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Too Many Times

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Summary/Spoilers: This story takes place in the near future. Everything up to and including A Roswell Christmas Carol is the same. No Departure!! Cleanse your mind of the last half of Season 2!!
Rating: NC-17

Author’s Note: I started writing this story in January. I was so bitterly disappointed after Departure that I decided to stop writing fan fiction altogether. I didn’t stop reading it though. In fact, I’ve become totally addicted to many of the great stories on this board. I was recently thinking about how much I wanted Ashton to post another chapter of Time Will Tell when I realized that I was being a bit of a hypocrite. A lot of people left me great feedback on this story and I totally left them hanging. Sorry! I had writer’s block and Max hate!! Anyway, if you’re still interested, I’ll try to finish this story. I’ll at least write the first part of Part 5 this weekend (if my computer works). It’s a scene that’s been playing in my mind ever since Tess, Lies and Videotape. Lol!

Special Dedication: To Live (because she knew how I felt when I stopped writing and because I love her writing), Ashton, Believe In True Love, Mslayer, Phaedra and everyone who left me feedback. Sorry this is only a short add on, but I’m just getting warmed up again.

Roswell, New Mexico
November 2, 2002

The seven friends stood in the granolith room and looked at each other uncertainly. One of the dark-haired boys removed a crystal from the sack in his hands. He glanced at his companions and took a deep breath as he placed the crystal into a socket at the side of the granolith. A brilliant light filled the room briefly before dimming to the habitual glow that usually emanated from the strange alien object. The only substantial changes in the room occurred in seven young faces. Faces that had held anticipation and fear were now filled with only disappointment and relief.

Part One
Albuquerque, New Mexico
November 2, 2002
11:22 p.m.

Max Evans crawled into bed. It had been a long day. The experiment with the granolith had been a failure. After an initial burst of light, there was nothing. There was nothing to reveal the purpose or power of the granolith. There was nothing to help them win this so-called war that they were fighting. Max picked up the phone by the side of his bed and speed dialed the phone number that was stenciled on his heart.

“Hi, this is Liz. You’ve got my voice mail. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks and have a great day!” Max sighed wearily and pressed a button to end the call. He glanced at the clock and decided that Liz was still at the library or at the lab. That girl worked entirely too hard. Max wished for the millionth time that Liz was working entirely too hard in New Mexico instead of Massachusetts. He missed her and although they spoke almost everyday, it wasn’t enough for Max.

Liz Parker was Max’s best friend. She had been his best friend for the past two years. She was also the secret love of his life. Okay. Maybe it wasn’t exactly a secret. In fact, everyone seemed to acknowledge that Max was hopelessly in love with Liz—everyone except for Liz. Max and Liz had dated for a few months in high school and those months had been the happiest time in Max’s life. He wished that he could go back to that time and re-live it over and over again, but those perfect days were gone. When Max’s alien destiny had come to light, Liz had broken things off and crushed Max’s heart in the process. Max had done everything possible to win Liz back, but he had pretty much accepted defeat after Liz slept with her ex- boyfriend, Kyle Valenti. Eventually, Liz and Max had re-established their friendship. It had been difficult to get past the Kyle incident, but in the end Max had let go of his anger and disillusionment. He needed Liz. She was his rhyme and reason and Max couldn’t live without her.

Max sensed that his relationship with Liz often puzzled people. In fact, it often puzzled Max. Max and Liz had gradually become inseparable after the Christmas of 2000. Despite Liz’s half-assed attempts at playing matchmaker, Max’s relationship with Tess Harding had never developed beyond a close friendship. Liz remained resolutely single as well. Max’s mother often commented slyly on the chemistry that existed between Max and Liz, and Max knew that during their senior year in high school the halls of West Roswell High echoed with rumors that Max and Liz were lovers.

“It’s always the quiet ones,” he’d overheard Pam Troy snicker as he and Liz walked by. Yet, Max and Liz’s relationship remained strictly platonic. Well. Almost. There had been times when Max just needed to kiss her. And he would. Whenever this happened Max and Liz would fall into their denial routine. Liz would break away from Max and proceed to avoid him for a few days. Upon seeing each other again, both Max and Liz would pretend that the kiss had never happened. Max had become quite a credible actor as a result. However, one night last spring Liz didn’t break away. She kissed him back. One thing had led to another and they had very nearly ended up making love in Max’s bedroom. Only Isabel’s untimely interruption had stopped them. Soon after that night, Liz announced that she had decided to accept a scholarship to MIT. Max cursed himself for losing control. He knew that Liz had been debating between the University of New Mexico and MIT and that their near indiscretion had tipped the scales towards MIT. Max should have been happy for her. Liz had developed a strong interest in quantum mechanics during their junior year. MIT meant the opportunity to study with Dr. Serena Matthews. Dr. Matthews was a Nobel Prize winner in Physics and her brilliance was said to rival Albert Einstein. In his heart, Max knew that he was the main reason that Liz even considered the University of New Mexico over MIT. Selfishly, Max had hoped that Liz would choose him, but Liz never chose him.

Max drifted off to sleep contemplating the fact that he would probably die a virgin.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
November 2, 2002
11:37 p.m.

Liz Parker quietly made her way across the moonlit room, slipped out of her clothes and got into bed. She could feel her body hum with anticipation. Max was asleep now, but he wouldn’t be for long.

Max was dreaming about Liz again. He could feel the heat of her body as she whispered his name.

“Max.” He looked so beautiful and peaceful lying there with a small smile playing about his lips. She wondered what he was dreaming about. He looked so content that Liz briefly considered letting him sleep for once. However, she dismissed the idea quickly because she knew that Max would be disappointed if she didn’t wake him. Max loved kissing her each night before they fell asleep and they had gotten into the habit of waking each other up to share that kiss if one of them had to stay up later than the other. Maria called their habit inconvenient and unbelievably sappy, but Max and Liz didn’t care. They’d only been living together for a few months now and they were still caught up in the magic of actually sharing an apartment. The magic of sharing a bed.

