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Tittle: I Shall Wait N Wait

Disclaimer: No I don't own Roswell or anything that has to do with it this is just a make believe story that I thought about while day dreaming at work..

Summary: This starts off after Max tells Liz that he doesn't care for his future or what may happen to his planet cause all he wants is Liz to be with him again and he is definetly not given up...

I want to dedicate this fic out to someone special who helps me to pass time at work and fill my mind with descriptive images that help tell her stories... So if you like it cool if not I was just trying to put your suggestions to use... Thanks for everything Maia..

Pt 1

As Liz walk to the back of the crashdown heading towards her room her mind was clustered with thoughts of what to do and how to stay strong. She had made her decision to stand firm on the terms that Max needs to fulfill a destiny that does not include her.. All she knew was that she loved him so much that she was willing to walk away now coming back everything, all the bad that has happend and how much she grew from everything she knew it didn't matter at this very moment the only thing that stood out was what he said "I'm coming for you" she melted into those words and the eyes that gave those 4 words that flowed like an angels song from his mouth so much truth.. While thinking she didn't even realized that Maria had followed her to the room..She turned around and Maria just looked at her..

"What are you looking at Maria?" Liz had said to her friend knowing she was trying to figure out what was going on in my mind.
"Nothing, I just came up to see how you were doing cuz you know is not everyday you get a king from a different planet swearing to you some way or another he was going to get you back."
"I know what he said Maria cuz he said it to me but... um I can't think about that you know he has this destiny that doesn't include me and how will I live with myself if I'm the reason his planets dies or if he gets hurt.."
"I know how you feel okay well maybe I don't but chica think about this he is willing to give up all that he knows to be with you .."
"There is nothing that's going to change his destiny for me or max." Liz tried so hard to say this without letting the whole world hear her heart breaking and shattering into a thousands of tiny pieces..

Maria saw that her eyes were getting a little smaller from her trying not to shed a tear at the moment.
"Well I can see this will be going nowhere and I got to get back downstairs n check up on my tables but I will be back"

As Maria turned around leaving Liz to think of all that Maria had said to her she headed down the stairs and back to work. Liz was left in her room a room that felt like there was no air to breathe. Thoughts floated around her as if haunting her breaking her down for th ereal truth and that was she loved him with all the love she will ever have to give a man.. He was her soulmate the moment they saw what they meant to each other and how many sacrificies were made between the two there was no denying it eventually she knew she had to give in...

Downstairs as Maria walk through the doors she walked over to the table where Max was and sitting across from him was Michael. She walked over to the table and took one look into Max's eyes that he felt something..

Michael turned to look at her and said: "Well are you going to ask me what I like from the menu!"
"Um well llet me just think about about no goddd space boy you work her n you still have to look at it.. I mean don't you usually get the same thing all the time.."

Maria shifted her eyes and look at Max,"So what would you like to order Max?"
"Nothing for right now just a cherry coke will do if that's okay with you!"
"Sure anything you want!" Maria said with a half smile towards Michael, as Maria was about to speak Max looked up at her and said:
"Yeah I want Liz can you give her to me?" In a tone that told her he meant it every single word...

Maria just looked stunned and Michael was shaking his head knowing where this was leading. So Michael got up and accidently brushed his hands pass Maria's arms which sent a bolt through her body.
"Hey where are you going?" Maria asked as Michael was starting to walk away..
"Nowhere he replied just taking a trip to the mens room if that's okay with you.. unless you want to hold my hand through the whole process."

Maria looked at him trying to seem pissed but she couldn't help to give Michael a smirk.
While Michael was walking he turned around and look at both of them n said: "Well this would be a good time to talk since I won't be here."
They both looked at him like he had just shot a dog Maria was thinking why do I get stuck in the middle of these things and as that thought left her mind she turned to Max and just stared at him...

"So what are you going to do loverboy I mean now that she knows the full extent of your plan!
"I don't know anymore give it time I think, I'm just not sure if that made a difference or just scared her further away from my reach."
"Well if you wanna know after what you said I followed her upstairs and she's stuck."
"What is that suppose to mean for me Maria?"
Maria took one look at him and said, "That is suppose to mean alot if you think about it that means dope that she is second guessing herself ok maybe not herself but what she did..."
"Do you really think I still have a chance?"
"I know you do but...can I ask you something?"
Sure anything Maria ask away!"
"Okay well I know you love Liz but what about Tess?"
As Max heard that name all he could do was turn his smile to a frown n look at Maria and said: "I don't know what to dfo I mean she is one of us maybe she will end up fitting in like family."
Maria looked in disgust an said with a little attitude: "You meant when she has you!"

With this topic reaching a sore ground for Maria she turned around and walked away. All Max could do was watch this happen he put both of his hands on his face and rubbed up and down. He just thought what am I going to do now...

Michael was heading back from the restroom and saw a disturbed max at the table just looking confused a part him knew this was about Liz and always was..
Michael gave Liz's props for tearing out her heart to walk away from him and for trying to keep up with it but it hurt to see his friend go through this not when he knew that this destiny that Max's mother has told them was just full of crap... How in the world are we suppose to love who we were made for when our hearts just didn't want to be there....

As Michael walked up to the table he sat down and look at max "Hey you wanna just get out of here and I'll take you home!" he said to max trying to help in some way.
Max looked at his friend and was like "yeah it might do me some good to get away from here, let's go!"
They paid the bill and headed out the doors....

Maria saw them head out and she knew by the way max looked that it wasn't good so she thought tonight she'll let them both get some rest and figure out what to do tomorrow... So Maria just tried to finish the closing process so she can head home and also reflect on herself...

Upstairs in Liz's bedroom she had fell on her bed and was rolled in a fetal position holding on to her journal not knowing if she wanted to write or just cry... At this moment anything was better to help her get her mind off of Max..
She was so exhausted with trying not to cry that she did and in that moment of releasing all that she held within she just closed her eyes and fell asleep with the last single tear fell down her cheek before she entered her own world where the possiblities of a future for her n Max was possible..

Now Max was just dropped off by Michael in front of the Evans door and he took out his keys to open the door when he did Tess was walking out the door..

All Max could do was think to him himself n whisper, "I really don't need this right now!" as he was stopped n looked as his suppose to be queen..

Tess grabbed him into a hug saying to him with her smile " hey Max where have you've been I thought we could work on that project we talked about!"

He looked as if he had no idea what she was talking about but he remembered they were going to work on him trying to get some of his old memories back...
"you know what I'm tired tess n all I wanna do right now is just sleep so how about I get back to you later."

"Okay sure no problem!" So she turned and walked out of the house.. She felt it the weirdness in his voice n knew it was because of Liz, she thought she heard the prophecy but she didn't know to believe it or not she did not wish for anyone to be unhappy but she was going to claim what was hers no matter the cost....

Max walked to his room and knmew Isabel would walk in and ask him a bunch of questions about his day and all he could do was just pray that she didn't, so after a half an hour of being home he knew that the night was his to rest and with one last thought of Liz he whispered into the night "good night Liz and remember I'll always love you and I'll wait for you" with the last word of the sentence he eyes closed n he rested his head and dreamt a dream where he n Liz was everything....

This is my first can you tell me what you think please...*big*

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So thanks Maia your opions mean alot to me and I was the first who read your new flic as well....

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Thank you Sarah for taking a chance and reading my first fic.. Oh by they way I think people with British accents sound so cute...*big*

Well here goes another part since I have nothing better to do than type type type....*angel*

PT 2

The next couple of days it has been the same routine for max n liz. Max doing the chasing and of course Liz doing the running...
It was such an exhausted game for the both of them Liz didn't know what to do anymore she didn't know how much more she could take before she hit a breaking point and run in to his arms and breathe him in her like her life needed it to survive...
Walking out the doors of the crashdown she was such in a daydream that she didn't watch where she was walking and BOOM bumped into someone. She had dropped her purse and bent down to retrieve it when she got to apologize.

"Oh I'm sorry" while she tried to grasp for air she seen who she bumed into as she turn to walk away she felt a hand grab her.

