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Part Fourteen, yo! Ha-Ha!

Rath was having another bad feeling while he sat on the strange bed, waiting for his strange late night snack to come out of the shower. It was odd to him that Courtney – er, Crystelle – turned down his offer of, um, water sports. This bullsh*t, c*ck-twisting waiting was a waste of his time and he was getting antsy. He looked all around her digs. Well, they were nice digs like she said, but he couldn’t figure how a hooker hooking on the Third Strip could afford Park Avenue. And actually he really didn’t give a d*mn. All he cared about was finding out if she was a natural blond. A lascivious grin spread across his face. And why should he wait?

Rath went over to the bathroom door, listening for a moment to the water running at full force, and then opened it slowly. All this steam was in there. Too much. It was like a thick cloud rising to the top and leaving the floor visible. Weird. He hunkered down, squinting, and then his mouth hung open in alarm. Skin. Goo gobs of skin sheddings were on the floor.


Just as he was backing away, the stall door was flung open and Rath reflexively threw up his hand, surprising himself when some kind of green beam shot from it, just barely deflecting a wider blue one that still knocked him backwards. Courtney, looking like wet rotten meat from the waist up with her epidermis stripped away, bent over him, taking aim with a small weapon. Shouting obscenities, Rath knocked her hand to the side, causing her to blast a hole right beside his head, and without thinking he yanked her long (blond!) p*bic hairs with all his might. While she was doubled over screaming in pain, he rolled hard against her leg, making her fall. He jumped up with the dropped weapon but before he could use it, the Skin raced to the balcony and jumped. Rath looked down on her oddly sprawled, unmoving body eight stories down.


She looked frickin dead, but…she was a Skin. He had to get outta there. Cursing crudely under his breath, he ran with inhuman speed down the fire escape stairs. See, this is what happens when you let a hard-on lead you! Rath was so pissed at himself that he didn’t think before rushing through the exit. Just as he stepped out into the side street, a blast of fiery heat struck his right side - “Dayumm!!”- and the last thing he remembered was his eyeball popping out.

***** ***** *****

The silence in the room was laced with a profound wonder – and near exhaustion. Only this moment and the connection just before existed right now; nothing else. What words could describe these feelings? Which question should be asked first? There were many and yet so much was already clear.

A tic started working in Zan’s jaw, his hazel eyes wide as he stared down into Syn’s matching expression, still absently stroking her cheeks. How long had they been like this? He turned over slowly on his back pulling her on top of him, gently rubbing her. He couldn’t believe it! He couldn’t believe what they’d just done – what he saw in her. He really saw her and saw her seeing him. And love. So much love - hot, cool, rich, sweet - between them. And more than that...his soul (d*mn, he had one!) intertwined eagerly with hers, and it was a perfect fit. Perfect.

Meant to be… Yes.

Syn winced a little.

“What’s wrong?” he asked quickly, wondering if the croaking rasp really came from him.

“N-nothing,” Syn whispered, her eyes glued to his, full of questions, wonder, love…fear. The last twisted his gut. Was she afraid of him now? The alien freak?

“You sure?” he snapped, his emotions raw. He wanted to dive back into her and never leave.

“My skin feels sensitive like…I can just feel more – of you.” There was a catch in her voice and she leaned her head on his chest to escape his penetrating gaze. Her love for him rippled almost painfully through her – overwhelming the amazement at how truly different he was. Extra special. And that was putting in mildly. Oh g*d…! Had she hallucinated the whole thing? She lifted her eyes to him.

“Zan, what--?”

He put a finger over her mouth because he saw what was coming and knew where it was leading. As long as she didn’t ask, this moment would last – this moment when he had her and it was possible to think that he’d always have her. And Zan knew what she meant. He still felt more of her too. They hadn’t fully separated yet. And in his heart it was clear that he loved her mad crazy, and his body was gaining its strength back, blooming with the desire of his heart. He wanted to go back inside her now – right now! – in every way. Zan almost helplessly pushed his groin up against her, watching her eyes darken in response, but she closed them, imperceptibly moving away from their joining. When she opened them again, he saw the conflict there. And more questions now than before. D*mn. Zan pushed himself up into a sitting position, taking her with him.

Syn grabbed his shoulders tightly. “Zan?”

With a wry lopsided smile he kissed her forehead. “Easy, baby. Don’t bruise me.” Syn didn’t smile back however and he stared down into her sweet face full of anxiety. The memory of the night was returning, dulling the tender moment. Zan pulled away suddenly and stood directly in front of her.

Gaping unabashedly, Syn thought he was just…magnificent from head to toe. Beautiful…but his eyes were blank.

“Get up.”

“No. Don’t act cold. Please, I can’t deal with that right now, Zan. Don’t --”

“Come on.” He pulled her up firmly by the hand and steadied her cuz she was a little shaky on her feet and so was he. Syn exhaled when his expression softened as he looked down on her. She was lovely…perfect… “Come on. Let me wash you.”

Warmth flooded her and she nodded wordlessly, not wanting to think or ask any questions about anything right now. She let him lead her into the bathroom and stood quietly as he adjusted the shower nozzle and the water’s temperature. He was making it very warm. She stared at his naked back and thought how natural it was to be nude with him. Syn wasn’t the least embarrassed or nervous. She belonged with him like this. If anything was true, it was that.

Zan was trying hard not to think about what happened tonight. Not yet. He couldn’t do this one thing for her now if he did. A cloud of rage was approaching in his brain , the memory trying to grow sharp and clear, her memory that he lived through when they were joined, the memory of an animal who had mauled her. A b*tch son of a f*cking c*nt!! Grabbing the shower curtain in one fist, Zan closed his eyes, gritting his teeth, and took deep breaths. Not yet, not yet! Just do this one thing for her now…

Pleasure washed over Syn with the warm spray when he pulled her under it with him. She saw his tension, but she wouldn’t push him now. The curtain enclosed them in their own cocooned world and she would revel in it as long as possible.

“Um, Zan, that’s my shampoo,” she said with a smile, putting her hands lightly on either side of his hard, trim waist. Mmm, very nice.

“That’s what you wash your hair with, right?”


“Well a’ight then.” He began to lather her hair and scrub. He had such a nice rhythm going that Syn hung her head and murmured contentedly, her fingers kneading his flesh much like a purring cat would do.

Zan shifted. “Syn…Stop, man…Yo!” She could hear the smothered laughter in his voice. As much as she wanted to make him shriek if she could, she stilled her hands but didn’t relinquish her hold on him.

He was giving her hair a final rinse and tilted her head back. He looked down at her face full of trust even with her eyes closed. She trusted him. A well of tenderness for her overflowed in his heart. D*mn, he was turning into a regular Romeo – and he liked it. He washed her thoroughly and carefully – all over - seeking to erase what happened to her right off her skin. What never should have happened. What he let happen!

Syn was enjoying being washed by him so lovingly that it was about half a minute before she realized that his hands were motionless on her shoulders. She finally opened her eyes and immediately hers reflected the blazing emotion she saw in his.

“Am I going to spend the rest of my life asking you ‘what’s wrong’?” He didn’t answer but just stared holes into her. Alarmed, she tentatively smoothed his cheek and tried to smile as they stood like statues under the hard spray of water. “If I tell you I…love you, will you say something?”

Zan face seemed to break up with pain and he hugged her tightly to him. “Syn, I’m so sorry – so f*cking sorry – I didn’t get to you sooner! I should’ve been there to protect you from –!” Abruptly he stepped out of the shower and pulled her behind him, making Syn gasp when he dried them both with a wave of his hand. She took a deep breath.

“It’s not your fault! It’s not. How could you have known?”

“Because I felt it! It was pain and I should have known it was you!” He picked her up in his arms and Syn’s went instantly around him, their eyes level as he carried her out.

“Zan, I’m feeling a little crazy right now. My head is spinning with everything that’s happened.” Her voice dropped low. “With what we shared – what you did…inside me. And…what you are! My g*d! We have to talk.”

He set her down, turning away to riffle through her bureau drawers like she hadn’t said anything.

“What are you doing?”

He pulled out the first long nightie he found and, exasperated, she allowed him to put it on her. Avoiding her eyes he pushed her down into bed and pulled the covers up around her. Syn could feel him detaching himself from her, pulling completely away. She grabbed his arms.

“Will you open your mouth and say something? Look at me!” When he did, a jolt of sharp awareness pierced her. His determination, his anger, his desire…entered her.

With a curse he knocked her hands away and pulled her up by the shoulders several inches off the bed, glaring down at her until her mouth caught his attention. He muttered something unintelligible and rubbed his cheek against hers. “Oh baby!” he whispered roughly. He took her mouth with a kiss that was pleading, demanding, even painful, but she was all the way into it – until a few strands of their connection rejoined and she glimpsed a wall of rage building in him. It was still far away but it was moving quickly to his surface, changing him inside in the process. It was a frightening sight. What was happening to him?

He broke the kiss off and pressed his forehead to hers, listening to their labored breathing. He swallowed hard, unconsciously tightening his hold on her. “When I healed you, I saw and felt everything he did to you. Everything!” He lowered her gently. When he stood up, his voice was emotionless and his cold eyes that of a stranger. “And I can’t live with that, so there’s something I gotta do. Right now.”

“No.” Syn shook her head, not liking what she sensed. “No, Zan, stay with me. Don’t leave me right now. Just hold me for a little while. Please!”

But she realized his mind wasn’t even in the room anymore. A second later his body followed and sobs racked hers as she curled into a fetal position. How could he leave her to face her own shock like this? How could he just leave without her knowing if he was coming back? Oh dear!, she thought helplessly as tremors of fear and the memory of pain shook her. Dawdek could be lurking anywhere! She couldn’t feel anything, no color, no taste. He could be watching her window even now! Grinning murderously like the demon he was, waiting…

With a small frightened cry, she ran to grab a large carving knife off the kitchen counter and scooted back into bed again.

She bunched the end of the pillow in her fist. How could he just leave her? How could he? She cried hard and bitterly until she suddenly stopped, her eyes wide and unblinking as she listened…

***** ***** *****

“You didn’t do what you were supposed to do!”

Lonnie’s eyes narrowed at Larek standing over her as she sat on a park bench in the Ramble. “First – how about you step back? I’m here contemplating sh*t and you running up on me in the dark like some mad gorilla…That’s better. Now what’s your problem?”

“What’s my problem? Have you been drinking without the pills? What was Zan doing at the summit, Vilandra?”

She stood up quickly. “What the h*ll are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about your incompetence!”

“You’re crazy! He wouldn’t go without -- ” Brows knitting she turned slowly away. “D*mn him!”

“Not only him, love. He can not be allowed to return to Antar.” Larek’s jaw clenched with frustration. “ Either you’re going to take care of this right now or I am.”

“The h*ll you are! Nobody touches him but me! He’s my g*dd*mn brother. I’ll do it.”

“Ah…I don’t think you’re hearing me, princess. You’ve been bullsh*tting for over a week. Your version of ‘I’ll do it’ isn’t working for me.”

“Well, um, that’s real regrettable, Larek, but that’s not really my problem.”

“Maybe I’ve been eating you out so much – “

“ – More like not enough. – “

“- that it’s scrambled your brain. Don’t you remember what the king – your brother - was planning to do before he was killed? Don’t you remember him finding out about you? Don’t you remember how you lost everything?”

“Yeah, I remember! But what I don’t remember is you coming to the rescue! Interesting – that.”

“Oh and how would that have helped? My planet is underdeveloped to the point of extinction. I’m the first heir to the throne in seventeen generations to have a feasible plan to change that. So you and I going out in a blaze of passion that the troubadours could sing about isn’t an equal trade-off. Sorry.”

Lonnie’s eyes were slits. “Yes. You definitely are sorry.”

Larek’s expression softened a little. “Look, if you aren’t executed – by order of the king, your brother – a second time, you’ll certainly be imprisoned where they don’t serve the sayket and tir you loved so much.

“Me on lock-down? I don’t think so!”

“That’s right. Because we’re going to do this. Look, we can get everything we want, Vilandra. Kill Zan now. Kill Khivar later. Eh wait…you better kill Deshamos before Khivar. He’s the support behind the cardboard dictator.”

“Hold up. Who do think I am - one of your thugs? Like you said, your country is underdeveloped. I’m gonna rule Antar – as Queen - so you don’t tell me what to do.”

“The point is you aren’t anything now! And if he goes back to Antar, that’s the way you’re going to stay. He doesn’t remember what happened for some reason or other, but he will be reminded as soon as he gets back. The king may be a rough-around-the-edges human hybrid who’s spent his second life in a sewer, but I’ve seen and heard him. The part of him that is the Shizon has not changed one bit. The choice is yours to participate in this or not, but I’m going to do what I have to do for me and my planet. Period.”

“Cold b*tch, ain’t you?”

“What’s it going to be, Vilandra?”

Lonnie stared at him venomously, fuming, another idea already forming in her mind. “I’ll take care of it as soon as he shows up.”

“No, you find him. Now.”

***** ***** *****

Down in Bensonhurst, Danny Mangione was sitting with his back to his Mom’s bay window, dialing Sneddy. He wanted to know what happened to that girl Dawdek was roughing up. He’d been feeling funny about it ever since. Wrinkling his nose distastefully, he hung up. Dang, no answer. Dawdek was one evil bastard, but he had the best weed in town. In fact, he was calling Sneddy primarily to ask him to get him some. Danny frowned and plucked at the pillow beside him. Um…the girl probably stiffed Dawdek on some money or something. Plus, if a girl walks down a street alone at night, she’s taking her chances, right? Right. He flicked on the TV, waiting for his girl Lisa to come over. He needed a good f*ck to chill out. He hated being stressed!

Danny lay back, tapping the arm of the couch and watching Benny Hill, when suddenly two fists crashed through the window behind him and he was snatched violently backwards through the sharp shards and onto the lawn. Cut all over his face he struggled against the hand gripping his throat painfully.

“Stop or I’ll kill you,” said a voice so chilling that Danny complied without meaning to. He couldn’t see through the blood flowing into his eyes.

“Wh-What do you want, man?! I ain’t got no money! My Moms got jewelry all up her ass all over her bedroom, man! Go ahead! She’s not even ho - ahgg!”

“Shut. Up. Where is Sneddy?”

“I – I don’t know, man! I don’t know, man! He was waiting to get some blow from Hanson Dawdek on Calfrey Street. He hangs out at Boone’s Lounge midway the block or in the Black Juice across the Bridge, man, so - uggllh!” His assailant was slowly choking him, the increase in pressure subtle and torturous and he struggled again.

“I can make you wanna die. Stop moving. Where does he live?”

The sound of sirens far away began to draw nearer.

“Yo, the cops is coming,” Danny rasped.

“And they’ll be going - but you won’t if you don’t talk.”

“I – I think it’s, um, 1408 McNeil Street!” When he didn’t say anything else, a fist slammed into his stomach.


Close to his ear he heard, “If you’re lying, I will find you. I know your colors and your smell now. Next time you see a girl getting jacked up by a worthless sh*t like you, stop him or call these f*cking cops you so happy to see now. Here’s a present for your compassion…”

Some neighborhood dogs started barking again when Danny screamed as the assailant broke his right arm and leg. He fainted with the sound of sirens and heavy shoes running towards him, growing louder in his ear.

***** ***** *****

Sneddy was sitting near the men’s bathroom in the Black Juice, his head back against the wall. His high was wearing off and he was pissed. He’d get Dawdek for slicing up his face and giving him weak crap! Yeah, he’d get him. He stood up, not in the least wobbly. D*mn cheat! He stomped out into the street and went towards his car, fuming all the way when he heard a step behind him and turned to see this dude staring in his grill.

“What the f*ck do you want?”

This guy didn’t say anything, but just stood there twisting a white cloth or something, his face almost indecipherable with the streetlight behind him.

“Do you know what it feels like to have so much sh*t stuffed in your mouth that your jaws ache?”

Sneddy’s eyes widened as he looked at the younger man in front of him. D*mn, this must be about the little ho and Dawdek. Dude looked like he knew something.

“Man, Dawdek is a f*cking psycho.” Sneddy straightened his slouched gait, casually looping his fingers into his jean pockets. A small screwdriver was in one of them. “He’s the one you want. I ain’t do nothing to her.”

Sneddy’s pulse leaped in alarm at dude’s chilling expression and the odd voice that didn’t sound quite…human.

“Nah, that’s alright. You’ll do for now.”

Sneddy had seen enough slasher flicks to know the deal. He lunged suddenly at the guy, but the screwdriver strangely sliced through nothing but air. Before he could whip around a hand splayed over his face, slamming his head down against the pavement.

“You like playing lookout while a girl gets raped and killed? And that’s nothing? Well, let me show you what ‘nothing’ feels like.” The guy passed his hand over him and Sneddy felt excruciating pain all over his body.

“What the f*ck did you do…to me?!” he choked out, writhing around desperately on the ground. “Son of – AHHHHHH!” Nearly mindless Sneddy grabbed the left side of his face but some ruthless energy was keeping him from fainting.

