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Author: Killian
E-mail: killian1313⊕
Rating: ? PG-13
Category: Wait and see *wink*
Disclaimer: Roswell characters are the creation of Melinda Metz and Jason Katims.
Summary: Through 'Cry Your Name' with elements taken from S2 and S3. The fight between Max and Liz in Alex's room is the pivotal moment where my universe begins.

The Blood Four: Forging

"Why are you here?"

"I wanted to talk to you before you left. I know you have moved on with your life but I need to tell you a few things."

Looking towards the distance, "The past is the past. You made your choices and got what you wanted. I don’t see that we have anything to discuss."

Touching his arm, "We were friends once will you give me a chance to explain and apologize?"

Pulling away from her touch he stoically replies, "If you feel you must."

"My happiness revolved around Max I had hung onto the promise of a schoolgirl’s dream. Having been denied him for so long I jumped at the chance to have him. I wasn’t concerned about the damage I would cause only my belief in our destiny. I hurt you so badly because of my need for him. I discovered too late that my heart belonged to you."

Seeing the look of utter disbelief on his face, "I wish we would’ve had the chance to try. You will never know how sorry I am to have cheated us both of the experience. One day I may actually forgive myself for losing you."

"You really expect for me to believe that load of Bs? You were hell bent on having Max Evans, your destiny. You didn’t care how many lives were destroyed in the process." Gathering control of himself he finishes in a deceptively calm tone, "Alex is dead, Liz disappeared, my father lost his job was Max worth it?"

Eyes brimming with tears she wills him to believe her, "No. The boy who I loved in my dreams never existed. In his place is a man I barely know and do not love. Liz always has and always will own Max’s heart. Our child is the only reason we are still together."

"There is an old saying ‘Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.’ Karma is such a beautiful thing. I have a new life awaiting me without all of this alien crap. I will keep your secret in return I want all of you to forget I even exist."

Watching him walk away she felt an extraordinary void opening. Speaking in a broken whisper, "Good bye Buddha boy."

Kyle never looked back as he drove off into the sunrise.

Three Days Later

Hopelessly lost Kyle pulls up to a security booth. "Sir can you help me? I’m trying to find this address."

Looking at the address the guard flashes him a smile. "What is your name sir?"

"Kyle. Kyle Valenti."

"We’ve been expecting you. Go through the entrance gate and the house you are looking for is the fourth one on the right."

Muttering to himself, "This can’t be right a mansion?" Parking his car he walks up to the door. "Here goes nothing."

The door opens before he can knock with a woman flying out the door and into his arms. "Kyle, you’re finally here!!! I’m so happy to see you!"

"OMG Liz!" Hugging her even closer, "I’ve been so worried I thought you were dead or something."

Not letting each other go they walk into the house. "Nice hideout you have here. Why do I have the feeling my being here is no accident?"

With a wry smile Liz leads Kyle into the den. "Get comfy because we have a lot to talk about. Between Alex’s murder and the whole Max/Tess/baby saga I couldn’t handle the situation anymore. I opted for early entrance into Harvard. I needed to disappear for several reasons so I enlisted a hacker friend of Alex’s and Ava."

"Liz you are one of the most courageous people I know. Something or someone scared you so badly you felt your only option was to disappear. Which leads me to believe you left because you figured out who killed Alex. Who did it Liz?"


Seemingly unsurprised Kyle simply asks, "How and why?"

“Remember the fight I had with Max in Alex’s bedroom after the funeral? I played right into Tess’s hands with my insistence that Alex didn’t commit suicide. Max, Michael, and especially Isabel refused to listen to me. Because if I was right then he would have died because of them and they couldn’t handle it. For them it was easier to believe I was having a nervous breakdown than consider the alternative.”

"Alex never went to Sweden. He was at the University of Las Cruses decoding the Destiny Book for Tess. She kept him under a continuous mindwarp for weeks. It was slowly destroying his mind. Mrs. Whitman told me Alex began getting migraines after his trip.”

Holding Kyle’s hands in hers Liz sends him flashes of the events.
{Max enters the van, shuts doors, opens the body bag. Max alone exits the van, somberly returning to the group. Max looks helplessly at his hand, now dripping with blood.}

{Alex's car on the wrecker, under a tarp. Leaning in through the driver's window, she surveys the grim scene. Eventually she spots something lodged between the seat and the door. It's the picture of Alex and Leanna -- except that Alex's face has been cut away.}

{Liz surveys Alex’s room noticing a Robert Frost book. A page is marked with some tickets. These are concert tickets to Beth Orton. Alex bought them on the day he died, probably for him and Isabel. The concert is tonight. You don't buy concert tickets on the day you kill yourself. You don't make plans for the future when you are not planning on having a future.}

{Liz: If Kivar discovered that you and Alex were--
Isabel: No! No! You're just making this up!
Liz: You don't want to think that Alex was killed by an alien because that would mean you are responsible.
After a tense pause Max, Isabel, Tess, and Michael leave.}

{Jerry: I thought about what you said. You know -- if I remembered anything? Look -- (pulling a piece of paper from his pocket) I got his credit card receipt. The company kicked it back 'cause of the way he signed it.
Liz: (reads the signature line: instead of a name it's a string of binary digits)
Jerry: Does that mean anything to you?
Liz: It means I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep...}

{Liz: She reads one of the cards "The Olsons"?
Chuck: Yeah. Alex's host family in Sweden. It's awful to admit, but Gloria and I didn't even think about contacting them.
Liz: Well, then, who did?
Chuck: I'm assuming someone from the school. Alex's entire trip was set up through the guidance office.}

{On Alex’s computer the words "Leanna is not Leanna" repeats filling the screen.}

{Liz and Sean break into the school. Liz gets Alex's files from a filing cabinet and makes copies of information about his trip to Sweden.}

{In the hallway at school Liz is on a cell phone talking to the Swedish embassy.
Liz: I've checked every tour book, and I can't find anything that matches.
Mr Stockman: Miss Parker, I appreciate your interest in my country, but it's impossible for me to spend the day tracking down a building for you.
Liz: You don't understand how important this is. Please. It is 4 stories completely covered in--
Mr Stockman: --glass. You've described it. Look. Once I get through this pile of paperwork on my desk, I'll try to--
Liz: --what if I e-mailed it to you? You know, maybe that would work. Please.
Mr Stockman: My address is on our website. I can't promise anything.
Liz: Oh, no. I will send it today. Thank you so much. Thank you.
Meanwhile, Max has walked up behind her.
Max: What the hell were you and Sean Deluca doing here last night?
Liz: Max, not now. I have to find a place that'll scan this.
Max: Why? Who were you just talking to?
Liz: The Swedish embassy in Washington.
Max: This has to stop. I will consider the possibility that Alex was killed by an alien if you consider the possibility that he killed himself.
Liz: No, he didn't!
Max: And what if he did? Then you are doing nothing but raising people's suspicions about us. You have nothing to lose here, and we have everything to lose.
Liz: Let go of me. He looks down, realizes he's gripping her arm, lets go and walks away.}

{She finally gets through to the host family that Alex stayed with.
Man: Hej.
Liz: Hi, Mr. Olson. Hi, this is Liz Parker calling from the United States. I'm calling about Alex Whitman.
Man: This is not Mr. Olson.
Liz: Oh, may I speak to him, please?
Man: No one by that name lives here.
Liz: Well, I'm holding something that says this is their number. 46-17-84-72-59
Man: That is the number you dialed, but my name is Lind, and, please, I would appreciate you not calling again. Good-bye. He hangs up. She looks at the condolence card sent by the Olsons.}

{Liz is sitting on a fence, with packed bags at her feet on the road outside Roswell. Max drives up.
Max: Liz, where are you going?
Liz: Sweden.
Max: Are you kidding me? Get in the car.
Liz: No.
The cab driver pulls up. Liz: Load it up.
Max: Liz, don't get in that cab. He takes one of her bags from her and puts it in his jeep.
Max: Liz, get in my car.
She takes it back. Liz: What are you gonna do? You're gonna throw me in it?
Grabbing hold of her arms. Max: You have to listen to me.
Struggling to get out of his grasp. Liz: Don't even pull that king card on me, Max. I'm not Isabel. You can't boss me around.
Max: If this is about being pissed at me, fine. Punish me all you want. Shaking her. But what about everyone else what you're doing puts them at risk.
Liz: What I'm doing may save their lives.
Max: You have a responsibility to Michael, Isabel, and Tess not to get in that cab.
Liz: Uh-huh, and I have a responsibility to Alex to find out what really happened.
Max: Liz, if you go, our friendship is over.
Liz: I guess that's the price I have to pay. Somebody killed Alex and covered up his death. Why don't you see that, Max? Wake up. She gets in the cab and it pulls away, leaving Max standing there.}

{Liz is about to get on the plane when she receives a phone call from the Swedish Embassy.
Mr Stockman: Ms. Parker? Mr. Stockman from the embassy; we found your building. There's just one curiosity-- that structure was torn down in 1994. 3 people in my office have confirmed it. That building is gone.
Liz: He never went to Sweden.}

{Liz: Look Alex and his supposed girlfriend Leanna are standing in front of some building in Sweden--now the problem is...the building was torn down in 1994. 1994, Maria, think about, Alex was ten.
Maria: Liz stop it! I don’t want to hear anymore of your theories.
Liz: Maria, please I can't do this by myself. I really need your help.
Maria: You need help all right the psychiatric kind. Listen to me Alex killed himself quit torturing yourself.
Liz: But…click Maria had hung up the phone.}

{Liz works on her computer to find an e-mail Alex sent to her while on his trip to Sweden. At Derek's (the computer geek) house, Liz asks him to help find where the email was sent from. Derek looks at the email carefully.
Derek: Um, the origination point has been encrypted.
Liz: I know. I need a computer expert to decrypt it.
Derek: You're asking me to do something illegal.
Liz: And...
Derek: The emails were sent from a dorm room at the University of New Mexico in Las Cruces.}

{At the university, Liz searches an empty dorm room.
Student: Excuse me? Can I help you with anything?
Liz: Uh, yeah, um, actually we are looking for a friend who stayed in this room for a while.
Student: Ray.
Liz: Yes, Ray.
Student: He was here for a couple of months; hardly said a word; very weird guy. Ray never left the room. The only time he opened the door was when they delivered his Thai food.
Liz: Thai food.
Student: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. Food fetish, if you ask me.
Liz: So, wait, you mean he literately never left the dorm?
Student: Well, at least not in the daytime. There was this one night I saw him coming out of the Litvack building.
Liz: So what's in the Litvack building?
Student: Computers. I mean I'm not really into that kind of stuff, but apparently the university has this incredible super computer.}

{Professor: Liz, I found Ray's source material. Pretty strange looking stuff. It's some sort of language. Looks kind of Native American.
Liz: Alex was working on decoding whatever this language is and translating it into English.
Professor: Exactly.
Liz: Was he able to do it?
Professor: Well, he deleted all the results. The last day he was here, he created this huge text file. He emailed it to another address: jcoleman⊕
Liz: jcoleman. He emailed to Leanna.}

{Liz searches Jennifer Coleman’s room going through her mail, notes, address book, etc. Flipping through the mail magazine renewal notice, credit card application, bank statement, something from Open Sky Property Management. It’s a bill for a rental property outside Las Cruces.}

{The address leads her to a deserted, run down building. ‘No one would rent this unless they have something to hide.’ Opening the door she unknowingly trips an alarm. A security device is set off - a glowing, red, pyramid shaped object that started to beep faster and faster. Liz grabs what’s on the desk the computer and a box with the spiral seal on it. As she runs out the door the device explodes propelling her through the air. Landing hard on the ground she frantically looks around and runs for the car. Speeding away from the burning building Liz knows she has to disappear. She has already been targeted and she might not be so lucky next time.}

Liz continues, “Kyle, Alex knew he was dying. I don’t know if Alex was having brief moments of clarity or his subconscious kicked in but he left me clues. He knew I would investigate his death. By the time I put all of the pieces together everyone thought I was off my rocker. Max and I were at war. No one would talk to me much less listen even your Dad. To be honest I was too terrified to say anything. Tess had already killed Alex and I knew she would gladly kill me. So I contacted Ava and told her everything."

