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Title: Orgasmic Sexcapades
Author: Miranda
Category: M/L
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Max and Liz smut pretty much. There is a slight plot in here somewhere.;)

Author's note: Some of you may remember this fic. I started writing it about a year ago and I stopped. I'm writing more so I figured I would repost this fic here since it's been so long since I updated it.

If you want more of this fic then please leave FB. And if you haven't and you want to read it then leave FB please.;) I'm not sure if anyone wants me to continue this so I'm not going to start reposting it yet. I want to know what you all think I should do.

Oh yeah and Straight or Curved will be up a little later. I'm almost finished. The parts may be short but it takes me forever to try and make them funny! LOL

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Title: Orgasmic Sexcapades
Author: Miranda
Category: M/L
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Max and Liz smut pretty much. There is a slight plot in here somewhere.;)

Authors note: Wow! I'm really glad that so many of you want to read this again. Heck I even had to re-read so I could add onto it because I hardly remembered some of it. LOL! I will repost every chapter but dont worry about having to wait long for the next chapter cause it's already written. I'm working on the new part today. And FB is a must!;)

Part One:

Everyone was sitting in the backroom of the Crashdown eating pizza and chatting up a storm. Liz pulled Maria into the bathroom to discuss a plan she came up with. After Liz told Maria her plan Maria started laughing and after she stopped laughing she happily accepted to do her part.

Liz gave her a hug and they returned to the group. Liz went upstairs to get her hot pink thongs and Polaroid camera. She hid the stuff behind her when she came down the steps. No one seemed to notice. Liz sat down beside Maria and gave her a wicked smile and passed her underwear to Maria behind their backs.

Maria waited till Liz gave her a thumbs up and Maria got up and asked everyone if they needed a refill. Maria went into the kitchen and then peeped down the hall where Max's back was to her. Liz was sitting in front on Max facing Maria. Liz said she would wink and that's when she was going to do her part.

After Maria left Liz clicked the camera on and waited for the green light to come on signaling it was ready to take the picture. She kept it behind her back. After she thought it was ready she looked behind her back and the light was on.

She knew what she was about to do could really piss Max off or he could chase her around. Liz was hoping the second option would happen. Liz needed to clear her head before she did this cause if she was going to do it then she wanted to do it right. After she got the butterflies inside her stomach to calm down a little she looked up at Maria and winked.

Maria came out of the kitchen and tip toed down the hall quietly. Everyone was laughing and chatting so they didn't notice any of this going on. As she came up behind Max she took the panties out from behind her back and got them situated the way she wanted them. Maria looked at Liz and Liz gave her a small nod.

Maria pulled the underwear over Max's head and Liz stood up and focused the shot and "snap". Max didn't see any on this coming on so he was shocked. What was put on his head and why is Liz running away with the picture she took of him? He started to panic. He looked behind him and saw Maria rolling on the floor laughing and so was everyone else.

Max pulled the panties off his head. He looked at them and it finally sunk in. He jumped out of his chair and saw Liz at the top of the steps. "LIZ PARKER YOUR GONNA GET IT!!" He jumped over Michael and ran up the steps two at a time. Once he was in her apartment he melted the door shut. There was no way she was leaving this apartment with that picture! Thank god her parents aren't home.

He could hear Liz laughing. Liz ran down the hall and she came to a dead end. She was so worried about not getting caught that she ran herself into a dead end. Liz looked down the hall and saw Max screech to a stop and look down the hall. He looked at her and saw the picture in her hand. He gave her a devilish smile and strode up to her.

Liz had to think quick because he was almost there. She did the only thing she could think of. She stuffed the picture down the front of her jeans. Max stopped and then started up again. His eyes turned a blackish color. Once he got to her he used his height as a advantage and cornered her up against the wall. He placed a hand on each side of her head. Liz got caught in his eyes. Max seemed to be in his own world.

She took it as a advantage and slid under his arm and ran down the hall.

Max snapped out of the flash and tried to ignore the feelings. God she was probably great in bed. After being one of her best friends for years he knew that she had only slept with Sean. The way she ran around in those mini skirts and tight shirts he had a idea of what she would look like naked. He knew she was *very* flexible. She is a cheerleader and he is a football player. He remembered staring at her and wondered how she got her legs to bend the way they did.

He then noticed that she wasn't in front of him anymore. He whirled around and she was running down the long hall. He sprinted after her and tackled her to the floor. He flipped her over. And pressed most of his weight on her to make sure she couldn't get away again. Liz had no intention of moving. "Liz, give me the picture," he growled softly.

Liz shook her head and acted like she was trying to get away. He pressed his self fully on top of her and Liz loved it because his erection pressed harder against her thigh. That's what she wanted. He nipped at her ear and repeated his statement. Liz's body temperature headed up.

She moaned softly. She knew what he was doing. Sean was her boyfriend and she wouldn't want to ruin that. So he was hitting on her trying to get the picture. There was no way he was going to win this game. She was done being the good Liz Parker. After only being his friend for years and having to listen to Tess ramble on and on about Max in bed she was very curious.

If he wanted to play she would and she would win. He was teasing her. Liz wrapped her legs around hid hips and pushed his erection against center. She rocked her hips and rubbed against him. He groaned and lifted his eyes to hers. "Liz give me the picture." Liz pulled him harder against her core and trembled. "No," was her answer.

Max's eyes turned black and he reached between them. he unzipped her jeans and reached his hand inside. His hand went past the picture and slid under her panties. He slid his finger between her hot, wet folds and slid a finger into her. Liz moaned and jerked her hips. He knew he shouldn't be doing this. Tess was right down stairs. He didn't care he was going to win this game. He pulled his fingers out and Liz groaned at the loss. He then slid two fingers into her hard and fast, pushing them in as far as he could. Liz moaned and Max nipped at her ear. "Thanks for giving me the picture Liz." Max pulled his hand out of her pants with the picture. Liz realized what he just did.

He made her think he was going to love her and he only did it to get the picture. Before he could get up Liz slid her hand inside the front of his baggy pants and grabbed his cock and stroked him. Her other hand got a fistful of his hair and pulled his mouth to hers. She sucked his soft lower lip into her mouth and continued stroking him from base to tip. Max was groaning. She knew he was about to come. She sucked on his lip once more and released her hold on his cock.

She released his lip. "Your welcome." She gave his cock one last squeeze and started to push him off. She hoped that he wouldn't let her get away from him. He let her pushed him off. She got up and slowly walked down the hall. Next think she knew she was up against a wall and her pants were ripped down her legs. He pulled them off her and nibbled at her ear.

"Do you want me?" he growled in her ear. A shiver when up her spine. "Oh god Yes!!" Liz cried as Max pressed his erection against her ass from behind.

Max ran his fingers over her mound. Liz heard the zipper on his jeans being released and her breath got faster in anticipation. Max turned Liz around to face him and his mouth crashed down on hers. His tongue plunged in and out of her mouth showing her exactly what he wanted. He reached his hand down and slid one finger in her warmth making sure she was ready.

Once he was satisfied he grasped one of her ass cheeks and pulled her up. Liz wrapped her legs around his hips. He plunged in quickly. Liz moaned out and Max used his free hand and wrapped it in her soft hair and pulled her mouth down to his. He kept stroking and stroking thinking the next one MUST be the last. Liz's body started trembling in him arms. He knew she was close. He released her hair and slid his hand down to her ass cheek. Using both hands he pulled her up and down faster and deeper. Liz was biting her lip trying to hold her moans in. He brought her down on him one more time deeper than the others.

Liz grabbed his shoulders and dug her nails in. Then it happened. "Oh...Max...God...yes!!" The world disappeared and she shot through space. Hearing Liz scream his name in release triggered his and he joined her in the stars. His movements gradually slowed down until he came to a stop. Liz rested her head in the corner of his neck. Max released his hold on her ass and her body slid down his until her feet touched the ground.

They were brought back into reality by banging on the front door. They looked at each other in shock. They both lost control and cheated on their *other* lovers! They both reached down for their clothes and bumped heads. They fell to the floor and started laughing. They both knew the situation they were in wasn't funny but they couldn't help themselves. After they both dressed they looked at each other. Liz's hair is a mess all tangled from his hands and her face and neck is flushed.

Her lips were red and puffy from passionate kisses. Max looked the same. Liz fixed her clothes trying to get the wrinkles out of them. Max looked at her and she nodded that she was ready. He gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek and headed for the front door. Liz picked something off the floor and laughed. Max turned back and Liz threw her hand behind her back and gave him a sexy smile. He smiled back and unlocked the door. Tess was on the other side waiting for him.

"Max you ready to go its 9:30. My mom wants me home by 10." Max nodded and they walked out to his jeep. Once they reached her house Tess kissed him on the cheek and ran to her front door. Max looked in his mirror and noticed the scratch marks on his neck for the first time. Oh man how dumb was Tess not to notice. He though she would notice from the sweat he was covered in and here he has fresh scratch marks on his neck. He shook his head and wondered for the 100th time why he was going out with Tess Harding.

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oh my gosh I have read this so many time at *****'* website.
I wont say the name cuz you want FB. but ooo I loved this and the straight or curved that was a steamy and funny fic.
Michael and maria that was funny. max and liz that was steamy.

You guys post FB cuz the next chapeters are yummy yummy yummy.

Haha thanks for not posting the website. I want FB on this since it's a oldy. I still want to know what people think about each part.

I will be posting the next part very shortly!!
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Part Two

Once Max walked out of her door she busted up laughing. He went through all that just to get the picture and he forgot it. She never got a chance to look at the picture earlier. She was to busy running from Max. Plus everything happened so quickly it wasn't even developed when she stuck it down her pants. Liz took the picture out from behind her hoping that she focused good enough when she took the snap shot.

She turned the picture over and howled out in laughter. Her eyes teared up and she held her side as she slid to the floor laughing. There was Max Evans with her HOT pink thongs stretched over his head. The string part when under his chin and pieces of his hair was bunched up from the way Maria put it on his head. Liz took note to thank Maria later. Liz calmed down a little bit and looked at the picture again. She cracked up in laughter again and laid on the floor. Her face landed on something cold and silky. She sat up and her eyes bulged. There on her hallway floor where Max's black silk boxers. He must have forgotten to put them on when he dressed.

