Title - Maybe I Deserve
Author – Melissa
Email – TrueBlueHealer⊕aol.com
Disclaimer – I don’t own the Roswell Gang…no matter how much I want to. Ah…to have Max and Liz and never break them up and Alex still be alive…
Shipper – M/L and maybe a little UC…
Summary – Post-Departure fic. Liz finds herself in the middle of the chaos when their enemies target her for their next attack…
Author’s Notes – This is my 2nd Post-Departure fic. What can I say – I had 2 ideas on how the next season could play out and couldn’t decide which one I liked better. The title comes from the song ‘Maybe I Deserve’ by Tank. BTW -- I was prompted to post this part by anniepoo98 who made me a good deal if this was posted *big*

PART 1 ~
Hearing footsteps approach the back booth of the Crashdown café, Max Evans looked up, trying to hide the frustration and tiredness in his eyes, but guessing he didn’t by the look he received. Sighing when she sat down across from him and didn’t say a word, just folding her hands and lying them on the table top, waiting patiently for him to speak, Max shifted uncomfortably, hoping she wasn’t going to just stare all night.

Or throw him out.

“We’re closing,” she informed him, acting like she was having a normal conversation.

Knowing that the café didn’t close on Friday nights until 12, Max looked up and confirmed his suspicions. It was midnight already. He had been sitting here, in this same booth, for over 6 hours.

“More cola? Maybe some more fries?” she added, her voice giving away how ridiculous she thought his actions were.

Looking down at his plate of cold space fries and a half-eaten ‘moon over Jupiter’ burger, Max shrugged and picked up a fry, using it as a weak attempt to stay. “I’m not done yet,” he mumbled, feeling a sense of deja vu

Tasting the fry and noticing how cold they were, he was tempted to spit it out but opted not to. Hearing some noise in the back of the café, he looked over her shoulder, hoping it was who he wanted it to be.

“It’s Michael,” she said, making him look back at her. “You wanna tell me what’s wrong?”

The staring started again and Max shifted in the seat, saying weakly, “why would something be wrong?”

Scoffing, she reached over suddenly and pulled the plate away, giving him a look that said ‘talk – or else’. It was obvious that she wasn’t going to give up and Max sighed, maybe out of the frustration, or maybe even out of relief.

At least he could still count on her when he was in need.

“I’m just worried,” he finally said.

“And…” She trailed off, waiting for him to finish while doing the eye thing again.

Needing to do something with his hands, Max shoved them through his hair before reaching for the plate again, hoping to take his mind off of this. But wasn’t that why he was here? To sit, think, and wallow about it?

“Max…” She pulled the plate further away, sighing herself.

“I wasn’t done,” he exclaimed.

“Yes you were. Stop fooling yourself.”

“Why? You want me to just come out and say how crazy this is making me? How I can’t wait for them to walk in so I can punch the guys lights out and declare my love for her?!”

Ignoring his outburst, she asked calmly, “would you?”

Max scoffed and looked down at the table. “Do I the have the right to?”

“No,” she added quickly, not even skipping a beat.

Max moaned and hung his head, knowing she was right. He didn’t even have the right to be sitting her now, waiting for her date to end and her to come home.

“But that doesn’t mean you don’t feel like doing it. Liz told me how she wanted to backslap Tess when you two started to go out, although we all believed it was right. She still felt like doing it though.”

Looking up at Liz’s best friend, Max smiled softly and mumbled, “thanks.”

“Don’t thank me,” Maria said, eyeing him. “So…like I said, we’re closing.” When Max just looked down at the table top, she added, “Max, just go home. I’ll have her call you when she gets in.”

“Like she would.”

“Ok, the girl won’t call you, but ya think she’ll be ok with you sitting here, waiting for her to come home, like a crazed, alien-obsessed stalker.” Maria shook her head and stood up, patting him on the hand.

“I’m not obsessed,” he muttered, figuring that she didn’t hear him when she didn’t respond; that or she just ignored him.

Rubbing the back of her neck, Maria flipped the ‘open’ sign to ‘closed’ and locked the front door, leaving the keys hanging in the doorway, the miniature alien bobbing back and forth. Spinning around, she grinned wickedly at him and said cheerfully, “well, since you’re here, you can sweep and mop up!”

Liz, laughing, wiped her hand over the back of her neck and pulled it away, seeing that it was covered in sweat. Looking over at Sean, she saw he too was covered in sweat.

Seeing her gaze, he shrugged and pulled his damp shirt away from his chest. “That’s what dancing for over 3 hours straight in a hot, crowded bar will do to ya.”