"I understand why you didn’t come to me but I really wish you would have. After Alex’s death I distanced myself from the Pod Squad. Once you left the last tie was broken. The next time I saw them was when school started. Liz they had all changed so much and not for the better. I tried talking to Maria several times but she would freeze me out. If I even mentioned your name she would act as if you had never existed. Except for Michael I would swear Tess was controlling them."

“Kyle she was. Tess failed to mention some of her abilities it wasn’t until I talked to Ava that I knew. Tess can implant reactions, behaviors to certain stimuli. When Max would see me his reactions were negative. He was rude, cold, angry, threatening sometimes even physically so. Isabel and Maria were so emotionally vulnerable it was easy for Tess to take control of them. I do think your right about Michael though. He has always been so fiercely independent and intent on remaining so. But Tess knows Michael will remain loyal if only out of concern for Isabel and Max.”

“Do you think she did anything to me?”

“Yes, one of the things I noticed about people who were mindwarped was the incessant tapping of their fingers. It was the reason I didn’t come to you. I didn’t know how much control she had over you. As I watched Isabel and Maria succumb I realized how much danger I was in I was alone.”

“I know Tess mindwarped me about Alex’s death. I was there when Tess killed Alex. He had broken out of the mindwarp and was confronting Tess about everything. I stayed out of sight until Alex started screaming for help but I was too late. She made me think he was a piece of luggage and I carried his body out to the car. Tess made it appear as if he committed suicide. I didn’t fully remember everything until last Christmas.”

Kyle continues with a snort of disgust, "Do you know Tess had the nerve to come see me the morning I left." His voice rising in agitation, "She wanted to ‘apologize’ and explain her actions. Did she really believe I would see the light and instantly forgive her? Forget how much her selfishness has cost me, Dad, you, Alex? Buddha forgive me but I could’ve killed her right then."

C-R-A-C-K glass flying everywhere, "what the…"

"Kyle, calm down. Just calm down and let go of your anger. Everything will be all right."

Incredulous, "Did…did I just do that?"

"Yes. One of the reasons we brought you here is because your powers are starting to manifest."

"What?" Kyle screams in denial.

"Max saving us at the very brink of death changed us." Amused at the horrified look on Kyle’s face, "We are not aliens! Kyle, I promise we are still human."

"Thank Buddha!" mutters Kyle.

"Remember Max said that their powers were based on advanced human abilities. Well parts of our brain were opened up and started developing. We just want to teach you how to control them. If you decide to pursue it further it will be entirely up to you."

Enraged, "My choice? I didn’t ask for this! I thought I was finally going to get away from the ‘I know an alien club.’ GOD, will I ever be rid of Max Evans?"

With utter sincerity Liz tells Kyle, "I promise there is no hidden agenda. You are here to go to school and live your life. We only want to train you so you don’t hurt yourself or others. Once you have control if you want to leave and forget our existence go ahead."

Calmer Kyle asks, "Who is ‘we’?"

"Umm…me, Ava, and ugh…Zan."

"Another Max! There is no way in hell I’m staying!"

"Hey I resent that remark. Max is a perverted version of me. He is such a sniveling, weak kneed pansy."

Laughing Kyle replies, "I think I’m going to like you."

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Author: Killian
E-mail: killian1313⊕
Rating: ? PG-13
Category: Wait and see *wink*
Disclaimer: Roswell characters are the creation of Melinda Metz and Jason Katims.
Summary: Through 'Cry Your Name' with elements taken from S2 and S3. The fight between Max and Liz in Alex's room is the pivotal moment where my universe begins...

The Blood Four

Chapter 2

The exotic smell of ylang-ylang wafts through the air. A gentle voice speaks, "Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back. Choose the path that leads to wisdom."

"I seek balance. I seek upekka."

"Upekka is a stable, tranquil state of mind. Someone with upekka faces every situation with the same courage and without anxiety or restlessness. Without prejudice they calmly treat everyone, in every situation with the same inner attitude. Regular contemplation over ones actions and the results thereof destroys prejudice and preference, by bringing about the realization that everyone is the owner and heir to his own actions."

An amused voice interrupts, "How many Zen Buddhists does it take to change a light bulb?"

Ignoring the silence that greets his question, "Three—one to change the light bulb, one not to change it, and one to both change-and not-change it."

Looking at his audience expectantly he gets no response. "OK I have a better one. How many Zen Buddhists does it take to change a light bulb? Come on work with me here. The answer is ‘tree falling in forest!’”

Laughing, “Guys that one deserves at least a grin. Do you know how hard it is to come up with Buddhists jokes?"

"ZAN get your ass in here and leave them alone." Sensing his approach she questions, "Are you ever going to let up on Kyle about his beliefs?"

"Soon Ava I’ve been working with Kyle on control. The area he is most sensitive about is his beliefs. Today for the first time he didn’t rise to the bait. Grasshopper is progressing well."

"Why didn’t you say anything before? Liz and I were about to beat some manners into your head. Neither one of us likes seeing Kyle get so upset."

"Once I’m sure Kyle can maintain control in anger I’ll stop. Kyle’s belief system is a worthy path to walk and I’d really like to discuss it with him. So how is Kyle progressing with you?"

"He has mastered the basics of mind warping and dream walking. I’ve begun teaching him mid-level abilities. He can sense when he is being mind warped and dream walked but he can’t stop it. He has yet to learn how to kick someone out of his head. To end on a good note he is rapidly improving in the area of waking walking."

"What about Liz?"

"Cornball is like a freaking sponge! I’ve taught her everything I know. She is working on refining her technique and variations. She is a formidable theorist. I’m learning ways to use my powers I’d never dreamed of."

"Ye gods, do I know what you mean about Liz. We all have a photographic memory but sometimes I feel like she is relearning. Like this is all a reminder to her. But her powers are unlike anything I remember on Antar."

"I know. I feel an affinity for most of Liz’s powers but the energy charge just scares me. I can’t stand the way it feels."

"Well you know how much I dislike to admit any weakness but I can’t do the energy charge. I feel so jittery my ability to concentrate flies out the window. Now that Kyle is developing the same ability it looks like Liz’s theory was correct. Something about Max healing them at the brink of death caused this. I’ve never healed anyone that far gone and no one I’ve healed has displayed any abilities."

"But it does make for an awesome offensive weapon. Liz still hasn’t figured out a defense against it."

"The proverbial double edged sword. I prefer Kyle’s telekinesis. I move living objects with my mind when I heal so learning to move inanimate objects has been fairly easy. One could become very lazy with that power. Ava do you think it is time to invite Kyle to join the ‘family business?’’

"No. He promised us a year to learn about his abilities. The year isn’t up and he hasn’t talked about staying with us for good. Until we and he know for sure what he wants it’s best to keep him out of it."


Chapter 3

With seeming indifference Ava asks, "Where are Kyle and Zan?"

"Where else? The basketball court."

Trying to keep her tone casual, "Has Kyle said anything about leaving to you?

Amused Liz answers, "Ava, Kyle loves it here with us he isn’t going anywhere. He and Zan have developed a bond beyond that of brothers or friends. Life has become so much better for us all. I don’t know if Kyle is going to want to continue expanding his abilities but leave us no way."


Eyes alight with mischief Liz adds, "Besides Kyle is totally bewitched by you."

Blushing Ava squeaks, "Liz!"

Suspicions confirmed Liz goes on, "It’s the truth. He is waiting for you to make the first move. After our experiences with Max, Tess, and destiny Kyle wants to be sure you and Zan are truly over."

Pink again, "I have to ask him out? I’d be to nervous."

"And he isn’t?"

"Liz, Zan and I are over. Having you and Kyle in our lives opened so many new doors for us. Zan and I love each other but we are not in love with each other. For so many years it was just us with no one else to count on. We gave into the idea of us because we couldn’t imagine an alternative."

"Ava tell him what you just told me. Be honest with him about your feelings and your fears. He is a good man who loves you deeply. Tonight would be the perfect romantic setting. The moon will be full, the stars twinkling brightly in the sky, and the fragrance of jasmine on the wind. What more could you ask for? And yes I’ll keep Zan out of the way."

Impulsively hugging Liz to her. "Thank you, thank you for everything!"

Taking a step back concern coloring her face, "What about you Liz? Are you ever going to take a chance on someone again?"

Sighing, "Ava, you know how I still have a faint connection to Max." Ava nods her head hoping her friend isn’t still in love with the jerk.

"Every time I think I’m over him ready to try Max opens up our connection full blast. I feel the intense soul-mate love I did at sixteen and then he leaves shattering my tattered heart into pieces again."

In a broken whisper, "It hurts so much. It’s like dying over and over again. I’ve tried everything and I can’t break the bond with Max."

Distraught Liz begins to rant, "I don’t know what pleasure the sick fuck derives from it but it has to stop. I don’t understand he made his choice he married her. Why does he feel the need to punish me? If he loves me so god damned much why won’t he let me be happy? I can’t even look at other men and looking at Zan is pure torture at times. Every time Max does this to me I look at Zan and he is Max to me. I want to hurt him as much as Max has hurt me. I retain just enough sanity to stay away from Zan and do nothing. But it gets harder and harder every time."

Anguish etched on her face, "Ava I’m so s-scared. I’m so close to the edge and I don’t know what will happen. My heart knows that Zan and Max are two different people. But I’m terrified of what I might do to Zan thinking he is Max." Sobbing uncontrollably Liz slides to the floor. Kyle rushes to Liz gathering her up in his arms holding her while she cries.

Looking at the unbridled fury on Zan’s face Ava asks, "So how much of it did you hear?"

His tone was velvet edged with steel, "From romantic evening on. You and Kyle would be a good match. But right now all I can think about is making Evans pay and pay dearly."

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Author: Killian
E-mail: killian1313⊕
Rating: ? PG-13
Category: Wait and see *wink*
Disclaimer: Roswell characters are the creation of Melinda Metz and Jason Katims.
Summary: Through 'Cry Your Name' with elements taken from S2 and S3. The fight between Max and Liz in Alex's room is the pivotal moment where my universe begins...

The Blood Four

Chapter 4

Ava walks in to find Zan staring moodily into the fire. "Ava how much do you remember about the ceremony binding me to the Granolith?"

"I’ve never even thought about it. Why?"