Liz got up and clutched his boxers in her hand. She walked into her room and noticed that her hamper of clothes was packed. Her mother forgot to do her laundry. She didn't expect her mother to do them but she said she would. Liz took her hamper into the laundry room and started her laundry. Liz threw Max's boxers in there with her silk pajamas. Oh well she still had a chapter in history to read. She was going to be up late tonight. Not that she could even sleep after what happened tonight. Tess was definitely right about how good Max was in bed. Liz corrected herself. Well not in bed up against the wall. She thought Sean was great in bed but he didn't even compare to Max. Liz felt her nipples harden. Its time for a shower. Make that a cold shower.

After Liz got a shower. Finished her homework and washed her laundry she remembered that tomorrow was a away game. She had to wear her cheerleading uniform to school anyways. She felt like smacking herself. After shutting all the lights out and locking the doors she went to bed to dream about Max.

Liz woke up to her alarm clock at 6. She slammed the snooze button and stumbled out of bed. She never was a morning person. After putting on her uniform and putting her hair up and wrapping school colored ribbons in her hair she started packing her book bag. She got a wicked smile on her face and ran and got Max's boxers. After stuffing them in her book bag she went down to the Crashdown. After waiting for 10 minutes for Sean she remembered that he went to Europe with his family for a month. Cursing herself she ran out the front door and started running towards the school. She had twenty minutes until the late bell rang. Thank god she was in shape or she would never make it.

After running about two blocks Max's jeep pulled up beside her. "Liz you want a ride?" Liz smiled at him greatly and jumped in the back behind Tess. Liz had a wicked idea. She pulled his boxers out of her book bag and when Max looked in the mirror at her she waved them in the air. Max coughed and blushed and put his eyes back on the road. Liz put them back into her book bag. She planned on keeping them for a while. Unless Max was going to try the same method he did when he tried to get the picture. Then she would greatly give them to him. She would most likely still have them even then cause he forgot the picture. Thinking of the picture Liz laughed out loud. Tess turned back and gave her a questioning look.

"I was just thinking about a dream I had last night." Liz lied. Tess seemed satisfied and turned back upfront. God how stupid was Tess. After Max parked Liz said goodbye before Max could get her alone. She ran into the school and went to her locker. Not that she didn't want to be alone with Max she just had a HUGE test next period and she didn't want to be late.

After school was over all the football players and cheerleaders piled into the bus. Max sat in the back with Tess. One of Tess's friends called her upfront so she told Max she was going to sit with them. Liz was one of the last to get on the bus.

"LIZ BACK HERE." Liz looked in the back and saw Max waving her to come back. Liz sat down with him and smiled at him. After about ten minutes on the road Liz turned to Max and whispered in his ear.

"Did you forget something last night?" Max started laughing, "Yeah my boxers I know you showed me." Liz shook her head. "Well you forgot those but I was talking about something else."

Liz gave him a devilish smile. Max didn't seem to be catching on so she whipped the picture out of her bag and waved it in front of his face. His eyes bulged and he looked to make sure no one noticed. He snatched at the picture but Liz was quicker. She put it under her skirt and under her boomers. Max gave her a wicked smile. He placed his varsity football jacket over her legs and Liz gave him and questioning look. Max smiled and ran his hand under the jacket and squeezed her thighs. Liz almost jumped out of the seat. She calmed herself.

Max worked his hands up her thighs and pushed her boomers out of the way. He ran his finger between her hot lips drawling juices from her. After he collected enough and pushed two fingers into her tight hole. Liz bit her lip and sat straighter in her seat. She spreaded her legs farther and Max eased his fingers out and shoveled them back in. He curved his fingers and hit her spot. She let out a small moan.

Max leaned over to her ear. "Shhh be quite or I'm not going to finish this," he whispered in her ear and bit before pulling away. Liz spread her legs farther, opening herself completely to him. He pushed into her faster keeping his fingers curved. Liz's hips started moving with his fingers. He looked at her and she begged him with her eyes to move faster. After seeing the look in her eyes Max fought back a groan of his own. He wanted to tease her. He moved his fingers slower and Liz glared at him.

She put her one hand under the jacket and covered his slowly moving hand. She pulled his fingers in and out of her faster and deeper. His hand pumped quickly between her tender thighs. She grasped his other hand and squeezed it. Max fought back his groans and licked his lips. God he wanted her. Liz saw him lick his lips and she moaned quietly. God she wanted him. She wanted to sit on him and ride him to completion. The way he kept licking his lower lip made her want to suck it into her mouth. His lips were so soft and he really knew how to kiss. After thinking about how he kissed she wondered what it would feel like to be eaten by him.

She jerked in her seat and pushed his hand faster. She squeezed her eyes shut and Max knew she wouldn't be able to hold her moan in. He pulled his hand from her griping fingers and placed it over her mouth. She gave him a smile thanking him and he helped her push his fingers harder into her. She closed her eyes and let go. Liz started buckling out of control so Max put his leg over her knee's trying to hold her hips down. Her movement slowed down then came to a stop. She opened her eyes and he pulled his soaked fingers out of her. She watched as sucked them into his mouth and both of their eyes turned black. They were thinking the same thing. She wanted his face between her legs and that's the same thing Max wanted. He found it funny because he eat Tess out once but didn't like it. Even with his major hard on that's what he wanted to do to Liz. Liz was so wet she kept her legs together hoping she could keep the juices where they were. Max noticed what she was doing and growled.

They looked around and no one seemed to notice anything happened. Boy they were lucky. Once they reached the other teams school everyone got off the bus. They were early and had 20 minutes to blow. Tess came in the back and told Max she was going to go practice and then she left. Once she got off the bus and the doors closed. Liz looked at Max begging him to do what she knew they both wanted. Max groaned and sat down between her legs. Max pulled her skirt up and Liz lifted her hips helping him slide her boomers off.

Once they were off Max got his first look at her wet flesh. Her lips were swollen and she was extremely wet. He got a taste of her earlier but he wanted more. He dipped his head between her legs and licked the whole length of her. Liz quivered and moaned. Liz pulled her legs farther apart doing a strattle in mid air. Max groaned at her flexibility and licked the whole length of her again. Her juices kept coming and coming. She was crying out and rocking her hips. Max held her hips moving his face with the rhythm of her hips. Liz sunk her hands into his soft thick hair trying to pull him closer to her heat.

She spread her legs farther if possible. Max was biting and nibbling at her like a starved man that hasn't ate in days. He felt her start to quiver as her climax seized her. He pushed his tongue inside her over and over. Plunging a little farther each time. He plunged his tongue in one last time and she exploded screaming his name. He drank up her juices as they flowed into his open mouth. After she came she pulled his mouth up to hers and plunged her tongue into his mouth.

She tasted him and herself and it drove her crazy. Max was so hard and close to the edge he thought he was going to explode in his jeans. Liz pushed him down in the seat and sat between his legs. After carefully lowering his zipper and releasing him she set to work. Max knew it wouldn't take much. She licked from the base to the tip and covered his head with her lips and sucked. She released it with a "pop" and squeezed his balls gently. Max tried to get her to move but she sunk back down and took as much of his cock as she could into her mouth. Max exploded with great spurts into her mouth. Liz swallowed them greedily and moaned the whole time.

His hips stopped rocking and he pulled her on his lap and gave her a passionate kiss. After they got their clothes situated they stood up. Max pushed her hair out of her face and placed a sweet kiss on her lips and whispered thank you in her ear. "No thank you," she replied. He enlaced his fingers with hers and they walked off the bus. Once they got off they released hands and he kissed her on the cheek and they walked off in different directions for the Game that was about to start.

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abbs007 originally wrote:
Okay I totally remember this story. I knew the name sounded familiar but I couldn't remember which story is was. Hey did you change the part a bit? Cause some of it was a little bit different.

Abby *big**big*

I changed a little of it. Like some simple spelling errors that I saw. I also added a few words and stuff. It's weird reading this story cause I think my writing style has changed a lot since I wrote this. I hope when we get to the new part my writing isn't to different than this.
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Part Three

During the game Liz screamed Max's name cheering him on. Max made 5 touch downs on his own. By the time the game was over the score was Comets 65 and the Jets 26. Max was the last one to get into the locker rooms because the coach wanted to talk to him about how well he played. Liz was waiting in the empty locker room. She also wanted to congradulate Max about the game but in a different way then the couch did.

Liz walked into the locker room and striped her clothes off. She looked for Max outside but she only saw the cheerleaders and football players. They said something about going out to celebrate their victory. Yeah she was gonna celebrate but in a whole different way once she found Max. She walked around the campus and saw Max standing with the coach still in his uniform. A wicked thought entered her head and she sneaked into the looker room. Hey he was gonna need some help getting all that mud and dirt off him!

She placed her uniform in her duffle bag and pulled her clean clothes out and sat them on top of the locker. She heard the locker room doors open. She streaked into the huge shower stall. She wasn't sure it was Max and wouldn't it just be great if some dude found her in the shower naked just standing there like a dumb ass!

She spotted a shower certain that lead to a single shower. She ran in there and tried to calm down. She heard a locker open and shut and then one of the showers turned on in the stall. She peeked out and let her breath out. It was only Max naked. She looked again. ONLY MAX NAKED!! She almost had a heart attack then and there. Wow he looked like a Greek god.

She opened the certain and walked over to him silently. She pulled her hand back and slapped his ass. He jumped and spun around.

"WHAT THE FUC...." he trailed off when he saw a very sexy NAKED Liz Parker standing in front of him.

"Hello Max." She walked around him slowly rubbing all the muscles around his chest and back. "You played very good today Max." She continued to walk around him rubbing her stiff nipples across his arms, back, chest and everywhere she could touch. She soaped up her hand and grasped his rigid cock and started stroking him.

Max leaned against the wall and his hard breathing bounced and echoed off the tiles. Max closed his eyes fighting for control. He opened his eyes and glared at her playfully.

"Parker you better finish what you started or I'm gonna...." Liz squeezed his cock harder in her hands.

"Or your gonna what?" She teased.

He narrowed his eyes. "Or I'm gonna spank you."