“You know what they say in one of your religious books. How does it go? If your left eye causes you to sin…Pluck. It. Out?” He crushed the eye in his fist to jelly, dispassionately watching Sneddy’s mouth open gruesomely in a silent scream. “Well, here you go.” He stuffed the glob into Sneddy’s front shirt pocket and left him quivering in shock on the pavement.

***** ***** *****

Ava was quickly packing her bag – not that she really had to rush cuz she didn’t have much. She’d made up her mind. She was not leaving Earth. Besides, she was having a good time with Roman Duvane. The Royal Three could do the ‘Mission to Mars’ without her.

It was cold outside so even though it hurt her fashion sense, she put on a long thick-knit black skirt and matching turtleneck, hidden now by a leather coat that went down to her feet. Slightly cornball, but better than suffering the chill above ground. She looked around the pod crib – her home for eighteen years, only about eleven of which she could remember. She felt nothing - no remorse or regret about leaving. There was nothing and no one she would miss. D*mn. Oh well…She turned to go but saw two figures limping and gasping their way towards her. D*mn, d*mn, d*mn! She didn’t leave soon enough. As they got closer Ava could make out Korn barely holding up a stumbling, bloody, nearly unconscious Rath.

“What the f*ck is this?” she cried, her delayed getaway forgotten.

“This is what I was trying to tell you!” Korn snapped angrily. “The enemy is among us!”

Rath was groaning like a wounded animal, holding the right side of his face and rocking back and forth on the cot. “Yo, Korn!” he gasped out. “Man, f*ck the talking! Heal this sh*t! g*dd*mn!

“I’m trying!” Korn was attempting to pull something out of each pocket of his long trench coat but his sleeves were snagged in them. “Vennd*mn!” Ava stepped back in alarm when he viciously kicked the leg of Rath’s cot in frustration.

“Owww, man! Dayumm! What the f*ck?! Come on!

Korn finally snatched the objects out of his pockets and held them over Rath. “Okay, stop moving.”

“Man, just grow me another eye now! Sh*t!”

Will you stop f*cking moving so I can do this?” Korn barked in an unsteady voice. This was a bad time to come down off his high. If only he had a blunt!

Ava gaped as the stones in his hands began to glow green and Rath’s movements stilled altogether except for the heavy rise and fall of his chest.

“Whew! That’s better,” he said. “That’s – “ He removed his hands from his no longer bleeding eye socket and looked around above him at Korn and Ava. “Hey, wait a minute!” He sat up quickly, poking at the eyeless hole. “Korn man, where’s my new eye?!

“I can’t give you a new eye,” the shapeshifter replied stiffly. “Not now anyway. I don’t have the devices for it.”

“Well, how about you go get ‘em?

“What’s the use of a new eye to you when you’ll probably be dead soon anyway? The Skins don’t give up and Zan screwed up the summit.”

“He won’t tell us when he’s meeting the reps,” Ava offered quietly.

“Oh, he met with them already, but he walked out of the meeting. The Holy Days are over, the war is back on in full effect, and nothing – absolutely nothing – has been resolved by the council. In fact they may have decided by now that the peace pact could better be made if Zan were dead anyway. What a mess!”

Rath looked from left to right with his mouth ostentatiously opened wide. “Ho-ho-ho-hold it! You saying Zan met with the emissary and walked out on the summit without telling the rest of us jack??”

“Not telling you is'nt the problem, Rath. I’m glad the rest of you didn’t go. None of you have any self-control or sense of decorum.”

“I wonder why,” Ava said sarcastically, looking at their surroundings.

“Putting the four of you down here wasn’t my idea,” Korn shot back heatedly.

Rath stood up decisively. “Yo, none of that sh*t matters now. First of all, when can I get my eye, man, cuz this is some foul sh*t!

A cold ripple went through Korn crying out for a fix, making him want to pull his hair out. “You’re about to drive me muthaf*cking crazy about this eye! If you hadn’t let your head get twisted by a Skin in a skirt, you wouldn’t have this problem and I wouldn’t be wasting my f*cking time!”

“I think you better watch your mouth, man, cuz Zan’s out. I’m in command. Take me to the reps. I’ll settle this bullsh*t once and for all.”

“Oh you’re in command and Zan’s out? Really?” Ava queried challengingly, stepping closer. “Well, I’m the d*mn queen. You’re only like the head of the army or whatever. I’m next in line to rule.”

Rath laughed mockingly. “Ain’t nobody ever tripped as hard as you trippin’ right now, half-pint.”

“Let’s go,” Korn commanded. “It’s not safe here. I don’t know whether we were followed or not, but I can’t take that chance. I’ve got another place for you.”

“No, Korn, the reps. I wanna talk to them. Now!”

“It doesn’t work like that. As long as Zan is alive, he’s the only one they want and he’s very much alive.”

“How do you know that for sure?” Ava asked.

“As your protector I can sense it. That’s also how I caught the vibe that Rath was being attacked.”

“Whatever, man. It didn’t do my d*mn eye no good.”

Korn pressed his lips tightly together, trying not to completely snap.

“Zan ain’t here,” Rath continued, oblivious. “So the only place I’m going is wherever he is cuz we gonna have this sh*t out once and for f*cking all. And if you wanna tag along and protect us, Korn, be my guest.”

“Now you look – “

“What do you mean ‘we’?” Ava demanded.

“What do you think I mean, dorkette? I mean you and me. We gonna look for Zan and Lonnie and settle this.”

Ava sat down and folded her arms resolutely. “My name ain’t changed. It’s Ava. A-va. And I hate to disappoint you but I ain’t going nowhere.

Rath walked towards her menacingly. “No, you ain’t gonna disappoint me.”

“Bring it on, Mohawk.” Ava stood up, totally hostile. “I’m sick your sh*t anyway!”

Enough!” Korn held up his hands and his eyes were glowing a neon green. “No one’s staying here and no one’s looking for Zan. You are both leaving New York. Right now.

***** ***** *****

Dawdek was uncomfortable and pissed. Sneddy’s cousin Crux couldn’t do sh*t with his leg so he had to go to the ER. Sure, they might find traces of stuff in his veins but so what? They were amazed he could walk. Didn’t they know Old Nick took care of his own? But they went ahead and did their drug, cut and sew thing to his leg and then put him in a room. When you don’t have no insurance, the f*ckers get real careless ‘n’ sh*t. If his leg ended up looking like lumps of coal, he was gonna ‘see about’ the operating team – every last one of ‘em.

Dawdek closed his eyes, his hand wrapped around his favorite charm. Syn Morgan. He still wanted her and he meant to have her one way or another. Her flesh would be sweet but her blood would be sweeter. Little cow tried to strip his leg like f*cking chicken. Yeah, tomorrow he’d get her again – if Dino Dog hadn’t made Kibbles ‘n’ Bits out of her.

He must have fallen asleep but not for long because when he opened his eyes suddenly, it was still pitch black in his room. What woke him? Dawdek lifted his head slightly and froze. Something wasn’t right. Some-f*ckin-body else was in here with him. He wasn’t one to spook easily. Sh*t, folks thought he was spooky. But still… He lay listening and didn’t hear breathing but he felt eyes, emotionless eyes.

“So what are you? A midnight shift ho looking for the gold in my sack?” No scent, invisible. Inhuman?

“Not quite,” an indescribable voice answered. Suddenly the dim lamp high up on the wall opposite him came on and Dawdek could see a figure lounging in the corner chair. He could see only enough to tell that it was a young dude with spiky hair, who turned towards the lighted wall where Dawdek had scrawled a thick red pentagram. The figure turned back to look at him, tilting his head to the side. “Oh. You one of them.”

Dawdek raised his palms in mock surrender. “Okay, you got me. Soooo...‘not quite’, what the f*ck do you want?”

“Syn Morgan.”

Dawdek chuckled coarsely. “Well, take a number, young boy. What’s the matter? You creep up on me in here like you gonna do something and you mention her name. What are you – some avenging hero?” he sneered. “You done bit off more than you can chew, boy. And I don’t go easy on first time offenders. What I’d like to know is, how many pieces of that little sweetmeat is left in that alley?”

The young dude got up and slowly paced at the foot of his bed, not looking at him. The lamp went out suddenly and the air became still in the room plunged into darkness. It was completely and strangely silent for a long time and Dawdek thought maybe he’d been dreaming until he was startled by a voice - not quite human - whispering with extreme menace in his ear, “Not as many as the pieces of you that’ll be left in here...Dawdek.”

And Dawdek struggled wildly to no avail when what felt like a row of razors slowly tore the top layer of skin off his entire face.

That whole floor of the hospital was alerted by the hideous, animal-like screaming and crashing sounds coming from Room 217, but neither the nurses nor security guards could open the door…

***** ***** *****

Syn sat on the floor near the door looking at the portrait of herself that she found there. Two boot prints marred it. It was Zan’s work and it was good. She traced the laughing face full of light and joy with an indolent finger. It was so lifelike – even if he did make her look prettier that she was. A reluctant smile crossed her face. Did he really see her this way?

She was finding it difficult to hold on to her resentment. She wanted him to come back. Right now. What if he were hurt? What if Dawdek had killed him? She knew Zan went after him. She just knew it. Panic started deep in her chest and, gripping her rosary, she concentrated on breathing easily. No, she wasn’t going there. She wasn’t going to think that way. She couldn’t.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of heavy footfalls – like somebody jumping up three flights of steps five or six at a time, stopping abruptly at her door. Syn remained still, holding her breath as a maddening silence stretched out, finally broken by a tentative knock.

“Who is it?” she demanded, knowing very well who it was. The magenta was unmistakable but it was a dull shade now and it was somehow...bent.

“Syn, it’s me.”


There was a pause full of meaning and then, “I just wanna see if you’re a’ight.”

“I’m the same way I was when you left me here.”

“Syn – “

“Go away.” The petulant words flew out of her mouth before she could stop them.

She heard a deep sigh. “Come on, man, just open the door.”

Syn dejectedly put the portrait beside her on the floor and folded her hands in her lap. “But you don’t need me to open the door, do you?” She got up and went to the stove to light a fire under the teapot.

She kept herself steady while she searched through her cabinets for the honey, even though her pulse leaped at the sound of the door opening easily – the door with the double lock, the door with a chain latch. Without turning around she could feel him moving towards her. It was a little scary how quietly he moved.

“Well, you’re in here and now you see me,” she began matter-of-factly after some moments of strained silence. She squeezed some honey in a mug. “Care to answer some questions?”

Syn stiffened then melted in a shiver as Zan smoothed his large veined hands over hips and across her stomach, pressing her against him.

“Yeah, I care, peach,” he breathed into her ear. Her eyes fluttered shut when he slowly kissed her hair, her ear, her cheek, then squeezed her tightly against him, pulling her up to bury his face in her neck with a soft groan. He knew he shouldn’t be touching her with hands that been so violent and covered with blood less than an hour ago, but he couldn’t help himself. “You feel too good, baby.”

“Zan, please…”

His heart ached when she pulled reluctantly away from his embrace. Annoyed at his own vulnerability, he let her go.

Syn turned and stopped short when she finally saw his face. He was totally exhausted. They stared at each other and he looked broodingly resigned to whatever she was going to say. She wanted to demand some answers. She wanted to know exactly who he was and what he was doing here – in his own words. And if her dream were true…if all of it were true, than what did it mean? What next? And there was something she was forgetting about – like a big chunk of her short-term memory was missing. What was it? What – ?

“Zan, are you an alien from a planet called Antar?” Was it possible that seconds could stretch out so long? His eyes held hers until she felt mesmerized.


She closed her eyes against a knee-jerk spurt of panic and then it was gone. “Are you here to hurt me or anybody else?”

Her words made him feel dirty. “Hurt you?” he repeated bitterly. “How can you ask me that after what happened tonight?”

She looked away from him, licking her lips nervously. “So you, um…healed me – inside. And then you…we…”

“We mated,” he finished brusquely, wishing it were true and already tired of questions.

Syn frowned, searching his features. “Mated?”

Zan looked away from her, swearing in frustration. He was being an ass. She was everything to him and he’d been nothing but a source of confusion and unrest for her. Yeah, he saw inside that she had feelings for him, but what the f*ck good was that when he’d only end up hurting her more just being what he was. He rubbed his forehead, feeling the pressure of her eyes on him. He was so tired. Zan’s anger dissipated, leaving him drained and empty except for one thought. He loved her, he loved her, he loved her….

“Hold up, hold up. Zan, let’s start from the beginning, the very beginning. Who are – ?”

“I love you, Syn. I love you like it’s the only thing I f*cking know.”

His words made her stand there staring at him like an entranced mute. They put a heat in her that rushed from her head straight down to her abdomen and made a pool of eagerness in her feminine core. She moved towards him even as he was backing away from her.

“And I ain’t gonna do nothing to hurt you no more. Goodbye.” He turned away from the sight of her face full of love for him. He had to get outta here. This was f*cking killing him!

Something inside Syn snapped. She raced to the door and blocked his exit, her chest heaving. “No, you’re not going any-g*dd*mn-where!” She unconsciously crossed herself. “You’re not leaving me again! You’re always f*cking leaving me! Are you crazy? You’re gonna answer these questions I’ve been tripping over since you first grabbed me in the Black Juice! Then you’re gonna tell me you love me again and mean it, d*mn it!”

If he stayed…aww, man, if he stayed…! “Syn, get out of my way,” he said succinctly in a hard voice, trying to mask his need.

She stepped boldly up to him, hands on her hips, thrusting her chest forward as she glared up at him. “Ha, well you’re an alien with all these superpowers. Make me. Touch me. I dare you.”

A vein throbbed in Zan’s temple in response to the sensual undertone of her challenge. His eyes swept over her greedily. “Syn, man, I’m warning you….”

“You healed me, Zan, and somehow our souls connected. And we are still connected, aren’t we? Isn’t that why you’re running away from me. Face me. Deal with this.”

He couldn’t stop his hands from combing through her hair and sliding back to cup her cheeks. Precious, so precious…. D*mn, he was trying to be noble. And that’s exactly what he was going to do. He straightened up, his hands on her waist, intending to move her away.

She sighed. “Maybe you’ll understand this better…” Reaching up and pulling his face down, Syn sucked on his closed mouth, tasting him brazenly when he immediately opened up. Her arms circled his neck and Zan quickly took over the kiss, unable to resist the love blowing up inside him – unwilling to resist Syndara Morgan. The kiss was spinning out of control, his manhood leaping up, straining to claim her – forever and always.

Syn cried out when the phone rang and Zan pulled her even tighter to him, pressing his cheek to hers while they listened to the jarring ring. Finally it was quiet except for their breathing slowing down. Syn moved slightly back to stare into his face for a long moment.

“I’ll shut off the ringer,” she whispered. “Let’s just rest now. I know you’re tired.” She rubbed his jaw tenderly with the back of her hand. “Me too. We can talk and think later. Let’s just sleep. It’s been a mad long day.”

Zan closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He kissed her eyebrows and hugged her to him again.

“A’ight,” he whispered back.


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Part Fifteen


would you stay
soft by my side
if you knew the storm was coming
changing all
saving none
love a tender flower
hanging tough against the cold winds
sweet love of mine
sweet heart of mine
will you love me
when you know me
or will you run
back to light
back to the safety
of your daddy’s pearl castle
by the sea
and then could I scale the walls
up to your room
could you still love me
when you know all
when you know all
when you know all
about this
Heart Of Mine
tell me, love,
cuz we’re running out of…


Time…stood still. In the dark he stared up at the ceiling as he caressed her bare arm across his chest lightly, feeling the nape of her neck. They were still fully clothed except for shoes but he felt naked with her. And it was good. This was peace. Being here with her, even with everything looming over them, made him feel right. Syn stirred against him and he shifted a little for her comfort. He knew she hadn’t slept any more than he had. Zan was glad he didn’t sleep cuz he would’ve missed these moments of touching her like this. Did he say time was standing still? Nah, it was running out. He didn’t want to waste a second. She snuggled even closer to him. He heard her breathing him in and as if it had a will of its own, her hand tunneled up his tee shirt to caress his heated flesh. She was making him feel high in the sky like an angel and he was saying over and over in his mind ‘f*ck destiny, f*ck Antar…’

Time…to feel so warm, so safe. Had she ever felt this complete and content – even with these thousand questions insistently crowding her mind now? She murmured softly, smoothing over the warm skin beneath her hand. She pressed her face into him, dissolving as he massaged her scalp. Capital S for sensual! Finally, Syn oh-so-reluctantly pulled away, rolling onto her back to stare up at the ceiling too. Capital S…for secrets.

“You said we mated.” Her statement, slowly delivered, hung in the air thick with enquiry. Syn sucked in her breath when he leaned over her, his face close to hers.

“I wish. I don’t know exactly what we did.” He trailed a finger from her forehead to the tip of her button nose. “I never done that before.” His voice dropped lower, going inside her. “But I wanna do it again.” He let Syn push him onto his back and she leaned over him, mimicking his caress, making him smile and ease his hands into her hair again. She rested her head on his chest, sighing. He made her belong to him…whoever he was.

