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Author: Karen
Disclaimer: Hellloooo! I am a dreamer...If I even owned stock in Roswell, do you seriously think I would have let, like, half of S2 take place?...don't think so.
Category: M/L AU/FF
Summary: Maria, Liz, and Kyle made it to the Granolith Chamber, but Michael never came out. It is five years later and Max has a BIG surprise in store! on for more!
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enough of my babbling....


Rakira paced back and forth in the hallway.

"Will you chill?! She's been in there for what, five minutes? If he tries anything, she'll zap him, or she'll call for us, ok?"

Rakira stopped pacing and turned to her friend.

"That doesn't make me feel any better! This is Kivar we're talking about! That guy is a snake!"

Serena whipped a vial out of her jacket pocket and handed it to Rakira with a sigh.

"Here-it's Cedar oil, I thought you'd need some of it, now chill! OK?"

Rakira took the bottle, and sniffed greedily.

Part 1

*Inside the Conference Room*

"Dammit Zandara! I will not put up with this anymore!" Kivar yelled, slamming his hand on the table, to make his point. She didn't even flinch, didn't even blink. He noticed that about her. She had changed since their first meeting. She had been timid and unsure. But she was calm, strong, and self-assured. She smiled sweetly.

"I don't know what you're talking about Kivar."

"Don't play that game with me! You have done nothing but destroy my reserves for four years! You are a strong force! Side with me, be my queen. You and I can rule Antar together!"

She stood up and crossed to him. Looking into his clear blue eyes...eyes that looked so much like his sisters'.

"I will never side with you Kivar. My loyalties remain with Antar and they ALWAYS will. Now I think you should leave. I do not expect to see you here, ever again."

His eyes filled with rage. "This is not over Zandara! You will soon wish you had taken my offer and never sided with that...that boy-king!" He said in disgust. Then he was gone.

Zandara let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding in.

"Rakira, Serena, I know you're out there!" she said tiredly, as she sat in a nearby chair.

The two girls walked in with sheepish grins.

"Sorry. We-well-I...don't trust that guy alone with you, that's all. We just wanted to make sure you would be ok and-"

"Rakira, you're babbling again." Serena reminded with a playful smile. Rakira just rolled her eyes and walked over to her friend "Zan, babe, what's wrong? what'd he say?" she laid a comforting hand on Zandara's shoulder as she sat nest to her.

"Kira, I think he's up to something."

"Isn't he always?" Kira responded, with an amused smile. Just then, the sound of Serena's cell phone rang out. "Sorry-hang on" she said, backing away from the others.

"yea, but I think he's ready to make his move, do something big. He's been down here for four years. Ever since we started doing damage. There's been rumors of him calling for his back-up on Antar. If he gets a hold of them-we're finished Kira. He wins and the King will never officially regain the throne." Kira swallowed hard, hearing the truth in her words.

"Right, thanks." Serena snapped the phone shut and turned to Zan and Kira. "Bad news-those back-ups you mentioned from Antar-well, Kivar somehow managed to get his claws on them."

"DAMN!" Zandara stood and paced.

"Everything we've worked for, it's all for nothing now!" Kira said, standing slowly.

"There's more."

"Oh god!" Kira moaned, sitting back down. Zan stopped and turned to Serena. "What is it?" she said, bracing herself for the worst.

"Well, the Rebellion on Antar heard about this. They are going to supply a portion of their army to us as well. However, the Royal Court is going to accompany them." Serena watched as her two friends paled. She knew this was going to hit them hard.

Zandara composed herself and looked from Kira to Serena. "When will they be arriving?" Serena took a deep breath. "Tonight." she whispered. Zandara swallowed and nodded, heading for the door. "Have rooms prepared for them. I will be in my room."

"ok." Serena said nodding.

"I have a feeling this is gonna be interesting." Rakira sighed.

