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Title: Sex In The City Of Roswell

Author: Me!!!

Rating: Strong R –sometimes N-17! (I’ll let you know when the time comes.)

Category: M/L M/M I/? T/K

Summary: Sex In The City… Roswell style

Author’s Note: I love the show Sex In The City and I love Roswell, so I thought… Why not mix the two!? Also BIG note: Some of the dialouge are direct quotes from the show that I searched for on the internet. But other than that it's from the 'ol noggin. Okay so here is the status of our Roswell players:

Liz Parker: Charlotte York –Sex Columnist

Maria Deluca: Miranda Hobbes –Working Gal

Isabel Flockhart: Samantha Jones –Glamorous Sex Goddess

Tess Harding: Carrie Bradshaw –House Wife/ Romanticist

Okay now I KNOW that in the show Carrie is the sex writer but in this story Charlotte is the writer because I like Liz better but she looks more like Charlotte than she does Carrie and Tess and Carrie both have blonde curly hair and like to show off their boobs so… Oh and I don’t want Isabel and Max to be bro and sis because Liz is with Max in this and I don’t think that Isabel would want to here the things that will be said, cuz, eww…

Okay Since I dont want the whole "Plagiarism" thing to backfire on my ass I will put numbers and a * in front of each quote.

1*=Sex In The City Quote from Ep: (BRB w/ more details)


Let’s Talk SEX

Liz Voice Over as she is typing on her black laptop computer in her room.

“Sex. It’s a three letter word that is the root of all intimate relationships. Now, I know that some people call it ‘making love’ but let’s get down to the core of it. It’s all the same… SEX! And us women love it. Despite what some may say we all need to have it at some point in our lives. Now don’t take me for a sex fiend or anything like that. It’s just that at some degree there is the natural instinct in every human being that screams for attention.

Yes my dears I am talking HORMONES.

The little genes in all of us that spark up when we’re hot and lays low after we’ve satisfied it. Unlike MEN we can control our uh… urges. Over the past couple years I have concluded that men and women both feel the same about sex from time to time. So don’t hide it! You know you want it!


The usual waiting ‘til I’m married thing is cool, I totally respect that aspect and I applaud those women out there who support that tradition.

But for us who do not follow that criteria…

Let’s be honest with each other:

Us women are strong individuals with AND withOUT males. We can do anything, we are independent and we know how to get to our goals. Before I start to sound all feministic on you guys I will stop there and just say that we get what we want, it just depends on which way we do it and how bad we WANT it. Some of us use our sexual nature to get what we want, others use their charms, and then there are those who want to get what they deserve. But whether you choose to follow your sexual side or not:

1*If you are single there is always one thing you should take out with you on a Saturday night... your friends…”

Liz smiled and closed her laptop shut.

Her cell phone vibrated next to her laptop.

“Hmmm!” Liz giggled as it vibrated in her hands. “I love this thing… Hello?” She answered her phone.

“Baby.” The seductive voice purred on the other line.

“I just finished Max, I’m on my way.” Liz rolled her eyes.

“No need-“

Knock – Knock – Knock

“I’m at your door.” Max said.

Liz opened the front door to her expensive “New York Style” Roswell condo and smiled at the sight before her.

“Eager are we?” Liz wriggled her eyebrows.

“You have NOOOOO idea.” Max swept her up in his arms and slammed the door shut behind him with a right foot kick.

Liz squealed all the way to her bedroom.


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Ch. 1

Out To Eat

“OH MY GOD! NO. No, he didn’t! Max? We’re talking about Max EVANS right?” Maria scrunched up her petite face. As the other girls sat around in the CrashDown diner, just as they did almost everyday.

“Well how was it Liz? Do tell already!” Isabel Flockhart tapped Liz’s hand with finely manicured nails and smiled, giving Liz a wink.

Isabel Flockhart, she radiates confidence in everything she does –whether it's landing a star client, getting a table at the trendiest restaurant or bedding the hottest guy in a room. Isabel embraces her uninhibited sexuality with a diverse (and large) group of lovers –from wrestling coaches to power bachelors to a studly farmer. Forget wedding dreams; Isabel takes lust over love any night –and she's proud of it.

“Oh I don’t know, okay I guess.” Liz shrugged.

“Okay? ‘It was okay’” Tess mimicked Liz, “Babe, if ‘okay’ is the only word that comes to mind. Than Max obviously has no talent in that department.” Scintillating Tess, sex was in her vocabulary, just as it was Isabel’s.

“And Kyle does?” Maria asked interested.

“Oh. Yea.” Tess smiled.

“I wish I could get Michael to do something Kinky like that. The only thing he finds kinky is doing it on the kitchen table.” Maria sighed, “But at least he’s romantic.”

“Oh Please, the only thing that boy considers ‘romantic’ is two box seats to a Rangers hockey game.” Isabel snorted, “What you need my dear, is a REALLY good fuck. Just one at least.” Isabel said lighting a cigarette.

“Isabel!” Maria shouted shocked.

“I can recommend you to a Sebastian friend of mine. He’s not the best I’VE ever had, but for you… Let’s just say that doing it on the kitchen table isn’t going to cut it anymore.” Isabel puffed her cigarette and licked her lips.

“Or you could just… Oh I don’t know… Talk to him!” Liz scolded.

Isabel shrugged, “Sure. But my way’s funner.”

“Just tell Michael to spell the alphabet. That’s how Kyle did it the first time.” Tess added.

“Michael would never go for it.” Maria breathed in the scent of Isabel’s Kools.

“Actually, now that I think about it, I hope Max doesn’t expect to uh… return the favor.” Liz said, and then stared at her cup of coffee.

“You mean to tell me that you’ve never gave Max a blow job?!” Isabel laughed.

“Some of us are not as experienced in that department Iz.” Maria backed Liz up.

“You don’t have to be baby, you think it makes a difference? Honey, all you have to do is lightly touch it with your polished lips and they’ll bust.” Isabel rolled her eyes and puffed her cigarette again, licking her ashes in a napkin.

“Oh.” Both Liz and Maria whispered.

“Kyle’s never asked me to return the favor. He loves doing it to me.” Tess smiled, “He says I’m sweet as candy.”

“Yea. After 4 cups of brandy.” Maria cracked.

They all laughed, even Tess.

“Ladies! Talking about anything I should know about?” Alex Whitman came into the diner and sat beside Liz, putting an arm around her shoulders.

“Max ate Liz out last night.” Tess giggled.

“UGH!” Alex groaned disgusted, taking his arm back.

The girls giggled.

“Oh!” Maria stopped to check her watch. “My lunch break just ended two minutes ago.” Maria worked as partner in her own law firm.

“So?” Tess snorted drinking her cappuccino. “You’re the boss.”

“Yea, but we got a new guy today.” Maria explained.

Isabel perked up, “Guy? New? I must meet him!” She grinned, her surprisingly WHITE teeth shinning.

“Engaged.” Maria sipped one last sip of her tea.

Isabel slumped back in her seat.

“Yea. I gotta get back to the editing room.” Liz readied herself.

“And I’ve got to pick Kyle up from the shop.” Tess yawned.

“Mr. Mechanic.” Isabel sang.

“Shut up, I love what those HARD working hands can do. Tess said. Just than her cell phone buzzed. “OH!” She giggled, “Hello?”

‘I love those things.’ The others mouthed to each other, referring to the vibrating hone.

“Yes Kyle, I’m leaving now.” Tess stood up and put her hand on the receiver for a brief moment, “Bye girls! –Oh and guys!” Tess replied grabbing her purse and heading to the checkout counter.

“Bye.” Liz, Maria and Alex waved.

“Have sex.“ Isabel said.

Tess smirked.

“C’mon Iz, Roger sent out to get you.” Alex handed Isabel her purse, “I’ll pay for all your guys’ drinks.” He went off the to tell Tess, who was still arguing with Kyle on the phone.

Isabel is a successful PR exec who knows what she wants –and much of the time she gets it.

“C’mon ‘Ria, walk with me to work.” Liz and Maria got up.


“I need to ask you a HUGE favor.” Tess said.

Liz groaned out loud, “I don’t know, last time you said that I ended up with Mono.” Liz sighed into her cell phone as she walked the streets of Roswell on her way back home.

“Liz! That was in the 10th grade! –And besides, you know you liked it you slut.” Tess laughed.

“Mmmm, Aidan Shaw… He was YUMMY.” Liz reminisced.

“Okay but seriously, I need your help with something.” Tess pinned.


“I need you to lock up the Gallery tonight.”



“I can’t, I don’t have the key.”

“Just ask Javier!” Tess complained, “Puh-lease Liz-Beth! I’m stuck in traffic and my shop closes in 15 minutes!” Tess ran her own art gallery, that at times sold painting from both herself and Michael.

Liz fake cried, “Why can’t you make it? You’ll make it. You know how nervous Javier makes me!”

“He’s only stuck up because he’s gay baby, it’s not that he doesn’t LIKE you.” Tess begged.

“Ben likes me and HE’S gay.”


“Fine! But you owe me big time!” Liz yelped.

“OH! I love you -I love you -I love you!”

“Yea, yea.” Liz hung up, only to have her phone buzz again.

“Lizzzzzzieeee.” Max's crooning voice taunted.

“I have to lock up for Tess.” Liz said flat.

“What!?” Max's suave voice was gone and replaced with an upset one.

“She’s stuck in traffic and needs me to lock up the gallery.” Liz replied, almost in view of the gallery.

“Why did you say yes if you KNEW you were coming here?” Max stated.

“Where’s here?”

“Your bedroom where I am currently waiting naked and ready.” Max teased.

“Hmmm.” Liz frowned disappointed that she wasn’t there now, “I’ll be quick.”

“But by the time you GET here I won’t be in the mood.” Max whined.

“You’re ALWAYS in the mood Max.” Liz laughed, walking up the steps of the gallery. “I’m here now, I’ll call you back.”

“If I’m still here. You know, you have A LOT of toys I could play with.”

“MAX!” Liz squealed.

“Just kidding. Hurry up!”

“Okay!” Liz yelled.

“Love you.” Max hung up.

“Grrrr that damn Tess!” Liz swore pushing through the doors.

“’Bout time suga, Tess said you were coming so I made sure to make this as easy as possible. I locked up the Mona, the DeMarco, AND the Yuga. All YOU have to do is check the back doors, lock the front door and set the alarm. The codes on this.” Javier thrust a card into her hands, “Do you think you can pull this off?”

“Yes.” Liz said threw clenched teeth.

“Nice pearlies.” He grinned wide and strolled out the front doors.

“Bitch.” Liz muttered under her breath. She then stood tall and walked to the back of the gallery. This wasn’t so hard. All she had to do was check the back doors… Liz jiggled the knobs and double locked the padlocks. All clear!

She smiled at her accomplishment and started towards the front. But something in the corner of her eye made her stop.

“Oh. My. God.” She whispered. “OH MY GOD!” She screamed getting a better look.



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Ch. 2

Nudity * Part I *

“Define. Naked.” Max said serious as he could, considering the fact that Liz had just burst threw her bedroom door hysterical.

“Unclothed, undressed, totally bare, we’re talking full frontal nudity here!” Liz responded frustrated.

“And you’re sure this painting is by Michael?” Max removed Liz’s coat.

“Would I say it was if it wasn’t? It had batter be by that bastard!” She shouted.

“Max winced, “Okay Liz, I’m sorry. Damn.”

Liz closed her eyes and sighed sitting at the end of her bed. Letting Max come over to massage the tension out of her shoulders.



Maria was naked and hanging for all to see in Tess’ Gallery. Michael had painted a picture of Maria in the buff and planned to sell it. Who the HELL did he think he was doing that to Maria. Maria would NEVER do something like that.

Max continued to massage Liz’s shoulders also continuing to slyly undress her at the same time. It wasn’t until Liz saw her J. Crew blouse being tossed carelessly to the floor that she realized that Max was seducing her slowly.

“Max. Not tonight. I’m too upset.” Liz stood up and walked to the bathroom for a hot shower.


“What.” Tess replied flat and surprised.

They were in the CrashDown indulging themselves in their regular “coffee fix” time.

“Naked Tess! I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes!” Liz shouted.

Maria had been lying on a plush deep velvet red antique love seat. Completely in the nude. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be at peace. The background in the painting

“I never seen it, I would know if something like that was in my Gallery.” Tess rubbed at her chin in thought.

“Well not this time. You CANNOT display that! Maria would freak!” Liz shrieked.

“Okay, okay. I’ll have a talk with Javier. You go talk to Maria and I’ll call you ASAP. Alright?” Tess reassured Liz.

Liz nodded, “Okay, I’m going to get back to work and after that I’ll talk to Maria.”

“Okay. I’m gonna go. Talk to ya later.” Tess stood up from her chair in the CrashDown.

“Okay.” Liz whispered to her self.

“Later.” Tess gave Liz a sympathetic hug and walked out the front doors.

Liz stood up from her seat and started towards the exit when she saw him.


He was SO dead!

“Can I have a WORD with you!” Liz grabbed his coat sleeve and pulled him away from his table, not bothering for his answer to her request.