"That's okay I don't mind any contact with you Liz." He smiled a big smile at her even though he didn't want this to be the way he was glad to have any moment with her.
"We need to talk Liz u can't keep shutting me out like this!"
He said it with such conviction and she knew that she has been wrong to avoid him the way she had but what else could she do!
so she took in a deep breathe and asked him a question which she really didn't want an answear to! "So how are things moving along with you n Tess by the way?"
The love in his eyes just faded at the near mention of her name. She thought "how can I do this to him I know he doesn't want her but I can't help it I have to dicourage him from chasing me" when the look on his face dissappeared he held her with both arms and looked into her eyes, "I don't care how me n Tess are moving along I want to know about us?"

"What about us Max there is no us not anymore I know that and you got to let me go max n move on!"

He couldn't believe what he heard did she say it yes she did "there is no us" how can there be no us when all it takes is for one look into her eyes and I know I'm there in her heart like she is with me...

He grabbed onto her more tightly and with a look on his face that would break her heart he smpoke loudly " What do you mean there is no us Liz!" "Tell me what you mena by that you love me and I know you do why can't you stop running from me..Stop running from what I know you and I believe in!!"

"Let go Max your starting to hurt me!" Liz had the look in her face as if she had seen the devil from within.
"I'll never let you go Liz you and I we belong together." He was so upset he didn't know how much pressure he put into his grip..
"Max please your scaring me just let me go okay.." she begged him to let go of his grip but the more he begged the more upset he bacame.. " How can I love you Max if you love me then why are you hurting me!" She was trying to say this as serious as the pain she felt..
As the yelling got louder the tears from her eyes were now just pouring out of hear maybe it was the love she had for him opr the fact that she was scared of him...
Who knew at that moment all she wanted to do was go to Maria's house instead she on a roller coaster ride with no brakes..
"I love you please Liz we just need to talk things through " he was yelling in a manner which she couldn't believe..
She did it pushed him away with all the no's and the leave me alone...

Michale was walking down the street when he heard the loud voices the girl asking for him to let her go and the man refusing to let go.
He walked at a quicker pace as if he were speed running when he got closer he saw that it was Liz n Max doing all the disturbing of the peace..
He walked up to them and he saw it in there eyes not the look of love but one with fear and one about to loose it..
He grabbed max and raised his voice"Let go of her Max can't you see she's scared of you." "So let her go!!" He was trying to reach Max but he knew it would take more than words to get him out of his trance..
SO he grabbed Max and held him into his arms and all Liz can see as the grip was loose while running max and Michael about to get into it..

"What the hell are you doing Max?"

"Nothing I need to talk to her Michael I can't live without her I want her back!!!" Tears started to fill his eyes and they just fell snd slide on the side of his face.

"Well let tell you something superman keeping her against her will won't do the trick."

"I don't know what happened she said that there was nothing I can do to change the situation." as he realized what he has done he grabbed his friend before he went weak in the knees as he fell on the ground he looked up at Michael" Oh god what have I done!"

Liz's after all that happened ran as fast as she could to Maria's, she needed a friend a comfort only she knew how to give at times like this with the tears rolling off her face like the rain on a window. She needed to get there and fast before he caught up with her.

When she rang Maria's door she was out of breathe and needed to get a grip.
When the door opened maria look as if she had senen a ghost and she knew whatever happened to her friend had to deal with Max Evans as she grabbed Liz she looked like a raging bull seeing red for the first time..

"Come on chica let's get you in the house okay." she sat her friend down on the couch and walked to get her a glass of water seeing the way Liz was breathing she knew it wasn't good."

"Here you go sweetie a glass and gun." she tried to say in a funny way to lighten up Liz's spirits..
"Okay you wanna tell me what happened to you?"

Liz put the glass of water and looked at Maria with a look that said there is no more sunshinning on her life! She took Maria's hand and just fell into her arms crying.
"I don't know what to do anymore I think that I'm driving him crazy!!"

"Who max, is that who we are talking about okay I knwo he is alien and all that but what the hell did he do?"

When Liz was anbout to retell the horrible incident that happened flashes popped in her hesad of the look in his eyes.
"I bumped into him on my way out and ran into him he was okay then he grabbed my arm I told him to let me go and the more I did the furious he bacame."
Maria knew that Liz didn't wnat to repeat what had just passed but she needed to knwo in order to help.

"Did he hurt you Liz is that what your telling me!" Maria was furious how could he with all the Ilove Liz bull coming out his mouth how many times did he swear he never hurt her and look at her friend now!

Maria kept pushing for answears but Liz would not say and when words did come out of her mouth all she said was "I'm so sorry max." "I'm so sorry" maria didn't uinderstand it seeemed as her friend was in a trance.

"What r u sorry about Liz u are just trying to do best with the situation at hand."
"I know that maria but I have no right to hurt him like I did just now."
"Your trying to be strong and I'm proud of you Liz"
"Proud of me for what remember what I always said to you!"
"Well kinda chica but you tell me alot can you refresh my memory!"
"It's forgivable when someone else breaks your heart but when you break your heart how is that forgivable."
"Okay I think your taking this way too far now, I think we just needs some ice cream and some rest so call your parents and tell them your going to the girl thing tonight with me!!"

As Liz tried to say a few words the moment she opened her mouth maria waved her hand in her face and said:
"No you don't I'm not going to let you spend a night alone especially the shape that you in at the moment"

"But Maria I got stuff to do" trying to make an excuse.

"Okay like what crying your eyes hurt and there is no more water in your body."

"I just need to be alone to think!"

"Yeah n the same thoughts will pop into your head like what have I done and what did I do to him and like what am I doing to myself?"

Okay it's hard when your best friend just doesn't give up!

"Okay I'll stay as long as no romantic movies are involved."

"No problem I think I got ET on video"

"Maria" Liz said with a smile on her face

"Now that is the Liz I know and love I knew she was there somewhere."

"Okay I'm going to call my parents okay so make the popcorn and pop in the tape."

"I think that is the smartest thing you've said to me!" Maria just giggled

Max and Michael walked into Michael's house and just sat himself on the couch..

"Boy have you've done it!" was all he could say to himself

"Okay Max I know what you were trying to do but a girl like Liz doesn't need force to make her fall into your arms you know."

"I know that michael."

"So tell me again why you went all psycho on her again please cuz I thought I was the one with the bad temper"

"I don't know it happened so fast I think it's over for sure now.."

"Well at least you know it maybe it's time you use that information."

"Yeah maybe it's time I let her go just like she let me go."

Through out that night Max n Michael sat in front of the TV doing nothing trying not to think of girls at the moment. They oprdered pizza n just sat around when the door bell rang when Michael walked back to the couch in followed Isabel n Tess..

Isabel knew there was something wrong by the look on Max's face.
"Hey you guys what r u up to huh?"

Michael just smirked at her and said:"trying to figure out our wedding plans."

Isabel was in shock but the look on tess face was glowing cuz she thought he came around.

"Shut up Michael!"
"Okay isabel I was just joking damm princess would you like me to throw rose petals at your feet and ask for forgiveness."
"If you like to but can you please make sure that it is red roses.."

Tess chuckled and said: "no come on you guys, you're making jokes about our past!"
Michael just started laughing evryone was into the joke except for Max.

Max got up off the couch and started to walk away.

Tess grabbed him by his hand " where are you going max?"

While max turned he looked at her " I'm going home right now I need some time to think by myself."

"Wait max I'll go home with you okay."
"Just hurry up okay I don't want to wait forever okay!"
"Geez max was is up with you!" maria said looking frustrated at her brother.

Michael notice everyone was leaving except for tess.

"Hey your leaving and tess is staying!"
"Why you can't hang out with a fellow alien?" Tess replied with her arms folded.

While Max n Isabel headed for home tess sat down and asked michael "what is wrong with max?"

"Nothing he just realized what he has to do!"
"Okay so that would be ?"
"He 's going to do the hardest challenge of his life."
"Okay Michael spill the beans"
"He's giving up!!"

Tess knew this will be her moment to shine in front of Max.. While tess stayed at michaels and Liz with Maria and Max n Isabel at home everyone knew the next couple of days will be roudgh. Max giving up on Liz was a person addicted to crack.. Something that you knew would be the death of you..

Let me know what you guys think FB please...

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I just want to thank everyone whe has read this so far and has given me some FB now I know why Maia and all the writers continue to write all the time okay the next couple of parts will be hard to swallow but it will get better...