Part 2

*Ship from Antar*

"Your highness, we have landed." Max turned from his table to the man in front of him. "OK, please notify Rath and Vilandra. We will leave immediatly for the Rebellion Headquarters Compound." "Sir." the man siad, bowing. He then left quickly. Max looked around and sighed. He would be metting with the commander tonight. He'd heard that the commander had been in contact with Kivar, so he was very eager to speak with him..or her. He didn't know exactly. All he knew was that their name was Zandara, which sounded feminine, but who knows.

He got up and walked to the entrance of the ship where he met up with his sister and Michael. They only used their Antarian names formally. He made his way to a black Hummer and was followed by Michael and Isabel, who rode in seperate vehicles. When he got in, they sped off through the desert. His mind soon wandered to Liz. Had she moved on with her life? Did she remember him even? 'well duh-you only broke her heart and then left her!' he thought to himself. He watched as the desert sped by and finally fell into a much needed sleep to thoughts of his beloved.
"Max, we're here." Isabel said, shaking his shoulder lightly. "Huh? Oh." he mumbled sleepily. He climbed out of the Hummer and saw Michael approaching.

"Hey, did the reserves arrive yet?"

Michael nodded "They just landed, they'll be here soon."


"God Max! look at this place!" It was dark outside but the moonlight shone bright enough to illuminate the large black building. It was about two stories high and was large and round shaped. They watched as a figure came towards them and introduced himself as Davin.

"your majesties." he bowed. He then stood straight up and addressed Max. "If you will please follow me into, your highness, you will be introduced to our commander, Zandara, the second in command, Rakira, Advisor Serena, and General to the armed forces of the rebellion here on Earth, Valek." Zan nodded for him to continue and followed the man to the front of the building. Davin placed his palm flat against a random brick and a door opened into a split hallways. As they were lead to the end of a hallway, Max saw doors on each side but saw no people.

When they reached the end, he stopped to look back at his sister and brother. Isabel smiled nervously and then lifted her chin high, putting on her Ice Queen facade. Michael just stood straight and closed off his emotions.

Davin opened the door and left as soon as they were in. Max looked over to the end of the table and saw a woman about 21-22 years of age with wild, curly auburn hair, and sparkling emerald green eyes. "Are you Zandara?" Max asked, in his best regal voice. The girl smiled and approached them.

"No, I am Serena, Zandara's personal Advisor. She's probably just running late. Have a seat." She said, motioning to the table and chairs.

"So why is Kivar suddenly calling for his army from home? Hasn't he been quiet for a while?" Michael asked. Serena let out a sigh and sat across from them. "Well, yes, he has. But he has been in contact with Zandara over the years. He realizes that the Rebellion is a very strong force and he is also quite taken with Zandara, so he wants her to side with him and overthrow you."

The nervous glances between the other three did not go unnoticed by Serena and she smiled. "Don't worry, Zandara is a firm and trustworthy follower. I can guarantee you that you will find no one more loyal than she."

Just then, Davin came bursting in through the door, our of breath. The four stood from the table and rushed to Davin.

"Davin! what is it?! What's happened?" Serena asked, shaking his shoulders. He took large gulps of breath and finally looked at Serena.

"It's Zandara, she took Kira, Valek, and some soldiers to an abandoned skin base to look for some coordinates but they were ambushed!"

"Dammit! I told her not to go down there until the King arrived!"

"Is she ok?" Max asked, finally finding his voice. He had an odd feeling of dread coursing through him.

Part 3

Davin finally realized the other three were present. He looked to Serena who looked pissed as well as scared. "Well!!" she yelled, impatiently. Davin cast his eyes down to his feet.

"There was an explosion in the abandoned compound. Rakira was outside while Valek and Zandara went in with some soldiers. They were in there when it suddenly exploded. Kira's fine but Zandara was impaled by some kind of metal spike and Valek was mainly bruised and has a few cuts. He's fine and he's trying to heal her but I don't know whether he'll be able to finish the minor stuff alone." Serena turned to Max, Michael and Isabel. "I might need your help guys, can you come with me?"

