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Title: Destination-Paradise
Rating: AU
Disclaimer: I don´t own them no, unfortuately someone else does
Summary: Max is a pilot on board a plane, that crashes, and when he wakes up he somehow gets washed up on a deserted island, that is until he finds another of the passengers on the island too. A rich socialite named Liz Parker.

Part 1

I remember the night when it all happened. I was a pilot on board a 747, bound for the Carribbeans. The plane had been caught up in some heavy turbulance, and then we lost one of the engines.
"Alpha 687, we´re going down, I repeat we are going down". I said into my cock-pit radio.
Next the plane started to do a nose dive into the ocean below. We had very little time to react, as I tried to pull the nose up of the plane.
Then everything went black, the plane started to fill with water, as I heard the screams and cries of the passengers. The window on the front had smashed on impact and I fought against the water to get out. The turbulance from the plane started to pull me under, but I fought with all the will in me to get to the surface, when I finally reached the surface, I pulled in deep breaths of air. I could see rummage from the plane rise to the top, and so I swam over to a piece of the tail wing. I then clung to the piece with my life and once the surface had died down again, I let the current pull me to where ever it would take me.

When I woke up, I could feel the wet sand underneath of my body, I lifted my head up, but I was too weak and fell back into a state of unconsciousness again.
I don´t know how long I was lying there for, but when I awoke again, the tide was much higher, as the waves from the ocean slapped against my cold body.
I slowly began to stand up, and once standing, I looked around to see where I was.
"Is anybody there"? I yelled to myself for hours.
I was hungry and was able to pick some mangoes and bananas from some trees.
The coconuts I found I was able to smash them open against a hard rock, where I was able to drink the flowing juices to quench my thirst.
The sun was starting to go down, so I pulled some palm branch from one of the trees and lay it on the warm sand, where I thought I would go to sleep for the night.
The next 3 days were pretty much the same, as I walked as much as I could around the island.
I then began to realise that I was probably the sole survivor from the plane crash, and with great doom thought of the loneliness I would feel out here on this island.
Luckily by the 4th day, I found a fresh pool of water, and I drank my first taste of water for the first time that I could remember since the day of the crash.
But then I heard some movement behind me and said in caution.
"Is anyone there"?
Then from behind a tree stepped out a beautiful woman.
She was very petite, with long brown hair, and 2 big beautiful eyes that adorned the smooth skin of her face.
"Only me", she said.
I remembered this woman from the plane, she had been sitting in the first class section.
"Are you alone, or are there other survivors"? I asked her.
"No theres no others, only me".
And then the beautiful woman fainted, I don´t know maybe from shock, or exhaustion.
But I ran over to her, and picked up her very light body.
I then bought her to the side of the pool. Where I covered her face with water.
She began to open her eyes slowly. Took one look at me, and her head fell back onto my arm.
So I carried her back to where I had been sleeping and I was able to light up a small fire, although it wasn´t cold, she was shivering, so I pulled her on top of my body.
I caressed the soft skin of her face, and kept her body warm close to mine.
I stared at her face for most of the evening, until I got hungry and went to fetch some food.
I had just climbed down a mango tree.
When I heard the beautiful woman calling me sounding very frightened.
"Where are you, don´t leave me alone, where have you gone too"?
"It´s alright, I´ve just been to pick some fruit". And I hurried back to her side.
"I´m sorry I left you, but I was getting hungry, do you want something to eat"? As I lay the food on the palm tree branches.
"Yes", she said as she snatched up a mango and began to eat it down, like she hadn´t eaten for days.
She stared at me the whole time, a little wary of who I could be.
"My names Max, I was one of the pilots on the plane". I held my hand out to her.
She nervously took my hand and shook it. "My names Liz" she said quietly.
"Liz it looks like we are the only people on this island". I told her.
"Do you think that someone will be able to rescue us"? She said, as juice from the mango started to run down her chin.
"Excuse me", and then I gently went to wipe the mango juice from her chin, she pulled back, but then I smiled at her and said."You have mango juice running down your chin".
"Oh". She said and let me wipe the juice from her beautiful face.
"Will we be stuck here forever"? As her doe like eyes became saddened.
"I can´t say Liz, I´m sorry".
And then she began to cry hopelessly.
I couldn´t take it anymore and pulled her small figure into my arms.
"It will be OK Liz, we´ll get through this together". I comforted her until she fell asleep in my arms.


Will this really be as easy as it sounds. Man and woman alone on a deserted island. Or will Liz put some distance between her and Max, until she can learn to trust him? FB please


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Hey all

Behritall and

glad yous liked, but the reason I am writing this is to plug a fanfic from talented lady, named
Behritall4me. She´s a first time fanfic writer and she has just posted today her first fanfic, called
I shall wait n wait till it hurts, so please give it a go, she has a real good imagination, I really recommend this fic to yous all.

Roswelluver, you know that they aren´t going to get interrupted in this fanfic, so just sit back and enjoy this fanific!!!!!!

And thanks for giving this fic a go

Maia, really touched that yous have all started reading this fic of mine.

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Hi all

all your FB, has been making me die, choking back from my laughter. See I was eating when I started reading all the fantastic FB. So thanks everyone

Araxie, and Trini, yous 2 had me really going*happy**happy*

ABBS this is my 7th fanfic I´m writing at the moment, but I have some extra time up my sleeves at the moment, and that wild imagination of mine just couldn´t stop thinking.

Oh and yes Max is an alien


Part 2

For the most of the next day Liz slept it off. Later I found out, that since Liz got stranded here, she had been to scared to close her eyes and go to sleep. She was absolutely exhausted and hungry when I found her. So as Liz lay sleeping I scanned her body for any injuries, but she was fine.
During her sleep though, Liz started having night-mares so I pulled her tiny body on top of mine, and stroked her face, as the sweat began to pour off of her.
"Liz it´s OK, c´mon Liz, it´s only a dream". I said to her softly.
I didn´t know that people could have conversations in there sleep because then Liz started talking back to me.
"NO, no, oh no, we´re going to crash"!!!!! And Liz sat up, panting deep and hard for some air.
"Liz it´s alright now, you were only having a night-mare". I held her trembling body in my arms when I say the look of bewilderment on her face.
"Max, Max, I saw it all in my dreams the crash and everything" She sobbed out between her tears, and leaned her head softly against my shoulder.
"Sssshhh Liz it´s OK now, your alive, that´s all that counts now". I whispered in her ear, hoping to be able to soothe Liz back down again.
And I held onto Liz´s terrified body for ages.
For the next couple of days we started to get ourselves into a routine.
We would wake up, go up to wash ourselves at the pool, and collect fresh water in coconuts. Then we would collect as much food that we needed for breakfast and ate.
We set up a some S.O.S signs out of rocks, that lay on the golden beaches, just in case someone should fly overhead.
Then we set up a bomb-fire, so we could get people attention, to come and rescue us.
As best as we could, we started to build ourselves a little hut. We were able to strip the palm trees up and bind sticks together.
Liz was able to make up a few baskets and plates for us.
Most of the day was just spent going over all the neccessary things we had to do to ensure of our survival.
And at night times, I was still a stranger to Liz and she would always insist that I slept a distance away from her, about 1 metre or so.
But the funny thing is that in the middle of the night, I would always feel Liz grab at me, and then roll her body into my warm one.
I would then sling my arm over her, and she would lean into me more.
When Liz woke up every morning, she would just cock her eyebrow up at me and say,
"how did that happen"?
I would always grin at her and say, "ask yourself", then get up hurriedly so Liz couldn´t persist with anymore questions.
Then one day Liz started getting really moody, and she wouldn´t come near to me.
She would just sit in the water all day, and paddle there.
When I said to Liz that I needed her to collect some more food, she would just tell me to do it myself.
Even at night times, Liz would sleep right away from me, I didn´t know what the matter with her was, but I thought to myself I was going to ask her what her problem was.
Her moodiness was starting to get on my nerves, I couldn´t do anything right, without her always scolding me.
So the next morning, I said to Liz as she sat in the water again.
"Are you going to help me collect some food today"?
"No, do it yourself". Liz said gruffly.
"I can´t be expected to do everything around her, so why don´t you get off of your ass for a change and help me". I yelled at her.
But then Liz broke down in tears and said,
"I can´t..... I have my period".
"Oh shit, I´m sorry Liz, but why didn´t you tell me"? As I bent down to her in the water and held her against my hard body.
"It was too embarassing, and I have only been able to use strips from my clothes for the bleeding".
"I´ll tell you what, I´ll make you up some protection them", as I bought my finger to Liz´s chin and pulled her face to look into my eyes.
"How"? Liz asked.
Taking off my shirt I said,
"I´ll make it with this".
Liz then grinned at me and said thank-you.
So I made up some protection for Liz, and took them to her.
"Max, thank-you", Liz said as she stood and hugged me, "that was very thoughtful of you to do this".
And she smiled that brilliant smile of hers at me.
"Your welcome, anything to help a damsel in distress".
After that Liz was back to her happier self again.
It was getting harder and harder to be around Liz.
The woman is not only beautiful, but is naturally sexy!
And being alone with Liz on a stranded island, wasn´t helping me at all.
I would stare at her every movement, and an ache would go through my body, wanting her.
Liz never seemed to notice, but if she did, Liz completely ignored me.
One day, I was following Liz up to our pond.
This was one of my favourite times of the day.
Liz would always tell me to turn my back on her, and would bath in the pond naked, and I would just kinda squirm.
Then once she was in she would say it´s your turn. Then she would turn around,
I would undress and slip into the water.
Then I would go under the water, because it was clear, and stare at Liz´s wonderful body, thinking how much I wanted to plant my lips all over her.
Then I would come up needing some air.
Then Liz would swim alittle closer to me.
She looked heavenly to me, as the surroundings and the sun that shone down on her, made her hair look all shiny.
"C´mon Max, come to me". Liz called me.
And I swam over to her like a bullet.
But when I faced Liz, I stared into her beautiful doe like eyes, caught in absolute bliss.
"Max what´s the matter with you"? Liz smiled at me a little in shyness.
But I didn´t answer, I felt Liz´s lips drawing my lips to hers like a magnet.
And then I felt Liz´s sweet lips under mine.
I wrapped my arms around her naked state.
But Liz tried to push me away, and she suceeded.
Then SLAP! Yep, I think I deserved that!
"Max are you crazy or something, what´s gotten into you"? Liz said crossly at me.
"You think it´s easy for me, being stuck on an island alone with you. See it´s not. I´m a man, and a man has needs, so why don´t you get off your damned high horses and give me a little loving". I said to her.
"Max, I´m not ready to give myself to you or anyone else". Liz said to me.
"What the hells your problem, you go swinging that hot little ass of yours around in my face, and you expect me not to react. What are you, a Nun or something". I yelled at Liz.
"I do not go swinging my ass in your face, and no I´m not a Nun". Liz then began to cry.
"Then what´s your problem then"? I yelled at Liz again.
"I´m just not ready yet, please forgive me".
Mad as hell I swam back to the side of the pond, I didn´t care if she would see my naked state, and when I stood up I said.
"Well Baby, your missing out on this"! And thrust my hips in her direction so she could clearly see my manhood then picked up my clothes and stormed right out of there.
I was going stir crazy around Liz and I knew it!
So when I got back to our little place, I decided to do something I hoped I wouldn´t regret,
and decided to leave.


