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Title: Love Born Of Indiscretion
Rating: PG-13 - NC17
Category: CC
Summary: Max Evans is the son of Diane and Phillip Evans. Phillip Evans was a Senator who had a relationship with Nancy Parker a famous singer. Liz Parker is her daughter. An incident occurs where Phillip was caught in a compromising position ruining his career and almost costing him his marriage. What happens when Max's and Liz's paths cross years later?

Part 1

Max was coasting along Santa Monica, cursing at himself for leaving everything for last minute. He needed to find a gift for his sister for her birthday, and knowing Isabel, she would not be happy if he didn't have one. Not that his sister was materialistic, but she does like to hold things over your head if you forget things that are important to her like her birthday. He stopped and parked in front of a jewelry store. The quick and best present for Isabel was jewelry. He got out of his car and walked over to the store. He was happy to see that there were only a few people in the store. He started to look around at the different kinds of necklaces and pendants they had. He noticed necklace that he was sure she would like. He lifted his eyes and looked around for a sales person to help him. As his eyes swept the store his attention was drawn to woman standing by the register paying for her purchases. She was petite with long, flowing brown hair, with auburn streaks mingled in. Something about the woman seemed familiar to Max but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Excuse me sir, can I be of some assistance?"

Max turned back to the counter towards the voice that was trying to get his attention.

"Yes. I would like this necklace, please and have it gift wrapped."

Max didn't even bother to ask the price all he wanted was for the sales person to leave him alone so can continue to look at the mystery woman.

"Will that be cash or charge?"


The woman went off to wrap the necklace for Max. Max turned around to look at the mystery woman again but she was no longer by the register. He started to walk towards the register to see if she was on the other part of the store. He wasn't looking at where he was going and bumped into someone.

"Oh, excuse me."

He put his hands out and steadied the person. He looked down and to his surprise and secret pleasure it was her, his mystery woman. She was wearing sunglasses so he couldn't see her eyes, but from what he could see of her face she was gorgeous. But at the same time she seemed familiar. She gave him a smile.

"It's ok, I'm fine."

Her voice was sweet music to his ears.

"You can let go now."

It was then that Max noticed that he was still holding her. He slowly let her go.

"I'm sorry."

"It's ok."

She flashed him another smile then walked out the door. He was about to follow her when a voice stopped him.

"Sir, here's your item. You're card please?"

Max went to the register and gave the woman his credit card. He looked out the window and saw the woman get into a silver jeep and then she was gone.

"Excuse me, that woman that was here is she a regular customer?"

"Which one sir?"

"She was just here at the register and I was just standing next to her."

"Oh, you mean Miss Parker."

Max felt his world crash and he wasn't getting enough oxygen to his lungs.


"Yes, Liz Parker."

The sales woman said something else but Max wasn't listening he was reliving the events of eight years ago in his mind. Where there was heart felt warmth in his amber eyes just minutes ago there was now an Arctic coldness.

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Max And Liz 4 ever!!!

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Part 2

Liz Parker. A nightmare from the past. The memories came flooding back to him. Taking him to a place he didn't want to go. He killed the memories before they went in depth. He completed the sale in the jewelry store and then he stalked out of the store. He got into his car but he just sat there. Frozen in time. The scandal came flooding back to him. The compromising pictures on the tabloids and newspapers. His mother's pain. Max's hands tightened on the steering wheel. He remembered the day he the story broke.

~Flash back~

It was the first day of school of his senior year in high school. He had gotten up two hours early to get ready for school. He was so excited because it was his senior year. Senior year!!! Him and his friends would get to do all the senior pranks and rule the school. There were the dances to come and hopefully a beautiful girl to go with, not that Max didn't have his choice of girls to choose from. He was very handsome with his dark hair and amber eyes and sweet smile. A girl would go out with him in a minute and he dated often enough. But he was looking for the one. That special girl to take his breath away. Only those of his friends that were close knew of his romantic soul and his search. But until then he dated casually not getting into any entanglements. But he always treated the ladies with respect being that he had a sister of his own and he wouldn't want any guy to treat her in a bad way. Max prepared himself for school. At 7:00am he went and knocked on his sister's door to make sure she was up in time and wouldn't make them late for the first day. He opened the door slowly then walked in. He tiptoed over to her bed and grabbed the comforter by the edge. He smiled slyly knowing this would set Isabel off but he owed her one for the many pranks she pulled on him over this past summer.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… and blast off."

He quickly yanked the comforter of of Isabel and filled his lungs with air.


Isabel didn't disappoint him with her reaction. She jumped out of her bed and started to run around the room like a headless chicken. She completely ignored the clock by her bedside that would have told her that it was still early.

"Max! Why didn't you wake me up sooner? I still have to shower, pick out my clothes, do my make-up and hair." Isabel whined.

But she stopped everything she was doing to look at her brother, who was currently doubled over laughing so hard tears were flowing from his eyes.

"What is so funny?"

"You are." He said, pointing at her and laughing.

"What?" Isabel looked at him as if he were crazy.

"Do you even know how to read a clock?"

Isabel looked at him for a minute in confusion then turned to her clock. It read 7:05am. Isabel turned to Max ready to kill.

"You're a dead senior, Evans."

And the chase was on. Isabel lunged at Max but he was too quick for her as he dashed out of her room and down the hall to his. He quickly stepped into his room and closed and locked the door. Isabel started banging on the door.

"Max, open this door. You are so wrong."

All her words were punctuated with a fist against the door.

"That was just payback for the pranks you did to me this past summer and be quiet you'll wake up mom." Max said chuckling.

"Nothing I did compared to what you just did."

Max gasped and opened the door.

"Switching my gel for honey wasn't bad? I had bees buzzing towards me the whole day while you were cracking up."

"Well, yeah that was good wasn't it?" Isabel said with a smirk.

"Yeah, hilarious. Now go get ready I don't want to be late."

"Fine, but this is far from over, Max."

She punched him in his arm then walked away.


Half an hour later Max and Isabel both came downstairs for their breakfast. They walked into the kitchen and stopped short. There mother was sitting at the table crying. They both rushed to her side.

"Mom, what's wrong." They asked at the same time.

She looked up at them with tears in her eyes. She tried to speak but words wouldn't come out of her mouth. She stood up from her chair and grabbed the both of them into her arms and hugged them fiercely. Max and Isabel returned the hug. A flashing light and voices caught Max's attention. Over his mother's shoulder Max could see the driveway from the kitchen. In the driveway there were tons of reporters. Max pulled out of his mother's embrace gently and looked at her face.

"Mom, why are there so many reporters in our driveway? Why are you crying? Is it dad? Did something happen to dad?"

Max's father was a senator and he was away at the moment on business. Or so he thought. Mrs. Evans finally found her voice. She took a step away from her children and sat down in her chair again at the kitchen table. Her hands went to grab the daily newspaper. Max and Isabel exchanged worried looks.

"Yes, Max this has to do with your father. But nothing physically happened to him. Physically he's just fine." She said bitterly.

Max went and knelt down next to his mother and took her hand.

"Mom, then please tell me what's wrong."

Diane looked at her son and cupped his cheek wishing she could spare him any pain. She knew how much Max loved and adored his father. How much he looked up to him. But there was no way this could be kept a secret and it was better that he found out from her then from the street. She dropped her hand from his cheek then looked away. She moved towards the paper and grabbed it up. She turned to her kids.

"Whatever happens just know your father and I love you and nothing else matters or can mess up that love."

"Mom, please just tell us what's going on." Isabel said, getting scared by the minute.

Diane slowly passed the newspaper to Max. Max stood up from his crouched position and unfolded it. Isabel came to stand next to him to look at what was so important. They both gasped. Right there on the front page was a picture of their father in what appeared to be in a lover's embrace. The female in the picture wasn't their mother. Isabel let out a cry and ran to her mother. Her mother grabbed her in an embrace and held her as they both let out loud sobs. Max could only stand by feeling their pain.

~End flash~

To this day Max could still hear the sobs of his sister and mother. He tried for years to bury that past but apparently it just walked back into his life. He still had so many questions. Questions someone other than his father could only answer. Questions he could never or would never ask him. Their relationship had suffered for a while but they had mended fences and were close once again. But now that Liz Parker was around what would this mean for his family? What would it mean for his father?

"Liz Parker you owe me and my family and it's time to pay up."

Max started his car and headed to an office where he knew he could find out more about Liz Parker and where to find her.


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Part 3

Max parked his car in front of the office of his best friend Alex Whitman. Alex and Max were best friends since kindergarten. Through everything Alex was there for Max and Isabel lending his time, shoulder and friendship. He also always had a thing for Isabel, which was also reciprocated by her, so it was no surprise to Max when they started dating and eventually married. Besides being Max's best friend Alex was also a private investigator. He was one of the best in California with many connections. He could find information and people easily. Max got out of the car and entered the office building that housed Alex's office. Once there he walked right into the office only giving the secretary a curt nod. Ashton knew Max so she didn't even bother buzzing her boss or stopping Max. Alex was sitting at his desk going over a file when Max walked in. He looked up and gave him a friendly smile that quickly died when he saw his friend's face.

