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Title: Secret Desires
Rating: NC-17
Disclimer: Dont´own them.....
Summary: After the death of her mother, Liz goes back to live with her father who has remarried

Part 1

Liz Parker was leaning her head against the door of her fathers car, watching all the scenes go by as they drove through Roswell.
Liz and her mother had left Roswell when Liz was 7 years old.
Liz had been bought up for most of her life in New York city, and was dreading the thought of living in a small hick town like Roswell.
When Liz had been 7 years old, her mother was caught having an affair. So her mother packed up a suitcase and left town with Liz. And then her mother filed for divorce and after the divorce came through, her Mom never married again, she got involved in a few relationships, but never anything serious. Then unexpectedly Liz´s Mom died, and now she was going to live with her father that she hadn´t seen since she was 10 years old. A few years after his first wife left him Jeff remarried, and then started devoting his life to his new family, so Liz never visited him ever again.
Her father had been talking constantly since they had left the airport in Alburqueque.
Liz had tuned out ages ago, not really interested in hearing about her new family.
As they approached Jeff´s house, he parked the car up and helped Liz unpack her luggage from the boot of the car.
"I know your going to love it here in Roswell and your get on real well with the kids". Jeff said as he smiled over to Liz and carried her suitcases inside the house.
Liz only managed to give Jeff an awkward grin back and followed her father inside the house.
"Welcome home then Liz", as Jeff put the suitcases on the floor.
Liz looked around the big house, it was really homely, but still strange.
"Your got your own room upstairs, my wife should be home in about 5 minutes".
Then Jeff told Liz to follow him through to the kitchen where Jeff made them up something light to eat.
As Liz was eating away, a woman then called through the house and entered the kitchen.
She was really friendly and Liz shook her hand, then sat back down at the table and finished eating.
The 3 talked together for about an hour, until they were interupted by another voice that shouted through the house.
And then the voice walked through to the kitchen.
"Oh great your home, Liz I want you to meet your step-brother, Max meet Liz".
Liz then stood from the table and shook the hand of her step-brother Max.
"Pleased to meet you Max", Liz tentatively smiled at him.
"Nice to meet you too". Max shook her hand with a big boyish grin on his face.


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Otherwise, I just write the first thing that comes into my head

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well while it´s hot on the brain heres the next part for yous, and thanks everyone for giving this fic a go


Part 2

Liz had been living in Roswell for a week now, and it wasn´t as bad as she thought it would be. Isabel, her step-sister had been really good to Liz since they first met. Isabel had taken Liz under her wing, and also introduced Liz to her best friend and boyfriend. Maria was a blast as was Alex and you would have thought that they had known each other all there lives.
Actually Maria remembered Liz when they had both been in the first grade together, they got on well back then, and even though they had spent years apart, it was as if they never had parted.
As for Max, Liz thought he was a Fat-head.
Max was the star quarter-back and Captain of the Roswell High for the football team.
Max was HOT, and he knew it!
Every girl threw themselves at Max´s feet, and Max would pick up whoever he wanted and have his time with them until he had had enough of them, and threw them away and went for the next willing girl.
Max was not involved with anyone at the moment, he was just playing the field.
His best friends made up of Alex who was the reciever, Kyle Valenti was a defense player, as was Michael Guerin, and the four guys made up the group.
Apart from Alex and Michael who were involved with Isabel and Maria, Kyle had a on and off relationship with Tess Harding.
At the moment Max was sleeping around with Pam Troy one of the cheerleaders.
While Liz had been living in N.Y. she had taken up modern dance and ballet, when Isabel heard about that she told Liz that she should try-out for the cheerleading squad.
So that day Liz went alone to one of the practises and as Isabel was calling the moves, with great ease Liz performed them to perfection.
"Wow your fantastic, welcome to the team". Isabel congratulated Liz and pulled her into a hug.
"I´m surprised that I still have it in me, I haven´t danced for about 3 years now". Liz commented.
"I sure wasn´t able to see it, so girls come on an welcome our new cheerleader to the team".
Liz was instantly surrounded by the girls and then hugged and kissed.
"Liz are you going to take a shower now"? Isabel asked Liz as they started to walk to the changing rooms.
"No, I have to pick up something in town first, so I´ll meet you at home".
And Liz started to walk to the car her Dad brought her, and went into town to pick up some of her shampoo and condition.
Then Liz drove back home.
When Liz entered the house she called out, "hi I´m home, is anyone here"?
But when Liz only heard silence she went upstairs to her bedroom.
Then Liz got unchanged and put her silk robe on, quickly getting some clean clothes, she whistled as she went to open the bathroom door.
When Liz closed the door behind her, her mouth dropped as she saw Max getting out of the hot shower.
Why doesn´t he lock the bathroom door when he showers? Liz thought to herself, but then found herself staring at Max´s perfect body.
Instead of going back out, Liz found herself hynotised by the hard body that stood before her, and couldn´t move a single muscle.
As the hot drops that had formed on Max´s body, slowly ran down his body, Liz could only gaze on in amazement.
As Max began to dry himself off, Liz was stuck in her gaze, raising her eyes up and down Max´s hard and muscle bound body.
Then Max felt someones eyes upon him and looked up to see Liz´s eyes fixated on his stomach and then her eyes moved down.
Liz couldn´t believe the SIZE of Max, when her eyes landed on his manhood, and Liz started to squirm.
Then realising that Max had caught her looking at him, Liz blushed in embarassment and said.
"I´m sorry, I didn´t know you were in the shower"
Max grinned that boyish smirk at her, and said,
"it´s OK, it looks like you were enjoying what you saw".
Then Liz said, "I´m outta here".
Then was surprised that she couldn´t take her eyes off of Max´s body, and tried ti leave the bathroom.
But Max moved fast and put his hands on the door, so Liz couldn´t get out, and looked down onto Liz and said.....
"Your not going anywhere soon", Max´s husky voice said to Liz, and then Max placed his hot lips onto Liz´s sweet lips.
Liz was stunned, but couldn´t take her lips away from Max´s, no he tasted so good!
As Liz started to respond back to Max´s HOT lips upon her, and she swirled here tongue inside to taste at Max´s wet recesse.
They then become caught up in a heated kiss, and then Max´s hands started to move under the silk robe that Liz wore.
Liz´s head started to spin, as she thought to herself that she was giving into all of her passions to her step-brother, when she remembered that Max wasn´t her real blood brother, she started to move her tiny hands, up and down Max´s wet body.
But then unexpectedly the 2 were interupted.
"Hi I´m home", they both heard Isabel calling from downstairs, and in fear Liz was finally to pull herself away from Max´s face.
Max just grinned at Liz with that boyish grin of his and said,
"We´ll finish this off, another time".
Before Liz left the bathroom in a hurry, all flushed and embarassed as she thought to herself, how much she had enjoyed the short moment she had shared with Max.


Well this is moving on pretty fast, FB please. Also anyone who is reading this fanfic, I want to plug another fanfic, the fic is called-I shall wait n wait till it hurts, by a talented first time fanfic writer, named Berhitall4me, so why not give it a go?

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I know she won´t disappoint, if it wasn´t for Behritall, I don´t think my fics would have been so realistic!

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You know what I forgot? This fic I was dedicating to all of yous who have been reading my fics.

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Part 3

As Max gazed over at Liz from across the table, he was thinking about the moment they had shared together in the bathroom. Max at that stage wasn´t interested in a big love relationship, but he knew he had to have Liz.
She was too stunning for him not to want.!
And Max was determined to have her!
Liz squirmed in her chair at all the attention Max had been giving her since they had sat down at dinner.
Liz knew it was wrong to get involved with her step-brother, but she couldn´t get him outta her mind.
"I´ll wash up", Liz said as Dianne got up to clear the dishes away.
"Yeah I´ll help you, Mom, you and Jeff don´t want to be late for your bowling date with the Jacksons tonight".
"Oh thanks, Liz, and Honey, I really appreciate that, and Isabel, when you go over to Alex´s tonight, don´t come home to late, OK". Dianne told Isabel.
"Yeah Mom, I better get going then, I´ll catch yous later". And Isabel grabbed the car keys and her jacket and went out the door.
"So what are yous going to do tonight, Max and Liz"? As Jeff went to help Dianne with her jacket on.
"Go over some anatomy project that we have to do in school". Max smiled over to Liz.
Liz blushed at what Max had just said, and replied.
"Oh yeah, we have alot of catching up to do".
Max smiled that impish grin of his at Liz, knowing what they were going to get up to tonight.
"Well we shouldn´t be to late, we should be back sometime after 10.00pm, so yous 2 have a good time, and don´t overdo it on that anatomy project of yours.
Feeling the embarassment Liz quickly took the last of the dishes into the kitchen.
"Have a good time", Liz called out from the kitchen.
And they farewelled each other before Dianne and Jeff left the house.
Max waited until he had seen the car drive away, then he pulled the curtains over the windows, and dead-locked the front door.
Liz was in the kitchen, nervously washing the dishes when she heard Max´s breath in her ears.
"Ohhhh". She groaned to herself, as she felt Max´s hot lips, began to caress the skin of her neck and his hands started sliding up and down Liz´s body.
"Max, we have to do the dishes", Liz quietly said, as Max started to drive her body wild.
"We´ll have enough time to do those, but first I want you"!
Max then swung Liz around to him and they both got involved in a heated kiss.
"Oh Max", Liz said as Max picked her up and carried her over to the couch, still with his hot lips attached to the skin of her neck.
Max then started to undo Liz´s clothes, Liz helped him pull up her trousers off, and pull down her panties.
"Liz I need you now"! Max said as his manhood got hard.
Max then unzipped his jeans and pulled them and his boxers to his ankles, kicking them off!
Then Max placed his hot mouth on Liz hard nipple, seeing as it was now unexposed and looked to tempting not to take in his mouth
As Max swirled Liz´s hard nipple in his mouth with his tongue, he placed his hand between her lovely shaped legs.
"Maaxxx". Liz moaned out his name, when Liz felt Max´s fingers run through her wet folds.
Max moved his fingers deliberately slowing through Liz´s waiting wet folds, teasing her slowly with his sweet torturous fingers.
"Max please". Liz pleaded to him, and without any wait Max pulled his mouth away from Liz´s hard nipple and moved his head between Liz´s legs.
The sweet-spicy scent of Liz´s wetness, drove make wild, and he placed his tongue through Liz´s sweet temptation.
"Maxxx". Liz cried out in sweet ecstacy, as she felt Max´s hot tongue, linger through her wet folds.
Max wanted to bring Liz to a overpowering climax, and he then moved his tongue onto Liz´s hot nub.
Liz arched her body into Max´s face, and bought her hands to Max´s head, pushing it deeper and deeper into her core.
Max licked and flicked Liz´s sweet tasting nub with his tongue,
hungrily devouring her because he couldn´t get enough
Liz´s head rolled from side to side on the back of the couch
Her body screaming to release
"Maxx, oh God"! Liz cried out in ecstacy as she felt her self going over the edge
Max just kept up with his onslaught, yes he was going to make Liz cum again
"Max...Max". Liz then bit down on her bottom lip, as her body screamed again
as she felt her body was going to burn
Max took in the scent of Liz again, and thought he could never get enough of Liz´s sweet taste
"Oh...Oh...Oh Max". Liz cried out
As the fire inside her body exploded over the top.
But impatiently Liz pulled Max up, and looked into his eyes with nothing but desire
"Max I want you now"! Liz demanded.
Max then smiled that boyish grin again seeing that Liz was more than satisfied with his attack on her pouring wet sweetness
Then positioning himself, Max pushed Liz so her back was right against the back of the couch
Sitting his firm butt in between Liz´s legs, his legs were bent over Liz´s 2 legs
Liz looked down on Max´s hardness
And grinned to herself, knowing she would have Max soon deep down inside her.
Max then placed his manhood at the entrance of Liz´s hot core,
And in 1 thrust he entered her
Liz threw her arms around Max´s body and they pulled each closer to one another.
Then there bodies moved in clashes of hot rhapsody
Giving one another what they both wanted
Max moved slowly in and out of Liz
And Liz pulled Max´s hot lips into her mouth
Tasting at Max´s wet recesses
Max then moved up the tempo
Thrusting harder and faster inside of Liz´s core.
Liz pulled at the hot skin of Max´s body as she felt the sudden movement inside of her.
"Lizzz", Max hissed out, as he started to go over the edge and lose his mind
Then as Max started to go over the edge, he pulled out of Liz
And cum all over the couch and Liz´s leg
"I´m sorry". Max breathed out in gasped breaths.
"I´m not". As Liz leaned her head against Max´s muscled body.
"I better clean that up". Max gazed into Liz´s doe like eyes, as he moved from her to pick up the box of tissues
"I´ll help you" Liz offered, and Max started to wipe at the cum on her leg.
"No it´s alright, why don´t you go up and have a shower, I´ll clean up down here, and come up to see you when I´ve done the dishes".
Liz started to pick up her clothes and said, "thank-you, and I´ll be waiting for you, so hurry".
Max slapped Liz playfully on the bum, and grinned at her.
"Don´t you worry, I´ll be up soon".
Liz turned her head to Max and gave him a dazzling smile and said,
"OK, see you soon", and proceeded to go up the stairs
"See you sooner, wow, she´s gonna be the death of me". Max said softly to himself