Please note: when I write about Max, I ask my husband how a male would react in certain situations.
He said that if he was stuck on a deserted island with me, and I wouldn´t give it up for him, he would go absolutely crazy. I know in this part Max sounds like he´s gotten out of control, but it´s the lead up for the next plot I have in mind.
So Liz is playing hard to get, how long will she keep it up for? FB please


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Hi all

well life in paradise is not working out as good as it should be, Max really lost the plot in the last part, but he makes up for it in the next part. Thanks everyone for all the awesome FB

AMIE BABES, in this fic Max is 31, and Liz is 24 years old, also Max is an alien in this fic too!


Part 3

I was just grabbing the few things I needed to leave when Liz came running back towards me.
"Max what the hell was all of that up at the pool, have you lost your mind or something". Liz yelled at me.
I just carried on what I was doing.
"And that pelvic thrust, was that supposed to turn me on or something". Liz just carried on yelling at me, and pulled my arm, so I was facing her.
"Look at me when I´m talking to you, I said look at me for goodness sake".
"See that ´s where the problem is, I have been looking at you for to long now, and so I´m leaving you. Enjoy yourself while I´m gone". And I turned my back on her, and stormed off.
"No, no Max, you can´t leave me here by myself". Liz told me, as she started to follow me.
"Well I am, and your not stopping me", as more determined I walked faster away from Liz.
"Max please don´t leave me alone, by myself, I´ll go crazy if I´m stuck here alone". Liz told me as she ran in front of me.
"Liz, and I will go crazy if I stay here with you, so just leave it at that, and let me go".
"No, no please Max don´t leave me". And Liz started to cry, her tears running down her face uncontrollably.
"Liz I´ve made up my mind, and your not going to change it". I then tried to move passed Liz, but she wouldn´t let me.
"Max, I´m begging you, stay with me please". As Liz´s eyes started pleading to me.
"I said, no. When we you finally understand that, just let me go". And I really thought I was going to blow my top.
"Max, I will do anything for you". And then Liz took her top off, and stood there topless, and the tears just kept flowing.
In shame, I picked Liz´s top up and covered her nakedness and said.
"Liz you don´t have to do this to yourself for me, I´m so sorry about what I did up at the pool, can you ever forgive me. I was such a dumb jerk, please stop crying". I said in whispers to Liz.
"Here I´ll turn around, so you can put your top back on, just let me know when your dressed OK". And I turned around.
"I´m ready now". Liz informed me, and I turned back to face her, and gently wiped at the tears that had stained the lovely skin of her beautiful face.
"I mean it Liz, I am so, so sorry. But it´s so hard being here stuck on this damned island with you. That´s because your so beautiful, your absolutely gorgeous! But I promise I will never do anything like that ever again. I also promise that I will never leave you alone on this God damned island, OK".
"Max it´s not that I don´t find you attractive, in fact I really do. But it´s just been so hard to adjust to life on this island. I´m not used to this kind of life, I´m used to having maids bring everything to me, but now that we have to think about our survival every minute of the day it tires me and I´m scared, thinking that maybe something will happen to you, and then I would be stuck here on this island for maybe the rest of my life". Liz admitted.
"I know it´s hard being on this island, but at the moment we are all that we got, and don´t think that anything bad is going to happen to me. See I´m still here".
Then we walked back to our place. Now that we had made those admissions to one another, it was helpful for us both, to get all our troubles off of our hearts, and then we started to talk more and more together, about all those little things that were important for us to discuss.
But that night when we went to go to sleep, I asked Liz if she would mind sleeping away from me. Liz understood why, so I made up a bed for Liz to sleep on.
But in the middle of the night, Liz started having one of her nightmares again, and I ran over to her, and held her trembling body to me.
When she finally awoke, Liz grabbed onto me tighter and began crying.
"Max, please don´t leave me tonight". She said through her tears.
"Ssshhh it´s Ok now, I won´t leave you", and I began to stroke at Liz´s beautiful soft hair.
For the rest of the night, we stayed up and talked to each other, Liz was to scared to go to sleep, so I ran my hands through her hair.
But when sleep overtook our tired body´s we fell asleep in each others arms. Finally resting our tired body´s


Now in the next chapter, there is a storm and 1 of them gets hurt. FB please


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Hey Elizabeth

I wasn´t going to post this for another week of 2, but then I got bored and I posted.
I have been checking the Bmails since yesterday, and I realised that it takes 2 days before my bmails come up

All the best

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Hi all

well it´s good that they finally worked things out together. Thanks again for all the wonderful FB, I´m still loving it!!!

Mermaid Girl, that was soooo sweet what you wrote


Part 4

The next day we woke up late, Liz just lay in my arms until hunger pangs forced us to go collect some more food.
The next couple of days went alot better for the 2 of us.
We started to trust each other with all our fears, and one day to my surprise as Liz and I were walking along the beach, she took my much larger hand in her tiny one, smiling up to me, and not saying a word.
I bought Liz´s hand up to my mouth and kissed it sweetly, it was really such a lovely moment for the both of us, as I smiled down into Liz´s beautiful eyes.
We then continued to walk along the sunny beach, then we sat down at a lovely spot and when I went to sit down, Liz sat between my legs and leaned her small body against my body.
Liz´s head was rested on my shoulder, and I was amazed at how perfectly it fitted on my shoulder.
We sat there for ages watching the beautiful aqua coloured water before us.
There was no need for any of us to say a word, it was so peaceful and apart from the few birds that flew above us, I could have stayed there forever.
The next couple of days were pretty horrid in the sense that strong winds started blowing, and I guessed it was the hurricane season that was now upon us.
But between Liz and I nothing progressed any further, but I was content just holding onto her hand for now.
Also when a strong wind destroyed our little hut, we both decided to move inland, until the winds died down. We walked about 2 km´s inland until we found a good spot, and proceeded to set up our temporary home there.
Liz collected food, while I stripped palm trees down to make our shelter. I lay palm branches inside to cover the ground, and then Liz came back with some food, we ate until we were content.
The winds were temporarily blowing at a semi-strong breeze, and I told Liz I was going back to the beach because I had forgotten something there.
So I then set off!

When Max went back to the beach he found what he had forgotten, he had taken his watch off when he went for a swim that morning in the ocean. It had alot of sentimental value to Max, as his parents had given it to Max when he graduated from College. Putting it back on, Max noticed that the winds were picking up again.
Turning around Max went back to Liz, as he went on his way the winds began to blow furiously.
Max walked as hard as he could against the strong winds, but the winds were too strong.
The clouds had blackened, and water was now pouring down. The fight to get back to Liz was a struggle, but Max knew he had to make it back to her.
Max then heard some crackling, and as he turned to face the noise, a palm tree then came crashing down on top of him, knocking Max unconscious, as the winds howled in the back-ground.

The shelter that Max had built had been blown away, as the winds began to increase at a ferocity. Liz had managed to hide in some rocks, that were clustered together not far away. Liz was scared for her life, as she crouched in between the rocks. She was also worried about Max, he had left ages ago, and still hadn´t returned.
As the storm blew above Liz´s head, she prayed that the storm would soon finish, and that Max was alright.
It was ages that Liz sat huddled there until the winds began to slow down. Making a decision to go and find Max, Liz fought against the still strong winds. Holding onto trees that had not fallen down. Her path was long, but Liz was determined to find Max. Sometimes Liz would stumble and fall, as she made her slow progress, but despite that Liz carried on.
Liz then eventually came to a clearing and that´s when she saw Max´s body underneath a tree.
"MAXXXX", Liz screamed in fear, and then ran over to him.


Hopes yous liked that part. FB please

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well I got through to the last part you posted in Undercover and I must say it´s AWESOME so far*happy*

so there´s a few posts for you

Take care

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Hi all

now Liz is stuck in a real predicament! Thanks everyone for continuing to faithfully reading my fic, and sending all that awesome FB to me.


Part 5

"Max, Max". Liz cried out as she ran to Max´s side. Liz saw the fallen tree laying on Max´s still body and tried with all her might to lift it off of him,
"Oh shit", Liz cried out in frustration as she couldn´t budge the tree off of Max.
Liz repeatly tried to lift the tree, but it was to heavy, and she collapsed down next to Max´s body in tears.
"Max you have to wake up, I can´t lift this damned tree off of you, please Max you have to wake up". Liz cried out to him, but Max wouldn´t respond.
Liz than gently caressed Max´s cold face with her fingers.
"Please Max wake up for me, you have to wake up". Liz begged him.
But Max didn´t respond back.
"What am I supposed to do, you can´t leave me here all alone". Liz said as the tears started streaming down her face.
"Max please, I´m begging you to wake up for me". Liz sobbed out through her tears.
"I´ll try lifting that damned tree off of you".
And Liz stood to her feet, and tried again, and again, but to no avail.
Now becoming exhausted Liz fell back down to her knees then lay down next to Max, laying her head next to Max´s head.
When Liz woke up the next morning she looked around at all the devastation the storm had caused.
Trees and rummage lay strewn everywhere.
Then Liz started to gently stroke Max´s face again.
"Max, it´s me Liz here, why won´t you wake up for me"? Liz asked sadly.
"You know that you can´t leave me here all alone".
Liz talked on like this to Max for awhile then got up to see if she could get some water from the pond.
"Max I have to leave you for awhile, but I will be back as soon as I can". She spoke to Max.
Then turned on her heels and hurriedly walked away.
The path to the pond was not an easy one, Liz climbed over many a tree, but was determined to get to Max asap. Eventually she reached the pond, and finding some coconuts, she hit them against a rock, just enough so that she could carry some water back to Max.
Before filling the coconuts up, Liz took large gulps of water to quench her own thirst, then filled the coconuts up with water, and walked back to Max.
Liz stayed by Max´s side the whole day, pouring water on his face when Max began to sweat. She talked to him the whole time, hoping that Max would awake, but he didn´t.
The cuts that Max had on his body, Liz tended to them, ripping the material from her skirt to bandage up the wounds.
Liz was really scared. Even if Max did wake up, and was able to move the tree off of himself, Liz knew Max had internal injuries, he could be bleeding inside.
Liz cried out knowing that Max could die, and that would mean that she would be left on the island
all by herself.