Well after the horrible situation that Liz n Max were in a month has past and mostly everything went back to normal. Liz started to help her father at the crashdown she knew that he was short handed but she wanted to see if max would come but he never did not michael, isabel except tess! Tess would show up once in awhile and pop down on the table trying to make conversation with her friends Kyle and Aex.
This would disturb her but she knew it was the only way the men in her life can be at least close to the people they cared for and wish to see but the whole thing with max n liz made that real hard.
Everyone was torn between sides doing what they thought to be right for their friend and what they knew there heart wanted but at least kyle was able to see tess. He had grown fond of her he knew in her there was a loving person inside who just needed the right path to walk on and what better person to knwo that then buddha boy.
Alex missed the nights alone with isabel looking into the sky and watching the stars burn eternally bright. Alex had felt that the stars were burnt out cuz isabel was gone. He only knew the stars in the night syies and in her eyes when they were together.
It's been hard for maria as well even though she doesn't say it but everyone knew she missed him, missed the love to hate you conflicts that she usually causes to get a I care for you maria action out of him...

Well at the michael's placed the royal four was there trying to pretend that all they needed was just them four but they knew it and felt that it was so incomplete.
How were they suppose to destroy their enemies when all of there hearts were half empty!
Isabel looked up at everyone with a smile on her face" So what are we going to do today?"
"How about nothing lioke always!" michael replied
"Well we need to do something, I just can't sit here all day n night and watch TV with you!"
"Then go home!" michael raised his voice to here
"Hey you think I wanted it like thios we had at least a normal life with other people I wasn't the one who planted my mother to fortell our destiny!!!!" she was so upset now he blamed her for his unhappiness and she blamed him too!
Now someone had to stop this fight! It was going way to far so max got up and yelled at the top of his voece:
"Can you please stop fighting don't you think we lost enough already do you want us all to loose our minds!"
Tess came to stand by his side but he wasn't having it all the attempts she had made he pushed her away so when she went to put a hand on hi shoulder max was furious and turn to her:
"What r u doing tess? do you just not get it I don't belong with you!"
"Okay then who do you belong to Liz? she isn't even you race for god sakes max.." things were going to get uglier now and everyone knew someone was going to explode.
"You wanna know the honest truth... Huh do you?"
"Yes I do cuz I can't keep trying and having you hate n despise me more it wasn't my fault I'm just following orders...."
"Well the truth tess and I want everyone to hear this I don't belong to Tess and I don't belong to Liz I belong with myself...there is nothing else of me to give anyone..."

When tess heard this she knew he was lost he had no heart to give it was somewhere not with her an dnot with Liz. Tess cried she didn't know what to do she was taught to follow orders not to think only when in danger and she felt as if she had lost everything she should be happy. She deserved that just as much as everyone else, after max had said what he did he left the house with all there mouths just opened.
They all looked at each other not knowing what to do isabel stood up and look at tess and michael:

"Okay this had gone way to far tess you don't need to be with max to be in this group just be yourself, we all heard our destiny but we make our own destiny everyone has a past life we do and all those humans out there as well. I know that I care for you michael but I need to be with someone that I love in not the brotherly way okay.."
"Damm girl I'm so glad that you said that I missmaria so much.." he said that with a smile that would light the night sky.
"SO if you all have someone I'm still alone." tess looking even more lost than when max left the house.
"What r u talking about have you not notice the way he looks at you." isabel saying to her.
"He does I never thought you know sice I was out for max and everything."
"Okay you girls are doing the whole love thing and I need to sleep I got a lot of ass kissing when I see maria so I'm going to need my sleep."
The girls jsut looked at each other and started to giggle.
"Okay Mr.cassanova" tess replied with a wink of an eye towards michael.
"Well at least I'll go home and tell max what we came up with all by our selves, he is going to be so happy now that he can be with liz."
"Okay yeah that sounds good and while that is going on I'm going to need a game plan for getting kyle."
"Alrights girls good night and get out I've seen you guys for a full month okay now I need to sleep.." michael started to yell...

So the two girls left michael's place and headed home to tell max of there plan and how everything was going to get better...

When the night was finally over liz headed towards her room she undressed herself and took a long shower when she was done she put on her clothes and walked out with her journal in hand to the balcony.
As she opened her book she knew that the book had not been written into in about a little over a month and she knew there was catching up to do!
When she opened her book shw was startled by the noise she heard it was him!
She was so zoned out she didn't even hear him climbing the ladder and when she saw his face she was frightened not knowing why he was here it had been a month and no word nothing and all of sudden he is here alone with her.

"what are you doing here max?" she said with a frightened tone with her journal held tight to her chest.
"I just came by to say a few things that you need to hear so please don't say anything!" he said that to hear in a manner that held no love in the words that came out of his mouth.
"Okay I'm listening but you promise to stay calm okay max."
"Okay well her I go and you need to hear every word of it okay." he took a moment and took a dep breathe and out came all his thoughts.
"Okay" she answeared back not knowing what was to come.
"Well liz I have loved you from a distance and wanted nothing more fro you than you happiness, I wished more than less that it was with me but I understand that there is things I need to do to become I man I have no idea being or to wed a person whom I don't love all my hopes were in us Liz!" he said as tears started to flow down the side of his cheek.
"I know that being with me was hard and all that you had to endure would drive anybody insane but it was the fact that I knew you love me that kept me wanting to live but now I know that your heart has changed towards me and I know that this is a small town but I need you to leave me alone don't ever think of me evry again as I had stop thinking of you from that one day were you told me there was no you or me and I've realized that so all I want you to know was there was a part of me that loved you more than life itself."

When the last of the words came out he left and climbed down the ladder.
Liz's mouth dropped she couldn't believe it she had pushed him in with all the words running through her mind she grasp her hand at her heart and fell to the ground and as she fell so did the tears.
She had did it caused him to be this way broken his heart and her own and no all was lost they was no future for them.. She was on her knees crying out to the sky!
"I'm so sorry max ... oh my god it's over it's really over..."
"What have I done? I've lost him for good!"

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Thank you for the FB. Well I will be out of town for like a week so I'll post as much as I can today and hope everyon likes it...

Pt 4

The next morning Isabel woke up happy knowing what they had decided to do last night and finally she was going to see everyone that she loves happy with who they were meant to be. Isabel knew max was tired from the confrontation last night and decided she would wake him after her shower to let him in on the plan, she knew wants he knew he would run off to Liz and they would be happy. Well after the shower and she was dressed Isabel walked over to max's room

"Hey Max get up you sleepy head I've got great news to tell you."

As she walked in no one was there and it seem that he hadn't slept in his bed or even been home for that matter she thought maybe he got up early and dressed and just left the house to take care of some erands for their parents.
So Isabel walked downstairs and looked for her parents.

"Morning Mom" she was the first on eto see at the bottom of the stairs.
"Oh morning sweet heart ar eyou hungry?"
"Um no I 'll just have some fruits."
"Okay baby"
"Hey mom have you seen max this morning?"
"No but maybe your father has he is in the living room watching tv."

Isabel kissed her mom on the cheek and made her way to the living room.

"Morning dad"
"Oh hi pumpkin"
"Hey dad have you've seen max?"
"No pumpkin is something the matter."
"No he was suppose to give me a ride but it's okay I'll just call tess."
"Well if you need a ride daddy's always willing to drive you.." Philip said with a smile at his princess.

Isabel was worried it wasn't like max not to come home and not even tell her where he was she figured maybe he went back to michaels after the whole ordeal.
So she went to the phone and dialed michael's number the phone rang like 10 times before he picked.

"Hello" michael said with a grogy and irritated voice
"Michael will you wake up... is max with you at your house?"
"No why would he I kicked you guys all out."
"Well he didn't come home last night."
"What do you mean he's not there then where is he?"
Michael heard the concersn in isabel's voice and shot up to a sitting position.

"Okay calm down Iz call tess and have her bring you over here he is probally in the desert or something so hurry up I'm going to hop into the shower."
"Okay I'll be there.."

Isabel hung up the phone and dialed tess's number

"Tess it's Iz can you come pick me up and take me to michael's?"
"Iz.... What the hell I thought he wanted to be alone today and don't you want to se Alex..."
"Yeah I did but max didn't come home last night so I'm worried."
"I'll be right there..."

When they both hung up the phone Tess got up and went to shower she knew this was not good and something bad had to happen... Isabel felt scared she wispered into the sky:
"Please let max be okay.."

