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Title: Sin Of Innocence
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my imagination.
Summary: The true chracter of Tess is exposed.
Author's note: I posted this a while ago and well..... It all went screwy so I'm gonna post it again with new parts added.


Sin of innocence.

Part 1

The third floor Eraser room door flew open abruptly revealing Max and Liz to a rather surprised Maria DeLuca and Michael Guerin.

"Oh, um..... hi?" Liz Parker said, quickly pushing herselfaway from Max and discreetly re-hiding her bra strap under her sleeveless turtle neck.

"Maxamillion," Michael tutted and waved his finger at Max. "Do my eyes decieve me? Or is Mr Evans......" He paused and said with sarcastic terror. "Skipping Class". Michael and Maria looked at eachother and erupted into a fit of spontaneous giggles.

"Boy Michael, We are finding some interesting things today, aren't we?" She asked him.

"What do you mean?" Max finally spoke. He waited for an answer, his face glowing crimson red.

"Well, The 1st floor Eraser Room is occupied by some jock and a cheerleader, second floor Tess and some hottie are getting busy. Here, 3rd floor, two of my friends who I didn't even know were together are.... Um, Well I can't describe what I saw". Maria rushed on. Max and Liz looked at eachother their faces growing nearer to vermillion by the second.

"What are Michael and I to do?" She asked playfully. She looked down the hall and turned backto them.

"I know, Well.... bye". She lead him towards the boys bathroom.

"Oh, by the way Max", Michael gasped as he turned around. "Your zipper's undone".
And with that he disappeared.

Max looked down, then gave Liz a shy, semi-embarrassed smile. Liz returned the smile coyly and then shut the door, this time locking it, Trapping all other distractions outside.

So do you remember this?
Lot's of love.

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Sin Of Innocence

Part 2

Tess walked down the crowded halls of West Roswell High School with her new boyfriend holding her loosely around her waist.

"Hey Tess, who's your friend?" Pam Troy
called from outside her English class. Tess smiled at her, she was thankful that Pam had brought attention to the couple.

"You know....." Tess let her words trail off, she wanted everyone to know about her and Chris but she was starting to feel alittle embarrassed by
everyones stares. Tess took Chris's strong hand and lead him towards the 3rd floor Eraser room. She smiled devilishly at the sight of Pam Troy who was now red cheeked. When she reached the door handle, a look of hurt crossed Tess Harding's face.

"The Janitor probably locked it". Chris sighed still looking at the woman infront of him. Tess saw the hungry passion burning in his dark eyes.

"It's not locked". Tess said, while passing her hand over the lock on the door, there was a soft click.

"Cool". Chris replied, again taking Tess's small hand. He gave her a wink before placing his hand on the door's handle and turning it.

As they walked into the dim room Tess and Chris realised they weren't alone. Tess flicked the light switch, and as a husky light filled the small room a look of disgust replaced the smile on Chris's face.

"Max?" Tess asked, she couldn't make out who the entwined figures were but she knew those shoulders.

Max and Liz broke apart once more and turned to look at the intruders. Liz shivered as she recognised the young man next to Tess.

"Chris? Chris Fordham?"


Who is this 'Chris Fordham' and how does Liz know him? Come back soon for the next installment of..... Sin of innocence.

Lot's of love.
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roswellluver originally wrote:
That's a switch, having Tess go out with Chris Fordham (isn't he the old flame vamp that got killed on Buffy?)! Thanks for writing!

Everyone seems to ask me that question.... In Buffy there was a guy called BILLY FORDHAM played by Jason Behr. Now Jason Behr was also in Dawson's Creek as Chris Valentine. So as you can probably guess, I just combined the names.... Thanks for feedback and I hope that helps.... I might post the next part later on if I get more feedback.

Lot's of love.
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I HATE TESS!!!!!!!
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Hello, Sorry I took so long.... School,ya know?

Dedicated to m15....


"Liz Parker acting all grown up, what an image, what are you now? A senior?"

Liz simply nodded her head, she hadn't realised she was now sort of hiding behind Max.

"And who's this Lizzie?" Max shuddered as Chris pointed at him.

"I'm Max, Max Evans" Max held his hand out, only to have it slapped away by Chris.

"Well..... Max, what do you see in Liz?
I mean she's so boring and..... what's the word...... Plain".

Max clenched his fists.

"Not like my little fire ball here". He pointed to Tess and then turned to Liz,
cocking his eyebrow in the process.