“Jeezus Liz! What is it?” Michael barked.

“You painted a picture of Maria naked and you expected to sell it! How could you do that?!” Liz screamed.

“I can explain!” Michael shouted.

“Oh can you!” Liz shouted back.

Michael’s face turned white.

“You are such a coward Michael!” Liz smacked his arm.

Michael looked past Liz at the front door.

“What is it?” Liz asked curiously nervous at what she would find when she turned around.


It was Maria.

And she was PISSED!


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Nudity Pt. 2
Maria’s POV

Maria could not believe the words Liz Parker had just said.

No. Way.

Michael would never do that.

He COULDN’T do that.

Maria had never posed naked. She would have remembered that. So why was Michael and Liz arguing over something that obviously proved false?

“I can explain!” Michael had shouted back at Liz.

Explain? EXPLAIN What?!

How could he do this to her?! Isn’t that like against the law or something???

“Maria!” Liz had spun around and yelped, looking scared shitless.

Oh yea.

Maria was PISSED.


Liz’s POV

First thing she thought when she turned around and saw Maria angry was to run. The last time Maria looked that angry was PMS-ing and Tess had eaten her last Hershey’s chocolate bar.

“Maria!” Was all Liz could say.

She was scared shitless looking at Maria.

Michael was still silent but now he hid behind Liz.

He needed to fess up.

The jerk.

“Maria let me explain first before you take off my head and make me sleep on the couch for a whole week–”

Make that TWO for just assuming one week on the couch could make up for what you did!” Maria interrupted Michael.

“Shit.” Michael cursed under his breath, “Alright but just let me explain!” He agued.

“Explain already!” Liz shouted annoyed.

“Not here, and NOT with you.” Michael pointed at Liz.

Liz was about to ague when Maria came to her rescue.

“No. Whatever it is that you have to say to me can be said in front of Lizzie too. But you’re right, this is not the place.” Maria took Liz by the arm and escorted her outside, Michael trailing along.


Liz V/O (voice over)

New thought.

Michael and Maria are at an all time low and I feel slightly responsible for it –I said slightly. It’s not like Michael is the innocent victim here. The victim is Maria. Poor innocent unsuspecting Maria Deluca.

“I painted it the night we were in Hawaii, in that Maui honeymoon suit, you know the night we…”

“Okay I get it!” Maria silenced him.

I regret to admit that I was very curious to know just what exactly DID happen that glorious weekend in Maui?

“We after we… (Michael cleared his throat) Ya know, and we fell asleep on that red velvet antique love seat. Well when I woke up I looked to she you sleeping so beautifully that I just HAD to paint your portrait. I never, and I mean NEVER intended it to go on the market Maria I swear I didn’t!” Michael shouted excited.

“Then HOW did it get up on that WALL Mic-hael?!” Maria shot sarcastic.

It was about this time that I began to feel a little awkward. I mean, this was PRIVATE matter now, right? I had no place being here when a romantic weekend alone in Maui was being discussed emotionally the way it was. I felt like I was invading on some kind of “moment” or something to that extreme.

It made me want Max to paint ME naked!

The way Michael went about saying those things about Maria “fragile, gloriously sexy bod”.

“I don’t know how it got there Maria! I guess… I-I-I guess Marquis must have grabbed it when he came by to pick up the others by mistake.” Michael stuttered to explain the situation.

Maria still did not look bought. “Even IF you weren’t going to “sell” it… Why was it just laying around the house for Marquis to just come and mistakenly PICK it UP huh’?” Maria said hands on hips.

“Because I had just had it glossed and I was going to give it to you on our 4 year anniversary!” Michael shouted.

“Huh?” Maria was dumbfounded.

Okay, now this is some majorly cute stuff here. Michael painting a picture of Maria like that… WOW. I know I was angry before but that was before I knew this. How “romantic” Michael could BE. I mean… WOW!

“Michael… That’s so… Sweet.” Maria got all choked up.

“It WAS going to be a surprise.” Michael eyed me.

“I had shrugged it off and said, “I saw what I saw and I jumped to conclusions.”

“Fair enough.” Michael nodded, Maria in his arms.

“So can we get Maria out of there now?” I blurt.


Liz’s POV

Liz walked the streets of Roswell and noticed just how much it reminded her of New York. Roswell had sure changed from high school days! Liz was on her way to Tess’ Gallery along with Maria and Michael. Their pace was that of a racehorse though. And Liz found herself way far off behind.

That’s when her phone buzzed.

“Hello?” Liz answered.

“Are you done neglecting me yet?” Max's voice spoke softly.

Liz smirked and replied, “I’m sorry baby, but don’t you worry your cute little behind any longer because Lizzie is coming HOME to-naught!” She giggled.

“I’ll be waiting.” Max purred, his suave hitching up a notch and returning to its usual tone.

“At my house or yours?” Liz asked approaching the Gallery.

“Mine… I’ll have ah, SURPRISE for you.”

“Really?!” Liz responded happy.

“Tonight baby… I’m gonna-“

“OH MY GOD!” Maria was heard screaming from inside the gallery and Liz went running she barged threw the doors.

“What happened?” Max asked on the other end.

Liz had forgotten she was even on the phone after hearing Maria’s shrill voice.

“I-I’ll call you back!” Liz cried out.

“Liz no wait–“ Max pleaded.

Too late. She hung up.

“Maria what is it!” Liz bellowed as she caught up to Maria.

“The painting… the painting is– auuuwwrrrggghhh!” She passed out and Michael leaped into action to catch her fall.

“Maria!” Liz and now Tess were crying out to her.

“What happened?!” Liz screamed frantic.

“The painting is gone.” Michael said.

Liz looked to the empty spot on the wall and turned to Tess, “Huh?”

Tess bit her lip and looked away. “Uhhhh.”

“Nnnnnoooooooo!!!!” Liz said in disbelief. (A/N: imagine the way Monica from “Friends” says her ‘No’s’ ya know what I mean? She kinda drags it on but in a funny way.)

“Uh huh.” Tess nodded her head reluctantly.

Liz’s mouth hung open as looked over to Maria’s limp body. “Maria’s painting is in the auction…” Liz shook her head unable to say the rest.

Maria woke up.

Everyone’s eyes were on her.

“Ria?” Michael stroked her cheeks.

“M-Michael? Where am I?” She mumbled.

“The gallery babe.” Tess said grimacing.

Maria was wide-awake now and ranting, “How the hell could this happen Tess? You know I would never let Michael do that! So why the hell would I let him SELL it?! Let alone let it out for everyone to gawk at and BID on!” She shrieked.

“Javier thought it was up for auction because it was in the wall!” Tess explained.

“Use your head Tess!” Maria shouted.

“It’s not MY fault!” Tess cried.

“Get it out of there!” Maria said.

“I can’t!”

“Why not!”

“Because its already in the lobby ready to be auctioned!”

“TESS! You idiot!”

“Someone needs to take a break and back up off ME!”

“Well that someone would not be in the situation to have to take a break if that someone’s FRIEND had not PUT her in that situation!” Maria screamed loudly.

“Calm down babe you’re not making this any better.” Michael tried to calm Maria.

“Yea Ria, Michael’s right.” Liz tried too.

“When is the auction being held?” Michael attempted gain control.

“Two o’clock.” Tess replied.

“That’s in one hour!” Maria screeched.

Tess couldn’t take Maria’s attitude any longer so she just walked off angry.

“What is it?” Michaela asked Liz when he saw the look on her face.

Liz looked over to him and Maria, “I don’t know what to wear, now I’m all nervous.”

They rolled their eyes in frustration.


“12 thousand, 12 thousand do I have 13? 13! Do I have 14? …” The announcer called off the prices for a painting of Fraiser Woods.

“When is Maria’s painting coming up the suspense is killing me!” Isabel clapped her hands together.

“Will you shut up!” Maria snapped.

“Oh take a pill –or better yet, sniff some cedar oil.” Isabel rolled her eyes.

“And next up we have a painting by Michael Guerin called ‘Velvet’ and we’ll start the bidding at 1 thousand.”

“SHIT!” Maria whispered, “We’re never going to afford that Michael!”

“Oh Maria! You look good babe!” Isabel whistled.

Maria stole a look and gasp, “I do look a bit hott don’t I?” She blushed.

Liz looked at the painting for a split second but ended up having a double take, “Wow Michael you are really talented!”

“2 thousand I have 2, do I have 3?” The announcer shouted.

“Is that all I’m worth?” Maria shouted, Michael pulled her back down.

“Maria stop it, if you keep acting like that than you are going to get kicked out.” Michael hissed at Maria.

“Michael’s right Maria, calm down.” Liz said to Maria.

“Oh my god these perv’s are just gawking at my naked body and they don’t have the decency to at least buy me for 10!” Maria ranted. “10 thousand!” Maria raised her hand.

“MARIA!” What the HELL are you doing?” Michael shouted angry.

“I’m trying to raise the stakes a bit, if I’m going to be hanging in anybodies house it had better be for a good price!” Maria shrieked.

“I do not get you.” Michael shook his head.

“I thought you didn’t WANT your picture in someone’s house?” Liz said curious.

“Yea Maria you are such a spaz about those types of things. What if a perv buys it and jacks off to it every morning?” Isabel added.

“You just HAD to go and say that didn’t you Iz?” Liz growled.

Maria stared off into space thinking about what Isabel said.

“Maria?” Michael waved a hand in front of her face.

“25 thousand and that’s my final offer!” A big overweight guy with a thick black beard and fat gold rings lining his fingers raised up in his seat.

Maria snapped out of her trance and stood up also.

They looked at each other and Maria opened her mouth.


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SERIOUS A/N: I just got done watching the VERY LAT episode of Roswell and I balled my eye out! I mean
seriously I cried! Man it really sux, cuz I'm also a senior class of 2002. And I feel that if they moved on to grow up, than I do to… I don't mean like stop writing and stuff because god where would my life be then? I would absolutely die! What are we going to do now people? I'm taking this really hard and I feel like a dork because my mom says that crying over a show is immature. I know you guys feel my pain so… I hope that you guys might e-mail me to chat about what the future of Roswell is to us… (swtlatinakisses⊕


A/N: SO SORRY for the delay people! But to make up for my lack of writing I guarantee you all a H-O-T chapter!


Ch. 4

Pay Period

"Maria?" The man looked shocked to see her.

Maria just stood still and silent as ever.

"Maria Deluca?" the man said again, using her last name too thins time.

"Maria!" Isabel smacked Maria in the back of the head to bring her back.

"What are you doing in Roswell?" Maria whimpered.

"Going once… going twice…" The announcer continued.

"No!" Maria screamed. "25 thousand and 1 cent!" She cried out.

Everyone turned to stare in disbelief at her.

"She's ill, don't mind her." Michael waved everyone off.

"30 thousand." The man replied confidently.

"Can she even bid like that!?" Isabel said in Liz's ear.

Liz shrugged, "I am so confused right now it isn't even funny."

"30 thousand going once… going twice…"

"Ah-urgh!" Maria was about to protest when Michael clamped a hand over her mouth.

"Sold! To the gentleman in the gray Armani suit!" The announcer grinned wicked.

"Get off of me!" Maria pushed Michael away angry, "I told you that I never wanted to see any of you ever
again!" Maria shouted to the large man walking over to the pay booth.

The man turned and smiled, "Think of it this was Ms. Deluca, you are now 30 thousand dollars richer." He
walked off.

"What. The. Hell. Was. That all about?" Michael hissed at Maria.

"I don't want to talk about it. I hate you Michael. I really do!" Maria ran off crying.

"I'll go." Liz was the first to respond, trotting off after Maria.

"Way to go sugar." Isabel rolled her eyes waltzed off to her friends in need.

"How is any of this MY fault?!" Michael yelled after them.


Liz's V/O

Okay so when things get bad you just think… okay, it's all all right! What's the worst that could happen? Then reality hits you like a bullet to the chest and you want to die.

Take Maria for instance, the girl is completely whacked out for the moment and all Michael can do is stare at the 30 thousand dollar check in his hands. Isabel can't keep her laughter to a minimum and Tess… Well actually I don't know where the hell Tess is. Actually I don't see Kyle around anywhere either so you just put two and two together to make four okay?

Things could be worse. Maria could be the one that's dishing out 30 grand. Michael could be pulling out his hair right now that he has been growing out for like EVER! And I… I could just be as bad if I didn't call Max back. And if I didn't call him right now I could be looking forward to a gigantic fight when I meet up with him later.

I dialed the phone, we had a semi-okay conversation. I promised I'd make it up to him and vola! Max and I are on good terms. At least for the time being. I had an article due in three days and I had no idea what I was going to write about. I had to come up with something. And it had to be quick!


"Ria?" Liz asked when Maria finally stopped pacing.

Liz was desperately worried about Maria's sudden strange behavior towards the buyer of her painting. It was as if she knew the guy personally. She did in fact say, "I told you that I never wanted to see any of you ever again!" Correct?

Maria sighed sadly, "When I used to date that Gregory guy, you remember that starving artist guy?"