"of course!" Max and Isabel said hastily.

"Just lead the way." Michael mumbled. Two hours on earth and they were already in battle. Just great. He hoped they wouldn't lose the leader, Zandara, before getting some information about Kivar.

Max, followed by Michael and Isabel, followed Serena down a hall, then another. When they rounded the final corner, they saw a woman sitting in a chair, with her face in her hands. She had long blonde hair and was wearing black combat boots, baggy black cargo pants, a black cargo vest and a tight green shirt. Her long hair cascaded down around her face. Max knew in an instant who it was before she even looked up. It was..."Maria!" Michael breathed out in shock. In the blink of an eye he had crossed to her and pulled her into his arms, a sheen of unshed tears covering his eyes, threatening to spill over.

Serena let a smile spread across her face as the two lovers embraced. Max looked over to Isabel, who had a hand over her mouth and tears flowing from her shocked eyes. That was when Max realized he too had tears in his eyes. Maria, finally out of Michael's grasp, embraced Isabel.

"Hey Iz." She said softly.

"Oh god-Maria! What are you doing here?!" Maria just smiled solemnly at her friend and turned to Max, hugging him quickly.

"Hey Girlfriend." She said with a teasing tone. "Serena, Valek is fine, a little drained, but fine. Zandara is passed out but she'll be ok." Michael walked up to Maria and turned her to face him.

"Maria, What's going on?"

"Ummmm...Rakira? I'll leave you to explain it to them. I'm going to go check on Zandara and Valek, Ok?" Maria nodded and sat down again, and Michael sat next to her.

"Ummm..what's going on? Why did she just call you Rakira?" Isabel asked, taking a seat.

"Well, it's a long story actually. See, after you four left, Liz, Kyle, and I tried to go back to the way things were. Key words being 'we tried'." She took a deep breath and ran her hands through her hair, then looked at Max. "The day you guys left, we were outside the pod chamber. We were trying to get you guys out because Liz and I found out that Tess had....had killed Alex. She made Kyle carry the body and then mindwarped him too so he wouldn't remember anything." She looked up from the floor with tears in her eyes to gauge their rection.

Max sighed. "Yeah, we found out after we got back. Iz walked by her room and saw Kivar in there and she was explaining it to him. Explaining how she managed to get home. Isabel came straight to Michael and I and told us what she had hear. That night we left for a rebellion camp and had to move around for a while because she knew where they all were. We fought battles with the skins and set up our own rebellion compound. Then we heard about Kivar sending for his reserves and thought you might need some help." Plus, it was the perfect excuse to search for Liz, he thought to himself. He couldn't believe how much of an effect the mention of her name had on him, let alone her herself.

Maria nodded and continued talking. "Well, after we got home, Liz got really bad. She felt so guilty about Alex's death and sending you off with that murderous gerbil, so she ran off to California. Kyle and I stayed behind and Kyle changed a lot too. He became very closed off and quiet. I couldn't stand being in Roswell anymore so I left for California to find Liz. After about three months, we came across Serena and we became close. But one day she got mugged so Liz had to ummm...well...heal her." she finished quickly.

Maria almost laughed out loud at Max's expression, his eyes looked like they were ready to fall out onto the floor and he had turned about two shades paler than his norm. Isabel let out a gasp and an 'oh my god' and Michael looked at her like she had just she was the leader of an alien race herself, the replied, "What are you talking about Maria?""