"I’m not sure I just know there is something important about that ceremony I need to remember. I’ve tried memory retrieval exercises but the knowledge eludes me. I was wondering if you would try and then we could compare memories."

"Sure but can it wait till morning?" At Zan’s nod of assent Ava pinkens as she explains, "Kyle and I are going to dinner."

Playfully Zan replies, "Aww you’re so cute when you blush."


Eyes twinkling with merriment, "I’m just teasing. Kyle brings out a side of you that I’ve never seen and I like it. You are now strong enough to show your vulnerability."

"So when are you going to show yours?"

Avoiding eye contact he mutters, "I do…sometimes."

Concerned Ava sits on the coffee table facing him. "Ever since you and Kyle eavesdropped on my conversation with Liz about Max you have become more withdrawn. It’s like you feel responsible for Max’s actions but they are no reflection of you. Liz knows the difference between you and if she didn’t trust you she wouldn’t be here."

Cradling his head in his hands, "I know Ava, I know."

Ava lifts his head up so she can look into his eyes. The normally warm amber orbs are dull with despair. "Oh no Zan you haven’t have you?" Seeing confirmation in his gaze Ava continues sadly, "You’ve fallen for Liz."

"I never truly understood her attitude towards me until now. I knew it was going to be rough in the beginning because I look like him. But I believed in time once she got to know me things would change. It never did though. When Kyle arrived I began to hope again. I hoped she would feel safer with Kyle here and she would feel secure enough to open up to me. The walls never came down because she is afraid of hurting me."

Zan turns to Ava a wistful smile on his face, "I watch her with you and Kyle and I want to know that girl. She is alive--eyes sparkling, with a smile on her face and a joyful laugh. I could kill Max. Thanks to him I’ll never have a chance to know her. What he is doing to her is sadistic and I’m a walking reminder of her pain. The thing that upsets me the most is the part of me that understands why he can’t let her go. If I were in his shoes I don’t know how I could give her up either. I don’t understand what is it about her that has so totally captivated Max and I. The first time I saw her I knew in that second my life would never be the same. I am so drawn to her it scares me sometimes. I know in my head that the odds of her loving me are about as likely as hell freezing over. But my heart, my soul yearn so much for her and it hurts so much to be without her…so, so much."

Ava gathers him into her arms and holds on tightly. She too wonders in awe for Liz has caused a reaction in Zan she had never seen before--tears.

Thanks to Transparent Clear, pandas2001, TD DreamerBehr, Crazy 4 Max, calphysics, and m15 for leaving feedback. It is nourishment for the soul. Killian

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Author: Killian
E-mail: killian1313⊕
Rating: ? PG-13
Category: Wait and see *wink*
Disclaimer: Roswell characters are the creation of Melinda Metz and Jason Katims.
Summary: Through 'Cry Your Name' with elements taken from S2 and S3. The fight between Max and Liz in Alex's room is the pivotal moment where my universe begins...

The Blood Four

Chapter 5

The evening is perfect moonlit night stars shining bright in the sky and a slight breeze just cool enough to make cuddling an enjoyable necessity. “We’ll have to go inside soon Liz will be home.”

“You just had to break the mood didn’t you? So Zan’s finally ready to approach her?”

Determination coloring her voice, “Tonight is the night if Zan can’t do it I will. This has to end before it breaks all of us up. They are both so miserable and we may have a way to end it.”

Holding her close he leans in for a kiss hoping to distract her. “I know what your trying to do and it’s working.”

Much to soon Zan opens the door and calls out to them, “Ava, Kyle it’s time for an oxygen break. The guard just called and Liz is through the gate.”

‘Am I insane? Liz trust me the man wearing Max’s face? Who am I kidding? Max and I are essentially the same. I’d like to think in the same situation I would have reacted differently. How am I to truly know? Am I doing this for Liz or myself? Will I just cause her more pain?’ Trying not to betray his anxiety he gazes into the fire. Feeling Liz’s presence he resists the urge to turn towards her. Thankfully Kyle and Ava chose that moment to come inside.

Coming home to a tense house again Liz has had enough. “I’ve had it! Will one of you please tell me what’s going on? You three have been acting weird all week.”

Bothered by the continuing silence she pleads, “You are hiding something from me and I’m starting to get scared.”

Slowly Zan turns around to face her; “It’s my fault I asked them not to talk to you about something until I was ready.” Seeing her mouth open he rushes on, “I’ve been doing some research and I think I’ve figured out a way to sever your connection with Max. Because we are and are not the same person I may be able to break the connection.”

Wide-eyed Liz is frozen in place her mind and heart at war. Unsure if she was truly ready to let go of the boy she sacrificed everything for. Their connection is the last link to the Max she loves? Loved of old. The last flicker of hope that her Max the boy who saved her life, her first love, her soul mate, the man who should be her husband would reappear would be extinguished forever. Numbly she nods and wilts onto the couch. “How?”

“I would have to connect with you to examine the bond in your mind. I’ll have to go into your memories to see how the bond was formed and how it has grown. What I find will decide the best approach. First I would like to connect with you and check it out before you make any decisions. It may turn out I can’t do anything at all.”

Zan pulls the coffee table closer to Liz and sits in front of her. Studying him ‘OMG can I really do this? I don’t have to decide I’ll just know if it can be done. His eyes, oh damn this is Zan not Max. Zan is in front of me not Max. Zan whose face is more sculpted who has an eyebrow ring, he has a hoop through his nose, his hair is in even more disarray than Michael’s ever was. Zan a mix of Max and Michael’s best qualities a man unafraid of who he is unlike Max who lives in a cookie cutter dream world of denial. Zan whom I trust who has never hurt me who stays away because he knows how much his face hurts me. So different from Max who would’ve haunted me with his presence until I was insane from the pain. Zan who is willing to try to take the pain away.’ I don’t know how long I’ve been staring at him thinking but Zan patiently waits for my decision. “Zan can Ava and Kyle go with you?”


“There are things all three of you need to know that I don’t have the strength to tell. Watch the whole story unfold and you will find answers to questions asked and unasked. Let's begin."

Taking a deep breath he places his hands on either side of my face looking deeply into my eyes a connection opens...

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The Blood Four

Chapter 6

{Max and Isabel walking down the road and the Evans finding them, Max on the first day of school, and how he sees her. Images of her in the halls at school talking to Maria, Alex, laughing, crying, studying, working…I could feel everything he was feeling. I could feel his loneliness.}

{If I don't go right now, things are gonna change…Change, how…I'm gonna have to touch your hair...cuz it's so soft...and I'd have to tell you matter what we go through, it's all worthwhile for me because we're together…And then…And then...I'd have to do this...Max lightly kissing her…Liz and Max passionately kissing.}

{They kiss she sees images of something flying through space…He touches her hand and she starts to get a flood of images of something travelling through space…she sees the image of the saucer flying towards Earth and crashing into the desert…images of soldiers are running towards some beeping object being buried nearby a radio tower}

{Liz shows Max the drawing she was's a tower of some sort…Max and Liz start shoveling the dirt at the spot where the beeping is coming from. They hit something and a bright blue light shoots into the sky…Max unearths a glowing rock with an alien symbol inscribed on it. }

{Max kissing Tess in the rain.}

{Liz kissing Nasedo whom looks like Max. She gets a flashes of black and white, desert, lightening, a dead woman…He’s dumped the body of the agent he killed earlier on the side of the road. They drive off…he knows what Max did to you at the CrashDown that day. He wants you alive. You see he needs answers. You could come in extremely handy in terms of my survival, and even if you don’t, you’ve been fantastic company. Time to leave another clue. They drive into a gas station. Nasedo leaves a silver handprint on one pump, and causes another one to explode as they drive away.}
{She kisses him and gets another black and white flash…You’re not Max}

{Scene after scene where Max is being tortured with drugs, ice baths, isolation, Electro-shock therapy…with Pierce constantly talking…Everything human…But your blood cells…Completely not human. Most of your powers come from your cerebral cortex.}

{Max is suddenly restrained in the chair a visor is put on Max’s head…You have feelings…An image of Michael is projected on the visor…Emotions…Max sees Isabel...Friendship...Maria and Alex appear…Love…An image of Liz dead with blood on her face is projected}

{Liz and Max climb up onto a guardrail, and jump off into a river.}

{That was the day my life began. Liz, when I was in that room, and they did what they did to me. You're what kept me alive. The thought of you. The way your eyes look into mine. Your smile. The touch of your skin. Your lips. Knowing you has made me human. Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same: it's you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you.}

{If you are seeing me now, it means that you are alive and well. I take this form because it will be familiar to you, and it will help you to understand what I am about to say. You have lived before. You perished in the conflict that enslaves our planet but your essence was duplicated, cloned, and mixed with human genetic materials so that you might be recreated into human beings. My son, you were the beloved leader of our people. I have sent with you your young bride. My daughter, the man you were betrothed to, and your brother's second-in-command. Our enemies have come to the Earth. You will know them only by the evil within. Learn enough to use your skills, your knowledge, and your leadership to combat the enemy so that you can come back and free us. And that I may once again hold you both in my arms. I live for that moment. Help us. I love you.}

{Things will never be the same, but whatever happens, we have to stay together. It's the four of us now…I knew this was meant to be…No… Max, you do have a destiny. You just heard it. I can't stand in the way of it…But you mean everything to me…Goodbye, Max.
She runs down the hill tears streaming down her cheeks in the background she can hear Max screaming. “Liz. Liz wait.” She turns to look at him one last time and keeps on running}

{I don’t care about my destiny, my planet, or anything else all I care about is you. So just know this I’m coming for you Liz}

{dust…Skins…Whitaker…Nicholas…Universal Friendship League…Copper Summit…Harvest …Courtney…splinter group who want Rath to be king}

{Things between us are about to change grow deeper we become inseparable and nothing comes between us ever again…Tess left she was critical to our survival…four of us made a complete unit with one missing we weren’t strong enough…Isabel died two weeks ago Michael 25 minutes ago…I need you to help me fall out of love with you…you want me to help get you and Tess together…it’s you I trust…Tess I can help you with Max…she can’t be you Tess can’t ever be you…we eloped we were 19 married at the Elvis Chapel…we danced all night just the two of us…I didn’t take no for an answer the night of Gomez we cemented our love…Liz you have to change…my life is only in danger when I’m with you…I want to live to see my 21st birthday…I may love you but I don’t want to die for you …undergarments stay on…my body is merely a vessel…Evans must have really pissed you off…do you feel different…yea…it does feel good}

{I’ve fought in a 1000 battles but watching you do that was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do…look on his face…don’t you realize who you are to me who your always going to be you’re the love of my life…everyone else is going to be 2nd best…there will never be another you…I want my wedding dance}

{Michael, Lonnie…So why are there 2 sets…Well, they made one batch and didn't get it quite right, so...they made another…So you guys are, like, defective…Actually, you're the defectives. Too human. No offense. When they sent us down here, the war was still going on. We were possibly the only chance for survival, so they sent both sets, you know, for insurance.}

{Max...the Granolith it's powerful, dangerous if the wrong people get their hands on it…How do you know anything about the Granolith...I can't tell you...I know...please, Max. You have to trust me…I guess that's the problem, Liz.}