Liz was coming closer to him and Max felt his body harden with hunger for her. She was so beautiful.

Liz leaned over and gently kissed Max’s chest. She loved the way his smooth skin felt against her lips. A wetness began to gather between her legs and Liz couldn’t stop herself from rubbing her lips against his warmth.

Max felt her hair fall across his chest. The smell of her perfume surrounded him. Her lips were on him now. God, it was driving him crazy. It felt so real. Max pulled her against him and felt her nipples burrow into his chest.

He had startled her by pulling her closer. Liz heard him mummer her name, but she didn’t think he was fully awake yet. * He must be dreaming again * Liz thought to herself and smiled. She knew that Max often dreamed about her, fantasized about her. She’d seen it through their connections and the thought of Max wanting her that much made Liz ache to have him. Liz moved up slightly and ran her tongue against his lips. His mouth opened to hers and they started to kiss.

Max was kissing her now. He was kissing her without limits or restraint. In his dreams, Liz wouldn’t back away from him until he had his fill of her and he never had his fill of her. She started sucking on his tongue in a way that made his need flare higher. It felt so real. It felt too real. Passion started to pull Max from his sleep. His heart thundered as Max realized that it wasn’t a dream. His eyes fluttered open and he pulled back slightly. Liz Parker’s beautiful face was a mere inch or two away and her naked body was pressed against him. His hands started roaming over her back and her rounded buttocks before he could stop them. She felt like heaven.

“Liz?” A million questions filled Max’s mind. What was she doing in New Mexico? How did she get into his apartment? Were her breasts really as perfect as they felt? How could skin be that soft? What did she taste like?

“Max…” Liz moaned as she started to move down his body while pulling his boxers with her. She wanted him naked. Liz most definitely wanted him naked.

“Liz, what….” Max’s question was cut off by his own moan. Max couldn’t concentrate while she was touching him like that. She was stroking him slowly and Max felt himself move against her hand. He was starting to lose control.

“We finished our project early…Care to help me celebrate?” Liz asked as she threw one of her legs across his hip so that she was straddling him. Liz moaned again as she rubbed herself against his manhood. He was so big. She couldn’t wait for him to be inside her.

Max felt Liz’s moisture on his arousal and suddenly all of the questions spinning around in his brain disappeared—all except for one. Max flipped them over so that he was now on top staring down into Liz’s passion filled eyes.

“Liz, are you…are you sure you want this?” She looked breathtaking in the moonlight. Her lips were swollen from their hungry kisses and her beautiful hair was finally spread out on his pillow. Max remembered dreaming of this moment almost every night for the past four years. It was beyond lust. Max Evans loved Liz Parker to the point where his thoughts and dreams of her had become a talisman against his personal demons. Throughout the years his fantasies of Liz had helped him escape the fear of being different, the trauma of FBI torture, the burden of responsibility at being an alien leader and the sheer loneliness Max experienced whenever he missed Liz. Now that she was here in his arms wet with desire for him, Max knew that only one thing could keep him from making love to her. Max held his breath and waited for her answer.

Liz looked up into Max’s soulful eyes and wondered at his seriousness. She reached up to touch his hair and to trace the lines of his face. Why did he seem so anxious? It was as if Max was actually unsure of what she would say. It was as if Max couldn’t believe that she wanted him. This amazing, wonderful, gorgeous man that she loved more than life couldn’t believe that she wanted him.

“I love you, Max Evans. I’ve always loved you. You’ll always be what I want. Never doubt that.” Liz saw his eyes fill with joy and she knew that his insecurities had been swept away by her words.

Max felt as if all his wishes had been granted. And they had been. Liz Parker loved him.

“I love you, Liz Parker and I’m warning you here and now. I’m never going to let you go again.” Liz responded by pulling Max’s head down to hers so that they could share another passionate kiss. A connection opened between them and Max saw a myriad of Liz’s fantasies of the two of them together. He felt them as if each fantasy had actually happened even though he knew that they hadn’t. Max pulled his mind away so that he could concentrate on the reality of Liz in his arms, grinding herself against him. He moved his lips down her neck and worked his way to her breasts. Yep. They were every bit as perfect as they had felt pressing into his chest. Max took one of her hardened nipples into his mouth and began to suckle her. It was so good. He groaned at the sensation of taking a new part of her into his mouth. In that moment Max realized that eventually he would have to taste all of her.

“Your so perfect, Liz,” Max mumbled just before swirling his tongue against her nipple.

Liz’s body was on fire. When Max switched to her other breast, Liz arched into his face. She needed him closer. She needed him inside her.

Max needed things too. He released her nipple only to capture her mouth once again. One hand moved into her hair so that he could hold her head in place while his other hand moved between her legs. He had to feel her. Max moved his hand along the seam of lower lips and felt the drool of her desire. It nearly drove him insane. He ached to be inside. Max slipped a finger into her soft flesh and began touch her the way he had in both of their fantasies.

“Max…” Liz gasped against his mouth. She opened her legs further to him and bucked against his hand. “Ohhh…I need you, Max. I need you inside of me…God, Max, come inside me.”

Her pleas and his own throbbing member made it impossible for Max to hold back. Liz was surrounding him. Her smell, her taste, the feel of her body, the sounds of her pleasure…she was overwhelming him. She owned him body and soul and Max had no choice but to obey her. Max felt her small hand guide his staff inside her and his blood sizzled in his veins. He thrust forward until he was buried in her soaking warmth. It was incredible. It was like being whole for the first time in his life. Max pulled his mouth away from hers so that he could look into her face. Liz’s eyes were closed and her head was thrown back in ecstasy.

“Liz…Liz look at me.” Liz opened her eyes and saw Max’s face hovering above her. His eyes were black with desire, yet glowing with love. “Liz you’re mine now. You’re mine forever.” Liz reveled in his possessiveness.

“Yes…yes,” she answered in a throaty voice full of passion. Then it happened. Max started taking her. He began to move in and out of her and with each stroke he took a little piece of her—a little piece of her heart…a little piece of her soul. Every time with Max was like the first time and Liz prayed that that would never change.