"Don't whimper Liz" He said noticing a tear gliding down her cheek. "Remember when I used to make you whimper? Whimper in pleasure". Max shuddered again.

"Don't you ever, ever talk about MY Liz
that way again, she is not boring and she is nowhere near plain" The anger was rippling inside of Max. "She is a goddess compared to..... compared to that blonde haired, demonising, Dumb ass, hussy, Bimbo Ho next to you". Tess gasped. Liz was thankful that Max hd protected her. A solitary tear slipped
from Tess' eye and she left the eraser room in a hurry.

Chris gave Max a threatening glare and then followed Tess.

Max instantly turned to face Liz. He cupped her tear streaked face and rubbed the old tears away with his thumb.

Liz wrapped her arms tightly around Max's waist sighing with relief.

"Liz? Who is he? Why were you so scared of him?" He could hear her sobbing
into his neck.

"It's ok, you don't have to tell me. sssssh, it's ok, he's gone". He assured her by soothing her back.

"Max, you need to know". She cried. "That was my ex-boyfriend from when I was sixteen. He....... he" Max kissed her forehead.

"You need you to protect me from him Max, he used to hit me" Her words tore his heart.

"What? He hit you? Like playfully?" He knew it was a stupid question.

"No he used to punch me, sometimes in the face, but mostly in the stomach" She pointed to the scar above her left eye. "Chris" She simply said.

"He said If I told my parents hewould literally kill me, So I told my parents that the black eyes were from the school bully".

"I'll kill him!" Max hissed.


No feedback. No story!!!!

Lot's of love.

Well, now Chris's cover's blown.... With the information Max has, will he let
Chris get away with the pain he caused Liz in the past??? Return soon, for the next installment of...... Sin of innocence.

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Hey ya'll I'm at school at the moment.... but I promise to update this and all my other fics later when I get home.... Also I would like to plug a great fic, it's by a good friend from school. She lives near me (up the road) and her name is Keri Wooden.... The fanfic is called 'over excited' and it will be updated tonight... Give it a go....

Lot's of love.
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Hi ya'll.

Sin of innocence.

Part 4.

It had taken 20 minutes to find her, she was sitting on a bench in the quad.
Chris slowly made his way over to her, she was in a daze of some sort so he thought he should not startle her.

"Tess, baby, are you ok?" he asked her wearily as he caustiously sat down.

"No! Ofcourse I'm not ok" She practically screamed.

Maria and Michael glanced at her from their spot on the grass.

"What's wrong?" He didn't like questioning her, she seemed dangerous some how.

"That little bitch ruins everything!" Tess hissed.

"What? Liz Parker? Ha! I don't think she's much competition, I mean she's just so immature and child like, she's not even cute!" Chris got a frustrated look on his face and Tess wondered what had happened between them in the past.

Just then Chris heard an unfimilar voice.

"Excuse me, are you Chris Fordham?" Chris had only recognised the boy to be
the one that was making out with that girl on the grass.

"Yeah, and what?" Chris felt a sly smile play on his lips.

Tess didn't even look up. She knew who it was.

"Michael, what do you want?" She asked semi-angrily.

"I wanna know if this is Chris Fordham from Florida". Michael's knuckles were white.

"Yeah, I'm him, why?" Chris wondered how this Michael guy knew here he was from.

"Really? Well I have a gift to deliever
from Liz Parker, she was too afraid to deliever it herself".

Chris grinned.

"This should be good". he mumbled.

"Oh it is..... for me". And with that, Michael stepped forward, slamming his fist into Chris's jaw. Chris fell to the ground and Michael let out a satisfied laugh.

"Wussy!" He spat out.

Maria was now at Michael's side, trying
to pull him away.

Chris glanced up at the tall man, with blood running from his mouth.

"Touch her again, and you'll be dead!" Micahel walked away leaving the threat in the air.

"What the hell?" Maria exclaimed.

"I'll explain later". He replied.

Lot's of love.

Now Chris has had alittle punishment. What will Michael tell Maria and Is It really over between Liz
and Chris??? Return soon for the next installment of...... Sin of Innocence

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Oh Chris isn't off the hook yet, this fic get's pretty dark soon in part 10 but it lightens up.... I won't ruin it though...
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Ok as I said guys, this fic does get
alittle dark and angsty later. But the
next part is NEVER BEFORE READ!!!! I will post it soon if ya'll leave me fb... I know there are some of ya'll that read but don't fb... But here's the thing, The more feedback I get, the
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Ok I give up...


