Title: Truth at Last
Author: StromyBear29
Category: Max/Liz…yes I wrote a dreamer fic…kill me now…please!!!
Rating: R…no…no NC-17. Hey…it is a dreamer fic after all.
Summary: This is a challenge that was thrown at me by Moonlight Liz…and I may not be a dreamer anymore…but I had to take it.
The Challenge:
Ok I was watching Friends and this popped into my head.

1) This time Liz gets drunk somehow

2) Max finds her

3) And Liz spills the bean about F Max

I don't really know how it all came to pass. I mean one minute I was showing up at Marie's all depressed due to the fact that Max was getting closer with Tess and then the next minute I was waking up in his arms. I can't even begin to explain the absolutely wondrous feelings that were flowing through my body as I woke to his beautiful hazel eyes boring deep within my own. It was amazing but just as quickly as those feelings appeared they disappeared as the harsh reality of what has become my life set in. Max wasn't supposed to be lying in a bed with me as he held me tightly against his strong body; he was destined to be with another for he was destined to be with Tess.

I tried to break away, really I did but he refused. Each time that I attempted to make a move to extract myself from his warm arms he would only hold me tighter against him. A bitter battle began to ensue within me and if he didn't let me go soon it was just a matter of time before I was no longer going to he able to continue to fight against him. I knew what I had to do I had to make sure that I followed the instructions that Future Max gave me but my mind and my heart they were both in utter turmoil. My heart told me to forget destiny to stay with the man that I loved more then life itself but my mind told me that I had to do the right thing, had to ensure that destiny was emanate and that I should just deal with the loss and move on. Again I tried but Max he had other ideas.

"Max please what are you doing here. I am with Kyle now how why are you need to leave please" I mumbled weakly as I continued to try and extract myself from his clutches again only to be pulled tighter against his warm body. "Max please you have to leave"

"No Liz I don't" he whispered against my ear as he as he softly caressed my cheek. "I know…I know everything. I know about Future Max and how you faked sleeping with Kyle. It's over Liz…it can all be over now. We don't have to lie…don't have to hurt each other anymore. We just have to make sure that what Future Max predicted doesn't come true and that we can do together. Now that I know the whole reason behind your charade I can ensure that Tess understands that her and I will never be more then friends but that she is an important member of the group and that we need her to stay”

Tears glisten in my ears as my heart screamed for those words to be true because it needed for them to be true. My heart had been beaten broken and just plain stomped upon and I didn't think at that time it could take anymore. Wrapping my arms around his neck I pull myself tighter into his loving arms as my tears began to stream down my face. I cling to him as if I am drowning in a swelling ocean and he was my only lifeline. So he held me, held me until I could cry no more and then he spoke the words that I longed to hear for that last torturous year. "I love you Liz and together we can get through all the hurt and the pain of the past. I love you so much and I want to thank you. Thank you for putting Michael Isabel and myself above that of your own happiness. I am so sorry for every doubting you and for not listening to my heart…because it told me the truth Liz. I just refused to listen. I will never doubt you again that is a one hundred percent guarantee. I love you Liz and I will forever"

I removed my face from the crevice of his thoroughly drenched neck and found myself once again staring into his love filled eyes. I couldn’t believe the amount of love and devotion that I witness in them, love and devotion that was directed only at me. Slowly our lips incline meeting in a soft lingering kiss. My body responds quickly to his kiss and the feelings that pour into me, feelings that have lain dormant for such a long time. Breaking away to catch my failing breath, I utter the words that I have whispered into the night since we learned of destiny. “I love you Max…so much” Hungerly he takes my lips with his own in one of many heat generated kisses.

Truth be told, I don’t remember who removed what first, but within seconds we were both completely nude and still not able to get close enough to each to fulfill our desperate needs. I can still feel his hands warm over my skin as he swept them over my aching body. I was ready. Ready to give the man that I love with all that I am the one thing that I have been saving for only him. I wanted to feel his fullness as he entered me for the first time, safe in the knowledge that he was the only one that would every poses me mind, body and soul. At that very moment I love that man, loved him even more then I every thought possible as his glorious hands continued to explore my body. Even now as I relive that very day, I still can’t fully express the extent of the love and devotion that I felt for Max, at least not with mere words.

Even in the heat of the moment mere words weren’t enough to express what it was that I felt for this man and so I asked him to make a connection. I wanted him to truly experience the love that held for him, as it was the lifeblood that pulsed though my entire body. The connection it was instantaneous as he slowly entered my yearning core. Pain twinged with pleasure as the flashes rolled over the two of us in a constant motion as we continue to share in each other’s need. The full extent of our love and devotion more clear as the images slam harder and faster into the two of us as our body followed suit. Together our bodies rock to the rhythm as we attempted to ease the longing that we held for each other for far to long. I understood the true depth of his love for me from his flashes and the way that his body completely responded to mine.

I was ready and so was he as we increased the pace of our love making, bringing us to a place that neither of us had ever been before. He was my first and until the day that some great creator above decides to separate us from each other, he will be my last. No other man could ever touch me the way that Max touched me that night as together we plummeted into a peaceful bliss of oblivion. We became one that night and will be forever.

Nothing will ever part us, not words of warning from a future version of my love. Not Tess and her rantings of destiny can even divide us. That night we were whole, together as one for always. We shared one soul as we laid in each other’s arms as slumber descended upon our sweat glistened bodies. Silence surrounded us until I interrupted it for I needed to know, needed to know how it was that he came to know the secrets I had hidden for so long. “It was you,” he replied sleepily as he pulled he tighter into his loving embrace. “I came to talk to Maria and found you instead. You were so angry…shouting words that made absolutely no sense. You were ranting about a future Max and his predictions of the future…a future where we were together in love. I knew that you were drunk…but I had to know the truth Liz. I knew that you were hiding a secret…I just never realized how large of a secret. I made a connection with you…I had to find a way to end all this hurt and pain that we had been suffering through. I saw it…saw it all. You gave so much up for us…for me and there is no way that I can ever make up for all the pain and torture that you had to bear. But…I will give you this…till my dying day I will keep trying. I love you Liz…I have from the first moment that I ever laid eyes on you…and I will for the rest of our lives” Tears rolled from his beautiful hazel flecked eyes as he caressed my face with his loving hands.

“Oh Max” I whisper as I wipe the salty tears from his cheek. I did it for you…it will always be for you and I want you to know that I would do it again…all you would have to do is ask. I love you Max…and I always want you to be safe as well as Michael and Isabel for the are my family also”

So there we laid, soul mates united once again never to be parted from each other again. We both realized that we had many battles to fight, knew that we had a long road of uncertainty ahead of us. But we also knew was that as long as we were together, as long as we kept the lines of communication open that we would be able to withstand what ever fate decided to send in our direction and we would face it together head on.