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TITLE: Baby it’s a wild world
Author: Miss Roswell
Category: Max and Liz
Rating: NC-17
Authors Note: I don't own anything Roswell. Totally Max and Liz with the rest of the gang sort of thrown in there for storyline purposes

Chapter 1

"Liz are you still unpacking?" her mom said yelling up the stairs. "Yes mom but I'll be right down" called the young dark-haired beauty. As she looked around for a place to put her chair, she thought that it would be perfect out on her balcony, outside of her new room, at her new house. As she pulled the chair through the wide windows she thought to herself, "This would be perfect out here to write in my journal." She placed it gently down in the corner of the balcony and climbed back through the window to see what her mother wanted.

Riding in his jeep, Max Evans, a 17-year-old Senior, was making his way to work when he noticed that, that old restaurant finally had some new owners and would open soon. As Max drove by, he slowed down as he looked at the windows as nearly hitting a pedestrian as he was too busy noticing this young tiny dark-haired girl washing the windows. "Damn Max watch where you are going!" he thought to himself. As he drove to the next street, he kept thinking about what he’d seen in the window of that new restaurant that is now called The Crashdown Café. As he pulled in the parking spot beside the UFO Center, he sat there and thought to himself, that girl was someone he would have to see again.

Liz's parents own the Crashdown Café and her father has been working on it for months to get ready for their grand opening. Jeff Parker had moved into the upstairs apartment and was waiting for Liz to finish school and for their old house to sell before he sent for Liz and her mom, Nancy. They had moved from Virginia where Nancy's family lives, it was a hard move but the family was excited. Jeff didn't want the hustle and bustle of the city life. He wanted his family at a place where they could retire and not be rushed all the time.

"Liz, you don't have to do that honey, go finish your room if you want" her father said to her in his sincerest voice.

"Oh, ok dad, let me finish here and I will take the boxes out of my room and maybe go for a walk" as she responded putting the finishing touches on the glass. Jeff Parker just looked at his little girl, realizing that his 17-year-old daughter has grown up and has turned into this great young lady. She was very bright in all her studies and had dreams of becoming this great Scientist.

"All finished” Liz said as she walked past her father toward the doors to go outside for a walk. "I should be back in a couple of hours, I just want to walk around and get to know this town, since I just got here last night" then the doors closed as she left.

Nancy walked in from the back doors of the café looking around for Liz, "honey have you seen Liz, I haven't seen her in a while" as she poured herself a cup of coffee. "Don't worry, Nancy, she went for a walk, to get accustomed to her new surrounds. She said she would be back in a couple of hours. You know how she is, when she says she will be back at a certain time, she will be back here then."

Chapter 2

It's now dust and Liz has been walking for over an hour, liking what she has seen in this new town. "So this is Roswell, New Mexico, who would have thought?" she smiled to herself as she heard and looked in the direction of a girl about her age crying on the steps at the front of the girl’s house. Liz stood there, not knowing what to do. She heard the girl crying and talking to herself about how some Michael person and how mean he was to her.

"Are you ok" Liz asked not realizing if she said it out loud or if she thought it to herself? The girl looked up and responded coldly "NO! And who are you?" Liz looked around and realized that she did ask it out loud and thought to herself how rudely the girl answered her.

"My name is Liz, sorry to bother you, I just wanted to make sure you are ok. I’m new here and I was out taking a walk when I saw you out here crying." Liz walked over to the girl and sat down beside her, staring at her, thinking what was wrong, how could such a pretty girl be crying like that.

"Maria. I’m Maria DeLuca. I live here. My boyfriend Michael and I, well we are always fighting. We have this love/hate relationship thing going on but this time he really got to me but it will be cool. So your name is Liz? That’s a cool name. How old are you? Are you going to Roswell High? Maybe you will be in some of my classes. That would be so cool." Maria just kept babbling and Liz looked at her as if she had found a new best friend.

"You are quite the talker, Maria?" Liz said teasingly. Both girls sat there and just laughed. They were talking for a long time about where Liz came from, what school was like in Virginia, her old boyfriends. Maria talked about Michael, their school, then Michael some more, her mom, and Michael again, when Liz realized that she needed to get back home, it was close to the two hours she promised her dad she would be back. Liz looked at Maria telling her that she had to get back home. "I can walk with you if you want, besides I would like to see where you live" Maria said as she started walking with Liz toward the Crashdown.

It was dark now, the moon lite up the back streets of Roswell. The main street of Roswell was lit up by the streetlights. Liz and Maria giggled their way to the Crashdown. Liz stopped at the double doors at the café "I live here, Maria." She looked at Maria who was looking at the huge sign that was in the shape of a UFO. It had red lights and white blinking ones, "You live here at the restaurant?" Maria asked questionably. Liz just laughed, "no silly, I live in the apartment up top with my parents. I have this cool room. It has a balcony that is off from my room, but my parents do own this whole building." The two girls hugged and Liz walked inside, pulling the shades down at the door then locked them.

"Liz, are you back?" a voice yelling down the stairs from the apartment. "Yeah, just got back mom" as she walked to the soda fountain and poured herself a cherry coke, taking it upstairs with her as she turned the lights off in the café and headed upstairs to her room. When Liz reached the top of the stairs and started to open the door to her room, her mom and dad asked if she had a good time on her walk and invited her to watch some tv with them. She declined saying she was going to write in her journal. She then entered her room, taking her soda and her journal out to her balcony.

August 31, 2000

Dear Journal,
Today was my first full day in Roswell, New Mexico. The scenery was just unlike any other I have ever seen. Mom and Dad seem to be happy here, and I’m so happy for them. I have already met a new friend. Her name is Maria. I think she is really nice and we hit if off great! She's a bit long winded and sassy but I think we could potentially be really good close friends.

I don't know how the boys are here in Roswell but I really want to focus on my academics this last year that I have in school. By me majoring in Science when I’m in College, there will be no time for boys. I think going on a date here or there won't hurt but my soul focus is school. I don't want to be like Maria and get into a relationship that I can't totally commit to. That would be selfish and I don't think I really want that.

My new room looks really great. I’m sitting out here on my balcony that is just off my bedroom, outside my window. It's cozy and I can really relax out here and write in my journal. I think this will be my new safe haven. When I’m not working at the café, I will be up here studying or writing in this.

I start school tomorrow, I’m a little anxious but I think I will survive. New school, a new year, no friends, what will the school year bring? I’m not use to a small touristy town but it can't be any different to a big, fast-moving one. I miss all my old friends back in Virginia but I can't look back. I want a start fresh and the only thing I want to worry about is my test scores. I know that might sound selfish but I have goals in life. I can't achieve them if I’m not focused.

Ok well. I better be getting a shower. I don't want to be late for my first day of school.

"Ok, I will see you after school tomorrow, Milton, I'll lock up when I leave" Max yelled back to the UFO owner, Milton. "Sure Evans, see you then" Max heard as he locked the doors behind him. It's now 9:00 p.m. and I have school tomorrow he thought to himself then realized that summer was over. As Max got in his jeep and headed home, as he drove past the new Café and thought back to earlier that day, how he saw that tiny figure in the window. As he drove by it, he noticed the huge UFO on the front of the café. Whoa, that looks so cool at night, he exclaimed.

Not far from the Crashdown, he pulled in the driveway at his house, walked in the house and went right to bed.

"Are you finally home, Max?" his sister, Isabel called out from the next room. Max spoke out "yes I am" to her then turned over to sleep. Under her breath, she rambled about how only things he does are just work and come home to sleep. He never spends anytime with her or their parents anymore. Thank the god he doesn't have a serious relationship, otherwise, I would undoubtedly never see him, Isabel said.

"I heard that" Max said disgusted. He got out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom that joins their room. Isabel was primping in the mirror like usual and she stopped then looked in his direction of where he was standing behind her "what?" she said. “Whatever.” Max said as he rolled his eyes and went back to bed.

Chapter 3

Liz awoke by the soul piercing sound of her alarm clock. As she hit snooze, then felt the note that she had left herself from the night before. The pure presence of the note made her calm and ready to take a nice warm shower. She clapped her hands twice to turn on her bedroom lights then fumbled her way to her bathroom. Once she was in there, turned on the light to brush her teeth and wash her face. When she was done, she brushed her long brown hair, evenly on both sides and in the back.

