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Title- The Given Soul
disclaimer- I sadly *sad*don't not own any of the main characters.
Shipper- M/M, M/L, A/I
rating- R
Summary-Michael & Maria's relationship is going to be tested.
Hope I didn't forget any thing. *happy* Enjoy

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***PART 1 ***

Maria smiled as she watched Liz and Max laughing again. It was good to see the two of them happy. Seeing everything that had happened over the last couple of months. The truth had been found out about Tess, but luckily it had been done before they had made it to the Granolith. Max then found out more info about it and had used it as a time machine to go back in time before Tess killed Alex. Thank the stars that it had worked. They had Alex back and they still had the info about the Granolith. Oh course then they did go back to stop Tess from killing Alex. Max had to heal the damage that her warp had done to him. Things were cool and the truth about future Max had been let out of the bag. So Max and Liz were slowly exploring the fun of being a couple again. Tess was still here to some of their dismay, but oh well we can’t have every thing. Maria went into the kitchen to grab a rag to wash the tables off. The CrashDown was closed for the night. Michael had gone home an hour ago. Oh yes Michael Guerin he had finally let Maria see him. that Maria still remembered. As Maria finished the tables she went and grabbed a mop and started to mop the floor.
“Oh hey, Maria I’ll get that!”
“Go and have some fun with Max. I can take it from here.”
“But what about a ride home? You know since your mom is out of town, with the Jetta.”
“I can manage it Liz, I promise I’ll even lock up before I leave.”
Liz looked at Maria for a second.
“Are you sure?”
“Positive, now go girl.”
Liz smiled at Maria and then turned and left with Max. ***

Once the floor was clean Maria put the mop away and went for her keys. Walked to the door opened it and then closed it, locking it behind her. She then headed for home, true she wasn’t that thrilled to be going home to an empty house but she would do. Her thought went to Michael he had told her that he would stop by later to check on her. Maria had told him okay, it was kind of funny Maria couldn’t believe that Michael was starting to be so open with her. But it was true every day he was amazing her in different ways.
“I wonder what Spaceboy is up to?” ***
Michael was making his way down the street he still had a couple of blocks before he made it to Maria’s house but he didn’t care. He had made a promise and he was going to keep it. ***

Maria stepped up to the door to her house and put her key into the lock.
The door clicked as it unlocked; she removed the key and then pushed the door open as she stepped inside. Just as she reached for the light switch she saw a dark figure standing in her kitchen. She tried to scream but nothing happened. She was terrified and what else scared her was that he was holding a gun. Maria figured that she must have scared him, because the gun went off with a loud bang. Everything went by so fast and then she slumped to the floor her blood spilling on to her kitchen floor. ***

Michael’s feet pounded the sidewalk as he ran. He had heard a gun shot and the only place that he was thinking about was Maria’s house. That thought only made him ran faster. As he ran this guy with a mask on ran past him and when Michael saw him he ran harder, his legs pumped up and down as he ran.
When he reached her house he saw her front door open.
“Oh no, no, no, no!”
Michael slid to a stop.
“ Maria!”
As Michael stepped inside of Maria’s house, he reached out to turn on the light. He died a slow death inside when he found Maria lying on the floor. The bullet had entered below her ribs. Michael grabbed some dishtowels as he fell down beside of her. He couldn’t stop the tears in his eyes from falling because they just came.
“Oh…God Maria! Please don’t leave me. I just found myself in you, please don’t go yet! Just hang on; okay blondie just hang on!”
“Max god I need you!”
For a moment Michael just rocked her back and froth.
Maria voice cracked when she spoke.
Mich-ael? It hurts.”

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***PART 2***

He had to think and think fast but his brain didn’t want to work right.
“Come on Guerin think!”
“I’ve got to keep her awake.”
“Maria? Maria listen to me you got to stay awake you got to look at me.”
Michael looked down at her wound. She was losing a lot of blood. Michael turned Maria’s head toward him. Tears were running down his face and he couldn’t stop them.
“Hey, Maria did you hear me you got to look at me! Come on DeLuca get mad at me would you!”
Michael watched as her green eyes flashed open at him.
“That’s my girl.”
That’s when he started the connection. Michael pushed all other thoughts from his mind. Images flew by him as he focused on the wound. He then pulled out of the connection. Michael was a little shaky as he looked down at Maria the wound was still there and she was still bleeding.
“Damn it!”
“You tried Michael.”
He turned to see Maria looking at him. Her eyes were glassy and far away.
“That’s not good enough.”
Michael grabbed some new dishtowels and placed them in Maria’s hand. He then took her hand with the towels and placed it over the bullet wound.
“Here, you’ve gotta hold this down as long as you can.”
Michael then lifted her up into his arms. His hand brushed against the stickiness of blood. The bullet was not in her it had came out. As he caught sight of the blood on the floor. Michael turned and ran out the door. Michael flew down the street. He had to make it to Roswell Memorial Hospital. ***

Liz gasped when she saw Max shiver.
“Max are you okay?”
“I’m not sure?”
“What do you mean?”
“I just got these weird feelings from Michael.”
“What kind of feelings were they?”
“Fear, angry, surprise, sorrow, and shock.”
“Why would you be getting all those feelings?”
“I don’t know Liz? I don’t know…” ***
Michael sighed when he reached the doors to the hospital. Then his thoughts went to Maria.
“Maria? Maria are you still with me?”
Maria let out a moan of pain. To let him know that she was still fighting but she wasn’t sure if she was winning.
Michael busted through the doors.
“I need some help here! Can somebody help me?”
A young nurse took one look at him and ran to get a gurney. A woman doctor was on call and came up to Michael.
“What happen here?”
“Someone broke into her home and shot her.”
“What is your relationship with her?”
“She my girlfriend. Why are you asking me all these stupid question? Can’t you see that she is bleeding to death?”
The nurse came back will the gurney. Before Michael knew what had happened Maria had been taken from his arms and placed on the gurney.
This sinking feeling came over Michael and he wonder if this was what it was like to be in shock. He watched as they put and oxygen mask on her and gave her air. Michael was falling and he couldn’t find the bottom.
His pace was quick as he held Maria’s hand it was cold. Then before he knew it she was gone from his sight.
The doctor came back to see Michael. She told him her name. Doctor Shockley he thought but he could have been wrong. Everything was cloudy and he was freezing. She asked him some questions he answered them. But what had they been. He couldn’t remember.
“Mr. Guerin?”
“Nurse, get another gurney this young man is going into shock!”