Liz sat on her balcony in her patio chair, she embraced her knees tght to her chest as she stared at the open journal infront of her.

17th June 2000

I'm Liz Parker and I've just returned from Florida's finest hospital, Why? To
have six stitches placed just above my left eyebrow. Chris lost his temper again today and consequently I ended up
being slashed by his swiss army knife. I really am looking forward to the end of the summer break when I can return to Roswell, return to Maria, Return to school, Return to Max..... and Tess. It
has taken so much strength to let Max go, but soon I will never have to see Chris again.

"Yeah Right" Liz choked. She closed the journal and ran her finger over the small patch of glistening skin. 'At least I have Max' she thought. She glanced over at the clock she had next to her on a candle light table.

"Six thirty five! I have to get ready for my date with Max".

Liz jumped up, grabbing her journal, quickly shoving it in it's hiding place
before running to her window, climbing in and turning the shower on.

Once she was in the shower she was greeted by one of her reoccuring fantasies.

Sorry this was so short, the rest will be longer.
Lot's of love Amie.

So now we know the extent that Chris would go to. Is that the further he did
or would go??? Come back soon for the next installment of.... Sin Of innocence.

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If ya'll want Tess to get what she deserves than you'll really like the next part.... But you only get that part when I get lot's of feedback... I know I'm evil but what can I say?
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OK. So there has been some questions from various people asking bout how Michael knows 'bout Chris. So instead of the Tess scene, I wrote a part that Michael does some 'splaining... I'll post it in a second.... Luv ya. *big*

Lot's of love.
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Here ya go ya'll....

Part 6

"Michael? What did you mean?" Maria asked from Michael's kitchen.

She was making brownies for him, as a surprise she added Tabasco sauce to the

"Huh?" Came the reply.

"Earlier when you hit that guy and you said about him touching Liz. What was it about?"

She had now positioned herself infront of the TV.

"I think you should sit down". He advised while switching off the television set.

She obeyed and sat across from himin a chair.

"Well, remember when Liz's journal went
missing last year?" He cautiously took her hands.

"Yeah? What does that have to do with Chris?" She asked, rolling her eyes.

"Well, I was the one that had the journal, I...." He was cut off.

"Michael? How could you steal from my best friend?"

Maria was now pacing back and forth infront of Michael.

"That's not the worst part, when Liz returned from Florida, she seemed alot different, So I stole her journal again
and I....."

He was interupted again.

"Michael, I...." She was stopped.

"Maria will you let me finish? I read what happened in Florida. Se met this guy, Chris. They started to date, he took her mind off Max. But one day... He lost hi temper and.... hit her".

"Oh my god"Maria screeched.

"From that day on, Liz says he hit her nearly every other day, for the most pathetic reasons, and one day she ad to go to hospital because he slashed her".

"Jesus, I had no idea". Maria exclaimed.

"You have to promise me you won't say anything to Liz and dfinately not to Chris. Promise?"

"Michael? You can't expect me not to say something".

He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Ok. I'll keep quiet".

Lot's of love.

Now that Michael's explained to Maria, how long until Hurricane DeLuca blows through?? Let the ass kicking begin!!! *big*... Return soon for the next installment of..... Sin Of Innocence

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Howdy, Michaela Liz went to Florida After 'Destiny'... Hope that helps.
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Ofcourse Michaela I wanna be cool. hehehe.


"Your Chin looks really.... bad". Tess said as they walked into Senor Chows'

"Yeah? Well it feels really bad too". Chris stopped and looked over at a table in a corner.

"Oh goodie, Max and Liz are here". Tess
grimaced as she followed his gaze and sure enough was greeted by a look of evil from Liz Parker.

"Let's eat somewhere else". Tess said, whilst turning towards the exit.

"No Tess. I wanna piss Parker off for awhile". Chris whinned.

"But we are meant to be on a date". Tess moaned equally.

"Yeah but wouldn't you like to give Liz Parker some pain?" He said with raised eyebrows.

Tess got a quick flash of her stabbing Liz in the chest with forks and replied. "Sure. It could be fun".

With looks of pure evil in their eyes, Chris and Tess made their way over to the back table.

Chris tok a chair from a table near by and sat on backwards at Max and Liz's table.

Tess also pulled up a seat.

Liz automatically shrunk back in her seat as Chris said. "Hi HunnyBun, Miss me?"


