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title: The Antarian Queen
disclaimer: I don't own Roswell etc.
rating: pg-15
author's note: third season never happen,feed back helps


Kivar: We need the real queen

Nicholas: but I thought Ava was the real queen?

Kivar: are you stupid!! If she was the real queen then why doesn't the king love her.

Nicholas: he doesn't remember his past life

Kivar: that wouldn't matter he would have a connection with her! I need the real queen!!

Nicholas: well when Zan was at the harvest he had a pettie bruntte with him. Anyone thought she was the queen but Zan said she wasn't because she's human and said the blond was the queen.

Kivar: the bruntte the queen

Nicholas: but how shes human?

kivar: unless they use a human host.

Nicholas: but why not put her with the rest of the royal brats?

Kivar: because Zan fell for the wrong girl, she was princess of Zeon but her father had already chosen a husband for her. So the two married secretly.

Nicholas:So when Max married Ava it wasn't a voided mariage because he was already married.

Kivar: yes

Nicholas:but why do you want the real queen?

Kivar: because shes powerful and she was going to be my wife. My father had showed me pictures of her. I felt like the luckest man and when the day of the wedding came she was gone.

Nicholas:so you loved her?

kivar: she was the first person I ever loved

Nicholas: but how if you never met her?

Kivar: from her picture, I was amaze by her beauty she was mine until I found out she had fallen in love with Zan. Then I wanted to hurt him like he had hurted me. So I was going to use Lonnie but I ended up falling in love with her.

Nicholas: so when shall we get the queen?

Kivar: torromow, whats her name?

Nicholas: Liz Parker

Kivar: let's see how Zan likes it when I take his love!


I hope you guys liked it! It's up to you guys if you want me to contuine so leave Feed Back Please! *bounce*

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Liz's room/ Liz is on the phone with Maria

Liz: Maria I know I push Max to tess but I didn't think their be boyfriend/girlfriend type thing.I just wanted them to be friends you know

Maria: I know babe, but you wanted him to follow his destiny

Liz: yeah but not this fast

Maria: maybe he's doing it to make you jeaulos and he is listing to you by following his destiny

Liz: I wanted him to follow it not act on it and I'm not jeaulos!

Maria: well he doesn't know that, I hate to tell you this by you are a little jeaulos

Liz: MARIA!Anyway I don't know if I can stand looking at them anymore.She aways kisses him when I around.

Maria:what a bitch! you would think she'll be happy with you giving her Max but nooo she had to throw it at your face.

Liz:I know, it's getting late I'll see you torromow okay

maria: torromow your going to forget about gerbil and don't let her get to you

Liz: okay bye


Liz got ready for bed, brush her teeth and went to sleep.Nicholas was waiting for her to fall on sleep.

Nicholas: she asleep make sure you leave the orb by her pillow Kivar want to make sure lover boy gets it.

skin: got it

Nicholas was on Lizs balcony he went in her room and grab her while she was sleeping.Liz try to scearm but Nicholas had knock her out.

Nicholas: hurry up leave the orb and lets go!

The skin left the orb right by her pilow just like Kivar had order.Nicholas put his hand up in the air and a portal open they went through it and close back up.

Next day

Maria: hey Mikey G have you seen Liz?

Micheal: no, do I look like her babysitter?

Maria: I'll prented I didn't hear that anyways we were suppose to go out

Isabel walks to them

Is:I need to go out! with Tess coming over lately it's been hell! I can't see how Max can stand her

Maria: well you can come out with me and Liz once I can find her

Is: sure it has to better then seeing Tess glue to my brother and hearing her annoying voice

Maria,Micheal and Is enter the CrashDown

Is: boy it's slow today

Maria:yeah I heard everyone trying out the new fast food place.Wait here I going to see if Liz is in her room

IS,Micheal: okay

Maria gos to Liz room

Maria: Liz babe get up

Maria: come on open the door it's not like you to sleep in

Maria opens the door and is shock not to see Liz in bed.

Maria: MICHEAL ISABEL!Liz is missing!

Micheal and isabel run to the room

Is,Micheal: what!!!!!!!

Maria: all I found was this

she hands the orb to Micheal

Micheal: we better get Max.