Liz moaned and scraped his hard nipple with her nails and sucked the other one in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his nipple and then released it. She held her position until he looked down at her. He watched as she licked his nipple with the tip of her tongue. She kept her eyes on his the whole time. He sucked in his breath when she bit his nipple and pulled on it. She released it. She gave him a cocky (lol) smile.

"Is that a threat or a promise?"

He almost lost it right then. He watched as she trotted out of the shower stall and into the locker area. He practically tripped over his own feet running after her. He caught her and smashed his mouth down on hers. He put his hands under her arms and lifted her with ease. He raised her until her eyes were level with his and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

She shared a kiss with him that made her toes curl. He sat down on the edge of the bench and she sat on his lap facing him. His cock was pressed up against his stomach begging her to sit on it. She placed both of her feet on the floor and lifted herself off his lap.

She lined him up and sunk painfully slow down on his cock. After she got half way down Max had enough. He grabbed her hips and pulled her down as he thrusted his hips up. They both cried out when she landed completely on top of him.

"Liz Parker if you don't stop teasing me I really am gonna keep that promise and spank you."

Liz rocked her hips forward and Max closed his eyes and groaned. "Promises, promises Mr. Evans," Liz teased.

Liz pushed Max down on his back and started rocking up and down and back and worth on his cock. He roamed his hands over her shoulders, thighs and breasts. He grabbed her hips and changed the pace. He would speed up then slow down. He thrusted his hips up with her every downward thrust. She came down on him completely each time. She flung her head back and clutched his upper thighs holding on for balance. She slipped one hand between his legs and squeezed his balls. She started pushing herself up and down faster and faster with every thrust.

"Oh yeah Liz.. he coaxed. "Oh god...Oh that."

She felt his balls tighten. With one last hard thrust they both fell over the edge screaming each others names. Liz fell down on top of him.

"Oh god Liz your gonna be the death of me," He teased.

He looked at her and she was pouting. "what's wrong Liz? I didn't hurt you did I?" He was worried.

"Nope you just never spanked me."

They both started laughing and he promised to do it later. When they left the locker room Max was wearing a pair of dark denim jeans and a white T-shirt. He looked very casual and very sexy. Liz was wearing a yellow tank top that showed cleavage and a white mini skirt. He wanted to carry her right back into the locker room and have his way with her.

Thank god the skirt was double layered or everyone would see the hot pink thongs she had on. He was there when she put them on. They were the same ones that were on his head. She was walking ahead of him across the parking lot to the bus. He looked up and she pulled the back of her skirt up revealing her ass to him. She winked at him and ran on the bus. He shook his head. She was definitely going to be the death of him...But oh what a way to go.

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Teresa- Wow you actually printed certain parts out!? And I'm touched that you think there is some of the best smut in here. The jeep scene is one of my favorites too.

Part Four

The whole ride home Tess was all over him and she talked entirely too much! Once they got to the school Max took Tess home. She kept begging him to come in with her since her parents weren't home. All the other times he went in greatly but she was nothing compared to Liz Parker.

He faced the truth. The only reason he was with Tess in the first place was for the sex. Now that he had a piece of Liz he didn't want her anymore. Its not that he was using Liz for sex. He was starting to feel things for her that he didn't understand. They were strong feeling. Feeling he could push away or ignore. He would greatly dump Tess for Liz but he wasn't sure how Liz felt about him. Did she want him just for sex or did she want the whole package?

After thinking for two hours in bed Max decided he would ask Liz out tomorrow. Nothing big just in case she didn't want more from him. He didn't want to loss his friendship with her even if she didn't feel the same way. It would be hard trying to hide his feeling but if she didn't want him then he couldn't not be around her.

Liz was lying in bed thinking about Max when her phone rang. "Hey Max miss me already?" she asked into the phone. There was a pause on the other end. "Uhh Its Sean." Liz sat up straighter in bed and turned her lamp on. Oh no. "Umm hey Sean how is the trip so far?" She was trying to change the subject. They both knew it. Sean took a deep breath on the other end. "Liz is there something going on with you and Max?" His voice sounded low and angry. "No," Liz practically screamed quickly. A little too quickly.

Even if Max didn't want anything more from her she still couldn't be with Sean. It wouldn't be the same. Their so-called relationship never was that great. He would get his self into trouble and he would get set away for a few months then came back and do the same stupid crap over again.

"Umm yeah Sean there is something going on with me and Max." There she finally got it out into the air. She knew it wasn't the greatest thing to do to break up with someone over the phone but there was no way she was going to wait a whole month. He wouldn't have waited for her. Plus she felt like she was cheating on Max in a way even though they weren't a couple. She held back a laugh. Here she is thinking she's cheating on Max when Sean was the one she is dating. Well not for long anyways.

"Your fucking him aren't you?" Liz didn't have to think about it. "Yes" she answered honestly. She heard him cursing on the other end something about a slut and a dickhead.

"Look Sean I haven't wanted to be with you in a long time. Max just made me realize that I need to end this thing we have going on because it's not a relationship. You leave for months then come back. Stick it to me a few times then leave again. I didn't even know what a orgasm felt like until Max." She knew she was being rude but she was sick of Sean trying to make her feel bad.

"Oh so Max gives you orgasms does he?" He had that annoying cocky tone to his voice that she just hated. "Yes Sean he gives me orgasms. Not just one but multiple orgasms and makes me scream out his name." Sean started to say something but Liz cut him off. "Look Sean I don't want to hear anymore. ITS OVER!" She hung up the phone on him and never felt better. She didn't know If Max wanted a relationship with her but she broke up with Sean for her own reasons. Not just Max. Although he does play a big part in it.

The phone rang again. "Max?" She asked. "No Lizzy its me. You didn't think I was going to let you get away that easy did you?" Liz was getting pissed. "SEAN don't call me Lizzy. No I'm not yours anymore. I never really was!" He laughed on the other end. "So Lizzy do you honestly think Max is going to dump Tess for you? I don't think so. Your not that good in bed."

Before he could say anymore she slammed down the phone. Damn why do I let him get to me this way.

The phone rang again and she picked it up. "SEAN LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!! I SAID ITS OVER!!" She took a deep breath trying to calm herself. "There's nothing you can say or do that is going to change that."

There was a long pause. "Its me Liz" Liz's eyes got huge. "Oh Max!! I'm sooo sorry for screaming in your ear!" Max laughed. "So you were talking to Sean?" Liz laughed she was so happy he called. Maybe these things she was feeling for him are stronger than she thought. His laugh is contagious. "Uh well it started out as talking then I started screaming at him," she beamed. "Well what did he say to you?" Liz just had to ask. She was feeling unsure of herself.

"Max am I good in bed?" Max almost fell off his bed. Where the heck did that come from? There was a long pause Max already knew the answer but was unsure about how to answer her question. "God just tell me... am I that bad? Sean must be right." Liz felt so bad. "No your great Liz REALLY great." Max told her the truth. Liz smiled then thought of another question. "Um, I'm not sure about how to ask this question but um, am I better then Tess?" There she said it. He didn't take half as long to answer this time. "HELL YEAH!" Max practically screamed in the phone.

It was true. Tess never wanted to do any of the work. She was always on bottom and he always went home with a sore back and knees. She wasn't very responsive either. He was starting to doubt his manhood that is until he pounded Liz against the wall and the way she screamed his name brought him over the edge. "Max? You there?" Max snapped out of his daydream about the wall and Liz and tried to concentrate on what she was saying.

It was hard when his lower body part wouldn't behave! Down boy! "Yeah Liz I'm here. I was just thinking about how good you really are." Liz giggled and felt her nipples harden. Max remembered hearing something she said earlier. "So Liz are you and Sean really over?" Liz smiled. "Yeah me and "IT" are really over." They both laughed about how she called Sean "IT". "Well since you two are really over I think I'm gonna give "IT" a call." Liz mis-understood him. "Eeeek your gonna call Sean?"

Max laughed. "No I'm gonna give Tess a call." Liz's smile vanished off her face. Max noticed how silent she was and he figured she didn't get what he was saying. "I'm gonna call her and say were over." Liz's smile spread across her face showing her pearly white teeth. "THATS GREAT! I'm mean, that's good." She didn't want to sound too excited. Max's heart beated over time. She must like me too.

"Well gota go Liz. I wanna get this over with." Liz laughed "Good luck!" they both laughed and said their good byes and hung up. Liz curled up in bed and fell asleep. Her mind was still very awake. It felt like having some wicked dreams.

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Part five

After Max hung up with Liz he felt like getting up on his bed and jumping. He would have if his bed didn't make noise. I was to late at night. His parents would come running in thinking he was doing something he shouldn't be doing. If they only knew! He knew Tess was going to throw a fit then she would offer him a blowjob. No way he learned the first time. Her teeth drag really bad. He picked up the phone and looked for her number that was scribbled on a piece of paper. You'd think he would have it memorized. After dialing her number the phone rang 3 times. She finally picked up the phone. "What do you want?" She whined. Max rolled his eyes.

"Tess it's me." Tess was confused who the hell is it. "Who is this?" Max started laughing. "Duh its me know your Ex-boyfriend Max." Max waited to see if she would notice. "Oh Hey honey," she shrieked into the phone. He pulled the phone from his ear. That's why he never memorized her phone number. "Tess did you hear what I said?" Tess shook her head no. Max waited what seemed like eternity. "Well did you?" Tess realized she shook her head. Dumb me he can't see my head. She laughed. Max sat there with a weird look on his face. What the hell is she doing having a conversation with herself?

"Tess we aren't going out anymore. I wanna see different people." There he said it. He was waiting for a bitching from her. She started laughing. "Max don't be silly. You just want a blow job." Max cringed at the thought. "No thanks Tess last time you almost took it off." He shuddered again just thinking about it.

Tess was confused. "Take what off Max?" Max started laughing so hard his eyes teared. God she was dumb. "Never mind Tess. I just called to say that we aren't going out anymore. I'm braking up with you. Do you understand me?" Tess felt like crying. "Maxi pooh please don't." AHH he hated that name. "Tess don't call me that. I'm dead serious. Find a new ride to school. Bye" He hung up the phone and entered the world of Liz. Lately she owned his dreams.