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Part 4

When Liz had gone upstairs, Max put his boxers back on and hurriedly did the dishes, wanting to get back upstairs to Liz.
As Max went upstairs, he through his clothes in his bedroom, then went to find Liz.
When she wasn´t in her bedroom, Max went to the bathroom, he then entered the room.
It had all steamed up and Max quietly closed the door and slipped out of his boxers, ready to have Liz again.
As Max stepped into the bathroom, he gazed onto the tantalising skin of Liz´s body.
She had her back towards him, Max watched on as Liz ran her hands over her body with soap, Liz was whistling away to herself. Max couldn´t take it anymore, and slipped his arms around her front behind, and started to rotate Liz´s breasts in his big hands, then he reconnected his hot lips to Liz´s sweet tasing skin.
"Ohhh Max". Liz moaned out as she leaned her head against Max´s strong shoulder.
"I can´t get enough of you". Max admitted through closed eyes.
"Mmmmm, I´m the same as you". Liz said as Max´s fingers started to pinch a little harder on her taut nipples.
Max started to rock his pelvis into Liz´s butt, becoming hard.
Liz could feel on her body where Max´s manhood had enlarged.
"I need you inside of me". Liz said as Max´s manhood started to make that fire inside her body start up again.
Leaning, so her hands were against the walls of the shower
Liz positioned herself, now ready for Max to enter her
Max held his largeness in his hand and guilded it through Liz´s shapely legs
Now at Liz´s entrance Max thrust into her
"Ohhhhhh". Liz cried out in pleasure, as Max entered her wet core.
And her head bucked backwards
Max placed his hands on Liz´s hips
With closed eyes Max then moved to relieve the both of them
Liz motioned her body into rythmn with Max´s body
Liz bit down on her bottom lip at the pure elation of having Max inside of her
Max then leaned down against Liz´s back slightly
Moving his hands over Liz´s breasts again
Rolling them in his hands at his will
Kissing and sucking at Liz´s soft skin with his mouth
Liz pulled one of Max´s hands into her own hand
Grabbing at it hard as there bodys flowed together in smooth motions
"Max faster". Liz called to Max
But Max wanted to tease Liz and didn´t increase his speed
Max wanted to drive Liz wild
"Maxxx, I want you to go faster"
Liz´s voice became more demanding
As she wanted Max fast and hard.
But Max contorted his ab muscles not willing himself to go faster
"MAXXX, I want you now"
Grinning to himself at the tightness that surrounded his hardness
Max obeyed moving up the tempo
Thrusting himself faster and faster inside of Liz
Max then placed his hands back onto Liz´s shapely hips
Grabbing at the hot skin of her body
Liz pushed her body harder and faster
Max then started drilling Liz
As there breaths became more laboured
As Max felt himself going over the edge
One more thrust and Max pulled out
Cumming down Liz´s inner thigh
Liz hadn´t reached her climax yet
"Max make me cum".
Liz said softly to him
Kneeling down in front of Liz
Max placed his head between Liz´s legs
Moving his tongue over Liz´s wet folds
"Oh Maxxx". Liz cried out in ecstacy as the soft tongue of Max´s
Teased her wet folds
Max pulled Liz´s fold in his lips, as the tip of his tongue licked at her
Then with his fingers
Max thrust them inside of Liz
"Maxxx". Was all that Liz could say
And she moved her body up and down on Max´s fingers
Max then searched through Liz´s folds
Until he found her hot nub
Hungrily eating away at it
"Maxx". Liz cried at Max´s relentless onslaught
Max could smell that perfumed scent of Liz
And he moved his fingers faster and harder in Liz´s core
Flicking his tongue wildly over her hot nub
Liz pulled Max´s head closer to her burning wetness
As Liz felt herself go over the edge
And she came into Max´s sweet mouth
Max then stood up and looked Liz in the eyes, with that impish grin on his face again
Seeing that Liz was more than satisfied with him
He picked up the bar of soap
And began to lather Liz´s wonderful curves
Liz than took the soap from Max´s hand
And started rubbing it all over his body
Giving extra attention to his firm butt.
And when the 2 had finished exploring each others bodys with the lathered soap
They got out of the shower and dried each other off.
Never glancing away from each other the whole time
To entranced to focus on anything else
"Liz you are amazing". Max whispered to her.
"I could say the same thing about you". Liz smiled at Max brilliantly.
They then went to the rooms and got changed, knowing that it would be to risky to try it again.
Now downstairs sitting on the couch, the 2 were joking with each other when Dianne and Jeff walked through the door.
"It´s so good to see yous 2 get on so well". Dianne commented.
And Max and Liz smiled at each other knowing just how well they had gotten to know each other.
"How did yous 2 go with that anatomy project yous had"? Jeff asked.
"Better than expected", Max smiled at Liz, not being able to take his eyes off of her.
"Yeah Dad, I think Max and I will be spending alot of time on this anatomy project of ours". Liz smiled back at Max.
"Oh that´s great". Jeff said, "well we´re going up to bed now, has your sister turned up yet"?
"Not yet Jeff". Max answered.
"I´ll ring her up at Alex´s when we get upstairs Sweetheart, night yous 2". Dianne said and went upstairs.
"Don´t stay up to late yous 2, yous both have school tomorrow OK, night".
And Max and Liz watched as there parents disappeared.
"Max you can´t come into my room tonight, it´s too risky". Liz cautioned Max.
"Yeah I am". Max responded.
And the 2 eventually went to bed.


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yep, they can´t get enough of one another, there is a reason why Max always pulls out but that will come out in his POV, which is still a wee while off.
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Part 5

That night Max slipped into Liz´s room. He gazed onto to Liz´s body as the sheets had riddled up her body, exposing the skin of Liz´s upper thighs.
Then he went and started gving Liz butterfly kisses over her exposed skin.
"Hmmm", Liz hummed to herself, as she was pleasantly awoken by Max´s soft kisses.
"So you like it then", Max said looking momentarily at Liz´s face.
"Max, we can´t be doing this right now, everyone´s still in the house".
And Liz pulled Max up to sit next to her.
Max tried to attack Liz´s lips, but she pulled away from him.
"Max stop it! If we get caught we´ll be in deep shit, now stop it I said, I want to talk to you about something". Liz said in whispered voices, as she nervously looked towards her bedroom door.
"Yeah whatever", as Max tried again to kiss Liz.
"Max I mean it! Stop it right this minute". Liz abruptly said.
So Max sat up straight.
"What did you want to say then"? Max asked.
"I want to know where is this going too"? Liz asked him straight.
"We can have a good time together, that´s all". Max answered.
"That´s what I thought you would say". Liz put her head down.
"It´s just that the situation is to complicated, you know that too don´t you". Max said.
"Yeah I know it is", Liz agreed with him.
"I mean hell, I can´t seem to get enough of you, and do you know how crazy it would be if we ever got involved with each other, besides all of that, I´m not ready to settle down in a relationship with you or anyone". Max admitted.
"Yeah I get the picture now". As Liz slumped back on to her bed.
"I still want to see you though, but if I see only you, people will start talking, I have a reputation around Roswell you know, and if I´m not with anyone else other than you people will begin to suspect that something is up with me". Max acknowledged.
"So your still going to see Pam then"? Liz asked, although she already knew the answer.
"Yeah, Pam or whoever, but Pam will be our front, that is if you still want to see me that is"? Max said as he held onto Liz´s tiny hand and started to caress it softly with his fingers.
"Yeah I still want to see you". Liz said, to her step-brother.
"Good then, but are you sure you don´t want to do anything now"? Max grinned at Liz, licking his lips.
"Yeah I do, but it´s to dangerous for you to be visiting my bedroom while our parents and your sister are only down the hall-way, there will be other times". Liz said as she gazed into Max´s amber eyes.
"Yeah I suppose your right, I better go back to my room, hey are you doing anything after school tomorrow"? Max asked Liz.
"No, I haven´t got anything on tomorrow". Liz answered quietly.
"Well then I´ll tell our parents that we have to go over to the library or something, and we can drive out to the desert if you want"? Max smiled down at Liz.
"That´s OK with me". Liz said, as a smile appeared on her face.
"One more question, are you on the pill or anything"? Max asked curiously.
"Yeah I am, I´ve been on the pill for a year now".
"Good, so I´ll see you tomorrow after school then". Max said, then bent over Liz and kissed her sweet lips.
"OK, tomorrow then". As Max pulled his hot lips off of Liz´s.
"Sweet dreams then". Max smiled impishly at Liz.
"Thanks you too". Liz replied and Max left the room quietly.
Liz then lay on her bed, thinking about her and Max. Liz was really attracted to Max, I mean who wouldn´t in there right mind be. Max was more than handsome, confident, and charming. Liz knew it was wrong to be sleeping with her step-brother, but the desire that Max rose in her body was to much for Liz to fight against. The whole idea of them sneaking around together, right under everyones noses was exciting to say the least. But this would only end up in heart-ache and pain, wouldn´t it? With those thoughts on her mind Liz slowly drifted of to sleep.
When Max went back to his bedroom, he too lay on his bed thinking of Liz. Max thought Liz was HOT, from the moment he had met her. She stirred a passion in him from that first meeting. Max wanted Liz so badly after that, but never thought that anything would come of it.
But the day he had caught Liz staring at him in the bathroom, Max knew that Liz had wanted him too.
And was more than suprised that when he kissed Liz, that she responded back to him.
Max then fell asleep, wishing that it was now tomorrow after school, so that him and Liz could be together again.


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The guy that Liz gets involved with, won´t be any competition for Max.

Also I have read up to the last part in your fanfic, and I really love it!!!

Great story

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well I´m feeling better now, and my head-aches gone, and now bored, I thought I would post again.
Thanks everyone for all the fantastic FB, so my ladies heres another part


Part 6

That morning at breakfast Max told Dianne and Jeff that he and Liz were going to study for there anatomy project at the library after school. Pleased that the 2 were devoting alot of time to there studies, both parents were fine about it.
And as they sat at the table, Max had slipped his Nike´s off and was rubbing his foot up and down Liz´s bare leg. Liz was sitting there blushing away, but she opened her legs up. Then tried to hit Max´s foot when he tried to brush his foot closer to Liz´s vaginal area.
"Oh", Liz said in horror as Max´s toes started to brush along her panties, and she knocked her drink over.
"Let me clean that up for you Liz", Dianne offered and stood to get a cloth to wipe the mess up.
Liz stared at Max, as if she was going to kill him. Max just sat there with his hands propped up on his hands, licking his HOT lips and grinning that impish smile that never seemed to leave his face.
So Liz put here hand under the table, and squeezed Max´s big toe as hard as she could.
"Ouch", Max cried when he felt the pain, then Max spilled his drink all over the table too.
"What´s the matter with yous 2 today"? Dianne looked funnily between the 2.
"Oh nothing Dianne", Liz said as she stood to go to school.
"I´ll see yous when I get back from the library". Liz said as she went to pick her pack up.
"Since we´re going to library together after school, theres no point us taking 2 vehicles, why don´t you ride with me in the jeep". Max said to Liz.
Liz thought about it and thought why not?
And after agreeing with him, the 2 collected there things together and left for school. But the ride to school was not what Liz had expected, as soon as they were driving, Max started brushing his hands up and down Liz´s leg.
"What´s your problem, Max, can´t you keep your hands to yourself for 1 second". Liz said as she cocked her eye-brow at him.
Max smiled that impish smile again, and said, "Not when I´m around you".
"Oh, is that right now", and the 2 carried on to school.
Once the day was over, Max waited in the car-park until Liz met him, and they drove off to the desert.
Once they were about 20 minutes out of Roswell, Max pulled the jeep up beside a cluster of rocks.
Getting out of the jeep, Max pulled a blanket out from the back seat, and lay it on the ground, then Max lay down on top of it.
"Well are you going to join me or not"? Max smiled at Liz, and Liz got out of the jeep and walked towards Max. Before she got on the blanket she slipped her sandals off and walked onto the blanket.
Max pulled her down and started kissing Liz on the skin of her neck.
"Max, ooh you don´t know what you do to me". Liz said with closed eyes as she felt Max´s hand travel up the soft skin of her thigh.
"Mmmmmmm", Max hummed to himself, as his hands brushed over Liz´s panties.
Liz started undoing the buttons of her shirt, as her head rolled against Max´s hard chest.
Then Liz pushed Max off of her and stood, slowly undressing herself from her clothes.
"Take your clothes off Max". Liz whispered with desire in her voice.
Max did as Liz as of him instantly. Staring hungrily into Liz´s eyes.
Once Max was naked he looked at Liz as she stook naked before him.
Max knelt down and placed his HOT lips on the skin of Liz´s flat stomach,
while his hands grabbed at the flesh of Liz´s ass
His fingers sometimes brushing lightly over Liz´s wet folds.
Liz then knelt down to Max
Max bought Liz´s face between his 2 strong hands
Capturing Liz´s sweet lips between his
Max suckled at Liz´s sweet tastes
Then roaming his hand downwards
Max kneaded at Liz´s breast with his large hand
Liz´s head fell back and Max attached his HOT lips to Liz´s skin of her neck
Liz´s body started humming
Then impatiently Liz groped at Max´s hardness
And in one movement moved down onto Max
Max then stood still with his lips tasting at Liz´s hot skin
Liz then bought her legs around Max´s waist
Moving up and down on Max´s throbbing largeness
Max bought his hands back onto Liz´s firm ass
While Max pumped into Liz´s honey, Max grasped at Liz´s flesh
Liz murmurred in ecstacy at the large hardness that was inside of her core
Wanting Max harder, Liz pushed down with great force on top of Max
Max´s face tensed up
From the feeling of absolute gratification
Of having Liz´s sweet honey surround him
Pushing harder and faster into Liz
"Oh..oh..Max", Liz cried out in bliss
At the friction running between there bodies
And feeling Max´s fingers rubbing at her ass
"" , Max moaned as he pumped Liz
And then started to feel himself go over the edge
Then finally Max released his jet into Liz´s deepness
Realising what he had done
Max looked at Liz in horror
Then pulled her off of him
And Liz leaned her head against Max´s hard chest
"I think we better get going home now". Max said
"So soon, your been wanting this since last night, and now it´s Wham Bam thank-you Mam, c´mon we´ve got to go home now, no liz did you enjoy that as much as I did"? Liz said as she stood back from Max with her hands on her hips.
"I´m sorry Liz, I forgot that I was supposed to meet Pam soon".
As Max started putting his clothes back on in a hurry.
"Then just take me home then", and Liz started getting changed, upset at Max.
Once the got into the jeep, they drove home in silence.
When they got home, Max ran up to the bathroom and got under the shower.
Liz went to her room and sat on the bed, wondering what the hell was wrong with Max.
When Max finished out of the shower, he knocked on Liz´s bedroom door, and opened the door.
"Liz I´m sorry about what happened before.....umm I´ll see you later maybe". Then closed the door and took off.
Liz then trudgedly got off of the bed and walked to the shower with some clean clothes.
Once Liz was under the shower she scrubbed at her skin roughly, not wanting one drop of Max on her body.
As Max drove away, he thought about what he had done, never in his life had he cum in a girl before,
bad situation he thought, and stepped on the gas.


Was that weird or not? FB please


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I don´t know if you read a post I sent to you, but the guy that Liz gets involved with is Liz´s male version of Pam, also thanks for the FB

Also, I started reading your fanfic

Love Born Of Discretion, and I loved it. Awesome work, keep it up


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Love yous all

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Hi all

Max was a big meanie wasn´t he.

Narly 21
Alien 614

All of your reasons are why Max pulls out all the time.

Sweetcherrykat, thanks alot for the huge compliment

Mermaid Girl, that was deep, but cool.