{Max brought you back from the dead. You've been changed…changed…Liz...take my hand…I'm scared if you can't contact him, what makes you think I can...I know my brother if there is one voice he will hear it's yours…Liz sees Lonnie reaching out with her hand and using her power to loosen a platform above Max. Max is staring out into the street and sees her. I'm calling out to him, but he can't hear what I'm saying. He takes 2 steps forward and the platform crashes down where he was standing only seconds before.}

{Blue crystal…gandarium…poison to humans…Laurie…Michael’s donor…Kyle and Alex trapped…lack of oxygen will kill}

{Liz sees Max kissing Tess at prom and leaves.}

{Max enters the van, Max alone exits the van, somberly returning to the group…Max looks helplessly at his hand, now covered with blood.}

{It wasn't an accident. He was murdered…Would you listen to yourself? Who could possibly want to murder Alex…I don't know yet maybe an alien…It was a traffic accident… alien named Khivar who wants Isabel…You don't know what the hell you're talking about! You don't know anything about Khivar, or our world…You don't want to think that Alex was killed by an alien because that would mean you are responsible.}

{11100100100111011001…I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep...Leanna is not Leanna…let go of me…Max painfully gripping her arm…Max yelling at her…Max grabbing hold of her arms…struggling to get out of his grasp…Max shaking her…don't even pull that king card on me Max… Liz, if you go, our friendship is over…he never went to Sweden…the emails sent from a dorm room in Las Cruces.}

{Quantum computer can break just about any code…it's some sort of language…looks kind of Native American…the symbols are alien…translating it into English…emailed to Leanna…address for rental…computer and box on desk…glowing red triangle…beep…make it out the door…beep…BOOM}

{Tess is pregnant with Max’s child}

{Whitaker’s Special Unit files…Cadmium X not an element of earth…residue from powers…programmed to be a 1000 years ahead in evolution…completely human except green cells…power from cerebral cortex…Nasedo’s cave drawings deciphered…directions home…Whirlwind Galaxy…red giant dying star…star charts…Antar found}

As Zan delves deeper into Liz’s mind he reaches a barrier beyond his skill to break. Zan and Ava are taken aback at the image imprinted on the barrier. For the image of an eye in the center of a spiral is the mark of Meleri the goddess of their home world.

Bewildered Kyle asks ~ What is wrong? You both look like you’ve seen a ghost. What does the picture mean? Hello, non-alien here remember me? Will you please explain what is going on? Has some evil alien possessed her? ~

Mentally laughing at Kyle’s rant Ava explains. ~ Chill baby just chill. The image before us is the sign of the goddess of Antar, Meleri. Only someone in the service of the goddess can bear that mark and live. We believe in reincarnation and sometimes a soul will come back because a task was left unfinished. ~

Zan, Ava, and Kyle try once more to break through the barrier. The protective barrier holds tossing them back into consciousness. Liz regains consciousness at a slower pace.

“OMG! There is so much I never knew. I watched their hearts break into millions of pieces but Liz would never tell me why.”

“Liz saw the journey and the crash! She knows how to use the Granolith! She found Antar! Liz has the directions home!”

While Ava and Kyle talk Zan is in deep thought, ‘I guess there is more of me in Max than I originally thought. He really did love her and my god the White Room it makes me ashamed to be apart of the human race. His fatal flaw I can even understand he can’t function without her. But when it really mattered he didn’t trust his heart and he lost her. Liz truly gave up everything for Max. To have her love me like that. And Tess she got Max but was it enough? Isn’t it strange that no alien incidents have happened since Liz left? Is Tess playing both sides in this timeline?’

“How did she keep this to herself for so long? Why didn’t she ever tell us?”

“As we just saw Liz always has a good reason for what she does. We didn’t see everything we may have missed the reason why.”

“What are we going to tell Liz about the sign?”

“The truth,” says Liz in a weak voice. They take turns explaining what happened and the possible meanings.

Pondering their words Liz sighs, “I believe the rest of our answers lie within the Granolith.”

Zan and Ava nod their heads in agreement. “Wait a minute can they even open the chamber? Can we go to Roswell without being detected? How are we going to get the Granolith to answer our questions?”

“Liz, Kyle there are a few decisions to be made. There is a rite calling upon the goddess asking her to break the barrier in Liz’s mind. But only Liz can decide if it is worth the risk. Another option would be for us to go through a formal bond square rite. This rite would permanently bond the four of us together superceding any other bond formed. Rites aren’t usually taken to this level because one pair of siblings and their bond mates normally forms a four-square. Our case is unusual because we have no blood ties or bond mate ties. Lastly we would have to have a fourth to do the rite on Liz. We would have to include Michael.”

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The Blood Four

Chapter 7


A voice drawls over the phone, “And you wonder why you were voted Mr. Congeniality?”


“Ooh grasshopper is quick this afternoon.”

“Afternoon! Damn I did it again. So what do you want?”

“I need your help on an alien related matter but I need your oath that the rest of the Pod Squad will never know.”

“No problem they’re not even here not that I would tell them anyway. So what’s the emergency?”


“She’s alive!”

“That was my reaction too. She needs our help but no one can know she is coming to Roswell. In fact can we meet at the Pod Chamber?”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“Michael you wouldn’t believe me you’ll just have to experience it for yourself.”

“Damn when can you be here?”

“Tomorrow evening we’ll meet at dusk in front of the chamber.”

“Kyle do I need to tell Valenti?”

“No! No one else can be involved or Liz won’t come with me. Please Michael, Liz is trusting you not anyone else.”

“Alright, alright I’ll be there at dusk tomorrow.”

The Pod Chamber

“Where the hell are they? It’s almost completely dark, oh man I just know something happened.”

“Michael we’re here!” Michael hears Liz’s voice and watches as she and Kyle appear out of thin air.

Grabbing Liz into a bear hug he sighs with relief, “You really are ok. Couldn’t you have sent a post card or something? I was worried!”

“Michael I love you too. I missed you so much but I had to go away. I’ll explain everything to you but first you need to meet our companions.”

He sees a short girl with blond hair and pink highlights. “Ava, I should have known how else could Liz have disappeared so completely."

His attention is pulled away by the new arrival. ZAN. Everything he feels for Max is a shadow compared to the feelings Zan evokes within him. Without realizing he falls onto bended knee, “My King.”

“Rise Michael nee' Rath it is good to finally have my friend and brother back.” Zan pulls Michael into an embrace. “Come my friend we have a lot of work to do.”

All four climb up to the entrance of the Pod Chamber. Michael moves to open the chamber but Zan stops him. “That is not the way for us, follow me.” Zan leads them further up the trail until it dead ends into solid rock. Lifting his hand the image of the goddess appears granting them entrance. They walk into a control room.

Confused Michael asks, “How did you know this was here?”

“I just knew. You don’t have your memories from being Rath back do you?” Michael shakes his head no. “Ok Ava and I need a few minutes to power everything up and get the force field on line.”

“Zan what are you going to do that we would need a force field for?”

“While we are using the Granolith it will shield us from being detected by anyone. Let’s go into the Granolith chamber and get ready.”

When they walk into the chamber the bottom crystalline cone is now in the shape of an altar. The Granolith recognizes each of them as they walk in. It glows a deep forest green for Zan, pink for Ava, amber for Liz, brick red for Michael and sky blue for Kyle.

Michael whispers in awe, “It recognized us. The Granolith has never done that before. Color me confused why did it recognize Liz and Kyle?”

“Probably because Max healed us both. Michael sit down next to me I want to form a connection with you to bring you up to speed on everything.”

While Michael and Liz sit in a trance like state Kyle begins exploring. “Can I touch it? The Granolith I mean. I just feel this compulsion to touch it.”

“The Granolith recognized you so it must want you to connect.”

Hesitantly Kyle lays his palm on the Granolith and a connection opens. Zan and Ava wait patiently for everyone to come out of their trances so they can begin the rite.

“My god Liz the lengths you have gone to for us ungrateful bastards. I don’t know how to thank you for my life. Come on we need to break that connection to the Royal Pansy so he can’t hurt you anymore.”

Dazed Kyle comes out of his connection. “Oh Buddha that was intense! You guys have to try it!”

“Well what did you find out?”

“Nothing I can tell you actually. I only know that when the barrier is broken for Liz it will be for me also.”

“Liz are you sure you want to do this? We have no idea what is going to happen.”

“Zan, I have to do this I feel it calling to me. Soon it is all going to make sense I can feel it. Come on help me get on this alter.”

Zan, Ava, Michael, and Kyle assume their appointed positions. “Let us try one more time to break the barrier one more time before we do the rite.”

All four center their power and reach out to one another. Once melded the four square delves into Liz’s mind reaching for the barrier of the goddess. A new image has been added to the one of the goddess the coat of arms of the Royal House of Treva.

~ Zan could it be? Could it really be her? OMG it would explain so much! ~

Fear and wonderment freeze Zan. Would his prayers be granted in this second life?

~ Zan get us out of here we have to do the rite now. ~

~ Who do you think she is? ~

~ Sioneva ~

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The Blood Four

Chapter 8

The Claiming of Sioneva

~ Who do you think she is? ~

~ Sioneva ~

Dazed Michael stares at Liz, "I know that name. Who is she Ava?"

Ava gently propels Kyle and Michael out of the Granolith Chamber leaving Zan with Liz. Once in the Pod Chamber Kyle spews forth with questions. "Who is Sioneva to Zan? To you? Why are her memories in Liz’s mind? Is she still going to be Liz or this Sioneva person?"

"Kyle you and Liz will still be the same people. The only difference is you will have gained more knowledge. In Liz's case if she truly is Sioneva she will regain Sioneva's memories. Like Zan and I have the memories of our lives on Antar."

"What about me? What am I going to find out when Liz regains her memories? If she is Sioneva then who am I? And who are we to each other?"

"Kyle I don't know about you but I can tell you about Zan and Sioneva. OK Antar’s religion could best be described as a mix between worship of Mother Earth and the tenants of Buddhism. You can discuss religion with Zan theology always gave me a headache. Sioneva was one of my best friends. Vilondra, she, and I were all born in the same year. Each of us was born into one of the royal houses of Antaria. The planet of Antar is the throne world for the Antarian system. As the centuries went by most of the inter-planetary royalty of Antaria intermarried and slowly the dominating planet became Antar. Each of the planets is ruled by it’s own royal house but they are now sub-kings to Antar. Sioneva and I were born into the houses of two of those sub-kings."

"The king’s own bard composed the tale it is called ‘The Claiming of Sioneva.’ I can attest to the truthfulness of the story for I was a firsthand witness to most of the events chronicled. It begins when Zan was a child of three. He was on his third royal blessing or christening, as you would call it. It was the year we girls were born and he was attending the last one Sioneva’s. Royal or not he was three years old and bored out of his mind. Rath was sitting across the aisle under the watchful eye of his mother. Zan was cranky and demanded that his mom carry him down the aisle for the king’s blessing. The queen was holding Zan and standing next to the king as he held Sioneva. Zan looked upon the baby in fascination and when his father began making the motions of the blessing Zan did too. He touched her forehead after his father did and Sioneva opened her eyes. Gazing into her eyes Zan spoke, "She is mine!"

