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Title: Fear in the Eyes
Author: Kellie
Started: Monday, April 22, 2002 (Time: 12:00p.m, Ended: 1:13p.m)
Characters: Liz, Max, Tess, Kyle, Maria, Michael, Isabelle, Alex, and Serena (Liz’s sister)
Disclaimer: I own nothing, just my life and hands to type these stories. And I own my brain. (I wish I owned many things though.
Chapters: As much as possible as long as the feedback is coming.
Writing: I will post a new part every two days
Feedback: I would love to have people posting about my work. Think of it as a new T.V show coming out, and a lot of people have to watch it to get good ratings, and to stay on air. This is a new story and I need feedback to continue.
Dedication: I’d love to dedicate this to everyone around me; they’ve helped me in so many ways (Wow, I feel like and author)
Summary: I won’t reveal much. Just that Liz’s sister is telling the story. And that everyone is involved in a secret service.

Chapter 1 (Fear)
I looked out of the huge white window, admiring the beautiful scene in front of me. The ocean I saw was a blue, yellow, white color that took my breath away. The sand was a yellowish, orange color that looked like it was taken out of a book. The sky was marvelous; it was blue decorated with yellow, and purple. The scenery was one of the best things I loved out here. It reminded me of a book my mother once read to me, when I was smaller, it was called, …Beethoven. Beethoven!
O gosh, my sister is on the piano again, playing one of Beethoven’s classics. I’m getting real tired of this. Every day she plays the piano but she actually looked really pretty when she was so concentrated. Her brown hair swayed from side to side as she moved her head to the music. Her tanned, olive skin complexion glimmered as the sun shown on her delicate features. Her amber eyes sparkled with delight whenever she turned around to see if I was doing my homework, instead of daydreaming. Her lips were soft and pink like the dress she was wearing. Her bodily features were supermodels, but her shortness put her down a bit. Her slender legs, moved slowly as her whole body took in the music she was playing. But most of all her hands, were most beautiful, she had nice long olive fingers that made it even more glorious to watch her play the piano.
Elizabeth Parker was her name and she was my sister.
My name is Serena Parker and I’m 14 years old. Elizabeth is 18.
She lives in this huge house, which was my mother’s house but she died 5 years ago. Our father ran out on us 2 months ago. Now the house is all hers, along with her friends Maria Deluca, Alexander Whitman, Kyle Valenti, Isabelle Evans, Maxwell Evans, Michael Guerin and Tessandra Harding.
Maria is upstairs in the bathtub. Isabelle is sleeping in her room. Alex is on the computer, Kyle is out with Michael. And Tess is outside in the pool with Max.
I knew my sister liked Max, but Max never really showed any interest, unless fighting with her meant that he’s flirting. Anyway Liz always plays the piano to get rid of her stress. If she’s stressed out about an essay due, she’ll come to the piano and play for a couple of hours. But if she’s stressed out about something more dramatic, she’ll go downstairs, and start exercising for hours, to days.
Everyone in this house works for a secret service. Their job is to take down agencies, or other secret services that kill for no apparent reason or something like that. She always travels, sometimes she takes me with her, or she lives me with her friend Maria. Whenever she takes me with her, she and I are always in some kind of disguise. Like 2 weeks ago, we went to India to bust some people, I had to get a serious tan, and we both had to dress up in some dresses that people in India wore. Or in some other trips she had, she would dye her hair or where a wig. I’ve seen my sister in every color hair. Blonde, Blue, Red Green, even Yellow, and Gray. Ewww! But it actually fit her and made her beautiful. O yea and she’s changed her name so many times too. Like Mary June, Kathryn Jones, even Hoe Slutings. Get it, (Hoe Slut).
My sister can kick any ones ass, she’s a karate expert and she can stop the flow of blood to the brain like Xena. I saw her do it one time. Guess who she did it too. Give up, Max Evans. He was crying like a baby.
My sister is the ultimate Bad Ass!
If you say anything bad to her, she’ll kick your ass, she’ll make sure you end up in the hospital for a long, long time.
The piano made a high sound when Liz stomped her hand down on it in frustration. She stopped playing and turned her attention to who was coming through the front door.
Oh my gosh, Michael just came in, with a bloody Kyle in his arms. My sister gets up with the quickness and runs over to Michael. Michael is out of breath but I manage to hear a few things. Michael was at a place, a bar I think he said. He heard shooting and turned around to see Kyle on the door, no floor. He’s saying something like the people who shot Kyle were in all black. They were pointing the gun at Michael, but he got away before they shot at him, he said.
By that time Maria is down stairs holding Michael in her arms. While Liz and Alex are helping Kyle with his wound. Max and Tess are still outside; they don’t know what’s going on because they’re still kissing in the pool. Isabelle is helping Alex too. I looked at my sister, and saw something, I never saw in her eyes before. It was a mixture of sadness, terror, and nervousness. But most of all she seemed scared. She looked at me on cue and stared at me for a while, her eyes filled with concern. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. By then I knew that something was about to happen. Something dangerous, something that made my sister scared. Something that went by the name of fear.

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