"Hey, Max? I'd ask how are you but your face says it all. What's wrong?"

"I saw her."

"You saw her? Who did you see?"

"Liz Parker!" Max said with pure venom in his voice.

Alex paled at the name that brought back so many memories of a time when his best friend and his family were in the midst of turmoil. He saw the many emotions racing through his friends face, but the most apparent was pain.

"Where did you see her?"

"I went to get Isabel a present at a jewelry store. She was in there. I didn't recognize her, but then I asked the sales person about her and she told me who she was. By then she had left the store and I couldn't follow her."

"Why would you want to follow her?"

"Alex, between this woman and her mother, my family was thrust into the worse scandal and pain of all our lives. What we went through I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, never mind what mom went through. To this day I don't know why any of it happened. My father isn't exactly forth coming with details."

"I understand what you're saying Max, but are you sure you want to open old wounds and pick at them?"

"This old wound for me never healed and this is one I need finished. That's why I need for you to find out where she lives so that I can speak to her, see if I can get the answers I seek."

"Maybe you should talk this over with Isabel."

"No! This stays between you and me Alex. Maybe afterwards I'll tell Isabel depending on what I find out. If after I speak to her it turns out to be futile I'll forget it ever happened."

Alex shrugged his shoulders knowing that trying to talk Max out of this course of action would be a waste of time.

"Fine, Max, I'll get right on and try to get the information for you as soon as possible."

"Thanks, Alex. I'll see you tonight at my parents house."

"All right, Max, see you then."

Max waved at Alex and left the office.

For the rest of the afternoon into evening Max was preoccupied with thoughts of Liz Parker and the past. He was bent on getting the answers he needed. He finished running his errands and went home. He quickly took a shower and got ready for the dinner his parents were throwing for Isabel. It was actually his birthday as well but he wasn't into parties or being the center of attention. So he let Isabel sparkle in the lime light on her own since she was into those things. He quickly arrived at his parents house and let himself in.

"Mom? Dad? Anybody here?"

"Son, I'm in the kitchen." His father responded.

Max walked to the kitchen and found his father seated at the kitchen table reading a newspaper.

"Hey, dad."

"Son, how's the campaign?"

Max had followed his father's footsteps and joined the political arena. He was currently running for senator of California.

"It's going well. I'm doing well in the popularity polls and my record for public service speaks well for itself."

"Sounds good. You're a little early for your sister's dinner."

"Just figured I would come by and see if mom needed any help."

"No, she has everything covered. The caterers should be here in 15 minutes."

Max nodded his head trying to get his thoughts and nerves together to ask his father a question.

"Dad, what would you do if you ever saw Liz Parker again." Max blurted.

Phillip looked at Max as if he were utterly and completely insane.

"What kind of question is that?"

"One that needs an answer."

"But where did that come from? Were you interviewed and somebody asked you that question?"

"No, dad. This is just something that came to mind and I need to know. After everything happened we never really discussed it. But then I saw something today and now I just need to know the answer to my question."

"What happened?"

"That's not important, but your response is."

Phillip looked at his son for a moment then answered.

"Nothing." Phillip said simply

Max looked at his dad for a minute then nodded his head.

"Thanks, dad."

Max turned to leave the room in search of his mother when his father's voice stopped him.

"Max, if I could I would take away all the pain you, your sister and your mother went through. I hope you know that."

Max turned and looked at his dad for a long second.

"I know that, dad, I do. But it doesn't changed that you hurt us or the events that occurred."

Max turned around and left the room, leaving his father with a sad expression on his face.


As the night progressed his sister arrived with Alex and they enjoyed themselves with their parents, laughing and joking and just having a good time. But Max's heart really wasn't into it even though he put up a good front fooling everyone. Everyone except Alex who could tell his friend was distracted and the usual light in his eye wasn't there. Through the dinner Alex kept asking himself if he should share the information he had with Max or not. The night wore on and Isabel opened her presents and thanked everybody. Before they knew it the time arrived for them to leave. Alex made up his mind and decide to give Max the info.

"Max before we leave I need to speak to you about something."

"Sure, Alex, lets go into my father's study."

The two men walked down the hall and entered the room. Max closed the door behind them and turned to Alex with a questioning look.

"I got it."

"What do you have, Alex?"

Alex pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed it to Max. Max opened it and saw an address and phone number on it. He looked up at Alex in shock.

"Is this what I think it is? So soon?"

"Yeah, Max. That address and phone number belong to Liz Parker."

"But, Alex, how did you get it so soon?"

"Am I not the best in the biz? Besides, I just looked into the area where you said you saw her and she doesn't live far from there."

Max looked down at the paper again. His eyes bore into the paper looking at the address as if waiting for it to change.

"So what now, Max? Are you going to go see her right away?"

"I thought I knew but I'm just gonna wait and see?"

"For what?"

"For a sign."


For a week Max walked around with the number burning a whole in his pocket. He didn't know what to do, not so sure now he wanted the answers he sought. As a matter of fact he even had the address and phone number memorized. At the moment he was in his car driving around and he didn't even know where he was going. Or did he? He checked the street and saw he was on the corner of Dreamer Lane and Candy Boulevard. As he continued on he started to look for the number. Before he knew it he was in front of her house. He turned off his car and stared at the house. He stayed like that for twenty minutes. He then strengthened his resolve and got out of his car. He slowly walked up to her door and stood in front of it for a few minutes. He then lifted his hand and rang the doorbell. About two minutes past and he figured nobody was home but then he heard the voice that haunted his dreams for a week.

"Hold on a sec. I'm coming."

Then before Max knew it there stood Liz Parker.

"Hello, can I help you?" She asked.

Max could only stare at her because the words he had practiced escaped him at the moment.

"I'm sorry this was a mistake." He finally got out.

He turned around ready to leave when her next words stopped him.

"Are you sure? You seem familiar don't I know you from some where?"

Max turned back to face her and she looked at his features as if trying to remember where she saw him before.

"The jewelry store. I bumped into you at the jewelry store a week ago."

Max nodded "Yes we did."

"Well I do think your attractive but I don't go out with strange men without being properly introduced."

"Oh, so you prefer older, married men perhaps?" Max bit out bitterly.


Max walked straight up to her.

"You heard me. You prefer a man that's attached and wreck his home life because you can't take the time to find someone closer in age to you and unattached."

"I don't know who the hell you are but you better get the hell away from my door before I call the police!" Liz yelled.

She started to close the door in Max's face but he stopped her and pushed the door back, so that they were facing one another again.

"You don't know who I am? Well many people tell me I look like my father."

"Who the hell is your father?"

"Oh, where are my manners I haven't formerly introduced myself my name is Max, Max Evans. You know the son of Phillip Evans."

At his words Liz paled and backed up away from him.

"By your reaction I can see you might be familiar with me. Or maybe it's my father? You know your former lover."

Those were the last words Liz heard as she fainted.

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Part 4

Liz let out a moan as she felt a cloth against her forehead. She didn’t open her eyes yet trying to remember what happened. She knew she was lying on the sofa but how did she get there? She slowly opened her eyes and looked up and saw this handsome face staring back at her.

“Are you ok?”

Then it all came back to her. This was Phillip’s son and he had just accused her of having an affair with his father. She quickly sat up, feeling intimidated with him leaning over her. Her head started swimming and she had to grip the sofa to keep from falling back. A hand landed on her shoulder and she turned to look at him before she shrugged it off and stood up slowly.

“I’m fine Mr. Evans you can leave now.”

“No, I need answers and you can give them to me.”

“If you need answers then you should speak to your father.”

“If I’m here why can’t you give them to me?”

“Because this is a family matter between you and your father. If you speak to him he can give you the answers you want.”

“Family?! As if you know the meaning of the word, you and your mother managed to destroy mine and cost my father his job. But I guess a mother and daughter wrecking crew see that as an achievement. Tell me, after the picture hit all the newspapers did you celebrate, or did you wait until you heard that my father resigned to paint the town red with your success?”

Liz reacted before she could think and let her hand fly, and she slapped Max across his cheek. Max just stood there shocked for a second.

“You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I happen to respect and adore your father. He did more for me than my own father ever did and at times more than my mother. You must not know your father or ever did if you believed what you saw or heard. If you really want to know what happen that day ask your father because I sure as hell don’t owe you anything much less an explanation.”

Liz turned on her heel and walked to the door and opened it wide.

“Get out of my house and don’t you ever come back.”

Max walked over to the door and step outside.

“Oh, Mr. Evans I will tell you this, your father getting into an affair with my mother was wrong. But he is an honorable man and an honest man. Granted he has faults, but the good out weighs the bad. Even though you made a poor first impression I see a lot of him in you. So I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are a good and honorable man out to protect his family. So as such speak to your father and you’ll see many things are easily cleared up.”