After having a rather naughty dream about Liz, Max got a cold shower and headed over to the crashdown. He wanted to date Liz not grope her every time he saw her. Since it was Saturday he knew Liz would be working. After parking in the alley by the crashdown he walked to the entrance and stopped. He heard something break and Liz bent over to pick up the broken plate swearing the whole time. He swore because when she bent over he could see the muscles in her thighs flex and her uniform stopped just below her ass. So much for that useless cold shower. Seeing her bent over Max remembered something.

Liz was cleaning off a table and then dropped a plate on the floor. Come on Parker get your head out of cloud Max! She coached herself. You have a job to do! She bent over swearing. "Damn it, Why didn't I get a job at the postal office or something!" She muttered to herself. She heard the bell ring. Great just what I need more people! She looked at the front doors and her breath stopped. Did Max Evans ever have a bad day! Of coarse not! There he stood looking at her like she was the only person on the planet. His stance was strong. He always looked great in jeans. Damn he always looks good. The plate was totally forgotten.

Max strode over to Liz with a look of determination on his face. He put his hand on her lower back leading her into the backroom. She let him lead her wherever he wanted. She wasn't going to argue. Once they got into the back room he told Liz he would be right back. He walked back out front and asked Maria to cover for Liz for 10 minutes and DO NOT LET ANYONE GO IN THE BACK ROOM. She agreed wondering what was going on.

He walked back to Liz and she was standing by the lockers. He walked over to the couch and sat in the center. He waved her over and she walked over and stood in front of him. He rubbed her hips and Liz closed he eyes enjoying his magical hands. She was putty in his hands. He turned her around gently and ran his hands up the back of her thighs. Liz was panting. He bent his head down and ran his tongue across the crease of the back of her knee. Her uniform went up as his hands moved farther up her thighs. He made her bend at the waist and he pulled her uniform the rest of the way up to reveal a pair of red thongs.

Come on Evans don't loose control. He rubbed his hands over her behr ass and she shivered and moaned. He tapped her ass lightly and she jumped. He stood up and moved her to the side of the couch and made her lean over. Her fingers clung to the arm of the chair. He stood behind her and raised her uniform again. He slapped her ass a little harder and she moaned.

"See Liz I never break promises." He whispered hotly into her ear. He slapped her a few times and each time they came quicker. Liz would jump every time his hand made contact and moaned. He lowered his other hand down and moved the string from her hot mound and rubbed her clit. Liz bit her lip trying not to scream out. He knew Maria wouldn't be able to keep anybody out for too much longer.

He gathered up her juices and plunged two of his fingers in her wet heat. She moaned and he caught half of it with his hand. He kept his hand over her mouth as he plunged his fingers in and out of her. She started rocking her hips back and forth on his hand. Max groaned. From his position he could see her tight hole swallowing his fingers. She started thrusting her hips back harder and faster. Her hips started to buckle. She screamed into his hand. Her legs would no longer hold her up and she started to fall to the floor.

Max caught her in his arms and sat her down on the couch. She finally looked at him with a dreamy smile and kissed the day lights out of him. They broke apart breathing heavily. She straddled his hips. "Your turn" He looked at her and groaned. Oh god did she have to look at him like that?

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Part Six

He pulled her down and kissed her. "Id love for you to take care of this major hard on but I'm afraid we don't have time." Liz looked at Max like he had two heads. "Max there is NO way I'm going to let you leave without ... releiving you." Liz got off his lap and pulled him up beside her. She gave him a innocent look. "Right this way, Sir." Liz took his hand pulling him into the bathroom. "Liz you don't have to do this..." Once the door clicked shut Liz attacked him. She plunged her tongue into his open mouth. Liz pushed Max back against the door and crushed her soft body against his hard one.

Standing on her tip toes she moved her arms over his shoulders and threaded her fingers in his soft hair. She pulled his head down pressing their lips harder together. Max moaned and wrapped his arms around her waist. They kissed and kissed and kissed. tongues flicking tongues, lips bruising lips. Liz finally broke away breathing heavily. "God I love kissing you," she panted out against his neck. She nipped at his neck. "And you taste so good." Max groaned and nodded his head. "I know what you mean. Your like a drug...A very addicting drug that I cant get rid of and nor do I want too." Liz smiled. "Same here. If I don't get my Max fix I just go crazy with need." She proved her point when she squeezed his ass cheeks.

Maria was out front waiting on her tables and Liz's. Was it just her imagination or did the restraunt get really crowded after Liz went in the back? Go figure just her luck. She was so busy running around and trying to keep everyone out front she didn't notice Mr. Parker come in.

She was carrying a hot mug of coffee and when she turned around She ran into someone and spilled the coffee all over someone. The mug fell to the floor with a crash. "OMG I'm soooo sorry!" she looked up and her eyes connected with Mr. Parker. Great just great not only does she spill hot coffee on a costumer but her boss at that. Once the coffee hit his chest it burned. Jeff pulled the hot liquid away by pulling his shirt out. "Its ok Maria... I understand the place is packed." He looked around. "Where is Liz?" Oh great what was she going to say? She had to think quick. "Well..she...umm...well you she took a break." yeah that's it she took a break, Maria thought to herself. Jeff gave her a weird look. "Well, ok I'm gonna go change my shirt." Jeff walked off towards the back.

Phew that was close!. Wait he said he was going to change his shirt. Maria spun around and Jeff pushed through the backdoor. Ahhh oh no! Maria called his name and ran after him. He turned to look at her and Maria looked behind him. Phew they were no where in site. She let her breath out and looked up. "I just wanted to apologize again for the shirt." she pointed at his soaked shirt. "Maria you are acting funny. Are you sick are something?" She shook her head. "Well no but I could use my sweater...Its in my locker." He smiled. "Ok you go on in and get your sweater and I'll go out front and cover for you but make it quick. Oh and tell Liz to help you. You cant handle this crowd alone." Jeff walked back out front and Maria stepped through the doors. "Liz!" she whispered her name but it came out with force. She ran over to her locker and grabbed her sweater and threw it on.

Liz was just lowering Max's zipper carefully when she heard Maria call her name. She gave Max the look saying I'm sorry. She opened the door and peeped out. Maria was pacing back and forth. Maria looked at her. "Liz what are you doing in the bathroom?" Liz ignored her question. "Maria what's wrong? You called my name right?" Maria's eyes got huge. "Oh yeah your dad is out front and I cant stall him much longer. You see the place is packed and I spilled coffee all over him. He told me to get you and tell you to help me. Which I really do need your help! Those people are going to attack!" Maria was babbling. She took a deep breath. "Ok hold on just a minute."

Liz closed the door and looked at Max. He heard everything.

"God Max I'm soo sorry!" She looked down and he was still hard as a rock. He smiled at her.

"Liz its ok really. I came here to ask if you wanted to go out tonight. We could go to the movies or something. Its my fault I saw you bending over picking up the plate and I did promise you a spanking." Liz was releived and then she blushed.

Sean would have been pissed and not talked to her in days. "Are you sure?" Liz pointed at his tight jeans. He combed his hand through his hair. "Yeah nothing a cold shower cant handle." Liz nodded and asked him 50 times if he was sure. He ended up pushing her through the door.

"Liz I'm positive. You just be ready tonight at 6:30" He gave her a kiss. He didn't notice Maria standing there in shock. He looked at her and smiled. He went to walk through into the restraunt when Liz called his name. He turned around. "Umm Max I don't think you should go out there."

She pointed at his erection. Maria's eyes bulged and Max's face turned red. "Yeah your probably right. I'll just..." He pointed at the back door and practically ran out.

Maria looked over at Liz. "Girlie you got A LOT of explaining to do."

Liz shrugged. "I don't know what your talking about." Before Maria could question anymore Liz slipped out front. She looked back at the back door where Max just went out and shook her head. Make that LOTS AND LOTS of explaining to do.


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Part Seven

Liz was avoiding Maria all night. Maria eventually cornered Liz. "Ok Liz stop running from me and tell me! I'm dying to know! All I know is Max tells me not to let ANYONE in the back and then I come back there and he has his tongue down your throat and you two were in the bathroom together!!!" I'm not even going to mention his certain very alive lower body part!!" Liz covered her mouth with her hand. "Maria your babbling!" Maria pulled her hand away. "I think I have earned the right to babble! Seriously Liz what's going on? Last thing I knew you were with Sean and he was with the gerbil Tess!" Maria put her hand on her hip waiting for an answer. Liz knew there was no way to get out of it now. Not with the way Maria was standing.

"Ok Maria look Me and Max just happened. As for Sean, I broke up with his loser ass last night." Maria raised her eyebrow "and Tess?" Liz shrugged "He told me last night that he was going to call her and end it." Liz looked at her watch. "Oh Maria I'll try to explain more to you when I get back...Its 5:30 I have to start getting ready for my date with Max!" Maria nodded and let her past. Liz ran upstairs. Maria smiled. Liz HAS it bad! Maria was happy. She always tried to warn Liz about her cousin. She was just grateful that Liz ended it with Sean.

Liz ran around her room searching for clothes. What am I gonna wear!! she kept repeating it through her head. Liz looked around her room. oh yes something with access. She hated the way Max had to leave earlier. She was going to make it up to him no matter what.

Liz finally settled for a black mini skirt with a matching blouse. After doing the ritual of showering and shaving. Liz got dressed. Oh yes cant forget thongs! Max LOVES thongs! After she got ready she headed downstairs to wait for Max. The cafe was still open. It was only 6:15. She stepped into the cafe and some of the jocks from school were at a booth staring at her. Liz rolled her eyes. What losers! She sat down at a stool and Maria walked over.

Maria spotted Liz come into the cafe wearing behrly nothing. The jocks at her booth were all staring at her. Damn why did Liz get all the attention from all the hot guys!? Maria sighed and looked at the guys. Well almost all the guys were staring at Liz. She almost passed out! OMG Michael Guerin is staring at me! His eyes traced her body and when they reached her eyes he winked at her. Maria blushed and headed over to a very hyper Liz.

God what is wrong with me! Liz couldn't stop bouncing. She was so excited. She kept looking at her watch. "Damn only 6:20."