I know this part was SHORT but it's a build up to the Tess scene.
Lot's of love.

Now what will happen now that the four are all sitting at the same table? To find out come back soon for the next installment of..... Sin Of Innocence
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Thanx for all the fb!!!!


Max lunged from his seat only to be pushed back by Liz.

"Not Now!" She warned.

Max re-seated himself and glared at Chris.

"So Liz? How's work? I mean 'Hooters' is a great job. But how'd you get it?"
Chris asked.

"I don't...... work in 'Hooters'". Liz replied.

"Liz? Does Max still have those cute Black boxers? Because when we were together I used to love taking them off". Tess licked her lips whilst staring at Max.

"What?" Liz screeched, she leaned across the table and slapped her hard, causing red scratches.

"You little bitch!" Tess replied, picking up a fork and slashing Liz's face.

Liz held her face for a second then lunged at Tess, causing them to fall to
the ground.

Tess kicked her in the jaw and Liz ripped Tess's shirt exposing her bra.

After a while two security guards dragged the girls apart and removed them from the resturant.

When they threatened to call the police, Tess started to walk away, but Liz kicked her again, causing her to fall.

While she was on the ground Max and Liz walked away hand in hand.

"I'll get you Parker!!" Liz heard Chris scream.

Once they had turned the corner, Max stopped and twisted Liz to face him.

"Liz? I want you to know something". Max said.

"Yeah, Yeah you slept with Tess, that's obvious!" Liz wept.

"No Liz, she lied. I'm all yours and only yours, I always have been, and when you feel ready, and we go to the next step in our relationship It will be my first".

Liz now had hot tears running down her cheeks.

She squinted as they touched the many scratches on her face.

"So what did you want to say?" She asked.

"I love you!" He replied, bringing his lips to hers.

She opened her mouth, deepening the kiss as he healed her face.

"I love you too!" She whispered.


Lot's of love.

So now there is a threat hanging in the air from Chris....Is it empty or will he fufill it and get revenge on Liz? come back soon for the next installment of..... Sin of Innocence
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Spacecadet originally wrote:
Go Care Behr!!! Please write more! I just found this story and I would love to see how it finishes up. I also hope to see Max kick some butt! OOPs can we say that? But any way got a question... Why did Michael steal Liz's diary the second time? I mean he already knows that Liz is to be trusted so what made him do it? Also why would Michael do that to Chris when he never seemed to care to much about Liz until Season 3? But any way please write more soon I would love to read what they will be doing to Chris and Tess (the witch). Can't wait for the next post.

Well.... Michael noticed that Liz was acting differently..... Distancing herself from the others. This caused him to steal it, Also, he hit Chris bcause maybe deep down inside Michael did feel for Liz, and I think Michael is decent enough to realise that even Liz didn't deserve what happened to her. Hope that helped.

Thanx for all the GREAT fb!!!! Next part will be up in a few minutes!!!!

Lot's of love.
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The next day, Biology came extremely quick for Max and Liz.

Once they entered the class room they were greeted with Glares from Chris and

They quickly took their seats together at their work stations.

"Today class, we will be watching a video on male and female hormones, and how they affect our relationships with eachother".

The class erupted with a chorous of 'woohoo's and the teacher shushed them.

He turned to the front and fumbled with
the tv until an image appeared.

A rather dull voice started talking about Sexual Relationships and the teacher switched off the lights.

Max and Liz stared at eachother lovingly as Max took Liz's hand and they entwined their fingers together.

He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it lightly, she repayed him with a soft smile.

"Max, I've been thinking". Liz whispered.

"What about?" he asked.

"Well I just wanted to......"

"sssssssssh" Pam Troy hissed from behind them.

Liz lowered her voice more.

"I..... uh...... think I wanna...... You know" A soft blush, colored her cheeks.

"What? With me?" Max practically shouted.

Liz nodded.

"Mr Evans, would you keep your voice down or would you like to share your conversation with the class?" The teacher asked.

"I'd rather not". Max answered quickly,
a huge grin on his face.

He looked back at Liz, still smiling.

"Tonight". He whispered, almost silently.



Lot's of love

Ok so it seems Max and Liz have some plans for tonight.... Will all go perfectly? Stay tuned for the next installment of...... Sin of Innocence


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Part 10

The rest of the day went by exetremely quick for the young, dazed couple, and soon nightfall came and it brought along anxiety.