With that said Liz closed the door on Max’s face. He turned slowly from the door and made his way to his car. As he drove home he replayed Liz’s words over and over in his head. In his head he was being stubborn and didn’t want to admit that her words stung but in his heart he had to admit they did. But why? This woman and her mother almost destroyed his family. Yet, for some reason her words were bothering him. The way she stated everything, she seemed as if she were an honest person, but that picture came floating back to his face. He shook his head.

“If she were innocent she should’ve cleared her name.” He stated out loud to himself.
Liz was pacing back and forth in her livingroom still shaking from the confrontation from a little while ago. She couldn’t believe Phillip’s son had come to see or the accusations he was throwing at her. Why hadn’t Phillips cleared up this mess a while ago, like during the time the whole horrible incident occurred? He must know what his family thought and he should’ve cleared it up. She stopped pacing and stood there thinking of the man in question and smiled sadly as she remembered him fondly. He was a very sweet man and was there for her through many things and was the strong father figure she needed. There relationship was great until that day at the park and those idiots showed up making something out of nothing. She sighed deeply and was about to pace again when the doorbell rang. She walked over to the door cautiously and looked through the glass to see who it was. When she saw it was her bestfriend, Maria she let her in.

“Liz, I came as soon as I got your message. What’s wrong?”

“I received a visit today from the past and got bit in the ass.”


“Come on lets go into the livingroom and I’ll explain.”

They walked into the livingroom and made themselves comfortable.

“Ok, so I’m all ears. What happened and who bit you?”

“Maria, you know about the past and that whole thing with Phillip Evans the former senator. Hell, you should know you were the only person who was my friend after the whole thing exploded.”

It was true after the scandal all of Liz’s ‘friends’ dropped her like a bad habit except for Maria, who was there for her through everything listening to her woes. Maria stuck with her through it all and became he personal confidant.

“Ok, so how did that come and bit you in the ass?”

“Today I received a visit. Recently I went to a jewelry store to get a present for my Grandma Claudia. While at the store I bumped into this man. He was really good looking. Anyway, he just showed up here out of the blue. I thought he came to ask me out or something. When he just verbally attacked me. Started going off about Phillip and me having an affair.”

“Oh God, Lizzy, who was this guy?”

“It was Phillip’s son, Max Evans.”

“What? His son?”

“Yeah, his son. Maria, he was so bitter and hurt. I mean I can’t really blame him but I don’t understand why Phillips didn’t clear things up with him.”

“Maybe he wasn’t given the chance to. Lots of kids don’t exactly want to sit around and discuss their parent’s extramarital affairs with their parents. It’s distasteful to them for some reason.”

Liz smiled at Maria’s attempt at humor.

“I can agree with that but in this case there was no affair, just a manipulation of the facts without really knowing the facts.”

“Well what else happened while he was here.”

“Oh, nothing much, I just fainted, making a complete fool of myself. Then I woke up and he asked me for answers that I didn’t give him instead I sent him right back to his father.”

“Well you just had an adventure right here in your home. How fabu.”

“Maria I need help not your sarcasm.”

“Sorry. Ok, so what now? What are you gonna do?”

“What do you mean what am I gonna do? There’s nothing else for me to do. I ended it any interaction with Max Evans and the whole Evans family by sending him back to his father.”

“But Liz you could have explained to him what happened. Why didn’t you and end his torment?”

“Because that’s Phillip’s job because that’s his son and something he should’ve done years ago!”

“But since he didn’t and the man was here you could’ve done it and cleared your name.”

“Maria, you’re supposed to be helping me and be on my side.”

“I am on your side and you know I will support you but you and I both know there’s no justifiable reason as to why you didn’t tell him.”

Exasperated by Maria’s common sense Liz stood up and started pacing. She knew what Maria was saying was true but she didn’t know how to respond to that. Yeah she could’ve told him the truth but she was being stubborn and didn’t know why.

“Liz, you’re being too quiet and you’re making me dizzy. Please come sit next to me.”

Liz sighed and sat down next to Maria.

“I know you’re right Maria. I could’ve have told him but I just don’t want to dredge all that crap up again. I mean it was behind me. I was free to live my life again quietly doing my thing without being known as Nancy Parker’s little girl from that scandal.”

“I understand, chica, and I sympathize with you. Well it’s not your problem anymore and you can just go on with life because you did get rid of him.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right.”

“Of, course I am. Now lets talk about the pediatric cancer foundation benefit you’re going to tomorrow.”

Liz gasped.

“Liz, please don’t tell me you forgot?”

“Maria, I’m totally sorry but I did.”

“Well you better be there because a lot of those kids are waiting to meet their favorite author to the ‘Little Alien King’ series.”

Liz was a well published author to a series of children’s books published under a different pen name.

“The woman who organized this event is very strict with her plans and was overjoyed that I can get you to go. She’s now as a somewhat plan nazi. Her name is Isabel Whitman. She got a lot of big names to come to the event to meet and play with the kids and to raise money for it. Supposedly her brother is also coming and he’s some bigwig in politics. Since I’m not into that I don’t know who it is. I even got Michael to go to do some painting for the kids plus he did a special mural for them at the hospital that’s going to be unveiled. But the cherry on top of all of this is you so you have to be there.”

Liz loved kids and didn’t have the heart to let them or Maria down.

“I’ll be there. But do you think you can give me an approximate number of kids that will be there so I can get a bunch of copies of my books to give them?”

“Sure, there’ll be thirty kids and if more show up I’ll start a sheet to get their names and we’ll just mail them a copy.”

“Sounds good. But to be on the safe side I’ll take sixty so nobody feels left out.”

“Good idea, chica. Well, I gotta go Michael and I have plans tonight and I have last minute details to go over for tomorrows event.”

They both stood up and Liz walked Maria to the door. Maria turned and gave Liz a hug at the door.

“It’ll be ok, chica.”

“Thanks, Maria, I don’t know what I would do without you. I’ll see you tomorrow at the hospital by twelve o’clock.”

“OK, bye hun.”

With that Maria was gone. Liz slowly closed the door behind her and walk back into the livingroom and sat down deep in thought. She still couldn’t get Max off her mind. She took a deep breath and gave herself a mental shake.

“It’s over and I’m never going to see him again so just forget it Liz.” She told herself.

She stood up and went in search of the books she would give the kids tomorrow.
Across town Max had just arrived at his parents house and walked in the door when he bumped into his sister.

“Hey, Max are you ok?”

“Hey, Isabel, yeah I’m fine.”

Isabel could see something was bothering Max but she knew better than to push.

“Ok, well I was looking for you and was gonna call to remind you about the benefit tomorrow that I put together for the pediatric cancer foundation. Remember you’re one of my guests and I need you there.”

“Right, I’ll be there. You also have that author to those children’s books coming in right?”

“Yeah, Hopeful Angel. Nice pen name and adequate for tomorrow’s benefit.”

“Well, my secretary asked me to get her to autograph a book for her daughter so I’ll be there.”

“Alright, so I’ll see you there tomorrow, 12pm on the dot. Don’t be late!”

“Yes, your naziness.” Max muttered under his breath.

“What was that?” Isabel asked.

“Nothing. I didn’t say anything.”

“Cute Max. If you’re late you will deal with my nazi side.”

With that said Isabel left. Max chuckled because he loved to tease his sister. But his smile left his face as he remembered what happened this afternoon with Liz Parker.

“Doesn’t matter any more Max because you won’t see her again.”

He turned and went in search of his mother and his went on with life.


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Part 5

The next day Liz got up early and prepared all the books for the children. She did some hand exercises so that later on she could inscribe each one personally without getting any hand cramps. She did many things to keep her mind from thinking about yesterday’s confrontation with Max. She knew she had nothing to be sorry about, so why was she feeling so bad and so guilty? By ten o’clock she was frustrated and restless so she got dressed and loaded the books in the car, leaving extra early for the hospital. Once she got there she went directly to the room where the functions was going to be held. One of the people in charge of the benefit directed her to a table where she could set up her books. It was a good thing she came early because it took her a while to set up the display just as she wanted it. By the time she was through it was noon and quite a few people were there already. She looked around and saw that Maria had arrived with her boyfriend Michael and they were headed her way.

“Liz, hey, did you get here ok?”

“Hi, Maria. Yeah I got here fine. Hey Michael.”

“Hey, Liz nice display.”

“Thanks. So, when do we get to see your masterpiece?”

“All in due time. Which reminds me I should go check to make sure everything is set. I’ll see you both in a bit.”

Michael gave a quick kiss to Maria and walked off.

“So, are you ok?”

“Maria, I’m fine. I’m used to being in public with people.”

“Liz, you know what I’m talking about.”

“If you mean about yesterday I’m fine and don’t want to talk about it or think about it. Ok, Maria?”

“Liz, you need…..”

Before Maria could go into it she was interrupted.

“Hi, Maria. How are you?”

“Hey, Isabel. I’m fine and you.”

“Good. So you must be the great children’s writer everyone is talking about, Hopeful Angel. I’m Isabel Whitman.” Isabel said, extending her hand to Liz.