Max was lost in the goddess beneath him and he thought he would die from the intensity of what he was feeling. He watched her and felt her. He became a part of her. Max knew he was getting closer as he continued to thrust and groan like a madman.

“Max….” Liz whimpered. It was too hot…. it was too good. She started to claw at his back. Liz was being torn apart by pleasure and she was desperate to hold on to something. Her whimper became a scream as Liz felt the heat devour her.

The sight of Liz reaching her ultimate pleasure triggered Max’s own release. He screamed her name as he poured himself into her beautiful body.

“Liz, Liz, Liz….,” he couldn’t stop saying her name even after the explosion was over. Max continued to hold Liz against him as he rolled to the side so that he wouldn’t crush her. He brushed his lips against her forehead and held her in his arms as he trembled. Max blinked away the tears that threatened to form in his eyes. He had never experienced anything so beautiful before. It scared him because he knew he wouldn’t be able to live without it now. He wouldn’t be able to live without Liz by his side and in his bed. Ever. At that moment, he felt Liz nuzzle his chest.

“I love you,” she whispered before drifting off to sleep. Minutes went by and Max found that the sound of Liz’s breathing soothed his nerves. Liz loved him and they were together now. That was main thing.

Tomorrow Max would ask her all of the questions he had forgotten during their moments of passion.

Part Two

Max opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Liz sprawled across his bare chest. She was bathed in sunlight and she looked like an angel. Liz was here in his arms—in his bed. Finally. He could hardly believe it. He began to play with the ends of her silky, brown hair as he contemplated his good fortune. Max Evans felt like the luckiest man in the world this morning because Liz Parker was in love with him.

The idle caress of his fingers in her hair woke Liz and Max could feel her smile against him. She pressed her face into his chest and took a deep breath. Liz loved waking up to Max’s warm scent.

“Good morning,” she mumbled before leaning up to kiss him. Max kissed her back eagerly as his free hand began to roam up and down her naked back. Soon he was kissing her neck. He loved doing that.

“I love you,” he whispered as he turned them over so that his body pinned hers to the bed. His tongue tickled her ear and Liz giggled. The sound made Max’s heart ache with tenderness for her. * She’s mine now * Max reminded himself gleefully. * Her sounds, her taste, her beauty…* Her beauty. He smiled as the idea came to him. Max moved away slightly and pulled the blanket off of them so that he could see her body in the light of day. What he saw stole his breath away. She was even more beautiful than he’d ever imagined. She was everything fine and graceful. Every line and every curve carved expertly by a master. Liz blushed under his intense regard. She and Max had been lovers for two years now, yet he still had that look of awe in his eyes whenever he saw her body. Max eventually pulled his gaze away from her creamy skin. He moved closer to her face and looked into her velvety brown eyes.

“You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, Liz Parker.” Liz smiled and brought her small hand up to caress his cheek. She wished she could freeze this moment. She wanted to live in it for days on end. However, it wasn’t meant to be. A few seconds later a buzzing sound shattered her moment forever. * I guess our alarm clock has other ideas * Liz thought ruefully. She reached over to her nightstand and turned off the alarm.

“As much as I would love to spend the entire morning being worshipped and adored, I think that we should get out of this bed before we both end up skipping our ten o’clock classes again,” Liz teased as she pushed herself up into a sitting position.

“You’re enrolled in classes here?” Max couldn’t believe how fast everything was moving. He was happier than he’d ever been before and his happiness doubled at the realization that Liz was actually moving back to New Mexico. It was happening. They were going to be together. Max just hoped that this was what she really wanted because he didn’t know if he could take losing her again.

“Ha. Ha. Seriously, Max. We should get going.” Liz kissed him again lightly, then started to get up. Max put his hand on her arm and gently pulled her back into bed. “Max—“

“Liz, slow down,” Max interrupted. “You can’t imagine how happy you’ve made me. This is everything I’ve ever wanted, but—but I need to know…What made you decide to do this all of a sudden?”

“Do what all of a sudden?”

“Us. Moving here.” Max’s gaze faltered slightly. “Are you sure you want to give up Boston just to be with me?” Liz looked at Max and wondered why he was bringing this up again. Max needed to be near the granolith and Liz needed to be near Max. End of discussion.

“Max, please. You know…you’ve really gotta stop torturing yourself over this. It was my decision. Harvard is just a school. You’re everything to me, Max. You’re my whole world. Besides,” she added with a smile. “I gave up that scholarship months ago so it’s a little late for second thoughts. I’m afraid you’re stuck with me.” Max couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful than being stuck with Liz Parker for the rest of his life. You’re everything to me, Max. You’re my whole world. Her words and the look in her eyes made Max feel light-headed and giddy, yet something was nagging at him. Something in the back of his mind kept him from enjoying this moment completely. It was the other words he’d heard Liz say.

“I meant MIT, Liz.” A look of confusion swept over Liz’s pretty face.

“Okay. Well, I turned them down for the same reason that I turned down Harvard.” Max felt the hairs at the back of his neck stand straight as a feeling of uneasiness settled over him.

“But…you didn’t turn them down, Liz. You’ve been going to MIT for weeks now.”

“What are you talking about, Max?”

“You’ve been going to MIT for weeks now,” Max repeated in a more insistent tone. “You’ve been living in Massachusetts since the end of August.”

“No. No, I haven’t. I’ve been here with you for the past two months.” Liz wanted to ask if this were a joke, but something about the look in Max’s eyes told Liz that it wasn’t. Max looked away from Liz briefly. What was going on here? His gaze wondered to the wall across the room. That’s when he noticed it. The picture on the wall. He’d never seen it before. Max quickly glanced around the room and noticed all of the changes for the first time. It was still his bedroom, but it was different. There were traces of Liz all over. Her perfume and jewelry box were on top of the bureau. He could see that her clothes filled half of closet. There was a bookcase against the wall and Liz’s childhood teddy bear sat in a chair near the window. Max got up from the bed and headed for the bathroom. Different towels hung on the towel holders. There were shampoos, conditioners, soaps and bubble bath that clearly didn’t belong to Max. The shelves were stocked with nail polish, make-up, hair spray, a curling iron and tampons.