Lifting herself she said quietly, “It’s tea time.”

“Yeah, I figured that.”

She got up, leaving him in bed motionless and then suddenly the room was flooded with light. It was 4am. Panic gripped him, annoying the h*ll out of him. He didn’t want to tell her a d*mn thing about any of that crap. Yet he did want to tell her and he had to tell her. Sitting up, he watched Syn light a fire under that d*mn teapot and sit at the kitchen table, waiting. He rubbed the back of his neck and oh-so-reluctantly joined her.

Syn opened her mouth to say something and froze. “I need to have that drink in front of me before we start.” She went over to the cabinets fingering the different mugs, trying to decide which she was in the mood for. Lucia’s Scooby Doo mug. Yeah. Something lighthearted and familiar. “Do you want some?”

“Nah.” He was watching her like a hawk.

Avoiding his eyes, she stood at the table and gingerly set the steaming mug down, awkwardly hesitant before she took her seat. “You’re staring. It’s making me nervous,” she said, stirring the honey in good.

“Should I look at the crack in this table instead?”

“Be my guest, but if you’re getting a ‘tude, don’t. I’m not interested. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? You –“

“You ain’t like that li’l thing I left you?”


“It’s on the floor over there with a boot print right across your face.”

“Well, you did that.”

“Syn –“

“Zan, it’s beautiful, but you’re stalling and now’s not the time.”

“I know, I know,” he said plaintively, resting his head in his hands. Syn gently plucked a muscled arm, making him look up.

“Hey, I already have an idea about who and what you are, but I’ll still think I’m nuts until you tell me - verbally.” She looked away with a wry little laugh. “Guess I’ll be certified by the time we’re through.”

“Syn, you don’t know how much I don’t wanna have this convo. Can’t we just –“ He reached for her hand, his mouth twisting wistfully. “Can’t we just go? Let’s just go.”

“I’m not even gonna lie. I’m down with that, for real, and I don’t even know where you mean. But too much has happened and a lot of it has plenty to do with too much that I don’t know about you.”

He sat up straighter, disappointed. “Yeah, I hear you. You’re right. So how you want it? Question-answer or I just run off at the mouth and watch the disgust fill up your face?”

“Sip this.” She held her piping hot cup towards him. “It’ll make you feel better.”

“I don’t want none.”

“Do it for me. I think it’ll relax you cuz you’re tense and a little angry. Here’s the bottom line. You said you loved me, and in case you didn’t feel it or I didn’t say the words…” A nervous thread entered her voice. “…I love you too, Zan. But all the shooting stars in my blood when you touch me don’t mean sh*t if we can’t be straight with each other – especially about stuff we know is important.”

“Say it again.”

“No, drink first.” Zan watched her brush the hair away from her eyes as he drank the hot strawberry brew. Hey - it was soothing him even while her ‘I love you’ made him ready to get on his knees and sing some friggin Sinatra…or 112’s ‘Peaches & Cream’. D*mn!

“Where are you going?” Syn asked, alarmed when he stood abruptly. He went and picked up the portrait off the floor and brought it back.

“You’re right. Everything you said. But before we go to the land of no return, I gotta know. Do you really like it or not, yo?

Syn laughed, exasperated. “Yes, alright?! It is beautiful! Thank you. You know it’s good. I wish I’d known you were such a sucker for flattery sooner.”

His intention was blatant as he came around to her side of the table. “Let me show you what I’m a sucker for, peach.”

“Wait!” She put her hands up. “I tell you I love you and you’re still stalling!”

“Say it again, Syn.”

She tried to hide her anticipation when he pulled her up and knew she was failing miserably. “I love you.” The look in his eyes enchanted her so she said it again.

His whispered something raw before claiming the full lips that haunted his dreams and his reality. Heaven, yo. She floored him! But she was holding back. “I need more of you,” he demanded harshly against her closed mouth. “Open your mouth, baby. Let me in there. Let me make them 'shooting stars'...” He tugged insistently at her bottom lip ring, cupping her face. Syn said his name in helpless surrender and he entered her. Sweet. So sweet but now he craved even more. “Syn, let me…do it. You know…”

“Mmm…Zan, we r-really should…talk first.” He pressed slow, drugging kisses all over her face, distracting her. “Well, maybe just…a little bit…Mmm, that’s good, honey…Go on, do it. Just a little…”

“No, no…” Zan hugged her tightly instead. What was he thinking? What if she saw what he did tonight? Yeah, he’d tell her about it, but he didn’t want her to see it. Shees! She’d run screaming to the hills. Sh*t, he would in her place! “Not yet, peach.”

“Tease.” There was that agitated magenta patting her all over again. She sat and waited for her heartbeat to slow down. “Without further ado then, let’s talk, boy. Sit please. Very good. Soooo…I hardly know where to start, so let’s tackle ground already covered just for the record. What’s your name?”

“Zan Kapol shar-Kelos Hod.”

Syn blinked. “Wow. Okay. How old are you?”

Zan thought it better to give the simple but still true answer until they progressed to the other stuff. “Eighteen.”

“Eighteen. Now…where are you from? What are you?”

“I’m part-human, part-alien. The alien part of me is from a planet called Antar a whole bunch o’ light years away from this room.” There, he said it. He actually said that sh*t. And it sounded really stupid….

Syn looked down as she raised the cup to her mouth for a big gulp, a pinky finger daintily extended. Only the pulse leaping in her neck gave him any indication that she reacted to his words. She placed the cup down carefully, stared and suddenly laughed, eyes shut.

“Syn –“

“No.” She help up a hand, shaking her head.

“Look at me.”

She did, saying, “Elaborate.”

“Fifty-five years ago Zan Kapol, King of Antar was straight up assassinated. Dead. His Moms was like ‘No way!” and being part of this advanced civilization she commanded one the advanced scientists to grow her son back some kinda way and hide him so that when he grew up, he could return and rule the world again.” Zan paused a moment, watching Syn’s calm expression, letting his words sink in – he hoped. “You with me so far?…Peach?”

“Um yeah, I-I’m with you. Zan, I just – no, go ahead. Keep going.”

“You sure?”


“They decide on Earth. So this scientist comes here, picks a couple human DNA samples - plucks ‘em right off the peeps - and jets. Before he makes the hybrid, he has to run the different DNA samples past Moms cuz she wants final say on what kinda human the king’s gonna be – looks, attitude, all that. So she picks one, science wiz mixes one, but ain’t no way dude’s going back to the Caveman Planet to raise the king. Moms understands and since he did such a great job, she gives the dubious honor to somebody else. Let’s call him a ‘protector’. So the protector is ordered to take the embryonic king back to Earth and raise him. And that - that him is me. Me.”

Syn twirled her spoon in the short silence that followed and cleared her throat. “Ah…alrighty then. You – you said this all happened fifty-five years ago, but you say you’re eighteen. How’s that work?”

“Syn, do you believe anything I’m saying?”

She looked away from him, deliberating. “I believe you’re not lying.”

“You believe I ain’t lying, but you also believe that what I’m saying might not be true. Right?”

“You just wouldn’t believe that you’re the second person in my life to tell me a very, very unusual story….Oh no!” Syn’s hands flew to her mouth and she jumped up, Zan coming instantly to her side.

“What is it? Syn, what’s wrong?”

“Mack!” she said, diving around him for the phone near her bed and started dialing. Zan quickly followed and pressed the switch hook. “Zan, what are you doing? I have to call my brother! He’s - Sh*t, how could I forget about –?“

“You can’t go near him.”

“Why the h*ll not?!” She put the phone down, an idea slowly dawning. “Larek.” She threw the name at him like a fly ball and wasn’t disappointed. Something flared in his eyes. “Oh g*d! What’s that name mean to you, Zan? I have to know.”

“Sh*t, the muthaf*cka said he didn’t – ! What do you know about him? He touch you? Did he f*ckin touch you?!”

“No! But who or what the h*ll is he, Zan?”

“I’m gonna tell you when I get to that part.”

“Well, get to it now! Mack thinks a being named Larek’s been possessing his…body.” She backed away from him, stumbling down onto the chair behind her. “Explain this – quick.”

Grimly, Zan joined her, not liking the fear clouding her browns. The last thing he wanted was happening. His alien sh*t was all in her world. All in it. F*ck! “A’ight. But first I gotta tell you – “

The phone rang, rattling Syn like a bag of bones. Unexpected phone calls at friggin 4:30am were not good, not good at all.
“Hello,” she said tersely, gripping the receiver hard.

“Syn, it’s Mack.”

“Oh g*d, Mack!” She closed her eyes briefly in relief. “Are you okay?”

“Yes…ah, where have you been?”

He voice tasted like… vinegar. And it shouldn’t. “The subway. A guy jumped in front of the train. We had to wait and get escorted off and…well, where have you been? I called you a dozen times and got no answer.”

“Come on over later, okay? I must speak with you.” Frowning, Syn looked at Zan standing beside her. “Mack, where is Wheat?”

“Wheat? He…went home.”

Syn bit her lip. “So his…1980 Chevelle didn’t conk out on you when y’all picked up the priazzo?” She felt a chill when there was silence on the line.

“No, it made it there and back alright. So…how’s that new guy you’re seeing?”


Another creepy silence. “That punk rock guy. What’s his name? Zan or something?”

Some instinct told her to say, “Mack, who are you talking about? Are you on drugs?”

“So you really don’t know who I’m talking about?” queried a brisk, cold voice now completely unlike Mack’s.

“No. What’s wrong with you?”


Syn looked at the receiver incredulously.

“What’d he say?” Zan demanded.

“I-I don’t think that was him!”

“What did he say?”

“He said Wheat’s Chevelle ran okay tonight, but Wheat took the bus over there. Plus, Wheat’s great-granddad’s car is a 1974 Impala, not a ’80 Chevelle and it’s broke - permanently. Mack knew that. I think,” she continued slowly, trying not to break down, “that was this Larek thing. He’s got my brother and he’s done something to Wheat.”

“Who’s Wheat?”

“A friend. Zan, I need –“

“You can’t go near your brother.”

“My friend might be dead!

“It ain’t safe and I’m not gonna let anything happen to you!”

She glared at him stubbornly. “Then don’t let anything happen to me. Let’s go.” She grabbed her coat, stopping at the door when he didn’t follow her, tears filling her eyes. “Please! These are people I love. I need you to help me, Zan.”

He went and stood in front of her, his expression hard. “Com’ere.” Instantly she reached for him and was enfolded in his arms. He squeezed her tight, wanting so much to keep her away from all harm. “Baby, there’s so much more I gotta tell you. I need to tell you.”

“I know!” she said, the words muffled against his warmth. She pulled back a little to look up into his stormy hazels. “But all I can focus on right now is my family. We have to hurry.”

He didn’t have a choice cuz, short of him strapping her down, he knew she was gonna go without him. “A’ight then. Let’s go.”

Syn was already running down a flight of steps before he grabbed his own jacket. His face was formidable as he stomped down after her. If Larek was there in Mack’s apartment and in his body – if that muthaf*cka was the one that called Syn, he was gonna kill that space b*tch. For real.

Yeah, but…won’t you be killing her brother too?


***** ***** *****

She looked at her watch. Almost 4:30am. Pulling her short leather jacket tightly around her, Lonnie exited Bloomingdale’s in a foul mood, the knee-length black skirt hugging her angry stride. Zan hadn’t shown up and the d*mned communicator wouldn’t work for her. If she could have, she would’ve summoned the emissary herself and tried to find out where the reps were going to meet next. Larek with his smart ass didn’t want to tell her cuz he was scared she’d do what she was planning to do – head the summit her-f*ckin-self. She didn’t need Zan, Larek, Rath, Nicholas or none of ‘em. And she didn’t believe all this bullsh*t about they only wanted to talk to the king. The d*mned Shizon. Ha! Them b*tches was dying like flies back home. They’d take any royal blood they could!

About three blocks down Third Avenue, she whistled shrilly for a taxi, trying to quell a niggling doubt. Cold as it was, she felt like taking a long ride. A black jaguar, an XK8 convertible with pitch black windows, pulled up beside her. She sneered like a rabid animal, emphasizing the vulgar gesture she made at the driver’s window. Whoever it was he didn’t know she was in the mood to kill slowly and enjoy it. The window slid down smoothly.

“Well, well. If it isn’t the ‘Little Princess’.”

Lonnie gave him her signature stare and rolled her eyes. “Tck! Eat me.” She started walking away and he trailed her.

“If you stop moving I will. Get in.”

“I ain’t got time for your sh*t, man. I’m serious.”

His lips tightened, eyes hidden by the Dior shades. “You’re going to make time.”

Her lips curled mockingly as she kept walking. “For what, little boy? Holding your hand while we watch ‘Sponge Bob’?

The jaguar turned wildly onto the pavement blocking her path, and snatching off his shades, the driver jumped out, slamming the door.

Lonnie smiled maliciously. “Oh, am I supposed to be scared now? Nicholas, what do think you want?”

“A change in your f*cking attitude for one. Your ass warming my bed for two.”

“Wow, you sure aim high. Good luck with it. I’m busy.” She started to move around him, but he held her arm.

“Busy, huh? Are you, um, lost? What were you doing in Bloomie’s? I know you weren’t trying to get the jump on the triple-D cup bra sale.”

“I could ask you the same thing. But you know what? I’m not.”

“There was a time back home when you weren’t nearly so unfriendly. Before Khivar had you, I did.”

“Correction. I did you, then I did him. And guess what. I ain’t doing none of you muthaf*ckas right now, so what are we talking about here? When my dear mother Nira cast the deciding vote to make you Second Counsel, suddenly sex with me became incestuous.”

Nicholas sighed impatiently. “I never said that. But it is a fact that we’re related. I didn’t want anybody thinking I moved up the ladder because of that.”

“You are so full of sh*t. We’re second cousins three times removed. Nobody, including me, even knew you existed before Zan’s coronation, so get outta my face.”

“I did. And you jumped straight into the Head Counsel’s bed, the bed of the present ruler of Antar, didn’t you, Vilondra? I bet you were f*cking him within a week of me taking up residence in the East Wing. You couldn’t wait ‘til I got settled in, could you? When the least little thing doesn’t go your way, you start stabbing everybody in the back. Well, that’s okay. I knew you were a universal b*tch from the beginning, but now you owe me what I want.”

Lonnie was growing weary of the conversation. If she had to fight him with alien powers openly in the street, she was of a mind to do it. She just didn’t care anymore.

“This is stale. Move, Deshamos.” He grabbed her tightly around the waist, surprising her with his strength. A challenge. She laughed, but then… “Wh-what…Stop it!” She squirmed, desire starting to pool in her and he dug his fingers into her g-spot even harder.

“Ah, I remember everything you like – everything you couldn’t get enough of.”

While she was panting against him, she thought, Well, maybe I do need is to release some stress…and find out what I wanna know at the same time. Sex and information – my two favorite things…

Nicholas reached under her skirt and plunged down into her opaque stockings to eagerly squeeze her flesh. “Get in the car, Vilondra,” he said roughly. “You know I know what to do for you and how long to do it….”

The city that never sleeps was nevertheless quiet and subdued in the early morning hours when the jaguar raced across town.


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I'm glad you liked my li'l try at poetry, Heatwave!

Hiya, Cereth. Mack is the other person that told Syn an strange story. Poor guy thinks he's being bodysnatched or something! :(

To all of you great "ADJ" fans, just for you, I will post another part this coming weekend!! *bounce* Somebody stand on their toes like Michael Jackson and go 'Eee-hee!" LOL Part...Sixteen (hee-hee!) is coming along nicely and I'm as giddy as a goose right now! Just because. *tongue* LOL
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LivE originally wrote:
Please tell me something horrible isn't in the offing for them. Larek needs to get his ass kicked and Lonnie is just the worst ho the world has ever seen!


Anyway, I shan't spoil you! (Shan't? I'm being haunted by Louisa May Alcott! Who read Little Women and thought Jo's marrying the old guy didn't fit the story? Ms. Alcott was going to leave her independently single but her publishers had a fit. Those were the days, huh?)
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Mack had the crazy story, right, got it. *Nods head*

So, Friday is technically the weekend right??

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Friday is technically the weekend, but...Sunday is the day! Sunday evening. It's a-comin'! Hee-hee! I can't believe it's not going to take me a month to get out the next part. lol

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Did you just say Sunday? As in two days away Sunday? This Sunday? November 11, 2001? That Sunday?


I am smiling like a giddy freak right now!!!!!!

OHHH!!! And ZansLove told me they have a name now!!!!

LUCID DREAMERS!!!!! AHH! I'm so excited for my fav fic couple!!!!!!! And you! You created characters in a story that warrant their own shipper name!!!!! YOU ROCK!

Ok...I'll stop now...I'm probably scaring you. SUNDAY! YES!


Hiya, WhosYrDaddy! Lucid Dreamers! I am humbled! Oh that is so sweet... Your words are music to my ears - not to mention mega E-vibes for the Writer within me - or should I say aspiring writer. It occurs to me that I've taken some liberties with spelling 'n' such. Also I think I've made up my mind now to type 'Khivar' instead of 'Kivar'. Fohgib meh! *shy* Bad Writer! lol But yes, I do mean tomorrow Sunday as in November 11, 2001. Wheeee!

