Hey guys! If you know me, I'm the author of A Dose of Deja Vu, but I just felt the need for something new. Hope you like it!

Title: Taking Chances
Author: foreverdreamer
Category: M/L AU fic (no aliens)
Rating: PG-13+
Disclaimer: Very loosely loosely based on Serendipity, that new movie with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsdale. I've never seen it but the promos looked so cute, I just HAD to write something! All the characters belong to Roswell, etc etc. Now enjoy *happy*
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Chapter One

“What are you saying?”

“Exactly how I said it. You’re fired Evans. I expect you to have your office cleaned out by the end of the week.”

“How the hell can you fire me? I’m one of your best!”

“Hey, it’s not my call. The big guy calls the shots and I just carry them out. We’ll all miss you I’m sure. I’m a busy man and I have work to do so if you could just leave…”

“Whatever. The company will be screwed over without me.” Max Evans spun on his heel and stormed out of his boss’s office, slamming the door behind him. The bronze nameplate hanging proudly on the frosted glass window of the door loosed itself with the impact of the slam, leaving the name ‘Edward Howard, Director’ swinging wildly to and fro.

“They’re all full of shit anyway.” He muttered underneath his breath. Max Evans had been the lead man at the designing firm, Sonic Op, Inc., for five years, bringing the company to heights they had never imagined. The pay was enough to get him by and the perks weren’t that great, but the job was his passion. And now they were going let him go as if all his hard work had been nothing but meaningless fluff.

He slid into his beat-up suede jacket while exiting the building and into the biting cold of another New York winter morning. The least they could have done was let him have a last day at the office. That way he wouldn’t have to waste a perfectly good day doing nothing.

Max sighed. It was a bitter cycle, that thing called life. He had taken the mediocre job despite strenuous objections from his family. They had said “it wouldn’t amount to anything” and “it was a dead end way to go”. His first and last girlfriend had left him because of it. But then again, she didn’t mean much to him anyway…Tess was too superficial and demanding.

A slight gurgling grumble caught his attention. “And the stomach calls,” he chuckled. Max dug a numb hand into a denim pocket, searching for some spare bills that could provide him with a decent breakfast.

Five quarters, three dimes, and two incredibly worn dollar bills later, Max stood in front of the closest Starbucks, his money clasped tightly in fist. He was a coffee addict to boot; caffeine ran through his veins like blood ran through others. He stepped through the door and into the warm, aromatic aroma of the coffee shop, breathing it into his lungs like medicine. Max eagerly rushed into line like a little boy, impatient and jittery.

The line inched forward slowly until he was finally the next to order. “A tall Caramel Macc…”

“Tall Caramel Macchi…”

Annoyed, he turned to the source of the other customer who was trying to steal his order. A flushed young woman stood frozen in mid-order, embarrassment apparent on her delicate features. She had long, mahogany locks that cascaded over a light blue scarf. The scarf was tied loosely around her neck and rested atop a long black pea coat, which hugged her small frame in the all the right places. Max blinked once, twice, and then finally tore his eyes away from her.

“Um…you can go first.”
“Oh, no! You were before me…I insist that you take your turn.” The brown-haired woman said forcefully. The embarrassment on her face was replaced with slight agitation, and she pushed him forward, against the counter.

“Umph, ok.” Max reddened and turned towards an impatient looking girl, who was giving him a thinly veiled death glare. “Sorry Miss…can I get a tall Caramel Macchiato, extra caramel please.”

“Yeah sure. Uh, miss, I can take your order also.” The girl behind the counter motioned to the woman standing beside him.

“Oh, sure, I’ll take a tall Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel also.”

“Alright, total is $2.65.” Max began handing him her money at the same time the nameless beauty was.

“Oh whoops!”

“No it’s alright.”

“Here you go Miss.”

“Here’s my money too.”

“Thank you. Now can you two please move to the other end so the other customers can order?”

Max blushed again and moved to the other counter so he could collect his drink. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the woman beside him following close behind. “Hi, I’m Max Evans.” He picked up his drink and hers, pulled on the cardboard holders, and handed her the coffee.

“Thanks,” she said gratefully, taking a long sip. “I’m Liz. Parker. God, I was thinking I’d never get my coffee. I live for this stuff.”

“Really? I do too. Coffee runs through my blood or something. Especially caramel macchiatos.” Liz nodded enthusiastically, her lips still glued to her coffee cup. Max grinned, running a hand through his dark brown hair.

“So, where you headed?” Max asked nonchalantly. He wouldn’t mind spending some more time with this girl.

She shrugged. “No clue. I have the day off today, so I was going to spend the day around town, maybe stop by the bookstore later and things like that.”

“Ah…” Max replied, his face not betraying a single emotion. “Same here.”


“Yeah. Maybe…you and me can do lunch or something.”

Liz looked down at her white cup, a tiny smile hovering on her lips. “Sure, maybe.”

“Really? I mean, yeah.”

Liz laughed, a beautiful tinkling sound that cut Max to the quick.

‘Is this what they call falling in love?’


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