As she rode her scooter to school, she could feel her body get tense. She can’t believe that she was acting like this, ‘what is wrong with me’, she thought. She arrived at the school, parked her scooter and strode toward the front doors at school.

Liz walked in the front entrance and felt like everyone was staring at her. This was because they were, well the guys were at least. Liz Parker was a very attractive girl, long flowing brown hair, the deepest shades of brown were the color of her eyes, and a figure that don’t even compare to a barbie doll. That day Liz chose to wear a tank top and a pair of her favorite washed out, flare jeans.

In the meantime, Max and Isabel had picked up their friend Michael on the way to school and were walking toward the front doors when Max was mesmerized when he saw the dark beauty walking several students in front of him. “Hey what’s wrong with you” Michael bellowed out, hitting Max on the arm.

“Oh nothing Michael, see ya around.” Max stepped away leaving Isabel and Michael in disbelief.
“What the hell was that?” Looking toward Isabel. “Don’t ask me,” she said walking to class.

The rest of the day went by as Max noticed Liz in the halls and at lunch. Wherever she went, he had an eye on her. She was the most magnificent thing he had ever set eyes on. This is going to be a good year he assured himself as he walked to his jeep.

‘I have it, I will go to the football game Friday night and maybe I will see her there’ as he sat and thought to himself in the jeep, waiting for Isabel and Michael. “Geeze Michael, why are you so poky?” Isabel said smugly toward him. Michael just rolled his eyes. They had no idea what kind of weekend he had with Maria and they sure as hell didn’t want to hear it.

“So Michael, who are you playing again?” Max asked as all three left school to go home.

“I have told you already Maxwell, Highland.”

“Oh. Well I have been a little preoccupied, and I wasn’t really paying attention.”
“Well what is going on with you, Max? It’s not like you to forget your best friend’s game schedule. You live for that stuff.”

“I know Is, but I guess work has had me a little busy and now with the start of a new year at school, I’ve just got some things on my mind.”

“Forget it Isabel. He’ll be there Friday night. I’m going to kick some ass out there.”

All three laughed as they were almost at Michael’s house to drop him off.

“Damn Michael, when are you going to get your car fixed?”

“Who knows the old man is outta town again, so hopefully sooner than later.”

“I hope sure hope so. I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to take you home and to practice with the hectic schedule I have for school.”

“No problem, I’ll see what I can do.”

Chapter 4

At the end of the school day, Liz went to get her scooter and found that it was gone. She couldn’t believe it! On her first day of school some jerk stole her scooter. Her parents were working so she couldn’t bother them. She decided that she would walk home to look around the small town to get to know it. Liz kicked the bike rack and then started walking.

As she started walking home, she saw Maria, the girl she met just the day before. Maria looked a lot better than the day before when she had seen her crying on her porch. Liz walked over to her, to say hello to her and Maria saw her coming and stopped talking to her friend Alex. Maria introduced Liz to her friends and they all hit it off really good. They all stood around talking a bit before Liz asked Maria how she usually gets home.

"I usually ride home with either one of this fine man" she said jokingly, poking fun at her friend. "Why do you ask, Liz?"

"I drove my scooter to school, parked it over in parking lot B, I came to get it and it’s gone."

"Ohhh, in that in that parking lot is never a good thing. They are always being stolen."

"Now you tell me Maria."

"You didn't ask." Maria said joking. "I’m riding home with Alex today.”

“Alex, do you mind?"

"Oh sure. Sure, that’s fine Liz. Where do you live?" Alex said with a friendly tone.
"My parents own that new restaurant, The Crashdown Café on Main Street. We live in the apartment on the top floor."

"Perfect. I can drop you off before I drop Maria off."

"Ok. Hey Liz, we are having a game Friday night, why don’t you come with us." Alex said as they walked toward his car.

“That would be great.”

Maria, Alex and Liz were walking toward the student parking lot. They all piled in Alex's blue neon. Liz got in the back seat, while Maria got in the passenger's seat. As Alex drove off, Liz leaned up toward the front seat and to thank them for the ride. She told them that she didn't know what to do when she noticed her scooter was gone, so she started to walk home when she saw Maria.

"Liz that is a 6 mile walk, I don't think you need want to walk that far home." Alex said with a scrunched up face.

"I just can't believe someone would do that. Oh, here we are, Alex. This is it" as Liz pointed across the street toward the Crashdown. "Both of you should eat here sometime, I’m a waitress there and I can wait on you, it will be fun. "

"Wow, what a great theme you have going on here Liz. Are you guys hiring? I need to find a job to support my clothes shopping habits."

"Oh, I’m sure we are. I'll ask my dad and let you know at school. Thanks again guys, I appreciate it" Liz looked at both Maria and Alex then to the door to make her way out of the car.

"Liz! Can I have your number so I can call ya sometime? Here is my number too, just in case you have the need to wonder around the streets of Roswell and you might need a bud to hang with." Maria enthusiastically said as she handed Liz the piece of paper.

"Here is mine. Call me anytime. I have my own private line, so it doesn't matter what time you call, it won't disturb anyone."

"If you ever need a ride to school or back home just let me know, ok? Never mind, forget that, Liz I can pick you up at 8:20 in the morning then you can ride home with us too if you want.”

"Really Alex? I would love to ride with you guys to school. I haven't really met anyone at school besides you guys. I mean, I have talked to people but I’m a newbie and I think people really don't take too kindly to them. Talk to you guys later, I really need to get changed and go to work. See you in the morning at 8:20. Bye." Liz ran across the street, opened the front doors, walked to the back of the Café, through the back doors, and upstairs to her room so she can change for her shift that would be starting soon.

She changed and walked downstairs to start her shift when she ran into her parents in the back storage room. "Hey mom! Hey dad! My first day of school was great, and I met some new friends. Hey dad, are we looking to hire any more waitresses? My new friend Maria is looking for a job and I said that I would ask you about it. I think she will be great here. Oh and before I forget, my new friends asked to take me to the football game Friday night, is that ok?" She said breathlessly as her parents laughed at her.

"Liz, take a breath honey, not so fast. I can see that you are rather excited. I’m sure you’ll have a blast Friday night at the game" her dad said smiling at her. “Remember that your mother and I are going to see Grandma in Vegas this weekend. We’re leaving Friday afternoon before you get home from school and won’t be home until Sunday late in the evening.”

"That’s right, Jeff, I had forgotten. So Liz, I see that you have made some new friends. We’re so proud of you. Your father and I will talk later about hiring your friend but if we decide we want to hire her, we would still like to talk to her first, ok?"

"Sure mom." She kissed them both on the cheeks and walked out into the Café to start working.

Chapter 5

Sitting out on her balcony, Liz writes in her journal:

September 6

Dear Journal,
Sorry I have neglected to write in here, it was a long but a good first week of school. Everything went rather well and everyone seems so nice. I have met some great friends. Maria and Alex are the best. They sure can make a girl feel right at home. Tonight Alex is going to pick Maria and me up and take us to Michael’s football game. Michael is Maria’s boyfriend. They have a volatile relationship but that’s the way they are. It is going to feel good to finally to cut loose and have a good time with my new friends.

I do miss some of my old friends but each day is getting better. I just wish I could meet someone here. A guy. I guess I can't rush anything, I mean, I have only been here for a week. I am a true believer that when the time is right, I will finally meet someone. But then again, I really need to concentrate on my studies at school. This year is very important.

Oh, I have to go now, Alex is just below, honking his horn.

Liz was wearing her blue jeans and put on a sweater to keep her warm. She realized quickly how cold it gets in the desert at night. She was going to take a jacket with her but decided she didn't want to carry it around with her all night. Liz makes her way down the fire escape and jumps down off the last step to find Maria and Alex looking at her.

"Liz, you couldn't have used the front door?"

"No, Alex, I wanted to go this way. My room is right there, but its no big deal; besides my parents aren’t home. I just wanted to get out of there before someone decided to keep track of me and report back to my parents." The grouped laughed.

"Wow Liz, that balcony is where your room is? We can have one hell of a party up there. Hey from now on, that could be a meeting place for us" Maria said.

They all agreed and piled in the car. "I guess Michael is already at the field, huh?" Liz asked, not sure what the rules were for the players, if they had to be at the field a couple of hours before hand or not.

"Yeah they have to be there at least two hours before each game. To get warmed up and all that good stuff" Alex said looking in the rear view at Liz.