Max rushed over to the living room--his heart pounding faster with every step. There was a different couch and a set of chairs that hadn’t been there before. A new throw rug, a coffee table, fresh flowers in a vase on the kitchen table—there were so many subtle differences that changed the whole feel of the apartment. Max felt more at home than ever before. Liz was everywhere. It felt right, but it wasn’t. It was everything he wanted and yet it scared the hell out of him. This couldn’t be real.

What if Liz wasn’t real? What if he’d just spent the best night of his life with a shapeshifter? The mere thought made Max want to vomit. No, it had to be Liz. His soul had recognized hers. Hadn’t it? Max’s panic started to rise. He couldn’t think straight. He willed himself to remain calm and go over the possibilities.

It felt too real to be a dream. Could it be a mind warp? Max took a deep breath and concentrated. He searched his mind for any sign of a foreign presence. No, it didn’t feel like a mind warp.

Liz stood at the living room door and watched Max. She had slipped on a robe and followed him. He was starting to scare her. First, he kept insisting that she’d attended MIT, then her normally modest boyfriend had dashed around the apartment completely naked. Now he was standing in the middle of the living room with his eyes closed as if he were meditating. Still no clothes in sight. Not that she could complain about the view. It was just all very un-Max-like and it worried her.

“Max, what are you doing? What’s going on?” Max opened his eyes. He was almost afraid to look at her, but he did. Liz froze at the suspicion she read in his face. Max took in every inch of her beauty and it tore at his soul. She was wearing a short, silk robe now and her tousled hair tumbled about her shoulders in disarray. Perhaps he had misjudged her. Maybe she wasn’t an angel, but a temptress meant to ensnare him and keep him complaisant. His heart told him that this was the girl he loved, but his mind warned him to be careful as he approached her.

Liz felt a moment of discomfort as Max began to walk toward her, but then she remembered that this was Max and he would never hurt her.

When Max stood directly in front of her, he looked into her soft, brown eyes--the windows to her soul. He could see Liz. He swore he could see Liz. Max touched his forehead to hers briefly before sweeping down to take her mouth in a deep kiss. The connection was formed instantly and Max knew. It was Liz. Max could feel tears of relief begin to form and unlike last night, he couldn’t blink the tears away. The flashes began. He saw Liz getting shot and he felt her terror. He saw them undressing each other in Liz’s old room and her excitement, wonder and love flooded his senses. He also felt her joy when they moved into this apartment together and her desire when they made love on the couch.

Liz received flashes as well. She pulled away when her mind filled with the vision of herself in bed with Kyle. She could still feel Max’s despair even after the connection was broken. “No!” echoed in her consciousness.

“Liz--” Max said in between heavy breaths. He held her tightly in his arms as they both trembled.

“What was that, Max?”

“Something…Something’s happening, Liz. I don’t understand... I don’t know what’s going on.” He ducked his head down so that he could bury his face in the crook of her neck. Liz held him tighter and brought one of her hands up to gently stroke the back of his head.

“It’ll be okay,” she whispered. Max felt the warmth of her breath against his ear and he believed her.

Part Three

He closed his eyes and savored the sensation of Liz Parker’s fingers running through his hair. His fears seemed to diminish with each moment spent in her arms. “Whatever it is, it’ll be okay,” Liz whispered again softly. Max felt in his heart that Liz was right because nothing could be too terribly wrong when he could hear her voice and hold her soft body against his. Her very presence had a calming effect on him and Max Evans knew that he was safe. For the moment.

Liz’s mind raced as she held Max until he stopped trembling. She had only seen Max this upset on a few occasions and the flashes she had received from him had disturbed her more than she was letting on. Liz took a deep, cleansing breath. She had to remain calm, rational and focused so that she could help Max through whatever was happening to him. He would always be her first priority. Liz rubbed her cheek against his, turned her head to kiss him gently and then let her practical side take over. Liz’s practical side told her that she would have a much better chance of staying focused if Max were clothed. “Ummm…Max, why don’t you put on some shorts, then you can tell me what’s wrong,” Liz suggested.

Max blushed at the realization that he was still completely naked. He nodded shyly in agreement and they moved into the bedroom. Liz sat on the bed while Max opened the top dresser drawer. Instead of finding his socks and boxer shorts, Max was confronted by a drawer full of lacy bras and panties. He swallowed hard and tried his best not to picture Liz in the black teddy that was off to the side.

“It’s the second drawer,” Liz called out from behind him. At her prompting, Max quickly shut Liz’s underwear drawer and opened the next one down. He couldn’t believe he had almost gone into fantasy mode in the middle of a crisis. * Never underestimate the horny mind of a man in love * Max thought as he took out a fresh pair of boxers and slid them on. He closed the drawer, turned back to Liz and immediately forgave himself for his momentary lapse. It was totally understandable that he lose his senses around her. After all, Max was merely an alien king and Liz…Liz was Tabasco sauce and the finest Belgian chocolates. She was the sweet smelling air of a perfect spring night and the brilliance of a Hawaiian sunset. Liz was a goddess. She was also sitting on his bed wearing a short silk robe and a look of concern on her beautiful face. Max sensed that Liz was trying very hard to control her worry and it reminded him of the problem at hand. He sat down next to Liz, pressed his lips to her forehead briefly and then pulled back to look straight into her eyes. He wasn’t quite sure where to begin.

“Liz…something’s not right,” Max blurted out. Liz sent him a questioning look and waited for him to explain further. “I’m not sure what’s going on exactly, but things are…different. You shouldn’t even be here, Liz.”

“Do you…do you want me to leave?” she asked. Liz was baffled by Max’s statement. She didn’t think that Max was trying to order her out of the apartment, but after the flash Liz had seen she didn’t want to rule out any possibilities.