Liz was working downstairs in the Crashdown Cafe, dreading the end of her

It wasn't that she didn't want to do what she was about to do with Max, It was just ..... she was scared.

No-one she knew had ever made love to alien. Hell, no-one she knew had any knowledge of the existence of aliens, Except Maria, and there was no way she would discuss this with her.

She would have to decide alone,

She bused herself wiping, and taking orders.

She looked at the clock, she had 10 minutes till closing time.

Just then, the little bell above the door went off, signaling a new customer.

She looked up and Chris blew her a kiss
before walking back out again.

Liz shivered and suddenly wished that her shift would end so she could be in Max's strong, safe arms.

One by one the customers left and she was alone.

Taking another look at the clock, she saw there was still four minutes left.

Oh what the hell, she thought.

Maria and the rest of the employees had
left early and her parent's were out of
town, so she might as well close up now.

She walked to the door and flicked the 'open' sign over so it said closed.

Then she walked into the back room to put away the dishes, she then realised that Jose, the cook had left the oven greasy and Michael hadn't tidied after himself either.

So she set to work on that, once she had finished she pulled out the trash bags from the trash cans and headed for
the back door, which lead to the alley.

She threw the bags into the huge bins then turned to head back inside.

All of a sudden she was shoved against
the wall, and her mouth was covered by a hankerchief.

Everything went dark and the last words
she heard were:

"Hello Lizzie".



Lot's of love

Will something happen to Liz? Or is this all a cruel prank? Stay tuned for the next installment of......... Sin Of

The next part is NC-17.... But not in the way you all want it. BEWARE!!!!
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Scared yet?

I told ya'll it was gonna get dark... Now I know I'm evil for doing this but I want atleast 7, that's right
count them, 7 more feedbacks before you
get the new part.... hahahahahahahahaahaahahahahahahhahahaahahaaha!!!!!!!

Or another way toget the part is to B-mail me and help me with a problem I have.....

It's your choice....

Hope to hear from you soon.

Lot's of love and hugs.
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in the morning, I am soooooooo sorry!! And thanx for all the fb!!! I didn't mean to give you a heart attack Michaela!!!!


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uh oh!

Max dawdled down his road, he had his hands stuffed in his pockets and was walking with his head down.

He was so nervous, he had to be at Liz's apartment in 5 minutes.

He picked up the pace.

His thumb brushed against a smal foil packet in his pocket, that was when he began his mental argument.

"I can't believe Liz wants to sleep with me, I mean, Obviously
I want to, but it was her idea! What if
it hurts her? It will hurt, but what if I hurt her? I just don't want to put her in danger, But I love her so much".

It was then that Max realised he had passed The Crashdown.

He quickly looked around, checking for people, then he walked back, feeling stupid.

As he passed the alley at the back of th cafe he heard a low grunting noise.

He thought it was just a stray dog eating scraps so he continued to the main door.

Liz's parents are away so the Crashdown's closed early.

He knocks.

No reply.

So he goes around to her fire escape.

Once he climbs up, he goes through her window, just as Liz walks through the door looking flushed.

"Hi Liz". Max says nervously.

"Forget pleasantries". She says as she flies into his arms.

"Fuck me baby". She whispered.

Max tensed as she pulled his pants and boxers down and shoved him down on her bed.

"Liz? What's wrong with ......OH GOD!!"
Max cried as Liz impaled herself on his manhood.

As she rode him, Max closed his eyes.

He heard Liz whispering.

"Not much longer". Over and over again.

He opened his eyes and was horrified to
see that Liz was no longer straddling him..... It was....... Tess.

He shoved her off him, and shouted through tears.

"What the hell? Tess? What are you doing?"

"Getting revenge". Tess said wickidly.

Max left, tears streaming down his face.

Tess said.

"Mindwarps rule".


Lot's of love.

So now Max has lost his virginity to
Tess.... Where was Liz while all this was happening? Stay tuned for the next installment of....... Sin of innocence

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Things can only get better..... NOT!!!


Liz slowly opened her eyes, although it
was night, the streetlights hurt her.

Her face contorted in pain as she tried
to stand.

She looked at her legs and could briefly make out dark purple bruises.

She planted her two hands firmly on the
wall, wincing at the new pain it caused
as she stood up slowly.

It was then that she became fully aware
of her appearance.

Her clothes, or lack of were dirty and torn off her body, her lipgloss was smudged and her hair was messed.

She picked up her apron and burst into tears as she noticed a condom lying on the ground with a clear liquid inside.