Liz was excited. She survived her first week at the new school. Liz found that it was easy making friends in Roswell and this game lets her get to be with all her new friends.

“Alex, we’re late. We will never find a parking spot anywhere in the vicinity of the game.”

“Well what do you want me to do about Maria? If you hadn’t taken so long to get ready, we might have been here by now.” Alex said sharply.

“God you guys, you sound like you are an old married couple.” Alex and Maria darted a death stare to Liz who was sitting in the back seat.

“Ok! I get the picture you guys.” Liz smiled at them like she was content on what she said. It did after all lighten the mood. “Let’s just get to the game. We’ll have fun.”

Chapter 6

They were inseparable now. Good friends. Best friends. They arrived at the school noticing cars were parked everywhere.

“See Maria!!! I told you!”

“Oh shut up Alex.”

It was dark and the lights from the football field illuminated the sky. As they walked, you could hear the hum of screaming fans at the school stadium sounding like a rumble in a cannon.

"They go all out don't they?"

"Oh yeah Liz they do! Roswell is notorious for their football team. It’s what keeps this small town going. Football and well besides the UFO crash in '47." Maria smirked.

"My two favorite girls. Come on we are already late." Alex was walking between them, grabbed both girls’ hands and walked into the stadium. They made their way through the heavy crowds, which made it hard to walk through to even try to find a seat.

"Hey Alex. Maria. Up here!" a girl shouted to the trio.

"Look its Isabel" Alex pointing up to her.

"Are there enough seats for the three of us?"

"Sure, if not, I'll make room"

"Ok, here we come" Alex who was still trying to hold on to the girls hands, gently pushed Maria then Liz forward for them to go first. He slowly followed behind them making their way up to the 3rd row of seats. Liz was so enthralled with the excitement of everyone and everything that she never noticed the boy sitting next to her.

"This is Liz Parker.” Alex said pointing. “Liz, this is Isabel and Max. She just moved here from Virginia about a week or so ago."

"Hey Liz, nice to meet you. How do you like Roswell, New Mexico?" Isabel asked Liz while trying to concentrate on the game and talk. After all, Michael, their friend, was the star quarterback and they came to watch him play.

Through the noise of the cheers and laughter you heard Alex and Isabel teasing back and forth. Most of it was entertaining, but some of it was sad. They seemed to both like each but Isabel seemed to pull away.

‘No, it’s just your imagination’, Liz as she thought about it.

"Don't pay any attention to them, and they are always harassing each other. It's quite amusing if you ask me. After a while you get used to it. I think their relationship is friendship but trying to turn into something more" the boy said. "Hi, I'm Max. Max Evans, Isabel is my sister." He said has he put his hand out to shake it. She smiled back at him and reciprocated. He was handsome, with black hair, dark brown eyes and sharp features. He was her age. You could tell even with him sitting down that he was tall and slender, with wide shoulders. He looked like he could have been a model.

As they talked, Liz could tell he was a real gentleman, very soft-spoken. He was a good listener, and a good speaker too, but initially was reserved, just what you wouldn't expect from a typical teenager. Just in the short time they chatted Liz could tell he was very shy but very keen at reading people, in the way he talked and looked at her with those hawk like eyes. It was like he saw every detail of her. And she felt it too.

Max couldn't find his breath. Everything about her was beautiful. But something about her was getting was slowly waking him up. Watching her mouth move as she spoke. She was so soft spoken and funny. Her tiny features were to die for, and she was so petite. Sitting next to her game him this feeling he had couldn't explain it he thought silently. Then when she pulled the ponytail holder out of her hair and swung her head around to let it fall, he knew this was the girl he had seen in the window at the new Café.

They hadn't realized that they talked the entire time at the game. Liz felt her body being pushed into Max almost losing her balance. Max caught her and they looked into each other's eyes. Staring at one another felt like a lifetime but it was only a second. "Let's go girlie, I didn't mean to shoulder you so hard, I just wanted to get your attention, since it was obviously not on the game" Maria snickered as she stood up.

The gang, as they now called each other, decided they would wait for Michael to shower and change, then head off to eat. It took longer than they thought, Alex went after Michael while Max stayed with the girls.

"Do you have a preference of where you want to eat?" Max asked as he looked at her.

"Why ask me? I’m new here, remember? Besides, I have no idea what is even in this town in terms of eating. Whatever you guys decide, and I’m game."

They all laughed. "Well there is a little Mexican place that we hang out at. At this pace, we will never get there before they close." Isabel sighed while looking around waiting for the guys to return.

"Oh, well if you need a place to eat, you can come over to my parent’s restaurant. I think I can muster up something for you guys if you’re hungry."

Max got excited. That was where he had first seen her. He was actually going to go to where she worked. Anxiousness rose inside him. "What would your parents say, Liz?" The sound of her name from his lips made her heart skip a beat. She felt her face get red, luckily for her, it was dark outside. Only light that was shining was the interior light of Alex's car.

"Oh. Well. My parents are out of town." They own the restaurant but have other people run it for them. My folks are always going to see my Grandma Claudia who lives in Vegas."

"Aren't you scared of being alone, Liz? I mean that you are in a new town. A new house. I would be scared shitless"

"Naaaa, I don't mind. My parents are all for me having my space as I am for them. I'm 17 not 9, I am not a scaredy cat Maria!"

Laughter broke out in the group. Isabel knew at that moment that she could really be friends with this girl. Anyone who could put Maria in her place, is all right in her book. "Yeah Maria" Isabel said smiling.

Isabel had this look about her. Liz couldn't explain it. They must have some good genes in that family to put out some good looking kids. Isabel had long blonde hair and brown eyes just like her brother. They both had the same fire in them. There was something beautiful about them but also secretive too. It's weird she thought to herself because it was dark out where they were but their eyes were so special.

"Oh here they come. Finally! God, could you guys get any slower? We're hungry." Isabel said insulting but one look at Alex, and her face went soft again.

So, Alex is with Isabel. Maria is with Michael...somewhat. Max had no one. This was going to be interesting she thought. She wondered why Max was with no one. I will have to interrogate Maria some time, soon.

"Sorry I'm late, but the Coach was bitching at us for some stupid tactical errors some of the team made."

"It figures. We are starving but now we are too late to go to Senor Chows to eat." Maria said as she walked toward Michael.

"Hey Alex, I suggested that we go back to my parent’s restaurant to eat. I know I can find something there to eat."

They all piled in their prospected cars and headed to the Crashdown.

Chapter 7

Isabel, Maria, and Michael were in Alex's car. Liz rode in Max’s jeep. "I think Liz and Max hit it off quite good, don't you guys think?"

"Quite good? They didn't stop talking to each other the entire time at the game. Sorry Michael, they didn't even notice you."

"Actually they didn't notice anyone but themselves, if you ask me."

"Nope, sorry Alex, no one asked you. And for your information, Maria I could care less if Max and Liz watched me play football. So Is, you think Max and Liz might hook up?"

"I'm not sure. They were so into their conversation. It makes me happy that Max has finally started thinking of himself for once."

"They didn't even notice that the game was over until I used my shoulder to nudge Liz but I think I did it too hard, she almost fell over. Max grabbed her just in time" they all broke out in laughter.

"Poor Max and Liz. They don't even know what hit 'em" Isabel said.

"We need to park around back, my dad forgot to give me a set of keys for the front door. Do you mind if we climb up the fire escape? We can get in that way."

"It doesn't matter to me. We can go through the back and let the others meet us out front."

Max stopped and parked the jeep beside Liz's fire escape. He came around to Liz's side before she even knew what Max was doing. He opened her door and held out his hand to help her out. It was an old military jeep and it was higher off the ground then the typical new jeeps. She put her tiny hand in his, hopped out and he closed it behind her.

"Up here, Max. I hope you don't mind walking through my room to get to the front and unlock the doors for them."

"Ah, no, its ok." Oh my god, did she say we had to walk through her room to get to the restaurant?

They made it to the top. Her balcony was neat and tidy. It was a covered balcony with a couple of chairs and a table. She put down a small throw rug that made it look homey. He noticed that she had a journal on her table beside the chaise lounger type chair that was off in the far corner.

"We have to go through here, Max. I hope you can climb through windows. I would like to eventually make this a sliding door and not two big double windows. It’s easier to do then it looks since they are so big" she quipped.

"This is nice Liz. No, I think I am able to climb through your window but I agree you need to make it a door or something, to make it an easier access." Max stated as he climbed in to meet Liz.

