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Title True Destiny
Author Helen (Roswelllostcause)
Disclaimer I don't own anything that deals with Roswell. I wish I did but I don't.
Rating PG-13
Summery Liz leaves after Alex "Dies" not to return for nine years.
Catagory M/L with everyone else
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Prolog 2001 Roswell

She still couldn't believe it Alex was dead. One of her two bestfriends she ever had. It didn't matter any more she couldn't stay in Roswell any more. No one believed that Alex's death could have been anything other than an accedent but she knew better.

"Alex I'm going to find out what really happend to you even if it takes the rest of my life."

She finished packing her bags. She placed a letter to her parents on her pillow then whenout the window. What she didn't know was it would be almost nine years before she would return to her hometown.

Part 1 Washington D.C.

"Angent Parker I need to see you in my office." said her superviser
"I'll be right there sir."

If her friends could see her now, they wouldn't know her. She didn't even know herself any more. Nine years ago she was a normal high school student living with the fact aliens were among us. She even fell in love with one of them. Now she was anything but normal.

Who would have thought I Liz Parker would be an FBI agent? she thought as she walked into the office.

"Parker I know you seem to be getting a lot of the strange cases lately."
"Yes sir."
"I have a case for you to look into. Out in New Mexico. Someone thinks that there may be aliens in Roswell."
"Sir I lived in Roswell most of my life, and it's just not the place aliens would be."
"Parker look into it. Here is the file. You leave in the morning. If it turns out to be nothing than use this as a chance to visit your family and friends for a few days."
"Yes sir."

Liz took the file and returned to her desk. The first thing she noiced was depending on her findings the Special Unit would be back and she would head it. If it turned out to be nothing than she would go back to her normal work. As she read the file she heard Julie Jackson another agent come up to her desk.

"So Liz another wild UFO chase for you?"
"Uh yeah Julie."
"Where this time? Maine? Ohio?"
"Actully Roswell New Mexico. I get to go to my hometown."
"Roswell? I took a trip there once over about eleven years ago cute town. I liked the food at the Crashdown Cafe."
"Yeah I'm sure my parents would love to hear that. They own the place. I use to work there, you know when I was in high school."
"I heard there was a shooting there in the fall of 99."
"Uh yeah there was. No one was injured."
"That's good. Have fun in alien land Liz."
"Julie would you think I'm crazy if I told you I believe in aliens?"
"No way. I believe in aliens too. I don't think they would hurt us but it's possible they are out there. But I don't think they are in Roswell."
"Your right that is the last place they would be."
"See you when you get back."

Julie left and Liz picked up her phone and made a call she should have made long ago.

"Mom it's Liz."
"Liz? Are you ok?"
"I'm fine mom. Uh I'll be coming to town tomarrow."
"Liz you know you still have a home here."
"Yeah. I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye."
"Where are you?"
"Mom I'm sorry but I can't tell you that. Uh don't tell anyone other than dad I'm coming home ok?"
"Liz what is going on?"
"I'll explane everything when I get there ok? I'll be in town before dinner."
"Ok honey see you then."
"Mom I love you."
"Bye Liz I love you too."

Liz hung up the phone and when back to reading the file. She couldn't believe Max, Isabel and Michael would let something like this happen. Unless the skins were the ones responsable for this. Or even Tess. At the end of the day she when home to pack. After eight years of hiding from her past she had to return home. She called Maria a year after she left and knew Tess had killed Alex, and Max had sent her back to face Kavar alone for her betrayal of him.

"Max I hope you can forgive me for running away from everything."


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Part 2 Roswell

Max Evans sat in the Crashdown. He had to come up with a plan to stop the skins. They were back and causeing a lot of trouble and drawing attion to Roswell. He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice Jeff Parker sit down across from him until he spoke.

"Max you still miss her don't you?"
"Yes I do Mr. Parker. I still can't believe she would leave like that."
"Max I'm going to tell you something. Nancy got a call from Liz yesterday. She's coming back. Nancy had to promise not to tell anyone other than me, but she couldn't make that promise for me."
"When will she get here?"
"Well I would say right about now."

Max turned to face the door where Liz stood. Their eyes met. Liz walked over to the table.

"Hi dad. Hi Max." said Liz
"Hi Lizzie we missed you." said Jeff giving her a hug.
"I'm sorry I stayed away so long."
"It's ok. We'll talk later. Why don't you visit with Max."

Jeff left taking Liz's bag upstairs. Then Liz slide into the booth across from Max.

"Max say something."
"Liz I'm sorry if it was something I did that drove you away."
"It's not your fault. Uh I hear Tess when home."
"Yeah. So where have you been?"
"Washington D.C."
"Why there?"
"Max I work there, and the only reason I'm back is for that job."
"What do you do?"
"Max I'm going to be honest. I'm with the FBI. What I find in the next few weeks will tell weather or not the Special Unit comes back."
"Your FBI?"
"Yes Max I am."
"What does the FBI want in Roswell?"
"I'm investingating "Alien" activity."
"Uh the skins are back."
"That's what I thought. You, Michael and Isabel are too careful to draw action to yourselves."
"Liz what are you going to do?"
"I don't know. Could you call everyone to meet here after closing?"
"Yeah. Uh Valenti is Shariff again and Kyle is a deputy."
"Really that's great. I think I'll pay the shariff a visit to find out what he is hiding."
"Ok and Liz I'm glad yourback."
"Thanks Max."

Liz stood and headed for the door. Max grabbed her arm. she turned to face him, as he pulled her into a hug.

"Max I should go."
"Ok see you after closing."
"Ok I may go visit Alex later."
"If you do don't be surprised if Isabel is there. She still goes there once in a while."
"She really did love Alex didn't she?"
"Yes she did."
"Bye Max."


"It's September 25 I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Then the really amazing thing happend, I came to life." Liz Pilot
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Thank you for the great feedback!!!! Just remember that not everything we know may be true. I have a few twists in mind. Yes Liz had left Roswell to find out the truth about what happend to Alex but what we know as the truth isn't always the truth.

Part 3

Liz walked out of the Crashdown and headed for the Shariff Staion. She walked in and saw Kyle working at the desk.

"Kyle it's been a while." said Liz
"Liz Parker when did you get back?"
"Uh just a little while ago."
"Well what can I do for you?"
"I heard your dad got his job back. I kinda need to see him."
"Ok sure. His office is where it has always been. So Liz what brings you back after all these years?"
"Kyle be at the Crashdown after closing and I'll explane everything then."
"Yeah sure."
"Kyle please?"
"I'll be there."
"Thank you."

Kyle knocked on the door to his dad's office.

"What is it Kyle?"
"Shariff there is someone here to see you."
"Show them in."
"Go on in. By the way he's not in the best mood due to what is going on with "The I know an alien club" so just be warned."
"Ok see you Kyle."

Liz walked into the shariff's office.

"Hi Shariff it's been a long time."
"Liz have a seat. do you want anything? Coffee or a soda?"
"No thank. Shariff this isn't a social visit."
"What can I do for you Ms. Parker?"
"Well shariff it's Agent Parker now." said Liz pulling out her FBI badge.
"FBI? what do they want here?"
"To know if we need to bring back the Special Unit."
"As in....."
"Yes. Shariff I may work for the FBI but I still want to protected our friends."
"So why are you here?"
"Well in case you hadn't noticed the skins have brought a lot of attion to Roswell. I want you to give me everything you have on them since I left."
"Liz you know I don't have to do this without a court order."
"I know shariff, but I want to keep Max, Isabel and Michael safe and I can't do that without your help. I want the FBI to see them as normal people."
"Ok Liz I'll hand over the imformation I have to you as long you promise to becareful about who you let see it."
"Shariff trust me there is no way I'm going to let this fall into the wrong hands."
"Ok I'll bring it to you tomarrow."
"That's fine. I'm staying at my parents."
"Ok, and Liz it's good to see you."
"You too Shariff."

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"It's September 25 I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. Then the really amazing thing happend, I came to life." Liz Pilot
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Sorry it's been so long since I updated this. But with the board going down and working so much I haven't had a lot of time to post. But here is the next two parts and I hope I can get more posted soon.

Part 4

Liz left and headed for the cematary. When she reached the area where Alex was baurried she saw Isabel sitting by his grave. One thing hadn't changed about Isabel in the years Liz had been gone, Isabel was still the beauty queen she had been in high school. Liz slowly walked up to her old friend.

"Hello Liz. It's been a long time." said Isabel
"Isabel how did you know I was here?"
"I don't know I sensed you I geuss. how have you been?"
"Ok. You aren't surprised I'm back in Roswell?"
"Liz I knew you would come back at some point. Or did you want me to call you Agent Parker?" asked Isabel facing Liz
"Have you talked to Max?"
"Not today, Liz I haven't tried dreamwalking you in over a month either."
"How did you find out about me?"
"Alex did teach me a little about computer hacking. That's how I found out about you. Why the FBI Liz?"
"I don't know. I'm still on your side Isabel."
"I know Liz. You were right about Alex he was murderd by an alien. Tess killed him."
"Isabel I know. I wish I was wrong."
"Liz if Max hadn't sent her back I would have killed her."
"You really did love him didn't you?"
"Yes but thanks to Tess I relized too late how much I did."
"Isabel he may not have acted like it but he really did still love you. He just got tired of chasing you. He felt you should start showing him you cared about him."
"I know. But it's partly my fault he's dead."
"No it's not Isabel. Tess had one goal from the minute she set foot in Roswell. To get Max and find away home to hand you, Max and Michael to Kavar on a silver plater. She didn't care who she hurt to get there and she killed Alex to get that done."
"Thanks Liz, I know your right. So why are you in Roswell?"
"Isabel I only want to explane myself once so be at the Crashdown after closing and I'll explane then ok?"
"Ok Liz I'll see you tonight."
"Yeah. Isabel why didn't you ever tell anyone about my joining the FBI?"
"I got in you files once. Your password was so easy for anyone who really knows you. Anyway I saw you kept getting the "wild UFO" chasing cases."
"Yeah girl from Roswell gets to keep living the real life X-Files."
"So you more like Mulder or Scully?"
"Both at times."
"Yeah I believe in aliens but some of the things I get I find hard to believe."
"Ok I'l see you Liz. I won't tell Michael or Maria your back. By the way did you know Michael finally asked Maria to marry him?"
"No. But then again I haven't spoken to anyone in Roswell until yesterday for eight years."
"Why didn't you call your parents even?"
"Isabel, you and I were two of the people who took Alex's death the hardest. I couldn't stay in town seeing reminders of him everywhere. So I left and cut all my ties to town."
"Not really Liz. I would be in the Crashdown at times and see your mom crying over a letter. I asked her if she was ok, and she would say she had just gotten a letter from you but you wouldn't say where you were. So one day I got on the iternet and put your name in a person search and found you. I was going to come out this weekend and try and get you to come back with me."
"What were you just going to show up on my door step?"
"You know I wouldn't have come back with you."
"It would have been worth a try."
"See you later Liz. I'll let you visit Alex for a while."
"Ok see you Isabel."

Part 5

Isabel walked off leaving Liz alone. She hadn't seen Liz so distrated in a long time. She couldn't believe that had runaway from Roswell years ago.

"Isabel you hear Liz is back?" asked Kyle coming up to her
"Yeah I just saw her. She wants us to come to the Crashdown tonight."
"I know. Do you think we can trust her?"
"Kyle she never wanted to come back here."
"Isabel she wants my dad's files for the past nine years. He said he would give them to her."
"Kyle we can trust Liz. I know we can. She is scared of something."
"But she won't say what."
"Kyle, Liz is the last person who would betray us."
"Ok Isabel see you tonight."
"Kyle don' t tell anyone Liz is back."
"Everyone will know tonight."
"Yeah well she really hurt Maria. If Maria finds out before tonight than she won't show."
"Max has to get Maria there."
"Kyle Liz is only doing her job."
"Which is?"
"Investagating UFO and possible Alien activity for the FBI."
"So Liz is a Fed. Never would have picked her for that."
"None of us would, Kyle I'll see you later ok? I need to do a few things."
"Ok see you tonight."


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Part 6 Later that night after closing.

"So Spaceboy did Max say why we are all meetting here tonight?" asked Maria
"He didn't say."
"So Michael where is Max?"
"Don't know. By the way we need to find Liz's address your mom is insting we invite her."
"Yeah sure. Not that she has cared about us in the past nine years, and doesn't want to be found. The last letter her mom got was postmarked in Maine."
"Maria are you ever going to forgive her?"
"I don't know."
"Come on the others will be here soon."

Liz watched from the stairs as Michael lead Maria out of the backroom. She did notice that he turned and shot her a look that said "see what you have done?" She sat on the stairs and started to cry. A minute later Michael came back.

"So when did you get back?"
"Today. So she's mad at me isn't she?"
"Yeah but you know it will pass."
"I heard you asked her to marry you."
"Yeah her mom is going over board planning the wedding."
"I'm happy for the two of you."
"So why did you come back?"
"Uh that's why Max asked everyone to come by tonight."
"So your going to explane?"
"Yeah. Go back to Maria I'll be out soon."
"Ok I won't tell her about you."
"Thank you."

Five minutes later Liz heard Max, isabel and Kyle join Michael and Maria. Max came back to get her.

"Ready to face them?"
"Not really but I don't have a choice. Anyway Maria is the only one who doesn't know I'm back."
"Let's go."

Liz walked out with Max. Isabel gave her a small smile. Maria just stared at her."

"So when did you come back?" Maria asked bitterly.
"Hi Maria. Today. Congrats on your engagment." said Liz
"Like you care."
"Maria cool it ok? Let Liz tell us why she is back." said Isabel
"Fine explane Parker." said Maria
"Ok I made a mistake when I left Roswell without saying goodbye to any of you. I'm sorry I hurt you."
"Liz get to the point." said Maria
"Ok well I when to florida to stay with my Aunt until I finished high school. Then I when to collage out east for a while but nevr finished. I then enrolled in the FBI acanmey. I completed my trainning and then started to move up fast. I'm now a speical agent in Washington D.C. and in Roswell investagting possible alien actity."
"What? Your FBI?" asked Michael
"Yes Michael I am. Do want me to prove it by showing you my badge?"
"Liz that isn't nessassery. So how much do your higher ups know?" asked Isabel
"Let me see depending on my findings the Special Unit will be back."
"Why the FBI?" asked Kyle
"It was one way I could keep some of the people I care about safe. Now I'm going to do something that could cost me my job. I'm going to show you the files I was given before I came out here."
"Liz why did you cut yourself off from us?" asked Maria
"Maria I don't know. I had a lot to deal with then. I'm sorry I hurt you."
"I know Liz. Sorry I got so mad at you."
"It's ok Maria I deserved it."
"Ok let's see these files of yours." said Max
"Liz are you ok?" asked Kyle
"I'm fine Kyle. I'll go get the file."

Liz walked into the backroom and was about to start up the stairs when she felt a hand on her arm. She turned and found Maria stading there.

"Liz can we talk?"
"Yeah sure. Come on while I get those files."
"Why did you only call me that once?"
"I don't know. Maria I regreat my choice to cut you out of my life. It was a mistake."
"I understand why you left. But you should have called me."
"I know. So Maria how have you been?"
"Ok Michael is so differnt then he use to be. He really changed after Tess left."
"So why did she kill Alex?"
"We still don't know. But you should forgive Max for the way he treated you. Tess mindwroped him."
"Really? Maria do you forgive me?"
"Yes Liz you did what you thought was best, I'm glad that there is one person working for the goverment I can trust to keep my child safe."
"Maria are you?"
"Yes. I haven't told anyone yet so don't say anything."
"My lips are sealed."
"Thanks Liz. So how are you doing?"
"Not bad."
"Any boyfriends?"
"I had one in collage but none since."
"So you brake his heart or did he brake yours?"
"He's in prison."
"What happend?"
"We when to a frat party he got drunk I had a couple beers. What I didn't know was he put something in one of them. He raped me. I pressed charges and now he is in prison."
"You should have called and I would have come see you."
"I did but as soon as I heard your voice I hung up. I wasn't ready to talk you."
"I remember that. That was about five years ago. Even if you hadn't been ready to talk you should have said you needed me, and I would have come out to see you."
"You knew where I was?"
"Yes don't forget you sent the bill for collage to your parents."
"So why didn't you just come to see me?"
"I did once but I never came up to you."
"I knew you needed you space so I just left you alone."
"I did miss you."
"I missed you too Parker."
"Come on lets go before they start looking for us."
"So Liz how much do they really know about our spaceboys and spacegirl?"
"Almost nothing. I destroyed evrything I came across."
"If anyone fines out what you did what will happen to you?"
"Destroying goverment files could get me sent to prison."
"Does anyone know what you are doing?"
"If they did I wouldn't be in Roswell."
"So why are you doing this?"
"I still love Max."
"And you just relized this?"
"No I relized this when we were being held hostage in the UFO Center."
"So you never stopped?"
"I never stopped."
"Liz it's good to have you back."
"What I need to find out is what everyone thinks my finding should say."
"Who would head the Special Unit?"
"Uh I would."
"You would be an alien hunter?"
"Yes but it would also mean I would move back to Roswell."
"That's great."
"Yeah sure."

Liz and Maria were heading back out to the diner when Liz's cell phone rang.

"Maria take this while I take this call." said Liz handing Maria the files.

Maria walked out and Liz picked up her cell phone.

"Agent Parker."
"Parker found anything new yet?
"No sir, but I talked to the shariff he's going to hand over his files to me."
"Report in tomarrow."
"Yes sir."
"Parker remember your finding detrime weather or not you get your promotion and the Special Unit comes back."
"I know sir."
"Parker becareful."
"I will sir. I should go I'm visitting some old friends."
"Ok call as soon as you know anything."
"I will sir."

Liz hung up the phone and leand agested the lockers. She was so scared of everything that was happening. She was so lost in thought that she didn't hear Max come up to her.

"Liz are you ok?"
"Max! Yeah I'm fine."
"You look upset."
"I'm fine Max."
"Liz I know I said somethings that hurt you before you left..."
"Don't worry about it. I know you were mindworped."
"Liz why did you leave?"
"Max I left for my own reasons and that is none of your bussiness."
"Liz will you go to dinner with me tomarrow?"
"Max I don't date any more."
"Not a date. Just one friend taking anouther out to welcome them home."
"I'll think about it."
"Liz why don't you date any more?"
"I don't want to talk about it."
"Liz what happend?"
"Max it's not something I want to talk about. It was nothing you did. My reasons came after I left Roswell."
"Liz I know you never slept with Kyle he admitted it after you left. But he didn't say why you set me up to see you with him."
"Max please I don't want to talk about that right now."
"Ok Liz but always remember I will alway be here for you."
"I will come on I want you to see what I have on you guys."
"Why do I have the feeling it will be next to nothing."
"Because you trust me."
Thanks Liz I know doing this could get you in a lot of trouble."
"Yeah sure would. I could end up going to prison. It's a crime to show anyone goverment files like this."
"Then why are you doing it?"
"Max because I still love you."
"You still love me?"
"Liz are you ok?"
"Yeah come on let's join the others."

Liz walked out and joinned the others. Max watched Liz she held herself differnt than she did in high school. After a few minutes Isabel held up a piece of paper.

"Liz what is this?"asked Isabel
"Let me see."

Liz took it from Isabel and read it.

"Something I have to destroy." said Liz
"What is it?" asked Maria
"Something on Ava. Dating back to 2001 she helped someone in New York after the world Trade Center was atacked." said Liz
"Liz I think you should reopen the Special Unit." said Max
"What? Why?"
"You would head it right?"
"Then you can protected us that way. It would make this easier for you." said Isabel
"So you want me to tell these guys there is cause to bring the Special Unit back?"
"Yeah it makes since Liz. You got to do it." said Michael
"Ok if this is what you want." said Liz

After aa few minutes Liz was alone with Max in the Crashdown.

"Liz what happend to you?" asked Max
"Max what are you talking about?"
"You are so closed off."
"Max it's been nine years."
"We use to keep nothing form each other."
"Max I don't want to talk about it. A lot happend after I left Roswell."
"Liz are you sure your ok?"
"Yes Max. I ment what I said. I do still love you I just can't be with you right now."
"Liz I should go."
"OK just remember I will never betray you."
"I know see you tomarrow."

Max left and Liz locked the doors and when upstairs.

Part 7

"Sir the Parker girl is back in Roswell."
"Good Serena you know what you have to do."
"Yeah I know."
"Serena Earth is doomed unless Max and Liz get together."
"Zath you know Liz won't act on her feelings anytime soon."
"Serena just do your job."
"Yes sir."

Serena hung up her phone. This was going to be the hardest mission ever for her.

"Zath doesn't know how hard it is going to be to tell Liz she is the Queen of Antar."
"Now Serena what would your father say if he knew you sided with our enimies?" came an annoying voice.
"Nicky shut up."
"Serena give me a good reason not to turn you in." said Nicholas
"The fact you would be in as much trouble as me with Kavar. You are the one he told to keep an eye on me. But you haven't done that like ever."
"Look you have been nothing but trouble since the day you were born."
"Yeah well it's because I have a heart."
"Your almost as worthless as those humans."
"Nicky I don't give a damn about you or my father. You are both evil."
"Serena I would becareful if I were you."
"Look Nicholas I will do what I want and you can't stop me."
"You are a tratior Serena."
"Like I care. I will never believe what Kavar is doing is right."

Serena stormed off. She had to talk to Liz soon. That scared her a little, how was her old roommate going to reacted to the fact she shared an apartment with the daughter of the alien that had killed her friends in their past life. Then there was the fact telling Liz everything could get her locked in a lab and treated like a scince exparament.

"Liz I hope you can forgive me for lying to you cause it was for you own good."


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Part 8

Liz woke the next morning to her cell phone ringing. She grabbed it.

"Who ever this is it better be good." Liz mumbled
"Liz how have you been?"
"Who is this?"
"It's Serena. I'm in Roswell."
"Hey Serena. I'm ok. How did you get this number?"
"Liz I'll explane everthing if you meet me."
"I don't know."
"Liz pleas? It's imported but I don't want to get into it on the phone."
"Ok how about in an hour at the Crashdown?"
"Serena see you then."

Liz hung up the phone and climbed out of bed. Serena was the last person she had expected to hear from.

"What does my old roommate want today. I haven't talked to her in years." Liz mumbled out loud.

She took a shower dressed and when down to the Crashdown to wait for Serena. She was sitting in a booth drink a cup of coffee when Serena came in.

"Thank you for meetting me."
"Serena why are you here?"
"Liz there is a lot you don't know."
"Get to the point Serena."
"Liz I'm going to tell you something but you have to promise you won't judge me until you hear me out."
"What is it?"
"Liz do you remember when I told you that my father picked the guy I have to marry?"
"Did I tell you that I'm also an alien?"
"Liz my father is Kavar. I know who your friends are. But I'm not like my father."
"Serena I believe you that your not like your father. You have been nothing but kind to me as long as I've known you."
"Liz there is more. I'm engaged to Nicholas who is most likely going to tell my father that I've betrayed him."
"Serena I won't trun you over to the FBI, or tell Max about you until your ready."
"Thank you. So have you seen your friends yet?"
"Yeah last night."
"So how they take the news?"
"Rather well. Max wants to take me to dinner."
"You should go. You should also tell him what happend to you while you were away."
"I'm scared to."
"Liz all I heard while I lived with you was how much you love him. Go to lunch with him if that will be better for you. He will understand."
"Thanks Serena."
"I'll see you Liz. I got somethings to do."
"Ok see you."

Serena left as Shariff valenti came in. He saw Liz sitting in a back booth. He when up to her.

"Morning Shariff." said Liz
"Liz, how are you?" asked Valenti
"I'm ok. I've changed a lot since I left town."
"Liz I brought the files you wanted to see."
"Thank you."
"Liz what happend to you?"
"Shariff I rather not talk about it. My parents don't know everything that happend while I was away and I plan to keep it that way for now."
"Liz I've known you since you were a little girl."
"I know Shariff. But I'm not a little girl any more. I was wrong to runaway, I know that. I almost lost my bestfriend because of that. I hurt Maria so much."
"Liz I know what happend to you when you were in school."
"You did a background check on me? Not that I'm surprised."
"I don't blame you. But I don't want you to tell anyone what happend to me. Because I had the power to help get your badge back and I have the power to maker sure you lose it for good. I have to do this in my own time. So please don't say anything to anyone about what happend to me. I'm not going to go after your badge so don't worry."
"Liz I won't say anything, but you really need to think about telling your parents and Max what happend."
"I will. See you Shariff."

Liz grabbed the files and left the Crashdown. Valenti watched the young woman he had known for years go.

"Jim are you ok?" aske Jeff
"Yeah Liz sure has changed a lot since she was away."
"I know sometimes I wonder if she is the same girl I raised."
"Jeff, Liz will be ok. I think it's just stress from her job gettin to her."
"I know. She won't say why she came home other thatn it's for work."
"Don't worry. When she is ready she will talk."
"But she hasn't talked about anything for the past few years."
"Just give her time."
"Jim what were you and Liz talking about a little while ago?"
"Nothing inported, Jeff it was just something I had to discuss with her."
"If you say so."

Jeff when back to work and Valenti left.

TBC FeedBack Please!!!!

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Part 9

Serena returned to tje base she had been living in for the past two years. She had to tell Zath about her meetting with Liz not that he was going to like what he heard.

"Yo Rena." came a voice she knew all to well.
"Ava how meny times do I have to tell you not to call me that?"
"Don't know. Don't forget I'm a little slower than Max and his crew."
"Yeah I know."
"So how is that cornball Liz?"
"She's fine Ava. Now if you don't mind I have to see Zath."
"Yo Serena, I care about Liz. She is imported to the cause."
"I know. Not that she knows it yet."
"Serena, Zath ain't going to be happy about that."
"I know. Ava I finally told her that Kavar is my father. I almost told her that I'm also "engaged" to Nicholas."
"I hate Nicholas. He is a bigger cornball than Liz will ever be."
"Yeah and you owe Liz big. She made sure no one found you after you saved that girl's life."
"I know."

Serena left Ava and when to Zath's office. She knocked on the door and when in.

"Serena why didn't you bring Liz back with you?"
"Look Zath I got to earn her trust first. You know she doesn't know she is the Queen."
"Serena I'm trusting you. You know without Liz that human boy is going to die."
"I know. What was I to do? I hadn't seen Liz in four years. Go up to her tell her who I am and then say: By the way you are the real Queen of Antar? Tess was nothing but a slut Kavar sent to betray Max? Yeah that would have gone over well."
"Serena, you have to tell her soon. Her friend really will be dead if you don't."
"She is so going to freak when she finds out that he is still alive."
"Serena remember you are still on trial here. I have given you a chance to prove yourself because of who your mother was."
"I know Zath."
"Your the only one who can help Liz find her true destiny."
"Look Zath I can't even tell Michael that I'm his sister."
"You are a lot like that brother of yours. Just tell Liz soon."
"I will Zath. By the way I ran into Nicholas yesterday. He knows I have sided with you."
"This isn't good."
"I know."
"If he tell Kavar that you betrayed him than it could get you killed."
"Yeah I know. But I promised my mother on her death bed I wouldn't let my father find the real Queen. I won't brake that promise Zath."
"Serena just becareful."
"Zath if I didn't know better I would say that you care about me."
"I do. Serena you are a good person. Just becareful and do your job."
"Yes sir."
"Serena you really are doing a good job. Keep Liz safe from Kavar."
"Thank you and don't worry I will."
"Serena get something to eat and check on our friend."