Part 7

Liz was sitting on the couch staring into nothing in particular when Isabel got home.
"Hey Liz". Isabel greeted her.
"Isabel", Liz said solemnly.
"Liz what are you doing sitting on a couch staring at nothing on a Friday night"? Isabel asked Liz.
"Nothing". Liz replied.
"Well I´m not having that, c´mon I have something to tell you". Isabel said as she pulled Liz up by the arm and lead Liz to her room.
Once the 2 were sitting on Isabels bed Isabel said.
"I know someone whos got the hots for you"? Isabel´s face broke out into a big smile.
"Yeah who is it then"? Liz asked dying to know.
"Jacob Roberts, can you believe that, I mean Jacob Roberts, the guys a WALKING BABE".
"Arrgghhh, Jacob Roberts has got the hots for me arrggghhh", Liz said as the 2 of them sprung up and down on Isabels bed.
"I can´t believe it he is one of the hottest guys in Roswell and he wants me, how did you find out, tell me, tell me" Liz asked in excitement.
"Well his Mom is a friend of Alex´s Mom, and Jacob was at Alex´s yesterday evening, and was asking Alex all these questions about you. And then he gave Alex his number, and asked Alex if he could pass it on to you, only Alex forgot about it, and didn´t remember until he went to throw his jeans in the wash and emptied his pockets. Yeah otherwise he would have give you Jacob´s number to you sooner".
"I can´t believe that Jacob Roberts LIKES ME arrgghhhhh"! Liz said as she lay back onto Isabels bed.
"Well he does and you are going to ring him up, right now". Isabel said, and pulled Liz up.
"Now call him". Isabel said, as she passed Liz the phone.
"Yeah OK. OK". And Liz dialled the Jacob´s number.
"Hi Jacob speaking"
"Jacob, hi this is Liz, Liz Parker".
"Hey Liz, you called, alright". Jacob smiled pleased, he whipped his hand through his long hair.
"Yeah I just got your number just now, so I thought I´d give you a call".
"Good, hey umm Liz I was just wondering if your seeing anyone at the moment"? Jacob asked a little nervously.
"No, I´m not". Liz said, when she thought of Max.
"Oh great, hey are you up to anything tonight then"? Jacob said, excited that Liz was free.
"No, I haven´t got anything planned". Liz smiled over to Isabel.
"Do you want to go out on a date with me"? Jacob asked.
"Yeah, I´d love too" Liz smiled bashfully.
"Great, I´ll pick you up then, how about in an hour, is that to soon". Knowing he wanted to spend as much time with Liz as he could.
"No that´s fine, so I´ll see you in an hours time, oh Jacob where were you going to take me, just so I dress for the occassion". Liz asked.
"I thought, we could go out for a bite, then follow that up and go to the movies, then we could go out for another bite, if we get hungry after the movies". Jacob set out the plans for Liz.
"Sounds good, OK I better go and get ready, see you in another hour".
"See you soon Liz".
Liz hung up and phone, and screamed for joy, Isabel did the same too.
So one hour later Jacob was now waiting downstairs for Liz to come down.
Jacob stood as Liz came down and said.
"Wow, your look really stunning Liz".
Liz dazzled Jacob with a big smile and said.
"Thanks Jacob, you look good too". Liz said as she placed her eyes on him
Jacob, had pretty much the same height as Max, was a big leaner, but still muscle bound. Jacob, had green eyes, and sandy-blonde long hair, that was about shoulder length. And he wore an ear ring in his ear His skin was a bronzed tanned colour, and if it wasn´t for the fact that they lived in New Mexico, you could have mistaken Jacob for a surfer. At the moment Jacob wore a pair of blue jeans, and a white t-shirt, covered up with a leather jacket.
Liz was wearing a red, tight, mini dress, matching red sandals, and a denim blue jacket.
"Have fun", Isabel called out. "Alex and I will meet yous then, say about 10.30pm at the Crashdown".
"Yeah OK, is that OK with you Jacob, if we meet up with them".
"Yeah sure it is, see yous later".
And they left. Liz and Jacob had a good time together. During the movie Jacob had put his arm around Liz and she then lay her head against Jacobs shoulder.
Jacob the peeked Liz on the crown of her head. Liz then turned up and smiled at Jacob, before resting her head back down on Jacobs shoulder.
Now the 2 were holding hands and waiting for Isabel to turn up with Alex. The 2 eventually turn up and after eating Liz says that she is getting tired and Jacob and her leave.
Now Liz and Jacob are standing at the front door of Liz´s house.
"Jacob, I just wanted to say that I had a really good time tonight and thank-you".
"I have the time of my life too, I´m glad that you enjoyed yourself as well".
"I better go inside now, again thanks Jacob". Liz said as she stared Jacob into his piercing green eyes.
"Will you go out with me tomorrow again"? Jacob asked.
"Yeah OK then". Liz smiled at Jacob
"Same time" Jacob said, as he found himself hynotised by Liz´s eyes.
"Same time". And without any further delay Liz threw her arms around Jacobs neck and placed her sweet lips on Jacobs.
Jacob had been wanting this since the moment he had met Liz, and he wasn´t disappointing Liz as the 2 started brushing there hands up and down each others body,
Jacob, circled Liz´s sweet recesses with his tongue, now he was gently tugging at Liz´s lips with his own lips.
Liz´s head was spinning, she couldn´t get over the fact that she was seeing the 2 hottest guys in all of Roswell.
Max the jerk, and Jacob the sweety.
Jacob tasted so sweet and spicy, he was absolutely intoxicating Liz thought to herself, but then Liz´s thoughts were interupted by a voice.
"Am I interuptting something, or are you going to maul my step-sister right in front of my eyes". Max said clearly upset.
"Oh Max". Jacob said and tried to pull away from Liz.
But Liz held on tighter to Jacob, and stared at the pissed-off looking Max.
"Max I´m a grown girl now, and if I want to kiss Jacob, right here on the doorstep, I´ll do what I damned well want to".
Then just to rub it in, Liz then pulled Jacob to her and started kissing Jacob passionately.


Did yous like that part? FB please


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Hi all

thanks for all the awesome FB yous have posted so far.

I will post again on this fic and Destination-Paradise later when I have updated my other fics and done the house work

All the best

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Hi all

well now Liz has her very own little HOTTIE! And by the way Max reacted he´s not a happy boy!
Thanks all for the awesome FB, and like I promised heres another update.


Part 8

When Liz started kissing Jacob again very passionately, Max thought that he was going to explode.
"What the hell do yous 2 think yous are doing"? Max asked in frustration.
Liz then moved her head to face Max, her hair was flung over one shoulder, and Liz could feel Jacobs big hands brushing up and down her body, sending fires of passion through it.
"Oh just enjoying some unbridled passion", Liz was able to say, as she felt Jacobs lips move over her ear lobe, Liz started to go weak in her legs and go all dizzy when she felt Jacobs big hands move over her ass.
"Well not around here yous aren´t". Max said in fury.
By now Jacob had had enough of Max, they were both rivals from way back and Jacob turned to Max and said.
"What´s your problem Max, are you a perve or what or do you get turned on watching your step-sister getting it on with a guy".
"Screw you" Max spat at him, as he stared Jacob in the eyes.
"You too Evans". Jacob said.
"Hey now cool down now the both of yous". Liz said as she placed her tiny hands on Max´s hard chest and seperated the 2.
"Jacob I think it´s just better if you leave now, I´ll call you tomorrow". Liz said, while she held onto Max´s arms.
"OK Liz, thanks for tonight". And without taking his eyes off of Max, Jacob left.
"And don´t come back you jerk". Max retorted at him.
"Max, Max now settle down". Liz said angrily.
Taking Liz´s hand in his hand now Max said.
"You and I are going somewhere to talk, now". And lead Liz to the jeep and drove away.
"Max what the hell is your problem". Liz asked him.
Max wasn´t just in a shitty mood about seeing Liz with Jacob, when he had gone to see Pam, they had had an arguement. Max had been upset with himself for releasing inside of Liz, and when Pam wanted to get it on with Max, Max didn´t want to do anything. Pam was upset because Max was always up for it, but tonight Pam couldn´t even get a kiss out of Max.
So Max had left Pams and gone over to see Michael, then Maria turned up, so Max had left and had gone for a drive.
"Max I said what the hell is your problem"? Liz repeated herself.
But Max wouldn´t say a word, and drove them outside of Roswell into the desert, once Max was happy he pulled over to the side of the road.
"Now you better tell me what the hell is your problem"? Liz yelled at Max.
But Max just went over to her, and pulled Liz into his arms, capturing Liz´s mouth with his sweet lips.
Liz melted in Max´s arms and responded savagedly to Max´s kisses.
Max moved his hands over Liz´s ass, then Liz said.
"Max remember you said that you were going to see Pam, and no one said anything about me seeing other people, so I´m going to continue to see Jacob too". Liz panted out in short breaths.
Max then pulled his HOt lips away from the sweet taste of Liz´s skin and said
"Liz it´s just....Liz I like you, I like you alot, and I wish that we could be together, but we can´t. When I saw you with Jacob, it just made me all angry and upset". Max confessed to Liz
"Wow Max, I´m shocked to hear that you want to be with me, if I could change everything, then I would rather be with you than Jacob, but you have Pam and what am I suppposed to do while your off with Pam, sit around the house and wait for you. Max, Jacobs a real sweet guy, and although I don´t know him so well, I want this".
"Liz but I can´t stand knowing that your with Jacob". Max said as he leaned his head on top of Liz´s head and grimaced, when he saw in his mind Liz and Jacob kissing each other.
"Max, it´s not fair, you can have Pam, and I can´t have Jacob". Liz said as she held on tighter to Max.
"Liz I know I can´t go around demanding you not to see anyone else, but it´s just hard seeing your body getting ravished by another guy". Max closed his eyes tighter and tighter.
"Max and it´s hard for me knowing that your with Pam, so this is hurting the both of us". Liz said as she heard Max´s heart beating inside his hard chest.
"Liz...there´s something I have to tell you". Max said, then pulled his head away so he could gaze into Liz´s beautiful doe like eyes.
"What is it Max"? Liz asked quizzically.
" when we were out in the desert and we were together, the reason I was so rude afterwards was because.....I have never released inside of a girl before, your the first girl that I have ever released inside of". Max said then pursed his lips together.
"Oh, Max, I don´t know what to say, ummm but why don´t you cum inside of girl". Liz asked.
"It´s got to do with my male ego, I don´t like a girl having all of me, so I always pull out, I always thought that the day when I cum inside of a girl, it would be the day when............when I knew I was really serious about her". Max said it out and sighed a deep breath in.
"Max so are you telling me, your starting to have feelings for me now"? Liz said as she bit down on the bottom of her lip.
"Yeah". Max whispered quietly.
And Liz knew Max was telling her the truth by the look in his deep amber eyes.
Then Liz cocked her head up to Max´s face and placed her sweet lips upon Max´s HOT ones.
The 2 then engaged themselves in a sweet kiss, as the moon above them shone it´s light down on them.


So Max was jealous and now he´s confessed to Liz that he´s starting to get feelings for her. FB please


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Hi all

so that was why Max kept on pulling out. And Liz was the first girl that he cum inside. Lucky Liz!!!

Thanks everyone for all the FB, I´m loving it.


Part 9

When Max held me in his strong arms, he made me melt, like he always does when I feel his strong arms around, and his strong need to have me.
Although I was now seeing Jacob, although we hadn´t confirmed that we were boyfriend or girlfriend, the passion that Max stirs inside of me was to deep. It´s all to do with Max´s, aura.
The hey Babe I´m HOT, and I know it!
It really is such a big turn on.

When I held Liz in my arms, I didn´t want to ever let her go. It´s all to do with who she is. Most girls that I have been with, never question me, or tell me what´s really going on in there heads. The night when I sneaked into Liz´s bedroom, was the first time a girl had ever turned me down. No girl has ever done that to me before, I´m used to getting what I want. But when Liz done that to me, it made me want her even more, and I thought that tomorrow was to long to have to wait to have her again. So with that passion only Liz can built inside of me, I kissed her ravishly, on her hot lips.

Max then moved his hands over the clothes on Liz´s body and said
"Let me finish off what I didn´t finish off today". Max´s husky voice said quietly.
Then lifting Liz up in his arms, her mouth still sucking at Max´s sweet tasting skin.
Liz felt the jeep bonnet under her, then Max started to pull Liz´s clothes off of her.
And when he got to her skirt, Max stared into Liz´s eyes, the desire between them was so apparent.
Liz lifted her bottom up as Max started sliding her dress off and panties down her legs
And once Liz was semi-naked, she pull her bra off and threw it to the ground
Max them undressed himself, and stood there naked to the skin
Then with that hunger in his eyes
Max spread Liz´s legs open
And stared into her wet folds.
And without any more delays
Max pulled Liz closer to him
As his tongue touched Liz´s wet folds.
"Maxxxxxx". Liz moaned in blissfulness
As her hands leaned down on the bonnet
And Max started driving her body crazy
With the sweet flicks of that hot tongue of his
Max searched through Liz´s dripping wetnes
Inhaling the sweet-spicy scent of Liz
Making Max hornier, as he clenched his firm buttocks together
Liz´s head rolled from side to side
As Max slide his tongue over her hot wee nub
And started to roll over it in fervour
Not willing to slow down to he had bought Liz to that over-powering climax again
Max sucked Liz´s nub into his hot mouth
Liz´s sweet desire, he knew he could stay like that forever
Feeling Liz´s body start to tremble
It made Max want her more and more
As he licked and rolled his hot tongue at the perfect speed
Then leg widened her legs open and pushed Max´s head deeper into her core
"Maaxxx, oh Maxxxx". Liz moaned deep down in her throat
As the electricity of her climax came to an exploding edge
And she cum inside Max´s hot mouth.
Impatiently needing Max s deep inside of her
Liz pulled Max up, and stared at his big hardness
Then straddling her legs around Max´s waist
With her hands on the front of the bonnet
Max put his largeness to Liz´s entrance
In in 1 thrust
Max pushed deep inside of Liz´s deepness
Liz´s head flung backwards, and she closed her eyes together
Max bought his large hands, underneath Liz´s firm butt
And grasped at her skin
As the tempo started increasing
Max called out to Liz
"Liz look me in the eyes"
And she did, and the wonder that awaited Liz when she looked into Max´s eyes
Was overwhelming
She had never seen such a insatiable need for someone to want her
And Liz moved her body with more verocity, and with her eyes still dead-locked with Max´s eyes
The cadence movement of there bodys
Moved to a musical beat, like the clashes of large symbols together in an orchestra
Max moved his body more rapidly
And he started going over the edge
And reached his ultimate climax
Then released inside of Liz´s hot core
The chest rose up and down in big huffs
And Max lay his head against Liz´s head
And whispered into her ear softly
"Liz that was beautiful".
Liz bought her arms around Max´s body
And pulled him closer to her and sighed
"Max, your amazing, I want more"
Max smiled to himself, with that impish grin of his
Then gave into to Liz´s sweet demands to have him again and again.
When there bodys couldn´t go on anymore
Max cleaned Liz between her legs
Kissed her gently and then he proceeded to help Liz get changed again
Liz was enthralled by all the pampering Max gave her
So she helped Max get into his clothes.
As they drove back home,
Max asked
"So what happens now, between you and Jacob"?
Liz looked at Max and said
"If you want me too, I will finish it with him".
"Your´d do that for me"? Max asked surprised.
"Yeah I would, but what about you and Pam"?
"I´ll do the same for you, and I don´t care if others talk about me, not having a girl, because we can´t let anyone know about our relationship together".
"Yeah it will be hard, but I can take the consequences that come our way".
And Liz placed her hand over Max´s and they continued to drive there way back to Roswell.-
When they got home, the place was real quiet, and when Liz went to enter her room, Max moved closer to her and said.
"I´ll be thinking of you, when I lay down to sleep", then pecked Liz on her forehead.
Liz smiled a dazzling smile at Max and said.
"I´ll be thinking of you too"?
Then she brushed Max´s larger hand.
And when she went to close her door, she never took her eyes off of Max´s stare.
"Good-night Max". She whispered as she slowly closed the door, and then leaned against the door when she finally shut it behind her.
Max trudged slowly to his bedroom, with a smile on his face, but then Isabel surprised him and said quietly.
"Max what the hells going on between you and Liz"?
In shock Max bundled Isabel into her bedroom, and then cursed himself, for not being more careful
Preparing himself to tell Isabel the truth, about him and Liz.


