ever the inquisitive one.

“I dunno sweetheart. We never got around to that.”

“Oh.” Claudia said, slightly put out. She wasn’t the baby no more.

“Don’t worry. We’re going to her house right now.” Jeff said, worried how Claudia would handle the news. Claudia nodded and began looking out the window.


Nancy looked over at the woman driving. Liz had one hand on the steering wheel and one hand fumbling in her purse trying to find a binky. That’s what Liz definitely was. Nancy had watched Maria go from girl to woman, but was sad she never go to watch her own daughter go through it. “Need some help?” she asked Liz. Liz shook her head as she handed the binky to Alyssa who in turn gave it to Mattheiux.

“What are their names?” Nancy asked trying to make conversation.

“Alyssa and Mattheiux.” Liz answered keeping her answers short and simple. That is until Liz’s curiosity got the best of her. “Who was the little girl with you?”

“Your sister, Claudia.” Nancy said watching for Liz’s reaction.

“Have something you wanna share with the rest of the class, Mom?” Liz asked. Oh god. She was a big sister. Oh god, how good it felt to call her mom mom again.

“Lizzie, do you know how nice it is to hear you call me mom?” Nancy asked. Before Liz could even answer she continued. “ I found out the day you left.” Nancy said, careful not to say ran away. “So who is Mattheuixs father?” Nancy asked. The curiosity was killing her.

“Your not gonna ask about Alyssa?” Liz asked. Was it that obvious? Did Lissy look that much like Max?

“It’s Max isn’t it?” Liz silently swore under her breath. “She has his eye color, Liz.” Giggling Nancy added, “And his ears.” Liz swatted at her mom.

“I think they’re cute.” Liz said looking in the rearview mirror at her daughter. Alyssa was looking out the window.

“Momma, where all the wadder at?” Alyssa asked. New Orleans was surrounded by water.

“Lissy honey, we’re in the desert. There isn’t much water around here.” Liz said.

Nancy watched how Liz interacted with her children. Liz was obviously a good mother. So where was Matteiux’s dad? “Lizzie, where is Matteiux’s dad?”

Liz looked at her mom. “He died.” She said. “His name was Nathan.”

“And what was y’alls relationship?” Nancy asked.

“We were married.”

Nancy sat there in shock. Her daughter had been married and she hadn’t even known it. Realizing Liz didn’t want to talk about it she decided to stick to safer questions. “When are their birthdays?” She asked.

“Alyssa is August nineteenth and Mattheiux is December twenty-fourth.” Liz said pulling into her driveway. Luckily no one was Maria’s yet. She just hoped she could get her groceries inside before somebody got there. Liz smiled as she started to get Matthieux’s carrier out the car he was asleep. Unbuckling Alyssa and helping her down Liz went and opened the front door. Placing Mattheiux on the side of the door with Alyssa watching him she went to help her dad get the groceries.

Claudia watched her sissy carefully. She was pretty. Liz noticed Claudia looking at her. Walking over to her she kneeled in front of the little girl. Looking at her was like looking in a mirror long ago. ‘What happened to that girl?’ Liz wondered. Then is hit her. That girl grew up. Maybe sooner than she should have but she grew up nonetheless. “You wanna come inside. I have cookies.” Liz smiled when she saw Claudia smile and nod her head. Nathan/Alex would always do that with Alyssa. Grabbing the last of the groceries Liz led her inside and closed the door. Putting the groceries on the floor in the front hall, Liz picked up Mattheiux’s carrier. “Wanna come with me to put him in bed?” she asked Claudia. Claudia nodded, and Alyssa led the way up the stairs, heading straight for her room. Claudia followed her into Mattheiux’s room. “So mommy told me you’re my baby sister.” Liz said smiling at the girl as she changed Mattheiux. Claudia nodded.

“You haf the room wif the bacony.” Claudia said.

Liz nodded, “So you’ve been out on it?” Claudia nodded. I used to go out there al the time.” A sudden thought occurred to Liz. “Cluadia, has mommy and daddy ever told you who grandma Claudia was?” Liz asked not even noticing her parents in the doorway. “She was daddy’s mommy and she was the most special person. She love to travel and brought all kinds of books back..”

Claudia’s eyes lit up. “Like picture books?” she asked.

Liz shook her head giggling. “Nope, books about her travels. She called them journals.”

Claudia nodded. “Mommy toes me if I eva find your joenal I can’t touf it.”

