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Okay here is the third installment of my Roswell/Dark Angel trilogy. I can't not thank you guys enought for all the support and good things you have written me. 'A Secret Family was my first fanfic and I was so happy how it turned out.

Hope you enjoy!

Families Merge
Author: LittleBit
Category: CC, Liz centered
Rating: Not sure maybe up to NC 17
Summary: Five months after ‘Two Families’. You should read ‘A Secret Family’ and ‘Two Families’ before you read this or you won’t understand

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Scene opens: Maria is sitting on the desk in front of a chalkboard:

“Okay lots of things have been happening during the last year in Roswell. After Michael, Liz and I found the translation of the destiny book that Alex’s killer had the pod squad were heading for home. You see little Miss Tess told everyone she was pregnant and the baby was in trouble. Right before they left Kyle broke out of her mindwarp with help from Liz and I and we found out that she had killed Alex. The three of us hurried to the podchamber to stop them from leaving. We couldn’t get in and were about to give up when Michael opened the door to come out. He had decided to stay on Earth to be with me. Isn’t he just sweet?” She say smiling.

“We went in and confronted Tess. She admitted it and Max made all of us leave. Liz stayed though. Which was a good thing because when Liz grabbed her she found out that the whole pregnancy thing was a mindwarp too and Max had not done the deed with Tess. Tess used her powers to throw them out of the chamber and she escaped. So the blonde hussy was gone and the six of us were safe on Earth. We all headed back for Roswell. That’s when another mystery came up. Michael and I then later Max overheard Liz saying things that just blew us away. First off that she was planning on leaving town with Kyle and some guy we didn’t recognize. That’s also how Max found out about Future Max and that Liz didn’t sleep with Kyle. Not to mention that Liz was adopted and Kyle was her brother. We followed them to Seattle.”

“When we got to Seattle that’s when things got really weird. It seems that Liz had a whole secret family that none of us knew about and that the aliens weren’t the only ones hiding from the government. A part of the army called Manticore had actually created Liz, Kyle, and their siblings to become the perfect soldiers. They are like super humans. They rebelled against them and escaped. It was very dangerous, one of their sisters was actually killed, but they didn’t want the lives that Manticore was forcing on them. After they escaped they broke up and Kyle and Liz settled in Roswell. Manticore kept hunting for them so they had to stay hidden. They didn’t see any of their other siblings except the oldest Zack until they got to Seattle. That’s when they met up with Krit and Syl. They met up because one of their sisters, Max, was captured when she and Zack tried to rescue their other sister, Tinga. Max found Tinga’s body and wasn’t able to leave her so she was caught.”

Maria smiles, “Confused, yet?”

“The five Manticore kids went to Seattle because of a rescue mission but ended up staying to take out Manticore for good. The sister that they were going to rescue, Max, broke out and brought along with her the guy in charge of them at Manticore and later the one who was hunting them. Donald Lydecker. Now this guy made Pierce look tame in comparison. Liz and the others hated him with a passion. But that’s a long story that only they know everything about. Anyway this guy Lydecker was now being hunted by Manticore as well. So he helped the X5’s get inside the Manticore building to blow it up. Everything was working well until they were getting ready to leave and the alarms went off. They got out and the building was blown up but not before Lydecker double-crossed them. Trust me when I say that you don’t want to do that and Lydecker was taken care of. As they were trying to escape Max got shot and Kyle and Liz brought her back to the van. She almost died but Max, the alien, was able to heal her.”

“After that Liz and Kyle were able to see their whole family as a matter of fact Zack moved here. Also Ava came back to Roswell. Zack and Ava ended up together and not long after Nicholas came back to town with Lonnie and Rath. They kidnapped Liz trying to lure Max there so they could kill him. Of course they didn’t know that Liz wasn’t a normal human. Besides being transgenic, Max changed her when he healed her and she had powers along with Kyle and Maxie. After kicking Tess’s ass, she used one of her powers, astral projection, and was able to tell us where she was. Only there was an added problem. When she kicked Tess and Rath’s asses, Nicholas was able to find out what she was. The sick little munchkin wanted Liz for himself and tried to get Kivar to let him take her back to Antar. Kivar came to see Liz and decided he wanted her instead. When Zack and Max went in to get her Kivar and Nicholas were waiting for them. Thanks to Liz’s quick thinking they defeated them and Rath. Michael and the others took care of Lonnie which just left Tess.”

“Now we all know how evil Tess is. After all she is the one who killed Alex for her own selfish reasons. Now Tess knew she was screwed when the others went in after Liz and decided to bargain her way out of the situation, with me. You see her and Kivar had come to Earth from Antar by a portal device which Max had. She used her mindwarp to capture me, then threatened to kill me if they didn’t give her the device. Now Tess hated Liz so much that when Liz opened the portal Tess decided to hurt her by watching her kill me. Thanks to Liz’s quick X5 reflexes she was able to stop Tess from doing too much damage, and Max was able to heal me. Of course now I have powers. And that’s pretty much it. Everything has been quiet until today. Today we all graduated high school but the big stuff came after.

(NOTE: I know that part was stupid but I wanted to refresh everyone's memories)

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Part 1:

May 2002

“Smile, girls.” Nancy Parker ordered.

Liz laughed as her sisters grumbled about more pictures. Max, Jondy, Syl and Liz smiled brightly as Isabel, Ava, and Maria made faces at them from behind Nancy. Liz and Kyle as well as Max, Maria, and Michael had all graduated that morning and Liz’s parents were having a party at the Crashdown. Logan had flown all of the siblings down to Roswell to see their youngest siblings’ special day. Zack, Krit, Zane, Jack, Kyle, and Josh were hiding in one of the front booths. Michael, Logan, and Max were up there too. Nancy and the other mothers had already taken a ton of pictures and didn’t look to be stopping any time soon.

The Evans, Maria’s mom, and the Sheriff were sitting at the counter watching the scene in amusement. The Sheriff and Amy had gotten married and she was three months pregnant. Now that Maria was Kyle’s stepsister as well as Liz’s best friend, the X5s siblings had adopted her and considered her their sister.

The Roswell group was splitting apart but wouldn’t be far from one another. Michael and Maria were moving in together and at the end of the month getting a bigger apartment. They couldn’t decide what they wanted to do so they both decided to put off college for a year and work. Zack and Ava were still together and were staying in Roswell. Even with Liz leaving at the end of the summer, Ava was going to continue living with the Parkers and working at the Crashdown. Kyle had gotten a scholarship at UNM and Isabel was transferring from the community college that she’d been taking classes at to go with him. They were going to live in separate dorms but would spend as much time together as possible. Liz and Max were on their way to Stanford together and planning on also moving in together.

Max watched as Liz enjoyed herself with her family and friends. “Well, I’m going to grab Liz so I can talk to her alone for a minute.” He said as he stood up. All the guys knew what Max was up to and nodded in acknowledgement. He walked over and pulled Liz away from the girls. “Can I talk to you upstairs?”

Liz looked at him curiously but agreed, “Sure but why?”

He leaned over to whisper in her ear. “It’s a surprise.”

He gave a coy half smile before he grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs to her room. He crawled through her window and bent down to help her out. He snapped his fingers and Liz could see that her balcony was covered with candles and white roses. “What’s this Max?”

Max just pulled her to the center of the balcony. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it gently. “Liz, I’ve loved you since the first day I saw you when we were eight years old. I never thought you would be able to accept what I am but you did. You fell in love with me despite it and all the danger that came with it. You risked exposing your own existence to help us against the FBI. When a future version of me came to you and asked you to give up your happiness, you did it because you loved me. You saved us from Tess even when you thought I had betrayed our love. You gave me another chance which I didn’t deserve. You gave me my first kiss, were my first girlfriend, as well as my first and only lover. You’re my everything, and I want to be with you forever.” He opened the small jewelry box and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Liz’s vision was blurred by unshed tears. She cupped his face in her hands and pulled him. “I love you, too.” She said softly before kissing him.

When Liz tried to deepen the kiss, Max pulled back. “I guess that’s a ‘yes’?”

“YES!” Liz yelled.

Max picked her up and spun her around, “We’re getting married!”

Liz laughed at his antics and kissed him again. He stopped spinning and kissed her deeply. They both broke apart when Max needed oxygen. Liz grabbed his hand and started pulling him to the window. She waved her hand to extinguish the candles and said, “Let’s go tell everyone.”

Max smiled as she drug him back through her window. Max hurried to keep up with her as they ran downstairs. She stopped suddenly at the door to the restaurant and they collided into each other. They went crashing through the door laughing. They made so much noise that everyone stared at them.

“What’s going on chica?” Maria asked curiously.

Liz and Max looked at each other before turning to their loved ones and said in unison, “We’re getting married.”


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Hey guys I'll update this later on.
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Part 2:

“We’re getting married.”

“Oh my God.” Syl squealed as she grabbed her baby sister into a big hug. She then hugged Max as Liz's other sister's and the other girls hugged the couple. Isabel and Maria smacked Max on the back of his head for not telling them beforehand. Their parents along with Jim and Amy were the next ones. If Max and Liz were normal kids their parents would be apprehensive about them marrying so young but they weren’t normal. They had had to grow up faster and had been through more than most people three times their age.

Once she was released from her parents she made her way over to her brothers. She expected them to be upset or say she was too young. She was waiting for some type of comment from them but found them all sitting there not surprised at all. “You guys knew?”

They all looked up sheepishly. “Well Max might have said something to us about it earlier.” Josh said.

Liz put her hand on her hips, “You mean he asked your permission for ME to marry him?”

The six guys looked at each other and tried to decide the best way to cover both their and Max’s asses. Max had indeed asked their permission to marry their sister but they weren’t about to tell her that. She’d skin all of them alive if they told her.

“No, just told us.” Krit interjected.

“Yeah, Max knows he wouldn’t have to ask us if you wanted to marry him.” Jack said uneasily.

“Wouldn’t make a difference if he did. You never listen to us about Max anyway.” Zack joked. Things between Max and Liz’s brothers had gotten better since he hadn’t hurt her anymore. And after Zack told them that he had been willingly to give himself to Kivar in exchange for her, they had really liked him. Zack got up and hugged her, “Congratulations.” The other boys followed suit as well as Michael and Logan. The party started winding down shortly after and all of the parents left so that the younger people could visit. They cleaned up everything before saying goodnight.

They all sat around catching up and talking about wedding plans when the chimes above the door went off. They all turned to see Brody make his way in. Liz got off of Max’s lap and went to greet his boss, “Hey Brody. What are you doing here so late?”

“It’s Larek, Max. We need to talk alone.”

Michael, Isabel, Ava, and Maria all sat up straighter at the mention of the alien’s name.

“Who’s Larek?” Krit asked.

“A friend of Max’s from Antar.” Ava explained. All of the X5s and Logan knew all about the aliens and their history.

“It’s safe to talk here. They’re all trusted family.” Larek nodded. Max went to shake his hand and said, “It’s been awhile, Larek.”

“Yes, it has. You’ve been busy. I hear you sent Kivar’s body through his own portal and delivered it to his men.”

“I threw his body into the portal but I didn’t know where it went. We would have sent Nicholas too but we couldn’t gather all the flakes up.”

“So you took care of Nicholas as well?”

“Liz took care of him. He didn’t stand a chance.” He looked down at his fiancée with pride.

Larek turned his attention to the small brunette next to Max and smiled, “I’m impressed. Nicholas was very powerful.”

“It was nothing.” Liz said blushing at the attention.

“Not that I don’t enjoy the visit but why are you here?” Max asked.

“With Kivar dead, we finally were able to overtake most of his men and end the war. I was sent to tell you it is time. Time to return home, to Antar.”


What do you think?

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bump: I'll try to get a new part out tomorrow or Thursday.
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Hope you guys enjoy this. This part is a little longer than the others.

BTW I'm going to post the last part of FINDING A NEW FAMILY later.

Part 3:
“I was sent to tell you it is time. Time to return home, to Antar.”

Silence engulfed the café. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. The X5s not living in Roswell looked at their siblings that did to gauge their reactions. They knew the announcement would hit them hard especially Liz.

Isabel was the first to speak, “We can’t go. We have lives here and we can’t just leave.”

“Vilandra….” Larek started.

“Don’t call me that! My name is Isabel.” She snapped.

“Calm down, Izzy.” Kyle said as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

Max waited for Isabel to calm down before he said; “Now Isabel is right. We do have lives here and we need to settle things before any of us leave. If you decide to leave.”

“Max, there is no decision here.” Larek stated.

“I know I have to go back but I’m not going to force anyone else to go.” Max said firmly. Larek could see that Max was dead set in his answer. “Whoever is leaving, we’ll go in ten days. That should give us enough time to get things sorted. Contact me a day before and I’ll let you know how many of us are going. Are we going by ship or by the portal?”

“The portal is faster. On the agreed day we’ll turn it’s energy source back on and you will activate the portal. It will deliver you to a small room off of the throne room. Once you are all through you will proceed to the throne room where a small group of people including your mother and myself will be waiting. Rath and Tess’s families will be there as well.”

“Our names are Michael and Ava.” Michael butted in.

Larek nodded. “Max will have to go through another test like the one with the emissary at the summit. Now I must be going. I only prepared this body for a short visit.”

Max nodded and walked him to the door. Before he could leave Max lowered his voice and said; “I need to ask you something else. Would it be possible for humans to accompany us?”

“You mean Liz?”

“Not just Liz but the other ones we’re involved with too. “

“Yes, our planet won’t harm them. Your human mates can join you and suffer from no ill effects. They can live in the palace.”

“Good, I love Liz and am planning to marry her. I know I’m supposed to be married to Ava but we’re more like siblings than anything. It won’t cause any problems will it? We won’t be expected to be married on Antar will we?”

“No, you won’t be. The people know you won’t be the same as before so you won’t be judge as that. They’ll look upon you more as they would King Zan’s son rather than King Zan himself. You’ll find the people are open minded.”

“Open minded enough to except a human as their queen?” ‘Even if she isn’t a normal human. ’ Max thought. He didn’t think he should mention anything about Liz until he talked to her to see if she wanted to go.

“Yes. They’ll base their opinions on what type of person she is rather than what planet she’s from. Knowing that she is responsible for ridding us of Nicholas will definitely work in her favor. It will show she is a strong person.”

“She is definitely that. I doubt Antar has ever had a queen like her.” Max smiled. “I hope the people will be as open minded with Isabel too if she comes back.” Max stated. He knew how scared his sister was that people would look at her differently if they knew about her past.

“Why wouldn’t they? Vil….um Isabel was always loved by the people even if she wasn’t always warm with them.”

“Since she betrayed me to Kivar.”

“She didn’t willingly betray you Max. She fell in love with Kivar and he loved her. But he used her to gain knowledge about you and then used it to kill you.”

“So Isabel didn’t actually betray me?”

“No, she didn’t.”

“Lonnie, Isabel’s duplicate betrayed her brother and she’s been scared that she’d do the same.”

“The second set of the royal four were defective. Something happened and the set was made almost completely emotionless. I really must go. I’ll meet you at the UFO Center on the appointed day.”

“Goodbye Larek.” Max locked the door after him and turned towards the others. “I think we need time to absorb all this before we talk about it. Why don’t we meet tomorrow and talk? There are a couple things we need to discuss.”

“We can meet at my apartment.” Michael offered.

When the time of the meeting was set, Liz said, “It’s been a busy day and a long night. If you wouldn’t mind, let’s call it a night.”

Everyone got up and ready to leave. All of the boys were staying at Zack’s while the girls and Logan were staying at a hotel. Liz said goodnight to all of them and turned to head up to her parent’s apartment. She stopped at Max’s voice. “Liz, we need to talk.”

Liz pulled away from him and said, “I know and we will. But I can’t right now.”


“Max, please. Pick me up in the morning for the meeting and we’ll talk then.” She kissed him on the cheek and left quickly.

Max moved to follow but Zack stopped him. “Max, don’t. She needs some time.”

“This doesn’t change anything. I love her and I still want to marry her.”

“But it does change things. Maybe not your love for her but it does affect both of your lives and your plans for the future.”

“I don’t want her sitting up there keeping everything bottled up.”

“You’re right she does need to talk to someone but I don’t think it should be any of the seven of us. We’re too close to the situation. I’ll ask Maxie to talk to her.” Max nodded and Zack motioned to his sister. Max made her way over to them.

“I need you to do us a favor.” Zack asked.

“Let me guess. You want me to talk to Liz?” She asked.

“We want to make sure she’s okay and she needs to talk to someone.” Max explained.

“Okay, let me tell Logan.”

“Wait. Here are the keys to my bike. I’ll leave it here so that you’ll have a way to get back to the hotel since I know you and Logan only have one car. I’ll get it tomorrow.” Max took Zack’s keys and told Logan what was going on before heading upstairs.

She made her way through the apartment and back to Liz’s room. As she entered her little sister’s room she could see that she wasn’t there. Thinking she might be out on her balcony Max climbed through the window to find it empty too except for the roses from earlier. She gazed at them sadly before hearing a motorcycle engine starting up. She looked over the edge and saw her sister heading down the alley on her bike. Max climbed down the ladder quickly and started Zack’s bike. She set out to follow her hoping that she could help her.

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I'm going to work hard on this story this weekend and I hope to post this on Monday.
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Here is the next part but I have to warn you it's short.

Part 4:

Liz hurried upstairs to be alone. She knew she was being selfish but she needed to think. When she reached her room she decided she couldn’t stay there. She pulled her dress over her head and hung it up. She changed into a pair of black jeans and black tank top. She grabbed her keys and black leather jacket and headed out to her balcony and down the ladder. Zack and Kyle had bought her a black Isuzu 900. Liz figured Zack was getting sick of her borrowing his or Michael’s bike all of the time. Deciding she needed to feel the wind in her hair as she drove she just put on her riding glasses and started the bike. She drove through the streets of Roswell and headed to the desert.

She drove for awhile before reaching the destination she didn’t even know she was heading to. She parked the bike and started heading up the cliff face. She sat down when she reached the ledge. She looked up at the V constellation that housed Max’s planet and thought about her night. She was supposed to be happy and celebrating her engagement to Max instead all she could think about was that she was going to lose him. She was so caught up in her depression that she didn’t even hear someone else arrive until they started climbing up the cliff face to her.

Her enhanced night vision allowed her to easily see her visitor “Maxi, what are you doing here?”

Max plopped down next to her solemn sister and said, “Just wanted to see how you were.”

“Translation: Zack or Max were worried and sent you after me.”

Max smiled at how well Liz knew their brother and her boyfriend. “Both of them actually. I wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

“Just felt like going for a ride. I felt too confined in my room.”

“I know what you mean. I like to take off on my bike when I need to clear my head.” She looked around at the rock formation and the openness of the sky. “But I must admit that even from the top of the space needle, I don’t see this many stars.”

Liz looked around and appreciated the view. “I’ve never actually been here at night. I was thinking about losing Max and my bike just kind of stirred its way here.”

“What is this place?”

“This is the rock formation that housed the pod chamber. Come on, I’ll show you.” Liz stood up and pulled her sister’s arm over to the entrance. She waved her hand and a silver handprint appeared. She placed her hand on it and the door opened.

Max whistled, “Cool. That is one serious security system.”

Liz went in the door and looked around. She hadn’t been in here since the day she stopped Max from leaving by telling him the truth about Tess killing Alex. The pods no longer glowed and they looked damaged from the granolith when it blasted off. She turned when she heard her sister gasp. “I know you said they came out of pods but I never imagined this.”

“It was in this very room that I found out for the first time about the whole alien royalty um thing.” Liz couldn’t even say the word destiny. “I thought I lost him for good that day.”

“But you didn’t and you don’t know if you will now. You haven’t talked to him yet.”

“You heard him. He has to go back. I understand and I knew it would happen someday. His people need him and he’s too responsible of a person to not do his duty.” Liz stated disheartedly.

“If I know Max he’ll probably find a way to take you with him.”

Liz headed for the door and waited for her sister to follow before she shut it. She gazed up at the sky and then towards the lights of Roswell. “It would mean leaving my home, my family. For ten years, I wanted to find you guys. I’ve only had you all back for a year and I don’t know if I can just give up my siblings.”

“None of us would be mad at you if you went. We know how much you love Max. Hell if all you have to do is walk through a portal, maybe you can come visit. Kyle and Zack might go along too.” She could see the indecision on Liz’s face. “In the year that I’ve known Max and seen you two together, I couldn’t imagine any one being more perfect for my baby sister. If we were still running from Manticore, I know Max would leave town with you if you needed to.”

“If I was to go, could I do what would be expected of me? I would be Queen, I wouldn’t have any idea what I was doing.” She said worriedly.

Max smiled at her sister’s modesty. “Liz, you would be the perfect queen. You’re kind, considerate of other people, smart, the list goes on. You could even use all of that military training and crap Manticore used to drill into us to help Max and Michael. Talk to him. See what he says. Don’t worry about losing him until you know you’re going to.”

“Alright, I’ll talk to him.”

“Good. Just think if you go to Antar and become Queen, those Antarians won’t know what hit them.”


Okay I know that wasn't the best part but I wanted Liz to have a heart to heart with one of her other siblings besides Zack or Kyle.

Next Part, Liz goes to see Max.

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Here's a new part for all of you, hope you enjoy.

Dedicated to:pandas2001(She made an awesome page for my fics), Lillie, wild_child_uk, roswellluver, and abbs007.

Part 5:

Liz killed her bike engine after she parked in the Evan’s driveway. Her sister and her had stayed out in the desert talking until just after sunrise. Max, Liz, and Jondy were the only three siblings that could go for a couple of weeks without sleep so neither girl minded being up all night. Although Liz did notice that Max looked a little tired but she had assured Liz that it was nothing. After Liz left she’d gone home and spoke to her parents. They were both up to open the café and she told them that she needed to talk to them after closing. She had headed upstairs to tell Ava that she’d see her over at Michael’s only to find a note saying she had gone to Zack’s. Liz knew that the two of them needed to talk as much as her and Max and hoped that the extra guests of her brothers didn’t hamper that.

Even though it was early she could see that the Evan’s had already left. She remembered Diane saying something about needing to head over to Clovis to deal with a client and would be gone most of the day. Liz walked around to the side of the house to Max’s window and looked in. Through the panes she could see he was still asleep. Using her powers, she unlocked the window and made her way inside quietly. The moment she did Max’s scent hit her nose. She loved being in his room, she always smelled Max around her and it was comforting. She walked over to the door and locked it with her powers so Isabel wouldn’t come in. She had gotten better at knocking but still came in at inopportune times. Liz had been lucky and never walked in on her and Kyle like Max had. The one time she’d seen Kyle with Vicky Delaney outside of the soap factory the night she’d been arrested had been more than she ever wanted to see of her brother’s sex life.

She walked back over to the foot of his bed and looked down at the man she loved. There were times that she couldn’t believe how lucky she was to find someone who loved her and understood her life. She felt sometimes like she was dreaming and she would wake up and be back in her cell at Manticore. She still had dreams and nightmares about when they were back there, as she was sure that her siblings did. But they had eased up in the last couple of years especially when she slept in the arms of the alien that laid before her. He was sleeping on his back and had one arm thrown over his eyes to shield them from the sun. Sometime during the night he had kicked off the covers and it gave Liz a full view of his body that was clad in only boxers. As she looked over the hard contours of his chest, she caught sight of the silver gleam of the nipple ring Liz and Ava had dared him to get.

A few months back everyone but Kyle and Isabel had been lounging around Zack’s apartment when Maria asked Ava to show her how to pierce her bellybutton using her powers. Maria wasn’t a big one for pain and Liz had told her that when Ava had used her powers it hadn’t hurt a bit. They showed her, pretty soon Maria’s navel was pierced, and both girls had five more holes a piece in each ear. The guys had watched interested and shortly after Max had one hole in his ear while Michael had two. Zack wouldn’t do any, claiming he had had enough stuff jammed into him at Manticore. That was when Ava and Liz had dared Max to get the nipple ring, which he finally did. He kept it only because Liz said he looked extremely sexy with it. Ava then showed them how to do tattoos, which both guys took to. Michael had ‘Spaceboy’ on his right bicep while Max had the whirlwind symbol on his left bicep and Liz’s name in English as well as Antarian, which they had learned how to write from the destiny book translation, on one of his shoulders. Michael picked Maria’s tattoo, which was a small cedar tree on her shoulder. Liz and Zack both declined on the tattoos. Although they didn’t mind tattoos on the others, tattoos on them reminded them too much of their barcodes. They no longer hated their barcodes as they once did; instead it was a way to show their uniqueness.

After all the events of the previous night, Liz wanted to be close to him, needed to be close to him. She kicked off her shoes and crawled up the bed to straddle him. She leaned over and began to gently kiss him awake. Max came out of sleep slowly not knowing if the kiss was a dream or real. He opened his mouth to ask when Liz used it to her advantage to deepen the kiss. After they had thoroughly explored each other’s mouths Max pulled away to look at Liz with concern. “Liz?”

“Make love to me, Max.” Liz sat up, grabbed the hem of her tank top and pulled it over her head tossing it on the floor.

Liz hadn’t worn a bra and Max felt himself harden at the sight of her bare breasts. He flipped her over so she was on her back and captured her mouth with his and kissed her fiercely. He worked his lips down the side of her neck then down to her breasts. He was only there for a minute when she started pushing his boxers down.

“Please, I need you now.” She begged.

Max helped her of her pants and making sure she was protected, they joined quickly. Because of so many differences in Liz’s blood from being an X5, and changed she couldn’t go on the pill so they had to use condoms. Max could see how much desire and need were in her eyes and thrusted into her quickly. She moved fast and hard and before long they were both going over the edge.

Max used his powers over them to erase the evidence then collapsed next to her trying to catch his breath. He could tell by her urgency that she was still upset about Larek’s visit last night and had needed their lovemaking to comfort her. She usually like them to go slow and explore each other bodies completely before joining. She was only like this when she was upset or in heat and her heat wasn’t for at least another two months. She had only gone into heat once in the five months or so since they had started sleeping together and it had been an interesting two days. Liz’s parents asked Ava to keep an eye on Liz because they had to go out of town. Instead Liz talked Ava into staying at Zack’s and they had the run of the apartment. Of course Kyle and Zack didn’t know that Liz was in heat or they would have broken up the couple’s rendezvous. Max had come home very sated but completely exhausted. He had slept for twelve straight hours after and had to heal several areas of his body that had claw or bite marks on it.

As she listened to Max trying to catch his breath, she realized that she had basically thrown herself at him. “I just needed to be with you.” Liz said.

“Did you hear me complaining?” Max joked. He leaned on his elbow and looked at her.

“No, I guess most men wouldn’t mind a girl sneaking into their room to seduce them.” Liz laughed softly.

Max laughed with her but turned serious quickly. “Liz, we need to talk. There’s a couple things Larek told me last night that you should know.”

Liz took a deep breath and prepared herself for whatever Max was about to say. “What is it?”

“Larek said you could go with us if you wanted. We can get married on Antar. I want to rule with you beside me as my queen. I hate to ask you to give up your life here but I want you to go with me. Will you go?” He said pleadingly.

“Max, I told you last night that I would marry you. Doing that meant that I agreed to be with you through everything including going to Antar if you wanted me to.”

“Thank you. I know how hard this is for you but I can’t imagine doing this without you. You bring me more strength than you realize.” Max smiled and kissed her softly. “And I’ll do whatever I can to try and make it easier for you.”

They laid in bed enjoying each other’s company and discussed everything that needed to be done.


I hope to post the second prequel soon but it might not be until tomorrow. It's called Family Life

Note: I know I mention often that Liz doesn't need much sleep because she's a transgenic but have you ever noticed how you never see her asleep in the show? (Well before Changes) She's always waking someone up in the middle of the night and never looks like she went to bed. So that's why I always mention that.

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Mary N OO8 originally wrote:

The other couples are the ones I'm not sure what is going to happen with. Will all of Liz's family go with? On Antar they wouldn't have to worry about being discovered. To the Antarian people they would be humans, they wouldn't know the difference.

What is the condition back on Antar? Why do they need a king after having survived over fifty plus years without one?

The next part does contain one of the other couples decision as well as another one talking about it. Do you guys want more M/M, K/I, Z/A scenes? I have a tendency to focus on M/L most of the time.

The conditions on Antar will be explained later and they have had a king for fifty years, Kivar. Kivar overtook Max(Zan) and took his place.

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Part 6:

After showering together and getting Isabel the three of them set off to Michael’s to meet with the others. When they arrived they only found Michael and Maria. Liz left to head upstairs to get Zack and Ava. She knocked on the door and Jack answered it.
“Hey baby sister. Come in.”

“Morning, Jack.” She greeted her brother as she gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Have Zack and Ava came out yet?”

“Not yet but I heard noises in there so I know they’re up.” He said as he walked into the living room where Krit, Josh, and Zane all sat around eating. She sat down next to Krit and snagged a piece of toast from his plate.

“Hey get your own.” Krit pouted but didn’t try to take the toast back. The boys knew how hard the night had been on Liz and tried to cheer her up. They got her laughing a little when she turned serious again.

“I need to talk to everyone tonight. Do you think we can get together for dinner?” All the boys nodded. “Can you call the girls and have them meet us for pizza at six?” They all agreed just as Zack and Ava came out. Liz could see that neither one of them had slept much during the night. They greeted Liz and followed her down to Michael’s.

Kyle had arrived while she was gone so they started the meeting. Max stood in the center so that everyone could see him. “Now that we had a chance to let everything soak in we need to talk over everything. I stand by what I said last night. I’m not going to make anyone go who doesn’t want to. You have a week to decide but there are a couple of things that Larek told me last night that you should know before you make your decision.”

Max saw everyone waiting for him to continue so he did. “First off, he said that our human ‘mates’ could go with us if they choose to. They would be welcomed.”

“So we can go with you?” Maria interrupted.

“Yes, you would live with us in the palace.”

“We would be considered the aliens.” Kyle said in the form of a half statement, half question.

“Well they don’t know about you three being changed or anything but Larek said that the people would accept you. They won’t be like Nasedo and look down you for being human.” Max explained. He looked directly at Isabel and said, “He said that the people will look at us more as our predecessor’s children rather than be exactly like them.”

“So they won’t hold Vilandra’s betrayal against me?” Isabel asked tentatively.

“You never betrayed me Isabel. Kivar tricked you into giving him information that led to us dying. You didn’t mean to. You were in love. People do strange things when you’re in love.” Max smiled at her to reassure her. “Ava and I won’t be considered married and Isabel and Michael aren’t engaged. So if any couples go the relationship will be recognized.”

During the whole exchange Zack watched Liz to see if she gave any indication on her decision. She gave away nothing so instead he asked, “Liz?”

Liz sat up straight on the barstool and said in a tone that they knew meant no argument. “I’m going. I plan on tell the others tonight. I set up a dinner with everyone and I’ll tell them then.” Liz stated.

Liz’s announcement confirmed Zack’s suspicion. He looked down at Ava and nodded. She nodded back and grabbed his hand; “We’re going.”

Zack and Ava had already talked everything over. If the humans were able to go then Zack was going with her. He knew the decision would surprise everyone. He had always been the protector of his family who looked over everyone and they wouldn’t think he would leave. And if it wasn’t for Ava he wouldn’t, but he loved her and wasn’t about to give her up now that he’d finally found her. They’d been together the least of the whole group but they knew that each other was it for them.

Liz went over and hugged both of them. She felt better knowing for sure that there would be two more familiar faces. She was also happy that Zack was doing something for himself rather than for everyone else. Max smiled gratefully and said, “Okay but you still have a week to change your minds.”

He looked at the others, “Don’t feel like you have to decide now. You have a week.” The subject of who was leaving was dropped to be replaced by plans on settling their lives.


Later Liz, Kyle, and Zack left to meet their siblings for dinner so Max took Isabel and Ava home. Michael shut the door after them and joined Maria on the couch. They sat in silence for a short time before Maria spoke.

“I think you should go. All your life you’ve wanted to go back to Antar. Last year when you had the chance you choose to stay here because of me. I can’t let you do that again.”

Michael looked at her surprised, “But Maria, my life is here with you.”

“Your life might be with me but it doesn’t have to be here.” Maria said.

“You mean you want to go too.” Michael asked surprised.

“Yes, ever since Max changed me it’s been apart of me too. I understand a small part of what your whole life as been like being scared of someone finding out about you. And I don’t want my children to grow up in hiding. Antar will be safer and they can be around people who understand them.”

“What about your Mom?”

“I’ll miss her but she has the Sheriff and the new baby. It’ll be safer for them too. I’ll come visit if we can. She’ll understand.”

Michael kissed her hard and wondered how he’d ever gotten so lucky.


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This part is a little short but here it is.

Dedicated to:wild_child_uk(twice), roswellluver, Brook, Mary N 008, and pandas2001

Part 7:

Max, Isabel, and Ava pulled away from Michael’s apartment building and headed for the Crashdown. “It’s going to be hard on the two of them to say good bye. Kyle too if he decides to go.” Ava commented.

“I was surprised that Zack agreed to go, Kyle always said that Zack was the protector of the family.” Isabel said.

“I know, I was surprised too. But he told me that he loved me and wanted to be with me.” Ava remarked.