What will happen now? FB please

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I know, I know

nearly all my posts on my fics today have had Max and Liz making love together, this one I had already planned for that to happen.
In Destination-Paradise, I popped the question out to everyone, as to whether or not I should turn it into a NC-17, so I did.
With Chances Are, someone hinted to me to write up a NC-17 for the next part.

But in You Belong To Me, amazingly I didn´t post a NC-17 part.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has responded back to me and sent FB. Much appreciated

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Hi all

I had to type this down before I forgot it. Thanks for all the awesome FB, yous are the best!!!


Next part

When Max and Isabel were in her bedroom and the door was closed behind them, Isabel stared at Max with contempt in her eyes and said.
"Max what the hell is going on between you and Liz"?
"Isabel would you keep your voice down, your might wake up Jeff and Mom". Max begged her.
"So what"! Isabel spat at him.
"Now tell me, what I saw between you and Liz, is not what I think it was is it"?
Isabel said as she crossed her arms in anger.
"Iz, please, it just happened". Max said in all earnst.
"OMG Max, have you lost your mind or what, you mean you and Liz are sleeping with each other now". Isabel said disguisted in her brother.
"Yeah and if we are, what´s the big deal then". Max spat back at her.
"What´s the big deal, your asking me what the big deal is? Max she´s our step-sister, now you try and tell me theres nothing wrong with sleeping with your step-sister". Isabel pierced Max with her eyes.
"Well if you want Liz too, sorry but I got her first". Max said sarcastically to Isabel.
"You asshole, you know I don´t swing both ways, how could you even think of that idea". Isabel said through gritted teeth.
"So why don´t you just drop it then Iz, this has nothing to do with you, this is between Liz and I". Max said to Isabel in anger.
"No you see that´s where your wrong Max". Isabel said to him.
"What do you mean Iz"? Max said as he slanted his eyes at his sister.
"I mean that if you keep this up with Liz, I´ll tell Mom and Jeff". Isabel declared.
"You wouldn´t dare", Max said taken back at what Isabel had just said.
"Yeah I would, I won´t say anything about what you´s have done so far, but if you and Liz continue whatever yous are doing, I will say something to Mom and Jeff". Isabel said, not backing down from her threat.
"You bitch, just cause your not getting it from Alex, that means no one is allowed to get anything on". Max said disappointedly at Isabel.
"Max don´t push me, you either give up on Liz, or I tell". Isabel threatened Max again.
"OK, I´ll do it. But Isabel just one last thing, don´t ever think you can come to me ever, if you want me to do a favour for you, yeah OK, I´ll stop seeing Liz, but I mean thanks Iz, for the first time in my life I find a girl that I actually really like, and now your just ruined everything, but tomorrow morning I´m taking Liz out to tell her that we´re finished, just don´t go all high and mighty on us, and let us do that at least". Then Max turned on his heels and slammed the door as he departed Isabels room.
Isabel sat down on her bed, now feeling guilty about what she expected Max to do, Isabel knew that Max had never had any strong feeling for anyone before, and now the right girl had come along, and Isabel had made an ultimatum to Max, to finish it with Liz.
"Why did you have to be our step-sister for". Isabel said softly to herself, and lay on the bed and began to cry at the predicament that they were all in now. Liz would hate Isabel for what she wanted them to do, and Max was already upset at Isabel, Max had never called Isabel a bitch before, and it had pained her when he had said it. Isabel then cried herself to sleep, as she pushed her thoughts out of her mind.

When Max got back to his bedroom, he stripped off and lay on his bed, and a few tears ran down his handsome face, wishing he didn´t have to give up on Liz


When they meet each other tomorrow, will Max and Liz really give up on each other or not? FB please

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Legal Alien

how do you get those cool quotes at the bottom of your posts.

They are some of my favourite movies

Thanks to you. Araxie and AMIE BABES for writing back FB


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Starprincess awesome idea

I will seriously think about using it tomorrow, although I have another idea in mind as well

Thanks everyone for getting back to me with all of your FB

It´s mainly because of the loyalty of all my readers that motivate me to type more

Thanks everyone

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Sorry everyone, I have to post again, because my roll won´t stop

Thanks for all the FB


Next part

Then next morning when Max woke up, he slowly passed Isabel in the hallway.
Still mad at Isabel from last night Max ignored her when she said good morning to him.
"Max, I´m can´t help, what I want you to do, it´s just so wrong what´s going on between you and Liz". Isabel said solemnly to Max.
"Kiss my ass Isabel, and get the hell out of my way". Max bit back at her.
"Max"! Isabel called him.
"I said get the hell out of my way, maybe you know what happiness is, with you and Alex, but the first piece of happiness I find in my life, and now you expect me to give it up, look just get out of my way". As Max pushed passed Isabel
Max went into the bathroom, where he took a long, hot shower, then dressed and went downstairs, fuming inside.
When Max left Isabel standing in the hallway, she burst into tears, and ran to her bedroom.
When Liz eventually got up, she whistled as she stood under the shower, thinking how her and Max could be together now, well not openly, but still together, and Liz planned on ringing Jacob up, and cancelling out on there date tonight.
But when Liz went downstairs, instead of recieving a big smile from Max like she expected, Liz was instead greeted with a grunted good morning.
"Max why are you so distant this morning, have I done something wrong, I told you last night, that I would stop seeing Jacob".
Seeing Liz´s face fall from a radiant smile to a look of sadness and pain.
Max took Liz´s small hand in his own hand and said in a tired voice.
"Liz I have to tell you something, but I can´t tell you here, will you come out to the desert with me, please"?
The sincerity in Max´s eyes made Liz say yes.
So they walked out of the house, and proceeded to get in the jeep.
They drove in silence there until Max pulled the jeep by the cluster of rocks, then Max turned to Liz, who had a worried look now on her face.
"Liz come with me",
so they stepped out of the jeep, and Max went to Liz´s side and took her tiny hands inside of his.
Now staring in Liz´s eyes, Liz said
"Tell me Max, have you had second thoughts about us"? Liz asked confused at Max´s behaviour.
"No, no not at all...but Liz, Isabel knows about us now and she....wants me to call it off with you". Max said as his eyes started to water up.
"But Max, I can´t give you up"! As the tears started to flow down Liz´s now stained teared face.
Max thought his heart was breaking, and he held Liz tight in his strong arms, and closed his eyes saying.
"Liz I don´t want to give you up, but Isabel said if I don´t, she´ll tell our parents about us, oh Liz I feel like my lifes just falling apart, I don´t want to give you up, your the first girl I´ve ever felt this strongly about before, but what other choice do we have"? And Max started unashamedly crying out tears.
And the 2 stood there sobbing, in heart-ache and pain.
"Max, I´m not going to be pushed into giving you up, I don´t care if your my step-brother, we´ll work something out, just trust me". As the pain of having Max crying in her arms really hit her.
"Liz, I´m not going to give up on you either, but what do we do now? If our parents found out about us, I don´t know what they would do to us, they might send you away, and I might not ever see you again, but I know that they won´t accept our relationship". Max cried some more.
"So we´ll just be more careful, and make out that we have finished our relationship together, because come snow or rain, I only want to be with you, and if Isabel thinks she can split us up, she´s got another thing coming. What exactly did she say"? Liz asked Max.
So Max told her the whole story, and then Liz started thinking and said.
"I think I´ve got an idea". Liz said contemplating her thoughts.
"Yeah what is it"? Max asked.
"Well Isabel is trying to bribe us, have you got anything on her, that our parents don´t know about"? Liz asked Max while her mind was doing over-time.
"Hey wait a minute, about 1 year ago when Iz and I went away on vacation to Miami to visit our Dad, Isabel got involved in a holiday romance with this guy that was much older than her. Yeah that´s right his name was Jessie! And he worked for my Dad, and when we met Jessie at my Dads office, Jessie offered to take us for a tour around Miami, and I caught them together one day, getting it on, in the back seat of his car. And you know what, that´s when she was still together with Alex, I mean I don´t think it went any further than a heated kiss in the car, but I mean if Alex was ever to find out that Isabel was kissing another guy.....".
"Max I think your just found the perfect reason to throw back in Isabels face, ring her up now, I want to know her reaction, now that we got a bit of dirt on her too".
Liz said to Max, and Max kissed Liz on the crown of her head and rung up Isabel and told her about there little plan.
When Max got off of the cell-phone he enwrapped Liz in his warm embrace and said.
"Liz , Love it worked, Isabel agreed to what we planned".
Surprised at what Max said to her, Liz smiled smuggly and said
"Max what did you just say"?
And Max repeated his words and said, "Liz, Love it worked... oh I see what I said, oh man, now I feel dumb, shit, why did I say that for"? Max smiled that impish grin of his at Liz.
Liz smirked back at Max, really quite amused and said to Max,
"Since when did I become your Love Max, tell me". Liz caught him in his amber eyes, and Max whispered to her.
"Since the moment we made love to each other yesterday here in the desert".
Overwhelmed by Max´s words, Liz was speechless and there sweet lips drew closer to one another.
And for the first time, they engaged in a sweet, loving kiss, that melted both of there hearts.
And stayed like that until, Liz slowly pulled away from Max´s sweet temptation.
"Max you know, your really so sweet", as she gazed heavenly in his amber eyes.
"Well it had to happen one day", Max smiled down into Liz´s big doe eyes.
And they held onto each other like the whole world stood still, enjoying the new feeling that was running between there bodys.
As the wind blew gently across there skin.


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so looks like Isbel got her beans and ate them too. (New Zealand saying, meaning, she got what she deserved)! Thanks for all the FB.


Next part

When Max and Liz finally drove back to Roswell they held onto each other hands, knowing that Isabels little plan had back-fired.
Liz and Max were both more than pissed with Isabel, and Liz planned on quitting the cheerleading squad, and staying away from Isabel.
Max intended on rubbing it in Isabels face, and planned for Isabel to help them cover up his and Liz´s relationship.
Not straight away, because at the moment Max couldn´t be bothered talking to Isabel, but Max swore he would eventually do it.
Also when they both got home, they intended to call it quits with Pam and Jacob.
In all of his entire teenage life, Max had never been without a girl, so this would be weird for everyone who knew him to see him with no girl.
So Liz and Max were trying to devise a plan so Max had a real good reason for being single now.
"How about we say that you have finally realised how important it is for you to get into a college next year, so your going to throw yourself into your studys and abstain from having a girl around". Liz suggested.
"I don´t know if that will work, I´m already getting A´s in most of my classes". Max said, pursing his lips together.
"Or why not just say, that your had enough of girls full-stop. And now you just want to be on your own for awhile". Liz suggested a new idea.
"I don´t know if that will work either Liz, everybody knows how much of a horn-dog I am". Max said to her.
"Well it´s not to late to change". Liz said optismistically.
"We´ll see, we´ll come up with something". Max sighed to himself.
When they both arrived home, nobody was there, they figured out that Isabel wanted to avoid them both, and were both right when they found a note that Isabel wrote saying that she was staying at Maria´s for the rest of the week-end and wouldn´t be home until tomorrow evening.
Max and Liz smiled at each other, both Dianne and Jeff had gone to Alburqueque for the week-end to meet up with some old friends of there´s.
Now they both knew they had the house to themselves for the rest of the week-end.
Then Max rung up Pam.
"Hello Mrs Troy here".
"Hi Mrs Troy this is Max is Pam at home"? Max asked, while Liz held onto his hand.
"Yeah Max, I´ll just go get her".
Liz and Max waited a few seconds until Pam got on the phone.
"Hi Max, I was wondering when you were going to ring me up".
"Yeah well Pam, I have something to say to you". Max said to her.
"What is it Max"? Pam asked.
"Pam I rung up today to say that I want to finish with you".
"Max you jerk, you could of at least came around to tell me yourself instead of ringing me up". Pam spat at Max.
"Yeah well I didn´t want to see you, so that´s why I rung you instead". Max told her.
"What did I do, has this got to do with what happened last night"?
"Yes and no". Max replied.
"Well which one is it then, yes or no"? Pam yelled at Max.
"Look Pam I didn´t ring you up to argue and the answer is both, OK".
And pissed off with Pam, Max hung up on her.
"Max are you OK"? Liz asked him.
"Yeah I´m fine". Max smiled at Liz, as he held both of her hands in his now.
The phone then rung again!
"Don´t answer it Liz, it will be Pam, and I don´t have anything else to say to her".
"It´s OK Max, I can handle her", and Liz answered the phone, all Liz got was an earful of Pam´s yelling.
"Pam, this is Liz here, and Max told me what he was going to do today, so just accept it would you, and stop ringing up here again" Then Liz hung the phone up.
The telephone rung again, but this time no one picked it up.
Then Liz rung up Jacob and told him she couldn´t see him no more. Jacob was real upset and asked Liz why? Liz just told him, she just couldn´t commit to him, and that she was sorry about it, then told Jacob she had to go.
Now that the 2 had there respective others out of the way, Max locked all the front and back door, and lead Liz upstairs.