Maxs room

Tess: are you sure she didn't just put the orb their herself

Maria:how can she!!! and I thought you were a higher spieces.

Max: Stop it's not the time for this,Liz is missing and you two are fighting.

If looks could kill Tess would be dead. Max is looking at Tess

Max: if your aren't going to be here to help then get out! I have no time for your game!

Tess has a mad look on her face but keeps quit.

Micheal hands the orb to Max

Micheal: this is what Maria found by Lizs pillow.

Max holds the orb and it starts to glow and a male figure appears.

Kivar:Zan do you remember me? probably not.At the moment you guys are probably looking for someone, whats her name... oh yeah Liz Parker. I must say shes a beauty just like I remember her.I sure but now you know who I'm


Zan why do you have a connection to this human? Could it be you too have met before? Yes you have met, you'll see when the time comes what I'm talking about or maybe sooner I'm sure your not stupid! We'll be meeting soon real soon...

Thanks again for the feedback!*big* part 2 up by torromow

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Max just let the orb fall out of his hands.The only person he ever loved was missing and she was with his enemy.Max got tears in his eyes,Maria walk up to Max and gave him a hug.

Maria:It's okay Max we're going to get Liz back

Max:It's not that I know we will but I could of been their

Maria:you couldn't have know

Micheal was just sitting on Maxs bed thinking about what Kivar had said.Then it just hit him

Micheal:I been thinking, Kivar said she was a beauty just like he remember then he said you guys have met before and that she was one of us

Is: but their were only four pods

Tess: Max aren't we going to go to the movies?

Max:Whats wrong with you? Do you think I want to go to the movies when Liz is missing


Tess was opening the door to leave and turn around to see if Max would come after her.But he was to busy talking to the group that he didn't hear what Tess said. Tess got so mad she left and slam the door behind her.

Max: did you hear something?

Micheal: no, must be the wind

Max: anyway why would Kivar want Liz?

Is: maybe he knows she's your weakness

Max:no he would of tooken her sooner

Micheal: maybe we should go to the pod chambers and look around

Max: yeah we should

Maria:Liz's parents are probably going to call to check on things.I'll stay at the crashdown. Tell me of you find anything.

Max gets his keys to the jeep and leave to teh pod chamber.


Pod Chamber

Max: did you guys find anything?


Max put his hand his pod

: Flash:

We don't have enough materials to make princess Aurora pod my queen.

My son made me promise to send Aurora

We can put her in a human host, It will be just like the pod but she won't came to her full powers unless her cells are awaken somehow,because her cells will turn like the humans.

GREAT! then my Zan won't be able to find her and this way we'll be able to put Ava and him together.We're send the orb and the book telling them they have to be together.

:End of Flash:

Max: I jsut had a flash

Micheal: what was it about?

Max: Liz is one of us.I need to try to get an other one

MAx started touching anything in the chamber then got an other flash.


We'll put her book and orb right under Avas pod. When she older she'll have the a feeling and come find it.

Well make sure she doesn't get a feeling and find it!

But my queen then she won't be able to find the book and orb we made for her.

It's better she doesn't remember my son. This way we'll be able to make him follow the destiny we have chosen for him.

:End of flash:

Max: Tess's pod

Max ran to Tess pod right under it was a secret spot he found the book and the orb.Max put the orb in his hands and it started to glow a figure a appeared it was .......


I'll post part 3 torromow, thank againfor the feedback!It's keeps me going *happy*

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Hi you guys, Thanks SweetLilDreamer,Wild Child Uk, nickeygurl13, Gagnes Girl, pandas2001 and TD DreamerBehr for you feed back! *big*torromow I post part3. Right now I wirting part4*happy* thanks again for the feed back!
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Part 3

IS: It's our mom

Aurora you are princess of Zeon you and my son were in love with each other

Max:I can't believe it

we were attacked by Kivar, Zan sended you to Zeon in hope Kivar wouldn't get you. It was no good kivars second hand Nicholas attacked your ship and kill you.Kivar met my son in the war room Zan wanted peace but kivar wouldn't have it.Nicholas appear holding your dead body, My was desvastated he coludn't go on with out you, you were his other half. KIvar ended up killing Zan and everyone I love we sended you to Earth to hope you will return and save us.