“Sounds like Liz. She told me almost the same thing to me this morning.” Max explained. “I feel horrible that she is giving up her family to go with us. From what I know and seen they only had each other when they were little, protecting each other.”

“Max, what have you seen about Manticore? I have talked to Zack and Liz both about it some but I think they still hold most of it back especially the time when he was recaptured. I’ve heard Liz thrashing around in her bed a couple of times and I went in to wake her up. I know that she had nightmares, I recognized it.”

“When we first found out up in Seattle Liz and I connected and I saw some. But that was when she was concentrating on them. Mostly when I get flashes from Liz they’re of her life after but I do occasionally get others. Not many of them are pleasant. You know that scar on Liz’s eyebrow? Lydecker gave that to her when she wouldn't do one of their exercises right. That was tiny compared to what else was done to them.”

“I know Kyle still has nightmares too. One night we fell asleep on my bed studying and somehow I dreamwalked him. I saw all of them; Kyle and Liz were about five. Their heads were buzzed and it was hard to recognize but I recognized their eyes. They were sitting in a classroom watching a video, but not a normal video. It was like the subliminal messages they told us about in psychology. Lydecker was there, telling the kids something but I couldn’t hear it. I woke up before I could see more but what I did see wasn’t pleasant. Kyle woke up too and I told him what happened, what I saw. He talked about it, told me that was one of Lydecker’s ‘lessons’. That was how they try to brainwash them into slaves.” Isabel explained.

“I understand what it’s like to not be able to forget something, the time in the white room is something I’ll never forget.” Max sighed; he had never talked to anyone including Liz about those few days. He knew it wasn’t healthy but maybe someday he’d be able to talk about it. “But I know that things have gotten better for the three of them in the last year since we took out Manticore. They have control of their lives for the first time in a long time and it helps.” Max said as they pulled up at the Crashdown. “Izzy, you want to just eat here since Mom and Dad are still gone?”

“Yeah, you want to join us Ava?” Isabel asked.

“I might as well get as much greasy food as possible into me. You never know what we’ll eat when we leave.” The three sat down at the gang’s favorite booth and ordered. “I think the more they talk about it and get it out, the better they’ll be.” Ava said drowning her food in Tabasco sauce. “I know once I talked to Liz about Zan, things got better for me.”

Max nodded and thought about something else he wanted to talk to Ava about. “Av, when we get back to Antar I know you guys don’t want to use your other names but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get away from Zan’s name. Would that be too hard on you?”

Ava thought on what Max asked, “Zan has been gone for over a year and his murderers won’t hurt anyone ever again. I loved Zan from the time I was small but it was nothing compared to how I feel about Zack. I chose Zack on my own, not because someone told me to love him. I’ve moved on, so it’s okay. The original Zan is a part of you, too. But there is no way in hell anyone is calling me Tess.” Ava said scrunching up her nose in disgust.

Max and Isabel laughed a little at Ava, “I don’t blame you there Ava.” Isabel commented.

“When we arrive we’ll tell our parents and Larek about the names. Larek already knows that we don’t like the names.” Max said.

“What about Michael and Maria? Do you think they’ll go?” Ava asked.

“I don’t know. Michael was the one to do most of the searching about where we came from for so long but then last year he chose to stay for Maria. If he does, I know Maria will have to be by his side.” Isabel stated.

“Well like you and Kyle they have just over a week to decide.” Max commented as they talked of other things and finished their dinner.

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I wanted to ask any of you if you might be able to create a banner for me for this series. I have no idea how to do it but I would love to have one. Please let me know.
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Part 8:

All the X5 siblings sat around talking as they at pizza. Liz had paid extra so they could have the private part room in the back. The table was covered in the leftovers of the dinner. Josh and Kyle were fighting over the last couple of pieces of pizza until Kyle used his powers to get the upper hand.

“No fair. No Czechoslovakian powers allowed.” Josh yelled.

“Boys, just split it.” Jondy said trying to calm them both down. Jondy was the oldest of the girls after Tinga and now acted like the mother of the group. Kyle frowned but handed over half. Liz laughed at the whole situation. There were times like this when they all acted like they’d never been separated.

It saddened her that her and Zack’s announcement was going to kill the happy atmosphere but they had to tell them. Liz caught Zack’s eye and he cleared his throat to show that he needed to say something, “Guys, we need to talk.”

They all turned their attention to their oldest brother and waited for whatever they had to say. “You all heard the announcement last night about the Czechs have been called back.” They all nodded. “Liz and I are going with them.”

Max smiled at her sister. She was glad her sister had decided what to do and she felt good that she had in some small way helped her. Everyone was quiet but turned their eyes to Kyle.

Kyle put up his hands up, “I haven’t decided yet. Izzy and I are still talking it over.”

“Max thinks we’ll be able to visit.” Liz bit her lip nervously. “Please don’t be mad or think we don’t want to be with you. We love you but we have to do this.”

Krit got up and kneeled next to Liz as he pulled her into a hug. “We’ll be fine. We figured this was going to happen.”

“Yeah, Zack’s not even a surprise. We’ve all seen how he is with Ava.” Syl smiled slyly at him. The first time they had met Ava shortly after she had come to Roswell, they had all seen the attraction between the two of them. They liked Ava and were all elated that Zack found someone later when they found out the two were dating. The six siblings who had not found someone special hoped they would soon so they could be as happy as the other four. “We don’t want any of you to give up your loves to stay here.” Syl stated.

“Plus we can brag that we’re the siblings of a Queen.” Josh joked. Everyone voiced similar comments like Syl’s and they sat around enjoying being a family in the time they had left.

It was late that night that Liz made her way out to her balcony. She had stayed with her siblings until she knew that the Crashdown would be closed then headed home. She grabbed Ava and they went to meet up with Liz’s parents. They were the last people to tell about their leaving. Liz knew she’d been lucky that they had adopted her. They’d loved her ever since they met her and treated her like their own. They’d put themselves in danger trying to protect her from having to go back to Manticore. They took the news well. They would miss her a lot but had been prepared for this day for awhile. Back when Manticore was looking for her they had known that someday she might have to up and leave suddenly. At least now with her going to Antar, they knew she’d probably be able to visit and wouldn’t be living on the run. They knew that Max loved her and would take care of her not to mention that Zack would be with her.

She looked around her balcony and thought about how much she was going to miss it. It was her sanctuary, the place she could always go to relax. It was a place where she could talk freely about the secrets in her life to any visitor that was there. Zack had met with her and Kyle numerous times on that balcony. She could remember once when Zack had been there to talk to her and Max had shown up. It was in the days before Tess had come, right after they found the orb and Max said he just wanted to see her. She had shoved Zack in her window and he hid until she could make excuses for Max to leave. She then had to sit through a lecture form Zack about having guys in her room and getting too close to them. She was standing there when she heard a faint noise from below. She didn’t even have to look over the edge to see who it was. The wind carried up the familiar scent of the visitor. “Ky, I know you’re down there. You might as well come up.”

A minute later, Kyle’s head appeared “Hey, I didn’t know if you were done talking to your parents yet.”

“I just got done. Did you talk to your Dad?”

“A little. I can’t believe you’re going.”

Liz looked at him and nodded, “I know but I am.”

Kyle stared at her upon hearing her statement. A part of him was angry that she was leaving. Over the years the two of them had always stuck together. Even after finding the others, he was still the closest to Liz. They had stuck together through the escape, through the running and settling down in Roswell, through all of the alien crap including Tess, and even taking down Manticore they were side by side. And now she was going to leave. The other part knew she was doing what was best for her. Max was her other half and she would be miserable if he left without her. He gave her one of the things she’d been searching for since they had escaped, true love.

Liz watched all the emotions play over his face and felt horrible. She didn’t want to hurt him; she wanted to let him know that she didn’t want to leave him behind, “Come with us. Even if Isabel doesn’t go.”

“I’ll admit there is a part of me that wants to go, to be somewhere that we know we’d be safe. No more hiding, I’m sick of hiding even if it has gotten better since Manticore went down. But I don’t know. I need to think about it.”

Liz nodded understanding. “If you decide to go just remember I’ll be there, we’ll do it together.”

Kyle smiled before getting up. He said good night and left. Liz got up and watched him go. When he was gone she turned and walked over to the wall. She pulled the loose brick and extracted all the journals stored there. They would be going with her. They contained too much information about all of them to be left behind. Not to mention Liz couldn’t bear the thought of someone getting a hold of them and reading her innermost thoughts. It was bad enough that Michael had taken it before but she wouldn’t allow a complete stranger to do it.

She took them inside and placed them in a bag. She had decided start packing. There was a lot of stuff to go through and figure out what to take and what to leave. She turned her radio on low and started sorting through ten years of memories.

I really didn't like that part but I couldn't think of a way to improve it.


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I realized the other day when I was writing this that this story will be longer than the previous ones. I've written up to part 21 and they're just now leaving for Antar.

Part 9

The next morning Kyle was lying in his bed thinking over whether to go to Antar or not. Should he stay here on Earth or go with the others to Antar? Go with Zack and Liz or stay with his other seven siblings? And what about he and Isabel? He loved her; he had no doubt about that. They had been together just under a year and he wanted to see where they were going but if she chose the opposite of him what would they do? They would be living on different planets, not the best way to have a long distance relationship. A tapping on his window interrupted his thoughts. He got up and opened the curtains revealing Isabel on the other side. He opened the window quickly, “You know when I build a house I’m going to tell them to forget the doors since no one uses them.” He joked as he helped her inside. They had both been uncomfortable at first about being in Kyle’s room. After all it was where Alex had died, but they had changed it so it wasn’t recognizable.

“You’re one to talk. You use my window enough.” Isabel smiled. “I didn’t want to wake up your dad, Amy, and Maria.” After the Sheriff and Amy got married, they sold Amy’s house and built on two extra rooms to the house so Maria and the baby could have their own rooms. It had taken a while for Kyle to get used to living with two Deluca women but he’d gotten over it.

“Should I even act stupid and ask why you’ve come over so early?”

“You know why. I think we should talk.” Isabel stated. Kyle gestured to his bed and the two sat down. “How did dinner go?”

“They were supportive, of course I never thought they wouldn’t be. I talked to Liz last night; she wants me to go. For so long we only had each other and its hard thinking she won’t be around. I didn’t sleep last night, I talked to dad then thought about everything.”

“Did you come to a decision?”

“Not really. What about you?”

“Max and I told Mom and Dad. They were in shock. They had known since they found out that Antar intended for us to come back but it really hit home when Max said that he and Liz were leaving in just over a week. Mom tried not to cry. Dad just said he was proud of him for taking his responsibilities. I told them I hadn’t made a decision yet. I’m so confused.” She said as she laid her head on his shoulder.

“Let it all out and I’ll help you wade through it.”

“For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted two things. To be normal and meet my real mother. The two things contradict each other. Then when I thought I had betrayed Max the last thing I wanted to do was go back. I couldn’t imagine going back to somewhere that hated me. But Max took that away when he told me that I didn’t really betray him. See why I’m confused now?”

“Okay, the betrayal thing is out of the way so that leaves the normal life and meeting your mother. I hate to break it to you Isabel but you will never have a normal life. None of us will. We’re all different, if we were normal then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I told Liz that not having to hide there was a big point in favor especially with Amy having the baby. I don’t want he or she to be endanger because of who her brother is, sister too.”

Isabel nodded, “Yeah, I mean something could happen to one of us and we might not be able to get there in time to cover it up. And it would be nice to be able to talk to my mother, someone who would understand everything. I mean don’t get me wrong, Mom and I have really gotten closer since she found out but there are still a few things that I can’t talk about.”

“What about us?” Kyle asked.

“Us.” Isabel said.

“Yeah, I mean Liz and Max are getting married, Ava and Zack will be together probably live together. I have a feeling Maria and Michael are going, she said she wanted to talk to Mom and the Sheriff today. So while we try to decide I think we need to factor in us. I mean if I decide to go but you stay here then that would pretty much end us.”

“Kyle I don’t want to lose you.”

“Then we make this decision together.”

“Do we go or do we stay?” Isabel asked.

“I say the pro list goes in favor of going. I’m sure your mother would be willing to let us return if we didn’t like it. It would be harder to contact Max and the others if we decided to go after they left, if we could at all.”

Isabel nodded. “I think we already decided, we’re going.” She said smiling. As much as she had always tried to be normal she knew Kyle was right and they would never be.

“So our next big decision is whether or not we want to be roomies when we get there.” Kyle said smiling as Isabel hit him with a pillow.


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Look for dreamer nookie in the next part
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I'll update later this afternoon
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Since Last Night's episode didn't give us what we wanted here is some Dreamer Lovin.

NC- 17 (?)

Part 10:

The other X5 siblings stayed for two more days and Liz, Kyle and Zack spent all of their time with them, none of them sleeping. On the morning they all left it was one filled with good-byes. The X5 boys threatened Max one more time to make sure he made Liz happy knowing that if he stepped out of line Zack and Kyle would be there. Liz hugged everyone goodbye clinging to them, telling them she would never forget her family. They didn’t know for sure yet it they would be able to visit or not but would notify them later if they could.

That night Liz closed the Crashdown. Her parents had to go out of town over night something they couldn’t get out of even though Liz would be leaving soon. Ava was at Zack’s keeping him company. She was glad that summer was coming, there would be plenty of highschoolers looking for jobs so they wouldn’t be left high and dry since three of their waitresses and one cook were leaving. Liz sat in the gangs’ favorite booth looking over the dark café. Her enhanced vision let her look over everything, the place where so much had happened to her. Memories washed over, the first time she met her parents and Maria, all the times her, Maria, and Alex had hung out there, when she was shot, when Max first connected to her, all of the times with the aliens, her first talk with Ava, the back room where Zack had told them their sister Tinga was dead, and her times spent with her family after they had been reunited.

She was so deep in thought that she didn’t hear or feel Max come in from the back. He saw her sitting there, looking so alone. Watching her say goodbye to her family that morning had torn at his heart. She had done it for him and he hated causing her pain. He had done that enough. He moved over to her and pulled her into his arms. She leaned into his chest taking comfort in the warmth of his body. He felt her body relax and he picked her up effortlessly. The weight of Liz’s body always amazed him. She had so much strength in it but she felt like a feather. He carried her through the back and up into the apartment. He headed into the bedroom and set her on the bed, “Sit right there. Don’t move a muscle.”

Liz smiled softly. She knew Max, knew what he was going to do and loved him even more for it. He wanted to make her feel better. He snapped his fingers lighting several candles all around her room, bathing everything in a soft glow. He knew how much she loved candles, they calmed her. He walked back over to her and pulled her up to stand in front of him. Capturing her face in his hands he said, “I love you Liz. I love you more than you can possibly imagine.”

Her eyes shone with unshed tears, “Max,” she breathed. Then he was kissing her, so tenderly as if he thought she would break. She slipped her arms around his neck, loving the feel of him against her. They kissed like that for long moments, gentle caresses, feather light touches. His hands roamed lightly over her back sending shivers down her spine.

As Liz's kisses became more urgent, so did Max’s. He began to move his tongue across her lips seeking entrance; she gladly opened to him. Liz was quickly drowning in the taste of him, she couldn’t get enough, and she never could. As their tongues dueled, she ran her hands down his back and slipped them underneath the edge of his shirt. She had to feel his skin under her hands; she ached to touch him. She began sliding her hands up, taking Max's shirt with them. She pulled back so she could slip his shirt over his head, and then let her eyes roam over his well-toned upper body. She leaned in and began placing light kisses along his collarbone then slowly started down his chest. As she licked across a nipple gently moving the ring there, he shuddered. “God, Liz you have no idea what you’re doing to me.” At that, she leaned against him and felt his hardness press against her belly. “I think I have some idea.”

At the same time, his right hand came to her breast and began gently stroking. Liz sucked in a sharp breath, and her head fell back as Max continued his sweet torture by bringing his other hand up to toy with her other breast. After a moment he pulled away, and Liz looked at him in confusion. “I think you’ve got too many clothes on. I want to see your beautiful body,” he told her.

As he said that, he slowly pulled her top off and tossed it to the floor, forgotten. Then, ever so slowly, he slid his hands around to her back, unfastened her bra, and tossed that aside as well. Then he kissed her so passionately it nearly took her breath away. Then he was moving down. Down her throat, down her shoulder, down to her breasts.

As he took one hardened nipple into his mouth and began licking and sucking, Liz thought she just might be dying. She fisted her hands in Max’s hair holding him to her, she never wanted this to stop, and it felt too good. Max slid his hands down to the waistband of her pants and unfastened them. As he slid them past her hips and down her legs, she stepped out of them.

“Now, I think it’s you that has too many clothes on,” Liz said seductively, as she reached for his pants. As they fell to the floor, he leaned down and kissed her deeply as he sat down on the bed. Liz moved to straddle his hips, then looked deep into Max’s eyes. “Whatever else happens to us, please remember this moment and that I love you. I need you to remember that.”

Max took her face in his hands and pulled her to him. “I’ll never forget, Liz, as long as you remember how much I love you.” He sealed his promise with a long kiss. His hands started roaming over her body again. He just couldn’t get enough of his queen.

Liz slowly started kissing down his neck, and then moved down to his chest. Again, she licked and sucked at his nipples all the while her hands were moving lower. When her hand came to the edge of his boxers she looked up at him, the corner of her mouth tilting up in a half smile, “Oops, forgot to take these off. I think I’d better fix that.” She quickly pulled them off and tossed them to the floor with the rest of their clothes. “Much better,” she said then slid her hand down. As she grasped him in her hand, Max’s eyes rolled back in his head, “Oh, Liz.”

She slowly began stroking him, loving the feel of him in her hand before moving down and licking a small circle around the tip of his arousal. She continued her ministrations tracing lines up and down the length of him. But, all too soon, Max groaned, “God, Liz. As good as that feels, you’d better stop before this ends before either of us wants it to.”

“But, what if I don’t wanna,” she asked coyly. In answer, Max proceeded to pull her up against him and flip her underneath him. “Then I’ll have to make you,” he said as his hand began moving lower, and lower. He pulled her panties off and threw them on the floor, then, before Liz even knew what he meant to do, he slipped two fingers into her. She gasped and arched up, almost completely off the bed and Max chuckled. He whispered in her ear, “See, I told you I could make you.”

As his fingers continued moving in her, he leaned down and took a swollen nipple into his mouth and rolled his tongue around it. That was nearly Liz’s undoing. She couldn’t take anymore. She wanted him... now. “Max, please. Make love to me. I want to feel you inside me. Now.”

That was all Max needed to hear. After getting what they needed from her table he positioned himself at her opening. As he slid into her, they both moaned loudly. It was like they were always meant to be this way. He began moving slowly in her and Liz arched up to meet him. He leaned down and kissed her, his tongue mimicking his other movements. Liz felt taught as a bowstring, then she snapped, screaming Max’s name. Max followed her quickly, moaning her name into her neck. They lay there together until it came time for Max to leave. He kissed he gently and left. Liz dressed in her pajamas and lay back down to rest. The day had been so emotional that she was exhausted. She didn’t even hear her parents come home.


BTW for all you that wanted to know if Max and Liz will get married on Earth before they leave the answer is no, something kind of comes up before they leave.

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WARNING:Sad part.

Part 11:

The days left on Earth were spent with their parents. Liz, Zack, and Ava spent a lot of time with the Parkers. Zack was staying there since he had already gotten rid of his apartment. Liz didn’t see much of Max because he was doing the same thing with his parents. When Maria and Michael as well as Kyle and Isabel made the announcement they were going too, Liz was ecstatic. Maria’s mom had initially flipped about Maria leaving but she could see how important it was to her. After threatening Michael with penalty of death if he didn’t protect her, Amy gave them her blessing. She and the Sheriff had even been letting him sleep on the couch since he too had given up his apartment. Liz and Zack sold their bikes, and the parents were going to take care of Kyle’s car and Max’s jeep once the kids were gone. They all packed a few bags of their stuff but a few things and had it stored at the podchamber. They had figured it would be the best place to open the portal when it was time.

They all got out of the cars and made their way inside the cemetery. It was the day before Max’s meeting with Larek, they had two days before leaving. They had one person they all wanted to say goodbye to. Ava and Zack went with them although they didn’t know him. They were there to lend support. The six who were close walked up to the grave while Zack and Ava hung back.

“I met him once.” Zack said suddenly.

“What?” Ava asked.

“I went to the Crashdown to set up a meeting with Liz. The restaurant was nearly empty and he was at the counter. He told me that someone would be with me in a minute and tried to talk to me. I knew who he was, knew he was one of Liz’s friends so I played nice. Liz came out a minute later and Alex left shortly after. That was the only time I talked to him but I remember thinking that he was a good guy. After I found out about Max and the others and the things that Alex had done for them, I remember thinking I felt better that my sister had a friend like him. He would do anything for her.”

“I only met him when we came to town. When he first saw us he thought we were the others in costumes. Didn’t talk to him.” Ava said smiling. “Wish I would have.” She said as she watched the others.

The six of them planned on saying good bye. Isabel was the first one to speak, she stepped forward and the others gave her room. “We just wanted to say good bye. We’re leaving for Antar since we defeated Kivar; of course you probably know that. My mom is going to take care of these flowers I planted.” She said as she picked some weeds. “I know you’re probably surprised that I chose to go back but I found out that I wasn’t the bad person I thought I was. I’m actually going to meet my real mother. But I had to come say good bye to you. I wanted to let you know although I’m with Kyle that I haven’t forgotten you and I never will, you were my first love.” She kissed the tips of her fingers and placed them on his headstone. “Good bye Alex, I love you.”

Isabel started to cry slightly and Kyle came up to hold her. He continued to hold her as he said his own good bye. “Hey man, I never got a chance to thank you for all the times you were there for Liz when I couldn’t be. And I’m sorry I didn’t figure out what Tess was doing to you, that I wasn’t able to stop her, and that I didn’t remember she did it. But know this I will take care of Isabel for you. And if Buddha is right, I’ll see you in the next life.”

Michael was next. “You know I’m not good with this emotional stuff so I’ll get down to the point. You were a good friend who was there for us. I admire your loyalty especially to Liz and Maria. My jaw still hurts. I want you to know that I love her and I’ll treat her good.”

Maria squeezed Michael’s hand and kneeled down. “I was packing the other day and I came across your guitar. It reminded me of the first time you played it for Liz and me. We were like ten years old and your grandfather had taught you. I remembered Liz’s eyes, they were so huge. I remember thinking it was strange, like she had never seen someone play but now that I think about it she probably never had. Not since she was in Manticore. Anyway I know I’m rambling but I wanted to let you know that you were so important to the two of us and we’ll never forget you. Love you.” She reached down and left two objects, a guitar pick and a vile of cedar oil.

Max helped Maria up then started his own goodbye. “I don’t remember if I ever thanked you for everything you did for us. First you gave your blood that day. You did it without even knowing what was going on, you helped Liz with the Sheriff when you both arrested. You brought this side of my sister out that only you could, the inner her. I’m sorry I let Tess get to you. I hope someday you can forgive me.” He took a step back and joined the others.

Liz was last. She sat down indian style in front of his stone. “When you died, I didn’t want to believe it. I kept thinking the whole way to the morgue that it was a mistake and you were in a coma or something. But when I saw Max get out of that van, I knew. I had lost one of my best friends, I accepted that but I couldn’t accept that it was because of some stupid accident. So I set out to prove everyone wrong, and I did. When we figured out it was Tess, I blamed myself. I brought you into this whole thing and if I had been strong enough to fight telling you then you wouldn’t have died. I know if I hadn’t I would have lost your friendship but you meant so much to me that I couldn’t lie to you more. There was so much I was already keeping from you, I couldn’t tell you another lie. Then I blamed myself for changing the future because in that future you were alive. I had all of this hate for Tess, knowing that she took you away from us. And although I shot her to save Maria because I couldn’t let her take someone else, I know by doing it, I avenged you. Which is something I know you wouldn’t want, revenge, your heart didn’t hold violence. So I hope you can forgive me for it, along with everything else. For lying about who I was, and for not being there when you needed me. You were my brother, whether you had a barcode or not. I love you Alex.” Liz stood up and walked over to the others. Maria stepped forward and the last two members of the three musketeers lead the others out of the cemetery.


I was just curious as to how many people were reading this? I wish we still had the view counter.

NEXT PART: Something happens to one of the X5s that creates problems.

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What the hell are they doing at the TV stations? First Roswell now Dark Angel? WHat the hell do they expect us to watch?

Next thing you know they will cancel Angel, Alias, and Buffy. Then I won't have anything to watch.

For the full article go:
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Here is the part where you all find out what I was talking about when I said something comes up.

Part 12

Two days before leaving, one day until Max’s meeting.

Late that night Liz, her parents, Zack, and Ava were sitting in the Parker living room watching TV. As they watched, it was cut off by an ‘Eyes Only’ message.

“Oh, Logan’s sending out a new broadcast.” Liz stated. They all watched with rapt attention.


The message blinked off.

“Oh shit.” Zack yelled as he jumped up. “All eight of us have got to get out of here before they shut up the town. I’m going to call the others to make sure they got Logan’s message. Liz, call Logan and figure out what the hell is going on and check on Maxi.” He knew Liz would be calmer than he would.

“How in the hell did the army find out about us?” Ava asked.

“Lizzie, come with me downstairs to get Michael and Maria. They’re closing and won’t know what’s going on.” Jeff Parker said as he led his daughter downstairs.

“Ava, call Max and the others. Tell them to get the rest of their stuff and meet us at the podchamber. It’s far enough out of town that we don’t have to be worried about getting trapped in town limits.” Liz yelled as she hit the memory button on her cell phone. She followed her adopted father downstairs to the café. As they reached the bottom of the stairs Jeff called for Michael and Maria. They both came running.

“What’s going on?” Maria asked breathlessly.

“Logan sent out a message. The Army maybe even the FBI know about us. All of us, alien and X5. We have to get out of Roswell. Ava and Zack are checking on everyone.” Liz explained as she waited for Logan to answer. She had tried their apartment but got no answer so she called their cellphone. All she got was a busy signal.

“Where are we going to go? We still have two days until we leave for Antar.” Maria said.

Michael reached into her pocket and pulled out her vial of cedar oil. “Breathe.” Maria sniffed deeply and began to calm down. “Now call your Mom. Tell her you are on your way home to get your stuff. Then she can go with us out to the pod chamber and say good-bye.” Michael turned to Mr. Parker and said, “I think I have an idea of a safe place but she needs to use your phone. I’m going to need to use her cell phone.” Mr. Parker said it was fine and Maria went to use the Crashdown phone while Michael went to the front of the restaurant to make his call. Mr. Parker headed upstairs to get Mrs. Parker.

Zack came down at that moment as he talked on his phone. “I couldn’t reach Krit or Syl. Zane’s heading out of Portland. I’m on the phone with Jondy now. Jack and her are already gone and on their way to meet up with Josh outside of Boston.”

“Logan’s cell is busy. I’ll try him again.” Liz started dialing just as Ava came down the stairs. “The other three are meeting us at the pod chamber.”

Michael came in and saw that Liz and Zack on the phone. “Who are you both talking to?”

“Jondy.” Zack answered.

“I’m trying to get a hold of Logan. Ooh, it’s ringing.” Liz said as she turned away to talk to Logan.

“Let me talk to her.” Michael insisted. Zack gave him a curious look but handed him the phone. “Jondy, its Michael. Listen. Head to Arizona when you reach the border call Zack and we’ll give you further instructions.” Michael said good-bye and hung up his phone.

Maria looked at her boyfriend and asked, “Are we going where I think we’re going?”

Michael nodded. “Yeah, Laurie not there but she agreed to loan me the house. She already knew I was leaving.”

“Who’s Laurie?” Zack asked questionably. “Can we trust her?”

“Laurie Dupree. She’s the granddaughter of my human DNA donor and I trust her. She has a large estate and it’s got all kind of security. No one will be able to trace her directly to us even with all the crap with the FBI.” Liz interrupted him as she hung up with Logan.

“Zack, Krit and Syl checked in with Logan and headed south. You should be able to reach them now. Maxi is fine and with Logan. I gave them the same instructions that Michael gave Jondy.”

“What’s going on? What happened?” Zack asked. He had seen the dazed look in her eyes.

“Nothing that they could have controlled. I don’t want to have to explain over and over so wait and I’ll tell everyone when we meet the others.” Zack started to argue but Liz gave him a look to not ask.

“Fine. I’ve got everything together so you and Ava head up to get whatever else you might need. We’ll head out to the pod chamber. I’ll call Zane, Krit, and Syl and tell them the plan.”

“I’m going to take Maria home and we’ll meet you out there.” Michael said as he pulled Maria out of the café to her car. Liz and Ava went upstairs and grabbed the last of their stuff before heading out. They drove out of town making sure that no one was following and headed for the pod chamber.

They were the first to reach the podchamber but Kyle and the Sheriff were close behind them. Kyle tried to get information out of Liz but she stuck to her statement of waiting until the others were going to join them. Max, and the others joined them shortly after. After Liz greeted Max Zack spoke up.

“Okay, Liz we’re all here. Now what happened?” Zack said.

“Max passed out at work and her boss called an ambulance. Original Cindy wasn’t there to stop him.” Original Cindy was a friend of Max’s who knew about them. “While Max was out they took a sample of her blood. I’m guessing they found a mixture of X5 and alien. And they must have been alerted to look for strange characteristics in blood. The army was there when Max woke up but she managed to escape and got to Logan. They were packing when the army showed up at the apartment. They had to leave Logan’s computer and it had all of the information we’ve stored in it. He had to use his laptop to get the message out.” Since Logan’s computer was virtually hacker free they kept a lot of information stored in there. Liz had taken blood samples from herself, Kyle, and Max and compared them to the other X5s as well as the aliens to see the differences. The traces of alien in the changed X5’s and Maria’s blood were small but still noticeable. Whereas the aliens blood cells were green, the ones who had been ‘changed’ only had tiny amounts of green in their blood cells. Enough to see a difference. She conducted a few other tests and all of the data was in the computer along with all other information about them. Now that was in the hands of the army.

“Why did she pass out?” Maria asked.

“Logan said she hadn’t slept since before they were here and not eating much.” Liz said.

“That’s only a week or so without sleep. It shouldn’t have affected her like that.” Kyle said worriedly.

Zack could see that Liz was holding something back. “What aren’t you telling us?”

Liz took a deep breath. She wasn’t looking forward to doing this but had told Logan she would. She looked directly at Zack and Kyle and said, “She’s pregnant. Maxie’s pregnant.”


WHat did you think?
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You guys are going to hate me after this next part and I'll be dodging the things you will be throwing at me but have faith, I always work things out.

Dedicated to: 3somefan, pandas2001, wild_child_uk(twice), Mary N 008, and Lil Blu Bubble.

Part 13:

Everyone’s jaw dropped by Liz’s announcement. “This is just too much. My head’s exploding.” Kyle stated to no one in particular.

“What do you mean she’s pregnant?” Zack asked practically shouting.

“As in having a baby. If you don’t know how that happens then I feel bad for Ava.” Liz said irately.

“I know that Liz. I’m just shocked.” Zack said.

“If you acted like this when Tinga told you about Case then it doesn’t surprise me it took her so long tell you.” Liz said. After their sister Tinga’s death, her husband and son had fled to Canada to hide from Lydecker. They felt it was safer for them to stay there even after Lydecker’s death. Liz had never been able to meet her nephew and wished that she could. She had only seen him in her sister Max’s memories when they had connected once.

“Guys, calm down. We need to go meet the others.” Kyle said.

“You’re right. We need to hurry, we don’t know how fast they’ll find us.” Zack ordered.

“Let’s load up everything now. We can open the portal there.” Max stated. “I’m staying here until I meet with Larek.”

“Max.” Liz started but Max stopped her. “I have to meet with him or they won’t turn on the portal’s energy source and we won’t be able to go to Antar. Take the jeep, I’ll take Michael’s bike and meet you at Laurie’s.”

Everyone moved to gather the stuff from the podchamber while Liz pulled Max to the side. She slid a piece of hair behind her ear before she said, “Max, I’m not going. I can’t.”

Thinking she was trying to protect him, he said, “Liz, I’ll be fine. I’ll stay at the UFO Center in the back. No one will see me and I’ll leave right after the meeting.”

“No, Max you don’t understand what I’m saying. I can’t leave Earth, not right now, not with my family being hunted again. I know what I told you about wanting to be with you and I love you but I can’t just leave and be safe on Antar knowing that they’re not safe here. We don’t know how the alien changes in her blood will affect her pregnancy and the baby. Kyle and I are the only ones like her. I’m going to help her anyway I can. I’m sorry.”

Max looked into her eyes and could see that her decision was tearing her in two. She wanted to be with him, to become his wife but she loved her family too much to leave them in danger. Her selflessness was one of the things he loved about her. One of many things and he wasn’t about to let her go that easy. “Then I’m staying too. We’ll just wait until we can get the army off the trail and then we can go.”

“That could take years. You can’t put off going back, Antar needs her king.”

“Antar needs their queen, too. Almost as much as her king.” Max said as he put his forehead to hers.

“When you guys go through the portal the rest of us will leave. I can use my powers to make up fake documents for all of us. We’ll head for the border and hide out.” Liz said absently. Although she had been safe in Roswell for all those years, Zack had made sure that they had a back up plan in case they had to leave. She pulled away and headed to the others. The last thing was to say good bye to their parents.