Max wakes up tomorrow. FB please

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Part 6

The next day, Liz was still caring for Max, when late that afternoon Max began to stir.
"What happened to me"? Max said ever so quietly, when he finally awoke, and opening his tired eyes, Max felt all this pain in his body.
"Max, your awake". As Liz started to cry for joy, and kissed Max softly on his HOT lips!
"Max, Max when you left me the other day, the storm got worse, and when you didn´t return, I came to look for you. When I found you, you were stuck underneath this tree, but I can´t seem to move it. Are you in much pain? I bandaged you up as best as I could, but I can´t move this tree off of you". Liz said hopelessly
"Yeah it hurts like hell, but can you get me something to drink, I´m dying of thirst". Max said, still in grunted breaths.
"Yeah sure". And Liz went and got the coconuts, then lifting Max´s head as gently as she could Liz lay his head on her lap and then slowly poured water into Max´s slightly opened mouth.
"Just tell me when your´ve had enough". Liz said and with her other hand she began to weave her fingers through Max´s soft hair.
"That´s enough for now". Max let Liz know.
And Liz put the now empty coconut to the side.
"Liz I want you to stay here, by me". Max said to Liz.
"Don´t worry Max I´m not going anywhere". Liz reassured him.
Max looked so broken to Liz that she started to cry in sadness.
"Liz what I am about to do now may shock you, please though I ask you that you won´t be scared of me once I´m finished". Max pleaded to Liz with his eyes.
"What are you talking about Max". Liz looked at him confused.
"Just watch". Max said, then he started to concentrate on healing himself.
As Max started to move his hand over his body, he felt where all the damage had been, and with all his effort healed the internal bleeding inside of him. The bruises and bleeding scratches on Max´s body, then miracously disappeared, and Max started to feel drained and broke the connection.
EXhausted but knowing he had to get the tree off of him, as good as he could Max rose his upper body.
Then pushing the tree off of him, Max then sat lay back down and started the connection up again. This time though he healed himself fully, and collapsed back in exhaustion, and lay there for awhile.
When Max got all of his energy back he sat up and looked at Liz in the eyes.
Taking her tiny hand in hers, Max pulled Liz up as he stood.
Now they stood face to face.
"Max what did you just do". Liz asked, but in to much shock, Liz fainted.
And Max caught Liz in his 2 strong arms, and sat down again, and pulled Liz on top of him.
Waiting for Liz to wake back up again, Max worried that Liz may be would be disguisted in him when he told Liz he was an alien.


Yous all know whats coming up in the next part. FB please

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Hi all

thanks for all oh so cool FB!!


Part 8

Max held onto Liz´s lifeless body, stroking Liz´s face gently with his fingers. Max couldn´t get over the fact that Liz had kissed him, and gently brazed his fingers over Liz´s soft lips.
"Max, Max". Liz said softly as she began to stir.
"Liz I´m right here". Max smiled down at Liz as she opened her doe like eyes.
"I fanited, didn´t I". Liz said looking confused up at Max.
"Yes you did". Max then brushed his hand gently on Liz´s now rosy red cheek.
"Max how did that happen, how come your well again and not injured"? Liz asked wanting to know the big mystery.
Max stared down at Liz, scared at how she would react to him, when he told her the truth, them said.
"Liz I was able to do that because......I´m an alien". Max declared.
"Oh", and once again Liz passed out.
Shit, she´s passed out again! Max thought, but stayed with Liz´s body pulled up against his.
When Liz woke up again, she looked at Max not knowing what to do.
"So your pretty shocked then". Max said as he broke the silence.
"Well it´s not everyday you meet an alien". Liz said, but she still didn´t pull away from Max, no his eyes were to full of sadness, and Liz couldn´t behr to see that sadness in Max´s eyes.
She then sat up, and stared Max back into his beautiful amber eyes.
Max then put his head down in shame.
Liz lifted Max´s head up with her hand, as she placed it on the soft skin of Max´s face.
"Max, yes I am shocked, but that doesn´t change the way I feel about you, your still the same man, that I care about". Liz said in a soft, understanding voice.
"You mean you don´t despise me". Max said as his amber eyes started to water.
"No, I don´t despise you", then Liz leaned forward and placed her sweet lips on Max´s HOT lips.
The kiss was sweet, and they both rose to there knees, Max´s hands lay gently on Liz´s shoulders, while Liz´s hand was still on the soft skin of Max´s face.
Then Max pulled slightly away from Liz.
"Liz thank-you for not seeing me differently when you found out the truth". Max said as his mouth circled up in a tiny smile.
"Max, I could never see you any other way then how I see you now". Liz smiled sweetly at Max.
"And how do you see me"? Max asked, his heart content now, that Liz knew the truth and had still accepted him for who he was.
"I see you, as a kind and caring man, who is very sweet and gentle". Liz said as she grazed her hand over Max´s cheek again.
"Oh, I´m honoured". Max then smiled as he took both of Liz´s hands in his. And helping Liz up as he stood, Max then pulled Liz into his strong arms.
"Max tell me your never let me go" Liz said as she heart Max´s heart beat, as her head lay against Max´s hard chest.
"I will never let you go". Max said as he lay his head down gently on top of Liz´s head, and the sun shone warmly down on there skin, and a few birds were the only noises that broke the stillness on the island.


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Part 8 or9

When Max and Liz left, Max had pulled Liz to his side, Liz slipped her arm around Max´s waist and know had her head leaning on Max´s hard chest, and Max looped his arm around Liz´s tiny figure.
They walked back slowly to there temporary home, talking and caressing each others bodys.
When they got back, Max then set to work to fix the damage done around there camp, while Liz gathered more food. Not wanting to go to the pond to fetch water by herself, Liz then started helping Max tiny up.
As they would busy themselves with there work, they would brush against each others bodys or stop and kissing each other sweetly, so it took a bit longer for them to finish there work, but when they finally did, Max suggested that they go to the pond, so he could clean up, sweaty and dirty from the hard work. So the 2 walked to the pond, slowly enjoying the feel of each other in there holds.
When they got to the pond, Max turned his back on Liz as she undressed, then Liz hopped in the water, and turned as Max undressed and joined her in the pond.

"Max come to me". Liz said to him, as her eyes started burning for him.
So I waddled through the water, staring at Liz as she stood opposite me.
"Max, I really care for you", then Liz put her tiny arms around my neck and pulled me into her so her naked silky body was brushing my own body.
I started to become aroused as I felt Liz´s perfect breasts again my hot skin.
"Max like I said before you mean alot to me". Liz said as I saw the passion built up in her beautiful brown eyes.
"I care alot about you too". I admitted to Liz.
And before I could say another word Liz had her sweet lips against mine.
The kiss was wonderful, as I started to explore the wet recesses of Liz´s mouth with my tongue, and my hands started to wander over Liz´s tantalising skin.
Liz pulled me tighter to her small body, and then began sucking at my bottom lip, then Liz began to enter my mouth with her torturous tongue, driving me wild inside.
I could feel Liz´s hands travel up and down my body, but when Liz´s hands reached my firm butt, she began to rotate my hot flesh in her tiny hands.
This made me go as hard as a rock, and when Liz felt my hardness against her leg, she began rubbing it up and down me.
We then made sweet love to each other. But not in the pool, but when we did, and when the friction started to hurt Liz, I put my hand over her and healed the pain.
Liz is an unbelievable lover, she is so willing and she is sooooooo desirable.
When I was dumb enough to do what I did to Liz at the pool that day, afterwards I would control my urges to have her, by taking alot of swims, and thought that one day she would relent.
So I would wait patiently for that day.
I mean a man and a woman stranded on a deserted island, one day they would only naturally give themselves to one another.
I just didn´t think that it would have happened so soon!
But in all irony, I think it is funny now that the storm injured me because then Liz was finally able to admit that she cared for me and her walls caved in.
Now that Liz and I have taken our relationship to another stage, I wonder how long it will take me to fall in love with her.
I give myself 4 weeks, before I fall in love with her.
It´s hard not to fall in love with Liz, she is truly a wonderful woman. Sensative, loving and caring to name a few things about her.
We are with each other 24/7, so it is also only natural that love grow between us.
In some ways I hope we don´t get found, I could quite happily spend the rest of my life here on this island with Liz. But then again, I think I´m only being selfish.
"Max are you still awake", Liz says softly as her head raises from my behr chest.
"Yeah I am", I say, as I stroke at Liz´s lovely soft skin.
"Max make love to me again", Liz whispers through a hushed voice.
So I obliged this beautiful woman lying by my side, and make love to her again.
Before we lay back down and fall asleep lying in each others arms.


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Part 9 or 10?

Now I lay here with Liz quietly sleeping on my behr chest, and I begin to brush the soft hair of my little wee temptress, after we finished making love to one another
Her head tilts slightly on my body, and I think back to today when we first made love to one another.
When Liz´s soft skin was brushing against my body.
I bought her up on me, and she placed her lovely legs around my waist.
I then rolled Liz´s perfect breasts in my large hands, massaging them ever so gently, and moved my lips down to captured her perky hard nipple in my mouth.
She tasted so sweet, and captivated my soul
As I started to flick my hot tongue over her protruding nipple
Liz moved her hands through my hair
Moaning in all of her sweetness
As her body started crumpling in my arms
I then raised Liz´s body up even higher
And Liz released her legs, that had been wrapped around my waist
I slowly walked Liz to the side of the pool
With my soft lips caressing the soft skin of her very flat stomach
She filled all my senses up
And I lay her on the hard ground.
Then gently opened her legs up
So I could see her now exposed sweetness
"Liz your beautiful".
I said, as my eyes become fixtated on her wetness
And I placed my head between her legs
To release this passion inside of me
To finally taste her
And she tasted better than I thought she would
As I dangling my tongue through Liz´s sweet honey
Exploring her every crease and cave of her hot pussy
Liz arched her torso higher in my mouth
I was overjoyed at her want to have me more and more
I sucked at her folds
And proceeded my seardh until I found that little love-spot of hers
Then started rolling my tongue over it in hot ecstacy
Spreading her hot folds apart,
I ran my fingers lightly through her wet folds
The tension increased in her trembling body
And I knew she was almost over the edge
I continued with my onslaught on Liz´s hot nub
While my fingers brazed over her dripping wet folds then I heard Liz calling my name
"Maxxx, your making me go on fire".
So I flicked my tongue ever faster
Liz pushed my head deeper into her core
And in one pulsating moment
Liz went over the edge
As she creamed into my hungry mouth
I licked Liz clean
And then Liz sat up and lay me on my back
She then straddled me
And positioning me under her sweet core
Liz lowered her body on top of me
I felt Liz´s firm ass clench
As she rode me into 7th heaven
My body then motioned upwards to meet Liz´s obvious joy
Of having me inside her
I then placed my hands on her beautiful breasts
And started to roll them, in my much larger hands
Amazed at how perfectly they fitted in my hands
And Liz started going down on me harder
Her body bucked up and down on me
And she looked so wonderful
As I opened my eyes to see this beauty
On my hardness
"Max, ohh Max, you feel soooo good"
As I felt her walls surround my hard cock
She was so tight and wet
I thought I would explode right then and there
But I moved my hands to Liz´s side
And assisted her up and down on me
The rythmn got harder and faster
I writhed under my beauty
As I felt myself going over the edge
And released myself inside of Liz´s wet core
And Liz collapsed on my body, momentarily exhausted
And I felt her chest moving at pace
Against my own behr chest
I kissed Liz softly on the skin of her soft skin of her neck
And ran my hand through her long tresses
"Max, that was so good, I have never made love like that before, I look forward to when we can do it again". As she smiled at me, with that radiant smile she possesses.
And I pulled her to me tightly, until our breathing had died down and gone back to normal
Then I started up again, and down at the pool Liz and I gave our bodys to each other time after time, not wanting to stop giving one another any pleasure.
But eventually we were able to pull ourselves away from one another.
We then bathed again, and I washed Liz between her legs
Liz did the same thing to me, and we ended up making love again, in the warm waters of the pool.
But when the friction was to much for Liz´s hot core, I put my hand over her, and healed her with all the love and care I could, then she felt better, as she slide up and down, and bought me to that eploding orgasm again.
And I kissed her gently, then we got out of the pool.
We didn´t change back into our clothes again, instead we carried them in our hands, as I took Liz´s tiny hand in my other hands, and we walked slowly back to our camp.