“Hello, Mrs. Whitman. Yes I’m Hopeful Angel but you can call me Liz.” Liz said, offering Isabel a warm smile.

“Then I insist you call me Isabel. I must say when the kids found out you were coming they were so happy. So I really have to thank you for coming today right now just in case it gets hectic later and I forget.”

“It’s my pleasure, I would do anything for kids. They’re so innocent and them having to deal with this disease is so tragic. So if my books help and my coming will brighten their day I have to be here.”

“Liz, I can tell we’re going to be the best of friends.” Isabel said giving Liz’s hand a squeeze.

Liz smiled at Isabel in agreement.

“Yes, Isabel, but what you liked best about Liz is that she was here on time.” Maria said dryly.

“Yeah that too. Which is the least I can say for my brother.”

“Uhoh, does he not know about your naziness?” Maria jokingly asked.

Isabel turned to Maria and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Et tu Maria?”

“Isabel, sweety, nobody can deny you are the best planner whatever the occasion. But lets be real, you do go overboard sometimes.”

“Yes, but I get the job done right?”

Liz just stood back and watched Maria and Isabel tease each other. She couldn’t keep herself from giggling at their antics. Then they both turned to her.

“I’m glad we’re amusing you, chica.”

“Oh no, Maria keep me out of this.”

“Yeah, Maria you started this so deal with my wrath.”

That made them all burst into giggles like three school girls.

“As much fun as I’m having with you two I must go look after other details and see that everything is fine, including my brother’s arrival.”

“Oh, yeah Maria said he was in politics. What’s his name.”

“He’s M…..”


Isabel turned around at hearing her name spoken in such a way to see one of the other coordinators of the benefit waving at her frantically.

“Great, looks like duty calls and it’s a doozy. I’ll see you both in a bit.”

Isabel walked off to take care of the minor crisis.

“She seems like a great person.”

“Isabel is great. Although we complain about her and joke around, she is one of the best volunteers and coordinators we have and I’ve had fun working with her.”

“I wonder who her brother is?”

Isabel made her way over to the frantic woman wondering what could have her in a tissy. She was enjoying talking to Maria and Liz and she was relaxed. She hoped nothing big was wrong.

“Yes, Dolores, why are you shrieking my name across the room?”

“Isabel you’re brother is stuck in traffic. He’s our guest speaker, making him a large part of the luncheon. He’s at least 45 minutes away. We have to start.”

“Damnit, Max! Ok, we can’t panic we just have to find a replacement.”

Isabel started to rack her brain thinking of possible speakers when she spun around and looked in Liz’s direction. With a determined look she walked over to Liz.

“Liz, I need your help urgently.”

“Isabel, what’s wrong?”

“My brother is caught in traffic. He was our guest speaker and won’t be here for another 45 minutes, possibly even longer. So we need a new speaker and I want that new speaker to be you.”

Liz could feel the room closing in on her. Public speaking wasn’t exactly her thing. Limelight wasn’t her thing after the scandal.

“Isabel, I really don’t think so. You can ask me to do anything else but that. I don’t even have a speech to present. I’m not prepared. I’m a nervous public speaker and can babble up a storm like I’m doing right now.”

“Liz, I can understand your feelings and I can sympathize, and under any other circumstances I wouldn’t push. But I’m in a bind and you’re exactly what I need right now. You can talk about the kids and the importance of their future and discuss your books. Maria and I will be right there with you for support. Oh please Liz help?”

Isabel gave Liz the biggest set of puppy dog eyes. Liz sighed deeply.

“Fine, I’ll do it but need at least 15 minutes to prepare.”

“Yes!! No problem. Thanks, Liz.”

Isabel gave Liz a quick hug and ran off to the front of the room to talk with her committee.

“Liz, you are such a push over with puppy dog eyes.”

“Shut up, Maria, and help me get my speech ready.” Liz grumbled.

Maria chuckled and she gave her friend a hug and then walked her over to guest speaker table. The next few hours were a blur for Liz as she prepared and gave her speech. Then Michael’s painting was unveiled. They had lunch then some of the kids were brought in to mingle with the people. In front of the display she erected a few hours before Liz sat talking with the kids and giving copies of her book away. She was really enjoying herself. Max Evans was the last thing on her mind.


Max sighed as he hurriedly walked down the corridor of the hospital. He was already cringing as he prepared himself for the verbal beating Isabel was going to give him. He walked up to the door where the benefit was taking place and just took a minute to look around. He noticed the kids crowded around somebody at a table but he couldn’t tell who it was.

“So, my brother finally decides to show up.”

Max cringed and turned around to see his sister with her arms crossed and glaring at him.

“Isabel I’m sorry. There was just so much traffic and there was an accident.”

“Fine, fine, fine. You’re off the hook and you have Hopeful Angel to thank for that.”

“I do? Why?”

“Because she stepped in and took your place and covered for you. She did a splendid job I might add. So splendid that I’m not going to chew you out as you deserve.”

“Well I must really thank the lady. Where is she?”

“You see the group of kids over there? Well she’s surrounded by the kids, who just absolutely adore her. Come on and I’ll introduce you to her. Did you remember the book for your secretary?”

“Yeah, I have it right here.”

Isabel guided Max over to the large group of kids. Their faces were glowing and they were so happy to have met Hopeful Angel and to have her new book. Isabel stopped by Maria to introduce her to Max.

“Hey Maria, let me introduce you to my tardy brother, Max. Max this is Maria.”

“Nice to meet the brother of the Nazi. Are you anything like her?”

Max chuckled as he shook Maria’s hand.

“No. I think Isabel is enough for the world to handle.”

“Thank goodness.”

“So not funny you too. I’m just gonna take Max over to meet Liz.”

Max looked at Isabel as a warning bell started to go off in his head.


“Yeah, Hopeful Angel. Liz is her first name. Oh here she comes.” Isabel said with a grin on her face.

Max slowly turned around and watched the woman that had been on his mind for the past few days. Liz hadn’t seen Max yet because she was writing some thing.

“Hey Isabel and Maria I need to run to my car to get some more books so I’ll be right back.”

“Ok, but first Liz let me introduce you to my brother Max. Max this is Liz.”

But neither Liz nor Max heard the rest as they stared at each other in shock. Then Liz fainted once again in the span of 24 hours.

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Part 6

Liz slowly opened her eyes and found herself staring at a white ceiling she didn’t recognize. She moved her head and found herself looking at the curtains found in a hospital room. Which was great because they matched the hospital bed she was lying in. She closed her eyes trying to remember how she got there. Then it all came flooding back to her. Max Evans. She saw Max Evans at the benefit. Even worse Isabel was Max Evans sister. She felt queasy and a moan escaped her lips. She was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn’t seen the other figure in the room.

“Feeling better?”

Liz whipped her neck towards the source of the all familiar deep voice. There was Max Evans standing next to the window peering back at her.

“I’m fine.”

Liz sat up quickly, feeling at a disadvantage lying down in the bed with him towering over her. Big mistake. Her head started swimming causing her body to sway. Max was quick and he reached her side before she slipped out of the bed. He pushed her back into it.

“Lie down.”

Liz wanted to argue but she knew she needed to stay in the bed or fall on her face. So she lowered her body back to the bed. She closed her eyes and took a few cleansing breaths. While she did this Max didn’t say a word but continued to stare at her. She opened her eyes and Max quickly averted his eyes. She looked at him from under her lashes as an uneasy silence filled the room. After a few minutes Liz couldn't take it any more.

“So, what happened?”

“You fainted.”

“I know that much! I mean afterwards. What did you say to your sister?”

“You mean does my sister know who you are? No I didn’t tell her. Her and the other woman were very worried about you, so we found an empty room and placed you here. There was still stuff they needed to attend to so I offered to stay with you. But you friend took a moment to threaten my manhood if I anything to upset you.”

Liz had to bite her lip to keep from smiling imagining Maria delivering the threat. She cleared her throat to kill the laughter.

“I’m sorry about that. Maria tends to be over protective.”

“I see that.”

And then Max Evans did something that shocked the hell out of Liz he chuckled.

“He has a great smile.” Liz thought to herself.

“Hmmm, yeah.....” Liz said to snap herself out of her own crazy thoughts.

Max turned to her expecting her to go on. So she did.

“I think I better get down there so that she can see that I’m ok.”

“Are you sure you’re up to it?”

“Yeah if I take it slow I’m I can make it.”

Liz slowly raised herself to a sitting position and was happy to see that she didn’t get any dizzy spells. She slowly stood up, but her legs were shaky and she wobbled. Max caught her around the shoulders and she placed her hand on his chest. Liz raised her head to look up at Max and he lowered his head to look at Liz. Instead their lips found themselves touching. Both were surprised at first but a yearning that wasn’t there before grabbed both of them and they deepened the kiss. A passion was ignited in both leaving them both breathless and shaken. As realization of what they were doing came to both they jumped apart as if scolded with hot water. They stared at each other as they heaved for a deep breath. Just then Isabel walked into the room. She quickly walked over to Liz.

“Liz are you ok?”