Today I'm going out with another writer friend of mine and I'm taking Zan and Syn with me. We'll probably do an Ernest Hemingway or James Baldwin and sit in some li'l funky coffee shop (one where they give you real spoons and not plastic ones - we ain't talkin' Starbucks *tongue* ), buy ridiculously expensive hot chocolate and pastries, and write, write, write...for a few hours.

So without further ado, I shall depart and see y'all tomorrow evening. I shan't return 'til I post the new chapter! *angel*

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One warning: rough language - as usual. Dupes are rough, yo! LOL Okay, feedback, feedback! You know I gotta have feedback! *bounce*

Part Fifteen


“Yo, stay behind me,” Zan whispered to Syn as they approached Mack’s apartment door.

They stopped in front of it and Zan bent his head, listening intently. She heard nothing but maybe he did. She trusted him instinctively – and she hadn’t even had time to chew on his incredible story, but one thing she did know. Her heart was home at his side. Now – so neither of them detected any colors inside but…

She moved in close and Zan looked down at her, his brow furrowed in concentration. Squeezing her fingers, he nodded silently toward the door and when she nodded back, he put his hand over the knob and eased the lock back soundlessly. Wow, she’d seen it with her own eyes! He could actually do stuff like this…and it did come in handy.

It was dark inside and he motioned for her to stay. Syn let him cross the threshold alone but then tipped in close behind. Zan swept his hand out, making every light in the room come on with the raising of his green shield. Dizzamn! She grabbed his arm, her mouth shaped like an ‘O’ in amazement. The living room and kitchen area (one room really) was empty – which left the bedroom. Zan stepped boldly towards it and flung open the door. Empty. Syn rushed in past him, holding her cheeks as she looked around, finally sitting down hard on the made up bed.

“He this neat?”

“Yeah, it’s not unusual for him. Let me look around out there and see…”

Zan watched her as she found nothing in the apartment that revealed anything out of the ordinary happened. He didn’t like seeing her so disheartened.

“Mack, where are you?” she whispered, eyes closed.

“Let me take you back home, Syn.”

She rubbed her ear wearily. She felt too drained right now to spaz out. That would come later. “I should call Wheat’s house. This Larek probably has my brother but what happened to Wheat? I can’t believe this is happening!”

“We can’t stay here. Let’s go.”

“No, I want to confront him.”

“Yeah and I wanna be a ‘real boy’. This ain’t no debate.”

Syn put a hand on her hip. “Mm. You speak like ‘you da Man’. I’m sure that works well on Antar.”

He swore. “Syn, this ain’t science fiction! I don’t know why the son of a b*tch wants to see you – whoever he is. It don’t have to be Larek. It could be Larek and whole bunch of his friends. It could be f*ckin Khivar for all I know.”

“Who’s that?”

“An ass! I’m taking you home and I’m gonna finish telling you what I gotta tell you. Then I’m gonna deal with this sh*t.”

He was making sense, but she wished he wasn’t. Syn didn’t want to leave, but what could she do? She rolled her eyes at him and stalked out, with her alien following close behind.

***** ***** *****

“Ho-ho-ho-hold it! So what you saying, Korn? Crystelle ain’t dead?”

“It’s Courtney…or rather Kiata Vitnshek – “

“What-the f*ck-ever, man. She’s alive??”

Korn stared balefully at Rath, wondering what he’d done in his other life to deserve the present one. “Not only is she not dead, she’s the one that took your eye out – and she wasn’t aiming for it, believe me.”

“B*tch!” Rath looked at himself in the mirror of the apartment they were in. He was sporting a rakish black patch and in spite of his supreme anger at the loss it represented, he thought the look suited him.

The constant sound of pacing heels behind him was driving Korn nuts and he twisted his head behind him abruptly with a loud pop like a gunshot, making Ava jump. “Stop pacing! Please…Your Highness.”

She looked away from the gruesome sight. “And will you not gross me out! Please…my protector.”

Rath snorted mockingly, impressed. “He all like the ‘Exorcist’ and sh*t.”

With a ‘crack!’ Korn wrenched his head back around.


D*mn, man!” Rath laughed. “Alright, Korn. I admit. We followed you over here to backwater New Jersey cuz your eyes were glowing that f*cked up strobe light green. Plus, curiosity ain’t killed this cat yet – “

“It’s a frickin wonder,” Ava muttered.

“ -- I mean I thought them sh*ts was like a beacon to the mother ship coming to get us, word.” He laughed again. “But since we ain’t been beamed up by Scot-tay, um, I ain’t staying. And you know that. First, if you don’t get me an eye…” Rath’s face got hard and intimidating. “…I will fix you one day – good. I’m as much your king as Zan is, being the chancellor ‘n’ all. You wanna stay on my good side for when we get back home.” A slow sneer came to his face. “You got…family, don’t you?”

Ava rolled her eyes.

Korn’s mouth trembled imperceptibly with anger. If he thought he could get away with killing this kugg son of a b*tch, he would! He’d had about all he could take with threats – especially against his family!

Rath’s face cleared up and broke into a smile, his hands outstretched. “But hey, I’m a peaceful guy! Come on, Korn, gimme an eye, man!”

“You’ll get one when we get back home.”

“But I thought Zan messed up the summit,” Ava said.

“He’ll do his duty. And they’re desperate. No matter what they threaten, they want peace – and they’ll take it whenever he sits down with them.”

“You told us he did sit down with them,” she persisted. “but that he walked out. Zan would’ve made the peace before he left. I mean, how long would it take for him to say it? There’s something else, ain’t it? What else do they want?”

Korn looked at her blankly and then his face lit up in alarm. “Oh no! Oh no!” He smacked his forehead. “Ohhhh, no! D*mmit!” The granolith. And Timon aka Nacedo. Only a drug addict would forget.

“I look like a sexy pirate, don’t I?” Rath asked Ava, leering like he thought a ‘sexy pirate’ would and starting to sing and gyrate. “I’m – too sexy for New Jersey – too sexy for New Jersey, New York or Mila-annn.”

“Tck! You stupid!”

“Yo, Korn. Why you spazzing? Dorkette got a point. What else they want?”

“I-I don’t know. Stay here. I must check to see if it’s safe now. Stay. Here. I will be right back. You’ll probably die – painfully - if you leave here without me, so keep that in mind, won’t you?” He left.

“So what now?” Ava asked.

He looked her up and down. “Sex.”

“Maybe in your fantasies but not here, yo.”

“You passing up a golden opportunity, half-pint.” He headed for the door. “Catch you on the flip side.”

“Wait, Korn said – “

“Bunk that, man. I’m outti.” And he strode out, leaving her.

Ava was already on the phone. For all she knew, she was the real frickin leader and they was leaving her here to get jumped. She was done with the whole alien scene. None of ‘em cared about her. She was on her own now and she was glad.

“Romey, your dad still away?…Wanna pick me up?…I know it’s early in the morning! Come on. I’m in a situation here….Cool. Meet me at that place, k? Bye…”

***** ***** *****

Syn observed Zan’s stony profile in the morning light as he drove with casual confidence.

“When we get back, pack a bag. It ain’t safe there. You gotta leave,” he said without taking his eyes off the road.

“When we get back, we’ll finish our talk after I call my friend cuz this is all going too fast and too crazy for me. And…I’m scared,” she ended in a frustrated whisper.

“I know. I’ll take care of it.”

“What do you mean?”

He didn’t answer her. He was getting pissed again – at himself. If he’d just answered the summons from the git-go, Larek would’ve spent hardly any time in Mack’s body and wouldn’t have called Syn – for what f*ckin reason he was d*mn sure gonna find out. But then again the aliens might have a hidden agenda. The blue-gray only told him that somebody was telling the truth, not that they was telling the whole truth.

“The bodysnatcher asked about you, y’ know?”

His head whipped towards her. “Why you ain’t tell me before, Syn? Why the f*ck is he asking you about me?”

“I do not know.”

“Well, what exactly did he say?”

“He asked how was this guy named Zan or something I was dating. I made out like I didn’t know who he meant.”

Aww, sh*t! Something wasn’t right here… “Ain’t this a b*tch?!”

“I think so.”

When they got back to her apartment, Syn rang Wheat’s private number. No answer. She hated to do it, but she called the other number there, waking up his great-grandmother. Mrs. Leah Wheaton, aged 95, said that he wasn’t there and thought he was over a friend’s house and that – “Syndara dear, it’s a little late to call here…”

Syn winced with guilt. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Wheaton. I-I’ll talk to him tomorrow.”

Zan’s jaw tightened at the look on her face when she hung up the phone. “Don’t worry, Syn. I’ll find out what happened to him.”

She shook her head and sipped on the cold tea. “You’re telling me what you’re going to do and I don’t see how. Give me the rest of the story.”

“Fine.” He sat down while she remained standing, watching him dully. It irked him. “You might wanna sit down.” She did. “I ain’t the only one they sent here. My sister, my chancellor, and my…wife are here, too.”

“Your—!” Syn spluttered. “Did you say your wife?!”

He was perversely satisfied with her reaction. Zan wanted her to always feel something for him, never nothing. “Yo, the person who was Zan Kapol back then had a wife and they sent her too.” His satisfaction fizzled. “She ain’t really my wife.”

“No?” she queried tightly. “Where is she and these other folks you failed to mention before? What are their names?”

“Sis is Vilondra – Lonnie. Rath. And Ava.”

“And Ava’s your wife.”

“Ava ain’t my wife.”

“She’s the wife of half of you – according to you.” Syn disliked being jealous. Her eyes flicked over him skeptically. “And that doesn’t mean you haven’t been sleeping with her.”

“True but I ain’t doing her.”

“Well have you done her?

“No, man! Come on. Quit it.”

“Hm! Where, Zan?”

“They’re somewhere scheming and sliming in the dirt.”

“You know what I’m about to say, right?”

“Meaning they’re plotting behind my back. I can’t trust them. The reason we was all killed was cuz of an interplanetary war and the Antarian civil war. And that sh*t is still going on. Anyway the four of us been ‘discovered’ and the planets involved want me included in this peace conference. But there won’t be no peace if I don’t give up something everybody and his daddy seem to want. The bad news is I don’t have the d*mn thing.”

Syn was trying to digest all of this. An alien summit happening on Earth. Ohmig*d, this was nuts! “So…there’s a like a summit scheduled?”

“There was. I walked out.”


“Cuz of you. You called me. Don’t you remember?”

“Yeah…yeah, I remember.” Syn gazed at her folded hands as the unwanted memory of recent fear and pain assailed her. “You heard me. I’m – so glad.” She was skirting around the issue of their ‘soulmating’. It was too deep. She needed a minute… “Zan, what did you do when you left here?”

He stood and paced a step or two, rubbing the back of his neck, before he hopped up on the kitchen counter. “I took care of the situation.”

“You keep saying that phrase. Open up all the way, Zan. We’re past the time of prevarication.”

He grinned. “I love the words you use, girly.”

“Zan, come on! Tell me – “

“That I love you and there ain’t nothing remotely cornball about it? Sure, I’ll tell ya.”

He could make her heart pound so easily. “Well, that’s…something. But on that note, let’s return to the subject of your wife, shall we? And then what we – what you did…here…earlier. This may be out of sequence but I’m about to tear my hair out, so any question you answer at this point will lessen that possibility. But – but first – but first…”

The instant her face crumpled he was right there beside her, leading her to the loveseat and making her sit close to him. “I’m sorry, baby. I’m an ass sometimes.”

She gave him a watery smirk. “Only sometimes?”

“Ha. Ha. Anyway, here’s the thing. Okay, we supposed to be the Royal Four – me, sis, my second, and…the other girl. Rumor is that a duplicate set of us was made – or we’re the dupes of them. The protector of our set is a schitzo drug addict from day one so I don’t know how true it is. I’m thinking most of what he thinks he knows is a d*mn LSD trip. Supposedly the space ship crashed. Korn – that’s his name – probably f*cked up and got high and then BLAM! Maybe there was another protector too cuz I picked up on the tail end of a thought he was trying to hide from me – I think.’

An alien junkie? Syn shook her head as if to clear it. “He was hiding thoughts from you? You were in his head?”

Zan looked uncomfortable now. “I was able to look into his mind at his memories. We got different little alien tricks we can do.”

“Is that how you…heard me calling you and knew where to find me?”

“No, I wasn’t trying at first. I just heard you out of the blue. And I’m d*mned glad I did, yo!”

Syn put a hand over his mouth and buried her face in his neck and he tightened his arm around her. After a moment she looked at him with eyes full of wonder. “I haven’t thanked you,” she whispered. When he started nibbling on her, she released him, but he brought her knuckles back to his mouth for a kiss. “Thank you so much, Zan!”

“You ain’t gotta thank me for that. Are you crazy?”

“Yes.” Syn moved back a little. “So what did you do to me? You healed me how? And then—“

“You was all busted up.” Anger clouded his face. “I couldn’t believe that sh*t! I almost lost you, man.” Zan pulled her face close again. “I can heal injuries. I can’t give you no scientific explanation how. It’s like I think ‘heal’ and it just happens. Usually I only touch with my hand but…you was hurt so bad – j*s*s! I had to press more than that on as much of your skin as possible. I knew I had to somehow go inside you. Remember, ah…” The crooked smile returned. “…the Cloister night. Like that, but it had to be more.”

“I remember,” Syn murmured, ducking her eyes with a faint blush.

Zan tilted her chin up gently. “Uh-uh. I know you ain’t embarrassed!” Syn blushed even more. “We got something mad deep going on between us, peach. You ain’t got nothing to be embarrassed about.”

At his words Syn’s heart swelled like a sparrow’s breast as it prepared to sing for joy. “It was more than just healing.”

The memory of it excited him. “Like my soul touched yours. I caught some of your memories.”

Her eyes darkened with concern suddenly and she absently stroked his arm. “I caught some of yours too.” She was thinking of him as a young child and…yes, there were three others like him and then… “Zan, I felt what you—“

“Don’t!” he snapped suddenly, moving quickly off the couch, but Syn was right behind him, unperturbed by his belligerent stance.

“You can trust me. I’m not going to turn away from you just cuz something bad—“

“Stop!” He turned away, bracing himself against the countertop, hating the tremor in his arms. He didn’t want to think about it – ever! Telling someone you love ‘em was one thing. Telling someone about the sh*t some animals did to you that made you feel even lower than those animals was a whole other f*ckin thing! And sh*t, she felt what they did to him? It was like he was hurting her with his own memories! g*ddammit…!

Syn jumped as he slammed his palm down on the counter. She watched his back, feeling pain and disgust – but they were his feelings, not hers. Plus, she was hurting for him. She put a hand to her chest, slightly short of breath. She wouldn’t press him about it. This was something he needed to share freely and not accidentally like while healing her.

“It’s alright, Zan,” she said quietly. “I’ll wait – for now. Tell me the rest.”

After several long minutes during which Syn wondered if he was ever going to talk again, he turned around, still looking sullen. “There ain’t much else to tell. We crashed and for some reason we was taken from Roswell, New Mexico to the Bad Apple here. I had the chance to find out more but I was fishing around in Korn’s head for something specific.”

“He wouldn’t just tell you.”

“No, I had to take it.”

Syn felt a chill. So he was able to go into someone’s mind even when they were resisting.

Zan felt a frisson of her fear. “You suddenly afraid of me?”

“I’m not yet used to the idea that you’re an alien lifeform from another planet. I don’t even know why I’m taking it so calmly. I know you can unlock locks. I know you can shoot dazzling green energy shields from your hand.” She paused. “And you healed me when I was close to dying. What I still don’t know – among a million other things – is what you did when you left me here earlier and what you’re going to do now.”

His mouth twisted cruelly. “I took care of Dawdek and his friends. They ain’t gonna hurt you or No. F*ckin. Body. Else!”

“You…killed them?”

“Just Dawdek.”


Zan scowled, moving away. “Why you wanna know that, man? You ain’t gotta know that.”

She considered it for a moment. “Maybe not. Guess I’d be horrified, huh? I could quote Scripture but Dawdek was just plain evil and I’m glad he’s dead!” She took a steadying breath. And heaven forgive me - but I hope he suffered like h*ll and I hope he’s burning up in it! Demonic b*tch!

“Yeah, he’s over, baby. Forget him.”

Syn cleared off the table to put some distance between herself and her anger. “So now what?”

“Gotta find Larek.”

“Meaning Mack. Tell me about Larek.”

“He’s heir to the throne of his planet and he’s one of the reps. That’s it. The reps pick human bodies to take over when they need to have meetings with us I guess.”

Syn’s gaze narrowed quizzically. “Why do it like that? If they’re part of an advanced space-traveling civilization, why can’t they communicate with you some other less intrusive way?”

“I don’t know. It’s lotsa sh*t they ain’t saying.” Zan stared into her eyes like he was trying to go into her again, like he was trying to memorize her.

“What’s wrong?”