"Chuckles of amusement were heard among the courtiers. As the processional began with everyone coming by to view Sioneva in her crib Zan got upset. He kept on repeating ‘she is mine.’ Finally he climbed up into the crib with her and screamed at everyone to get out. As he held her warm amber light enveloped them. It was seen, as an omen for the amber light is traditionally the sign of the goddess’s blessing upon a betrothal or marriage. They belonged to each other from that day forward. Sioneva was moved into the king’s palace because Zan demanded to be near her. Their bond remained strong throughout the trials of childhood and the rigors of being royal children."

"Did you know Max was the same way with Liz? As the story goes he and Isabel got off the school bus on their first day and Max saw her on the playground. From first sight Max was in love with her and he loves her still. When he healed her why didn’t he find out she was Sioneva?"

"Max knows nothing of his history, his heritage if he even saw the sign he wouldn’t have known what it meant. I think on an instinctual level his soul recognized hers and when he healed Liz their bond kicked in. But with Max knowing nothing and Liz not even having a clue as to her past it has all been left unfinished. With those two the puzzle would never have been completed."

"Zan’s in love with her isn’t he?"


"You think the pairing of Liz and Zan will complete the picture don’t you?"

"For the first time I think we may actually have a chance against Khivar."

Noting the look of disbelief on Kyle’s face Ava continues, "You don’t understand how beloved by the people Sioneva was. The people were in love with Zan and Sioneva and the storybook romance of it all. A really bad writer wrote this ode comparing Zan to the Sun and Sioneva to the Flame. Comparing Zan to a sun god wasn't far off the mark. He had golden hair, eyes, and skin. Sioneva had long red hair and the darkest green eyes I've ever seen. The varying shades created a spectacular effect in sunlight Sioneva's hair did look like a living flame. Anyway the only memorable thing about the poem was it's title 'Lasanta Grian' meaning the 'Fiery Sun.’ For some unknown reason the people liked the title and began to use it wherever Zan and Sioneva went. Sioneva's presence will inspire the populace and give them a dream to fight for again."

"Zan and I together were never popular with the people. No one Zan was with after her would have made them happy but because of my own story the people were particularly hostile. I remember the night of Zan and Sioneva’s betrothal ceremony it was a magical night. Dancing underneath the stars ambrosia flowing like water and the goddess moons shining brightly. King Rohan was a huge romantic at heart and he stopped the festivities to make an announcement."

"My friends I must beg your indulgence for a few moments. Rarely does being king allow me to do things for pure satisfaction. A few years ago a young man was sent to court to gain some polish and to learn intergalactic politics firsthand. Over time we became friends and I noticed a lack in one area of his life. So I did the one thing I always chide my wife about I played matchmaker. He needed someone to bring laughter into his life so I arranged a meeting and watched nature takes its course. It’s been two years and I’m happy to announce my little foray into matchmaking worked beautifully. It is with great joy that I announce the betrothal of Price Garric, Heir to Irestia, to the lovely lady with laughter in her heart my goddaughter Princess Ava."

"After my betrothal ceremony to Garric we girls left to spend our last year in service to the goddess. It was supposed to be a year of learning contemplation and adjusting from girlhood to womanhood. The poor sisters got more than they bargained for with us. Zan and Garric kept sneaking on planet to see us. The boys weren’t supposed to be there but what were the sisters to do? Throw the heir to the system off planet?"

"None of us realized it was truly to be our last year of peace. Garric and I were to be married two months before Zan and Sioneva. A week before the wedding Garric died in a hunting accident. I was devastated I loved him so much I didn’t know how I was going to make it without him. This threw the whole Royal Court into mourning. Zan and Sioneva decided to postpone their wedding until the six-month formal mourning period was over. We had lost one of our inner circle and it affected us all. We had all planned on being together for decades to come. Our roles in helping Zan with his future kingship had long been planned out."

"Everyone stayed with me after the funeral Sioneva, Zan, Vilondra, and Rath. For a while they were truly worried I was going to slip over the edge. But their love, friendship, and loyalty eventually brought me back. Actually Zan and Sioneva solidified their bond and became man and wife. Basically once you go through the betrothal ceremony you are as good as married. They would still have to go through the marriage ritual because it was doubling as a coronation ceremony. Zan and Sioneva would be formally invested with titles and duties to fulfill for the crown."

"After the worst was over for me we girls went on a retreat to the Abbey of Meloria. It is a beautiful site high in the mountains a perfect place to refresh your spirit. During our stay the Mother Superior of the order was assassinated. The system was thrown into spiritual and political chaos. Sister Delia assumed her new position and tried to calm everyone. King Rohan decreed that the test for a successor be administered immediately. Every girl over the age of 15 in service to the goddess was to undergo the ritual. The goddess always chooses who the successor to the Mother Superior is."

"Imagine the chaos that ensued when Sioneva was chosen. Zan and Sioneva were broken hearted they were basically married and the kingdom was in an uproar. King Rohan called for a retest twice more but Sioneva was the only one ever chosen. They refused to be parted and ran away. In the end the order found her and abducted her for they refused to defy the goddess. Once they had her there was nothing the king or Zan could do. We never saw her again."

"Zan was a broken angry man and now every woman in the kingdom was after him. I had a similar problem myself so we tried to figure a way out of it all. We came up with what we thought would be a perfect solution. Knowing our bond mates were out of reach and we would never love like that again we decided to marry each other. We were good friends and we trusted each other. Our fathers agreed and we were quietly married. The populace became enraged they hated me. Rumors began circulating that I had been behind Garric’s death and that of the Mother Superior so I could marry Zan."

"There was no truth in the rumors but my life became a living hell. Vilondra was the only happy one of us. Khivar who had been a former suitor of mine was courting her. She thought she was in love and knowing her father and brother disliked him just made Khivar that much more appealing. As the months passed King Rohan steadily refused to give his consent to a match with Khivar. Vilondra became angry and spiteful so different from the girl we had grown up with. King Rohan decided she needed to marry but he proposed Rath. He wanted someone he knew would take care of her and curb her impetuous ways. Vilondra hit the roof when she found out and she felt betrayed by all of us. She married Rath for she had no choice but the marriage was never consummated. She spent her wedding night in Khivar’s bed."

"The king had an apoplectic fit when he found out he died that day from an aneurysm. The Queen was devastated, Rath was hurt and angry beyond belief, Vilondra spent the day in bed with her lover, and the government fell into Zan’s lap and mine. It was a bloody freakin’ nightmare that spiraled further and further out of control. I know Vilondra plotted with Khivar to overthrow Zan, Rath, and I but I don’t know how it was accomplished. I just remember trying to flee from the throne room but Khivar’s troops had us surrounded. Vilondra stood next to Khivar while he told us of her betrayal. She didn’t even flinch as he mortally wounded us one by one. And then Khivar turned on her and said he didn’t want a queen who would betray her own blood for he could never trust her. I’ll never forget the look of utter horror on her face as he pulled the trigger. That is the last thing I remember until we emerged from the pods in New York."

"What a complete bastard and Lonnie was stupid enough to trust him again?"

"Yes, she was like a drug addict and Khivar her drug of choice."

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The Blood Four: Forging :

Chapter 9


Zan calls out quietly, “Everything’s ready.”

As they walk into the Granolith Chamber Ava takes charge. “Take your places at the alter. Zan you’re to the East, Kyle to the West, Michael to the South, and I’ll be to the North. It’s time to start gather your energy and center it within. As each of you complete your part in the rite connect your energy to mine. When I get to the final part of the ritual we should all be connected as one. Let’s join hands and begin.”

We call upon our Mother Goddess Meleri
By the Earth that is her body
By the Air that is her breath
By the Fire that is her bright spirit
By the living Waters of her womb
We call upon the blessings of Meleri

We call upon the Na Coimirceoiri o Na Faire Tura!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri be our foundation. Fiat!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri be the sword cutting through the mists to reveal the truth. Fiat!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri be the spear giving us the strength and flexibility to accomplish your purpose. Fiat!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri giver of the Cup of Life nourishing our bodies, minds, and souls. Fiat!

Meleri give us your blessing in our endeavor. We ask you to lift the veil upon your servant. We ask you to restore your servant mind, body, and soul. Fiat!

The barrier breaks tossing Zan, Ava, Michael, and Kyle back into consciousness. Liz however remains in a trance like state. A nimbus of amber light engulfs her body as her past and present selves merge into one.

Kyle falls to the ground clutching his head in agony. “Zan help me! It’s too much at once.”

Zan places his hands on Kyle’s head to ease the pain as Kyle assimilates the new memories. “If this is what they consider prepared I can’t imagine what it’s doing to Sioneva.”

Totally on edge Michael demands, “Who are you?”

“Declan High Priest of Zayid at your service. None of you knew me in our last life. I met Sioneva after Zan and Ava married. She and I were trained together.”

In a desperate voice Zan asks, “Tell me of Sioneva.”

“Let me tell you how the bard’s tale ‘The Claiming of Sioneva’ ends. Sioneva was claimed a third and final time by Death. When Zan was mortally wounded she felt it through their bond she collapsed screaming Zan’s name. As life slowly flowed from his body it also did from Sioneva. Their bond was so strong that killing him killed her through their bond. When it was announced Sioneva died and why the fight just went out of the people. They hated Khivar but there wasn’t another Royal beloved enough by the people to rally around.”

“Declan…Kyle sorry I’m still confused.”

“Liz!” Ava screams running to embrace her friend. “Sioneva I’ve missed you so much. Thank the goddess you are with us once more.”

Catching Zan’s eye she is frozen by the emotions churning in their depths. He walks over to her slowly afraid she might disappear. Reaching her his fingertips caress her face in wonder. With his touch their long dormant bond roars to life twining together their souls once more.

Ava leads Kyle and Michael away to give Zan and Liz some semblance of privacy. “Michael have you regained your memories too?”

“NO. Kyle…Declan whatever your name is do you have any ideas?”

Amused he answers, “It’s Kyle and all you have to do is touch the Granolith.”


“You are Guardian of the Granolith and you have to re-bond with it. If you accept your duty once again the Granolith will return your memories.”

Stunned Michael manages to squeak out, “Guardian?”

Enjoying his discomfort Kyle continues, “I can’t tell you what you want to know. I am in service to our Lord God Zayid not the Granolith.”

Seeing how shaken Michael is Ava suggests they go outside. Michael is the first one out of the door. He sits perched on a rock gazing at the stars.

Kyle and Ava follow but sit away from Michael giving him some much needed space. “Are you disappointed I’m not Garric?”

“Kyle you silly man I am in love with you. Garric and I did not share the all-consuming soul mate love like Zan and Sioneva. Theirs is the love people dream of and write stories about but that is not what I want. I want and need you and only you.”

“I’m sorry but I just had to know. I love you so much sometimes I can’t breathe from the depth of it.”

In the Granolith Chamber

“Sioneva I don’t understand what was the point in separating us if you were going to die when I did? All of the pain and heartbreak for no reason. We could’ve been together and happy in the short time we had left. Sia I missed you so, so much.”

“Zan, Kyle told you the ‘official tale’ not the true story. And he doesn’t even know all of it. After the order took me from you I discovered I was with child. I became even more determined to get back to you. I escaped from every place they tried to hold me. I ended up at an abbey on the moon Tealik. No ships were kept there so I had no way of getting off planet and by that time I was close to giving birth. The sisters knew I wouldn’t do anything to foolish because of the baby so they decided to tell me you and Ava had married. Stunned, betrayed, shattered can’t come close to describing how I felt. I thought you would be trying just as hard to find me as I was trying to get back to you. I didn’t truly believe it until they showed me the holos of the wedding.”