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Next part

The next morning I was awoken by Liz giving me soft kisses on my lips.
I smiled with my eyes still closed, as my body started to hum again then Liz said
"Max are you awake"?
"Yeah I am, but I think I will stay like this for awhile, my head is still spinning, from having you on my mind".
Liz just giggled at me and said, "you can be so corny sometimes, but that´s why I care for you so much".
Then I bought Liz tighter in my strong arms, and gently placed a kiss on her forehead.
Then we talked to each other, until my stomach started to rumble, and we decided to go to the pool for a swim.
Since yesterday, we haven´t got changed back into our clothes, it´s like a real Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, living here on this island now.
As we bathed together, Liz got a cramp in her leg, and I lifted her up in my 2 strong arms and carried her to the side of the pool.
"Max it´s so sore". As Liz hollered in pain, and I reassured her and said.
"Liz I will heal you, using my powers OK".
Liz then agreed with me, so I hovered my hands over the calf of her leg, and then suddenly all the pain in her leg disappeared quickly from her leg.
But I slumped on my butt, after the connection broke.
Liz said, "Max what´s the matter with you"?
Because Liz couldn´t understand why my mood had changed.
I didn´t move, and then Liz came over and put her tiny arm around my shoulders and said,
"Max, tell me, what´s the matter please"? In that sweet voice of hers.
And I looked up into Liz´s fawn like eyes and said.
"Liz......wer´re going to have a baby".
"Oh". She said and then fainted in my arms.
I know how bad Liz takes big news, so I was ready to catch her as she fell.
And then lay her gently on top of my body until Liz woke back up.
When she did, Liz fluttered her beautiful eyes open and looked me in my eyes, and said.
"Max are we really going to have a baby"?
"Yeah it´s true Liz". I said as I bit down on my bottom lip, and Liz said.
"Umm Max, when are we due"?
"In about 4 months time".
"Max am I going to get pregnant everytime, that we make love".
I cleared my throat, as a tick seemed to get suck in there and then said
"Yeah it looks like that would happen".
But Liz didn´t faint this time, she only said,
"This could become quite burdenous, I mean what if we were stuck on this island for 10 years or something, do you know how many times I can get pregnant in that time, if this happens instantaneously that means I could carry your babys 30 TIMES".
"Oh no don´t say something like that, lets just have this one first, and we´ll see what happens after that".
"Max I´m not going to experiment after I have this baby, otherwise I´ll be permanantly pregnant all the time, but I can´t stop making love to you, what do we do"?
"Take one day at a time". I said, as I stared into Liz´s beautiful eyes, and she had tears in them so I asked her, "Liz your not disappointed that your pregnant are you"?
"No, not at all, I have always wanted to have a family, and I can´t really believe it´s true".
"Oh", I replied then I kissed Liz softly on the top of her head.
Then we walked back to our camp, hand in hand the whole entire way.


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Next part

Now it has been 2 weeks since Liz and I first made love to another. And I was wrong, it took me only 2 weeks to fall in love with Liz, not a month.
When a person has to spend 24/7 with someone else, you get to know them real well, alot faster than you would normally expect.
I to Liz am her last life-line. She needs me, like she needs food or water. She means the exact same thing to me, but we both have different reasons.
My reason is clear, I am in love with her, and I feel like she is my very essence for living. As for Liz, her fear of being left here on the island by herself, and now with the baby on the way has made her very emotional. I can´t go 5 feet away from her, without her calling me back, but then again after the storm when Liz found me injured, she thought she would be stuck on this island by herself.
Although I haven´t admitted to Liz that I love her yet, I know she realises it.
The way I pamper her, and those looks I can´t help giving her are clear give-aways.
I know that Liz cares for me a great deal, but I can´t distinguish yet if it´s love.
Apart from that we are generally fine. Liz has now as small stomach that makes her stomach protrude a little, and she has this wonderful glow about her.
Now that she is pregnant, I stay up during the nights to see if she is still having her night-mares about the plane crash. Although Liz doesn´t have them as often, when she does, I use my powers to soothe her mind. This is another power I have, and has proven very useful, so that Liz and our baby, aren´t in any stress at all.
A few days after the storm, we moved back down on the beach-front, and re-built a little hut. It´s looking really homely now, as daily Liz picks hibiscious flowers and plants, to decorate our home.
I collected some shells and they to adorn the little home we share together.
I have also been able to made a basket, which I use to go in shallow waters to catch fish. It´s nice having something solid in my stomach again and Liz enjoys having something different other than fruit and coconuts in her diet. Also we collect shell-food which is really tasty, but Liz can´t stomach them to well, so it´s only me who eats them. Liz has been having bad bouts of morning-sickness as well, so every morning I support her weakened body when she losses her stomach.
When we aren´t working we are usually lying on the beach, stroking at Liz´s stomach, or walking around the island hand in hand. When our urges call, we satisfy both of our needs, and make wonderful love to one another.
Tonight I am watching over Liz, as she lies asleep tangled in my body, then she begins to murmur in her sleep.
"Max", she calls out my name.
"Yeah Liz". I say to her, as I brush my hand against the soft skin of her beautiful face.
"I love you Max". She says, and I do a double check to see if she´s awake, and I see her fawny brown eyes staring back at me, my heart leaps in my chest and I whisper quietly,
"Liz I love you too".
And I smile down at her, and pull her body up towards my face
Then I kiss her gently
And Liz´s hands start to caress away at my skin
She lies naked
So I place my anxious lips onto the skin of her breasts and then
suck away at her glory
I move my mouth to capture that hard nipple of hers
Then I swirl it with tender soft touches of my tongue
Liz then turns around
So her hot ass is now on my belly
And with those small hands of hers
She places them on my manhood
Making me go all hard
Her hands are leaning behind her on the sides of my body
Liz arches up
And goes over my largeness
her sweet core is above me
And in one movement she goes down on me
And writhers in pleasure
At having me inside of her
Liz is not 100% wet
But in a short time
She is dripping wet
As she goes up and down on me
Her long, long hair is dangling down onto my skin
And I raise my torso upwards to meet her thrusts
Then in one motion our bodies move together
As I feel her walls surround my large, hard cock
My ass muscles clench together
As the rythmn moves faster
And Liz goes down hard on me
Just like the way she always wants it
My hands are on the side of Liz, assisting her to bring us to the top
And I raise my head up to see the slender curves of her body
The rocking of our bodies are making us pump ever more
And in one overwhelming moment I go over the top
Releasing myself inside of Liz´s wet core
And our juices mix together, in the sweet love that we made
I turn Liz around and pull her to my face
Then hungrily I eat at her with my mouth and tongue
Liz cries out in ecstacy
As my tongue slides over her wet folds and I pull her harder on top of me
Her scent is so intoxicating
It causes an euphoria in me
And I continue applying my hot tongue to Liz´s wet slick
No being able to get enough of her
I then find that little love spot, I love to have in my mouth
So I capture it and suck away at my honey
Rolling my tongue over it, like I´m licking candy
Only Liz is sweeter
Liz love-making calls say my name
And I know she´s almost reached her edge
She always calls my name when she has a climax
It drives me crazy
Knowing she wants me more and more
I feel the trembles of Liz ´s body wash over me
As she grabs at the skin of my arms
She got over the top
Liz turns around to face me
And with that look of satisfaction in her eyes
She cuddles her tiny body into me
Laying her head on my hardened chest
I kiss Liz on the crown of her head.
And unconsciously she traces circles on my behr chest
"Max I meant it before, when I told you that I love you".
"I meant it too, I love you Liz".
Then we talk for awhile, before we start up again, then we end up falling asleep in each others arms again.


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I just wanted to plug this fic I read tonight. it´s called Love and Fame, there is another few that I read tonight that were really awesome they are

Big alien Girls don´t Cry

Not of This Earth

True identities

The Antarian Queen

Unheard Truths

What Dreams May come

I haven´t had the time to read for ages, cause I´m always posting but yous wanna give them a go

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Can you tell I´m bored shitless, yeah they do get eventually found, and well I´m going to wait until after they have the baby until they have there first signs of trouble in there relationship, but I want to get this fic on it´s way, so that they do get back to civilisation, but I think that won´t happen for at least another week.

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Araxie it´s not really trouble, but one of them does something to the other, and causes strife between the 2.


Next part

For the next 5 weeks or so we are both becoming restless on the island. I mean we have each other, and although I haven´t said anything to Liz yet, I want to go back to civilisation.
Life on the island is hard, it knocks all my energy out, having to daily take care of our survival.
I won´t let Liz do anymore climbing up trees to gather fruit and coconuts as it would be to risky during her pregnancy, the fact that I know I could heal Liz, still won´t allow me to let her do it.
This job used to be Liz´s before she got pregnant, I won´t let her carry anything, because she has been having real back problems.
I do soothe the pain away from Liz when the she tells me she is in pain, but using my powers also drain me of alot of energy.
I won´t tell Liz about how I get drained when I heal her, no she has to worry about herself and the baby.
Instead when I heal her, I slump onto my back and hold onto her in my arms, until I feel restored.
The only time I leave Liz by herself is when she has her afternoon nap, and go and collect water.
She usually sleep during this time, long enough for me to make 3 trips to and from between our little home and the pool.
It is really the only time that we spend apart, but I need this time to myself, to gather my thoughts and so.