"Well, after Max healed Liz, he kinda woke up the part of her brain where the genetic makeup for your powers are. They were developing since the shooting but she didn't know exactly what was going on. When she saw Serena barely breathing, she just did it without thinking. Serena got flashed from Liz and she saw you three and recognized your essences because she was one of your protectors on Antar, in your first life. She came back to Roswell with Liz and I and we all picked up Kyle and filled him in on what had been going on. The four of us left to start the Rebellion with some soldiers that Serena had been gathering from here and Antar. Valenti's the only one who knows why we left. We trained for about a year and Kyle's powers eventually surfaced. He can heal too. Then Serena connected with me to bring mine out so I wouldn't be completely defenseless. And that's it. Oh, we had to change our names too, so nobody would know who we are and use our parents against us."

Michael hugged her to him again in a crushing embrace. "OK, I think I need to sit." Isabel replied.

"OK, Michael? CAN'T BREATHE!" Maria managed. He stepped back but grasped her hand. Max sat down as well, dumbfounded. He had changed her, had jeopardized her life, again. She was here though. The whole time she was fighting for him and his people, even though he had betrayed her. He needed to see her, to see she was ok. He stood up and walked to Maria.

"Maria, where is she? I need to see her." he said, pleading to her with his eyes. Maria looked down to her feet then up to Max's eyes. "Zandara is with Valek in the infermery." She said quietly. Max's eyes became wide with shock. "You mean she's...She was the one who...?" He couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence. His Liz had been hurt and he hadn't known. Hadn't been ther to heal her, lover her. He couldn't breath. The pressure on his chest was too great. Just then, Serena walked out and had a scowl etched on her face.

Part 4

"Well, she's ok. I told her she shouldn't get up but does she listen? Nooooo!!" Serena huffed. Maria smiled, "Well, that sounds like Zandara."

"Can we go in and see her?" Max asked, rushing towards the door Serena was blocking. "Of course. Valek is in talking to her now, but go ahead." She said, holding the door open. Max held his breath. He was going to see her. After five years, he was going to see her again. His hands became clamy as he walked into the room. Kyle was packing a duffel bag but he didn't see Liz anywhere.

"Hey man, how's it goin'? Long time no see." Kyle jumped, unaware anyone else was in the room, then turned to look at Max, Isabel, and Michael. "Hey guys, what's up? Have a good trip?" he asked, jokingly. Max just smiled and shook his hand. Michael did the same and Isabel pulled him into a hug.

"So, where's Liz?" Michael said, asking the question on everybody's mind. "Oh, she's in the bathroom getting dressed, she'll be out in a minute." He said, grinning at Max. He walked to stand by the bed. "So, Valek, Rakira, interesting names, how'd you guys come up with them?" Kyle smiled as Maria stood next to Michael.

"Well, we didn't exactly know any alien names. But Serena kind of helped us out. The girls took the beginning of Max and Michael's Antarian names and put feminine endings, well, Liz just kinda took Max's whole name, but, anyways, I decided to use a 'V' like Isabel's and gave it a masculine ending. We don't have last names though. We call Maria 'Kira' usually, and Liz we call 'Zan'. But I guess that's gonna have to change now huh?" He grinned, knowningly. "yea, I guess." Michael stated, smiling down at Maria. Max's heart swelled for Liz. Even after he had left, she still thought of him. If he had never loved her before, there's no doubt in his mind that he would now.


Liz splashed cold water on her face and reached for a fuzzy white towel and patted her face dry. She looked at herself in the mirror and pulled her dark green beanie hat off of her head and put her automatic pistol in the waisteband of her cargo pants. Pulling her vest on, she sighed, looked at her reflection, and turned the doorknob. Her stomach was in knots as she walked into the room. She didn't even have to look around to know he was in there already. She could feel him out in the hallway. As she walked out, Liz was nearly thrown to the floor by Maria.

"Oh My God!!!! I'm so glad you're ok!! I was soo scared!!" Liz smiled and pulled away from her friend. "Kira, you know Valek would heal me. He's getting better at it too." She smiled over Maria's shoulder to Kyle and he walked over and hugged her. Next thing she knew, Isabel was pulling her into a hug too. "It's good to see you again." Liz whispered.