"Liz do you always talk to yourself?" Liz jumped. "Oh hey Maria...God I'm so excited!" Liz had a huge smile on her face. "Yeah I can tell your only bouncing in your seat!" They both laughed. Liz heard her name and looked at the jocks. She noticed one of the jocks was staring Maria down. She looked over at Maria and her face was flushed. Since when did Maria blush! She looked at her watch and frowned. only 6:22.

The bell on the door rang and Liz spun around. Her smile whipped off her face. Oh no! Tess Harding just walked in the door with Isabel. Liz didn't know what they were talking about but it looked like Tess was whining. Isabel and Liz made eye contact and Isabel rolled her eyes. Liz held back her laughter.

She and Isabel always were good friends. Tess moved to Roswell during 5th grade. Liz and Tess never were friends. They just hung out with the same people. They never started a conversation with each other. They never got into any fights they just pretty much avoided each other. Liz didn't start hating Tess until 10th grade when Max started going out with her. Liz knew it was stupid of her to get mad over something like that but before Tess, Max and Liz were always together but once they hooked up Max didn't hang out with her as much. Liz got really upset when she heard Tess talking about her and Max's first time. Tess must have known it hurt because when Liz came around that's all Tess talked about. It pissed Liz off because sure she liked Max but he still was one of her best friends and Tess talked about him like he was a piece of meat.

Soon Max and Liz didn't even really talk to each other. Not because they didn't like each other but they were attracted to each other. They figured it was the best because Max was with Tess and Liz just started her relationship with Sean. Liz missed Max so one night she snuck over to his house and they had a 2 hour convo and to sum it up they decided to stop ignoring each other because they have been friends forever and they didn't want just attraction to end that. They both pushed their feelings back and concentrated on their relationships with Sean and Tess. Then the night with the picture happened and changed everything. Liz was grateful and Max certainly seemed to feel the same way. Liz hoped that was the case.

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Part Eight

The ride home was very frustrating. The bulge in his pants still hasn't gone away and it doesn't look like its going to any time soon. Max shifted the gear making the jeep jerk and he went faster. It took all his will power not to turn the jeep around and have his way with her. The hardest part was telling Liz he was fine because he had the idea that she planned on going down on him.

There was nothing in the world he wanted more than to have Liz deep throating him. Max looked down at his arousal again and he swore he could see a dark head of hair bobbing up and down. Jesus he was so damn horney he couldn't think straight and plus he is seeing things. Max concentrated on the road.

Max pulled into his drive way and cursed. Damn Tess's car is in his drive way. He took his coat off and held it in front of him. He didn't want Tess to get the wrong idea! He opened the front door and walked in. The house was silent. He heard footsteps at the stairs and saw Isabel coming down. She ran down to him.

"So you dumped Tess for another chick huh?" Isabel had a huge smile on her face. "Yeah I did.....Max tried to walk past her. "I don't think so buddy! Who is the new chick?" Max shoved past her and ran up the stairs with Isabel right behind him. He ran into his room and slammed the door. They had a battle of powers. Isabel was trying to get the door open and Max quickly sealed the door shut. His powers always were stronger than hers. "Max you just wait! I'll be in your dreams!" Max ignored her and practically ripped his clothes off trying to get in shower. COLD SHOWER...NEED COLD SHOWER!

Once he got in the shower he kept the water hot so he could wash himself. He came to his stiff erection and wrapped his soapy hand around it and started stroking. He groaned and took his hand away. No way I refuse to whack it! He made the water tempature colder and his erection slowly shriveled up. Woohoo he didn't think it was ever going to go away! He knew he was standing in the freezing water for awhile but when he got out he was shocked to see it was 6:00!! "fuck!" Maybe his clock was wrong. There's no way he was in there for close to 2 hours!! Max stood there for a minute remembering what Liz felt like. He was instantly hard again. He looked down. "Oh damn! Way to go Max!" he mumbled to himself. He stood in the middle of his room naked. He looked back down and frowned at his cock which was as hard as ever standing straight out. "What am I going to do with you?"

There was a knock at his door and his head sprung up! Oh god he grabbed his towel off his bed and wrapped it around his waste. He walked to the door with a tent in the front of his towel. He flung the door open.

There stood Tess looking at him and practically drooling all over herself. He felt the urge to barf. /God why did I ever sleep with her!/ He instantly felt his cock go limp and he smiled and sighed. A frown formed on Tess's face when his tent disappeared. She must have noticed it too. Her eyes met his and he frowned and slammed the door closed. Now Evans just don't think about Liz in *that* way. He laughed at himself. Yeah who am I kidding!

He ran around like a mad man. He threw on a pair of dark blue silk boxers. Yep Liz loved the black ones considering she refused to give them back. He threw on dark denim jeans and a tight black shirt that hugged his rippling muscles. He ran into the bathroom and combed his hair then preceded to shaved quickly and slapped on some Polo. He ran downstairs and the clock said 6:15. Whew just enough time. He threw on his black leather jacket and ran to his jeep and peeled out of the driveway.

He flew to the Crashdown. Running red lights and going past stop signs. It's not good to be late on your first date! He came to a screeching halt in front of the Crashdown and saw some of his football buddies at one booth and oh no! Tess and Isabel were there. Well Isabel will see for herself who the new girl is. Max just hoped that Tess didn't try anything. Max hopped out of the jeep and walked towards the entrance. Once his eyes landed on Liz he though he died and went to heaven. It also caused his cock to swell back up. Max laughed. So much for coaching yourself! His fingers were still pruned. Liz looked at him and spotted him before he walked threw the door. She gave him one of those smiles that made his knee's weak. Liz wasn't the only one that saw him. So did Tess.

Liz got out of her seat and stood in the middle of the Crashdown. Oh boy this should be interesting! Liz glanced over at Tess and she was staring out Max like she hasn't ate in days. Max caught the look and almost barfed on the sidewalk. His eyes found Liz's and they stayed there. Max walked through the doors and when he actually saw what she was wearing his eyes darkened and everything but them disappeared. Everything went in slow motion. He saw her pink tongue slip out and lick her lips and his eyes got darker.

Liz saw him walk in the door and his eyes kept getting darker and darker. She felt her nipples harden from the way he was looking at her. His eyes held hers and her lips burned from the way he was studying them. She licked her lips and his eyes got darker. OMG! he is going to kiss me! Right here! Right now in front of everyone!

When Max finally reached her he grasped her hair in his hands softly and pulled her head back. His other hand went around her waist and crashed her body to his. His lips met hers and the kiss exploded. He didn't hear the whistles from his friends and he didn't hear Isabel and Tess's gasped and he didn't hear Tess run out of the Crashdown.

His only care was Liz's soft hair and soft lips. He licked her bottom lip and Liz opened her mouth. He thrusted his tongue in her hot mouth and their tongues battled. He felt Liz quiver in his arms when their tongues touched. He felt Liz wrap her arms around his neck and pull on his hair. Liz hung onto him like he was her life support.

Liz felt his erection on her belly and she rubbed against him. This pulled Max out of his daze and he broke off the kiss slowly. He looked around and then noticed Tess was gone and where she use to sit Isabel looked shocked then smiled her approval.

"Now you know." Was the only thing Max could think of to say to his sister. Liz still had her arms around his shoulders when Michael screamed.

"Yeah Evans get some!" She buried her face in his shoulder hiding her burning cheeks. "Sorry" Max whispered in her ear. Liz shivered and looked at him. "Don't be" She gave him her special smile and they clasped hands and walked out of the Crashdown.

Max helped Liz into the jeep and ran around to his side and started the jeep. "So where to now?" Liz winked at him. "I can think of a few places." Liz licked his ear. "Do tell!"

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Part Nine

When Tess saw Max kiss Liz so passionately she spit her soda out and ran out the Crashdown cursing and kicking at pebbles. She had her head down and kept walking. She bumped into a solid form about ten blocks away from the Crashdown. "Watch where you....Hey thank god your back! I missed you so much!" Tess grabbed for him but he continued down the street. She stomped her foot and glared at him. "SEAN!!!!!"

They never did decide where to go. Max just drove around and when they found something they thought would be fun they stopped. It was much better than the movies because it gave them a chance to talk unlike the movie's. If you tried to talk someone would kick the back of your seat or just plainly scream at you and tell you to shut up.

This usually caused Liz and Maria to throw popcorn at them. When Max came he would always tell the girls to stop throwing the popcorn and they should grow up. That would cause Maria and Liz to turn on him and throw popcorn at him. Soon popcorn was flying everywhere. They started laughing and everyone would get mad and scream at them but they didn't pay any attention.

Earlier when they stopped to drive the go-carts Max spotted a flyer about the fair that came into Roswell every year around this time. They decided to go there but they had a 45 minute drive. It gave Liz a chance to rub in that she had beat him when they where racing with the go-carts. Soon the conversation heated up when Liz would start saying comments about sex.

He knew she was teasing him. In any other case he would have laughed with her but he was still incredibly horney. In his state he was in now when Liz said, "God Max I want your hard cock inside me" in a breathy voice he swerved and almost went off the road. Liz noticed that he was hard and she licked her lips.

"Max pull over." Max did as she said and pulled off to the side of the road. The road was a long straight strip and the road wasn't used all that often because it was a back road. Every so often a few cars would go by about every ten minutes or so.

Liz opened her door and walked over to his side and opened the door. She pulled him out of the car and shoved him up against the closed door. Max's eyes widened and he got incredibly turned on. He loved how she took control. He didn't have much time to think because in the next second Liz's hands and mouth where everywhere.

He gasped when Liz lowered his zipper and he grabbed her roaming hands and looked at her shocked then down the road in both directions.

"Liz we are on the side of the road!" Liz pouted and he swore. He couldn't refuse her anything. "Lets at least get in the jeep."

Max tried to move but Liz pushed him back up against the door. "No I have always wanted to make love under the stars." Max felt his control slip and every reason he had for not doing it flew out of his head.

He groaned and pulled her mouth to his and flicked his tongue over her lips. Liz backed away from him and grabbed his hand and she climbed on the hood of the jeep. Max gave her a look and she smiled.