When Tess came to get her they ended up at Michael's house. They rushed into the house so fast they didn't see the note that was half sticking out of the floor mat in front of the house

"Hey you know he's not picking up his phone."
"I don't know what happened michael...was it because of last night!!!!"
"Well did you see him at home when you got back last night?"
"No tess I thought he was tired and so was I so I decided to go to him in the morning?"

Tess knew it was bad he had never dissappeared before without telling anyone for that matter...So they all stayed at michael's house trying to figure out max's where abouts.. They had to be worried they didn't know whether the enemy had him or if he just simply couldn't take it without Liz n leave...

When the morning breeze came into Liz's room she awoke are eyes were swollen as if someone had beaten her up.. Her heart still ached all that she knew to be love was gone she felt it the emptiness in her heart the weakness in her body.. He had left and when he did so did a part of her, the only part which helped her go on everyday...
She was lost now and with her heart breaking so was her will to live.. Nancy was walking up to her daughters room and walked in.. Nancy dropped the cup she was holding and screamed so loud jeff ran up to the room..

"What's the matter nancy?"
"Jeff look at our baby she looks so pale and she won't respond to anything..." Nancy was frantic..
"How long has she been like this?"
"I don't know she was fine yesterday and I came in this morning and found her like this... Jefff god do something please...."
Nancy tears fell as the picture of her daughter so pale when she knew should be full of life and the slow beating rythem of the pulse which she knew should be strong..

"Okay call the docter nancy were taking here to the hospital."

So both Liz's parents rushed her to the hospital and on the way phoned Maria,Alex and Kyle to join them there...
When they all got to the hospital the parents saw their once vibrant daughter now fragile being rolled off on a strecher to the examination room... While her friends try to stay calm, maria knew what had happend a part of her that was alive cuz max loved her had died and she was just giving up....

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Okay gosh I was trying to put anothe pt in my other fic I took as a challenge...

See Maia now you know how I felt everytime you left me in with my mouth open.....
Thank you everyone some of who I know from Maia's fics for all the FB...

So okay I'll add another couple of parts to satisfy your appetite for a bad story... *big*

Pt. 5

In the plane looking out the window Max looked below to the town he grew up in and fell in love with Liz's as the plan ewent up higher and roswell seemed smaller.. Max's mind played pictures in his head of the first time he had seen her and felt what she felt.. The first time a gentle kiss was placed on the lips... All he knew was that he couldn't return home or stay in Roswell every where he went or turned and everything he grew to love was because of her, He knew love when he found her felt pleasures in his heart he knew he will never find with anyone else..
He lost her over a damm prohpecy that was placed on his head and the heads of other without knowing what is going on with their lives now...
He blamed Tess she brought it when she came to town but how could he hate someone who didn't mean any harm and was just following orders...
She was not to blame he was for not dunning after her or proving sooner than later that she was his destiny..
"I failed her" he mumbled out loud no one was there to confort him to hold him and say that everything will be okay...
When they others read the note he had left they will understand and respect his wishes to be alone and live a lonely life one without love or hope..
He was alone and leaving to start a new in a town where weird people were welcomed..
He had bought a one way ticket to San Francisco a place known for people to be weird there he will learn to forget....
His last thoughts were about her and then his eyes closed so that when he woke up he will be in San Francisco....


Maria went to her friends bed side to be alone wioth her she had urged that Liz's parents get some air so that
Jeff can settle down Nancy since shw was in a frantic state when she heard the docters tell her they didn't know what was wrong with their daughter...
They knew she was responsive to light and nothing in her body was broken...
They thought that it might be something mental and ask if anything dramatic has happened to her in the past couple of months..
To the parkers their daughter was like a ray of light never haveing a cloud over her head..
What they didn't know but maria knew that was until Max came into her life and changed all that fo rher and them...
Maria held Liz's frail hand in her own and asked for her to wake up...

"Come on Liz you gotta snap out of it please.. your parents are so worried about you and so am I ."
"I need to know what to do here Liz!!!"
"Please don't leave us I kno wthat your heart is breaking and you feel you can't bare to live but you got to..."
"Please help me Liz I don't know what to do to help ease the pain it was my fault I should of kept him away or better yet I should of kept you two together..."

The door opened and in walk Alex and Kyle..

"Hey Maria anything yet?"
"No Alex I don't know what to do or even where she's at."
Kyle went to Liz's bedside and whispered in her ear:
"I know your a fighter Liz and I need you to do that right now for us for max ..." Kyle started to tear he loved her and all that they have been through he will always care for her.. Once a force to wreaken with she layed there now waiting the grim weaper to finish her off.."
Alex looked at his 3 friends:
"You know what we have to do right you guys!!"
"What I hope it's not another joke I couldn't take it right now.."
"No maria you need to get max he'll save her maybe her knowing he loves her will bring her back.."
"You know what Alex that is the best idea can you guys watch her and tell her parents I went home to tell my mother what is going on and I'll see you here later."
"No Problem" they both answeared with determination as if they were going to save the world..

MAria got in her car and dialed max's cell and no one picked up she had no clue as to where they were and the only other place to find them was a place she didn't want to go yet..
It wasn't her time to face the dragon but she had too for Liz's sake...
She took a deep breathe whne she got out of the car and started to walk to michael's door when she noticed a piece of paper on the floor addressed to michael she picked up and rang the door bell...

"Hey MAria what r u doing here?"
"Can you tell me where max is please it's an emergency.." she didn't want to say to much since it was none of their business anymore..
"What do you wnat with max maria?"
"Nothing michael it's between me and max and here this was left for you."
She handed him the paper and by the expression on his face it wasn't good...

"So will you tell me where he is please I don't have much time.." Maria started to cry there was no one to confort her at the hospital and she had to be strong but she couldn't hold it any more.
"What's wrong?" michael asked as he went to hold her since that was all he wanted to do the moment she was infront of his door.
"Just Please tell me where max is!!!!!"
"Why don't you come in okay and sit first and tell me what is wrong, I've never seen you like this..."

When they walked in Isabel and Tess turned around hoping it was max but it wasn't they went up to maria and asked what was wrong...

"I just need to find max Liz needs him now...."
I sabel walked over and looked at michael not knowing to tell them what happend to max...
When michael showed Isabel n tess the letter so that they would understand...
His eyes turned to maria and again ask what was worng with Liz to put her in such a state:

"I don't know michael she's like waiting for death she won't talk or anything and I can't through to her....."
"So just please tell me where max is he can help her it's this whole being apart from each other that has torn her up.."

Michael looked upset for his friend being blamed for what was happening to Liz
"I don't know where you get off blaming max for what is going on.."

"Okay michael you know penguins the birds that live in the cold well they find one mate that will stay with them throughtout their lifetime., and that is like liz n max one cxan not live without the other... It's like pleaseur n pain all combined.. Without him their is no her and the same goes for him.. So god damm it will you tell me where he is please I don't have much time...."

Michael seeing the fear in her eyes "He's not here Maria.."
"What do you mean he's not here then where the hell is he....."
"In San Francisco.." michale didn't want to say it..
"What do u mean he's in San Francisco why!!"
"He left this note the one you brought in and told us why....."

Dear Isabel , Michael and Tess
I am leaving roswell and I don't know for how long I have been hiding behind a tree all my life and the moment I come out of it I fall head over heels in love...
Falling in love was the easy part now staying together it's a harder thing to do.. I need you guys to understand I love Liz more than my owwn life itself.. I can't be near her and not be able to be with her..
I left michael's house and went to see her and ask she stay away from me, it was so hard I couldn't return home.. Home is where the heart is and mine was with Liz but now it's out there somewhere....
I hope you respect my wishes when I say I don't wanna be found whatever you do always watch out liz for me ....
I know myself cuz I know Liz and that is just not the case now.. I can daydream about her all I want butin the end when I wake up she is still not here so Take care and know I blame no of you for what has happend only myself.....

Love Max,

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Okay Maia no need for tears I was just speaking the truth I'm still learnung how how to have everyone talking at the sam time an dI use your story for refrence...

Well Don't forget to read my other fic
The Beginning of it all

See u when I get back

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Okay here is one more part..