Serena left and grabbed a sandwhich then walked down a hall and stopped outside a room. Taking a deep breath she when in. She sat by the bed of the young man who would die without Liz's help.

"What am I to do? If I tell Liz your still alive she is going to freak. But if I don't you are going to die." she said to the sleepping form
"Liz will be ok Rena." siad Ava from the door.
"Ava how do I tell her that the friend she thought was killed by that trampy dupe of yours isn't dead?"
"Don't know. But it's time for me to pay that cornball a visit."
"She is staying with her parents."
"See you later Serena. I got a few things to do before stopping by to visit her later."
"Ok, Ava becareful."
"Yeah will do."


Ok any geusses as to who is going to die without Liz's help?????

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Part 10

Liz had just finished reading te Shariff's files not surprised when they had next to nothing on her friends. But what did surprise her was that he believed that the skins and pod squad weren't the only aliens in the Roswell area. But were they on Max's side or with the skins they didn't know. She really needed to talk to Max soon. But didn't know were he was. She could always look him up in the phone book. Heck she could always have the FBI find him, but she didn't want to do any of those things. So she grabbed her keys and got in her rental car and drove to a house she had been to dozens of times in high school. Liz parled by the crub and watched as a few minutes later Diane Evans got out of a car that had just pulled in the driveway. She expected Max's mother to go up to the house not to come over to her car.

"Liz did you want to come in and talk?" Diane asked kindly.
"Yeah thanks Mrs. Evans."

Liz walked up to the house with the older woman. They when into the kitchen and Liz sat at the table.

"Liz so what brings you back to Roswell?" asked Diane
"Um work."
"Does Max know you are back?"
"Yes. That's kind of why I came by."
"Would you like anything?"
"Anything to drink is fine."
"So Liz what do you do?" asked Diane as she poured a soda for Liz.
"I'm with the FBI."
"Your investigating Max and Isabel aren't you?"
"They finally told you didn't they?"
"Mrs. Evans I'm not going to turn them over. If that had been my plan I would have done it a long time ago. In facted I have been doing everything I can to keep them safe."
"You still love him don't you?"
"Yes and I told him that. I just can't be with him right now."
"Why Liz?"
"I have reason. None have anything to deal with why I left. They came after I left Roswell." said Liz looking down at the table.

Diane reached across the table and took Liz's hand which caused Liz to look up at the older woman.

"What happend Liz? The Liz I remember was so full of life and open to people. Now you seem so closed off."
"Mrs. Evans it was durring collage I changed. If I tell you what happend will you promise not to tell Max? I want to tell him myself."
"I promise Liz."

Liz knew she could trust this woman.

"Well it happend five years ago. I when to a party with this guy I thought I could trust but I was wrong......"

Liz told Diane the whole story of what happend at the party to dropping out of school to joinning the FBI.

"Oh Liz I'm so sorry you had to live throught that. Have you tryed talking to someone about what happend?"
"I tryed but it didn't really help. I found I couldn't really open up to anyone."
"You might be able to now. Izzy does this kind of thing now."
"Yeah but it's never a good idea to treat a friend."

Or your brother's ex-girlfriendLiz thought to herself

"Max wants me to go to dinner with him but I don't think I'm ready for that. But if I could get his number than I'm willing to try going to lunch with him."
"Here is his card."

Liz took the card and read it to herself.

Max Evans
Privet Investigater
Cell 505-555-9621
Office 505-555-7855

"Thank you Mrs. Evans."
"You know he still loves you."
"Yeah I know. I should go."
"Don't stay away so long."
"I won't I promise."

Liz got up to leave and Diane gave her a hug. Then Liz when out to her car. She took out her cell phone and called Max.

"Max it's Liz."
"Hey how are you?"
"Ok. max I thought about what you asked. I don't think dinner is a good idea yet."
"Liz please?"
"Max let me finish. But I'm willing to go to lunch with you. If that is ok?"
"Tomarow? You know you sound as excited as you did in high school when I said yes to our first date."
"Really? So how about Senor Chows? Noon good for you?"
"Yeah that sounds great."
"By the way how did you get my number? I didn't give it to you."
"You could say I did a little dective work. I talked to your mom."
"She corner you?"
"Yeah you could say that."
"I should go. I'll see you tomarrow."
"Bye Max."

Liz hung up her phone and drove to the park. She got out and started to walk aroud watching the kids play. Not knowing that someone was watching her too.

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Part 11

Ava watched Liz from a distance. She had changed so much over the years.

"Yo if it ain't the little tratior." came a voice
"Lonnie what brings you back to Roswell?"
"Ava since when you talk right?"
"Yo Lonnie get lost you ain't welcome here."
"Look you betrayed Rath and me by opening you big mouth."
"You are evil you know that Lonnie? You should leave while you got the chance."
"Look Ava I ain't leaving."
"Then maybe I'll tell Liz you back and she will turn ya into a goverment scinece exsperament."
"Look yo that ain't going to happen."
"Oh cut the B.S. Lonnie you ain't nothing but a murderer."
"Look Ava I'll ya if that is what it takes to keep that big mouth of your shut."
"I'm outta here."

Ava walked away from Lonnie to find Liz. She found her a short time later sitting on a bench watching some kids play. Ava knew she should wait but Liz had to know Lonnie was back and up to something.

"Yo cornball!" yelled Ava

Liz looked at her for a minute. Then she rememberd who the punk was.

"Ava what are you doing here?"
"Came to see ya."
"'Cause Lonnie's in town and my bet she is up to something."
"That is just great."
"Yo Liz you ok?"
"Yeah. Sure. Why?"
"You seem differnt than the last time I saw ya."
"I am."
"Look Liz I'll tell you the truth I know your with the FBI and you keep getting alien cases."
"Yeah so?"
"I know you destoryed stuff on me."
"Yeah but I didn't touch the stuff we have on Lonnie and Rath."
"That don't surprise me."
"ava what are you hiding?"
"I ain't hiding nothing. See ya around."

Ava walked off leaving Liz alone. Liz watched the punk alien double of the alien that had killed one of her bestfriends leave. A few minutes later Liz got up and when home. She found her mom sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hi mom." said Liz
"Why didn't you tell us Liz?"
"You talked to Mrs. Evans didn't you?"
"Yes. You should have told us."
"I know mom. But it's hard to talk about."
"Liz you know it wasn't your fault."
"Yes mom. I know that. It's getting a little easier to talk about but it's still really hard to do with those I care about the most."
"I love you Lizzie."
"Mom I know. This is just something I find hard to talk about."
"You really should talk to Max about what happend."
"I thought you didn't really like Max."
"Well I got to know him better after you ranaway. I know you were happier when you were dating him, then when you broke up."
"I'm still in love with him."
"Then tell him what happend. He will understand. I see how much he loves you."
"Mom I agreed to go to lunch with him tomarrow. I'll tell him then."
"Good honey."
"Mom I may be moving back to Roswell."
"Really? I still don't understand what the FBI wants in Roswell."
"Uh well some people think that little green men are running around in human form. So I'm stuck living the real life X-Files."
"Liz do you believe in aliens?"
"Uh I'm open to the idea."

[I}No need to tell her that I was once brought back to life by one.Liz thought

"I'm not sure if they are real but if they are I hope that they all don't want to take over Earth."
"I'm sure not all aliens would want that. I got some phone calls to make so I'll see you later mom."

Liz gave her mom a kiss and when to her room. She took out her cell phone and called Julie.

"Agent Jackson."
"Hey Jules it's Liz."
"Parker how are things out in UFO land?"
"Not bad. Uh what kinda mood is the boss in?"
"Jones? he's pissed."
"Liz you ok?"
"Yeah just not looking forward to talking to Jones."
"Look Liz I know you got secrets but you also have to do your job."
"I know I'll see you when I get back Julie."
"Ok see you Liz."

Liz hung up and diled anouther number.

"Hello Agent Jones office."
"Hi Kayla it's Liz. Let me talk to Jones."
"Liz he's really pissed. Someone has been destorying the alien files."
"Really? Who would do that?"
"Yeah but if you got to talk to him I'll put you through."

I just hope Jones doesn't know it's me destoring those files or I'm in deep trouble. Boy and I thought fight evil aliens in high school got me in trouble. Liz thought

Just then Liz's boss Jack Jones came on.

"Parker what have you got?"
"Um this may take longer than we first thought."
"Parker just tell me what you got."
"There just might be cause to bring back the Special Untit."
"Parker get back here in one week. Finish what you are working on in that time and get back here."
"Yes sir."

Liz hung up the phone and knew she could be in trouble. This was the worse thing that could happen to her.

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Part 12

Nicholas stood in Kavar's office waitting to finf out what was going to happen next.

"Nicholas where is my daughter?"
"I don't know sir."
"Find her and drag her back here if you have too."
"Yes sir."
"Serena knows more than we think. She is too smart for her own good."
"I know. Kavar how are you going to get her to talk? When we get her back here? You know your mind rape doesn't work on her for some reason."
"I'll think of something. NOW GO!"

Nicholas left to start his search for Serena. But he had no idea where to start.

"Damn where could that girl be? It's not like Roswell is very big." Nicholas mumbled
"Yo Nicholas."
"What Lonnie?"
"Ava's in town and she is joinning up with Max
"She's nothing but a wimp any way."
"But that ain't good."
"Look Lonnie Serena is a bigger problem. If I don't find that traior and bring her back all of us will be in trouble."
"Man where did that brat go?"
"Wish I knew. But I don't."
"Could try watching that Parker chick she's back in town, and roomed with Rena out east for a while."
"Lonnie you've had a good idea for once."
"See ya yo."


Serena was lying in her room when Zath came in.

"Serena when are you planning to talk to Liz again?"
"Zath I'll do it soon."
"Alex is going to die without her."
"I know but she isn't ready to hear this. It took a lot for her to forgive me for lying to her when we lived together."
"Serena just do tell her soon or Earth is doomed."
"Zath I know! The fact is Liz is going to freak out and may not believe me."
"Serena we need Liz. You and Ava are the only ones who can keep her on our side. You know what your father will do to her if he finds out who she really is."
"Don't you think I know that? I was the one who gave you the proof that the phrocphy was coming true."
"I know good thing you can dreamwalk and found out about Liz's relationship with Max."
"She won't be happy if she finds out."
"Serena just tell her and do it by midnight tomarrow."
"Righ Zath."
"Serena you know I'm hard on you for a reason."
"Yeah it's because you don't want to see me end up like my father."
"Right. We need Liz she is the only hope any of us has."
"I know the phrophcy. It saids that the greatest Queen ever will come from a distanced world and capter the heart of a King reborn on her world. They will have hardships but the bond they have will be unbrakeable by anyone. This bond is what will save two worlds."
"We all know that Serena. The bond between Max and Liz started the day he healed her when she got shot."
"I know."
"Serena you really need to tell Liz soon."
"I'll go see her now."
"Becareful. Ava said Lonnine is lurking around and the means Rath is around too."
"Oh fun my brother's evil twin."
"Serena Liz doesn't know your Michael's half sister does she?"
"No but it's time to tell her."
"See you later Serena. Try and get her to come here soon."
"I will

Serena left and headed for Roswell and the Crshdown. This wasn't going to be easy.

Part 13

Liz was sitting on her balcony reading her old jurnal and remembering the day her life changed forever. She heard someone climbing up the fire eascape.

"Who's there?" Liz called out
"Liz please don't be mad at me for just showing up like this." said Serena poking her head over the wall
"Why are you here Serena?"
"I didn't tell you everything this morning."
"What did you leave out?"
"A lot. Like I have a half brother and you have a destiny you need to full fill or both Earth and Antar are doomed."
"Liz, Max told you a long time ago that you were his destiny and that is true. Another thing you need to know is Alex isn't dead. Well not yet anyway. But if you don't help him he will be."
"What? This is crazy!"
"I know but it's all true. Please Liz come to the reble base with me. The leader Zath he can explane things a lot better than me."
"Serena all you have done is lie to me from the day we met. Why should I believe you now?"
"I couldn't tell you. You weren't ready to hear any of this. You still weren't but we are running out of time."
"What do you mean?"
"The final battle is coming and having you and your friends with us might just be what we need to stop Kavar for good."
"I need ime to think about this."
"I understand I'll go."
"Wait Serena give me your number so I can call you when I make up my mind."
"Ok it's 505-555-8627."
"Your living out here now?"
"Yeah. My brother doesn't know about me. But you know my brother."
"I do?"
"Michael. Maria's boyfriend."
"Oh my god."
"Don't worry Kavar isn't his father. We have the same mother. She's dead. Kavar killed her when I was a little girl."
"I'm sorry."
"It's ok Liz. I'll see you."
"Bye Serena I'll call you tomarrow."

Liz watched Serena go over the wall and disapear into the night. One thing stuck out in Liz's mind from what Serena had told her Alex was alive!

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Part 14

Max walked into his parents house for dinner that night.

"Hi mom." he called out.
"Hi honey." said Diane coming out of the kitchen.
"So Liz payed you a visit today. Was she here for work or was it a social call?"
"Max Evans don't go playing deteive with me. She came by to find you. Max Liz is very much in love with you. She is keeping secerts but I think she is ready to share one of them with you. But let her come to you."
"I will mom. She called me and we are going to have lunch tomarrow."
"Good just don't push her to share with you."
"I won't mom. I love Liz and don't want to upset her. last time she was upset I pushed her away and she left for nine years. I don't want that to happen again."
"Max Liz is a differnt person than the girl you fell in love with, but her heart is still in the right place." said Isabel coming in.
"Hey Izzy. How are things going?" asked Max
"Ok" said Isabel
"Come on let's eat said Diane.

The Evans sat down and had a family dinner for the first time in years.

Part 15A

The next day Liz parked at Senor Chows just before noon. A minute later Max pulled into the parking lot in his old Jeep.

"Max did I ever tell you that thing is a death trap?" Liz asked as they walked to the door.
"Hi to you too Liz. I love that old thing. Me and Bob go way back."
"Bob? You named the jeep Bob?"
"Max I missed you."
"I missed you too Lizzie

They walked in together. They sat down and order and began to talk.

"So Liz how have you been?"
"Ok. Which hasn't always been true. Max what I'm going to tell you is really hard for me to talk about so please don't interupted me or I might not be able to say it."
"Five years ago, when I was in collage I when to a party with this guy. I thought he was nice and wouldn't hurt me. But I was wrong. Boy was I wrong. We both had some beers him more than me. But what I didn't know was he put something in one of mine. He raped me that night. I pressed charges and he is now in prison."
"Liz why didn't you come home then?"
"I was scared."
"Liz is that why you don't want to go to dinner with me?"
"Yeah I don't go out alone with guys any more even ones I know in my heart won't hurt me. I would rather be safe than sorry again."
"I understand. Would you go to dinner with me if we doubled with Maria and Michael?"
"I'd like that."
"That's great."

When their lunch arived they ate and talked about old times. A little after one Liz and Max said goodbye. When Liz got in her car she pulled out her cell phone and called Serena.

"Serena it's Liz."
"What have you desided?"
"I'll come to your base."
"I can pick you up in an hour."
"Ok um the Crashdown ok?"
"Yeah see you then. Thanks Liz."
"Serena you know I'm trusting you."
"Liz I'm not going to betray you. I promise."
"See you in an hour Serena."

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Part 15B

Liz hung up the phone and drove back to the crashdown to wait for Serena. What she didn't know was she was being followed by Rath. Forty five minutes later a black Mustang with tinted windows pulled up. Serena lowerd a window and called out to Liz, and she got in.

"How you doing Liz?" asked Serena
"Ok I talked to Max today."
"Told him what happend to you?"
"Uh hate to tell you this but Rath is on our tail. I got to lose that brain dead evil twin of Michael's."
"Good idea. That guy gives me the creeps."

Serena hit the gas and started to weave throught the streets of Roswell like she had lived there her whole life. After about ten minutes Rath was gone and Serena headed out into the desert and drove up to a mountian.

"Let me geuss the base is in that mountain?" asked Liz
"Yep. Uh Liz before I take you to see Alex Zath wants to meet you."
"Ok Serena if I got to meet this guy then I'll do it."
"Liz Zath is a good guy. I've known him for a long time. His dad was a Place gaurd before Kavar took over. His dad helped Max and Isabel's mother as well as mine and Michael's start the rebellion on Antar."
"So are we going in?"

A minute later a wall of the mountain opened and Serena drove in. She parker the car and lead Liz throught the base to Zath's office. Serena knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" came a male voice
"Zath it's Serena. I have Liz with me."
"Come in."

Serena opened the door and Liz walked in with her. She saw a man who couldn't have been much older than her.

"Liz please sit down. I don't know how much Serena has told you, but you are very imported to us." said Zath kindly
"Yeah well she told me that I have a destiny to be with Max and that my friend Alex is alive, and not dead like I have thought for the past nine years."
"It's true Liz. Alex is alive. That tramp Tess did a real number on his brain. I've healed him as much as I could but he has been in and out of a coma ever since. Liz you are the only one who can bring your friend out of the limbo and back to the land of the living."
"How is that possible?"
"Your not fully human any more."
"Yeah so I heard once a long time ago. Max changed me when he brought me back from the dead when I got shot eleven years ago."
"Well when he did that he woke the part of your brain that gives us powers so now you have them. When Alex wakes up he will have some too. What we need you to do is form a conection with Alex and talk him into waking up. By telling him you still care about him."
"So when do you want me to try this?"
"Serena take Liz to see Alex. If you want you can try now."
"Come on Liz Alex isn't far away." said Serena


So will Liz be able to wake Alex? Have to wait until the next part to find out!!!!!

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Part 16

Liz followed Serena to a room, not far from Zath's office. Serena pushed open the door and Liz saw Alex lying in the bed.

"Oh my god I can't believe it's really him." Liz said softly.
"Go see him Liz."
"Serena mind if I go in alone?"
"Go a head. I'll be out here if you need me."

Liz when in and sat by the bed. Liz was still having trouble believeing that this really was Alex, and that he was alive.

"Hey Whitman you better let me in to do this thing that I got no clue how to do. I'm not going to lose you again, and if I ever get my hands on that trampy blond homewreaker I'm going to kill her."

Liz took Alex's hand and closed her eyes. She foruces all her energy on Alex. A monment later she found herself in a desert.

"Thought you would never show up Lizzie." said a voice behind her.
"Alex I need you to wake up. I need you. Your the brother I never had growing up. When I thought you died my whole world fell apart."
"I know. Liz I geuss it's time for me to face my destiny too."
"What do you mean?"
"Liz, we all have a destiny. You and Max. Michael and Maria. Isabel and me. Kyle and Ava. Serena has one and so does Zath."
"Then wake up Whitman. This is taking a lot of my energy."
"Ok Liz all you got to do now is brake the conection and I will wake up for good this time."
"You better or I might drag Michael here to blast you awake! Or maybe this is like those fairtales except insend of the price wakeing his princess, it's the princess waking her prince."
"Liz I think I would want to be awake if Isabel ever kisses me!"
"OK Alex this is your final wake up call before I call in the aliens."
"Ok Liz see ya in a little bit."

Liz broke the conection with Alex feeling drained. She sat and watched as Alex slowly started to wake up. When he turn and gave her one of his smiles she wrapped her arms around him in a big hug.

"Alex I can't believe it your alive!" Liz yelled
"Parker let go of me before you kill me because I can't breath."
"It's ok I missed you too."

Liz let go of her friend and Alex gave her another of his corny grins.

"So Parker how you been?"
"Not great. But I am doing better."
"Good so are you ready to full fill your destiny?"
"What the hell is my destiny? Why is it that everyone in this place know my damn destiny but me?"
"Your heart knows Liz. It has known since the day you got shot in the Crashdown. Liz the reason you were the only one who could wake me is when Max brought you back to life it changed you and made you his Queen."
"Alex one second. SERENA GET IN HERE! I Want to talk to you!" yelled Liz
"Hey Alex feeling better?" asked Serena entering the room.
"Uh so Rena you forgot to tell Liz she's the Queen and now she's pissed at you." said Alex
"Serena why didn't you tell me my destiny was to be Queen of Antar?" asked Liz
"I didn't think you were ready to hear it."
"Weather I was ready or not is not the point you should have told me."
"I know I was wrong Liz."
"Ladies if you don't stop fighting I'll ask Ava to send me back to the nice peaceful limbo." said Alex
"Over my dead body Whitman. You are not going back there. If what you told me is true than we need you mister I think I'll get myself almost killed by my bestfriend's rival for the love of the alien King. I don't think so." said Liz
"How long have you been holding that in?" asked Serena
"Uh since I first saw Alex."
"So um everyone thinks I'm dead?" asked Alex
"Yeah in facted I left Roswell nine years ago to find out what happend and now I work for the FBI and up to head the Special Unit."
"That's great. Uh Rena did you at lest tell her who your father is?" asked Alex
"Yes Alex I know Serena's father is Kavar. How do you know this stuff anyway?"
"I told him and Zath and Ava told him stuff when he was in and out of the coma." said Serena
"Liz you are who makes Max strong. He needs you." said Alex
"I know. It's just I don't know if I'm ready for this."
"Liz we don't got a lot of time. Nicky knows I betrayed my father so Kavar will be ready to fight to the death very soon. He will first come after those they love. Their parents, Maria and he will kill Maria's baby before it has a chance to live." said Serena
"Liz you have to go back to Roswell and bring them all here. Even the Evans and Kyle and the Shariff. It is the only way they all will be safe." said Alex
"What I call one of our little Pow wows and say you all have to come to the rebel base with me? Oh yeah that will go over well." said Liz
"Liz I'll go with you and help you explane things." said Serena
"Ok that may help."
"Liz I'm going to be ok. Ava and Zath will take care of me until you get back." said Alex
"I know it's I just don't want to leave you."
"Liz to got to. Or both Earth and Antar are screwed." said Alex
"Ok but I'm not happy about this." said Liz
"Come on Liz you have some phone calls to make." said Serena
"Oh fun."
"Just get them here and everything will be explaned." said Zath joinnig the group.

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Sorry it's been so long but with the posting problems and being very busy lately I haven't had much time. I got one question for ya. Should Kavar kidnap Liz or not? I can't deside. Let me know what you think.

Everyone turned as Zath entered the room. Serena looked him in the eye before speaking to him.
"Zath I'm going to go with Liz back to town."
"Becareful Serena." said Zath.
Liz and Alex shot each other a look that said "these two have it bad for each other."
"We will be Zath don't worry. Ready to go Liz?" said Serena
"Yeah. Alex do as they say." said Liz
"Yes Queenie." said Alex
"Alex don't call me that. I know that it's my destiny to be Queen but I'm not ready to be called that."
"Yes ma'am." said Alex and Serena
"You two are so cornball." said Liz with a smile
"Yo that's my line." said Ava from the door.
"I know Ava but I couldn't resestied." said Liz
"I ain't going to get on your case. You da' Queen not me so say whatever ya like." said Ava
"Ava keep Whitman here out of trouble until I get back."
"Whatever ya want Liz."
"Liz, Serena you two should get back to Roswell." said Zath.
"Boy this will be fun. No wait this is going to make the FBI trainning acdamey look like childs play." Liz mumbled
"Yo Liz by the way thanks for keeping the Feds off my back." said Ava
"Your welcome Ava."
"Let's hit the road Liz. Alex will be ok for a while." said Serena
"Later Parker." said Alex
"See ya cornball." said Ava
"Alex stay out of trouble. Ava did I ever tell you I like you better than that space trash dupe of yours?"
"Thanks Liz." said Ava
"Becareful both of you. Liz if Kavar get's his hands on you this war will be as good as over." said Zath
"Oh fun. The weight of two worlds is on my shoulders." Liz mumbled
"Liz everything will work out. I got faith in you." said Alex
"Thanks Alex. Well Serena let's get back to Roswell. Michael is in for a surprise. No wait everyone is in for a surprise when they hear that Alex is alive."
"Liz it might not be a good idea to bring that up yet." said Alex
"Your right I should just spring you on them when they get here!" said Liz
"Uh if you do that Maria, Isabel and Mrs. Evans better have someone behind them to catch them when they faint." said Serena
"Good point we'll think of something Serena."
Liz pulled Serena out of the room and all the way to the car. They got in and Serena drove back to Roswell while Liz made phone calls.
"Hi Max it's Liz."
"Hey what's up?"
"Can we as in everyone meet at your parents at seven tonight?"
"Yeah sure I'll tell my mom."
"Thanks would you mind calling Kyle and his dad?"
"Liz are you ok?"
"Yes. Max I'm going to be bringing someone you all have to meet."
"Ok Liz see you at seven."
"By Max."
Liz hung up then diled another number.
"Maria it's Liz."
"Parker what's up?"
"You and Michael need to be at the Evans at seven tonight. There is someone you have to meet. Who knows about you know what."
"I get the idea."
"See you later Maria."
"I'll tell Isabel. I'm with her right now."
"Ok thanks"
Liz hung up her cell phone. Then started to look out the window.
"Liz what's wrong?" asked Serena
"Yeah right."
"Serena I don't want to talk about it ok?

Part 17A

At seven that night Liz and Serena stood on the Evans front porch.

"You going to ring the bell or not Liz?"
"Everyone is here."
"Yep. Liz it's time."
"Ok, but I'm still mad at you for lying to me all these years."
"I'm sorry Liz."

Liz rang the bell and a second later Diane Evans answered the door.

"Hello Liz. Come in this the friend you told Max about?"
"Hi Mrs. Evans. Yes this is Serena. I met her when I was out east."
"Nice to meet you Mrs. Evans." said Serena
"Everyone is in the living room." said Diane

Liz and Serena when into the living room with Diane. She saw the stares that she and Serena got.

"Hi everyone. Before we get down to bissness I want you all to meet Serena. Serena meet Max, Isabel, Michael. Kyle, Shariff Valenti and Philip Evans." said Liz
"Nice to meet you all." said Serena
"Michael meet your half sister Serena." said Liz
"My sister?" asked Michael
"Yep same mother differnt father. Liz just learned this last night. Uh but the reason you were all called here is because Kavar is here and if we don't stop him than Antar and Earth are both screwed." said Serena
"I by that space boy and Serena are related." said Maria
"We all have to go to the rebale base." said Serena
"Why should we trust you Serena?" asked Max
"If you don't Kavar will take over Earth kill you Max your parents and everyone you care about and inslaveLiz." finished quickly.
"Wait a sec what was that last part Serena?" asked Liz
"I said in slave Liz."
"Why would he do that?" asked Philip

Liz shot Serena a look that said "you want to tell them or should I?"

