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SUMMARY: M/L AU Max's POV, this is a companion piece to "HOLLOW" it's pretty much Max's view on all the goings on of that story. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you read HOLLOW first.
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"I've been thinking." As you might imagine, Michael is not too big on the whole thinking thing. And as amazing as this little revelation may be, I can't find myself to care about Michael's thinking process.


"We're aliens." I thought this was already known throughout the group?


"Max!! We're aliens." Isabel states forcefully.

"And a kewpie doll for the lady."

"Maxwell, be serious. I know you're head is in cloud Parker right now, but you gotta be realistic."

"Realistic being..."

"We're aliens."



"I'm glad we've had this conversation guys...really. Thanx."

"The Parker girl is stalking me."

"Excuse me?" Liz deliberately trying to spend time with Michael? Not possible.

Yes, denial is our friend.

"Okay, so I was coming out of the home ec room right..."

"You were in home ec?"

"What? It's connected to the art room alright?"

"But it's lunch..."

"Hey, yappy. Do you wanna hear the story or not?"

"Well, not especially.."

"Great, so I was minding my own business and all of a sudden she's there. Like she was waiting for me. It just figures you'd like the creepy girl."

"Why would she be waiting for you?" Maria said Liz didn't like Michael...right?

"I don't know. That girl scares me." He seems regretful he ever made that comment as soon as he sees my smirk.

"She scared you?"

"Shut up."

"Did she like threaten you or something?"

"Shut up."

"Will she overwhelm you with her 100 pound body of pure muscle?"

"Shut up."

"I gotta get to class now, as fun as this is."

"Ha ha, you crack me up. Oh hey, don't forget, study session tonight."

Foolish foolish little Michael, like I would forget a whole night with Liz.

Clothes. I need clothes. Why do I have no clothes. Where are all the goddamn clothes. I can't let Liz see me like this. Oh my god. What will I wear?

"Iz..." I look towards my sister pathetically. Way past concealing my shame.

"Don't pull a puppy face on my Max."


"Oh my god Max. Just wear this. Damn."

She throws a white button down and faded jeans at me. Well, at least towards my general direction.

And they're...well they're beautiful. Gorgeous even. It's so...casual cool. Isabel is a genius. This out just screams, 'hey look at me, I'm casual yet cool.'

"You are seriously disturbing me Max."

She stands up from her previous station at the corner of the bed and begins to back away slowly. Similar to the fashion one would walk away from a skittish animal.

I should be offended.


But I'm not.

LIZ IS COMING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"Uh, hey's Liz."

Okay, what should I say? I love you? No. Too soon. Hey baby? No. Can't pull it off. Damn.

"Oh!! Oh...hey. What's up?"

"I just called because...because uhhh....I wont be able to make our tutoring session tonight."

What? Why? NO. And you know what? This outfit is ugly anyway.


"Yeah, I was kinda hoping I would have a date tonight..." huh. Wait. Huh? Is that like a hint or something? Oh my god. Please let that be a hint.

"Really? Do you maybe wanna...."

"Is Michael free tonight?"


Denial is great and all.


But sometimes you gotta use your observation skills.

You've got mail

And damn it, that day is today.

Adore17: Hey, it's Liz again.

I can't believe she fell for the old 'Michael's online right now' line.

Spacehero47: Hey.

And how she could ever think Michael was a spacehero in the first place is beyond me.

Adore17: I need to tell you something Michael.

You're secretly in love with Max. Say it.

Spacehero47: Oh yeah? What's that?

Come on, say it...

Adore17: I know I'm not supposed to have these feelings, but you're

You just couldn't say it, could you?

Who needs an ego anyway?

Apparently not me.

Spacehero47: I uh...thanx.

Adore17: Yeah.

You know what I'm gonna do it.

Spacehero47: I gotta tell you something too Liz.

And you wanna know why?

Adore17: Uh, what?

Because I am bad.

Spacehero47: This is Max.

Adore17: Uh...Bye.


You'be reached Liz. This is the part where you leave a message.


"Come on Liz, I know you're there."

Pick up Pick up

"Liz, I've already left like 30 messages."

Actually it was 36, but I'm not about to admit I've been counting.