“I collapsed going into labor and 36 hours later our daughter was born. I didn’t want to see her, name her, anything because she was a part of you. I had loved you all my life we made promises, vows to each other that I thought no one man or god could tear asunder. I went from raging fury to the darkest despair I gave up. The sisters refused to give up on me taking my insults, silence, and everything else I dished out. They knew our child would be my salvation. She was serenity to my chaos. Eventually I fell under her spell and with her in my arms began to have fleeting moments of peace. I named her Serena.”

“Sia I tried to find you again but the Mother Superior went to father to get me to stop. Father wasn’t too happy at the prospect of making the Goddess unhappy no matter how much he loved the both of us and wanted us to be together. Once the news leaked out women from every corner of the system were after me. I was angry, devastated and in no humor to be looking for a new wife when I already had one. As you heard earlier Ava was in the same situation. When I finally came to terms with it all I went to Ava. She wasn’t thrilled about the idea at first because she saw it as a betrayal of you and Garric. My argument was our fathers were going to make us marry someone so why not someone who truly understood the depths of our loss. We knew we would never be first in each other’s hearts but we were friends and knew we could work well together. If our fathers were left in charge we could end up married to someone truly awful for dynastic reasons. So we approached them with the idea and thankfully all the parents saw the sense in it. Unfortunately we had no idea how unpopular the marriage would be with the people. They couldn’t blame the Goddess or their future king for what happened so it all fell on Ava.”

“Zan, I understood later when everything was explained I forgave you, myself, everyone involved for what had to be done. I see the questions in your eyes but everyone needs to know the answers.”

Hopeful, “Can you tell me of Serena?”

“Of course silly!” With a smug smile Liz continues, “You would know her anywhere she looks exactly like me all flaming hair and dark green eyes! She only inherited two physical traits from your side of the family her height and the royal birthmark. Her teenage years were very trying. You have no idea how ridiculous I felt scolding her when she was six inches taller. When she got older she would pat me on the head!”

Chuckling with amusement, “Why didn’t you ask for a taller donor?”

“ZAN!” She squeals while punching him in the arm. “She so has your sense of humor and our stubbornness combined. Part of the story Kyle told was absolute truth. When you died Serena saved my sanity a second time. I felt it when Khivar wounded you I collapsed screaming your name. I could feel your life force seeping away our bond would have killed me but for Serena. Somehow she blocked our bond and brought me back to her. The sisters truly thought I would go mad from the grief for part of my soul had died. But Serena with a child’s need so strong brought me back from the edge several times. She was just a toddler but her force of will is the strongest I’ve ever known.”

Wrapping Sia in his arms, “The pain you went through is unbelievable. What could possibly justify the need for all of the misery?”

“Zan I promise it will make sense when the others get back. I will tell you I felt the same way until after you died and the Mother Superior told me the truth of what was really at stake. It took me a long while to come to terms with the methods used to achieve their ends. I can’t say anything more yet so let’s talk about Serena.”

“Was she still alive when you left?”

“She was kicking butt and taking names. When I left she was a 1st Tier commander of the resistance forces. By now I bet she is in charge of the whole thing. She promise we would have a kingdom to come back to.”

“Sia show me I need to see you and our daughter. I want to experience the life I was denied.” Sitting upon the Granolith’s altar Liz opens her life as Sioneva to Zan.

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The Blood Four

Chapter 10

The Granolith Chamber

Zan and Liz are quietly discussing Serena when Ava, Kyle, and Michael walk back into the Chamber.

Michael is struggling the hardest with all of the revelations. Never being one for surprises he begins to question, “I have a few questions one of the main ones being why were Sioneva and Declan sent to Earth?”

“Grasshopper you have much to learn. The simple answer is to help the Royal Four defeat Khivar and reclaim Antaria. But when gods become involved the answer is never simple.”

In a chiding tone, “Kyle quit teasing Michael. We were sent to Roswell to help you protect the Granolith. When you were old enough your teachers would have presented you to the Granolith. Once you had re-bonded the Granolith would have sent a summons to Kyle and I. They would have performed the ritual unlocking our memories as Declan and Sioneva. Afterwards the New York group would have been summoned and we would have begun training for the upcoming war with Khivar.”

"The Dark Lord chose Khivar as his vessel keeping the knowledge hidden from our gods Meleri and Zayid. The Dark Lord had them busy elsewhere while he trained Khivar in the arts of the gods. The first direct strike was killing Ava’s betrothed Garric. Khivar planned on marrying Ava to gain access into Zan’s inner circle. Meleri and Zayid were stunned by Garric’s death for he was fated to live a long life. When they began looking into the events surrounding his death the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place. They were too late for events had already been set into motion. By granting free will to their children they were bound by how much they could directly interfere."

"Khivar was a prepared vessel of the Dark Lord. At the time no one was capable of fighting a vessel of the gods power. Khivar and the Dark Lord were going to win the first battle so they began preparing for the second. Declan was chosen by Zayid to be his vessel and I by Meleri. They thought that Declan and I with the Royal Four would easily defeat Khivar. Unfortunately, Vilondra was again seduced and betrayed by Khivar."

"We have Isabel."

"No we don't unfortunately Lonnie was the true Vilondra. Now the Royal Four Square is no more but all is not lost for three of the members survive plus Kyle and I."

"Wait I’m the true Rath?"

"Of course you are the Guardian of the Granolith. You were left with the Roswell group because your place was with the Granolith. Once Rath’s memories are unlocked all will be clear to you."

"Let’s back up a minute if Zan is the ‘true Zan’ how was Max able to participate in the summit?"

"Both carry the imprint of the Royal Seal but only the Granolith will recognize the true King."

"So right now Khivar believes Max is king and protector of the Granolith. Why hasn’t he made a move yet? All he would have to do is kidnap junior and kill Max."

"Either he is overconfident or something major must be going on in Antaria."

Zan has been quiet considering all of the new information, "Sia, I’ve been thinking about all of the information you gave us last week and what we have learned today. I think we need to find out if Tess is playing both sides."

In a cold voice Michael answers, "She is."

Destiny ought to be a 4-letter word

"How do you know for sure?" asks Ava.

"I’ve been having a series of discussions with her over the last two years about Max, Antar, Khivar, junior, and so on. Connect with me and let me show you some of the conversations. And then you can judge for yourselves." All five take each other’s hands and a connection unfurls…

What are you doing here?

I think I should be asking you instead. Shouldn’t you be home taking care of Junior?

I just like to come out here sometimes ok? When I am with the Granolith I feel more at home at peace. At first I thought being around it would trigger memories or something so far I’ve gotten nothing.

Strange I’m drawn to it also and I never get anything out of it either. Why us? Max and Iz only come here when it is absolutely necessary. Both are more concerned about having perfectly bland normal lives. The alien threat is still out there Khivar possibly Nicholas. It pisses me off there is so much we don’t know and that’s what is going to be our downfall. Max is going to get us killed again! OMG! Tess I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that.

Honestly I feel the same way. Max never wants to practice or see what else he is capable of. We’ve never even tried working together as a foursquare. My biggest fear is for my son. How can I protect him? How can I count on Max being able to keep him safe?

I’m supposed to be the ‘General’ and I don’t remember anything from Antar. How am I supposed to be the protector when I have nothing to base it on? I don’t know why I am so concerned it’s not like Max cares. Sometimes I think we were set up to fail again. How much do you remember of Antar?

It depends on what you want to know?

What was Zan like?

So different from Max, Zan was raised to be a king. Max is so lost here. Occasionally I catch glimpses of the man I knew and loved.

What was I like?

Much as you are now quiet, loyal, brave, honest, and forthright.

Were Zan and Rath good friends?

More like brothers they were raised together. You were loyal to each other above all else.

The powers that be screwed that relationship up. I don’t think Max and I have ever been real friends. The tie that binds us is our alien status.
Do you ever think about our duplicates?

No, why?

I had an interesting conversation with Lonnie. She said we were the defectives because we were too human. I think of Rath with his low cunning, crude manners, and his what’s in it for me attitude. He and Lonnie killed Zan their brother and King making a deal with the devil to go home. They came very close to killing Max to achieve their goals. What does that say about our original selves and us? If Rath was more like the real Rath I don’t want to be him. He was amoral and evil. If the originals were all cut of the same cloth I can understand why there was a rebellion. And what is it about us that makes us capable of fulfilling this ‘great destiny’? Why are we here on this planet millions of light years away from home? Why weren’t we given more knowledge? Where are our teachers, guardians, hell anyone? We were left here alone, defenseless, and ignorant.

Nasedo taught me…

But what did he really teach you? Can you read or speak our language? Do you know what our true forms are? Do you know any of the history of Antar? How do we know what we have been told is true? A few years ago we learned of Khivar and were told he is evil and he murdered us. But do we really know what happened? No we don’t all of our information has come from questionable resources Nicholas, Whitaker, the Skins, and Nasedo.


What have you never questioned all of this?

Obviously not as much as you have. I always took what Nasedo said to be the gospel. Early on I learned not to question him. But when we arrived in Roswell none of what Nasedo promised came true. The family who I was supposed to be reunited with didn’t know me, like me, or trust me. No matter what I did it only made things worse. Nasedo taught me to regard humans as inferior. And Max the love of my past life was in love with someone else and a human at that. The fact that you trusted Liz, Maria, and Alex before me one of your own kind infuriated me. I was so jealous of Liz because she had everything that was meant to be mine-my family and most importantly Max’s love and trust. I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time I kept on pushing ‘destiny’ only to drive you further away. I thought once all of you knew it would become clear and I’d have my family back. Was I naïve or what?

You never took into consideration that we were raised as humans. Max and Isabel had a much better experience than I did. They have had the perfect life and they don’t want to give it up. Another thing is that we are half-human so we inherited human traits from our donors also. We can never be exact replicas of the original just a variation. In each of us our alien side is warring with the human and in Max and Isabel the human side has won out. Their human traits are more dominant. Tess you conditioned for years to always be dominated by your alien side. And I am striving for a balance between the two.
Max is obsessed with Liz. He is in love with this ideal image he created of her. When he caught Liz and Kyle in bed together he hated Liz for destroying his ideal. Max never really knew her or he would have known to believe his heart instead of his eyes. I knew she didn’t sleep with Kyle and when things calmed down others realized it too. Liz loved Max enough to give him up so he could fulfill his destiny. Not that it did a hell of a lot of good nothing’s happened.

Liz never slept with Kyle?

Tess if you ever could have seen Liz rationally instead of enemy numero uno you would have realized it too. I knew Liz better than anyone. Don’t look at me so skeptically I did. I knew her with Max, Maria, Alex, Isabel, you, her parents, school, and work I literally saw her everyday. Liz really is one of those people who seem too good to be true but is. Liz always acted from the right no matter how much it cost her. She protects the ones she loves.

Prove it.