Max headed over to where Isabel was hugging their mom. Although they had known this time would come in a few days, it was still hard. “How are you going to meet with Larek if you leave Roswell?” His dad asked.

“I’m not leaving yet. I’ll go after my meeting but I won’t see you guys before I leave.”

His dad nodded. “Well I won’t ask where you’ll be.”

Max looked at both of his parents, “Thank you for everything. We couldn’t have asked for better parents, I’m sorry we lied to you all those years. But we’re glad you know now.”

Diane came up and hugged Max hard, “My little boy. Remember that we love you.”

“I will, Mom. I will.”

“Go make us proud.” His dad said.

Liz walked over to where her parents, Maria’s mom and the Sheriff were standing. She looked at the Sheriff first, “Thank you. I don’t know what Ky and I would have done if you hadn’t found us that night or looked after us over the years. I’m going to miss you.” She said before hugging him.

“I should be thanking you. If you hadn’t gotten him to trust me that first night, I never would have know what it was like to have a son. Take care of him.” Sheriff Valenti said.

“I promise I will. Look after them for me?” Liz asked, the Sheriff nodded. After saying good bye to Amy Deluca-Valenti, Liz moved over to where Kyle, Ava and Zack were saying good by to her own parents. The Parkers had been second parents to Kyle and the only parents Ava and Zack had ever. When they were done, Liz walked up to hug the only mother she’d ever known. “I know I haven’t been easy to live with but thank you. You risked so much for me. I love you and Daddy more than anything.” She reached over to hug her dad; “I owe you guys so much.”

“We love you too, Liz. And tell the rest of your family that if they need our help, let us know.”

“I’ll try to come and see you if I can.” Liz hadn’t told them she was staying on Earth. They would be worried sick if they knew, so she decided to let them think she was safe on Antar.

“Just remember you will always be our daughter and that we love you.” Liz hugged each of them one last time and went to join the others.

Kyle walked over to his Dad; “I’ll tell them that I think you’re heading up north. It won’t be a complete lie.” The Sheriff said.

“Thank you.” Kyle said.

“It’s the least I could do for all you have given me. Thank you, for listening to your sister that night I found you. That night was one of the best of my life.”

“When we were little Liz and I would go on the roof and talk about what we wanted if we made it on the outside. She always said she wanted love. I thought she was crazy, thinking someone could love us with what we were but I was wrong. You proved me wrong,” Kyle reached up and hugged his dad. “I love you Dad.”

“I love you too son.” The Sheriff said back. When they pulled away Kyle looked at his dad and Amy who had an arm around Maria, placing a hand on her stomach. “Tell him or her that they have a brother out there who loves them.” Amy nodded before hugging Kyle.

They all said goodbye to the other parents before The Parkers, the Evans, and the Valenti’s looked at their kids one last time then all got into their cars. With tears in their eyes they watched their parents leave. Once they were gone they load up into the vehicles. Kyle, Isabel, Maria and Michael went in Kyle’s car while Ava, Zack, and Liz were going in the jeep.

Michael argued with Max about staying with him but Max made the point that it would be easier for one of them on one bike to slip out of Roswell if it got closed off. He gave Isabel and Ava a hug before he kissed Liz quickly and headed for the UFO center. He had a plan that would fix this whole thing if it worked.

Part 14
Morning of Max’s meeting, one day until Departure

Liz pulled the jeep up along side of Kyle’s car and parked it. It was just before dawn and the sky was beginning to turn pink. Except for gas stops they had been able to drive all night to Tucson. They had made good time taking back roads and didn’t have any problems. Krit, Zane, and Syl were behind them by a couple of hours but had hit the border to Arizona. The drive from Seattle would take Logan and her sister longer since they were making sure that they weren’t followed. They were expected to arrive around noon.
Max had told Liz that she and Logan had a surprise for them. They had called and been given directions to the house. Josh, Jack, and Jondy had farther to go but had checked in with them.

“Liz, you okay?” Zack asked worriedly. She had already told him and Ava that she was staying here to help her family.

“Yeah, just worried about everyone.” She answered

“He’ll make it out of Roswell, don’t worry.” Zack stated.

“I know. And then I’m going to have to say goodbye.” Liz said. Not wanting to talk about it she jumped out of the jeep and headed up to the house. Zack and Ava watched her go.

“I know you want to protect them.” Ava said knowing how important it was to Zack to keep his family safe.

“I always have.” Zack stated. He flashed back to a long buried memory. He was a little boy, peaking into the nursery. He snuck in there often to see their littlest brother but he had heard one of the nurses earlier talk about a new baby. He saw a newborn Liz and an older Ky, at the time unnamed, lying side by side in the nursery with all the medical personal swarming around them. They were both crying, but the adults ignored them. He banged on the door, trying to tell them the babies were crying. In the end he had gotten in trouble, but from that moment on he knew he had to protect everyone. He saw that no one else cared what happened to them except for their brothers and sisters. All he could think was about how small an innocent they were and he had only been a toddler himself. He was taken back to the playroom and told the others quickly about the new babies in their family.

“And I know you want to stay too.”

“Av….” Zack started to say but Ava interrupted. “And I’ll stay with you. I’ll go with you and your family into hiding.” She was going to do whatever she had to, to be able to be with Zack. Even if it meant not going with the others. He had been willing to give up his own family once for her but she couldn’t ask him to do it with such a cloud of danger hanging over them. Things just kept getting flipped. First they had to decide to go now it didn’t matter because they had to stay anyway. Back and forth, back and forth. “I can help us get across the border, mindwarp the border patrol. Besides they don’t need be back there. Max is king, Isabel is a princess, Michael’s the Commander. Max and I aren’t together; I wouldn’t be considered queen so I’m not expected to come back. When I’m with you I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

Zack looked at her with wide eyes not even attempting to hide his surprise. She wanted to stay with him. For all of his years he was this hard person, never showing emotions. He had to be the strong one and he always thought love would make him weak but Ava proved him wrong. They had both been through so much, which made them understand each other. There relationship was a strong one that neither questioned about the outcome. He had never ever thought about actually getting married before but he did with Ava.

There are several reasons; he hadn’t allowed himself to feel emotions. They always lived every day in fear, watching every person that you came into contact with. It’s was the best way to make sure that you lived to see another day. Getting involved with people was dangerous. They wouldn’t be able to defend themselves, making them liabilities, to be used to lure one of us out of hiding, and give up. Lastly, telling anyone is completely out of the question. They would just betray you, and you’d be captured. That was how he had always lived his life. But then he had settled in Roswell and everything was different. All of his reasons seemed to fly out the window. Manticore and Lydecker were gone and he didn’t have to run anymore well until now. Ava, although he still didn’t like her in dangerous situations, could defend herself with her powers. And she knew already knew what he was and would never turn him in.

He in some way had loved her ever since he had laid eyes on her. There had been something about her that made him feel at ease. She understood him, understood what it was like to be chased, and hunted down, just because of your DNA. She understood what it was like to always be hiding. She was a strong person. She brought feelings in him that he never wanted to experience, because he was afraid. But, now, it felt like with Ava by his side, he could face anything.

When Ava had first gotten to know him, Ava found it hard not relate to Zack’s view of the world. He had always looked at the world as something that would turn against him in a heartbeat. His view was why he always felt he had to protect his younger siblings, the older brother to all of them. And he always blamed himself, for the death of his siblings, all of them. She herself didn’t have the burden of being the protector but, on the other hand, she knew what it was like to feel responsible for someone’s death. She knew at the time she should have done something to protect Zan but she had been so scared. She felt stronger now. If she ever found herself in the same situation again she would do everything in her power to stop it.

Zack leaned forward and kissed her gently, “Okay.” He said simply. Ava was surprised that she didn’t have to argue with him more but was relieved she hadn’t had to put up a fight. He grabbed her hand and headed off in the direction that his baby sister went.


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Finding a New Family:


Family Life: parts 1-15


A Secret Family:


Two Families:


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pandas2001 originally wrote:
First why would we kill you now, things can still work out, right.?!

I promise to update tonight!

You're right but I thought you guys might be mad because of the angst I'm creating but when have things ever been easy on Max and Liz?
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Dedicated to: roswellluver, Mary N 008, pandas2001, Lillie, Lil Blu Bubbles, Lullaby, 3somefan, wild_child_uk and Angelalien

SPECIAL DEDICATION TO: Lillie, pandas2001, Sassy, Lullaby, wild_child_uk, and all of the other ALEC LOVERS.

Part 15: Day of Max’s meeting, one day until Departure

Zane, Krit, and Syl arrived later that morning. Zane had brought his German Shepherd Millie with him and she was keeping Liz company while she sat outside thinking about Max. She stood up when she saw Logan’s car at the gate. She opened it and made her way over to the car after it was parked. She saw Max and Logan getting out of the car but it was the third occupant that stopped Liz dead in her tracks. He was tall, about the same age as her older siblings. He had dark blonde hair, hazel eyes and looked like he was in good shape from what Liz could make out hidden under his black leather jacket, black T-shirt, and blue jeans, but it was his face that drew her attention. She had seen that face in her sister’s memories when they had connected once. “Ben?”

“Alec.” He said correcting her as he walked up. “I’m the sane one.”

“Shut up Alec.” Her sister Max snapped.

“Well from what I heard it’s true.”

Liz was confused but her sister quickly told her what was going on. “He’s not Ben. He’s his twin, designation 494. He escaped last year when we blew up Manticore.”

“How did you find him?” Liz said directing the question to her sister and Logan.

“I can talk for myself.” Alec said.

“Sorry. I’m just a little shocked.”

“I met Max a month ago at Jam Pony. She recognized me and knew I was from Manticore. Who are you?”

“Liz. I’m the youngest.”

“Oh, so that would make you 435.” Alec said with a smile.

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t call any of us by our designations if I were you.” She turned her attention back to her sister. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Liz asked her sister.

“I didn’t want to tell any of you over the phone. I was going to mention it when we came to Roswell, Alec was going to try and come with us but he couldn’t. Then one thing or another came up. First your graduation, then Max’s proposal, then the news that you were leaving. I didn’t want to upset you more.”

“I helped Max get out of the hospital after I found out from our boss that she had been shipped there. I caught a ride with them when they fled Seattle. Max had told me you guys would help.”

“After I revive them.” Liz muttered. She looked at Max and Logan, “How much does he know?”

“Nothing.” Logan stated.

“Well I’ll wait until Max gets here before we decide to tell him anything. I don’t think he’ll care since they’re all leaving.”

“What do you mean they’re leaving? What about you?” Max asked

“I’m not leaving, I’m going to stay here and help you. We don’t know how your pregnancy is going to progress with all the differences in our blood.” She said knowing Max would understand the meaning behind it. “How are you?”

“I’m better. I slept on the way and got something to eat. I didn’t have any idea or I would have been more careful.”

“I should have known something was up,” Logan jumped in.

“I’m just glad you’re okay and I’m going to be an aunt again, this one I’ll get to see.” She looked over at her sisters’ boyfriend. “And by the way Logan, I suggest you stay away from my brothers. They’re not too happy with you right now. Come on I’ll take you in.”

Liz showed them in the house and into the main room yelling for everyone to join them. Kyle, Krit, Zack, and Zane were glaring at Logan so much that they didn’t even notice Alec. “Guys, what’s done is done. Leave him alone. They’ve been living together for almost a year did you think they didn’t have sex?”

“Okay, that’s a mental picture I didn’t need.” Krit said.

“Since you guys are too busy thinking of ways to torture Logan you haven’t noticed we have an added person, this is Alec.” The guys turned their attention to Alec and Liz saw Zack’s eyes widen. “I know what you’re thinking but he’s not Ben. He and Ben were twins, so he’s one of our family. He wants to go with us.”

“Where are we going?” Syl asked.

“The border. Lay low down in Mexico. Spanish is the one language we’re all fluent in.” Zack explained.

They all nodded. “I need everyone’s Ids and any other papers so I can come up with aliases.” Liz announced.

Knowing her friend was hurting Maria jumped up. “Want some help?”

“Sure.” Liz collected all of the stuff before the two girls left.

“What’s stuck up her ass?” Alec asked after Liz left. “And who put her in charge?”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about so I suggest you keep your mouth shut until you do.” Zack stated. They all listened to Liz because she was the link between the two groups. Sure Zack and Kyle were dating aliens too but it was Liz that had been the first one to bring them together. They also knew that Liz needed something to keep her mind occupied until Max got back. They were worried about her, she had already told them of her decision to stay and they knew it was tearing her up inside.

“She’s going through a rough time right now. Besides she’s doing stuff that going to save your ass so that we can get across the border.” Jack added.

“And how does she know that she can trust whoever is doing the paperwork for us?” Alec asked clueless as to how they were going to acquire what they needed.

“Because she’s doing it herself. Don’t worry about it Liz knows what she’s doing.” Zack said.



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Short Part:
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They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.

Part 16
Night of Max’s meeting, one day until Departure

Max had hidden in the back archives of the UFO center waiting until he had to meet Larek. From a pay phone his dad had called his cell phone and was able to tell him what was going on. The army had descended a few hours after everyone else had left. But they had been discreet. They had gone to everyone’s house and talked to their parents, dragging their parents in for questioning. But all the parents had told them that the kids were gone, they didn’t know where only that they headed north. Thinking the parents were lying they tried to scare them. They told the parents that their kids were dangerous some of them killers, that needed to be taken into custody. The army never figured that the parents already knew their children’s story and wasn’t frightened. Finally they resorted to threats. They tried to threaten them into telling them where the kids were, saying they would be put into cells. But Max’s father, being a lawyer, had made sure that the army knew that he was aware they were empty threats. Finally letting them leave the army had set up surveillance. Of course with the kids gone, they were doing nothing but following them around town.

Max waited as patiently as possible. He was on edge wanting to get out of Roswell. Once he knew the Center was closed he ventured out stealthily looking around for Brody. He knew the army had questioned Brody as well but of course they didn’t say anything about why they were after Max. But Brody wouldn’t rat him out even if he had to tell him the truth. But it didn’t come to that, Brody walked up a few minutes later, “Max have you settled your affairs?”

“Well Larek, there’s something I need to talk to you about.” Max started.

Once the meeting was done, Max went out the back entrance into the alley. He headed towards where he had hidden Michael’s bike half a mile away. He crept out of Roswell and circled around to make sure that he hadn’t been followed before heading to Tucson. The meeting had gone just the way he wanted it and he needed to talk to Liz.


Liz and Maria started out by making a list of different names they could use. Liz tried to keep her mind off of everything but it was hard considering what she was doing. She couldn’t believe that after all these years that she was going to have to go on the run. It made her realize how much she had taken the safety of Roswell for granted. Hopefully they could find some little town in Mexico and start over. She would help her sister with her baby and try to be happy. But with Max gone to Antar she knew that a part of her would be empty.

“Talk to me Chica.” Maria said. “And before you say nothing is bothering you I know you’re lying. I’m getting hit with just waves of your emotions despite blocking you.”

Liz sighed, knowing that Maria wasn’t going to let her slide. “I have so much going through my head right now I can’t sort it out. I want to protect my family to make sure they’re safe but I’m going to miss Max and you guys so much.”

“Liz, you know he’ll come back for you. And he’ll keep coming back until you can go back with us. Wherever you’re hiding, he’ll find you. But I think there is more you’re not telling me.”

“I’m scared. I mean running is something I’ve had to live with for so long but after a while the possibility seemed less likely. I felt safe in Roswell. Now no where is safe. This is bigger than before. If one of us who was changed gets caught they’re dissect us.”

“Then we’ll have to change what you look like so you won’t get caught. Hair color, length, any thing we can do to make you unrecognizable.” Maria said. She was going to miss Liz. It was hard to think that she wouldn’t be with them.

When they were done changing everyone’s Ids to match their new names they started figuring ways of changing their physical appearances. What would look good on who, it took awhile to do that because she had to do it so they didn’t look fake, like Liz couldn’t suddenly have blonde hair because it just didn’t look right on her. When they were done Maria had gone in search of Michael while Liz took her walk to think.

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Dedicated to:roswellluver, Killian, pandas2001, wild_child_uk, Lil Blu Bubble, Angeleyes.

Part 17:
Departure next day

That evening Liz was taking a walk of the grounds to get some air. She walked the whole perimeter of the large grounds even hiking up a few hills. Liz wished she hadn’t sold sell her bike or she would have gone for a ride.

“Why the long face?” She heard a voice say interrupting her thoughts. She looked over to see Alec sitting by the pool. She made her way over to him and sat down in the lounge chair next to him. She still couldn’t get over his resemblance to Ben, from what she could tell he wasn’t anything like him. She wondered fleetingly if he would look so much like him tomorrow when she changed his hair.

“So are you going to tell me or just stare at me?” Alec asked.

“Sorry.” Liz said before sitting down on the pool ledge, she took off her shoes and dangled her feet in the water. “I’m just a little spaced out at the moment. I was just thinking about having to go on the run.”

“I can see why that would depress you, I’ve only been at it a year and it’s not something I recommend.”

“Well Kyle and I only had to run for the first few months after the escape. Then we settled down and having been living there ever since. I just realized how lucky I was to be able to do that instead of run constantly like Zack. Here catch.” She said as she tossed Alec his new Id. She saw him wince a little as he caught it and noticed he had a bandage on his arm. “What’s that?” She asked. She moved closer to get a better look.

“A hole in my body made by a bullet.” He stated.

“Been there, done that. How did you get it?” She asked as she examined the bandage. She couldn’t help it, it was just instinct to check to make sure people were okay.

“Ow! I think you got the same bedside manner as your sister.”

“Sorry, I’m a little tense at the moment.”

“I got it when I helped Max get out of hospital. The soldiers decided to use us as target practice. Glad they weren’t very good shots.” Alec looked over his ID and let out a low whistle. “These are good. D*mn good. Make good money on the black market. You’ll have to teach me how you do it.”

“Trust me you could do it if you tried.” Liz said smiling. She wasn’t being cocky; she had used her powers so Alec wouldn’t have been able to do it.

“You guys are pretty trusting of me.” Alec said offhandedly.

Liz shrugged. “Maxie trusts you. And you’re as much our brother as Ben was, the same DNA flows through your veins. Which mean you share the same things with us as he did. Only difference is you weren’t raised with us.”

Alec smiled at her in thanks and said, “Well I have to say I came out on the better end of the deal.” He said looking around. “Because when you guys go out on the lamb you do it with style.”

“Don’t get used to it. We’re leaving tomorrow. Max, Maria, Michael, and Isabel are going to be leaving. I don’t want to be putting Laurie in anymore danger than we have to.”

“Whose is Max? I heard you mention him earlier when we arrived.”

“He’s my fiancée. He should be here soon.” She said looking at her watch. She couldn’t believe she had been walking around for two hours.

“But he’s not going with us?” Alec asked curiously upon seeing the pain flash across Liz’s eyes.

“No, he has some place else he needs to be.”

“So that’s the real reason for the long face, you’re going to miss him.” Alec said sarcastically.

“Hey, I happen to love him a lot. You wouldn’t understand.”

Alec lowered his head, “No, of course I wouldn’t, after all I’ve been locked up in Manticore until the last year. You know I bet you never once thought about the rest of us when you left. They wanted to make sure it wouldn’t happen again, that the thought of escaping hadn’t spread past the fourteen of you. So they hauled us into psycops for evaluations. While you were out in the world living the dream, we were the one’s suffering. It was the second worst time of my life. The worst was after they found out about Ben, then it was back to psycops.”

“I’m sorry. But living on the outside not all peaches and cream either although I’d prefer it to Manticore.” Liz started to say before she was hit by a surge of emotion. Fear, worriment, and frustration but they weren’t from her. They were from Max and she felt them through their connection.

“Liz? Liz?” Alec asked.

“I’ve got to go Max is in trouble.” She ran inside with Alec on her tail. She headed for where she had last left her pack to get her cell phone. She ran Zack, Ava, and Michael who looked after Liz in confusion. They saw Alec and asked him what was going on.

“I don’t know we were out by the pool talking then all of a sudden she said Max was in trouble.”

“If Liz said he’s in trouble than he is.” Ava said as they headed after her. They found her on her phone talking to someone. When she hung it up Zack asked her what was up.

“Max is stuck at the border to Arizona. He can’t find anyway through, I’m going after him to help.” She grabbed the keys to the jeep and headed for the door.

“Wait, I’m coming with you.” Michael said as they hurried after.

“No, you are staying here. If Max can’t make it back, you will open the portal when the crystal starts to glow and go to Antar. If Max can’t go then you guys are next in line for the throne. I’m not risking any of you getting caught. Jack, Jondy, and Josh should be here within the hour.” She said as she ran out the door and headed for the jeep.

“Liz, you can’t go by yourself.” Zack said as he grabbed her. “You’re not thinking clearly.”

Liz kicked him as hard as she could sending him flying back. She turned to the others and with her hand and powers sent the others flying back. She jumped in the jeep and started the engine. Just before taking off she yelled, “I’m sorry.”

She sped out of the driveway and headed for the state line. She hoped the others would forgive her but she didn’t want to risk them. Max had told her that there were soldiers at the roadblock. He himself had told her not to come, that he would stay there until the morning and try to get across when they switched guards. She’d been driving about ten minutes when Ava appeared in the passenger seat.

“AVA!” Liz yelled as she swerved.

“What? You didn’t think I was going to let you go alone did you?”

“How in the hell did you sneak in here?”

Ava looked at her like she was insane. “Mindwarp, duh. You were so busy fighting with Michael and Zack, that I was able mindwarp you and you didn’t see me sneak into the jeep. As soon as you took off out of the house I knew what you were planning. You’re going to need me.”

“Even though I didn’t want you to risk yourself, thank you. “

“Hey, you’re my best friend and the closest thing I’ll ever have to a sister. If I can help it, I’m not going to let you get caught.” Just then Liz’s phone rang. “I think I’ll answer that. I’m probably the better one to try and calm him down.” Ava said knowing it was Zack, and that he wasn’t going to be happy. Liz nodded and floored the jeep.

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Dedicated to:pandas2001,wild_child_uk, 3somefan, Lil Blu Bubble, roswellluver, and Lillie.

They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.

Part 18

By the time Zack got to his feet, Liz was already heading down the driveway. She had hit him hard and he hadn’t been expecting it. “You guys okay?” He looked over at Alec and Michael that’s when noticed Ava wasn’t next to him. “Where’s Ava?” Both guys shrugged that’s when Zack figured out what had happened. “I’m going to kill both of them.” He muttered to himself.

“What the hell just happened? How did Liz just toss us with no more than the wave of her hand?” Alec asked.

“Great. This is all we need.” Michael said as they headed back to the house. “I’m just glad Maria is asleep or she’d kill me for letting Liz go by herself.”

“She didn’t go by herself. Ava’s with her.” Michael looked around at Zack’s statement. “Shit!”

“Alec we will explain everything in just a minute.” Zack pulled his phone out and dialed Liz’s phone. A minute later he heard Ava’s voice, “Hello?”

“Don’t hello me Ava. I’ve told you not to do that mind shit on me.”

“And you would have let me go if I didn’t?” She asked.

“Of course not. I didn’t want Liz to go either but that neither one of you listens to me.” He muttered.

“Zack, you have to understand why we’re doing this. Liz doesn’t want you to risk yourselves and I could let her go by herself. She needs me. I’m the only one who can mindwarp and we’re going to need that power to get him through the roadblock. We can’t let Max get caught. Not again.” She pleaded. He knew how important Ava’s friends were to her. They were her family. She was closer to them then the group she had been raised with. In the year she had lived in Roswell they had become a close family.

“Call me as soon as you guys get him through. And tell my sister I still want to have a chat with her when you get back.”

“Love you.” Ava said

“Me, too.” Zack said before hanging up the phone. Despite what he said, he understood why his sister had done what she had done. He would do the same thing for Ava. He would do anything for her especially if she was in danger. He put his thoughts aside and went to deal with Alec. Although he was no longer the CO of his unit he was the oldest of his family and they still all looked up to him. It was one reason why him and Max didn’t get along so well but they were getting better.

He walked into the living room where everyone was waiting and saw Michael had already told Alec the basics of the aliens’ story. He waited until he finished before he said anything. Alec looked like he was having a hard time believing despite what he saw Liz do. “If you have these ‘special powers’ show me something.”

Michael waved his hand over a near by plant and turned it into a stature then back again. Alec’s face stayed blank just like they had been trained but Zack could see the surprise in his eyes. “Alec, three of our family, X5s just like you have been changed because of the aliens. All three of them almost died but Max stepped in and healed him. He has also healed all of us of the seizures, but it didn't change us like the others. We have all sworn to keep their secret just as they have kept ours. They helped us bring down Manticore, and we helped them with their own enemies. Now because of that they are able to go home which they are tomorrow. Liz, Kyle and I were going to go with them but then we had to go on the run.”

“Maxie is one that was healed isn’t she?”

“Yes, she was. She was shot when we blew up Manticore.” Krit answered.

“From what she told me the doctors were able to see X5 traits as well as alien properties in her blood. Liz and Kyle are the other ones who were healed, Liz first. Because this is the first pregnancy that one of the changed females has had we don’t know what differences there may be. We don’t even have anything to base it on. The only X5 we know that has gotten pregnant is our sister Tinga, she was a regular X5, and her husband was a regular human. We have all kind of combinations. X5 and alien, changed X5 and alien, changed human and alien, changed X5 and human. Pick a mixture and we have it.”

“They’re the foursquare that Logan mentioned in his message aren’t they?” Alec asked.

“Yes, they are. Is everything clear?” Zack asked.


Zack walked over to stand in front of Zane, Krit, and Josh. The four boys looked at Alec and assumed a threatening posture. “If you betray us and expose them you will be endangering three siblings as well as our future niece or nephew. For that we will catch up with you and make sure you pay for it, brother or not. They might be leaving but Kyle, Maxie, and Liz will still be here.”

Alec knew that they were serious, deadly serious. “I won’t tell.”

“You’re taking this pretty well.” Michael said.

“If you guys were going to hurt me you would have already done it. You haven’t except for Liz throwing me across the driveway. You’re just trying to get through life just like us. And if they trust you, which is a hard thing for us to do then I do too.”

“Good, Jack, Jondy, and Josh should be here soon and then we have to is wait for Liz, Ava, and Max to get back.” Zack said impatiently. They all sat back and began the wait.


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They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.

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Today is my son’s fourth birthday. I can’t believe it.

Dedicated to: Lillie (2 times), roswellluver, 3somefan, pandas2001(3 times), wild_child_uk (2 times), Lil Blu Bubble (2 times), katmcken, and Mary N 008

Part 19
Morning of Departure

Max stayed in his hiding spot in the trees and watched as the roadblock checked every car. He didn’t know for certain but was pretty sure that the roadblocks were for them. After all Roswell, New Mexico had the greatest concentration of the two groups, alien and X5, and they wanted to make sure that they got them. ‘The others are already gone. You’re too late.’ He thought. It had been three hours since he talked to Liz and he was still waiting for an opportunity to slip through. His attention waved when he felt the familiar tinge that meant Liz was near. But before he could wander where she was she appeared before him using her astral projection. “Liz, I told you not to come. It’s too dangerous.”

“I’ve heard that before. Now listen, in one minute Ava is going to do a mindwarp. When you feel her do it, stay close to the woods and make your way down the highway. The jeep is waiting just past the next turn.” Max nodded, trusting Liz. She knew what she was talking about.

In the time that Ava had lived in Roswell, all of the members of the group who had alien in them were able to sense when she mindwarped. It was partly because their powers had gotten stronger and also because they could recognize her energy. He felt the buzzing in his brain that signaled the warp. He crept out of his hiding place and headed the way Liz told him. He had just made it past the soldiers when two more appeared out of the woods.

Both soldiers pointed their guns at him, “Hands up.” One of them ordered. Max did as he was told to buy his time before he used his powers. “What are you doing?”

“Just walking. My truck broke down about a mile back and was going to see if anyone could help me. The other soldiers looked busy so I was looking around for someone else.”

“Yeah, right. Or maybe you’re one of the kids we’re looking for and you were trying to sneak by.” The soldier talking motioned with his gun over to the checkout point. “Why don’t we just take a walk over there?”

Just then he saw Liz coming out of the woods, so fast that if he wasn’t used to the way she moved he wouldn’t have seen her. She grabbed the closest soldier’s gun and elbowed him in the face. She jumped in the air kicking the other soldier in the solar plexus before bringing her heel down on the side of his head. He fell to the ground as she snatched the other soldier’s gun away and hit him in the stomach with the butt of it before knocking him out. “Max RUN!” She said.

They both took off in the direction of the jeep. They were half way there when they both felt the mindwarp drop but by that time they were far away enough that the soldiers, who had their backs to them, didn’t notice. They didn’t even have time to wonder why Ava had dropped the mindwarp since as soon as they rounded the turn they saw. Ava with one soldier aiming their machinegun at her while another one drug her out of the jeep. Max skidded to a halt and pulled Liz behind a near by tree. They watched as the soldiers started interrogating Ava. Liz whispered an idea to Max quickly and he nodded. She handed him her gun in case he’d need it while she kept the automatic that she had taken off the soldier.

The soldiers kept pushing Ava around, and she was sick of it. She would just toss them away with her powers but she wasn’t sure where Max and Liz were. Just as that thought went through her head Liz appeared behind the two soldiers, “Hey I didn’t know soldiers’ orders were to push around the ones they‘re interrogating.” She nodded slightly to Ava, in signal.

One of the soldiers turned around to face the new girl but she was faster. She brought her leg up quickly and kicked him in the stomach as Ava slammed the heel of her palm into the others face, stunning him. Ava then raised her hand and sent him flying backwards into a tree. Liz brought her elbow down to the soldier’s back knocking him to the ground.

“Come on you two!” Max yelled from the driver’s seat. While Liz had walked up to the soldiers, Max had been able to sneak up to the jeep. He had wanted to be the one to go but Liz had said they wouldn’t think of her as a threat because of her size. Not to mention if she ran into trouble he would be able to raise his shield quickly enough to block any soldiers from the checkpoint if they came.

Ava and Liz jumped into the jeep and they sped off for Tucson. “Good hit Ava.” Liz commented.

“I learned it from your brother.” Ava managed to get out before they hear gunfire erupt from behind them.

“Get down!” Max yelled trying to speed up. Liz managed to look over top of the jeep and saw three soldiers shooting at them. The one she had hit was sitting on the ground next to them shooting as well. He must have told them what had happened. It was then that an army jeep pulled on to the highway to pursue them. The shooters in it had taken up the firing.

“Liz, take the wheel!” Max ordered. Liz slide over and took the wheel and replaced her foot on the gas pedal. Max slide-out from under her and turned around. As he did he brought up his shield protecting them from the gunfire. Liz tried to drive faster but not to swerve and run down the steep incline. In doing that she got an idea. “Ava, can you make them think we went down into the incline and crashed?”

Ava nodded knowing what Liz was thinking. “How many can you see?” She asked Max.

“Three. One driver, two shooters.” Ava closed her eyes and concentrated. Max watched as a moment later the shooting stop and the soldiers’ jeep pulled over to the side. He knew that Ava’s warp was working. He dropped the shield and put his hand on her shoulder to feed her energy, in case she needed it. After they were a couple miles away, Liz turned onto another highway that would let them crisscross their way to Laurie’s and Ava dropped the warp.

“Are you okay?” Liz asked her friend.

“Yeah, it was no sweat.” She said as they sped off to Tucson.

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THe next part is a conversation between Liz, Ava, and Max talking about Alec and a little more history about the X5s.
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Dedicated to: Snowdove30, roswellluver, wild_child_uk, Lil Blu Bubble, MoMo, and Lillie.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes you sent my son.

NOTE: I know they probably would have had parts of this discussion a long time ago but I didn’t put it in the other stories so I put it in this one. Also as you’ve guys have probably noticed, I ignored the whole Zack loving Max G. thing. Just keep ignoring it.

Part 20

“So Alec is Ben’s twin? Which would make him your brother too?” Max asked as he drove. Liz had filled Max in on everything as they drove.

“Yeah, except he wasn’t raised with us. Knowing Manticore they probably separated them to see if they developed differently. He was in another unit.”

“But I thought you guys were the first unit?” Max interrupted.

“We were the first completed unit. Zack, Tinga, Jack, Max, Jondy, and Ben and now I guess Alec were the first ones born in that order, all over the course of a year. Then months after giving birth our mothers were tested to make sure they could be impregnated again. That’s why there are different degrees of age difference between us. Kyle and I were the only third babies; all the other mothers had two. From what Max told me some of our mothers in the end didn’t like giving up their children, several of them were kept locked up between births. After the oldest were born and survived the scientists brought in more surrogates and started another unit. They wanted as many soldiers as possible. We saw them occasionally but not often. If we had seen them more than maybe we would have known about Alec.”

“Are you guys related to the other units?”

“Except for Alec, no. The mothers weren’t mixed between the units. They wouldn’t want all of the units to be related, it would eventually lead to a weakening of the blood.”

“What do you mean?” Ava asked.