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Get the slight message!

I have been so starved to read other fanfics, that tonight I thought I would relax back and read.

I just wanna plug some AWESOME fics I read tonight they are called

Love and Fame

The Antarian Queen

Unheard Truths

What Dreams May COme

Not of This Earth

Big Alien girls Don´t Cry

So if yous are interested why not give them a go?


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Hi all just to say I posted another fic today, it´s called Don´t You Touch Me, a fic that starts from the Pilot, and it´s Tess free as well, so if yous are interested in reading it, give it a try.


That really sucks about that baby being kidnapped, what is my country coming too?

As for that idiot Clarke, I´m glad I didn´t vote for her, that woman is so embrassing and to think she runs our country

gotta go for now

Thanks ABBS, catcha again


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Next part

When Liz and I enter her room, she stands a foot away from me, wanting me with her eyes.
"Take your clothes off"! I say to Liz sensually.
And from my words, Liz slowly slides her distraction, that hold me back from having her again.
She pulls her little panties off, and delicately throws them away
As I stare at Liz´s wonderous curves of her body
Her skin is just begging me, to take it in my anxious mouth
And I bridge the gap between us, and place my nectar on the soft skin that is calling me.
Tasting at Liz´s sweet skin, her scent is overwhelming me, and I grasp onto the firm flesh of her ass
Liz leans her torturous body into me, rubbing her front against me
I feel myself harden, and Liz starts to peel off my clothes
I growl in the back of my throat
Now that her soft skin is distanced from me
I lick my lips hungrily, waiting for her to full my mouth to satisfaction
Liz eyes are now piercing me, as she kneels down and undoes my zipper
In slow anticipation, my jeans slip to the ground
My feet then kick them off
As this little temptress, tugs at my boxers
She hesitants before me
And slowly strokes at my itching cock
I can´t take this slow inducement no more
And pull Liz up to meet my face
I nibble at her soft lips
Her head rolls in awareness
As my hands slide over her body
She pushes me back turn around
And I kneel to the ground
Applying my self indulgance to the
Luscious skin of her ass
Grabbing at her ass with my mouth
Lingering my tongue down her slowly
Then my hand moves between her shapely legs
Wanting to find her sweet wetness
So I can drive her senseless
My fingers softly caress her wet folds
As my mouth gives Liz soft kisses on the back of her thighs
As I draw closer to her honey
Her scent consumes me
And I turn on my ass
Pull her wet folds apart
And then begin to feast on her
Pulling Liz harder down onto my face
Rotating her ass inside my hands
I hear her moan my name
So I linger my tongue to her little hot nub
Pulling it between my lavious lips
Drinking at her wine
My tongue flicks over her with fervour
As she intoxicates my senses
I feel her body begin to tremble
And her ass bucks back into my hands
She then begins with her love call
As she creams excessively into my mouth
My eyes are now open now
As I watch this beauty sqirm in ecstacy
Liz looks down on me, and her stare to me is absolutely breath-taking
Taking my hand in her small hand
Liz pulls me to my feet
Then she hooks her legs around my waist
And my strong arm goes behind her back to support her
With her eyes looking straight into mine
Liz´s hand takes my hard cock in her little hard
Beaconing me to enter her
As I feel the entrance of Liz´s wet core
In one thrust I push inside of her
The movement makes the top part of her body to collapse back
But she tightens her leg around my waist
As I move with control inside of her
Looking down onto Liz´s breasts
I take one in want and massage it in my big hand
I see her stomach muscles flexing
That´s why she´s moving so smoothly up and down me
We continue with our rythmical moves
Until Liz cries out to me that she wants me to move faster
And then I move the pace up
Liz pushes faster around me
and her muscles tighten around my largeness
And our breathing is now rapid
And in one thrust she brings me over the edge
My muscles all tense up
When I released into the core of Liz´s sweet honey
Her body is still leaning against my arm
In one fine swoop I bring her mouth back up to mine
Her arms then wrap around me
And Liz leans her head against my face and says
"Max, that was beautiful",
And I watch as Liz then hungrily licks her lips
But I want to be where her tongue has just been
So I place my lips back on her,
Circling her lips with my tongue


Tomorrow, if yous want this to be a real long week-end, I can do another NC-17, but with Liz saying what is going on. FB please

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Next part

When Max and I finish making love to each other, he lifts me up and carries me to the bed.
Gently placing me as his eyes transfixed to my own, boring into my very soul.
As Max lies his perfect next to mine, I move my body to cover his.
Max´s amber eyes have not once left mine, and he gently starts to stroke away at my hair.
I lean my head against his behr chest, kissing him lightly with my eagar lips
"Liz your so beautiful, did I ever tell you that before"? Max whispers to me.
I smile at him, as my heart begins to flutter inside my own chest.
But finally I am able to get some words out and say,
"Max thank-you". From the top of my heart.
"Now that your mine I will never let you go".
"Max, I feel the same way about you". I admit to him.
How weird that these feelings that are running between us like this.
I mean what would our parents do if they ever found out about us.
Step-brother and step-sister falling for the other.
Probably split us up, so we never see each other again.
The conversation between us is good as we laugh together, then my stomach rumbles and Max goes to order some pizza.
When it gets here, Max throws on his jeans, kisses me then runs downstairs.
As I wait for him, I lay back down on my soft pillows, smiling to myself because I´m thinking of Max
When Max reappears, he´s holding the box of pizza, he kisses me and lays the box on top of the bed and I sit up.
Max takes a piece of pizza, and blows on it, then holds it to my mouth and says
"Take a bite".
That´s how I ate my whole meal.
Max held the pizza to my mouth, and I told big bites.
When I´m full, I do the same thing to Max
He hungrily eats away, still entanced with my eyes.
After eating, Max throws away the empty box
Then re-joins me lying on the bed.
Now that our hunger is satisfied, a new hunger begins.
To have each other again, in our love making wish for one another.
Max takes my face gently in his big hands
Sucking at my swollen lips with great fervour
With my longing to feel Max´s hot skin underneath my palms of my hands
I graze my hands over his taut muscled body
Max lowers his head and begins nibbling at my perky nipples
That stand to attention, ready and waiting to go
I straddle myself over Max´s legs
Rubbing my front into Max´s cock
I feel as Max brings his body up to meet mine
Then his hardness starts brushing against my stomach
I feel the slick wetness between my legs
As my need to have Max inside me causes my heat to pulsate
Max brings his rough fingers to ease me
Sliding expertly through my wet fold.
He teases me, not running his fingers over my nub
No his fingers instead saunter sliding through my creases
"Max, please, please your driving me crazy"
Max raises his mouth that´s been sweetly torturing my breasts
He grins at me knowing what I want him to do next
I ´m not disappointed as his thumbs covers my begging nub
And his fingers penetrate my burning core
I move my body up and down on Max´s fingers
While his minstration on my clit is smooth and pressured down
Urging my love-spot to explode
My body ripples with a craving of desire
As Max´s thumb, moves in speed
Rolling over my yearning nub
I sit down harder and harder, repeatly on Max´s fingers
That feel sooooo good inside of me
"Max......ohh yeah....Baby......awwww..awwwww..awwwww"
And I finally climax, pulling Max tighter to me
"Liz did you like that, that´s just the appetiser".
And I gaze into Max´s eyes, my head feeling drunk with a half satisfaction
You see I need Max inside me!
And I raise my body above him
Reach for his hard cock
And sit down on it hard!
"Awwww Liz", Max says out in contendedness
As I move up and down on his hard shaft
Max puts his hands on my sides
Assisting his need to cum inside of me
Our bodies rock together in hot ecstacy
I whip back my head, bit my bottom lip
As my long hair falls to one side of my shoulder
I´m digging my fingers into Max´s hot skin
As our bodies move in one rhythmn
Of hunger and passion all roled into one
My walls clench together
Sucking down on Max´s hardness greedily
I call him
Instanteously he moves with now increased speed
I pull Max´s face to my chest
And rest my head lightly on top of it
The scent of Max is overwhelming
As he fulls all my sense with his being
Max´s body tenses up, I know he´s almost there
And in one hard drive Max calls out to me
"Argghhh Liz..."
And his cum releases in my hot core
He brings me closer to him wrapped in his warm arms
I kiss the crown of his head with my lips
Closing my eyes now I say
"Max, I need you all the time"
"I need you to, your like a drug, without you, I can never reach my high"
We relax back down on the bed
Max´s hands are travelling up and down my back
As our breathing becomes more regulated
I fall asleep but only for awhile


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Next part

When Max and Liz woke up from there stupor sleep, Liz suggested that they go to the movies.
Max liked the sounds of the idea, so the 2 showered together, where there need to have each other again, overwhelmed themselves, and they gave there bodies willingly to each other again.
When they got out they dried each other off, then changed.
When they got into town, they distanced themselves from each other, but that didn´t stop them from gazing endlessly into each others eyes.
They went to the Crashdown, had an Alien Blast, and then went to the movies.
It was the 25th anniversary since the release of Star Wars and they decided to go to watch that.
But when Max saw the queue standing outside they decided to go to another movie, so went to see
A re-run of Tiger and Dragon.
The room was practically empty, and they settled down in a secluded corner in the back-row.
Apart from a man down near the front they were the only ones in the movie theatre.
Max put his arm around Liz, and she leaned her head against Max´s shoulder.
Max had some pop-corn in his lap and taking some out fed Liz from his hand.
Liz smiled adoringly into Max´s eyes at his sweet gesture.
Licking and sucking at his fingers with her mouth.
Max started to go all crazy, and it wasn´t long before his cock went hard.
Liz who had seen Max´s bulge, staring Max in his eyes sunk to the ground.
"Liz what are you doing to me".
But Liz just sensually licked at her lips as she unzipped Max from his confining jeans.
Then Max raised his body up and Liz slipped Max´s jeans and boxers down to his ankles.
Then hungrily Liz attached her sweet mouth onto Max´s hardened cock
Liz loved the taste of Max on her taste buds.
The Max pulled Liz´s body up and slipped his hand underneath the fabric of Liz´s panties.
Rubbing Liz´s now wet folds with his fingers
Liz was going up and down Max´s hardness
She closed her eyes as she twirled her tongue around the tip of Max´s largeness.
Max couldn´t believe how good Liz made him feel
But he kept up with his minstral finger work on Liz´s wet pussy
Finding her hot nub, Max then rubbed Liz with fervorous movements.
Liz clenched her firm ass muscles together when Max found her little love-spot
And poked her ass up higher, seperating her legs alittle so Max had better access
"Liz..oh Baby....oh yeah".
As Liz worked on him faster
Max looked down onto Liz´s face and saw where her face cheeks were sucked in, as she went down on his cock
Max´s fingers picked up it´s speed.
Max could feel Liz bringing him to the top of his arousal
Liz sucked on Max a few more times
Before she felt Max´s cum spray into her mouth
When Max went over the edge and climaxed.
Max bit down on his bottom lip, and moaned out as quietly as he could.
His chest rising up and down in heavy breaths.
Liz started licking Max dry.
And then felt herself going over the edge
Max felt the sudden quivers coming from Liz´s body, then put his hand on Liz´s firm ass, and started rubbing it, as he felt Liz´s tongue swirl over him.
When Liz looked into Max´s eyes, Max deliberately and slowly put his fingers into his mouth and licked at the Liz´s juices.
"Hmmmm you taste soooo good". Max´s said sexyly.
Max´s eyes drowned Liz in desire, but Max pulled Liz up to her seat, then lifted his body up and pulled his clothes back up.
When they had finally readied themselves again
Max slung his arm around Liz again, and with his hand moved it to Liz´s chin, pulling her face to his and kissing her on her hot lips.
His tongue circled Liz´s lips, and Liz relented to Max.
The 2 didn´t watch much of the movie, and when the lights finally turned on, they pulled away from each other.
Max looked at Liz with that boyish smile on his face and said.
"That was the best movie I have ever seen before, we should go again".
"Yeah, I can´t say I have ever watched a movie like that before, I agree, we should do it again".
Then the 2 walked out to the jeep.
Then driving back home, they went upstairs to Liz´s bed, and made love to one another 3 more times before falling asleep in each others tangled bodys.


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Khivars Daughter, I have finally updated!

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Thanks everyone for all the FB, really appreciate it!


Next part

Well Liz and I thought that we would spend the whole day in bed on Sunday, but were both disappointed when Isabel rung us up, and gave us a pre-warning that she was coming back home earlier that expected.
Not wanting to see Isabel, Liz and I had a shower together, then decided to go out.
Liz said that there was a circus over in Hondo, so I drove us out there in the jeep.
The sun was shining down on us, and a slight breeze blew through our hair.
WE talked the whole time as I drove, I was always confident around people as was Liz, it was amazing how well we clicked together, I had never really clicked with any girl before I met Liz.
Liz held onto the top of my hand, but then I bought her small hand to rest on my leg, and she squeezed gently at it.
But when we got closer to Hondo, she pulled her hand away from me, causing me to pout, Liz just brushed her hand on the side of my face, and said it was to dangerous for us to carry on in broad daylight, but that still didn´t make me miss the feel of her hand on me.