“No, that’s not what I meant. Liz, I want you to be here more than I’ve ever wanted anything before…How can I explain this? It’s like, I went to sleep last night in this apartment, but it wasn’t the same. I mean…it was the same apartment, but I lived here by myself.”

“So…you remember living in this apartment, but you don’t remember living with me,” she stated.

“Yeah,” Max replied with a slight bob of his head. “I-I wish I did remember, Liz. I saw some of your memories. I felt them. They were beautiful. They were like…my daydreams only better.” A slight smile played about Max’s lips before his mouth settled into a grim line. “That’s not how I remember things though. Liz…before I went to sleep last night I called you. You were in Massachusetts. You accepted a scholarship to MIT and you’ve been living out east since August.”

“No….no, that can’t be right. I would never leave you.” Max felt his heart momentarily lift at her words and the certainty with which she said them. “It must have been a dream—“

“It was real, Liz.” Liz knew from the look in his eyes that Max truly believed everything that he was saying. She knew that it couldn’t be true, but the fact that Max thought it was true certainly explained his odd behavior.

“Max, it couldn’t have been real.” Liz tried to reason with him. “This is real. You and me living here together is real. Think about it Max. Do you really think that you and I could live so far apart?” Liz knew that the love and attraction between them had grown far too strong to allow such a thing. She would never be able to live apart from Max Evans again. She would never be able to live in a seperate household from Max let alone a different state. The fact that she knew Max felt the same way only added to her confusion. Max living in New Mexico while she lived in Massachusetts? Impossible.

Max knew what she meant. After making love to Liz last night, Max would never be able to go back to living without her in close proximity. In the space of an hour, Max had become hopelessly addicted to her body. He had become addicted to her soul. He would never be able to let go of the beauty that he and Liz had created with the heat of their bodies. Their lovemaking had stirred a hunger in Max that he realized would now need to be continuously fed. Max also knew from the flashes that in Liz’s mind the two of them had been lovers for quite some time. He supposed that that was why she couldn’t fathom them living apart. Max needed to make her understand.

“We weren’t together, Liz. I mean…I don’t remember us being… you know…together the way you do,” Max muttered unhappily. “We were friends. You broke up with me because of a message that we saw when we activated a communication orb—“

“Yeah, I remember that too, but, Max, ...we got back together. You wouldn’t let me go and…well, let’s just say that you’re a hard man to resist.” She added with a grin as she remembered Max and his antics.

“No, Liz. We didn’t get back together. You kept insisting that I should be with Tess—“

“So you think you’re with Tess?” Liz interrupted. Suddenly, Liz felt her stomach churn unpleasantly. That was a name Liz hadn’t heard in a very long time.

“No. It’s like I told you, Liz. I could never be with anyone but you. Since you wouldn’t have me, I haven’t been with anyone,” Max felt his face burn at what he was about to confess. “Last night was my first time.”

Liz could only shake her head in denial.

“Let me show you,” Max whispered. He didn’t want to hurt Liz, but he needed Liz to believe him. Max released her hands and brought his own hands up to the sides of her face. Liz tried to relax and let her mind blank out. She looked into his glorious eyes and the reverse connection formed. Liz felt his heart break as she saw herself tell Max that she wanted to be in love with normal boys. She saw Max watching her as he pretended to do his homework at the Crashdown and she experienced his anger, his hurt and his longing. She witnessed the two of them watching a video together in his parents’ living room and felt his contentment. Her heart filled with tenderness for Max when she realized that although Max longed to kiss Liz, dreamed of making love to her—sometimes just being near Liz was enough. Sometimes it was everything. Finally, Liz knew the sense of completion Max felt when he entered her for the first time. The connection ended and Max moved his hands away from her face.

Liz was stunned. Somehow Max’s memories of their life together had been erased and replaced with false memories. Max still loved her, but he didn’t remember that she loved him back. Max honestly thought that she hadn’t wanted him until last night. He didn’t recall the countless times they had made love. The thought that this must be alien-related leapt into her mind. Had Max’s enemies finally made another appearance? Why would they want Max to believe that she and Max weren’t together? Could this involve Tess? Was Tess somehow trying to erode the implicit trust that she and Max had in one another. Liz thought about the flash of herself and Kyle in bed. Did he believe that lie as well? Her throat began to ache as she remembered the despair she had felt from Max earlier.

“You really did think that last night was our first time, but you weren’t surprised that I wasn’t a virgin?” Liz asked cautiously.

“No.” Max replied quietly as he looked away from her.

“Because you thought I’d been with Kyle?” Liz pushed. She cursed herself when she saw Max’s face crumple up. “I saw it in a flash from you, Max,” she tried to explain as her eyes began to glitter with emotion. “Max, I don’t know where these memories of yours came from, but they aren’t real. None of them are real, Max. Someone or something has tampered with your mind. I don’t want normal boys. I’ve never wanted anyone but you. Last night wasn’t my first time, but it’s because WE’VE made love so many times it makes my head spin. Max I’ve never been with anyone but you. I love you.”

Max felt his heartbreak at the tears that were now running down her beautiful face. Her eyes were filled with such sincerity that Max knew that Liz was telling him the truth. Liz loved Max and she could never be with anyone, but him. It felt right. It was a truth that Max recognized, because it exactly mirrored the way that Max felt about Liz. It was a truth that a small part of him had always known no matter how often Liz had tried to deny it. Only she wasn’t denying it now. Suddenly, all of the craziness and absurdity of the present situation melted away leaving in it’s place a perfect moment. It was a moment in which Liz Parker was once again declaring her love for Max Evans. In that moment, it didn’t matter what had happened in the past.

“I love you, Liz” Max whispered as he moved in closer to her so that he could wipe away her tears. He looked deeply into her eyes as his hand caressed her cheek. “Your all that’s ever mattered to me. The only thing I’ve ever really wanted was for you to love me back.” His words made her smile, but his memories still haunted her. Liz needed to prove that whatever had happened to Max, the memories embedded in his mind were false.