Liz smiled. Her mom remembered how Liz wanted no one to read it. “Grandma Claudia gave it to me and I use to go out on the balcony and write in it.”

Claudia nodded and smiled. Mommy had told her sissy would know who she was named after. “Mommies are smart.” Claudia said looking up and noticing Jeff and Nancy in the doorway.

Liz looked down at Claudia. “Why don’t you go play with Alyssa in her room so I can talk to mommy and daddy.”

Claudia nodded and scampered out the room.

“Let’s go talk downstairs. I have to fix Alyssa some dinner.”

Jeff grabbed Liz’s arm. “Let’s just order pizza.” He suggested. Liz nodded. Him and Nancy watched as Liz turned on the baby monitor in Mattheiux’s room and walking down the hall turned the one on in Alyssa’s bedroom.

Nancy and Jeff followed Liz down the stairs. Liz turned to them. Flying Pepperoni still have the same number?” she asked.

Jeff nodded. You remember it?” he asked amazed.

Liz giggled. “No. I found the old phone list we used to have.”

Nancy smiled. Only Liz would be able o find something like that.

Liz ordered the pizza and the sat around on the sofa. It was basically idle chitchat. They pretty much steered clear of the much more serious topics. Nancy could tell by looking that Liz wasn’t ready to talk yet and that was fine with her. She was too happy to have both her girls together. And ever better she was a grandmother. Twice.

Well? What did you think?
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I will have it by tuesday finsihed or not it will be up.
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Isabel stood in the line for candy at the Roswell AMC. Colin, Haley, and Alex all stood around her. Isabel had called to go get Claudia, but no one had answered. 'Oh well' she thought. 'I'll probably end up bring Alex to see the movie again and again.' She thought remembering the whole Scooby-Doo incident. It was a good thing Lilo and Stitch was out or they would be seeing Scooby-Doo yet again.

Liz found a place to park at the Roswell AMC. Her mom and her were bringing Claudia and Alyssa to see Lilo and Stitch at the theater. Alyssa was all excited. It was the first time she was going to the movie theater. After they purchased four tickets, Liz took Alyssa to get the candy while Claudia and her mom went to get the seats. Liz and Alyssa stood in line five all the way at one end. Once getting the 2 adult popcorn and two children snack packs. Liz turned around only to find herself staring into the eyes of one Isabel Evans-Ramirez. Liz hurriedly grabbed Alyssa's arm and walked in the other direction towards the theater number they were in.

Nancy Parker smiled at Diane as Claudia constantly pulled on her arm,
dragging her to the top. Diane smiled back in reassurance. Diane thought back to what Max had told her last night. That Liz had been pregnant when she left. Diane understood why Liz had left. Hell she had wanted to put Max and Isabel in the car and bring them far away from Roswell.

Max walked out of the bathroom and the Roswell AMC. Turning the corner he stopped short as a young woman and a toddler hurrying around it. It didn't work. He still slammed full force into the young woman sending popcorn, reese's pieces, coke, and red punch flying. Most of the red punch of course went on him. 'Just my luck.' He thought looking down at his once white tee-shirt. Max looked down at the young brunette who was apologizing profusely. Something about her voice made him think of Liz. 'No' he thought, 'Liz left. With our child.'

Liz looked up. 'Damn.' She thought, ever since returning to Roswell she had been running into people left and right. First her parents, now Max. 'MAX!?!?!?!' Liz thought quickly, but not quick enough. Colin came running around the corner almost knocking Max down. All at once Liz's life seemed to spin out of control. Isabel came running around the corner after Colin slamming into Liz from behind, while Alyssa just sat there on the floor and cried.

Isabel gasped as Liz picked up the little girl. She was a perfect looking blend of Max and Liz. Suddenly Isabel realized Max and Liz needed to have a nice long chat. She bent down to untangle Colin from Max's legs, while Haley stared at Liz as if trying to place her. Liz knew she wouldn't be able to, last time Haley had seen her she had been pregnant with Mattheiux and fat. "Colin, sweetie come on, let's go find grandma." Isabel said.

Max stood there confused. He was going with them, Colin could stay like that. It did make it sort of hard for him to walk but still, he liked it, it made him happy.

"Colin Parker Evans get off you father right now. Daddy and Liz have a lot to talk about." Isabel ignored Max's head shoot up and Liz's gasp at the use of Parker. 'oops' Isabel thought. 'Liz doesn't know he's hers.'