Pt 6

With all that they had just learned they had nothing to say and didn't even know what to do.
Max left and how were they going to find him when they had no idea where he went...
Maria was even more upset he was her last hope of saving her friend..
They stood there looking at each other stunned when maria got up and walk towards the door..

"Hey maria where are you going?"
"I got to get back ti Liz if max can'thelp I got to try .."
"I know but I just want to say I've missed you.."

he gave her a kiss when she left the door and while walking away she smiled and she felt so alive she knew at that moment what to do...
It was in her all along she believed in whatever it was that her and michael had and in the end they found their way to each other she just never stop believeing..
She got into her car and drove as fast as she could to get to her friend maybe in Liz's dream can she get her to believe in what her n max had before all this happend..
Maria knew something was up when michael kissed her they figure out something came to an dunderstanding something to make him do what he did..
She knew Liz n Max still have a chance and she needed so help her friend before it was too late..

When max got off the plain he just went straight to a cab and asked him to take him to the beach so that he can watch the first sunset in his new home.
The drive was smooth when he got to the beach he paid the ccab driver and walk to the beach not caring if the sand got in his shoes..
He just wanted to see the sunset so he reached in his pocket and pulled out a picture with him n liz and started to tear it in little pieces and he said out loud for all to hear,
"Good Bye my love I'll never forget you Liz.."
After he said this and people stopped staring he threw the picture that was once whole like him but now in tiny pieces like his heart into the air..
He had said his goodbye to her and then he fell not cuz he tripped over something while walking but beacause of the pain in his heart...
He thought it must be his own pain and didn't even think it was Liz in pain..
He took a cab and checked into a motel to get a good night sleep..

Through out the whole night he was tossing and turning and images of Liz plagued his mind..
It made him too scared to even sleep he didn't understand what was going on he didn't give his own feelings to do investigating when he finally managed to go to sleep and that was all he wanted to do...

Back in Roswell maria was wispering things in liz's ear to fight for her life and for the love she had for max..
She was hoping Liz would bbe able to hear her and find someway back to them ...

In a dream state we see Liz walking through a beautiful garden and the other end stood max..
She went up to him and they both laughed and played and were so happy..

"Is this heaven max?"
"No Liz this is where you will always come when in trouble."
"I don't get it max."
"In this dream we are together and like a complete person I know what you feel an dyou'll know what I feel."
"This is where the strength of our love comes from."
Liz fell to her knees and held onto his legs.
"I'm so sorry max for not believing in us our love or you an dnow I'm being punished you don;t know how much I just wanted to hold you and it broke my heart to hear u say all the things you did, I know you had a right but it wasn't what I wanted."
"Liz we must live with the actions we make I love you more than anything and in that love I fought for us but when I heard you say what you did it tore me up and made me empty I had no heart to give so all I did was leave..."

While the max in her dream started to fade Liz yelled to calling him telling him..
"I believe max I believe pleas come back I need you I'm nothing without you and this world is empty if your not here..

She had seen him fade away out of her life for the second time it was too much to bare and so she was willing to die not of any sickness but of a brocken heart.
A heart that she helped to break..
When she closed her eyes and waited for time to take it's course with her..

In San Francisco Max gets up seeing what had happen and knowing that it was Liz's pain he was feeling jumped up in a sitting position and screamed in the dark..

"Oh god what have I done....."
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Hey everyone I am back and will post a couple of parts today since it seems like I've been missed...


The morning max woke up he was in panics was it Liz's pain he felt or his own for having left her the way he did at that moment when things were said he had a right..
He loved her and she didn't, not enough to fight for what they had together..
How dare she attack him in his dreams the only time he could find peace and solitude but he wonder what if his dreams were true and that something happened to his love but why should he care she didn't!
He was jaded about love and all things that accompany it he had turned into a bitter man not caring for his well being and definetly not for other people..
He had left all that he loved behind to start a new and then what happens flashes of her when she is happy and then this feeling that something is wrong..
He didn't want to call home to see he just wanted to live a semi normal life without all the pain, Plus what would he say to hi sfamily and friends for leaving the wya he did and only having the respect of leaving them just a note that didn't say much but enough that they knew what it meant.
They would be upset for the way he handled thins that wasn't what they told him he was a king and at that moment he acted like a coward..
He didn't want to think anymore about her anything that had to do with Roswell and his destiny...
So he got up showered and headed out for a short run maybe when he got back all that he had felt will be gone...

Well back at Roswell maria sat next to Liz everyday willing for her to return but Liz was weak in her mind she felt safe and happy and she had him, she knew if she woke up he wouldn't be there so much had happened in the past weeks for things to turn from bad to worse..
Maria didn't know what to do she only thoughty what a cowards her friend had become she believed in things that a human eye couldn't see but she knew it was out there.
I mean they fought so much to stay apart that it didn't work cuz it was neither of them wanted to give up only when times seem so hard for them both to deal.
Liz knew why she did what she did to max but maria was her firend the more she thought about the more hurt she was that her friend could not find comfort that she stole away in a dark corner and made herself a living hell..
Maria figured that Liz felt for all the wrong doing she had done to max and there love that she deserved this and no one does not Liz or Max it wasn't suppose to be this way!

Why didn't max feel her pain I mean they were connected and that just doesn't go away not even with what they both had been through together...
Maria thought the hurt that they both caused each other was too much to bear n they both found some way of running from it, my god max moved and liz she's dying and no one is her to help any of them..
Maria was exhausted with working more hours at the crashdown since Liz's parent wanted to be at the hospital with their daughter and alex and kyle would help out at the diner, after leaving Michaels' house she wished he was there so she could draw strength from him, she wondered if they found him or Isabel connected to him through dreams but no luck it was like he shut himself out and anyone who wanted in...
Maria also knew or hoped that with the group breaking up that in some way both sides were still thinking of each other she missed michael as much as everyone one else missed someone from the intergalatic group.
They once all had good times and bad ones but through it all it was max n liz who helped everyone keep there hopes up high.
It seemes only like yesterday that her best friend fell in love after max had saved her, he touched her heart in places no one has ever done and she knew Liz did the same to max.
Now after all that they lost a war a war which they chose to fight against each other both parties trying to deny that nothing was left to save, once she thought that through them that her and michael would see eye to eye and find a way back to each other maybe they have and maybe not but at this point she had to stop since she felt Liz twitched, she wonder what it is it that Liz I sthinking maybe in knowing she can help...
Maria eyes felt heavy and they started to close when a hand was on her shoulders..

"Hey Michael what r u soing here?"
"I just wanted to check up on Liz and you to see if there was any changes in her condition."
"No there isn't and I don't know what else to do, I've tried to talking to her hoping she can her me but the only time I get movement from her is when I mention his name!"
"Well I haven't heard from him Maria but I promise the moment I do I'll tell him okay."
"I know you will has isabel had any luck trying to reach him in any way, I can't believe he wouldn't even say good bye to any of you!"
"I know what you mean I can't figure him out right now but I wanted to say something the other week when you were at the house but you know what happend,"
"Okay Michael if you came her to give me some shit then I don't wanna hear it.."
"No it's not that I just wanted to say that I missed you."

After that was said Michael walked out leaving a very talktative maria stunned to the bone.

"He misses me." a blushing maria said and from this point on she knew things can only get better between evryone especially for Liz n Max..

This was all she could hope for not because it had to do with michael but everyone's hearts was involved some more than others....

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Okay I promised more parts so here it is I think you guys will like this one....

Pt. 8

Well the next day back in California max woke up still ahving the same feelings he did the other night. No matter what he did he couldn't shake the feeling that something back home there was trouble or something in that sort.
He picked up the phone and dialed Michael's number knowing he might be home so he could say he tried but no one picked up the phone..
He let the phone ring and on the 10th ring when he was ready to ahng up a breathless michael picked up.

"Hello is someone there?"? no one was answearing
"Hey Michael."
Michale's eyes popped wide open and his mouth dropped to the floor
"Hey Max you need to come back to roswell as soon as possible, um I don't know how to tell you this but Liz is dying."
"WHat do you mean she's dying what happened did someone attck her to get to me tell me michale now!!!"
"No max the docters can't figure out what's wrong with her and maria thinks she is dying of a broken heart."