Liz silently nodded.

Maria continued, "Well I had let him use me as a model for a couple painting, I was young and I was more willing for change, something drastic. I was a fool…" Maria looked away towards the crowing parking lot of buyers and sellers.

Liz sat on a bench and patted the spot next to it. Isabel was already on Liz's other side surprisingly keeping her mouth shut.

"He told me I had a body of a goddess, blah-blah-blah, he said I had killer legs… I loved the praise but one day he said he had a buyer who said he'd pay GOOD money for a completely NUDE painting of me. -You see, I never actually posed COMPLETELY naked in any of Gregory's paintings. I just lay there in my lacey see-through underwear and bra or I'd cover myself with sheets, coats, jackets…-Whatever." Maria paused and sat beside Liz. "But I wouldn't do it naked, so we broke it off and horrible words were exchanged and the guy never got his painting…"

"So you're telling me that, that fat bastard in the auction room is that guy? Oh this is hilarious!" Isabel burst out.

"Iz!" Liz scolded.

"It is kinda funny…" Maria snorted.

Michael came over then, check clutched in his greedy hands.

"I'm going Maria, I'll call you later and see how you are okay?" Liz smiled, patting Maria's hands she walked off towards her apartment. "Talk to ya later Iz!" She called over her shoulder.

"See ya." Isabel said her goodbyes and went her way.

Maria nodded and looked at Michael, he still stared in disbelief at the 30 grand check in his hands. Maria rolled her eyes and snatched the check from his hands, "HEY!" Michael shrieked.

"Pay period baby, unless you're ready to pose naked." Maria smirked.


"And it was so horrible Max! It was horrible!" Liz cried.

"Baby why are you so upset? You're ruining the mood." Max kissed her neck and pulled her jacket off swiftly. "Someone remembered to wear silk?" He smiled at her white silk blouse beneath her Bloomingdale's suit jacket and skirt.

"Max. I-I can't have sex when Maria is having a crisis!" Liz yelped.

Max grunted annoyed, "3 DAYS LIZ! 3 whole days without sex! Think about it Liz! You want it; I know I sure as hell want it! So why can't we DO it?"

Liz sat staring at Max in disbelief. She was shocked that he would react like this. Didn't he understand? But then again… It HAD been a while since Liz and he… NO! This is for Maria; her energy is going to be devoted to helping Maria. It would have been so much more easier if Max hadn't started to kiss up into her neck sending slivers of chills up and down her spine.

"Max." Liz whispered in a small attempt to stop him.

Yet he continued to kiss her softly on her tender spots. His lips traveled and made they're way to Liz's lips and he gently kissed them. Soft… A smile… Soft again. Then the tension was too great and Liz flung her arms around his broad shoulders and his white clinging t-shirt up his back and over his head. She then flung it over her shoulder and giggled sweetly.

"Baby…" He whispered on her lips, not daring to part with the heat between them.

"Hmmm." Liz answered in a yielding groan. She didn't want to talk. Just kiss, and touch and… Caress every part of each other's body until they were completely naked and rolling around carelessly around in her silk, satin sheets and puffy beddings. He never did get to that question Liz thought to herself. "What?" She managed to say before he covered her mouth with his.

"I want you so bad…" He unbuttoned her blouse quick as possible and had her straddling him in no time.

When had she even lost her skirt? Did it matter? Hell no it didn't. Liz bit Max's bottom lip and pulled ever so lightly as to tease him. He moaned and she smiled in her success. She loved how she had that advantage on him. To make him moan and groan whenever she wanted. Sitting in his lap in her white Victoria -definitely not a secret anymore- Secret bra and matching underwear. She felt slightly vulnerable to him at the moment and tugged at his pajama pants to ensure him she wanted them off. And NOW was the time for the suckers to be thrown across the room. Max got the point quickly when Liz untied the laces that kept his pants on; he immediately grabbed both sides of her bottom and pulled her up with him when he lifted up off the bed. Liz tightened her hold on him with her legs so that she could stay on longer before he would let go to rid himself of those pesky pants.

All the while the small struggle to get the pants off Max and Liz's lips never parted. Theirs tongues continued to play the never ending game of tug a war and Liz's hands went through Max's hair in caressing movements. As soon as Max had discarded his pants he through Liz onto the bed.

"Max!" Liz giggled excited that Max was being so forceful; they hadn't played it rough in AGES!!!

Max took this time to also free himself of his J. Crew boxers that Liz had recently bought him. How good they looked on him, and even better off! Liz grinned wide just to see exactly how "happy" Max really was! She was surprised that still had that effect on him. Not that they were having problems in that department but… It still made Liz just as excited to know that she could arouse Max the way she could.

Liz beckoned him over and he smiled. He smoothly moved his body over to where hers lay still covered in her undergarments. Max kissed Liz and grabbed at the back of her bra trying to unclasp it.

"Liz." He said on her lips.

"Mmmm What?" Liz moaned.

"I can't get it off." He said.

"Huh?" Liz kissed him again.

"The bra."

Liz rolled her eyes and pushed him away, "Done." Liz laughed as she reached behind her back and undid her bra, tossing to the side. "Better"?" She went after Max's lips again.

"Very." He smiled against her lips.

With Liz's legs still wrapped around Max's torso he roughly took her by her bottom and swung the two of them down on the bed. His body above hers he kissed her lips violently and tickled kisses down her jaw to her neck. He stayed at her neck nibbling parts and sliding his hot tongue across it. Sending vicious chills down her spine and making her body tingle in pure ecstasy, her breath was ragged and she desperately wanted Max to satisfy her thirst for his blissful love. She wanted him inside her more than she cared to admit, so she played it cool with the foreplay. She would let him continue to excite her but this time, she would play around too.

"Max." She whispered in his ear, lightly licking it.

Mr. Happy got even more happier when she did that, she could feel him up against her thighs. Dear god how she wanted him inside her at that moment. Her underwear was still preventing Max from penetrating her body. She wanted them off, but how they came off was her challenge.

She wanted Max to take them off with is teeth.

"Maaaaaaax…" Liz pouted, jutting out her bottom lip. She knew how much Max loved it when Liz pouted like a little innocent girl. He loved how she would tease him with sweet kisses and bite her bottom lip smiling. She bit the side of her lips and looked into his eyes. When she knew she had him lost in her eyes she moved her sight down to tell him silently what she wanted.

Max's grin widened. He knew what she wanted. He kissed her lips again before traveling his tongue down her neck to her chest, where he then trailed kissed down her torso to just below her navel. He sucked on her skin a couple times making Liz giggle and then he took the side string on her hip. The thin string holding her thong on her body, he bit the string and began pulling it down, slowly, until he got about half way down her thigh and he lost control.

"Okay I want in." He said looking at her entirely naked lower half and pulling at her thong hard.

"Max!" Liz shrieked as he ripped her underwear off.

When he had completely aroused not only himself throwing her thong across the room he had totally had Liz's world spinning in ecstasy. He wasted no more time, he had Liz's soft body beneath his and he slid in slow. Liz moaned his name and Max began smoothly moving in and out of her. Liz's moans grew louder with each powerful thrust Max's body plunged into her lower half. Liz wasn't the only one groaning sweet nothings either. Max continuously reminded Liz how sugary her body was to him.

Max's slow movements started to pick up pace and Liz gasp at the pressure between each push. Her body
screamed for a climax and Max's motions were maintaining their pleasure to her body. His fingers ran through her hair and his breath blew across her chest and neck each time he would bring his face to hers for kisses.

"Uh, Max!" Liz gasp. He had one hand on her butt pressing their bodies closer and one hand on the side of her face, pressing his lips against hers.

"You like that baby?" He smiled in her hair; he was ready to seal the deal in a minute.

"Yes! Yes!" She huffed each time he jammed into her body. "Oh god yes! Keep going!" She cried out loud. Max was NOT one to disappoint her. He came into her body and groaned in bliss as he emptied his lust finally. Liz felt his body tense and then a rush of elation hit her all at once and she panted as Max slowed his pace afterward. She satisfied… For now.

"Oh, Max… That was… Oh god…" Liz panted. Her breath coming out in quick short breaths.

"Told you I had built up sexual tension." He teased cuddling her body to his as they lay in each other's arms catching their breath.

"I believe you." She laughed.

Max laughed too and closed his eyes. His breath slowing and his body relaxing.

"So…" Liz said after a while.

"Hmmm." Max groaned almost asleep.

Liz jumped up and straddled him, "You ready for another round?" She bounced.

Max's eye budged.


Liz V/O

Shopping with Maria, Isabel and Tess is like eating at an all you can eat restaurant. Everything on the table is up for grabs and money is no issue. The only thing that constitutes as money to them is the plastic in their hands.

Now as for me, I too, spend using my card but I -unlike them- Only buy things that I KNOW I'll wear more than once. Okay yes I too love the value of shopping -don't get me wrong.

It's just that when I shop I don't buy anything unless I FEEL it. Ya know? The clothes just have to CALL out to me some how. I feel a certain connection and that connection stays with me and reaches out to people.

Most people know me as the "Sex Girl of the City" Or "The Trendsetter" but why is it that I myself can't see what they see? I see my face across the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine or Glamour, Vogue, and even Seventeen magazines in the "Ask Liz" columns. But it's my own personal Magazine that I want so badly. I'd call it Sex In The City and people would love it. They would stand in line as they wait their turn at the cash register for their groceries and see my magazine and buy it.

Oh who was I kidding anyway?

"Liz! This purple halter would look FABOLOUS on you!" Isabel bellowed across Bloomingdale's.

"Iz!" Maria was heard scolding Isabel, "Be quiet!"

"You're the one yelling honey." Isabel shook her head in disbelief.

"Their quite uncanny don't you think?" Tess snickered from behind me.

"Their… Unique." I chuckled.

"So, what do you think of this dress?" Tess asked holding a fiery red tight fitting number against her body.

"I like how it flowing out at the bottom and how thin the straps are but what function will you be wearing this sexy thing in?" I touched the dress with my fingers feeling the soft material.

"I pulled a co-dependant coming on Kyle last night." Tess said to her reflection.

My eyes widened, "You're kidding?"

Tess shook her head no, "I kid you not Liz. I faked my orgasm. I mean… Kyle thought he was SO hot that night! How could I just disappoint him like that?" Tess turned to face me, dress still held against her.

I just shrugged, "I guess you had to do what you had to do."

"Have you even had to do that with Max?" Tess' eyes bore down on me.

"No, sorry. Our 'Goodie Drawer' is in desperate need of a re-fill."

Goodie Drawer: Everybody has one. Usually in a bedside table, full of condoms, a vibrator and massage oil.

In our case it was just condoms and massage oils, not to mention the all too familiar strawberry edible lotion Max had bought a while ago and insisted her rub it all over my body licking it off… It was actually the most organic night ever.

I shook my head clear, "Listen, if it happens again just tell him that you're not feeling it. I'm sure he'd
understand Tess."

Tess just looked at me.

"So, I ask you again. What's the dress for?" I changed the subject.

"My next gallery show." Tess looked back to her reflection, "So?"

"I say you let me take you to-"

"No, I want something sexy."

"Why?" I asked curious.

"Because…" She smiled wicked.

"Tess Harding what could you possibly have a reason to wear that to a show?" I said hands on hips.

"Oh I don't know, I just want to know what kind of a reaction I would get with this dress?" Tess walked to the counter ready to buy the dress. "Oh and you and the girls are going too." Tess flashed a smile.

"If by "going," you mean being taken against my will and kidnapped, then yes I'm going. So, enjoy me now, ladies, because this weekend I am Patty Hearst in a mud puddy. I'm a hick town hostage." I said loudly.

Isabel and Maria walked up.

"Another show?" Isabel wrinkled up her nose.

"Not just ANOTHER show. It's my annual Best Picture Award SHOW! Gosh you guys show me a little support here!" Tess snapped handing the cashier her card.

"No wait." Maria stepped up to stop he transaction. "I'm paying for everyone." Maria grinned.

Everyone's mental state was in question. Maria? Paying? For… Us? NO way. No freaking way the princess of "Can I borrow some money for this outfit?" Be saying these words to us.

"Its my pay period. I claimed all of Michael's earnings for my naked painting." She winked.


A/N: Hope you guys liked this!!!!


Much Luv,


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Ch. 5
Emotional Chow-Chow

Liz POV >Liz Voice Over as she is typing on her black laptop computer in her room.<

“Well, I don't know how you people do it. All that emotional chow-chow. It's exhausting.”

It was this sentence that finally inspired me to write my next article –by the way is WAY overdue. Thanks to one of my best friends, Isabel Flockhart, I now know what incredible love/sex knowledge I can share with all of you sexy singles, and taken ladies! First of all it if you feel like you have a lot to offer to a guy and yet you still find your self every Saturday night sitting on your couch spooning the bottom of yet ANOTHER pint of Ben & Jerry’s than you obviously don’t flaunt what you got.