Max was crying, he new their was something special about Liz.Isabel felt bad for Max kivar had taken Liz just like he did before.

Is:are you going to be okay Max?

Max: yeah I just need Liz back I'm lost without her.

Micheal: we better get going

Max picked up the and open it, inside was a picture of Liz, on the next page was a picture of Liz pregant. Her book was written in english.He had guess it was like that cause she was put in a human host.He wish they would of did that for them.

Max: They did an offtopsy on Liz's body it turns out

Max voice grew into a whisper

Max: she was two weeks pregant at the time.

Isabel went and hug her brother it was getting harder for him.

Max: Is, we were going to have baby

Is: I know Max

Micheal couldn't say anything he felt bad for Max

Micheal: I sorry Maxwell

Max: It's okay we better go




Maria: Hi Mr.Parker yeah anything fine here, Liz oh she's real busy. Were pack tonight, okay I tell her for you okay bye .

Maria looked around the place was empty. She let everyone off earlyandclosed. Max Micheal and Iasbel walk in

Maria: did you guys anything

Micheal: yeah a book and a orb tell ing Liz about her past life

Max: I'm not feeling that well I going to walk home

Is: are you sure you want to walk?

Max: yeah

Max walk out of the crashdown with a very clueless looking Maria.

Maria: Why is Max leaving we need to get Liz back and he's going home

Micheal: he needs some time.He he just found out that Nicholad killed Liz just to get to him and at the time she was two weeks pregant with his child.

Maria: wow,poor guy


Kivar: Why did you hit her!

Nicholas: I had to or she would of scearmed

Kivar:she starting to wake

Liz: Maxx

Kivar looked very mad

kivar: she even calls for him in this life

Nicholas: did you think she'll call your she doesn't even know.

Kivar: Max is'nt here Liz

Liz: who are you?

I'm Kivar


Part 4 torromow *tongue*

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Sorry I haven't posted a new Part*sad*, The parts I saved on my disk got ease by my friend.=| So right now I'm wirting the new part. Once I check it and make sure theirs no mistakes I'll post the new part. *happy*

Thanks agian for the feed back!


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Kivar: Me and Max aren't friends

Liz:then your he's enemy

Kivar:well I'm so glad you figure it out

Nicholas walks in Liz's room

Nicholas:why hello Liz

Liz: Nicholas!

Nicholas:I'm so horronr you remember me

Liz;how can't I not

Kivar:now that everyone knows each other.I just wondering Liz Maxie boy boy doesn't know your the key to his past now does he

Liz:I'm not a key, much less a key to his past

Kivar:well see this right here, we're going to give you a shot.It's going to help you

Liz:help me with what

Kivar:help you remeber my dear Aurora

Liz:okay I know your not all their in your head

Kivar:Liz,Liz,Liz, your the key and I'm going to open the door to Max's past and once I give you the shot all your memorys will flooding back to you

Liz:well I don't want a shot

Nicholas:oh dont worry Liz your going to be fine I'm sure it will hurt for a little bit

Nicholas grabs Liz while Kivar holds her down

Liz:Nooo! get off of me

Nicholas:their, see that didn't hurt

Liz:shut up

kivar:now Liz in less then 15 minutes you'll be hit with visions.Their going to awaken a side of you that be waiting to show itself

Liz: whatever

Kivar:Nicholas go see how thing are doing on Earth

Nicholas:I'm on my way

Kivar:Your so beauitful

Kivar was about to kiss Liz when she moved her face

Liz:sorry I have a boyfriend already

Kivar:very funny

Liz:glad you liked it

Kivar:whats one little kiss going to do to you?

Liz:from you probably kill me

Kivar:we're going to be husband and wife soon.Your going to have to kiss me

Liz:what makes you think I would want to marry someone like you...

Kivar grab Liz and kissed her.Liz pushes Kivar away and spits in his face.


Kivar is mad like hell

Kivar:soon you'll be wanting me

He leaves the room

Liz is screaming sure I will

Nicholas:so how did it go

Kivar:not so good waht makes the little queenie thinks she can talk to me like that?

Nicholas:well it won't be to long now, she'll remeber everything and hate you more

15 minutes Later

Liz is screaming in pain from all the visions.