He knew what had to come next – that last thing he had to tell her. The very last thing he wanted to tell her. He was starting to feel sick. Sh*t! But first… “There’s something I wanna say to you.” Syn waited while he got his thoughts together. “It ain’t your fault your parents treated you sh*tty. You’re still hurting, thinking about that. If they didn’t love you – which I doubt – something’s too wrong with them. They was twisted and crazy before they had you and Macky-boy.”

Syn looked amazed. “How did you—? Oh!”

“Yeah, I saw you. I…was you.”

It was so intimate. She in him and he in her. Her heart was swelling but it was fragile. She tried to stay just a little hard. “So you want to talk about my stuff but not yours.”

He smiled sadly, stroking her cheeks with his thumbs. “Nah, that’s it. I’m not bringing up no more of your ‘stuff’. Just gonna add one thing though – if you was my daughter, I’d be the happiest pops in the world – no matter how f*cked up everything else in my life was.”

“Oh Zan!” Closing her eyes, she turned her face into one of his palms.

“But I’m d*mned glad you ain’t my kid! Cuz if you was, what I’m thinking about right now would get me locked up. Mmm, look at you. It still might!”

She kept her eyes closed while he stared mesmerized at her face, relaxed in anticipation of his kiss. He moved in close but thought better of it and stepped away. “There’s something else,” he said briskly after hearing her sigh of disappointment. He didn’t want to tell her, but if she was totally repulsed by him forever then maybe it was for the best.

“Look at me, peach.”

She opened her eyes, wondering if she’d just imagined the intense longing and despair she saw in liquid amber – because now there was only a cool, sharp hazel and he looked as tough as he ever had.

“After Larek, I’m leaving Earth.”

Her lips parted and her mind was blank for a few seconds. “Why?”

This was too f*ckin hard! “Alien. King. War. Peace. Why you think, Syn?”

“What about—?” Her eyes flicked away briefly and she swallowed. “What about us?”

He made himself keep eye contact. “Some books never get finished, y’ know?”

“No, I don’t know. Let’s quit with the daddy cool sh*t, k? You’re trying to cover up your love for me with it and it ain’t working.”

“It don’t have to work! Do you love me?”

She blinked at the switch but came right back. “Yes!” She could see her unequivocal answer sent him high - for a split second, then his eyes turned into chips of bitter ice.

“I’m a pedophile.”

“That’s not funny!” When he said nothing, Syn stepped back. “Wha—? You—!“

He felt her separating from him. g*d, it hurt…! “That’s right – a child rapist! To paraphrase the poet – ‘How do you love me now? Can you still count the f*ckin ways…?”


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Mav!!! Pinky!!!

It's Sunday!!!*big*


Hey behrfanny! Long time no see! How you doin', girl? You still the Screencappin' Queen of RosWorld? *big*

Cereth originally wrote:

LOL Just saw this post. LOL

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Feedback will get you Roswellians everywhere! Ha-Ha! *bounce* Thank you all so so so much. Wow, Z/S are doing a lot of talkin'. Whew! They're wearing me out even as I type this. No sooner than I post 15B, they made me continue right away. So far, next Sunday looks good, mes amies. *big*


LTL originally wrote:

BTW, I wasn't thrilled about Jo March's older man either (well, I wanted Laurie for her), but wasn't he Professor Behr??

If he was a "Behr", it just didn't work that time, huh? lol Yes, if she had to be with anyone, it should have been Laurie. I know one thing, he and her sister, the bratty Amy had no chemistry at all! Blah. I read the abridged children's version as a young'un and the original version years later. Even when I was little Jo marrying that ol' dude and Laurie marrying Amy was...well...disconcerting! LOL

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Part Sixteen (A)

“…could you still love me
when you know all
when you know all
when you know all
about this

Heart Of Mine…”

“No! Why are you saying this?” Syn whispered fiercely. Such pain behind that bitter mask! She could see it. He must not realize that she could see it.

“It’s a li’l something they left out of my brain. Korn decided to clue me in.”

“I don’t believe it!”

“I’d like that option. I really would – but I looked in his frickin head and saw it.”

“You said he was a drug addict. How do you know what you saw wasn’t a drug trip?”

“I doubt it, kid, but thanks.”

“Stop trying to shut me out and listen to me! I saw into you and if I sensed even a hint of pedophilia, we would not be standing here together. So what am I missing? Or rather what are you missing? Wouldn’t you – wouldn’t you be punished in your world for something like that? Don’t you remember that or…or…?” Syn watched him mutely, somehow feeling what he was about to say and the color drained from her face.

“Yeah, it’s ‘or’. It’s a way of life there. It’s child slavery, our source of wealth and every d*mn thing else.” He smiled grimly. “And I’m the king of it.”


“So you can see why I gotta go back. I need to see it with my own eyes.”

“Why? The person you are now is not a pedophile, Zan! Technically you’ve never even been to Antar! Based on what you said that’s another life. You want to go back to that just to see if it’s true? And then what?!” Breaking off her heated argument, she turned away with her palms to her cheeks, trying to get a grip. “Oh my g*d. I can’t believe any of this. Maybe I’ll wake up and this’ll all be just a dream.”

“Huh. You don’t want that more than me. Look, the last thing I’d ever wanna do is hurt some kids!” He combed his fingers roughly though his wild hair. “I mean – sh*t! What the f*ck?!” He sighed harshly. “I know I’m not that now, but if part of me was, it’s like I am that. See what I’m saying?” Zan was staring at her, willing her to look at him, but she kept her eyes downcast.

“Yes, I do see. You feel guilty.”

“Syndara.” She looked at him then. “I can’t live with it. And I d*mn sure can’t live with you with it. There’s nothing else for me to do but go back.”

Realization lit her gaze. “To make restitution.”

“If I can.”

“And the world wars?”

His mouth twisted. “I guess it’s a package deal.”

Syn paced slowly in front of him. “I don’t know how to handle this, Zan. So…back burner. All I know for sure is I gotta save my brother. How do I do that?”

“I’m supposed to meet the emissary again to see if the reps set up another meeting. If so, Larek’ll be there.”

“Hm. If all that goes down and Larek’s at the meeting in Mack’s body…then what?”

“If I do what they want, there’s no reason for none of ‘em to stick around. They ain’t interested in this planet far as I know. They just wanna take care of biz and be outti. I’m the one holding ‘em up.”

“And what they want is for you to go back and be king?”

“I wouldn’t say all that. They just seem to need me right now to secure peace cuz they’re all dying like flies. I mean, we all supposed to be enemies. They even got a son of a b*tch there representing the ass who killed us and stole my f*cking throne.” Zan took a calming breath. “’Scuse the French, baby.”

Syn was afraid for him but he had a choice and was making it. Mack hadn’t chosen anything. “So you’re saying if they’re satisfied at this meeting, Mack will be free of this entity forever.”

“Yeah. And you too. I gotta wait ‘til Bloomingdale’s closes.” At her quizzical look he explained, “They put this round gadget in the basement that works like a communicator and a transport and who knows what else. Don’t ask me why they put it there. Superior alien logic I guess.”

“Maybe this Larek will call again and I can meet him and you can shadow me.”

Zan’s face darkened. “You’re crazy and deaf. We keep going in a loop and it’s tired.”

“Alright, so I’m grasping at straws! Sue me! You’re so hard, Zan. Why? You’ve been inside me. How can you be so hard on me now? This is my brother whom I love very much! Do you really expect me to do nothing just cuz you say so? What’s wrong with you?”

“I told you. I’m a ped – “

“SHUT UP!” Syn launched herself at him and they fell back on the bed. “Stop saying that! You know it isn’t true! You know it isn’t true!”

Zan rolled over and straddled her, pinning her arms above her. His eyes glittered with anger and something else. “g*ddammit, you shut up! I would die if you was hurt again like before when I didn’t protect you!” He watched a tear slide down from the corner of her eye and his grip loosened a little as he absently rubbed her pulse points. “Syn,” he began gruffly, “don’t look at me like that. I have to go back and deal with some sh*t I didn’t start and might never get out of when the only thing I want right now is you. If I don’t get hard, I’m f*cked now instead of later. Peach, don’t fight me on this!”

Syn closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was sad, angry, a little happy and - heaven help her - full of desire. It washed over her in waves coming from him. Yes, she felt the same in him. Rich, hot waves of magenta undulating rapidly. She bit her lip, trying to stay focused on Mack.

“You hiding from me, Syn?” His deep voice seemed to squeeze her in a private place. g*d…! Trying to get herself under control, she was unmindful of the familiar way his hands curved around the back of her head.

~Yeah, I’m hiding. No need for you to see how much I want to love you with my body and keep you here with me forever.~


Blushing, her eyes flew open, colliding with his upon hearing his expression of delighted consent in her head instead of her ears.

~Very not ‘word’!~ she thought heatedly in wonder.

When he felt her pushing him out he said, ~Wait. Don’t kick me out yet.~

~Quit the alien stuff and get out of my head, Zan!~

He smiled wickedly. ~Why? Don’t you like it?~

She felt him kiss her neck from the inside and she gasped softly. His smirking mouth hadn’t touched her! ~That’s not the point! I – I thought we were having an argument. This isn’t an argument. This is… intimacy. It’s – it’s… His suddenly stormy eyes made her thoughts fade.

~*Ich bin hungrig. Küss mich, schatzi.*~ Then his mouth was on hers – molding it, teaching it, taking, taking, taking until Syn was sure she had no more lips left. Then he gave himself to her until she was ready…ready for…ready for…

Taking him by surprise she rolled over swiftly, sitting on top of him and breaking the telepathy. His hands went to her waist, rubbing her eagerly. He bit his bottom lip and grinned with surprise. “Oh a’ight! It’s all good. However you want it – “

“Zan, wait.” She moved completely off the bed.

He lifted his head and stared after her in resigned disappointment and then dropped back to stare at the ceiling. “D*mn.”

Syn fidgeted with her hair. “Whew. Okay, that was, um…what it was. Perhaps we’ll explore it again – sometime. How, ah, how many languages do you speak?”

“A few.”

“It sounded like German. What did you say?”

He got up quickly and was in her face, startling her. “I said, ‘I’m hungry. Kiss me – baby.”

“I want to give you more than that, but you’re leaving the planet soon, and I’m thinking of something long-term. So forget it.” She walked away from him with the pretense of moving dishes from the drain rack to the cabinet above, and Zan silently swore in frustration. She remained facing away from him at the sink and silence reigned briefly until he broke it.

“Back to freeing Macky-boy, a’ight. I – we gotta try to do it on the sly first. Larek suspects you know me, but he ain’t sure. And we wanna keep it that way. Let me do this thing tonight. I know they want another summit. We’ll take it from there. It’s the safest way.” He came up close to her back. “Trust me.”

She turned then. “I do.” Syn’s legs were almost trembling with relief not only because he was helping her with Mack but because he’d taken down that little hard wall inside of him and was letting her in. His passion was one thing, his partnership was something else. “Thank you, Zan.”

“Thank you.”

She cleared her throat walked towards the table. “What can we do if he wants to go on using Mack indefinitely?”

Zan smiled wryly. “I don’t know. Something. Don’t worry. He’s not gonna kill him. Let’s just take it one step at a time, k?”


He stepped all the way into her personal space again, unable to get enough of her. He observed her upturn face solemnly. “I shouldn’t’ve said what I said like I said it.”

Her mouth curved. “Can you repeat that real fast seven times without breathing?”

“Tck! A’ight, smarty. But for real…I’m sorry.”

“Well, I forgive you, but you sure can be coarse and mean.”

His eyes twinkled down at her pouting mouth. “I can be nice.” He bumped gently against her, making her step back.

“Yeah right.”

Zan slowly slid his arms around her waist, pulling her close. He kissed her forehead, his lips lingering there and Syn sighed, leaning into him.

“What are you doing until you have to go tonight?”

“Staying with you.”

“Why don’t we look for Wheat?”

He was quiet for a moment, resting his chin on her head. “Don’t you have school today?”

She pulled back to see his face. “Okay, you know that was a dumb question, right?”

He sighed. “Yeah, I know. Look, I gotta be straight with you. Your friend could be hosting one of the aliens now or he could be dead. I’m not too sure if they give a sh*t about innocent bystanders. Know what I’m saying?”

“Oh g*d, no!” Syn whispered.

Zan pulled her close again. “I’m not trying to hurt you, but it’s possible, peach. Since we don’t know nothing right now, we just gotta chill, that’s all.”

“So you can’t find out anything until tonight?”

“Nope. It’s gonna be warm today – like 60. Let me take you for a ride.” She was shaking her head against him. “You need it. Me too. We can’t stay up in here all day pulling out hair.”

“No, Mack might – “

Zan put a finger over her lips with an exasperated tenderness that warmed her like sunlight. Syn thought if they ever did spend 24 hours together without a disagreement, she'd implode from the natural high he took her on.

“Stop, man. We been all through this, and it’s making me nuts, yo. That’s why we’re going out.”

“I just can’t go out and pretend that – “

“You don’t have to pretend nothing. You be you and I’ll be me. We can talk, fight, kiss. I’ll feed you, dry your tears. Whatever. Just not here. Come on.”

Syn felt thoroughly drained and gave in, letting him put her jacket on her and lead her out the door.

***** ***** *****

At 7:30am Korn was trembling in an alley somewhere in the Lower East Side. His mouth tasted like ammonia and his scalp was tingling. Something was wrong. ‘D.H.’ had apparently disappeared off the face of the earth so he went back to his old dealer cuz he was desperate. His old dealer was a flake and now he was paying for it. Korn slumped back against the wall clutching his chest where his secondary nerve was throbbing painfully. But that wasn’t his main problem. His blood was stinging as it coursed sluggishly through his organs. This happened only once before. In 1947.

Davak! Sh*t!

As he sank to ground, the pain made him grunt and fall on all fours. Stones fell out of his pockets and rolled quickly over into a pile of debris. Korn tried to squint past his now blurry vision. He grit his teeth trying to fight what he knew was coming next. The dizziness would increase until he felt like screaming and then the darkness. But the stones! He had to get them and hide himself somewhere he wouldn’t be found. He crawled over to where the stones should be as fast as he could and burrowed into the debris, feeling around for them frantically. Dammit, there were right here! Where the f*ck were they? But it was too late. His mind was already spinning and folding in on itself. What the h*ll had been in that sh*t? Wh-wha…sssssh*ttttttt!”

***** ***** *****

Zan stared vigilantly at everything in front and behind as he pressed the accelerator. Syn slept during most of the ride and he didn’t disturb her although he was tempted. He needed to stare into her luminous baby browns. They gave him peace even when she was pissed at him. She murmured and when he looked over he could tell she was about to awaken. His sweet peach. D*mn, he was putting her through some sh*t and she didn’t deserve none of it! He wanted to make it all up to her. He stared at her eyelids willing them to rise, swallowing when her lips parted. Yeah, he wanted that and a whole lot more. A whole lot more.

“Oh!” Syn woke up and didn’t know where she was, but wherever it was she liked it. They were driving down a road lined with thick trees adorned with every shade of fall imaginable. And Zan was smiling at her. If this was a dream, she didn’t need to wake up for a couple days. This was fine. “Zan, where are we? Where are we going? You didn’t say.”

He couldn’t stop smiling at her and felt goofy, but what the h*ll. “You didn’t ask.”

She smiled back. “Tck! Come on, where?”

“Up where the air cleans out your brains. The Catskills, baby.”


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Whew! Finally!

I decided there is no "Part Sixteen B". This is Part Seventeen. The letters are buggin' me. :lol The only warning: salty language. Dupish, y' know?

Part Seventeen

“…danke schoen
darling, danke schoen
Thank you for
funny cards from Spain
I recall
Central Park in fall
how you tore your dress
what a mess
I confess
that's not all…”

--Wayne Newton and ‘Ferris Bueller’ (LOL )

“Well, this isn’t Central Park, is it?” Syn said in wonder, gazing at the thick woodlands on either side of the road. A thought gave her pause. “Wait a minute, Zan. The Catskills?”

“Mmm, say right underthe Catskills.”

“That’s what I thought. Give me some specifics.”

“Croton Point Park.”

“Hm. It’s colder up here, Zan.”

“Stop making fish lips. It ain’t pretty.”

“Shut up!”


“Tck! This boy…” she muttered. She felt him staring and perversely refused to look.

“I’ll keep you warm as long as I’m here.”

Somehow his sensual words hurt. “Well, that does sound sexy, but the offer is extremely time limited, isn’t it? Let’s turn around and go back, Zan. I can’t do this.”

“Can’t do what?” he snapped.

“The sentimental last goodbye! This is not fiction for me. This is not a movie. Understand?”

“Maybe I need to do this before clocking into the full-time sh*t, huh? Do you understand?”

Syn stared out the window without answering, letting the stony silence swirl around her as she thought, When I moved away, I should’ve never crossed the Jersey state line…

The road got bumpier and bumpier until off to the side appeared a mansion. Way up at the top was this faded green and yellow sign that said ‘Apples-on-the-Croton’. They turned into the driveway.

“Zan, what is this?” she demanded, her mood still foul.