Liz took a moment to collect herself before answering Isabel.

“Isabel, I'm fine. I guess all the excitement was too much for me."

"You scared us half to death. But are you sure you're ok? Your face is flushed."

Liz raised her hands to her cheeks that were indeed warm. She knew exactly how that happened but she wasn't about to tell Isabel.

"I'm fine Isabel I was just about to come back to the benefit. Or is it over already?"

"No, it's still going strong and some of the kids still want to meet you. I was coming to check on you."

"I'm fine. Your brother took great care of me so I'm ready to go back now."

Isabel turned to her brother and saw he was a little flushed too and wondered if anything happened between her brother and Liz.

"Max, are you ok? You seem a little flushed too.”

Max was lost in his thoughts wondering what the hell possessed him to kiss Liz Parker. He knew what she had done to his family. There was no way in hell he was interested in her.


Max turned to his sister.


“You are so absent minded today. I asked if you were alright because you seem a little flushed too.”

“I’m fine. As a matter of fact I’m going to head back into the luncheon because I need a drink.”

With that said Max glimpsed at Liz quickly and left the room.

“Liz is everything ok? My brother didn’t upset you in any way did he?”

“No, Isabel everything is fine. I think I’m a head back to the luncheon too? Are you coming?” Liz asked as she grabbed her stuff and headed to the door.

Isabel shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the room with Liz. Isabel started telling Liz what she missed while she was unconscious, but Liz only listened with half an ear as she remembered the kiss that took her to heaven, but unfortunately was given to her by a devil.


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Part 7

It had been two weeks since the kiss heard around the world had taken place. Or so it seemed to Liz like the whole world knew a kiss had taken place between herself and Max Evans. She never thought she would be kissing anyone much less Max Evans. It wasn’t that she was ugly. Actually it was quite the opposite. She was very attractive and had attracted quite a few men. But ever since the scandal and all the relationships she saw her mother involved in she shied away from any intimate relationships with men. It also could be due to the fact the she was waiting for her white knight to come and sweep her off her feet. He would shower her with affection , white roses and give her the kiss of all kisses. Through out her life it seemed to be a useless wish, that nobody like that existed. None of those things had ever happened to her until a couple of weeks ago that is. The kiss she shared with Max Evans left her speechless and shocked. Shocked because she wasn’t expecting him to do that. But also because her body was begging for more. She wanted another kiss from those lips. But she also wanted them pressed all over her body. That kiss controlled her every thought. She woke up thinking about that kiss and she fell asleep thinking about as well as yearning for more. Her dreams betrayed her as well as it replayed the scene over and over in her head waking her up with his name on her lips. She lectured herself over and over saying that there was no future for her along side Max Evans. For goodness sakes he hated her very existence. Didn’t he? If he did then why did he kiss you? A traitorous voice inside her head would ask her. As she pondered the question she realized she had no viable answer. This had her spinning in circles so badly that she decided a vacation was needed for a short respite so that she could gather herself together. She was going to Jamaica for a few weeks. She was leaving in a couple of hours to the airport and Maria was with her to take her and to get her last batch of instructions.

“Maria, are you getting all of this?”

“Babe, I heard you the first five hundred times you told me about everything. I got it. I have to water and speak to your plants. Come around and look at the house to make sure your dust bunnies are all hear and if they multiplied. If they did, then I’ll make sure they’re all playing nice.”


Maria chuckled as she raised her hands in defeat.

“O.k., I promise to follow your directions per the letter as you have instructed me. But you have to listen to me too and take this time to relax and center yourself. What happened in the past is in the past. Hell, what happened two weeks ago is in the past. You can’t change it, so there’s no use obsessing over it.”

Liz understood what Maria was saying because Maria was her sounding board as to the many possible reasons Max could have kissed her.

“Yes mom, I get the picture.”


“I got it! Now let me give this place one last once over then we can go.”

“Ok, I’m going to put your bags in the car.”

Each one turned to do their chores. Liz gave the house one last looksy, making sure all the windows were locked, as well as the back door. Satisfied she turned off all the lights and headed for the door.

“Alright, Parker, you’re going out this door with heavy baggage. But you’re coming back centered and ready to get on with life, as if Max Evans and all that baggage never entered your life.” Liz whispered to herself.

She walked to the front door and stepped out into the sunlight and quickly locked the door behind her. As she turned to the steps that lead to the driveway she squared her shoulders and took a deep breath. She then walked to Maria’s car. The drive to the airport was uneventful and Liz and Maria bantered back and forth. Once at they airport they checked Liz’s luggage in and then went to a café to wait for Liz’s flight to be called. An hour later it was time for Liz to board the plane so they walked over to her gate.

“Ok, Lizzie this is you. Remember what I said let go and enjoy yourself.”

Maria quickly gathered Liz into her arms for a big hug. Liz hugged her back.

“Thanks, Maria, I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.”

They said goodbye and Liz boarded the plane giving her best friend a final wave. Maria made sure Liz was on board before she turned and left. As she took the escalator down she just barely missed seeing another passenger check in and get on to the same plane as her best friend.


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Part 8

Max was lost in his thoughts as he contemplated the drink in his hands. He was still wondering on how he got talked into doing this with so much left yet to do for his campaign.

“You’re here to get your mind and the rest of you back on track to what’s important.” He berated himself.

Everyone noticed he was distracted for the last two weeks. His mind was on something else and it wasn’t his campaign. It was back in a hospital room where he followed and impulse that he had no clue as to where it came from. He kissed a woman he supposedly hates and he had no reason as to why he did that. He also had no reason as to why he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He was interrupted from further thought.

“Sir, can I get you another drink?”

“Umm, actually can I get a drink of water? This soda was too sweet for me and I could use something to clear my throat with.”

“Yes, sir, that would be no problem.”

As the woman turned away she threw Max a flirtatious smile that fell flat. Max didn’t notice it as he turned back towards the window. His thoughts wandered back to two weeks ago when he engaged in the best kiss ever with a woman he thought he felt nothing but indifference. But it was like there were a pair of magnets embedded in his lips that were drawn to hers, and before he knew what he was doing he was kissing Liz Parker. That just blew his mind away to the point where he could think of nothing else for the rest of the weeks to come. Which is why his sister was able to talk him into going into this vacation. She said he need to relax and get some fun in the son to get back his perspective.

“Here you go, Sir, one glass of water.” The flight attendant stated.

As she passed him the drink she “accidentally” brushed his fingers with hers and threw him a smile. Max rolled his eyes and turned back towards his window, sipping his drink, effectively dismissing her without another word. The flight attendant was shocked but received the message and quickly went about her business.

“Alright, Max, time to have fun and forget about Liz Parker, as if you never ran into her again.” Max stated to himself.

He finished off his water and then pushed back his seat and got comfortable. He was ready to take a nap for the duration of the trip, believing he would be able to forget about Liz Parker.


Meanwhile, three rows behind Max, Liz sat in her seat content on listening to her CDs and reading her magazines. She was already starting to feel relaxed and couldn’t wait to reach Jamaica. The warm sun would do her good and add some color to her slightly pale skin. Maybe she would find further distraction on the island Liz thought to herself. She smiled at the idea and closed her magazine leaning back she fell asleep a few minutes later.


A few hours later the plane made it’s descent to the island. Max woke up as the plane touched down. He stretched and prepared himself to step off the plane the doors opened and as he got up to go he dropped a pen so he sat down again and bent down to pick it up from under the seat, effectively missing Liz passing him by as she made her way towards the plane’s door. As he stood up from retrieving his pen, he walked into the aisle there were five people separating him from Liz. The disembarked from the plane and went through customs with only a few people separating them. They went and claimed their luggage. After Liz picked up her suitcases she dropped her passport. But she was so frazzled she didn’t notice until a security person brought it to her attention.

“Excuse me, Miss?” he shouted out to her.

Liz turned around wondering hat she had done wrong when she saw the man waving something at her. She walked back towards him as he approached her. They met right next to the conveyor belt, exactly at the spot where Max was still retrieving his luggage.

“You dropped this miss.”

Liz looked at what he was holding in his hand and gasped.

“My goodness I would’ve been in deep trouble if I lost that. Thank you so much.”

The man smiled at her as he passed her the passport and walked away. Liz let go of her luggage and opened her purse to put her passport. Her hair falling around her face like a curtain. In that instance Max retrieved his suitcase and turned around, almost bumping into a group that passed right in front of him. Max gave an impatient sigh as he stepped back and waited for them to pass. At the end of the group Max just picked up his luggage and walked away towards the entrance to see if he could get a cab. Just then Liz picked her head up after she put away her passport. She looked around as she felt a weird sensation pass through her. After a minute she shook it off. She picked up her luggage and went to get a cab to take her to her hotel.

Once there she checked in and went to her room to refresh herself. The room was spacious and cool. As she looked around she noticed she had a connecting door attached to her room. She walked over and checked the lock. She didn’t want any strange visitors from next door.