Her and Zan getting Married.The pain watching Zan get marry to Ava.Finding out she pregnant.Zan telling her she has to go back to Zeon so she'll be safer.Nicholas attacking her ship and Nichaols killing her.



Hope you guys liked it, new part tomorrow*happy*

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Nicholas:well I see you remeber everything

Liz:get away from me

Nicholas:Aurora,Aurora or should I say Liz? I'm sorry I killed you like I did but it was for our own good Kivar needed you dead or Zan would of won

Kivar:Nicholas I need to talk to Liz


He leaves the room

Kivar:now Liz tomorrow were bringing Maxie boy up here here along with the other royal brats.He probably won't know it but it's a trap and you will see your belove die

Liz:he won't fall for it

Kivar:I think he will, he do anything to save my Liz


Max:I have to do something,I can't just sit here

Is:maybe Kivar will make a mistake

Micheal:I don't think he would make an mistake maybe Nicholas will

Max:you right! we should go to Lizs room and see if Nicholas left anything

Lizs room

Max:look in her bed under the covers and under the bed

Is:I'll look on her balcony

Micheal: I can't find anything

Max: can't looking

Kivar:did you put the portal opener where I told you

Nicholas: yes, on the balcony where I was standing

Kivar:good it shouldn't be to hard to find


Is: I found something

Max:what is it?

Micheal:I have no clue maybe if we....

A portal opend

Max:Nicholas must of drop it or something.Let's go in

Is:I don't know Max

Micheal:the sooner we leave and get Liz back the sooner we come back

Is:I can't believe I doing this!

They walked into the portal


Thanks to Pandas for the feedback! *happy*Part 6 tomorrow
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Part 6

Nicholas:they found the potral opener,they should be getting here any minute now.

Kivar:good,make sure your their when Zan gets here

Nicholas:I was just wondering when should Lizs power come?

Kivar:well the shot should help a little but I need to mate with her so her cells will awake

Nicholas starts to laugh

Kivar: whats so funny?

Nicholas:I'm sorry but so you think shell let you touch her?She's hate you!

Kivar:don't you think I know that. Thats where Ava comes in


Kivar:Ava hate Aurora for how shes puts it "stealing for husband".

Nicholas:how will she get here?

Tess:She's already here

Kivar:Ava my dear lovely as always

Nicholas:but how

Kiar:I'll explain later now make sure MAxs and the royal brats get here

Nicholas:I'm on my way


Is:Max were are we?

Max:I don't know Is

Micheal:I think we should of left Maria a note, she's going to kill me

Is:I really don't think you shold be worrying about MAria right now

Max:Is is right we need to find out where we are first

Nicholas:well I can tell you if you like


Nicholas:yes and your name is Max and Isabel and Micheal

Is:shut up!

Nicholas:talking to me like that won't get you closer to Liz

MAx: show me where shes is

Nicholas:follow me, oh by the way this is Antar

Is:were home

Micheal:It looks like Earth

Nicholas:yeah jsut with cleaner air


Kivar:what taking Nicholas so long?

Tess:I don't know, I been thinking those brats weren't going to tell they were leaving or going to bring me with them!

Liz's room

Liz:let me out!Max please stay away from here


Tess:Damn her!She's always calling for Max

Kivar:Ava its ok she wont be calling for Max for long


Max:how much longer?

Nicholas:a little while longer

Micheal:why are we listing to him for all we know it could be a trap

Max:as long as he gets me to Liz

Micheal:we should watch it for now

MAx:I know


Kivar:I can't wait til I mate with Liz


Kivar: oh please like you never thought of doing it with Max

Tess kept qutie

Kivar: I thought so


Micheal:I can see the palace

MAx:keep a look out we don't want any surprise's.

Liz's room

Liz:what happing to me?

Liz's hands started to glow

Its has to be from the shot. My powers are returning.


Next Part tomorrow*happy*
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Back in Kivars room

Tess:I know your going kill Micheal and Isabel but you can't kill Max

Kivar:yes I can

Tess:Kill MAx and I won't mind wrap Liz

Kivar:you B****, FINE! Max's lives


Max:Nicholas why are you helping us?