Max's heads shot up when Isabel said Liz's name. Sure enough standing in front of him with a little girl, their little girl, was Liz, his Liz. And Liz was staring at Colin and him at the same time, her eyes widening at the sight of his now pink shirt.

Liz looked at Isabel. She knew her and Max had to have a talk, and ASAP. "I guess we should talk." Liz said looking Max in the eye. Max nodded. "And I really don't think kids should be around for this." Max again nodded in agreement. "Isabel, my mom and Claudia are in theater twelve, you think you could bring Alyssa to them?"

Max sighed. She had named their daughter Alyssa. 'Such a Liz name.' He thought.

Isabel nodded. "We're headed that way. You want me to explain what's going on?"

Liz nodded. "Tell her I'll put Lissy's car seat in her car and ask her to call me when she wants me to come get her."

Isabel nodded again. 'Liz was a good mom, always thinking of her daughter first.' She thought. Isabel reached out to take a whimpering Alyssa from Liz. Alyssa clutched tight to Liz, never letting go. "Shh. It's ok baby." Liz wisphered in Alyssa's ear, "that a good friend of mommy's."

Alyssa looked at Isabel before holding out her arms. Isabel took her and led the kids towards the theater.

"So, where you wanna go talk?" Max asked looking at Liz. She looked just as beautiful today as she had the night before he left, the last time he had seen her.

"My house, Maria will understand." Liz answered.

"Isabel and I drove in my mom's van." Max said.

"I have my car, just lemme put Alyssa's car seat in my mom's van." Liz told hm leading him to her Montero.

"What do you mean Maria will understand?" Max asked following Liz as she unlocked her mom's van.

Liz's voice came out muffled as she was leaning into the van buckling the seat in.

"Pardon me?" Max asked. He didn't think he heard right. Did Liz just say Maria was watching her son?

"I said Maria is watching Mattheiux." Liz said straightening up and for the first time looking in his eyes. They were the same amber with gold flecks, and just as gorgeous as ever.

Max looked deep in her eyes; they were the same deep chocolate brown, yet something was added, while at the same time something was missing. Almost instantly Max knew. The old Liz sparkle was gone and it had been replaced by sadness.

"Um, we should go uh talk." Liz said nervously. This was not how she planned on seeing Max again. Hell, nothing was going her way. She had wanted to return to Roswell and see everyone on her time. But the fates had other plans, punishing her for running away; for not telling Max.

Max watched as Liz leaned across and unlocked the passenger side door. He watched as her shirt rode up slightly and got a glimpse of a scar running across her stomach. Somebody had hurt his Liz. Liz caught where Max was staring and blushed. She had done her best to cover the scar from the accident as best she could, but it was times like this she couldn't prevent from happening. Max got in and Liz explained. "I was in a car accident a few months ago, I had to have surgery."

"On your stomach?" Max asked carefully. He didn't think so. He had read enough books in premed. that was directly over her reproductive organs. Most specifically her uterus.

Liz remembered what Ava had told her. Max was premed at Roswell State, and she knew enough about science for her to know that wasn't her stomach area the scar was over. It was to low. She shook her head no. If she was gonna tell Max everything she might as well start now. "My uterus. In the impact the car stuck my side head on. I had to have emergency surgery…" Liz got prepared to tell Max something she hadn't told anyone yet. That she was unable to have more kids. "They told me I can't have any more kids." She said her voice thick with emotion, tears already starting to form in her eyes. That happened every time she thought about the surgery, the miscarriage.

Max sat there shocked, absorbing everything Liz told him. Hell, he was still shocked at seeing Liz again for the first time in three years. And Alyssa, their daughter, she was perfect. Max sat silently while Liz drove the familiar streets of their hometown. He was trying to keep his emotions under control, which wasn't easy. Being in this close proximity with Liz made their connection flare up again and so not only was he trying to sort out his emotions, he had Liz's as well to pick through. Hers were as rampant as his. Apprehension, joy, confusion, sadness, pain and most of all, fear. Max immediately knew what she feared and it broke his heart. She feared him, that he would hate her, and he was guessing fear that once she told him about Alyssa he would take her away.

About ten minutes later they pulled in Liz's driveway, which was right next door to Maria's. He looked at Liz. "I didn't know when I bought the house." She said noticing his amused look, as they both remembered when her and Maria had walked in on a conversation between Michael and Max.