Meanwhile next door Max was just getting out of a cool shower. He need the cold water to cleanse his skin from the heat. He quickly dressed himself in a pair of shorts. He glanced out at the window and the beach looked so inviting to him. Deciding on a swim he changed from his shorts to a pair of swimming trunks. He grabbed his card key and towel and headed out the door. Liz had arrived to the same conclusion. She imagined herself swimming in the cool waters of the clear blue ocean. She quickly slipped into her suit grabbed a towel and was on her way out.

Max shut his door and turned to go towards the elevator when he noticed his neighbor coming out of the door. Curious he watched the person step out of the room. His face was frozen in shock as he watched Liz secure her door.

As Liz was about to turn to the elevator she felt someone staring at her and the little hairs on her neck stood on end. She looked over to her left to see who the culprit was and a sharp gasp escaped her lips. The same word escaped their lips at the same time.



Ah, as to those that want the answer to what happened and why Max blames Liz you'll get your answers in the next few chapters. during their stay in Jamaica a lot will come out.
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Part 9

Max and Liz stood in the corridor looking at each other in shock. The bell from the elevator finally brought them back to the present. They blinked and turned to see an elderly couple getting off of the elevator. Liz realized she was standing in a rather skimpy suit when the old couple passed them and the old man winked at her. She grabbed her towel and quickly wrapped it around herself. But not before Max was able to give her a quick yet thorough perusal. The picture she presented had him placing his towel in front of the impending tenting in front of his shorts.

“So, to say the least this is a small world.” Max said.

Liz looked over at him and cleared her throat.

“Yeah, sometimes a little too small.” She responded

“Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. So are you here on vacation?”

Liz nodded her head.

“That’s great. It’s a nice place to relax.”

“Hmm, yeah and yourself? Vacation also?”

Max nodded his head.

The absurdity of the conversation and situation hit Liz at that moment and a giggle slipped through her lips. She covered her mouth with both hands but it was no use. She started laugh out loud. Max looked at her as if she were crazy.

“I’m sorry but we’re both dressed in swimsuits, discussing nonsense, as if this were an everyday occurrence.”

The humor of the situation hit Max and a deep chuckle erupted from his lips. They enjoyed the joke for a few minutes but then Max quickly sobered as the reality set in. They were not exactly friends, not even acquaintances, rather they were hostile enemies, with a bitter past sharing the same hotel. If the media got wind of this somehow there would be trouble. But an even bigger worry was the sexual tension.

“I think we’re in a slightly sticky situation here.” Max said.

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? We have a less than stellar past and if the media gets a wind of this it will be the past all over again.”

“I think your exaggerating it a bit.”

“I don’t think so. I think one of us should go to another hotel.” He said look at Liz pointedly.

“Oh no, I’m not moving. If you have such a big problem with us in the same hotel then you can go and move to another hotel.”

Liz turned around and headed for the elevator and jabbed the down button. She tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for it to arrive. Max walked up behind her.

“Well I’m not moving either.”

“Well then I guess we’re going to be neighbors in the same hotel.”



The elevator doors slid open and Liz stepped in, Max followed close on her heels. She jabbed the button for the lobby and then went and stood in a corner the farthest away from Max. Max go in and stood at the other corner. Both had their arms crossed and staring at the numbers above the elevator doors as they descended. The tension could be cut with a knife. As the elevator was about to reach the bottom floors Liz stepped forward to make her escape. But the Jamaican Gods decided to be funny and the elevator jerked to a stop in between floors. The unexpected stop flung Liz backwards right into Max’s body heating them both up. Max’s arms automatically had wrapped themselves around Liz to make sure she didn’t get hurt. Liz’s hands ever so slowly covered Max’s on her body in an unintentional slight caress. The breathing seemed to be constricted on both. Liz looked up into Max’s eyes and their faces were inches from each other. They were breathing each other’s air.

“Are you ok?” Max asked Liz huskily.

Liz nodded her head slowly, unable to utter any words.

“Good” Max whispered.

The vibrations from that one word reaching Liz’s lips. She stuck her tongue out and swiped her lips. Their heads leaned in towards each other.


Max and Liz jumped apart and scrambled to their feet. They faced opposite walls and took deep breaths to collect themselves but of course it was hardly working. The imprint of the other’s body was still fresh on their skin. Max cleared his throat and shouted a response to the voice on the outside.

“Yes, there are two people in this elevator.”

“Ok, sir we’re working to get you out of there as soon as possible, but we must find the technician first. Please remain calm.”

“What time frame are we looking at?”

“Sir, we really can’t say but there’s a possible minimum of three hours.”

“What?!” Liz shouted.

“I’m sorry but we’re trying our hardest to remedy the situation and get you out.”

“Fine, thank you. Please keep us informed with updates.”

“Yes, sir.”

Max turned to Liz to see she was very agitated.

“Well, I guess we better take a seat and get comfortable we have a long wait ahead of us.” Max said as he eased him self down to the floor.

“Yeah, great.”

Liz eased her way down to the floor on the opposite side of the elevator. Max cleared his throat.

“Since we have three hours to spare why don’t we talk?”

Liz looked at him suspiciously.


“We can talk about what happened all those years ago? I think it’s time we cleared the air Liz once and for all and lay those old phantoms to rest. What do you say Liz?”


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Part 10

Liz looked at Max a minute before averting her gaze and raking her fingers through her hair.

“I told you that if you wanted to know what happened all those years ago to ask your father. He may owe you answers but I don’t.”

“Oh, sure and why don’t I just go camping with my father to make it a real father/son bonding moment? Over the s’mores we can talk about his past indiscretions.”

“He’s your father why can’t you talk to him?”

“I can talk to him but just not about this.”


“Because this destroyed my belief in him.”

This comment drew Liz’s attention. In his eyes she could tell he was being sincere and honest. That mixture and the sentiment she still held for the man that was the she never had made her relent.

“Fine, what do you want to know? Mind you, the minute you insult me or my mother this ends.”

Max nodded.

“How did this all start?”

Liz looked down at her hands before answering.

“My mother was singing at a night club when she met your father. There was instant chemistry. They talked, became friends and the rest was history.”

“Were they intimate right away?”

“See, this is the sticky part and I think I should cut to the chase. I don’t even know why your father never said anything to you or your family. Your father did have a relationship with my mother, and yes it was improper because he was a married man spending time with another woman, but they were never intimate.”


“I don’t think I stuttered or whispered. But just so you can be sure you heard me THEY NEVER HAD SEX TOGETHER.”

Max couldn’t believe his ears.

“But what about the picture?”

“Ah, yes the picture of me and your father in the ‘compromising’ position.”

“Ummm, it was slightly more than compromising. You were wearing a red string bikini and my father was in trunks and you two were hugging. It looked so intimate.”

“Do you really think your father was capable of sleeping with me? He overlooked my mother and what came straight for the young blood to sow his oats.” Liz asked bitterly.

Max quickly stood up overwhelmed with the info Liz was sharing. He was prepared for many things but not what he was hearing. Liz saw all the emotions going through his face and she could feel herself softening towards him.

“Look you father is the most outstanding human being I know. He met my mother when she was going through a difficult time and offered her solace and friendship and that’s it. When things were crazy between my mom and myself he was there for me unconditionally.”

“But that picture seemed to show more than a little solace.”

“Back to that again?”

“Yeah because you haven’t explained it.”

“After everything I’ve told you, you still believe I slept with your father?”

“I don’t now what I think. But if you were telling the truth why wouldn’t my father just tell my mother the truth? Why let us go through all that pain? Why not go public and save his career?”

“Maybe your father isn’t as egotistical as you.”

“Egotistical? Do you know how much pain this fiasco caused?”

“Yes I do! Your family wasn’t the only one who went through hell because of the picture. Do you know how many times I had to transfer schools in my senior year. It was bad enough being Nancy Parker’s daughter on a regular basis and this just made it worse. It took months to live it down, hell it took years.”

“Well, if you and your mother would have stayed away from a married man then you wouldn’t have been in that mess.” Max shouted.

“Leave my mother out of this.”

“Kinda difficult with her smack in the middle of it.”

“Well if your mother was taking care of her business at home maybe your father would never have needed us.”

Max walked up to Liz and grabbed her and pulled her body to his.

“Lady, don’t you dare bring my mother into this.” Max said in a deadly tome.

“Agreed, so you leave mine out as well.” Liz said as she pulled herself out of his grasp.

They both went to neutral corners and tried to get a handle on their emotions.

“Max, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that about your mother. It was cruel and uncalled for. But I’m not going to let you insult my mother or me. I told you that before we started this conversation and this is the specific reason as to why I didn’t want to have this conversation with you.”

“I know.” Max said quietly. “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”

“Yeah, considering you don’t even believe me.”

“I don’t know what to believe. I just remember all the pain.”

Liz turned to Max and saw the way his shoulders were set in a defeated posture. She slowly walked to him and raised her hand to place it on his shoulder but at the last minute thought better of it and eased it back. She retraced her steps back to her corner.