"He's missed you so much Liz. We've missed you all." was Isabel's reply. Liz pulled away with tears in her eyes that were reflected in Isabel's. Michael walked upl to Liz and quickly huged her. "It's good to see you" Liz smiled and nodded. Her eyes quickly scanned the room and she saw Max standing towards the back, staring at her intently. Liz felt her heart skip a beat and she walked towards him, and stood in front of him, shifting her weight from one foot to another. She didn't know what to do. Did he still love her? What about his son? She felt so akward and all she wanted to do was push him down on the bed and kiss him senseless!! Little did she know, her thoughts were mirroring his own.

"ahem..well, I think we should give them some privacy..come on guys!" Maria said finally, noticing the looks of longing and desire passing between her two best "girlfriends". She grabbed Michael and Kyle by their arms and Isabel and Serena followed them out into the hallway with big grins.

Max looked down at her and was instantly lost in her brown pools of emotion. " wanna sit down?" She managed to breath out. "Uh-yea-sure." Liz sat on the bed and tucked one leg underneath her and Max sat across from her in a chair.

"So, how are you?" Max asked tentatively, not quite sure how to start.

Liz smiled her smile that was only his and loooked from her hands to him. "I'm good. Things are really busy around here all the time, but, it's all worth it." he nodded. "So. You're Zandara, The commander?" She smiled shyly and he noticed a slight blush creep on to her face and he smiled himself. "yea, It's kind of weird how it all just happened so suddenly. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. We're going to defeat Kivar and restore you to the throne." She said, with a defiant fire in her eyes. Max smiled and nodded, it had been so long since he had seen that fire in her eyes and he would give anything to stare at her all day long.

His expression became suddenly serious. "I missed you Liz. God, I missed you so much!" He got off the chair and sat next to her. She turned so her body was facing his and took his hand. "I know, I missed you too. There isn't a second in every day that's gone by that I don't think of you and wonder if you're ok." she saw the flicker of hope in his amber brown pools and looked down, releasing his hand. "Max, we still can't be together. Max, you have a son, you need to fight for him now." she said gently, holding back the tears that threatened to spill over. Max saw this and rushed forward. "Liz, you're wrong, I don't have a son." he said, stroking her cheek.


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**my humanity is bound with yours, for we can only be human together**
-Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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It had been so long, too long, since they had even been on the same planet, let alone this close, touching. He sighed happily, then took a deep breath, breathing in her scent. She still smelled the same. Her hair was shorter, a little past her shoulders and he could tell she had gotten a little more muscular.

Liz looked up at him suspiciously. "Max, what are you talking about? Kivar told me all about your son. He goes to Antar and comes back with a small child. That child is your and Tess'. He goes there and comes back to train him four times a year. Max, he's your son." She said softly, looking into his eyes. He smiled at her observations.

"Liz, Tess mindwarped me into believing we slept together. She was never pregnant. When we got back home, we found out she had betrayed us to Kivar an dhad gotten pregnant with some Antarian, who could also heal, that way we would be deceived into thinking it was my son she carried. She even fooled Kivar. I'm not sure he even knows." He said, contemplating the thought.

"Even if he does, he's going to use it against you, thinking you don't know."

"But if he knows, wouldn't he have killed Tess? For betraying him I mean?"

Liz snorted. "Yea right. He may be a cold blooded killer and a psycho Max, but she's his sister and he sould never kill his family."

Max just stared at her, "Sister?"

"Yea, I thought you might hve known since it's like this huge royal scandal. His mother slept with the King of Hanar when he was about 10 and she became pregnant with Ava. He basically raised her himself. He let it slip one day, that they were siblings, when he came to see me, and Serena filled me in on the rest." Max just nodded. "At least we know one of his weaknesses." Liz nodded and stood up. "well. we should probably go get some rest. we have a big day tomorrow. We should probably start making some of the decisions together. I'll have Michael and Valek meet up and Serena, Maria, and Isabel should probably meet with us in the war Room."