Liz and I from the first day we got onto the island devised a plan, so that if we ever heard a plane flying overhead, or saw a ship sailing passed us, 1 of us will light the bomb-fire that we have been able to set up about 20 metres away from our little hut.
I can light the fire instantly using my powers, and I was able to change some rocks that I found that flint easily if Liz strikes them together.
We both know the drill, and have prepared ourselves for a time when we may be found.
One day as I am approaching the pool I hear the light engine of a plane in the distance.
"A plane", I yell to myself and drop the empty coconuts that I have been carrying and run back to the beach- front.
I run back as fast as my legs will take me, knowing this may be the only chance to get off of this island.
I think of the SOS that we have set up on the beach and hope that it is large enough for the people in the plane to be able to see.
My hearts pounding through my chest as I hear the two-engined plane draw closer to the island.
I almost slip, as my foot trips over a fallen tree.
But I re-balance myself and move even faster, more determined to get back to the beach.
My mind is boggling over, hoping that Liz will wake up, so she can light the bomb-fire.
Branches of trees scrap my skin, causing me to lightly bleed.
As I push my way through all the trees that take me away from the small pathway back to the beach
Knowing that this way is shorter than the other way.
I don´t feel the stings on my arms or legs from the scratched now on me
The roars of the engine is getting closer
But I am closing in on my destination
But then suddenly the plane is over my head
Pushing me to go even faster
The plane flies passed me
I know our only last hope is Liz
And then I see the blue waters of the ocean, 10 metres before me
My body lunges forward, urging itself to run faster
And as I finally reach the beach front
I see the small plane flying in front of me in the distance
I start yelling and screaming
But there´s no way that they can hear my drowned out voice
From the loud sounds of the engines
I wave my arms anyway
Then look around on the beach
And to my horror, the bomb-fire has not been lit
Then I see that Liz has messed up with our message spelling out SOS
As I run to approach her, now kneeling on the golden sands
I yell at her
"What the hell do you think your doing"?
Liz justs looks at me with a saddened face and says
"I didn´t want anyone to find us".
Distraught I fall to my hands and knees and scream out


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Next part

"WHY"? I yell at Liz.
She stares at me with those tears I was expecting to see her shed, Liz is biting on her bottom lip as it trembles.
"I´m sorry Max". Her fawn like eyes look sadly at me.
"We could have got rescued, do you want to stay for the rest of your life on this island", I continue to scream at her.
"Yes". She wimpers to me.
"Liz I don´t understand it, but why"? I beg her to tell me.
"I didn´t want to lose you". Liz tells me.
Falling to my knees, I take Liz´s 2 arms in my hands, and say,
"Liz what do you mean you didn´t want to lose me".
And then there is silence between us, and I can only hear the cries of the seagulls in the back-ground, until Liz finally says.
"I´m am engaged to be married....I don´t love the man I´m engaged too".
And this news tears my heart apart!
"But if you don´t love this man, then why are you marrying him"? I ask her, my voice now quietly says.
"My Dad arranged it....the man I am to marry, it is more of a business thing, my Dad wants to expand his business, and if I marry this man then he will be able to do it". Liz explains it.
"But you love me, how can your Dad and this man ever come between us"? I hold Liz into my body.
"They are both very powerful men, my Dad and Sean, they are used to getting what they want, and when it became clear that Sean wanted me, my Dad promised me to him". Liz weeps her tears, and I feel them falling onto my behr chest.
"But this is the 21st century, arranged marriages just aren´t heard of these days,". I tell her as I hold her beautiful face in between my hands and with my thumbs gently wipe her tears away, that are punishing her wonderful eyes.
"I know, that´s why I was on the plane, I was trying to hide away from my Dad and Sean", Liz cries to me
How more ironic can that be?
How much more lost can we get then being stranded on a deserted island.
"Liz, like I said before, this is the 21st century, they can´t force you into a marriage that you don´t want"
I tell her.
"In my Dad and Seans case, that´s not a problem, oh Max I´m so sorry", Liz chokes back on her tears again.
"Liz but we could have worked everything out with them when we told them that you are in love with me". I say to her, as I hold her face on my hand and stare into her big brown eyes.
"Max you don´t know Sean, the man is brutal. He once had a mans hand chopped off because he touched me". Liz leans her head against mine.
"Oh God the mans crazy", I say as I nudge my head against Liz´s.
"So how do you think Sean will react when he finds out we love one another, Max I don´t even want to think about the consequences".
And Liz begins to weep again, causing my heart to clench in pain.
"Ssshhh, it´s Ok now, don´t cry my Love, everything will be OK now". I whisper in Liz´s eyes, and with my hand I stroke the back of Liz´s head with my hand.
"It´s going to be alright, sshhh".
And I let Liz cry on my shoulder


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Next part

Liz and I are sitting on the beach holding onto each other, when she has finally settled down I ask her.
"Liz, but how did your Dad get involved with Sean"?
"Max, I meet Sean though my best friend, Maria De Luca, her and Sean are first cousin, then with the crash on the markets in the 90´s my Dad lost alot of money, and then Sean proposed a business deal with my Dad". Liz told me.
"What kind of deal"? I ask curiously.
"I´m not to sure much about the deal they made, all I know is that Sean is the head of one of the most powerful families in the Mafia". Liz said, and that look in her eyes was tearing me apart.
"Oh God! The man is in the Mafia". I exclaim.
"Yes, that´s why I couldn´t allow us to be found" Liz says sadly.
"Liz I wish you had of told me the truth from the start". I say disappointedly.
"Would you have wanted to become involved with me if you knew the truth Max"?
"Yeah sure I would have, we would have been able to have worked out something though", I tell her.
"But Max, Sean would have hurt you, or even worse kill you". Liz says in fear.
"Liz, I am an alien that has the ability to be able to heal myself, sure he would have proven a problem, but I would have been able to have dealt with it". I look at her with my eye-brows raised.
"But I couldn´t risk losing you, you mean to much to me". Liz says looking all dejected.
"Liz, I know people too, I´m not the only one you know, I have a friend, well he´s more like a brother, and he has the power to kill, also my sister would have been able to have messed his mind up". I say.
"So theres more of yous then"? Liz asks me.
"Yeah, and we do anything we have to, to protect ourselves, we´re really tight".
"I´m sorry Max, I should have told you the truth" Liz says biting down on her bottom lip.
"Liz, it´s to late to change anything now, let´s just get used to the fact that we will be staying on this island a little longer that expected". I saw, as I stroke Liz´s long, silky hair.
"Your such a good man". Liz says as she nuzzles her face against my behr chest.
"So tell me more about Maria then". I ask her.
"Maria is the best! If it wasn´t for Maria I wouldn´t have been on that plane that day". Liz takes her head away from my lonely chest now, and thinks away to herself.
"Really, she sounds like a real good friend then". I say, stroking at the soft skin of Liz´s face.
"Yeah she is, it was Maria´s idea for me to go away to hide. Maria told everyone that her and I were going shopping that day. Then she drove me to the airport, and told me to keep in contact with her".
"You really miss her, don´t you".
"Yeah I do". Liz says quietly.
And then eventually the 2 of us make our way slowly back to our little hut.


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Next part

The weeks that lead up to Liz´s delivery were mostly uneventful ones. Liz and my relationship became stronger, and apart from Liz´s morning sickness bouts, she carried well.
The day our son was born, yes we had a son, was one of the happiest days of my life.
We were taking a stroll to the pool, when Liz´s waters broke.
"Max, the baby, the babys on it´s way". Liz cried out as she clutched to her rounded belly.
"Oh God", and I helped Liz to lie down.
The next couple of hours were the longest hours I had ever lived through.
Liz was lying before me, with her hands holding onto her knees tightly, and with her legs wide open to me.
A position I love seeing Liz in, but right now, I thought I was going to die, seeing all the pain she was in.
I eased the pain as much as I could, and then eventually I saw our babys head appear.
Liz was screaming out in pain, she called me alot of names I would rather not repeat, but I was to hyped up seeing this wonder appear before my very own 2 eyes.
"Liz you have to push". I instructed her, and lay my hand over her womb, making the delivery as easy for Liz as possible.
When the babys shoulders started to appear, I concentrated harder on Liz and the baby, while holding the babys head in my large hand.
The shoulders slide out, and Liz´s face was all red and sweat was pouring off of her.
"Max I can´t take this anymore", Liz say to me.
But I only continued to motivate Liz on.
With all the might Liz could, she pushed, and then in one movement our baby boy lay in my hands.
Tears of happiness sprung to my eyes, as I held our baby in my arms.
He was so tiny!
But I then waved my hand over our tiny son, as there was nothing physically wrong with him, which was a huge relief to me, so I waved my hand over him again, and all the placenta and gooey stuff that clung to his small body disappeared.
When I looked over to Liz, she had slumped her body to the ground.
"Liz, Love we have a son", I said to her in joy!
Liz opened her eyes up, and with a radiant smile asked me to give her our boy.
So I did, and our boy looked so perfect, nestled against Liz´s chest.
I then waved my hand over Liz, healing any damage that she had, before I cleaned her up.
Now sitting next to the 2, I looked on in amazement, at the 2 people that I love the most.
It was such a touching moment, the idea of having a family now was to much for me and I kissed Liz on her forehead and cried like a little baby.
Then I lifted my family into my arms and carried them back to our little hut.
When we got there, I lay them gently down, on the palm branches that made up our bed, Liz fed our son, and when she had finished, I took him back into my arms again.
Liz then fell into an exhausted sleep.
And I gazed down on our little wonder in amazement.
We ended naming him, Jason Michael Parker.
But if we ever get off of this island his name will change-when I ask Liz to marry me.


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Next part

My family and I have been living on this island now for 4 months now.
Little Jason, has been growing up to be a fine looking baby.
I think he looks like Liz, but she reckons Jason looks like me, but then again his eyes are unmistakingly mine!
Jason, brings such joy to both of our lifes, he truly is amazing. Much of Liz´s and my time is taken up caring for our son.
After the delivery, I knew that it was to risky for Liz to become pregnant again, so I searched the island for something that looks soft and transparent.
I didn´t find anything, but the small jelly-fish that get swept up onto the beach, I collected them up, and changed them into condoms.
Pretty, rough, but they do the job, and since Liz and I started making love to one another again, she has not become pregnant again.
Jason, can do things now. He can grab onto things, can sit up now with our help, and smiles now.
Those smiles make up for all the time he cries, he still sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night to be fed sometimes, but not like when he was first born.
No, he had Liz and I up for most of the night, it was really draining at first, but as he began to sleep through the night, we got into a better routine for ourselves.
The day that it happened, my family and I were sitting outside out hut, playing with Jason, I was just about to go collect some food, when a large ship appeared on the horizon.
"Liz there´s a ship". I told her.
We both looked at each other with sadness, especially Liz, he hadn´t wanted to give up our lifes in paradise.
Jason was lying down on some palm leaves smiling and then Liz turned to me and said.
"Do it Max".
Taking Liz´s small hand in mine I said.
"Do you trust me Liz"?
She nodded her head yes, and I ran to the bomm-fire, lighting it up using my powers.
The blaze started almost immediately, and I fed the fire with drift wood that lay to the side.
I watched on to see if the ship would carry on it´s journey.
It was to far away for me to notice anything, else, but after awhile a dinghy then started to approach the island. Knowing that someone had spotted us, I went back to Liz who was standing with Jason in her arms. I looped my arm around her, she was crying.
"Liz everything will be OK, I promise". I said, as I kissed the side of her head.
"I believe you Max, it´s just.....".
"Liz, there is no way on earth, I am going to let Sean harm you or Jason in any way". I reassured her.
"It´s not what Sean will do to me or Jason, it´s what Sean will do to you that I´m worried about". Liz said solemnly to me.
"Liz, I can take care of Sean, besides we could go into hiding once we reach civilisation". I said to her.
"Besides, it´s to early to say what will happen, lets just wait and see, c´mon lets get our clothes and change back into them, you go first, I´ll hold onto Jason".
So Liz went through to our little hut, and got changed.
I smiled at Liz seeing her in clothes again, I had gotten used to seeing her naked, then I kissed her on the crown of her head and Liz took Jason out of my arms.
I went in to get dressed then we moved to the sea side, and waited until the dinghy was closer to land.
When the dinghy was in shallow waters, I walked out to it and helped pull it in, one of the men said to me.
"My God, have yous been stranded on this island"?
"Yeah we have", I said to him.
"It´s a miracle that yous were found, my names Tony". The man introduced himself, and held out his hand to me.
"Hi, I´m Max, and that is my girlfriend and our son". I said as I shook his hand.
"Yous raised a baby on this island"? Tony asked shocked.
"Didn´t have any other choice", I told him.
Then we went to approach Liz.


