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Title: a vacation to emember
categlory: m/l
rating: pg-13 - r maybe more
disclaimer: I dont own anything even though I wish I did

This is my first fic... please be nice. feedback woud be nice. Enjoy and tell me what u think.

Part 1.
Liz Parker and her best friend Maria Deluca had decided to go on a vacation to a hotel in upstate New York. They decided to go to the hotel Villa Roma right after graduation. They wanted to get awa from Roswell for a couple of weeks.

"I can't believe are parens are actuall letting us go on vacation alone. This is so amazing!," said an excited Maria Deluca as they headed to the airport.

"I know my parens actually thougt it was a good idea", said Liz. I hope we meet some hot guys thought liz,

It took a half an hour to drive to the airport in Roswell. Maria and Liz took their bags from the cab an carried them inside the airport and checked on their plane. They foundout that it ws on tim and tey were so excited. Maria and Liz were sitting on the chairs located near theit gate,when they heard

"Flight 152, toNew York is now boarding." over the loudspeaker.

Maria got up as fast as she could and gave the lady her ticket. Liz just laughed at her friend as she followed the plane. As they started to board they heard " Have a nice flight."

"Oh My God Liz. I am soo sxcied I cant waittill we land," said Maria as she sat in her seat right next to Liz.

"I know Maria I hope their are some hot guys there," replied Liz.

"I know I know what you mean."

Part 2

Liz and Maria slept the whole ttrip to New York.

"We are going to be landing in 5 minutes," said the captin waking Liz from her slumber.

"Get ready Maria. We are going to be landing soon," said Liz to Maria tryingn to wae her up.

"Just 5 more minutes mom. I dont wanna go to school," replied a half asleep. Liz just laughed at her.

"Maria remmber our vacation, New York, boys."

Maria woke up immediatley after she heard Liz. The plane landed five minutes just like the captain said. Liz and Maria got off the plane as fast as they could and got their bags from the bagage claim. The since they didn't have a car they went to the rent a car section of the airport to rent a car. They rented a blue BMW.

"Maria Im going to drive right now. I think you are a little to excited." said Liz to maria.

"Yeah I think I am too. That's agood idea," replied Maria.

Liz just laughed at her and started to drive to the resort. It took about a half an hour to get there which wasn't to bad excet Maria was all fidgety and kept asking are we ther yet.

When they exited he car at the resort they found out it warmer they thought it would be. They decided to go tothe lobb and check in and get their keys. Then they eould head to their room to change and unpack.

They walked into the lobby and sawthe line to check in. Maria walkd right up to it wit Liz following. Liz then walked into someone. He was very tall, with dark hair and the mst woderful soulfl eye she every seen. She couldn' stop staring at him he was so hot and cute.

"I'm sorry, I'm soo sorry. I didn't mean," started Liz before she was interupted by the mysterious guy.

"That's ok, I'm Max. Max Evans, " replied the mystery man. "and you are?"

"Liz. Liz Parker."

Feedback is appreciated. Remember this is my first fic. I will continue if I have feedback. I have alot more to this story but I wont continue if no one likes it.


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Part 3

“And this is my friend Maria Deluca,” Liz said finishing her introductions

“It’s nice to meet you Max. So do you have any friends with you on vacation?,” asked
Maria. I hope he does thought Maria.

“Actually I do,” said Max looking around the lobby. he pointed to a guy sitting on the
couch reading a sports magazine and said, “There he is over there. Michael can you come
over here a second I want you to meet some people.”

Michael walked over to them slowly. When Maria looked at him she immediately
thought, what is up with his hair. But besides the hair she thought he was pretty hot.
Maybe her and Liz might have a little fun this vacation she thought also.

When Michael finally got over to Max, Maria, and Liz he said, “Hi” not looking at the
people he was talking to.

“Michael this Liz Parker and Maria Deluca,” said Max.

Michael was dreading this vacation from the beginning. He never wanted to come but
Max forced him to because he said that they would have a fun, so he went. And now that
he was here he didn’t think that this vacation was going to be so bad especially when he
looked up to see who Max was referring too. When Michael looked up his eyes went right
passed Liz and on to Maria. He thought that she was hot with her long blonde hair and
green eyes. He thought that she looked like a pixie.

“Hi,” Michael said again this time looking straight at Maria.

Liz and Maria then replied hi in return.

Max and Michael had decided to wait for Maria and Liz to go and check into their room.
If they were lucky they might have a room near there’s.

Maria and Liz were standing in the line for in order to check into the room when Maria
said,”Liz we are going to have so much fun this vacation. You with Max and me with
Michael. Even though Michael seems a little closed off but I will change that.”

“I know what you mean Maria but I feel like such an idiot. I can’t believe I couldn’t even
talk to Max in the beginning. I was so embarrassed.”

“Don’t worry hunny, I can tell he loves you already.”

While Mara and Liz were on line and Max couldn’t help but stare at Liz. She had the
most wonderful long dark hair. It looked so soft. He just wanted to run his fingers through
it and her eyes were so beautiful. He could see what she was feeling in her eyes. Her skin
also looked so soft. He wanted to touch her skin just like her hair. I think I am in love
thought Max to himself.

Max was brought out of thoughts when Liz came over to Michael and him.

“Um Max we have room 125. How bout you guys?,” asked Liz to Max.

“Oh we have room 124,” said Max. I can’t believe she is going to be so close to me for
two weeks. Oh God thought Max, How will I survive.

Meanwhile Liz was thinking almost the same thing. Oh my god he is going to be in the
next room as me for two weeks. I can’t believe this. I must be the luckiest girl in the
world. Wait till Maria finds out she will freak.

Liz walked over to Maria and told her about the rooms.

“This is so cool guys. We get to be in the rooms next to each other for two weeks. This is
so amazing,” said Maria to Max and Michael. “How about we go to our rooms and
unpack and then we can go down to the pool together. It’s really hot in here.”

“Yeah thats a good idea,” said Max.” We’ll see you later guys. Bye Maria.... Liz.” God
I’ll miss her even though ill probably only be gone for a half an hour thought Max. What
have I got myself into.

“Yeah, bye,” said Michael rudely.

Maria and Liz said bye to both of them both wishing they didn’t have to leave each other.