Max got up to get the phone after in rang two times.
“Hi, is Max Evans there?”
“This is him. May I ask who is calling?”
“This is Colleen from Roswell Memorial Hospital. Are you friends of a Michael Guerin and a Maria DeLuca?”
“Yes, I am what’s happened?”
“They were involved in a shooting accident.”
“Okay, thank-you.”
Liz looked over at Max.
“Max what is it?”
“Michael and Maria are in the hospital they were in a shooting accident.
“Oh my god…Maria!” ***

Michael was dizzy as he woke up what had happened then it all came back to him in a rush of images.
“Easy there Mr. Guerin.”
Michael looked around himself. He was in a hospital bed, his blood-covered shirt had been removed, but not his T-shirt blood had gotten on it as well.
He then looked down at his arm there was an IV stuck in it.
“I’m much better now Ms. Brown. Can I make a phone call?”
“Of course you can.”
Michael made his way to the pay phones he was still a little shaky. He put the money into it and dialed the number to reach Ms. DeLuca.
“Hello? Ms. DeLuca?”
“This is Michael Guerin.”
“Oh, hi Michael. What is it?”
“This guy broke into your house. And…and Maria was shot.”
“Oh my god! Where’s my baby?”
“She’s at Roswell Memorial Hospital.”
“I’m coming home as soon as I can. How is she Michael?”
“I don’t know yet Ms. DeLuca. She’s still in surgery.”
“You’ll call me when you hear something?”
“Yes, Ms. DeLuca you know I will.”
“Michael, tell my baby that I love her and that I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
“Sure I’ll do that, I promise.”
“I gotta go Michael.”
“Bye Ms. DeLuca.”
“Bye Michael, I love you too, you know.”
Michael slowly hung up the phone and walked over to a chair and sat down.
He leaned forward and put his face in his hands and sobbed. Michael didn’t know if he could live if he ever lost Maria.
“Maria, you just gotta hang in there. For everybody you hear. You can’t leave yet, I can’t lose you.”

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***PART 3***

Michael had nodded off to sleep off and on as he waited for news on Maria. He wondered what time it was he didn’t have a watch and he had no clue.
He leaned forward in the chair with his hands folded together. Michael glanced down the hallways. Then sat back up in his chair. When he saw and medium size woman with short brown hair he stood up. She then reached her hand out to his.
“Hi, I’m Dr. Shockley. We met a little earlier.”
“Yeah, I kind of remember. I went into shock and all.”
“Right, so how are you feeling. Dizziness, upset stomach?”
“I’m fine. How’s Maria?”
The doctor then got serious.
“Well she made it through the surgery so now all we have to do is wait.”
“How bad was it? How bad was she hurt?”
“I won’t lie to you Michael, it was close.”
“That the bullet went through the bottom ribs. Nicking her left lungs, breathing is a little hard but she hanging in there. But the good new is the bullet left her body without doing any damage to any other organs.”
“Can I go see her?”
“Sure I don’t see a problem. You being the closes family here.”
“I called her mom she should be here in a few days.”
“Okay then I’ll let you go in to see her. But remember only you.
“I got it.”
Dr. Shockley turned and patted him on the shoulder.
“Don’t worry we will take good care of her.”
“I know you will. Thanks.”
“Your welcome Michael.”
“Which way is she?”
“Oh, down the hall to your right.”
Michael watched the doctor walk away. He then started down the hallway to his own destination. After passing a few rooms he found Maria’s room and he slowly opened the door. He just stood there for a little bit and looking and watching her. She looked so pale and helpless lying in her hospital bed.
Michael walked the rest of the way in to her room and closed the door behind him. He then walked toward a chair and pulled it closer to her bed. Michael then reached out and took her hand. Two sets of IV’s were stuck in her. One in her hand making sure, that fluid and everything else got into her body. The other was the blood IV it was in her arm. Michael looked up at her face. Also pair of plastic tubes were placed in her nostrils giving her the oxygen that she needed. Michael watched her chest slowly rise and fall proof to him that she was still with him. Oh course the beeping sound from the other machine told him that her heart was still beating.
He had nothing he could say to her except.
“I love you Maria DeLuca do you hear me. I, Michael Guerin, love you.”
And Michael couldn’t explain it but he was crying something that only Maria had seen him do. Well he had decided that this morning he didn’t care who saw him.

Michael jumped when he heard the door open. He then looked down at his hand that was hanging off the bed and saw an energy ball. He quickly made it disappear as the doctor came in.
“Oh I’m sorry Michael did I wake you up?”
“No, its okay don’t worry about it.”
He watched the doctor check Maria vitals. Then he watched her change her IV bag. Michael then looked over at the one with the blood; it was lower but not empty.
Dr. Shockley saw the look of concern on Michael face.”
“It’s okay she not in a coma.”
“Then what is it? The pain medicine.”
“Yes it’s a little bit of that. And the fact that her body is still fighting, to stay alive and it is also trying to heal itself.”
“So what your saying is that she’s sleeping but she’s not.”
Michael looked at the doctor.
“So she’s kind of unconscious or something like that?”
“Yes something like that. It’s late Michael why don’t you go home and get some rest.”
“I would rather stay here if you don’t mind.”
“Of course I understand.”
She then turned and left the room.
Michael tried to think of some people that he needed to call. He has already called Maria mom twice she had said that she would be home in two days.
Michael figured he should call Valenti and tell him about the shooting. But what could they do the guy was gone.