“Max, I’ve always loved you. I’ve always wanted you,” she whispered. Liz took Max’s face between her hands, looked into his eyes and kissed him in a way that allowed Max to see into her soul. She wanted him to know how he made her feel. Liz wanted Max to know that she loved him and worshiped him and wanted him more than anything. She let her feelings for him fill every fiber of her being as her mouth played against his. It worked. Max felt the desire that always took over Liz’s body whenever he touched her. He felt the way she ached for him to be inside her. His mind was filled with images of the two of them together making love in ways he had only dreamed about. Max felt her hunger and it matched his own. By the time the connection was broken, Max was aroused and breathing heavily. “I’ve always wanted you, Max,” Liz repeated as she ran one her fingers down his muscled chest.

“Liz…” Max gasped. Max fought to contain his desire. His eyes widened as Liz slowly opened her robe and let it fall from her shoulders. Liz was going to get through to him one way or another.

November 3, 2002

Max was dreaming about Liz again, but something was pulling him away from her. An obnoxious ringing sound was bringing Max up from the depths of his cozy dream. Max instinctively reached for the telephone next to his bed. “Mmm…” he murmured into the receiver.

“Max?” The sound of his angel’s voice started to clear the cobwebs from his mind. Max tentatively opened one eye and was surprised to see light streaming through the windows.

“Liz?” Max responded in his groggy morning voice.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“That’s okay.” Max glanced at the clock and saw that it was around 7:30 in the morning. “So you had to pull an all-nighter, huh?”

“Yeah, around 1:30 the equipment went crazy. We spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what happened.”

“When are you coming home?”

“Actually, I’m calling from home.” Max thought that was strange. She was calling from the living room? His sleepy mind shrugged it off. Sometimes all-nighters and too much caffeine made his Liz a little loopy. Or maybe it was just the caffeine. Max smiled to himself as he recalled the many times he and Liz had stayed up all night making passionate love to one another. They had never needed caffeine to stay awake on those nights and Liz always seemed to glow even more than usual on the following days. Max knew that he glowed on the following days as well. Hell, he was half asleep and he could feel himself glowing right now just thinking about those nights.

“Well, why don’t you come in here and give me my kiss then,” Max asked referring to their little ritual.

Liz rolled her eyes and grinned. Max must still be half asleep. He was never this flirtatious when he was fully awake. Her smile faded as Liz realized that he must have been dreaming about her when she called. Liz knew in her heart that Max loved her as much as she loved him, but she never acknowledged that love.

“That would be a little hard to do from Massachusetts. I’ll let you get back to sleep. I’ll talk to you later,” she replied in a slightly achy voice.

“Massachusetts? Liz?” His questions were answered by only a click and a dial tone. Suddenly, Max Evans was wide awake.

Part Four

Novermber 3, 2002

*She’s so pretty, * Max remembered thinking the very first time he’d seen her. He’d been nervous that day. It had been his first day at school and Max really hadn’t known what to expect. He’d stepped off the school bus, looked around and suddenly all of his nervousness had disappeared. It had only taken a moment for Max to forget that he was worried about being new and different. In an instant his fascination with the little girl in the blue dress obliterated every other thought in his head. She had long, dark hair and she smiled at Max when she noticed him staring at her. * She’s so pretty. * He hadn’t known that it was possible for anything to be that pretty. She had such a cute, little nose and her dark eyes sparkled. Max had been amazed. Everyday afterwards, Max had looked for her. * She can’t be THAT pretty, * he’d tell himself. Upon seeing her again, he would sigh in both exasperation and relief to discover that she really was THAT pretty—prettier even. As the years passed, Max learned new adjectives to describe her— stunning, enchanting, exquisite, intelligent, sweet, funny, brave, sexy…Staring at her eleven years later, Liz Parker was still the prettiest thing that Max Evans had ever seen. She still amazed him. Only she wasn’t a little girl anymore. The Liz Parker sitting next to him was all woman. Max let his gaze travel over the curves and lines of her perfect body and lovely face.

Liz Parker was beautiful. And Max Evans wanted her. Badly.

“You’re it for me, Max” Liz said softly as she trailed one of her fingers along the inside of his thigh. Max’s heart was beating madly in his chest. He reminded himself that they needed to figure out what was happening. Max tried to focus on the current crisis, but it was difficult with Liz touching him and with those flashes so fresh in his memory…flashes of himself exploring her every nook and cranny.

Liz knew that Max was trying to hold back and she understood why. Her mind told her that they should get the gang together immediately to discuss the situation, but her heart told her to make Max remember that she loved him and wanted him. Liz loved Max’s soul, but she loved his body as well. Liz loved the way his skin felt against hers and she loved the way he smelled. She loved his passion for her and the way he felt when he was buried inside her. She got aroused just thinking about it. Max remembered Liz as his best friend. She wanted Max to remember her as his lover too.

Liz let her finger drift higher up Max’s thigh until her hand was stroking him through his boxers. He was already hard with desire for her. She slowly fondled his length from base to tip, then back again.

“Liz,” Max moaned. He knew he should ask her to stop, but he couldn’t. Max wanted this too much. He needed it too much. Liz climbed onto Max’s lap so that she was straddling him. Max moaned again helplessly at the feel of Liz’s heat touching him.

“Max,” Liz whispered against his lips as she pressed her aroused nipples into his chest and caressed his back with her small hands. “Max, can you feel how much I want you?” she asked as she gently ground herself into him.

“Yes,” Max replied. Max could feel how wet she was even through his boxers. She felt so good. Max couldn’t resist brushing one of his hands down the smooth skin of her back while the other sifted through her already tousled hair. Liz was soft, silky and seductive. He wanted her so much he shook with it.

Liz's tongue snaked out to taste his lips and Max opened his mouth to her. She could feel the racing of his heart and it matched her own. Liz longed for Max to be inside her and she knew he wanted it too. He was rubbing himself against her as they kissed and it made her even more unbelievably wet for him.

Max tore himself away from her mouth in an attempt to stop this, but the feelings between them were too strong. He couldn't resist. Max buried his face in her neck and inhaled her scent before starting to lick a path towards her collar bone. He held his precious Liz in his arms and began to bend her slightly backwards so that his lips could travel down her body.