He stood there dumbfounded. He was actually in her room. It was a nice, cozy room. She also decorated this nicely too. She had done it in colors of mauve and sage green. An odd combination of colors but she somehow managed to pull it off, it was really eye pleasing. Max walked around slightly touching things in her room as if he was trying to get a sense about her.

"Over there is the bathroom." Liz said as she could tell Max was heading in that direction. He must have thought that that was the door to leave her room.

"Oh. Sorry. I think we better get downstairs before they break the door in. Although we know how slow Alex drives, it may take him all night to get here."

Liz laughed and agreed. She motioned him to her bedroom door that leads to the rest of the Parker's apartment. She couldn't actually believe that Max was in her room. She had just met him but there was an instant connection and she felt safe and comfortable around him. Seeing him walking around her room, touching some of her items made her realize that he was really in tune with her. It was like he wanted to know more about her.

They heard banging and realized that everyone was downstairs, waiting, impatiently. "Oh follow me Max, and I will take you downstairs." Liz took him down the hall to where on the left was her parent’s bedroom and on the right was their living room. Her room was at the other end of the hall, out of the way from any kind of disturbance. He wished his room was like that. His room was right between his parents and the bathroom in which he and Isabel shared.

Chapter 8

"Open up or I am breaking a window, you guys!" Michael said starting to get impatient.

"Calm down boy, they will get here when they can. Let's not ruin the fun ok, Michael." Maria told him.

"Here they come. Damn its about time. We were getting cold out here" Alex said with determination.

"Sorry guys, I was giving Max the grand tour of our 3 room house."

As they all walked by Liz who was holding the door for them, someone said "Oh I bet you did." Snickers broke out amongst them, turning Liz a bright shade of red. "Very funny" Liz and Max said at the same time. More laughter broke the silence in the room.

Liz shut the door, told everyone to make themselves at home and to put their jackets wherever they wanted as she pulled the shades that were in the huge front windows. Max watched her and remembered that is where he first saw her. She just made him mind think a thousand things at once. She made him forget a lot of things but made him very aware of certain things that he has never felt before.

"WOW! This is so cool. Your restaurant is done in the theme of aliens." Maria said as she stared at the three friends who stopped in their tracks.

Liz didn't even pay any attention to the three who stopped. She just replied "Yeah, well we are in the infamous Roswell, New Mexico, Maria. Anyone up for some music?"

"Sure." They all replied in unison. She just laughed and went to the back and turned on the radio. It was in the back where Liz's dad had a small office where he kept his inventory information. While she was back there, she turned on the grill and fryers.

She came back out and asked what everyone wanted. They all were too busy dancing and carrying on. "What do y'all want" she screamed. At that moment she screamed the radio station broke for a commercial and the shrill in her voice made everyone stop in their place.

"I said what do y'all want to eat so I can turn the stoves on."

"Y'all? What the hell is that, y'all?" Michael broke out in a laugh.

"I’m from Virginia. So I guess y'all could say I am a country girl at heart. You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take out the country in the girl."

They all agreed and were telling Liz what they wanted to eat. "I will need some help. Maria, you want to work here, you want to help me out?"

"No chica, I am staying right here. I belong on this make shift dance floor with my man."

"I'll help you Liz." A gentle voice broke in as Liz looked at who said it. "I don't know how to cook that well but I can be your assistant."

"Sure, come on." Liz said as she waved her finger at him.

"That boy has it bad." Michael said to the others as they walked to get them each a drink from the soda fountain.

"I like seeing him like this. It’s good for him. He needs to learn how to have fun and I think Liz will be the one to do that." Isabel sighed as she watched Max and Liz through the big window that shows the back kitchen.

The fryers were getting hot. Liz instructed Max to get the lettuce, tomato, cheese and other things that she asked of him. They were having a party of their own in the back. As the music still blaring as they danced around as they were frying french fries and grilling the hamburgers.

Every once in a while, Isabel and Alex would sneak a peak of the two in the back. "Look at them Alex. They are having so much fun."

"I think its cool that Max could finally have a wheel of his own instead of being the fifth one himself." They turned back to the dance floor and a slow song came on.

"Ok you love birds out there, its time to show and tell your lovers' how much you love them" The DJ said on the radio. "This is dedicated to those out there who think their lovers are they’re Everything."

Liz stood at the fryer checking the fries and looked just past the fryer at the grill to make sure the hamburgers weren't burning. Max was cutting the tomatoes and lettuce for the burgers. Liz realized that her favorite song was on and the part she loved was getting ready to play. She wanted to hurry and turn the radio up. As she turned to take that first leap toward the door to where the employees enter the galley, she tripped and as she went to catch herself, she missed and her arm went into the fryer. She screamed as she fell to the floor and Max instantly turned to help her. No one in the front realized that she hurt herself, the music was blaring and it stifled her scream and her sobs.

Chapter 9

He was on his knees in an instant. "Liz, oh my god, are you ok? Let me see. I can help you. Look at me Liz." Liz was consciousness even through the intensity of the pain.

"It hurts Max, help me!" Liz sobbing and holding her left hand.

He hesitated for a moment telling himself that this would change everything. She will find out about him. Will she think I'm a freak? Will she still be my friend? All these questions flooded his mind but he didn't care. He needed her to be ok. In an instant, Max rolled her over into her in his arms. "Liz, just stay awake. I know the pain is unbearable but I can help. Look at me Liz. Don't close your eyes. I need you to look in my eyes." Max held Liz in his arms. He used his left arm to hold and comfort Liz and hold her close to his side. Max took his free hand and moved it slowly over her burnt hand. It was every bit of a third degree burn and extended partially up her arm. He wanted to take his time and heal her right but he knew she was in a tremendous amount of pain. His was taking deep, slow breaths, concentrating on the burn, never breaking eye contact with her.

Liz wasn't sure if she was going to pass out from the pain of her burnt arm or from the intense eye contact Max was making with her. She lay there doing whatever he told her to do. As Max touched her, images flashed in his mind. Liz as a child, reading in her room. Her first day of school and how afraid she was. Her 13th birthday and how she cried when none of her friends showed up. Max could feel what Liz was feeling. Lonely on the inside but happy on the outside. He felt her fears about starting a new school until she met Alex and Maria. The feeling of happiness during their conversation at the game. Her smiling at him. Liz felt this warm sensation within her. Max could feel it too as he tried to repair the damage from the inside out. It started on her upper arm down all the way down to her finger tips. The burning and pain were gone. "You're ok now" Max said perceptively as he fell back and was now sitting on his butt, panting. Liz sat up staring between Max and her now healed arm. No burning, no pain, no scars she thought. What just happened she asked herself. "Max? Whaa... what just happened?"

"I need to go" as he got up, shaking.

"No, please stay. Tell me what just happened Max?"

"I. I. can't, Liz?" Max said stumbling backwards.

Liz grabbed Max as if she were going to prevent him from falling. "Max please don't leave me." She said sweetly. He didn't know what to do. He took one look into her eyes. They were like pools of chocolate, like a clear view to her heart that you can see right though them. "Ok, Liz." He responded gently.

"Let's finish making dinner for everyone and then we can go upstairs to talk about what just happened, Max."

"Ok Liz. I think we do need to talk. Until then, can we just forget what just happened?"

"You expect me to forget what just happened, Max?"

"No, I don't. I just meant that I didn't want you to say anything to anyone until then."

"I see. Yeah, I won't say anything" she smiled.

They put the finishing touches on the food and took them out on trays instead of making several trips back and forth to the kitchen. Liz sat there, in a daze thinking about what just happened. ‘I was burnt how, did Max heal me?’ She started to get a little freaked out by it.

"Earth to Liz. Hello?"

"Oh sorry Maria. Is the food ok? She replied. As Liz started to get up, she asked if "anyone need anything else?" She shot a look at Max then back to the group. He just looked down at his plate still eating, but the others didn't take noticed that Liz was acting a little different. Once everyone was done, she started clearing plates.

"Thanks Liz, that was awesome!" The rest of the friends all agreed. Isabel and Maria got up to help Liz carry the dishes to the kitchen. Liz was washing dishes, keeping to herself.

"Are you ok, Liz?"

"Yeah you haven't acted like yourself since you came out of the kitchen with our food."

"Did my brother do something to you? If he did, I will hurt him!"