Max, Liz, Isabel, and Alex made their way down the hallway to Maria’s room. They were about to go in when a nurse stopped them.
“I’m sorry but you can’t go in there. She still critical he’s in there because he filled out all the information. Since the girl’s mother is not here.”
They watched as the nurse walked by them into the room. They watched her from the window. Liz cringed when she saw what the nurse had been carrying. It had been an IV bag with blood in it. Liz watched as the nurse said something to Michael. Then watched as the nurse removed the empty blood bag and replaced it with the new one. She couldn’t believe that this was even happening. When Max had told her it had felt like one big dream.
Max watched as a doctor went into the room and left. She then walked over to them.
“Hi you must be Max Evans and company. Right?”
Max looked at her and nodded. “Right.”
“I’m Maria’s doctor Dr. Shockley.”
She reached out to shake his hand. Max took it and shook it.
“When I got the call I was told something about Michael.
“Oh, yes but don’t worry he’s fine now.”
“What happen?”
“Michael went into shock last night after he brought Maria in.”
“You didn’t take any blood did you?”
Dr. Shockley laughed, “Of course not we laid him on a gurney and place an IV in him to help him wake up. But that was all.”
“Oh okay I was just wondering.”
“No reason, just nervous I guess I’m not much on hospitals.”
Liz walked up to the doctor.
“So when will we be able to see her?”
“Well I’d say maybe tomorrow but not tonight. She’s not through the storm yet. So go home get some rest and pray.”
Rest how could she rest her best friend had almost died last night. But she would try.

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***PART 4***

When she first started to wake up the first thing she saw was two sets of light fixtures. See blinked a few times to clear her vision. Once it had cleared she could see that there was only one light fixture. She then tried to figure out where she was. Her chest and ribs hurt, at first she didn’t know why they hurt just that they hurt. Then it all came back to her. She had unlocked her door and was about to turn on the light when she had seen a figure standing the dark. He had fired his gun at her and then the rest of it was hazy. Then it finally hit Maria; she was in the hospital. As she looked to the right of her bed she found her mother, Isabel and Liz asleep on the couch. Lying on the floor was Max and Alex they all were asleep. But where was Michael? Was he in the hospital too had the stranger came back to finish them off? Maria closed her eyes and prayed.

Michael jumped as he felt her finger move he looked down at his hand he still had her hand in his. He looked across the room to see Ms. DeLuca, Isabel and Liz asleep on the couch and Max and Alex on the floor. How long had he been there? Michael looked down at his shirt it was clean there was no blood on it. He then looked to find that they had removed the IV for the blood.

Maria then turned her head to the left of her bed only to find Michael sitting beside her bed with his head hanging down. Maria licked her parched lips as she spoke his name.
At first Michael thought that he was hearing things. He could have sworn he heard someone say his name. As he lifted his head his eyes found her bright green eyes looking back at her. Maria’s sight got blurry as tears formed in her eyes from the sight that she saw. Tears she saw tears falling down Michael’s face.
Maria brought a pale thin hand to his cheek and wiped away his tears.
Michael spoke through choked words.
“I thought that I was going to lose you.”
He bent over and kissed her forehead. Maria then looked over at Michael and smiled.
“Michael dear could you let go of my hand now.”
Michael looked down at her hand to see that he was squeezing it.
“Oh, sorry.”
He let her hand go and pulled his hand away and said.
“Is there anything I can get you? A doctor, or a glass of water?”
“Water sounds good to me.”
Michael turned and when to the sink and came back with a glass and handed it to Maria. She looked at it and laughed.
“Don’t you think that it would be a good idea to put water in the glass spaceboy.”
“Oh yeah, sorry.”
Michael took the glass for her and went to fill it up.
Even though she was still a little bit woozy from the pain medicine. She could still tell that Michael was tired and hadn’t really had a good night’s sleep. Michael came back to the bed with a glass full of water and held it up for her to drink. The water felt good going down her throat. She took one last drink then she pulled her mouth away from the glass.
“Thank-you Michael.”
“No problem blondie. I’m going to go find that doctor now.” He bent over and kissed her on the lips and walked toward the door. Michael turned and looked at Maria one more time before walking out the door.
“What Michael?”

Maria started to remove the oxygen tubes from her nose. But she decided not to when a wave of dizziness hit her. Maria placed the contraption back in her nose; she didn’t know how long she could stand to have it there. She then looked back toward the couch. There asleep on one of the ends was her mom. Amy had made it back to Roswell sometime last night. Maria hated the fact that the reason her mother was back from her vacation was because of her.

Liz jumped with a start as she tried to remember were she was at. Then she remembered that she was in the hospital. They had finally been able to go and see Maria yesterday and they all had fallen asleep. Liz looked toward the bed to see that the sheets were wrinkled and that Michael was gone. She then looked over to see Ms. DeLuca and Isabel asleep on either side of her. Liz slowly got up from her seat on the couch and quietly made her way to the door. She found a fountain just outside the door and took a drink.
As she looked at the environment around her she saw Michael talking to Maria’s doctor. She tried to figure out what they were saying but they were to far away to tell. Liz then figured that she would find out what it was about in a little bit. So she turned back around and headed back toward Maria’s room. As Liz pushed the door open she got the surprise of her life. Amy was sitting on the bed talking to her daughter.
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
“ Mom I was just shot. But all things considering I guess I’m good.”
“I was so worried when I found out.”
“How did you find out about what happen to me?
“Whether you believe me or not Michael called.”
“He did?”
“Yes he did and from what I saw here the other night. He’s been here the whole time with you. Waiting for you to wake up.”
Maria let her eyes go to Max, and she saw him nod his head yes.
“It’s true it took me and Isabel a half an hour to talk him into going home and taking a shower.”
Isabel came up and smiled at Maria.
“I told him to go home and get some rest. But I don’t think he did because it wasn’t long before he came back and sat in that same spot.”
Maria was touched she knew that Michael cared for her but she wasn’t sure how much. Liz ran over to Maria to hug her, when she saw her wince.
“Ow… easy there babe, watch the ribs.”
“Oh sorry.”
“It’s okay. So where is my hero?”
Liz spoke up first.
“I think after you started to wake up, or after you woke up. That he went to go find the doctor. I’m sure he’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Just after Liz had said that the doorknob turned and Michael walked in with Dr. Shockley. Maria just looked at Michael’s face trying to read it. But she couldn’t figure it out.