“Initially, Manticore planned on setting up a breeding camp when we came of age. They wanted two X5s to mate and hoped that the child would be a natural transgenic hopefully even farther advanced.”

“Breed?” Max asked knowing what she meant.

“Yeah, they were going to pair up couples by their DNA. You know who was the most compatible with who. That’s why we weren’t all related. It would lead to inbreeding and that could cause problems. That way they wouldn’t have to find more surrogates later, their soldiers could carry the next generation.” Liz said disgusted.

“You never have explained to me how you are all related but look completely different.” Ava said.

“It’s kind of complicated. We’re all related to each other through what could be called our father’s side. They used the sperm from one donor then an egg from each mother. Our mothers are where most of us get our looks. After the egg was fertilized they would go in and alter the DNA, adding the enhancements and the animal DNA that’s mixed in. So we are all at least half, Max and Krit are my only full blood siblings. Kyle’s only full bloods are Jondy and Jack. Then Zack & Syl, Josh & Tinga, Ben, Alec, & Eva, and Zane & Brin.”

“Do you know who your father was?” Ava asked.

“No, we never met any of our parents. The women were gone after they gave birth the last time. We don’t know if Manticore killed them or they just left. All we know about our ‘father’ was that he was someone high up in Manticore.”

“It wasn’t Lydecker was it?” Max knew how much they hated Lydecker and hoped he wasn’t the donor.

“No, that much we know for sure. It was someone even higher than him.”

“Do you think your sister Brin could have escaped like Alec?” Max asked.

“No, Krit didn’t tell me until a few months ago but Brin was in the guard room when it blew. He knows she didn’t make it out because he and Syl disengaged the locks so they couldn’t come out while they were laying the explosives. They didn’t know she was in there until the damage was done to the locks.” Liz lowered her head. It still hurt knowing that her sister was working for the enemy. Although it helped to know she hadn’t been the same as the Brin they had grown up with. Manticore had made sure of that when they captured her again.

“I’m sorry Liz.” Max apologized for bringing up the memory. He knew Liz missed her siblings that had died. Zack, Kyle and Liz rarely talked about their deceased siblings, even to them. Max had seen flashes of them but that was it, she still blocked a lot about Manticore from him.

“It wasn’t really her, Brin died when Manticore put her in for reindoctrination.” Liz cringed as the word passed her lips.

“How did Manticore get Brin?” Ava asked. Zack was the same way as Liz when it came to talking about Manticore. She hadn’t gotten him to talk about some of it but some of the things they had done to them and their deceased siblings they kept locked up inside.

“She was sick. She had progeria, and was close to dying. Future Max had told me that in his timeline Brin had died the next year from it so I told Zack in the hopes that he could help her. Zack and Max hated to do it but they had to surrender her so that Manticore could help her. It was around the time of the summit. Zack was captured shortly after. He was there for a couple of months. Kyle and I knew something was up when we didn’t hear from him around Christmas. It was right before the whole gandarum thing that he finally managed to escape but he was bugged and almost gave away our locations, he did give away Zane’s, Tinga’s and Jondy’s. Logan sent out a message to warn us. Zane and Jondy were fine, that was when Jondy moved out east but they went after Tinga and she had to go into hiding. She left her husband and Case behind thinking they were safe and they were for about three or four months. When she found out they weren’t she went back for them, you know the rest.”

“So is Alec like Ben?” Ava asked.

“From what I’ve seen no. Just about the complete opposite. He’s cocky, and a smart aleck. Maybe that’s how he got his name. Kind of like Kyle. Ben wasn’t like that.”

“What was he like? Ben, I mean.” Max asked.

“When we were kids back at Manticore, he always wanted answers for everything. You know why we were there? What was outside? So he would make up these fantastic stories to explain things. God, Ky and I would sit there and listen to them over and over. He always talked about the Blue Lady, someone we prayed to when things got bad. She was actually a picture of the Virgin Mary. We had a little altar to her. He also talked about the nomalies. They were the first experiments, ordinary people mostly prisoners that had had gene therapy. Manticore experimented on them before they attempted us. Ben said that when a soldier was bad that was where they went but when he was a good soldier, he went to the high place.” They could see the far-off look in Liz’s eyes. “I remember when Zack came and told us. We had just gotten back from Vegas, and Zack was waiting for us. Somehow he had found out that Manticore had Ben's body. They found him in the woods, his neck and leg broken.”

“They didn’t know what happened?” Ava asked.

Liz shook her head. “They were after him hard. He had killed some people. Alec said that after Ben’s body was found, he had to go into psychops. Probably thought he had gone nuts and wanted to see if it was genetic. If he did kill those people I don’t know why. Maybe living on the outside got to him.” Liz wiped the tears from her eyes. “Can we talk about something else?”

“Sure, Liz.” Max said wishing he wasn’t driving so that he could hold her. He felt horrible; he had asked about Ben to get her mind off of her sister and only made it worse.

“So how did the meeting with Larek go?” Ava asked trying to change the subject.

“I’ll tell you about it when we get to the house, I want everyone there so I don’t have to go over it twice.” Max said. He could see that the subject of him leaving without her wasn’t improving Liz’s mood. He was glad they were close to Laurie’s, he really wanted to talk to everyone.

(Note: I hope I explained that right. Basically they all have the same paternity but some have different mothers. In ASF, I mentioned Kyle and Liz didn’t have the same mother and so I wanted to explain how they were all related. I also had to explain why they all look different. I matched Maxie, Krit, and Liz because they all have the same dark hair and eyes. Here are the siblings:
Zack & Syl
Tinga & Josh
Jondy, Jack, & Kyle
Max, Krit, & Liz
Zane & Brin
Ben, Alec, & Eva

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Part 21

They pulled up to Laurie’s and Max parked the jeep. “Av? Can you go ask everyone to meet up? I want to talk to Liz for a minute then we’ll be in.”

Ava nodded and jumped out of the jeep and headed to find everyone. Max held his hand out and pulled Liz into his lap. He leaned over and kissed her deeply. When they pulled away he said, “You know this is beginning to be a habit. I save you, you save me.”

“That won’t happen anymore.” Liz said thinking that by the end of the day she’d be alone.

“Hey, don’t give up on us yet, you never know how things work out.” He said. She looked at him strangely but he just put a finger to her lips and said, “Come on, the others are waiting.”

They made their way into the house and saw that everyone was gathered. With fifteen people plus Max and Liz it was a tight fit but they managed. As they entered the room, Liz was almost knocked over by Maria. “Oh my God Lizzie I was so worried about you. I go to sleep and you’re here then when I wake up, you and Ava are gone.”

“I didn’t mean to worry you.” Liz said looking at everyone.

Krit said, “See Zack, they made it back in one piece.”

“Funny Krit.” Zack mumbled then turned his eyes to their baby sister. “What’s the point in having a family of transgenics as well as friends with alien powers if you don’t use them when you need them? Let us decide if we want to help, it’s our lives. It wasn’t a good idea to go running off by yourself.”

“I wasn’t by myself.” Liz started but Zack cut her off. “You didn’t know Ava was with you. You knew you were going to be outnumbered. I understand why you did it but you have to be more careful.”

“Fine, I’ll be more careful.” Liz said. “So what have you guys been up to?”

“Well after your little display of your powers during your escape we had to tell Alec about everything.” Michael answered. Liz’s eyes drifted to Alec. “Sorry I didn’t introduce you. Alec this is Max. Max, Alec.”

Max stepped forward and shook Alec’s hand. “Liz told me how you helped Maxi get out of the hospital. Thank you.”

Alec just shrugged, “No problem. She helped me out of a few jams, I was just paying her back.”

“Liz also mentioned you got shot in the process, do you trust me enough to heal it?” Max asked. Alec looked the dark haired alien up and down, “Will I end up green like the others?”

Max laughed, “No, you’re only changed if I have to heal a fatal injury.”

“Then sure.” Alec said.

Max reached out and healed the small wound. It wasn’t that bad and he didn’t even have to form a connection to do it. Once he was done he said, “Good as new.”

Alec lifted his arm and moved it around, “I definitely see why they keep you around.”

“You know Max you need to start charging. You’ve patched enough bullet holes in X5s.” Krit commented. “First Liz, then Ky and finally Maxie. Plus you healed Zack’s shoulder and Alec’s arm.” They all laughed.

“How are you feeling?” Max asked the pregnant X5.

“Fine. Logan has been being over protective not letting me do anything. I told him I’m fine as long I sleep and eat enough.” Max explained. “But there are a few things. Number one is I was looking over the parts of my chart that Alec was able to grab and the doctors at Harbor Lights figured I was about four months along but I know I can’t be more than six weeks.”

“The change in your blood could speed up the pregnancy.” Liz threw in.

“That’s what we figured. Oh, and we’re pretty sure that the baby will have powers.”

“What?” Liz asked.

“Earlier, I was arguing with the guys and I didn’t feel like fighting anymore so I tried to leave. Jack yelled that they weren’t finished yet and reached for me but he couldn’t. There was a shield like Max’s standing between us. I’ve never been able to do that. I think the baby thought we were in danger and defended us. I calmed down and the shield disappeared.”

Liz gasped and covered her mouth during her sister’s story. Everyone looked at her and saw tears in her eyes. “What? What is it?” Logan asked.

Before Liz answered she looked over at Max and saw his nod. She looked back at her sister and Logan, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. You were right the shield is the baby’s. That’s why I reacted the way I did. I was happy knowing I would have a nephew soon.”

“It’s a boy?” Logan asked. Liz nodded.

“How do you know?” Maxie asked.

“The shield is a physical, not a mental power. Physical powers are given to male Antarians. It said so in the translation of the book.
The shield, the healing, the blasts all physical powers. Astral projection, mindwarping, dreamwalking, your transtelekinsis are all mental powers. So since the shield went up it means that the baby is a boy.”

Logan pulled Max into a hug as everyone else smiled. When the two broke apart the others moved to embrace them all as well. When things calmed down Zack finished telling them what they had bee doing. “We mapped out the best route to Mexico.”

Max held up his hand, “Wait a minute. Before anyone makes plans I need to tell you all something. I might have a way to help everyone.”

“Get on with it Maxwell.” Michael said.

“I talked to Larek and I might have a solution to keep everyone safe. I figured that since everyone had to flee their lives and since you guys are willing to go to Mexico you might be willing to go a bit farther. I’m offering to give you sanctuary on Antar.”

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They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.

Dedicated to: pandas2001, MoMo, calphysics, wild_child_uk, Lillie, Lil Blu Bubble, and roswellluver.

I’m glad you all liked that I made Max and Logan’s baby a boy, does anyone have a guess what they’ll name it?

Part 22

“Antar?” Jondy asked. “Like we would go with you?”

“Yes. Anyone who wants to go is welcome. You guys can start over there and you will be safe, no one will come after you for what you are.”

“Holy shit.” Alec exclaimed.

“I told Larek that you guys were being hunted partly because of your involvement with us. I didn’t have enough time to tell him the whole story but we can fill him and my mother when we get there. You can live in the palace. Kivar liked to live extravagantly so the palace is in good condition and you would all have your own rooms. He also said that the Antarians are more open-minded than humans are. Logan would be welcome too.”

“But what would we do? With our lives, I mean?” Josh asked.

“Well if Liz decides to go, we would still be getting married. You would be the Queen’s family. You could do anything you want. If you would be willing whether Liz goes or not, I would give you positions within the court. I need people I trust and I trust everyone in this room with my life.” Max stated. “If you get there and don’t like it, we can open the portal and let you come back.”

“My family needs sometime to discuss this.” Zack said.

“So everyone out who doesn’t have a barcode.” Josh stated. “Well except Logan.”

“We’ll be leaving tonight. You have until then, we’ll leave you.” Max said as he got up. He leaned over and kissed Liz gently. “I told you not to give up.” She smiled at him before he turned and motioned for Isabel, Michael, Ava and Maria to follow him. Ava and Isabel kissed Zack and Kyle before leaving.

When they were all gone, they all sat in silence until Kyle said, “I take back every bad thing I said about Evans.”

“I’m with you there Kyle.” Zack said. “Okay everybody we’ve got two choices. Choice A go to Mexico and hide out or Choice B go to Antar. It’s your own decision.”

“Liz, what do you think Antar is like?” Jondy asked.

“We don’t really know for sure. The only ones who had any memories were the dupes and we know they weren’t reliable. I guess that physically it’ll be similar to Earth since Larek said we would be able to survive there.”

“Think about this guys, no running, no worrying about people finding out about us. Since Manticore was gone the heats been off but the danger is back. And this time it’s the army, and they’re not going to be secretive about it. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of living with that.” Zane said.

“I’m with Zane. I want our son to be safe, Max too.” Logan said. Max smiled at him, “Are you sure you could give all of this up?”

“As long as I’m with you I’m home.” Logan said.

“Okay, looks like Logan, Max and me are going, who else?” Kyle said.

“Well I was staying so I could help Maxie with the baby so since she’s going I’m going.” Liz said.

“I’m in.” Zane said.

“Me, too.” Josh added. “Looks a lot better than hiding.”

“I gotta see if all Antarian women look like Ava and Isabel so I’m going.” Alec smiled not paying attention to the glares from Zack or Kyle.

“I’m not giving up the chance to be part of a royal court.” Jondy threw in.

“I can’t let you guys have all the fun.” Syl said smiling.

“I agree with Syl, I’m not going to be stuck here while you guys are living a life of style.” Jack stated.

“Well hell I’m not going to be the only one left behind.” Krit said.

“I’m going too.” Zack answered last.

Liz jumped up squealing. She ran around hugging everyone nearly knocking Syl on the floor. She was so happy, she got to go with Max and she didn’t have to give up her family. She got up and headed out the door. “I’ve got to go find Max.”
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They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.
Dedicated to:Lillie, 3somefan, wild_child_uk, Lullaby, roswellluver, Lil Blu Bubble, Mary N 008, pandas2001, and Brook.

Part 23

Liz ran into the kitchen where the others were waiting, “We’re going!” She practically screamed as she jumped into Max’s arms. She felt them tighten around her in a crushing hug but she was pulled away a minute later by Maria. “Oh I am so happy you are going. I didn’t want to say anything earlier because I didn’t want to make you feel bad but I don’t think I could do it if you weren’t going.”

Liz’s smile grew, “Well I’ll be right there with you.” And the two girls hugged again.

“I hate to interrupt but Max was going to tell us about leaving tonight and if everyone is going then we should probably go tell everyone.” Michael said. They all headed to join the others and once everyone was settle Max started to lay out the details. “I want sure how long it would take me to get back here so I set our departure time for tonight so we have about eight hours left on Earth. Larek will turn the power source on and once the crystal starts to glow we open the portal like Liz did before. Then we just walk through it and we’ll be safe on Antar. Like Larek said before we will be in a small room off of the thrown room, our families will be there waiting for us.”

“How many go at a time?” Zack asked.

“I think two at a time would work best, with one man out since we’re odd number.” Max stated.

“Maria and I will go first. I don’t think you should go until last.” Michael said to Max. Max nodded and they figured out the order that it would go. Michael and Maria would go first then Zack and Ava. The rest of the X5s and Logan would then follow. After them Kyle and Isabel were next with Max and Liz last.

“We shouldn’t leave all of our cars out front. We should take them somewhere and ditch them.” Krit said.

“Zane, Krit, Josh, Jack, and I will take them someplace and ditch them.” Zack explained, then turned to Michael. “Does Laurie have a car you could follow us in, so we don’t have to walk back?” Michael nodded, “Yeah, no problem.”

“Wait, when our parents are notified about the abandoned cars they will be worried. They offered to help anyone who needed it and I don’t want them to think something bad happened.” Liz stated then got an idea. “Logan can you send out another message? To let them know that we’re leaving Earth? That way we can tell all the parents instead of a couple if I projected to them or Isabel dreamwalked them.”

“That could cause problems for them, the army has them under surveillance and if we say we’re leaving Earth then they’ll bug them more.” Max threw in.

“Not if we word it right.” Liz said as she grabbed a piece of paper and started to write. She wrote it quickly then handed it to Logan. Logan read it then smiled. “It’s perfect. I just need my laptop and the rest of equipment.”

“I’ll get it.” Maxie said. She went and grabbed the laptop along with the bag of equipment. Logan set everything up, took off his glasses, and started the message.


Logan shut off the camera and took off the headset. “I’ll run it again before we leave just in case they missed it.”

“Thank you. I know my parents would worry about the others if they didn’t know they were going with us.” Liz said.

“That was good Liz.” Zack said, “We better get going.” The guys left to drop off the cars.

Liz and the others headed to kitchen to eat while Max went upstairs to take a shower. When Liz finished eating she decided she needed some time alone with Max and snuck upstairs.
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Dedicated to:Lillie (2x), pandas2001, wild_child_uk, Lil Blu Bubbles, Lullaby (2x), Roswellluver, and angeleyes

Guys, this story is going to be long. I’ve been looking at everything I want to put in like adjusting to Antar, love lives of a few X5s, Max & Liz’s wedding, and Max and Logan’s Baby just to name a few. Not to mention an enemy on Antar. So I just wanted to let you know.

Part 24

Liz quietly shut the door behind her. She could hear that the shower wasn’t running and figured Max was already done with his shower. She headed for the adjoining bathroom when the door opened and Max walked out shirtless and in a fresh pair of jeans. His hair was still wet and hung slightly over his eyes. Liz thought he looked gorgeous. “Feel better?”

Max looked up suddenly and saw Liz had come into the room. He had felt her before he came out of the bathroom and knew she was close but didn’t think she would be in the bedroom. “Yeah, the UFO center doesn’t exactly have a working shower.”

“Good,” Liz said as she walked up and ran a finger down his chest. Like always-just being in his presence was affecting her body. She inhaled his manly scent and wanted to taste him but was waiting for him.

Seeing the look of desire in her eyes, Max couldn’t help but kiss her. Like always their connection sprung up instantly. They could both feel each others desire and the passion in their kisses grew. Max pulled his lips off her mouth and began to trail kisses down her jaw line to her neck. Liz let out a small moan when she felt his lips continue to her shoulders and started pushing him back to the bed until his legs hit the bed. He fell back and Liz straddled him. She felt like she couldn’t get close enough to him. She rocked her hips in the attempt to close what little space there was in between them and came in contact with the hard evidence of his arousal. The small contact made her arousal ache even more and she continued to grind her heat into him seeking relief.

The feel of her soft skin and the low moans he heard just fueled him on. When he felt her grinding into him he moved back up to her lips. They continued like this for a little while until the need to taste more of Liz overwhelmed him. He reached to the hem of her shirt and started pulling it up. He broke off the kiss and rid her of the shirt. He leaned forward and kissed his way from her neck to her breasts. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and began to tease it with his tongue. He sucked on it bringing it to a hard-aroused peak before moving to do the same thing to the other one.

Liz could feel the ache between her legs growing even more at the feel of Max’s mouth on her. In the attempt to get some control over her body she pulled his head up to her and began to ravish his mouth. As she did, she began to run her hands over his muscular chest. She broke off the kiss, and began to explore his chest with her mouth. As she made her way down to his navel she undid his jeans. When Max moved to stop her she grabbed his hands and pinned them to his sides. Squeezing them to show him that she wanted him to keep his hands at his sides, she went back to her task. She pulled down his zipper as she kissed along his waistline. She gave a gentle tug on the jeans and Max raised his hips to allow her to pull them off.

Once the jeans were completely off Liz crawled her way back up Max’s body sprinkling butterfly kisses along the way. When she reached his lips she began kissing him again and ran her hand down his chest to his boxers. Her hand was just inside when Max stopped her again but this time he said, “My turn.”

He flipped her over and kissed his way down back down to her breasts, laving his tongue over both as he rid her of her jeans. He hooked his thumbs in her panties and pulled them down her shapely legs. He kissed his way from her ankle to her thighs eliciting more moans. “Shh, you have to be quiet, love.”

Liz nodded her understanding but didn’t think she’d be able to especially after Max used one hand to spread her legs and kissed his way down to her center. He could tell how aroused she was and ran his tongue experimentally down her center. When she bucked her hips he continued until he felt her shuddering from her oncoming orgasm.

“MAX!” Liz yelled.


“Oh my God.” Syl exclaimed.

“Well I just lost my appetite.” Jondy stated.

“What? What’s wrong?” Maria just looked at them and the other X5s as they all grimaced.

Alec just laughed. “Well these two are commenting on the fact that they can hear their little sister upstairs screaming Max’s name. And by the sound of it, she’s not pissed, quite the opposite.”

“Eww, I didn’t want to know that. I’m glad my hearing isn’t as good as yours.” Isabel stated.

“I bet we could be louder.” Kyle said smirking.

“I’m glad Zack or the other guys aren’t here. They’d all be blowing a gasket.” Ava commented.

Everyone looked at Kyle, knowing how protective he was of Liz, to see if he would say anything, “I'm not stupid enough to go up there. I saw how she treated Zack last time he tried to stop the two of them and I don’t want to be executed the moment I step on Antar.”

“I hope there are some good looking guys on Antar, I’m sick of being one of the only two single girls in this group.” Jondy stated. They all decided to retreat outside to the pool so that the ones with transgenic hearing couldn’t hear the two lovers upstairs.


When she came down from her high, he made his way back up her body and began to kiss her. She didn’t lie still for long. She flipped him over on his back and removed his boxers. Max hissed loudly when he felt Liz’s small hand surround his straining cock. When she began to move up and down, Max knew he wouldn’t last long.

“You keep doing that it will be over before it starts.” Max said. She raised her hands and began petting other parts of him. When she was sure he was calmed down enough she asked, “Max, do you have?”

Knowing she was asking about a condom he shook his head and retrieved one from his wallet. He rolled it on himself and had just positioned himself on top of her when she flipped him over again. She grabbed a hold of him and impaled herself on him.

“Oh my God, Max!” Liz gasped as she flung her head back. She began to ride him and they reached a rhythm that they both liked. Liz continued to ride him until she felt herself start to go over the edge again. Max felt her muscles tighten around him and let himself go. After they calmed down and cleaned themselves up Max pulled Liz into his arms and they laid down on the bed together.

“I can’t believe we’re all going to Antar.” Liz stated.

“As soon as we get there we’ll start planning our wedding. I already talked to Larek and he said that it would help raise spirits.”

“Will we be able to have it soon?” Liz asked.

“Probably, the sooner the better. Until we’re married we’ll have separate quarters.” Max explained. “The others can share rooms but something about the King and future Queen cohabiting won’t sit well.”

“This I guess this is the last time we’ll do this for a while. Unless I can sneak into your chambers.” Liz smiled. “I sleep better when I’m next to you.”

“When was the last time you slept?” Max said worriedly. He knew that Liz didn’t need to sleep much and could function well. But he also knew that she would be pushing herself and not taking rest when she needed it.

“The night the others left Roswell. I’m fine.” Liz said. “We better head downstairs and see what the others are up to.” They both got dressed and went in search of their families.


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Dedicated to: Lullaby, Mary N 008, Lillie, pandas2001(2times), wild_child_uk, Sassy, Lil Blu Bubble, roswellluver, and katmcken(2times)

If anyone has any suggestions for Max and Liz’s wedding, I’m all ears.

Part 25

Liz and Max made their way out to the pool only to be greeted by the stares of their friends and family. “What?” Liz asked.

“When we get to Antar, can you make sure your room is either on the other side of the palace or soundproof?” Syl asked.

“Liz next time Max makes you scream remember that there are others with as good as hearing as you within the state.” Maxie stated smiling. Liz and Max caught on and blushed deeply as the others laughed.

Their last hours left on Earth were spent just relaxing around the house. The guys came back shortly and they joined them out by the pool. They got to know Alec, he was a pretty laid back guy considering he had spent all but a year of his life in Manticore. He had had a lot of outside missions mostly solo ones, the assignations. He had also run scams on the inside.

Michael and Jack cooked a big dinner while the others showered and put on fresh clothes. Alec had to borrow some since he had been with Max and Logan and unable to get any of his stuff. He said he hadn’t left much behind preferring to travel light. They figured they would get different clothes once they reached Antar. The customs, language, etc. would be different and they would have to learn all of it. It would take time but shouldn’t be too difficult. The X5s had photographic memories while the aliens and Maria could scan. Max, Kyle and Liz could do both. Logan was the only one without the advantage but he was a fast learner.

Although no one tried to show it, Liz could tell everyone was a little anxious about what was going to happen. After all they were going to another planet. This was definitely not something Manticore had ever planned for them. Lydecker was probably rolling over in his grave, if he had even been buried, knowing what his ‘kids’ were doing.

Right on time, the crystal on top of the portal pyramid started to glow purple. Max set the device in the middle of the living room and asked, “Is everyone sure about this?”

Everyone nodded and Michael was the only one that spoke, “What are you going to do with the device? We can’t just leave it here.”

“Once the portal is activated and all of you are through, there is a release button on the side. I’ll push it then Liz and I have one minute to go through before it’s shut off. After it’s released I’ll just pick it up and we’ll go. When Liz and I emerge on the other side the emissary will do another test on me to make sure I’m not a imposter.”

“What test?” Krit asked.

“It’s a little hard to explain but he’ll make sure that I have the royal seal.” Max stated.

“It’s kind of like our barcodes, Max was made with it.” Liz explained.

“Let’s do this.” Michael stated. Max reached down and activated the device. Like before the portal flared up in front of them. Michael looked at the nervous Maria and grabbed her hand. He leaned in close and said, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Maria whispered back. The two grabbed their bags and the others watched as they disappeared into the portal. Zack and Ava grabbed their belongings and disappeared. Jondy and Jack were next, followed by Krit and Syl, Zane and Millie (he couldn’t leave her behind), Max and Logan, Josh and Alec. After Isabel and Kyle went through, Max looked at Liz. “Ready?”

Liz took a deep breath, “Ready.”

Max hit the release button and stuffed the device in his bag, grabbing Liz’s hand the soon to be King of Antar and his future queen disappeared into the portal. Leaving an empty house that didn’t look any different although eleven Manticore transgenic soldiers, a regular human, a changed human, a German shepherd, and four aliens just went through a portal transporting them across space.

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They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.

Dedicated to: Mary N 008, Lillie, pandas2001, wild_child_uk, katmcken, roswellluver, Lil Blu Bubble(2 Times), and Roswell lover 1

Part 26

Liz could only describe traveling through the portal as like being on a roller coaster. She felt herself being pulled forward at an amazing speed through a tunnel of stars. It was beautiful. Then as quickly as it started it was over and Liz felt like she was moving through a wall of water only to find herself in a good size room with Max still holding her hand and her family and friends standing in front of her.

The sole other occupant of the room, an older looking gray haired man walked up to Max; “I am the emissary. Do you agree to another test?”

“Yes, I understand the need for it.” Max said. He let go of Liz’s hand and went to stand in front of the emissary. Like before the man circled around until he came up behind Max before placing his hand there. Max saw Liz and the others tense up thinking something was wrong but Max shook his head to stop them. A minute later he felt the warm sensation of power being used and watched as like before five glowing dots shot out of his forehead formed into the V symbol. Then as quickly as it formed it disappeared.

The emissary moved to stand in front of Max and bowed, “Your highness. Please follow me into the throne room.” Max nodded and they were all lead through a small door into room that took Liz’s breath away. It had cathedral ceilings as well as large windows but Liz was to far away to see beyond the windows. The floors looked to be made of something like marble and there were several chairs strewn about with two large ones as the centerpieces. In front of them she saw several people, a tall woman with blonde hair up front.

“I present to you King Zan and his entourage.” The emissary announced.

“Welcome to Antar, I am Queen Katiya (Cot-e-ya).” She said greeting them all. Queen Katiya came forward again, and pulled Max into her arms. “My son.”

Max hugged her for a minute before he pulled away, “I’m sorry but I’m not him, I don’t remember being Zan. Please call me Max.”

“Max, I know that but his blood is in your blood. You might be different people but I still think of you as my children.” She said as she looked over at Isabel knowing she was her daughter. He motioned to his sister who stepped up next to him; “This is my sister Isabel.”

Isabel had tears in her eyes as the Queen came up to hug her as well. “My daughter, I’ve been looking forward to this for so long.”

“Me, too.” Isabel muffled through her tears. “Mother.”

The two broke apart a minute later and the Queen spoke up, “Well my son, it seems we have many introductions to make. Why don’t you go first?”

Max grabbed Liz’s hand again, “This is Liz, the love of my life and my future wife.”

Liz blushed at his introduction but the Queen only smiled. “It is my pleasure to meet you. I can see how much my son loves you. Larek has told me that you were the one to rid us of Nicholas. That makes you a strong woman who will make a great queen.”

“Thank you, your Majesty. It is great to meet you as well.” Liz said smiling.

“This is Michael and Ava.” Max introduced motioning to each of them. “And Maria, a very good friend of ours. I’ll let Liz introduce her family.”

“This is Zack, Zane, Syl, Jondy, Alec, Jack, Josh, Kyle, Maxie, and Logan.” Liz said listing off her family. “Oh, and Millie. Zane’s dog.”

“Quite a large family.” The Queen commented looking all of them over.

Liz nodded. “It’s a long story.”

“One that I am anxious to hear. But after the introductions.” The Queen said before starting. First she pointed to a blonde man and woman; “These are Ava’s parents. Thoran (Thor-an) and Kaeo (K-O).” Then motioned to a tall brown haired man and two reddish blonde women, one quite younger than the other, “This is Bastian and his wife, Idun (I-done). They are the parents of Michael.”

Ava wasn’t sure how to act. She had never had parents until she had gone to Roswell and started living with the Parkers. She had thought about them before when she lived in New York. When she wanted to get away from the others she would go down to Central Park and watch the families dreaming of what hers were like. Would these people be like her dream parents? Mustering up her courage she stepped forward, “Hello.”

“Hello Ava.” Her mother, Kaeo, greeted.

“Thank you for calling me Ava. No offense but I don’t like the name Tess. She hurt people that I care about.” Ava stated.

“It’s understood. From what we found out about Tess you are more like you were in your past life.” Thoran commented.

At the same time Ava talked to her parents, Michael walked forward and stared in shock at the family he’d been looking for. His mother walked forward and hugged him; “I looked to the stars every night in the hope you would return soon.”

Michael tensed for a minute but hugged her back; “I’ve waited for this for a long time. To know my family.”

Idun pulled away but did not let go of him as his father came forward. “We hope to get to know you as well. This is you sister Sarahana.”

Michael looked at his sister; she was short like their mother with long red/blonde hair and greenish gray eyes. Eyes that held an air of mischief to them, she smiled, “Please call me Sarah. I don’t answer most of the time someone calls me Sarahana.”

Maria could feel all the emotions going through Michael. He had finally found what he was looking for. He felt her squeeze and remembered she was there. “As Maxwell said, this is Maria, my girlfriend.”

“Larek told us that they had found different mates then before. My son is lucky to find one so beautiful.” Bastian said as he kissed her hand. Maria only blushed. “Well Michael didn’t inherit your charm.”

“Spunky. If Michael has any of his hardheadedness that he once did then you’re perfect for him.” Idun said.

Maria laughed. “Well I finally beat it in him.”

Liz and her family watched Ava and Michael getting acquainted with their parents. Although Zack kept his face emotionless she could tell he was happy for Ava. Then she noticed that Alec was starring at Sarah. And in more than a friendly way. Liz didn’t think Michael would be too happy about Alec ogling his sister. Her sister Maxie saw it too and elbowed him hard in the ribs.

Alec felt the sharpness of Maxie’s elbow and turn to glare at her. She just shook her head to show that it wasn’t a good idea to stare. It was hard for him not to. When he had made the comment about seeing if Antarian women were beautiful he’d been joking. But when he had first came into the room his eyes had looked on Sarahana, Sarah, he realized that it was no longer a joke. She was beautiful. The light coming through the windows made her hair shine reflecting the color, and her eyes were a shade of green that he had never seen. They seem to change colors from green to gray. She was kind of short but she didn’t look frail. He turned his attention to the Queen as she spoke.

“Let me introduce you to the others. First, Larek.” Queen Katiya said pulling a tall man with dark hair and gray eyes forward.

“At last we meet in person.” Larek said smiling at Max and Liz.

“Thank you for your help in getting us to Antar. I am grateful for helping my family and I be safe.” Liz said.

“You’re very welcome but it was all Max’s idea.” Larek said.

Next the Queen stated, “This is Danin, he’s captain of all the guards.” She motioned to a tall man with black hair and green eyes. He stepped forward and bowed. He moved back and the Queen finished. “And one more person. This is Serena, the scientist in charge of your recreation and pods.”

When Liz heard the name she felt all of the air leave her lungs. Max pulled her close knowing what she was reacting to. “Its nice to meet you Serena.”

“It’s a dream to meet you, Max. To see you alive.” Serena exclaimed.

“Your majesty, who are they?” Liz pointed to two men and three women behind the Queen. The women were who caught her attention. They wore hooded cloaks that draped over their head and their faces were in the shadows. The cloaks were a dark purple at the bottom then fade to a dark blue on the top.

“They are my guards as well as my helpers.” The Queen answered. The five forms then bowed to them; Danin whispered something in the Queen’s ear and slipped out of the room to check on security.

“Oh, just curious. Not used to having guards around.” Liz said shrugging.