"Lets do this laying down this time." Max hurriedly got on the hood and she climbed again until she was sitting on the roof of the jeep. Max gave her a wicked smile and climbed up and laid down on top of her but braced most of his weight on his arms which were beside her head.

Liz smiled at him shyly and he kissed her cheeks. Max stayed above her and studied her face carefully trying to memorize every inch. He knew her as long as he could remember and he still found new things every time he looked at her.

He traced the scare above her eyebrow and he remembered when she fell off the monkey bars. They were only about 9 at the time and she slipped and fell and hit her head off a sharp rock. He jumped down and tried to heal her. He did in some cases. He slowed the bleeding and made the gash smaller. He also fixed the brain damage that would have occurred. He tried to heal her all the way but this was the first time he used them and the first time he realized he was different.

He had no clue he was adopted. After healing her a lot of things went wrong in his life. He didn't know where he belonged and then he did find out he was adopted and it broke his heart. He remembered laying in his bed crying softly. He stayed away from Liz from then on because he was afraid of what she would think of him. His world was tilted upside down and he just prayed he find something firm to hold onto.

He found that when Liz sneaked into his room one night and held him and thanked him for what he did. She told him he was special. From then on Liz was his comfort blanket. When things got hard he went to her. Soon they grew up and Max started handling it better. He accepted who he was. When a car drove by the lights lit up the area he looked back down at her and he realized he was in love with her! He always has been. He just never noticed it. Realization shot through him and he remembered all their times together and he felt his eyes get moist.

Liz didn't noticed because she couldn't really see his face. The only time she could was when a car drove by and the light reflected off his beautiful eyes. She didn't notice how long they were laying there. She totally forgot about cars and loved when the sky lit up and his eyes sparkled. Liz felt his strong but light fingers trace over her face. She sighed and sucked in her breath and gasped. Her eyes flooded with tears and she tried not to make a sound.

She just realized that she loved him. Max continued to study her face from the light that the stars casted down. He saw the look on her face and then the tears. He sighed and looked into her eyes. They shined from the moisture and made it easier to look into her soul. He knew what she was feeling. "You feel it to don't you?" It was more of a statement then a question. He bent down and kissed her cheeks catching a few tears. Her chest heaved as her breathing got faster.

She tried to hold in the happy sobs in that so badly wanted out. He wrapped his arms around her and she smiled. She shoved her nose close to his skin and her grin got bigger. She loved the way he smelled. She felt a shiver of desire go down his back. She pulled on his head and brought his lips down to hers. They kissed slowly but as more clothes were removed it became more passionate.

Soon they were both naked and Max was rocking against her center. He would enter a inch and then pull back out and do it again but only a little deeper. Liz was panting below him and she kept whispering his name. Finally she had had enough. She wrapped her legs over his cafs and rested the back of hers on his. She ran her hands down his back and gripped his ass and pushed his swollen cock in between her sensitive lips and then into heaven.

They both cried out as he suck in. He moved slowly rocking his body against hers. Her hard nipples rubbing on his chest with each full thrust got his attention. He took his lips from her hot mouth and trailed kisses down her neck and then pulled her hard nipple in his mouth.

Liz cried out and he sucked harder. This was the first time where Liz could fully vocalize her pleasure without being caught and she took it for granted fully. God she was so responsive!

"Oh...Max...please...the other one...plea...OH MAX...YES!!" She cried out when he switched nipples and pressed farther into her wet, tight, hole.

Every time a car passed the light would behrly reach them and they could see each others faces. His moist skin shined in the dim light and then all went dark again. It excited Liz beyond belief that they were just far enough from the road not to be seen but if someone really looked they would easily be spotted. Soon their bodies where slick with sweat and they slapped against each other.

Liz moved her legs and wrapped her smooth thighs around his waste and thrusted her hips up when he thrusted in sending him deeper than before. Max cried out her name and at the same moment a car went by and lit up his face. That moment sent Liz over the edge and she buckled against him over and over while screaming his name into the breeze. Max saw her back arch and her slick walls tightened around him and she screamed out his name.

He was relieved. He was struggling with his control before. He was waiting for her. He was so close but he fought it. Once she started buckling her hips to his he lost control. Finally! He sat up half way and straightened his arms out and placed his open palms on the hood then grasped her left leg and placed his hand in the crease of her knee opening her up farther. He sunk in slowly making sure she could take him this deep. Liz gasped as he sunk in deeper than ever before. Max took it as yes when she buckled her hips against his again. She cried out when he picked up speed.

The roof was smooth and slippery so Liz straightened her leg out resting it on his shoulder so she wouldn't slide as much. He grabbed her hips to stop her from sliding off the jeep and so he could get more penetration. Each time he thrusted in he pulled her hips back against his. Her back stayed arched as he slammed inside her over and over again. Her voice was scratchy from crying out and her throat felt numb.

Max closed his eyes and tightened his jaw as he felt the rush coming. He still wanted deeper, he wanted to touch her heart. He grabbed her other leg and placed that one up so her foot was by his face. Now that both legs where straight up in the air they were in line with his body. His hands squeezed her hips as he pumped and pumped and pumped. They both felt like their lungs where going to explode. Each time Liz tried to catch her breath he would slam into her deeply and her breath would push out.

"Max....OH GOD...YES!!.....PLEASE!" She was begging for release. After her first orgasm the pleasure stayed just as intense. But she felt it building up again even higher than last time. They were both drenched with sweat. Max started grunting with effort. Then he was on the edge and they both jumped at the same time.

Liz screamed his name in a long drawled out moan. Her back arched farther showing just how flexible she really is. Max shouted her name into the sky thanking whoever created this beautiful creature under him. Liz's back slowly straightened out and she collapsed on the roof. Max fell on top of her. They both where fighting for air for their starving lungs.

After awhile Max slowly withdrew from her and she whimpered. Once he moved the light from the stars shined on Liz. He sucked in his breath. Her lips were moist and swollen from their kisses. Her body was drenched with sweat which made her shine like she was his personal angel. Her face was flushed and covered with sweat. Her hair was back soaked with sweat. Max thought she never looked better.

She smiled at him and he smiled back. He got off her and groaned, his muscles were soar. Once they both got up they noticed how close to the road they were and they busted out laughing and fell back on each other. They both shuddered when a cold breeze hit their wet skin and they threw on their clothes the best they could with sour muscles. They got in the jeep.

"So much for the fair!" Max started laughing with her and he made a U-turn headed back into Roswell. He looked at her. "Wanna go next weekend?" Liz's smile made his heart thump double time. She winked at him. "Oh definitely!"

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Part Ten

When Sean walked into the Crashdown that night he stayed until Maria kicked him out at closing time. Now that there was a risk of losing Liz he was more then ready to track her down. If only he could find her! Liz's parents were out of town so she could stay out as long as she wanted. After waiting outside for two hours he walked home.

Once Max got to the Crashdown they decided that Liz would sneak into his house and stay the night with him. Max went upstairs with her so she could get her clothes and book bag for school the next day. It was only ten o-clock and Max's curfew wasn't until eleven o-clock. Liz asked if she could get a shower because her skin was all salty from the sweat they worked up earlier.

"Why don't you get a bath and that way I can relax my muscles." Max rubbed his neck. Liz gratefully agreed since it was one of her fantasies. Max laid down on her bed while Liz went and got the water running. They both went into the bathroom and striped down once the tub was half full.

Max could bearly move since he used his muscles so much when they made love. He had to hold his body weight by his arms the whole time. That he regreted any of it, Max thought with a smirk. Liz felt bad so she got a idea.

"Here you get in the tub and lay down." Max gratefully got in and rested his back against the tub. The hot water felt so good. He closed his eyes and let out a groan.

He finally opened his eyes when the water around him moved. He looked up and a angel was standing above him. He tried to move to give Liz some room but she pushed him back down. She sat on his powerful thighs and got her spung all soapy.

She bent down and started rubbing the knots out of his shoulders while washing him. Max groaned again and closed his eyes. The water was hot and it quickly steamed up the bathroom. The moist air made their bodies damp and the mirror was foggy.

Since Liz was sitting on his thighs caressing his skin. He put both hands on her thighs and rubbed and squeezed the firm muscles. Liz dropped the spung and soaped her hands up and ran them up and down his ridged muscular chest. Max groaned again and worked his hands up to her stomach. He finally rested his hands on her hips and enjoyed the massage.

Her hands went down farther and she started stroking his cock slowly but firmly. He soon became fully hard and let the pleasure run through him. He opened his eyes when Liz stopped touching him and he growled in the back of his throat when he saw the way she was looking at him.

He watched as she reached for the big cup and poured water over his cock removing the soap. Some water made its way up his chest and the soap got more slick with more bubbles. Max watched out of half closed eyes as her one hand slid up his chest working the soap into his skin and the other stroked his cock from base to tip a few times.

He helped her raise herself off his thighs with his hands on her hips. She slid up farther on him and grasped his cock and positioned herself above him. Max groaned and Liz moaned softly as she sunk down on his pulsing cock slowly.

Once he was fully sheathed inside her Liz stayed where she was and both of her hands started running up and down his slick chest squeezing his nipples. She rose off of him and sunk down slowly again. They both groaned.

Max grasped her hips and started picking up speed. The water rocked back and worth between them. Liz tried to hold her balance by placing her hands on his chest but her hands just slid off. She sat straight up and placed one hand on the glass wall and the other on the shower wall.

Now that she was sitting straight up he pressed deeply inside her. He groaned and wondered if it was possible to go that far into a person. He got harder when he looked at her. Her tits bobbed up and down from her quick thrusts. Her head was flung back and her hair rained down her back. Her tanned skin shined from the moisture on her skin.

She would take him in fully then withdraw to the point where he almost came out. Her chest heaved from her deep throated moans. He soaped his hands up and ran them up her belly to her bouncy breasts. He cupped her breasts and she moaned when he tweaked her nipples.

Her nipple were so hard they felt like they were poking holes into his palms. Her speed picked up and Max felt the pull. She took her hands off the wall and grasped his hands in hers and squeezed as her orgasm washed through her. Max followed her into the world of unknown and exploded in great spurts.