"Well the thing is remember Tess? Well she was the Queen in your past lives but not in this one." said Serena
"Then who is?" asked Isabel
"That would be me. It has to do with Max saving my life when I got shot." said Liz
"Ok let me see if I got this straight. Liz is Queen of you pod peoples home planet and Serena is Michael's sister?" asked Kyle
"Yeah." said Liz
"Where is this base?" asked Valenti
"In the desert outside town." said Serena
"When do we go?" asked Max
"In the morning." said Liz
"Uh Liz you think they are ready to hear the rest?" asked Serena
"Yeah well we better tell them now rather than spring it on them in the morning." said Liz
"What are you two talking about?" asked Maria
"Well uh this is going to come as a surprise but Alexisalive." Liz finished quickly
"WHAT?!" yelled everyone
"Alex is alive." said Liz
"How is that possible?" asked Isabel
"The rebles found him and have been taking care of him ever since." said Serena
"Maria are you ok?" asked Liz
"How long have you known Alex was alive?" asked Maria
"Not long only a few hours. Trust me I was just as shocked as you are now."
"Are you sure it's really Alex?" asked Diane
"Yes it's Alex. I've seen him." said Liz
"How is he?" asked Isabel
"Not bad. I know he will do better when he sees you princess." said Serena
"I think we all need to get somerest." said Valenti
"He's right. we can meet at the Crashdown at ten tomarrow morning. Then we will all drive out to the base together." said Liz
"Ok Liz see you tomarrow." said Isabel
"Uh Serena why don't you come home with Maria and me and we cand get to know each other better." said Michael
"That would be great." said Serena
"What about your car Serena?" asked Liz
"Take it home with you Liz." said Serena tossing Liz the keys.
"Ok see you tomarrow." said Liz
"Liz can we talk for a minute?" asked Max
"Yeah. Uh let's go for a walk."

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Part 17b

As every one left to head home Liz and Max when for a walk.

"So Liz you are the one ment to be Queen."
"You surprised?"
"A little."
"I think you will make a great Queen."
"Max of coruse you think that."
"Why do you say that? It's not because I love you. Liz you are smart and brave."
"Max I'm surprised that you haven't said "I told you so" yabout us being destined to be together."
"I wouldn't do that."
"I know."
"So Liz how is Alex?"
"Same old Alex. He's fine."

Max gently slide his arm around Liz's waist. He felt her flinch a little at his touch.

"Sorry Max. Old habit." said Liz softly
"It's ok Liz. We can take things as slow as you want."
"What if I don't want to go slow?"
"You don't want to go slow?"

Liz answerd him by going up on her tip toes and giving him abig kiss.

"Wow Liz! I take that as you want to get back together again."
"I am destined to be your Queen."
"And you are ready to acepted that destiny?"
"I kinda already have."
"What do you mean?"
"Uh, I kinda brourght Alex out of the limbo he was in, and to do that I had to acepeted my destiny whatever that was."
"You didn't know at the time?"
"No Serena and Zath the reble leader both thought to leave that out."
"So when do you want to get back together?"
"How about now?"
"Now? I thought you weren't ready for a relationship?"
"Look Max from what I've been told both Earth and Antar are doomed if I don't get over my fears. We need to be together."
"But we have to keep it at a pace we both agree on."
"That's fine."
"So Agent Parker ready to go home?"
"No I want to go to your place."
"Liz are you sure?"
"Yes. max nothing is going to happen. I'm not ready for that part of our relationship."
"Max I do love you. You are the only one I have ever loved."

Max smiled and gave Liz a kiss on the top of her head as they walked back to the black Mustang. Liz climbed in and drove to Max's house.

Part 18

Michael, Maria and Serena sat in Michael's living room talking.

"Serena what was our mom like?" asked Michael
"She was great. She loved you. Kavar killed her when I was a kid." said Serena
"Serena how old are you?" asked Maria
"Uh about 26."
"Same age as me?" asked Michael
"Yes. But don't forget you lived before. I didn't. I'm full alien and you are a hybrit." said Serena
"So your father is Kavar? asked Maria
"Yes lucky me."
"What happend to my dad?" asked Michael
"He died a month before Zan married Ava. Or so I was told."
"Why are you helping us?" asked Michael
"Because I promised mom before she was killed I wouldn't let anything happen to you, Max, Isabel or the true Queen."
"How did you know it was Liz?" asked Maria
"The phrophcy. In short it states the greatest Queen ever will come from a world that a King would be reborn on. Liz fits because Max risked everything to save her life."
"So Max was right when he told Liz she was his destiny? asked Michael
"Honey let Serena get some rest we can question her more tomarrow." said Maria
"Ok good night." said Michael
"Night Michael. Night Maria." said Serena
"Night Serena. Thanks for watching out for Liz when she needed a friend." said Maria
"No prombem."
"Serena how did you meet Liz anyway?" asked Michael
"She was in my Engish Lit class in collage. She was living in an off campus apartment and was looking for a roommate."
"So you moved in with her?" asked Maria
"Yes I had to get away from my father."
"You don't like your father I take it." said Michael
"Michael if I could have I would have killed him long ago. But I can't do it alone."
"Don't worry Serena we will get kavar and make him pay for what he has done." said Michael
"Thanks Michael."
"No problem.
"Serena see you in the morning." said Maria

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Part 19

Max unlocked his apartment and lead Liz in. Liz dropped her pruse on the table by the door.

"Max this is nice." said Liz
"Yeah it's ok."
"You ok Max?"
"Yeah. I just can't believe you wanted to come home with me."
"Look Max I came home with you because I don't want my parents involed in this mess. It's hard to hide things from them."
"Liz when this is all over will you go out with me? You know on a date?"
"I think that can be aranged, since uh we are destined to rule together."
"Liz are you sure your ok with all this?"
"Yes Max. Alex is fine. He was really messed up by Tess but he's fine now."
"Do you know what happend to Tess?"
"No but if you need to know you can ask Serena I'm sure she know. I personaly could careless about that tramp."
"Uh Liz you can take my room. I can sleep out here on the couch."
"Max I'll sleep out here I don't mind."
"No way Elizabeth Parker you are taking my bed. If my mom were to find out I let you sleep on the couch she will leture me on having house guests."
"Ok I wouldn't want you in trouble with your mom."

Max showed Liz his room. Liz looked around saw excepted for a few photos in frames that there was only a bed dresser and and a bedside table with a lamp in the room.

"So Max you don't get to personal with your bedroom do you?"
"Not really. Makes it easy to pack in case I have to leave."
"So Max why did you become a detective?"
"It's just a job. Besides it makes it easier if some alien thing comes up."
"Yes Liz?"
"Thank you for trusting me."
"Liz I promise I will always trust you. You have been there for us always. We just put your life in danger so why do you do it?"
"You mean besides the fact that I love you? Max when you healed me all those years ago you opened my eyes to a new world. I felt trapped in this town. But when you healed me I wasn't trapped any more. It made my world bigger."
"But it also scewed up your life."
"Maybe it did. But you know something if I could go back to that day and stop it I wouldn't. You once told me that, that was the day your life began. But what you don't know is that I think of that as the day I came to life for the first time."
"I guess I wouldn't change that day either then."
"Max you know if I hadn't set you up to see me in bed with Kyle then you and I would be married."
"How do you know that?"
"The same way I know we would never have made it to the Gomez consert you wanted to take me to."
"How is that?"
"Well you came back from the future and told me. Before you ask you used the grandilith. You came back to ask me to help present day you fall out of love with me. You came back from 2014 because Tess split and the world was coming to an end. Michael and Isabel were dead. I'm guessing that Maria, Alex and Kyle and everyone else we loved were too."
"Liz who else know this?"
"Maria. I told her when you were in New York with Tess, Lonnie and Rath."
"No one else knows?"
"No one else knows. Unless Maria spilled to Michael and didn't tell me."
"Thank you Liz for being so selfless."
"I didn't do it for Michael, Isabel or any of our friends. I did it 'cause you asked and I love you."
"Liz I want to kiss you."
"I'm not going to stop you."

Max leaned doen and gently started to kiss Liz, which she returned, Max placed one hand on the back of Liz's head placeing the other gently on her back. Liz reached up and wrapped her arms around Max's neck. That was when they conected for the first time in years and started to recive flashes.

Liz meetting Serena

Max watching Liz leave Roswell

Liz at a party

Max finding a little boy.

Liz broke the kiss before the flashes could go any farther. Max looked at her knowing the reason she pulled away.

"Max it's ok. I just don't want you to see what happend."
"So you saw them too?"
"Yeah. One question why didn't you try and stop me from leaving?"
"I don't know. You were hurting. You thought you had lost one of your best friends and no one wanted to even consider your opion."
"Lest of all you."
"Yeah. So would you have stayed if I had asked you?"
"Maybe. Or if I didn't I may not have stayed away for so long."
"We should get some sleep."
"Here you can sleep in this."

Max tossed Liz a t-shrit. Liz looked at it and smiled, reading it out lound.

"I was abducted by aliens in Roswell New Mexico."
"Uh yeah. Maria gave me that a couple years ago."
"Sounds like Maria."
"Thanks Liz."
"For what?"
"For everything you've done to protected me, Michael and Isabel all these years."
"Max I'll see you in the morning."
"Good night Liz."
"Max let's not tell Michael and Isabel about the future you thing yet."

Liz climbed into Max's bed after changing in the bathroom while Max changed in his room. Liz curled up in the bed breathing in Max's sent as she drifted off to sleep, feeling safer than she had in years. Max watched Liz from the door for a while. Then when to bed on the couch.

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Part 20

Liz woke the next mornig to the smell of cooking. She got out of bed and found a robe on a chair. She put it on and when to find Max. She walked into his small kitchen and saw him cooking.

"So Max when did you learn to cook?" asked Liz
"Morning Liz a while ago."
"Before or after we dated?"
"After you left. Don't worry I didn't put and tobasco in any of this."
"Ok. Max I will have to go back to Washington for a little while soon."
"Well I either have to get transferd out here or quit. I'm think more a long the lines of quitting. Because my boss know someone is destroying the alien files."
"Does he know it's you?"
"I don't know. I don't think so. I coverd my tracks as well as I could."
"Why do you want to quit?"
"Because I can't do this any more. Max I love you and I want to be with you."
"So you moving back to be with me?"
"Yeah. I would be. Besides it's time for me to stop running from the past and face it."

Max placed a plate of eggs and bacon and a piece of tost in front of Liz.

"Coffee or tea?"
"You want milk, orange juice or apple juice with that?"
"Oj will be fine. I do take a little milk in my coffee."
"No problem."
"What Liz?"
"What do you think of Serena?"
"Not sure. She's differnt."
"I know but I trust her. Max she was there when I needed a friend. She took care of me after what happend. But she also kept secerts from me. I only found out a few days ago that she is an alien."
"She didn't tell you?"
"Never told me until she showed up here a few days ago."
"I put a clean shirt of mine in the bathroom and a pair of Isabel's jeans she left here when she spent the night after an alien thing. So when you are ready call me and I'll adjust them so they fit you."
"Thanks Max."

Liz ate her breakfast watching Max. He smiled at her across the table. Then she felt him gently rub his foot over her leg.

Boy we are acting like we are back in high school! Liz thought.

"Uh Liz Liz how is Alex really doing?"
"Well having his brain rotted by a trampy alien homewrecker didn't help him any. But I would say he will get better in time."
"I'm sorry I didn't believe your feelings about Alex."
"Max that is in the past. I know none of that was really you. Tess played her mind games with you, and that caused you to sleep with her. I may not be happy about that but I have forgiven you for it cause it wasn't your fault. Max if I do quit would you give me a job working with you?"
"No and it's not because you wouldn't make a great P.I. it's because I would never be able to slove a case if I worked with you."
"So I would distrated you?"
"I guess there is always asking for my old job back at the Crashdown."
"Or you could ask Valenti for a job."
"I don't know about that. Max I can find a job. Or I might go back to school."
"whatever you deside I'm behind you 100%. Liz you really should get cleaned up we will have to meet everyone in a little while."
"I know and thank you. Max just give me a little time. I'm adjusting to having you in my life again. But that doesn't mean I don't want a relationship with you. Because I do more than anything in this world."
"I understand Liz. In the few days you have been back you have come a lon way in a short time."
"How can you tell?"
"Well you spent a night alone with me here."
"Yeah but Max I trust you. Max I'm going to go take a shower now."
"Ok see you in a little bit."

Liz got up and when to the bathroom. Max watched Liz head out. He knew she was trying not to be scared but he could tell she still was. But she wasn't scared of him he knew that. It was something else. Max was finishing cleanning the kitchen and putting the dishes away when he heard Liz call out to him.

"Hey Max how about a little help now?"
"Ok Liz."

A minute later Max stood outside the bathroom watching Liz. She look great even if the shrit and jeans didn't fit right yet.

"Max how about adjusting these things so I can walk without braking my neck?"
"Yeah sure."

Max walked up to Liz and with a wave of his hand the jeans fell to her ankles and hugged her hips just like the ones she wore in high school. The t-shrit became a baby tee and showed part of her middrif off. Liz smiled at the way they fit now. She saw Max was having trouble keeping his eyes off her.

"Thank you Max."
"Your welcome."
"So Max I take it by the look on your face you still love my body."
"Uh yeah."
"Well Max I still love yours. I'm not the same person I was in high school. I can never be her again either. My life was easier then. Well apart from the FBI, alien hunters and aliens out to kill us any way. I'm not just fighting to keep you safe any more I'm fighting my own demons. Besides Max I left out that my boss knows more about me than I told him."
"What do you mean?"
"He knows that I'm from Roswell, and I only told one person I work with that and she wouldn't tell."
"This is bad."
"No kidding."
"What are you going to do?"
"I don't know. I want you to hold me though. Last night sleepping in your bed I felt safer than I have in along time."
"You know I will do anything you want."

Max wrapped his arms around Liz's waist and gave her a kiss. They stood that way for a few minutes. Liz knew this was how it had always been ment to be.

"Max we need to go. I want to talk to Serena about something before we go out to the base."
"Ok but when you go back to Washington I'm going with you."
"Oh Julie's going to love that. My high school boyfriend coming home with me."
"Who's Julie?"
"Uh an angent I'm kinda friends with. She was on vacation out here a few months before I almost died and you sved my life."
"Does she know?"
"She knows in high school I dated this guy named Max who I was maddly in love with before we broke up. That is all she knows."
"Are you sure?"
"Well that's all I told her. But she is also the only one who can prove that I'm the one destorying the alien files."
"Do you trust her?"
"More than my boss. Which isn't saying much really. Since I trust my boss about as much as you trusted Nicholas. I trust you more than anyone Max I stayed last night because of that trust."
"You ready to go?"

Liz walked out with Max's arm still around her.

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Part 21

"Spaceboy get a move on it we got to meet everyone in like ten minutes."
"I am moving Maria." yelled Michael

Serena rolled her eyes these two had been at it all morning.

"Michael it's time to leave." said Maria
"I'm coming. Ready Serena?"
"Yeah been ready, and Michael not a good idea to piss Liz off right now. She's still mad at me for not telling her she is destined to be Queen." said Serena
"Who told her?" asked Maria
"Alex after she woke him from the coma he was in."
"Bet Liz was mad." said Michael
"Oh yeah she yelled at me for it. I didn't tell her 'cause she was already freaking that Alex is alive." said Serena
"She's not the only one." said Maria

Michael wrappend his arms around Maria and gave her a kiss. Serena watched her brother with Maria and saw the love they shared. If only Zath felt that way about her. But that wasn't going to happen any time soon.

"Let's get going." said Michael

A few minutes later the three parked in front of the Crashdown. they saw everyone else was there waitting for them.

"Sorry we are late but these two desided to have a yelling match this morning." said Serena
"What else is new?" asked Kyle
"Uh Serena can we talk for a minute alone?" asked Liz
"Yeah sure." said Serena

Liz lead Serena into the alley so they could talk.

"What's wrong Liz?"
"Serena I think there is something pulling me to Max."
"Well there is the fact that the two of you need to complet the bond that started when he healed you before long."
"And that means?"
"Uh I believe you call it making love."
"Liz look I know you are scared to do that. But if my father were to get his hands on you before the bond is complet then he can and will destory it."
"Liz I can't say it."
"Serena tell me."
"Make you have his child. He knows when he would have to do it too. But if your with Max first he won't be able to brake it or get into your head."
"Great now I have to be on the look out for an alien trying to kidnap me."
"Liz I'm only telling you what I know."
"Yeah I know. Come on we should go."
"Liz have you forgiven me for lying to you?"
"Yeah Serena I have. I know you were only trying to protected me."
"Thank you Liz."
"Serena you sure Isabel is ready to see Alex back from the dead? I mean I behrly kept from freaking out."
"You did freak out when I told you."
"Yeah whatever. Let's hit the road."
"Right so how are we going to devide up in the cars?"
"Uh you, me, Max and Isabel in the Mustang. Kyle, Michael, and Maria in the Jetta and the Evans and Valenti in a thrid car."
"Sounds good."

Liz and Serena walked back to the others and everyone got in the cars. Serena lead the way to the base.


Note: I don't do NC-17 so if/when M/L do any "cementing" you will only hear about it.

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Part 22

When they reached the base Serena lead the group into a large room. Every sat down and waitted for what would happen next.

"Liz why don't you go get Alex while I go find Zath and Ava?" asked Serena
"Yeah ok." said Liz
"Can I go with you Liz?" asked Isabel
"Yeah sure." said Liz

Liz lead Isabel to Alex's room quitly. Isabel watched her one time friend and desided it was time to brake the silents between them.

"He won't hurt you Liz."
"I know Isabel."
"Liz I know what happend to you. If you ever want to talk about it I'm here to help you."
"So how is Alex?"
"He's fine. By the way how did you find out?"
"I dreamwalked you a couple years ago. You were having a dream about it. Liz my mom feels bad about telling your mom. She thought you had told her. She didn't mean to brake your trust."
"I know Isabel. I'll talk to her later. Besides we are at Alex's room."
"Yeah. Ready to go in?"
"Ready as I'll ever be."

Liz walked into the room and saw Alex working on a computer.

"Yo Whitman. I got someone who wants to see you." said Liz

Alex turned and saw Isabel. Isabel took one look at Alex and her knees when weak as she started to pass out. Alex was on his feet and to her just as she fainted.

"So Liz did you warn everyone or not about me being alive?" asked Alex
"I warned them. So Alex how do you feel?"
"Why don't you wake the Princess?"

Alex leand down and gave Isabel a soft kiss. Isabel started to come around.

"Hey Isabel how have you been?" asked Alex
"Better now that I've seen you." said Isabel
"Ok guys ready to see everyone?" asked Liz
"Yeah. But Alex. I have to tell you something I should have long ago. I love you." said Isabel
"I love you too Isabel."

Liz rolled her eyes as she watched them kiss.

"Hate to brake the long over due reunion but have to get back to the others so we can plan how we are going to kick Kavar's ass." said Liz
"She's right Isabel. Let's go Princess, Queenie." said Alex
"Alex I thought I told you not to call me that." said Liz
"Sorry Liz."
"Just don't do it any more."
"I won't I promise Liz."
"That bothers you Liz?" asked Isabel
"Yeah it does. I know it shouldn't but it does." said Liz
"So let's go." said Alex

Liz lead them back to the meeting room. She saw Serena wasn't back yet so she walked over to Diane. While everyone else cought up with Alex. She saw Maria slap him upside the head after saying something.

"Mrs. Evans can we talk?" asked Liz
"Yes of course honey."
"Let's go out in the hall."

Liz and Diane walked out into the hall. Liz paced nerveosly as she listened to Diane.

"Liz I'm sorry for telling your mother. I thought you had told her."
"Mrs. Evans it's ok. I'm not mad about that. The fact is I should have told her and my dad along time ago. That was a mistake I made. I know that you care about me. Thank you for that."
"Liz how did Max take the news?"
"Not bad. He is willing to go as slow as I want."
"So I take it you are back together?"
"Yeah. Mrs. Evans I'm leaving the FBI and moving back to Roswell."
"You doing this for Max?"
"Yes and no. Partly for Max. But for me too. I spent nine years running from who I am. I never really delt with my feeling durring that time. I cut everyone I love and cared about out of my life, I almost lost everyone doing that."
"But you didn't."
"No I didn't."
"Liz you are a brave young woman."
"Thank you. We should head back in. Here comes Serena with Zath and Ava."

Five minutes later everyone was talking. Liz held Max's hand as Zath explaned things.

"You all understand that Max and Liz are the King and Queen. They have a bond but until they comit to each other Kavar can destory it." said Zath
"I know. But it's not the end of the world yet. I'm willing to do what I have to to prevent that from happening but I'm not sure I'm ready for that Zath." said Liz
"Liz you love Max so much you are willing to give him up. Now you have to love him enough to give him your heart again." said Alex
"Liz I promise I won't hurt you again, I know you are still hurting. But I won't hurt you." said Max giving her a soft kiss on the top of her head.
"Max when I said I tudt you I ment it. When you hurt me it wasn't your fault. Tess had been mind worping you." said Liz
"Well each of you will play a part in saving two worlds." said Zath
"I don't understand how can we help in this alien war?" asked Philip
"Mr. Evans what Zath means is even if we don't have alien powers we will be helping Max, Michael and Isabel in this war." said Liz
"How?" asked Diane
"Mom you and dad help by loveing and acepting Isabel and me. Valenti has helped us by doing everything he can to protected us. Liz has by doing whatever is asked of her no matter how hard it is for her. Maria and Alex by being there to lend a hand no matter what it is they need to do, and Kyle by doing whatever he is asked in some cases no questions asked." said Max
"So why are we here. I know it has to do with more than Alex being back from the dead." said Kyle
"Kyle aren't you glad to see me?" asked Alex
"Yeah well I just never thought that my friend who I thought was dead would come back to life." said Kyle
"Well I didn't think that that tramp your dad took in would almost kill me." said Alex
"One question what did happen to Tess after we sent her back to Antar?" asked Max
"Uh she didn't do her job and bring the three of you to Kavar so he killed her after the baby was born. By the way Kavar doesn't have the kid. He's hiden in a same place." said Serena
"Yo Rena why didn't ya tell us sooner?" asked Ava
"Tess isn't imported. Keeping you all safe is." said Zath
"You all are going to have to move here to the base it will be safer for all of you." said Serena
"I can't yet. I have to go back to Washington for a few days. I'm still a FBI Agent rememer it will only take a few days to get things settled so I can move out here." said Liz
"I'm going with you Liz. I'm not leaving you alone again." said Max
"Max I can take care of myself."
"I know but the skins could be any where."
"I know. For all I know they could be working for the FBI."
"There could be Liz. That's why we have some of our people in Washington D.C. There job is to keep you safe." said Zath
"Great so I have been being watched by aliens and never knew it." Liz mumbled
"Actully Liz you have been working with aliens." came a voice from the door.

Liz turned to see Julie standing there.

"Julie your an alien?" asked Liz
"Yes but so is Jones your boss. He's with the skins. He knows too much about you all. His job is to find out everything he can and give it all to Kavar." said Julie
"What is your job Julie?" asked Max
"To makes sure Jones doesn't learn Liz is destined to be Queen. But there are others who are in charge of keeping her alive." said Julie
"And who might they be?" asked Liz
"Sorry Parker can't tell you that."
"Of course not, I'm only destined to be Queen. I don't need to know who is my friend and who wants to hand me over to Kavar."
"Liz it's for your own good that you don't know yet." asid Zath
"Zath why do they want to kill Max and the others?" asked Diane
"Well Kavar's family and Max's family are bitter rivals. It all started over a girl that both Zan and Kavar fell in love with. But this girl Lexis only loved Zan. But Zan was promised to Ava. Lexis was forced to marry Kavar who she hated. Lexis felt she was better off dead and killed herself rather then live a life she hated." said Zath
"How sad." said Liz

Liz had moved to sit in Max's lap and he had wrapped his arms around her.

"Yes it is Liz. But the story doesn't end there. Kavar blamed Zan for Lexis killing herself and then used Vilandra to get his revenge on Zan. He killed Zan, Rath, Ava and Vilandra. Well any way Zan's mother knew how much Lexis loved Zan. So she had Lexis recreated much like the others, with only one differnce. Lexis would be compeltly human and rather then be poded would be given to a human couple as their own. There would also be no double for her. Queen Kathra knew that if Zan and Lexis were to ever meet again they would know each other." said Julie
"Julie how do you know so much?" asked Michael
"Lexis was my little sister." said Julie

Liz had listened to the whole story and for some reason part of it was familar to her. She looked over at Maria who had been strangly quit.

"Maria are you ok?" asked Liz
"This is too much to take in. Now we have to wait and see if Max's lover shows up?" asked Maria
"No Maria there is only one person I love in this life and it's not Tess, Ava or this Lexis. It's Elizabeth Anne Parker." said Max pulling her close to him.

Max why do I get the feeling that Lexis will show up. But she won't be who we think she is? Liz thought

"Liz you ok?" asked Alex
"Yeah just thinking."
"What about?" asked Max
"Nothing imported."
"Liz you and Max will fly back to Washington with me by prievet plane." said Julie
"So how do you think Jones is going to take my leaving the FBI?" asked Liz
"Not good. Liz he thinks you are his best agent." said Julie
"I don't care. It's time for me to stop running from my past and acepted my destiny."
"Liz if this is too dangerous maybe you shouldn't quit." said Max
"Max I'm quitting. I'm fine with it, besides Jones is going to want an alien and where on Earth am I goin to get one? I can turn any of you in."
"Liz if that is what you want then it's fine." said Max
"Liz let's you and me talk." said Julie
"Ok Jules." said Liz

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"Part 23

Liz walked into the next room with Julie and sat down on a sofa with her.

"Liz your not mad are you? That I didn't tell you the truth?" asked Julie
"No Julie. There is no point to be. You can't change what you did and neither can I."
"So you were shot back in 1999?"
"Yeah and Max saved my life. I have protected him any way I could ever since he told me he was 'not of this earth' to use his words."
"Liz you got a strange look on your face when Zath and I brought up Lexis."
"Yeah well part of the story sounded familier to me."
"Liz the only way that could happen is if........"
"I were Lexis as a human."
"But wouldn't you and Max know?"
"Maybe. Maybe not. Kavar sure would. What you should know is Lexis and I were never close. We loved each other as sisters but we weren't close. I also know she loved Zan very much. She hated Kavar. He when to school with her and was a big bully. Lexis hated that about him. So when she was sixteen and told by our father she would have to marry him she was devisted. There was only one man on all of Antar she wanted to marry and that was Zan. He felt the same way about her."
"I would be devestied if my dad told me I had to marry someone I could never love."
"Lexis never spoke to our father after that day."
"That angery?"
"Yes. Liz we can talk more about this later."
"Ok. Julie does Jones know who is desroying the alien files?"
"No but you and me are at the top of his list, he just can't prove it."
"That is just great. Good thing I desided to quit and move back to Roswell."
"Liz just becareful."
"I will Jules. I promise."
"Good. Liz I think of you as my friend and I don't want to have anything bad happen to you. I should tell you that Max and Isabel's mother on Antar made me promise when I came here I would do whatever I had to keep the Royals alive even die to do that."
"Julie I don't want you to die to protected me. I understand that is part of your job, and if it came down to my or your, you would give your up for me."
"Liz your the future Queen I can't let anything happen to you."
"I know."