Before michale could say anymore max dropped the phone and left the hotel to make his way back to save her before it's too late.
He ran down the street to try to catch a cab but everywhere he turned there was traffic all he wanted to do was get back to her and tell her how sorry he was for leaving her and giving up on her and what they shared so he finally caught a cab and asked to rush hin to the airport when he got there all flights were booked to Roswell until tomorrow.
So he picked a bench and sat there wnating to sleep so that he can reach her in her dreams the only place he knew she might be so he laid down and dream walked into Liz's dreams.
Max couldn't figure out why it was so dark all he saw was a grass area in the dark and there on a bench dressed in white sat Liz looking at a grave stone. He walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder she smiled knowing who it was and then she turned around and looked at him,

"You finally came for me I was starting to wonder how much more I would have to wait for you."
"You have to wake up Liz and soon I'm coming home to be with you."
"I know you would of but this wasn't for you to come back to me I need you to come back to them your family."
"I don't get it Liz but I feel your pain."
"I know you do Max and I can feel yours as well that is why I need you to make things right for them I have played my part and it is time for me to go."
"I don't want you to leave me Liz I love you so much more than I will ever love anyone in my life."
"I will always love you too max but it's too hard for me at this moment to fight I need to sleep."

When max looked at the grave stone it was her name on it with her date of birth and the date that she dies would be tomorrow the day he would return to Roswell. What could he do he didn't know what was wrong with her and he couldn't heal her not in her dreams and byu the time he got back it would be too late..

"Please Liz I need you to stay with me I can't go on if your not around."
"Max I will alwasy be here in your dreams and your heart I am with you always."
"Well isn't there anything I could do liz I need you I'm so sorry for letting things get this far."
"It's okay max I forgive you like I always will I need to go now and it's time for you to fly back home."
"Liz no please I wnat to stay here with you.."
"Max I love you remember me the way that I loved you."
"No Liz please don't go."

While he was screaming this a security gaurd woke him up when he saw that max's eyes were filled with tears .
While tears ran from his eyes he boarded the plane and while in the air he remember what she tried to show him and what she told him.
She loved him and in death he will always love her..

"Liz is gone forever I've lost her forever.."

He said this right before he fell asleep and waited for the sad return which he knew he would be waiting for him..
The woman that he loved was dead......

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Okay here goes another part

Pt 9

When Max got off the plane he had already called michael telling him what time he would be back so that they can come get him, michael stood there with his eyes to the floor dressed in black not knowing how he was going to tell him that Liz died last night but he had to so it!
When Michael went up to max to tell him the awful news when they mad eye contact it was max who spoke first..

"I know michael she's gone you don't need to tell me I know since last night."
Michale was so confused how did he know did he call Maria or what was it it seem to be a relief not having to be the bearer of bad news.
Especially when it was his first and only love.
"How did you know, did maria call you or iz did she tell you?"
"No one did Liz told me herself in her dreams she said what she did and told me by the time I came back that she would be gone."
"Well I 'll take you to the crashdown that's were we are going to meet before the wake."

While driving back to town max passed all the spots that he held special to him cuz it was where they had spent time together he didn't want to cry buthe didn't know how much more before he would break they had finally reached the crashdown when they parked the car the other two aliens cam eto greet max.

"Max I'm so glad your home, mom and dad was worried but I told them you went camping and would be back soon."
"Thanks Iz for covering for me."
"I'm so sorry max for Liz I know you loved her and she loved you."
"I know she did and I will never forget her."

Tess cam walking up and max didn't want to deal with any bull shit at this point.

"Tess if your going to say something negative about Liz then don't say anything, I'm not in the mood to deal with anything you have to sya right now."
"Max I just wanted to say I"m sorry for what your going through I know that this is hard but I'm here if you need to talk."
"Thank you for yor concern."
"Max I know how it feels to loose someone you love."
"I know you do I never meant to cause you any grief it was I was meant to love Liz."
"I know, I know let's just get you through the day okay."

Inside of the crashdown Maria saw max and everyone out side so she made her way through the crowd when Alex n Kyle saw where maria was going they followed her outside to meet with the group max turned around when he heard the door open and out walked maria she went straight up to max and raised her hand and slapped him across his face.

"How dar you come back and show your face her you murderer." Maria started crying
"I'm sorry maria."
"You killed her it was all your fault you came and left and now she's gone and nothing you can do will bring her back."

At this point Michael ran to grab hold of maria

"No michael it's all his fault he could of saved her and now she's dead, she lived loving him and she died that way."
"Maria, it's going to be okay we'll get through this."
"No we won't michael nothing is the same Liz is gone."

Max walked into the restaurant he couldn't take it anymore maria was right he killed her. Everyone knew a part of the earthlings blamed it on max but it wasn't his fault. She forgaved him in her dream before she passed and yes she did die loving him like he will die loving her..
When he walked in the parkers were greaving and he saw his parents and they ran up to him heldf him and just wished that things were different for him knowing how he felt for liz.
He needed to be alone with her so he went to the funeral home by himself he needed time alone with her. Alone to say the things he wished to say ever since he got on the plane..
When he walked into the room it was filled with scented candles sending the scent of strawberrries which would forever remind him of hoe sweet her lips tasted and when he got closer to the coffin there was flowers on both sides of her and then a board of pictures of her with friends and there was one with him and her.
H ecouldn't take it no more he ran up to the coffin she looked as though she was sleeping in an elegant white gown the one she wore last in his dreams she looked so cold max went up to her and gave her a kiss on the lips.
He had only one hour to go before everyone would come through the door he placed his hand on top of her heart and treid to see if he can heal her but his powers didn't work on the dead..

He fell to the ground and prayed to the heavens to bring her back to him that all this was just a really bad dream and when they woke up she would be there..
It didn't work she was gone people started to walk in and he took his seat after all that was said and done maria sat next to him holding onto max's and michaels hands. She knew Liz would not wnat them to fight anymore so she knew it wasn't max's fault but she needed to vent.

After the wake they all got into the car an dheaded for the funeral so that she would be buried while the sun was shinning and that ways god would watch over her...
When the priest was talking all he heard was the cryiong from her mother and maria it was too much to bear she was gone never to be seen or heard from.
No longer was he able to touch her cheeks or hold her hand or even kiss her lips.
He would never hear I love you from her mouth or the way she smiled when she saw him and everything they had been through she had still lost her life because of him.
When the coffin was lowered and all people through in white roses max flipped out and went crazy he ran towards her coffin and jumped in saying

"Oh god someone help me she can;t breathe in there get her out please get her out!!!"
"Max she's gone you can't save her and she would not want to see you this way." Michale reached for his hand but max wanted to stay he wanted to always be with Liz..
With all that was happening Maria cried even louder she couldn't help it Kyle did his best to comfort but this was all crazy.
Isabel fell to the ground cuz she felt her brothers pain when everyone left Max finally got out of the ditch but was covered with dirt he cried and cried screaming and yelling for her name.. H e wanted he rback and wanted to be with her if it meant in death then death would come he would will it...
He was screaming and no one could calm him down..

"Liz please come back don't go." He repeated it this over an dover again when he felt a hand on his shoulder it was heavens voice not it was hers...

"Baby wake up were here your having a night mare."
"Liz is that you?"
"Of course unless you took another girl on vacation and I didn't know about it"
Max held her and kissed her as if he hadn't just done that 7 hours ago.
"What is wrong with you silly?"
"Nothing I'm just happy that your here."
"Where else would I be but the group is outside waiting for us."

They walked out of the plane together and michael with maria alex with isabel and kyle with tes were waiting to go collect their baggage so they can enjoy heir first vacation together...
Max started walking looking at the lively Liz before him and was gald it was just a dream......

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Okay this is the last part for today okay Maia I hope you love it..

Pt 10

Well after Max got out of the plane to meet wup with everyone he looked tired as though he didn't get enough sleep but everyone thought it was the flight.
Here they all were one happy big family in Hawaii sharing each others compnay and waiting for more happy times to come.
Once out of the airport they tried to hail for a cab it was sunny and the sky was blue as the ocean they just flew over..
Micahel was so happy that he picked up maria and tossed her into a circle and then placed her feet to the ground to kiss her on the lips.
Everyone has never seen michael so happy after what everyone has been through they managed to stay together.
Liz smiled at max and looked into his eyes there was a part of him that looked worried as though this wasn't wall true.