She turned to leave, when Max caught her by the hand and turned her to him. "Thank you Liz." She nodded and took his hand, and they walked out of the room towards the sleeping quarters.

**my humanity is bound with yours, for we can only be human together**
-Archbishop Desmond Tutu
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Liz stopped Max outside a door and turned to face him.

"Well, this is your room." she opened the door and followed him in. There was a large bed on the far wall, a black leather couch and living room area off to the right, a bureau and desk near is bed and on the left was a kitchen area, all done in black and silver.

"Wow, this is pretty roomy." Max said, trying to make conversation. she smiled at his attempt and walked to a door near his couch, opening it.

"This leads into my room. If you need anything, just knock." He nodded, never taking his eyes off of her.

"So, you have, uh, powers now?" he asked tentatively.

She grinned and nodded, shyly but proud. "God Max, it's so amazing! At first I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown!" she said, as she sat on the couch with him.

"Why?! What happened?!" he asked, his protectiveness kicking into high-gear. "God Liz, I'm so sorry! If I hurt you I swear-"

"Max, calm down." She interrupted "It wasn't that bad. Before I even knew I had powers, my subconcious sort of contained the energy until I used a lot of it, like when I healed Serena. After I healed her, my body was just sort of humming with energy and I was SO restless! My nerves were on edge." she said.

"I'm so sorry Liz." he said, hanging his head dejectely.

"Max, it's ok now! Serena showed me how to contain it and control it. Now it's just kind of like a low, warm hum at the edge of my mind, that I can access when I want to." He just nodded and looked at her.

"So, what kind of powers do you have? Obviously you can heal, what other kind of stuff?"

She tucked her hair behind her hair and bit her bottom lip in concentration. Did she know what that does to him? He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her breathless.

"Well, I can change the molecular structure of just about everything, like you guys. hmmmm....let's see...oh! I can do the astral-projection thing I did when you were in New York!" she said, giddly.

"Wow! that's pretty cool, I don't even think Isabel has been able to do anything like that since then. Have you figured out how to move and talk while you're doing it yet?"

"Well, yea, but now I'm working on using my powers while I do it. I can do simple things, but nothing like healing or powerblasts." she said, frustrated.

"You can do powerblasts?" Max asked, confused, yet relieved. At least he knew she really would be able to protect herself. She smiled shyly.

"Ummm...yea, I can dreamwalk too. I have the same powers as you, Michael, Isabel, and um....Tess." She finished quickly. Max almost smiled when she said Tess' name, almost as if she were some type of cancer. And she was, really.

"How did that happen?"

"Well," she said, biting her lip again. Max smiled. "Serena, and I figured out that in you DNA, you have some of the other three's essence. It was put there so that if you were ever seperated and you came in contact again, it would sort of 'wake up' an dyou would know who it was. So when you connected with me, you not only gave me some of yours, but you kind of copied theirs in there as well. The Astral-Projection thing was sort of from what was in that inactive part of the brain where the powers were kept. A 'Natural Selection' kind of thing."

"Well, that explains what happened when Tess came to town. What about Kyle and Maria?"

"Well, they have the same powers, minus the Astral-Projection. Instead, Kyle has telekenesis and Maria can do something equivalent to a sonic-shockwave, that will disable only her opponents powers. There's one thing we all have though, that I don't know if you guys do. Maria, Kyle, and I all have the ability to capture someone's energy when it's used against us, and basically suffocate them with it." she looked to Max and laughed at the look on his face.

"Don't worry, we don't do that too much, it uses a lot of energy because we haven't had it for too long. We sort of just discovered it and are practicing."

she explained. He nodded and stroked her cheek with the backside of his hand. Liz looked up into his eyes and was instantly lost. "Max....." her voice was barely above a whisper as Max leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Then the flashes began.


Liz arriving in California, feeling so small in such a large, crowded place.