“Can’t you read?”

“Can I kick your ass?”

“You don’t wanna know. Get out of the car, Syn.”

She did so, slamming the door. He walked towards the place without a backward glance to see if she was following or not. She stubbornly watched him disappear inside, feeling stupid. When she opened the door, the first thing she thought was ‘Waltons Incorporated’, but the inn was nice in a homey country sort of way. It certainly didn’t look like an inn right away. The restaurant was in front of the lobby. It was weird and she liked it. Zan approached a guy behind the counter.

“Yo, Nash. Wha’s up, man?”

Nash’s face lit up with recognition. “Yo man! What you doin’ up here? Where you been?” He shook Zan’s hand. “I been looking for you. Cholly got people all over hounding him about sellin’ ‘em your stuff for two weeks. He pullin’ out hair tryin’ to find you, man!”

“I been busy, yo. You got a spot in here where me and my lady can rap in peace.”

“Sure, man. My boss left a week early for the holiday. Yous can sit in the Thoreau Parlor on the west side. It’s quiet as sh*t back there.”

“Cool. Gimme one them picnic basket specials.” Zan threw a 20 up on the counter just when a bunch of noisy folks came in.

“Dang!” Nash muttered, swiping the 20 up. “Thought this was gonna be a slow day! Hold up….”

“Yo, lemme get back there and pack it myself. You can go deal with the Hampton white breads.”

“Yeah go ‘head.”

Syn followed Zan behind the counter and watched him make sandwiches like he was a chef. “You’re full of surprises.” But she was uneasy. The ride did her some good but the waiting and worrying was right there under the surface. She could lose them all before this crazy nightmare was over – Mack, Wheat and Zan. Zan - who’d already said he was leaving her. She felt an anger she couldn’t help as she followed him down a long corridor, but she didn’t know the words she wanted to say. Maybe she was angry that this reprieve with him in this beautiful place would end.

The room they finally ended up in was Victorian and cozy and small with a fake fireplace lit, thick blankets folded neatly on a loveseat and one side had floor to ceiling windows with a great view of the parkland and the Hudson River. She smiled thinking about the last time she had a nice views of New York rivers. Zan spread the food out on a little table flanked by two huge overstuffed chairs. Now they stood facing each other off again, the crackle of the fire adding to the tense atmosphere. Syn was morose. So many ups and downs inside her heart with this guy. She was almost breathless with the changes she went through moment by moment. Being in love with an alien king was rather stressful. Some part of her missed her simple world before that fateful night scarcely a week ago – a week that felt like a month. Some part of her wanted normality and peace. Some part of her didn’t want to constantly drown in cool hazel eyes that turned into molten amber without warning – like she was now. Some part of her wanted to be free of him and everything that came with him.

And every part of her truly loved him. No questions asked.

“Sit down and eat, peach.”

“Zan – “

“Sit down so we can talk about the colors.”

Syn blinked. “Huh?”

“Colors, tastes…” He came slowly towards her. “Chair might be too hard. Sit here,” he ended on a husky note, pulling her down on his hard thighs as he sat in one of the soft-cushioned chairs.

She put an arm around his shoulders for balance, keeping her rosy cheeks averted from him.

“You so funny. Always blushing.” He trailed a finger down the exposed line of her neck where a vein gently rose up. “Mm, my favorite side.”

She saw his grin peripherally. “I thought we were gonna eat lunch,” she murmured.

“I am eating lunch,” he whispered against her, nipping her sweetly straight down the familiar trail.

Syn sighed, tilting her head so that he could have more of her. When she could stand it no more, she cupped his face and kissed him urgently before pulling back. “I can’t handle you turning me on like this because I can’t do anything about it.”

“Baby, I won’t stop you. I promise!”

Syn laughed a little. “You are so bad! It’s not funny, Zan. I don’t want it like this. I want it to be a part of something built to last.” Zan leaned forward, moaning only half-playfully as he rested his face against her chest and wound his arms around her as she stroked his back. “I don’t want the memory of a fire. I want to be able to light it twice a day.”

“You’re killin’ me!” he said, his voice muffled against her.

“Not intentionally.” He stood up abruptly with her high in his arms. “You get off on this Tarzan stuff, don’t you?”

He set her down in the huge chair opposite his. “As I was saying before you teased me – “

“Ha! Excuse you?”

“ – Colors, tastes…You got something in you I never felt before I touched you. Even before we had the soul-to-soul last night, it was like you gave me something.”


“Yeah, I can like ‘see’ your colors. They’re blue with silver lights blinking in it and hot pink.”

Syn almost choked. “I – I have colors?” she smiled, tickled that someone perceived her in colors for a change. “Hot pink and silver dotted blue?”

“Yeah. Them colors dance. And you taste…” His gaze dropped to her lips. “You taste just like sweet, juicy peaches.” At which point he bit into one, his face slumberous.


“It was real strong that first time in the Black Juice. Now I taste more of just you – even sweeter, but the peach is still there.”

“Well, your colors are purple and gold – royal colors so I guess that’s fitting. When you get close, it’s magenta. And you, um, taste like…strawberries!”

“Gold, shades of purple and strawberries?”

“Don’t laugh! I like it. Them.”

“But you like me more, right?”

“You seem to know so much. Answer your own question.”

Zan put the half-eaten peach down. “I wanna tell you about what happened to me.”

He switched up on her so quickly but she was right there with him. “I want you to tell me,” she encouraged softly.

He pulled her up by the hand. “Let’s go.”

“Arrgghh!” She laughed in exasperation. “Why? It’s nice and cozy in here.”

“We ain’t make a two hour drive to hill country just to stare at it through a window like a movie.” He quickly repacked the basket. “Ready?”

“I might as well be,” she mumbled.

They went out through the sliding doors and a steep grassy slope was right there. They stood at the top looking down at the tree-lined bike path.

“Zan, don’t even think it.”

“Nah, not this time. Might be some rocks or holes under the leaves. I ain’t trying to kill us or nothing. It’s paved over there.”

They ambled down to the bike path and started walking. Only two bikers passed them during the fifteen minutes it took to reach a spot they liked – a wide open space interspersed with a couple of refurbished wooden benches. Syn sank gratefully down onto one, looking around appreciatively.

“It’s beautiful out here.” The Hudson was in front of them, an Appalachian mountain or two forming a far away backdrop. “It’s like Fifth Avenue is a thousand miles away.” Zan had set the basket down between them and was gazing blindly into the distance, his arms stretched out on the back of the bench. “You were…going to tell me…?”

He leaned forward, folding his hands. “Yeah, I’m gonna tell you cuz I want you to know. I don’t know why but I do. I know you sorta lived through my memory of it.” He questioned her with a glance.

“Not exactly, but enough to know that…you were hurt.”

He stared down thoughtfully. “Yeah, yeah. Good. Cuz I don’t want you to live through no memory of that. Like I said before, we – the four of us – were brought to New York, but we was left underground alone. At least we was alone when we came out of these pods.”


“Like big eggs. We all came out like we was on a timer or something. It was nasty too, man. We had goo ‘n’ sh*t all over us. But that was the least of our problems. We didn’t know nothing! I didn’t know who I was, who they was or where. We came out too early.”

“So you were like premature?”

“Yeah. We was all pretty much freaked out, cold, and hungry. Our protector was a no-show.”

Agitated, Syn shifted on the seat. “Why would you be put down in the sewers? That’s not exactly the safest place for the future rulers of a planet.”

“Tell me about it.” Some crows flew overhead, screaming, and a chilly breeze was just strong enough to make Zan’s stiff hair move. “ The New York four are probably just decoys. I’m thinking there really is another set of us like Korn keeps hinting at. They’re probably eating Grey Poupon poolside and contemplating a phat trust fund while we – while I gotta watch my back 24/7 against my own peeps and negotiate world peace with some sneaky Vulcans. But anyway…when our brains matured a little, we realized we belonged together and finally stopped hiding from each other. It ain’t like there was no place to really hide anyway. Ava and Rath jumped back in their pods. Lonnie slipped into a closet while I sat behind the couch. And everybody’s stomach was growling loud enough to give away where they was if somebody was really looking. It was dumb. So there we was - mad hungry and crying and looking at each other like morons. One day I started creeping around outside looking for grub for us.”

“Wow, you went out alone? You must have been so scared.”

“Pee rivers all down the legs. But nobody else was budging. So I found some food.” He shook his head, making a face. “Be surprised what you eat if you hungry enough. That first week we ate all kinds of nasty sh*t. I ain’t know what I was looking for cuz our brains still wasn’t quite right, see? Never again. About the second week the other three come creeping around with me. We…ran into some ultimate freak bastards from hell.” His face closed up like he was finished talking. Syn held her breath. “Let me make this shorter than short cuz it f*cks me up to think about it, k?” he continued grimly. She nodded. “We couldn’t all get away so with my mind I told other three to scram – I’d take care of it.”

“Telepathy – like you did with me.”

“Yeah, but different cuz it was just thoughts, feelings. We didn’t know how to talk – in any language.” Zan looked pensively down at his silver pinky ring as he toyed with it. “Rath and Ava split. My sis, Lonnie, she…stayed. She didn’t want to leave me.”

Feeling how much verbalizing this was hurting him, Syn waited in his silence that again stretched out. She wanted more than anything to comfort him with her touch, but sensed that even empathy right now would grate his nerves. Finally he turned to her a face stiff with resistance against a long-buried pain being brought once again to the surface.

“They r*ped us,” he said simply and her eyes welled with tears. She felt a terrible anger in him that he wasn’t expressing and she felt afraid for him. With a quivering hand she reached towards him tentatively. She wanted to wrap herself around him but… Zan hesitated before grabbing her hand, rubbing and kneading it one finger at a time. “It just hit me. I can’t help but wonder if Korn left us alone like that on purpose so that something would happen to us. Y’ know, payback for what we did to the kids on Antar. What I did.”

“Bull! Sh*t! – what you did! I mean…I thought the child slavery was a part of your culture (the other Zan’s culture cuz it’s not you). Like everybody was involved, right? Are you saying your worthless drug addict protector was different?” Syn was feeling none too kindly towards Korn and the shadowy alien beings that created Zan just to use him for their purposes – and didn’t give a sh*t who else they hurt in the process. Advanced civilization didn’t necessarily mean a better one. Mack’s handsome face, confused and a little scared, rose unbidden in her mind. She stood up, pacing.

“I’ll get him back, Syn. Before anything else I’ll get him back and I’ll find your friend.”

“They’re not the only ones I’m worried about,” she said looking at him pointedly.

A brief smile flashed across his face at her words before he continued somberly, “They had us tied up. The rank sons o’ c*nts intended to keep us – for a while anyway. Our powers were feeble. Rath and Ava snuck back to the hovel we was being kept in. We sensed ‘em. We don’t sense each other so well now. We was able to link our powers enough to break the chains and escape.”

“g*d!” Syn exploded, pacing faster. “Your alien masterminds aren’t very f*ckin smart to give you this f*ckin Korn! I wish I could kick every last ass involved with that decision! And as for those f*ckin perverts…!” Her eyes flashed violently, fists tight at her sides.

Zan reached out and pulled her down next to him. “’Preciate it, sweet peach.” He kissed her knuckles. “But I beat you to the pervs. We got stronger – new alien skills poppin’ up here and there - and a couple months later, we found them. We killed them – real hard.” Syn blinked. Just for a moment, his didn’t look quite human as he stared back at her, his grip on her hand tight, then he let go. Zan leaned back on the bench again, taking a deep breath and looking faintly surprised. “I guess that’s the worst of it. We learned how to get real food, but we stayed stinkin’ and dirty cuz there was no one to hook up the space tech down there for running water. It was bad. We was like cubs in the wild, yo. Korn finally showed up about nine months later. No explanations. He looked all tired as if he was the one that went through sh*t. Know the first thing he said? He said, ‘Well, I see you’ve managed’ in that snotty New England Harvard voice of his. Man!”


“That’s what I’m saying, but whatever. From then on it’s been a waiting game.”

Syn sat quietly taking it all in until one thought dominated. He should not leave.

“Yo, what am I doing? Let’s eat. Come on.” He rolled the thick blanket out on the ground.

“Zan, the ground is cold.”

“I figured we could light one of them fires you was talking about, baby.” At the look on her face he said, “Just kidding. Come on now. It’s all right. It’s not that cold. I can keep you warm without roaming around your bod. This bench is making my ass sore.”

“Is your ass that tender?”

“Touch it and find out, Science Chick.”

Grinning, Syn settled down daintily beside him. Hm. It wasn’t too bad. The grass underneath was thick and spongy, unusual for fall. Zan opened the basket and she immediately reached in for a turkey and cheese on a Kaiser roll – Ooo! with sliced cherry tomatoes, Dill pickles, purple onions and Italian dressing. The sandwiches were neatly made, not just slapped together and everything was very fresh. “Mmm, thank you.”

“Y’ welcome,” he said, opening a bottle of juice for her. After working up quite an appetite they ate in companionable silence. Syn finished off two; Zan - three. Plus, white chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Bon apetit!

“Zan, I’m glad you were able to tell me what happened. It means a lot.”

“Yeah, it was easier than I thought. But then it’s you. I shoulda known, huh?”

“Yes. I don’t mean to grill you but I do have some more questions.”

He watched her mouth chew a grape. “You gotta ask me on your back.”

Syn tried to shake the image his words provoked. “Zan – “

“Let’s just lay down. That’s all. I need to rest this stomach.”

“Tck! Please.”

“I’m serious.” He lay down and patted the space beside him. “Just practice using your self-control. I know it’s hard around me…”

“You think so?” She playfully dropped down hard across his stomach.

“Ow! That’s foul, man.”

She laughed at him and rolled onto her back. The world became mostly azure blue decorated with a few plump cumulus clouds with a couple treetops framing the picture. She felt Zan intertwine his fingers with hers. Perfect world… But as much as she wanted to leave the tender moment alone, the questions persisted.


“Awww! Don’t go there. You know there’s nothing there. Why you trippin’?”

“Is that what she thinks?”

“I don’t know what she thinks! I don’t know what none of ‘em thinks. Lonnie and Rath been meeting with one of our enemies behind my back. That means they’re against me. Ava – I don’t know which nest that bird calls home. We was all close in the beginning before Korn came with the bullsh*t, calling me the ‘king’. We started separating right then.” He pondered that. “Sh*t. I’ll deal with them later. So…what about you?


“You got a lot of stuff in your head. You doing Thanksgiving with Mommy and Daddy or what?”

“Thanksgiving? Are you kidding me? Turkey and stuffing is the last thing on my mind, Zan.”

“It shouldn’t be. Go home and make peace. If it don’t work out, screw ‘em. But at least try. That’s your family.”

“You’re one to talk.”

“Syn, that’s different and you know it.”

“I don’t want to talk about tomorrow before today ends.” Zan drew in a sharp breath when she turned over and half lay on him, her knee brushing across his groin, but he put his arm around her in welcome.


“Sorry.” She knew the way she was laying on him was provocative, but it was comfy. Plus, he was working her nerves and deserved a little discomfort. “Let me just listen to your heartbeat and go blank a little. I need a break – just for a few minutes.”

They must have lain there for half an hour and for both of them it was like being free from everything sad and everything wrong. It was that kind of peace that made your bones heavy and made you half sleepy and desiring nothing else. It’s the kind of peace that was always interrupted.

Zan was loath to do it but he said, “Let’s walk.”

Syn squirmed sensuously again him in protest, making him shut his eyes tight. “Mmm…no, not yet. With all this stuff?”

“No, we can pick it up on the way back this way. I need to stretch.”

Syn reluctantly rolled away from him and he pulled her up. They strolled farther up the pathway along the river and by silent agreement stuck to a lighthearted exchange.

Zan shoved his hands in his pockets, a mischievous grin pointing up one side of his face. “Know what else I saw in your head?”

“Oh no. What?”

“This big chewed up plastic doll. It’s still in your room – least it was when you left.”

Her mouth made an ‘O’ as she gaped at him. “Omig*d! You saw…did you see…?”

“That’s right. Big Baby Chrissy, man. Big Baby Chrissy – an original by Ideal.”

“Oh sh*t!” Syn burst out laughing, slightly embarrassed.

“Yeah, for Xmas ya Moms bought you a black one cuz they didn’t have no white ones left. But you didn’t care and neither did she cuz you was about to drive her straight nuts about that doll. You loved it.”

“Um, alright, alright. That’s enough.”

“Next year your brother got this German Shepard pup and Chrissy got fugged uuuup. Teeth marks ‘n’ sh*t all in her eyes…”

“Ah-haaah! Shut up, Zan!” She slapped his arm lightly. “My stomach’s hurting! Stop bussin’ on my doll. You’re laughing! It’s not funny.”

“Yeah, it is! It was nasty-looking, but you didn’t want a new one. You loved her.” Zan twisted her hair around his fingers and tugged her close. “Didn’t you?”

“Yeah, that was my baby.”

“What about me?”

“Mmm, nope! Too big.” He tickled her, not letting her escape him. He spun her away and caught her back again. “Ahhh! Stop – you silly!”