And don’t feel bad when some of your friends talk, talk, talk about how PERFECT their relationship is with their husband, lover, boyfriend… Because chances are if the talk so much about it = it doesn’t exist. It’s something I like to call:

Urban Relationship Myth
Unbelievable fairytales concocted by women to make their love lives seem less hopeless.

Catch my drift? If everything that ever comes out of your girl’s mouth sounds something that is too good to be true. Than it probably is. Trust me, I know these things. And don’t shun me just because I’ve been with my companion for several years either. I know what its like to be alone and hate it. I’ve had many break ups with my other half. Many confrontations, many screaming fights… And very many unbelievably HOT nights of make-up sex. Anyways I’m drifting away from my point here.

I know that there are a very many of you sex walkers –loves to have casual sex– out there who think that steady relationships are pathetic. But it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whether you are single, taken, or just like playing the field you have the chance to be happy. Believe me when I say this: You all are lucky in your own ways. Still don’t believe me? Lets make a list.

If you’re single: You don’t have to worry about all the drama that comes with a deep relationship. You can freely play the field and not feel guilty. As said by my informative friend, its just a bunch of emotional chow-chow. You single ladies out there have the opportunity to go wherever you want, do whatever you want –screw whoever you want! The list goes on but I only have a limited amount of column space here ladies, you know what I’m getting at though.

If you’re taken: You have the chance to experience love, happiness, and as much sex as you can handle. You have someone to hold your hand, take you out to eat and someone to make your day brighter. Having somebody is almost like completing you yourself. It’s an experience that we love to life and while we live in love, its bliss.

If you’re a Sex Walker: You love sex, and you’re not afraid to admit or rather LIVE it. You love playing the field and being like a single girl, able to fuck whomever you want without the guilt. You live the exotic life and you love every minute of it. You live without the emotional complications a relationship brings. Sexy girls like yourself walk into a room and KNOW almost every guy in the damn room will leave with you when you say the word, or even wink.

Still don’t feel better about yourself? Than look at it this way, whatever situation you are in now you have the ability to change it. You hate being single? You want a boyfriend? Than go out in the world wearing your best high healed shoes and flaunt what your mama gave you baby! If you’re a relationship and you want out so you can be single, than take a break, if he truly loves you he’ll understand. Sex walkers don’t want sex to over run your life? Than stop! Slow down, have an actual conversation with them! Everything else should just fall into place.

Now as my time is running down to its last grain of sand in the hourglass, its time I bid you all farewell until next issue. Remember you want to be sexy, sweet and on fire? You must embrace you inner self. It’s like my what my friend Maria says:

Sexy is the thing I try to get them to see me as after I win them over with my personality…

–Liz Parker

A/N: Sorry so short but I’m working really hard!

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Ch. 6
3 Things

Max's face was so cute and sweet as he slept. His lashes long and his eyes closed. His arms wrapped tightly around Liz’s waist. She smiled happily as he turned and twisted, cuddling into her torso.

That’s when the snoring happen…

Liz’s eyes widened in surprise, were these horrid sounds actually coming from Max? She grimaced and lightly tapped his forehead. He didn’t budge and the snoring did not cease. Finally Liz decided to plug his nose, but he ended up choking and making weird snorkeling sounds.

“Max!” Liz screamed acting like something happen.

“What? Huh? What?” He woke up in a panic.

“I’m sorry I had a bad dream is all… You want breakfast?” Liz smiled innocent.

Max stretched out and sighed, “No, I have to get going, I have to meet with a client at 12.” He yawned.

“Max, it’s only 9 in the morning.” Liz replied skeptic.

“Yea but this is a really big case Liz, I have to go home get ready then get down to the office and start getting my motion together otherwise we might lose the client.” He smirked as if Liz should have known the news automatically. “Bye babe, I’ll call you.” He kissed her forehead and changed quickly.

Liz sat in her bed in surprise. Max never left so early –let alone without breakfast. She watched as Max change quickly throwing his clothes on and exiting the room. Without so much as a good bye. She was furious, what was his deal? Why was he acting this way? Why was this client so more important than all the other ones?


“I’m curious.” Liz said sipping her cappuccino with the girls later that afternoon in the CrashDown.

“About what?” Tess asked waving Isabel’s smoke away.

Isabel rolled her eyes and puffed on her cigarette even more, “You know, I don’t understand why you all deal with all this mellow drama anyways. Tess –you can’t get Kyle to satisfy you correctly, Liz –you think Max is hiding something, Maria –need I say more?” Isabel inhaled her cigarette further.

“And what exactly does that mean?” Maria angered.

Isabel smirked and lowered her sunglasses down her nose, “Michael. ‘Nuff said Maria.”

Maria slumped in her chair, “Yea, I know.” She looked to the bottom of her empty cup of coffee.

“Refill?” Liz sympathized.

“Yea, with arsenic.” She set her cup on the table.

“It’s not that Kyle doesn’t SATIFSY me. It’s just that lately…” Tess let the sentence trail on.

Isabel set her cup down and smashed her cigarette into a napkin, “Ladies, may I suggest something?” She raised an eyebrow, removing her glasses.

“Shoot.” Liz sighed.

“At that boring show Tess is dragging us to? We flirt with every available guy and we work it. Thus making your men jealous and boosting your confidence.” Isabel clasped her hands together on the table.

All three girls looked to her as if she were crazy, “You know.” Liz broke the silence.

“That.” Tess said.

“Just might…” Maria dazedly replied.

“Work.” Isabel finished.

All eyes on Isabel she smirked yet again and lit another cigarette. “Let the games begin girls.”


Liz walked into her apartment to be greeted by an open armed Max.

“What are you doing here?” Liz asked surprised.

“Do I need a reason to be in my girlfriends house?” He said taking her in his arms and kissing her neck.

“I thought you had a very important case?” She replied with annoyance.

He pushed her away and grimaced, “I KNEW you were going to freak out this morning over this. I bet you told them didn’t you?” Max scowled.

“Told WHO?” Liz snapped angrily.

“Who else? Who else would you tell?! None other than your big mouthed two cent puttin’ friends! No wonder Michael and Kyle are always complaining!” Max yelled.

Liz stood dumbfounded; Max had never in her life yelled at her. Yet there he stood, in Liz’s face while his own face reddened more and more. Liz couldn’t find the words to say. She couldn’t believe he was acting this way. He smelled of women’s perfume but Liz dared not start up another argument. She was on the verge of tears.

“I think you better leave.” She whispered.

“Why? Because I’m telling you the truth?” He spat.

“No because I TOLD you to. Now get out Max.” Liz said.

“Fine.” He sneered walking out the door.

“Fine!” Liz shouted slamming the door in his face.

Then she paused and thought to herself, what just happen?


“So then what happen?” Isabel asked Liz as all four girls sat around in Isabel’s large apartment.

“I slammed the door in his face.” Liz sighed. She was terribly unhappy with the way things ended an hour ago with Max, but he was definitely being an ass. She didn’t mention his girly scent when he had entered her space.

“What a jerk. And how dare he say the things he said about us.” Maria rolled her eyes, “As if they don’t tell each other every little detail about our sex lives. I know Michael, and I know Max. They brag about VERYTHING.”

“So about that plan…” Tess said from her spot on the sofa.

Isabel nodded, “Yes, yes. This Saturday as you all know is the gallery show for Tess and on that night you will do three things… One; you have to make sure that Max, (she turned to Liz), Kyle, (she turned to Tess), and especially Michael (she turned to Maria sympathetically) show up to the show alright?” All three girls nodded, ”Two; you must attend the show fashionably late; by this I mean you must look exceptionally sexy but in the most tasteful matter, now Tess in your case you have to be there early to greet guests but just make sure that Kyle does NOT see you until we walk in.” Isabel motioned to the rest of the girls, “And last but most certainly not the least, three… You must flirt with any guy within visual distance of Max, Michael, or Kyle. Is this understood?” Isabel asked professionally.

Liz raised her hand, “Uh… By flirt. What do you mean?”

Isabel sighed and shook her head, “First of all Lizzy, we’re not in school so you don’t have to raise your hand.” Liz blushed, “And second don’t you EVER just randomly flirt?”

Liz shook her head, “No, I’m with Max.”

Maria rolled her eyes, “Geez Liz, I thought you were mad at Max? C’mon. everyone and their momma knows how to flirt!”

“Yea Liz, it’s just smiling and giggling and always making eye contact.” Tess added.

“Listen honey, you want to do this or not?” Isabel replied annoyed, “Because I could be fucking an amazingly well structured male right now but I turned him down to help you out.” Isabel leaned back into her soft cushions.

“Okay, okay.” Liz shrugged, “What do I wear?” She looked up.

“That’s the spirit.” Isabel grinned.

“Oh how about that white strapless gown you bought three months ago but NEVER wore?” Tess said.

“And I have amazing diamond earrings you could borrow!” Maria squealed remembering the diamonds Michael had bought her for her birthday a couple months ago.

“Sounds good.” Isabel nodded, “Tess what are you wearing? And Maria I have an idea for you, it’s something I wore a couple months ago to an annual executive meeting. I wore it to impress my boss and boy did I ever.” Isabel gazed off in remembrance.

“Back to the real world Iz, What will Tess wear?” Maria broke Isabel’s thoughts of lust.

Tess shrugged, “What about that hot little red number you bought last week?” Liz said.

Tess shook her head, “It’s not elegant enough to wear to a formal.”

“Uh, how ‘bout you go naked?” Isabel cracked.

“I’ve got it!” Liz stood up happy, “You can wear my black Alya gown! You have more cleavage than me anyways! You can SO pull the deep neck line off!” Liz squealed.

“You think?” Tess asked weary.

“Good idea Liz, and it would go perfect with the black heels you bought two month ago –that you never wore may I add.” Isabel said.

“Blah, blah, blah.” Liz stuck her tongue out.

“So it’s settled than, we’ll all go glam and sexy and then you will all show your men what they are missing out on.” Isabel crossed her arms and lay across her sofa, leaning her head on Liz’s lap.

“Movie time?” Maria said excited as she popped a video into Isabel’s VCR.

“What is it?” Tess asked curious.

“Only the best movie of all time.” Maria responded with a grin.

Isabel and Maria exchanged knowing looks, “Cruel Intentions!” They spoke at the same time.

Liz and Tess shared a look of their own; wonder.


“Do you really think this will work?” Liz spoke with doubt as she and Maria searched through Liz’s closet for shoes and accessories.

“Liz I have just one thing to say about you.” Maria paused and looked at Liz, “How in the WORLD do you fit your clothes, shoes AND accessories in this closet? I mean it’s a big closet but… My god woman you could open TWO department stores with all this!” Maria shouted motioning all around them.

“I keep my things in boxes when I know there not in season no more. And I have a system anyways.” Liz shrugged and continued to search through her shoes.

Maria sagged her body against the closet wall behind her, “I wonder if Tess will be able to find us when she gets here.” She sighed dramatic.

Liz giggled, “Shut up, besides, you never answered my question.”

“What’s that?” Maria asked.

“Do you think this will work? This plan Isabel has made up.” Liz replied opening another box full of shoes.

Maria shrugged, “I don’t know, but at least we’ll have fun trying.” She giggled, “I KNOW Kyle will have a cow but Michael and Max will catch on to our little charade. I just know it. They know us too well.”

Liz nodded her head, “You’re right. Every time I try to make Max jealous he plays along. It’s like he know that I’d never leave him or cheat on him.”

“Which reminds me, I know there more to that little scene that happen yesterday than you’re telling me Liz.” Maria replied knowingly.

Liz fell backward into a pile of clothes, “He smelled like cheap women’s perfume.” She answered sadly.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean he was cheating, his client could just be a cheap hooker-like female.” Maria tried to find a bogus scenario.

“Nice try.” Liz sat back up.

Hows was that???

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Ch. 7
Anchor’s Away

Liz V/O

As I sat here in my custom made black leather chair I couldn’t help but think that maybe I was going about everything the wrong way. You know, like maybe Max was right? I was thinking that maybe I had over reacted. Maybe, just maybe… I was in the wrong. Than Isabel came storming through my office door in an uproar.


“I can’t fucking believe this shit Liz. Why didn’t you tell me!” She screamed.

“Tell you what?” Liz was taken back.

“Max's scent the other day? How could you not tell me that he is cheating on you?”

“HE’S NOT!” Liz screamed out loud, causing her secretary to stick her blonde head in.

“Everything alright in here Ms. Parker?” She asked.

“Oh fuck off brown noser, we’re busy.” Isabel snapped.

Liz’s secretary flinched and shut the door quickly.

“Isabel! I cannot BELIEVE you just did that!” Liz shrieked at the tall blonde.

Isabel leaned in further over Liz’s desk and said: “What is going on between you and Max.” She was so serious that Liz felt a chill run up her spine. Isabel NEVER cared so passionately about someone’s relationship. NEVER. She believed they were petty and not worth the trouble for sex.

Liz blinked several times before answering the fiery Isabel, “N-nothing is going on. We had an argument. I thought that I smelled cheap perfume I-it doesn’t mean anything Isabel. Any-thing, you got it? I mean it too Isabel.” Liz crossed her arms over her chest.