Part 24

Nicholas paced outside of Kavar's office. He was in major trouble. He still hadn't found Serena.

"Nicholas get in here!" yelled Kavar
"Yes sir?"
Where is my daughter?"
"I don't know sir."
"Find her or you are dead understand?"
"Yes sir."
"Turns out Serena isn't our only problem. That Parker girl is one too."
"You want me to take her out?"
"No I want you to bring that human to me. There is something about her. Something imported about her."
"Kavar what do you mean?"
"Well you remember my wife Lexis?"
"Yeah she hated you."
"Well that little human reminds me of her."
"I don't know. Just bring me Max's little girlfriend."
"That won't be easy. She is the brains of that little group. Acording to that tramp Tess Max saved Liz's life when they were in high school."
"Max brought that little human back to life? Damn that little bitch is Max's mate in this life."
"Shit we really should take her out."
"The bond between them isn't unbrakeable yet. I just have to have her give brith to my child and the bond will be destroyed forever. Then she will never be able to take her place as Queen."
"Serena won't let you harm Liz. You know she promised to protected the Queen at any cost."
"True Theva did make her promise to protected the Queen at any cost."
"That means Serena is perpared to die to keep Liz away from you."
"Nicholas, Liz is going to have to go back to Washington for a short time. She has to turn in her badge so she can take her place as Queen."
"What do you eant me to do?"
"I want you to take Lonnie and Rath to keep an eye on her. If you get the chance bring her to me."
"Right sir."
"I'll find that trateoir of a daughter myself."

Nicholas left to find the Royal rejects. Kavar pulled a photo of Serena out and looked at it.

"Rena you will pay for your betrayal. You will not suceed in protecting that human Queen."

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Part 25

After the meetting broke up Alex took Isabel on a tour of the base.

"So Alex what happend to you?" asked Isabel
"Well you remember when I when to Sweeden?"
"Well I was never really there. I was in Las Cruces decoding that stupid book for Tess. She mindworped me."
"So why did she do it?"
"To get you all to leave with her, so she could hand you three over to Kavar."
"Liz said you had been in a coma."
"Yeah well when I broke out of the mindworp Tess tried to mindworp me again, and well that finished rotting what was left of my brain. Well anyway Serena and Zath found me and healed me as much as they could. But only the true Queen of Antar would be able to finish and wake me."
"But your ok now?"
"Yeah useless you count like Liz I'm not completly human any more."
"So now we have three human/alien people running around with you, Liz and Kyle."
"I'm so glad your alive Alex."
"I wish you cared this much before you thought I died."
"I did I just didn't know how to tell you. Then everything fell apart. Tess mindworped Max so he became distanced and a real jerk, then Liz ranaway to find answers."
"But the answers she was looking for had been right in front of her the whole time. I left her those clues in case anything happend to me."
"You want to go out after this is all over?"
"You bet. But you have to pay. Don't forget I spent the better part of nine years in a coma."
"Deal but you are getting a job so you will be able to pay at some point."
"I know."
"Alex why is it that Liz is Queen?"
"Well when Max saved her life it made the message from the orbs invalid. Not that you were destined to be with Michael in this life anyway."
"Who was I destined to be with?"
"You were sent to find your soulmate while you fought the skins."
"So Tess lied to us."
"You got it babe."
"Alex don't call me babe."
"Isabel so how have you been?"
"Ok. I missed you."
"I missed you too."
"You know if Liz hadn't come back when she did I would have gone to her and tryed to get her to come back with me."
"She wouldn't have come with you. She wasn't ready to face the past."
"I know but she had to. You know Maria was pissed at her for leaving."
"I bet. Liz left without saying goodbye to anyone. Maria is Liz's bestfriend."
"Alex how well do you know Serena?"
"I know she can be trusted. She has a good heart."
"Alex I'm glad your ok."

Isabel hugged Alex and they talked some more catching up on old times.

Part 26

Liz sat in the room she had been given at the base. She was thinking about the past when she heard someone at the door. She turned and saw a boy about eight or nine standing there.

"Hi who are you?" asked Liz
"I'm Joey. I'm nine. Who are you?"
"My name is Liz."
"Liz your cute."

Liz smiled at the boy, taking a better look at him she knew this could only be Max and Tess's son.

"Thank you. You can come in if you want."

Joey came into the room and sat by Liz on the bed.

"Joey where are you parents?"
"Mommy is dead. I don't know my dad."
"I'm sorry Joey."
"It's ok mommy was a bad person. She tried to kill dad's girlfriend's best friend."
"Joey are you bugging Liz?" asked Serena from the door.
"Serena he's fine." said Liz
"Joey go play I need to talk to Liz."
"Ok Rena." said Joey

When Joey was gone Liz spoke first.

"So that is Max and Tess's son."
"Yes. Liz, Max hasn't met him yet. After he was born I kinda kidnapped him and brought him to the rebles. Kavar thinks he's dead."
"Serena he reminds me of Max when we were kids."
"He's a very bright boy. Liz you know that when all this is over he will go live with you and Max."
"Serena I have no problem with that."
"So you like Joey?"
"Yeah. So who named him Joey?"
"I did. We all thought he should have a human name because he would live on Earth at some point."
"Don't you think it's time for Max to meet his son?"
"Your right Liz."
"I want to be there. Besides we should tell Joey who I am."
"Yeah. Liz how are you and Max getting alone?"
"Fine what about you and Michael?"
"Good actully. I'm a little surprised. I mean from what I heard about him he's not easy to know."
"He's not normaly. He must like you."
"Liz have you talked to Maria?"
"Not really."
"You really should. She was so hurt when you left. She is your bestfriend. She wanted to be there for you when you needed her. But since she couldn't she is glad you had at lest one friend to help you."
"I know. I'm going to go find her."
"Ok Later Liz."

Part 27

Maria was sitting in her room resting when Liz walked in.

"Hey Ria could we talk?"
"Maria I'm sorry about pushing you out of my life."
"It's ok you were upset."
"No it isn't Maria. Your my bestfriend. I messed up. I just walked away from our friendship."
"Liz really it's no biggie. You messed up so what?"
"It's a big deal to me. You have always been there for me. But when I really wanted you and needed you I pushed you away. Serena is great but she's not you. Your more than my friend, your the sister I never had."
"You think of me as a sister?"
"Yeah I do Maria. I love you."
"So how was your night with Max?"
"Fine not that anything happend."
"Nothing happend?"
"We kissed that's it."
"Liz you are going slow aren't you?"
"I think that's a good thing."
"Well Max made me breakfast."
"Wow that's so sweet."
"Yeah I didn't even know he could cook."
"He doesn't very often. Your dad actully tought him. He was afriad his mom would only teach him some Martha Steward thing."
"I can't see him cooking anything like that."
"No one can."
"Maria I made up my mind I'm leaving the FBI and moving back to Roswell."
"Liz you sure about that?"
"Yes. Maria it's time for me to stop running from my past."
"Liz I'm glad you came back."
"Me too. By the way I met Max's son."
"You have? What's the kid like? Is he a hell chid?"
"He's a sweet boy. Maria he's so much like Max. I only spoke to him for a few minutes but he's a mini Max."
"He likes you doesn't he?"
"Yeah but he doesn't know I'm Max's girlfriend."
"You didn't tell him?"
"Hey Liz you done making nice with Maria cause Rena wants to see you." said Michael
"See you later Ria."
"Liz what does Serena want?" asked Maria
"Well it's time for Max to meet his son."
"You meet the kid?" asked Michael
"Yeah he came to me earlier." said Liz
"Good luck with lover boy Liz." said Maria
"Thanks." said Liz leaving
"You think it's going to go well?" asked Maria
"Don't know. Max gave up a long time ago on finding the kid." said Michael

TBC FEEDBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here it is Max gets to meet Joey!!!!!! Just a note to say I most likely won't be posting anouther part until after Christmas. Too much to do between now and then.

Part 28

Liz found Serena and Joey outside Max's room. Serena was pacing up and down the hall nervesly.

"Serena it will be ok." said Liz
"You sure?"
"Yes Max is going to love this guy. I know that you feel he doesn't trust you. Bringing this guy to him might just win over his trust for good."
"Liz your dad's girlfriend?" asked Joey
"Yeah I am. Your dad is a good guy. He's going to love having you in his life." said Liz smiling
"Will you marry my dad Liz?" asked Joey

Serena looked at Liz as if to say "well are you?" Liz looked at the young boy knowing he wanted answer.

"One day maybe. But your dad will have to ask." said Liz
"Ok let's get this over with." said Serena

Liz knocked on the door. A minute later Max opened the door.

"Liz, Serena hey. What's up?" asked Max
"Max I got someone for you to meet." said Serena
"Ok come in." said Max
"Thanks Max." said Liz

When Liz and Serena walked in the room he saw the boy with them for the first time.

"Max I would like you to meet your son Joesph Robort Evans." said Serena
"My son?" asked Max
"Yes your son." said Serena
"Liz you met him?" asked Max
"Yes a couple hours ago. He came to me. He told me he thought I was cute. Father like son I geuss." said Liz
"Your my dad?" asked Joey
"Yeah I'm your dad big guy." said Max
"Your nice. Call me Joey. You have to ask Liz to marry you so I can have the best mommy in the world." said Joey
"Joey!" said Liz
"Liz you said if dad asked you then you would marry him." said Joey
"Joey honey it's not that smiple. Liz and I spent a long time apart we need to get to know each other again. We probley will get married one day if and only if Liz wants to." said Max
"I understand dad. You love Liz. But don't want to hurt her." said Joey
"That's right." said Max
"Joey I'm going to go. I'll see you later." said Serena
"Bye Rena."
"Serena who took care of him?" asked Max
"Everyone here. I was the one who brought him here though." said Serena
"Thank you for protecting my son." said Max
"Your welcome." said Serena as she left.
"Max you want to tell Joey about the day I learned that you love me more than your own life?" asked Liz
"Yeah. Come here Joey." said Max

Joey when over and sat down next to Max. Liz walked over and joinned them.

"Joey you want to hear a story about Liz and me?" asked Max
"Yeah." said Joey
"Well it was September 18th 1999 it started out like a normal day. Liz and her friend Maria were working at the Crashdown Cafe. Michael a friend of mine and I were eatting there." said Max
"Your dad was also staring at me. Well atlest that's what Maria told me." said Liz
"Yeah well I was. Well anyway these two guys started to arguee and one pulled a gun. It when off and Liz was shot."
"I would have died if your dad hadn't been there. He saved my life." said Liz
"You saved Liz's life dad?" asked Joey
"Yeah I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. I still am in love with her." said Max

Liz looked at Max then reached around Joey who was between them and wispered in his ear. Max looked at her and she nodded.

"Joey mind if I sit next to Liz for a minute?" asked Max
"No I don't mind." said Joey moving

Max moved next to Liz and took her hand in his. He saw her looking at him with love in her eyes.

"Elizabeth Anne Parker will you marry me?" aske Max
"Yes Max I'll marry you." said Liz

Joey looked at Liz then when over to her and gave her a big hug. Liz held the biy close to her. She had only known him a few hours and was already falling in love with him like he was hers.

"Liz after you marry dad can I call you mom?" asked Joey
"Joey I don't know if that's a good idea." said Max
"No Max. Joey if you want to call me mom you can I don't mind." said Liz
"Liz really I can?" asked Joey
"Yes honey." said Liz pulling him close to her and Max.
"Liz are you sure about this?" asked Max
"Yes Max. I'm fine with it. Besides I'm hoping that one day we will give Joey some brothers and sisters." said Liz
"That would be great!" said Max

Julie stood in the door watching the three of them. She knew then with out a doubt that Liz had Lexis's soul. She had found her sister without even trying hard. Liz and Lexis were two differnt people but they had the same warm heart. Liz cought her eye at that moment.

"Hey Julie what's up?" asked Liz
"Liz could I talk to you and Max alone?" asked Julie
"Yeah sure. Joey we will come see you later ok?" said Max
"Ok see you later dad. Mom." said Joey running from the room.
"Mom? He's not even your Liz and you are letting him call you mom?" asked Julie
"Yes I told him if he wanted to it would be ok." said Liz
"Julie what can we do for you?" asked Max
"Well there is no easy way to say this but I believe that uh........."
"I and Lexis are one and the same?" finished Liz
"You sure?" asked Max
"Yes. Liz and Lexis are the same person." said Julie
"Just anouther reason Kavar is going to want me." Liz mumbled
"You know I won't let anything bad happen to you without a fight." said Max

Julie watched how protective Max was of Liz. Just like Zan had been of Lexis as kids. They had been bestfriends that had fallen deeply in love.

"Max I know you will do anything for me." said Liz
"You two are so in love. How on Earth did you stay apart so long?" asked Julie
"It wasn't easy for me. Max didn't have a choice he didn't know where I was." said Liz
"Liz don't try and remember the past it's not imported." said Julie
"I don't plan too. If I remember I remember if I don't it's not the end of the world." said Liz
"Good. I'll see you two in the morning." said Julie leaving.

Liz and Max talked about good times for a while before going to dinner with everyone. Unknowing that danger was closer than they knew.

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Part 29

Serena walked in the dester later that night. Trying to sort out her feelings about everything. She turned when she heard a sound behind her. She then found herself face to face with Kavar her father.

"Uh hi dad." said Serena
"Serena it's been a long time." said Kavar

Not long enough for me. Serena thought

"What is this I hear you have joinned up with Max?"
"It's true. I'm doinning what is right. What you are doing is wrong. Max is the rightful King and you know it."

Kavar grabbed Serena's arm and pulled her towards him. She reminded him too much of her mother and brother.

"Look Serena you are my daughter you will do as you are told understand?"
"Never! I won't betray the rightful King."
"Too bad you feel that way. Because you are coming with me."
"Like hell she is!" came a voice.

Serena and Kavar turned to see Zath standing a few feet away. Serena looked into his eyes for the first time and saw how much he really cared about her.

"Kavar let her go." said Zath
"Zath becareful." said Serena
"Rena has he hurt you?" asked Zath
"I'm fine Zath."
"Zath it's been a long time Little Prince." said Kavar
"Not long enough for me." said Zath
"Zath what is he talking about?" asked Serena
"Serena, Zath is the younger brother of Max and Isabel." said Kavar
"Is this true Zath?"
"Yes Serena it's true." said Zath not meetting her eyes.
"Why didn't you tell me?" asked Serena
"It's not imported. Serena who I am doesn't change how I feel about you." said Zath
"And how do you feel about my daughter?" asked Kavar
"Serena I love you. I never want to lose you." said Zath softly.
"Isn't that sweet?" asked Kavar

Serena pulled out of Kavar's grip and when into Zath's arms. He pulled her close and held her.

"Zath I love you too." said Serena
"Kavar if you ever come after Serena again I will kill you myself for it." said Zath
"Very well but this isn't over Zath. Tell Max to keep an eye on his Queen or she will be mine." said Kavar walking away.
"Serena I'm sorry I didn't tell you who I was." said Zath
"It's ok Zath. I would be wrong to hold that agested you since I did the samething to Liz."
"Come on honey we have to get back and tell Max and Liz everything. Even that I'm his younger brother."
"Aren't you older than him?"
"Yeah well I wasn't born when Zan and Vilandra were killed. Then I was put in a pod to slow my growth so I would be ready to help them now."
"Zath did you really mean it when you said you loved me?"
"Yes Rena I ment it. I love you and have for a long time. Your beautiful, smart and brave. Why wouldn't I?"
"Zath I never thought you would love me."
"Serena I have been so hard on you, because I don't want to lose you."
"I know. By the way Liz is starting to bond with Joey."
"She really is going to make a very good and fair Queen. I just hope that she and Max complet the bond they share soon. Because Kavar is right this isn't over. It won't be over until he is dead."
"Zath I'm fine with that. He killed so meny. He killed my mother."
"I know Serena. I want you to promise me you won't go anywhere alone."
"I promise Zath."

Zath gave Serena a kiss and they walked back to their base.

Part 30

"Max stop it!" said Liz in between giggles

Max was tickling her and had been at it for almost half an hour. Max stopped when she asked.

"You ok Liz?" asked Max as she sat up.
"Yeah Max.
"If I made you feel like you couldn't trust me I'm sorry."
"Max you did nothing wrong. It's just I don't want us to go to far too fast."
"Liz you know I will never force you to do anything you don't want to do."
"I know. But do you know how hard it is for me to say no to you? Do you know how hard it was for me to tell you that lie about not wanting to die for you? Max I might not want to die but if you asked me to I would."
"Liz I don't want you to die to protected me. You know what happend when you got shot in high school and you didn't even know how I felt about you then."
"Yeah you risked your life to save mine."
"Liz I would do anything for you."
"Max there is something I should tell you."
"What is it?"
"We have to cement our relationship at some point in the near future. Our bond isn't compelt until we do, and Kavar if he get's his hands on me will destroy it."
"You mean we have to go all the way?"
"I understand that this is importedd but I don't want to push you."
"Your not Max."

Just then there was a knock on the door. Liz got up and opened it. She found Serena and Zath standing there.

"What's wrong?" asked Liz
"Liz we go trouble." said Serena walking into the room with Zath.
"What's wrong?" asked Max
"Max don't let Liz out of you sieght when you go to Washington." said Zath
"Why? What is going on?" asked Liz
"I had a run in with my father. If Zath hadn't shown up I would be his prisoner now. But he kinda threated to take you Liz if Max doesn't watch you." said Serena
"Oh god." said Liz
"It will be ok Liz. I won't let anything happen to you." said Max
"Max, Liz there is one other thing I should tell you. I should have told you before. Max I'm your brother." said Zath
"My brother?"
"Yes your brother. I was put in a pod simialer to yours after I was born about a month after you and Isabel were killed. Mine was desined to slow my growth until about two years before you were to break out of yours. That way I would be at my strongest when it came time to help you." said Zath
"Why didn't you tell us before?" asked Liz
"I didn't think it was imported. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner." said Zath
"Don't worry about it. But I would like to talk to you alone for a while." said Max
"I understand." said Zath
"Serena let's let them talk." said Liz
"See you later honey." said Max
"See you later Rena." said Zath giving her a kiss.
"Yeah later." said Serena
"Max be nice." said Liz

Liz pulled Serena from the room and stared at her friend in the hall.

"Ok I'm pulling a Maria spill." said Liz
"What Liz?" asked Serena playing dumb.
"Serena your not dumb. Whar is going on with you and Zath?" asked Liz
"Well Zath after he saved me from Kavar told me he loved me."
"That's great."
"Yeah. Liz your not surprised?"
"No I've seen how the two of you look at each other, I'm surprised that it took this long."
"So you and Max?"
"Are engaged and working things out."
"That's good Liz."
"Yeah. We are still going kinda slow."
"Liz I would be surprised if you didn't go slow. You are a good person Liz and we won't let anything happen to you. I promise. Weather you like it or not you are my Queen so we have to keep you safe."
"Serena don't treat me any differnt then you have."
"I won't Parker."
"Liz you really should talk to someone about what happend five years ago. You will never fully be over it until you do."
"Serena I'm past it."
"Then why did you flich last night when Max put his arm around you?"
"Old habits die hard."
"Liz talk to Isabel it's going to help you."
"Serena can we just drop it? I know you care but I'm fine."
"Ok Liz."
"Thanks Serena."
"Whatever you want Liz."

Liz watched Serena walk off. A few minutes later Isabel came up to her.

"You ok Liz?" asked Isabel
"Not really. I just relized that Serena is right I'm not over what happend to me, and I might never be."
"You want to talk about it?"
"Not really but I should."
"Let's go to your room and talk. Liz whatever you say to me will stay between you and me."
"I know Isabel."

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Part 31

Liz sat down on her bed while Isabel pulled up a chair. Liz still felt unsure about talking about this and did speak right away.

"Liz, anytime your ready. Take your time if you want. Just remember I will never say anything about what you tell me to anyone. Not even Max."
"Yeah I know. This is just hard for me to talk about."
"Ok tell me how you met that guy who did this to you?"
"Ok his name was Jackson. He when by Jax for some reason. He was in a few of my classes. I studyed with him a few times. He seemed like a nice guy. He was also a member of a fraterinaty on campus. He invited me to a party. This was one of those by invet only kind of parties."
"So you thought he was your friend?"
"Yeah. Well we when to the party I had a couple of beers. Isabel truth be told I drank a couple times a week when I was in school. I was in a dark place at the time. Well what I didn't know was that Jax put something in one of them. Things get a bit fuzzy but I remember being in a bedroom with him. Any way that is when he raped me."
"Do you know what he gave you?"
"The doctor said it most likely was GHB. He could have killed me with that, he gave me too much."
"I know that is a dangerous durg."
"I had some kind of reaction to it. I think the only reason I didn't die was because when Max healed me it actived the part of my brain where your powers come from."
"So Max in a way saved your life twice?"
"So what happend to Jax?"
"He's in jail. What little I remember and DNA put him there."
"Liz why didn't you talk about this with someone sooner?"
"I tried after it happend but I found it too hard to talk about."
"It was easier with me?"
"Yeah. The reason I found it so hard to talk about was I couldn't get into why I couldn't call and talk to my really close friends or why I left Roswell in the first place. But you already know those reasons. Besides if I told anyone the truth I would have been locked up in some nut house for claming I was friends with aliens from anouther planet."
"Well I'm not going to do that to you. I know better than anyone that aliens are real. Liz you still have things I think you need to work out."
"I know."
"Why don't we talk once a week for a while?"
"Yeah ok."
"Liz remember what ever you tell me in thrapy will stay between you and me. I can't tell Max unless you say I can."
"I know. Thanks Isabel. I feel a little better haveing talked to you about this."
"Your welcome Liz. So tell me are you ready to comit to Max?"
"Yeah I am."
"So how do you complet your bond anyway?"
"Do you really want to know?"
"No but I feel I should know."
"Well uh Max and I have to take our relationship to the leave we didn't in high school."
"Oh wow."
"Liz are you ready for this step?"
"I know I wouldn't have if I hadn't talked to you. But now I really think I am."
"Liz, Maria told me about future Max after you left."
"Yeah so?"
"Thank you."
"No problem."
"Liz I don't mean just for saving my life, but for being brave and strong enough to brake your own heart for the greater good."
"Isabel I could never have lived with myself with the blood of the world on my hands just because I love Max."
"Liz it would have been Tess's fault."

Liz reached over and hugged Isabel. The two girls had never been close but Liz knew things would be better for them now.

"Liz when was the last time you had a good night sleep?"
"Uh last night. I slept at Max's apartment."
"He still makes you feel safe doesn't he?"
"You know his kid is out there somewhere."
"His son is here at the base. I met him. He's sweet and kinda reminds me of Max when we were kids."
"Liz you should get some rest. I'll see you before you leave tomarrow."

Liz curled up in the bed and Isabel placed a hand gently over Liz's forehead and Liz feell into a deep peaceful sleep. Isabel got up and left. As she left she saw max heading to Liz's room.

"Max, Liz is sleeping."
"I won't wake her."
"Max you know last night was the first time she had a good night sleep in who knows how long?"
"No I didn't know that."
"She doesn't want to worry you. Liz loves you so much. But she is still scared."
"I know. But she doesn't need to be scared of me."
"She isn't. Max I can't tell you about what she told me. But what I will tell you is that she maybe scared but it's not of you."
"Iz I just want to go in and give her a kiss."
"Ok just don't wake her."

Max when into Liz's room and placed a gentle kiss on Liz's head. then remembering what she had told him that morning he took off his flanal shrit and lifted Liz's head and placed the shrit on her pillow. He left quitly as a smile came over Liz's face.

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Part 32

"So uh Ava why are you here?" asked Kyle
"I'm helping cause I don't want Kavar to win."
"Well uh I think your hot."
"You are such a cornball Buddha boy."
"You know I always hated Tess calling me that."
"So you think Liz is going to be ok?"
"I don't know Ava. It's been nine years since any of us saw or heard from her. She has changed a lot."
"Well she's been through a lot since she left."
"what do you mean?"
"Kyle, that is for Liz to tell you when she ready or if she wants you to know." said Diane sitting down next to him.
"You know Mrs. Evans?" asked Kyle
"Yes and I already betrayed her trust once. I'm not going to do it again."
"Mom Liz only asked you not to tell me. She wasn't even made about your slip up." said Max entering the room.
"I know but it's her place to tell not mine. By the way where is your Queen?"
"Liz is sleeping. She talked with Iz then when to bed." said Max
"Max how is Liz doing?" asked Ava
"She's doing ok. There are still somethings she is unconfable with, but she seems happier than she was a few days ago."
"Max if I know Liz she was much happier when she first saw you." said Serena joinning the group.
"Why do you say that Rena?" asked Ava
"Well the whole time I was living with her she never told me about her past. She always seemed sad and some where else. Today was the first time I ever heard her laugh." said Serena
"Liz was hurting for a long time. She is finally starting to heal. She left to find answers right?" said Diane
"Yeah that's right mom." said Max
"It took her job to bring her back home only to find that the answers she was looking for were here the whole time. Her heart never left Roswell. Liz has learned that the old saying is true home is where your heart is. Everyone she loves is here in Roswell." said Diane
"Mrs. Evans I still don't get why she left like she did anyway." said Kyle
"Well she lost part of herself when we all thought Alex had died. She may have been losing herself for a while and that was her braking point, so she left. She found that she couldn't be happy apart from her family. So she has desided to quit her job and stop running from herself." said Max
"Max Liz is lucky to have you in her life." said Serena
"She was lucky to find a friend like you Serena. Thank you for taking care of her when she needed it." said Max
"No problem Max."
"Serena let's you and me go some where and talk." said Max
"Serena your Liz's friend and I just want to get to know you better that's all."

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Part 33

Serena lead Max to a kitchen so that they could talk.