His hips buckled upwards as her hips pressed down and another orgasm shot through her. She cried out and then fell on top of his slick chest. They climbed off of each other and unplugged the tub and took a quick shower. Once they got out and dried each other off Liz slipped on her white silk pajama's. Max gave her a questioning look.

"What I'm not putting on clothes when I'm just going to your house to sleep!" Max laughed at her cause he could see her nipples through the thin material. He bit his lip when she looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "What?" she asked with her hands on her hips. Max bit his lip harder and said, "Nothing." Liz shrugged her shoulders and when she turned around Max covered his mouth with his hand so she didn't hear his laughter.

Max put on his clothes and grabbed her bag and handed her his jacket. "I'm not putting that on. Its hot outside!" she said while looking at him like he grew another head. Max pointed to her top and she looked down and her nipples were pointing straight out.

"You may not be cold but your nipples are!" Liz's face turned red and she threw on his jacket then grabbed his hand and led him outside locking up behind her. Max laughed the whole way.

Once they were seated Max busted out laughing again. He was laughing so hard his face turned the same shade as Liz's "Max Evans I'm so gonna get you!" Max looked at her. "I hope so!" She playfully smacked him on the arm. "Jerk!"


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Part 11

Max parked his jeep in the driveway and Liz snuck around his house and climbed through his window while Max went through the front door. Liz threw her bags in front of his dresser and flopped down on his bed. She grabbed his pillow and pounded on it a few times to fluff it up and rested her head on it. A big smile broke over her face because she could smell Max. She wanted to wait for Max but sleep started to take over her and her eye lids closed slowly and her breathing evened out.

When Max walked through the front door Isabel was waiting. She told him that he better watch out for Tess and that Sean was back in town. "I'm serious Max I was driving home from Jenna's and Sean walked out of the Crashdown. It was dark but I know it was him." Max patted her on the back. "Thanks Iz. I'm not worried." He left her standing there and ran up to his room. How could he be worried after the night he shared with Liz?

Max opened his door and closed it behind him. Liz was laying in the middle of his bed with his blankets wrapped around her. She always was the blanket hogger. After going to the bathroom he came out and got another blanket out of his closet.

He walked over to the bed and tried to push Liz over without waking her. She groaned and said something he couldn't understand and then rolled over. Max laid down on the bed and spooned her body up against his and rested his head behind hers. He'd have to tell Liz about Sean in the morning. Liz moaned softly and rolled over and rested her head against his behr chest. She kissed him lightly and tried to get closer. Once she stopped moving Max kissed the crown of her head and fell asleep.

Max's alarm clock went off at 6:30. Liz groaned and rolled over as Max and shut it off. She stayed on top of him and curled up against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and she fell back asleep.

Max awoke to his mom knocking on his door telling him he was late for school and that he better get his butt out of bed. Max tried to move but something was weighing his down. He opened his eyes slowly. He looked down and Liz was curled up on his chest fast asleep. "I'm up mom." Diane stopped knocking and walked downstairs.

Max shook Liz gently and she opened her eyes and noticed too much sun was shining through the window. Liz glanced at the clock and kissed Max quickly and jumped off his bed. She ran over and ripped her bags open and flung her pajama's off and flung her clothes on. She glanced at Max and he was still laying on his bed with his hands behind his head. He had the biggest grin on his face.

"Max come on!! We are so late!! By the time we get to school its going to be lunch time." Liz placed her hands on her hips and playfully glared at him. Max just laid there. "Max get out of bed!!"

"Make me!" Max laughed as Liz flung herself on the bed and started tickling him. She was the only person that even knew he was ticklish. "Ok Ok you win!" Max jumped out of bed trying to get away from her fingers. "I'm up...I'm up...geez!"

Max threw on Jeans and a T-shirt quickly. Max grabbed both their bags and looked at Liz who was still laying on his bed trying not to laugh. She pointed at his feet. "Forget something?" Max threw on his shoes and challenged her. "Beat ya to the jeep." They both ran. Max ran for the door and Liz jumped out the window. Max ran past his mom going 30 miles per hour. "C-ya mom" He yelled as he reached the front door. Diane laughed and bent down and fixed the rug Max flipped over. "Never knew he liked school this much!" Diane muttered to herself.

When Max got to the jeep Liz was sitting in the passenger seat. Liz yawned. "Took you long enough!" Max poked her stomach and Liz laughed. "Oh be quite."

Max parked the jeep in the school parking lot and they ran to the school. Once they got inside Max went with Liz to her locker then Liz went with him to his locker. Max looked at his watch. "Yes lunch period!! I'm starving!!" Liz looped her arm through his. "Shall we?" Max bent his head to her. "We shall." They both laughed and headed to the office to sign in then to lunch. When they walked in Liz stopped and grasped then frowned.

Max looked where she was and there sat Sean. "Oh yeah Iz told me last night that Sean was back. I was going to tell you this morning but we slept over and then last night you were already asleep."

Liz hugged him and gave him the sloppiest kiss ever. Max pulled back. "Wow what was that for?" Max looked at Sean and Sean spung around in his chair trying to act like he didn't see anything.

Max laughed "Your soo bad!" Liz licked her lips. "Yep and you love it." Liz walked ahead of him. Max caught up and smacked her on the ass. Liz jumped at the contact of his hand.

"Whoa! Can I have some fries with that shake!?" Liz turned red because he screamed it. "Max do you enjoy embarrassing me?"

Max ignored her an walked up to the table where everyone sat including Tess and Sean. There were two chairs left but one was by Sean. Max sat down and pulled Liz onto his lap. Liz gave Max and thankful smile. Liz leaned down and licked his ear. "Thank you"

"Liz you better behave your self or I'm gonna give you another spanking." Liz turned red remembering the last time.

"Is that a promise?" Liz asked. Max playfully growled at her and snapped his teeth.

"No its a threat," he said. Liz smiled at him and wiggled in his lap rubbing her ass against his penis. Max jumped. Liz looked at everyone who was looking at them. She saw Sean looking at her and she gave him a dirty look. Sean got up, obviously sick from the sight of his ex-girlfriend all over another guy.

"C-ya in Chem, Liz," Sean said. Max looked at Liz and she smiled. "Wanna go to the eraser room during Chem?" she asked, her eye's begging him. Max rubbed his now hard erection against her ass.


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Chapter 12

Once 7th period came around Max met Liz in the hallway outside of the class. They decided not to skip Chemistry since they were already late this morning. They walked into class together and took their seat together. Sean came in and when he saw that Liz and Max were sitting together he frowned. Liz felt like laughing. Sean was her partner. While he was away Mr. Ross gave them new seats.

Vicky was waving at Sean. "Sean I'm your new partner!" Sean felt like screaming. He planned on Liz still being his partner but because his parents made him go on the trip he got a different partner and made a ass out of himself. He could tell by the way Max and Liz were whispering that they knew what his plan was.

He was going to torture and seduce Liz. He couldn't do that now. He sat down beside Vicky. He groaned and sat back in his seat and crossed his arms looking like a baby. That just made Liz laugh more. He turned around since Max and Liz's long table was right behind him and he gave her the middle finger. Liz gave him a cocky look. "You wish!" Sean growled and sat back in his seat.

After the class started Sean could hear Max whispering things in Liz's ear and she would giggle. Every time he looked back to tell them to shut up he noticed that Liz's seat got closer and closer to Max's. The last time he looked back Liz was giving Max pecks on his cheek. She was practically sitting in his lap.

He had enough. He didn't want to get back with Liz really he just didn't want Max to have her. Sean always did compete with Max even though Max didn't know it. Max had it all!! All the hot chicks ready to spread their legs. He's quarterback of the football team. Sean tried to make the team but never did. That's one area where Sean couldn't defeat Max. Sean never threatened Max to his face because he knew Max would beat the shit out of him without trying. Max was taller than he was and much more built. Sean was snapped out of his thoughts.

"Mr. Deluca will you please pay attention!!! Your first day back and you are already getting on my bad side!! What did I say in the beginning of the year about getting on my bad side?" Mr. Ross glared at him.

"I'm sorry Sir. I had a bad trip home." Sean lied. God this day is really sucking!! He snuck a peek at Max and Liz and Max practically had his hand up her shirt. Sure I get in trouble for daydreaming and they are back there practically screwing and they don't get yelled at. Just went he thought his day couldn't get any worse it did. He felt a hand slide up his leg and grab his package at lightning speed. It only lasted a second but that was enough! Eww Vicky touched me there. She was known for screwing all the guys...well besides Max. He jumped out of his seat.

"Well Sean what is it?" Sean had to think quick. "Uhh, can I have a bathroom pass?" Please say yes. Please say yes. "Fine here but hurry back!" He mumbled thanks and practically ran out of the room.

After gathering his self he went back to class and sat as far away from Vicky as he could. He looked back once more and he had to admit it. Liz was like football!! NO WAY he was going to beat Max and have Liz. Sean shrugged his shoulders. That's why I have always had Tess on the side, he thought.

After school Max met Liz at her locker and they walked to his jeep. Sean stayed away from Liz today even when he had the perfect chances to approach her. Liz was glad. Max was really glad cause he really didn't want to beat the crap out of him unless he had to.

"So Liz what do you want to do today?" Max laughed when Liz gave him a heated look.

"Don't take this the wrong way but don't you think we should do something without sex for once?" Max had a hard time saying it. He was hoping Liz didn't think that he didn't want to have sex with her. He has wanted to have sex with her since when he woke up with her this morning. He would have if they weren't running so late.

"Sure Max what do you want to do? I mean we're going to the fair this weekend. We cant go go-carting because I get sick of winning all the time.....' she didn't finish cause Max was tickling her.

"You have not beat me ALL the time!" Max held her to him.

"Fine...fine...fine.....most of the time." Liz giggled as Max poked her stomach with his fingers. Liz tried to get away from his roaming fingers but he was stronger than she was. Max pinned her back against the jeep and held her there with his body.

"We could go to the mall because I have to buy my parents a anniversary gift." Liz's smile got huge!
"Great idea! I haven't been shopping in forever and there are a lot of things I need to get and A LOT of things I want. Plus I have to buy Maria something for her birthday." Max kissed her lips softly and Liz sighed.
"Great!" They kissed and kissed until "GET A ROOM!" was screamed out a car window as it passed them.