< "Max, Maria and Liz have been best friends since like, well forever, they are gonna want houses right smack next to each other." Michael said as him and Max sat eating fries and drinking coke.

"Well, then you better do something Michael, flipping burgers ain't gonna get youo to Boston." Max said.

"Why would he need to go to Boston?" Maria asked coming over to their table, Liz trailing behind.

"Cuz you two." Michael said gesturing to the two girls, "are gonna wanna have houses right smack next to each other."

"Damn straight, buddy." Maria said. Max smirked.>

"I didn't say anything.' Max said hiding a smile behind his hand.

Liz unlocked the door and immediately Maria came running, wielding a baby bottle. "Uh, Ria," Liz started. "are you planning to squirt somebody's eye out with that, or were you giving it to Mattheiux?"

"What are you doing back so soon? And where is Alys…" Maria trailed off as Max followed Liz into the room. "I'm gonna go." She said, handing Liz the bottle. "He's upstairs, he needs to be fed." Liz nodded and Maria walked passed Max and Liz and headed out the door.


"Maria?" Michael called out when he heard the door open. "What are you doing back so early."

"That's what I want to know." Maria said, confused. Michael looked at her. "Liz got home a little early. With someone." Michael started to get mad. Was Liz dating? That was gonna kill Max. "I'm guessing she ran into him."

"Who Maria? Do I know him?"


"Should I get the phone handy, to call the police, or the popcorn." Michael amusedly. He had talk to Liz a few times since her return and he knew one thing. She wasn't the same Liz Parker who had left. She had grownup. A lot.


"So, you have a son?" Max asked following Liz up the stairs.

Liz nodded. "Mattheiux Alexander."

"And his dad?" Max asked. Was Liz still involved? How would this person react to Colin. How would he explain Colin?

"He died. About a month ago. He's the one who encouraged me to come back." Liz said, her back turned to Max while she got Mattheiux out of his crib. 'Thank goodness.'Liz thought.

Max got his first look at Mattheiux while Liz brought him up to her chest and shoulder. Light brown eyes stared back at Max, while small fist grabbed and clenched his mom's hair. "Hi, Mattheiux." Max said. He didn't look a lot like Liz, not like Alyssa did, and even less so than Colin, but you could tell he was definitely Liz's child.

"Let's go downstairs and talk." Liz said shifting Mattheiux so she could give him his bottle.

Liz put Mattheuix in his high chair and put the hands free bottle holding device on it. (Those things are like the greatest invention ever.)

"So, where should we start?" Liz asked getting as comfortable as she could for this upcoming long over due yet, forever dreaded talk.

"I wanna see pictures." Max asked.

"Excuse me?" Liz looked at him puzzled. Pictures? Of what?


"How, how how did you know?" Liz asked.

"Your mom told me she found the pregnancy test. And Liz, you're not one to sleep around. I'm not dumb."

"I never said you were dumb." Liz said hotly.

"Liz, please, I don't wanna fight. Would you please just show me pictures?" Max begged. He didn't want his first conversation with Liz in three years to be a fight.

Liz walked over to one of the boxes in the living room. It was labeled 'PICTURES' in Liz's special handwriting. She pulled out two albums and box, after box after box. Max looked at her. "What?" she asked.

"Liz, you're worse than Isabel, she only has a box, and an album."

"Max, I have two kids, an album for each, and the boxes of pictures are everyday things."

"Liz, there is nothing wrong with that. I'm glad you're that through." Max said crossing the room to sit next to Liz in the kitchen/

"Now, I should warn you, some of these pictures have Mattheuix's father in them." We were, we were, we were married. I think." Liz said getting a thoughtful look in her eye. If Nathan was really Alex, then were her and Alex married? Liz decided to stop that train of thought before she got too confused.

"You think?" Max asked. Liz nodded, "Were you drunk or something? How can you not be sure if you were married?"

"Well legally we were married, but only in that sense. Mattheiux was from one night of drunkenness. Nathan had just gotten into medical school and we had wine. Apparently, I'm as bad as you with alcohol. Must have been the healing. Anyway, I never even changed my name." Liz said, handing over Alyssa's album, while sorting through the box.

"Alyssa looks almost like a mini-version of you. Only here eye color is different," Max commented flipping the pages slowly.

"And her ears stick out a little more." Liz said watching the smile break out on Max's face as he flipped pages. "Colin looks nothing like Tess."

"Thank god." Max said looking at a picture of Liz and Alyssa, when Alyssa must have been about four months old.