After we heard the destiny message Liz told him he had to follow his destiny and she left. She even went away for the whole summer so she wouldn’t be in the way. It wasn’t her fault that Max couldn’t let go of his obsession. Max didn’t want to face who he truly is and his destiny. In fact he still hasn’t but I digress. When Liz came back she kept her distance. She quit the Crashdown and got a job in Whitaker’s office. Unfortunately for her Whitaker turned out to be a skin and she got sucked right back in. I know Liz even went to you offering her help in your quest to get Max. Think about it what happened when that didn’t work? The next night Max conveniently finds Liz in bed with her ex-boyfriend. Max believed what he was meant to see and ignored his heart. After that episode you and Max became closer which was the whole point. I think she even took it one step further when Alex died. By her saying an alien possibly killed him Liz played on one of Max’s greatest fears. True to form he couldn’t handle the idea of being responsible and he lashed out at Liz. A few weeks later school was out and Liz left never to come back. Liz left with Max believing the worst of her giving you all the opportunity you needed.

OMG you’re right. It makes total sense. At the time I wanted Max but I was also fighting my attraction to Kyle. When I found out about Liz and Kyle I was insanely jealous. Not only was Max obsessed with her but she had to have Kyle too? There was no way I could’ve looked at the situation rationally until now I’ve avoided thinking about that time period.
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since we last talked and I need to apologize to you.

What for?

I mind warped Maria into leaving you alone. At the time I still believed you and Isabel should be together since Max and I were.

I knew.

And you didn’t call me on it?

No, Maria and I were over and had been for a long time. I also know you were mind warping Max and Isabel.


Not as clever as you thought you were, huh? Isabel and Maria were devastated by Alex’s death and they needed each other. Your influencing them to be better friends was actually a nice thing. But as for Max it didn’t do you much good did it? You got your husband back and bore the heir but what did you really get? Your power is to influence or fool someone for a specific period of time not a lifetime. You can’t permanently change someone’s feelings. I know you tried your best but Max has loved Liz his entire life and always will. So now you are stuck in a loveless marriage with a man who hates you. Was it worth it?

Funny Kyle asked me a similar question a year ago and my answer is the same-No. I curse the day Nasedo told me about destiny filling my head with dreams and promises. I came here expecting the fairy tale and all I got was a nightmare. As you once pointed out I didn’t take into consideration that you were raised differently. I embraced my heritage and you all hid from it. Being normal was how you were able to survive and Nasedo and I criticized you for it. Being alien hasn’t been all it was cracked up to be. This ‘destiny’ I was brought up to believe in where is it? Khivar, Nicholas, the Skins all have been quiet the last two years. I almost feel like we have lost our value to them and we will never go home. I destroyed so many lives for this ‘destiny’ and where did it get me? Us? Nowhere…

Yep that about sums it all up. I do have one question. I know you tried for a time to influence Isabel into loving me after Alex died but why not me?

Well I did try but it never worked on you. Your mental shields are just to strong for me to break through. I can do a general mind warp on you like everyone else but actually play with your subconscious no way. In fact your shields are stronger than mine are.

I’m not happy you tried but it’s good to know it doesn’t work on me.

Thanks Pandas and Tabasco Liz for the feedback!!

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Pandas, Impatient One, some questions will be answered in Ch 11. But what would the fun be if I gave it all away?*big*

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Sorry everyone for not updating but real life reared it's ugly head this week. My boss has been gone all week. Originally I thought to take advantage and write but it oh so didn't turn out that way. It's been a nightmare and I've gone home every day dead tired. Once I've caught up with nap time I'll finish up the next chapter and have it ready for Monday. Thanks for being so patient!

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I wrote a spin off part to the story called The Blood Four: Killing Me Softly. It is the story of Vilondra and Khivar. The link is down below. The next part for the regular story will hopefully be up tomorrow.



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The Blood Four

Chapter 11 A

Michael ends the connection and Ava softly says, “Poor Tess she never had a chance.”

Shocked Michael exclaims, “Ava!”

In earnest Ava continues, “Michael it’s true. Tess was obviously raised by one of Khivar’s minions she has been brainwashed since she came out of her pod. She was forged to be a weapon only specific mental abilities were developed. Considering the levels she has worked at Nasedo must have been a high ranking adept. The bigger problem is what little surprises did Nasedo leave within Tess’s mind.”

Realization dawns upon Michael, “That’s why Khivar hasn’t moved against Max he doesn’t have to Tess will.”

Zan breaks in, “Hold on people let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves we can’t jump to conclusions without evidence. There are more pressing matters to take care of before we begin unraveling the mysteries around Tess.”

Michael asks, “Like what? Tess is our most immediate threat.”

Liz answers, “No she is a known threat willing or no. It is the unknown that concerns me we need to contact Serena and find out what is going on in Antaria.”

Confused Michael asks, “Who is Serena?”

“Kyle told you the official version of my life not what really happened. When the order abducted me I was pregnant with Serena.”

Ava swears, “Sia by the goddess!”

“Ava don’t you dare start feeling guilty it’s ancient history. It all happened for higher purposes neither you nor Zan should feel guilty. We were forced into situations beyond our control.”

Bewildered Michael questions, “How can your daughter still be alive?”

“Michael you really need to bond with the Granolith and get your memories back. The average life span of Antarians is 200 years.”

Visibly stunned Michael says, “Um I think I’m going to go bond I’m really getting tired of the surprises.”

The others walk into the control room leaving Michael contemplating the Granolith.

I know I promised this a few days ago and it is part A. The rest is being finalized and up later today.

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The Blood Four: Forging

Chapter 11

Michael ends the connection and Ava softly says, "Poor Tess she never had a chance."

Shocked Michael exclaims, "Ava!"

In earnest Ava continues, "Michael it’s true. Tess was obviously raised by one of Khivar’s minions she has been brainwashed since she came out of her pod. She was forged to be a weapon only specific mental abilities were developed. Considering the levels she has worked at Nasedo must have been a high-ranking adept. The bigger problem is what little surprises did Nasedo leave within Tess’s mind."

Realization dawns upon Michael, "That’s why Khivar hasn’t moved against Max he doesn’t have to Tess will."

Zan breaks in, "Hold on people let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves we can’t jump to conclusions without evidence. There are more pressing matters to take care of before we begin unraveling the mysteries around Tess."

Michael asks, "Like what? Tess is our most immediate threat."

Liz answers, "No she is a known threat willing or no. It is the unknown that concerns me we need to contact Serena and find out what is going on in Antaria."

Confused Michael asks, "Who is Serena?"

"Kyle told you the official version of my life not what really happened. When the order abducted me I was pregnant with Serena."

Ava swears, "Sia by the goddess!"

"Ava don’t you dare start feeling guilty it’s ancient history. It all happened for higher purposes neither you nor Zan should feel guilty. We were forced into situations beyond our control."

Bewildered Michael questions, "How can your daughter still be alive?"

"Michael you really need to bond with the Granolith and get your memories back. The average life span of Antarians is 200 years."

Visibly stunned Michael says, "Um I think I’m going to go bond I’m really getting tired of the surprises."

The others walk into the control room leaving Michael contemplating the Granolith.

Taking a deep breath he extends his hand towards the Granolith. “Here goes nothing.”


‘Heh, heh I picked a form you are familiar with no? You’ve only watched Star Wars 1558 times. You’ve never known it but I’ve watched over you all of your life. Unfortunately I couldn’t help you because we weren’t connected. I would’ve forced you to join Max and Isabel when the Evans arrived. But ever have you been guided by your instincts.’

‘Following my instincts is a bad thing?’

‘When you are not taught how to listen to them properly yes! Shall I list a few examples for you?’ Seeing Michael’s bowed head, ‘I thought not but your intentions were usually good. I will teach you how to get in touch with your inner alien.’

Laughing at Michael’s scowl, ‘Your father didn’t appreciate my sense of humor either.’

‘Tell me about him.’

‘I’ll do you one better I’ll unlock your memories as Rath.’ A couch appears. ‘Lay down and I’ll begin.’

‘Who or what are you?’

‘What am I? I am not a god even though I possess some of the abilities of one. I am not good or evil I am power. I appear to be a thing but I am a sentient being. As such I choose to use my power for good.’

‘How were you created?’

‘By the gods themselves. I’m going to use Stonehenge as an example. The gods created Stonehenge mainly as a place of worship. The people worshipped there with their gods for thousands of years. When the gods used their power they left residue. As the ages went by the residue built up until Stonehenge had power of itself. I can feel the latent power within it but it is broken and useless now. I am the first alter of worship created by Meleri and Zayid. They everyday used me for eons. They never considered what their residual energy could create especially Meleri in the guise of the Mother Goddess. Needless to say they were shocked when I began communicating with them. They were positively stunned when I started developing abilities.’

‘I continued in my role until Zayid and Meleri’s son Zokar embraced the dark side. Zokar found out about me and tried to force me to go with him. I fought him until Meleri and Zayid showed up. In my fight with Zokar I learned the limits of my abilities. Zokar is a god with a greater range than I thought possible. In time he would’ve overcome my defenses and been able to use my power as he willed.’

‘How long would you have been able to fend Zokar off by yourself?’

‘In Earth time about 500 years or so. I told them of the difficulties I encountered with Zokar. I let Meleri and Zayid access my power to test its limits. We discovered there were no limits on my power if they were in control. We decided on the idea of a guardian. I would bond myself with a worthy being who if needed could harness my power to fight off Zokar or any other evil. During the next few centuries he tried several times to claim my power. When Zayid and Meleri discovered what Zokar and his minion Khivar were up to they came to me with a plan. I willingly joined them and that’s how I ended up on Earth.’

‘Zokar is the Dread Lord or Dark Lord Liz and Kyle keep referring to?

‘Yes. Before we talk anymore will you unlock my memories? I need to be able to connect the dots and right now I have no reference points to draw from.’

‘Close your eyes and clear your mind.’ As Michael’s eyes close his body is engulfed in a dark red light.

Meanwhile in the control room

Curious Zan asks, “How do we contact Serena?”

“I’m going to send the signal through S.E.T.I. ’s system.”

Worried Kyle exclaim, “Are you insane? What if the government finds it?”

“They won’t I’m going to embed it into their outgoing message.”

Ava inquires, “Why can’t we use the equipment here?”

“Because Khivar, his minions, and the military are monitoring the area for any unusual activity. Which gives us two problems one deals with the power signature and the other the amount of power it would take to boost a signal to Antaria. Both would register off the scale and have the aforesaid groups breathing down our necks.”

“Are you seriously telling me you have a way into S.E.T.I. ’s computer banks?”

“Actually yes.” Laughing at their dumbfounded looks Liz continues, “Don’t look so stunned I earned my sobriquet.”

“Sobriquet? What in Hellas is that?”

Liz just smiles amused at their confusion. “I’m done the message has been coded and sent. We have a few hours to kill and I’m starving.”

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The Blood Four: Forging

Chapter 12

“Michael’s been under for hours how much longer do we have to wait?”

“I’ll ask.”

~No need Sia I heard. I think Michael will be done in about 30 minutes or so. I had to implant quite a bit of knowledge into his subconscious. The information will be available, as he needs it. ~

~Michael is going to be so annoyed. ~

~I know. He hasn’t learned how to appreciate my sense of humor yet. His father never did he was such a dour man. I do not want to watch Michael travel that road. ~

~Rath was destined to be like his father but Michael has lived a much different life. ~

~Yes he has. ~

~Ra Nol it’s not your fault. Michael may be lacking in a few areas but as a whole he is a much stronger person than Rath. ~

~True Rath was untried and Michael has been tested his whole life. ~

“Liz, Liz.” Zan is standing in front of her snapping his fingers.

