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Breathing, Part 14a-b

Title: Breathing
Author: Kayarra A.
Email: kayarra00⊕yahoo.com
Summary: Liz is shot during the Crashdown shooting, instead of dying; she is bound to a wheelchair.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.

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The wide, frightened expression on Max’s face didn’t go unnoticed to Liz. She tried to calm herself down at all the flying emotions going through her.

“Max…what was that?” she asked him again when he hadn’t answered her the first time.

Max opened his mouth to speak but found no words coming out. He closed his mouth and sat back on the chair, scared out of his mind.

He wanted to tell her…he really wanted to tell her but he didn’t want her to be afraid of him…who he was.

It would kill him.

Liz reached her hand on his shoulder, forcing him to face her.

“Max what was that?” she asked him once again. “The flashes…the emotions we felt...What were they?” she elaborated.

Max looked into her wide brown eyes and took a deep breath; this was his moment of truth. “Liz…the flashes happened because of me.” He said, trying to find the best way to tell her.

‘But how do you tell your girlfriend that you’re an alien?’ he thought to himself.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked him.

“I’m…” he paused. “I’m different.” He tried to explain to her.

“What? How are you different?” she asked, her voice tainted with confusion.

“Liz, I’m-God, I don’t know how to say this.” He said, his eyes brimming with tears.

Liz looked at his scared expression.

He was scared of her.

Her own eyes brimmed with tears at the realization. She tenderly placed her hand over his heart, signaling her love to him.

“Max just say It,” she told him softly.

When he still stalled, Liz continued. “I don’t care that you’re different, I loved the way that kiss made me feel, but Max, I need to understand how it happened. Whatever it is…I’ll still love you.” She told him, the emotion clear on her voice.

It was true; she had meant every single word.

The past few months that they have been going out she understood who Max was. The flashes…whatever they were, gave her a look into his soul, and he was beautiful inside and out.

The tears threatened to spill down Max’s face when her heard her heartfelt words.

“I love you too Liz.” He told her.

Max once again took in a deep breath.

“Liz…I’m an alien.” He said straight out.

A dose of silence went in the room. Liz felt a tremor of fear but squished it immediately.

“I need you to explain that Max.” Liz told him, a slight tremor of confusion and shock in her voice.

“I was in the 1947 crash-“

“You’re only 16 Max,” Liz interrupted.

“I know…we were in these incubation pods until 1990, when we came out looking like 6 years old.” He told her in a matter of fact voice. “Well, they guessed we were about six.” He finished.

“We?” Liz asked curiously.

Max blanched at the mistake he made. “Yea…uh, Isabel and Michael.” He said. Michael and Isabel were going to kill him when they found out.

“So that’s why you guys hang out so much?” Liz asked. “Because you’re the same…species”

“Yeah.” Max simply responded.

“Do you know where you come from? What planet?”

“No…we don’t know anything about that.”

“Are your parents…?” Liz started, wondering if the Evans’ may have possibly been aliens too.

Max shook his head. “No, no they’re not.”

“Well, do they know?” Liz asked.

Max got a sad expression on his face before shaking his head in the negative response. “No…no, they don’t know what we really are.” He informed her.

Liz nodded her head, trying to absorb all her newfound information. ‘My boyfriend is an alien.’ She thought to herself incredulously.

She started speaking when she thought of some questions. “How different are you? Is this your…you know, real body?” Liz asked him.

“The only thing different about me is my blood…everything else is human…my body is real and it’s always been that way.” Max told her, hoping she wouldn’t be frightened.

“What about the flashes? How did we get them?” Liz asked curiously.

Max thought for the best way to explain the flashes. “”I guess…we somehow opened a connection between the two of us, and it allowed us to see into our…souls…” he trailed on, trying to figure it all out.

“How do you think the connection got opened?” Liz asked him, the possibilities going through her head, trying to find out an explanation.

Max thought back on what was different about the recent kiss they had shared. He smiled when he realized what it was.

“I think it’s because we admitted that we love each other,” Max said softly, hoping not to scare her.

Liz gave him a slow, bright smile before resting her back on the couch once again.

Max put his hand on her leg. “Are you…are you okay with this Liz?” Max asked her, silently praying that he wouldn’t disgust her. “Are you mad…that I kept this a secret for so long?”

Liz thought to herself, really good. The amazing thing was…she was okay.

She had seen into Max Evans’ soul and he had seen into hers…she was sure that nothing could ever break that apart, no matter who tried.

Liz turned to Max and put her hands on his face and pulled him in for a brief kiss.