"It's really not a big deal." This is where Liz's skeptisism steps in.

"I know you're probably thinking 'yes it is' but it's not. I understand. God, you're friends with Maria{/I]. I'm friends with Mic. Believe me, I understand.

Now if that won't convince her...

"Liz...pick up, I'm running out of air space here. I..." love you.

"I'm here Max, I'm here."


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"I'm here Max, I'm here."



"Max? Max? Are you on the phone?" Holy crap in the toilet. That just figures doesn't it?

"Isabel? What the hell?" 'What the hell' as in get the hell off of the phone.

"Get off the phone Max, I need it."

"What?" Um hi? No. This is my chance Iz...go...go crawl in a hole or something real quick. "No, this is important."

"Important? What's so important? Who are you talking to anyway? Hello? Hello?"

Don't go dragging Liz into this now.

"Uh...hi, Isabel." Oh god. That's it. Bye bye only chance. Nice seeing ya. See you in another SEVENTEEN years.

"Liz, is that you?" So astute...


"Good. I was just about to call you." How do these people ever expect me to get a life when they make it so difficult? Why am I not saying anything. Oh yeah, I'm a friggin pansy. That and Isabel is freakishly strong."Maria and I decided we're in dire need of a girls night and you have to come."

"Oh. Uh...yeah, sure, sounds like fun." Wow, I wonder exactly when I got completely removed from this conversation. The one I thought I really thought I'd have a more active role in.

"Great!! Hold on a sec." Finally. Okay, Liz finally alone to talk to Liz.



"I'm really sorry about that," I say, "she's just..."

Are those footsteps?

"Give me the phone."

Guess so.

"Didn't we just get rid of you?"


Remember when I said she was freakishly strong? Yeah, she's not really taking that for granted.

"No...ow, OW. What are you doing? OW. Damn it Isabel that hurts." Holy crap, what the hell is she doing? And does she really find it necessary to kick my ass at this particular moment?

"I will have that phone." Isabel clamps her index finger and thumb around the cartilage of my ear and drags me across my room until I'm flat on my back wondering what the hell just happened.

No, this is not the first time.

"Okay, I'm back. So we're all gonna spend the night at my house, so I'll pick you up in like half an hour so you can pack, ok?"

Hold the phone. Liz. This house. All night.

Okay, Isabel is welcome to kick my ass at anytime.

What is she saying? Did she say yes? Wait, she can't come over until I tell her what I meant to. Not with Isabel and Maria here.

"Iz..." I whine. "Can I have the phone now?" Yes, I am that pathetic. It's something I came to terms with long ago.

"Oh my God Max, if you don't shut up I won't let you talk to Liz at all tonight. Do you want that? Well? Do you?"


Hey, I'm no fool.

"God! I'll see you later Liz."

click I'm scared.

Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here .

So what it's been 4 hours since she came.

Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.

So what I've been locked in my room for the last (how ironic is this) 4 hours.

Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.
Liz. Here.

And so what that I've been saying this same mantra for the last (how weird is this) 4 hours.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking pathetic. And that is so not...let me tell YOU something...I...yeah you're right.

No need to celebrate at my expense.

Okay, so all I need to do is find something to get my mind off everything. No, we all know the trouble that's gotten me in already.

Radio? No, you know they would play all those sappy love songs...and maybe even..

The Counting Crows...

the ultimate sign of depression.

No, not for me..I'm just gonna, hey what's this? A book.

Passions of Eden

Hey, this isn't one of those sappy romance novels is it? I flip through the pages in boredom and



Uh huh...



Grudgingly my head turns from the entrancing novel distracted by soft lull coming from down the hall. I mark my page, following the sound to the upstairs bathroom. I wonder why in god's name anyone would be here at three in the morning and after much debate with myself I softly knock at the door. Recieving no reply I carefully open the...

holy shit.


What the...? HOLY SHIT!!

Oh wait it's's just Liz. In a towel.

What? HOLY SHIT!!!

I just kinda stare at her in shock.

She kinda just stares back at me in shock.