"Oh no, nothing like that. I suppose I’m just tired, but that’s all."

"Are you sure? We can have a girlie chat if you want to" Maria said.


It was now upon midnight, the girls just finished cleaning up the kitchen. The three young friends went back out in the eating area of the restaurant to see their friends. They all continued to dance around and have a great time. Liz was still shaken from what happened to her in the galley but decided to hide her emotions until she and Max had their talk. She at least owed him that to act like nothing happened, after all, he did take away the massive burn she had on her arm. As she danced with Maria and Isabel, Liz couldn't help to think about the sequence of events that transpired just an hour before. No one knew about her burn or about Max healing it. She kept trying to shake it out of her mind but it kept playing that scene over and over.

"Ok people, I have to rock and roll. Alex?"

"That's my cue. Isabel, can I give you a ride too?"

"Sure, that would be great."

"Hey Maxwell, can I ride with you?"

"Ah. I think I’m going to stay here a little bit longer, Michael, ok."

The crowd grew silent. "You are going to stay here, Max?" Isabel said looking from Max to Liz.

"Oh, well it’s not what you think, I just wanted to talk to Liz a while longer." Max said not sure what the others is thinking.

"I see! Um Liz? Did you agree to this too?" Isabel laughed but still never taking her eyes off them.

"If you don't want him to stay and talk, I'll understand."

"No Liz, I was just asking to make sure that you are not 'stuck' talking to him" she said still laughing.

"Ah, no, I can assure you, Max and I will behave. We just wanted to talk about Bio class."
Laughter erupts in the room. "Ohhhhh, so that’s what they call it now?" Michael said. "Way to go Maxwell. I'll have to use that line next time."

"I don't think so Guerin."

"Are we going or not? Michael? Isabel? Hey Maria you wanted to leave, so lets leave. This train is leaving, so ALL ABOARD. Catch ya later Liz. Max." They all said their goodbyes. Liz locked the door behind them. She just stood there with her hands on the lock, in a way, not wanting to move from her spot but in other ways, she wanted to instantly run away from talking to Max.

Chapter 10

"So? Everyone is gone now." Liz pulled herself away from the doors and started walking fast toward the back of the restaurant.

"Liz, wait! Let me explain. You need to know. Wait, and I need to tell you." Max following her upstairs, turning the lights off behind him. He saw a glimpse of her going into her room and followed her there, wanting her to stop. He picked up his pace and noticed as he walked into her room, she went out onto her balcony. "Oh Liz, please don't leave" as he claimed through the window in one fell swoop. Max saw Liz sitting on her lounger, her knees up under her chin, barefooted. "Liz, I can explain. I’m not going to hurt you." He said tenderly as he removed the piece of hair from her shoulder. His touch was so soft, so caring that it made Liz stop rocking and looks up at him in her glazed over eyes. "Max, I don't think you will hurt me, I just don't know what to think. I am a science freak Max, I know what you did was not normal. What did you do to me? Where are you from?"

Max sat there taking it all in. He didn't know where to start. "You're right. I am not from around here and I don't know where I came from. Don't panic Liz, but I..I'm an alien" As he said this startling revelation, but his eyes never left hers.

Liz just stared at him, "you're kidding right, Max? I mean there isn’t any such thing as aliens."

"I beg to differ, Liz. I live it every day. Can I show you something? I have never done this before, but I think I can make a reverse connection with you. Liz. I will need to touch you, ok?"

"Um. Ok Max." Liz scooted forward to sit closer to Max. They both were getting in position to sit indian style in front of each other on Liz's chair. Max effortlessly used his hands to gently brush back Liz's hair on either side of her face. "Relax Liz, take long deep breaths don't stop looking into my eyes." All Liz could do was nod. As they breathed in the dark night air, together, their breathing pattern became as one. Shallowed.
Instantly, Liz could see flashes in her mind of Max. The flashes came quick, one right after another. A child emerging from a jell-o like pod, a boy, walking with another boy and girl his age in the desert. Many flashes of Max at different ages sitting in his room, alone. Saw him crying because of not wanting to be different. She felt how lonely and afraid he was. Liz could feel how excited he grew each time he saw herself. In the window of the Crashdown washing the windows, walking down the halls of school, their intense conversation at the football game. His feeling of happiness when he saw her. Lastly, she saw herself fall and get burnt and Max healing her. She felt how scared he was because of what she might think of him just before he healed her. How sad he felt when she ran from him upstairs.

Max released his hands and asked "Did it work?" Only thing Liz could do was slowly nodded a 'yes'. He looked embarrassed and put his head down. Not wanting to know what she really thought of him. Silence on the balcony for a long while before Liz broke in.

"So you're an alien? I finally meet someone that I can literally connect with and he's an alien." Liz smiled as she reached for Max's hand. "Are there any more of you out there? Does anyone else know this Max?" She asked questionably as she sweetly stroked his hand.

Max picked up her hand and held it firmly as he started. "Let me just start by saying what I know. Michael, Isabel, and I are aliens. We came from the Crash of 1947 and we hatched from pods out in the desert. The three of us brothers and sister, but we got separated somehow in the desert and as we looked around trying to find Michael, the Evans found Isabel and I. We didn't see Michael for years until we started school. Once we found each other again, but we never were separated again. Michael has a foster parent but at each possible moment of the day, all three of us are together. Our parents don't know about us, just Alex, Maria and now you know our secret. Liz, we can't tell anyone. I need to trust you with this. Our lives depend on it." Liz could sense the urgency he had in is voice and how he was growing a little uneasy about what he just said.

Liz moved a little closer to him. She still held Max's right hand with her left as she slowly used her right hand to guide Max's face toward hers then gently kissed him on the mouth. Flashes. Max, Michael, and Isabel playing together as children. A young Isabel comforting a scared Max as he wept at night. Liz crying as her dad told her that her dog had died. The mutual feelings that Max and Liz shared before they kissed. Max pulled away breathless trying to catch his breath "Liz we can't do this." She didn't hear him and blurted out "Oh my god Max. Where those your thoughts or mine?"

"Liz, I said we can't do this. It’s not safe. I don't want to hurt you. We just met." She kissed him again only this time it was more passionate, longer than before. In one quick motion, Max pulled Liz onto his lap where she was now straddling him, they’re face to face, kissing. "Max, I can't stop" Liz said deeply, in a whisper. "I have never done this before. Ahh, I've never felt like this before. Max, what’s happening? Is it something alien" Max stopped when she said his name. It was like he was in a trance while in her embrace. He didn't want to stop either. "I don't know what to think Liz. When I look your eyes and I feel my heart skipping beats. This just feels right. We need to take it slow Liz. I don't know what will happen if we . . . you know." He said embarrassingly.

"I couldn't stand it if I hurt you in any way."

"You won’t be Max. I saw what was in your soul. I felt what you felt. You are not a monster Max, and your secret is safe with me. It’s just amazing, I never thought anyone could care for me so much."
They continued to kiss. Slowly. Gently. The way two young lovers act when they are in love, teasing each other with sweet butterfly kisses, holding each other tightly, talking til all hours of the morning. Telling their deepest, darkest secrets, neither one wanted to let go of the other.

Max was the one that pulled away first. He so effortlessly took her face in his hands, made her look up at him while she was still sitting on his lap, facing him. "Hey. I have to go. Will you be ok while your parents are gone? "

"I will be fine," she was biting her bottom lip. "My parents are due home late Sunday night. When can I see you again?"

"How about I pick you up around 3:00 and we can go to this little park out side of town."

"That sounds great, we'll have the whole day to ourselves. I can't wait."

She slowly stood up off Max's lap and she reached out her hands to take hold of his, slowly helping him up. As he stood up, his eyes never left hers. He slips his hands up to her face as his fingers entwine in her hair. Max feels her drawing him gently to her. Softly, he inclines her face to his and draws her near. She feels his breath, warm and urgent upon her. He pulled her to him and begun kissing her lips again. The more they touch, their charge passes from body to body again.

The phone rings at 4:00 a.m. The young lovers stop as they are jolted to reality.

"Liz is my brother still there? "

Chapter 11

In bed, Liz stared at the ceiling. She was giving herself a headache from all the thinking she was doing about transpired throughout the evening. Liz did know one thing for sure that was Max Evans was a keeper. He made her feel so special and she knew she could trust him with every ounce of her being. Her logical mind kept kicking in, she couldn’t fathom the thought of getting that close to someone that fast in less than 24 hours time. They had just met earlier that evening but it seemed like a lifetime to her.