"Do you want anything?" asked Serena
"Uh yeah a cherry coke if you got it."
"Here you go and here's the Tobasco."
"Serena Liz trust you. I know you feel I don't. I want to it's just I don't know you well enough to trust you. I want to get to know you."
"What do you want to know?"
"Well uh what was your childhood like?"
"Well I lived with my mom mostly. Well until I was nine and Kavar killed her. Then your mother Queen Kathra took me in. I saw my father once in a while but he was to busy trying to find you before you hatched. Your mother knew how long it would be before you would released from your pods."
"So my mother took care of you?"
"Yes she was great to me. When Tess arived back on Antar I trusted that bitch about as far as I could throw her. She only lived a year before Kavar killed her. That was when I kidnapped Joey and came to Earth with the rebles. I had a promise to keep. Protected the true Queen at any cost."
"Serena how did you know it was Liz?"
"She never said anything. I dreamwalked her. She doesn't know. Please don't tell Liz."
"I won't."
"Thank you. What else do you want to know?"
"What can you tell me about Joey?"
"Uh well he is a sweet caring boy. Very shy and quite for the most part. Liz is the only one I really have seen him take a liking to like that."
"Who has been raising him?"
"Zath and some of the other rebles. When I have been here I have."
"Thanks Serena."
"Max all I have ever wanted was to be judged by who I am and not who my father is."
"Serena your not your father. Liz trust you and so do I. I just wanted to get to know you better. It's for our own sake. We trusted Tess without really knowiing her. Well Liz never really did."
"You trust Liz's judgement don't you?"
"Yes I messed up because of Tess's mind games and almost lost her forever."
"Liz would have found her way back to you."
"How do you know?"
"Well if it come to it her protectors would have dragged her back. They didn't want it to come to that."
"Does Liz know her protectors?"
"Yes and no."
"She knows them but not that they are aliens."
"Right. She will find out when the time is right."
"Serena thank you for taking care of Liz."
"It wasn't a problem. I would do anything for her."
"I should get to bed. Tomarrow is going to be a long day."
"Max becareful when you get to Washington."
"I will Serena."

Max got up and when to bed. Serena watched her King leave. A minute later Zath wrapped his arms around her.

"Zath you think Max and Liz are ready to take their places as King and Queen?"
"Yes Liz has come a long way. She is also very strong. Her powers will only be second to Max's."
"I know."
"Rena I'm going to ask purmishion for us to be bonded."
"You want to be bounded to me?"
"Yes. You know the law. Since I'm part of the Royal Family and my father is dead I need Max's permishion for us to be bounded."
"I know."
"Serena I have loved you for so long."

Serena leaned into Zath. This was a dream come true. She had found the love of her life.

Part 34

Liz woke the next morning and when to find Max and Julie. As she left her room she grabbed Max's shrit and pulled it on.

I hope Max knows he is never getting this shrit back. she thought

As she walked down the hall she saw Isabel come out of her room.

"Hey Iz."
"Hey how did you sleep."
"Really well. I don't know if it was talking to you that helped or what you did to help me sleep."
"Then again it might have been Max's shrit."
"You might me right."

Liz gave Isabel a smile. Was this really the same person she knew in high school?

"Liz are you ok?"
"Yeah just don't want to face Jones with the fact that I'm quitting."
"It will be ok."
"I know Max will be there for me."
"You bet he will. He missed you so much. There wasn't a day that he didn't think of you."
"Isabel there wasn't a day that I didn't think of him."

Liz and Isabel walked into the dinning room. Isabel watched as Liz and Max kissed knowing that Liz was still hiding something about what happend while she was away. Joey was hang back a little from Max and Liz.

"Hey Joey come here." said Liz to the boy.
"Good morning." said Joey

Zath and Serena came in a minute later, and walked up to Max and Liz.

"Max I have something to ask you." said Zath
"What is it?" asked Max
"Well there is this law. I want your permison to marry Serena." said Zath
"I got no problem with that."
"Really Max?" asked Serena
"Yeah you two love each other. Don't see why you two can't be married unless Michael has a problem with it. Since your his sister." said Max
"Serena you love this guy?" asked Michael
"Yes I do Michael. I love him as much as you love Maria." said Serena softly
"Zath you hurt her and I hurt you got it bro?" said Michael
"I'll never hurt Serena." said Zath
"Ok Max they can get married if that is really what they want." said Michael
"You two heard him. You can ge married if you want." said Max
"Thank you both." said Serena
"Rena you may have only come into my life a few days ago but I love ya and I mean it if this guy hurts you I hurt him." said Michael
"Michael I have one question for you. If you had to choose beteen your sister marring Zath or Nicholas who her father wants her to marry who would you choose?" asked Liz
"Zath for sure." said Michael
"Thought so." said Liz

Just then Julie walked in she looked at everyone. Liz was clinging to Max, Maria to Michael. Isabel was talking with Alex, Ava was hanging on Kyle. The Evans were talking in a cornor with Valenti. But what surprised her the most was that Serena and Zath were kissing.

"Ok I know I missed something." said Julie
"Well Jules Serena and Zath finally admitted that they love each other." said Liz
"Really? It's about time they have been in denile for years." said Julie
"Julie we have not been in denile. We just didn't admit our feelings." said Serena
"Whatever you two want to believe." said Julie
"Julie when are we leaving?" asked Max
"After breakfast. We will return here a few days later. Liz has to learn to use her powers." said Julie
"Oh fun." Liz mummbled
"I'll be by your side the whole time." said Max
"If Liz has anything like Michael remind me to be far away until she learns to control them." said Maria
"Hey I never hurt you!" said Michael
"I know." said Maria giving him a kiss.
"Maria I don't want you around until I know what I can do. I don't want any of you to get hurt. That goes for everyone." said Liz
"Liz don't worry about me. I know how to protected myself." said Ava
"True living most of your life with Rath and Lonnie." said Michael
"We have to be careful of those two. If Kavar has figered out about Liz we will be in deep trouble." said Julie
"That is what scares me." said Liz
"Lizzie it will be ok I promise." said Max

Liz leaned into Max. Max wrapped his arm around Liz's waist. Then everyone sat down to breakfast.

Part 35

Two hours later Liz, Max and Julie boarded a plane. Liz had made a quick stop by the Crashdown to tell her parents that she had to go back east for a few days. Max noticed that Liz seemed to be a bit distinced as the plane took off.

"You ok Liz?" asked Max
"Yeah just scared to face Jones that's all."
"Your going to be fine I'll be here with you always."
"I know. As long as I got you nothing bad will happen to me."
"That's a good aditude Liz." said Julie
"Julie is right. I won't let that slimball get his hands on you ever."
"I know Max. All you have done since we were sixteen is try and protected me. I know I haven't always been greatful for that but I am now."
"I rememer when you told me that you didn't care if you were in danger."
"I remember it was a few days after you saved my life."
"You know Zan saved Lexis's life once. She was swimming and was pulled under and Zan jumped in and saved her. She was even more in love with him after that." said Julie
"I would believe that." said Liz

Liz leaned onto Max and he wrapped his arms around her. She felt so safe in his arms. She still didn't understand it why she so safe with him even after all these years. A few hours later the plane landed and Liz lead Max to her car. Max saw that she drove a black jeep Wrangler.

"I thought you said my jeep was a death trap? And you drive a jeep?" asked Max
"I never said that I cared. I was at a low point in my life when I bought the jeep. It reminded me of you and I felt better."
"Liz did you want me to stay in a hotel?"
"Max you hear Zath and Rena you aren't to let me out of your sieght. You are staying at my apartment with my roomate and me."
"Your roomate won't mind?"
"Jen? No her boyfriend Andy is over all the time. Andy is really nice."
"So uh you like Andy?"
"Max, Andy is a friend. Last year I was really sick. Too sick to get out of bed. He took care of me when Jen wasn't home. One day I was really burning up. He put me in an ice bath. He was so scared to touch me. He had to undress me. He talked to me the whole time. When my fever came down I only remember part of it."
"Did Andy tell you the rest?"
"Yes. Byt he said he was afraid that I was going to freak on him when he touched me. I pulled him into a hug and thanked him for helping me when I needed it."
"He saved your life. If he hadn't done what he did you could have died."
"I know. I felt that Kavar was behind that sickness but could never prove it."

Max leaned over and gave Liz a kiss as she parked her jeep. Liz then lead Max up to her apartment.

"Max you know that you are the only one from Roswell to see where I have been living."
"Well Isabel I heard had tracked you down."
"Yeah but she hasn't been here."
"Liz you sure it's ok for me to stay here?"

Part 36

"Andy are you done in there yet?"
"Calm down Jen."
"Liz is going to be here any minute. Don't forget that Max is coming with her."
"I know Jen. We are going to have to tell her who we are. She has a right to know."
"I know. She won't be happy that we kept this from her."
"Jen at the time it was safer for her not to know."
"I know."
"Our job is to protected Our Queen at any cost."
"Andy I know that. Kavar almost killed her last year. If you hadn't been there to take care of her she would have died. But Kavar had no clue he almost killed our Queen. He thought she was just Max's human girlfriend."

Just they heard a key in the door. A moment later Liz walked in with Max on her heals.

"Hey Jen, Hey Andy." said Liz
"Liz good to have you back." said Jen
"She's right Liz good to have you back." said Andy
"Uh Andy Jen this is Max Evans, my high school boyfriend."
"Nice to meet both of you." said Max
"Liz, Max sit down we have something to tell you." said Jen
"Your my protecetors aren't you?" asked Liz
"Yes." said Andy
"Andy thank you for taking care of Liz when she was sick." said Max
"Just doing my job sir." said Andy
"Liz your not upset that we hid this from you?" asked Jen
"Nope you didn't tell me because at the time I didn't need to know. I didn't want to deal with aliens and anything dealing with Roswell at the time." said Liz
"Liz, Max Nicholas and the rejects are here in Washington." said Jen
"Great Kavar wants me. He knows that I'm the Queen." said Liz
"Liz we won't let anything happen to you. We promised Queen Kathra we would protected you at all cost." said Andy
"I know it's your job. But I don't want either of you to die to keep me alive." said Liz
"Liz don't worry about us." said Jen
"Jen, Liz can't help but worry about you and Andy. To her your more than her protectors, your also her friends and she cares about you." said Max

Liz smiled at Max. He knew her to well. She knew that Jen and Andy could tell how much she loved Max.

"Liz we are going to see if we can find out what Nicholas has planned for ya." said Andy
"Ok just becareful." said Liz
"We will be Lizzie. Don't worry about us." said Jen
"I'll try not to." said Liz

Andy and Jen left. Max sat down on the sofa. Liz sat down on his lap.

"So what do you think of my roommate?"
"She's nice."
"Max you are the only guy I love. ANdy is Jen's boyfriend."
"I'm not worried."

Liz leaned in and gave Max a passionate kiss. Before they knew it they were in total makeout mode. After a few minutes Max pulled away.

"Max what's wrong?" asked Liz
"Liz I don't want us to do anything we might regreat."
"Max let's go to my room."
"Liz I don't think that is a good idea. If I'm alone with you in there I might not going to want to stop until I make you mine."
"I want you too. I want you to make love to me."
"Are you sure about this?"
"Yes Max I love you. I've wanted this for a long time."
"You sure about this?"

Max grabbed his bag abd followed Liz into her room. He smiled when he saw it. It reminded him of her old room above the Crashdown. He dropped his bag on the floor and when after Liz closing the door. Then Liz lead him to her bed.


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Part 37

An hour and a half later Liz was laying curled up next to Max.

"Yeah Max?"
"Do you regreat what happend?"
"Max how can you ask that? I have never regreated anything I've done with you. I love you more today than I did the first time we kissed."
"You really mean that?"
"Yes. I only wish that today had been my first time."
"Liz what happend to you wasn't your fault. We are together now. I won't let anything happen to you."
"I know."

At the same time at the base outside Roswell

Serena walked into Zath's office and saw that the crystals were glowing like the other's around the base.

"You know what this means Rena." said Zath
"The bond is complet. Kavar can no longer destroy it."
"Serena, honey Liz had a lot to over come."
"I know."

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." said Zath

Michael and Maria walked in.

"Ok you two what is up with the freaky glowing crystles in this place?" asked Michael
"Uh that means that Max and Liz have completed the bond." said Serena
"So you are telling us that Max and Liz did it?" asked Maria
"Yes." said Zath
"So will these things do it everytime they are together?" asked Michael
"No only when the bond is complet or if they are going to have a child." said Serena
"Good cause I really don't want to know any more about my bestfriend's sex life." said Maria
"This is a good thing Maria. They needed to complet the bond. Kavar would have broken it if they hadn't." said Serena
"I know it's just weird." said Maria
"Maria, I know this is weird. But it's no weirder than when Liz got those flashes in high school." said Michael
"Normal is over rated Maria." said Zath
"You are so like Max." said Michael
"They are brothers." said Serena
"Yeah so we hear." said Maria

Maria gave Serena a smile. She liked this girl. She knew Liz was right to trust her.

"Maria what are you thinking about?" asked Michael
"Nothing imported." said Maria
"I know what she's thinking bro. She is thinking that Liz is a good judge of people." said Serena
"Yeah how do you know that?" asked Maria
"I just do. Has Liz always been like this? Or did it come after she was healed?" asked Serena
"I noticed it the first time when Tess showed up." said Michael
"She never trusted that bitch." said Maria
"So it showed up after she was healed. Very few have that ablity. She can see the evil with in." said Zath
"The evil with in. I thought that was only a leadgen." said Serena
"Rena what are you talking about?" asked Michael
"Well Mikey her ablity to see evil within means she know evil when she sees it." said Serena
"So she is going to know Kavar when she sees him." said Maria
"Yes seeing she hasn't met him it will come in handy." said Zath
"That's good. Come on Spaceboy let's leave the lovebrids alone." said Maria
"Later Rena. Zath remember you hurt my sister and I hurt you got it?" said Michael
"Got it Michael." said Zath

Maria grabbed Michael and pulled him from the room.

Part 38

Jen and Andy walked back into the apartment and saw that Max and Liz were nowhere in sight.

"Where are they? They are still here Liz's car is in the lot." said Jen
"I know where they are. They are in Liz's room." said Andy
"How do you know?"
"The crystles on the T.V."
"I don't belive it they completed the bond. I never thought I would see the day."
"I know Jenta."
"Andy please don't call me that."
"Sorry Jen I know you hate being called that."
"It's ok Andy."

Just then Liz and Max walked into the livingroom.

"Hey guys what did you find out?" asked Liz
"Nicky, Lonnie and Rath met up with Jones. Uh Liz he knows that your Max's girlfriend." said Jen
"This is bad." said Liz
"No kidding. After you turn in your badge I sudjust you get out of town as soon as possible." said Andy.
"I plan too." said Liz
"You sure you still want to do this Liz?" asked Max
"Yes Max. I have too. Jones was going to find out at some point anyway it's time to start fighting Kavar." said Liz
"When are you going?" asked Andy
"Tomarrow morning. I plan to have the jeep packed and Max waitting with it running when I walk out." said Liz
"Liz we are going back with you, Andy and Max can get a trailler and you and I can start packing." said Jen
"Ok. Max you don't mind going with Andy do you?" asked Liz
"No. You going to be ok here?" asked Max
"I'll be fine. Jen won't let anything happen to me." said Liz
"Ok see you later honey." said Max
"See you guys later. Oh and if you mess up my jeep your both in trouble got it?" said Liz
"Liz what are you going to do?" asked Andy
"Lock you in a room with Maria and let her babble you." said Liz
"Andy you don't want that. Maria can go on for hours about anything." said Max
"I'll take your word for it. Jen remember don't let anyone you don't know in." said Andy
"I know don't worry." said Jen

Liz gave Max a kiss and handed him the keys. Jen hugged Andy and the guys left.


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Part 39

Liz sat on her bed with her old jounal looking back at the day that her life had been changed forever. The day she cheated death with the help of Max.

"Liz is something wrong?" asked Jen entering the room
"No just looking back on the day I should have died."
"Liz, Max was there for a reason. He was destined to save your life."
"How do you know? It just messed up everyones lives."
"Maybe. But think of it this way if you had never been shot and Max never brought you back to life than things would be differnt. Michael, Isabel and Max wouldn't have the allies that they do now. Or if you had died. They need you and your friends to win this war. Your queen because you are stronger in ways you couldn't know."
"I never thought of it that way."
"Come on let's get you packed."
"Jen how did you and Andy get chossen to be my protectors?"
"Andy because he was Lexie's cousin and I'm not really sure why I was choosen."
"Why do you say that?"
"Well my father was on the ship that crashed in 1947 and he was killed by the goverment. I never trusted humans after that. When Queen Kathra asked me to be your protector I didn't want to do it at first."
"What changed your mind?"
"You did."
"Your visit from future Max. When you were willing to give up your own happyness to protected those you care about and to save the world."
"How did that change your mind?"
"It showed me that not all humans are bad. Some care more about others than themselves."
"Jen thanks for not letting anything bad happen to me."
"It's my job. That's why I did it at first now it's because I think of you as a friend."
"Yeah Liz when you were so sick last year I thought we were going to lose you."
"But you and Andy took good care of me."
"Liz you truely are a remarkable person. I heard that you yelled at Serena for lying to you."
"Yeah well she kept four things from me. One she is an alien, two her father is Kavar. Those two didn't bother me much. But the fact that Alex was alive and that I'm the Queen of Antar did piss me off."
"Tell me what is the latest in the Serena/Zath love story?"
"Zath saved Serena from Kavar and told her he loved her and they are going to get married."
"About time. this has been going on for like ten years."

Liz just smiles and placed her journal in a box with the rest of her books. Jen grabbed a yearbook off Liz's shelf and looked at it. Liz saw her and sat on the bed next to her.

"This is my Shophmore yearbook."
"You had a lot of friends."
"Yeah I did. Oh that is so Michael!" said Liz reading what he wrote.

Liz I know I've never been nice to you. I don't even know why you want me to sign this stupid thing. But Max is one lucky guy to find a girl like you. One thing I like about you is your loyal and can keep a secret even if you do write it down once in a while. I met it when I said I'm glad we had you as a friend that night in the Crashdown. You know the night. So thanks or whatever for being that kind of friend. Michael

"So what did Max write you?"
"Uh let me find it."

Liz found Max's message easy. It didn't hurt that she read it once a week since the day she left.

Liz Where do I begin? You are the best girlfriend in the world. You know all my secrets and you still love me. What did I do to desreve you? I love you more each day and will always love you no matter what. You are my dream girl. I know we are too young to even think about this but in about three or four years will you think about marring me? Love always Max

"Wow that was beautiful."
"Yeah I know. Would you believe that a sixteen year old boy wrote that?"
"Bet you wrote him something just as sappy."
"Yeah I was so in love with him then. But my mom thought we were to close to each other."
"She just wasn't ready for you to grow up."
"I know but the weird thing is now she wants me to get back together with Max."
"That's great."

Liz took the yearbook and placed it in the box of books and when to work on another part of the room.


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Thank you for the feedback!! I'm back and I am going to finish this thing!!! It has become a lot longer than I thought it would be when I first started. But I promise from this point on that I will try and update at lest once a week!! My writer's block and my almost brake down are past!!

Part 40

Max drove following Andy's deretions to the Uhaul lot.

"Max she is safe with Jen."
"I know. IT's just I don't want to lose her."
"None of us do. Liz is stronger than she looks. When we get back to the base she will begin trainning to learn her powers."
"Do you know what she can do?"
"Liz should be able to do anything you, Isabel and Michael can do."
"What about Tess's mind worp?"
"Don't know. But one thing I do know is that she is very powerful. Only reason I know that is when she was sick as soon as I touched her I got flashes of some of the poweres she should have."
"Andy how long have you known Liz?"
"About three years. But Jen and I have been watching her for four and a half years."
"I wish someone had been there to protected her when she needed it."
"Max, Serena was there. But by the time she got to the party. It was too late."
"Serena really cares about Liz doesn't she?"
"Yes she has a good heart."

Max pulled into the Uhaul lot. Then they both when into the office.

"Hi we would like to rent a trailler." said Andy
"Ok where are you planning on moving?" asked the man behind the counter.
"Roswell New Mexico." said Max
"Ok no problem. Just fill out these forms. Then we will hook one up to your car."
"Thanks." said Max

Andy filled out the paper work then when out to hook up the trailer to the jeep. When the trailer was hooked up Max and Andy got back in the jeep and headed back to the apartment.

"Max we should limit the stops we make. It will be harder to track us once we hit the road."
"Yeah between the four of us we should be able to drive all night if need be."
"Max we will leave tomarrow once Liz turns in her badge. Julie will take care of the apartment and mine and Jen's cars. I never did understand why Liz bought this jeep last year."
"I have a jeep that I drove in high school."
"Still have it?"
"Yeah. Liz calls it a death trap."
"Yet she when out and bought herself a death trap. But I have to admit that it's an improvement over the Jetta she use to drive."
"So she traded in Maria's car for mine?"
"Guess so. So did Zath and Serena tell you about Lexis?"
"Yeah. Julie thinks that Liz is Lexis."
"She is. I'm Lexis's cousin. We were close once. She wasn't happy. I always knew she would kill herself if she had to marry Kavar."
"Why did Lexis hate Kavar?"
"You mean other than he hit her? That he treated her like less than a person?"
"I'm going to kill him."
"Max you are really starting to sound like Zan. When he found out he said the same thing. But he was poisoned before he could kill Kavar. Ironicly he died one year to the day that Lexis did."
"They both died on the same day a year apart?"

Max drove back to Liz's apartment building. Both guys grabbing some box's from the trailer and when up to the apartment. They found Liz and Jen sitting in the living room watching T.V.

"Hey I thought you girls were going to pack?" said Andy
"We did. Everything in my room is done except a few things." said Liz
"Liz's I'll start taking your things down to the trailer." said Max
"Ok the boxes in my room can go down." said Liz
"Andy grab my stuff." said Jen
"Ok babe." said Andy

Andy and Max headed for the girls rooms. Liz followed Andy a minute later.

"Andy thank you for saving my life last year."
"No problem Lizzie."
"What is it Liz?"
"I'm scared."
"Liz we will do our best not to let anything bacd happen to you."
"I know."
"Liz Lexis was my cousin. She was a couple years older than me, I really looked up to her."
"I don't remember anything."
"You may in time Liz. I'm glad that you and Max are together again."
"Ironicly Jones is the one who brought us back together."
"He didn't know what he was doing at the time."
"I never thought that this would happen to me."
"Liz Max was ment to save your life. It was his destiny to."
"So the fact that I almost died was ment to happen?"
"That is just great."

Liz walked over to Jen's dresser and picked something up off it. She looked at it and saw that it had the royal seal of Antar on it. Andy saw what she was looking at.

"That is Jen's royal gaurd badge. She's never worn it. She has never felt worthy of it."
"Because of her feelings about humans. She started out protecting me be because she was asked to."
"Right but she really does care about you Liz."
"I know Chandrew."
"Lizzie you just rememberd my real name."
"Well you did live with Lexis's parents for a while cousin."
"What else do you remember?"
"Julie's name is Julesra."

Andy smiled at Liz knowing in time she would remember everything about Lexis's life on Antar.

Part 41

Nicholas stood on a corner waitting for Jones to show up. A minute later he walked up.

"What do you want Nicholas?"
"Liz Parker is back in town."
"So the little Queen is back."
"Kavar wants her."
"Why she doesn't know anything."
"She is back together with Max. Serena told her she is queen. He also thinks she is Lexis."
"His wife?"
"What if she is?"
"He wants her back."
"Parker won't go willingly."
"Lexis didn't want to marry him."
"What do you want me to do?"
"The rejects and I will be waitting for her tomarrow. We will take her to Kavar when she leaves the office."

Jones watched Nicholas leave. This was bad. He may hate Max but he wasn't going to let Kavar get his hands on Liz. His brother had already messed the girls life up five years ago. He did the worse possible thing to Liz. That was why he had Jackson better known as Jax killed in prison two years ago.

"Liz we maybe on differnt sides in this war. But I'm not going to be the one that hands you over to Kavar's lap dogs. They have to get you themseleves." said Jones to himself as he headed home.

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Part 42

Liz sat on her bed holding her cell phone. Making up her mind she diled a number.

"Serena it's Liz."
"What's up?"
"Remember when I asked that favor?"
"Did you really do what I asked?"
"So uh where is........"
"Your daughter? Here at the base."
"She's been there the whole time?"
"What's her name?"
"Kathrine Marie Parker."
"I want to meet her."
"You will when you get back."
"Does she go by Kathrine or something else for short?"
"She goes by Katie. Liz she knows her mom was going through a bad time. I tell her every day that you love her."
"I do Rena. There hasn't been a day that has gone by that I didn't think of her."
"Have you told Max about her yet?"
"No but I will."
"That's good."
"Does she know Joey?"
"Yes. Joey calls her his little sister. He tries to protected her."
"Give both of them a hug and kiss for me, and tell Katie that I'm going to be there for her from now on."
"I will."
"Bye Rena and thanks."
"Bye Liz."

Liz hung up the phone and saw Max standing in the door.

"How long have you been standing there?"
"Not long. Who is Katie?"
"My daughter."
"Your daughter?"
"Max I had her after I was raped."
"What is she like?"
"I don't know. I haven't seen her since she was born. I was really messed up then. But I couldn't end it. I couldn't do it because just because of what happend to me was no reason to end the life of an unborn child."
"So what happend to her?"
"I asked Serena to make arangments for her to be adopted. But she didn't do what I asked. She took Katie to the base."
"Why didn't you say something about her before?"
"Max I didn't know how to tell you. My parents don't even know about her. I didn't name her. I guess Serena did."
"What do you know about her?"
"Well she will be five on September 18th."
"Wait isn't that the day......"
"I was shot and you saved my life."
"So are you ready to take care of your daughter?"
"Yes. Max I will understand if you don't want to marry me since I haven't been honest with you."

Max walked over to Liz and wrapped her in a hug.

"Liz I love you. I say we need to buy a house, we won't all fit in my little apartment. Maybe get a dog too when this is all over with."
"You still want me?"
"Yes Liz I love you. I want you to be the mother of my childern."

Liz smiled at Max. He wrapped her tighter in his arms. Liz knew that she would have to tell her parents about their grandchild soon.

"What are you thinking Liz?"
"How am I going to tell my parents about her?"
"They will understand. By the way we should have them move to the base. They are in danger."
"They know?"
"Yeah we told them a couple years ago. But since you had cut yourself off from us we thought that they would be safe. But now they aren't."
"So how did they take the news?"
"Really well. Liz your their daughter. You made some mistakes but they still love you."
"I know. So your ok with Katie being part of our family?"
"Yes. Your willing to let Joey in as part of the family. So I would look like a real jerk if I didn't take your daughter in as part of the family."
"Thank you. Max even if we don't make it legal I want her to know you as her father."
"You bet. My dad could take care of the paper work."
"Yeah I know. But that means I would have to face Jax again and have his parental rights taken away."
"I know. You could always tell him if he gives up his rights than you won't come after him for child support."
"True. But I never want to see him again."
"We will come up with something."
"I know Max."

Liz layed down on her bed and Max got up to leave.

"Where are you going?"
"I was going to let you get some sleep."
"Max I want you to stay with me."
"Ok Liz I'll stay."

Max climbed into bed next to Liz. Liz moved so that she was curled up next to him and fell to sleep.

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Author's note

limegrennli you did ask if Liz had a child. But I hadn't written that part when you asked and thought it would make a good plot twist! So thank you for the idea!

Liz hasn't talked about Katie before because she didn't know how to tell her friends about her. But having Max over hear her phone call helps bring it out in the open. Thanks for the feedback! Now on with the show!!!!

Part 43

Serena watched as Joey played with Katie in the playroon at the base. The little girl looked so much like Liz that anyone would know that Liz was her mother. Serena felt Zath wrap his arms around her.