Isabel rolled her eyes and stood up straight, “Oh bull.” She snorted, “You know what is going on here don’t you?” She pointed at Liz, “Max is venturing out of the familiar woods and is exploring new lands without you. How selfish can the bastard get?” She shrugged.

Liz closed her eyes and sighed, “Isabel. This is why I precisely didn’t tell you about Max's little scent.”

“Oh shut up and listen to a pro. I KNOW these types of things Liz, I’m always the other woman for crying out loud!” Her voice rose higher and higher, “You cannot just simply sit back and let something like this happen to you! You have to DO something!”

“What do you want me to do?!” Liz screamed enraged, “Max is not CHEATING ON ME!”

Isabel rolled her sparkling blue eyes again, “Yea, right. And when Max decides that he’s bored with you and he says see ya baby! And deserts your ass don’t come crying to me!” Isabel snapped turning on her heals and walking out the office slamming the door behind her.

Liz sighed and went back to pretending not to give a damn…


Isabel’s POV

She was furious, she was so angry with Liz! How could they call each other best friends when they shared things with one person but not the best friend!? Liz had told Maria and not anyone else? It was ridiculous! Isabel couldn’t understand where Liz was coming from because she never maintained a relationship for longer than however long it took her fuck partner to cum! Isabel angrily walked the streets of Roswell, her heels slamming the concrete, her head steaming with anger…

She didn’t even notice all the fine sailor boys walk past her.

Not at least until one of them whistled at her.

Isabel spun around immediately, “Well hello capin!” She smiled huge, exposing her perfectly bleached white teeth.

“Hey there foxy, we were just talking about where all the fine ladies of Roswell were hiding and look! Here is one now.” He grinned.

“Isabel.” She stuck her well-manicured hand out.

“Jesse Ramirez.” He took her hand and kissed it.

“Well sailor how about ditching your friends here and coming back to my place with me?” Isabel winked licking her lips.

The tall blonde sailor was surprised but interested, he turned to his pal, “See ya!” He said taking Isabel’s hand.

Anchor’s Away in deed! Isabel thought to herself. This was a PERFECT way to get her stress out! He looked like he’d be an animal in bed! Isabel didn’t waste no time, she took his hat and placed it on her own before grabbing him by the collar and whispering, “Now… Are you a bad little sailor or a good little sailor?”

“I’m whatever you want me to be baby.” He responded seductively kissing her bottom lip.

“Anchor’s Away baby.” Isabel winked and lead Jesse to her apartment…

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Ch. 8

Liz V/O

Having best friends is like being in a relationship. You make them mad, and you’re in deep shit. You have a fight, and you have to be the better person by admitting you were wrong. When someone asks you out you check in with your friend to see if your schedule’s clear, or if you really SHOULD be going out with this person in the first place. Almost everywhere you go –your friends are there two. Well today me and Isabel had a falling out; we haven’t spoken to each other in hours now. And I’m really starting to regret the things that were said between us. She has me all bent outta shape over Max. I know he would never cheat on me, I know. I do. Right? I guess theres a time in ever relationship were everything just gets sour. Maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we’ve been given and accessorize what we’ve got…


Liz rubbed her tired eyes with the heels of her palm and groaned, it had been a LOOOOONG day and she wasn’t up to getting ready for Tess’ Gallery. Let alone Isabel’s little charade. Liz walked back to her apartment as SLOWLY as possible, she didn’t want to go home where she knew she would have to call Max and as if he were stilling attending Tess’ Gallery. She was on break from work and had decided to stop by her house to freshen up before continuing her long 8-hour workday. As if that weren’t enough when she DID get to go home she would have to get ready for the play she and the girls had practiced for. Liz knew that hanging in her closet right now was the white strapless gown she was to wear that evening. And on her bed were her never touched white TJ. Baltimore heels. Liz smiled in thought; she could just see her feet being gently slipped into her new shoes. Giddiness overtook Liz’s emotions and she hurried the rest of the way home.

“Good afternoon Ms. Parker. Mr. Evans is waiting for you up stairs.” Charlie, Liz’s condo receptionist at the front counter said as she walked into the entrance lobby.

Liz stopped dead, “He is?” She asked.

“Is that a problem Ms. Parker? Would you like an escort?” He asked picking up the security desk phone ready to cal assistance.

“NO!” Liz yelped lunging forward, “No. It’s okay Charles. I just… I was just surprised is all. Max and I, we had a fight the other night and-“

“Oh yes, I remember that night. Mr. Evans came thundering out that elevator and practically rammed the door down to exit.” Charlie said in remembrance.

“Yes. Well. Uh…” Liz looked at the elevator, “I guess I better go see what he wants.” She smiled nervous and pressed the elevator key.

“Call if you need anything Ms. Parker!” Charlie called out as the elevator doors slid shut.

Liz sighed and leaned against the back wall of the elevator. Man, why was Max in her home? WHY? She didn’t want to have to deal with him right away!

Liz stopped short in front of her door and took a deep breath she went to put her key in the lock when the door burst open and Max grabbed her inside slamming the door behind him.

“What in gods name have you been saying to your gossip hens?” Max barked.

Liz stumbled backward and blinked, “N-nothing.” She said surprised.

“Do you have ANY idea what Maria did today?” Max stormed towards her. “Do you?!”

“N-no.” Liz shook her head.

“Well, then let me enlighten you.” He said crossing his arms tight across his muscular chest. “Maria, Maria, Maria… Quite the drama queen Deluca storms in my office today during a meeting and starts SCREAMING about my disloyalty to you and slaps me across the face calling me a bastard and a cheating dog. Now normally I would expect something as rash as this from Maria –after all it’s Maria but at the time I was in a very IMPORTANT meeting with very IMPORTANT people and thanks to you. I lost the Finley account. Thank you Liz. THANK YOU.” Max hissed and walked out the door slamming it in Liz’s face this time.

“You are so dead Maria.” Liz whispered walking out the door.


(Earlier that morning…)
Maria’s POV

“You’re going to Tess’ Gallery thing tonight.” Maria said looking at her reflection as she applied base concealer and smudged it on her face.

“No I’m not.” Michael said walking past her to the bathroom.

“Uh… Yes you are Michael.” Maria got up.

“Oh GOD!” Michael gasp looking at her.

Maria smirked, “Ha ha. You are so hilarious.” She stood up from her seat; she had light foundation un-smeared under her eyes. “But you’re still going…”

“Yea, yea whatever.” Michael waved her off and went to the bathroom.

“AND SHUT THE DAMN DOOR WHEN YOU PEE!” Maria called after him.

The sound of trickling bodily fluids was heard being emptied into the toilet.

“AWWWW!!!!!” Michael moaned for effect.

“Sick man, you are so sick...” Maria scowled and continued to touch up her face.


(Present, right after Max stormed in on Liz.)
Liz’s POV

“Hi may I have a quick word with Maria? Thank you.” Liz pulled a pretending to protest Maria out of her meeting without even pausing to see if her request was granted.

“Oh thank you! Liz you are my own personal savior! I thought I was going to pass out of boredom in there listening to those old prunes!” Maria thankfully hugged Liz.

Liz stood angry with her arms folded and her right stiletto heel continuously tapping the floor. Maria’s hug was not reciprocated from Liz’s part, not in the slightest.

“Liz?” Maria took a step back.

“I don’t even know if I can speak with you civilly right now Maria. “ Liz growled starring daggers Maria’s way.

“Is this about Max? Listen. I was just trying to help. Okay? Max-“

“No.” Liz stuck out a silencing hand, “I don’t want to hear it Maria. I know you and Max work for the same firm so naturally you would want to have a word with him. But what I cannot fathom is the fact that I TOLD you Max was not cheating on me and yet you still stuck your big fat nose where it didn’t belong and now thanks to YOU Max and I REALLY aren’t talking! Thank you Maria Deluca!” Liz stormed out of the building leaving a confused blinking Maria behind.

Liz would show them, she would show them ALL tonight…

a/n: How was that? WARNING: The next part is going to be VERY smutty! You know how hot make-up sex can be!!! lol *wink* well okay I actually would't... but I know how I would like it! lol *blushes* I just totally embarrassed myself! ahahahaha! lol


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Ch. 8
Knight In Shining Armor

“I don’t even know I should go tonight I don’t want to see anyone.” Liz groaned. “I can’t believe YOU’RE actually going.”

“I'll admit I have had to polish myself off once or twice, but yes, when I RSVP to a party, I make it my business to come. So you’re NOT speaking to Maria huh?” Isabel’s uninterested voice entered Liz’s ear.

“I’m not even gonna reply to her e-mails.” Liz responded angry.

“I don't believe in email. I'm an old-fashioned girl. I prefer calling and hanging up.” Isabel replied blasé.

"I got to thinking about relationships and partial lobotomies. Two seemingly different ideas that might just be perfect together - like chocolate and peanut butter." Liz blurted to keep the conversation flowing.

Isabel intern burst out laughing, “There isn't enough wall space in Roswell to hang all of my exes. Let me tell you - a lot of them were hung.” Isabel responded and lit a cigarette, “So, tell me something interesting for once.” She blew into the receiver.

Liz sighed. Isabel’s attention was obviously somewhere else, “Alright. Who are you fucking tonight?” Liz asked.

Isabel immediately perked up, “His name is Antonio. He’s Italian.” She said happily. “You know how big Italian men are.” She giggled.

Liz laughed, “Well at least SOMEONES gettin' some tonight.” Liz sighed.

“Oh don’t you worry. I’m sure Jackass will come around.” Isabel replied confidently.

“You sound so sure.” Liz commented.

“Oh I have my ways. Besides… I bet Max is going crazy without you.” She said, “I mean c’mon. How long can a sock and his hand be satisfying?” She bluntly put it. “I read that if you don't have sex for a year, you can actually become revirginized.” Isabel giggled.

“Oh –Isabel!” Liz burst out laughing.

“What?” She asked, “It’s true!”

Liz was going to scold Isabel when her call waiting beeped, “Oh Iz, hold a sec I’ve got another call on the line.” She said before clicking over, “Yes?” She answered.

“L-Liz?” Max's voice stuttered.

“What.” She snapped.

“I’m sorry. We shouldn’t fight. I shouldn’t have come at you like that Liz. I’m sorry.” Max said all at once.

“That’s nice.” Liz wasn’t amused.

“Liz I’m apologizing here.” He said annoyed.

“That’s doesn’t make what you did any less hurtful.” She responded angry.

“You going to the show tonight?” Max sighed.

“Tess is my best friend. What do you think?” Liz growled.

“Liz we really need to talk.” Max pleaded.

“Isabel’s on the other line, is this all you called for?” She braked.

“Liz wait-“



“Well its about damn time, I was two seconds away from hanging up.” Isabel whined.

“Sorry. It was Max. I hung up on him.” Liz explained.

“Now why did you go and do that for?” Isabel scolded her.

“What?! I thought you’d be proud!” Liz was shocked.

“If I frickin’ told you to jump of a bridge would yo do that TOO!?” Isabel shouted angry.

Probably!” Liz screamed back.

“Oh Liz! You just blew it!” Isabel groaned.

“Blew what!?”

“Uh… N-nothing. Sorry. I-I w-was just… Nothing.” She blurted stumbling over her words clumsily.

“Iz? Is there something you’re not telling me?” Liz asked curiously.

“NO!” Isabel shrieked.

Now Liz KNEW Isabel was hiding something.

“Whatever. Be that way. I gotta get ready. Bye.” Liz growled ready to end the conversation by slamming down the receiver.

“Oh don’t give me that shit Liz. I KNOW you. Just, look your best tonight okay?” Isabel said thoughtfully.

“Okay.” Liz wondered what was going on.

“I’m bringing Antonio. You will get to see his drool worthy physique.” She swooned.

“Poor Alex.” Liz said.

“Oh please. He could never handle this.” Isabel snuffed, “I’m no good for him Liz. No good.” She whispered.

“Iz. That’s not true..” Liz started.

“Never mind me. Just get ready, see you in a few.” Isabel interrupted her.

“Okay.” Liz said hesitant, “Luv ya.”

“Luv ya.”



“Please pick up. Please pick up. Please pick up. Please pick up.” Liz silently chanted to herself.


“ALEX! Thank GOD you’re home!” Liz cried.

“Well, I’m sorry I missed your call. Don’t think that it’s not any less important that you leave me a message. All I need is your name, number –and if you’re a female a very detailed physical description of yourself and I’ll get RIGHT back to ya!”


Liz sighed, “Alex, it’s me Liz. I need my fall back date. I promise I’ll make it worth your while… How does Krispy Kreme Donuts sound???” She said trying to temp her friend. “Okay. Well. You know where I live. I’ll be ready around 8 o’clock if you decide to be my knight in shining armor and come pick me up down stairs at this time… You need not bring white roses. No Alex. I said NO! Well… Okay. If you insist.” She giggled, “I really hope you get this before I leave tonight. Cuz I REALLY don’t want to show up dateless. Max and I had a falling out and I really don’t want him to see me enter the gallery unattended.” She sighed again, “Bye.”