"Why did you give him my last name?" Liz asked, remembering what Isabel had called him at the theater.

"Because he's yours." Max said.

"EXCUSE ME?" Liz yelled jumping up. Max was crazy. He was saying Colin was hers. Mattheiux started crying, scared by Liz's loud yell. Liz picked him up and turned to Max. "Are you feeling ok?" Liz asked studying Max closely. HE didn't look sick, or crazy for that matter but he must be.

"I said that Colin Parker Evans is your son, OUR son" mAx said.

Liz watched Max carefully. He showed no signs of laughing, or joking or anything else. He actually looked like he was telling the truth. "How?" she finally said.

"Apparently, that's how I met Ava, in our future life. I healed her, therefore any child I fathered would have her DNA. It was something to keep the blood line completely royal. But in this life I healed you, there for making you my chosen." Max explained.

"So, basically if you healed fifty women, then, what?" Liz asked confused. Max healed people because he was nice.

"But in both lives I only loved one person enough to risk exposing my true self enough to heal. Only royal people on Antar can heal, so I had to risk showing I was king to heal someone."

"So are you serious? Colin is mine?" Liz asked, finally understanding what Max was trying to say.

"Trust me, he is you. He has your eyes, brains, and your mouth. And apparently you have a mark on your butt."

Liz blushed. "He has that too?" Max nodded. "Alyssa and Mattheiux both have it. I know my dad, Granma and Claudia all have it as well."

Max nodded, "yeah that's what your dad told me. That's how him and your mom believed me."

"My parents know?" Liz asked shocked. She knew they knew that Max and them were alien, but she didn't know if Max would explain that to her parents.

"Everyone knows, but not how. I thought you deserved to know that." Max said.

"Thanks." Liz said. "Now show me pictures."

"Demanding still?" Max asked raising an eyebrow. Liz smirked. "I don't carry an album of pictures with me, but I have some at my mom's."

"Well, no one should be home for another hour, I know my mom was talking about ice cream afterwards." Liz said. "Why don't I drive you to get them and we have my mom bring Colin and Alyssa back here after. I wanna meet Colin and I can tell you wanna meet Alyssa."

Max nod. "Sounds like a plan."


"Ice cream?" Isabel asked leading Diane, Colin, Alyssa, Claudia, Hayley, and Nancy.

Nancy nodded. "Tradition. Lemme just call Liz and tell her. Maybe I can keep Alyssa tonight."

Nancy hung up the phone a few seconds later. Diane noticed the look on her face. "No such luck?"

"Nope. Neither for you. Max wants you to meet him there with Colin, or I can bring him."

"You can bring him. Can we at least go get ice cream?" Diane asked.

"No. They are both pretty eagar."

Isabel overheard. "Hop in each others pants?"

Diane gasped. "Isabel!"

Nancy shook her head. "Diane it's true. They been separated too long. It's only a matter of time."

"Ok, but can we please make sure there is protection involved?" Diane asked.

"Give them time. Liz hasn't even been back in Roswell a week. Trust me asking her now, she would freak." Nancy said, the others nodded in agreement.


Two hours later Nancy pulled up in Liz's driveway with two hyperactive preschoolers to drop off.

"Are we going to Aunt Ria's?" Colin asked excited at the prospect of seeing silly Uncle Michael.

"Nope." Nancy said, watching as Liz opened the door and her and Max headed out. 'I could get used to seeing that everytime I drop a kid off.' Nancy thought as Max and Liz came around and slid open the doors.

"Bye you two." Nancy said waving as they made their way up the driveway and into the house.


Liz kept glancing over at Colin as her and Max led the two kids inside. She noticed Max kept doing the same to Alyssa. She couldn't believe Colin was her son, Tess may have given birth but he had her genes. Colin Parker Evans was hers. NOT Tess's. Liz wanted to shout for joy. Sure, she was confused, but she had been told she would be unable to have more kids. It had made her sad, but with Colin she felt she was getting something. Not another baby, but another child to love. That was hers. Liz giggled. She couldn't get over that fact.


Max watched as Liz carried Alyssa into the house with him following behind. Colin knew who Liz was, that she was his mommy. Max had always felt he deserved to know.


Michael was sitting on the sofa while Maria peeked out the front window with the phone pressed to her ear. She was on three way with Isabel and Diane.