“I love you Max.”

As if Max’s dreams came true, a whole new him awoken.

Everything he hoped for had came true with those words. Liz still knew what he was, and she still loved him.

“I love you with all my heart Liz…”


Diane Evans walked into her living room that afternoon to find her son, Max asleep on the couch, with his arms around his also asleep girlfriend, Liz.

She held her hand to her chest as her heart swelled at the sight of them looking so peaceful.

She walked closer to them and took the blanket and covered them with it. Spending a little extra time on Max.

She was so proud of him…he was able to look past other people’s differences and love them anyways.

If only he had that much faith in her.

She knew her son was different. The little things he had done all his life had tipped her off. Like the bird healing he did when he was a little over six years old…also other incidents.

Whenever she would try and ask him about it, he would quickly change the subject or turn the other cheek.

She let out a deep sigh and looked at the couple sleeping before her.

They looked so peaceful together…it made her eyes water with happiness that Max had found someone so special.

She had seen the way Max and Liz looked at each other, and it was almost as though it was meant to be.

Most mothers would probably be scared that this…bond was happening, but it was the opposite for her.

Max stirred in his sleep and one eye popped open to his mother watching him.

“Mom…” he said quietly, aware that Liz was still asleep in his arms.

Diane quickly walked over to him. “Go back to sleep Max.” she whispered to him.

Fatigue entrapped him and he nodded his head as he quickly fell back into slumber.

Diane looked at the young couple once more and smiled at her self again before leaving to her room.

* * * * *

A behind an hour later Max stirred once again before completely waking up. He sat up slowly, careful not to wake Liz, who began to stir despite his efforts.

Max flashed her a slow hesitant smile when he say that she was looking at him.

“Hey…” he whispered.

Liz flashed him a smile in return.

“Hey to you too.” She greeted him.

Max smiled widened as he realized that Liz still wasn’t afraid of him, even after she had time to sleep on it.

He lifted his wrist and looked at the time, noticing that it was a little six in the evening.

“What time is it?” Liz asked him.

“Six…do you want to stay for dinner?” Max asked.

“Will your parents let me?”

“They love you.” He said with a teasing smile on his face.

Liz let out a small laugh. “Okay, let me call my parents.”

Just then Diane breezed into the room. “Oh good…you guys are awake.” She said cheerfully. “Do you want to stay for dinner Liz?” she asked the petite girl.

Liz nodded her head. “Yes, that you. I have to call my parents first though.” She informed her.

“I’ll do it…you guys get ready.” She stated before breezing out of the room.

They were silent for a minute before Max broke it.

“I told you she liked you.”

* * * * *

The Evans plus Liz sat around the table, silently eating there dinner.

“So Liz…” Phillip stared. “How’s it going catching up to school and all that?” he asked her.

“It’s going okay. I mean, I've been out a long time, but catching up hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be.” Liz explained to them.

Diane smiled at Liz. “Max mentioned you were a smart one.” She said.

Max blushed a bit, being caught on the fact that he talks about her. He blushed even deeper when the whole table found great humor it in it.

Max turned to Isabel who had been laughing the hardest.

“So Isabel. How have things been going with you and Alex?” he asked her, a faint smirk on his face. He had wanted to take some of the heat off of himself for a while.

Liz smiled at the memory of Alex the day before. He had been talking about Isabel, and how smart, and how funny, and how beautiful she is.

“Who’s Alex?” Philip asked, a bit of fatherly protection in his voice. His back straightened up a bit, wanting to know who the new guy was in his daughters life, that he hadn’t yet to hear about.

Isabel glared at Max before answering. “Alex is a friend from school. We just have been hanging out a lot lately.” Isabel provided.

“What’s he like?” Diane asked.

“Well, he’s computer smart…and he’s in a band, and he’s really funny. Sometimes he tells corny jokes, but still, funny.” Isabel continued. “You would like him.”

“Great! Tell him to come over.” Diane told her with a wide smile.

‘Damn.’ Isabel thought to herself. It wasn’t as if she were ashamed of Alex, pretty much the opposite. But she didn’t want to bring Alex over to be embarrassed.

“So Liz, how is the Crashdown doing?”

“It’s doing fine, the business-“ Liz was interrupted by a loud thump coming from Max’s room.

Max quickly stood up. “I’ll go see what that was.” He stated before leaving for his room.

Max silently entered the room, and squinted his eyes at the figure on his floor. He looked behind him to make sure no one was following him.

His hand reached for the light switch.

“Oh my God…”


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