Liz and Maria meeting Serena.


the excitement and fear she felt after healing Serena.


Liz standing on a hill, the wind blowing her hair about as she used her powers to kill a group of skins.

Max pulled back a, cupping her face as he leaned his forehead against her. He could feel her warm breath against his face in little puffs.


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***Part 7***

Liz awoke the next morning to the feeling of a heavy object, draped across her hip, and a warm body behind her. she smiled, remembering last night. After a rather heavy makeout session, which was inturrupted by Maria, her and Max had changed into pajamas and stayed up the rest of the night, talking. She rolled over slowly so she was face to face with him. He was still asleep and his hair was all messed, giving him that 'little boy' look she remembered from high school. She smiled slightly and traced her fingers over his jawline. She remembered everything they had planned for today and frowned. She began to sit up and was going to get up and get dressed, when she felt Max tighten his grip on her and pull her back into bed, snuggling his face into her hair.

"We have to get up max. We have a metting in," she checked the clock on his nightstand, "forty five minutes. We have to get dressed."

She heard a noise resembling a growl, coming from his throat. She smiled and turned over in his arms. max looked down in to her face. Her hair was all mussed and her cheeks were flushed from sleep, but her eyes were bright and awake. His eyes darted down to her lips, which had been red and swollen just the night before from his kisses. Liz watched him stare at her lips and unconciously licked them, preparing for the kiss she knew was to come. Max slowly bent his head forward, kissing her lips enderly. He brought his hand up, tangling his fingers in her chocolate tresses. liz felt his tongue slide gently along her lips, looking for access, and she didn't deny him. She opened her mouth to his probing tongue, and brought one hand up to cup his cheek. She began to pull back and heard him groan in protest.

"No, you have to get dressed, I'll be back in twenty minutes to get you."

She kissed him sweetly on the lips and got up to leave. Liz was at the door to her room, when she heard his voice.

"Uhhh...Liz? I don't have any clothes to wear." She turned around to look at him. He was standing in the middle of the room in his boxers, looking like a little lost boy. She pointed to his dresser, unable to form any words after staring at his body. "There's clothes for you in there."

"Ok, uh...thanks."

"No problem."

she said, smiling. She walked into her room and dressed in one of her usual outfits; black cargo ants, combat boots, and a black tangtop with a black cargo jacket over it. She brushed her hair and pulled it into a high pony-tail. She sat down on her bed and looked at the clock. That had only taken ten minutes. She sighed and went over to her desk. She pulled a semi-automatic pistol out of the top drawer and tucked it into her jacket. she turned around and heard a knock on her door. She smiled and walked over, opening it to find Max standing there.

"Hey." Max said, as she motioned him in.

"uh, yeah, hey." Liz mumbled. She watched him walk by. He was wearing black cargo pants and combat boots too. His tight black t-shirt stretched across his muscular chest. she licked her lips unconsciously and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

Ok, might need this." she said, pulling another pistol out of her desk drawer and handing it to Max. Max took it and looked at her like she was crazy.

"Umm..Liz, you seem to be forgetting something." He smiled, emitting a soft blue glow from his palm. Liz smiiled.

"Actually, it's in case we come across some humans working for the skins. You see, it's easy to get rid of the 'evidence' when it comes to the skins. However, humans tend to ummm...take..longer. So, if we can't take care of it, it's safer for a cop to find someone with a bulled in them, than someone with their insides melted and absolutely nothing wrong on the outside. Believe me, I found out the hard way." She said, rolling her eyes and walking towards the door. Max looked at her. She never ceased to amaze him. But what was that last thing she had said?

"Liz, what-"

Liz opened the door to find maria ready to knock. "Maria, what's wrong?"

"We have to get to the War Room, Kivar is attacking Calatar. Immediate action is a necessity!"

Liz turned to Max calmly. "Hold that thought. We have to go. I'll fill you in on the way!"


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