There's more to the story not everything was brought out so don'tt think you know the whole story.*wink*

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I think I should explain and clarify to everyone. The affair Phillip never cleared up with his family or the press was that between Nancy and himself. He did try to clear up the one with Liz but with the picture everyone was dubious to his innocence. There's another reason as to why he never cleared up the affair which will come later but it's not for Liz to tell for she doesn't know. omly Nancy and Philip knew and Nancy's dead.

Now I pose a question to you I don't feel my story is right and was thinking of redoing it all over. So I ask you are you satified as is or should I yank this story and start over? Majority rules.
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Everybody thanks for the encouragement and the advice. Thank you for the feedbacks and bumps through my faux pas. This part took a long time to come out because my muse is strangling my thoughts. I want to continue and finish all the fics I've started and she wants to start a new one and she throws the idea around my head not letting me think of anything else. But I want to do anther part of this one. So I ask what am I to do. I'm trying this freestyle so lets see what happens.

Part 11


He dug his hands into her silky tresses as their bodies were intertwined within the sheets. Their lips were locked together with dueling tongues seeking supremacy over the other as well as insightful knowledge of the other. He slowly eased his lips off of her and raised his head to peer at her. She slowly opened her eyes to look at him, her tongue peeking out to lick her ravaged lips.

"Max, make love to me."


She put her fingers to his lips to quiet him then pulled his head down to seal their lips once again. A moan escaped him. His hand was easing down her shoulders when...

"Max wake up! Max are you ok? MAX!!!"

Max sat up quickly and looked around wondering where he was when Liz came into focus.

"Max, are you ok?"

He came slamming back to earth remembering he was trapped in an elevator with Liz Parker and not in a bedroom where he wanted to be. They had been stuck there for two hours already. After their conversation an awkward silence had filled their impromptu prison. Both were lost in thought and exhausted. It appeared he was more so and he fell asleep and proceeded to have on of the best dreams ever that he was still painfully aware of. He quickly placed a towel over his arousal.

"Max, are you ok?"

Max turned to Liz and he saw that she was waiting for a response.

"Umm, yeah I'm fine just."

"Are you sure because you weere moaning?"

A blush spread over Max's face as he averted his eyes from Liz's gaze.

"Yeah, it must be these hard floors from the elevator. It sure wasn't made for a resting place."

Liz looked at him as if she doubted his answer but took it at face value because she didn't want to probe. Max quickly tried to change the suhbject.

"So, did they come back and give an update?"

"No, and I'm starting to get really creeped out."

Liz stood up and started to pace back and forth.

"This little space is givng me a headache."

"I'm sure they'll have us out soon. You need to relax and calm down."

Liz whipped around and looked at Max.

"Calm down! Calm down! Look here Mr. Boss-everybody-around, don't tell me what to do. We're stuck in this elevator for over two hours. You make me dredge up painful memories then don't believe me when I tell you the truth. You fall asleep and start moaning. Lord knows you were probably having a sex dream. But I should calm down and act like this is nothing. That's rich."

Max scrambled to his feet not liking that Liz was yelling at him or that she had hit close to home about the sex dream.

"Look this isn't helping any so stop yelling at me. This isn't my fault."

"It is your fault. You probably found out I was coming here and decided to come here as well to make my life miserable. Because ever since meeting up with you I've had the biggest streak of bad luck."

"You can't be serious?"

"Oh, no look at the evidence. I faint twice where as I've never fainted in my life before. We get stuck in this elevator and I dredge up my past all thanks to you."

"This elevator is not my fault. I couldn't control it. If I did you would be the last person I would want to get stuck with. Banshees do nothing for me or sloppy seconds either."

Max's final remark stung at Liz's pride and she didn't think twice when her hand flew and made Max's sting just as much.

"There's your sloppy seconds."

By now both of their chests were heaving from anger and they were standing centimeters apart. Max's eyes of their own volition wandered down to her bikini clad breast and back.

"To hell with it." Max snapped.

He grabbed Liz by her arms and as he slammed her eagainst the elevator walls his lips slammed down on hers. At first Liz tried to push him away but his lips were very persuasive and the fire heating her traitorous body did her in. She started to kiss Max, opening her lips in submission to let his tongue in. He grabbed her legs and hoisted her up against the elevator. His body pinning hers. His arousal pressed against her bikine clad heat. Liz moaned from pleasure and drove her fingers through his hair. Max pulled his lips off of her and she whimpered, but she purred when he latched on to her chin and eased down to her throat. Their lower anatomy continued to grind into one another driving them to the brink. They were quite distracted with their pleasure that they failed to notice when the elevator jerked slightly and started moving, placing it as their passion made the earth move. Nor did they feel when the elevator stopped or the bell ring annoucing the floor. They heard even less when the doors opened. Just as Max was getting ready to push her bikine bottom aside...

"OH MY."

Max and Liz looked up from their heated embrace to see that the elevaotr had moved to the next floor and the doors were open and they had given quite a show to the hotel's crowded lobby.


Tell me what do you think and if you want more.

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Part 12

Liz walked briskly through the hotel lobby she was about to go in the direction of the elevator but the memories of what happened a few hours before made her blush and change her course. She made a beeline for the stairs. As she walked up the stairs her thoughts betrayed her and her mind went back to the incident. After the doors to the elevator had opened to reveal Max and Liz in their compromising position it still took them a few minutes to figure out they had an audience. If someone hadn’t snickered and they saw a flash it would have probably taken them longer. But at the sounds of other people whispering the haze quickly lifted Max and Liz and they sprung a part a little to fast. Liz ended up falling on her ass. Max quickly helped her up but she pushed him away, grabbed her stuff and sprinted out of the elevator and then out of the hotel. She didn’t bother looking back to see what Max was doing or if he was following her. She made it a point of disappearing within the crowd. She spent the rest of the day in a secluded part of the beach, swimming in the ocean trying to forget her embarrassment and her time of weakness. Just thinking about what happened still made her blush. She quickly walked to her room door and opened not wanting to bump into her next-door neighbor. She entered her room and slammed the door shut. She leaned against the door as if she were being chased by the devil himself. She listened for any movement in the next room but heard none. She breathed an air of relief or frustration. Liz couldn’t really tell if she wanted the answer. She walked over to her bed and sat down. She put her hands on her face and wondered why her life was so complicated. Why was it always so complicated? Why did she kiss Max Evans, of all people? Why was Max Evans the first man, the only man to invoke such passions in her? She passed her fingers tentatively over her lips, tracing them in the places where Max had kissed her. She closed her eyes and remembered the strength of his lips. Before she can immerse herself in her thoughts she yanked her hands away from her face.

“I can’t do this. What am I thinking this is Max Evans? I have an easier time ice-skating in hell before I have a chance at a relationship with him. Snap out of it Liz. You’ve lived with walls around you for a reason. You can only get hurt. Just look at what happened to your mother.”

This self-declaration put her in a sad mood. She was jarred out of it by the ringing phone. She walked over to it and stared at it for a minute before picking up cautiously.


“Hey, Chica, how’s the sun treating you?”

Liz gave a sigh of relief at hearing Maria’s voice.

“Maria, it’s so good to hear from you.”

“Same here but what’s wrong? You sound funny.”

Liz was tempted to tell Maria what happened but for some reason held back.

“No everything is ok. I just walked in from a day at the beach and soaking up some sun.”

“Oh, sounds good. Any good prospects while you were out there?”


“What? There’s no reason while you’re on a trip you can’t meet Mr. Wonderful or Mr. One Night Stand.”

“Of course there is one… I’M NOT LOOKING!”

“Ok, Chica, I hear what you’re saying but you need to hear what I’m saying. I signed you up for a singles swinger for tonight so be prepared to find someone for something. Nice talking to you, bye.”

Before Liz could say a word the dial tone was ringing in her ear. Exasperated she could only open and close her mouth. No words came out.


Liz slammed the phone down, half tempted to call her friend back. She was stopped from her indecision by a knock at her door. She threw on a robe and opened the door. One of the bellhops stood at the door with an envelope extended in her direction.

“Ms. Parker this is your reservation for the singles dinner tonight. Enclosed you’ll find your seating reservations and the minor itinerary. Good luck.”

Liz closed the door and stared at the red envelope. She opened it to find a folded red heart. She opened it and it bubble letters it stated, “COME AND FIND YOUR FUTURE HUSBANBD/WIFE” . There was a little bride and groom in the picture. Liz controlled the eye roll she felt coming on. She thought for the five hundredth time why she let Maria get her into these predicaments and why she put up with them. She stared at the picture a few more minutes.

“Aww, what the hell it may make for a good story, or at least a good joke. Or maybe, just maybe I can find a good man. Nah.”

Liz smiled to herself and placed the envelope on the bed as she gathered her things to go shower, her mind already made up to go to the singles dinner.