“You will be soon.” Before Liz could ask what she meant the Queen said, “We would love to hear your story as well as get to know everyone else. Why don’t we all sit and talk?” Queen Kati suggested. They all took seats around the throne room.


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They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.

Dedicated to: MoMo, Lil Blue Bubble, Mary N 008, Lullaby, wild_child_uk(3 times), pandas2001, roswellluver, Lillie, and katmcken

Lil Blu BubbleThank you for the feedback. The hooded women are okay, you’ll find out their story later.

Mary N 008: Thank you for the feedback. You’ll get to see quite a bit about their lives. In this next part you’ll find out what condition Antar is in. And yes, the Queen meant that Liz will have guards which causes a little bit of a dispute later.

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wild_child_uk: Thanks for the bump & the FB. The queen’s guards are fine, you’ll find out about them soon. There will be enemies on Antar, which you’ll find out about soon. This enemy is out for revenge and is a nasty character.

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roswelluver:Thanks for the FB

Lillie: I’m glad you liked the parents I wasn’t sure how to write them.

katmcken: The queen just meant that Liz will get used to having the guards around.

Part 27

“Your majesty can I ask you something?” Zack asked.

“Yes, Zack right?”

Zack nodded. “Yes. I noticed you’re speaking English. How is that possible?”

The Queen smiled. “Before we sent the pods we did research on Earth. Once they were gone, I knew the day would come when they would be back so many of the people in this room learned many of the languages of the planet. When Larek met Max at the summit we found out that English was the language you used.”

“We didn’t know what to expect when we got here.” Max stated.

The Queen reached for a box next to her, when she opened it Liz could see several items that looked like necklaces; “These are translators. They will interpret both what you hear and say. You can use them until you learn Antarian. We have tutors ready to teach you. We have also arranged for clothes that you will need, over the next few days you will all be fitted for them.”

Everyone nodded; it was instinctive for the X5s to want to blend in to their new home. They all took a translator and put it on. They were shown how to switch them on and tested them out.

“Cool” Krit stated.

“One more question,” Zack asked. “Their ship crashed over 50 years ago, why don’t any of you look the right age?”

“Another good question, the answer is simple. Our two suns give off more radiation than Earth’s sun. It’s not harmful but if affects our aging. We live longer.”

“Max told me that you needed to leave Earth in a hurry because of the authorities there were after you. What happened to expose you?” Larek asked.

“Well to understand all of it Liz will have to tell you some of the history behind her family.” Max stated before looking at Liz.

“Is this the story that you talked about earlier?” The Queen asked Liz.

“Yes, it is.”

“Then please tell us.”

“Okay, short version. You see me and my brothers and sisters aren’t want you would call normal humans. We were created to be an enhanced version of humans. We were made in a lab mixing different types of DNA I’m guessing in a similar way that Serena made the pods.” Liz explained.

“For what reason?” Bastian asked.

“To be soldiers. The idea was that one of us could do the work of ten soldiers. Instead of sending in a hundred regular soldiers and loosing ten or twenty they’d send us in an lose none.” Josh answered.

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t get hurt. That’s actually how I found out about Max. I was shot and he healed me.” Liz explained.

“He healed you?” The Queen asked.

“Yes, as well as my brother Kyle, Maria and my sister Max.”

“So you’ve all been changed? Interesting.”

“That’s what brought us to the difficult situation. Maxie is pregnant and when she was sent to the doctor by accident, they saw all of the differences in her blood. Humans tend to be scared of things that are different so they came after us.” Liz explained.

“It sounds like your last couple of days on Earth were busy.” Sarah stated.

“That’s an understatement.” Michael said sarcastically just as another cloaked woman came in and spoke to the Queen. She nodded before announcing, “Before we show you to your rooms we have food laid out for you in the banquet room. Leave your things and they'll be delivered later.”

Everyone rose and followed the Queen out of the throne room. On the way to the banquet room the Queen showed them different rooms and things along the way. They entered a large room with an equally large table in the middle of it covered with food. The food all seemed strange but the smells told them that they were okay. They all sat down and began to eat. Liz expected the food to be spicy considering the love of Tabasco Sauce the aliens had but instead found the food’s flavor was just stronger. Like if she ate a hamburger, it still tasted like a hamburger only ten times stronger. Michael and Ava got to know their families as well as Maria and Zack. Liz, Max, Isabel and Kyle talked to the Queen, Larek, and Serena while the others alternated talking to everyone, Alec trying to talk to Sarah. They talked about their lives on Earth, including the X5s escape as well as the life of hiding that the aliens did, and the defeat of Kivar.

“Mother, what can you tell us about the war?”

“Kivar was once Zan’s friend. But then he got power hungry and went after Vilandra to get it. He thought that if she would fall in love with him and marry him that he would be in line for the throne. Everything went to plan until Zan refused to void out Vilandra’s engagement to Rath. He knew Kivar well enough to have an idea of his intentions and the beginnings of the war were started. He told Vilandra to call things off with him and for appearances she did. But we found out later that they continued to meet in secret. She accidentally gave him the information that led to your deaths. It was at Zan and Tess’s wedding. They attacked after the ceremony and no one suspected it. Zan made sure that I escaped before going back to fight. Serena and several guards snuck back into the palace and escaped with your essences to reproduce all of you. Your deaths made the war go full speed until you killed him.”

“So what state is Antar in?” Liz asked.

“Better than we initially thought. As you can see Kivar kept the palace lush for himself and he hoarded almost all food, resources, etc for his army. Now that the war is over and we have control we have been able to divide everything as it should be and the people have more than they had since the first years of the war. The biggest thing that suffered is the cultural aspect of our planet. During the war everything pushed to the industrial side, in the production of materials and weapons. No studies were allowed except for military purposes. Our biggest task, aside from buildings and homes, will be to rebuild the heart of Antar.”

“So Antar is much like Germany was during and after World War 2.” Max commented to the Earthlings.

“There is still a small threat. A small group of Kivar’s men are still out there.”

“But with Kivar and Nicholas dead who is leading them?” Liz asked.

“Kivar’s sister, Divia, and her husband. They are not a large group but they are still out there. I fear that they blame you all for Kivar’s death. My sources say that Divia was with Kivar when he left for Earth.”

“Then she knows that he went to see me.” Liz stated.

Max didn’t like the thought that someone related to Kivar was still out there especially if she blamed them for Kivar's death. He knew how dangerous people could be if they were hell bent on revenge. He barely heard his mother as she continued to talk. “Larek and I will be the ones to help you as you deal with all of the meetings of the committees that are trying to accomplish our goals but we have a few days before those start so you can get settled here. We already have your rooms made up for all of you in the residential wing of the palace. Max relayed the arrangements through Larek.”

“So what are the arrangements?” Krit asked.

“Well Larek told me that Michael and Maria would like to share a room as well as Logan and Max. The others will have separate rooms. We have pets similar to dogs so Millie won’t be a problem. I mean no offense but with Isabel being a princess it wouldn’t look right for her to be living with Kyle without being married. Liz will have a temporary room until her and Max are married. But we didn’t know about Zack and Ava.” The Queen finished looking at the two in question.

Zack and Ava looked at each other in question. “Ava, it’s up to you.” Zack stated. He had never actually lived with anyone but Ava had spent so much time at his apartment in Roswell that he didn’t think he’d mind.

“I think we should try it. If we don’t kill each other then we can just keep it that way.” Ava answered.

“Very well, we each scenario was prepared for. I know you all must be tired so let’s show you to your rooms. I would like it very much if you would all join me for breakfast in the morning then I’ll give you a bigger tour of the palace and the grounds.” The Queen asked. They all agreed and they were shown to their rooms.

I won’t be updating this again until at least Monday. In the next part you find out the story behind the guards.

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They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.

Dedicated to: Lillie, Mary N 008, pandas2001, katmcken, roswellluver, Lil Blu Bubble, and wild_child_uk (2times)

Part 28

Alec followed the Queen and the others through the hallways. They had already dropped everyone but Michael and Maria, Liz and Max, and himself and Jondy. Michael and Maria were busy talking to Michael’s parents so he approached Sarah. “Do you and your parents live in the palace?”

“No, we have a house on the far north border of the grounds but I’m here often.” She said smiling. She had noticed him as Liz introduced him and was surprised at the relief she felt when she found out the women around him were his sisters and not something else. She had enjoyed the small talk that they had swapped during the meal. He seemed like an easy going guy unlike the other men she was used to being around. They all acted too serious for her and never seemed to relax.

“That’s is good to know that I’ll be seeing you often. Maybe after the tour tomorrow you can give me a more intimate one later?” Alec asked.

“I think my parents are going to have Michael and Maria to our house tomorrow so perhaps after?” She finished saying just as they approached Alec’s room.

“I can’t wait.” Alec said before entering his new room.


Her temporary room surprised Liz. It consisted of a bathroom, a small sitting area and a large bedroom. It was huge compared to her room back above the Crashdown and decorated in dark warm colors that she liked. The bathroom had a large tub as well as a shower stall and another closed in glass area that Liz wasn’t sure of its purpose. She also couldn’t see how to turn anything on. The sitting room had two couches, a desk with a computer, and a few more computers looking things on the walls that Liz was going to have to ask about. The bedroom had a large comfy looking chair and size bed. It didn’t have a balcony but did have a large window with a window seat. From her window she could see that the palace was built close to a cliff and if she wasn’t mistaken a waterfall was right under it. The water fed into a large body of water that looked like a huge lake or possibly an ocean; she couldn’t see where it ended.

She explored the whole suite, familiarizing herself with everything before she grabbed her stuff to unpack. She had just put her bags on the bed when she heard what she guessed was a doorbell. She went to the main entrance placed her hand on metal plate next to it. The Queen had shown them how to open it earlier. As the door opened Liz saw a young woman about her own age and her height, in one of the hooded cloaks. “Can I help you?” Liz asked glad that she hadn’t taken her translator off.

“The Queen assigned me to you to offer assistance M’Lady in settling in.” The other woman said with her eyes cast downwards. The Queen was always nice never treating her any differently but she wasn’t sure about the future Queen. She had seen Liz earlier when she had introduced her family. She had been surprised by the history of her family. One of her brothers was very handsome but Naomi didn’t let anyone know she thought so.

Liz was slightly thrown off by being called M’Lady but she snapped out of it. “Um, yes. Please come in.” Once they were inside the cloaked woman pulled her hood back. Her hair was although braided back was longer than Liz’s and black. Her skin was quite pale but with the contrast between her hair and skin set off her green eyes very well. “Actually I was wondering how to operate a few things in the bathroom.”

“I shall do my best M’Lady. Lead the way.”

“First off, please call me Liz. Please don’t treat me any different than anyone else” Liz stated, “What is your name?”

“Naomi.” She answered liking Liz already.

“Well Naomi, do you mind if I ask you some questions?” Liz asked as they walked into the bathroom.


“Why do all of you wear those cloaks?”

“Well we are not only ladies in waiting but also guards. We are called Retainers. The cloaks hide our faces so no one will recognize us, it is useful in times that we must smuggle one of our female charges out of a dangerous situation especially for the ones unlike me who are not shapeshifters. It’s too difficult to do it for the male charges since their body types differentiate more and would look strange wearing the cloaks.

“Good tactical maneuver.” Liz muttered to herself. She had thought she recognized her from earlier but hadn’t been able to distinguish her from one of the others. Of course now that she had seen her face it would be easier to figure out who she was unless she shapeshifted. “I’ve never had a personal guard before.”

“I’m not your only one. There are two more stationed outside.” Naomi answered.

“Well I don’t need them so I’ll just talk to the Queen and Max tomorrow.” Liz said. She didn’t want guards following around everywhere. “Okay, how do I work this stuff.” She asked gesturing to the bathroom.

“Everything is voice activated, lights included.” Naomi explained. She walked over to the shower and said, “Full stream, 90 degrees.” And the water came on instantly. “Disengage.” Then the water shut off.

“That’s handy. Now what is that thing?” Liz asked pointing to the glass tube.

“It’s a drying tube for after you bath. Hot air blow-dries you.” Naomi showed Liz how to work it as well as the computers on the desk in the sitting room. The last thing was the wall computer. “This is called an Auto Chef. It stores basic food and beverages. Mostly snacks, no large meals. Just order what you want and it will prepare it. It will be stocked once a week unless you need it done more often.”

“At dinner earlier, I had some kind of tea that was very good. What was it?”

“Bough tea.” Naomi ordered it and a minute later it was delivered. She handed it to Liz who tasted it. It had a milky taste. “Very good.”

“In the desk drawer you find a small hand communicator that will allow you to talk to anyone else with one.
“Well I’m sure you would like to rest so I’ll let you retire.”

“Actually I don’t sleep much.” Naomi looked at her confused. “Oh were you in the throne room earlier when we explained what we were?”

“Yes, it was very interesting.”

“Well you see when they made us, they gave a higher endurance so we don’t sleep much. My sisters Max, Jondy, and me can go longer than the others can. But I’m sure you would like to. When will I see you again?”

“If you need me, just command the computer to notify me. If you don’t I will be here first thing in the morning.” Naomi bowed in respect before slipping through the door. When she did Liz saw the guards Naomi had told her about. She went back to unpacking. She had brought clothes, her journals, some CDs and tons of pictures. Once she was all done she took a long hot bath. She had to say it was one of the most enjoyable baths she’d ever experience. The water had an almost silky feeling to it and it enveloped her in its heat. She tried out the drying tube and found it to be an interesting experience. She went back into the bedroom but she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep. After all it was her first night in a palace on a different planet. She dressed again and headed out to wonder. Her two guards outside said nothing to her but followed closely behind. Yep, she was going to have to talk to Max about it tomorrow.


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They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.

Dedicated to: wild_child_uk,pandas2001, Lullaby, 3somefan, Lillie, and Lil Blu Bubble

Part 29

Liz didn’t go far before she found a large glass enclosed circular room. The glass allowed her to see the lights of what looked like a nearby city and the stars, which looked the same as they did on Earth but Antar’s three moons were what looked odd. Two of them were pale pink while the other was pale yellow. “That’s something I’m going to have to get used to.” She said to herself.

“I can imagine.” Liz swung her sight over to the direction of the voice and saw the Queen. “I’m sorry Liz. I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“Just not use to people sneaking up on me. I usually hear them coming.”

The Queen smiled, “Don’t worry, your hearing is fine. I teleported here. It’s one of my powers. I like coming down here at night since we’ve been back in the palace. I would look towards Earth and think about what my children were doing.”

“It must be wonderful knowing that they’re back, your Majesty.”

“Please just call me Kati. And it is. I’m so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I talked to Isabel earlier but she was tired and went to bed. Max’s guards already said he was asleep when I went to his room.”

“He didn’t get any sleep the last couple of nights we were on Earth. He’s probably exhausted.” Liz stated. “Actually I think Maria, my sister and maybe Isabel were the only one’s who got any sleep the nights before we left.”

“So I guess you’re too excited too?” Kati asked.

“Well yeah, but that’s not why I’m not sleeping. I don’t sleep much. When I do I don’t like to sleep alone.” Liz said before realizing that she had just told Max’s mother that she slept with her son. She couldn’t help blushing.

The Queen smiled, “It’s okay Liz. I see how much my son loves you.”

“And I love him. We’ve had hard times but we always came back to each other.”

“You should be able to be wed in a month maybe less if we can get things organized. I think it be best for you to learn Antarian language and customs first.”

“That would probably help since I’m becoming queen. Good thing I learn quick. I’ll have to tell Max tomorrow.”

“Tell me about him, about Max.”

“He was always shy and quiet when we were growing up but I’ve noticed that he’s become more confident in himself. He’s very sweet and he tries his hardest to take care of everyone. Even before he found out he was king he was always the leader of our group. I’ve known him since we were young but I only really got to know him after I was shot and he healed me. He risked so much that day but he said he couldn’t let me die that he had loved me since he first saw me. It took me a while to believe that he could love me, I thought he wouldn’t if he knew what I was.” Liz stated as her fingers came up and absently rubbed her barcode that was exposed since she had her hair pulled up.

“What is that, Liz? I noticed that your brothers have one too.”

Liz realized that when they had told the Queen about them that she hadn’t said anything about the black lines on the back of her neck. “It’s a barcode, kind of like a property tag. The people who created us used these to keep track of us, by numbers. It’s encoded in our DNA. All of my family have one.”

“That must be hard being marked like that.”

“It made things difficult when we were hiding but it just something we’ve come to accept. It shows we’re different.” Liz said shrugging. “Which actually brings something up I want to talk about.”

“What Liz?”

“The guards. I mean no disrespect but I can’t have guards following me around everywhere. I know none of my family would want them around either.”

“You and your brother Kyle are the only ones who have them. They are for your protection since Kyle is involved with the princess and you are the future Queen.”

“Don’t get me wrong I like Naomi and would love to still have her around to help me but it’s the others.” Liz said motioning to the two guards standing close to them. “They are not needed. I can take care of myself. I’m not helpless.”

The Queen could see she wasn’t going to win this fight. She admired Liz’s strength and courage and felt that her son had made a good choice in choosing such a strong woman for his love. “I’ll speak to Max and Danin in the morning. We’ll see what we can do. But I know Danin won’t like it.”

“Well Danin will have to get used to an independent queen who can defend herself.” Liz said defiantly. She didn’t mean to be rude but she felt very strongly about this.

The Queen smiled again, “I am off to bed, see you at breakfast.”

“Pleasant dreams.” Liz said before the Queen waved her hand and disappeared. Liz stayed where she was for several more hours before heading back to her rooms.


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Dedicated to: sassy( 2times), wild_child_uk, Lullaby, Lillie, pandas2001, Lil Blu Bubble, angeleyes, and Mary N008.

The guard issue and which brother Naomi likes will be answered in the following part.

Part 30

The next morning Liz was about to take a shower when her door chimed. She went to answer it and saw Naomi. “Good morning, M-Liz.”

“Good morning Naomi. I was about to take a shower before heading down to breakfast.”

“I’ll just wait and go with you.” Naomi said. Liz nodded and headed back into the bedroom and into her bathroom. Naomi busied herself making sure that the room was in order when door chimed again. Liz had not said anything about expecting a visitor so instead of opening the door she used the intercom next to it. “Yes?”

“A man is here to see Lady Liz. His name is Krit and claims to be her brother.” One of the guards answered. Naomi recognized the name as indeed being one of Liz’s brothers and told the guard he was okay. She opened the door and encountered the handsome face she had seen the day before. His dark hair and eyes reminded her of Liz’s but he was much taller than the soon to be queen. “Good morning, Milord.”

Krit smiled at the young handmaiden. It was the first time he saw one without her hood up and he thought it was a horrible thing to cover such a beautiful face. “Please just call me Krit. If you call me Milord, I won’t know who you’re talking about.”

“Yes, Krit. Your sister shall be out in a minute.” Naomi informed him just as Liz stepped out of the bedroom. “Krit. I’m surprised to see you.” She ran up and hugged him. She knew she had just seen him the day before but seeing him reiterated to her that her family was going to be around her all the time now.

“It’s a wonder I got by the blockade outside.” Krit teased. “If I didn’t know better baby sister, I’d think you were be held prisoner.”

“Yeah, well I’m working on that.” Liz grumbled. “Not that I mind but why are you here? Nothing’s wrong is it?”

“No, just wanted to see how you’re getting on in the lap of luxury that Max has provided for us.” Krit said spinning around to show what he was talking about.

Liz laughed at her brother’s antics. Where Kyle had always been a smartass, Krit had a different type of humor. One that was hard to categorize. Krit laughed with her; “They’re a hundred times better than our old barracks. Personally I like the voice activation for the lazy person I am.”

“Yeah, you’re so lazy. Let’s go, I’m hungry. Oh have you met Naomi?” Liz asked.

“Yes, but this is the first time I’ve heard her name.” He said smiling at the beautiful girl. Naomi tried to bite back a smile but she couldn’t help letting a small one out. The three of them headed out and down to the dining room. Everyone else was there and Liz loved the big breakfast with everyone. Liz didn’t have a chance to bring up the guards to Max before Danin entered, not looking very happy.

“The Queen mother has just informed me that Lady Liz didn’t not want personal guards but I must protest.” He said addressing Max.

“Why do you insist on this?” Max asked.

“Because she needs the added protection to keep her safe.”

“Well SHE can take care of herself.” Liz protested.

“I mean no disrespect but it is our job to keep you safe.” Danin stated.

Max was torn on what to do. On one hand he wanted all the protection he could get for Liz but he had learned long ago that she could also take care of herself very well and didn’t like being treated like she couldn’t. He knew she would probably give the guards the slip the first chance she got. Before he could say anything Liz spoke up, “Danin, why don’t I prove how capable I am?”

“What did you have in mind, Liz?” The Queen asked trying to defuse the situation.

“Is there a room here that you use to train or exercise?” Liz asked.

“Yes, we have a large area just for that.” Queen Kati answered.

“Show it to me and you’ll see that I can indeed take care of myself.” Everyone followed the Queen and Danin down to a large gymnasium room. It was a good size room and the X5s looked it over appreciatively Liz walked to the middle of the mats and faced Danin, “Attack me.”

Danin looked completely dumbfounded. She didn’t expect him to actually fight her did she? He looked to Max for confirmation only to find Max trying to stifle a laugh smile along with her brothers and Michael and Logan.

“Do as she says Danin.” Max said smiling, knowing this argument would never end if they didn’t do this.

“Don’t hurt him Chica.” Maria warned.

Danin stood there not sure what to do but his king had told him it was okay so he knew he wouldn’t get into trouble. He looked at the small female in front of him and tried to decide the best way to approach her without hurting her. He moved forward in the attempt to grab her but found that he only held air. She had somehow moved fast enough to elude him. He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see her behind him before she punched him in the face and swept his feet out from under him.

Liz circled around above him waiting for him to make his next move. She knew that he would take her a little more seriously if only for prides sake. He jumped up quickly and started throwing punches, which Liz blocked. He was strong, stronger than most humans and she admired the fighter he was. They went toe to toe for a few minutes before Liz decided to quit pulling back. She launched a kick to Danin’s stomach before jumping up, spinning in the air and landed a hard kick to his chest. The kick sent him flying backwards to the ground and he didn’t get up. Liz walked up prepared to continue fighting, “Is my point proven?”

“Yes, M’Lady.”

“Call me Liz, please. I don’t think you were there yesterday when I explained that my family and I were made to be soldiers. We know how to take care of ourselves. I understand that it’s your job to keep us protected so I’ll make a compromise. I like Naomi, so I don’t mind having her around but no other guards while I’m in the palace. I will not feel unsafe in my own home. We’ll figure out security outside of the palace when the time comes.”

“Yes, M’..Liz.” Danin said. He felt a weird sense of pride that his king had picked such a strong woman to be queen. She was a warrior and he could see how she could have taken out Nicholas.

Max moved to talk to Danin as Liz walked over with her other siblings to check out the facilities. “Danin I want Zack to work along side you as captain. I have nothing against you and I thank you for protecting my mother but I know Zack and completely trust him.”

“I understand your highness and I take no offense.” Danin said meaning every word.

Max looked at Zack and said, “That is if you want to. I know you’re used to be the one in charge but Danin knows the palace as well as the guards.”

“It would be stupid for me to try and do it with out his help. And yes I’ll do it if it means keeping my family safe. I’ll talk to my brothers and sisters to see if any of them want positions as well. I think Liz would be more comfortable with them when she needs them.”

“You’re probably right.” Max answered. The three men talked more deciding on plans as well as training times for the X5s.

Alec watched the whole fight and while the others were talking approached Sara. “You know if you ever want someone to show you how to defend yourself, I can teach you.”

Sara smiled an innocent smile and moved closer running her hand down his arm. Before Alec knew what was happening she locked her grip on his wrist and flipped him onto his back. She hovered over him as she said, “I think I know how to handle myself. See ya tonight.”

She winked at him before walking over to join her brother and Maria who were laughing at Alec’s predicament. He just laid there for a minute thinking that this girl who he was infatuated with had just knocked him on his a**. He was in love.

Has anyone noticed there has been a lot more DA/Roswell crossovers since they were both cancelled? I love it. Here are the ones I’ve found.
Undeniable by Beldaran1
Common Ground by ofwolfandman408
When The Past Hits You In The Face by Lullaby
Differences by wild_child_uk
Dark Angel by Lady_without_a_clue

I know there is another one that goes through different POVs but I can’t remember the name of it. Did I miss any?

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Lillie:If you liked Liz kicking ass in that one, you'll love one of the final fight scenes.

Mary N 008:It makes four X5s in the alien abyss. But like you said since they are on Antar there's bound to be more.

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Dedicated to: wild_child_uk, Lillie, pandas2001, Mary N 008 and angeleyes

Part 31

The rest of the day was spent touring the palace and surrounding grounds, it was beautiful. The grass was lush green and Liz had been right about waterfalls running under the palace. After the tour they met with the tutors that they’d be working with then the girls split from the guys to go see the seamstresses to get Antarian clothes. The girls were all excited as they looked over the gowns that they would be wearing on formal occasions. The bodices were form fitting and flowed into a full skirt. The material looked similar to satin with a translucent sheer top layer. “These are very beautiful but what about everyday clothes?” Liz asked.

“Well the queen usually wears gowns but we can alter anything. There isn’t a dress code.” Mira, the head seamstress, answered holding up simpler gowns.

“Good I need something I can move in.” Liz stated. Liz, Syl, and Jondy worked with Mira on gowns that would allow them freedom of movement if they ever needed to fight. The dress was either long or short sleeve with a long loose skirt. The skirt had two slits in front of each leg that ended at mid thigh, underneath they wore tights the same color of the gown to cover where their legs would be exposed. Another everyday outfit that they had were form fitting tops and pants made out of a silky slinky material. They were what Liz would wear most of the time when she didn’t have formal meetings and such. When she looked in the mirror and saw the way the outfit hugged her curves she knew Max would love it. They even arranged for some maternity clothes for her sister since they had a feeling that she would be showing soon. Although Maxie was happy to be pregnant she grumbled about getting fat.

“Your majesty, umm Kati. Can I ask you something about Max’s life as Zan?” Liz asked as Mira fitted her for her clothes.

“Of course.”

“Zan and Tess, were they in love?”

The Queen mother pursued her lips for a minute, “Yes and no. When he first met her he felt strongly for her but before they became engaged their relationship was only one of friendship. They decided they should still marry for the sake of duty.”

“So they were only friends?” Ava asked.

“The best of friends but yes. They knew that the war was going to be hard and that the people would feel better with a queen by his side.”

Liz nodded thinking how different things would have been if they knew all of that before. Once they were all dressed they went to meet the guys who had all changed their clothes as well. Their clothes weren’t much different then what they wore on Earth. Somewhat bagging pants and button down shirts made out of the same slinky material that the girls’ clothes were made of. Liz saw the way the material fit Max’s muscular upper body and wished that she could drag him back to her room, it was going to be a long month.

Michael, Sarah, and Maria left shortly after to go to his parents house same with Zack and Ava leaving to visit her parents. The rest of them were left to fend for themselves. Max decided that he and Liz needed some time alone to just be together. He made excuses to his mother before heading to find her.

Liz and Naomi made their way back to Liz’s chambers with her new clothes and put them away. Naomi went out to the outer office just as the door chimed. She went to answer it only to find Max on the other side. She bowed deeply, “Your highness.”

“You must be Naomi. Liz has told me about you and how grateful she was for your help. And please call me Max. If you’re going to be protecting me and the one I love then I think we should be on a first name basis, at least.”

“I am sorry your highness but I cannot do that. I would be disrespecting my king. Once Liz has become queen I will no longer call her Liz.”

“How about you call us by our names in private? It would make us more comfortable if you are going to be around us a lot.” Max said just as Liz came through the door to the bedroom. She rushed over to him and he took her in his arms and hugged her tightly. They hadn’t had much chance to be together since they arrived and she missed him. She crushed her lips to his, kissing him hungrily. When they broke apart a little later they remembered they weren’t alone. Liz turned to see a very embarrassed Naomi standing by. “I’m sorry Naomi, Max and I have a habit of falling into ourselves and forgetting what’s going on around us.”

“I will just take my leave but if you need me just call.” Naomi said before bowing and leaving. Once the door shut Liz and Max burst out laughing at the entire scene. Once they calmed down again Max said, “I missed you.”

“You just saw me.”

“I know but I haven’t been able to get a moment alone with you.”

“I can’t wait until we get married.” Liz said sighing.

“Soon we will. I thought maybe you and I could spend sometime together.”

“I would it. What did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know, didn’t have anything planned except for it to involve you and me.” Max said kissing her gently on her neck.

“How about we order some food, then just relax?” Liz said thinking of how busy their lives were going to be.

“Sounds perfect.” Max said. They ordered up dinner and relaxed around in the outer sitting room heading out for a walk around the gardens.


I need some help. I need a song for Max & Liz’s wedding. Anyone have a suggestion? Also I'm going to possibly have another proposal at the wedding, who should it be?

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Dedicated to: wild_child_uk, Roswell Slayer, pandas2001, Lil Blu Bubble, Lillie, and 3somefan

Lil Blu Bubble: It’s funny you mentioned Don’t Want to Miss A Thing, that’s going to be my wedding song when I get married in October.

Special thanks to Lillie(Amber) for this next part. She gave me the idea for the whole scene. Thanks!

Part 32

Alec followed Sarah around the gardens at the end of their tour. It was dark out but Sarah used her powers to light the way. He was trying to pay attention to what she was saying but found himself just staring at her. She was beautiful and he just needed to figure out the best way to make his move.

“Are you listening?”

Alec looked at her startled, “Okay I’m busted. You’re not going to hurt me like you did earlier are you?” Alec smirked.

“No, I won’t hurt you.” Sarah said smiling. “Is the big bad human scared of the little female alien?”

“No. Where did you learn that anyway?”

“My father and Rath taught me. I used to train with Rath all of the time.” Sarah said.

“Were you two close?”

“Yeah, I hope I can be with Michael too.” Sarah said as they approached a clearing. “This is my favorite spot on all the grounds.” Alec looked around and saw that they were by the edges of the cliffs. The moons were reflecting off the water and the sky was full of stars. “The cliffs are the only place where my favorite flower grows.” Sarah said picking up a flower.

“What is it?”

“It’s called an Amber Lillie. I like to sit here among them and just meditate. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.”

“Yes, beautiful.” Alec stated but wasn’t looking at the cliffs. Sarah caught him staring at her and said, “You’re not even looking at it.”

“I was talking about you.” He whispered as he leaned down and brushed his lips gently across hers. He felt her respond back and he applied more pressure deepening the kiss. When they broke away Sarah found her voice, “Do all humans move this fast?”

“Only if they know what they want.”

“And I’m what you want?”

“From the moment I saw you.”

“The feeling is quite mutual.” Sarah said in a half smirk. The time she had spent with Alec had been wonderful. One she didn’t want to end. She lifted her head to meld her lips to his again. The kiss was even more passionate and he traced her lower lip with his tongue when they heard someone yell, “What the hell?”

The two broke apart to see Michael and Maria no more than ten feet away. Alec had only known them for a few days but could tell Michael wasn’t happy. Sarah only smiled and asked, “What are you two doing out here?”

“Obviously showing up at the right time.” Michael growled. He couldn’t believe he had just walked up on his sister making out with Alec, a guy she had only known for a day. Granted he was one of Liz’s brothers but he didn’t know him like he did the others.

“Your parents thought you might be out here so we thought we’d come by and say goodnight.” Maria explained.

“But instead we find you with Alec’s tongue down your throat. What the hell were you thinking?”

“To tell you the truth thinking was the last thing on my mind.” Sarah smirked thinking of how Alec’s lips felt on hers.

“You’ve only known him a day.”

“It’s none of your business.” Sarah stated starting to get angry. She could tell Michael was fuming but she didn’t care. “You never change do you?! Always have to over react and blow things out of proportion. I would have thought when you were recreated it would have mellowed you out.”

“I’m sorry if my protecting you bugs you but get over it because it seems like you need it.” Michael said as his hair began to whip around his face. The sky seemed to be darkening and the wind had picked up considerably. Maria and Alec watched on in silence. Maria could feel with her powers how upset they were with each other but the looks on the two siblings told them it was better not to try to talk because they wouldn’t get a word in edge wise. Maria wrapped her arms around herself trying to block the wind and heard thunder starting to rumble.

Alec could see Sarah’s eyes had turned gray during her fight with Michael and were filled with fire. “You don’t even know me!”

“Neither does he!” Michael snapped.

“You can’t boss me around!” Sarah yelled.

“Will you guys quit fighting long enough to come get out of the storm?” A new voice asked. Four head snapped around to see Max and Liz standing nearby, Liz being the voice that they heard. “I could hear you almost back to the palace. Let’s go inside before this gets worse.” She motioned to the bad weather.

Sarah looked around and finally took note of the surrounding elements. She concentrated and the wind died down while the sky cleared. “Sorry about that, when I get upset my powers go a little haywire.”

“Must be hereditary.” Maria muttered at the same time as Michael asked, “That storm was because of you?”

“Yeah, weather manipulation is one of my main powers.” Sarah explained. She saw the astonished looks on everyone’s faces and asked, “Guess you’ve never seen that power before huh?”