"Liz called me a little while ago." said Serena
"What she say?"
"She feels she is ready to be a mother to her daughter."
"That's good. Katie needs her mother."
"I know I remember how scared Liz was when she was born."
"Serena Liz had a right to be. She was bearly twentyone and single when she gave brith to Katie."
"I know I was there. It's Katie's bedtime. So I'll put her to bed."
"I'll take care of Joey."

Serena wa;led into the room and picked up the doe eyed four and a half year old.

"Hey Aunt Rena." said Katie
"Come on kiddo bedtime." said Serena
"Do I got to?"
"Yes Katherine. Besides you don't want me to tell your mommy you haven't been a good girl do you?"
"No Rena. When will I see my mommy?"
"Soon honey. I talked to your mommy a little while ago she can't wait to see you when she get's back."
"Mommy better?"
"Yes she's better and she loves you so much."

Serena hugged the girl and took her to her room and tucked her into bed. Katie picked up a photo off the table next to the bed and kissed it. Serena took it and placed back where Katie would see it when she woke up.

"Tell me a story Rena."
"Well ther once was a girl named Liz and she worked for her dad in his cafe. Then one day two men had a fight in the cafe and one pulled a gun. The gun when off and Liz was shot. She was dying but this boy named Max was eatting there and saw what happend. He was in love with Liz, and had been from the first time he saw her when they were kids a few years older than you. Well he couldn't let her die knowing he could help her. So he when up and healed her."
"Liz is my mommy isn't she?"
"Yes honey."
"Max is Joey's daddy right?"
"You are just as smart as your mom."
"That's good right?"
"Very now get some sleep."
"Night Rena."
"Good night honey."

Serena gave Katie a kiss and turned off the light and left the room. She found Alex waitting for her.

"So Rena that's Lizzie rugrat?"
"Alex! Yeah so why isn't she with Liz your wondering?"
"Liz didn't plan on keeping her."
"So you kept the kid even though Liz wanted her put up for adoption?"
"Yeah but Liz is ok with it."
"Serena Liz was in a dark place. I know she is getting better now."
"I know. But Katie needs her mom. Liz and Max have a family with two kids. Joey who's nine and Katie who will be five in September."
"Katie was born six years to the day that Max saved Liz's life."
"That is one reason I couldn't do what Liz wanted. This girl is speacil."
"I don't know. But I know she is speacil. Alex I'm an alien I don't know everything!"
"I know Rena. Liz doing ok?"
"Yeah the bond between her and Max is complet. That means Kavar can't brake it or get in Liz's head if she were to get captered."
"Let's hope that they don't get Lizzie."
"I know Liz still has no clue what she can do. we need to get her trainned soon. All I know is Liz is powerful."
"No kidding she can wake the near dead! Serena we both know I would have died if you had waitted much longer to bring her here."
"I didn't plan on it taking as long as it did Alex."
"Serena chill. It's not your fault that Liz is stubbern. She choose to spilt and stay away for nine years."
"I know. But if I had told her sooner we would have been better off."
"Rena look Liz will always do things in her own time. She wasn't ready to know. You know that. I love Liz but the fact is she is stubbern sometimes."
"Alex try living with her! She is also a neat freak! I lived with her for a while. Her heart is good but I couldn't do it any more, She was driving me crazy!"
"You really are Michael's sister aren't you? I can't remember a time when Michael's apartment was clean."
"I'm not a slob. I'm just not as neat as Liz."
"Cool it Rena. I'm going to bed see ya in the morning."
"Night Alex. By the way I hope things work out for you and Isabel."
"Thanks Serena."

Alex gave Serena a hug then when to bed. Serena when to her room and began to think about how to keep the kids safe.

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Part 44

Liz's Dream

Liz found herself sitting on a beach like none found on earth. The sky was burned orange and the water reminded her more of jelly than water. She was sitting on the sand throwing stones at the water. Then she heard someone come up behind her, she turned to face him as he sat down.

"Hey Lex. How you doing?"
"Not good. My father told me today that I'm going to marry Kavar."
"Lex if I could do anything about this I would."
"I know. I heard about you and Ava."
"Yeah not that I'm happy about it. Ava is a pain in the ass."
"Zan I know that is not how your mother tought you to speak to a lady."
"Where do you see a lady?"
"Funny Zan."
"Lexis you know I love you."
"I know Zan. I feel the same way about you."
"Maybe things will be differnt in another life time."
"Maybe. You really think we will find each other in an another life?"
"I know so. My soul will keep looking for yours until we can be together."
"How do you know fate won't keep us apart?"
"I just do. Lex your the only one I will ever love. Ava means nothing to me."
"Zan promise me you won't forget me if something happens to me."
"What could happen to you?"
"Zan just promise me."
"Lex I know you don't like Kavar but don't do anything stupid."
"Are you going to promise me or not?"
"I promise Lex. Now what are you going to do?"
"Nothing you need to worry about."
"Lexis Ranthra Zin what are you planning?"
"Zanath Vonner Dav you are not King yet there for I don't have to tell you anything. You are just the crowned prince of Antar."
"I thought I was your bestfriend."
"You are Zan. I'm just upset right now. If I tell you what I'm thinking of doing than you will try and talk me out of it."
"Lex your the smartest girl I know."
"Please Zan just leave me alone on this?"
"Ok but if anything bad happens to you I will blame Kavar."
"I should get home."

Lexis got up and walked away.

Liz woke a moment later and found herself back in her room with Max next to her. She was remembering the past. She knew what happend next. She when to a druggest a week after her wedding and bought a drug that would kill her. It was a slow acting drug it took a year to kill her. But she waitted a year before she even took it. Kavar found out later that she was expecting a child. She had known but never told him. She felt Max stir next to her.

"Liz are you ok?"
"Yeah I just had a dream, well it was more like a memory. You and I were talking on a beach. I told you about my engament to Kavar and made you promise not to forget me if anything happend to me."
"I kept that promise didn't I?"
"But you forgot me."
"I didn't mean too."
"I know Liz. Why did you take the drug?"
"I couldn't take living a life where I couldn't be with you. You were then and still are the love of my life."
"Just like you are the love of mine."
"Yeah. Max go back to sleep. It's going to be a long couple of days."
"Ok. Sweet dreams Liz."
"Night Max I love you."

Liz fell back into a peaceful sleep.

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Part 45

Max woke in the morning to find Liz was gone. He got up and when to the living room then the kitchen looking for her. He found Jen in the kitchen making coffee.

"Mornning Max."
"Mornning. Uh do you know where Liz is?"
"Don't worry she's just out running with Andy."
"I didn't know she ran."
"She only started a couple years ago. I tried to run with her but couldn't keep up. So Andy took to running with her."
"She should have woken me. I would have gone with her."
"She thought you looked too cute sleeping and didn't want to wake you."
"So she thinks I'm cute when I'm sleepping?"
"Yeah. Max, Liz is stronger than she looks. She still feels guilt for giving her daughter up. But she also knows she wasn't ready to be a mother yet."
"She thinks she is now."
"Max, Liz is ready. But are you really ready to be a father to a nine year old boy and a four year old girl?"
"I think so. What is Katie like?"
"Very sweet. Just like Liz was at that age I would think."
"I wouldn't know. I was still in the pod then."
"I know."
"Thanks for the coffee. I'm going to go take a shower."
"Ok they should be back soon."
"I won't be long."

Max when into the bathroom and took a shower. Fifteen minutes later he was in Liz's room getting dressed when Liz walked in.

"Max your up!"
"Hey Liz."
"You didn't worry about me did you?"
"A little. But Jen told me that you when running with her boyfriend."
"Max, Andy is also Lexis's cousin."
"Yeah I know. Andy told me."
"Max I'm going to take a shower. Then we can go by FBI Headquaters and I can turn in my badge."
"Your not taking everything?"
"Max most of the things here mean nothing to me. I packed everything that means anything to me."
"Liz you sure everything is packed? I would hate for you to leave something that means something to you."
"I am Max."
"Liz I'm sorry if I upset you."
"Don't worry Max, I know you care."

Liz grabbed her robe and when to the bathroom. Max pulled on a shrit andd when out to the living room. Jen sat down next to him on the sofa.

"Max Liz is not the same girl you knew in high school. Give her time."
"Jen I understand that. I just wish she would open up to me like she use to."
"I know but she is trying."
"You know I have always hated aliens talking about me behind my back." said Liz walking into the room.
"Sorry Liz." said Jen
"Don't worry about it. So Jen you know my daughter?"
"Yeah kind of. Serena told me all about her and sent photos and drawings for you. Just in case you ever changed your mind."
"Can I see them?" asked Liz
"You bet. I'll go get them."
"Oh and Jen?"
"yeah Liz?"
"When we get to the base I want you to whear your Royal Gaurd badge. That isn't a requested either."
"Yes your highness." said Jen walking into her room

Liz watched her friend go. This was the first time someone other than Alex had addressed her by that title. She knew that Jen wasn't angry about Liz also knew she wasn't happy about it either.

"Liz, Jen will get over it. It's just this is the first time you played the Queen card on her and she's a little surprised." said Andy
"I know. It's just that I'm dealing with a lot right now. I'm remebering Antar more than just names like things that happend." said Liz
"Do you remember Kavar?" asked Andy
"A little. He's over six feet tall, blond hair and the coldest blue eyes that anyone could have."
"Sounds about right to me." said Jen returning with an envlope.

Liz took it from her ans pulled out a photo of a brown haird doe eyed angel. Liz handed it to Max and pulled out a drawing of four people. Above each person was a name, Joey, Mommy, Me and Max(Joey's daddy).

"Max look at this. Looks like Joey isn't the only one who wants us to be a family. said Liz
"Yeah I see."
"Max I'm sorry about earlier. It's just I'm not use to being questioned like that."
"It's ok Liz. It's just that I love you so much I don't want to see you unhappy."
"I hate to brake up the lovey dovey make up but we should get going." said Andy
"Ok let's go." said Liz

They all headed out and drove to FBI headquarters.

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Part 46

Liz walked into Jones's office throwing her badge on the desk.

"Jones cut the crap. I know who you are and I know you know who I am."
"Liz I'm not handing you over to Kavar."
"Look I got on the wrong side of this. Besides I owe you for what my brother did to you."
"Your brother? Jax is your brother!"
"Was. He's dead. I had him killed."
"He when to far. His job was just to watch you."
"I came here to tell you I quit."
"Fine get out of here. Kavar's lap dogs are here to take you to him Lexis."
"Why did you just call me that?"
"It's who you were once. Go Liz take Max and the Royal gaurds and get the hell out of Washington. Next time we meet you will be handed over to Kavar that is a promise. My debt is payed in full."

Liz walked out of the office and by Julie's desk dropping the keys on it.

"Parker becareful." said Julie
"I will Jules."
"I'll take care of your desk for you."
"Thanks there isn't much personal stuff in it."
"Better get going."
"See you in a few weeks."

Liz walked out of the building and headed for the jeep. On her way she cought sight of Nicholas and Rath out of the corner of her eye. She took off running. ANdy saw them at the same time and sent a power blast at them. Liz jumped into the jeep and Jen hit the gas and pulled away. Liz looked over her shoulder aand saw Rath laying on the ground.

"Liz you ok?" asked Max
"Yeah fine." said Liz
"Damn that wasn't suppot to happen. Those losers weren't here a little while ago." mumbled Jen
"Chill we did our job we kept Liz alive." said Andy
"Jen it could have been worse. Jones could have told them I was on my way down but he didn't." said Liz
"Why didn't he? He's one of them." said Jen
"He felt he owed me something for what his brother did to me." said Liz
"Jones is related to the guy that raped you? What is his name?" asked Andy
"Jackson. But he when by Jax. Jones had him killed."
"Jax oh god. That means Jones is really Jat-Ra." said Jen
"Which means he is Kavar's cousin. And when Kavar finds out what he did, he is dead." said Liz softly
"Your remembering more aren't ya Lizzie." said Andy
"Hate to say it but that reject of a princess is on our tail along with Nicky." said Jen
"Great we have to lose them." said Liz
"Whatever you say Queenie." said Andy
"Andy call me that again and I will hurt you got it cus?" said Liz
"Got it." said Andy
"Don't feel bad she told Alex the same thing. He's one of her bestfriends and she won't let him call her Queenie." said Max
"Max don't even try it. I may love you but I don't want that nickname." said Liz
"I know."
"We should be to the base in a couple days if we drive most of the night." said Andy
"Yeah but that's up to you and Liz Max." said Jen
"Let's do it. Sooner we get back to Roswell the better I'll feel." said Liz
"Fine with me." said Max

Jen hit the gas and headed in to the inerstate and into traffice losing Lonnie easy.

Part 47

Serena stood outside Katie's room watching the young girl sleep. She heard someone come up behind her. She turned to find Ava there.

"Yo Rena. So how's the kid?"
"She's fine Ava. Liz called and asked about her last night."
"That's the first time since she was born."
"Yeah. But one thing we both know is that she loves that little girl."
"Yeah she do. Too bad Kavar's jerk of a cousin is her father."
"She's not like Jax. She is the sweetest kid I ever met."
"Rena I know."
"So Ava what's up with you and Buddha boy?"
"Yo that ain't none of your bussiness Serena."
"Ava I care about ya."
"I know. Things are fine. I like that guy."
"I know you do. Do you think that you guys will get together?"
"Don't know. I hope so."
"Look things will work out if they are ment too. That is what happend with Zath and me."
"Everyone knows that you two have it bad for each other."
"I know we didn't hide it well."
"Serena what if Liz remembers what Lexis felt about who I was on Antar?"
"So what if she does? Your not that person any more. Tess was closer to the real Ava than you will ever be. Liz knows that."
"I know."
"You proved yourself to her when you told her, Isabel and Michael that Rath and Lonnie killed Zan. Then you helped to save Max. Your not who you were. Your a differnt person."
"Serena I remember how Kavar treated Lexis, and it wasn't good."
"I know he hurt her so much."
"Rena the kid is waking up."

Serena walked over to the little girl.

"Good morning Katie."
"Morning Rena. When will I see my mommy?"
"Soon honey."
"Rena why didn't mommy want me?"
"Oh honey your mommy loves you and wanted you. She was just going through a bad time and couldn't take care of you the way she wanted."
"So mommy and I will be a family now?"
"You bet. You want to know something? I bet that you will have a bigger family than just you and your mommy."
"Mommy loves Joey's daddy don't she?"
"Yes so you will have a brother and a daddy."
"I'm glad that mommy has Max."
"Me too. He won't let anything bad happen to her."
"Rena is Max going to like me?"
"Kathrine have you met anyone who didn't like you?"
"Max is going to love you. Honey I want you to be good for your mom. She hasn't had it easy for the last few years."
"I willl Rena I promise."
"Ok let's get you dressed. There are some people I want you to meet."
"Kate honey your mom knows these people."
"Rena when will mommy be back here?"
"In a few days honey."

Just then there was a knock on the door. Serena looked up to see Diane Evans standing there.

"Mrs. Evans what can I do for you?" asked Serena
"I take it this little girl isn't yours."
"No she's not."
"She looks a lot like Liz."
"She's Liz's daughter."
"Serena Zath needs to see you about something."
"I'll go as soon as I'm done with this little trouble maker."
"I don't make trouble Rena!" said Katie
"He said it was imported. I can finish getting her ready."
"You don't mind?"
"Of course not."
"Ok. Katie you be good for Mrs. Evans oK?"
"I will Rena." said Katie
"Ok. Mrs. Evans don't let her give you any trouble."
"This sweet little girl wouldn't do that would you?"
"No Mrs. Evans." said Katie
"Go Serena we will be fine. I did raise two childern remember. Almost three if you count the amount of time that Michael was at my house as a kid."
"Ok. I know Liz would trust you with her."
"I'll be fine Rena. Go see what Zath wants." said Katie.

Serena bent down and kissed the little girl she had grown to love. Then left to find out what Zath wanted.

"Mrs. Evans you know my mommy?" asked Katie
"Yes I know your mom."
"I wish I knew her."
"Katie your mom loves you. That is why she had Serena and her friends take care of you. Your mom wanted you to be taken good care of. She wasn't able too when you were born. But I bet she can't wait to see you sweety."
"Yes Katie."

Diane finished getting Katie dressed and took her to breakfast.

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Note Thanks for the feedback!!! Just so you know I feel this fic is getting to long. I know you don't think so. But I do. So last night I desided that when I finish Part 70 which is where I am in writting I am going to do a sequal. To take place right after this one. Let you know when I have a title so you know what to look for. Now on with the show!!!!!!!!!!

Part 48

Serena walked into Zath's office.

"What's up Zath?"
"Liz bearly got away from Lonnie, Rath and Nicholas this morning."
"Is she alright?"
"Yes. But Rath is dead. Andy killed him to save Liz."
"I don't care about Rath."
"Rena he is your brother."
"Michael is the only brother I want."
"Julie also told me that Jones let Liz go. No clue why."
"Jones is Jax's brother, both are Kavar's cousins." said Serena
"That makes no since. Kavar is going to kill him for that!"
"No kidding."
"So how's Katie doing?"
"She wants her mom."
"You know most kids would think that their parents didn't care about them if they were in her place. But not that little girl."
"Zath, Katie knows Liz loves her and wants what is best for her."
"I'll never understand that girl."
"She's smart just like her mom. By the way I talked to Liz last night. She's ready to be a mother to her daughter."
"Zath I'm going to miss that little girl when she goes to live with Max and Liz."
"Rena you know she belongs with her mother."
"I know."
"Serena do you want a family of your own?"
"Yes. Why don't you?"
"Of course. I don't care who your father is. I never did."
"I know. Why didn't you tell me that you are a prince?"
"Rena I wanted you to know me for me. Not by who my family is."
"Your a lot like me then."
"Yes my mother has been a prisoner of Kavar's for close to ten years now."
"I remember when she was captered. She was the one who reminded me of my promise."
"I have never understood why he didn't kill her."
"Because she is too imported to kill."
"I still don't understand."
"Zath your mother knew where Max, Isabel and Michael would be."
"But she wouldn't tell Kavar."
"Rena is there anything we can do for my mom?"
"No. If I were to go in you would never see me again."
"Serena we will free my mom one day I know it."
"Zath the one thing I know about Queen Kathra is she is a strong woman. If anyone can get through this she can."
"I know."
"Zath you know that your mother is one of the greatest Queens ever."
"I know. But Liz is destined to be the greatest."
"She is. But she still has a lot to learn."
"True but we both know that she is ready for the challange."
"She maybe. But is she really ready for everything that comes with it?"
"Serena Liz will be ready when the time is right."
"I hope so."

Serena gave Zath a kiss before leaving.

Part 49

Kavar walked into the prison. He stopped by the cell of a blond woman with graying hair.

"What do you want Kavar?" she asked
"Well Kathra I want to know why Zan's girlfriend reminds me of Lexis."
"Lexis is dead."
"Kathra I want the truth."
"Max won't let you touch Liz."
"Liz is Lexis isn't she?"
"Kathra I'm getting mad."
"Kavar leave that girl alone. If I had, had my way Lexis would have married Zan not you. But I didn't Zan had to marry Ava. You got a girl who would never love you."
"Kathra I will get Lexis back and this time she will give brith to my child."
"Your too late the bound between Max and Liz is complet nothing can brake it." said Kathra revealing the crystal on her neckless.
"The Zark crystals."
"Liz will be queen and Max will reclaim his throne."
"That will never happen."
"Your not going to win."
"Kathra Lexis will never be Zan's bride."
"Liz is a differnt person than Lexis was. It is Liz's destiny to be queen."
"Where are they?"
"I don't know. I thought you had Nicholas and the rejects watching Max and Liz."
"Well those pest of Royal gaurds you sent to protected Liz killed Rath. So it's up to Lonnie and Nicholas."
"Oh well some how I don't think they will get Max or Liz."

Kavar left and Kathra paced in her cell. She hoped that Liz was ready for her destiny.

"Liz your a strong young woman. All you have to do is believe in yourself."

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limegreen you will just have to keep dying for a while. Liz won't meet Katie for a bit yet!!! Hey I got to keep you coming back for more right???? Thanks for the feedback.

Part 50

Liz woke as the jeep pulled off the interstate.

"Where are we?" asked Liz
"We entered West Verginia an hour ago." said Andy
"Where do you want to eat? We are stopping for gas and to get something to eat." said Jen
"How about Toco Bell?" asked Max
"Sounds good to me." said Liz
"Liz is something wrong?" asked Jen
"No just thinking."
"Look Liz we have time before Lonnie and Nicky catch up with us." said Andy
"It's not that. It's just I haven't been feeling that I haven't been feeling very well today." said Liz
"What do you mean?" asked Max his voice full of consern.
"Well I feel kinda rundown and a little weak."
"Liz give me your hand." said Andy

Liz did as she was told and Andy stated a conention. What he found out was going to surprise both Max and Liz.

"Well what is it?" asked Jen
"Well Liz let's just say that Katie is going to be a big sister." said Andy
"Wait are you saying that I'm........."
"Going to have a baby. Yes Liz."
"This is too much too fast." said Liz
"Liz everything is going to be ok." said Max
"Liz you can do this. You did it once before." said Jen
"Yeah almost five years ago." said Liz
"But things are differnt this time Liz. You and I are together." said Max
"You want to know what you are having Liz?" asked Andy
"You know?" asked Liz
"Max do you want to know?" asked Liz
"Only if you do." said Max giving Liz a kiss.
"I want to know."
"Well Lizzie you are going to have another girl." said Andy
"Liz I have the perfect name for her Claudia Alexis." said Max
"I love it Max."

Liz leaned over and gave Max a kiss. Jen pulled the jeep into a gas station. Andy got out and pumped the gas and when to pay for it. Then they drove to Toco Bell. When they when in Liz when and sat at a table.

"Liz honey what would you like?" asked Max
"It's doesn't matter. You know what kind of things I like. That is one thing that hasn't changed over the years." said Liz
"Andy get mine I want to talk to Liz for a minute." said Jen
"Come on Max." said Andy

They guys when up to order and Jen sat down and watched her friend and Queen.

"Liz is something wrong?" asked Jen
"No just thinking."
"Liz about earlier I'm sorry I gave you that tone about the badge thing."
"Jen you have your doubts about being my protector and I understand that. But Queen Kathra thinks you were the right choice. I trust you with my life."
"Thanks Liz."
"Now am I really ready to be a mother to three kids?"
"You will be fine. Your not alone in this."
"I know. I have Max and all my friends."
"Liz I know your scared."
"Yeah but not as scared as I use to be. But this is going to be new to me I have never taken care of a baby before."
"True but we can learn together." said Max sitting down with a tray of food.
"Thanks Max."
"Liz were you this scared when you were pregnante with Katie?" asked Andy

Liz picked up a packet of hot sauce and put it on her toco. Everyone watched her for a moment then started to eat themselves. Max had never seen Liz use anything other than the mild sauce on her tocos before. But then again it could have to due with the baby. When everyone had finished Liz headed for the bathroom with Jen on her heels.

"Max don't worry about Liz so much she is going to be ok." said Andy.
"I know I just wish she would open up to me more."
"Max put yourself in Liz's place, SHe has spent the last nine years living with being lied to by people she thought she could trust."
"I know. But I know she is a lot stronger than she looks."
"Liz is storger than she looks. Give her a little time and before long I bet she will be her old self again." said Andy

Liz and Jen returned from the bathroom and the four headed back on the road to Roswell.

Part 51

Maria watched Joey and Katie play. She couldn't believe that Katie looked so much like Liz. But what hurt was that Liz hide this sweet little girl from everyone.

"Aunt Ria you mad at my mommy?" asked Katie coming over to her.
"No sweetie. I was just surprised to find out about you."
"Aunt Ria tell me about mommy."
"Well you look just like her. She is sweet and caring and will do anything to protected those she cares about."
"Yeah Katie your mom is great. Very forgiving when you do stupid things." said Michael joinning them
"And you know this how Michael?" asked Maria
"Uh remember sophmore year of high school when Liz's journal when missing?"
"You took it! I don't believe this!"
"Liz forgave me Maria. She understood my reasons for doing it."
"Michael while we are on the subject of secrets reveild. Your going to be a father."
"A father?"
"Yes Space boy your going to be a daddy."
"Maria did you just say your going to have a baby?" asked Serena coming into the room.
"Ok this is a good thing." said Serena
"Serena it won't hurt her will it?" asked Michael
"Nope. She will be fine. You hybrits were ment to be with humans." said Serena
"So how long will it last?" asked Maria
"Six months give or take a week or two. At lest that's how long it was for Liz when she had Katie who is half alien. But Liz just found this out." said Serena
"What?" asked Michael and Maria
"The ass who raped Liz was Kavar's cousin. He's dead now."
"Does Kavar know this?" asked Maria
"No. But Liz's now ex-boss at the FBI did and orderd the hit on his own brother."
"Why?" asked Michael
"Don't know. But Jones as he goes by now ain't all bad."
"Serena how do you know this?" asked Maria
"I just do. I'll see you two later." said Serena leaving
"What's up with her?" asked Maria
"Don't know. Just leave her alone for now honey. So we need to come up with names."
"We will not name our child Rath."
"Not a problem. I was thinking Elizabeth Serena. For your bestfriend and my sister."
"What about a boy?"
"Uh well I don't know."
"You want a girl?"
"Yeah a little pixie like you."
"Boy name Alexander Maxwell."
"That will work."

Maria kissed Michael and when back to watching the kids.

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Part 52

Serena when to her room and started to pace. The war was far from over but so far everyone was with who they should be with.

"Penny for your thoughts Rena." came a voice from the door.
"Alex Maria is going to have a baby."
"Rena, Zath knows you want a family of your own."
"Alex that's true but what if I can't?"
"Rena so what if you can't? You could always adopt. There are plenty of kids on both Antar and Earth that need parents."
"I know Alex. It's just I know how Liz felt when she had Katie. I want that feeling."
"Serena all I can tell you is to talk to Zath and tell him how you feel. You won't know anything if you don't try."
"I know. So how are things going with Isabel?"
"Ok. We're getting to know each other again."
"That's good."
"Rena I know that you are scared of your father."
"Alex look my job is to make sure Liz stays alive no matter what."
"Rena, I know you hate Kavar. But if not for you and Zath I would have been in my grave long ago."
"I know."
"Rena I know this is hard on you."
"Alex the only way this is going to end is for my father to end up dead."
"Serena I know but this doesn't mean anything."
"Alex get lost. I want to be alone."
"Serena I'll go. But you can't escape whatever your destiny is. We both know that Liz tried and couldn't."

Alex walked down to his room. Serena was just like Michael. Stubbern, headstrong and caring deep down.

Serena is just so stubbern. I still don't understand how Liz lived with her for as long as she did.