"Max what's wrong ever since we got out of the plane you've been well sorta weird.."
"Nothing I just had a bad dream but everything is fine as long as your here."
"Well I don't seem to be going any where if it isn't with you."

Max smiled at his beloved girl and finally alex got two cabs so they were split up into two groups to meet at the hotel..
Once they arrived at the hotel the men went to go and get checked in while everyone else was enjoying the beautiful scene inside the hotel with waterfalls and beautiful flowers...
They were so happy to be out of roswell for a week this was treat to themselves and for a chance to be alone together.
The parents didn't like the idea of their children being alone but all promised to call everyday..
When the guys came back each one went to their rooms.

"Well I guess will get freshned up and then meet for dinner downstairs."
"Sure Alex when we all get freshened up okay kids don't do anything we wouldn't do."
"Shut up michael Oh my god you are so embarassing."
"Hey I'm just saying romance is in the air and more for some of us right max."
Michael shoved max in the stomach.
"Okay my boyfriend is kinda weird so we'll see you guys soon for dinner."
"Okay Michael just try to save room for desert you know the treat you get after dinner." Isabel said with a half smile

Once tehy left Max n Lix walked to the room, Liz had no idea that max had a surprise ready for her and had the hotel make it happen.
It wa splanned almost a week ago and he hadn't much time to call and check on it but the front desk said everything was ready..
Max pulled out a blindfold from his pocket and gently placed it over her eyes.
He led her to the room the first thing she could smell was scented strawberry candles.
He walked her to the middle of the room where the curtains were closed and the bed was covered with satin sheets and the most beautiful floral combination you could ever imagine there was candles everywhere in the bathroom around the floor and the bed it was enchanting..

Max walked up to Liz before he pulled off the blind folds he whispered into her ears.

"Liz I have loved you for so long and I promise that I will never hurt you and I will always love you till the day I die and even then I don't think I'll ever stop."

Max could see the tear that was falling and so he took off the blinfold everything was beautiful when she held him.

"What did I do to deserve this or you for that matter."
"You deserve everything your heart wants and I will be the man to give it to you."
"I love you so much max you have touched me in places I never knew about."

He moved closer to her and held her close before planting a kiss on her lips.
She tasted do sweet that it wasn't enough he was kissing her but he wanted to devour her.
He loved her and wanted to give her everything but he also wanted to take everything from her as welll.
They kissed more passionately now and they the closer their bodies moved the hotter it became.
They had wanted to wait but with all that he had dreamt and all that she had seen it was just a matter og given in to desire.

They kissed more and more into max broke away a with gentle pecks he placed along side of neck.
He could feel her body tremble and also he can feel his his penus grow larger and larger with every touch and every kiss.
She was beginning to feel his bolge but she didn't mind infact she welcomed it and wanted to feel him inside her, he locked her hands with hers and walked her over to the bed where he gently layed her down.
They kissed more and more and with more agression he placed his hands underneath her shirt as she did him.
She felt each muscle and each dip that his body made when he flexed she was hot and moist that she thought she would explode before anythinh can happen.
He slide her shirt over her face and looked at her breast having seen them for the first time he wanted things to be perfect.
He then took off his own shirt and Liz looked with amazing of how her man has such a perfect body.

Max grabbed the lotion that was placed on the side of the bed and asked liz to lie on her stomach he placed oil along down her back and she cringed cuz it tickled her a little but then he placed his strong hands on her back and tried to rub all the tention away she turned around and max started rubbing her breast. Pinching her harden nipples making her moan in estacy still placing kisses along her neck it drove her crazy.
They were a hand full and soft with a like beige color to them with the oil and rubbing Liz moaned
"Oh max please, I'm beggging you to put it in me, I want to feel you, I need to feel you now!"

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Okay well I got promoted so I won't be writing as much as I use too so I hope you don't forget me...

Pt 11
Max could see the desire in Liz's eyes how much she loved him and how much she wanted to feel his manhood in her. There was nothing more torturing then max sending wet little gentle kisses down her back and on the side of her legs making his way to vagina.
He could taste her wetness in his mouth it tasted like strawberry's n cream melted together, he didn't have much time since they needed to also get ready to meet the gang but at this moment it was passion that took over. They never wanted anything as much as they wanted this to feel each other on a level which they might never reach with anyone else.

Max had a hard time trying to concentrate on not going over the edge. She was beautiful in every light and every direction.
She was and angel and they were going to be in heaven, she begged him to do anything he wanted in any way and anywhere!
This made his manhood reach a peak he was going to embark at first he went down to her wetness and licked it up down playing with her spot she had no choice to moan and beg for him to put it in her...
The more she begged the ore he waited and played with her spot licking up and down sucking on her lips she was wet n the more he licked her the more wetter she got it was time to give her all of him.. He placed two finger in her and he could feel the fire and the wetness calling for him there was nothing more he wanted then to dive in her head first staying warm from the heat she gave off.

He pulled her up in to him so that she would sit on his manhood and once they made contact with the moistness it slided in with no problem and she moaned:

"Oh maaaax, you feel so good!"
"It's all because of you, you make me go crazy."
"I wanna feel you deep inside me."

Slowly she moved up and down till they had figured a rhythm that was genmtle on them since it was her first time and max didn't want to hurt her..
The more moving they did the more crazy she got she got up and bent over so her cute little ass was in his face, he knew what she wanted and now it was time to give it to her max slid in from behind and she moaned and flipped her head back it was different for her and for him.

"Max faster I wanna come so bad."
"Liz I want you to enjoy this as much as I do."
"I do oh my god I do Ooooh." she moaned

Then with only a couple of more thrust in her wetness max nad Liz came together. They both laid down neither wanted to move to make love to the love of your life was and intergalatic experience for the both of them lying down for another half an hour they decided to take seperate showers sincethey didn't want to be late for dinner...

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Okay one more little something......

Pt 12
When Liz got out of the shower max just stood in front of her admiring the thing he loved most about living that nightmare he had was just a bad dream now he knew for sure that he couldn't live without her..
Not after all that has happened how could he, there was no way in hell he would ever let anyone or anything come between them not after today.

"Hey you whatcha staring at huh?"
"I'm looking at the most beautiful thing in the world."
"So what would that be Max!"
"Oh th ebeach right behind you."
"god your so mean I can't believed you said that."
"baby I'm just joking if there was anything more beautiful in the world I have it right here."
"Yes max and here I am to stay."
"I hope so I don't know what would I do without you in my life Liz."
"Well we won't have to worry about that now do we!"
"No we don't and thank god everyone else is happy now too.."

Well as they both got dressed and headed downstairs liz was smiling as the world had no troubles in it and it was just her and max no one else just the two of them.
They met up with Maria and Michael in the elevator and maria couldn't help but see Liz eyes twinkle so when they got off the elevator maria went up to max and liz.

"Hey max can I borrow my girlfriend real quick!"
"Sure just make sure she comes back."

Liz started to giggle out loud hearing such a sweet comment.
Well maria and liz walked to the bathroom and once they were there it was a no holds bared.

"So what in the world is making you smile so much?"
"Nothing Maria..."
"Nothing is what you don't want people to see, and this is definetly nothing."
"Okay well..."
"Okay stop stalling talk okay before I never talk to you during this whole trip.."
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Sorry it's been while but here goes another part...
Maia I miss u......*wink**tongue*

Pt. 13

As Maria tugged n tugged on Liz's arm she begged her to tell what in the world that was making her friend so happy. It's not like it was a weird thing but she had never seen this kinda love coming from them ever and maria being the curious on ejust had to know.
Liz's just smiled it gave her some joy in seeing her friend like a baby in a candy store anticipating what will be the color of the gum ball coming out of the machine.

"Come on Liz spill ity, what is up with the smile and the red cheeks and the o yeah the twinkle in your eyes.."
"Nothing Maria I just had a wonderful day so far and being here with max and you just makes me so happy.."
"Oh yeah I made you look like this if I had a memory it would tell me the truth if I asked.."
"What is it with you wanting to know what is going on!"
"Well cuz if I can feel that way about michael then maybe I wouldn't be so annoyed with him so much!"
"Well you and michael obviously have a different connection to each other as me and max does."
"Well it's not fair I deal with all the alien stuff and what do I get nadda Liz just michael going all cold on me."
"Just give him time and I know he'll come around not everyone is a god you know."
"Yeah your right it's just I hate myself for losing to the male species, I mean you knwo the rules the first person to fall in love it the one holding the bad end of the stick."
"Well anyway slet's not keep them waiting and it's beautiful out tonight so let's just go."