“My vagina's depressed.” Maria Deluca complained to Tess Harding as they waited for Liz and Isabel’s arrival.

“Well honey join the club. Kyle hasn’t gave up the booty for going on TWO friggin days now!” Tess huffed crossing her arms.

“This sucks. Michael has totally gone cold turkey on me.” Maria growled gulping down her glass of chardonnay.

“So what are we going to do? Sit around bars, sipping Cosmos and sleeping with strangers when we're eighty?” Tess spat, “Cuz honey… These guys of ours aren’t cutting the cake anymore.”

“I know! Michael freakin’ pisses with the damn door open! He doesn’t even care if I’m sitting at the vanity doing my make-up he just whips it out and starts goin’! I don't want a boyfriend who does that! It's never ok to do that. Wait your turn, shut the door, do your business.” Maria complained and sighed.

“Gosh Kyle hasn’t gave me a mid blowing fucking orgasm in like 2 damn weeks! That's the thing about needs. Sometimes when you get them met, you don't need them anymore.” Tess complained again.

“Hey bitches. What are we complaining about tonight?” Isabel strolled up and sat between the two bickering girls.

“Damn.” Tess sucked in her breath, “Who’s the hottie with the body?”

“That would be my date.” Isabel grinned triumphantly. “Antonio dear.” Isabel called.

“Isabel.” He smiled and linked his arms around her waist.

Maria and Tess stared at the dark haired beauty with gaping mouths.

“Tess. Maria. Honey it’s impolite to stare.” Isabel winked and stood up, “Come Antonio I have a few people I want you to meet. Then I want you all to myself.” She walked off with toss of her golden blonde hair.


Liz sighed and grabbed her matching champagne white tote bag; her strapless dress was sliming and hugged all the right places. Her heels clicked against the linoleum tile in her hallway leading from her bedroom to her living room. She knew she was stunning; her lightly glittered skin was both sexy and sweet. She couldn’t wait for Max to walk in and get a load of Liz Parker.

The only thing Liz dreaded was walking into a room looking stellar and with NO date. Isabel had some tart she was sporting that night and Tess no doubt was going to be trailing Kyle the whole night, which left Maria.

Maria Deluca.

The one person Liz could run to with open arms and strangle to near death at the precise moment. Liz knew Maria was never one to keep a secret but to go and dramatically react the ways he did?! That was SO not Maria’s style. She would NEVER interrupt something as important as one of Max's client meetings.

Booting up her IMAC laptop computer she quickly typed in a few words for her column, inspiration seemed to dwindle within her. She had to hurry before she lost everything she had, Max was really an emotional sucking demon when he was an ass.

She typed a few words and reread her newborn thesis.

I couldn't help but wonder: does that sense of adventure still flicker inside of us? Or when it comes to being carefree single girls, have we missed the boat?

It wasn’t as if Liz was defiantly thinking that she and her best girls had lost their sense of adventure she merely believed that they had forgotten that it still burned within them. Tonight was going to be fun. It was going to be great. And it was going to be spent, with her girls.

Shutting her computer down and standing up Liz decided that going alone wasn’t THAT bad. At least she knew she looked like a million bucks. Though she may not have felt like it, she could at least make people think she did.

When she opened her front door ready to endure a night of hell when she gasp in shock seeing a darling handsome man standing in front of her holding her favorite, white roses. “My knight in shining armor.” She smiled.

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Ch. 9
Suck ‘N Blow

Liz V/O

In a million years I never expected this. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My dear sweet Alex, all glamed up…

For me?



“I can’t believe you came, I can’t believe you brought white roses. Alex Whitman how come no woman has snatched you up yet?” Liz stood on her tiptoe to kiss his cheek. Even with her heels she was unable to reach her darling savior.

“Well. I was debating on not coming but when I heard the part about Krispy Kreme…” He grinned ear to ear.

Liz grabbed her purse, “Shall we?” She asked motioning towards the door.

“We shall.” He opened the door for Liz and they stepped out.


“Charles.” Alex nodded to the doorman as the exited the fancy lounge room.

Charles scowled and opened the door, “Have a good night.” He mumbled.

“Oh we will.” Alex winked and clicked his tongue, “So what’s the deal with Charlie anyways? He hot for you or something?” Alex asked as soon as the door was closed behind them.

Liz rolled her eyes, “ I don’t even know he’s rude to everyone but me, and even then it’s a strain. I swear I –OH!!!” Liz stopped short and put a hand to her chest, “Alexander Charles Whitman! What are you? My fairy godmother?” Liz stared open mouthed at the white horse carriage in front of her.

“A hem! Last time I checked I had a huge endowment beneath these Armani slacks.” Alex teased, “I prefer to call this a you owe me BIG time kinda thing.” Alex winked, “Plus my buddy Byron works for the WHCCI.” Alex shrugged.

“Huh?” Liz wrinkled her small button nose.

“White Horse Carriage Company Inc.” He grinned wide.

“Oh Al, you’re such an ass.” Liz shook her head and allowed Alex to help her into the carriage without wrinkling her dress.


Maria POV

Swallowing the last of her fifth glass of chardonnay Maria wrinkled her nose in disgust, “God get a room already!” She shouted to Isabel who was busy working her mouth with her dates. “Tess isn’t this bad for your reputation.” Maria beckoned another waiter over and grabbed two glasses full of bubbly champagne.

“Wha?” Tess lifted her head up off the table suddenly, “Oh. Ewww! Isabel! Take it to the back!” Tess waved her off.

Isabel immediately pulled a more than eager Antonio up with her, “C’mon baby. I think we need a change in scene.” Isabel winked and licked her lips.

“A-Antonio?” A blonde –blonder than the whitest platinum/peroxide box of dye shrieked suddenly and threw herself at Isabel’s date.

“Uh… Who the hell is this?” Isabel spat.

Antonio’s eyes burst open.

Maria and Tess perked up for the first time that night. Where the HELL was Liz? Maria thought to herself. She had been avoiding her all day, Maria would be damned if Liz tried to again.

“Jocelyn???” Antonio said shocked, “Wow. You-you’ve lost weight! You look great!” He said mesmerized by her hourglass figure.

“Ahem!” Isabel cleared her throat loud, “I won’t fucking repeat myself.” Isabel spat venom.

Antonio looked at Isabel as if he had forgotten she was ever there to begin with, “Jocelyn, is –was. My fiancé.” Antonio explained and motioned to the blonde bimbo in a tight fire engine red tube dress.

“Barney’s.” Tess and Maria said simultaneously.

“Clearance rack.” Maria coughed aloud. “Oh. I’m sorry!” She innocently grinned.

“Skank.” Tess coughed, “Oh my dear. This cough you have Maria! *cough*SKANK*cough* it must be contagious!” Tess cleared her throat.

“Oh my! *cough*bimbo*cough* My my!” Maria patted her chest.

The blonde named Jocelyn looked horrified, “Antonio! Are you gonna let them-“

“Jo. Now calm-“

“JO? Now she’s JO?!” Isabel shouted.

“Isabel!” Tess whispered trying to stand, “Don’t make a scene!” Tess smiled meekly to all her clients.

Isabel rolled her fiery eyes and turned to Jocelyn, “You’re uninvited now get the fuck out.” Isabel growled.

“I beg your pardon?” Jocelyn demanded.

Isabel turned to Antonio, “I just want you to know that if you do not get rid of her within the next three seconds you are going to miss out on one HELL of a mind fucking blowing blowjob.” Isabel stepped up to Antonio and rubbed her hands over his strong broad chest.

“Ye-I-I-I,” He turned to his ex, “Jo. It’s been real.” He turned back to Isabel, “Shall we?”

“Indeed.” Isabel grinned and fluttered her long lashes, “Ta-ta oh and deary do work on that massive thing you call hair.” Isabel winked over her shoulder walking off.

Jocelyn ran crying through the front doors, but just as she was leaving –the REAL surprise arrived.


Liz v/o

Walking in that room I swear I was living a moment in time where a girl feels completely to be the center of attention. Everything was perfect, the slow motion moments were precisely what I had planned, my debonair walk was going smoothly and Alex was entirely my knight in shining armor…

Perfection was I alright.

Right up until some bimbo with a bad dye job ran full speed into me crushing my fairytale entrance.



Almost completely losing her balance Liz stumbled forward in shock, Alex barely caught her before her face hit the floor.

The crowd gasp, and Liz was humiliated.

“Dear god tell me that was a dream!” Liz buried her blushing face in Alex’s chest.

“Um… That would be in the nugatory mi’lady.” Alex patted her back, “C’mon princess make me proud, act like nothing happen.”

“Are they still all staring?” Liz asked still buried within Alex’s coat.

“They are now. With you talking to my Tux.” Alex cracked a smile.

Liz held her chin high and proceeded with whatever dignity she had left. Who was that bitch that ran her down anyways? And with NO apology? Liz and Alex sat down at the nearest vacant table and ordered their drinks from the waitress whom Alex flirted with.

“You see him?” Liz whispered pretending to be interested in the program given to her about that night’s event.

“No but I do see that Tess and Maria are wasted.” He chuckled, “I wanna mingle lil honey. You gonna stay here and sulk or you gonna be my arm candy?” He requested.

Liz groaned, “I’m beginning to foil my own plan.”

“C’mon hot stuff strut it like no other. Look there’s Max pretending to be engrossed in a friendly conversation with –HA! Amanda Gregory!” Alex all but shouted.

Liz’s blood boiled, Was she the hussy who had Max smelling of cheap knock off perfume? Or was this just another one of his MANY? Liz could have cried, she could just walked out and went home but in stead she sucked it up and allowed Alex to parade her around the room.

“Liz. I need to talk to you.” A husky voice whispered in Liz’s ear as she stood pretending to listen to one of Alex’s colleges boring topic conversations.

“Alex dear, I’m going to mingle with the ladies now.” Liz grinned ignoring Max's appeal and kissed Alex’s lips.

“My pearl.” Alex played along and slid a delicate finger down the side of her cheek. “Don’t be too long, I’ll miss you too much.” He winked at Max for effect.

“Bastard.” Max mumbled under his breath.

Liz brushed past Max and headed for Tess and Maria. She was still disappointed in Maria but anything was better than Max's company right now. She was ready for stage 2.


Isabel’s POV

Isabel enjoyed the way Antonio’s mouth savored every last bit of her emerging orgasm and moaned aloud. Not only had she NOT given him what he wanted but she had gotten him to give her what SHE wanted. They presently locked themselves in the women’s bathroom. No doubt pissing off many bladder heavy females.

She dug her French tip nails through his thick dark locks and pulled his face closer to her heated passion. Massaging his scalp she continued to yelp and encourage him further with a Yes! Yes! Yes! cheer.

“Mmmm Antonio, that’s quite a motion you got working there.” Isabel huffed and drew his face deeper into her wet core. He responded with a quicker pace and began sucking her juices hungrily. “Ooooooh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Isabel continued to moan in sweet blissful delight. She leaned her head back and let her hair fall freely over her bare shoulders. Her tight black dress pulled up high to her chest, and her straps draped low past her elbows.

She held her screams of lust when she finally came, trying to catch her breath she waited until he finished to daintily wipe his moist face. He then in for the kill by kissing her lips feverently. She never could understand why it was she tasted so sweet, if she could she would jar her self up and make millions.

“C’mon baby. It’s my turn.” He breathed burring his face in her large chest.

“Your turn?” Isabel played dumb.

“Yes. MY turn. I suck and you blow.” He demanded angrily.

“Hmmm.” Isabel traced his jaw line with her tongue, “So just because you ate me out I have to suck your well endowed dick?” She bit his ear.

He took her right breast firmly in his hand, “Not unless you want this well endowed dick up your ass.” He growled hungry.

“Hmmm. Kinky. Listen baby,” She pushed him down on the sink and pulled his shirt up over his head. “Pull that baby out and let me get a up close glimpse of that perfect dick.” Isabel winked.


Tess POV

“Javier do I have to make anymore appearances tonight?” Tess asked her assistant as she applied a fresh coat of gloss to her full lips.

“Oh I dunno, not if you count the speech you’re supposed to give before we reveal the Gozetti.” Javier tapped an irritated foot against the porcelain floor.

“How long before that.” Tess said rolling here eyes.

“45 minutes.” He rose an eyebrow, “And Isabel has occupied the women’s bathroom already. I also see no sign of your beef cake hunk a man Kyle.” Javier fanned his burning face.

“Back off bitch that beef cake’s mine.” Tess snapped, “Cover me. Is the storage room empty?” She fixed her dress and stood up ready to fetch Kyle for a little foreplay.

Javier sighed aloud, “Do I have a choice?”

Tess smirked, “No. Oh and watch Maria I have a feeling she’s gonna blow any minute, take her out to the balcony for some fresh air and wait until I return DO NOT let her anywhere near Michael Guerin. Only Liz and myself will speak with her while she’s in this… state of mind.”

“Why not suga?” He fixed his cufflinks.

“Just don’t, you’re wasting my valuable pleasure time.” Tess walked off towards the bar.