After her heart slowed down, she asked him, “So…how long have you been drawing and painting?”

“Since forever. I can sculpt too if I feel like it. When I’m doing the art stuff, that’s all I’m thinking about. Nothing else gets in. So I had my hands moving a lot.”

“You’re really good, y’ know. You could make a living off that…” She pressed her lips together, looking down. “…here on Earth. Which reminds me – how are you getting these cars?”

He cast her a quick glance. “Ahhh…”

“You’re stealing them.”


“Without permission – known everywhere as stealing.”

“Korn insisted that we be nobody. You gotta be somebody to make money to buy a car, a house, or whatever. We were supposed to lay low. I bought into that. I done stole a lot of things I ain’t thought twice about stealing. But I always return the cars before the ink gets dry on the police reports. Besides…was your sexy butt gonna jog up here, yo?”

Syn pursed her lips. “Well…I see your point,” she conceded reluctantly.

Zan looked up at the sun setting fast. “We better go back and get the stuff.”

“How many times have you been up here?”

“A couple. I wander around a lot.” His voice was distant and preoccupied.

“Er, come back please.”

He still didn’t look her way but took her hand and squeezed it, his stride increasing. He didn’t see how her lips trembled. The idyllic interlude was ending. Unnoticed by Nash or anyone else, they returned the blanket and basket and before Syn knew it they were speeding southward down Route 9 towards the city – too fast. Too soon…


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Ursa originally wrote:
Great part. Is this story going to include all of what happened in MTD and MITC?

This is a 'no spoiler' zone. *wink* Hee-Hee!

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To Maxiesdreamgirl and the rest of the 'adj-ers': Thanks so so so much for your support and your posts and emails! It all means a lot. Just posting now to say I'm sorry Santa couldn't give up the next chapter before Christmas...or for Christmas. The Writer's been feeling whiney about her printer that died and hasn't been writing consistently which is self-torture! Sooo...she's calling out to the muses of old - the oldtime writers who wrote longhand. Perhaps writing longhand and editing longhand will actually improve the work somehow. The Writer hopes so because she's been feeling off-kilter, but now dawn is on the horizon. Keep ecstasy-vibing me! I'm attempting (stress on the the word 'attempting') to post before Jan 1 - cuz you wonderful peeps deserve it for your support of this zanthingy here. Mmmwuah! *angel*
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Thanks so much for your patience! Enjoy!

part eighteen

So close. Too close. Could she smell Central Park from here? She kept looking at his profile - afraid for him. He was so distant now, going into himself for whatever he needed to deal with the situation. Although she didn’t like it, she understood, still feeling his love for her. His love was a lush red emanating from him that played in her hair. Sweet.

A wind was blowing hard on her face through the window rolled all the way down. As cold as it was she needed the air and Zan didn’t seem to notice. She welcomed the loud breezy sound it made coming in. It reminded her of good times in the past when Mom and Dad would drive them to California to hit the beach and Disneyland. When Bobby Morgan caught an open stretch of road, he’d joyfully clock 90 within seconds. The memory took the edge off her present agitation a little. She couldn’t stop looking at Zan in the dusk, his skin colored now by the sunset. So many things that they hadn’t said, that she hadn’t asked….

“Do you like ice cream?” Was that her voice, so small and fearful?

Zan glanced at her absently. “Huh?”

“I said do you like ice cream.”


“What’s your favorite flavor?”

“Rum raison and Ben and Jerry’s ‘Festivus’ – mixed or separate.”

Syn wanted to laugh but she couldn’t quite manage it. So he liked ‘funky cream’. Yep, he was her soul mate alright. How was she going to let him go? A heat wave of sudden panic and longing made her feel woozy for a second. Almost on cue he took her hand and kept it pressed to his thigh without taking his eyes from the road. He was her man, her love, her heart. But how could it be? So crazy. She never felt like this before and she could see the pain in store for her ahead. Thick pain. The way things were going it wouldn’t be long now. Syn turned her face directly into the wind.

They didn’t speak again until they got to Syn’s block.

“Syn, I don’t want you staying here alone before I find out what’s up. Pack some stuff. I got a place for you.”

“Fine,” Syn said wearily.

The elevator was still broke so they hiked it upstairs. She quickly packed a change of clothes, some toiletries, her schoolbooks and a box of tea. She turned to find him moving restlessly around. “Um, Zan – ” His eyes were so startlingly direct sometimes. “Ah, forgive me for bringing this up again, but…this is so…I mean I just want…”


“Okay, um, when Korn found you, did you…tell him?”

Zan sighed impatiently. “No, but he found out when he checked us.”

“Did he do anything for you? I’m just…it should never have happened and you…all of you should’ve gotten some help, some care. I can’t – “

“Don’t. It was a long time ago, k? It’s over.”

“How’d you deal with it?”

“Lots of ass.” He watched her flinch. “Don’t worry. It was always mutual and I was always straight with whoever. I figured every time I chose to do it, it kinda cancelled out...that other time.”

“I’m sorry,” she said woodenly, looking down. “I’m just hurting right now and I’m scared – for the both of us. I wish that I could heal you. After you told me when we were in the park, we just made the most of the day – pretended there was nothing else. I should’ve – “

Zan pulled her roughly to him. “Syn, what the h*ll is this? Today was frickin perfect. It was all that cuz I was with you. You’re twisting yourself up about my past, baby. Don’t do that. It’s over. I ain’t even done it lately – like not since three weeks before you vibed me good. So everything’s cool now.” He smiled for the first time since leaving the Catskills. “I been trying to do you but you keep holding out.”

“Zan – “

“Get your bag. Let’s go.”

Syn shook her head. “You switch up on me so quick.”

“Every time I’m up here alone with you in your crib, I think about how many times I could make you come hard in an hour before losing my mind. So let’s go. Now.”

“Oh. Alright.” Control. She needed control. How could he be able to turn her on so much at the drop of a hat? “Let me check my messages, then we can leave.”

Click-click. Doooooo!… Tre’Shevette, Roman, and her lab partner called; and Lucia left three messages. The last one was…

<< Hellooooo!…Sh*t! Where the f*ckadoodle-doo are you, Syn?? When you get this message call me while you bring your ass over here to Brooklyn Hospital! Wheat’s here! Somebody tried to f*ckin bash his brains out! He’s in Room 418… >>

“Oh my g*d! Oh my g*d!”

“Well, that’s one down,” Zan said grimly. “Come on. I’ll take you over there.”

On the way Syn called Lucia’s cell phone but didn’t get an answer. “I can’t believe this is happening!” Was anything she knew real? Was she Alice in Scaryland? “Zan, if it’s true, if he’s hurt…I was wondering if there was something you could do. You know…do…if he – “

“Syn, I can’t be doing alien magic in no public hospital like I’m putting on a show. Blond Ambition sounds like she flipped. I’m getting some bad vibes.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean it sounds like your friend, but it don’t have to be her and what she said don’t have to be true.”

Syn’s breath was coming fast and she tried to calm herself. “You’re scaring me.”

“I’m not trying to, baby. All I’m saying is I got some bad vibes and I don’t know where they’re coming from.”

It was dark when they arrived at the hospital and they immediately found Lucia pacing rapidly and talking to herself in the waiting room. She rushed over when she saw them, her thick double-hooped earrings clanging like cow bells, and threw her arms around Syn.

“Oh thank g*d! I thought maybe something happened to you too! Cristoff was just about to drive me over to your place and help me break in!”

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t! What happened to Wheat, Lucia?”

“Okay, okay, let me take a deep breath…I gotta get a grip – at least a loose one…Whew! Alright. He was brought in this morning as a John Doe. Some trash men found him in an alley. Someone had hit him in the head with who knows what. It wasn’t a robbery cuz he had everything on him – even thirty bucks. He –“

“g*d!” Syn held Lucia’s arm tightly. “What’s his condition?”

Lucia’s cheek twitched. “He’s in a coma.” She started to cry. “Oh g*d, he’s in a coma! And they don’t know what’s gonna happen to him, Syn. Oh j*s*s – !”

Lucia went to hug her again but Syn turned away blindly, taking Zan’s arm. “Lu, I’ll be right back,” she mumbled.

“What? Did you hear what – ? Where are you going, Syndara?!

“Zan, I need to talk to you,” Syn insisted as they both stepped towards Cristoff since she wouldn’t let go of his arm. Zan stared openly at the other boy.

“What’s your name again, yo?”

“Cristoff. Is that a problem?”

He didn’t answer, finally letting Syn pull him outside with Lucia’s shrill exclamations following them.

“What was that about?”

“I was checking him, but he’s got the blue-gray.”


“I’ll explain later. Yo, I know what you’re gonna ask and the answer’s gotta be ‘no’.”

“Why not?”

“I know it’s my fault this happened – “

“You know I’m not saying that!”

“ – but there’s too much at stake for me to get my brain all mixed up in somebody’s coma.”

“You told me you only reach inside a little to make repairs. That’s what you said.”

“Yeah, but it’s still real personal. Plus, I ain’t never dealt with no coma victim. That’s some serious sh*t. You was hurt bad too. I never healed nobody close to death before and I ended up joining with you. Never done that before either. I’m not cracking myself wide open for somebody I don’t know. Sorry. I already gotta deal with your possessed brother, remember?”

Syn’s eyes were wide and pleading. “I’m asking a lot. I know that. Please just come and see what you can do. Please, Zan. Just look him over. If you…can’t do anything, it’s okay.”

He pulled her roughly by the hand back into the hospital. How could he resist her? She was everything. “I’m just looking. That’s all,” he muttered.

“Thank you!” she whispered back, squeezing him.

The taste of her – of peaches – flared afresh in his mouth, making him want to grab her and run. He had to get away from her so he could maintain his edge.

“Syn, what the h*ll’s going on?” Lucia demanded looking back and forth between them.

“Nothing. I’m going up to see Wheat. Zan’s coming with me.”

Lucia put a hand on her hip. “Uh-huh. Your words and tone imply that you don’t want anyone else coming with you. Whatever. I’m just your other best friend. What’s that compared to the new red meat here?”

Zan smirked. “Fresh meat’s the best, Blondie.”

“Ha! Not every day, babe.”

“A healthy frame can take it.”

“Stop the sh*t,” Syn snapped.

“Ooo, possessive – and methinks a li’l green. I’m waiting for Wheat’s great-grands to get here. They wouldn’t let me and Cristoff come pick ‘em up, but they’re taking too long. I’m worried.” Lucia pulled out her cell phone. “So go on then. If I gotta go get ‘em, don’t leave. I’ll be right back.”

Syn and Zan went up to Wheat’s floor and had to say they were immediate family, sign in as Syndara and ‘Dan’ Wheaton, and get nametags. The nurse led them in and briskly cautioned them not to touch anything or talk loud and they only had ten minutes.

Syn barely noticed when the nurse left as she stared at her friend. She looked so forlorn that it dragged Zan’s insides down. He watched her creep closer to the bed, opposite the heart monitor.

Wheat’s face was serene but the thick head bandage looked bad. The image of his arms straight at his sides on top of covers tucked so neatly around him is what really made him look sick. Syn picked up his limp hand. “Why’d he have to hurt him like this?” she asked in hushed tones. “Son of a b*tch. He didn’t have to hurt him like this!”

Zan wanted to stomp Larek. He moved to her side. “Sorry, baby.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“His real name’s Wheat?”

Syn smiled reluctantly. “It’s Roebuck Darryl Wheaton.”

“What’s up with these nutty names and the guys you know?”

“I don’t know, Zan Kapol shar-Kelos Hodd,” she retorted quietly, touching Wheat’s face. “His skin is cool.”

Zan slowly moved his hand above Wheat’s entire length. “It’s just his head. Everything else seems to be a’ight. I could see better if I touched him.”

Syn bit her lip, looking back and forth between two of them. “If you could get hurt trying to help him, don’t do it. I don’t think I could stand it if – “

Her voice broke and Zan pulled her into his arms, saying low in her ear, “Shhh, don’t get upset about stuff that ain’t happened yet, peach.”

“Stuff that could happen. I love Wheat and I’d do it, but I can’t ask you to do it.”

“Step back.” He pushed her gently away from him and put his hands over Wheat’s ears covered by the bandage and after a couple deep breaths he froze. Syn watched him slowly lean down further and then suddenly jerk downwards, gasping and tucking his chin under.

“Zan!” She tugged at him and tried to pry his fingers loose from Wheat’s head but couldn’t. Zan’s eyes were wide now and unseeing. “Let go!” With all of her weight Syn yanked on him twice before they both fell to the floor. After a quick glance at an unmoving Wheat, she felt all over Zan. “Are you alright? Say something!”

He was breathing heavily. “It’s so dark in there. Felt like I couldn’t breathe. D*mn.” They helped each other up and stood over Wheat. “The darkness almost pulled me in – like I was being drugged. Couldn’t see nothing. He knew I was there and tried to reach for me, but he missed and I couldn’t find him again .” Zan looked down solemnly at her. “He wants to wake up.”

Syn held onto him tightly, putting her face on his arm. “Thank you so much.”

Just at that moment the nurse came in demanding to know what the noise was about and telling them to leave. Wheat’s great-grandparents, both in their upper 90’s and Lucia and Cristoff were right behind her. Syn and Zan were easing out while it was revealed amid much confusion that they weren’t the patient’s immediate family after all.

Ms. Leah grabbed her husband’s arm, putting a hand to her heaving chest. “Clem, oh look at him! Oh l*rd – !”

“Come on, mother. Now come on,” Mr. Clem said gruffly, leading her close to Wheat’s side.

Lucia grabbed Syn’s arm before she passed her. “Don’t disappear. I want to talk to you – alone,” she hissed under her breath. “Something queer is going on!”

Syn pulled her back out into the hallway. “I’ll be back, k?”

“Are you frickin kidding me?” Lucia raised her hands in affronted bewilderment. “Our best friend is in a coma,” she singsonged. “What’s this so much more important thing that you’ll ‘be back’ from?”

“Lu, it’s a serious situation. I’ll tell you later,” Syn said impatiently, watching Zan’s back moving down the hall.

Lucia turned to Cristoff, looking him up and down. “He’s in there – not out here. Get out of my convo.”

“Chill. No need to b*tch out on me,” he said casually, closing the door behind him.



“I’ll be back and we’ll talk. I promise.”

Lucia glared dejectedly. “You’ll be back and we’ll talk. Great. Well, don’t f*ckin bother to hurry back from whatever you’re up to with King Punk Gothic over there. I mean – “ She shrugged goofily. “ – Wheat might only just be f*ckin dead by then and Mr. Clem and Ms. Leah are only old enough to hit the floor from the shock!” Her teary eyes cutting, she pushed back onto the room and the sound of Ms. Leah’s crying and the nurse’s rather abrasive words of comfort blasted Syn briefly and then she was left staring at the door.

She looked so sad when she caught up to Zan at the elevator and it angered him. Somehow he was even putting a monkey wrench in her friendships. It was crystal clear again how much better off she’d be without him around. It made what he had to do a little easier. Only a little. “She’s just upset, baby.”

Syn closed her eyes and rested her palms on his chest, his warm embrace soothing her. “I know.”

“Stay here. Ain’t no reason for you to come with me now. Go home with Blondie. Give me her addy and I’ll come for you as soon as I get some info.”

“No! It’s only 8. You can’t go to Bloomie’s to meet the emissary until early morning… if he shows – “

“Syn, I have to get away from you.”


“I need to chill big time and I can’t do that around you. It’s like I’m jumping around on a hot plate inside.” He stroked her face. “Besides, you ain’t safe around me. I still got that sh*tty feeling something ain’t right. I mean something else ain’t right. Just stay here with your peeps and let me do what I gotta do.”

Syn fought the urge to argue with him. She wanted all this to be over, didn’t she? Clinging to him wasn’t going to make that happen.

“Okay,” she conceded in a breathy voice. “Go. But be safe, Zan. Please.” And then she told him where Lucia lived.

The elevator came and Zan dropped a brief, rough kiss on her lips, touching foreheads with her. “I love you mad crazy, girl. Don’t forget.” He pushed her back and then he was gone.

***** ***** *****

Lonnie paced back and forth in the pod crib alone. Nicholas had nothing useful to say, but he did bang her brains out. It was interesting and she did need to waste some time. Here it was 8pm and she had what? Like seven hours to go? Sh*t. She wondered where Rath and Ava were. And Zan. She didn’t want any of them catching up with her until she was ready and the future set in motion. She didn’t like having the second thoughts she was having either. She dropped down hard on the old loveseat.

“I’m being a p*ssy!”

She examined her long black nails, then jumped up abruptly to pace some more, unable to stand the waiting. The club. Yeah, the one up in the Bronx. She counted the pills left that she swiped from Larek. She could drink, party, get laid by a couple guys and maybe kill one or two – like last time. Just for the h*ll of it. Ha! Sort of a bon voyage party for one. She stood still looking around and warming to the idea. Yeah, a big ol’ goodbye to this bullsh*t and hello to the future – Lonnie’s grand future. Everybody else thought they were calling the shots. Well, they were all gonna find out the real deal soon. She shoved the pills in her purse and walked out.