“I love you,” he murmured into her skin as he took one of her beautiful, rose-colored nipples into his mouth. Liz moaned as Max began suckle her. The ache was becoming unbearable and she couldn’t stop herself from arching into his face while her body moved back and forth on his erection.

“Max, only you…only you could ever make me feel this,” Liz gasped. Max sucked harder and the flashes began. He saw himself once again making love to Liz over and over. Max felt the way her body tightened when she was about to come and the incredible sense of satisfaction that fell upon Liz as he held afterward. The flashes and the sweet taste of her nipple reminded Max that he had always wanted to taste Liz in other places as well. Max quickly turned them and laid Liz’s back on the bed. He took a moment to look into her passion glazed eyes, then he lowered himself on to her. Max took her other breast in his mouth and sucked until she was writhing. After releasing her nipple, he began his journey downward.

Liz was going out of her mind with desire. His mouth felt so good. She ached for more. Liz prayed that he would give her release soon. Suddenly, she felt his hands spread her thighs open and she could feel his breath against her wetness. Her body tried to arch up to meet his face, but his strong hands kept in hips in place. For long seconds Liz was driven mad by the feeling of his hot breath on her and then she felt his finger run lightly against her.

“Max,” she whimpered.

Max was so entranced by the sight of her that he was briefly frozen with desire. He brushed his finger against her and was amazed at her soaking heat. God, she was wet. Liz Parker was wet for him. Only him. Only ever him. She had never been with anyone else. They had been together many times and in many ways and it was real. God, how could he have forgotten? Max wanted her memories. No, he wanted memories of his own. Max tentatively parted her warm flesh and slowly lowered his tongue to her. God, he had a dreamed of taking her this way, but the taste of her was better than he ever imagined. He traced her slowly licking up her delicious syrup. Max never knew it could be like this. He felt so alive it was almost painful. Liz started to move against Max, but he held her fast. He needed more. He had known from the flashes how this would make Liz feel, but didn’t know how deeply it would affect him. Max was addicted. He moved his tongue into her and groaned in relief to find more of her honey.

“Max...Oh, God, Max...,” Liz moaned. His mouth was driving her mad. Her hands her clutching handfuls of the blankets as she tried to keep still, but she couldn’t stop her hips from moving. Max’s fingers gripped her hips tighter. His thumb was rubbing against her skin in effort to soothe her, but she was too hot. “Max, please…” she begged.

Max was in a fever as well. Her taste and the sound of her voice moaning his name was leading Max somewhere he had never been before. It was more than passion and it was burning him from the inside out. Max couldn’t stop loving her this way. This craving controlled him.

Liz screamed his name wildly as her body started to convulse and in those moments of oblivion nothing existed for Liz but Max. Her Max.

Max was shaking. He loved this and he couldn’t stop. Max tasted her passion over and over until finally her whispers of love gentled the demons of desire within him. He carefully kissed her heat once more before drifting up her body while whispering his own promises of love. The sight of Liz filled his heart with tenderness. Her eyes were closed and this time tears of pleasure ran down her cheeks.

“I love you, Max...only you,” she repeated again and again. “Only you. I love you so much…” In that moment, Max felt his adoration for Liz grow so intense that it scared him. It humbled Max that Liz could make him burn with unholy desires one moment, then fill his heart with such reverence the next. He spread sweet kisses upon her shoulders and neck before stopping her words with his mouth. Max placed a brief, chaste kiss upon her lips, then he pulled back so that he could look into her eyes.

Liz opened her eyes to see Max staring at her. His gaze was filled with love and understanding.

“I know, Liz. I believe you. You could never hurt me that way. I know that now,” Max said as he touched her soft cheek. Liz smiled at Max and her beauty took his breath away. She bought her hand up to the back of his neck and brought his head down to her again so that they could share another gentle kiss. One kiss drifted into another and soon their kisses became heated. Their bodies began to move against each other once more. Max felt Liz pull away from their kiss slightly.

“I still want you, Max. I always want you.” Her husky voice inflamed Max’s senses and he knew that he couldn’t hold back any longer. He was still rock hard and aching for her. Max kicked off his boxers, moved in between her legs and slipped inside of her.

“I love you…I’ll always love you,” he swore as he moved slowly within her. Max kissed Liz tenderly as he worshipped her with his body. “Oh, God, Liz….How can it be like this? It’s so perfect…,” Max moaned against her mouth.

As they kissed and made love, the flashes began again. Liz saw them celebrating Max’s eighteenth birthday and she knew that as he blew out his candles that this was what he had wished for. Max had wished for Liz. He had wished to possess her body and soul. His hidden, frustrated desires flooded into her veins and Liz needed to release them. Liz needed to fulfill them.

Max could sense Liz’s increased urgency and it set something inside him free. Suddenly, Max began to pound harder, deeper into her wet warmth.

Max felt Liz begin to shudder beneath and he exploded inside her. His pleasure was so intense he almost blacked out.

November 3, 2002

Max Evans felt like his brain was going to explode. A thousand thoughts were running through his head and he couldn’t seem to get any air in his lungs. *Breathe* Max reminded himself as he quickly dressed and searched for his car keys. Something was terribly wrong and he needed to find Liz. Max had to make sure that she was okay. He needed to keep it together. Liz was all that mattered. Once he found her, they could figure out what was happening. Liz’s belongings had disappeared from their flat and her perfume no longer hung in the air. The apartment that Max rushed around frantically was now only a mockery of the little home he and Liz had made together. Damn! Where did he put those keys? As Max searched the empty pockets of his leather jacket, it occurred to him that yet another item was missing and his heart broke further at the realization. A female voice startled Max from his thoughts.

“Ummm…HELLO! Did you not hear us knocking a million times?” Max whirled around and was relieved to see Isabel enter the apartment followed by a yawning Michael.

“Hey, if you’re going for a donut run can you pick up—“

“You guys have to help me find Liz,” Max interrupted.