Is there such a thing as love at first sight and even more love at first touch? The way he touched her and looked at her made her heart go pitter patter. She had these urges and didn’t know if she could act on them, with Max being alien and all. Could she get hurt? All these questions plagued her mind until she fell asleep.

Liz woke up the next morning it was only 10:00 a.m. but she couldn’t sleep anymore. Liz just stayed there for a long time, maybe even an hour or two thinking about the night before and Max. Finally, she got up, straightened her room then relaxed before she got a hot shower. She was too excited about seeing Max in a couple of hours. Liz dried her hair, put on her makeup and then dressed. She went to go eat downstairs when the phone rang.

“Hey Liz, it’s Alex. What did you and Max do last night to get Isabel so uptight?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Something about Max spending the night?”

“No, we just talked for hours and hours then Isabel called and wanted to know if Max was still here. I guess she was worried about him.”

“Oh from the way Is talks, you too had sex or something.” Alex laughs.

“No Alex, I have only known him for a day and I am not about to have sex with someone that I just met.”

“Look I’m sorry Liz that is not what I meant. I was just calling to hear your side of the Isabel story.”

“It’s all good, Alex. No need to explain. After last night, I learned a lot and I will never see things the same way again.”

“You mean?”

“Yes, I know. Max told, well showed me everything.”

“Wha ?”

“I have to go now Alex. Max is meeting me here soon. We’re going out today. Take care. Bye.” Liz hung up the phone, grabbed her backpack and her sweater then headed downstairs to grab a bite to eat before Max was to pick her up.

Their meeting time was 3:00 p.m. because they didn’t go to bed until late but Liz wanted to eat and check on things before she headed out for the afternoon. The Crashdown was busy but she was able to sit at the bar to eat and write in her journal while waiting for her food.

As Liz started writing in her journal, she didn’t realize that Max was early. He noticed that she was writing in something but couldn’t tell what it was. Max walked over to a nearby booth where he could see Liz clearly and sat down. He ordered a drink and continued to watch Liz with such intent that it was driving him crazy. She was sitting on her left leg, but her left arm up on the counter, playing with her hair, her right hand was writing in something, like a journal. He knew that she always wrote in her journal. Liz would stop at times, look into the air and then go back to writing. She never saw him sitting there.

September 7

Dear Journal,
I have had the most amazing night with someone. I met him at Michael’s football game and we talked for hours at the game and when everyone came back here to the restaurant, we were cooking food for everyone when I burned myself. I was healed by this amazing person who is an alien. I finally meet Mr. Right and he’s not from this world.

Journal, we spent almost the entire night talking about anything and everything and I felt so comfortable with him, it was like I have known him for my whole life. We did sneak a couple kisses and we actually got to see into each other’s souls. If someone asked me about soul mates before this, I would have said no. Well now, I can attest that there is such a thing. Max Evans and I are soul mates. Bound for life. His soul matched mine, there is no turning back. He is amazing, so gentle.

You could instantly smell the food cooking in the restaurant but Max didn’t notice. He could smell his Liz and she smelled like she did from the night before, it made him feel good inside. He loved the way she flipped her hair when she when looked up to think about what she is writing that it made his heart skip a beat. He even noticed the way she sipped her soda. And he could hardly stand to see her reapply lip gloss on those luscious lips. She was wearing khaki pants and a red tank top and he thought she looked wonderful in the color red.

All of the sudden, Liz felt Max near her. She looked around and saw Max glance from where he was seating looking in her direction. She smiled and gently closed her journal. By the time she closed it, he caught her off guard and pulled her in his arms and kissed her long and hard.
Separating and looking into each other’s eyes he said "I've missed you." He kissed her again. She had to hold onto his shoulders, she was afraid of falling if she didn't. "Max people are starting to stare." She whispered, but he wasn't listening. Liz grabbed Max’s hand and led him to the back through the doors.

He started kissing her hungrily again before she could say anything else. Liz ran her hands through his hair and the memories flooded to her head from the night before. Here, let’s go up to my room, I don’t want the wrong person to see and tell my parents.

“No, its ok Liz, I want us to go out today. Are you able to be gone all day?” Max asked her, his eyes never leaving hers.

“Sure, I can be out all day. My parents are due to come home until late Sunday. Why?”

“I want to spend the whole day with you. I think I want to take you to desert. Have you been yet?”

“Aren’t we already in the desert Max?” She said coyly.

“Um, well yes but I just wanted to go out and I thought you might like riding through the desert, site seeing.” Max said getting flustered.
“Max, I’m just kidding around. I would love to go anywhere with you.” They went out through the Crashdown to make their way to Max’s jeep. He was one step in front of her so he could open the door for her. “Here let me” he said as he pulled the door toward him then shut it after Liz was in the seat. Max walks around the front of the jeep and gets in. They drive off toward 285 South.

“Do you like carnivals, Liz? About an hour down this highway, there is a carnival, I want to take you to.” Max asked, smiling at Liz like a little boy.

“How did you know? I love carnivals! She said excited. Back East, the only time we had carnivals were in May. Max, I haven’t been to a carnival in years.”

“Well I wanted to do something a little different. I thought about taking you out to eat but wasn’t sure what kind of food you liked. I wanted to take you to a movie but I wanted to talk to you, not stare at a screen for two hours, I’d rather look at you, Liz.” He said, his eyes never leaving the road.

Liz could tell her face was getting flushed. She had never met anyone who talked so openly before, it scared her but it also was a relief. There were no more guessing games when it came to Max Evans. She could tell what he was feeling or he would tell her. This is made him so great, and he was open and honest.

They drove for a while, sneaking peaks back and forth. It was a while before anyone said a word, when Liz asked, “Do you mind if I turn on your radio?”

“No, not at all. What is your favorite band?”

“Dave Matthews. I think he’s the best!”

“Yeah, it’s a great band. If he comes to town, I think we should go.”

“Deal.” They both laughed. Just as Liz was changing the channel, ‘Crash into me’ had just come on was already playing on the radio. “Well, I guess if you ask, you will receive.” They both looked at each other, “I love this song.”

Max looked at Liz for a brief second then turned back to look at the road, “I had a nice time with you last night. I don’t know how to explain it but I feel like I have known you my whole life.” Liz replied “Yes, I know what you mean.” He touched her hand with his and slowly placed it on her knee as Liz picked it up into both of her hands and held it.

They continued to drive when they saw the carnival up in the distance. It was a beautiful sight. The sun was setting. The sky was a brilliant orange with some swirls of purple throughout the sky. With the tan ground and the small carnival peaking up through the valley of mountains the sky looked like watercolor painting. The smell of the chilled air was so clean and invigorating, and it made Max and Liz excited to be out at such a beautiful sunset.

Max drove his jeep right up to the side of the Ferris wheel. They couldn’t believe it was a Saturday night that there were hardly any people there. But it didn’t matter to them, they just wanted to cherish the moment. He took her hand and they walked around the carnival to see what they could do first. They were both hungry and opted to eat first before riding anything fun.

They ordered a small pepperoni pizza to share and a drink for each. When the food was ready, they sat down at the picnic table beside one another. Max cut the pieces of pizza then placed a piece on Liz’s plate. He then put one on his plate and tabbed some tabasco sauce over the top.

“How can you eat that stuff?” She asked as she took a bite of her pizza.

“We like spicy foods. We put tabasco on everything we eat including sweets. Wanna try?”

“No way! You have got to be kidding me.”

“It’s our dietary quirk.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh.” It became clear to Liz what Max was talking about. There was a lot more little things about him than she knew but she wanted to know all there was to Max Evans. They finished eating and decided it was time to stroll around and see what rides they wanted to ride first. The couple walked hand in hand as they held their drinks with the other. “How about the Ferris wheel, Liz?” She agreed and they threw their drinks away and got inline to purchase their tickets.

Max held the tickets as they walked over to the biggest ride at the carnival. Liz looked up at Max and asked if he was afraid of heights and he said that he wasn’t. He could tell she was a little bit uneasy about riding it so he gave her a hug and she lent into him, like he was protecting a child. She fit so easily in his arms as if they were made for each other. Max rubbed his hands up and down her back to let her know he was there and wouldn’t let anything happen to her. She knew that when she was in his arms, she was safe.