She picked up the remainder of her clothes and padded back into the Crashdown.

She went straight upstairs, not even bothering to turn off the lights downstairs.

Liz felt dirty and disgusting so she went to take a shower.

She cried some more then washed herself more than once and washed her hair 3 times.

Aftr she finished showering, she was kinda out of it She just went through the motions, brushing and flossing her teeth, Getting dressed and then she dried herself to sleep.


"Stop it! Please stop!"
She cried out to her mysterious attacker.

"Oh come on Liz. You know you want it!"
The jumbled voice replied.

Liz felt herself being thrust against the wall and the man's mouth on her neck, sucking hard.

"Max, Max! Help me!" She screamed.

"Loverboys not here". He said, touching
her breast.

He then stepped out of the shadow's revealing his face.


Liz shot up in bed, screaming, and covered in sweat.

"Max!" She called into the night.


Lot's of love.


Now it has been revealed what happened to Liz, Now the question is...
Who did it? Stay tuned for the next installment of..... Sin of innocence

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Hey there Just wanted to let ya'll know
that I am suffering from dire writers block, so I'm afraid an update looks gloomy *pout*.

Luv ya all
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Sorry for the long wait. Writers block sucks... this next part is crap... sorry.


"Did ya do it?" He asked, stepping from
the shadows.

"Yeah, did you?" She replied.

"Yep" He said simply.

"How was it?"

"Crap! Hardly worth it". He grimaced.

"So, Little Lizzie Parker is over-rated?"

"Highly". He smiled.

"You ready?" He asked her.

"Definately". She replied.

He took her arm and lead her to the counter.

"Two tickets for the next flight to New York". He stated calmly.

"Names?" The flight attendant asked.

"Chris Fordham and Tess Harding".

Meanwhile, back in Roswell.

Max slumped through his open window, without thinking he collapsd onto his bed.

How could it be that the last time he had been here, he had been so excited and filled with anticipation? and now, his body was consumed by the hollowing sorrow of the events that had just happened.

How could she?

How could a person like Tess Harding even believe she had the right to violate his body like that?

Anger bubbled through his pulsating veins, causing his fists to clench involuntary.

He wanted to give himself to Liz!

The name caused him to spring up in bed.

Liz? Where was she?

She was the one he was supposed to meet.

She was probably closing up the Cafe when he arrived.

"I have to tell her what happened". He mumbled out loud.


Lot's of love.

So Chris and Tess have skipped town leaving Max to sort ou this problems..... But what Max doesn't realise are that he isn't the only one effected by Tess and Chris's behaviour.What will happen when both truths are revealed?? Stay tuned for the next installment of...... Sin of Innocence.

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Hello again, all my patient friends... Here you are, it sucks, it's short, but
atleast it's something... right?

Part 14

The high pitched shrill of an alarm clock rang painfully through Liz's sleeping ears, jutting her awake.

She sat up quickly and opened her eyes

Pain shot through her head and she slammed her groggy eyes closed again.

She climbed out of bed and fumbled her way over to her full length mirror.

Standing infront of it, Liz made one more prayer to god that it had all been
a very scary, very sick and very vivid

As she once again dared to open her eyes, she saw that she wasn't that lucky.

She sighed as she studied her wounds and the relization of how bad the past nights events had been dawned on her.

She watched her reflection as she raised her hand to her face.

A face she didn't even recognise.

Her vision was slightly blurred and she soon realised it was caused by the puffiness of the two black rings that outlined her eyes.

Squinting, to see more clearly, she then noticed the cut on her lip, the gash on her cheek. The multiple bruises
and a slice on her chest that looked like it may have been caused by a ring.

Her facial injuries were bad enough, So
Liz was not at all surprised when she opened he robe to inspect her bodily damage.

The pain was obvious, and her skin everywhere was in the same condition as her face.

She also felt a numbing pain on the inside of her body, and she knew that was all the proof she needed to know she had been raped.

Liz couldn't risk opening the Crashdown
today, too many people would see the state she was in.

Thankful that her parents were out of town, Liz phoned Maria and the rest of the employees to give them the day off,and then she climbed back into the safe confines ofher bed.

And that's exactly where Max found her an hour later.

Lot's of love.

What happens now? Will Liz forgive Max when she hears he's startling news?
Will she let him comfort her in her time of need? After all, things can only get better right?..... right? Stay tuned for the next installment of......
Sin of innocence