“I’m telling you Max, you have NOTHING to worry about. Alex is only her fall back. Think about it!” Kyle tapped the side of his head, “Michael will you please explain what I mean.” Kyle sat back in his stool and took a shot. “Ahhh! Cheers!” he clanked shot glasses with Michael and Max as they too gulped their shots.

“HOT Dayum!” Michael shouted, “WhooHoo! After your 3rd shot you’re ready ta get some.” He searched the room for Maria. “Where is that damn pixie of mine anyways?”

“Oh she’s quite busy with an associate of mine Michael. She’ll be… Umm… Occupied for quite a while.” Tess winked coming into the conversation and sitting on Kyle’s lap.

“W-Wha-What!?” Michael stood up from his stool knocking it over, “MARIA!” He shouted through cupped hands.

“My god Michael have you no manners? Shut up! This is my damn show and you’re screaming and hollering as if it were a gym!” Tess scolded.

Michael looked over at Tess and grimaced, “What do you want?”

“Kyle.” She grinned wide and crossed her legs over his knees.

Kyle swallowed and stuttered, “I-I-I-I-“

“Baby. It’s lonely over where I was, I need to be close to you for a while okay?” Tess leaned her head back on his shoulder and nuzzled her nose against his cheek.

Max and Michael watched open mouthed at her assertiveness.

“Is uh… Is Maria lonely?” Michael asked loosening his tie.

“Where the hell is Liz anyway?” Max interrupted.

Tess fluttered her lashes and smiled a submissive smile, “I told you. Maria is busy and as for Liz… You should check to see where Alex is. Come baby, I feel a chill, warm me up.” Tess hoped off Kyle’s lap and linked her fingers through his.

“See ya!” Kyle managed to yelp out before being impenitently pulled forward.



Brushing her hair from her honey eyes Liz couldn’t help but wonder why Max hadn’t approached her again. Had she been too docile?

“And I said, it’s not the seat that’s gotten smaller baby. It’s your ASS that’s gotten bigger!” A tall man in a blue blazer laughed open mouthed and loudly.

Alex and Liz fake laughed until Liz pinched his side hard.

“Timon, it’s been a delight but me and my little pet here must take a seat before the show starts. Anna,” He winked, “It was a pleasure as always.” He kissed her over turned hand.

Liz rolled her eyes and gawked around the ballroom. Where the HELL was Max?!

“You look any harder and the walls will come crashing down.” Alex replied to her and strode forward, “Liz. I’m telling you. You look stunning and –oh shit.” Alex halted abruptly.

“What? What is-“ Liz’s words caught in her throat, “No fucking way.” Liz gasp.

“Sean.” Alex cursed.

“And Penny.” Liz finished.

Forsaking every plan she had left in her head Liz pressed forward in an attempt to pass by her ex fiancé and avoid the woman who had stolen him away.

“Who the hell invited them?!” Liz shrieked when they were out of earshot.

“Tess would NEVER do that. He must have been co-invited by a client.” Alex tried to ponder wild scenario’s in order to calm Liz’s now trembling body. “Liz don’t let this ruin your night.”

“What night?” Liz groaned, “Where is everyone?” Just as she asked Isabel came waltzing through the room with newly applied ruby lips and a brushed hair.

“Liz, you look wonderful!” She called and walked over to embrace her best friend.

“Where’s the toy?” Alex raised a curious brow.

“He bore me with a complete an utter lie. So I dismissed him.” Isabel took a glass from a passing tray and drank with her pinky in the air and locking eyes with Liz.

“OH!” Liz stifled the roar of laughter that was about to erupt. “You’re kidding!” She giggled.

Isabel shook her head, “I kid you not babe. So… What I miss other than your stunning entrance?”

“Well,” Alex pulled out a chair for each girl to sit in and pushed in their seats, “Some bimbo rammed into my pearl here and nearly knocked her to the ground!” He teased.

“WHAT?! Shit! I’m sorry Liz! There was umm… Complications, I had an unscheduled quarrel to deal with.” She patted Liz’s hand.

“Sean’s here, with Penny.” Liz blurted.

Isabel’s eye’s widened. “Nnnnnno.”

“I’m afraid so peach.” Alex nodded his head, “And as soon as he see’s Liz…”

“He’s gonna fucking attack her.” Isabel finished Alex’s sentence. “sssshit!” Isabel cursed.

Liz stared at the now empty champagne glass in front of her. She fingered the embroidered napkins and ignored the chat that was passed back and forth about her as if she wasn’t even there.

*cringe* how was that?

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Let Max be her white knight and save her from Sean and carry her off and make mad passionate love to her.

LMAO!!!! Thats what he does to me every night... *sigh* Okay I'm gonna go do it with him right now... BRB
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Have I lost my edge?
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I totally forgot about this fic Lindz if not for you I would have completely FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT IT!

Okay, she here's the deal, you want a long part? Well I'm gonna give u a loooong part! Update tomorrow people as bob as my witness I will update and you all can thank Lindz because her song has inspired me greatly!!! *wink* Luv ya chica your the best!

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Ch. 10
Boasting For An Answer

Tess POV

Trailing her tongue along the jaw line of Kyle Valenti’s wonderfully sweet face Tess suppressed a hungry groan. She wanted so badly to take him home right now and really give it to him. But dammit! She had to do that presentation is 20 minutes! Her hands traveled his exposed tan skin, his chest was so solid. She pressed her breasts against him.

“Kyle…” Tess whispered as their lips parted slightly. “Kyle… KYLE!”

“Wha-what!” He said removing his hand away from between her thighs. “Dammit Tess.” He growled when she stopped the moment suddenly.

“Kyle, I have to do that presentation in a few minutes.” Tess explained, “And… Well… I want you so bad…” She said between kisses as she straddled his lap. He struggled to keep the chair from swirling around, as they attacked each other’s mouths in Tess’ office. “So…”

Kyle’s hand went immediately back up to between her thighs, her burgundy skintight dress was now unzipped and ready to be tossed to the floor. Tess knew it wasn’t right to be doing this in the office, what if a client walked in wanting to discuss a possible purchase? But then again she did have the lights off…

“So…?” Kyle said sucking the skin below her chin.

“So… I... Want you… Right here…” She flung her dress over her head, “Right now.” She grinned. Her tight blonde curls tickling his face, “Love me Kyle…” She whispered in his ear seductively.

“Ah… Oh… Oh hell yes.” He nodded his head vigorously, “I love you baby.” He responded and she began to unbuckle his belt.

She struggled with the buckle and groaned, “Shit! Kyle! Get it off!” Tess gave up and shoved his at his chest.

“Okay! Okay!” His hands fumbled quickly with his more than difficult belt. He wiggled his eyebrows as he slid the belt off his pants.

Tess rolled her eyes and unzipped his pants hurriedly; she had no time for games. What she wanted was a good fuck and it had been too long since she last had a mind-blowing orgasm. She cried out when Kyle swiped his arm across her desk and sent everything crashing to the floor. Though, it HAD taken her a very long to get everything on her desk situated in just the right places… She decided to keep quiet about that small detail. Tess gasp as Kyle literally tossed her up from his lap to the desk and discarded his pants, now completely vulnerable to her. She smiled as he moved closer to her and all but ripped off her panties.

“Eager are we Mr. Valenti?” She teased.

“You have nooooo idea!” He mumbled huskily as he kissed her full lips.

Leaning back onto the desk Tess grasped Kyle’s shoulders and pressed her self up against his hard body. Her leg wrapped immediately around his frame, she yelped in surprise when he thrust his manhood deep into her wet core. She tightened her arms around his neck and enjoyed his lips moving all over her neck; he shoved into her again working up a smooth motion. Tess moaned in sweet delight, her head fell back and Kyle took full advantage of the creamy flesh of her throat. Kyle’s skin was hot like fire, Tess couldn’t help but bite his shoulder leaving small teeth marks on his soft tissue.

“Oh, Tess…” Kyle breathed, “Oh… Ahh…” He moaned.

The more he spoke, the faster his pace quickened and the tighter Tess pushed herself up against him. She couldn’t get close enough, she wanted more, more, more…

“Oh! …KYLE!” She cried out getting closer to her oblivion.

They fell back onto the desk and Tess felt the hardwood top below her body. Kyle’s velocity accelerated even more rapidly sending chills of ecstasy up and down her spine. The friction was so passionate that Tess found herself crying out his name over and over several times. Kyle took her lips with his once again and sucked on her bottom edge. Her nails dug into his back like razors, and it only made him more turned on. He loved when she couldn’t control herself with him; it gave him surge of power. His bare ass up in the air and her legs wrapped firm around his waist he couldn’t think of anything better than this. He pounded harder into her now flowing orgasm, he wasn’t there yet…


Liz’s POV

“Okay Liz. This is what we’re gonna do. You are gonna act like he’s not even there.” Isabel said trying to take hold of the situation, “If he even so much as tries to look at you-“

“Gosh I’m not a child Iz.” Liz snapped angry.

“Easy on the champagne deary.” Alex said swiping her glass away. “Maria is already gone as it is. We don’t need to drunken chicks on our hands.”

“She is? Great. Just fucking great. I knew one of you would fuck up the plan.” Isabel scolded.

Liz rolled her eyes, “Oh will you shut up. We don’t need your damn plan okay?” She griped snatching her glass back from Alex.

Isabel ignored her bitter tone, “Al, you wait here and watch Liz while I check on Maria.” She stood up and walked away.

“I don’t need a damn babysitter. I’m not gonna drink my sorrows away.” Liz growled.

“I know babe, but just to be sure…” He took the glass away again. “Yea so I saw Max staring daggers into my back.” Alex said finishing her glass off and setting it down gently.

“How?” Liz asked.

“I saw him in the mirror I was checking out my great ass in.” Alex grinned.

“You’re such an ass.” Liz laughed.

“Yes. Yes I am.” Alex’s grin grew even wider.

Before Liz could comeback with another comment she was caught by the one person she prayed wouldn’t find her.

“Liz? Liz Parker!” Penny came up behind Liz squealing, “Sean! Sean HONEY look! It’s Liz!” She yelped out excited, “Oh can I have your autograph? Please?”

Liz slowly turned around and gave her the dirtiest look known to man, “Excuse me?” She barked.

“Oh. Uh…” Penny backed away, “I was just asking…”

“Well, well. Look what you’ve found.” Sean said taking Penny in his arms, “Liz.” He nod.

“Sean.” Liz answered spiteful.

“And who’s your date?” He asked.

“You know Alex Whitman.” Liz introduced them.

“Hey Alex! How’s it going?” Sean held out his hand.

“It’s going.” Alex replied not even looking at Sean nor returning the gesture, “Liz honey let’s go associate with important people.” He took her hand and walked off.

“In a minute… Honey. I must use the powder room.” Liz winked.

“Don’t be long.” He kissed her cheek, all the while looking directly at Sean menacingly.

Liz shook her head chuckling to herself and walked off, her dress swayed this way and that as she walked, causing many male onlookers to stare at her ass. She smiled as she slowly entered the ladies room; she swore she heard the breaths of many men exhale.

“Maria?” She called looking around to see if anyone was in the room. She then got down on all fours and looked under each stall. “Mariaaaa? Where are yoooou?” She called.

“Ahhh yes. Just as I remember it.” A voice came from behind Liz.

“Oh!” she cried out surprised and bumped her head on one of the adjoining stalls and she quickly made her way to her feet.

“And still awkward too!” He joked.

“Sean what the HELL are you doing in here?” Liz spat rubbing the back of her throbbing head. She released her loose curls down from their pins and allowed her head to breathe.

Amused by her outburst he moved in forward from the door. “Why my precious little thing don’t you know? To see YOU of course!” He clasped his hands together firm and took another giant step towards her. “Liz you look dazzling tonight, I wish I could just scoop you up and place you in my pocket!” He winked.

“Ugh, give me a break!” She pushed pass Sean, “Why don’t you go harass Penny. Or did you run out of change!” Liz snorted in laughter; “oh!” she stopped when she realized she sounded like a piglet.

“You know that always used to turn me on.” Sean swept Liz up into his arms, “What happen to us Liz?” He whispered in her ear.

Putrid disgust filled Liz’s mind with images of the night she caught him in their bed with Penny.

“Penny.” Liz sneered and shoved him away.

“Elizabeth, you know you miss what we had.” Sean glared at her with lust.

Liz almost vomited all over, “Nope.”

“I miss you… I miss the way you would scurry around the room in the morning getting ready for work, I miss the way you would purr in my ear at night. I miss the way you refused to let me walk around the apartment without removing my shoes. I miss the way your head jerks up when you’re just about to bust… And…” He moved in closer, “I miss they way you would lick whipped cream off my bare chest and I would suck-“

“Stop it!” Liz protested, the vivid memories of past times filling her head.

She tried to turn and leave but Sean pulled her back pressing his lips wildly on her mouth. All the hot passion that they had once shared was erased from her mind completely. His tongue felt like a serpent slithering around in her mouth and tasted of rum and coke, she tried to shove him away but he had more than 40 pounds on her. Ugh!