"What's wrong Alex?" asked Isabel
"I just talked to Serena. She's a little upset."
"About Michael and Maria's baby?"
"Yeah. I was just wondering how Liz lived with her for so long. Serena is just so stubbern."
"So she is just like Michael."
"Alex I think that Serena has a warm heart, that reached out to Liz when she needed a friend. You know Liz can be stubbern sometimes too."
"I know I remember when she was running around trying to protected you guys and lying to me."
"You know she hated doing that."
"I know."
"You know Serena is a good person."
"Yeah but what she wants is a family. But she's not sure if she can have one."
"Because she is half Skin and half Antarian?"
"Does Zath know this?"
"I don't know."
"Well we shouldn't worry about her. She will talk to Zath when she is ready."
"I know. So how are you doing Isabel?"
"Well the shock that your alive has worn off."
"That's good."
"Alex I really missed you."

Alex gave Isabel a hug and they talked a while longer.

Part 53

Liz walked into the bathroom at the rest stop. She still felt like crap. But she also knew that it would pass in a few days.

"Liz are you ok?" asked Jen
"Yeah. I'll be out in a few minutes."
"You know Max is worried about you."
"I know."
"Why don't you let him know how you feel?"
"I just can't right now."

Liz washed her face. That was the truth in a way, what she really didn't know was how to tell Max that she was scared to have this baby. Liz started to leave the bathroom and walked right into Lonnie

"Well if it ain't the Little Queen."
"Lonnie I don't want any trouble." said Liz
"Well you are coming with me."
"Like hell she is rejected." said Jen
"No one is talking to ya retard."
"Liz get outta here." said Jen

Liz left the bathroom and walked right into Nicholas. A minute later Lonnie was right behind her.

"Lizzie get in the car." said Nicholas
"No way Nicky."
"Do it or else." said Nicholas

Liz saw that he had his hand ready to send a power blast at her stomach. Knowing that he would kill her unborn child she made the choice to do what she was told. Lonnie got in the car and drove to a small air port where they got on a plane for New Mexico. Liz was taken to a base and was lead to a room where she was face to face with a man who had the coldest eyes that she had seen in her life.

"Well, well if it isn't Lexis." he said
"Kavar. My name is Liz."
"Well Liz you are very lovely."
"If your trying to get on my good side it's not working."
"Look you may be having Zan's child but you will never marry him."
"Go to hell."
"Nicholas take Lexis here to the cell with the ex-Queen."
"Right Kavar." said Nicholas

Liz walked to the cell with Nicholas. When Nicholas opened the door to the cell Liz when in and lied down on the eamty cot and started to cry. Kathra shot Nicholas a look as he locked the door and walked away. Kathra got up and walked over to Liz. She held her as she cried. After a few minutes Liz looked up and met her eyes.

"Queen Kathra." Liz said softly
"Liz your remembering Lexis's life aren't you?"
"I know your scared. But you know Max won't stop until he finds you."
"I know. Kathra why am I remembering now?"
"Because honey you are ready for your destiny and to do that you need to know the past so that you can change the future."
"Why me?"
"Liz not everyone can be Queen. Max needs someone who is smart and caring and willing to do whatever it takes to keep peace or bring it during war. You are that person. When Future Max came to you and asked you for you to get Max to fall out of love with you that showed a quilty that Tess would never have selflessness. You care more for other's lives than for your own happyness."
"How do you know about that?"
"I know a great deal about what happend with you over the years. You were choosen at brith for this job. You are human with the memories and essence of Lexis. You would only gain access to your powers when the bond between you and Max was started."
"Which happend when Max healed me when I got shot."
"Kathra are Lexis's parents still alive?"
"Her mother is. Her father was killed shortly after she died on Antar."
"He was killed by Kavar because he blamed Kavar for Lexis killing herself. He felt that Kavar hadn't treated his daughter so bad she wouldn't have killed herself."
"I don't remember any of this."
"Liz what is the last thing you remember clearly?"
"Uh Zan and Lexis at the lake talking about her engagement and how she wished it was with him and not Kavar."

Kathra looked at Liz. He heart when out to the young woman. She knew what she had been through over the years.

"What neither of them knew I was watching them that day. I followed Zan to the lake. They were so in love. I wanted them to marry but Zan's father wouldn't hear of it."
"He didn't think Lexis was good enough for Zan's wife."
"Liz this time things will be set right. Ava proved that she wasn't right for the job as Queen. She never could help Zan make the right choices."
"Didn't King Vather die the day before Kavar and Lexis's wedding?"
"Yes he did."
"He was posined right?"
"Yes but Zan still when to Lexis's wedding. She was his bestfriend and only love."

Liz thought about that and knew things hadn't changed. She was Max's only true love. She also knew that he was the only one that she had ever loved.

"Liz is something wrong?"
"No Kathra I'm ok."
"Honey, you know Lexis only let Zan call her Lex? It was his own specail nickname for her."
"I remember."
"I should let you rest. Your baby needs you to be strong."
"It's in your eyes. So do you have a name picked out?"
"Yeah Claudia after my grandmother."
"That's a lovely name. I know about Katie too Liz."
"Serena didn't tell me how she came up with Kathrine. But I know now. She picked the human version of your name.

Kathra smiled at Liz and gently layed a blanket over Liz as she drifted off. She looked up and saw Kavar standing by the door of the cell.

"Kavar let the girl go." said Kathra softly
"Kathra never. Lexis is mine."
"Liz is a differnt person than Lexis was."
"I will give her a choice. Marry me or I will kill her child after she takes her first breath."
"You are evil. You weren't always this way."
"Kathra I'll be back later."

Kathra lied down on her cot and looked over at Liz who had tears falling down her face. She had heard everything. This was a choice that Liz shouldn't have to make.

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Part 54

Jen sat in the back seat of Liz's jeep watching the country go by. Max turned and looked at her.

"It's not your fault Jen. We had no clue that they were so close to us." said Max
"Yes it is Max. I took a vow that I would do whatever it took to protected Liz from Kavar. I failed my job."
"Jen, Lonnie and Nicholas took us by surprise. Liz is smart. You did the best you could." said Andy
"He's right. Jen don't blame yourself, you know deep down that Liz doesn't." said Max
"I know. Max you and Andy are right. I shouldn't blame myself but I do a little."
"Jen, Liz knows you will help get her back. But first we have to go back to the base. We need a plan or we risk getting Liz and Kathra killed." said Andy
"Uh who's Kathra?" asked Max
"Your mother from Antar." said Jen
"What's she like?" asked Max
"She's really kind and caring. She loves you, Isabel and Zath. She may not know you and Isabel but she still loves you." said Andy
"Liz will be ok with her. Kathra always liked Lexis. She thought that Lexis was good for Zan. The lake was their special place. Whenever one of them was upset they would go there, and the other would show up a short time later normaly." said Jen
"Liz had a dream about Lex and Zan talking about her engagement there." said Max
"Max your remembering a little. Zan was the only one who got away with calling Lexis, Lex. Trust me she only let him call her that." said Andy
"What Andy don't like to admit that a girl could beat you up?" asked Jen
"Lexis never beat me up. She just use to turn my hair neon green when I made her mad."
"Whatever you say Andy."
"Uh have either of you called Zath to let him know about what happend to Liz?" asked Max
"No. But I'll do it." said Jen

Jen pulled out her cell phone and called a number at the base. After a minute Zath picked up.

"Uh hi Zath. It's Jen. I got some bad news."
"What is it?"
"Nicholas and Lonnie got Liz."
"Zath I messed up and now Kavar has our Queen."
"Jen how is Max taking this?"
"Not great, but not too bad either."
"Don't worry Jen I have a plan. We will get Liz and my mother back from Kavar."
"Zath that isn't everything. Liz is pregnent."
"Jen don't worry Liz will be fine. If I know my mom she will help Liz find the power to fight back."
"I hope so."
"See you when you get back."

Zath hung up the phone. This was bad. This was really bad. How was he going to tell Liz's friends that Kavar had her? How was he going to tell Katie that the big meannie as she put it had her mommy?

Part 55A

Isabel woke from a nightmare. She remembered it clearly. She was walking by a lake on Antar. The planet was at war. Kavar came up behined her. He told her that he would spear her life if she got him into the palace. But that was a lie. He killed her anyway. Isabel got up and walked down the hall of the base to a small kitchen where she found Serena.

"Can't sleep Serena?" asked Isabel
"I could ask the same thing about you Isabel."
"I had a bad dream."
"I have been thinking."
"Serena I know that you lied to Liz but that doesn't make you like your father."
"Isabel I know. Your dream you remember Kavar lying to you about killing you if you helped him don't you?"
"Don't blame yourself Isabel. He is very good at that."
"So what have you been thinking about?"
"Promise not to tell anyone?"
"I promise."
"Ok I envey Liz, Max, Michael and Maria."
"Because they have families. You know kids or about to have them."
"You want what they have."
"Yeah. I have given Max back his son. Very soon I will give Liz back the daughter she wasn't ready to raise."
"And now Maria is going to have a baby. Serena Liz and Max aren't going to forget what you have done for them. Your Joey and Katie's Anut Serena. Talk to Zath and tell him how you feel."
"That's what Alex said."
"You know in high school he was told he would make a good shrink."
"I'll talk to Zath tomarrow."

A minute later Zath walked in and dropped a photo of Liz on the table.

"Isabel I need you to dreamwalk Liz. Your evil twin and the runt got her and took her to Kavar." said Zath
"Why me?"?
"Isabel she knows you. Besides you and Serena are the best dreamwalkers. Liz knows you can do it. She doesn't know Serena can. Please Isabel? I need you to do this." said Zath
"Ok I'll do it." said Isabel

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Ok I had some free time today so I desided that I would give ya another part.

Part 55B

Liz closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Liz's dream

Liz stood in the desert watching three kids play. She knew the boy as Max's son Joey. The older of the two girls looked just like her and knew she had to be Katie. The younger girl was the prefect blend of her and Max incluedin Max's soulful eyes.

"Liz are you ok?" came a voice
"Isabel am I ever glad to have you deamwalk me!"
"Liz are you ok?"
"Yeah for now anyway. I met your mother from Antar."
"What's she like?"
"Very kind. What is Katie like?"
"Very sweet. But she misses you. So does Joey."
"I miss them too."
"Liz are you sure your ok?"
"Yeah Isabel. Kavar won't hurt me. He thinks he loves me."
"Becareful Liz. By the way any idea where you are?"
"I will be. New Mexico somewhere."
"Just one more question. Who is the second little girl?"
"Mine and Max's daughter. I'm pregnent."
"Isabel do you want a family?"
"Isabel you should go. Make sure Jen knows that I don't blame her for my getting cought."
"I will."
"Isabel I'll be ok."
"Just becareful Liz."
"I will be."

Isabel broke from the dreamwalk. She found Serena and Zath waitting for her.

"How is she?" asked Zath
"She said she was fine. And that she has met our mother Zath. She also told me that she and Max are going to have a baby." said Isabel
"She's going to have a baby?" asked Serena
"That's what she said."
"What's wrong Serena?" asked Zath kindly
"I want a family." said Serena softly.
"I think I'll go back to bed." said Isabel

Zath wrapped his arms around Serena and kissed her.

"Rena I want nothing more than to have a family with you. I have loved you for a long time. I remember when we were kids, before you when to live with your father. I was drawn to you even then."
"Zath I love you so much."
"Serena will you make love to me?"

Zath picked up Serena and caried her to his room.


Liz woke after Isabel's dreamwalk and got up and started to pace in the cell. Kathra watched her from her cot.

"You ok Liz?"
"Yeah Kathra I'm ok."
"Something on your mind?"
"Just thinking."
"Kavar won't hurt your baby. He's not that evil."
"I know. Zath is working on a plan to reusue both of us."
"How do you know?"
"Isabel just dreamwalked me."
"Liz you know I won't let him hurt you."
"Kathra I won't let you get killed to protected me."

Liz walked over and gave Kathra a hug. Liz knew that this kind woman would do anything to protected those she loved. Kathra held Liz close knowing that this is what she needed right now.

"Thank you." said Liz pulling away
"Liz you just have to stay strong."
"I know. But I'm so scared of Kavar."
"I know honey."
"You can sense my feelings can't you?"
"Yes. I can also read minds. Don't worry. I never go deep useless you tell me it's ok."
"I trust you."
"Why? You bearly know me."
"Well I remember a little. I remember that summer I stayed at the palace. I was only eight and it was my first time away from home."
"Your mother was my bestfriend and when your parents had to go on that trip they asked for you and Julie to stay with us."
"That was when Zan and I became close."
"I know."
"Kathra thank you for talking with me."
"Your welcome Liz."

TBC!!!! More up sometime Monday!!!!

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Part 56

Max pulled into the parking area of the base around noon. Andy and Jen climbed out of the jeep. Max sat in the jeep drumming his figers on the stearing wheel.

"Max you coming?" asked Jen
"Max we miss her too. Liz is a great person." said Andy
"How are we going to get her back?" asked Max
"Not sure." said Jen
"Look Max we need to talk to your brother. Jen and me we just do what we can to protected Liz. Zath always comes up with the plans." said Andy
"Well Liz always seems to take charge with making plans with us." said Max
"Now I know why she's the Queen. The King needs a woman to help him come up with plans." Jen mumbled.

Max rolled his eyes. These two were too much. They reminded him a little of Michael and Maria. He got out of the jeep and headed into the compound. He found Serena in a small room reading to a little girl.

"Hey Serena. This Katie?" asked Max
"Hey Max. Yeah. Katie I want you to meet Max." said Serena
"Hi Max. You going to marry my mommy?" asked the pint size version of Liz.
"Yes honey. I love your mommy very much." said Max
"Max, Liz is ok. Isabel dreamwalked her last night." said Serena
"Do we have a plan yet?" asked Max
"No. Go talk to Zath he's in his office."

Max nodded and headed for the office. Serena watched Max go. She had a plan but no one knew about it. She was going to go to her father and plead with him to let Liz go.

Part 57

Liz paced in the cell. She needed to get out of the cramped cell. Her restless enrgey was getting to her.

"Liz pacing isn't going to help honey." said Kathra
"I know it's just when I get like this I go running and I can't in this cell."
"Liz you know they will do everything the can to help us."
"I know."

Just then Kavar walked up to the cell. Liz looked up at his cold blue eyes. Serena's eyes were blue too, but they weren't cold like his.

"What do you want Kavar?" asked Liz
"Just to talk Lexis."
"Don't call me that. My name is Liz."
"You haven't changed. You were just as stubbern on Antar Lex."
"Call me that again and I'll blast you." said Liz with anger in her voice.
"No need to get upset."
"Kavar leave Liz alone. I know you won't let her go. So just leave her alone." said Kathra
"Kathra no one is talking to you. Lexis is my wife. I can talk to her anyway I want and whenever I want."
"Kavar Lexis is dead. I'm not her any more. You weren't always this cold. You were almost kind until you saw Zan and me kiss on the last day of school." said Liz
"Your remembering." said Kavar
"Yeah I am. You know I did give our marige a try. But you were too controling. You said I couldn't be friends with Zan. You knew I didn't love you, that I was in love with Zan." said Liz

Kavar looked at Liz and saw tears forming in her eyes.

"Liz we will talk more later." said Kavar walking away
"What just happend?" asked Liz
"You hit a nereve with him." said Kathra
"What do you mean?"
"He knew you never loved him, and the only reason you married him was because your father forced you too."
"But he did love me, and in some way I believe he still does."
"Your right. But just like in the past your heart belongs to Zan."
"Liz why do you trust Serena after she lied to you?"
"Because she was my friend when I needed her."
"So even though she lied you still trust her?"
"Yes the only thing that really hurt was that she didn't tell me that Alex was alive untill less then a week ago."
"You woke him didn't you?"
"Liz that is your greatest power. To heal the soul. Max, Serena and Zath can heal the physical. But you on the other hand can heal the soul. Which is very differnt."
"Alex was in a coma because of Tess's mind warp not only damaged his brain but his sprit as well."
"Yes. You see Liz the King and Queen's powers always work together. That is why I wanted Lexis to marry Zan. Ava's powers destory more than they help. Zan's help more than they destory. Lexis could use her's for both. But she never hurt anyone on perpose."
"Lexis was a gentle soul." said Liz
"Yes very kind and sweet."
"Kathra I think I'll lay down for a while."
"Ok honey."

Liz layed down on her cot and started to think for a while.


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Part 58

Serena walked in the hot desert sun. A short time later she heard someone come up behind her.

"Dad have you thought about my offer?" asked Serena
"If I let Kathra and Lexis go then you will come back with me?"
"Yes. I'll even marry Nicholas without a fight."
"Have you told the prince of your plan?"
"He will be hurt."
"I know."
"Serena no deal."
"No deal because I'm letting them go."
"Because I was the reason Lexis killed herself. The way I treated her."
"Why have you changed your mind?"
"Liz remembers things. Lexis didn't hate me until I forbid her from seeing Zan."
"I don't understand."
"Lexis was trying to make things work between us. She didn't love me and I knew she never would. In fact I didn't force her to sleep with me the night we married. I waitted three months."
"Why would you do something like that?"
"Because I didn't like seeing her unhappy. But she started spending more and more time at the lake."
"Which was her and Zan's speacial place."
"Yes. I let her go. But she was falling more in love with him every day. Then his came his wedding to Ava. We went but I could see that her heart was braking seeing him dance and kiss Ava. That was when I started hurting her. Then she took the poison that slowly killed her. It took a year. The night she died I had it left for Zan. A year later to the day he died."
"So dad you feel guilty about Lexis's death now?"
"Yes. If I hadn't hit her or told her she couldn't see Zan any more she wouldn't have died. I still love her. But she will be happier with Max."
"So why are you telling me?"
"Be here at midnight Serena. I'll bring them both to you then."
"Serena, you know you look just like your mother. Very beautiful."
"Thanks dad."
"See you tonight."
"Do I have to come alone or anything?"
"Yes come alone."

Serena walked away heading back to the base, not noticeing that Alex was following her.

"Rena wait!" yelled Alex
"Alex what are you doing here?"
"Keeping you from doing something stupid."
"Alex I will do whatever I want. Your not in charge."
"Rena if Liz hadn't done whatever it is that is making let her go would you have really turned yourself over to your father?"
"That would have pissed Liz off."
"I know. But Alex she is more imported to the cause than I am."
"Not to Liz. To Liz your just as imported to the cause. She wouldn't want you to do something that stupid."
"Well it turns out I won't be doing anything stupid. So don't worry Alex."
"Serena you shouldn't go alone tonight."
"Alex your not coming."
"What if one of them is hurt? What are you going to do?"
"Shut up Alex."
"Serena come on. Liz is like a sister to me. I love her."
"I know. You can come but stay out of sight."
"You need to tell Zath."
"Why so he can tell me how dangerous this is? I don't think so."
"Look tell him or get someone else to come too. Max would not be a good choice. Michael, Kyle or Andy would be better."
"Kyle. He is calmer than Michael or Andy. Besides Andy is Lexis's cousin."

Alex knew Serena was doing what she thought was right. But she was too stubbern to talk out of this.

Part 59

Max picked up the four year old girl. She started to giggle.

"Katie it's bedtime." said Max
"I don't want to."
"Well you don't want your mommy to find out your not listening to me do you?"
"Ok than bedtime."
"Fine but I don't like it."
"Come on I'll tell you a story."

Katie jumped out of Max's arms and grabbed his hand pulling him to her room. Kyle and Ava watched as the little girl pulled Max down the hall.

"Yo that girl got Max wrapped around her little finger already." said Ava
"Yeah. She looks just like Liz."
"Yo she's just as smart."
"Thought so."
"Kyle uh you know I like ya."
"Yeah well I think your hot."
"Buddha Boy."
"Punk Girl."

Max came out of Katie's room and walked over to Kyle and Ava.

"Will you two shut up or go somewhere else and fight. I'm trying to get Katie to sleep." said Max
"Sorry Max. Come on Ava let's go somewhere else." said Kyle

Max when back into Katie's room and finished telling her about Liz. Then gave her a kiss, turned off the light and left the room. He walked out to find his mother waitting for him.

"Your good with her." said Diane
"Yeah but she wants Liz."
"I know. She doesn't know Liz yet, but she loves her."
"Liz told me she is ready to take care of her."
"Max I believe she is. Liz may never admit it but I think she may regret missing out on the first four years of Katie's life."
"Liz doesn't know much about her daughter."
"She has a lot of time to make up. But Liz will be there for the big things. Like Katie's first day of school and her first date."
"I know. I hope Liz isn't like her mom with Katie about the guys she dates."
"Nancy always liked you. But you were taking her little girl away from her."
"I know."
"Max you should try and get some sleep."
"I know but I'm worried about Liz."
"Liz is a smart and knows how to take care of herself. She has spent the last few years working for the FBI."
"I know mom. That's why she came back to begin with."
"Max that is true. But she gave you her heart. If she didn't love you, or care about you there is a chance she would have turned you in."
"I know. That day I saved her life I risked everything. But I couldn't let her die. I had to risk it."
"In the end it was the right choice. How did you know to trust her?"
"I just did. I knew she was differnt from others."
"I'm glad you and Liz found each other again."
"Thanks mom. Night."
"Night honey."

Max when to his room and tried to get some sleep.

Part 60

At eleven Alex knocked on Kyle;s door.

"What?" yelled Kyle
"Kyle I need you to come with me and Serena in a little while." said Alex
"Ok I'll see you in fifteen minutes."

Alex walked away wondering what was going on. He was lost in thought and walked into Jen.

"Oh sorry."
"It's ok. Alex you know Liz really well don't you?"
"Do you think she is mad at me for letting them get her?"
"Jen, Liz doesn't blame you, I know that. She wouldn't do that. So don't blame yourself."
"Alex how can I not? If I had done my job right Liz would be here right now. Not is Kavar's hands."
"Jen, Serena most likely will kill me, but in one hour Kavar is going to hand Liz and Queen Kathra over to her. No clue why. But Liz said something that is causing him to ler them go."
"Liz has started to remember her life as Lexis."
"Yeah. She was so in love with Zan. I see it the way she and Max look at each other now."
"Jen you can't tell anyone what Serena is doing. You know neither Zath or Max will let her go if they knew."
"Just becareful Alex. Cause Liz will be mad if anything happens to you."
"Don't worry."
"Alex Liz isn't doing well. She hasn't since she thought you died. Now she finds out she is destined to be Queen of another planent."
"So what do I do?"
"Just do what you have always done. Be her friend. That's what she needs."
"Jen how do you know this?"
"I just do. Alex Liz is my friend. I care about her a lot. When I was at a point that I hated humans she showed me that not all humans are out to kill aliens."
"Jen I know you have issues that go back a long time. But the thing is you trust Liz. You have taken your job to protected Liz no matter what to heart. You learned to care for Liz as your friend not as your future Queen."
"Thanks Alex."
"No problem."

Jen walked off and Alex was alone in the hall. A minute later Ava came walking down the hall wearing a West Roswell tee shrit.

"Hey Ava I take it you and Kyle are getting a long."
"Yo Alex you can;t tell no one about Kyle and me."
"I don't even know what is going on with you two. Not that I want too! It's bad enough to know when Max and Liz completed their bond."
"Alex why do you need Buddha Boy?"
"It's nothing dangerous."
"Look Alex just don't do nothing to get hurt or get Kyle hurt kay?"
"Alex you don't like me much do ya?"
"Why do you think that Ava?"
"Cause I look like that bitch that almost killed ya."
"Ava your a differnt person than she was. I don't blame you for anything Tess did."
"You don't?"
"Thanks Alex."

Alex smiled and walked down the hall to meet Serena.

TBC*big**big* Next part up Sunday or Monday.
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This part is deicated to limegreenli for not killing me for waitting so long before Liz and Katie meet!!

Part 61

Kathra watched Liz sleep. She knew that Kavar was up to something. But she had no clue what it was. Just after eleven thrity she heard footsets. She looked up and saw Kavar standing by the cell with two jackets.

"Wake Liz Kathra. And both of you put these on. I'll be back in ten minutes." said Kavar throwing the jackets to the cell floor.
"What is going on?" asked Kathra
"Just do what I tell you."

Kavar walked away and Kathra when over to Liz. Kathra gently shook Liz. She heard Liz groun as she started to wake up.

"What is going on?" asked Liz
"I'm sorry honey but I had to wake you. Kavar is taking us somewhere."
"Great." Liz mumbled
"Liz honey are you ok?"
"Yeah just not felling great at the moment."
"May I?"

Liz watched as Kathra gently placed her hand on her stomach. After a minute she pulled her hand away.

"Liz the baby is just fine. May just be a bit of morning sickness."
"Oh fun. Hope this isn't like last time. I couldn't eat very much for two weeks."
"Your going to be just fine Liz."

Kathra picked up a jean jacket off the floor and helped Liz put it on. Then she picked up the other jacket and put it on. Kavar showed up a few minutes later and unlocked the cell. Liz saw that Kavar was wearing a coat.

"Ladies come with me." said Kavar
"Where are we going?" asked Liz walking out of the cell.
"Your going back to your friends Lexis. I know just like in the past you will never love or be happy with me so I've desided to let you go Liz."
"You never cared about my feeling before."
"Your right. But what you said changed my mind."
"How could anything I've said change your mind?"
"Liz you reminded me that Lexis didn't always hate me. Even though she never loved you tried to make things work. That is until I told you, you had to stay away from Zan. That was when you started to hate me. That was also when you poisoned yourself."
"I remember."

Liz and Kathra walked quitly into the cold desert night air. After about five minutes Liz saw Serena waitting in the desert for them.

"Serena just as I promised Liz and Kathra." said Kavar
"Liz are you ok?" asked Serena
"I'm ok Rena." said Liz
"Queen Kathra?"
"Just fine honey. We should get Liz inside she needs her rest." said Kathra

Serena lead Liz and Kathraback towards the base when Liz slipped and passed out.

"Alex! Kyle! I need your help!" yelled Serena

Alex and Kyle came out of hiding. Alex bent down and checked Liz's pluse.

"She's fine as far as I can tell. But let's get her inside. Kyle you carry her. We both know your stronger than me." said Alex
"Yeah sure." said Kyle picking Liz off thr ground.

When they got back to the base Kyle carried Liz to her room and placed her on the bed. Serena sat down on the bed next to her and checked her out.

"Serena is she ok?" asked Kathra
"Yes. She just needs some sleep. She is weak. Kathra has she been eatting?" asked Serena
"Not much. She hadn't been feeling very well." said Kathra
"Serena is going to be ok isn't she?" asked Alex
"She will be fine. Just need to wait about six months and she will be back to normal."
"Six months?" asked Kyle
"She's pregnant. Antarians are pregnant for a month, humans for nine. Hybrits it's about six give or take a weekk." said Kathra
"Ok that's good to know." said Alex
"Let her sleep. Everyone out. Kathra we should go by Zath's office he should still be there." said Serena
"You never told him did you?" asked Kathra
"No he wouldn't have let me go if he knew."
"So have you told him how you feel?"
"Yes. He asked me to be bonded."
"That's great."
"Thanks. Max said he didn't care and Michael has desided to be the protective older brother. He told Zath if he hurts me than he will hurt him."
"Sounds like Rath."