When we parked up in the car-park, I went to the side where Liz was sitting and held her tiny hand as I helped her out. She smiled a that dazzling smile at me, and it made me go all goofy inside.
Then we went to have some fun.
There were alot of those carnival games that you find at places like this, and I took Liz over to where you shoot baskets in a hoop.
"You go first Liz". And she smiled at me and said OK.
The first shot, Liz missed by a long shot, and she pouted her bottom lip at me, I wanted to kiss that pout away, but knew it was to dangerous, and told her to try again. She missed again, but on her 3rd shot she got it in!
She won a little teddy behr, but told me she wanted to win the big one, so I set out to win it for her.
No sweat, 3 shots, 3 in.
And as the man behind the counter went to hand the big teddy bear to me, I told him to give it to Liz.
I knew Liz wanted to kiss me, I could tell by the look on her face, but she didn´t instead thanking me.
We walked around, and there was a roller-coater, so we went on it.
Liz screamed her head off, making me laugh away to myself, she then took my hand in her hand and squeezed it tightly, only letting go of it, when the roller-coaster went around in the loop.
When we got off, Liz was all dizzy, so I asked her if she wanted to take a seat.
We moved on to the area where they were selling food, and realising that we hadn´t eaten all that day I got Liz and I some hot-dogs and chips also a sprite for the both of us to quench our thirst.
We were so hungry that I got us some more food to eat. It´s so different being with a girl that doesn´t have any inhabititions about eating. Liz eats just as much as I do, most girls are always phasing me out going on diets, but not Liz.
After our foods settled down, we continue playing those games.
Liz wasn´t s bad at this shooting game, and she won a prize, she gave me the teddy bear she won, and told me to keep it by my bed, so I can think of her when I go to sleep, the other prize was this big Mexican sombero, which she puts on top of my head, and walk around with it there for the rest of the day.
When we feel we are alright, we spent the rest of the day riding those rides there. I like those fast ones, where Liz holds onto me tightly whenever it gets to much for her.
Then an hour before the show starts, we are walking to buy us tickets when a voice calls out my name. But when I turn around it´s Pam and a few of her friends, Pam comes up to us and says.
"So Max having a good time then are you"? As she eyes Liz up.
"What´s it to you"! I spit at her.
"So your not having second thoughts about us then are you Max"? Pam stares me in the eyes.
"There is no us! And no I definately aren´t having second thoughts about us, so just forget it Pam". I tell her.
But taking my hand in hers Pam says,
"And why not"? As if I´m interested.
"That´s none of your damned business, c´mon Liz, lets go home now, before Pam ruins it anymore".
As I go to turn my back on Pam, I watch her as she stares at me with contempt.
I don´t give a shit how she looks at me, and Liz and I go to the car-park, she knows I´m upset with seeing Pam and says.
"Max you had to see her sooner or later".
"Yeah I know Love, but better later, than now, c´mon lets just go home".
So Liz and I drive back to Roswell slowly, wanting to spend as much time with each other as possible.


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because I never write down my parts, I was just wondering where everyone would like me to take this fic. Would yous rather me concentrate on there relationship together, with nookie thrown in now and again, or would yous want me to write about troubles they have in there relationship.
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Next part

As Max and I drove back to Roswell, we talked about what we would say to Isabel.
Max was so pissed off with her, he said that he had nothing to say to her, but I told him that we had to make it clear to her that we wouldn´t break up from each other.
And that´s when Max asked me to be his girl!
I was grinning away like a chassy cat, and how could I ever say no to his Babe of a man, and said yes!
Max kissed me on the forehead, even though I was so paranoid that someone might see us, but Max make it quite clear that if we ever were caught, he would do everything to see that we stayed together.
That made me think that I was right getting into a relationship with my step-brother, because I would do the same thing to, do everything in my power to make sure we stayed together, even if it meant hurting our family.
I had never fallen in love with anyone in my life before, yeah I had some good relationships while I was living in New York, but I knew it was only a matter of time before I fell for Max-I mean who wouldn´t!
When we finally did arrive back at the house our parents still weren´t back yet, and Isabel eyed us both up with contempt and said.
"So yous definately aren´t going to stop seeing each others are yous, yous both make me sick".
"I don´t give a shit what you think Iz, Liz and I are happy together so get over it would you". Max spat at her.
"Max what yous are doing is wrong". Isabel retorted.
"Says who? You say so! Isabel it´s not like we´re blood related, now if we were, then I would agree with you, but we´re not, so we have nothing to be ashamed of".
Max was so strong! I was so proud of him for sticking to his guns.
"Yeah well what if Mom and Jeff find out about yous 2"? Isabel asked.
"Well if they do find out it will be because we messed up because they won´t be finding out about us from you that´s for sure". Max eyes Isabel up warily.
"Whatever Max". Isabel said as she crossed her arms angrily.
"Yeah I mean it, if Liz and I are discovered, that´s not going to stop us from being together, we´ll work something out won´t we Love". Max said to me and I shook my head in agreeance.
"But if Alex ever found out about you or Jessie, you know he´ll leave you, so in the end Liz and I will still be together, whereas you Isabel will end up one of those bitter ex-girlfriends who will cry every night to sleep wishing she hadn´t had messed up so badly with her boyfriend. Alone and broken. So Iz don´t even think about doing anything against Liz and I, because I promise you, your be the one to regret this, not us".
Then Max stormed off upstairs with my hand in his.
When we got to my bedroom, Max sat down on my bed next to me and said.
"Liz, I will do anything to have you, even if it means losing all of my friends and family, but are you willing to give all that up for me"?
Looking into Max´s eyes, I said the only thing I could.
"Yeah", and I held onto Max for so tightly, I thought I was going to squeeze the life out of him.
The next day at school, I told Isabel that I wanted to drop out of the cheer-leading squad, without giving it a second thought, Isabel said "good"! Then turned her back on Max and myself and walked away from us.
Max knew I was upset, and I knew he wanted to comfort me, but he couldn´t.
That´s the thing that makes our relationship so hard, whenever I want to hold onto Max hand or kiss him, or even hold onto him for comfort, I know I can´t do anything.
No, we have to keep up that pretense in our relationship that we are only step-brother and step-sister who are now friends.
When Maria saw me with Max, she asked me to join her and Alex for lunch.
I told Maria that Isabel and I weren´t friends anymore, that we had had a big arguement, and I couldn´t have lunch with them anymore or hang-out with them.
Maria said that surely our argument couldn´t have been that bad, but when I said I don´t think Isabel or I would ever be able to patch things up again, Maria put her head down sadly and said that at least we 2 could stay friends.
That week was a lonely week for Max and I. Max knew that Maria, Isabel and Alex were the only friends I had in Roswell so we hung out together.
Max´s friends thought it was weird that we hang out together, and because I didn´t share the same interests with the boys, I didn´t want to join in with them.
Max said to the guys that he was going to hang out with me from now on, but I said to him not to be silly.
So apart from the few times when Max went to play basketball with them, and I would sit there and watch, we spent the whole time together.
But we know that our circle of friends will soon disappear and then there will be just the 2 of us.


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Next part

After a few days of Liz and I thinking that we only had each other Isabel approached the 2 of us while we were sitting at the stands facing the football field.
Liz squirmed in her seat, but I took her hand in mine, and told her not to worry to much.
Isabel walked up to us and I said to her.
"You come to give us some more shit Iz"?
Isabel just looked at us sadly and then said.
"No Max, I haven´t.....I just wanted to say, that I´m sorry about the way I have been treating yous both".
Surprise was the biggest thing I was thinking at that stage then asked Isabel.
"What´s with the sudden change of mind"?
"It´s just I was thinking about what you said to me the other night, about you and Liz not being blood brother and sister and......I also realised that for the first time in your life Max that you had found happiness with a girl, and I then realised that I couldn´t be the one who destroyed your happiness". Isabel admitted to us.
"Finally, I was wondering when you would see some sense". I told her.
Liz then smiled that brilliant smile she owns and thanked Isabel for understanding our situation.
"So are yous 2 going to join us then, for lunch I mean"? Isabel asked us.
Smiling at each other Liz said yeah and we followed Isabel to the rest of the gang.
When Maria saw us she ran over to Liz and said,
"I knew yous would be able to straighten out your differences, c´mon sit down next to us".
So Liz took a seat and I wriggled myself between Alex and Liz.
So after all that´s happened between Isabel and us, we are finally all friends again.


I know this is a short part, but I will post again later. FB please

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Today I wrote up the conclusion to Khivars Daughter M/L

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It´s called: Finding You Again M/L

I know there are a few of yous reading this fic and were also reading Khivars Daughter, so do keep an eye out for the sequel

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I am promoting the sequel to Khivars Daughter, it´s called

Finding You Again, M/L

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Next part

Although Isabel was now supporting Max and my relationship, it didn´t help the pretense that we always had to make out.
Max was still constantly being harassed by girls that had heard that him and Pam weren´t seeing each other anymore. Yes Max got his fair share of unwanted offers from girls that wanted to go out with him. It was so hard, watching these girls throwing themselves at Max and I had to sit there and pretend nothing was going on between the 2 of us.
Max would always push the girls off of him and tell them that he didn´t want to get involved with anyone at the moment-he told them he needed to find himself.
That was the excuse Max told everyone, that he had now reached the stage, and now he wanted to get to know his inner self better, before he committed himself to anyone, only Isabel and myself knowing the true reason behind Max´s new outcoming.
As for our parents, they never expected anything was on between Max and I, they thought that we had only struck up a good friendship between each other.
But then we never knew, that when they would eventually find out about us, that they would both disown us, but back then the only thing we thought about was to hide our secret desire to be with one another at any cost.
The only time Max and I could share alone with each other, is when we would tell them we were going to the library or something and then go out to the desert to be with one another.
My Dad and Dianne only went out once a month to go bowling with the Jacksons, and those times Isabel would always go over to visit Alex, she knew how desperately we wanted to spend time with one another alone.
The first couple of weeks were the hardest ones. That´s because of our need to be with one another was still at those first stages, and the deprivity of not openly being able to show how much we cared for each other, sometimes was to much, and we did take a few unneccessary risks to be with one another, althought thank goodness we were never caught.
There was the one time when everyone was home, and Max and I hadn´t had the chance to be alone, and I was in the shower, when I heard a knock at the bathroom door.
I them wondered if it was Max, and then covering myself with a towel, I called out softly,
"Who is it"?
Max answered, "it´s me, let me in quick".
So I opened the door, and Max pushed his way inside, then locked the door.
And started ravishing me with his lips, when I came up for air, I said,
"Max, it´s to dangerous, everyones at home".
But Max didn´t answer, instead his large hands moved down my wet skin, and before I knew it the passion in my body took right over me.
And I started to respond back to Max, hungrily devouring his lips in mine,
Then Max lifted me up in his strong arms, and sat me on top of the bathroom bench
Staring me with ecstacy in his eyes, Max opened my legs so I was exposed to him
"I have to have you".
And then he placed his soft lips against my dripping wet folds.
I covered my mouth with my hand, gently biting down on it, so that no one would hear me moan.
As Max´s tongue lingered over my folds, and his fingers thrust inside of me
I rocked my body hard down on Max´s hand
Then Max rolled his tongue over my awaiting nub
Sending a fire through my body
As Max added some pressure down
Making me want to explode, but I didn´t
He rolled his tongue constantly over my hot nub
Until my body jerked upwards
And going over the edge, I wanted to scream, but I bit down on my hand again.
I cum into Max´s mouth
And I stared down in his eyes
Max was staring back at me with that look of desire in his eyes again
He pulled his fingers out of me
Standing up he undone his zip on his jeans and pulled them down to his ankle
While I held onto his hardness in the palm of my hand


"Liz how long are you going to take in there"? Isabel called to me.
In shock I opened my eyes up wide and looked at Max, as a fear came over me.
Max just put his finger to my lips, and whispered
"It´s alright Love, don´t worry she doesn´t know I´m in here" Max reassured me.
"Liz, are you still in there or not"? Isabel called me again.
"Yeah Iz, sorry, I´ll be about another 20 minutes or so", I answered her
"OK, then but hurry up will ya, I got a date with Alex later on this evening".
"Yeah I´ll be as fast as I can".
"Don´t worry about her, Love, Isabel always thinks she needs half a day to get ready for a date, now back to us again".
And I realised I was still holding onto Max´s cock and he said to me
"Well are you going to sit there all night, or are you going to put him to use".
Smiling at Max, I lifted my body upwards, so that my entrance was free, and Max could have the access he needed.
Then placing him against my hot core, Max thrusted in.
I felt my walls wrap around his hard cock, like a suction.
Then we started to rock our bodys slowly at first in smooth motions.
I leaned my head back, feeling my wet hair, falling down and cascading the skin of my back
Max´s hands were on the top of my knees
As he started pumping harder
It felt so good, I thought I was in heaven, and didn´t want this feeling of having Max inside of me ever to stop!
And our bodies moved in a faster rythmn
Max drilling me harder and harder with each thrust
I pushed my body into his
Max then began sucking at the wet skin of my neck
Knowing that he would soon go over the edge
And with a few more thrusts
The finally he climaxed
And released all his hot cum inside my wet pussy
Our breaths were panting for air.
I pulled Max closer to me by moving my arms around his neck
Max leaned his head against mine and said.
"I thought I would have to wait longer until we could be together again, it was worth the risk"--.
"But still Max, we have to be careful, who knows what your Mom and my Dad would do to us if they ever found out about us".
Max then kissed me on the lips then said.
"I don´t care what they do to us, so long as we´re together",
Then we stayed there for awhile holding each other, until Max pulled up his boxers and jeans from around his ankles, tidied up himself, and kissed me.
"I better get going, see you soon downstairs".
I smiled at Max and said, "yeah Ok".
Then I checked if the coast was all clear, and when it was Max walked out, but turned back to face, before I waved and closed the door, and went back under the shower.


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The truth is I don´t know anything about step-sister and step-brother relationships, so I may change my mind about the parents reaction

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I know that in the last part, that I wrote that there parents would disown them, but then a few of yous got back to me, and told me somethings about what else could happen between s/sister, s/brother relationships, so I think I might change the outcome somewhat.


Next part

Liz and I had been going out for close to 2 months now, and our feelings for each other had deepened, so much so, I knew that I had fallen in love with her.
I decided I was going to tell Liz how I really felt about her, so asked Liz if she wanted to go out to the desert for a drive.
During the last 2 months, we had really gotten to know each other well, sharing all of our intimate secrets together, and where we envisioned our lifes to be in 10 years time from now.
It´s a calm feeling to have to be able to share your life ambitions with the person you love, I had seen myself, being a lawyer in another 10 years time, heading a firm either in L.A or New York.
Whereas Liz saw herself becoming a Doctor or maybe she would look for a job in that profession.
Anyway the day we went out to the desert, it was starting to get really overcast and it looked like it was going to rain.
When we got out of the jeep, I walked to Liz´s side and took her hand in mine, leading her to the front of the jeep.
Liz sat up on top of the front, and I stood in between her legs, holding onto her.
I stared Liz in her big chocolate eyes.
Liz grinned at me then said.
"Max is there something you want to tell me"?
The rain-drops started hitting us on our heads, and I said.
"Well tell me now, before we both get wet". Liz said, as she looked up to the skies above us.
"Liz....Liz...I love you"! I declared.
Liz just grinned at me even more, then placed her sweet lips against mine.
I kissed Liz like I had never kissed her before, this wasn´t one of those lust-filled kisses, that I give her, when I´m as horny as hell.
No this was a sweet, gentle kiss, one of those kisses that makes time stop!
I was almost tentative as I held Liz in my arms.
I knew that I had never done anything so more right than confess my true feelings for Liz.
A crack of lightening flashed in the now darkened skies above us, thunder boomed above us, and then a shower of rain started to soak us to the skin.
Liz pulled away from me, still with her arms holding me loosely around my neck, and she was smiling away brilliantly at me.
"Max, that´s the best thing I have ever heard before....that you love me because....because I love you too"! Liz said loudly to me, but I couldn´t quite hear her.
"What did you say Liz". I asked her.
"I said I love you too"!
"What I still can´t hear you properly".
And when I finally heard Liz, I pulled her lips back to mine.
Kissing her for all of my life, as the rain above us showered down on us.