Liz ran around to her side and hopped in. She would have been embarrassed but she wasn't. Max started the jeep and they were off to a fun day of shopping. Neither of them knew what they were getting themselves into.

On the way to the mall Liz's cell phone rang. Liz digged around in her Jansport book bag and looked for the phone. She picked it up on the 7th ring.

"Hey Liz"
"Oh hey Maria what's up?'
"Oh nothing!" Liz could tell Maria was excited.
"Yeah right! What is it?"
"Michael asked me out on a date!!"
"Congrats!! Just don't do anything I wouldn't do."
"Yeah you mean WOULD do!"
They both shared a laugh.
"Gota go Maria. You can give me all the details when you get back. I gota go."
"C-ya chicka"

After being at the mall for a hour Liz had 10 bags which held clothes, shoes, makeup and all sorts of things.

Liz pulled Max into another girly store and he tried to hide behind racks of clothes. He looked at the clothes on the rack and he had to go get Liz! Max pulled Liz over and Liz laughed.
"You want to help me pick which panties and braws I wear?" Max was already digging through the rack not noticing the way girls looked at him when they passed. Every single pair she agreed to buy were thongs in some way. All different colors although most of them were see-through.

Max pulled Liz over to the bra section and he started digging again. "Whoa! this one feels gushy!" Max squeezed the aqua brawl in his hand. Liz started to laugh. "It called a aqua bra Max and I'm not paying 50 bucks just so I can take it home and have you squeezing it all the time!" Max laughed. "Fine I'll buy it for you! Please say you'll wear it!!" Liz saw the look on his face. He was practically on his knees. "Ok I'll wear it!" Max jumped "YESSS!" Liz walked off laughing. Once they were done in there they were walking down the Isles looking for other stores.

Max spotted a sign that said FREE PIERCING! and he looked at Liz's ears and then back at the sign. Liz followed his eyes and saw the sign. She looked at Max. "Oh no buddy! No way!" Max begged for ten minutes. She finally agreed but if she did it Max had to get his ear pierced too. Liz always thought he would look sexy with a gold hoop. When he agreed she did a happy dance and pulled them in the store. Liz made Max go first. Liz watched and it was over in a second. She almost fainted!! Oh boy she was gonna have fun sucking on his ear!!

"Well did it hurt?" Max shook his head and his gold hoop shined in the light. "Nope just feels like a pinch." Liz sat down in the chair and since Max got gold hoops she did too. She closed her eyes tightly and she felt a slight pinch and then the lady was putting the mirror in front of her face. "Give me another set!" The lady laughed and so did Max. "Told ya it doesn't hurt."

By the time they felt the store Liz came out with a bag full of ear rings for when she could change them. All together she had 8 holes in her ears. Three on each lobe and she got the top of her ears pierced on both sides also. "Oh god now my sex kitten is addicted to piercing." Max and Liz shared a laugh.

"Should I get my tongue pierced?" Max gave her a strange look. "No way there is NO way I'm going without kissing you!" Liz started laughing at his horrified face. " I was kidding Max." "I knew that!" "Sure you did" Liz looked at her ears in the mirror again. "look we are stocked with gold hoop ear rings. Every hole had a gold ear ring. "Lets just wait till you mom comes home and see's all those holes in your ears!! She is going to throw a fit." Liz shrugged her shoulders. "When does your mom and dad come back anyways?" Liz smiled. "In one week. They will be back this Monday."

Max and Liz couldn't get out of the Mall quick enough. It was hard to run with all those bags! Max threw the bags in the back. "Ok where too?" Liz licked his earring gently. "Lets go to my house." Max knew what she wanted and boy he was going to give it to her! "Yes mam!"

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Part 13

Max drove as quickly as he could to Liz's house. "Are you trying to kill us?" Liz gripped the seat under her as Max turned the corner. "Sorry babe but when we get to your house your doing a modeling show for me! I cant wait to see you in that squishy brawl!" he said and Liz laughed.

Max came to a stop and ran around to her side and pulled her out and flung her over his shoulder. "Max let me down!" Liz pounded at his ass. Max slapped her ass playfully and Liz jumped. Max ran with her up the steps and threw her on her bed. Max flung his clothes off. He stood there naked and Liz was sitting on her bed laughing her ass off. "I think you forgot the bra." Max shrugged. "There's always a next time." With that he jumped on the bed and started ripping her clothes off.

Liz pushed Max off the bed and he stood there shocked as Liz showed him her flexibility totally naked. She stood on her bed and then slowly she let her legs slide apart and Max watched as she slid down doing a stratle across her bed. Max 's breathing picked up and he thought he was going to have a heart attack from the next thing she did.

Liz crawled over to the end of the bed were Max was standing ten inches from. She balanced herself on her head on the edge of the bed. She slowly lifted her legs trying not to fall. She eventually was doing a straight headstand on the edge of the bed. Her ass was about 10 inched from his face. Max thought he was going to loss it. Then she did something that left him shocked and incredibly hard. Once she made sure she had her balance she slowly slid her legs apart and did a stratle in the air. Max drooled as her legs came apart and her pussy was very close to his face. He could smell her arousal and see it.

Liz was panting. His face was soooo close where she burned the most. She could feel his hot breath on her. Liz was panting harder. She could tell his face was getting closer as his hot breath got hotter. Her arms started to shake and she hoped that they wouldn't give out because then she would fall and the moment would be ruined.

Max slowly brought his face to her opening. His breathing was coming out fast and he saw Liz start to shake. He gripped her hips helping her stay in the position she was in. Liz was thankful when he grasped her hips and helped her stay straight up with her legs completely open. She couldn't believe she wasn't embarrassed. She would never let any man see this much of her.

Liz almost fell when she felt Max's lips brush her tender folds. Max moved to the inside of her thighs and began to suck at her skin. Liz was shaking now and she could no longer hold herself up. Max kept her in place as he teased her. Max released her and he sat on the cool satin sheets with his feet tangling off the bed. Liz stood in front of him breathing heavily.

Liz got on the bed on top of him and sat on his lap facing him. She curled her strong, smooth legs around his back. Max rubbed her back softly. He ran his hand up her back and held the nape of her neck. Liz lowered her head and began to tease his lips. She would give him small pecks on the lips when Max was trying to deepen the kiss.

Max eventually pulled her mouth down to his and plunged his hot tongue into her mouth. Liz moaned softly and rubbed her tongue against his. He gripped her ass with one hand and pulled her closer to him. The both moaned when Liz brushed against his shaft. Liz started to grind herself against his cock. This excited Max extremely and he started kissing her more passionately.

Max was trying to lift her up so he could enter her but she would slide out of reach. He growled and started kissing her harder. Liz moaned loudly with excitement. She wanted him to loss control. She wanted him pounding inside her. She wanted to prove that no matter what he could never hurt her. She could tell he was losing control because his grip on her ass got tighter and he was plunging his tongue into her mouth so fast she could behrly keep up with him.

She was so wet. Her thighs where damn and Max could feel it on his legs. Max groaned and lifted her again. She was in line so he pulled her down on top of him roughly. Liz cried out and he lifted her again. He pulled her down once again and Liz was moaning like crazy. Liz got out of his reach and turned around and sat on him backwards. She sat on his cock smoothly and cried out as every last inch sunk in. Max groaned from the slowness of the speed.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her up and down hard and fast. Liz was screaming out. Begging him to go faster and deeper. Her moaning blasted through his ears and drove him on. Liz gripped his thighs and helped lift herself. Sweet soon broke out of their bodies and every time she came down on his shaft there was a smacking sound from when their skin made contact. Max's arms started to burn from doing so much work but there was no way he was stopping now. She was so hot and tight.

Max was plunging inside her. She was bouncing up and down on top of him. Her hair flew in his face and some got inside his open mouth. Max's head fell back and the cords in his neck stretched. Their speed slowed down because their arms were so tired. Max groaned and flipped them over. Liz was face down on the bed with her hair around her. Max was on top of her. He didn't want to crush her so he placed his palms on the bed by her head. Liz spread her legs farther.

He got his pace back up to where it was. Liz was squeezing the satin in her fingers screaming into the bed. Max was groaning with the effort. Liz wrapped her sweaty hands around his hands and squeezed. Her nails sunk into his skin but he didn't feel it.

"Oh Max...faster..." Liz cried out as Max went faster. "Ohhhhh god that's it!!....Max oh yes, Harder!"

Max growled and plunged in harder keeping his fast pace trying not to hurt her. His skin smacked against hers at a fast pace. Liz was trashing around on the bed under him. She could see his arms flexing beside her and she wanted to kiss him. She started nipping at his wrist as his hands squeezed hers.

"Ohhhhh Max!!! Let go...oh please fuck me!"

Max lost control and pounded into her fast and deep as hard as he could. Liz screamed out and tried buckling her hips up against his but she just messed up the pace because she couldn't keep up with him so she stopped and let him do the work. Liz was screaming out his name begging and pleading him not to stop. Max could bearly hear her because the blood was pounding fast through his ears. He groaned every time he plunged into her. He felt his orgasm coming and he forced his self to go faster.

He hoped she would come before he did. Liz felt it and the next second her orgasm was there. She cried out loudly and squeezed his hands harder. Max felt her tight walls tighten more and he let go. He squeezed her hands harder and jerked up against her over and over again.

"Oh yessss Liz!"

He finally came to a stop and his sweaty chest fell against her slick back. He rolled off her and Liz wrapped herself around him.

"I'm sooo glad your on the pill."

Liz laughed. She had to agree there. Max used his powers and the silk sheet rose from the floor and covered them. Liz smiled at him.

"You were shivering." Liz loved how he cared for her so much. "Thank you."

She kissed him on the lips. Max held her face as she pulled away.

"I didn't hurt you did I?"

"Of coarse you didn't!...That was just so....incredible." She said and kissed him on the nose.

Liz wrapped her arm and leg across him. She started to fall asleep. "I love you." Max combed his fingers through her hair.

"I love you too." Liz sighed and cuddled closer. Max kissed the crown of her head and squeezed her closer to him. The last thing he heard was Liz's words going through his head. I love you, repeated through his head over and over.