Page 37

Intrigued by Raul's presence in her bedchamber, Lola slowly walked to him. Her hips swaying rythmically in what would soon be an erotic dance of passion. Raul stalked to her elegant for with hunger pushing away the silk of her dress bending his head to...


"Oh my god. I'm so sorry. It's just...It's just I've never had a naked girl in my bathroom before. Well, you know there's been Isabel and my mom, but that was never this exciting."

Page 59

Lola's slender form glowed in the pale moonlight excentuating her unearthly glow produced from their lovemaking. Raul touched her side slowly, lightly caressing his love and devotion in each stroke.

"That's...that's..." I swallow...hard." That's my towel." I think I point vaguely at her form but I'm not really comprehending what saying. I bite my tongue. Oh Lola.

"Oh, I'm sorry... I would take it off," I feel my eyes go wide, "but I don't have any clothes." I cough lightly, eager to hear more yet trying to hide my arousal of...well a naked Liz.

Naked Liz.

Oh Lola.

"I'll ummm...I'll ummm" I need to go umm...I need to go. "I'll go get Isabel....bye."

Oh My God.

I should really go get some pointers from that book.

Holy shit.

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So you could say I'm nervous. Hell, you don't even have to say it. It's just a fact. So, let's just go over this one more time shall we. Okay so one: Liz Parker in my house at night...sleeping here. Bad enough for one dirty minded Max Evans. So that should be it, right? Right? But no, the world is not thy friend. Throw in one very naked Liz wearing only a towel that belongs to...well me. Okay, so I'm not complaining per say. But come on, a seventeen year old guy's labido can only take SO much here.

I knock on Isabel's door because the thought of catching a naked Isabel or Maria is not as pleasant. Shudder.

She opens the doors all smiles then frowns. She raises one eye in confusion and then smirks back at me evilly.

Oh oh.

"Liz isn't here right now...but I do have a shirt of her's know if you want to smell it or something." I can hear Maria double over in laughter in the background.

"Oh Isabel..." Maria saunters over to the door, opening it wider. "Max don't listen to her" she says soothingly. "We all know you're not here to take a whiff of Liz's shirt."

"Ummm, thanx. I guess. But see the thing is...." Maria puts up a finger, effectively cutting me off.

"See, we all know, you'd rather take a peek at these. Go on Max, take em. Keep them if you like. Hell! Sleep with em if you wanna.We won't tell..." Behind her back Maria produces a pair of white cotton panties. Umm...Liz's.

WAIT a goddamn minute.


My eyes bulge and I turn around quickly. I look down at little Max and try to shoo him away. Ummm, think non sexy thoughts cream okay...uh yeah....hmmm...vanilla ice cream. Liz's favorite. Oh, Liz with ice cream on her...hmmm..


What is wrong with me.

My silence seems to only have spurred their laughing fit on however.

Maria snorts "Oh my God....that was so funny. And you know he REALLY does want them too! You're so perverted Max." What? Me? What did I do?

Isabel holds onto my shoulder for support. "I really don't know if I should be disgusted or....who cares this is too funny!"

Maria suddenly squeals excitedly and runs back into the room to get something. I finally swallow my pride and turn back around but this only elicites another laughing fit from Isabel. Maria scurries back over to Isabel and whispers intensely to her. Isabel's eyes widen in approval and she looks back at me trying desperately to keep a straight face.

"Um, Max? Can you do us a favor?" Yes, because I'm so hell bent on doing something nice for them right now. Yeah...okay.

"What?" Yeah, I am so the confrontationalist. Go, me.

"Can you give these to Liz? She's in the bathroom." Maria shoves clothes at me and I look at them in horror.

"I know she is." I say it before I realize it and the two girls look at me in shocked interest.

"What?" Isabel puts her hand over her mouth and gasps "You weren't like trying to look through the door handle or something...were you?"

"What? No." They obviously don't believe me.

I try to remember when I was donned the town pervert.

Probably when I took a stroll through Liz's fantasy.


"Great, then you'll have no trouble giving her her things. Okay, bye now." They slam and lock the door before I even have a chance to protest.

Okay so it would be nice to know just how exactly I get myself in these predicaments.

That way I could do it over and over again.

Hey, I may be a dumbass but I'm not stupid.