“I still can’t believe you talked the bouncer into letting me in,” Liz said.

“Hey – we were buddies,” Sean said. “He liked me.”

“After you slipped him the twenty,” Liz argued.

“Well…it just sweetened the deal.” Grinning over at her, he pulled his bug into the alley by the café and parked it.

Sitting still in the silent car for a second, Liz pushed her damp hair off of her face and turned to Sean. “So…thanks for a fun night,” she said, leaning in to give him a quick peck on the lips before opening her door and stepping out of the car, thanking god for the slight summer breeze in the air.

Her halter-top was sticky and her pants were glued to her legs, the jeans damp from sweat also. Sean was right when he said she’d sweat all of her worries away in the bar.

Too bad all she sweat off was sweat and not one worry.

Maybe they should have opted for their original plan.

“Hey – I’ll walk ya in,” Sean said suddenly, getting out and walking to the door, holding it open for her.

“Thank you,” Liz said primly, walking through into the back of the café. When Sean bowed, she gave a laugh and spun to look at him, walking backwards.

“Well…I think I can go the rest on my own.”

“Really?” Sean asked, following her a few feet. “You could get lost.”

“You know, I never really though of that,” she said dryly. “It’s such a long way up the steps.” Sean gave her a grin and Liz couldn’t help but smile back, shaking her head. “I’ll see ya tomorrow Sean.”

“Oh…come on Parker…I think we could end this date in a much better way…”

“You do?” she asked, raising her eyebrows. Sean nodded and moved a few feet closer, staring down at her lips. Liz looked back, watching as his head dipped some, just about to cover her mouth.


Suddenly the door burst open and Liz jumped, nearly screaming when Maria raced in, a huge smile on her face.

“Damn M; you nearly gave me a heart attack!” Sean exclaimed.

“Really? That close and no prize?” Maria threw back.

“See…and here I thought we were making progress,” he argued, throwing an arm over her shoulder.

“Hands off Juvie-Boy,” she muttered, pulling out of his grasp and turning back to Liz. “Hey…can I talk to you?”

Liz nodded and waited while Maria just stood there, glaring at Sean. “What?” he asked.

“Get, scat, go!” she exclaimed.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Sean added, pushing her hands away when she urged him toward the door. “Can I grab a drink before I go?” he asked Liz.

“Sure. You know how to work the soda machine?”

“First time for everything,” he replied, giving her a devilish grin.

“Um, no can do!” Maria said suddenly, blocking his path to the other part of the building. “The machine’s broken.”

“What?” Liz asked. “Since when?”

“Since now,” Maria added, giving her a look.

“Well, maybe I can fix it,” Sean said, dodging past Maria, who tried to grab his shirt before he could get past, but failed.

“Ugh!! Sweaty enough?” she hollered at him.

“Me and Liz were getting busy!” he joked, getting through the door.

Maria winced and raced after him, causing Liz to look at her oddly. Following, she walked into the front of the café and stopped, watching as Max eyed Sean while standing up slowly, obviously hearing his comment. Michael stood at Max’s side, giving Sean a look of distrust also.

“Look…it’s the ex and his little sidekick,” Sean added, making Max give him a dirty look and take a step forward.

“Sean,” Liz warned, pushing her hair back from her face in nervousness.

“What?” Seeing her look, he sighed and added, “fine; I’ll play nice. But only for you.”

Liz smiled faintly and saw Max looking at her. “Thank you,” she told Sean, trying not to look back at her ex-boyfriend.

“You got it princess.” Grabbing a cup, he went behind the counter and started to make a drink.

“So, make your self at home Sean,” Maria gripped.

“Don’t mind if I do,” he replied, hopping onto the counter after pouring himself a glass of orange soda.

Watching the cup, Liz could feel a tug at her heart. Alex always drank orange soda. It was his choice of drink whenever he was down. In fact, he had ordered it every time he came into the café after he went to ‘Sweden’. She should have known something was up then.

Liz could feel the tears welling up in her eyes and blinked them away, letting her mind continue to drift back over her memories. How could she have let Tess get away with it? There were so many clues that she was doing them wrong, but they were all ignored.

“Hello? Liz?”

Hearing her name, Liz snapped her head up and saw that Maria was talking to her. “What?”

“Are you ok? You look upset.”

“Flushed even,” Michael added, getting himself a warning look from Maria.

“No, I’m fine. Just a little hot,” Liz lied, smiling at her best friend. She could feel the eyes boring into the side of her face and she didn’t even have to turn to know who was looking at her.

Maria nodded and asked, “so…what did you guys do tonight?”

“Nothing really. Just went dancing,” Sean replied.