Now there true feelings are out! FB please

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Next part

As Max and I held each other in the pouring down rain, I finally felt like I had at last found that missing part in my heart.
Tears ran down my face, but the rain that had been falling on me covered my tears up.
Max started stroking my wet hair, and smiled at me a smile he had never smiled at me before-a smile of contentment, then Max said.
"I better get you inside of the jeep, before you catch pnuemonia, I can´t afford to have you sick now".
And he lead me to my side of the jeep, closing the door behind him, and running to his side and getting in.
I was shivering, and Max said.
"Here this should keep you warm until we get home", and pulled the blanket from the back seat surrounding me in it´s warmth, then he held onto me and kissed me on the forehead.
"That´s my girl, now you should be warm now". And he rubbed away at my arms.
"Max you really are so sweet, I´m only so happy, that you are now apart of my life now". As I stared intensely into his eyes.
"Me too"! He whispered, then kissed me one more time, before starting the jeep up and driving us back home.
As we were driving back home I said to Max.
"Max, I don´t think I can hide my love for you any longer......I want us to come out into the open".
Max looked over to me worriedly then said.
"Liz, but I parents might wanna split us up, if they find out the truth".
"Max, and we can´t go around for the rest of our lifes denying how we feel about one another, besides if they react badly, what can they do? We´re both 18, it´s not like they can really do anything about that, also we love each other, even if they did try to split us up, they can never break the love that we share for one another" I told Max.
Thinking about it for awhile Max said.
"OK, we´ll tell them, but not tonight, I wanna enjoy our relationship for awhile longer before the walls come tumbling down". Max grimaced his gorgeous face at me.
"OK then Max, we can tell them in a few days or so".
"Yeah OK then Liz, I hope that we´re not making a big mistake though". Max squeezed my hand.
"Max falling in love with you would never be a mistake". I reassured him.
"Thanks Liz, I think that´s why I love you so much, you always have a way, of making things look like there will be a rainbow at the end of the road.....and you always make me feel so......worthy of you". Max told me.
"But Max you are".


So there parents are going to find out shortly, how will they react.

I asked a few people how they would react to Max and Liz´s situation, hope I don´t disappoint yous

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Next part

It took me 1 week more until I felt comfortable enough to tell our parents about Liz and myself.
It was along week for Liz though, and it was only through her love that I was able to confront our parents about our relationship.
Out of the 2 of us, Liz is by far the stronger of us, which I am forever greatful for, because if Liz was a lesser person, we would be in hiding for the rest of our lifes.
I know that has everything to do with Liz growing up in New York, where when needed Liz could be as tough as nails.
The evening we were to tell Jeff and my Mom about us, we had also told Isabel that we were coming clean about our relationship.
Isabel wished us both good luck, then after dinner excused herself and went to visit Alex.
My Mom and Liz cleaned up the dishes and when they were finished in the kitchen, they came out into the lounge where Jeff and I had been talking about my grades.
"Dianne could you take a seat please, Max and I have something to tell yous". Liz asked my Mom.
"I hope theres nothing wrong". My Mom asked as she looked between the 2 of us.
"It all depends on how you look at it". Liz said, and sat down beside me.
I was soooo nervous, I wanted to hold onto Liz´s hand for support, but Liz gave me an understanding look, and placed her hand on my knee.
I almost jumped out of my skin, as our parents looked at the 2 of us funnily.
"You go Liz, tell them", I urged her on.
And then Liz broke the news to them.
"Dad, Dianne, this may come as a shock to yous both....but Max and I have been involved in a relationship for close to 2 and a half months, and we are very much in love with each other". Liz said, as she looked into my eyes, and slipped her small hand inside of mine.
The silence that followed was dreadful as I waited for one of our parents to say something.
"Max, Liz my God"! My Mom said as a stunned look covered her face.
"Please Mom, you have to understand, Liz and I, it just happened and for the first time in my life I can honestly say that Liz is the first girl that I have ever fallen in love with". I sat there praying that this would go well.
Liz squeezed my hand, but she smiled at me when I had made my admission.
"So you mean to tell me, that you and Liz have been involved almost from the first day that she got here"? Jeff asked me.
"Yep". I answered.
"What do I say to this"? Jeff asked no one in particular.
"Dad, please, Max and I don´t want to lose yous both, but we can´t change the way we feel about each other, let us have this please Dad". Liz pleaded to Jeff.
"Honey but yous 2 are s/sister and s/brother" my Mom added.
"Mom we know that but we are s/sister and s/brother who are not related to each other by blood, and we never grew up with each other, so please try to understand the situation". I then began pleading.
"I realised that yous 2 aren´t blood related, but what do yous think others will say about yous 2"? Jeff asked.
"Dad, I really don´t care what other people have to say about Max and I the main thing is that we are happy with our relationship, and we both love each other, Dad when I was in New York, I was involved in some really bad relationships. Max is the only guy that I have been with that has treated me with love and respect, those things are a really good basis for a relationship, and I don´t want to give them up, for anyone". Liz said as she gazed into my eyes.
"Does anyone else know about this"? My Mom then asked, it was like playing a game of 20 questions.
"Yeah Iz", I told her.
"And what does Isabel think about your and Liz´s relationship"? My Mom asked.
"It took Isabel awhile to get used to the idea, but now she supports us both". I said.
"This is going to take awhile for me to get used to as well". Jeff admitted.
"So you support us then". Liz asked.
"Honey, at the moment I am really confused about everything, I mean I hear everything that yous are saying, it´s just that I never thought that you would have ever fallen in love with Max of all people". Jeff said then sighed.
"Dad, I wouldn´t change anything for the world, and if you weren´t married to Dianne you wouldn´t have given a hoot about Max and I. Please Dad, just learn to accept our relationship". Liz said.
"Argh, just one question, are you pregnant Liz"? My Mom asked.
"No, I´m not".
"Are yous 2 involved in a sex relationship"? My Mom kept coming with the questions.
"Mom, please that´s to personal to be asking us"? I said slightly embarassed.
"Well, don´t you think we have a right to know"? That was my Mom again.
"Mom, please don´t go there". I begged her.
"Well I can´t say I can do anything to hold yous back from each other......this is going to be hard for me to get used too, so just give me some time please". Jeff asked us both.
"Yeah sure, we want to go public too, it´s so hard to hide our true feelings for each other, and well Liz doesn´t see why we should".
"Liz, Roswell is not like New York, this is only a small town people will talk". My Mom warned us.
"I realise that, but I can handle anything that gets thrown my way". Liz reassured us all.
"I hope so" Jeff said.
"As with Jeff, I too need time to get used to this, one more thing, Max no sneaking into Liz´s room, I need time to think about this more, OK Honey".
"Sure Mom".
I sat there thinking at least our parents hadn´t thrown us out of the house or that they were not disguisted with the both of us, at least they were willing to at some stage or another learn to accept Liz and I as a pair, and I was willing to wait for that day.
At least Liz and I wouldn´t have to hide away from our family no more


I have been talking to a woman at work who knows a couple in the same situation as Max and Liz and her insight was very helpful.

Tomorrow they tell the gang! FB please


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Hi all, thanks very much for all the FB, and advice everyone has been sending me, I really, really appreciated it!!*happy**happy*. So many people have been sending me really useful advice about Max and Lizs situation, and I have been asking other people I know for there opinions, so the last part was the result of everyones wonderful help!*happy**happy*


Next part

The next morning at breakfast, now that our parents knew about Max and I, I didn´t have any problems going downstairs that morning, and kissing Max in front of them all.
Max is still a little on the edge, and jumped out of his shoes almost when he felt me behind him.
"Morning Sweetheart", I said, as I placed my hands on Max´s hips and kissed him on the side of his face.
I know that was quite bold of me to do, but I didn´t grow up in New York for nothing.
"Oh hi Love", and Max leaned his head against mine.
"So what´s for breakfast then"? I asked.
"I made you up some crossants with strawberry jam on them". Max said, as he handed me my plate.
"Thanks Sweety", and without anyone seeing, I pinched Max on his firm butt!
(He, he, you should have seen him jump)!
I walked over to the table, and our parents had there heads down reading the morning newspapers.
"So what are yous 2 up to today"? Dianne asked me.
"We´re going to meet up with Maria and the rest of the gang, and tell them about us". I told Dianne
"Ummm, good luck then" Dianne said to me, then Max came and sat down next to me.
Max and I had rung everyone up, the night before and after breakfast we were all going to meet up with each other, at Bishops Point.
As we arrived there, Alex, Isabel, Michael and Maria were all waiting for us.
Max parked up the jeep, and we walked over to them, but we were holding hands yet.
We then greeted each other, and then I stood next to Max.
"Ummm, the reason that Liz and I wanted to meet yous all today, is to tell yous something". Max sad to them all.
"Yeah what is it then Maxwell"? Michael asked.
Taking my hand in his Max then said.
"Liz and I are a couple"!
"Holy shit", Michael said in shock
"OMG"! Maria then said.
"WOAH, now that´s news", Alex replied.
"So like yous 2 are together, as in a couple, as in kissing couple", Maria then stuttered out.
"Yeah we are", I said as I smiled up into Max´s handsome face.
"It just happened, and I have no regrets about it either", Max smiled down into my eyes.
"So how long has this little romance been going on, and who else knows about it"? Maria asked us.
"I know", Isabel admitted.
"And you didn´t tell us". Alex looked at Isabel.
"It wasn´t my business to tell yous", Isabel told Alex.
"So how long have you and Liz been involved with each other then Maxwell"? Michael asked.
"Nearly 2 and a half months". Max responded.
"So you saying that you were wanting to find yourself, was just a front, to cover up yours and Liz´s relationship then", Maria deducted.
"Yeah it was, look we wanted to tell yous all earlier, but we weren´t exactly sure ourselves where our relationship was going to lead to, so that´s why we didn´t say anything to yous", I explained to them.
"And you passed up Jacob Roberts for Max"! Maria said astounded at me.
"Maria"! Max said out!
"Only joking Max, Jacob Roberts has nothing on you, and if it means anything to yous 2, I for one am not going to deny to people that I care a hell alot about, there happiness", Maria said, as she came over to Max and I and hugged us both.
"Thanks Maria", Max and I said in unison.
"There´s nothing to thank me for you guys".
"But Max what will your parents say, when they find out about yous 2"? Michael asked us.
"Yeah what about your parents"? Maria then repeated the question.
"They already know about us", Max said.
"They do! Hell and your still alive to tell the story", Alex interjected.
"Yeah, I´m still alive to tell the story", Max grinned over at Alex.
"What did they both say"? Maria asked.
"Well it´s going to take them awhile to get used to the fact that Max and I are involved with each other, but actually it was a big hum-dinger in the end", I said to them all.
"Really! Shit that´s a big surprise", Michael grinned at us both.
"Tell me about it"! Max rolled his eyes as if the truth about how our parents had taken the news was just dawning on him now.
"Geez, I know that my Mom and Jim Valenti are practically married to each other, but I still don´t think I could ever get involved with Kyle", Maria pondered her thoughts then said.
"Maria please, big difference between Max and Kyle, hello Max is a BABE, and Kyle well he´s OK, not that I ever looked twice". I commented.
"I hope you never looked twice". Max said to me.
"Sweetheart, please"!
"And Maria how could you ever think about getting involved with Kyle", Michael pouted in Maria´s direction.
"Babe, it was just a thought, nothing more, nothing less". Maria then went to Michaels side and hugged him.
And after we stayed there for about another half hour, it was all very clear to Max and I-that our friends were there to stand by us too!


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Now that the week-end is over and all the people that mean the most to us know about us, Liz and I now go to school to see what will happen there.
"Are you ready Love", I say, then kiss Liz on her forehead then look into her big chocolate eyes.
"Yeah I´m ready" so I take Liz´s small hand in mine.
We weren´t expecting a big welcoming committee, when we were going to turn up to school today, but the looks that everyone is giving us, is making me want to run out of there.
"Max, it´s alright, we don´t have to be pleasing anyone here, the main thing is that our family and friends know about us, and to there own degree are accepting our relationship", then Liz raises my hand to her lips and kisses me gently on the back side of my hand.
I squeeze Liz´s hand gently, only to glad that once again, Liz is the strong support that I need.
"OMG, can yous believe that"! Someone jeers our way.
"Just ignore them Sweetheart, there opinion doesn´t mean anything to me!" Liz tells me, but then I see Pam of all people, she is sneering at us, then walks up to us and says.
"So is that why you wouldn´t sleep with me anymore, you didn´t have to leave home no more MaX" Pam spits at me.
"Take a hike would you Pam, it´s only you couldn´t give Max in the sack what I could". Liz laughs at her.
"You little bitch", Pam says and looks like she is going to take a swing at Liz, but I catch Pam´s arm in my hand.
"That´s right Pam, you couldn´t ever give me what Liz could", and I mean that Pam couldn´t make me love her like I love Liz.
"You Bastard", Pam spits at me.
"And Pam if you ever go to hit Liz ever again, then just watch yourself". I say to her.
And Liz and I both walk on.
The stares won´t stop, and all day people are pointing and talking about us.
It was only through the gang, that I and Liz made through that day.
But now that Liz and my relationship is out in the open we have nothing to hide now.