It was their turn to get on the ride and Max held Liz’s hand as she got on it first. He sat down beside her and placed one arm around her back and the other wrapped around the front of her. She looked up at him “I feel safe like this Max. Thanks for holding me.” He tightened his grip and slowly bent down and placed a small peck on her lips. He pulled away, rubbing her check with his thumb then feathering her cheek while his fingers placed a piece of hair behind her ear. Never removing his hand, he kissed her again longer and more passionately. Liz retorted and put her hand up to his side of his face to repay the favor.

The ride went round and round. The two young lovers never knew the ride had stopped. “Ok you two, lets go” said the old wrinkly man with a smile on his face. “What I wouldn’t give to be young again” he sighed.

“Oh sorry, sir” Max said earnestly. He got up gently, not letting the cart they were in sway, he didn’t want to scare Liz. He eagerly put his hand out for her to grab and tenderly pulled her from her seat, reassuring her that it was ok to step off the ride. “You two have fun, you hear?” the man called out as Liz and Max walked guardedly toward another ride.

“I’m having a wonderful time, Max. Thank you.”
“For what?”

“For being you” she smiled demurely.

Max started to walk a little faster, pulling Liz along with him, “come on, I want to win you something” he said as they reached the game booth.

“What do you want Liz?” Max said staring at all the stuffed animals hanging from the tops and sides of the booth.

“You.” She whispered.

“No, I don’t think they have that. I could win you an alien if you want.”

Liz grabbed Max’s hand and pulled him toward her so he could hear her better. “Yes. I want an alien but you, not the stuffed kind.” She winked as she poked him in the chest. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Max was disconcerted. “Let’s go” he said smiling down at her. Max looked into her doe like eyes and realized that all his dreams he ever had were coming true. He melted every time he looked in her eyes, and those feelings made his heart skip beats.

They started walking back toward the jeep sneaking kisses each step of the way. “Foreplay.”

“What Max?”

“This is foreplay” saying dryly.

She giggled embarrassingly at him. They reached the jeep and his lips trailed along the smoothness of her neck. He could taste her perfume and it drove him crazy. “I’ve wanted to do that every since the first time I set my eyes on you at your parents store.”

“Let’s go back to my house. My parents aren’t going to home until late tomorrow night” Liz moaned as she slowly kissed him back.

“Are you sure, Liz? I want this to be perfect.”

“Yes, more than I have ever wanted anything, Max” Liz said in a desire soaked voice.

He walked her over to the passenger side of the car. He opened her door and picked her up and sat her in the seat ever so easy. Max walked around to his side of the jeep and started it as he looked at Liz with longing in his eyes. They hurriedly drove back towards Roswell. After each time Max shifted his gears he took Liz’s hand back in his. Her eyes never leaving his, Liz knew what was about to happen, she was scared and yet so excited. She couldn’t believe that she finally found someone who made her feel complete and it was with an alien. That didn’t matter to her. She knew that Max would never hurt her and she was more sure of that than anything.

Liz undid her seatbelt and rose up out of her seat to make her way over to Max as he was still driving. “What are you doing?” As he slowed down the jeep to keep better control of it.
“I want to be closer to you.” She was now sitting on his lap facing him. Max’ eyes still on the road.

“We’re almost there.” He said cautiously still trying to remain calm and sensible.

“You are driving me crazy, girl.”

“I know I can feel.” As she said that, he eagerly pulled off the road and turned the jeep off. He wrapped his arms instantly around her and pulled her even closer into him. They exchanged long, hot, wet kisses. Their breathing was erratic. The smell of the fresh night air was freshening while the full moon shown down on them in the cool desert air. Stars filled the huge dark sky as they shown down brightly on these two young lovers as if they were showing their approval.

Max pulled away, gasping for air. “I want this to be perfect, Liz. I don’t want us to do this here. You deserve much better then this. We only have a few more miles to go.”

“Ok, but I can hold out if you can.”

“You were the one who attacked me first” he responded in a hoarse voice.

He lifted her off his lap and propped her back on her side of the jeep. “Now stay there. We’re almost home, you naughty girl.” They both smiled and made a bet to keep on their sides of the jeep until they reached their destination. Liz put her seatbelt back on and Max drove the rest of the way home. As he drove, he smiled as he kept thinking back to their conversation at the football game. How he saved her from the burns that she got in the back of the kitchen. Max knew that Liz didn’t care about him being alien but it still made him a little uneasy. When he looked into her eyes, he sensed her arousal and it made all those insecurities go away.

They reached Roswell in record time. “Pull around back where my room is” she commanded. He pulled his jeep behind the building near the big trash bins, so it couldn’t be seen from visibly from the street. Max turned off the jeep, got out and slowly walking over to Liz’s side, her eyes never leaving his. Their connection was unbelievable. As Max walked over to her side, Liz just sat there and melted. She ached for him as much as he longed for her. He picked her up from her seat and carried her to the fire escape. He let her climb up first and as she reached the top, she leaned over and helped him up the rest of the way. They instantly started kissing again. Max picked her up again and carried her across her balcony and through the huge window what was in the way between her room and the out side world.

As he held her, their lips never left each other. Liz pulled away first. “I want to freshen up a bit Max.” He obliged and gently put her down as his hands slid down her body, touching her in places that she has never been touched. “Can I ask you one question?”

“Sure Max, anything.”

“Pull your hair down. I love it when its down.” He asked of her.
She smiled, “I’ll see what I can do.” As she said that, she went into her bathroom. Max walked around trying to figure out how he could fix up the ambiance to make it a special place. He found candles and lit them all in one swift movement of his hand. He saw her cd player beside her bed and he created a cd in his hands then had it geared up with numerous love songs. ‘Perfect’ he thought to himself.

Liz came out of the room slowly. Max sensed she was near him and turned to look in her direction. He was speechless. Her hair was down, it shined in the candle light. Her lips glistened as she walked over to him. As she walked over to where Max was standing and with one flick of his hand, he had one of the songs start to play.

“Liz, this song is for you.” He pulled his hand out toward her and asked if ‘he could have this dance’ as the song started. “Yes Max.” He held her tight against him as he leaned into her he loved the smell of her and her hair. Liz held on tight. She didn’t want him anywhere but close to her.

Girl, tell me only this
That I'll have your heart for always
And you want me by your side
Whispering the words I'll always love you
And forever I will be your lover
And I know if you really care I will always be there
Now I need to tell you this there's no other love like your love
And I, as long as I live, I'll give you all the joy my heart and soul can give
Let me hold you I need to have you near me
And I feel with you in my arms
This love will last forever
Because I'm truly, truly in love with you girl
I'm truly head over heels with your love I need you, and with your love I'm free
And truly, you know you're all right with me

When the song was over, Max gave her a twirl. He noticed her eyes were tearful. “Max that was beautiful.”

“Well that’s how I feel about you. I remember clearly how you looked the night we met. Your laughter and your smile, made me feel so at ease.” He leaned in to kiss her. She responded and put her arms around his neck. “The room looks great Max, how’d you find...” her voice trailed off as Max said “I have my ways” and winked at her. They laughed then Max turned serious and picked Liz up and gently walked over to her bed. He placed one knee down on the bed and gently set her down his lips never leaving hers.

He took her face in his hands, placed soft kisses between her eyes, on the tip of her nose, and a long kiss on her lips. Liz sat up and all that flashed in his mind his hands worked of their own free will and caressed up and down her back, feeling her skin in whatever places her tank top was not covering. Liz let a soft sigh of pleasure escape her as she gently parted Max’s lips and let her tongue move softly into his mouth. There was an instantaneous bond, an intensity that neither one of them could deny. It was like their two bodies were beginning to unite into one as the kiss grew more sexual along with the passion between them.

Max took special care in his next movement. While encircling his own tongue around Liz’s and sucking gently he slowly removed her top, giving her every chance to stop him. But she did not. In fact she helped him along, breaking the kiss and pulling the top over her head. Not stopping there, Liz inserted surreptitiously her tiny hands under Max’s shirt and pulled it off him, exposing his golden bare chest to her.

She instant began placing loving kisses up and down his hard rippled stomach, then moved back to his lips and started the passionate kiss all over again. Her own chest moved in and out quickly in response to her licentious breathing. Having Max this close to her and knowing that she connected him with her soul, it was just so self-satisfying feeling. It did not take long for her bra to end up the same way Max’s shirt did.