Michael sighed. He was really getting to hate these early morning meetings. Dealing with the granolith, alien enemies, Max’s obsession with Liz …It was just too much to take at 8 o’clock in the morning. He definitely needed some coffee and a nice donut with Tabasco to get through this.

“Maxwell, how many times do I have to tell you? Our little girl is all grown up. Now back to the age old question of glazed or jelly-filled—“

“Not now, Michael! We’ve gotta find, Liz! Something strange is going on. I got this weird phone call this morning and I can’t get through to her cell phone…Look, we’re wasting time! We’ve gotta go!” Max rambled on hurriedly while striding towards the door.

“Where exactly are we supposed to be going?” Isabel asked.

“We’re searching the campus.” Max answered, clearly annoyed at having to state the obvious. “She was working on a group project for Chemistry last night. We should start with the computer labs in Chem. Building—“

“Our Chem. Building?” Isabel clarified.


“Max, why would Liz be working on her project here at the University of New Mexico? The last time I checked she was still attending M.I.T.”

A shiver went down Max’s spine and his heart started to race. They were part of it.

“What are you talking about?” Max questioned cautiously.

“What are YOU talking about? Max, what’s going on with you?” Isabel was starting to get worried. Max seemed so disorientated and confused. She took a step towards him and Max immediately raised his hand. Soon a glowing shield separated Max from Isabel and Michael.

“Who are you?” Max asked.

“Whoa!” Michael exclaimed. Okay. This was definitely more serious than Liz being too busy to return phone calls in a timely manner.

“WHO ARE YOU?” Max repeated.

“I’m your sister and he’s your best friend. Max, what is going on?” Isabel was scared now. Max wasn’t making any sense.

“Liz is my best friend. And I want to know where she is. NOW!”

“Liz goes to M.I.T. She lives in Massachusetts. We haven’t seen her since August,” Michael said calmly.

“Don’t give me that crap. What have you done with her? What is this all about?” Michael and Isabel looked at each other in uncertainty. Neither was sure what to do next. Max seemed to be in some sort of delusional, paranoid state. There was a knock at the door yet no one budged.

After a few seconds passed in eerie silence, they heard a voice on the other side of the door say, “Here. I’ll get it…Oh, wait. It’s not locked…” The door opened and suddenly, it all made sense to Max Evans. Instantly all of his fear and confusion transformed into pure rage. Standing before him was Tess Harding.

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Thanks for your support! I’m still struggling a bit through my writer’s block. I think I may have to watch some of my Season One tapes so that I can get the right Max for this story. I did say that I was going to try to post something this weekend though so here’s a peek at Part 5.

Draft Part Five A

“Evil, mind-warping bitch,” Max spat out. His voice was low and calm, but his eyes burned with a horrible fury. Tess Harding was back and she was doing it again--she was trying to rip Max away from the person he loved more than anything. She was attempting to take away the only true happiness that Max had ever known. Max silently swore to himself and to Liz that this would be the last time Tess Harding tried to come between them. He struck swiftly. Before anyone else could react the shield was down, Max’s hands were wrapped around Tess Harding’s neck and his thumbs were pressing ever so slightly against her trachea. “Where is she?”

“What?” Tess gasped. She had spent most of her life running from the FBI. She had fought powerful aliens who wanted nothing more than to murder her and her friends. Yet, Tess had never been as terrified as she was at that very moment.

“Stop it, Max” Isabel pleaded. Max ignored her. Isabel didn’t understand that Liz’s life might be in danger. Tess Harding had disappeared almost two years ago. Her reappearence today was too much of a coincidence. Tess had to be behind all of the strange things that were happening. Apparently, Tess had never really given up on her twisted version of their destiny. She had only been bidding her time before attempting to take Liz away from him again.

“What have you done with her, you sick bitch? I’ll kill you if you’ve hurt her. I swear… I’ll wring this scrawny neck of yours until your ugly, little face turns purple. Now where’s Liz?” Max yelled into Tess’ frightened visage.

Maria DeLuca and Alex Whitman looked on in horror at the scene that was playing out before them. They had grown to trust Tess over the past two years. She had become their friend. The thought that she would betray them all and hurt Liz had stunned them speechless.

“Let me go! I-I don’t know what your talking about. L-liz is in Boston! Please…” Tess begged.

“Liar!! Liz doesn’t live in Boston. She lives here with me and you know it! You may have mindwarped Isabel and Michael, but it didn’t work on me. I remember! Now tell me what you did to her!” Max’s worry for Liz began to fuel his ever burgeoning anger and he couldn’t stop himself from pressing down further on the girl’s windpipe.

The sound of Tess choking snapped Maria out of her silence. “Oh my god. Michael, he’s going to kill her! Do something!” If Tess had indeed hurt Liz, then Maria would kill Tess herself, but things were happening too fast and Max didn’t seem himself…

“Let her go, Maxwell!”

“Max stop!”

“You’re choking her!”

It all fell on deaf ears. Max was out of his mind with rage and fear. Tess wasn’t giving him any answers. She was playing with their minds. Liz was missing…

Michael tried to pull Max away from Tess, but he wasn’t meeting with much success. Max’s hands were firmly planted around Tess’ nexk and he refused to let go. Michael had never seen Max in such a state. Max wasn’t listening to anyone. Michael didn’t think that Max even fully realized what he was doing. Max was obviously enraged and confused. As Tess struggled beneath Max’s punishing grip, Michael knew that this couldn’t go on much longer. Max had to be stopped. Finally, Michael raised his hand and aimed at the back of Max’s head.

Max felt a sharp pain in his skull, then everything went black.

Does anyone think Max is too violent here?

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I'm going to try out some of the writing techniques that were suggested on the writer's thread. Hopefully, by being more disciplined I will be able to break out of my writer's block and post on a regular basis. Look for new parts of this story and/or The Exchange Student (the other fic that I'm desperately trying to finish) in January.


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Also...another reason that I'm posting this note instead of just surprising you with new chapters after they're finished is that my other favorite show, Farscape, is being cancelled. If you happen to be a Farscape fan, please write to:

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