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Next part

Coming out into the open had both it´s pro´s and con´s.
There were a few of the parents at school, that heard about Max and I, they called themselves self-righteous people who started petitioning against Max and I to attend school.
It was really hard on Max, who up until he met me, had never had that kind of attention bought to him, well nor had I, but I couldn´t have cared less.
Then we started getting anonymous phone calls saying how Max and I were a disgrace to the Roswell community.
On one occassion Max answered the phone and when he hung the phone up, he sat down on the couch with his head in his hands.
"I don´t think I can take this anymore Liz", Max said to me, sadly.
"But Max, why are you so worried about what others say about us. Our friends and family have accepted us both, they are just people who have nothing better to do with there time, that stir trouble", I told him as I wrapped my arm around Max.
"It´s just all the talking, and sneering, it´s starting to get to me now, and the phone calls, shit what am I going to do". Max cried out pained.
"I thought that we were going to work through this together Max", I tried to say to him.
"Liz, you know how I feel about you, but I´m having second...."
"Your having second thoughts about us Max", I said, as my heart began to break.
"Liz please, try to understand me". Max said as he stood up.
"Try to understand, yeah all I understand is that I love you, and I thought you loved me, but now because a few people object to our relationship, and may I just add, people who don´t even play a big role in our lifes, are against us being together, your now having second thoughts about us". I spat at Max.
"I hear what your saying Liz, but...", Max tried to explain to me his thought of logic.
"Yeah just keep on letting others control your life then", and more than pissed, I stormed out of the house, and went into my car.
I don´t know how long I drove around for until I pulled up at Bishops Point.
I was sitting on the front of my car, when another car pulled up.
I ignored the person who got out of the car, but then I recognised who´s car it was.
It was Jacob Roberts.
He saw me, then walked over to my car.
"You look like you need a friend, do you wanna talk about it"? Jacob asked me, then grinned at me.
"If you don´t mind hearing about my heart-break" I grinned back at Jacob.
"I heard about you and Max you know". Jacob said to me, as he pursed his lips together.
"Yeah that´s my heart-break then", I said sullenly.
"So what´s the problem then Liz, if you don´t mind me asking", Jacob said to me.
"It´s just, that I thought that if Max and I came out in the open it would be easier on our relationship, but I guess I was wrong, now Max is having second thoughts about us". I told him.
"The guys crazier than I thought, I mean if you were my s/sister and I was in love with you, I wouldn´t let anyone stand between us". Jacob said sympathetically.
"That´s what Max said too"! I said, as I remembered the words that Max had said to me.
"So what are yous going to do now"? Jacob then asked.
"I have no idea, Jacob, I see what Max wants to do, and take it from there", I said dejectively.
"It must be hard on you", Jacob said.
"It is", I responded.
"I´ll tell you what, why don´t you and I go out for a milk-shake or something, you know just as friends, you can´t stay up here all night, do you wanna go out then for a shake"? Jacob asked.
"Yeah why not"? I said, "so I´ll meet you at Dixie´s or something". I suggested.
"Yeah Dixie´s sounds good". Jacob said, then he walked to his car, and he followed me into town.
Jacob and I had been sitting in Dixie´s for about 45 minutes when Max came through.
Max had been driving all around Roswell looking for me when I left the house, and when Max saw Jacob and I together, he looked as pissed as hell.


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Next part

When I walked into Pixie´s and saw Liz sitting with Jacob Roberts a rage that I had never felt before overtook my senses and I yelled at them.
"What the hell do you think your doing here with him Liz"?
"Max please, we were only having a milk-shake together", Liz told me.
"Bull-shit", and I went to charge Jacob.
"You asshole", Jacob yelled at me.
Then we got into a full over-blown brawl.
I don´t know where I started or ended, as both I and Jacob ended up on the floor.
"Max, stop it, nothing was going on between Jacob and I, Max just stop it"! I heard Liz yelling at me.
I tried to hit Jacob in the face, and he was yelling at me, trying to push me off of himself.
Next thing I knew, someone was pulling me off of Jacob, and as I was pulled to my feet, I could see that Jacob was being held back too!
"You dumbass, what the hell did you think you were trying to do? Liz and I were only having a shake together because her dumbass boyfriend was starting to have second thoughts about there relationship, and she was upset". Jacob yelled at me. "Get your hands off of me", Jacob then yelled at the guys who were holding him back from me.
Feeling suddenly guilty, I looked over to where Liz was standing, she had both her hands clasped over her mouth, and was crying uncontrollably.
"Oh shit! What have I done", I then muttered out. "I´m sorry Liz, Jacob, I feel so dumb", I then admitted.
"Well like I said dumbass, we were only talking", then Jacob shrugged the 2 guys arms off of himself, and straightened his clothes up.
"Liz, I hope your OK"? Jacob then asked.
Liz just nodded her head at him.
"Look, I think it´s best if I just go, yous 2 have alot of talking to do", then after the owner yelled at Jacob that he was now banned from Dixie´s, he left.
Now that Jacob was gone, the guys who were holding my slightly slumped self let me go.
I put my head down, and walked over to Liz.
"Love, I am so sorry", I said as my eyes started to water up.
Liz just looked up into my eyes, and pushed herself passed me and walked out.
I stood there for awhile before the owner then told me to get out and to never come back.
When I came to my senses and left Dixie´s, I then realised that I had let Liz walk out alone.
I ran the streets, looking for her, but when I couldn´t find her, I went back home to find Liz´s car parked up outside of our home.
Going inside, my Mom then said to me.
"Liz is gone upstairs, she seemed pretty upset, I wouldn´t go disturbing her if I was you, now you tell me what is going on between yous 2". My Mom demanded.
"Mom...this is not so easy to be telling you", I then said.
"Well you better tell me what is going on, and why is Liz so upset"? My Mom said, as she put her hands on her hips.
"Mom, I started having second thoughts about Liz and I, and this evening Liz ran out upset with me. Well when I eventually did find Liz, she was talking to another guy and........and I got jealous", I admitted sadly to my Mom, "and I got into a fight with the other guy".
"So what was Liz doing with the other guy then, to make you get so jealous"? My Mom asked me next.
"Nothing, just talking to him", I said as I put my head down in shame.
"Oh Honey, what have I told you about fighting, it doesn´t help anything", my Mom then said.
"I know Mom, but I was just so angry when I saw Liz sitting there with that other guy, I just saw red". I said really disappointed with myself.
"Well then you have alot to think about then don´t you Max! But at the moment just let everything cool down before you go talking to Liz, OK", my Mom suggested.
"Yeah Mom, I guess your right, I´m going to bed now", and my Mom kissed me on my reddened cheek before I trudged up to my bedroom.
Walking passed Liz´s room, I saw her light was on from underneath the door, I was so tempted to knock on her door, and fall onto my knees and ask Liz for forgiveness, but then I remembered what my Mom told me.
So I trudged on to my bedroom, and got undressed, and slipped into bed.
I couldn´t sleep a wink as I lay in my bed, thinking about how I had messed things up with Liz.
Although Liz was only sleeping down the hall-way from me, it felt like she was a thousand miles away from me.
So doing something I hadn´t done since the first night that Liz and I got together, I picked up my blanket and pillow and walked quietly to her bedroom.
When I entered Liz´s bedroom, she lay fast asleep on her bed.
I looked down onto the girl that I loved, she is so beautiful I thought to myself.
I wanted to kiss Liz so badly, but I didn´t think that was such a good idea.
Then making myself as comfortable as I could, I made up a place for myself to sleep next to Liz´s bed.
Then within minutes I fell asleep.


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Next part

When I woke up in the morning, I stepped out of my bed, to find the the sleeping form of Max sleeping on the floor by my bed.
Tears filled my eyes, as I saw Max huddled up into a small ball.
His face also looked angelic.
I knew then that I couldn´t stay mad with him.
I mean how sweet is that?
Max slept on the floor by my bed!
"Love wake up, wake up Love", and then Max began to stir awake.
His deep amber eyes opened, and he just lay there staring at me.
I knelt to my knees, cupped his face in my hand, and stared back into Max´s eyes.
The moment was so poignant, as the love that poured between us was said alot, without words having to be said.
"Love come and lie on bed with me", I softly said to Max.
And a single tear rolled down his face.
"I´m so sorry Love, I was such an ass", Max then spoke.
I then stretched my hand out to Max and said, "let´s just put it behind us now", then smiled into Max´s face.
Max took my hand in his own hand, then pulled my hand to his sweet lips, kissing my hand with the gentle touch of his lips.
"Come on Love, lie down with me in bed", I then said again.
Max and I rose together, our eyes locked in an intense gaze.
Then as we stood facing each other, Max placed his strong arms around me, his hand resting on the small of my back.
I leaned my head against Max´s hard chest, and Max then kissed the crown of my head.
I heard Max´s heart beating in my ear.
And I thought of my own heart that beat only for Max.
Then raising my chin with his finger, I stared up into Max´s amber eyes again.
"Do you forgive me"? Max asked me.
"Yes I forgive you", I replied.
Then taking my hand in his, we then went to the side of the bed, lying down on it together.
Holding onto each other, as Max stroked my long hair.
"Love, I am so sorry for yesterday", Max then said.
"Love, it´s over now, forget about it".


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Next part

When I went to lay beside Liz on her bed, I thanked God above that Liz forgave me for being a dumb jerk last night. I held onto Liz tightly, thinking that I would never let anyone ever come between us ever again.
Man, how could I have been so stupid, thinking that I should finish it with Liz?
I mean I love her for goodness sake.
We didn´t go to sleep, instead we just held onto each other, the warm of Liz´s body against my own, making me feel whole again, and I never wanted to give up this feeling ever again.
As we did go to rise up, I kissed Liz one last time before going have a shower.
Then going to my bedroom, I dressed and went downstairs for breakfast.
Liz came down eventually, and put her arms around my waist, kissing me on my shoulder.
"Hmm, breakfast looks good", Liz then commented, and then I served breakfast up for us.
My Mom and Jeff then came downstairs, then I asked them both something.
"Mom, Jeff, I wanna know if I can sleep in Liz´s room from now on".
They both looked between us, and then my Mom said.
"Max, I don´t know what to say".
"Mom, you can either say yes, or your going to have to leave Liz and I to sneak around behind your backs". I then said.
"I´m sure yous are already doing that", Jeff then replied.
"Dad, Max and I love each other, and I think you know that we are responsible enough so that I won´t get pregnant", Liz commented.
"Honey, I´m sure that you and Liz are both being responsible in concerns to sex and everything, but you moving into Liz´s room". My Mom responded.
"Mom, it´s not like Liz and I are going to stay up all night making love or anything, we just don´t want to be seperated anymore", I then said, thinking what I had just finished saying was such a load of crock.
"Dianne, please, Max and I want to be together, can´t you just let us have this one thing"? Liz asked.
"Hmmmm, personally, I don´t have a problem with it myself, yous are both 18 now, and I know that yous are both responsible enough". Jeff said.
"Oh Dad, thanks", Liz then said, wrapping her arms around Jeff´s neck and kissing him.
"Well if it´s OK with Jeff, then it´s OK with me", my Mom then said.
"Thanks Mom, Jeff, c´mon Liz let´s go and clear some of my things into our bedroom now". I said, and grabbed Liz´s tiny hand in mine and we went upstairs.
It didn´t take long until we cleared my belongings into Liz´s room, and from that day onwards, Liz and I have never been seperated, and I have always awoken having Liz in my arms.
Later on that night as Liz and I lay in bed we talked about our room change.
"Can you believe how easy that was to talk our parents into letting us sleep in the same room together", I said to Liz with a huge grin on my face.
"I know, I thought they would have thought we were crazy or something", Liz then said, as she lazily traced circles on my behr chest.
"The main thing is that they let us do it"! I said, as I ran my fingers through the silky strands of Liz´s soft hair.
"Yeah that´s the main thing", Liz then whispered to me, laying her head against my chest
"I love you Liz", I then said.
"I love you too, Max", Liz said to me, and eventually, we fell asleep in each others arms.


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5 years later.

Well Liz and I are still together. We´re not married, but we do have a child.
Trevor Michael Parker.
Trevors only 3 months old, and he is the apple of my eyes.
I think he is going to end up looking like me, although I do think that he has Liz´s nose.
Liz and I finished college, and now I work as a lawyer in Roswell.
Liz isn´t working at the moment, although she is a qualified, accountant, she never did end up becoming a scientist, and Liz is really happy with the choices she made.
We have our own little house now, it´s only about 10 minutes from our parents place, handy if yous know what I mean.
Liz and I are still happy in love with each other, I will never stop loving Liz.
Ummm, what ever happened to our friends.
Well Isabel is married now, but not to Alex.
Alex wanted to pursue a life as a musician, and is momentarily on the road with his band, they´re quite famous, and last I heard, Alex was in a relationship with a girl he met.
Isabel ended up marrying Jacob Roberts, and they are really happy together.
Jacob and I get on really well now, and we spend alot of time together.
Isabel and Jacob have 2 children together.
Tony James Roberts, aged 18 months, and Lisa Anne Roberts, aged 5 months.
Isabel is a typical house-wife, while Jacob works in his Dads business as a consultant.
Michael and Maria, are together still.
They´re not married, and don´t have any kids as of yet.
Maria, opened a small coffee, souvenir shop, and Michael is a lawyer too, actually we work for the same firm together.
Both are happy together, and I suspect that they will have kids soon, once Maria´s business really gets underway.
When Liz and I left for college, it was a wonderful time for us. No one knew that we were s/sister or s/brother, so we had that freedom that we never quite had in Roswell.
We both ended up going to UCLA, and after graduation returned to Roswell.
So why did we return back home?
Because, we wanted to be near to our families, and being a few years older, than when we left Roswell, I had grown up alot, and knew that I could handle anything that got thrown my way.
Liz has always been the strongest one out of the 2 of us, and it had never bothered her, what the folks of Roswell ever said about our relationship.
So we returned, when we first got back there was chatter going around about us, that was until the next set of gossip got out.
Now that rumour is the main topic hot on the tongues of all the gossip-mongers, and Liz and I are history so to say.
How come Liz and I never got married, well we never thought we needed to get married to show how much we love each other.
We have talked about it, but we´re happy with where our relationship is, and at the moment don´t see any reason why we should have to marry.
I don´t know, maybe we will get married one day, but not in the near future.
It has nothing to do with our parents being married or anything like that, I think Liz and I are just among the growing amount of people who don´t feel pressured into going into that old-age saunctuary of marriage.
No we both have seen enough of people marrying then 5 years down the road end up filing for divorce, and that is one queue I don´t wish to join. No I don´t want to be in the statistical numbers of growing divorced couples.
So until that time comes, we stay in our defacto relationship.
Yeah, Liz, myself and our son!


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