Nicholas:I have my reasonsSo you can watch Kivar take your Lizzie to bed

Micheal:It's a trap Max

Is:we have to do something

Max:throw him a enegryblast then we'll put our powers together hopefully that will be enough to kill him

Micheal:I'm ready

Max:okay now!

Micheal fire a enegry blast,Nicholas went flying to the wall

Nicholas:DAMN YOU!

They put their powers together , Nicholas started to scream and he finllay explode

Micheal:that took alot of my enegry

Max:now that were here at the palace we have to be extra careful, who knows what kivars trap is.

Is:do you think Kivar will find out soon about Nicholas?

MAx:I hope not

Inside the Palace

Kivar:whats keepin Nicholas so long? We can't wait for him tess you better start the mind wrap

Tess:Wait!what do you want me to male her see?

Kivar:Make Max appear have him tell her to do what I saythe sooner she listens the sooner I let her go

Tess:are you sure she'll fall for that?

Kivar:JUST do it!


Tess closes her eyes.Liz was sitting on the floor thinking

Liz Thinking

How did my powers come back so soon?On Earth they were taking longer,its from the shot and could it be too because I'm on Antar? I'm going to act as if I have no powers and when kivar comes in he won't know what hit him.

Liz looks up and Max comes runing in

FakeMax:Liz are you aright did he hurt you in anyway?

Liz:I'm alright,but how did you get past kivar?

FakeM:don't worry about it, I don't have musch time Micheal keeping a look out.Just do what Kivar says the sooner you listen the sooner he'll let you go.

Liz:why don't we leave right now then?

FakeM:NO!well what I mean is Kivar will be back any second now and I don't want him to catch us, hes powerful

Liz isn't dumb she new it wasn't Max she could feel.So she just played along

Liz;okay well you better go before he comes

FakeM: okay bye

Tess opens her eyes

Kivar:did it work?

Tess:yeah I think so

Kivar:you think so

Tess:it worked!

Kivar:great, well I'm going in

Kivar walks into Lizs room

Kivar:Liz I been thinking since were going to get married.Why don't we just have our honey moon right now...


Last part tomorrow*happy*Thanks again for the FeedBack!*big*

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Thanks marteloise and nickeygurl13 for the feed back!Well here it is the Last part hope you enjoy. *happy*


Liz:sure let's get startedyeah like I really want to do it with you

Kivar was about to kiss her ....

Liz:why don't we get a better room this one to small don't you think

Kivar:your right

They started to walk out when Liz blasts Kivar and sended him flying against the wall.



He fired his own own energy blasted.Liz dodgue it

Tess:Kivar whats going on?Oh hi Liz

Liz:TESS!I knew it

Tess:I guess you where going to find out anyway

Tess fire an enegry blast at Liz and sent her flying

Tess:I always wanted to do that

Liz: B****

Liz gets back up just then Kivar and Tess fire at Liz.She put up a shield. Just then Max,Micheal and Isabel come runing in and boy where they surpised.


Kivar turns around but Max has him against the wall

Is:Tess we trusted you

Tess:sure you did, always becareful with what you see.

Micheal and Is had about enough of Tess, they combined they're powers and hit Tess she fell onto the floor.tess looked bad she had blood all over her.

Liz:Let me finish her, This is for Alex and this is for me

A bright green enegry ball went flying towards Tess her body hit the wall then fell to the floor,Tess was dead.

Max was hitting Kivar with his energy blast.Kivar looked bad.Kiver would fire he would either miss or Max put his shield up.Max though what Kivar could of or would of done to Liz it made his blood boil he fire at Kivar and Kivar fell to the floor.

Liz:it's finally over

Max:are you okay, he didn't touch you?

Liz:I'm okay

They started to walk away.When Kivar used the last of his energy and fired at Liz

Kivar:If I can't have no one can...

Max was fast and put a shield up.He then fire an energy ball and kivars body went silding on the floor.Kivar was finally dead. Max kissed Liz longing

Max:I been wanting to do that


I now pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride.

Max and Liz Kissed passionately and everyone cheered.Liz took her place as The Queen of Antar and Max took his place as King.

Liz:Together forever



I hope you guys enjoyed reading my fic.I going to post a new one called I Will Always Love You so check it out.*happy*

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