Liz checked herself again to make sure she was dressed ok. She was wearing a clingy red cocktail dress with a slit on the left side that came up mid thigh. She had on red heels. Her hair was loose and wavy. She had on light make-up and looked very nice overall. She walked up to the host and gave him her name. He turned and led her to a nearby table. Once seated, he offered her a menu and walked away. She started to look through the menu, but had the unsettling feeling of being stared at. She tried to shake it off and not give the culprit the satisfaction of acknowledging them, but the feeling persisted. She gave up and gave the room a once over. At first she didn’t see anybody. But then there he was. Sitting a few tables from her was Max Evans himself.


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Part 13

Liz’s heart started to flutter and beat a mile a minute as Max’s amber eyes bore into her own. She quickly took in his appearance and how his tuxedo molded to his shape, accentuating his muscular physique. Seated next to him was a blond talking to him a mile a minute oblivious to the fact that he was ignoring her. Liz quickly looked away and took a sip from her drink. She tried to bring down the racing in her heart, as well as that little twinge that kept gnawing at the back of her senses. Some people would call it jealousy but Liz refused to name it. She started to fiddle with her napkin and tried to ignore the urge to look back at the other table. She was silently praying for a reprieve. She should watch what she asked for.

“Miss Parker, may I present your partner in our festivities, Mr. Doug Shellow.”

Liz turned to see the host who brought her to her table standing next to her once again but only this time he was with a man. Liz almost spit out the water she had in her mouth. The guy was a 60’s or 70’s reject. He was wearing a purple polyester suit with a shiny shirt open at the chest with 15 gold chains each with medallions on them of some sort. To top off the wonderful ensemble he was wearing white pleather boots that were very noticeable underneath the bell-bottom pants. Liz didn’t know if she wanted to laugh a cry. One part of her brain was acknowledging that God had a great sense of humor while the other was devising great plans of revenge to use against Maria. Liz slowly swallowed her water and formed what could be called a smile if looked at in the right light.

“Mr. Shellow nice to meet you.”

Liz extended her hand in greeting and Doug took it as an invitation to slobber all over her hand in the name of placing a kiss on it. Liz hid her repulsion well as she yanked her hand back and wiped it down with her dinner napkin.

“Enchanted to meet you, you sweet thing.”

Liz’s reply was only a slight smile. She then turned back to her seat and grabbed her water goblet.

“This is so not strong enough.”

Liz looked around for her waiter; spying him across the room she waved him over.

“Yes, may I help you?”

“Yes can I get a planters punch with tons of emphasis on the punch.”

“Woohoo, girlie you seem to be a drinker, just like me. We just might be a match made in heaven.”
Liz’s face got pale at the thought. Doug just laughed out loud as if he had just made the funniest of funny jokes. Liz turned to the waiter and held up two fingers signifying to make it a double. The waiter looked at her with pity on his face and nodded.

“Sir, would you like anything?”

“On this island they wouldn’t happen to have anything like moon shine or ripple would they?”

“No, Sir, I’m afraid all our alcohols are imported.”

“Damn, well I won’t hold it against you. You can just bring me a pitcher of beer.”

“A pitcher, sir?”

“Yup, now hurry up and get it or there won’t be no quarter tip.”

“Oh no, don’t want to lose that. Excuse me.”

The waiter walked away to get the drinks and rolled his eyes. Liz was in her seat wondering how and why she always got in these messes and came up with the same answer: Maria.

“Well now why don’t we get know each other, angel, because I know you fell out of the sky just for me.”

Liz was at a complete loss of words.

“Well I’ll tell you about my self first. I was born and raised…”

And so the torture began. For the next hour Liz learned every gory detail concerning the man sitting across from her. He would ask questions and then give the answers himself. From across the room she kept hearing a shrieking laughter. Without turning around she just knew it was the blonde with Max. This did not help her sour disposition. Liz hadn’t spoken a single word for the hour. She just kept sipping her drinks by the end of the hour she had four planters punch in her stomach and very little food, which lead to the events that were about to unfold. As the man continued to talk Liz finished up her latest drink and the alcohol finally kicked in. Her courage and irritation came out. Doug was about to get blasted. He was going in to his next story when hurricane Liz struck. She turned to him and aimed her torrential winds his way.

“God, don’t you ever shut up.”

Doug stopped in mid story and looked at her as if she had lost her marbles.

“Excuse me, what did you say?”
“You heard me. Don’t you ever shut up? We’ve been together for an hour and all you do is talk about yourself. And what were you thinking wearing that atrocious suit?”

Over the span of the hour the room had gotten full for the singles dinner. Some of the people turned to see what the commotion was over at Liz’s table.

“Hello, we’re in the 21st century. Yes, we do bring back fashion from the past but that suit sure as hell isn’t one of them. And could you have anymore grease in your hair? Someone should have told me that I needed sunglasses tonight to sit with you, because the damn glare from your gold chains is killing my eyes.”

Doug looked around uncomfortable. People were looking at them and whispering.

“Can you please lower your voice? People are looking at us.”

“No, they’re looking at Barney, the purple dinosaur chug down a pitcher of beer.”

A shadow fell over the table and they both looked up. Max had been keeping an eye on Liz’s table not liking the looks of Doug. He kept telling himself he just didn’t trust Doug but that same feeling that was gnawing at Liz was tickling him, but he didn’t want to face it either. When he saw things were going to get out of hand he extracted himself from his partner, which was boring as hell and made his way over to Liz’s table. He stood next to Liz and looked down at her as she peered up at him.

“What do you want?”

“Liz, I think you just had a little too much to drink?”

“Well I think I haven’t had enough and besides I want to have fun.”

She stumbled to her feet and walked over to the dance floor as the band stuck up a Caribbean beat. She started to sway her body to the music, matching the beats as best as she could. She twirled and swung her hips. She flailed her arms and shook her shoulders. She thought she was dancing to the onlookers she looked a mess. But her face was getting flush from her exertion. She continued until the music stopped. A few people applauded her attempt at the dance. She slowly made her way back to the table. She noticed a few things. A new drink was waiting for her, Doug was gone and was now sitting with Max’s partner, and Max was in Doug’s place. Liz sat down and grabbed her drink because her throat was so parched.

“Well that was some jig you did up there.”

“Yeah, I’m kinda proud of myself too. Why is it so hot in here?”

Liz lifted the hair off of her neck and started fanning her over heated body with the napkin. Not getting enough relief she picked up her glass that was filled with ice and pressed it to her neck and slowly eased it down to just above her cleavage. Max followed the cups progress and would have given anything to be the cup. Liz let out a moan as she cooled down. Max cleared his throat to get Liz’s attention and to clear his thoughts. Liz looked over at Max not recognizing the look in his eyes.

“Liz, I think I should walk you upstairs. You had too much to drink and I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

Liz slammed down her glass and stood up to tower over Max.

“Look here Max Evans I can take care of myself. I’ve been doing it for quite a while before you barged into my life so I can do it now too.”

Liz whirled around to make her grand exit but instead she swayed. Max was on his feet quickly and grabbed her before she fell. He pulled her back up and tried to steady her.

“Get your hands off of me I’m fine.”

Liz tried to shake off his hands. But Max wasn’t having any of it. He grabbed Liz and tossed her over his shoulder. She started to pound her small fists on his back.

“You Neanderthal, you better put me down!”

With a few quick strides Max was out the door and over to the elevators. He punched the up button and the doors swung open. He stepped in with his cargo and pressed the number for their floor. For the whole ride up Liz called Max every name in the book. Max didn’t say a word. The elevator doors swung open. Max stepped out of the elevator with Liz still on his shoulders. He put her down when they were at her door. She raised her hand to slap him but Max was fast and ducked. Liz’s arm and entire body swung around. Max grabbed her from behind and pinned her arms to her side. He went into her purse and grabbed her card key. He quickly passed it through the bar and swung open her door. He picked her up around her waist and carried her into her room. With his foot he shut the door behind them. He walked up to her bed and dropped her on her bed. Liz scrambled off the bed and turned to him ready for a fight.

“How dare you embarrass me that way?”

“How dare I? You were the one who got drunk and started dancing the Lambada in the middle of the room. I told you that you had too much to drink but you wouldn’t listen. Who knows what you would have done next. Perhaps you wanted to do a little striptease for the men?”

“Oh you would have just loved that wouldn’t you? I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction!”

“Oh no maybe you wanted to give it to Mister yester-year in purple.”

“Shut up! If you’re so into a striptease why don’t you ask the blonde bimbo? Oh, Max, you’re so funny. Hee, hee hee. She sounded like a damn horse.”

“Aww, what’s wrong Liz are you jealous?”

“Jealous! Jealous! JEALOUS !!!! In your dreams.”

“You want me.”

“You arrogant son-of-a-bitch!”

Liz lunged for Max and started to pound on his chest. Max wrapped his arms around Liz to stop her from hitting him. After a bit he calmed her down. They stared at each other trying to catch their breaths as their chests heaved. Neither one knew who made the first move but their lips met midway. Max let go of Liz and eased his hands through her hair. Liz wrapped her arms around Max. They slowly stepped back and made their way to the bed. They slowly sunk down into the bed. Max broke the kiss and looked down to Liz face.

“Are you sure?”

Liz responded by taking Max’s face into her hands and bring his lips back to hers.