“Hey!” He was ripped away from her and Liz immediately spit.

“Ugh! How disgusting! You creep!” She kicked his shins.

He screamed at her angry and it was then that Liz saw who had rescued her.

“Max!?” Liz shrieked when he punched Sean in the face, “Oh my god!” She screamed again when Sean went down. Max then pulled Sean up by the collar and jabbed him in the face twice.

“Jesus!” Isabel cried out alarmed and ran to Liz’s side, “I’m so sorry I left you! I’ll never do that again! Where the HELL is Alex? He was supposed to watch out for that creep!” Isabel carelessly shoved Sean back down as she made her way to Liz.

“Max!” Liz shrieked, “I can’t believe you did that! What were you thinking?!”

Max glared at Sean with retaliation and loathing, “I can’t believe YOU did that. It’s one thing to ditch me for-for Alex but-“

“Hey! I hear my name and the tone does not sound pleasant!” Alex jazzed up to the scene that was unfolding and gaining much attention.

“Shut up Alex.” They all said at once.

“Well! I never!” He mocked, “Well I’ll be dipped in shit lookie who we have here on the floor with a forming black eye!” Alex pointed out jokingly, “Sean! Ha-Ha-Ha!” He openly laughed out loud.

Sean was up and on his feet in a heartbeat and swung at Alex, connecting with his jaw. Alex stumbled backwards into Max who fell back into Liz who pulled Isabel down with her in the fall. It was a complete domino effect and it had caught he attention of the WHOLE room.

“Whoa-ness!” Maria stepped up to the scene, “I AM drunk! Everyone’s on the floor!” She then dropped onto her knees and crawled over to Liz and Isabel who were sprawled across each other, “Why are we on the floor?” She whispered.

Liz inwardly groaned and wished death upon herself.


Tess POV

“Oh yes! YES! YES! YES!” Tess continued to cry out as Kyle’s motions became rougher and more persistent.

“Oh Tess, hell… Tess… Tess, this is fucking excellent!” He breathed in her ear.

And it was, it was the first time in a while that Tess actually was ready to combust with a thousand fiery passions.



“He hit me! That son of a biscuit eater hit me!” Alex roared and attacked Sean menacingly.

“Max get him! Get off me and get Alex!” Liz shoved Max forward towards the brawl.
Isabel was struggling to keep her goods covered as she got up and Liz decided to ignore Maria’s slurred comments.

Max struggled to pull Alex off Sean, and Sean tried his best to fend for himself.

“Get off me you inbreed!” Sean spat.

“INBREED? Oh now your really gonna get it you captain save-a-hoe!” Alex jumped on top of Sean again and they wrestled. Rolling all over the floor.

It was then that a more than stunned and fuming Javier, “What is gods great name is going on here?!” He shrieks.

Alex looked up mid punch and realized how foolish they all must look, “It’s not what it seems. Sean was choking. And I uh… I had to beat the choke object out of him!” Alex smacked him across the face, “See?”

“Off.” Max pulled Alex up to his feet.

“I don’t care what is going on here you are all ruining the ceremony! Get up! Get up! Get the HELL up!” He screamed angry.

Maria cringed and covers her ears, “I think I’m gonna puke.” She muttered.

Liz’s eyes went wide when Maria’s mouth opened and spilled all over her dress, “OH. MYGOD!” Liz screamed.

“To Tess’ office GO TO TESS’ OFFICE NOW! EVERYONE! Yes even you!” Javier ushered them away pointedly lifting Sean to his feet to follow, with Liz and Isabel wiping repeatedly at her dress.


Tess POV

“I’m there! I’m there! Right there Kyle Oh god yes right there!” Tess screamed in excitement, her thighs tightening even firmer around him. His hand steadied both their bodies against the office wall, his position in front of her. “Look in my eyes Kyle, look at me when you… when you… Uh!” She moaned not finishing her sentence.

His face was pressed against her breasts and he gently nibbled the skin before his plush lips.

She brought his face to hers, “I said look at me.”


Liz’s POV

“Where’s Michael?” Maria muttered, holding a towel of ice against her head. “Exactly how much DID I have to drink?” She groaned, “I feel like my head’s made of glass.”

“I’m here. Maria, where’s Maria? Is she okay? Where’s Maria? Maria!” Michael was running down the long gallery hall, shoving people away careless. “Mariiiiaaaaa!”

Maria cringed covering her ears, “Shut up! Shut up!” She whispered hoarsely.

“Oh my little snowflake what happen?” He held her tightly against him.

“I feel awful honey!” Maria whined, “I just want to go h-home!” She hiccupped.

“We’ll go right now sugar lump. Right now.” He nod and looked up, “What?” He snapped at everyone.

Everyone stifled their laughter as best they could.

“I don’t see why I have to tag along with you losers.” Sean wiped at his busted lip, blood dribbled down his chin in the most distasteful way.

Liz grimaced in revulsion. “Believe me you are least wanted.” She said, allowing Max to place his hand on the small of her back.

“I’m sorry Liz.” He whispered.

“I know.” She closed her eyes and took his hand in hers.

“Well looks like you moved on.” Sean scoffed.

“Jealous?” Maria piped in.

“Maria you’re a mess! What the hell happen while I was at the bar? And Liz! You look like-“

“Don’t. Even finish that statement.” Isabel snapped at him.

Alex rubbed at his swelling jaw and sneered at Sean, “You’re so lucky they pulled me off your scrawny ass.” He growled.

“Oh please. As if you pose any kind of threat to me.” Sean chuckled.

“Why you-“

“Alex stop!” Isabel pulled him back, “I’ll flash you later if you just stop acting like you’re The Rock.” Isabel promised.

Alex’s angry face cleared instantly, “You will? Really? Both of them?”

Isabel rolled her eyes in annoyance, “Yes!” She hissed.

“Sean, buddy I resign my threats. No hard feeling?” Alex grinned and led Isabel down the hall happily.

She knew. She didn’t how she knew but she knew that something bad was about to happen. And the fact that Maria’s vomit was now permanently stained on her WHITE dress was not it.

She turned on her heels ready to outwardly express her woman instincts when Javier flicked her nose, “Just where do you think you are going?” He shoved her through the door.

“OH!” Liz immediately covered her eyes. Max walked in behind her and did the same only he covered her eyes with his right hand and his left covered his own.

“SHHHIT!” Kyle had just came when the door was slammed open and the lights brought on.

“Get out!” Tess screamed from behind a very naked Kyle Valenti.

Javier was struck dumb and staring open mouthed.

“C’mon honey.” Isabel said as she and Alex pulled him out.

“I can’t believe this night.” Liz shook her head. “Uh… Max?”

“Yea dear?” He said.

“You can take your hand away from my eyes now.”

“Oh. Sorry.”


Tess POV

She was furious at Javier for doing that. He KNEW what Tess was doing in her office. She didn’t care if the building was on fire, as long as she got what she wanted most. Kyle. Rolling her deep blue eyes she pulled Kyle along with her out to the hall where everyone was lined up.

“Wha-t.” She gritted her teeth.

Obviously not amused with Tess’ temper Isabel spoke up, “Look, I’m sorry I took the bathroom but what can I say?” She shrugged, “I was horny. Anyways, we have a situation here.” She crossed her arms over her chest and continued, “Sean here decided to grope Liz and got his ass kicked by Max. Alex stepped in and they began to brawl as well, then Maria here,” She jutted her chin in the direction of Maria who was in Michael’s arms, “Went overboard on the free drinks and released on Liz. Then Javier, “She pushed him forward, “Ushered all of us back here against our will but it seemed appropriate seeing to all the unwanted attention we gained out in the dining room.” Isabel sighed, “It’s been a REALLY long night. After you introduce the winner I’m outtie.”

“She’s going to show me her breasts. BOTH of them.” Alex piped up excited.

Isabel rolled her eyes.

Tess scrunched up her face, “Fine.” Her hair was unraveled and her dress was terribly wrinkled.

“You look worse than Liz.” Maria slurred.

“Thanks. And you look like a cheap hooker.” Tess winked sarcastic.

“I’m taking her home.” Michael pulled her along, “Ah hell! We’ll go out the back.” He cursed and threw her up over his shoulder and exited out back.

Tess set her sites on Sean, “Why are you here?”

“My Client of course.” He glared at her as if she were dense.

Kyle stepped forward, “Bullshit we all know you’re here to torture Liz like always.”

Max was dumbfounded, “What? Who’s this guy? Liz?” He looked at her.

“Who are YOU?” Sean snapped at him.

Max was about to answer, “Max.” Liz covered his mouth with her palm, “He’s so not worth it.” Liz shook her head.

Tess was searching her mind trying to remember why Sean was present. She knew she would never have invited him herself after what he did to Liz. She went over her week:

Monday: Woke up, went to work. Discussed issues with Deanna for the ballroom décor, went home tried to get Kyle to turn her out with no success and went to bed.

Tuesday: Woke up, had unsatisfying sex with Kyle, went to work grumpy. Snapped at potential customer and lost client. Began to look over RSVP list.

Wednesday: Woke up, went to work. Had lunch with Liz, talked about Max and went home early.

Thursday: Finally looked over guest list and saw that Sean was the manager of Painter who won award. Called Isabel to –

WHOA. Hold up now.

“Shit.” Tess cursed under her breath. “He’s Fredrick’s manager. I completely forgot about that Liz, I’m so sorry.” Tess moved over to Liz apologizing.

“You should be.” Isabel snaps, “This slime ball just attacked her.”

“Hey I’m right here you know.” He glared at her surprised, his ruffled clothes made him look awful.

“I have to present this shitbag’s client so I’ll be right back honey. Gosh you’re such a mess.” Tess wiped Liz’s hair out of her face.

Alex snickered behind her, “Uh Tess… You’re not the mornings sun shine yourself.”

Kyle cleared his throat and unruffled his shirt.

“Ladies room.” All three women said.



“And now, I present to thee, Fredrick Cummings.” Tess clapped her hands together and made her way back to the table. “Whoosh.”

Liz chuckled, “Bad night?”

“The worst since the night we got lost down town trying to loose those scary guys from that club.” She snorted.

Isabel sipped her champagne; “It was YOUR idea that we flash the guys in the next car.”

“I didn’t know that they would chase us clear across Roswell!” She cried.

Max came back over to the table, “Liz we need to talk.”

“Max not now.” Liz waved him off, “I’m having a terrible night and I just want to go home.”

Isabel cleared her throat, “Ummm, Alex dear I’m a bit dozy myself. Take me home?”

“You know it! Bye Lizzie!” He kissed her cheek, “Night gang!”

She had no choice. She knew this was coming but she didn’t know she would be covered in puke. Okay so actually she had changed into a tan trench coat Tess had in her office but still, she felt sticky and gross.

She and Max walked back to her apartment in silence until he spoke up, “Liz what’s bugging you? Look. I’m sorry I said the things I said but I still don’t know what I did.” He stopped her in the middle of their brisk walk.

She sighed and gave in completely, “You had lip stick on your shirt.”


“And you reeked of cheap perfume.” She closed her eyes waiting for him to admit he was cheating.

His eyes bulged and he looked as if he were caught red handed, Liz felt faint.

“Is this about the other day when I left early for work?” He said calm.

“You came home and you smelled like you were with another woman.” Liz shook her head, “Why Max? After everything.”

“I’m so sorry Liz. It all happen so fast.” He looked away from her face.

Her knees got week. “Who is she.”

Wait. Don’t answer that. No wait please do. Dear God I’m going to pass put.

He exhaled deep, “Your mother.”

“WHAT?!” She shrieked.

He burst out laughing, “I spent that evening with your mother. We had something things to discuss. She’s just one hell of a woman Liz!” He joked.

“Not. Funny!” She smacked him, he grabbed hold of both her wrists and looked deep in her eyes.

“I love you Liz Parker.” He breathed.

Her lips moved in, his came closer. Inches apart, the gap was cleared. Contact. Softly her lips grazed his, then more pressure was pressed. She suppressed a small moan, and his hands went up into her hair. Her arms went around his neck and brought his body up against hers firmly. His right hand caressed her scalp while his left moved down her front into the thin opening of the coat, he grinned against her lips. She took his hand and linked fingers, she opened her mouth allowing his entrance. Happily invited Max took this opportunity to fervently devour her mouth.

He tasted of mint and cream. She loved him so much it hurt, to think that just hours ago she thought it was all over between them.

“Max.” She pulled their lips apart, “Lets go home.”

“Wait.” He pulled her back towards him for another kiss, “Marry me.”

“Mmmm yes.” She replied in bliss.

“No.” He nibbled her bottom lip. He got down on one knee. “Marry. Me?” His eyes looked up into hers.

“Uh… Wh-wh-wha-what?! I’m sorry say that again? Ummm wait uh.. don’t repeat that. I didn’t hear that. I must be losing my hearing,” she cleaned her ears out, “Um… Now what were we doing?” She looked down at him on his bended knee.

“Will you marry me Liz Parker?” He said with more nervousness than before.

She opened her mouth to answer…

a/n: how was that?
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