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Next part

When the dinghy reached the ship and we boarded we were welcomed by the Captain. He then escorted us to the Medical room, but when Liz found out, she said that no one was going to touch her or Jason.
The captain insisted, but Liz said that if anyone touched her or Jason then they could drop her back off on the island.
The Captain was shocked at what Liz had to say, but I said she was just nervous, and I told him he had nothing to worry about, we were all fit and well. Then I begged the Captain that he would not report us as being found, he looked at me warily, but I told him that because of who Liz was, there were people out there that wanted us dead. The Captain asked us if we were criminals on the run, I told him no, but that Liz´s fiancee was the head of a Mafia family, and she had run away from him, now he would be after our heads if he found out that we were both alive.
Reluctantly the Captain agreed, but told me he would have to report that he had found us at the next port of call, that had something to do with whether or not we had the right papers to enter the country first. I asked him where the next port of call would be, and he told me New Zealand, then I reassured him that we had the right papers neccessary to enter New Zealand. And Liz and I left for our cabin
So we were shown to a cabin, where for the first time since before the plane crash we both enjoyed our first hot shower. Just to be able to feel clean again, and to have soap run over my body again was like pure heaven, and I got out of the shower, to find Liz giving Jason a bath in a big tub one of the crew had bought her. Liz was now changed in some much larger clothes, and I knew that was going to be one of the things I would miss about her-seeing her naked.
But I kissed Liz on the forehead and got changed into the clothes that lay on the bed.
Then prepared ourselves to meet with the Captain, in 10 minutes time.
Our next destination-Auckland, New Zealand.


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Khivars Daughter M/L

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Next part

When we went to meet the Captain later on, we told him all about the plane crash, he informed us that there were no other survivors from the crash, which saddened us greatly to know that Liz and I were the only living survivors.
The rest of dinner was glum after that, but the Captain wanted to know more about how we had survived for so long on the island, we told him about finding the water-hole with fresh water in it, and the island had plenty of food there, enough to be able to sustain us both.
When the Captain asked us about Jason, Liz told him that we had already been a pair, before the plane crash, and that she was already pregnant to me before everything had happened.
The Captain thought it was amazing that despite all odds, Liz and I were able to survive that fateful plane crash.
When the Captain asked us why we wanted our rescue to be kept secret, we told him about Sean, and how he was a powerful, crazed man that would do anything to keep us seperated.
So the Captain said that he too, would not say a word about us, much to the both of ours relief.
After dinner, I asked the Captain if I could telephone my parents to let them know that I was still alive.
The Captain said that it would not be a problem and I contacted them.
When my Mom answered the phone she sounded so sad and solemn.
"Hello, Dianne Evans here".
I paused awhile when I heard her voice and said,
"Mom, it´s me Max".
"MAX! Honey your alive, where are you? Why didn´t you ring us sooner? Where have you been all this time? Oh Honey we all thought you were dead". My Mom said as she started sobbing.
"Mom, I didn´t die, I got stranded on an island, we were only rescued this morning".
I could hear excited voices in the back-ground, and then my Dad took the phone from my Mom.
"Son where are you? Are you OK"?
"Dad, I´m fine, I´m on a ship at the moment".
"So when are you coming back home"?
All these questions were being thrown at me, and I didn´t know exactly how to answer them.
"I´m not sure, at the moment the ships not heading to the States, and we won´t touch land for at least another 2 weeks".
"So where are you sailing to"? My Dad asked.
"Dad, at the moment, I can´t say where I´m going to, it´s a really complicated story, and if I do tell you and Mom where I am, it may endanger your lifes". I said.
"Son, this in nothing illegal is it"? Dad asked very warily.
"No it´s nothing like that, but there are people out there, that if they knew where I was, they would hurt me".
"Max what have you gotten yourself into"?
"I fell in love with the wrong woman Dad, and her ex-fiancee may possibly kill me if he found out that I was alive". I sadly told my Dad.
"Son, Your Mother and I wouldn´t jeopardise your life ever, tell us where your heading too"?
"Ummm, Dad our course is Auckland, New Zealand, but we won´t be arriving there for maybe 2-3 weeks".
"Your Mother and I will meet you there". My Dad told me.
"Dad, is Iz there, can I speak with her"?
"Yeah I´ll put her on".
Then Isabel started talking to me.
"Max, we all thought you were dead". She cried to me.
"Hey, it´s going to take more than a plane crash to kill me", I joked with her.
Then I told her all about Liz and Sean.
"Max that man sounds like he´s a pyshco, can I do anything about him".
"If you are able to find any photos of him in the newspaper, maybe you can dream-walk him, and find out what he´s thinking, and if it´s bad, mess his mind up a bit".
"I´ll see what I can do, Michael will be happy to know your still alive, he took it really badly when he found out about the crash".
"How is he then"? I asked.
"Oh he´s hanging in there, but he´s not himself anymore, he´s really changed". Isabel informed me.
"Then tell him I´m alive and kicking, and I will see him whenever I see him, take care Iz, I better go now".
Then Isabel farewelled me and the connection died.
Then I walked back to the cabin with Liz and Jason, hoping that once in New Zealand everything would be alright.


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Next part

The next 2 and a half weeks went by quickly. During that time I was easily able to forge the right papers for us all, so that we could enter New Zealand.
Liz and I weren´t sure what we were going to do once we got there, but knew that we would figure out something.
I still hadn´t told my family about Liz and I having Jason, so I rung them up one last time.
"Mom, is that you"?
"Yeah Honey it´s me? Not long now is it, I am so looking forward to meeting Liz when yous board off of the ship", my Mom said estastically.
"Mom....", I then paused.
"What is it Honey"? My Mom asked worriedly.
"Mom, I didn´t tell you about.....Mom, Liz and I had a baby, his names Jason".
"WHAT! Max why didn´t you tell us sooner"?
"Mom, I was going to tell yous, but...."
"Max, how could you not tell us you and Liz have had a son"?
"I know Mom, believe me I did want to tell yous".
"Max, did you think that we would miss a baby being carried off of the boat or something"?
"Mom, I´m sorry, but are you happy for us"?
"Max, how could you ever think that I wouldn´t be happy when you ever had a child, of course I´m happy for the both of yous".
And for about the next 20 minutes my Mom asked me 101 questions about Jason.


2 days later, Liz, Jason and I stood on the top deck as we made our way through Auckland harbour.
"Max, this place is beautiful, I can´t believe that we´re going to be living here". Liz said as I had my arm around her body, and she leaned her head against my hard chest.
"Well we will be, isn´t that right son". I asked him, as he lay in my other arm.
The seagulls flew above our heads, the warm sun shone down on us, and the gently, salty air breezed through our hair.
I couldn´t wait until we landed then my family would be there waiting for us.
We slowly got closer to the wharf, and I could see my family and Michael waving to us.
I waved back at them in nothing but happiness.
"That´s them, down there, wave at you Gramps and Nana", I said, as I took Jasons small hand and helped him wave at our family.
Then about 15 minutes later, the ship was anchored and the bridge was put out for us to walk out onto.
Some port authorities came aboard to check Liz´s and my papers, when our papers were stamped, we then thanked the Captain and crew for hosting us and also for rescuing us.
They were all happy that we were able to be found, and wished us luck in our new lifes.
Then we walked out onto the bridge that crossed between the wharf and the ship.
My Mom ran across to meet us.
"Max, Honey". My Mom cried with joy as she held me.
"Oh you must be Liz, and this is my Grandson, Jason, pleased to meet you Liz, I´m glad my son has finally hooked himself a girl".
And my Mom hugged Liz gently, then Liz gave Jason to my Mom.
"C´mon Liz, lets meet the rest of the clan". And I lead Liz away, holding onto her small hand.
"Max it´s so good to have you back". Isabel cried to, as she looped her arms around my neck.
Liz released my hand, and I held onto my sister.
"Son, I´m only happy that your still alive, welcome back to civilisation". My Dad said, as he hugged the 2 of us.
Then I looked over and I saw Michael.
Michael was pursing his lips together.
"Michael", I said as I let go off my Dad, and Isabel and went to hug my friend, my brother.
There was no need for words to be said between us, but it sure was good to have my brother with me, as we hugged each other.
"Just don´t pull another stunt like that ever again, or I´ll kill you myself".
Isabel and my Dad had already introduced themselves to Liz, and Liz was smiling at them as she was talking to them.
Putting my arm around Michaels neck I said.
"C´mon man come and meet my family".
And we walked towards them all.


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Roswelllover, no worries about missing 2 parts, maybe if your from Auckland you can also help me out, read below, thanks for reading.

ABBS, I don´t know much about Auckland though, I can only remember Queen St, and the markets around the inner city, could you tell me if Parnell is on the water-side or not, and if it´s a residential area or not, thanks.*big*