***PART 5***

As Dr. Shockley walked into the room she spoke.
“Someone came and told me that Sleeping Beauty was awake and I see that they were right.”
Michael walked over to the bed and took her hand.
“So how are you feeling Maria?”
“Okay I guess a little sore but nothing else.”
“Well that’s to be expected. I don’t see you’re mother did she leave?”
“No I think she left to go to the restroom.”
“Well I guess I could go over your x-rays without her. But the rest of you will have to leave.”
Max, Liz, Alex, and Isabel started to leave. Michael was about to leave when the doctor stopped him.
“You can stay Michael.”
Dr. Shockley walked over to Maria and checked her vitals. Everything checked out a-okay. She then removed the oxygen tube from her nose.
“I don’t think you will be needing these anymore.”
Michael looked at the doctor with concern in his eyes.
“So if she’s okay why did you need to see her?”
“Well when I went over her x-rays again. I noticed something strange about it.”
Michael looked grimly at the doctor.
“Like what?”
“Well, the way her one set of ribs broke there should have been more damage to her lungs, but there wasn’t. I know this is going to sound strange, but it almost looks like they almost tried to go back together but they didn’t.”
Maria and Michael glanced at each other for a moment. They both knew why that had happened. They both answered at the same time.
“Is that all?”
“No there was something else.”
Michael was getting impatient.
“What else did you find?”
“Well, before I say anything. I need to ask Maria a question.”
Maria sat up in bed the best she could.
“Okay, ask away doc.”
“When you woke up you didn’t have any problems?”
Maria looked at the doctor confused.
“What kind of problems?”
“Moving your toes, or moving your arms, legs?”
“No why?”
Dr. Shockley pulled out the other x-ray and hanging it up where they could see it. She and Michael could see it. She then pointed toward a spot on the sheet.
“Do you see this spot right here?”
Michael shifted his weight on his feet.
“Yeah, so what.”
“Well Michael, I’m sure that you and Maria both know. That this pearly strand of bones is her spine.”
“Yeah so.”
“So Mr. Guerin, the bullet exited to close to the spine for there not to be any damage.”
Michael and Maria looked at each other. Then back at the doctor. Maria answered first then Michael followed behind her.
“But there isn’t any damage.”
Michael was right behind her.
“Yeah so what’s the big problem?”
Dr. Shockley looked and the two of them.
“There isn’t any real problem. It was just something I found as being strange.”
Michael looked into the doctor’s eyes and tried to them. But he couldn’t read them there was something about them. Something that almost wasn’t human, Michael just couldn’t put his finger on it.
Dr. Shockley spoke first.
“Well then if nothing is bothering you. You will be free to go home tomorrow.”
Maria was shocked.
“I can go home that soon?”
“Well, you’ve been here for three and a half days. You’re not suffering from anything. So I see no reason why you can’t.”
“What about Maria’s recovery?”
“Well, bed rest for at least two days. No heavy lifting, and I have a note that will free you from work for a month.”
“That’s it? I can handle that.”
“Now remember Maria it may take you a little while to get back on your feet.”
Michael walked over to Maria and put his hand over hers.
“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that she stays out of trouble.”
“I’m sure you will Mr. Guerin. Well I better get out of here I have other patients to see.”
As Dr. Shockley left she pulled to door closed and smiled.

After the doctor had left, Michael and Maria let out the air they had been holding in.
“That’s was to close.”
Maria looked over at Michael. He could see regret, sorrow, and apology in her green eyes.
“I’m sorry Michael.”
Michael sat down on the bed and cupped Maria’s chin in his hand as he made her look at him.
“Sorry, sorry for what?”
Maria tried to look away from him but Michael wouldn’t let.
“You listen to me, you didn’t do anything none of this is your fault.”
“Why isn’t it? Max and Liz offered me a ride home before they left, and I turned them down.”
“It doesn’t matter Maria.”
“Yes it does Michael! If I would have let them take me home, I wouldn’t be here and you wouldn’t have tried to heal me.”
“That still doesn’t make it your fault.”
“Why Michael, tell me a good reason why it’s not!”
“It’s mine. I took the risk not you.”
“But you took it because of me.”
“Damn it Maria! For once I wish you would let me finish a sentence, before you decide to butt in.”
Michael figure there was no point to keep it up anymore. So he just leaned over to her and pressed his lips to hers. Surprise was Maria’s first reaction.
Michael gently reached up and cupped her face. Trying to be as careful as possible. Maria had never felt this feeling from Michael before. It then disappeared and Maria felt tingly all over. Maria wondered if Michael was feeling some of the same things that she was. Because it was intents, and Maria wondered how long it would last. But she didn’t care right now she just let herself melt into him. She wasn’t sure if she wanted it to end.
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***PART 6***

Maria couldn’t believe that this was happening.

Maria found herself whipping through stars with Michael and then back. She felt the first kiss that they had, had together. Their adventures down 850 South. The fact that they both thought that there had to be some where better then Roswell New Mexico. That rainy night when he had stood outside her window soaked and crying. The night that Michael thought that he was leaving so he opened up and let her really see him. Then she saw more stars and planets. Then the thing she saw next was the night that he had found her shot and bleeding. Maria saw that she was Michael whole universe. The next thing, that she saw surprise her the most. Michael sitting at her bedside and crying, holding her hand the whole time she was lying in that bed. People would come and going, but he didn’t care he just sat there and cried for her. The last thing Maria saw before the flash ended was how much Michael needed her.
Maria pulled out of the kiss and looked up at him with tears in her eyes.
“Oh, Michael. I knew that you loved me but I never knew how much.”
“That’s because I never really let you know how much I loved you and needed you before.”
Michael then bent over and kissed her forehead. Before pulling her into his arms.
“I love you so much Maria. Don’t ever do that to me again I thought I was going to lose you.”
“Well, I think you almost did spaceboy.”
“Maria I love you so much. If I would have lost you, I don’t know what I would have done.”
Maria pulled him closer to her and ran her fingers through his hair.
“Shhh. Michael it’s okay you didn’t lose me I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Amy came walking into the room and made her way to Maria with her arms open wide.
“Oh my beautiful little baby. I thought I was going to lose you.”
Maria winced when she felt like her ribs were breaking again.
“Mom, you’re hugging a little to hard. I think my ribs are cracking.”
“Oh I’m sorry honey.”
Maria looked up at her mom.
“It’s okay mom. I know how much I scared you.”
“Scared is not the word for it Maria I was about to go insane.”
She then reached out and touched Michael’s hand.
“Michael Thank-you for taking care of my baby, and for calling me. I never would have thought that you would have called me. I know you care for my daughter. I just…”
“Well, I’m just full of surprises Ms. DeLuca.”
She smiled at him and said.
“Yes, you are.”
Maria then looked at her mom. Amy then looked back at her daughter.
“Now to get you home so you can recover.”
That’s when Maria realized what her mother had just said.
“What? Wait no mom.”
Amy was shocked by Maria words.
“Maria, what has gotten into you?”
Maria quickly stopped herself.
“Nothing mom its just that you were on your vacation. And I kind of messed that up. So I think you should finish it.”
“Your more important.”
“I know that mom. It’s just that you had planned to spend two weeks away from having to do things. And you had just got started so you should be able to finish it. That’s all.”
“I don’t know Maria. Who’s going to help you out?”
“Well, mom I have Michael, Liz, Alex, Max, and even Isabel to help me. So I think that I can make it okay with out you. And who knows you might stay longer.”
“Are you sure about this?”
“Totally, I promise everything will be fine.”
“If you’re sure about this then I guess it would be okay.”
Amy then looked over at Michael and pointed her finger at him.
“And you sir better take good care of my little girl.”
“Yes ma’am, I’ll protect her with my life.”
“You better, because so help me god if anything happens to her I’ll…”
“It’s okay Ms. DeLuca I get the point.”
She then walked back to her daughter and hugged her and kissed her forehead.
“Well, then I better get out of here.”
As she was walking out the door she turned and looked at her daughter and said.
“I love you sweetie.”
“I love you to mom.”