All of them shook their heads, “When I do it, it doesn’t effect the whole planet, just a small area. I make it thunder, lightning, rain, even fog. Mother can do something similar with ice, creating it out of no where. ”

“That’s amazing.” Michael said not trying to hide the awe in voice. The new discovery of his sister’s power had calmed him down and he realized he need to work things out with her. “Why don’t you guys head on in, I’m going to walk Sarah to the house?”

He looked at Sarah and saw that she wasn’t going to argue. He said goodnight to Max and Liz while Sarah whispered something to Alec before they set off. They were half way to their parents’ house when he finally spoke, “I’m sorry about what I said back there. Maria always says I talk before I think.”

“She’s a smart girl.”

“When we lived on Earth I always wanted to find my family and now that I have I don’t want anything to happen to them.” Michael explained.

“It’s okay, I overreacted too. What do you say we forget about it?” Sarah asked.

“About the fight or you kissing Alec?”

“The fight. I don’t care if you forget about me kissing Alec, it probably won’t be the last time you see it.” Sarah could see Michael was about to say something but she continued before he could, “I like him. I know we haven’t known each other long but I want to get to know him. I’ll keep seeing him whether you like it or not.”

Michael could see there was no arguing with her. “Fine. But don’t expect me to do a happy dance.”

Sarah laughed as they walked up to the front door of the house; “I’d worry about you if you did. Goodnight Michael.”

“Night Sarah.” Michael said before heading back to the palace. As he did he thought about although he had already fought with a member of his family he was happy to have found them.


For those of you reading True Identities & A New Start, I updated them today.

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FB answers below

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wild_child_uk: The next several parts are Liz and Max.

Lillie: Sarah is more like Storm where as their mother's power is more like Krit's in your story. And I'm glad you liked the flower idea, it was my way of thanking you since you gave me the idea for the whole scene. I couldn't figure out a way to introduce Sarah's power. Thanks again.

Lil Blu Bubble: Yup, I'm getting married October 5th.

I'll update again maybe Friday.

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Dedicated to: wild_child_uk, MoMo, Lillie, and Lil Blu Bubble.

wild_child_uk: The next several parts are Liz and Max.

Lillie: Sarah is more like Storm where as their mother's power is more like Krit's in your story. And I'm glad you liked the flower idea, it was my way of thanking you since you gave me the idea for the whole scene. I couldn't figure out a way to introduce Sarah's power. Thanks again.

Lil Blu Bubble: Yup, I'm getting married October 5th.

Here's a long part for you.

Part 33

It started out just like all her other dreams did with shadows of what went on during her day. In reality it started out like every day at Manticore had. Two neat little rows of seven by seven. Shaved heads, Grey gowns, bare feet. Marching through the compound like ants through a maze. Sounding like one-person walking, bare feet slapping against the ground, precision in a four by four beat. It was the music they lived by. It coursed through their veins and dictated their every move. Under the strict watchful eye of Colonel Lydecker they were sent into the recreation room to spar. Matted floors with seven little white circles on them that pairs of soldiers stood in and padded walls for the protection of anyone who was thrown.

Lydecker gave them their sparring assignments and Liz took her place across from Josh. They started their sparring, Liz and Josh matching blow for blow. At least until Liz looked away when she saw Ky land wrong close by and Josh kicked her into the wall. She landed hard but was up again in an instant. She moved to retaliate when Colonel Lydecker yelled, “Halt.”

Josh and Liz stopped fighting and stood at attention. Lydecker walked over to them, he didn’t look happy. “Explain your lack of concentration, 435!”

“Checking on the injury status of 440, sir!” Liz yelled back.

“That’s none of your concern soldier. You left yourself open for attack. Maybe you need a lesson to remind you.” Lydecker stated before Liz felt the sting of a tazer then fell into blackness.

Liz woke up from the tazer blast strapped down to a chair aware of Colonel Lydecker’s as well as another doctor’s presence somewhere behind her. “Where’s my family?” She asked.

“435 you don’t have a family. You have a regiment of comrades.” Lydecker explained.

“I have a name and a family!” Liz broke down crying and ripped the straps off of the chair, freeing herself.

Colonel Lydecker was on his feet in an instant trying to restrain Liz. “Stand down, soldier.”

Liz turned on Colonel Lydecker. He was no match for the young X-5‘s strength. All the while the doctor was watching this in fascination while trying to talk the soldier down.

“I am not a soldier!” Liz lashed out at the older man bloodying his nose and splitting his lip, tears streaming down her face.

Colonel Lydecker grabbed her by one of her wrists, twisting it hard enough to break it while Liz howled. Then she felt a needle pierce her skin that seemed to have materialized out of thin air. Colonel Lydecker stepped back releasing his hold on her. Everything moved in slow motion for Liz. She managed to land three more blows to Colonel Lydecker before she collapsed to her knees.

“You okay Deck?” The other doctor asked.

“Fine.” He whipped some blood off his face but he was smiling. “She is a good soldier.”

“I’ve never seen any of them go down that fast. What the hell did you give her?”

“Three hundred milligrams of Thorazine.”

“Damn that’s almost enough to take down a horse.”

Colonel Lydecker simply nodded. “That’s why it works. We just can’t use it too often out of fear that they’ll build up a tolerance to it.”

“I’ll get a team to prep her for the shock treatment.” The doctor walked out of the room leaving Lydecker alone to watch over the soldier until the team secured her.

Liz finally came out of her daze when a cold chill shot through her body as they applied the conductor jelly and then attached the electrodes to her head. One at each of her temples, two at the base of her skull, and six scattered around the perimeter of her head and down her back. She was strapped down to the table by her waist legs and arms and she could sense the presence of another person in the room besides the doctors. Liz’s body tensed and she began to panic, her eyes wide and filled with fear of what she knew was going to happen.

As the first wave of shocks ran through her body the current made her body jolt. She heard someone gasp. Liz put a name to the voice, Colonel Lydecker. She bit her bottom lip and held back a scream of pain as the second jolt of current ran along her spine. She struggled hard to concentrate and forget the training that told her pain was a weakness. Cruel animalistic sounds that were not even in her own voice, escaped instead. They sounded strange even to her own ears. Then there were the cruel murmured sounds of approval coming from Colonel Lydecker. Eventually Liz gave in to the pain screaming at the top of her lungs.

Liz sat up in bed, the scream lodged in her throat. She looked around making sure that she wasn’t still in her dream. She saw the now familiar surroundings of her room in the palace and relaxed. She had decided to try and sleep for the first time since they arrived and she got a nightmare. As she got out of her bed her hand absently went to her back of her neck, where one of the electrodes had scarred her. Even being able to heal quickly hadn’t prevented the X5s from having scars, like the one on her eyebrow and the one on her back. There had been something wrong with one of the electrodes and had put out more current then the others and burned her. The technicians in the infirmary had ignored the black mark when they bandaged her broken wrist. Then they drug her back to the barracks. Zack and the others used what they could to bandage her up. She slept that entire night while the others watched over her. She healed enough to move the next morning, which was good considering she had to report like always. Lydecker had worked her even harder to make sure she had learned her lesson.

She grabbed a pair of loose pants and tugged them on. She knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep after that dream so she grabbed the things she would need and headed for the gym, she needed to work off some anger. Liz made her way quietly through the palace. She had almost run into a few guards but had managed to allude them. She didn’t feel like dealing with them now. Once Liz entered the gym she headed right over to one of the punching bags. She pulled on her gloves knowing she would be hitting hard and didn’t want to explain her injured hands and used her powers to play the CD, loud. The music matched her mood.

She started hitting the bag with all of her strength, alternating between punches and kicks, trying to take all of emotion out on the bag. She kept picturing Lydecker’s face, the face that even after being dead for a year haunted her. Of course she knew he wouldn’t be easy to forget. He had been the one who had control of her life for the first eight years. He had command over every breath that they took and how long they held it. There were times when she could have sworn that he enjoyed disciplining them. He wanted them to be tough, to be able to withstand anything nevermind that they were only kids.

She started hitting the bag faster and faster moving as a blur until finally the bag busted open. She pulled back breathing heavily. She felt a hand on her arm and she turned to attack but stopped when she saw Max with a look of shock on his face.

Max had been sleeping when he felt how upset Liz was. He had sought her out and found her in the gym. He had seen Liz on the other side of the gym hitting the bag. The anger just rolling off of her, she was so upset that she hadn’t even heard or felt him come in. That was when the bag busted open. He wanted to calm her down and reached to pull her into his arms. When his hand touched her arm a collage of flashes hit him.

Liz and her siblings marching through a hallway
A little Liz and a young boy that looked like Josh sparring. Little Josh knocking Liz to the ground.
Lydecker yelling at Liz before shocking her.
Liz waking up finding herself strapped to a chair. Her screaming that she wasn’t a soldier.
Her fight with Lydecker that ended up with her collapsed on the floor drugged with a broken wrist.
Liz waking up in the chair and the pain she felt as the electricity flowed through her.

“Max?” Liz asked. She had seen the expressions come over Max’s face and was pretty sure he had gotten flashes. She wasn’t sure of what but had a good idea. “What did you see?”

It took Max a minute to catch his breath. He had felt all of Liz’s emotions from the flashes, anger, hatred, fear, and pain. He realized that what he saw before from Liz was only a small part of what she went through. He felt Liz pull on his arm and then the hardness of a bench that she plopped him down on. “I know I said it before but if that son of b*tch was still alive, I’d kill him.”

Liz knew who Max was talking about, “You saw it didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I saw it, I felt it. You and Josh fighting, Lydecker yelling at you and stunning you, your fight with him and him drugging you, then the shock treatments.”

“How did you know I was awake?”

“I came looking for you because I could feel how upset you were. Haven’t you noticed how much stronger our powers and our connection has gotten since we got here?” Liz nodded. She felt like her powers were twice as strong since she had come to Antar.

“It was another memory nightmare wasn’t it?” Max asked. Liz nodded again. “What to tell me about it?” Liz shook her head.

“Liz, I know you don’t like to talk about what happened but I think it would help make the nightmares go away if you did.” Max stated pulling her close.

“You’re one to talk.” Liz said harshly. Of course Liz wasn’t one to talk either, she’d been out of Manticore eleven years and only talked about a third of it. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that. And I did talk to Michael about it some, you know we bonded helping each other to talk about it but some of it is still locked up. It’s just I’m still scared of peoples’ reaction.”

“Liz, I thought we got past this. I know anything that happened there was forced upon you.”

“But that doesn’t help my conscious any. I mean, I killed people. One of them with no mercy. You remember when I first came back from Seattle and you told me exactly what you saw in those flashes. Well that killing was gentle compared to the first one. It was one we were all involved in. We tracked the prisoner until we had him surrounded. A couple of the boys took him down, knocked him to the ground that was when we saw it. He had a tattoo of a heart with a knife through it. We thought he was a nomlie, like Ben had told us about, we didn’t want him to get us. So we killed him, ripped him apart so we knew he couldn’t come back. We were covered in blood. I think we even surprised Lydecker by what we did, but he still acted proud. The sick son of a b*tch took a picture of us. After that I hated myself for what I did so I made sure that when I did kill again I did it with mercy, quick and as painless as possible. So tell me Max how am I supposed to live with that? How can I forget what I’ve done?”

Max was taken back for a minute by her story but recovered from it. “You can’t forget it, Liz. That memory will always be with you. But you can let people in and let them help you. I’ve known that things there were worse than you told me or that I saw. Your story is a brutal one but it doesn’t change the fact that I love you. Nothing could. But this is going to eat you alive, it’s been eleven years and you need to let it out. If not to me than talk to one of your brothers or sisters.”

Liz shook her head, “No, I can’t talk to them about it, especially Zack. When he was recaptured, they tortured him so that he would give up our locations but he resisted. He forced himself to forget everything, even who he was. I don’t want to make him relive that.”

“Then I’m here. Open up to me. Please Liz.”


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Dedicated to : Lillie (3 times), angeleyes, wild_child_uk (2 times), M/L Lover 1, Mary N 008, sassy, and roswellluver


I try to breathe
Memories overtaking me
I try to face them but
the thought is too
Much to conceive

I only know that I can change
Everything else just stays the same
So now I step out of the darkness
That my life became 'cause

Express how I felt
I just stuffed it down
Now I'm older and I feel like
I could let some of this anger fade
But it seems the surface
I am scratching
Is the bed that I have made

Part 34

Liz knew she needed to let it out. She was safe now and would never be at Manticore again. She put up her hand and started projecting her memories on the wall. The first picture was of a toddler Kyle and Liz. “Ky and I were two years old when we were taken out of the nursery. They had brought the others in occasionally that way we’d know them so we weren’t scared. Actually we were happier than we ever were when they were around. Our nannies, the nurses who looked after us, had never really been warm to us but our siblings welcomed us happily. We started training the next day. Well the physical stuff, we had already started learning what we could from books. We were two but we were more like six or seven year olds.”

“Everyday it was the same, up at 0600 hrs to the showers, next was breakfast then on to the classroom. Hours spent reading manuals watching those horrible movies, then lunch and on to sparring, weapons, maneuvers, and so on.” Max watched the flashes of everything Liz was saying go by. “I remember the first time one of us get punished worse than getting knocked to the other side of the room. Ben was dragged out of the room only to be brought in later battered and bruised. He said that they had taken him into pscyops, he couldn’t even explain it but I found out later.” Max cringed when the picture of Liz strapped to another chair with her head restrained switching between having a laser in her eye and a TV flashing in front of her then pictures of what he saw in the flashes.

“What you saw, it happened about six months before the escape. Our punishments became harsher as we got older. Jack and Jondy were punished once so severely that we thought we might lose them. Zack always tried to protect us, sometimes taking the blame and punishments for something that one of us did. He was CO and he was in charge of us. We knew that we had three choices, become mindless soldiers, continue as we were and get punished maybe even die from it, or escape. The first two weren’t even considered.”

“We started cataloging everything in our heads. Number of guards, what was the shortest distance to the fence, where would give us the best cover stuff like that. Then we finally picked a night and went for it. But as you know everything didn’t go as plan and Eva was killed. You know what happened after that.” Liz sighed then took a deep breath he was right she did feel better. “I guess I just didn’t want to think about it or bring up your own bad memories. I remember how you were when we got you out of the white room, I know how hard it was for you.”

“It was and I’ve never talked about it to anyone, and although I know you of all people would understand like you I didn’t want to bother you with it. I guess we were both too busy protecting the other one to worry about ourselves.” It had been two years since he had been in the white room and Max still had never talked about what happened to him.

“The night we got you out, I wanted to keep you safe. I thought about telling you everything then call Zack and asking for his help but then we kissed and I got flashes of what happened. I knew that if you went on the run with us that you might be captured with us and be sent to Manticore. I couldn’t let that happen, you had already been through too much.”

“I would have gone, left town with you. But Pierce would have come after Isabel and Michael. I couldn’t let him do to them what he did to me.”

“What exactly happened? I only saw snippets.” Liz asked cautiously

Max ran his hand over his face. “I woke up only being able to see white around me, I could feel that my powers were gone. I found out later that I was being drugged. Then Pierce came in. He asked me questions, accusing me of killing the agents Nasedo had. Then when I wouldn’t give him the answers he wanted he started other ways to get me to talk. Electro shock, ice water baths but he still wasn’t happy because I wouldn’t tell him anything, I couldn’t since I didn’t have the answers. He decided to do it a different way. He put a VR mask on me and started threatening my friends. He showed me a picture of you beaten and bloody lying on the ground dead. I snapped and he told me it was fake but it would come true if I didn’t help him. But I couldn’t. They were about to cut me open when the others rescued me.”

Liz squeezed his hand, as he continued, “Later at the UFO Center I wanted to hurt him so much. To inflict the same thing to him and I probably would have if Michael hadn’t killed him, his face still haunts me.”

“Just like Lydecker does mine.”

“Everyone has their demons and ours are both dead. They win if we don’t live our lives in happiness.”

“You’re right Max. And we are, we’re creating our own destiny.” Liz said as she kissed him deeply. She could feel him through their connection and he felt different, like a great weight had been lifted. She was sure that she felt the same way to him. He walked her back to her rooms, kissing her goodnight before leaving. Liz couldn’t help smiling, the final barrier between them was gone.


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Part 35

Over the next month they settled into their new lives on Antar. They spent hours a day learning everything they needed to know and even trained with the guards. They learned language, customs, Antarian fighting techniques and weapons. They took trips out of the palace exploring the planet. The people were happy to see that their new royalty and took to Liz well. Krit, Alec and Jondy joined the guards with Zack as he took his position of co-captain of the palace guards while Kyle, Syl, and Jack helped Michael with the now unneeded Antarian army. Logan and Josh learned the new computers of Antar and worked as technical advisors and Zane worked on the different vehicles that they had. Maxie, Ava, and Maria worked with Isabel and Liz like assistants helping them with the different meetings that they had to do along with planning Liz and Max’s wedding.

The ceremony was going to be a simple one, mostly Antarian with a little bit of Earth mixed in. Antarian ceremonies were mostly about love and commitment so Liz and Max thought it was perfect for them followed by a celebration. Then the day after was going to be Liz’s coronation along with the ceremony inducting her family into the royal court and a small ball. Max had asked Michael to be his best man and Krit, Josh, Jack, Alec and Logan were going to stand up with him. Zack and Kyle were going to walk her down the aisle. Maria was going to be maid of honor with Isabel, Ava, Syl, Jondy, and Max would stand with her. The seamstresses worked on all of the clothes but Liz’s dress that her, and Isabel were doing themselves. The guys’ outfits looked like Earth military dress uniforms and were black. Naomi was still Liz’s personnel handmaiden helping her with different things and becoming Liz’s friend. She had become vital to Liz learning her new life. Liz had even made arrangements for her to continue her duties after the wedding and Liz moved into the royal apartment. The royal apartment was one of the only rooms she had not seen in the palace and wouldn’t see until her and Max were married.

Whenever she saw Krit and Naomi together she could see something blossoming between them. She knew that they worked together a lot and Krit stopped by Liz’s quarters to visit a lot. Finally two days before the wedding when Krit came to visit Liz couldn’t stand it anymore. "Will you just ask her out?"

Krit looked at his little sister surprised by what she said, "Who?"

"Don’t play dumb with me. You know I mean Naomi. You’re as stubborn as Zack was when he got with Ava. Just ask her out."

"It’s not that simple."

"Yes, it is. Just ask for dinner and then a walk through the gardens, it’s simple. Watch. Naomi!" Liz called into her bedroom where she knew she was at.

"Liz what are you doing?" Krit asked panicked.

"Doing your job for you." She explained as Naomi walked out. "Yes, Liz?"

"My brother was wondering if you might like to join him for a private dinner then a stroll through the garden."

Naomi smiled and although she knew it wasn’t usual she couldn’t help but answer, "I would like that very much."

"Good." Liz said smiling the time for dinner was set and told Naomi to go ahead and leave to get ready. After she was gone Liz smiled widely at Krit. "Now maybe Alec won’t be the only one with a date for the wedding."

"I don’t know whether I should kiss you or hit you. But I better go so I can arrange tonight." Krit said nervously.

"Hey big brother just be yourself." Liz said kissing him on the cheek before he left. "Five down, five to go." Liz said to herself thinking of her siblings’ romantic attachments. Her computer beeped letting her know that she had ten minutes before her last meeting of the day.


Krit arranged dinner for two on one of the patios that over looked the waterfalls. Once everything was ready Naomi appeared. Krit held his breath when he saw her. She had left her usual cloak behind and replaced it with a pale shimmering green gown and her hair was pulled down out of her usual braids and flowed down her back. "You look beautiful."

"Thank you Krit." He pulled out her chair and they started out their date. It was a perfect date with lots of talking and laughter. Once they were done eating they set off on a walk through the gardens.

"What’s it like being like you? When you were on Earth." Naomi asked out of the blue.

"Well…it’s sort of like…" He ran his fingers through his hair thoughtfully. "It’s like feeling normal, thinking normal, but never actually being normal. We love we hate. We live we die. We have families and friends. The only thing that sets us apart is the fact that we were created in test tubes."

"That must have been hard."

"It was. One day your family is the only ones you can count on and they get you through the day, the next day they’re gone and you’re hiding from everyone. No one can ever know the real you or they might be scared and turn you in."

"But the King knew about Liz."

"By accident, he followed her when she skipped town with Ky and Zack to go help. He and the others were kind of spying on us and Syl and I went after them and brought them in at gunpoint."

"You held the king at gunpoint?" Naomi asked amazed.

"Well we didn’t know at the time who he was. Then it still didn’t make a difference. I mean yeah, he was an alien but he was always the guy dating Liz. It wasn’t until Nicholas kidnapped Liz then we went to rescue her and I killed my first skin that it all hit me. But even after living here and seeing all of this it still weird to think of it. I mean my baby sister, the same one who used to dream about what was outside the fence at Manticore is about to become the queen of an entire planet."

"I can’t imagine what that is like. It must make you so happy." Naomi said as they stopped along the path.

"It’s not the only thing." Krit said as he brushed her hair away from her face. He leaned closer to her about to kiss her when she pulled back. "We shouldn’t be doing this."

"What?" Krit asked shocked.

"You’re going to be a member of the royal court and I’m only a guard." Naomi explained as she pulled away.

"And that doesn’t matter to me."

"But it will to others, it could cause problems." Naomi said.

"I don’t care. I like being with you and I want to be able to be with you. I don’t care what people think and I won’t let it dictate my life." He said. He walked over to stand right in front of her, before cupping her face with his hands and kissed her. He felt her resistance break and kissed him back. When the need for air became great they broke apart, leaning their foreheads together.

"Besides if my sister and Max, who are king and queen, are in favor of us, I don’t think anyone will go against them." Krit said, with Naomi smiling her happiness.

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Part 36

The next day was chaotic since it was the day before the wedding of the king. Liz and Max weren’t allowed to see each other until the actual wedding so the group split up girls helping Liz, the guys, Max. That night everything was done and Isabel, Ava, Maria, Syl, Jondy, Sarah, and Maxie were all gathered with Liz having girls’ night.

“So are you nervous Liz?” Ava asked.

Liz shook her head, “No, I know I should be but I’ve been waiting for this for years.”

“I’d be a nervous wreck.” Maria said spooning up a gooey dessert. “I mean being up in front of all those people.”

“I can’t believe my baby sister is getting married before all of us.” Jondy stated. “Well except Tinga.”

“Well I never doubted that Max and Liz would be together.” Maria said.

“My brother has been in love with her forever.” Isabel stated.

“Once you go transgenic, you never go back.” Maxie said snacking on some food that was laid out for the girls. She was now showing and the palace healers estimated that she would give birth in another two months. Everyone looked at her before they busted out laughing.

“I guess she’s right.” Isabel said.

“Hey with the stamina that they have who wouldn’t want one?” Ava said smiling devilishly.

“AVA!” Liz gasped.

“I do not want to hear about my big brother’s sex life.” Syl said scrunching her nose. “I already know too much about my sister’s.”

Liz laughed again. She was enjoying spending time with the girls but wanted to see Max. “What do you think the guys are up to?”

“Alec said something about taking Max out for one last night of freedom.” Sarah offered.

“Which means he’s going to find the Antarian version of a stripclub.” Max said rolling her eyes. “At least Logan and Zack will keep them in line.”

“Well Max needs a night out. He’s been stressed lately.” Liz said.

“Has he been able to find out anymore?” Sarah asked.

“No. The spies lost sight of her a week ago. They were too far away to keep up and the guys didn’t want them to be too close after what happened last time.” They had sent out spies to find out if Divia was a threat but they had gotten too close and their bodies had been found strung up side down. So far they had not found what her plans might be. They were all worried that she may soon make an appearance. “Now with so many people in the palace for the wedding and coronation he’s on edge.”

Naomi entered just then to let them know that the next part of their night was ready. They were all going to pampered and prepared for the next day. They all headed out thinking about the upcoming wedding.


Liz stood in the outer room with the girls waiting for Zack and Kyle who came in just then. Kyle let out a whistle before kissing her on her cheek; “You look wonderful Liz. Isabel and you did a great job.”

The dress was in an empress style giving her an appearance of being taller than she was. It had long sleeves made of shear material. The neck was a scope neckline; the entire dress was trimmed in small pearls and had a long train. It made Liz think of a dress from the days of King Arthur. Her makeup was light and her hair was down, curled in small ringlets. Her veil reached the tip of her fingertips and attached to her head by a small silver tiara looking headpiece. “Thank you Ky.”

Zack couldn’t believe that it was his baby sister standing in front of him. “You look beautiful, Liz.”

“Thank you big brother.” Liz said kissing Zack lightly on the cheek.

“Well we better get out there.” Zack said. The doors opened and the girls started filing out as she took Kyle and Zack’s arms and went to claim her destiny.


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They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.

Dedicated to: roswellluver, Lillie, NATEVANS, angeleyes, M/L Lover1, and Lil Blu Bubble

Part 37

Max took a deep breath as he stood at one end of the aisle next to Michael, Logan and Liz’s brothers. The room was filled with people, many he had no idea who they were but were here because it was the wedding of the king. He looked at his mother who winked at him. He grinned knowing she was letting him know that she was happy for him. Then he looked down the aisle as he heard the music begin and Syl, Max, Jondy, Isabel and lastly Maria emerged through the large doors at the end. He smiled letting them know how important they all were to him and saw the girls smile. Then he held his breath as the wedding march music started. And then there she was. He felt like everything melted away and only she stood there, looking like an angel. Max couldn't breathe. She was breathtaking and he was so overwhelmed with love for her at this minute that his head spun. All he could see were her big beautiful doe eyes as she kept coming toward him, her own eyes glowing with incredible happiness and love.

Liz felt a rush of excitement run through her like none she’d ever felt, as she stepped through the door between her two brothers and saw Max standing at the end of the aisle waiting for her. The arched alter was behind him, and the man who was going to marry them was standing next to him, but all she saw was Max Evans.

Seeing Max in his formal wear, and standing proud and waiting for her made her heart stop. She loved him so much that she thought she might pass out from the rush of happiness that overwhelmed her. Their eyes connected, and it was Max's eyes that helped her make it down the aisle toward him. That and her brothers’ arms helping to keep her knees from giving out. They made their way to the front and Kyle and Zack gave her to Max although they both knew they had done that a long time ago. Their hands were then brought together and wrapped in a sash embossed with the royal seal and their rings were slid on.

As their hands touched the connection was instantaneous and their souls joined together as well. Moments from their lives together flashed by both of their eyes, causing Liz’s to tear slightly. Max looked at Liz; “I will love you my whole life, you and no other.”

“And I promise to love you, only you for the rest of my life.” Liz pledged. Neither one took their eyes off of each other during the rest of the short ceremony. Then the next thing they knew it was over and Max’s mother announced the celebration to begin.


After they finished the elaborate dinner that was prepared Maria walked up on the stage and took the microphone from the orchestra leader. “Okay for all of you who don’t know who I am, my name’s Maria Deluca. To get this whole thing going so we can party we have to get the newlyweds out here to dance. So for their first dance I’m going to personally sing for them.”

Max stood and held his hand out to his bride. They made their way to the center of the dance floor as the music began; Maria’s smoky voice filled the room as they began to sway to the music.

Where you are that's where I wanna be
And through your eyes,
All the things I wanna see
And in the night
You are my dream
You're everything to me

Liz looked up at Max as they danced to their song. She couldn’t believe it had happened. She had the perfect wedding with the man of her dreams, one that knew everything about her, and still loved her. If anyone asked her when she was younger if she thought it would happen she would have said no. But then Max patched a bullet in her and everything changed.

You're the love of my life
And the breath in my prayers
Take my hand, lead me there
What I need is you there

Max held her close and kissed her neck softly. "I know you won’t use the name much here, but I love you Liz Evans.” Max whispered in her ear and then stood up straighter and looked into her eyes. He could see how the sound of her new name delighted her by the dreamy light that shone in her eyes as she looked up at him with a bright smile. "I love the sound of that." She whispered back and let her hands play with the sensitive hair at the back of his nape as they were curled around his neck.

"How long before we can leave the party?" Liz whispered, looking deeply into his eyes. She heard Max faintly groan and felt the hardness of Max against her stomach and smiling, she snuggled in closer. "Serves you right for not letting me sneak into your room."

"I think we have to at least wait a little while. Then I get to have my way with you.”

I can't forget the taste of your mouth
From your lips
The heavens pour out
I can't forget when we are one
With you alone, I am free

Every day, every night, you alone
You're the love of my life
Every day, every night
You're the love of my life

Their song ended and Maria was about to head off stage but the other musicians asked her to keep singing with them. She agreed and started another song. This time other couples came out to join the newly married couple. A few songs later, Zack left his family and headed over to Ava’s family’s table. “Would you like to dance?”

Ava nodded dumbly as Zack led her to the floor. “When did you learn to dance?”

“My sisters thought it was a good idea for us to learn to dance when we got here.” Zack answered.

“Remind me to thank them.” Ava said smiling as she glanced around. “How are you doing with all this? With Liz getting married?”

“I told you last night I was fine.”

“I know but that was before it actually happened.” Ava stated.

“It’s weird but it’s not like it’s out of the blue. I just want her to be happy, and she is.”

Ava looked over at Liz and Max, who were leaving the festivities. “That she is. I thought she was going to cause permanent damage earlier from smiling so much.”

“So do ever think about this?” Zack asked.


“You, me, doing this, getting married.” He stated.

Ava stopped dancing and pulled slightly away from Zack, “Okay who are you and what have you done with Zack?”

Zack just pulled her back and began to dance again, “I’m serious.”

“I don’t know, I’ve not really thought about.” Ava stuttered out. “I mean I’ve thought about it but I guess I never thought you’d want to.”


“I just didn’t think you would.”

“And if I asked you right now?” Zack asked.

“Are you?”

Zack put his finger under Ava’s chin and raised it so he could look into her eyes; “Will you marry me?”

Ava felt like she could barely breathed but somehow managed to say, “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

Zack crushed his lips to hers at the same time as the hands around her small frame lifted her up. When they broke apart, Ava gasped, “I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Wait until we tell everyone else.”

“I think we should wait a few days, let Max and Liz have their time.” Ava said as they started dancing again. Zack agreed and they kept dancing. Not long after they noticed Michael making his way across the stage to Maria, he faced the crowd and said, “Can I have everyone’s attention?”


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Dedicated to: Lillie, Lil Blu Bubble, roswellluver, NATEVANS, and b4echstarrynite

I'm not really happy with this part but here it is.

Part 38

They approached the large door Liz knew led to the royal apartment. Max leaned over whispering in her ear, “Do you trust me?”

“With all my heart.” Liz answered as Max pulled a silk scarf from his pocket and tied it around her eyes. It was a strange experience for Liz, with her night vision it wasn’t often that she experienced complete blackness. She couldn’t help but yelp slightly when she felt Max’s arms under her back and knees lifting her up. “I’ve got to carry you over the threshold.”

Liz giggled as she heard him kick open the door and carry her in. He set her down before feeling him loosen the scarf and it fell from her eyes. Their apartment was huge. They were in a living/sitting area with large couches and end tables. At one end were several large windows that had a great view of the falls. “I thought my room was elaborate.”

“It’s set up like your room with the Autochef and everything. Come on I’ll give you the fifty cent tour.” Max said grabbing her hand and pulling her along. “There’s a small bathroom of the main room here for guests.” Then they went into another room. There were two desks with computers on top. In between the desks were a large overstuffed couch and chair. It was obvious that this was their office. “Our computers are linked to the other ones in the palace. Now for the really amazing part.”

They headed back through the outer room and to a set of closed double doors. He turned both knobs and threw open the doors. The sight in front of her made her gasp in surprise. There was the usual bedroom furniture, dressers, vanities, etc. But the thing that captured her attention was the huge king-size bed in the middle of the room. It was elevated slightly with two steps leading up to it. Above it was a huge skylight that allowed them to see the stars and Antar’s moons. Every night they would go to sleep under the stars, like their first one in the desert searching for the orb all that time ago. She let go of Max’s hand, climbed the two stairs and ran her along the bed before hopping on it. She laid spread eagle, “Very comfy.”

“It is but it’s felt lonely without you here.” Max said smiling down at Liz lying flat on her back with her wedding dress draped over the whole bed. He couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked. Remembering that he hadn’t finished what he set out to do, he said, “I have a few more things to show you.”

He showed her the main bath with its large tub, big enough for two and shower along with a large dressing room. Then he took her back through the bedroom to a one of the large windows that was actually a set of doors. Out side was a large balcony complete with furniture and other things that reminded Liz of her old balcony. She knew Max must have done it. Then as she was about to leave she saw something painted on the wall. It was a red glowing heart like the one from the night of the blind date, that read M.E. + L.P.E. She couldn’t help but smile bigger as they headed back into the bedroom. “As you know everything of yours was sent here. Naomi set up everything but you can do anything you want, we can redecorate any way you want.”

Liz put her finger on Max lips, “Later, I think we have more pressing matters to attend to. Like consummating.”

“What did you have in mind?” Max asked.

“Go to the outer room and strip down to just your boxers, I’ll call you when I’m ready for you to join me.” Liz said coyly before pushing him out of the bedroom. Max did as he was told and tried to wait patiently. But it was hard. Liz had an active imagination; he had seen several of her fantasies in their flashes and was curious as to what she was up to. Plus a month away from her had been almost too much to bear. A few minutes later he heard, “Maaaxxx, come and get me.”