A bit dazed Liz asks, “What?”

“You’ve been spaced out the last few minutes.”

“Oh I was chatting with the Granolith. Michael should be done soon.”


“Kyle and I trained with Ra Nol the Granolith. When our memories were unlocked our connection to the Granolith was unblocked.”

Michael stumbles into the Control room. “Hey guys is there anything to eat?”

Michael is bombarded. “Michael are you okay?” “Man you don’t look to good.”

“I’m all right my head is pounding. I feel like I spent a week trapped in a room with Maria and her Mother.”

A little uncertain Zan ventures, “Michael if you like I can take the pain away.”

“By the goddess please!” He exclaims and walks toward Zan. Placing his fingertips on Michael’s temples Zan massages the pain away.”

“Man we could make millions of cuaran off your hands. God the memories are just racing through my mind. So where is the food?”

Ava answers, “Well Mr. One-track mind I put it in your backpack.”

“You said there wasn’t any left,” whines Kyle.

With an impish grin Ava drawls, “Kyle darlin’ there wasn’t any left for you.”

“You LIED to me?” cries Kyle while lunging at Ava.
Giggling Ava runs off into the caves with Kyle quickly following.

Rummaging through his backpack Michael stops and mutters, “Shit. We may have a problem.”

Concerned Zan asks, “What’s up?”

“Max. He has called so many times my mailbox is full.”

Zan tenses immediately. “Down boys! We have no idea why he called. Let’s find out what he wants with Michael.” I could feel the waves of anger coming from Zan. I touch his hand entwining my fingers with his. I can feel my touch calming him down.

Sighing Michael cuts the cell phone off. “Good news or bad?”

I cut Zan off saying, “Good.”

“Your connection to Max is broken but now he thinks you are dead. He is demanding that I meet him in Roswell.”

“Where is he now?”

“Roswell trying to find me. He thinks I’m ignoring him and he is on his way here.”

“Damn! Kyle, Ava we need you in here.” Waiting for them to arrive Zan formulates his plan. “We need to erase all evidence of our being here. Kyle gather up our gear and put it in the Control Room then make sure the second entrance is closed. All traces of us down to our power signatures need to be removed. Ava you get the Pod Chamber. Liz the Granolith Chamber is yours.
Michael and I are going to create a few things to make it look like he is camping out. Let’s get going people!”

Fifteen minutes later Michael is standing in front of an easel. Hearing the Pod Chamber door open he tenses.

Max calls out, “Michael! Michael! Where the hell is he?”

Michael ignores Max and continues painting.

Max enters the Granolith Chamber. “Finally! Have you forgotten how to answer your phone? I’ve been trying to reach you for hours. Are you going to answer me?”
Demands Max.

Giving Max an arch look, “I would think the answer is obvious I’m busy.” He turns back to the easel studying his painting.

“Will you quit playing around and pay attention to me? I think something has happened to Liz I can’t feel her anymore. Michael I’m afraid, afraid she is dead.”

“You told me your connection was fading. Couldn’t it have just ended like the one you had with Kyle?”

“I’ve always been able to re-establish the connection.”

In disbelief Michael asks, “You what?”

Shamed Max stammers, “I…uh…I…”

Disgusted Michael interrupts, “Saint Max forcing a connection! How could you?”

Max cries, “I love her!”

Irate Michael questions, “And that justifies your behavior?”


“Wrong Maxwell she left you years ago to your wife and child. I think you need to get your priorities straight.”

Indignant Max bellows, “I have to explain to her I have to find out…”

Cutting Max off again, “No you don’t.”

Eyes hard “Yes I do and your coming with me.”


“Do I have to order you?”

A lethal glint in his eyes Michael says, “Try.”

Taken aback Max replies, “I am your king.”

Smirking Michael states, “No you are a college student who knocked up his girlfriend in high school. Instead of obsessing about what you don’t have why don’t you do something about what you do?”

“Why are you acting this way? I thought you were my friend.”

“Maxwell we haven’t been friends in years. Our lives are bound together by a secret. When you left you didn’t ask me you just left me here assuming I would be happy stuck here doing your job. You never call or see me unless you need something. I hate to break it to you but I’m leaving. I’ve been accepted into art school and I’m going.”

“You can’t leave the Granolith unguarded!”

“But I can and I will.”

Max stares at Michael confused at how the conversation has turned out. He looks at Michael and realizes he has lost him. Defeated he turns around and walks out.
Michael’s mocking laughter echoes through the chambers surrounding him.


A thousand pardons to everyone! I had to rent a computer today so I could finish posting Ch 11 and post Ch 12. I have been doing temp work and I haven't worked anywhere with an internet connection! Can you believe it? I really can't say anything because I don't even own a computer. Shocking isn't it?*big* Until I work for someone who does I'll be posting on the weekends.



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The Blood Four: Forging:
Chapter 13

Cast of characters

Liz = Sioneva
Michael = Rath, Guardian of the Granolith
Ra Nol = Granolith
Kyle = Declan, High Priest of Zayid
Serena = daughter of Zan and Sioneva

In the Control Room

Pensive Kyle looks at Ava, Zan, and Liz. “I’m going to bring up the topic we are all trying to ignore. Who is going to be the fourth in the Four Square? I want to begin by voluntarily bowing out. I was trained to work with the Four Square not be a part of it. With three of the original members here I think Liz should be the fourth. If her future would have gone as planned she would’ve been a part of it as Zan’s mate.”

At that Michael makes his presence known, “Sorry Kyle but you are taking my place.”


“Ra Nol says I was never intended to be part of the Four Square because I was the future Guardian my first responsibility is to him. He only agreed the first time because he foresaw all of us coming to Earth.”

“We still have one major problem how are we to form a Four Square without a blood bond? Without Vilondra we’re screwed.”

“Ra Nol says there is another way. It has been forbidden for over a 1000 years. Oddly enough it is the original way to bond. Apparently our ancestors thought it to be too barbaric and developed a new way.”

Impatient Zan roars, “Enough with the history lesson! What do we have to do?”

Anticipating their reaction Michael answers with a smug grin, “A consecrated blood rite.”

“Blood?” Squeaks Ava blanching at the thought.

“During the rite each of you will give four drops of blood to mixed in a goblet with wine. Then each of you will drink of the cup.”

Wrinkling her nose Ava exclaims, “Ew, gross!”

“And there is no other way?”

Looking at the decidedly green group Michael nods his head.

“No wonder our ancestors found another way.”

Michael continues, “They found a substitute bond that was not nearly as powerful.”

“Explain,” demands Zan with a royal snap to his voice.

“Ra Nol says that once the Antarian system became stable it was too dangerous for people to wield that much power. The sisterhood and the priests experimented eventually deciding on the sibling blood bond. It was powerful enough that the new way wasn’t questioned. And it did not offer the dizzying heights of power a true blood bond would provide.”

Amazed at their nerve Zan asks, “how did they dare?”

“Calm down your highness it was done in accordance with the King’s wishes.”

“Then tell us what we must do.”

In the Granolith Chamber

As they walk into the Granolith Chamber Liz takes charge. “Take your places at the alter. Zan you’re to the East, Kyle to the West, Ava to the South, and I’ll be to the North. It’s time to start gathering your energy and center it within. Let’s join hands and begin.”

We call upon our Mother Goddess Meleri
By the Earth that is her body
By the Air that is her breath
By the Fire that is her bright spirit
By the living Waters of her womb
We call upon the blessings of Meleri

We call upon our Lord Father Zayid
By the Harvest sacrifice he feeds his children
By the Stars in heaven he guides his children
By the Sun in his crown whose light and warmth let his children grow
By the Waters coursing the land he leads the way to our everlasting home
We call upon the blessings of Zayid

We call upon the Na Coimirceoiri o Na Faire Tura!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri, Zayid be our foundation. Fiat!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri, Zayid be the sword cutting through the mists to reveal the truth. Fiat!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri, Zayid be the spear giving us the strength and flexibility to accomplish your purpose. Fiat!

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West we do summon thee to protect us in our rite. Meleri, Zayid giver of the Cup of Life nourishing our bodies, minds, and souls. Fiat!

Meleri, Zayid give us your blessing in our endeavor. Fiat!

Using their powers they create a small cut on their fingertips. As the blood beads and drops into the wine they chant.

By my blood, by your blood, we become one. Blood of my blood.
By my blood, by your blood, we become one. Blood of my blood.
By my blood, by your blood, we become one. Blood of my blood.
By my blood, by your blood, we become one. Blood of my blood.

As they chant Zan picks up the goblet and drinks. He passes it to Kyle who drinks and passes it to Ava. Steeling her nerve Ava drinks from the goblet and passes it to Liz. As each of them drink their auras become a tangible thing surrounding them deep forest green for Zan, pink for Ava, sky blue for Kyle, and amber for Liz. Once Liz sets the goblet down their auras merge into a pure white light replacing their individual auras.

We thank the Na Coimirceoiri o Na Faire Tura for protecting us in our rite. We release thee stalwart guardians until the need is great again. Fiat!

We thank our Great Mother Meleri and our Lord Father Zayid for blessing our endeavor. Fiat!

A dazed Kyle asks, “Am I supposed to be seeing with three sets of eyes?”

Ava with a dreamy smile sighs, “I can feel everything…”


My aplogies to everyone about last weekend I was broke so I couldn't rent a computer. But I have a new FULL time job so it won't be a problem anymore. Thanks to everyone for reading and their patience! *big*



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The Blood Four: Forging


Growing concerned Michael enters the Granolith Chamber to check on his friends. He is stunned to find them floating through the air. Immediately they are aware of his presence and they drift to the ground. The four of them stand before Michael in silent communication.

Unnerved Michael is about to speak but Zan beats him to it. “Michael we have something we would like to ask you. Do you want to come back and live with us?”

Ava adds, “It’s rent free and you would have your own room and bathroom.”

Excited Kyle recites all of the house extras. “We have a gym, sauna, swimming pool, basketball court, a library, and a game room.”

During Kyle’s recitation Michael’s face slips further into shock.

Eyes twinkling Liz adds the piece de resistance, “And we even have a room that would be perfect as a studio.”

“Sold! How soon can I move in?”

“If you want we could pack you up tonight and leave.”

Disbelieving Michael questions, “Damn you guys are serious. You really want me?”

Understanding his reaction Liz walks up to him and hugs him. Whispering in his ear she tells him. “Michael you are a part of us. We have always felt a piece was missing and you are the only one who can complete us as we will complete you. I love you. They love you and respect you. Will you believe me? Can you at least trust me if you aren’t ready to trust them? I would never do anything to intentionally harm you.”

“Ah Lizzie, could I ever say no to you?”

I KNOW some of you think I've lost my mind!! ::Hee Hee::*big*

This is actually a trilogy*bounce* I needed to wrap up the Roswell part of the story. The second trilogy begins back in Boston.

Look for The Blood Four: Uniting

COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Thanks to all of the readers for putting up with me and my working woes!

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