Next part

When we left the docks, Liz and I were led to 2 cars that my family had hired and driven back to a hotel.
Auckland is a huge city, and kinda reminded me of San Francisco as we drove through the suburbs to get there.
Once there, Liz wanted to shower and rest, Jason was already sleeping, but my Mom asked Liz if she wanted to go shopping for some things for us.
Liz agreed, so her and my parents left the rest of us behind.
We were staying right in the middle of the city, so they walked, as they went shopping.
I took this as a chance to see what Isabel and Michael had been, they were basically both fine, knowing that I was still alive, but were even more surprised about Liz being pregnant and having Jason.
"So Max what was it like, you know, sleeping with Liz"? Isabel asked embarassingly.
"Good Iz, better than good, I mean you ought to try it one day". I grinned at her
"Max, you know, that I haven´t ever done that with someone before".
"Yeah you should try it Iz, these earth girls, whoa they got alot to offer a man". Michael said, cocking his eyebrow up at us.
"You, too! How come yous never said anything to me know". Isabel squirmed in her seat.
"You mean SEX! Isabel I don´t think that I would´ve felt comfortable telling you all the gorry details". Michael said as he slapped Isabel on the back, "but if you want me too.....".
"No thank-you Michael, I don´t want to hear about your little rendezvous in the back seat of your car", Isabel snapped at him.
I knew this was embarassing for Isabel who had always been to scared to get into any kind of sexual relationship with anyone before, so I sat next to her and put my arm around her.
"Iz, we don´t have to talk about this anymore if you don´t want too", I said softly to her.
"Max, does that mean that I am able to have children one day". Isabel said as her eyes started to water with unshed tears.
"Yeah, you can have baby´s one day Iz". I told her.
"But have you been having you for along time now"? Isabel asked me.
"Yeah ever since I was 17, why"? I asked.
"How come you never got any other girl pregnant before"?
"I used condoms, but I used to use my powers to make 100% sure that they were full-proof".
"Yeah Iz, it´s easy, we can actually put another protectional shealth over the real condom, and it adds more protection", Michael told Isabel as he stuffed chips in his mouth.
"I wish yous had of told me this earlier, I thought I would die a virgin".
"Yeah well Isabel when Max and I started having sex, we were into it for the fun, whereas you could only do it with someone you love, and your´ve never met that guy before, so it doesn´t really matter in the end".
"Anyway, Iz, I wanna know were you able to do anything about Sean"? I asked getting really bored on that subject.
"Sean yeah I was able to dream-walk him".
"What did you find out"? I asked Iz putting some peanuts into my mouth.
"The mans scary Max, I...I..". Isabel had a scared expression on his face.
"What did you see"?
"He, had a woman chained up in a cellar, and he was hitting her about the face", her expression went now sick.
"Who was the woman"? I asked in utter shock.
"Now that I have met was Liz".
"OMG"! And my body went all numb.
"But it´s alright, I changed the woman in his dreams". Isabel said as a small grin appeared on her face.
"You did, who did you change the woman too"? I asked thinking what was Iz up too.
"I changed Liz, and I put.......Tess in her place instead". Isabel said covering her mouth with her hands.
"I know, I couldn´t believe that I had done it myself", Isabel now said biting her bottom lip.
"Yeah and...". Michael looked at Isabel knowing she had left something important out.
"Well....I couldn´t help it.....and....OK, I made it so it looked like Tess was enjoying it, and she was asking Sean to kiss her hard on her lips, yous know I can´t stand Tess".
I just looked at my sister shaking my head at her, while Michael just said.
"Glad your on my side and not the other side".
And I really had to hand it to my sister, if she doesn´t like anyone, she can make there lifes hell.
Then we ordered something to eat, and waited for Liz and my parents to get back


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Next part

When Liz and my parents got back they had bags full of clothes for the 3 of us.
The colour had come back to Liz´s face again, and she simply glowed.
I was handed about 5 bags of clothes, and then went into the room to change.
Fresh clothes, there´s nothing I love more than the feel of new clothes against my skin, and as I was changing Jason woke up, so when I had a pair of track-suit pants on I took him out to Liz to feed.
We ordered dinner in the rooms, neither Liz or I really wanting to go out for dinner, and when the others went to leave our room, I took Isabel to the side and told her to dream-walk Sean again, she said she would do it, with great pleasure, then Liz and I said good-night to everyone.
The next morning after we had all finished breakfast, I asked Michael to drive me to a car dealers, so I could buy a car.
That´s the good thing about being a pilot, I earn alot of money, so after making some new cards for myself, Michael drove me to a BMW car dealers, well I´ve always had expensive taste, and I wasn´t short on cash, so after looking through the latest models, I bought one for Liz and I.
As we drove back to the hotel, I almost got lost, in New Zealand they drive on the other side of the road, and it took me a while to get a feel of the car, and the driving conditions in New Zealand.
After almost losing Michael, we went up to Liz´s and my room, then I told everyone that I wanted to take Liz out to look for a small house for the 2 of us.
Real estate in Auckland was alot more expensive than I thought it would be, but the American dollar against the New Zealand dollar was good, so any money that I had to exchange I would get a good return back.
I showed Liz our new car and she loved it, when Liz asked me if I had bought the car, I said yes and that made Liz want to buy the house, but I told her it may to dangerous if she used her own cards, which again I had made,
But Liz told me her bank account was through a Swiss bank, so it would be near to impossible for anyone to trace back any transactions Liz made. A handy thing to have a Swiss bank account, so we looked around the inner suburbs of the city for a place.
Jason was with my parents, my Mom said to Liz yesterday that it would be a good idea to put Jason on to bottled milk, so Liz and I could walk and drive around all day long.
The place that appealed to us both was Ponsonby, where the main street is lined with trendy little cafe´s on both sides of the streets, and up from all the cafes were charming little 2 storied villas, that looked identical to the villas in San Francisco.
There were 2 villas that were for sale, so Liz took the number down of the real estate agents, then using Isabels cell-phone Liz rung one up.
When the real estate agent heard that we were cash buyers, he arranged for us to meet him at the 1st house later on that afternoon, so we rung the second agent up, and again made an appointment to meet her, later on during the day.
With time on our hands, Liz and I went back to the hotel to see my family and our son.

Later on we went back out to Ponsonby, the first appointment we had went well, and the villa had a huge bathroom and living area, with 4 bedrooms, the price was affordable, and we told Jack that we would think about it and get back in contact with him asap.
We then met up with Michelle who showed us the second villa, it was smaller than the first place we saw,
and Liz and I both wanting a big family declined that house, then as we drove back to the hotel, Liz rung Jack up and told him we would take the place.
The next day we meet up with Jack, and all the appropriate papers were looked at, I wanted to show my Dad the contract before we signed anything, so I took a copy home. My Dad is a lawyer, so that came in handy.
Once my Dad checked through the contract, and he was happy with it, Liz, my Dad and I drove to meet jack again.
Now Liz and I are the happy owners of our very first home together, and we shall be moving in within a couple of days time.


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Next part

Within 3 days, we were moving into our new place. The woman busied themselves with the furniture during those 3 days, and we had nothing but delivery´s the whole day.
My parents took Jason out for the day, so that the 4 of us could put our villa slowly together, well once my parents were out of the house, we could all use our powers to make everything go faster.
Liz went out to do the grocery shopping and by the evenings end, we had done most of the work that needed to be done.
Michael was going to crash on the couch, Isabel had one room, and my parents shared the other room.
When my parents and Jason went to bed, the rest of us stayed up, to see if Isabel could start up a connection with Sean.
It would still be day-time in the States, and Isabel didn´t know if she would be successful in starting a connection with Sean.
As Isabel lay back on the couch she started the connection up.
So we decided to retire for the night and try again, the next morning.
When we all did wake, I asked my parents if they wouldn´t mind taking Jason out again for the day, so that the 4 of us could be alone.
When we did all sit down, Isabel started dream-walking Sean again.

As Isabel walked through the thick, darkened fog of Seans dream, she saw Sean sitting at a table, on a balcony looking out to the ocean, Sean was sipping at some red wine, staring out to the ocean the lay before him.
Then Isabel started playing with Seans dreams again.
She made Tess appear, Tess being the 4th alien that made up the quartet of the aliens.
Tess, walked out onto the balcony, wearing a white silk robe, and when Tess saw Sean, she bent down and kissed Sean on the top of his head.
Sean placed his hand on the contours of Tess´s face, pulling her lips to his own, they engaged themselves in a passionate kiss.
Then Isabel made a servant appear, carrying a platter with a dish on it, and a bottle of wine.
The servant poured both Sean and Tess, a glass of the wine
Tess then took a seat next to Sean, the 2 clung there glasses together, then sipped from there glasses.
As Sean and Tess swallowed the wine, they placed there glasses back down on the table.
Sean went to say something, then..........Sean started to convulse, and as Sean held his hands around his neck, he saw his reflection in the silver platter, and choked when he saw himself.
Sean´s face had started to melt, as if his face was made of wax, and the hot sun that burned above him, was making his face peel away, Sean looked over to see Tess, and the same thing was happening to her as well.
Sean tried to say something, but the agony in his throat was to much and Sean was only able to push the lid that covered the dish off.
Then Sean gasped as he saw his head, with both of his eyes opened looking into his own 2 eyes.

Sean then sat up in his bed, gasping for air, as he woke from his nightmare, in fear that and sweat rolled down his forehead
"What the hell"! Sean called out.
And felt his neck to see if it was still attached to his head.

Back in Auckland, Isabel then sat up from her latest dream-walk.
"Well if that doesn´t scare the living day-lights out of Sean, I don´t know what will". Isabel said, then went on to tell the others what she had done.


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The next day, we spent most of our time walking around Ponsonby, familiarising ourselves with our new home suburb.
Ponsonby is such a beautiful place and when you walk to the end of all the little cafes you can overlook the harbour in front of us.
I tell Liz that I have to go into town for a few hours, and leave Liz at home with my family and arrange a few things for the 2 of us.
While living in L.A. I learned how to sail yachts, and have hired one for Liz and I for tomorrow.

Now we are sailing around Auckland harbour, one can understand why they call Auckland the city of sails as everywhere you look on the harbour, it is covered with yachts.
The wind is blowing gently, and Liz is just preparing the basket of food that we have bought.
The moment is so perfect, and Liz comes back to join me.
"Do you wanna hold the rudder", I ask Liz.
"Max, I don´t know what to do", Liz tells me.
"It´s easy, Love, you just sit here, and she just hold onto the rudder, the seas clear ahead of us, so you don´t have to steer it". I know I´m not so good at explaining things, but Liz has nothing to worry about.
So she takes control of the yacht, and I go down and kneel on one knee.
"Max, what are you doing"? Liz looks at me alittle funny.
I can´t help but grin and say.
"Liz will you marry me", I then take the small velvet box out of my pocket.
"Max"! Liz exclaims and lets go of the rudder.
The sudden movement causes me to fall, and then Liz ends up on top of me.
"YES, I´ll marry you". Liz says then kisses me full on my lips.
"Liz, shit, the rudder", I say laughing with joy.
"Oh", and Liz gets off of me, and goes back to steering the rudder again.
"Here let me show you how to do it".
"No, I want my ring" Liz says to me.
So I hold the box open now, and slip the ring onto Liz´s finger.
We kiss each other again, and then Liz says,
"Now you can show me what to do".
I then move next to Liz and put my hands on the rudder too!
Liz moves her small hands to cover my own hands, and leans her head against my shoulder.
"Max, you really want to marry me then"? Liz asks me.
"Yeah, I love you Liz" I say.
"I love you too"!
Well I don´t end up showing Liz how to sail the yacht, she is to overjoyed to be able to concentrate on anything else for the rest of the day.
We sail the yacht around for another few hours, before I set the yachts course for the harbour.
Now disembarking from the yacht, Liz and I are holding hands, she has her head leaning against my chest, and my heart is pumping outta control.
"I can hear your heart-beat". Liz whispers to me.
"I know, it´s beating for you"!
Liz tilts her head upwards to my face.
"Kiss me Max". Liz says.
I then drop the picnic basket and enwrap Liz in my arms.
"Hmmmm". Is all that I am able to say, as my lips hold Liz´s own lips in a passionate kiss, and my hands are now roaming over Liz´s curvous body.
"Oh Max, we better stop, before we lose control right here". Liz says to me, when she pulls slightly away from me.
"Yeah your right", I grin at her.
So we walk hand in hand back to the car, and drive home, myself feeling at peace now, that I know that Liz wants to marry me.