Liz grabbed onto maria's arm and ran forward to where the rest of the gang were waiting and then it didn't dawn on maria that Liz gave her the fast one and still had not reveal the what caused her to be so happy.

They all walk over to the beach for the big bash bonfire, I mean they're were girls everywhere almost wearing nothing. Kyle gasped for air he thought he was in one of his dream and everyone saw all the girls that he dreamt od doing it with but with Tess holding on to his hands he knew it was real since she didn't try to kill him or beat him up.
Max didn't care for the scene just the picture he got from watching the sun set behind Liz it was the most beautiful sit in the whole worl the way the sun slide off her sweet pale skin the light that made her hair a golden brown...
Her beauty topped all the woman she had ever seen in his entire life....
She was all he ever wanted and more...

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Okay well I'm going to put the last part to this story if more people read it then I will continue but here is the conclusion to this love story...

Thank you to all the people who have read this story you guys have made it possible for me to go this far...

Maia my dearest friend thank you for everything your friendship and your stories...

Pt. 14

As the night died down and everyone was enjoying the slight breeze in the night the lovers all of them held one another close in front of the fire. the night was clear and all the skies were out it was such a clear night that you can almost believe to see the planet antar. They were all engaged in their own conversation and the love that was coming from the circle was on full alert and anyone around them can see how much these kids were in love with each other all that had happened to them made them this strong and it was cuz of this secret that they all held dear to themselves mad it possible for the trust to grow into and eternal love for all in this group.

They loved each other like family and friends and max n liz decided to take a stroll along the beach and when they got up no one paid attention they were into the heavy kisses and the warm exchanges of hugs so as they walked max picked liz up out of the blue and twirl her around in circles...

"Put me down max!!!" Liz screamed at max laughing and smiling and remembering as a child her father use to do that to her.
"No way I just wanted you to kinda be able to feel what it is like t fly."
"Oh my god max put me down I'm starting to feel sick."
Max was scared he didn't mean to make her ill but he just wanted to have fun as max put Liz down she turned around and stuck her tongue out at him and he eyes just bulged out ....

"Hey that was unfair you said u felt sick.."
"I was just joking and by the way I gotcha ya.."

Liz started runnng towards the water when max grabbed her and carried her into the ocean..
Liz was screaming now keeping her feet up so she wouldn't have to feel the water ..

"Are you crazy Max!!!!!!"
"Oh yeah and the only thing I'm crazy about is you."
"Max the water is so cold and your getting wet.."
"Well water is what I need to cool down anyways."
"Oh yeah ..." When max put Liz down in the water it came up to be knee high she started flinging water at him trying to get him wetter than he already was.
Okay I see how it is, you wanna play it that way.." Max started chasing Liz through the water.
When Liz ran out of the water towards the sand max grabbed liz by the arm an dturn her around placing a sweet kiss onto her lips..
They started kissing passionately and then he laid liz on to the sand the water was still coming up but only to the point where it would just toouch their legs..
The more kisses were planted the more they wanted to feel each other..
max kissed at the naple of her neck and then up to the ears where he slowly blew a gentle wind into her ears casing liz to tremble with delight he nobbled on them and then he went back to the neck he didn' tmind the taste of theocean on her neck.
He slowly made his way down her chin and onto her breast kissing it from outside was making liz go hot she thought that she would explode.. His lips wasn't even touching her bare skin it was the way it fet with clothes and the temptation of an island.
Max Penus was starting to get hard and she could feel the bulged through his clothes it was hard and she went to place her hand on it lightly touching it and he moaned in estacy n her ear and she loved it.

Max thought that he would die if he didn't feel her or feel what she felt like inside again, so he took her shirt off and then went straight for her breast with one hand he was pinching her right nipples gently put making her scream, so with his mouth he used his tongue to flick at her left nipple till he felt liz both tremble with delight...
Liz pushed him off o fher at first max didn't know if it was because she didn't want to get caught or maybe she wasn't in the mood...

He knew it could not be that cuz by the way her body was moving he knew she wante dit as much as he did.
When liz pushed max off he was standing and with that she unzipped his shorts and pulled it down while he was standing there she grabbed his penius and with her tongue she licked the side of it max was going to fall and when she felt him tremble she placed iot into her mouth and with that movement he stood up straight not wanting to disturbed her and of course he loved the fact that she took charged .....

"Oh Liz god I love you..... Max said with a whisper to the night sky..

When liz heard that she moved faster up and down with more assertiveness it was what she wanted to do hear him begg for her to continue an dhe did nothing gave he rmore pleaseure then hearing him scream her name with the faster she was going it wa shard for max to hold it in he felt as though he would explode and exploding is what he did she took every last drop until there was nothing left ansd when she moved away from him he fell to his knees...

"So how was that your majesty.." Liz said while she was licking her lips
"Do u really want to now how I feel or you just loving the fact that you have that kinda affect on me?"
"Well both your majesty..."
"So u really want to know how I feel!!!"
"Of course I do I am your faithful servant..."

Max then grabbed Liz clos eto him and kissed her on he rlips when Liz began to feel lost in the kiss he pulled away and laid her down and then with one hand pinching at her nipples the other was crawling up her legs to her vagina.
Liz was in a daze not knowing what was going on but she wanted it and welcomed it when it came....
H eput his fingers into her moistness and with his fingers going in and out he felt it the wetness the heat the desire and he couldn't wait to dive in head first...
He then pulled out his finger..

"Max please don't stop Please......"

Then max placed his tongue on her and licked furiously at her now sensitive nub then he would suck onit until he felt every part of liz's body tremble th more he played with her the mor wet she became it wa smaking him hard ...
He continued his torture onher and she begged him to put it in and all that made him doe was lick her faster and suck on her harder....
When he began to feel that he would explode he put his manhood into her it slid in with no fuss or anything....

"Oh max u feel so good I can't take it I wanna cum so bad please max faster faster..."
"Oh god Liz you feel so good and taste so sweet .."
"Max I'm going to cum faster faster ...."

He moved in and out quickly given her what she wanted he knew it would be long before he came with her... The way she felt and tasted it was way too much for him to bare with faster moving stokes she began to screamm and breathe harder.....

"Oh Max."
"Liz I'm going to cum!!!"
"Oh may I love..."
"I love you too Liz pls. dont ever leave me..."
"I'll never leave you I'll be with you..."

As this ended they came together and after laid next to each other and relaxed after feeling this great feeling for the second time of the day they smiled into the night knowing nothing can come betwen them now she had promised to always be with him...
They decided that it was time to get up and head back to the gang when they started walking it was dark and so max didn't see the hole in the floor and trip hitting his head onto a piece of log that must have floated to the beach from the sea....
Max was not out cold and he then drifted and he heard her voice repeating to him "I'll always be with max forever" then he felt someone slap his face and saying to him..

"Max are you okay, dude wake up okay please wake up."
"Michael what are you doing here and where is liz?"
"You jumped into the whole and hit your head you've been out for a couple of hours so I brought you back to my house.."
"Okay so where is Liz?"
'Max let's just make sure your okay!"
"I'm fine I just want to knwo wher eliz is and I thought we were on vacation!"

Nothing made sense to him and he was so confused he thought this ll to be a dream.

"Michael god damm it where is Liz......" Max said as he waved his hand at michael sending him across the room.
"You need to calm down okay your crazy I know this is hard on you and it's hard on everyone else...."
"What is hard Michael tell me."
'I know you loved her we all did but he's gone..."
Max placed his hand over his mouth not understanding what is going on
"What do u mean she's gone.."
"She dead and you got to face it..."

When max heard this he remembered it all that it was a dream there was no vacation no love making and she was gone...
He only knew that it was her trying to confort him in his dream letting him know that she will always be there for him...
When he realized all that had happened he walked to Liz's grave with a dozen of white roses an dplaced it at her headstone and said to the night sky hoping she would hear it...

"I love you and miss you so much but I know now that you will always be by my side, thank you for loving me.........."

The End

Okay Well let me know what you think...
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Thank you so much mermaid girl for your support my stories are nothing like Maia but I'm trying to learn from the best....