Michael slowly drove the Jetta down the road toward Maria’s house. When Amy had left she had decided on leaving the Jetta here and take a plane ride instead. That way it would her gas for the car.
Michael looked over at Maria she was sound asleep she had fallen asleep not long after leaving the hospital. He also knew that this was going to be hard for her, but he was going to be there for her to lean on. As the car pulled into the driveway he looked over at her he hated to wake her up. But sooner or later she would have to face this fear. Michael figured it would be better if she did it now.
He then stopped the car and pulled the brake. Leaned over and gently shook Maria.
“Hey, sleepy head we’re home.”
“Uh huh.”
“Come on Maria you’ve got to get up for me. I promise you once we get your ribs healed the rest of the way. I’ll carry you wherever you want to go.”
Maria opened her eyes and smiled at him.
“You promise?”
“Scouts honor.”
Okay deal.”
Maria climbed out of the car. Her nerves were getting the better of her. Michael could feel her shaking as he held her hand. He then looked at her and saw her whole body shaking. Michael squeezed her hand to give her reassurance. Then Maria looked over at him.
“I can’t do it Michael. Can we just go to your place.”
“Yes you can Maria I know you can. Max and everybody will be coming over in a little bit.”
Maria shook her head harder.
“No Michael I…can’t I just can’t do it.”
Michael looked over at her she was going to crack.
“Okay, here’s what we’ll do you stay here. And I go open the door and make sure everything is cool. Okay?”
Michael went to the door and unlocked it he then started to turn the knob and open the door all the way when Maria screamed.
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***PART 7***

“No Michael don’t!”
Michael turned back to say something to Maria. But when he turned he couldn’t find her.
He then looked down to find that she had collapsed onto the ground. Michael then ran to her afraid that she might have hurt herself worse.
“God, Maria are you okay?”
When he had got down next to her he could see that she was shaking. Tears were flowing freely down her face. Michael pulled her close to comfort her, he had knew that this would be hard he just hadn’t known how hard it was going to be.
“Hey, Maria take it easy it’s alright. I’m here and everything is going to be fine.”
“It’s just I keep thinking about that night and…”
“Hey it’s okay. Here take my hand.”
Michael reached out with his right and took her left hand. He held onto her hand so tight that he thought that it may have been to tight, but Maria didn’t say anything. As they walked toward the door Michael looked over at her and said.
“You sure you’re ready?”
Maria looked at Michael and nodded her head.
“Okay then here we go.”
Michael made his way to the door and pushed it open. He winced when he felt her jump. He had the right to do so, because he knew that she was reliving every waking moment of that night. Michael wished that he could’ve taken all the pain away but he couldn’t.
“Well we’ve made it into the kitchen.”
Maria swallowed and let out a breath once they had gotten all the way in.
“Yeah we have haven’t we.”
Michael could see the relief in her eyes but also fear.
Then he spoke up and said.
“Why don’t you go into your room and get some rest. And I’ll wake you when everybody gets here.”
Maria looked at him and nodded. She then looked back at him as she headed to her room.
“What about you?”
Michael shifted as he walked around the room.
“Well, I figured I would stay here for a little bit and get things in order. That is before everyone gets here.”
“You mean your not going to come in and take a nap too.”
Michael smiled over at her.
“No not now, maybe later.”
“Okay, spaceboy just remember what you said.”
“Don’t worry I won’t.”
Michael watched her walk toward her room.

Michael listened for her door to shut. Once he knew her door was closed and she wasn’t watching He turned back into the kitchen. Michael whipped out two frying pans from under the stove. He then turned to the freezer and pulled out to packs of chicken pieces. Michael waved his hand over the chicken to thaw he turned the hole under the one pan up to 7. He dipped the chicken into some flour then threw a few wings and legs into the pan to fry.
Michael then took some potatoes out and worked his magic on them, only to pitch them into the other pan to cook. Look up at the clock, he let out a breath he still had some time before they got here. Michael got out the Tabasco sauce and the barbecue sauce. He turned to the potatoes and added so rosemary seasoning to them they were brown but not to brown.
Michael jumped when the doorbell rang.
Michael took a quick glance toward the table it was set. He reached up and scratched his eyebrow. When he turned around he found Maria stand next to him.
“Jeez Maria! You scare the shit out of me.”
Maria just giggled at him. She then ran a finger down his chest.
“Oh really. Well now you know how I feel sometimes.”
Michael did a fake smile as he went back to the stove.
“So would you like some help spaceboy?”
Without turning around Michael answered
You’ve helped me out already. You set the table.”
“Oh come on Michael you got to need some more help then that.
“Uh sure Maria don’t let them in yet.”
“Come on Maria I don’t want them to know that I cooked dinner.”
“Okay, oh just to let you know the chicken is done.”
Michael turned back to the chicken and glazed it in his sauce and cooked it some more. Once that was done he hurriedly set the food on the table.
But before the chicken was placed on the table he glazed it one more time.
The doorbell rang again. So Maria started toward the door, but before she got there Michael scooped her up in his arms.
“Nope the doctor said you were to rest.”
He carried her to the couch and laid her down.
“So if she said you were to rest that is what you are going to do.”
“What about dinner?”
“You can get up to eat dinner you just can’t get the door that’s all.”
Maria smirked at him and he did it back and head for the door.