Serena knocked on the office door. Zath opened it not looking very happy.

"Serena what were you thinking going to Kavar like that?" asked Zath
"Zath who told you?" asked Serena
"Jen and Ava. Alex told Jen and Ava knew something was up."
"Zath, Serena was doing what she thought was right." said Kathra
"Mom are you ok?" asked Zath
"I'm fine. It's Liz I'm worried about. She passed out on the way back here." said Kathra
"Is she ok?" asked Zath
"Yes. But very weak. She needs rest more than anything right now." said Serena
"Both of you need to get some rest. We can talk in the morning. Mom you'll meet Max and Isabel then." said Zath
"Zathon are you trying to tell me what to do?" asked Kathra
"Sorry mom. Just got use to being in charge that's all." said Zath
"It's ok son. Just don't try it again."
"I promise I won't mom."
"Good night." said Serena taking off for her room.

Kathra watched Serena leave. She knew that she was just advoiding questions right now. She then headed for her room for the night.

Part 62

Liz rolled over and grouned. She opened her eyes and found a four year old girl sitting on her bed.

"Hi." said Katie
"Hi honey. You know who I am don't you?" asked Liz
"Yeah your my mommy." said Katie
"Yeah. So have you been a good girl Kate?"
"Yes. But I missed you. Aunt Rena is nice and all but I missed you."
"Oh Katie, I'm sorry I haven't been here for you."
"It's ok mommy. Rena told me you were sick and couldn't take care of me."
"Katie I promise I will be here for you from now on."
"Kathrine! I told you to leave your mother alone." said Serena walking into the room.
"It's ok Serena." said Liz
"How are you feeling Liz?" asked Serena
"Not great. How did I get back here?"
"Uh what do you remember?"
"I rememeber being out in the desert with you."
"I had Alex and Kyle hinding in the shadows. When you passed out Kyle carried you back here."
"Mommy you and Max get married?" asked Katie
"Yes honey. Max and I are going to get married."
"I like Max he's nice. So is Joey." said Katie
"I'm glad. I told Max that I want you in my life, and I mean it. I love you and have everyday of your life."
"I know mommy."

Liz pulled Katie into a hug and cried. Katie pulled back and wiped the tears off Liz's face.

"Mommy don't cry."
"Oh honey I'm crying because I have you in my arms again."
"Liz I'll be back in a bit. I should go get Max." said Serena
"Thanks Serena."

Serena smiled at Liz with her daughter. Liz talked softly with her daughter as she left. Serena could see a light in Liz's eyes that she hadn't seen before. Liz was happy to be back with those who loved her. Serena found Max and told him Liz was back and he took off for her room. Max walked into Liz's room and when up to her and gave her a kiss.

"Max I take it you missed me." said Liz
"You ok?"
"Yes Max. Just not feeling that great."
"He didn't hurt you did he?"
"He never touched me."
"Mommy I should go get breakfast." said Katie
"Ok honey. Maybe tomarrow you and I will go see your grandparents ok?"
"Ok mommy."

Katie ran off and Max sat down on the edge of the bed.

"How do you really feel Liz?"
"Not real good. Max I just don't want to talk about it."
"Liz I love you."
"I know Max. This is differnt than it was with Katie. I just feel differnt."
"Liz what is differnt?"
"I'm weak. I wasn't with Katie. I had morning sickness but I was never weak. I also never passed put."
"What do you mean Liz?"
"On the way back here last night I passed out. Kyle had to carry me."
"Why didn't Serena tell me what she was up too?"
"Because you and Zath are a lot alike. You wouldn't have let her go."
"You know she's right bro. We wouldn't have let her go if we knew." said Zath coming into Liz's room.
"Hey I know. Liz has been right about a lot of things." said Max
"Hey I'm in the room! Max what did I tell you in D.C.?" asked Liz
"You hate when aliens talk about you behind your back." said Max
"Liz do you feel like eatting?" asked Zath
"Not really. But I should."
"Maria wants to see you. I'll have her bring you something." said Zath
"Liz what is going on with you?" asked Max
"Nothing. Max could you go? I want to rest."
"Ok Liz."
"Max I love you. I just need a little time."
"Ok honey."

Max gave Liz a kiss and left for a while. Liz drifted off to sleep.

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Part 63

Kathra sat in the living room of the base when Isabel came in.

"Isabel please sit down so we can talk." said Kathra
"I understand your my mother." said Isabel
"Actully I am Valandra's mother. Isabel you are a differnt person than Valandra was. Part of you is her, but your not her. Your mother is the woman who raised you. Diane Evans. But I do want to know you."
"I would like that. You can tell us about Antar."
"Ok well Max, Michael and I came out of the pods in 1989. Diane and Philip Evans found us in the desert and took us home and adopted us."
"Well they adopted Isabel and me. Michael never really found love until Maria." said Max joinning them.
"How is Liz?" asked Kathra
"Very weak. But I don't know why."
"Well Max there could be a number of reasons. She loves her childern. But you must remember that you are the only man she has ever loved. I believe the weakness that Liz has is due to the fact that she no longer can deal with everything that has happend over the years." said Kathra
"She needs you Max. Your love for her is the only thing that can save her from herself." said Serena coming into the room.
"What do you mean?" asked Max
"Liz doesn't believe she will be a good mother. Your the only one who can make her believe she will be." said Serena
"But she said she didn't get sick with Katie."
"True but she had already made up her mind. She wasn't going to keep her at that point."
"How do I help her?"
"Make her see her as you see her." said Kathra
"Like when I did the reveses conection after I healed her?"
"Yes Max. You know that before that Liz never believed that you would ever want to go out with her because in her eyes she wasn't beautiful. But when she saw herself threw your eyes she relized that beauty isn't only on the outside but on the inside too where it really counts." said Serena
"Max, Liz lost part of herself when she was raped. You are the only one who can give her back the confidence that she lost." said Isabel

Max thought about what he was told. He knew how he was going to help Liz.

Part 64

Joey and Katie quitly walked into Liz's room. Katie let out a small giggle as they walked up to the bed.

"Quite. You don't want her to hear you do you?" asked Joey in a wisper.
"Too late kids." said Liz looking at them.
"Mommy it was Joey's idea!" said Katie
"Tattle tail." said Joey
"Joey what were you going to do?" asked Liz
"Joseph Robert Evans tell me the truth."
"Fine I was going to turn your hair pink."
"Katie what about you?"
"Mommy I wasn't going to do anything." said Katie
"Don't lie."
"I told him to do it. I was just going to watch."
"Your not going to tell my dad are you?" asked Joey
"I should but I won't. Come here both of you."

Katie and Joey climbed up on the bed with Liz. Liz hugged and kissed both of them.

"So your not mad?" asked Joey
"No but Joey don't do anything like that again. Or I will tell your father."
"I promise I won't."
"Katie the same goes for you."
"I promise mommy. I'll be good." said Katie

There was a knock on the door and Liz looked up to see Zath there.

"How are you feeling Liz?" asked Zath
"Better than earlier."
"These two aren't bugging you are they?"
"Joey, Katie go play. I want to talk to your mom."
"Ok see ya later Uncle Zath." said Joey
"Bye mommy." said Katie

Once the kids had run off Zath sat down next to Liz.

"They were going to change your hair color right?"
"Yeah. How did you know?"
"They have been making the rounds. They got me two days ago. The day before they gave Serena green hair. I had blue."
"They wanted to give me pink. So they like to pull pranks?"
"Only when they are together, They are fine apart."
"Max and I are going to have our hands full with those two and another on the way."
"You will. Liz your afraid to be a mother aren't you?"
"That's why you are sick."
"My fear is causing this?"
"Yes. Max is the only one who can help you over come it."
"The same way he did after he healed you, and told you the truth."
"A reverse conetion?"
"Only this time you can help form it."
"Zath I'm still not sure I will be a good mother."
"Liz you already are. You knew those two were up to something before they did anything. Your motherly instinces are kicking in. Didn't your mom ever know when you did something. Or know when you were about to do something?"
"Yeah. But I don't understand how."
"One of the mysteries of life."
"Zath what is bothering Serena?"
"I don't know. Ask Alex she tells him almost everything."
"I will."
"Liz, Serena and I both love those kids. If you remember she moved out of the apartment she shared with you a year and a half after Katie was born."
"Yeah I know."
"Liz I love Serena. I have never cared who her father is."
"Zath show her how you feel. I know you asked her to marry youm but you need to show her too."
"How do I do that?"
"How about a romantic dinner? Spend time alone with her and just enjoy yourselves. Forget about the war for a couple hours."
"Is that how Max won your heart?"
"No I fell in love when he risked his life to save mine."
"Thanks Liz."
"Hey what are friends for?"
"I should go. Besides it looks like someone want to see you."

Liz looked us and saw Max standing by the door. Zath got up and left then Max walked in.

"Hey you feeling better?" asked Max
"A little."
"Liz when did you stop believing in yourself?"
"A while ago."
"A few years ago."
"We need to do something about that."
"I know."
"Liz how do I help you to see your still the girl I fell in love with?"
"Max, I'm not. But I want to be her again. You see me that way but I don't see myself that way."
"Let me show you the Liz that captered my heart that day I stepped off that bus."

Liz took Max's hand and let a conection form between the two of them.

A young Liz befriending Maria.

Liz a little older helping Alex fit in on his first day of school.

A teenaged Liz showing up at Michael's to tell him about Tolpolsky

The images kept coming. Liz rememberd everything. Slowly she began to see that Max wasn't just showing her things that he rememberd but things she had baired deep inside herself as well. When the conection broke Liz looked at Max.

"Max I don't know how good a mother I'm going to be. But I can try and be the best I can." That's all we can ask you to be."
"Thanks Max."

TBC!!!! *big**big*
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Part 65

Maria woke from her nap and headed out of the room. She pasted a merrior and noticed her hair.

"AHHH! I'm going to get those kids! she screamed
"Maria what's wrong?" asked Michael entering the room.
"Look at what those freaky kids did to my hair!"

Michael looked and started to laugh. Maria's once blond hair was now purple.

"It's not funny spaceboy!"
"Yeah it is. You look good like that."
"Wait until I get my hands on those kids!"
"Maria go to Max and Liz about them."
"Oh I will."

Maria stormed out of the room and down the hall walking right into Serena.

"Maria I see Joey and Katie payed you a visit."
"Why did they do this?"
"Uh their kids. They do stuff like this."
"Why purple?"
"Better than green."
"What do you mean?"
"They turned my hair green once and Zath's blue."
"Max and Liz better do something about them or I will."
"Maria they both had it hard remember. They haven't had their parents in their lives. Joey likes to play tricks. He's gotten Katie to help him."
"I'm still going to talk to their parents."
"Maria has Michael seen you yet?"
"Yeah he laught."
"You do look kinda funny."
"Hey Serena how's it going?" asked Kyle walking up to them.
"Don't say anything Buddha Boy." said Maria
"I wouldn't." said Kyle taking off his hat to show off his red, white and blue hair.
"Ok maybe mines not so bad. At lest it one color."
"Max and Liz have to get those two to learn that it's not funny to change people's hair color." said Kyle
"Come on Kyle let's go talk to the King and Queen about the little monsters." said Maria

Serena watched the two walk torraws Liz's room. Alex cought sight of themas he came up to Serena.

"So the kids stike again?"
"Yeah. Kyle is taking it better than Maria."
"Well Maria is also the one who ran down the street screaming after learning aliens are real."
"So that is calm for Maria?"
"Boy I wish I knew you guys back then."
"Serena you know all things happen when they are ment too."
"I know. I better go make sure Maria doesn't hurt Max or Liz."
"Later Rena."

Serena took off after Maria and Kyle leaving Alex alone.

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Part 66

Maria and Kyle walked into Liz's room. They found Max and Liz making out like teenagers.

"Yo love brids. You got to start keepping an eye on your kids." said Maria

Liz and Max broke. Liz looked at Maria and Kyle trying not to laugh.

"Maria what happend?" asked Max
"Your son and her daughter desided to use their powers on our hair." said Maria
"You done laughing Liz?" asked Kyle
"Sorry this isn't funny." said Liz
"Actully if it had happend to you I would be laughing too." said Maria
"It almost did. I cought them before they had the chance." said Liz
"What? When did this happen?" asked Max
"A little while ago." said Liz
"How about fixing our hair?" aske Kyle
"Yeah sure." said Max

Max waved his hand over Maria's and Kyle's head returning both of them to their normal hair color.

"So Maria you didn't like having purple hair?" asked Liz
"Liz would you want purple hair?" asked Maria
"Not really."
"Your looking better than last night Liz." said Kyle
"I am doing better Kyle. Thank you for your help."
"Liz why did you get so sick?" asked Maria
"Wll I lost my confidence in myself. But I'm getting it back now."
"Liz your going to be a great mother I just know it." said Max giving her a kiss.
"Ok both of you out of here Liz needs her rest." said Serena entering the the room.
"Serena mind finding the kids so we can talk to them?" asked Max
"Thanks." said Liz

Serena, Kyle and Maria left. Max wrapped his arms around Liz and held her close.

"Max tomarrow I'm taking Katie to meet my parents."
"You want me to go with you?"
"No I need to do this on my own. Max I should have told them about her long ago. I know they will understand why I didn't tell them."
"Liz I don't like the idea of you going alone. The skins still want you."
"Max I can't live in fear my whole life. Kavar won't harm me. He really did love Lexis. He also knew that she didn't love him and that I never will. He hated that you back then and now own my heart the one thing he could never have."
"Why did he let you go?"
"He wants me happy."
"Are you?"
"Getting there."

Max gave Liz a small smile and kiss.

Part 67

Kavar sat in his office thinking when Nicholas walked in.

"Why did you let them go?"
"Nicholas that is none of your bussiness."
"If I had been you I would have killed both Kathra and Lexis."
"Your not me. Liz is a differnt person then Lexis was."
"So what? You never use to care about weather or not Lexis was happy."
"And I lost her. She killed herself because of the way I treated her. If I had let her keep her friendship with Zan she wouldn't have killed herself."
"You don't know that!"
"Yes I do. Lexis didn't start to hate me until I told her she couldn't see Zan any more."
"She was weak."
"Nicholas you harm Liz and I will kill you."
"Kavar why do you care? She loves Max."
"She loved Zan last time too."
"I never liked that girl."
"Why because she kicked your ass more than once?"
"At lest she doesn't remember that."
"Not yet anyway."

Nicholas shot Kavar a death stare before leaving. Lexis had beaten up a few times. She had always been stronger than she looked.

Nicholas shoved a little kid into the wall taking his lunch money.

"Nicky leave that kid alone." came a voice he knew all to well.
"Get lost Lexis. This isn't any of your bussiness."
"Nicky this is my bussiness. That is my cousin's bestfriend."
"Lex get lost!"
"I told you never to call me that!"
"That's right only that wimpy prince Zan can call you that."
"Leave Zan out of this."
"Just do it."
"Lexis what are you going to do if I don't?"
"Nicky if I ever catch you picking on anyone again I'll hurt you."
"I'm not scared of you."
"Oh really?"

Lexis shoved Nicholas to the ground and held him there without touching him. She relested him a minute later, Nicholas got up amd headed down the hall.

"This isn't over Lexis!" he yelled
"Whatever you say Nicky."

End of memory

"What's wrong Nicholas? Remembering how Lexis always got the better of ya?" asked Lonnie coming up to him.
"Shut up. You know I will get her back. You know Kavar let Kathra and Liz go."
"That's just great."
"I will get even with that bitch Lexis if it's the last thing I do."

Nicholas stormed out into the desert to find that night had fallen.

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Part 68

Liz sat on the edge of Katie's bed tucking her daughter in.

"Mommy are Aunt Ria and Uncle Kyle mad at me?"
"Honey they weren't happy about the trick that you and Joey played on them."
"They still like me don't they?"
"Oh honey of course they do. But you need to remember playing tricks on someone isn't very nice."
"I won't do it no more. I promise."
"Ok honey."
"Mommy are Grandma and Grandpa going to like me?"
"Katie they are going to love you."
"How do you know?"
"I just know it. But you need to get some sleep."
"Mommy are you sure that Grandma and Grandpa are going to like me?"
"Yes honey don't worry."

Liz gave Katie a kiss then turned off the light and left the room. Liz stood in the door watching her for a little while.

"Liz you ok?" asked Alex
"Yeah Alex."
"She's really a sweet girl a lot like you."
"Except I never played pranks on anyone."
"No you just lied to everyone about the fact that you were shot and brought back by an alien."
"Yeah. ALex what's up with Serena?"
"Well she wants a child."
"Yeah but she's scared to talk to Zath about that."
"I might have an idea how to help them."
"What are you going to do?"
"Nothing yet. I want to see if it's possible."
"What's your plan Parker?"
"I plan to set up a romantic dinner for Serena and Zath."
"What do you want me to do to help?"
"Nothing yet. But when I call if I get it set up I want you to get them to the Crashdown."
"Got it Liz."
"Thanks Alex."
"What are friends for?"

Liz gave Alex a hug then heade for bed forming a plan in her head. Isabel came up behind Alex a moment later.

"What's up with Liz?"
"Well Izzy she is going to bring Serena and Zath closer."
"Plan a romantic dinner for two at the Crash."
"Oh yeah burgers and fries my idea of a romantic dinner."
"Isabel I think she has something else planed for the meal. Just using the Crash for the table. Or she might be planning it for her balcony. Now with the right lighting it can be very romantic up there."
"See you tomarrow Isabel."
"Alex I want to come with you."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes Alex I love you."
"I love you too."

Alex wrapped his arms around Isabel and began kissing her. After a few moments ALex lead Isabel to his room. Before long they found each other in Alex's bed.

"Isabel we don't have to do anything you don't want to."
"Shut up ALex and make me yours."

Alex smiled and started to kiss Isabel.

TBC!!!!!!!! Later!!!!!!!!
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Part 69

Liz woke to find Max's arms wrapped around her. She saw that he was still asleep. Liz stuggled closer to him. After a few minutes Max woke giving her a kiss.

"Hey." said Liz
"How long have you been up?"
"Not long."
"Liz I still don't think you should go into town with just Katie. But I'm not going to stop you either.
"Liz honey are you ok?"
"Yeah Max. It's just I haven't felt this good in along time."
"Just becareful ok?"
"I will. But I need your help with something."
"What is it?"
"I need you to help Alex get your brother and Serena to my balcony after I call."
"Sure setting them up to talk things out?"
"You really care about them don't you?"
"Yeah I do. Max I'm going to take a shower and then get Katie ready. I want to leave after breakfast."
"Ok honey."

Liz gave Max a quick kiss, then when to take her shower. Fifteen minutes later Liz was walking into her daughter's room.

"Morning honey. Time to get dressed so we can go see Grandma and Grandpa."

Katie got up and Liz helped her dress. Liz was brushing Katie's hair when Diane walked in.

"Hi Mrs. Evans." said Liz
"Good morning Liz. Liz why don't you call me Diane now? I know that you and Max will get married at some point soon I hope." said Diane
"I don't know."
"Liz please? I want you too. I saw Max when he was with you and I've seen him after you left. You bring out the best in him."
"Ok if that is what you want Diane."
"How are you doing Katie?"
"Good mommy is taking me to see Grandma and Grandpa today." said Katie
"Do they know about her Liz?"
"No I made a lot of mistakes. One was to keep my daughter from my parents."
"Liz why have you desided to tell them about her now?" asked Diane
"Well Diane they have a right to know. Besides I want my parents to know her."
"Your going alone? Are you sure that's a good idea?"
"Diane I understand that you are worried about me. But I'll be ok. Kavar let me go. He won't come after me again."
"Why did he let you go? From everything we learned you were his wife once."
"True but I was never happy."
"Mommy are you happy now?" asked Katie
"Yes honey I'm happy."
"I'm glad."
"Liz I thought I would tell you Philip started the paper work so you can adopt Joey."
"That's great. Do you think he could do the same so Max can adopt Katie?"
"Is that what you want?"
"Yes. Thank you."

Diane gave Liz and Katie a hug then left for breakfast. A few minutes later Liz finished Katie's hair.

"Ok honey let's get breakfast."
"Ok mommy."

Liz picked up Katie and when to the dinning room. When Liz entered she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist.

"Hey Max." said Liz
"How are my girls?" asked Max
"Fine honey." said Liz
"Mommy can I call Max daddy?" asked Katie
"I don't have a promblem with it. But you should ask him if he minds." said Liz
"Max I know your not my real daddy. But is it ok for me to call you daddy?" asked Katie

Max looked at the sweet little girl in Liz's arms. Then reached took her out of Liz's arms. Gave her a kiss and smile.

"Kate if you want to call me daddy then it's more than ok." said Max
"Hey dad your making mom cry." said Joey
"Joey, he didn't make me cry. I'm crying because I'm happy that we are becoming a family." said Liz
"You really think we are?" asked Max
"Yeah. Maxwell James Evans. I love both these wonderful kids and I love our baby that is on the way."
"Then Liz uh do you want to make it ofical?"
"Our engagment."

Max reached into his pocket and pulled out a small case. He put Katie down and dropped to one knee and opened it. Liz saw the most beautiful diamind ring ever.

"Elizabeth Anne Parker please do me the honor of being my wife." said Max
"Yes Max I would love that." said Liz

Max slide the ring on her finger. Max stood up and pulled Liz close. Liz then started to kiss him. Joey looked at Katie.

"Eww. Don't do that in front of us. That's gross dad." said Joey
"No it's not. It's sweet." said Katie

Liz broke the kiss and bent down and gave Joey a kiss on his cheek. Everyone laght when Joey reached up and wiped the kiss off. Then everyone sat down to eat.

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Part 70

Liz pulled out her cell phone as she drove her jeep through the desert. She diled a number and waitted for the phone to be answered.

"Hi mom."
"Liz how are you?"
"Ok. Mom I called because I'm back in Roswell."
"When did you get back?"
"A couple days ago. Mom there is someone I want you and dad to meet."
"When will you be by?"
"Uh in about an hour."
"Liz are you staying with Max?"
"I'll explain everything when I get there ok?"
"Ok honey."
"I love you mom."
"See you soon."

Liz hung up the phone and looked back at her daughter.

"Mommy are you ok?" asked Katie
"I'm fine honey. Just a little nervous about seeing my parents."
"It will be ok mommy."
"I know honey."
"You said Grandma and Grandpa are going to love me."
"They are. Katie I know I should have been there for you before now, but I was scared and couldn't take good care of myself then."
"It's ok mommy. I understand. I'm just glad to have you now."
"Katie do you like Max?"
"Yeah he's fun. I want him to be my daddy."

Liz gave her a smile. Half an hour later she was driving down main street to the Crashdown. She parked in the parking lot and helped Katie out of the car. She looked through the window and saw that the breakfast rush was over, and knew it would be a while before the lunch rush would be in.

"Le't go honey."
"Mommy don't be scared."

Liz gave Katie a kiss and walked into the Crashdown with Katie. Liz saw a few people she knew as she headed for the backroom. When she reached the backroom she saw her dad talking to one of the cooks. After a minute he walked over to her.

"Lizzie." said Jeff giving her a hug.
"Hi dad."
"Who's this Liz?" asked Jeff bending down to Katie's leavel.
"I want to explane only once. So can we go up and see mom?"
"Ok honey. Jose, I'll be upstairs if you need me." said Jeff
"Ok boss. Good to see you again Lizzie." said Jose
"Good to see you Jose." said Liz

Jeff lead Liz and Katie up to the apartment where Nancy was waitting for them. Liz sat down on the sofa in the living room and pulled Katie next to her.

"Mom, dad I know you want to know who this little girl is." said Liz
"Yes honey we do." said Nancy
"I want you to meet my daughter Kathrine Marie Parker. Katie for short."
"Your daughter?" asked Jeff
"Yes dad my daughter."
"Why didn't you tell us about her before?" aske Nancy
"I wasn't sure where she was."
"Grandma mommy had friends take care of me." said Katie softly
"How old are you Katie?" asked Jeff
"I'll be five on September 18th." said Katie

Nancy looked at Liz wide eyed.

"Yes mom her brithday is the day I was shot and Max saved my life." said Liz
"So Max told you that he let us in on his secret." said Jeff
"Yes while we were in Washington."
"Max isn't her father is he?" asked Nancy
"No he isn't. I hadn't seen him until I came back to Roswell last week. Her father isn't someone I will talk about with Katie here."
"Ok Liz." said Jeff
"Katie do you want to see your mom's old room?" asked Nancy
"Yeah Grandma."

Nancy took Katie's hand and lead her to Liz's old room. A few minutes later Jeff placed a cup of tea in front of Liz.

"Just the way you use to like it. Surger and lemon." said Jeff
"Thanks dad."
"Her father is the guy who......"
"You can say it dad. The guy who raped me. I'm past what happend."
"So where has she been?"
"The reble base outside Roswell."
"With Max's people?"
"Yes. Dad I know I should have told you and mom about her sooner."
"Liz are you getting help for what happend?"
"Yes I started to see Isabel about it."
"That's good honey."
"Dad I know I shouldn't have runaway nine years ago. But I had to fine my own answers."
"I know."
"Dad there is something else you should know. Alex isn't dead. Some of Max's people found him and saved his life."
"How is he?"
"Same old Alex."
"That's good."
"What honey?"
"Do you think I will be a good mother?"
"I think you already are. You knew when Katie was born you weren't ready. You gave her to friends who would take care of her until you got your life back together."
"Thanks dad."
"I mean it Lizzie. You have grown into a fine young woman."
"He's right Liz. Your daughter really looks up to you." said Nancy coming back into the room.
"Mom where's Kate?"
"She fell to sleep on your old bed."
"Liz you know I think I still have that cupcake dress in the basement." said Nancy
"Mom, I never told you this because I didn't want to hurt your feelings, but I hated that dress. I know you made it for me but I still hated it."
"Liz honey I knew how you felt. But I also knew you wore it for me."

Liz hugged her mom. But she had a funny feeling. She pulled away and headed to her old room.

"What is it Liz?" asked Nancy
"I don't know. I just feel that Katie is in danger." said Liz

Liz walked into the room just as Lonnie when out the window with Katie.


Liz when to the window and got hit by a blast and knocked to the floor. SHe started to cry. Her mom was at her side a moment later.

"What happend?" asked Nancy
"Nicholas and Lonnie took my little girl.
"We should call Max and have him get everyone here to help find her."
"Yeah. Give me my cell."
"Here honey."
"Mom I can't talk you have too."

Liz diled a number abd handed the phone to her mom.

"Hello?" came a female voice
"Hello, are you a friend of Liz's?"
"Yes my name is Serena Mrs. Parker."
"Serena get everyone to the Crashdown as soon as you can. Kate has been kidnapped."
"We will be there in an hour."
"Thank you. Liz said Lonnie and Nicholas took her."
"We are on our way."

Nancy hugged Liz as she cried. Jeff came in a moment later.

"Jeff close the Crashdown. We have a family emrgency. Our granddaughter has been taken by the evil aliens. said Nancy

TBC IN True Destiny 2: Child of Hope

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