Everyone turned to face Michael who suddenly felt somewhat daunted. “Um, Maria always says I’m not a big romantic so I’d thought this one time I’d prove her wrong.”

He turned to face a speechless Maria, “I might not have always shown it, but I’ve always loved you. I knew you were the girl for me, ever since that day so long ago when I took your car and kidnapped you. You were always there when I needed you even when I pushed you away, put up with all of my shit. You made me feel like I had a home, and that someone could love me no matter what. And now I want to you to know how much I want you to always be my home, my family.” Michael said as he got to one knee in front of an almost hysterically crying Maria. “Maria Ann Deluca, will you marry me?”

Maria was crying so hard that she could only nod. Michael let out a loud whoop before kissing her hard. The watching crowd let out a loud applause and calls of congratulations were deafening but Michael was able to hear Maria’s faint whisper in his ear, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He said back as he kissed her again. They kissed passionately for several minutes before heading off.

Michael’s parents along with Sarah and Alec were waiting on the side when they made their way down off the stage. Sarah hugged Maria while their parents hugged Michael. “Well my son, you certainly know how to get your message across.” Bastian stated.

“I thought it might make up for all the crap I’ve put her through.” Michael said smiling down at his little pixie.

“Knowing you, I doubt it. But it’s a start.” Sarah teased. Alec could only laugh at his girlfriend. She looked so beautiful that night in her deep red gown, her long reddish blonde hair flowing down her back with only one jeweled comb on one side. The last month they spent a lot of time with each other, whatever time they could spare when they weren’t doing their duties or spending time with their families. The two found that their lives had been similar, training, fighting, war. But now they were settling into their lives.

“It was beyond my wildest dreams.” Maria stated defending Michael to his sister’s joking. The couple made their way around the room talking to everyone and receiving more greetings of congratulations.

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Part 39

Max walked into the bedroom and was struck dumb. Liz stood in front of him looking sexier than he’d ever seen. She had taken off her wedding gown and changed into a sexy negligee. It was spaghetti strap floor length and white. The material was almost translucent and shimmery, clinging to her body. Her hair was still down and in curls. “You look so beautiful.”

Liz smiled and blushed at the same time as Max walked to stand in front of her. “My beautiful queen.”

“Not yet.”

“You’ve always been my queen.” He said as he leaned in and kissed her wrapping his arm around her to bring her closer. They kissed softly, mouths just brushing, tongues darting out to stroke tenderly, faces shifting as their warm breath washed over each other. They were barely touching, yet Liz felt the fire inside her building again. She raised her hands to his shoulders, to his head, trying to push him into a deeper kiss. Max gently forced her hands back down. If she touched him, he was going to lose control. And he was determined to worship her the way she deserved.

He kept kissing her, pressing further now, exploring the sweet recesses of her mouth as his hand moved up to touch her face. Liz tilted her head to give him better access, loving the taste of him. Pulling back after a few minutes, Max traced the edges of her lips with tiny kisses. Moving away from her mouth, his lips left butterfly touches against her left temple, the outline of her ear, her jaw, then outlining the other side of her face. He found the sensitive spot behind her right ear and lingered there until her breath grew ragged. Moving on, he skimmed down the column of her throat, his breath warming the curve where neck met shoulder, the hollows of her collarbone. Liz was already squirming beneath him, aware of how many nerve endings filled each inch of skin. She wanted him, now, but she never wanted this to stop.

Max worked his way over the upper curves of her chest, loving the warm taste of her skin. He ran his tongue down the fading scar between them, as if he could erase it, then tickled the crease beneath each breast. Liz gasped, arching towards his mouth, but he pulled back until she relaxed. Slowly, using only his lips, he took gentle nipping bites of the soft flesh, over and over, occasionally grazing her with his teeth. She felt like she was falling to pieces. He pulled down the straps of her nightgown and lowered his mouth to her breasts. Every time his breath blew over her nipples she shivered. Until finally, he closed over one and drew it fully into the warmth of his mouth. He teased the tight bud with the flat of his tongue while he suckled, drawing moans from her, then switched to the other breast. He used his bottom teeth to gently scrape up from her ribs and over the nipple, then licked the same path, before allowing his lips to close over her. He alternated between breasts, pulling at one with his mouth while rolling the taut nipple of the other between his fingers.

Liz was writhing against his mouth, her head spinning. She could come just from this, she thought. As if he could read her mind, he placed a last kiss on each nipple and began tracing a line of fire down her ribcage while he pulled her nightgown down off of her body. She wanted to cry from frustration until he reached her navel and dipped into it. She jumped, grabbing at his shoulders. Once again he stopped her from touching him. “Just let me,” he said his voice hoarse against her belly. He was so hard it hurt, but he was enjoying this too much to stop. He slid his tongue down in a straight line through the dark hair covering her mound, and nearly came himself when she sobbed his name.

Liz was beyond rational thought as Max’s warm hands parted her legs, and his thumb traced the inner crease of her thigh. It moved higher, barely brushing her curls, as he kissed his way up from her knees. She wove her hands into his hair, she couldn’t help herself, but he wouldn’t be hurried. Finally, delicately, he stroked her with his tongue, moving just over the outer lips, making her shudder with each elusive touch. Finally he dragged his mouth up again, deeply, parting the lips and tasting her wetness. He did it again and again, his tongue pressing into her each time, flicking over the swollen bud. Liz was pleading wordlessly, her thighs trembling, and he desperately wanted to see her face, but he couldn’t wait either. As the first tremors washed over her, he pushed her harder, suckling and stroking until she screamed, not stopping until the last shivers ended and she lay limp against the mattress.

When she could finally move Liz leaned in and rubbed her cheek against his face, before her lips sought his once more. They kissed slowly, deeply, while their hands roamed. ‘He feels so good, Liz thought, and pushed him back against the mattress. She used her fingertips to trace the lines of muscle in his shoulders, his arms, his chest, before following their path with her lips. She kissed his belly, loving the way he tensed beneath her.

Max was in heaven as Liz explored his body; her hair tickling his flesh and her hands and mouth igniting his nerve endings. She was so perfect, her smell and her skin. He felt her pulling his boxers down his legs and off of his body. Her lips brushed over the tip of his erection and he jerked, moaning, all coherent thought erased. He needed to touch her, now, and tried to pull her up to him. But she would have none of it. She took him fully into her mouth and Max stopped fighting her. It felt amazing but he was too close and he didn’t want to finish in her mouth. “Liz, I need…”

She needed, too, and she was more than ready. She climbed back up his body and he flipped them over. He grabbed the protection they needed and she guided him into her. He pressed deeply, filling her, feeling every slick bit of her beneath him as her body accepted his. They lay still for a moment, not moving, barely breathing, remembering what it felt like to be together, it felt like forever since they had been.

Liz twined her arms loosely around Max’s shoulders and he burrowed his arms beneath their hips, their eyes meeting as they slowly, slowly, began to move. At first they only rocked against each other, sensitive flesh rubbing against sensitive flesh, until their bodies demanded more. Unhurriedly, Max began sliding in and out and Liz rose to meet him. They shared the need to drag this out for as long as possible. Over and over they moved together, their rhythm leisurely, but their breathing became labored and whispered endearments were replaced with moans. Gradually the pace began to quicken, movements becoming more forceful, as passion flared. Eyes still locked, natural instinct finally took over, bodies moving roughly, demanding completion.

Liz was close…so close…with each stroke the tension grew higher. Her eyes closed of their own accord, her face flushed, as his chest rubbed against hers, his body pressing against and into her. She tautened, arched, her whimpers rising in pitch, until he drove into her one more time and she snapped, shuddering, the waves of pleasure radiating up through her body.

Max held back, wanting to see her face as she came. She was so hot and wet and sweet, his body was screaming for release, but as she tightened around him he kept thrusting, drawing out her pleasure for as long as he could. She was so beautiful, his Liz, and he finally gave in and let go, jerking as he poured himself into her, the pleasure even more intense than before. They both kept moving as small aftershocks ran through them, gasping breaths washing over each other. Finally were still, hearts still racing, bodies still tangled.

Liz propped herself up on one elbow and looked down at her love, her husband. “I don’t know about you but I think our wedding night is getting off to a good start.”

Max smiled, “Actually I was just thinking of something to make it better.”

Liz’s eyebrows raised, “I’d like to see that.”

“You’ll see, and I guarantee it. Stay here,” he replied and leaned in to kiss her. He pulled away all to quickly from Liz and headed into the bathroom, he appeared a few minutes later. He didn’t say anything but he took her hand, he put a hand over her eyes.

“Max, what are you doing?”

“You’ll see.” They took a few more steps and suddenly she felt warmth, could smell candles, and hear soft music. She was surprised that her genetically engineered senses hadn’t picked these things out sooner, but chalked it up to being with Max. He always sent her senses reeling.

As Max slowly lowered his hand and Liz opened her eyes, what she saw took her breath away. They were in his bathroom, and there were dozens of candles glowing, the bathtub was filled to the rim with bubbles, and there were even flower petals on the floor. She couldn’t believe it. She turned to him then and asked, almost incredulously, “this is your fantasy?”

“Are you kidding? Having the most gorgeous woman in the world take a bubble bath with me? Who wouldn’t have that fantasy,” he answered and chuckled a little. “And we always had to worry about being interrupted by parents back on Earth so I never got a chance to try then.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist. Then he kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, “Would you care to join me?”

As she turned back to him, “Absolutely,” they climbed into the tub and were barely settled when she kissed him. He kissed her back across her lips, along her jaw, then down her neck. Liz sighed softly and shivered as Max ever so slowly slid his hands over her breasts. He just couldn’t get over that she was his, forever.

Now it was Liz’s turn. As she slowly kissed and licked her way down Max’s neck. She did that all the way down his chest, and it was driving him crazy. As Max leaned back against the tub, Liz straddled him. He wrapped his arms around her and began stroking her back, making her shiver. She leaned in and kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth to war with his. When breathing became vital for Max, he pulled back and began placing licking kisses down her neck to her breasts. As he began licking and sucking first on one, then the other, Liz’s head fell back and she moaned his name. She began slowly circling her hips, driving Max crazy. When she leaned forward and began licking her way down his chest, he couldn’t take anymore. “Liz, please,” he breathed in her ear. She prepared him for another around and slowly lowered herself onto him and gasped at the contact. As she began moving on him, Max groaned and reached between them to massage the spot he knew would send her over the edge. Within minutes she climaxed, coaxing Max to his as well.

As they sat there holding onto one another, the water beginning to cool around them, their heartbeats returning to normal, Max whispered softly, “I can’t believe we’re finally here. We’re finally, really, married.”

Max stroked her back and smiled into her hair, “I know. I love you.”

Liz leaned back and looked at him, “and I love you.” They climbed out of the tub and fell into bed together falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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Dedicated to: MoMo, Lillie, b4echstarrynite, GagnesGirl, roswellluver, Lil Blu Bubble, kittens, and M/L Lover 1

Part 40

The next day was another busy one preparing for the coronation and another ball. At least this time Liz was able to see Max, her husband. She loved saying that, her husband. It was now that she started to feel nervous. The wedding didn’t scare her because she loved Max but becoming queen was a little intimidating. As she dressed she checked everything going over every inch of her gown. It was a formal one, strapless with a beaded bodice and a top layer of shimmering silk. It was a pale blue like the sky on a cloudless day with several royal symbols in white along the waist.

Max entered the dressing room and watched his nervous wife smooth down nonexistent wrinkles out of her dress. He knew that Liz was feeling uneasy but he couldn’t think of any woman who could handle being queen better than her. “Love its time.”

Liz turned to see Max standing, watching her. He was dressed a formally as she but already had his crown on. She would get hers after her coronation. “Let’s get this show going.”


Liz stood on the platform above the crowd, her family on one side, her husband on the other. Queen Katiya appeared from the side standing before Max, “King Maxwell who do you choose as your queen?”

“My wife. Before everyone I choose my wife.” Max stated. It was just tradition for him to make the formal announcement since everyone knew that he wouldn’t have married her if he didn’t want her to be queen.

One of the queen’s handmaidens appeared with a crown, the raining queens crown. Kati moved over until she stood in front of Liz giving the girl a small smile. “I crown thee, Queen Elizabeth, wife to King Maxwell, queen of all Antar.”

Liz curtsied so that the Queen mother could place her crown atop her head. As she did the crowd let out a loud cheer. In the past month Liz had proven herself to the public showing that she wasn’t there just for appearance sake. She wasn’t some bubble headed debutante who was there to only please the king; she would be by his side helping him whenever needed. She had helped wherever needed jumping in to do whatever was asked of her.

Next Max left his position and moved to stand in front of Liz’s ten brothers and sisters and Logan. Two guards approached from the side holding sashes embossed with the royal seal. “You are the queen’s family and some of my most trusted friends. Because of this I bestow upon you the titles of royal courtiers and courtesans.”

Max held out his hand for Liz to join him. The two of them then took the sashes and began placing them over the heads of Liz’s family. Zack’s was slightly different in two ways; one was an elaborate gold star on it showing that he was a cocaptain of the royal guard and another Antarian symbol showing he was head of his family. Max was the one to give Zack his, Liz watching from the side happy to see how much their relationship had changed since their first meeting. Once it was all done Max announced the ball to begin.


The ball was in full swing and Liz decided she needed a breather. She extracted herself from Max who looked at her curiously. “I’m just going to get a breath of air.”

Max nodded standing to go with her but Liz stopped her, “Stay, I’ll be back in a minute.”

Liz made her way through the crowd, stopping several times to chat with people before finally reaching one of the patios outside. She was glad that they wouldn’t have many public functions, only a few a year. Her head was spinning from all of it. As she sat down to relax she felt someone’s eyes on her. She spun around to face who it was and saw a woman who looked to be in her twenties. There was something in her eyes that struck a familiar cord in Liz’s mind but she couldn’t place it. But Liz didn’t miss the coldness in her voice when she first spoke, “I thought it would be so much harder to find you.”

“I don’t believe I know you.”

“But I know you, you’re the pathetic excuse for a queen that your idiotic husband picked.”

Liz couldn’t believe what this woman was saying. She was the first mean person she had met since she had arrived. “I think you should hold your tongue instead of saying things you know nothing about.”

“I know about you. Tess told me plenty. I also know you’re the cause for the fall of the man who should have been king.”

It was then that Liz realized who she was speaking to and why her eyes looked so familiar, “Hello, Divia.”


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“I know about you. Tess told me plenty. I also know you’re the cause for the fall of the man who should have been king.”

It was then that Liz realized who she was speaking to and why her eyes looked so familiar, “Hello, Divia.”

Who the heck is this chick telling Liz crap? I swear, if Tess wasn't dead, I'd ring her neck myself. Is it someone that was related to Tess? Maybe that's why her eyes looked so familiar?

Close. Earlier in the story they found out that Divia was Kivar's sister. That's why the eyes looked so familiar. Divia hates the royals especially Liz because of Kivar dying.
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katmcken = I think Liz could probably fight with a crown on her head, she’d just have to be careful.

Lillie, roswellluver, & angeleyes = I haven’t talked a lot about her but Divia was talked about earlier in the story. She’s Kivar’s sister and she hates the group. She blames them especially Liz for Kivar’s death.

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Dedicated to: Lillie(3x) , salonica, katmcken, NATEVANS, roswellluver, M/L Lover 1, angeleyes, wild_child_uk, Lil Blu Bubble, and 3somefan

Part 41

“My reputation precedes me.” Divia stated evilly.

“That it does.” Liz said preparing herself for anything. “How did you get in here?”

“I’m not here. What you’re seeing is an illusion. I wanted to see you for myself. It’s because of you that my brother is dead whether you did it or not. He went to Earth to scope you out then he was dead.”

“You won’t believe me but he was killed in self defense. He tried to kill me after I dusted Nicholas. Max only did what was needed.” Liz stated.

“Your husband should have stayed dead. And he’s going to wish he was.”

Liz’s anger rose fast, “I’ll kill you myself before I let you near him.”

Divia only laughed, “My thought is not if I kill you first.”

Divia had all of Liz’s attention that she didn’t notice anyone behind her until she felt something stab her in the back. She spun around and saw a man behind her holding what looked like some kind of syringe. He had injected her with something, and not too gently by the amount of pain she was feeling. She kicked his hand knocking the syringe out of his hand before doing a spin kick that would have knocked him to the ground but as soon as he landed he disappeared. She turned back to see Divia gone as well. The man must have teleported there while Divia had projected to her. Thinking of Divia’s last statement she started to head back inside but as she began to move she was overcome by dizziness. She did her best to fight it but only made it within a foot of the door before collapsing.


Max was feeling edgy. Liz had not come back yet and he was getting a mixture of feelings from her. He saw Krit near by with Naomi and made his way there. “Have you guys seen Liz?”

They both shook their heads, “I thought she was with you.”

“She was but she said she needed so air. That was a while ago.” Max answered he caught Zack’s eye and motioned him to come over. “None of know where Liz is.”

Zack nodded. “I’ll alert the family and have them start looking for her that way we don’t alarm anyone.”

“We’ll go check outside to see if she’s there.” Max said. Zack split from them and Max, Krit, and Naomi headed outside. Max was only out of the door a second before he saw Liz’s limp form. He rushed over to her and saw that she was unconscious. He lifted her up slightly and tried to wake her. Krit was next to him and the first one to see the large patch of blood staining her light dress. “Someone must have attacked her or something, there’s a wound on her back.”

Naomi spotted the syringe nearby and looked at the small amount left. “Someone infected her with a syboba virus.”

“What’s that?” Max asked.

“A very deadly disease. It was used sometimes in the war, a biochemical weapon. Basically it liquefies the internal organs eventually leading to death. A very painful one at that.” Naomi said worriedly.

Panic coursed through Max. Liz had something in her that would kill her. “Can it be healed?”

Naomi looked at him with sad eyes. “No, your highness.”

Max lifted Liz up into his arms, “Tell my mother and the others what happened and I’m taking Liz up to our rooms. Get a couple of the palace healers and send them up there.”

“But your highness,” Naomi said.

“I said do it! I am not going to sit by and let her die without trying to heal her.” Max said as he headed thought another door that he knew would take him a back way to their rooms. His heart was pounding but not from exertion, it was from fear. He couldn’t loose Liz, not now. Everything had been so wonderful lately especially with their wedding and wedding night. He approached the doors to their suite and used his powers to open them so he didn’t have to set Liz down. He hurried to their room and placed her gently on their bed.

He gazed down at her, “Liz. Liz, I need you to look at me.”

He couldn’t help but remember the first he had healed her as he said the words but this time he got no response. Her eyes were still shut tightly. Her breath was becoming labored and she had broken out into sweat. He placed the back of his hand to her forehead and it almost burned him. He needed to cool her down since he couldn’t heal her. He reached under and undid her dress. It shook him when he brought his hand out from under her and saw it was covered in blood. He turned her over and saw that she had actually stopped bleeding his hand was cover by what the dress had absorbed. He finished pulling the dress off of her and pulled a nearby T-shirt over her head to keep her covered. He pulled off her crown to make her more comfortable. He heard noise from the outer room figuring it was either Naomi with the healers or Liz’s family. “In here.”

Max had been right on both accounts. Naomi led in two of the healers with Krit and Zack at her side. Max moved out of the way so the healers could look Liz over. They were more knowledgeable of what she was infected with.

“Have you been able to figure out what happened?” Zack asked.

“I don’t know, she hasn’t woken up since we found her.” Max answered.

“Everyone is in the outer room waiting.” Krit mentioned.

Max could see that the healers had finished their exam so he asked, “How is she? Will she survive?”

“For all accounts your highness I don’t know how she survived until now. Her handmaiden gave us the syringe used. We identified it as indeed containing the syboba virus. Its affects are usually swift, a matter of minutes. But the queen had not been showing any of the symptoms she should be.”

“But she is having trouble breathing and is burning up. Aren’t those symptoms?” Max asked.

“Yes, your highness but those are the symptoms that show up within seconds then quickly turn into the more severe ones. The handmaiden informed me that she had been missing for a while so if she’s not dead she should at least be in the latter stages.” The healer informed him.

“Then what can I, we do?” Max asked.

The two healers looked at each other before answering, “The only thing you can do is wait.”

“Wait?!” Zack exclaimed.

“The fact that her highness is still alive is a positive sign. Since she is still majority human the virus may react differently to her system.”

“Manticore made us immune to all of the biochemical weapons on Earth maybe it’s helping her fight off this alien one.” Krit stated.

Max nodded as he moved back to Liz’s side. He saw no visible change in her but had to hope that the healers were right and the virus wouldn’t kill Liz because of her still being part human.


I made a image gallery of all the characters from the whole Family Series if anyone wants to look at it, here it is:

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Dedicated to:Lullaby, Lillie, roswellluver, wild_child_uk, KEmperor, NATEVANS, Lil Blu Bubble, katmcken, BubbleBlueSmurf, and MLDreamer31

Part 42

In the hours after Liz’s siblings along with their significant others, Michael and Maria all set up camp in Max and Liz’s outer room and office. It was a tight squeeze but none of them wanted to leave. It was now public knowledge that an assignation attempt had been made on the newly crowned queen and the people were outraged.

As Maria made her way out of the bedroom and back into the main room all eyes were on her, “No change.”

They all sat back disheartened at the fact that nothing had happened, Ava saw this and said, “Guys, you have to look on the positive side. She’s still alive, that’s better than others who have had it. Liz is strong, she’ll be fine.”


Liz opened her eyes and was met with the site of Max. He was sitting in a chair he must have pulled up next to her and his head drooped forward slightly as he dozed. His face was unshaven and he looked worn out. She looked around the room and saw that they were in their bedroom. She wondered how she had gotten there before she remembered her meeting with Divia. They must have brought her here after she collapsed. She chastised herself for being sloppy and letting Divia’s man get behind her. She sat up and noticed she no longer wore her gown or crown. Instead she wore one of Max’ T-shirts and she noticed it was wet probably from sweat. She looked at Max again and was tempted to let him sleep. But she knew he had probably been worried about her so she reached over and gently shook him. “Max.”

Max felt himself been shaken and could have sworn he heard Liz’s voice. He opened his eyes and was graced with the sight of Liz looking back at him. He sat up quickly, “You’re awake.”

Before Liz knew what was happening she was being crushed to Max’s chest. Max pulled away and started kissing her face smothering her with his lips. “I thought I’d lost you.”

“You should know by now you re not can’t get rid of me.” Liz said smiling.

“We didn’t know if you would wake up or not.”

“How long was I out?” Liz asked.

“Two days.” Max stated. “Who did this to you?”

“Divia.” Liz answered. “I was out on one of the patios when I felt someone close. I looked around and saw a woman close by. It took a few words but I figured out it was Divia. She must have been projecting or something. She was blaming me for Kivar’s death and saying you should have stayed dead that you were going to wish you were. I got angry and told her that I’d kill her if she came near you. She said not if she killed me first than I felt a sharp pain in my back. One of her men stood behind me with a syringe before disappearing. I turned back to see Divia was gone as well. I headed inside but collapse before I could get there.”

“Krit, Naomi, and I found you as well as the syringe. The healers said the virus you were infected with usually kill the infected within a few minutes. It’s some kind of biochemical type weapon they used during the war.” Max explained.

Liz blew out a deep breath, “Manticore made us immune to all that stuff. It probably took my body a little while to create the antibodies to fight off the disease.”

“All I care about is that you’re okay.” Max said gently kissing her. “Everyone is right outside the door. I should go tell them.”

Liz nodded and Max quickly rushed out of the room. He didn’t want to be too far from Liz. He threw open the door and yelled, “She’s awake.”

He turned back to head to Liz. He knew the others would come running. Just as he predicted what sounded like a stampede could be heard before everyone came crashing through into the room. All eyes were on Liz who just smiled and waved, “Hey guys.”

Everyone took turns hugging Liz glad to see she was awake, alive. Once they were all settled and Liz had been hugged to death Zack asked, “Who did this?”

“Divia.” Max answered. “She tried to kill Liz and probably would have succeeded if not for Liz’s X5 blood. She tried to kill Liz because she blamed her for Kivar’s death and to weaken me.”

“We’ve gotten too relaxed partly my fault. From now on we have to be on alert. Divia’s trying to hit us where it will hurt us most. It’s either her or us.” Liz stated. The group nodded and began planning what to do.

Part 43

After recovering, Liz was back to her duties a few days later. She was in a meeting with a group that dealt with finding homes for the orphans of the war Maria came in. She excused herself and went over to her, “What’s up Maria?”

“I know you said you didn’t want to be interrupted but you better get down to Logan and Max’s rooms. She’s in labor and it’s going fast. She’s screaming for you, Syl, and Jondy.” Maria explained.

“Oh my God.” Liz exclaimed before hurry back over to the conference table. “I’m sorry to cut this meeting short but my sister needs me. We’ll have to reschedule.”

“Yes, your highness.” The spokesman of the group said before they all stood and bowed. Liz nodded back and flew out the door with Maria on her heels. They headed over to the residence area of the palace and into her sister’s suite. In the front room Liz saw all of her brothers as well as Ava and Sarah at the same time that she heard her sister scream. All of the boys cringed at the sound.

Liz headed for her and Logan’s bedroom. When she went inside she saw her sister laying on her bed with Logan on one side and her other sisters on the other side along with two healers at the foot. “Here comes another one.” Maxie groaned as she grimaced in pain. From what Liz could tell from Logan’s look of pain her sister was crushing the hand she was holding.

Liz made her way quickly over to her big sisters side. She brushed away her damp hair, “I hear someone wants to make an appearance.”

Max looked over, “He trying to rip his way out, he’s impatient.”

“Reminds me someone I know." Liz smiled. "You’re scaring all of the guys out there.”

“Weenies,” Syl commented. “I swear those boys have been through so much but if either of them had a cramp they’d die.”

“Women are just stronger.” Liz stated.

“Just wait until you’re in this situation and see how true that is.” Max grunted before letting lose a scream. “AAAAHHHHH!”

“Just imagine a nice peaceful place,” Liz said trying to relax her sister. But Max reached out and clamped her hand over Liz’s mouth, “Let’s imagine drugs okay?”

Another hour later the girls and Logan were trying to help Max when one of the healers, Malek said. “M’lady it’s time to push.”

“None of that m’lady crap. My name is Max.” She said.

“Okay, Max. The next contraction you need to push.”

“Come on Maxie, he wants to come out and get spoiled.” Jondy encouraged.

“God, just cut him out of me!” Max howled as she moved into position to push. After twenty minutes of pushing, the only sound in the room was the cry of Max and Logan’s son. They watched as Malek pulled him up and used his powers to sever the umbilical cord as well as clean him before wrapping him up and handing him to his father. Then went to work with their powers healing Max.

“He’s so beautiful.” Logan said in awe.

“I want to see him.” Max said. Logan leaned down and for the first time Liz got a good look at him. His little head was covered in the same dark hair that Liz, Max and Krit had as well as their dark skin but with Logan’s blue eyes. “There’s my little man.” Maxie whispered.

Liz watched as her sister gently turned the baby over so she could see the back of his neck. It was bare. “No barcode.” She smiled. “I know Case didn’t have one but I had to be sure.”

The healers finished everything and the bedroom looked normal again. “I think I better go let the others know before they break down the doors.”

“If they want to come in, it’s okay.” Maxie said not taking her eyes off of her son. Syl stepped up and held a hand up to Logan, “You stay here, I’ll get them.”

Syl left and Logan took a seat next to his family on the bed. Jondy and Liz just watched them until the others came in. Liz saw that Max and Michael had joined them as well and Max came up to her side. It was a tight fit but all of the family fit inside. They watched as Maxie flipped the baby around for everyone to see, “Baby this is your family, guys this is our son, Benjamin Maxwell.”

Everyone looked over at Max’s shocked face as Logan spoke up, “Ben is obvious. We picked Maxwell because if it wasn’t for him, Max would have died that night outside Manticore or gotten captured. He saved us again by letting us come with him to Antar.”

Max could only smile. He was at a lost for words. The girls each held little Ben before Maxie spoke up, “Guys, I know you’re all here to see us and don’t want to sound like a b*tch but can I speak to my family alone for a few minutes?”

They nodded and Max, Isabel, Michael, Maria, Ava, and Sarah all walked out. The healers left as well and Logan closed the door after them. Once it was done Max begun, “This is one of the happiest days of my life. But there is something I need to tell you, to get off my chest.”

“What is it Maxie?”

“It’s about Ben. About the last time I saw him.” Max explained. She saw that got their attention. She hugged her newborn son close to her and started, “I heard about a body that had been found with Ben’s barcode. I went to the morgue but it wasn’t him. I was finally able to track him down and confronted him. He was so lost and he admitted that he had killed several people. Later we were in the woods and we fought. He got hurt, I broke his leg, and Manticore was closing in on us. He begged me to kill him so he wouldn’t be taken back. So I did it. I told him to tell me about the high place and snapped his neck. Then like a coward I ran, I left his body there and saved myself.”

“Maxie,” Liz said as she leaned in and hugged her sister as best she could not wanting to hurt the baby.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you all sooner. I was scared you’d hate me, still am. But I wanted you to know.”

“None of us hate you Max.” Zack stated. “I think I speak for everyone here when I say we’d probably have done the same thing. None of us would have wanted him to go back there especially after the things he’d done.”

They all knew that if Ben would have been captured they would have put in physops, for a lot longer than Alec had been there. They would have done every test they could think of to find out what was wrong with him including dissecting him. The family was relieved to finally know what had happened to Ben. They talked about it more and visited before leaving their newest family member to his parents.


**NOTE: When I wrote the birth scene my fiancee said 'If the X5s are so tough Max wouldn't be in so much pain giving birth' I told him bullsh*t. It doesn't matter how much they can tolerate pain, child birth hurts. I didn't have any drugs when I had my son so I know. So I just wanted to say that in case anyone was interested in knowing**

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Part 44

A week or so after Max gave birth, Liz and Jondy were down in the gym working out. Jondy had come to her and Max’s suite earlier asking if Liz want to spar and Liz took her up on it. Liz had already done everything on her schedule for the day so she was free. She’d felt jumpy all day and was anxious for Max to get done for the day, she wanted him.

She ducked Jondy’s roundhouse kick that had been aimed at her head and did a spin kick to her sister’s stomach knocking her back to the ground. Jondy flipped her body up off the ground landing on her feet jumping right back into the fight. They both did a series of punches that they both blocked before Jondy grabbed Liz’s arm and twisted her around pulling Liz’s back to her chest. Liz lifted her leg and kicked her sister in the face over her shoulder. Jondy released her and Liz grabbed her sister, dropped to the floor and rolled on her back flipping Jondy over her head onto her back. Both girls were back on their feet kicking each other with all their strength not realizing they weren’t holding back.

“Boy you two are sprung today.” They heard Jack say. The two girls broke apart and faced Jack, Zack, Zane, and Alec.

“Just working off a little steam.” Liz said grabbing a towel and wiping off the sweat that had accumulated on her body. She felt overheated.

The girls’ scent hit all the boys at the same time. “I can’t believe you two are out running around while you’re in heat.” Zack stated.

“I’m not in heat. I’m not due for another month.” Liz explained.

“Hey I’ve stayed away from everyone male. Present company excluded of course. Came down here to try and keep it that way.” Jondy answered. She had never been one to keep track of her cycles but had recognized the signs.

“Well being around Jondy must have jumpstarted it.” Zack explained.

“But it never did before.” Liz argued.

“You guys haven’t lived so close together since we were little.” Zane stated.

“It doesn’t matter, we need to keep an eye on you both.” Zack ordered.

“Before they started attacking innocent male guards.” Alec said smirking.

“Well I’m going to go find my husband.” Liz stated as she felt the effects of her heat increasing. She headed for the door but
Zack grabbed her. “No way are you going to wonder around by yourself. You might end up doing something you regret on the way. Alec, take Liz back to her room. I’ll have some female guards stationed outside of the doors and find Michael to get Max.”

Alec grabbed Liz’s arm and pulled her out before she could argue with Zack and drug her to her suite.


Max was just finishing up a meeting when he saw Michael enter. Michael motioned him over with urgency and Max excused himself. He headed over, “What’s up?”

“Liz and Jondy.”

Panic coursed through Max’s body, “Why didn’t you get me sooner? What’s wrong? Another attack?”

“No, worse.” Michael said dead serious before smiling. “They’re both in heat.”


“Zack, Jack, Zane, and Alec found them beating the shit out of each other, working out their frustrations. Jondy knew she was in heat and they figure that she jumpstarted Liz’s. Alec took her back to your rooms and Zack has two guards there to make sure she doesn’t leave.”

Max and Michael headed out of the room. “She’s going to be pissed. You know how she feels about having the guards, especially if they’re going to keep her like a prisoner.”

“Better than her going around trying to rape the guards. Zane and Jack took Jondy back to her room and are staying with her along with two guards as well. Feel bad for her, not having any fun way to relieve the effects. Although I’m sure there are a few men in the castle that would help her.” Michael stated.

“You better head on out. I’m going to go see my wife.” Max said as he hurried to see Liz.