Michael smiled at Max and the gang when he saw them all standing outside the door.
“Sorry to make you wait so long we were having some kitchen problems.”
Max made eye contact with Michael.
“No it’s okay we weren’t waiting that long.”
Michael pushed the door to Maria’s house open wider.
“So are you all going to stand out there, all night or are you coming in?”
Max, Liz, Alex and Isabel made their way into the house.”
The smell of barbecue chicken and herb filled the air and their nose. Isabel asked.
“Michael what is that wonderful smell?”
Wiping his hands on a towel. He said.
“That would be our dinner.”
Liz looked over at the table she had never seen a dinner like this before.
“Yeah Liz?”
“Did you cook all this?”
“It smells delicious.”
“Thanks Liz. Hey why don’t you guys going have a seat and I’ll get Maria.”
Michael made his way into the living room. Maria had fallen asleep on the couch. And the way she was moving around the couch she was having a nightmare. Michael walked over and sat down beside her.

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***PART 8***

Maria kept ran through the thick grove of trees. But she just could shake these guys who were chasing her. She kept yelling for Michael but she couldn’t find him. Then before she knew it she was pinned to the ground by a net. Maria could feel her whole body shaking.

Michael watched in horror as her body started to shake violently. He wasn’t sure whether or not he should wake her. She looked like she was deep inside her dream.

Without warning the ground under her start to bent and swirl and when it
was done. Maria found herself standing in front of the door to her house. She
then found herself placing her key in her lock and unlocking the door. Maria then slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open. As she reached for the light switch she saw a shadow of a figure standing in her kitchen. Maria began to shake her head.
“No, no, no…this can’t be happening again.”
Her knees started to shake as the dark figure pulled out a gun and pointed it right at her. Then before Maria knew what hit her, the bullet whizzed through the air making contact with Maria. The pain was unbearable as she fell to the floor. Right before things went dark one word slipped out of her lips.

Michael’s body tensed up when Maria screamed his name. And her body jerked up from the couch, crashing into his. When Maria felt Michael’s warm body against hers she wrapped her arms around him. Michael reached a hand up and brushed damp strands of hair from her face.
“Shhh. Hey it’s okay I’m here. And I’m not going to leave you.”
Maria sobbed against his shoulder.
“Oh Michael it was horrible. These men where chasing me through this forest. And then I found myself at my front door. Maria started to sob harder.
Liz, Alex, Max and Isabel ran into the room after they had heard Maria’s screams. They all ran into the living room to see a very soft and quiet Michael rocking a very terrified Maria back and forth.
Liz slowly walked over to the couch.
“Michael is she okay?”
Michael slowly moved his hand away from her forehead.
“Yeah, she’s fine she just had a creepy nightmare.”
Max walked up to Michael and Maria.
“About what Michael?”
“It was just about the shooting that’s all period.”
Max knew there was something that Michael wasn’t telling him.
“So, Michael did you still want me to work on her ribs?”
Without thinking about any thing else. Michael just nodded his head.
“Go right on ahead Maxwell, do your thing.”
Max looked over at Michael and asked.
“Maria’s pain medicine must be working pretty good.”
Michael knew that Max knew that he had to have done something to help her sleep. But Max didn’t say a word. Max bent down beside of her and started to place his hand on her ribs.

Liz started to watch Max get ready to heal Maria.
“Wait. Max!”
Max turned to looked at Liz. He didn’t understand the look on her face. But then a minute later he did.
“Max shouldn’t we just…um let Maria heal on her own? I mean Michael work on her a little right.”
Liz watched as Max started to say something else, when Max turned and looked at her. His eyes told her all of it. Michael was hiding something about Maria’s dream. And Max was going to find out was it was, and while he was doing that he was also going to heal Maria the rest of the way. That way her body wouldn’t be in pain, but her mind sure would.
Liz looked back at Max and nodded her head yes. Seeing this Max placed his left hand on her ribs and his right on her forehead. Within a few seconds he had formed a connection with Maria. Max couldn’t get over all the images that flew by him.

A young little Maria playing with a young Liz and Alex. An image of a 10 year old Alex chasing Maria and Liz with a water gun.
Maria with pigtails in her hair as she watched a young Michael Guerin sitting alone until Max and Isabel came up to him. Maria frowning and walking away. Max let those images float by him as he dug in deeper.
Michael and Maria fist kiss. Then the rainy night after the other night when Hank had hit Michael, Max saw a soak and wet Michael begging for Maria. Max then saw something he thought that he would never see Michael crying in Maria arms as he lay on her bed. Those images whirled around him as he was sucked in deeper Max had never felt anything like this before in his life.
All the feelings that Maria had felt in those moments, Max was feeling them as well.
The next image was from a couple of weeks ago when they were going to leave in the Granolith. Michael looking at Maria with tears in his eyes, telling her that he wanted her to see him. Then Maria seeing that she was Michael’s shining star, that she was his home. Then Max felt the joy and love that they felt as they lay in bed together. But he quickly pushed it away not wanting to get into their love life.
As Max looked in deeper he found this gloomy dark image in the back of Maria’s mind. As Max got closer he found out that it was the day Maria had gotten shot. He then started to push the image away from him. When all of a sudden Max felt himself being pulled into the image.