***** ***** *****

In the pitch dark a figure stealthily moved across the large storage room in the basement of Bloomie’s. If he’d ever had a longer night than this one he couldn’t remember it and didn’t want to. Zan relived his whole life in those hours. He drove to Jersey and drove right back cuz there wasn’t sh*t over there. He walked all over Manhattan, met up with some of the East Village crew that he knew and dropped ‘em quick cuz they weren’t saying nothing he wanted to hear. So he just walked and walked, feeling like he was in one of them too-weird-to-understand indie flicks. The New York streets seemed to pull back from him farther and farther with each step he took, even as he was trying to lose himself in them. The only steady comfort he had was Syn’s big brown eyes winking in his soul. The cold air didn’t bother him tonight so he slept for about an hour in the park – with the green shield up.

He stood now in front of the invisible orb, hesitating. His whole eighteen years as a hybrid was just a waiting period for this ‘alien invasion’ sh*t. He had to move into it. He couldn’t just stay. Khivar, Deshamos, Rath, Lonnie, and Sero ‘n’ them – they weren’t gonna leave him alone. Or anybody he cared about. Well, he was resigned to stepping into this destiny the aliens mapped out for him – for now – but they was gonna get more than they wanted from him. For f*ckin up what he could have had now with Syn Morgan, he was gonna twist everybody’s sh*t around. And take no f*ckin prisoners. Word as bond.

Zan made the ceiling lights come on. He waved his hand carelessly in front of the wall, making the orb visible. He aggressively punched the blue button and let it scan his palm, starting the 3-D fifteen-minute countdown. He sat on the floor humming a Limp Bizkit tune, watching the rapidly moving numbers.

“Come on, b*tch,” he muttered.

Finally the weird foil outline of a man appeared but what tore through it wasn’t Pakeen Hrek. Zan’s mouth curved up cynically. “Oh, it’s you.”

“Yes, it is. I wanted to take care of this myself….”


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Angela35, now that I think about it Zan wasn't specific about whether he was intimate with both sexes or not, but a couple chapters back (part 5 I think - when did I write that? 10 years ago? Man, I'm slow!) we got to read his thoughts and he was wondering what it was about Syn that was attracting him more than any other female he'd known. He reflected back on all kinds of girls/women he'd been with - no reference to males...Ahhh, the word I used! "Lots of ***" might give the impression of homosexual activity. Ooops, I didn't even think of it! I'm pretty sure he meant...lady butts. lol A note to you and all others who may feel the same way: Don't be discouraged by the dark, angsty flavor of the fic! I'm not an angst-lover by any means. If I know a fic's going to end 'badly' I won't read it. I don't like endings that leave me feeling worse than I felt before reading the story. 'Painful art' turns me off. I can turn on the news for painful reality. blah. So cheer up! No matter what else might happen in this fic, you won't be sorry in the end. (Unless, I'm writing crappy.) Word as bond.

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Okay, I see *nineteen* has disappeared. Ouch! And I'm too lazy to fix the italics thingies right now. lol I'm sorry! Okay, tomorrow I'll repost the chapter. Twenty is coming along slowly. My life is really something new these days. I just want you to know that I'm not going to just stop writing; it's just that the going is slow. Your patience and ecstasy vibes will not go to waste!

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part nineteen

“Shizon.” Sero Niz de-Keed inclined his head and stepped closer.

“Explain ‘Shizon’. What are you calling me?”

“It’s hard to explain in Earth terms but in addition to being king of Antar you were basically voted the highest judge in our solar system and in two others. You made final judgments in disputes and in many other matters concerning millions of people and whole planets. When you were killed, you had only served half your term in the position. Now the peace process will go much more smoothly if you are involved, hybrid or not. There’s nothing more important. Now, I need to check you out.” He smiled apologetically. “I know it’s you but what I know could be wrong. And if I am – ”

“You’ll have to eliminate me. Yeah, I know. Go for it.”

Sero passed a hand over the back of Zan’s head. The correct image of the five planets appeared and disappeared. “Excellent. How’s an hour from now? Same place.”

“We’re gonna have us a mini-summit right here. Will Larek Melledaan of Mirr be there?”

Sero looked at the Shizon’s tense facial muscles quizzically. “Yes, definitely. We’ll all be there – even your cousin Deshamos.”

“My cousin.” Zan let out a mocking grunt. “What do you know about Larek and me in my old alien days?”

Sero paused thoughtfully. “Mirr has never been a wealthy planet, but now it’s quite impoverished. It’s Antar’s twin. They once formed one planet but didn’t separate evenly. Mirr has been very loyal but …the needs of the many have been outweighing the sentiment of the one for some time now.” He flicked open the briefcase in front of Zan. “But peace is what we all want.”

Zan let the blue-gray wash over him before saying, “But that ain’t all you want. After the summit when are all y’all leaving Earth?”

“If all goes well, immediately – with no reason to return.”

“And Deshamos?”

“He’s supposed to,” Sero replied with mild drollness.

“That ain’t good enough. Tell me what’s up with the Skins. If I’m gone, do they still have a reason to stay?”

Sero closed the suitcase with a soft click. “Not really. The Skins’ story is simple. They’re Antarian traitors – well, traitors to you - whose mission was to stay on Earth indefinitely to seek and destroy the Royal Four. However they weren’t planning on staying sixty years and the process of extending their life cycles here has taken a toll on their mindset, even their sanity I think. But they’re fixated on you. There’s nothing else for them here – except for a handful that may have put their alien lives behind them.”

“Why is Deshamos using a kid’s body? Is he the only one?”

“He’s the only one. He was the last of the assigned Antarian rebels to come. Plus, he’s the leader. For some reason he ended up in the South instead of the West. Isolated as he was, he wouldn’t have had much time to live, so the first farm boy to stumble onto the ship…well, there you go. Deshamos will most likely leave and the Skins will follow him.

“Nah, him and all them Skins gotta go when you do.”

“That’s not possible, Shizon. Even if it were, there would be considerable bloodshed. We’re not trying to spread the mechanics of our war to this planet.”

“Is human blood in danger?”

“It might be unavoidable but it would be very little – if this were possible, which it isn’t.”

Zan nodded his head as if he agreed. “Y’all want my total cooperation – no matter what it costs me. You want peace in your dying worlds and you want the mighty granolith – all of which supposedly depends on me. And you want all this sh*t at your convenience. So ain’t nothing impossible, man. I don’t care how you scoop up the Skins, just do it – every last d*mn one of ‘em. Today.”

Sero closed his eyes briefly in resignation and bowed his head slightly. “As you wish.”

***** ***** *****

Rath was sitting stooped over on a bench in Lower Manhattan’s Battery Park, pressing his temples hard, trying to hold in the worst headache known to man. Or rather to him – it was his first one. Something had shifted in his brain as if whatever else that was affected by the Skin b*tch blasting his eye out kinda gave way or something. He had felt it on his way over from Jersey but now it was starting to hurt like a mutha! He thought Korn had taken care of this with the frickin healing stones! What the f*ck was wrong now???

“Ahhh!” He winced, involuntarily stretching out on the bench as the pain arced upwards swiftly and lingered before briefly releasing him. Over and over and over again. “Muthafahhh –!! “


**Dorrath Kees-Vetalion bent his head and felt the king slip the chain holding the heavy medallion made of the most precious metal in their sector of space around his neck. Then the king said in a voice that carried cross the vast hall of the throne room, “Dorrath al-don Kees-Vetalion, I name you Right Chancellor of Antar and the three moons Hewl, Farrad and ba-Nemm. There is no other before you except the Crown of Antar. There is no other equal to you except the Law of the Senate.”

Amid many cheers and well-wishing, Zan Kapol grinned at him and leaned forward slightly so that only Rath could hear him. “And there’s no other more worthy than you, my friend.”

Rath bowed low before smiling back. “There’s nothing more important to me than you and your family except my duty. I won’t fail you.”

“Rath, there’s no one I trust more. You’re as much my brother as if we shared the same mother.”

Zan broke the strict ceremonial tradition and hugged Rath openly. Rath returned the embrace, emotion nearly overcoming his normally solemn, calm demeanor. “My king…Zan…you’re as much my brother as if we shared the same father…”

“Blood to blood, my friend?”

“Blood to blood. Forever…”**

“No!” Rath jerked upwards. “Wha – ?” Had he fallen asleep or what? He felt just like he’d had a full night’s worth and now there was no trace of pain, but something was really weird. He looked around warily. Well, it was still dark and early in Battery Park. Same bench. He gingerly felt his face, finding the still empty eye socket. Sh*t. He was hoping all of it was a frickin dream. Disturbed, he stood up and slowly paced, a frown creasing his features. Was the dream or vision or whatever for real? And real or not, what did it mean? And why’d he feel…changed somehow? He stopped to spit disgustedly and when he did the painless pulse started in his temples again. That’s just the way the headache started out before. Dayumm!

Rath shoved his hands deep into his super baggy army fatigue pants and strode quickly in the direction of the nearest subway entrance. He couldn’t let this sh*t stop him cuz he had to get to that orb. He was gonna be in on the action. Like, he was the f*ckin Chancellor ‘n’ sh*t and they was all treating him like a used paper towel! F*ck that! He was gonna – .

“Aieee! Sssss!” He doubled over, grabbing his head again but stumbled on, refusing to stop.

What in the f*ck was going on-nahhhhhh…?!

***** ***** *****

“Can we go over this wild turkey story again?…Don’t look at me like that, Syndara. I mean, how the frig do you expect me to react? Wheat’s still in eternal-night world, you don’t seem to care as much as the rest of us, and then you run this cockamamie story about your punk hunk being E.T.’s sexier cousin. I mean, it’s straight up bullsh*t and I don’t appreciate it.”

Syn looked around Lucia’s bedroom, trying to hold in her anger and worry, her eyes finally resting on the clock. 4:00 am. Zan should be here by now, right? Or does the type of thing he doing take an hour and a half or more? Please God, he has to be alright. Please God, I don’t ask you for much – !

“Syn, are you listening to me?”

Syn jerked her head around. “You don’t appreciate it, huh? First, let me point out that you wanted to know what was going on with me. And I have told you. You’re looking me dead in the eye and you can see I’m serious. And you’re gonna tell me I’m lying? And you’re gonna question my love for Wheat?” She sighed, realizing she was talking too loud. “Look, I know how this sounds, but you’re my best friend, Lu. Look at me. There are no drugs in my system and this isn’t my idea of a joke. Everything I’ve told you is true. The only reason you don’t believe me – after I’ve gone through the whole story twice already – is that you’re scared and don’t want to believe me. I can handle scared. It’s been my middle name this past week. But what I can’t handle right now is you pretending that I’m lying so that you won’t have to face the situation that you demanded to know about. F*ck that, Lucia. I need us to be on the same wavelength here.”

Lucia raised her arms in frustration and let them drop back on the bed where the girls both sat cross-legged. “What are you talking about, Syn? The same wavelength! I’m no frickin good at Physics and this is sounding like an explanation of warp drive, Scottie! Argh!” She leaped off the bed, throwing her hands in the air and pacing. “I can’t – you know – I can’t do aliens and bodysnatching and Klingon wars right now, k?” She stopped to look at her friend and the loneliness and worry right behind the determined set of her face made Lucia pause, rubbing her forehead. She sat close to Syn. “Okay…okay…” She closed her eyes briefly as if to summon strength before continuing slowly. “I believe that you believe this. And that doesn’t mean that I think all of this is definitely not true. It means I need to not get all the way into this right now. And you’re my friend and I love you and I know I might sound like I don’t. Maybe I’m just not as strong as you are – at this time. That’s as honest as I can be, Syn.”

“Well, that’s more than nothing.”

“I’ll do whatever I can to help. If nothing else is true, that is, chica. I guess I just need to see to believe – and I don’t want to see.” Lucia held Syn’s hands and they sat quietly like that for a while. “So what do you need me to do, Syn?”

Syn smiled sadly and gave her a gentle squeeze. “Nothing right now. Thanks.”

Lucia swung up and sat cross-legged again. “So, um, after…doing whatever he’s doing, he’s coming here. How long does it take?”

Syn sighed wearily, lying back. “I don’t know. I just pray that Mack is okay and that Zan hasn’t been…” She swallowed hard, unable to finish.

“Don’t let what you don’t know hurt you. Take everything one moment at a time now. I’ll go make us some hot tea and ice cream…”

***** ***** *****

At about 4am while Zan was walking down and away from Bloomie’s that bad feeling rose up swiftly. He heard a step behind him and turned.

“Hi, brother.” Lonnie stood there, shifting slowly from foot to foot, looking nervous – not a good sign.

“What’s up, sister? What are you doing here?”

“Um, I got some things on my mind. You know, things that are bothering me. Do you remember what happened to us before Korn came?” She saw the dark look that came over his face and continued quickly. “Yeah-yeah, I know we never talk about it. I know you don’t want to.”

“I ain’t got time to reminisce. You’re here for a reason. Spit it out.”

Lonnie looked up, shaking her head wryly. “Huh. See, that’s what I mean. Before he came, we were tight. I know you remember, Zan. Then he filled your head with the royal alien duty sh*t and suddenly the rest of us became your d*mn pets – subjects of Da King. And it just got worse. I can see now that nothing else is gonna work. Nothing is going to be different!” She sniffed loudly and wiped her nose with her sleeve.

“Wait just a minute. Are you high?”

She laughed strangely, then became serious just as quickly. “Sure I am. Why not? What else is there for me to do? You’ll be king and I’ll be…” She considered it and then burst out laughing again briefly. “As I was saying, it’s gonna be the same sh*t between me and you like before.”

“Like before what?” Zan snapped, not in the mood for her weird mood. With her drugged up ass. Korn must have given her some sh*t. Wait ‘til he saw him!

“Like back on Antar!”

Zan stilled. “What happened there?”

Her forehead began to bead with sweat. “You really don’t remember, do you? Well, do you remember that when those devils had us I didn’t leave you?”

“Yeah, Lonnie, I do remember, but that was then and this is now. I ain’t the only one that’s changed, right?”

She stopped her shifting and stood still staring at him hard. “I loved you like a brother, brother.” Zan’s shield came up, the green glare making her cover her glazed eyes momentarily. “What the f*ck?!”

“The f*ck is I seen this kinda scene in too many movies. Get to your point, Lonnie, if you got one. I ain’t got time for your new bullsh*t.”

A malevolent young male voice said behind him, “Not for that or anything else – cousin.

As Zan whipped around, he was blasted backwards, landing flat on his back, immobile and unable to bring his shield back up.

Nicholas laughed mockingly. “Well, isn’t this a real hoot?” He came forward, holding up a familiar object. “Sero really should be careful with these things. If he’s going to be greedy enough to have two of them, he should be clever enough to hide the second one just a li’l better than this.” He tapped the object lightly. “Now the truth is I can’t make this thing do half the things it can do. He alone has been entrusted with complete knowledge of how to fully operate it, but – I did figure out one thing. And voila! I’ve got a king at my feet!”

“Deshamos, cut the crap and get out of here,” Lonnie growled.

“What? And miss the final curtain? No-ho, I don’t think so!” He was so busy leering down at Zan that Lonnie snatched the weapon out of his hand easily.

She looked down at her brother who was struggling so hard against whatever force was holding him down that the veins in his neck were popping up. She pointed the weapon at Deshamos. “I said go away.”

He looked her up and down carelessly. “Ahhh, you want privacy for your heartwarming family moment here. I see. Fine. But you need me, baby. And you’re not about to forget that, are you?” Glaring at him, Lonnie lowered the weapon and he stood directly over Zan. “Cousin, I see murder in your eyes. Just let go. You can’t fight the new world order that’s about to begin. Now I’m not going to kill you, but I just want to take a little peak. This might hurt a tiny bit…” He bent even lower and tried to go right through Zan’s skull with his eyes, but after ten seconds Zan grinned evilly at him and…”Ahh! Son of a b*tch!” Deshamos rubbed the space between his own eyes and kicked Zan in the ribs. “Lonnie, finish this bastard and make contact with Larek! We don’t have much time!” He stalked off cursing down the street and around the corner.

Zan continued his violent struggles, saying nothing to her. Lonnie stood transfixed at the sight and wondering if it was the drugs in her blood making her hear their father’s voice so clearly - Once you make a decision, Vilondra, follow it through to the end no matter what happens in between... She almost asked Zan if he could hear it too but quickly snapped out of her daze, reaching hurriedly into her bag. She took out a long silver canister, opened it and in a near frenzy drenched Zan thoroughly with gasoline. She stared down at accusing eyes full of bitterness and hot vengeance, but he would not plead with her. He was himself to the end. This was her brother. They had suffered horribly together during the innocence of childhood – innocent to the point that she would have died for him then. If she now did this to him whom she (in her own way) loved more than any other, then there would be nothing that she would not do. In that moment something already thin in Lonnie’s soul snapped in two and she was changed forever. She didn’t avert her now cold gaze as she lit a match, threw it and watched Zan burn.


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