Max was now acutely aware of Liz’s bare breasts pressed hard against his chest. He could feel her nipples rubbing across his skin and felt her tense in his arms every time this happened. He gently broke the kiss and slid partly out of her arms grasp. As he moved slowly down her body, he planted soft kisses and slowly licked her sweet skin. Liz moaned as she felt his tongue roaming her body. She nearly screamed from the sudden jolt of pleasure she felt when Max covered her right nipple with his mouth and softly sucked on it.

As the very tip of Max’s tongue flicked over Liz’s nipple, his hands did not stay idle. They gently kneaded and caressed every inch of her other breast, then traveled along her sides and down to her tiny waist and thighs; his hands never leaving her body. His hands flowed over every inch of her lower body, stopping for a moment as he felt her wetness spreading across her underwear.

The moans of the two mixed together and filled the room softly, but Liz’s gasps were heard far better then Max’s. She did not think that what she felt could be any stronger until Max’s hands started caressing her body as he sucked on her nipple in the same movement. It was like his hands were paintbrushes and her entire body was the canvas. He was not rough or over-dominant but an artist working on an art piece of a lifetime. He did not just touch her, he enveloped her, making her feel more protected then she ever had in her life.

As Max’s hands ran softly over the center of all the erotic pleasure she was feeling right now, she reached down and took his hands in hers. Very slowly she guided his hands to either side of her panties and had him slowly slide them down her legs. She now lay completely naked before Max. Physically and emotionally vulnerable.

“Liz…” Max whispered against her chest, just loud enough for only her to hear him. “Are you sure about this? I would never want to hurt you. I would die first.”

“Yes Max, more then I ever have been about anything in my life.”
Max kept hold of Liz’s hands even after she helped him remove her panties. He brought both of her hands up and broke contact with her nipple. Looking up into her eyes lovingly he kissed each of her fingers’ one by one, his lips embracing the very tips of each, slipping it lightly in his mouth, then moving onto the next one.

Liz held his gaze for each one of those tender kisses, not ever wanting to look away again. As he finished, she tore her gaze away but this time to the waistline of Max’s pants. She then separated her hands from his and moved them to the front where the button was. Her softest of touches was enough to draw a pleasured moan from Max’s lips. She could feel his bulge press even harder against the fabric of his jeans as she slipped the button open and unzipped his pants slowly.

Though both of their movements were still gentle and slow, Liz could not help but see Max’s boxers as more of an obstacle to overcome rather then the road to get where she wanted to be. There was a small trace of laughter in Max’s moans as Liz nearly ripped the boxers off of him, though it also made his level of excitement jump up even more. She fixed her gaze on his erect, throbbing member, having never believed in the short time she knew him that she would ever see him like this or even this soon.

If someone would happen to observe the couple on Liz’s bed, they would have thought the two had been lovers for years. They moved as one. Soul mates. Having helped Max shed his clothes, leaving him as naked as her, Liz wrapped her arms around the back of his shoulders and leaned back completely on the bed, pulling him on top of her.

“Liz.” He felt tears mist his eyes. He'd never felt closer to anyone in his life as he did now. It was amazing. “Touch me Max.” These are the only words he needs from her to rouse him to desire. He reaches in the shadows for her hand. They do touch and the charge passes from body to body again. He slips his hand into hers and as fingers intertwine, feels her drawing him gently to her.
Softly, he inclines her face to his and draws her near. She feels his breath, warm and urgent upon her.

He so tenderly pushed her arms up over her head, hands still interlaced and pushed them down on the bed. Max placed his leg between hers as he lightly encouraged her legs to part. She lovingly she spreads wide at his touch. Then, kneeling between her legs, he feels the passion mounting in her body. His arousal was apparent for Liz to look at. She smiled and let go of his hands; reaching between them, gently stroking him back and forth along his length. Max closed his eyes, completely taken in by the feeling of Liz’s soft hands touching him in such a personal way. He leaned down and locked his lips with hers, achieving the depth of the kiss they had shared before in seconds instead of minutes. The comforter under them bunched up at the writhing of their bodies, wrapping Liz up at the sides and making it feel like a cloud surrounding her.

They held each other tighter now. Liz especially as she seemed to be trying to squeeze the life from Max and drink it in though their kiss. This just pressed her breasts harder into Max’s chest, driving both of them even more wild. Liz broke the kiss and moved her head to meet Max’s ear. She bit down on it softly and whispered. “I want you now, Max. Don’t speak…just make me yours forever.”
His greatest pleasure is in pleasuring her. He nodding slowly, he positioned himself closer to her lower body as he helped her spread her legs wide for them to join as one. As their eyes are closed, Max in one flowing movement he slid forward and slowly penetrated her, causing a loud cry to be released by both of them. He opens his eyes to gaze upon her face a picture of the intense pleasure he seeks to arouse.

Liz knew at that very second that nothing else in the world mattered to her. This was the man of her dreams and she knew she would live a wonderful life as long as she was in Max’s arms.
For Max his every thought turned to Liz, not just what he was doing with her, but all the good memories they could make together in the future. The music was still playing in the background and even though the candles were the way of lighting the room, it was perfect. They could see each other in the shadows and it was making it a night to remember.

He started thrusting in and out of her a little faster with each passing moment, matching the music and savoring every second of what they were doing before moving onto the next level. Liz moved in exact sync with Max, driving him into her even deeper with every thrust of her hips she made. Their lovers’ terpsichorean continued until it was too much for either of them to bare. Max felt Liz’s body tighten in his arms, especially her intimate hold on his phallus. With a loud moan from Max and a near scream from Liz, they both reached their point of culmination, the sensation sweeping both of them away like ocean waves hitting you all at once.

For what seemed like an eternity there was only silence. They lay side by side, Max’s body just barely on top of Liz’s. The silence was broken by Max’s voice, music to Liz’s ears. “Liz? I’m in love with you. I’ve felt it the moment I saw your face.” Liz just stared in awe of Max, speechless. They laid there for hours, Max still holding Liz in his arms; never wanting to let her go. As they slept, Liz got out of bed to write in her journal.

September 8

Dear Journal,

I have finally found someone that I can totally be myself with. I lost my virginity to him last night in my bed. I see my home in the eye’s of Max Evans. My destiny is in the smiles of his promises, and my home in the shadows of his eyes. I will treasure all his whispers to keep them under my pillow. His scent in my bed and his name in my ears. Journal, Max’s face lightens up the sky in the night, and I hear his voice still calling my name from the shadows of the candlelit room. I will treasure this moment from here to eternity.

Max woke up to find Liz not laying beside him. He looked around and saw her sitting outside writing in her journal. He reached over and turned on the radio to drowned out them talking in case someone from downstairs in the Crashdown comes up to check on Liz. He put on his boxers and peaked through the window. “Morning” he said smiling at her. “Hey handsome.” She said as she put her journal down on her table. He put out his hand to guide her back in her room. “Nice song” she said as ‘Wild World’ was playing.

“Oh I didn’t choose that, it was playing all by itself” he remarked.

“Right.” Liz said smiling.
The morning light shone through the window. There was a cool chill in the air but it was refreshing. As they got back in the room, they began to dance. “Max, were, do we go from here?”

“Wherever you want it to go Liz.” He smiled down at her and gave her a warm sensual kiss. “I have to go now, so my parents don’t worry about me. Can I come back in a little while?”

“You better, Max Evans. I’m going to take a shower now, I can’t wait until you come back.”
They kissed again with a hunger and passion that was incredible in its intensity while still dancing and moving together as one.

“I’ll see you in a couple of hours. But before I go, let me start your shower for you.”

“Ok, right this way.” He turned on the water for her and helped her get undressed. He watched as she got in to take her shower and sat there a few minutes to recoup himself. “Bye Liz.”

“Bye Max.” She sighed as she was washing her hair. When she was finished with her shower, she put on her robe and returned to her room. On her bed was a note from Max.

Dearest Liz,

It was you, who came into my life and loved me, not just for what I was but also, for who I am. I love you for that. See you soon.


She sat there with tears in her eyes reading the note over and over again. Under her breath, she said “No Max, thank you.”

The End.

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Thanks everyone! That was my first fic and I am so glad that you guys liked it.

I was thinking of doing a sequel just because I love Max and Liz so much. *blush*

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I will start writing a sequel soon. Thanks for all the input.