Michael was pacing the floor. Isabel kept telling him that the carpet was disappearing. But at this time him didn’t care. Max and Maria had been in this connection for a half an hour. Michael turned to face the love of his life, who laid on the couch her face looked so pale.
Liz turned her gazed that way that Michael was looking and stared at Max. He was losing the color to his face this had never happened before. Liz turned and looked at Michael.
Michael followed the sound of Liz’s voice, but his eyes never left Maria’s face.
“Yeah, Liz.”
Liz wasn’t sure how to ask this question but she was going to try.
“Um…Michael? Has this ever happened to Max before?”
With a confused looked on his face he turned to Liz.
“What are you talking about?”
Michael gaze followed Liz’s to Max’s face. Isabel was also watching them.
“Oh my god Max!”
Isabel ran toward her little brother, when Michael stopped her.
“Isabel wait!”
“What are you talking about its Max? We have to do something.”
“We’re also talking about Maria here.”
Isabel was starting to panic.
“Do something Michael.”
“Alright just hold on.”
Michael made his way toward the two still forms. At first he tried to make a connection himself, but nothing happened. So he started to reach a hand out to break Max’s connection. But just as he got ready to reach for Max’s hand. This purple energy blast came from around Max’s hands something didn’t want them to intervene.
The blast hit Michael causing him to fly backwards and hit the wall with a thunk. Liz and Isabel watched it horror as the blast threw him backwards.
“Oh god Michael.”
Isabel ran to Michael to see if he was okay or not. Alex got there first he slowly helped Michael to his feet. Alex looked down at Michael and asked.
“Hey, man you okay?”
Michael leaned on Alex as he pulled himself up. He grunted as he got to his feet. Michael winced as he stood up.
“Yeah, I’ve never felt better.”
Isabel looked at him and asked.
“What was that Michael?”
“To tell you the truth Isabel I have no idea. I just hope that Max and Maria are going to be okay.

Max wasn’t sure he was at, at first. Then he realized that he was standing inside of Maria kitchen. The kitchen that was in her memory, he also realized that she had pulled him there. Max turned to see Maria on the other side of her door. She then started to come in when Maria saw him.
“Max what are you do…ing?”
Maria stopped her body frozen in fear. Max turned to see a figure holding a gun. Before Max say anything; the figure fired the gun.
The blast off the gun shook the room. Max heard Maria scream and fall to the ground. Blood pooling around her. Max went to go to her but he couldn’t move. The shadowed figure ran pass them out the door. A sharp pain came over him as he looked down at his ribs. And he was shock by what he found.
The bullet had gone right through him at hit Maria. But as Max reached down to touch his wound he came back with blood on his hand. He and Maria both had just been shot by the same bullet, Max tried to put it together. He wasn’t really there was he? He was just an image right.
But the pain that he was feeling felt real to him.
Max then looked back over at Maria she laid unmoving on the floor. He could see that she was loosing a lot of blood and he had to do something.
Max slowly started toward her. His right hand clutched and the wound under his ribs. He felt like he was falling. Then he realized that he really was falling. Max’s knees hit the floor first. He then started to crawl toward Maria’s still form that lying on the tile floor. Once he had reached her he started to talk to her.
“Hey, Maria it’s me Max. You have to listen too me please.”
Max paused to take in a breath.
“This is all in your head Maria. It’s all over and I’m sure Michael is on his way.”
After a few more minutes Max realized that this had been part of her fear. The fear that no one would find her and that she was going to die. Max knew that he had to try to reach the others, but he wasn’t sure how to do it. Because nothing like this had ever happen to him before. So Max just closed his eyes and started to concentrate on reaching Michael or Isabel he didn’t care who he just needed help, and he needed it now.

Liz had rung her hands together a couple of times before looking at Max. The last time she looked over at him she saw something red on his gray T-shirt. At first she thought that it was ketchup or something but then she realized that the spot on his shirt was getting bigger. Liz slowly reached out to touch it. Liz gasped as she pulled her fingers away; the substance on her fingers was blood. Max was wounded in the same place that Maria had been shot at.
“God, Max. Michael!”
Michael ran back into the room that he had just left. To see blood on Liz’s hand. He looked at the blood and then back at Liz.
“Liz where did you get that from?”
Liz wasn’t sure what to say, but she managed to say one word.
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***PART 9***

Michael stared in horror at the blood on Liz’s hand. His eyes then fell to Max’s body that was still kneeling over Maria’s sleeping body. Right now Michael wasn’t sure what to do. Max had always had the level head when it came to these kinds of things. And Michael was the one that Max was usually saving. So now it was up to him to save Max and Maria, but he had no idea on what to do.
“Okay, so all we have to do is figure out what Max was doing when this happened.”
Isabel just looked over at Michael she could not believe what he had just said.
“What do you mean figure out what he was doing Michael? He was trying to heal Maria.”
Michael whipped around and looked at Isabel. Alex and Liz just stood and stared at one another.
“I know that Isabel but there has to be more to this. I mean something else had to happen. Otherwise Max wouldn’t be bleeding in the same spot that Maria was shot in.”

Max shook his head to clear his thoughts; he must have passed out. He was on the floor, as he started to pull himself up. His hands touched something warm and sticky on the floor. Max looked down at his hands they were covered in blood. He then found a bullet wound just below his ribs. Then Maria flew into his mind where was she? Max started to search the kitchen he couldn’t find her anywhere. Then it hit him slowly started to look himself over and then it all came clear.
“Oh my god! I’m Maria I’m inside her body.”
Max then saw a pale light coming from the end of the kitchen. He started toward the light and saw a figure inside of it.
Max called out to it but it did answer him. He called out again but it still did not answer him. Once he was close enough Max grabbed the figure by the shoulder. Max’s eyes widen it shock when he saw who it was.
“Dr. Shockley? What are you doing here? How did you?”
The figure of light reached up and covered his mouth keeping him from speaking.
“Shush. You must be quiet. Your friend here is in great danger, you must keep her safe or they will take her.”
Max shook his head. Now the woman was confusing him.
“What? Who is Maria in danger from? What are you talking about?”
“I can not tell you now. It will be up to you to keep her safe now.”
Max blinked his eyes for one second and when he focused again she was gone. As he turned around he found that he was himself again. Because he found Maria lying on the floor in her blood, he started to walk toward her and stopped. He couldn’t do any thing for her here accept try to change her dream. Maria was repeating the nightmare over and over again. That’s what he would do for her he would end her nightmare. Max wasn’t sure who he was protecting her from, but he knew he could end her nightmare.

Max slowly walked over to Maria and bend down too her and waved his hand over the wound making it disappear. He then projected an image of Michael into her dream. Max then changed the room from her kitchen into Michael’s apartment. Once he had finished that he felt the pull on him start to lessen as his started to drift back into his own body.

Liz sat on the floor next to Max; her eyes were on Michael as he paced the room. Isabel was in the kitchen she could hear Alex talking softly to her as she cried. She knew that Michael was pissed she could tell by the way he was moving around the room. Liz’s body jumped when out of the corner of her eye she saw Max move.