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Part 45

Max felt her presence on the other side of the door in their suite. She was really on the edge. He nodded to the guards. “Is the queen in there alone?”

“Yes, your highness. Her brother just left a short while ago once Lord Michael told him you were on your way.” Naomi answered.

Max nodded again before opening the door. He saw her on the other side of the front room looking out the window in nothing but a long shirt. “I heard that being near your sister jumpstarted your heat. So let me guess-.” Before he could go on she launched herself at him attacking his mouth. He smiled at her urgency. It still surprised him what would happen. He didn’t really mind though. He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her bare legs around his waist as he slowly walked towards the bedroom. He could feel the skin under his hands practically burn.

When they made it into the bedroom Liz pulled away and quickly pulled her shirt over her head and then his. She unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the ground only to attack him again. She couldn’t get enough of him. He moved his hands to her hips and pulled her closer to him. She was on fire. She pushed Max so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed. She straddled him and reached down for his pants zipper. When she managed to unfasten his pants she pulled them off taking his boxers with them. She pushed him back farther and she stood up to shimmy out of her panties, she’d already taken off her pants before Max got there, as well. She climbed on top of him. He knew what she wanted and he would comply…eventually. He slid his hand down so that his fingers were brushing between her thighs. He stroked her gently. She felt like she was being tortured and although it was one of the most amazing feelings, it had to stop now.

“Max.” She was rasping her words now. He just smiled at her sweetly. “Fuck me now.” It was a demand. She couldn’t take it any more. He was her mate and she needed him now. If it had been any other time then Max would be shocked by her words but when she was in heat she lost all of her inhibitions.

She always hated her heats. She wasn’t in control of herself or of the fierce feelings that raged through her veins. It always made her feel lost, desperate, and helpless. But since her and Max started sleeping together it was different. Although she felt lost desperate and helpless she also felt loved. Max was here with her and there was no chance in hell doing this with him would make her feel like a whore because he loved her too much to let that happen.

He turned them over so that he was lying on top of her. His hands moved through her soft curls and he moved himself so that he could slip into her. Knowing that now was hardly the time to go slow considering her irrational behavior. He thrust deep into her. She let out a loud moan.

This is exactly what she needed. He pulled himself almost all the way out of her before delving hard back into her again. He kept her lips in a lock with this despite the groans emaciating from her throat. She let out a purr like growl into his mouth. He could feel a growl of his own forming in his throat. She raised her hips up to meet him and pushed him further into her. Finally she broke and her body shuddered uncontrollably. Max immediately followed. Once they came off their high Liz sighed.

“Feel better?” He asked.

“A little. But I’m ready for round two.” She said smiling seductively reaching down to play with his shaft, already hardening again by her request. Liz leaned down and licked him from top to bottom before wrapping her lips around him. She created a gentle suction as she moved up and down teasing him to full hardness. He arched his back thrusting into her mouth as he moaned. She licked him one more time before coming up and straddling him. She lowered herself onto him and they both hissed at the contact, it was like they hadn’t just made love.

“Oh God.” Max moaned. His lips went right to her breast. He took a swollen nipple in his mouth and began rolling his tongue around it as his hand massaged her other breast. This only caused Liz to quicken her movements and Max grasped her hips to pull her closer to him. Liz cried out as he pushed even deeper into her, and Max climaxed almost immediately after her. Liz was slumped over him, completely limp, and Max was thankful they were already in a bed, his legs would certainly have been no good to him now. As their heartbeats returned to normal, he stroked her back and she just hugged him tightly, never wanting to let go. They were both exhausted so they rolled over and fell asleep. The edge was off so Liz felt satisfied…for now.

She woke up a few hours later. She was sweating and her skin was on fire. Not to mention the strong arms around her were making her extremely alert. It was back in full blast. She sat up and Max stirred because of her movement. She looked down at him. He was kind of groggy and his hair was even more messed up than earlier.

He squinted through his sleepy eyes. He knew exactly why she woke up. Liz was kind of split. She really needed this but she didn’t like to be demanding like this. She knew he would have a busy day and needed sleep. She felt bad taking advantage of Max’s love. She hesitated for a long time not knowing whether she should jump him or go take a cold shower.

Max saw the hesitancy in her manner and could guess what was flowing through her head. He sat up and planted a kiss on her lips.

She tried to hold back but seconds after he started to kiss her Liz broke down and gave into her crappy hormones. She lay on top of him kissing him and moving her hips in circles against him.

Not that he wasn’t stimulated, hell his erection was starting to hurt but this was for her. Max pulled her closer and moved his hand down. He stroked the inside of her thighs and then pushed two fingers into her. She let out a small yelp. Slowly he moved them inside of her.

Liz clutched his biceps as she was nearing the edge. He slipped a third finger in her and began to move them faster and rougher. She cried out silently. Max pushed his fingers in as far as they could go a last time and Liz began to shudder. Her tight wetness contracted around his fingers. She threw her head back and arched wanting to purr.

Her breathing started to slow and Max removed his fingers from her heat. Liz noticed that she had her release but Max was ready to go at anything. She quickly straddled him and begun to build the pressure in her again. Within a few strokes they both came. Like before, both were thoroughly exhausted so they went back to sleep.

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Here's a long part to makeup for not posting lately.

Part 46

Liz woke Max up twice more that night. Every time he managed to make her feel infinitely better. When Liz woke up for the day she didn’t really feel the heat strong like before. Of course she had about 24 hours left of it, but being satisfied so many times already made her feel less needy. Max was still asleep. She bent down kissed him softly on the lips for a second and got out of bed and went to take a cold shower (just in case) and change into clothes. She hoped she would be able to hold out until he came back to their rooms, if not she would spend her day soaking in a cold tub. She wondered how her sister was doing with her own heat when she noticed a dark bruise from their sparring match. She went out to the front rooms just as there was a knock at the door. She opened the door and found Maria standing there with a tray of food.

“I didn’t think you two would be down for breakfast but would need some food.” Maria said smirking.

Liz blushed at her friend’s knowing comment. It still embarrassed her that her family and friends knew what her and Max had been up to in their room. “Thanks I owe you.” and poured herself some juice before ripping into the food. Max came out in a pair of boxers looking thoroughly disheveled.

“Hey.” She smiled at him brightly.

“Morning.” He mumbled nodding to Maria as well. Liz quickly poured him the Antarian version of coffee and handed it to him. It was five times as strong as Earth coffee so he perked up after a few gulps.

Maria laughed at the couple, “Max, if you have the same schedule as Michael today you better hurry, you have a meeting in twenty minutes and I don’t think you want to use the excuse that you were up half the night having hot heat induced sex with your wife.”

Max jumped up, kissed Liz quickly before heading for their bathroom. “Chica, I cleared your schedule for the day, the next two actually just in case. You didn’t have much and I forward everything to your computer in your office so you can work from here.”

“You’re too good to me.” Liz said as she finished off her food. Max came back through again fully dressed. “Get me on the link if you need me but I’ll try to come back for lunch.” He said.

“If you can’t make it, I’ll just submerge myself if an ice cold bath.” She joked.


By the next morning the effects of Liz’s heat were gone but she found her schedule was clear since Maria had done it. Max left Liz to attend to duties although he wanted to stay with her so she was left alone. In the early afternoon the chimes signaled she had a visitor. It was Sarah. “Hey Liz. Alec and Michael told me of your uh.. situation and that you’ve pretty much been stuck in your room the last few days and thought you might want to get out today?”

“Well that was mouthful.” Liz commented. “Sure, what did you have in mind?”

Sarah just smiled, “Meet us at the south entrance in ten minutes dressed for comfort and you’ll find out.”

“Okay,” Liz said. She rushed into the bedroom and changed quickly before heading down. She wore a snug fitting jumpsuit with a jacket over top. When she reached the entrance she saw not only Sarah waiting for her but Alec and Michael as well. “Playing hooky Michael?”

“Something like that. Maxwell said since he’s been somewhat detained off and on the last two days and I had to cover for him that I should have a day off. You wouldn’t happen to know why he’s been so busy?” Michael joked.

“Why is it every time I go into heat, everyone else knows?” Liz asked.

Neither of the boys answered her. Alec turned to his girlfriend to try and change the subject. “So what do have planned of us?”

“Follow me.” Sarah smiled. Sarah led them outside and over to what looked like four tarps. Pulling one off it revealed what looked to be the antarian version of a motorcycle. The top looked like a sleek bike but no wheels. “You guys have been here a while and never had a chance to ride one of these so I thought we could go for a ride today.”

The three of them took off the other machines and looked over the sleek machines. “These are beautiful.” Liz stated.

Alec hopped on his and flipped the ignition switch. “Let’s go.”

They all got on their bike and followed Sarah out of the nearby gate and out into the nearby countryside. The south border of the palace grounds was actually a large forest and meadow area so it was the perfect area to ride in. When they reached the open area Liz and Alec eyed each other both thinking the same thing.

“Ready?” Liz asked.

“I’m always ready.” Alec stated.

Michael caught on to what was going on and said, “Oh God, they’re going to kill each other.”

Sarah was completely confused, “What?”

“Just watch.” Michael managed to get out before the two X5s gunned their bikes and took off. From their vantage point the two could see the others running side by side at top speed using their enhanced reflexes to easily move out of the way of anything in their way. Sarah could see that the two were racing and figured that the end of the forest was the finish line. “How did you know?”

“You put any two X siblings together with a bike and an open space and you’ll see a race.” Michael explained. His sister and he followed them but at a slower speed. They saw that Alec had won. When they arrived they saw Alec had a smirk across his face, “It’s about time you two caught up.”

“Well we didn’t feel like getting ourselves killed.” Sarah stated. “That was dangerous.”

“Not with our reaction time it wasn’t.” Alec said. Alec could see she still wasn’t happy so he pulled her away from her brother and his sister’s prying eyes and apologized. After things were fine and the four continued on a ride.


Hours later the four were back on the grounds and parked the bikes before heading for the palace. Alec, Liz, Michael, and Sarah weren’t far from the palace when Liz felt something was wrong. She pulled out her palm link and tried to contact Max but it wasn’t going through. “I can’t get Max.”

“Let me try Maria. Max would be in the throne room but Maria should be in our apartment.” Michael said as he pulled out his own link. Not a minute later he reached Maria. “Oh thank God Michael. Where are you?”

“We’ll still out of the grounds. What’s going on? Liz said she felt something was wrong with Max and I feel you going nuts.”

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on. I tried to reach the others but they were all supposed to be in throne room. I left because I forgot something in our quarters. I think someone has attacked the palace.”

Liz grabbed the link from Michael. “Maria, you need to get out of there. Whoever it is will be coming to look for Michael. Go to Max and Logan’s rooms until we can get this taken care of.”

“Why there?”

“Because I need you to keep yourself safe and go help them. Please Maria I need you to use your powers to keep them safe.”

“I influence and read peoples’ emotions Liz. What do you want me to do if they bust in after us? Make them cry?” Maria said hysterically.

“Max can take them but if they are using their powers she'll have a disadvantage. Max and Ben are still linked, if he senses Max is in danger he’ll put up a shield. I need you to feed them energy, please Maria. I need you to protect them.” Liz pleaded.

Maria could hear Liz begging her. “I’ll help keep them safe.”

“Thank you. We’ll be there soon.” Liz said as she clicked it off. “Okay, let’s go.” The four headed for the palace to help their loved ones.


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Part 47

Max as well as the others were trying to get out of the throne room. They had all been there for a meeting when all the doors had closed and sealed. They tried using their powers as well as Josh trying the control panels but nothing worked. Then they discovered they had tried to contact someone outside but had found communications were blocked. Max, Isabel, Ava and the X5s all headed over to the wall cabinets that Max had installed.

Queen Kati was surprised when she saw them open the cabinets revealing a lot of weapons, “You were anticipating this?”

Max nodded, “It has to be Divia and her people. They’ve probably taken control of the guard headquarters so we’re on our own. They want us in one spot to take us out.”

“But their plan failed. They missed a half dozen of us.” Jack said.

“How could they manage this?” Krit asked.

“They must have implanted something in the computers main core to control everything. It wouldn’t be too hard to get in if they can teleport.” Josh informed them.

“Can you fix it?” Max asked.

“If I can get to it, I don’t see why. But how am I going to get there?”

Danin walked over to a nearby panel and ripped it off. “This is an old maintenance tube from before the war. It’s old and I don’t know what condition the ladder is in but any of the queen’s family shouldn’t have any problem. It will take you down to the level of the control room. You may have a problem getting through the panel at the bottom.”

“Then that means I’m going so I can blast the panel.” Kyle stated. “And Josh will have to go to fix it.”

“I’ll go too. Just to help.” Jondy stated. The three headed over to the panel but Isabel stopped Kyle. He didn’t know what to say, he looked at the riffle in her hand, “Remember hold it tight against your shoulder, and lead the target.”

“I learned from the best.” She said fear in her voice. He pulled her into a hug and kissed her hard. He pulled away knowing if he didn’t go now, he wouldn’t. “I’ll be right back”

Isabel only nodded before stepping back. Kyle turned to his brother and sister. “Let’ get going. The sooner we get it done the sooner I can look like the big hero.”

Kyle was the first one to disappear through the access panel with Jondy and Josh following behind. “Okay guys we’re not going to just sit around here like sitting ducks. Get every piece of furniture we can gather, make us some cover if they come through the door.” Zack ordered.

Everyone started moving everything that they could. The aliens then used their powers to seal the furniture together to make it stronger. They could hear the unseen enemy approaching the outer doors. “Okay everyone get ready.”

The largest of the doors leading to the thrown room opened and the battle began.


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Part 48

Liz and the others had just made it to the palace door when shots started whizzing by their heads.

“I thought you said if we came to Antar, we’d be safe.” Alec yelled.

“I said that we wouldn’t be hunted anymore, these people want to kill us for a completely different reason.” Liz yelled back. They took cover but not before Liz was hit in the leg. But it didn’t feel like a real wound. She glanced down and saw a small dart stuck in her leg. “What is this?” She asked as she plucked the dart out of her leg.

Sarah took it from her hand, “It’s neutralizer dart. It injects a chemical into the blood stream that inhibits your powers. They used it in the war.”

“So now I’m powerless.” Liz stated.

“Why would they waste the shot just to take your powers away?” Michael asked.

“Because Divia’s in there and she wants to do kill me herself.” Liz stated. “It doesn’t matter we need to get inside. Sarah can you give us some cover?”

Sarah nodded and Liz watched as her eyes turned gray. Then suddenly a thick fog started to roll in blocking their attackers’ vision. Alec and Liz could see through the fog so they led the way. They snuck up on two shooters and took them out.

“I’ll have to thank them later for the weapons.” Alec stated as he held up a few guns handing it to Liz who gave it to Sarah thinking it would be better in her hands. Then Alec handed her another one. “Here’s the dart gun.”

Liz looked at the gun and pulled out the clip, inside was one dart. She palmed it thinking that it would be useful later. “Let’s go.”


They didn’t run into any others until they came to a large group of enemy men in the large hallway/staircase that lead to the residential part of the palace. Alec, Sarah, and Michael were able to take them out with the guns and Michael’s blasts. They approached the fallen group just as a black cloaked figured walked up. The person removed her hood and let the cloak drop revealing Divia.

“Go on. I’ll handle this.” Liz said the others looking at Divia. Michael and Alec looked at Liz to make sure. Michael knew that Liz wanted to deal with Divia on her own after all she had tried to kill her. But he was supposed to protect her. She looked at him and he could see by the look in her eyes that there was no argument.

“Go!” She ordered. The three left quickly Michael still lagging behind. When they were gone Divia and Liz started to circle each other like tigers. "How did you get in?"

"The same way as last time, teleportation. Your guards can't protect against that."

“When I saw the dart I knew it was you. I figured you’d take the coward’s way out again like when you tried to assassinate me.”

“I like to take a more hands on approach this time. Seeing how you somehow managed to survive a very lethal dosage of the virus last time. How about you tell me how you did it?”

“Your spies don’t know everything.” Liz said.

“No matter I’ll dispatch of you now while the others take care of the so called king. He should have stayed dead.” The two moved forward and Divia threw the first punch, Liz blocked it easily and countered it with two punches. She caught Divia’s next punch and twisted her arm behind her back. She pulled out the spare dart and stabbed it into her neck.

“Now we’re even.” Liz stated as she pushed Diva away. “You should never rely on your powers, they can be taken away.”

Divia stumbled back slightly but regained her balance and did a double roundhouse kick, hitting Liz with the first one but the second one only hit air as Liz did a front flip over her. As soon as she landed she jumped up and landed a hard front kick to Divia’s stomach before punching her then backhanding her. Divia performed a perfect spin kick and landed it right into Liz’s chest knocking her back. Liz prepared herself and when she hit the wall she used her momentum to shoot back to her. Divia grabbed her arm as Liz went to punch her and pulled her against her holding her by the neck facing away from her.

“What are you going to do now? There’s no one here to help you. No king, no guards, no powers, what do you have left?” She heard Divia whisper in her ear.

“Me,” Liz answered before bringing her foot up fast and kicking Divia in the face over her shoulder. The blow stunned her and she let her hold on Liz loose. Liz spun around quickly and she landed several hard kicks before Divia was able to block her. The two traded several punches, Liz fighting with all of her strength. She saw the bruises already forming on the other woman’s face from the power behind her fighting. She raised her leg and kicked Divia away with a front kick. Divia stopped her assault and Liz took the opportunity to kick one low then one high sidekick. Divia tried to land another kick but Liz caught it and twisted it causing Divia to fall. She kept hold of Divia’s foot as she landed and moved to stand above her as she placed her foot on Divia’s neck, pinning her to the ground. “I could kill you with just twisting my foot.”

“Then do it.”

“No, then I would be just like you. All you want is power, no matter what you have to do or whomever you need to kill. That’s not power, that’s fear. No, you’re going to live you life in the misery of prison.” She pulled her foot back and kicked her in the head enough to stun her so she could grab Divia’s discarded cloak. She ripped it into strips and bound Divia’s hands and feet. “Since you’re powerless that should hold you, now I’m going to go take care of the rest of your little gang.”

Liz turned to leave and as she did she heard someone yell, “Behind you!”

Liz recognized Naomi’s voice and quickly dropped to the floor before rolling forward. Her move allowed her to narrowly miss a blast. Liz grabbed her knife out of her ankle holster. She turned quickly and let it fly. It hit Divia in her neck just under her chin. Divia’s limp body fell over. Liz walked up and checked the body. Divia had a small blaster that had probably been hidden in her boot, which despite her bonds had been able to reach it. Liz pulled her knife out wiping it off and sheathing it. Then she turned to see Naomi next to her. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

“Status report.” Liz asked.

“The rest of Divia’s men have everyone trapped in the throne room.” Naomi reported.

“Then let’s go.” Liz said. The two grabbed some of the weapons from the fallen guards and headed out.


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Part 49

They weren’t far from the throne room when they found Sarah, Michael, and Alec. They were exchanging fire with a large group men who were also firing into the throne room. Alec had been hit in the chest and right shoulder and was trying to stop the bleeding while Sarah and Michael were shooting. Naomi went to help Michael and Sarah and started firing. Liz tried to help Alec. She pulled off her jacket and started ripping into strips for bandages. She started wrapping Alec up and was surprised by what happened. When her hand touched Alec’s wounds they began to mend and heal.

“I thought Max was the only one who could heal?” Alec asked.

“He is. But our powers have gotten stronger since we’ve here so maybe that power just appeared.” Liz said. She didn’t know how she was doing it but she ended up healing all of Alec’s wounds. When they were done they joined the other three. “What’s the situation?”

“We’ve taken down a couple of them and the others are fighting just as hard. But they’re still going strong.” Michael stated. “Any ideas?”

Liz looked at their small group, her eyes landed on Naomi and an idea hit her. “Guys, I think I might have a plan but I’m going to have to have Naomi’s help.”

Liz quickly told them her plan and they did what was necessary to do.


Kyle, Josh, and Jondy had made their way carefully down the narrow shaft until they reached their destination. Their enhanced hearing allowed them to hear how many people were in the computer room and where they were located. Using hand signals from their childhood they communicated their plan. Kyle gave the final signal as he blasted the panel out. The three moved quickly and took out the six men left to guard the computer room. Josh moved quickly and found that the computer system had locked down all the doors including the one to the royal guards. He fixed the damage and the locks were released. He nodded at his baby brother to signal it was done.

“Good let’s get back upstairs.” Kyle said thinking about getting back to Isabel.


Max and the others noticed that the firing was still going strong until they heard someone yell, “Hold your fire! I have the queen.”

Both sides ceased fire and watched as a blonde woman walked out with her arm around Liz’s neck and a gun pointed to her head. Max’s heart almost leapt from his chest assuming that the blonde was Divia and Liz was in danger. The blonde looked in the direction of them and yelled, “Throw down your weapons and come peacefully or I’ll kill her now.”

Max instinctively moved towards Liz but stopped when he felt Krit’s hand on his arm. He looked at him surprised, “What are you doing? She has Liz. She’ll kill her.”

“No, she won’t.” Krit stated.

Max recognized the look in his eyes, “What is it?”

“Look at Liz. You know how much she hates Divia for what she tried to do. Do you think she would be so calm if that was really Divia?”

Max looked towards Liz and saw what Krit was talking about. Liz although gave off the appearance of being scared he could tell she was perfectly calm. He continued to study her as Krit continued, “I’m guessing Divia is already dead and that one is Naomi. Let’s just play along and see what she has planned.”

Max nodded as he ordered, “Drop your weapons.”

The others followed Max’s lead and threw down their weapons and waited to see what would happen. When it looked as if the royals had given up Divia’s men went to restrain them. They were within a few feet when Liz yelled, “Now.”

Zack, Zane, Jack, Syl, and Krit moved faster than the eye could see from their positions as Liz and Alec moved from theirs and took out the men. Michael got a couple of blasts off to finish the ones towards the back. Within a minute the enemy was down.

The ones with significant others moved towards each other and Max was reunited with his wife. He grabbed her up and pulled her into a hard kiss. He didn’t want to let her go.

“Great plan, Liz.” Zack said from behind them.

“Thanks. I wasn’t sure if they’d fall for it.” Liz stated.

“Where’s the real Divia?” The Queen mother asked.

“Her body is down in the main staircase.” Liz announced. Just then Kyle, Jondy, and Jack came up. They informed each other of what happened. They checked on Maria, Max, Little Ben, and Logan and found out they were fine as well. A status check with the computer and the newly released guards told them that the men they had just taken down were the last of Divia’s men. The threat was gone.

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Part 50

They were all sitting around the large dining room celebrating the defeat of Divia. Max was talking to his mother and sister while Liz looked over everyone. Once again they had all pulled together to help each other. Two families that were linked together by different bonds the first one through Liz herself in her relationship with Max. She smiled at her husband thinking about him.

“Can you two not stay away from each other for longer than a minute? I thought Maxie and Logan were bad.” She heard Alec say as he plopped down next to her.

“And Sarah and you don’t spend most of your time together?” Liz teased.

Alec smirked, “Touché. She hasn’t let me out of her sight, she likes playing nurse to me.”

“Alec, I healed you. You don’t need a nurse.” Liz stated.

“Shh, you take the fun out of it.” Alec said winking.

“Better not let Michael hear you say that.” Liz said slapping him on the arm. It was then that something on Liz’s arm caught Alec’s attention. “Your barcode isn’t enough that now you have to get glowing tattoos?”


Alec took hold of Liz’s wrist and turned it. On the inside of her arm was the V symbol slightly glowing. “I don’t know how that got there.”
“You better go show Max maybe he or his mother knows what it is.” Liz nodded and the two headed over. Max saw them rushing over and looked at Liz concerned. “What’s wrong?”

“Alec found this on my arm.” Liz said as she showed them. “Do you know what it is?”

“Well it’s the royal seal but I don’t know why it appeared like that. Mother, do you have any idea?” Max asked.

“Yes, I do. It means Liz is pregnant with a little prince, the next heir.” Kati said smiling.

Liz and Max’s jaw dropped open before Max grabbed her a twirled her around. Alec smiled at them knowing how happy they were while the others just stared at them. “That was how I healed Alec, it was the baby’s power.”

Max quickly realized something, “It must have been during your last heat, I just realized we weren’t careful. Wait that means you were pregnant when you fought Divia.”

“We should be okay. I’m only a couple days pregnant, and this baby is made from you and me, it’s tough.”

“Can I check?”

“Fine.” Max used a burst of power adding it to their connection and tried to see if Liz and the baby were okay. Although the baby wasn’t far enough along to connect back with him he could feel that it was okay. He also could tell that there wasn’t only one baby inside. “Perfectly healthy twins.”

“Twins?” Liz asked wide-eyed.

Max nodded, “Twins but I couldn’t tell if they were both boys or a boy and a girl.”

Kati looked at her son and his wife and said, “May I tell them?”

When they both nodded, Kati said, “I want to announce that Liz is pregnant with twins.”

The room erupted in calls of congratulations and squeals from the girls.


In the following months, Antar rejoiced in the news that the last of Kivar’s reign was gone and the new heirs would be arriving soon. Because both Max and Liz had Antarian in their blood Liz’s pregnancy went faster than her sister’s. While Maxie’s pregnancy lasted six months, Liz’s lasted four. The guards made sure to stay clear of their pregnant queen for fear of her wrath from her sensitive hormones. Max, their friends and her family weren’t as lucky. Since Max of course lived with her he got the worst of it. He had to endure mood swings, crying fits, food cravings, and bouts of anger from his wife but he endured it. He knew it was just the pregnancy affecting her.

Four months almost to the date they found out she was pregnant Max felt something different in their connection as he sat in a meeting. It was then he knew his children were coming.


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Part 51

Max was hurrying out of the room when Zack and Michael came up. The two men knew that Max already knew Liz was in labor so just rushed along with him. The boys, Logan, Sarah, and Max’s mother were all waiting in the outer room and Max guessed that the other girls were inside their room. He made his way inside and confirmed his thoughts. Maria was wiping Liz’s forehead with a wet washcloth while the other girls were trying to calm Liz down. He moved to sit next to his wife, she looked up at him as she panted. “They’re coming.”

“I know baby.” Max said brushing her hair away from her face.

“I don’t know what happened. I was sitting in the outer room visiting with some of my family when suddenly I was in full labor.” Liz said as a contraction hit her.

“They’re like you, when they make up their mind they go for it.” Max said chuckling.

“I can’t wait to hold them. I want to make sure they have the childhood we didn’t have.” Liz said. “One where they can act like kids instead of being scared and hiding.”

“They will, Liz. I promise you that.” Max said. He couldn’t stand seeing her in pain so he laid his hand on her belly and sent some healing energy into her. She felt the relief immediately and smiled at him. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you for going through all of this.”

“You think they wouldn’t want birth to be this painful or women might not want to have babies.” Liz said. “I’ve been beaten, tortured, even shot but this really hurts. At least I’ll have something good after it’s over.”

“Yes, we will.” Max said. The labor only went on for another hour before Malek, the same healer who had delivered Ben, told her it was time to push. With Max on one side along with Jondy and the other girls on the opposite side Liz started to push. Twenty minutes later, the first baby came out, “It’s a boy!”

Syl came up and after his umbilical cord was severed wrapped her new nephew in a blanket and then moved so the next baby could be born. They still weren’t sure what sex it would be. Liz had a little time to rest before she began to push again. This one came faster and it wasn’t long before she pushed it out. Malek then announced, “It’s a little girl.”

This time Isabel was the one who came up with the blanket and took her niece. She cleaned her up with her powers then moved with Syl take the twins to their parents. Max moved some pillows behind Liz so that she could sit up. Liz took the girl while Max took their little boy. After that they left the new family alone to go tell the others.

“Liz, they are so beautiful.” Max said in awe as he looked at his son and daughter.

“I know, I can see both of us in them and even a little of my family and Isabel.” Liz stated as she played with her daughter’s dark hair.

“These two show how our two families have merged (I know it’s corny).” Max said. The two enjoyed their two little ones and talked about what to name the babies. After a short time and with the help of Max’s healing abilities, Liz was able to go to the outer room to show off their babies. Their bedroom would have been way too tight of a squeeze since they had more people than Logan and Maxie did at Ben’s birth. As they walked out everyone ooohhd and ahhhd even the girls who had seen the babies before.

“I want you to meet our children. Alexander James, after two wonderful friends who did everything they could to protect us. And Arianna Eva. Eva for your lost sister. Liz just liked the name Arianna.” Max announced. The family all looked over the babies and after a little while they retired to go back to their rooms. It was then announced that the new heir to throne, Prince Alexander, and his sister Princess Arianna had been born.

That night Max watched his wife rocking their children to sleep and listened to their bedtime story. “Many years ago, there was a family of little princes and princesses. They all loved each other and protected each other from the evil colonial who held them prisoner. One cold snowy night they escaped. They ran and ran until they reached a fence. They jumped over the fence and were free. They were happy to be out but sad because they had to split up to be safe. The littlest prince and princess stayed together and went to a land full of sand where some nice people took care of them. A few years later the little princess saved by a hero. But this wasn’t just any hero he was a king. When the princess was hurt he put his hand on her and healed her. After that they fell in love and although people tried no one could succeed in splitting them up because their love was too great. They stayed by each other. Then one day the king married the little princess and they had two little angels. And that’s what you two are my special little angels.”

By the time Liz was done with the story both babies were sound asleep. Max took Arianna and put her in her little crib while Liz did the same with Alex. Then Max wrapped his arms around his wife and the two fell asleep on their bed with big smiles on their faces.


Liz watched her family enjoying themselves. Today was the day of a grand celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the royals return to Antar. Over the years they had eventually been able to return Antar to its former glory in some areas more so. The people were happy and the planet had been in peace for years.

The celebration was to be held in the same large room that the weddings had taken place. Like always the family was split up into smaller groups. Liz looked first to her husband of almost fifteen years and smiled at him. Max was busy talking to his mother so she turned her attention to the others. All eleven of the transgenic siblings were married now and except for Josh and Jack, had children. It had been a busy fifteen years, lots of wedding and babies.

Zack and Ava got married shortly after Liz gave birth to Alex and Arianna in a small family ceremony. It wasn’t long after that Ava found out she was pregnant then later gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Aiden. He was a mixture of the two of them. He had Zack’s height and body structure as well as his eyes but Ava’s soft facial features. He was quiet except for when he was around his family. They decided that Aiden was enough for them and didn’t have anymore children.

Maria and Michael’s wedding was the exact opposite of Zack and Ava’s. It was a big one but not as big as Max and Liz’s. They found out the night before the wedding that Maria was pregnant. They kept it quiet until a week after. They had a beautiful little girl with her mother’s eyes and hair and her father’s temperament. Because of her bright green eyes they named her Jade. A year later, their second daughter was born. She looked just like Maria except she had Michael’s eyes, they named her Amy. Their third and last child came a few years later and was a son, Caleb, who ended up being the spitting image of his father.

Naomi and Krit surprised everyone when they announced that she too was pregnant when Ava and Maria were as well. It seemed whenever one of the family got pregnant, another one or two of the girls did soon after. She too had a girl, Troian. They married after her birth. Five years later, their son, Noah, was born.

Max and Logan finally decided to get married when she became pregnant again two years after Ben was born. But they waited a little too long to decided and she went into labor in the middle of the wedding. They managed to finish the ceremony before they rushed her from the room. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy, which they named Brandon. Later, they had two more girls Cindy and Kendra. Ben took after his uncle Zack and was the protector of all the babies. The adults all thought it was cute even if it drove the kids nuts.

Alec and Sarah dated for three years before getting married. They had a set of twin girls, Shay and McKenzie, who were now ten years old and a seven-year old boy named Rath.

Kyle and Isabel were married in a huge public ceremony behind in grandeur only by her brother’s wedding. They waited a few years before having children. They only had one daughter, Diane.

A year after they arrived on Antar, Jondy finally found herself with someone. Someone right under her nose, Danin. The two had many things in common and had gotten close. They married and not long after had their first child, a little girl, Haley. They had a boy a few years later and named him Dylan. Over the years, Syl, Jack, Zane, and Josh found themselves people to love. It had taken a little while for them to open up but they had eventually.

Liz and Max had had two more kids, two boys, named Zan and Philip. Zan was born three years after the twins and Philip two years after Zan. After fifteen years of marriage Liz and Max were still very much in love and acted like teenagers. Their families loved to tease them even their own children. But they would have it no other way.

After the first few children were born the X5 siblings finally opened up to each other and talked about their childhood’s. They talked about the torture, the fear, and everything about Manticore. They were finally able to heal. They moved on with their lives and with each other and their loved ones. The children of the alien-X5 couples showed signs of having characteristics of both. They had the enhanced senses and speed of the Xs and powers like the aliens. Some of the kids had noticed the barcodes on their parents and had started asking questions. The oldest ones were the only ones who knew what they meant. The group had decided to that they wouldn’t keep anything from their kids, it was a part of their past.

Max walked up to his wife from behind her and wrapped his arms around her, “What are you smiling about?”

“Everything. How our lives turned out. All those the years ago when I used to sit on the roof of the barracks staring at the stars I never thought this was in my future.”

“I told you once years ago, we make our own destinies, and we have.” Max said before capturing her lips in a gently kiss.

The end

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