“Did we ask you?” Michael said suddenly.

“I believe the question was stated for Liz and me,” Sean tossed back, hoping down from the counter.

Maria rolled her eyes and muttered, “put the balls back in the bag boys,” loud enough for both of them to hear.

Sean gave Michael one last look before turning his back on him and Max, who hadn’t opened his mouth once, zeroing in on Liz. “Hey, I know this great little place to go dancing next.”

Licking her lips, Liz focused on Sean, refusing to meet Max’s gaze, which had been locked her the whole time. “I don’t know…”

“Hold up,” Maria added suddenly. “Who knows what kind of places you go, Sean.”

Scoffing, he rolled his eyes and replied, “back of DeLuca. It’s just this dive right outside of Phoenix. Whatcha say Parker?”

But Liz wasn’t looking at him now, her eyes shot past him and she looked at Max, trying to hold back the tears that were coming up, mixing with her Alex feelings.

‘We danced the night away in this dive outside of Phoenix.’

The night when her and Future Max snuck into Whitaker’s office flew past her eyelids and Liz blanched, feeling sick to her stomach.

Just the thought of ‘what might have been’ after what was…it hurt too much. And to go to the place where her and Max would have had their wedding dance…it would be like suicide.

“Liz?” Sean asked again.

“Um…I can’t – I gotta go,” Liz said softly, turning and going into the back, ignoring the confused, yet hopeful look she saw on Max’s face. Dashing up the steps and into the apartment, she went into her room and closed the door, not even kicking off her shoes before lying on the bed.

She could feel her sweaty clothes clinging to her and she sighed, feeling even more helpless and frustrated. Why did it have to be this way? Everything was fucked up and everyone was miserable.

But this had been her choice.

Looking back, Liz couldn’t help but wonder if it had been the right one.

“Was it something I said?” Sean asked, breaking the silence.

“Sean,” Maria exclaimed, spinning to look at him. “Why would you bring that up?”

“Bring what up?” he asked in confusion.

“Let’s go,” Michael said, walking over. Maria was a little shocked by his forwardness, but reminded herself that Michael had gotten more protective over Liz since everything went down.

“You’re kicking me out?” Sean asked in disbelief.

“Yeah.” Michael crossed his arms and held his ground, staring Sean down.

Maria eyed the two boys and added, “Max, can you help out?” before realizing that he wouldn’t help her, but Michael in the task of beating Sean into a pulp. But, lucky for her, he didn’t come over.

“I wanna know if Liz is ok,” Sean said, turning away from Michael.

“Just go home,” Maria told him in exasperation.

“Why? What did I do wrong?!”

“First off, ya asked her out,” Michael mumbled.

“Back off, Sparky,” Sean told him sarcastically.

Michael pulled his hand up and was about to lay it on Sean’s chest when Maria pulled it back, eyes wide and saying, “whoa! None of that!” His hand was already turning red slightly and she shoved it back toward him.

Sean gave them both a weird look before adding, “I’m going to check on Liz.”

“No way buddy,” Maria said, following him and stepping in his path. “You did enough tonight.”

“What did do?! I just asked her out!!”

“Yeah, to the place where her and Max—“ Maria suddenly stopped and closed her mouth, darting her eyes to glance at Max, but he was gone. Looking around quickly, she noticed the front door was unlocked, the alien key chain lying on the ground.

Liz peeled off her sticky shirt and sighed, plucking some lint off her bright red bikini top. Her and Sean had originally planed to go swimming, but the pool was packed and the lake was also, so they went dancing instead, leaving her in her bathing suit. Pinning her hair up quickly, she turned around and headed for the bathroom, glancing out her window casually.

Hearing the familiar scrapping of shoes on the fire escape, Liz paused, her heart beating wildly. Not knowing what else to do, she silently climbed out onto the terrace and walked toward the ledge, feeling a chill when a slight breeze waltzed over her bare arms and shoulders.

She felt her knees give a little shake when Max’s head appeared over the top, and her heart thumped wildly when his eyes took in her outfit. For one second, she could see the unbridled desire and passion flame up in them before he glossed them over and looked down, climbing over the ledge without saying a word.

Swallowing, Liz stayed put, refusing to back down or even lower her eyes when he glanced back up and took a step closer. Why should she? He was the one who messed up.

He was the one who slept with someone else.

Not her.

But would they still be here if she hadn’t listened to future Max?

As soon as the thought occurred to her, Liz spun away from him and walked toward the wall, trying to make it look casual. “Why are you here Max?” she asked finally, not really sure if she wanted to hear his response or not.

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