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Next part

Now that Liz and I were engaged, the next morning Liz did something that would bring our lifes upside down.
Liz contacted Maria.
Little did Liz know that Sean had had Maria´s phones tapped, as Maria was the last person that was seen with Liz.
Liz thought it would be harmless contacting Maria, but unfortunately for us she was wrong.
Maria had been Liz´s childhood friend, and Liz couldn´t behr the idea of marrying and not letting Maria know.
Liz told Maria where we were, and Maria said that she would catch the next plane out to New Zealand.
It didn´t matter that Liz said that we would pick Maria up from Auckland airport, as when Sean found out that Liz was alive and well and getting married soon in New Zealand, he had some of his goons fly out to New Zealand before Maria.
Sean had alot of contacts, and made sure that Maria wouldn´t be able to get a flight out to New Zealand for another day.
Giving his goons more that enough time to arrive in Auckland and set up watch for us.
Maria then contacted us a few hours later, and told us of her predicament.
Liz told her it would be OK, as long as she made it out to New Zealand.
So the day that we went out to pick Maria up, we unexpectantly had Seans goons follow us back home.
Only luckily for us Isabel had still not stopped her dream-walks of Sean.
Sound complicated? It is sort off.
Isabel had tried to dream-walk that night Liz had rung up Maria, all we were able to figure out later on is that Sean probably didn´t go to sleep that night, and probably spent that night organising his goons.
When we picked Maria up at Auckland airport it was 6.00am in the morning New Zealand time.
But in L.A, it was going into night time.
When we got back to our place, Isabel and Michael were running around packing things up.
"What´s going on"? I asked.
"I dream-walked Sean last night, he knows where we are, we have to get the hell outta here Max".
We hadn´t even introduced Maria to anyone, and everyone was piling out of the door again.


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Next part

As I felt myself being pushed out of the door, I said.
"No, we´re not going anywhere yet"!
Everybody just looked at me as if I´d gone nuts, then they all stopped in there tracks.
"I´m not going anywhere yet", and walked back inside, pulling Liz inside with me.
"Max, Sean´s after us now, we have to get out of here", Isabel said in fear.
"Iz, at the moment we have to form a plan of some type, and going on the run with my family is not my idea of a plan", I told her.
Then trudgedly the others walked inside too, Michael locked the door, using the conventional method though.
Once we were all sitting, I firstly introduced Maria to everyone, noticing how Michael was paying extra attention to our new guest.
"Like I said, we have to figure out a plan first", I then stood up and moved to the window, looking outside, I saw 2 cars outside, with some men in both of them, and figured out that they were Sean´s goons.
"I have a plan", and then everybody was all ears as I explained the plan to them.
It was risky, I mean when Maria found out what I had planned, she looked at me in horror, but I said to her that the plan would work out.
We waited the whole day inside, and then Michael pretended to go out to get what we needed.
When Michael got back, we waited until it was dark.
"Are they still outside"? I asked Michael who was looking out of the window.
"Yeah, we better get this plan into action, your ready Isabel, Michael", I asked them.
"Yeah we´re ready". They chorused out together.
"Liz, Baby, once us 3 have gone out of the house lock all of the doors, and don´t go anywhere near the windows, and if anyone knocks don´t answer it, OK Babe", I told her.
"Yeah OK Max", and then Liz kissed me full on my lips before Michael and I snuck out of the back door, and Isabel walked out the front door, in well very sexy attire.
As Michael and I crouched by the side of the fence, using his powers, Michael made all the street lamps go out.
"What the hell was that"? One of Sean´s goons asked out loud.
"Oh no, not again", I heard Isabel saying to them.
Then Michael and I snuck out from our hiding places.
Michael crawled on the pavement to the back of one of the cars.
Isabel could see Michael crawling along, and I saw her bend down some more, so her breasts were practically in the face of one of the goons.
I knew I was going to have to pay Isabel back big time, but at the moment my only thoughts were to see this plan through.
Then I crawled to the back of the other car.
Using my powers, I opened the trunk of the first car, slid it inside, and using my powers got rid of my finger-prints, then as quietly as I could, I closed the trunk.
"What was that noise"? One of the goons said out loud.
"Oh that could have been the neighbours cat", Isabel then said.
I saw Michael then crawl out again, and once Michael was safely behind the fence, I crawled back to the fence too!
We were both panting for air once I was sitting next to Michael again.
Once Isabel had distracted the goons she said.
"I think I better go back inside now, maybe I´ll see yous again", then Isabel walked back inside of the house. She had the key so she had no troubles going back inside.
Then Michael and I snuck back inside of the house, once inside, and we were all safe, I said.
"Liz ring up the police", which she did.
Within 10 minutes the police were outside our house, asking questions, then the police began searching the cars.
When the police had found what they wanted, they there arrested all of Seans goons.
See my plan was to plant marajuana in there cars.
Using my powers, all I had done, was stuff 2 plastic bags with grass from the back-yard, and then I changed the molecular structure of the grass into marajuana, now Seans goons were arrested, on possession of holding cannabis in there position.
So with a bit more time on our hands, we went to bed, and I lay awake thinking of the next plan of action.


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Next part

It took a few days to find out what had happened to Seans goons.
Then were held in one of the prisons in Auckland, then Sean had some of the best lawyers in all of New Zealand have them released, at NZ$100 000 bail, they were then deported, when Sean donated alot of money to a drug rehabilition organisation in New Zealand, and his goons were flown back to the States.
But in those few days until they were deported, we put the house up on the market, and drove down to the South Island.
We drove until we hit Dunedin, then decided to settle down there.
Dunedin is a coatal city, situated on the east coast of the South Island, a truly beautiful place, and about as far away from Auckland as we could get.
Once there we all booked into a hotel, which would be our temporary residence until we found something else.
My plan was to hit Sean back as hard as we could, and if possible bring Sean down once and for all.
Not an easy task, but it was either Sean or us, and I had no plans of losing this battle.
Us 3 had enough enemies as it was, with other enemy aliens wanting our deaths, so to get rid of Sean would mean one less enemy to deal with.
With the help of Maria, we were able to get inside information on Sean and his operations.
Michael had taken it upon himself, to liase with Maria.
The only weak spot Sean had was Liz, but there was no way that I was going to involve the Mother of my child into our plans.
What we were able to find out about Sean and his dealings were that he dealt in mainly drugs, and prostitution, and he had also a gambling racketeer business.
We knew that the 3 of us wouldn´t be able to handle this all by ourselves, so that is when I decided to ring up the FBI, and let them know about Sean.
The FBI had been after Sean for years, but Sean had been able to allude the authorities, but with the help of Maria, and us, then maybe we stood a chance.


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Next part

While in Dunedin, Liz and I decided not to buy a house, but we rented out a house in the suburb called St. Clair.
Our place overlooks the ocean, it is at the top of a cliff, and the view is fantastic to say the least.
After I called the FBI, they said, that they would sent some agents to New Zealand, to interview us all.
I knew it was risky calling the FBI, with us being aliens and all, but we had few other choices available to us.
We weren´t dealing with any small time criminal here, we were dealing with one of the biggest syndicates on the West Coast of America, who had a mountain of wealth, power and resources at there disposal.
It was very frightening to think that I may not be able to protect my loved ones, so I needed outside help.
My family, Maria and Michael then went to get there visas prolonged, so they could stay in New Zealand longer.
We didn´t know if we would ever be able to return to the States, and if not, then we would all apply for permanent residency one day.
I wanted Liz to get herself into a normal routine, so after discussing it with Liz, she and Isabel joined a different clubs.
Liz joined a nature walkers club who met up 2 times a week and went out to different locations for there bush nature walks, and Isabel joined a writers club.
Yeah Isabel the writer, who would have ever thought, but from what I heard Isabel was a natural born writer.
And that´s where Isabel met a young man, also an American, well actually he was the one taking the classes.
His name is Alex Whitman, and he comes from New Jersey, but his parents moved out to New Zealand when Alex was 16 and he had been out here for years.
It was good to see Isabel become involved with a man, and I think she won´t die a virgin now.
As with Michael and Maria, yeah they´re involved with each other now.
With them 2 spending so much time together it was bound to happen, and now they share a bedroom together.
Alex has his own place not far from us in one of the neighbouring suburbs, and most of the time Isabel spends the nights with Alex.
They seem an usually couple, I would never think that Alex would be Isabels type.
He´s intelligent, and goofy, yeah Alex has a real good sense of humour, unlike Isabel who is well even though she is my sister-she can be cold sometimes, but Alex seems to bring the best out of Isabel, who looks and appears to be a bit more laid back now.
As for Liz and I, we are both fine with our relationship, and we are planning on getting married in another few months time.
We haven´t set a date yet, but I think in another 2 months we will finally marry.
But at the moment, I drive nearly daily to the Dunedin Airport.
I need to do some hours of flying before I am allowed to operate as a pilot in New Zealand.
I don´t know if I want to fly commercial anymore, because that could mean that I have to spent nights away from my family, and after talking to my parents, they agreed, to lend me some money so I can start up my own flying business.
Yeah but that will take awhile before that comes into plan, but see what happens.


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Next part

When the agents from the FBI came to Dunedin, they went straight into the questions about Sean.
The FBI had been after Sean for years now, but had not been able to pin anything on him, but with our help they had a chance.
Mainly through Maria and Liz were the agents able to find out more about Sean in that short time questioning the 2 then they had been able to learn about him before.
Sean was a very careful man, and had covered his tracks up good.
But then the FBI never dreamed of having the full cooperation from Sean´s cousin and former fiancee.
The agents worked for hours with Liz and Maria, and it was really draining on the 2 of them.
The agents said that if they were ever able to bring Sean to justice, then we may have to live for the rest of our lifes in hiding.
The agents then said that it would be better for us all if we become protected witnesses, which would ultimately mean we would be sacrificing our former lifes.
But what else could we do?
Sean had almost been successful in getting us in Auckland. OK it was finally out that we were alive, but now that Sean knew that we were somewhere in New Zealand, I was sure that it would only be a matter of time before Sean found us again.
The agents committed themselves fully to our protection, which to some degree was pleasing but what kind of life would we have to lead, always having to live a life of pretense.
Liz and I had a family, and wanted more children but what kind of lifes would they have.
God they wouldn´t ever be allowed to learn our true identities.
It was hard enough being aliens, but now with new identities.
The agents set about giving us new names, I.D, etc.

NOTE: Although they will recieve new identities, I will still use there real names.

I had asked Liz if she would ever contact her Dad again.
But knowing that last time when Liz contacted someone, that Sean was able to find us, Liz said that although it was hard not being able to contact her Dad, she also knew that it would be to risky, trying to telephone him.
Liz was also upset, that now that her Dad was involved in business deals with Sean, that he too with time may be jailed, and Liz didn´t like the idea, that a testimony from her could lead to her Dads imprisonment.
After relaying this information back to the FBI agents, they told Liz that they may be able to cut a deal with her Dad, if he was willing to testify against Sean.
Agents in the States, would soon contact Liz´s Dad, to see whether or not he would cut a deal with the FBI.
With so much at stake, Liz reluctantly accepted the proposal that the agents made to her.
And we were now only awaiting a call from agents in the States to say whether they were successful or not.


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