"Now what?" Isabel asked, anxiety in her voice. From what Maria had told her Liz had been miserable away from Roswell and she knew first hand how miserable Max had been. Now maybe they could all be happy together.

"Grr." Maria mumbled. "They walked in the house."

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Ok all, sorry for such a long delay but this part is really hard for me for some reason and I wrote like five versions and this was the best (and it still sucks). Once I get past this it’ll be pretty smooth sailing but introducing a person to a son they never knew they had yeah hard.

Special thanks to ChrissyP47 Frister, you're the bestest.

Max followed Liz into the house, Colin in his arms.

“Mommy, you’re not gonna leave us again, are you?” Colin asked.

“She’s not your mommy!” Alyssa shouted, so loudly that Maria who was standing of the front porch jumped. Since Liz had been back Maria had heard Alyssa speak no more than three words, and that had been the three times that Maria had asked her a question, and even then she had them quietly and shyly.

“She’s my mommy too!” Colin said grabbing onto Max’s hand. “This is my daddy.”

“I don’t have a daddy.” Alyssa said quietly with such sadness it nearly broke Liz’s heart.

“Lyssa, what if I told you that you and Colin had the same daddy.” Liz asked her bending down so that she was eye level with her daughter.

“Weally?” Alyssa asked, her sparkling brown eyes looking at Max.

“Yes, really.” Max said kneeling beside Alyssa and Liz, pulling Colin with him.

A shy smile crept on Alyssa's face right before she flung herself into the arms of the father she had always dreamed for.

Max smiled at the feeling of his daughter in his arms and watched as Liz pulled Colin into her lap hugging him close to her, assuring him that she was in Roswell and staying.

The moment was broken by a knock on the door. Max looked up from his spot and looked at Liz. “Bet you ten dollars it’s Maria.”

“I know its Maria. If it’s not Maria then I think hell have froze over.” Liz said standing up and answering the door.

“Just thought I’d bring over some cupcakes.” Maria said waltzing in as if it was something she did everyday.

Colin jumped up and ran over to her. “Aunt Ria.” He shouted.

“Hey Colin.” Maria answered. She then looked at Alyssa who had no intention of moving from her fathers lap. “Hey Alyssa.”

“Hiya, Aunt Ria.” Alyssa said before burying her small dark head in Max’s chest.

“Liz can I talk to you in the kitchen for a moment?” Maria asked giving Liz a pointed look. Liz nodded and followed Maria into the kitchen.

“And she speaks.” Maria said quietly referring to the fact that in one sentence Alyssa had spoken more words to her than all week.

“It’s Max I think. When we told her that Max was her daddy, she barely hesitated and once he confirmed it she was in his arms calling him daddy.” Liz said watching though the doorway as Max, Colin and Alyssa talked. Their heads rested together, a mesh of similar color hair that blended together with perfection. The site brought tears to Liz’s eyes watching Max interact with their children. He was a good father, that she could tell. ‘But would he make a good husband?’ Liz thought. ‘Whoa, where did that come from?’

“He still loves you.” Maria said, watching as various emotions flickered over Liz’s face, most prominently longing. And Maria knew who that longing was for, or rather what it was for. Max.

Liz wanted the family she had always dreamed about and she was close to reaching that dream. All she needed was someone who would love her unconditionally and that person was at this moment holding both of their perfect children in his arms.

"That night you were in the accident Max knew. Not that you had been in a car accident, but that something had happened to you." Maria began to explain. "Even after you left your connection with him was still existent. If you were extremely happy, or sad, or had any strong emotions, Max knew." Maria paused to make sure Liz was still with her before continuing. "That night he came to put up Haley and he kept telling me something was wrong, that your feelings had been jumbled and then they just ended abruptly. I thought he was crazy. I kept telling him maybe you had gone to bed, but he said that a person with that many tumbling thoughts doesn't just fall asleep. He knew something had happened, something bad. And it killed him to know there was nothing he could do. It killed him worse than your leaving did I think.”

“I knew it was gonna hurt him when I left, but all I could think about was keeping Alyssa safe. She was a gift and at that time I thought staying would put her in danger.”

“Liz, you did what any mother would do. You did what you thought was right in order to keep your child safe. To have her grow up happy.”

“But would she have grown up happy had I not brought her to back to Roswell? She would have grown up with out a father.” Liz said

“That’s something we’ll never know Liz.” Maria said. Mathieux chose that moment to interrupt. “I have to go and I think Matheiux needs you.

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