Max blinked a couple of times as his eyes started to get their focus back. The first thing that he was aware of was Liz’s eyes on him. As he turned too look at her, Max saw for the first time pain and worry inside of her eyes. And he felt half-responsible for both of them.
“Max your okay! Thank god.”
Max was surprised when Liz wrapped her arm around him. But then a joy came over him and he returned the hug. He then took in the smell of her ylang-ylang and honeysuckle. But then he knew that he had to tell Michael what he had found out.

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***PART 10***

Michael rushed over to Max and grabbed him by the shoulders. Then he continued to glare at him.
“Max, what the hell just happened here! Tell me now Maxwell I have the right to know, especially if it has anything to do with Maria.”
As soon as Michael said that Max looked down at the floor. How was he going to tell Michael about what he had just found out, there had to be an easier way to tell him. That the person who was now his heart and soul was in danger, in danger from what he wasn’t sure the doc hadn’t told him that much. Just the fact that Maria was in some real danger.
Michael tried to look deeper into Max but he wouldn’t let him in. Michael just didn’t understand it, Max had always let him in before and he was the one to keep people out, not Max.
“You what Max? What just happened a few minutes ago?”
Max blew air out of his lungs. He wasn’t sure how to do it. But Michael wasn’t going to let it go now
“Michael I’m not sure where to start at.”
“How about starting by telling me what happened when you connected to Maria.”
Max looked into Michael’s eyes while he was knelt down beside of him. And the first time in his life, Max could see how worried and how much pain that Michael was in. His eyes told Max all of it. Michael was truly horrified that he might lose Maria. Max tried to compose himself once more time and then answered.
“When I connected to Maria to finish healing her it started out just like that. But while I was healing her when something start to pull me in deeper, and no matter how hard I tried I could break free.”
Liz, Alex, and Isabel just stood and listened, Michael just looked at Max and first then he said.
“What do you mean that something started to pull you?”
Max just looked at Michael at first.
“I mean Michael that we’re not alone. We were never alone, Nasado just want us to think we were.”
Isabel stared at her brother then said.
“You mean there are other good aliens here?”
“Yes Isabel that is what I’m saying. But I think the only aliens we need to be worrying about are the Skins.”
Michael couldn’t believe what he was hearing they were other good aliens here. He had to be dreaming.
“Hold on Maxwell, are you telling me that another alien was pulling you deeper into Maria’s mind or something like that?”
“That is exactly what I’m trying to say Michael.”
Michael looked at Max one more time, shook his head and stood up and walked away from Max.
“No way, this is just bull Max. Most of the aliens that were in the crash with us died, and beside only two really made it the one was killed by the special unit and the other was Nasado; but he’s dead now Max remember.”
Max slowly stood up, his legs were a little shaky from being in that same position for so long. Once he had himself steady he started to walk toward Michael. Only there was one problem his legs were still too wobbly to walk on. As he felt himself fall, he reached out for the wall to catch him-self. Much to his surprise both Liz and Alex caught him before the wall had a chance too. Trying not to lean them too much he start to try to walk on his own a again.
“Your wrong Michael there are other aliens here. And they’re on our side Michael.”
Michael turned quickly back around to Max to face him.
“How do you know that Max how could you possibly know that?”
“I just know Michael that’s all.”
“Oh right, I forgot o’ fearless leader. Or maybe I should be calling you your highness.”
Isabel could stand this anymore.
“Would you two just stop it! Michael just grow up for two minutes so Max can finish telling us what happened.”
Michael tuned toward Isabel he could believe what he was hearing, did they think that he was totally stupid or something.
“Oh right Princess Isabel. I’m Michael Guerin and Michael Guerin doesn’t give a damn about anything or any one.”
“Michael I didn’t say that.”
“No Isabel you didn’t but you were thinking it.”
Michael happened to glance over at Isabel he knew what he had just said had really hurt her. Isabel wasn’t about to let Michael get to her.
“Michael you can be so selfish sometimes that it’s not funny.”
Michael could hold it back any longer, he quickly turned and grabbed Isabel by the shoulders. He had done it so quick that Isabel had jumped. Even now she could tell how upset he really was. She could feel his thumbs pushing a little into her skin.
“You know what Isabel, you and Max are so wrong sometimes that its funny. Because you know what I do give a fuck if you must know, we’re talking about Maria here. I almost lost her a few nights ago and I’m not about to lose her again.”
Max finally made it to Michael, his strength was returning to his legs.
“Michael if you truly care about Maria then you’ll let me finish telling you what you need to know.”
Michael let go of Isabel and turned and looked at Max. Max could see his confused look on his face.
“What you mean there’s more?”
“That’s what I was trying to tell you ten minutes ago.”
“Well, spit it out Max.”
Max cleared his throat then looked back up at Michael.
“Well you remember Maria’s doctor from the hospital.
“Yeah Dr. Shockley. What about her?”
“Well Michael how do I say this.”
“Don’t worry about words Max just tell me all ready.”
Max looked around the room at the faces that were looking at him. Then he answered.
“Well she’s could be not from this earth. To tell you the truth I really don’t think she’s from this planet.”

Maria started to open her eyes the dream she had just had had been wonderful. But it had started out as a nightmare. She could hear Max and Michael talking about something. As she sat herself up on the couch, no pain grabbed her in the ribs, in fact there was not in pain at all. Maria then heard Michael say her name. But they all were acting like she wasn’t there. After a little while she couldn’t stand it any more.
“Hey! What’s going on here.”
Everyone jumped when they heard Maria’s voice. They all looked as if they had seen a ghost.
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Michael rushed over to Maria’s side.
“Maria! Are you okay? God you and Max scared me to death.”
Maria cocked her head to the side and looked at Michael curious.
“Michael what are you talking about?”
“Max connected himself to you to heal you then a lot of weird things started to happen.”
“What do you mean weird things?”
Michael looked down at the floor. Maria couldn’t take it any more.
Michael! Would you please tell me what’s going on here?”
Michael stared at Maria for a minute. You don’t remember anything that just happened?”
“What? What do you mean did something bad just happen?”
Michael looked over at Max and then back to the rest of the gang before turning back to Maria. Maria glared at Michael.
“Damn it Michael Guerin answer me! Please.”
Michael swallowed as he tried to explain things to her.
“Well, yeah something did just happen but I’m not sure how to say this.”
Maria stared at him. “Say what Michael.”
“Your in danger someone wants you dead.
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