Okay, breathe. Okay, now breathe some more. Okay good, good. Now will arousal away. 'go away, arousal.' Well, that's about as far as we're gonna get right now.

Alright, so...


I hear her purposful stride and her angry voice throught the door.

"It's about friggin' time here. You are so..." She slings the door open in all her naked...wet glory. Oh my god. "Max." AHHHH. Don't say my name. Shit okay, let's go over this again.

'go away, arousal.'

No? Well damn you.

"I uh...sorry....Isabel said she told me to give these to you." I shove the clothes at her and I look away. Okay, so technically I'm still looking through the corner of my eye. What? I can't help it. Little Max can be very persuasive.

A little too persuasive becasue he's now made it impossible for me to leave.

"So uh...why are you taking a shower in the middle of the night?" What is it with me? I need to go. Say your sorry and walk away. Go on...just walk away...

Or we could stay...that's good too.

"Oh, uh...Isabel and Maria played some pranks on me while I was sleeping." Sleeping. Dreaming. Fantasizing.

It's official little Max has now taken full control of the situation. I am now just an innocent bystander. I am in no way responisble for my actions. That'll hold up in court, right?



No, little Max...I didn't say court. I said quart I swear!!! Don't think about handcuffs...please.

Great, now I've begun talking to my penis.

And it's winning the argument.

Welcome to my spiral of shame.

" this about the free porno they were getting?"

"What?" Waaaaaiiiiit a minute. She seems awfully defensive....

" said when you snore it sounds like porn..." I've got to hand it to him.

Little Max is quite witty.

"Oh yeah...right." Wow, maybe she...she was like dreaming of me and....



Don't give the little guy more to work with.

Not that he's little. I mean it's pretty big you know...I can't complain or anything.

Please stop talking to yourself.

Please stop trying to convince yourself.

Why am I still talking to myself again?

"That isn't true is it?" You know what? Screw it, go for it my little (well not little, little) friend. You are now in control. Go for it.

"What do you mean?" Oh yes, be scared. Be very scared.

"Do you watch 'Cops' at all?"

"I ummm...I have to uhh...change. Yeah, I gotta change. I'll uh, see ya later." She closes the door quickly and I smirk to myself and then I realize what an ass I am.

I'm gonna need some comfort food now.

So usually my preferred comfort food choice is ice cream but after my mode of thought lately I thought better of it. Instead I went straight for the Captain Crunch.

He's short. He's got the hat. He's all sorts of unsexy. Exactly what I'm looking for.

I grab a bowl and pour the crunchy goodness thankfully. Because let's face it, I'm not gonna be able to sleep right now. Especially with that godforsaken book in my room.

Damn you, Lola.

"Hey Max." Lola? Please don't's Liz. Great.

Don't get me wrong I love seeing Liz because well...I love Liz. But you see, Little Max and I didn't account for there being a second round.

"I...uh..." You see what we've been reduced to?

"I just thought you might want this...." She hands me the towel. THE towel. You know, the one that was just wrapped around her naked body. Yeah, that one. I look down at in awe. Then quickly shake my head and feign confusion.

Wait a second.

I AM confused.

"I was gonna put it in the laundry, but I thought you might like a momento." Oh yeah, this is definitely getting framed. I mean psssshhh. No.

She begins to walk away and I just stare at her hips in appreciation. She turns around suddenly and I try to quickly advert my eyes before she catches me.

"And no, I don't watch 'Cops', but you were so very kind for asking." Damn it she's winning. What is it? Liz: II Max: I? Well, damn it we, I mean I will not stand for that.

But then again I can't really stand right now...for no reason.

I swear.

"Oh..uh...Liz?" Quick, think of something witty. "You may not watch 'Cops' but I'm sure you're quite accustomed with the job."

"Excuse me?"

"Well, it's just I know you've made at least one citizen's arrest in your day...Officer Parker."

Ummm, maybe I went a little too far but her face is just too priceless to be ashamed of it. I just want to go up to her and hug her and tell her to forget all her embarrassment and tell her I love her and hey, I'm alien but it's not so bad. Does she want some cereal?

God, I'm an idiot.

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No Sleep Till Brooklyn.

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