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Part One

Year 2012


“What the hell are you doing here Marie?” came from a very furious Liz Parker as she pulled open her front door.

“Well you see I had this crazy idea that if I didn’t come to get you, you would find an excuse for not going to our 10 year reunion. Cause this time you are not backing out of it Liz. It’s been 10 years since you actually been home to see your parents. You always have them come to you or you guys meet for some fancy vacation.” Marie pauses to take a breath. “And oh by the way it’s great to see you too. I mean I did just fly a couple of thousand miles to this god forsaken country you live in. Jesus what the hell made you want to live in…” she trailed off as she notice that Liz was no longer standing the doorway but walking off in the house.

She rolled her eyes, this was so like Liz – if you don’t like the way things are going you just turn your back, walk away, and ignore the situation all together. Marie leaned down to picked up her bag, and then stepped over the threshold, so she could push the door closed.

So, Marie thought wearily, let the war begin.


Liz glanced at the clock on the wall, it was a little after midnight. Marie should be in bed by now or at least she hoped she was in bed by now.

Liz knew she had to sleep sooner or later because tomorrow was going to be hellish day. It didn’t matter anyway, it wasn’t like she was getting anything done. She could see the picture clearly in her head she just couldn’t put it on paper and nothing frustrated her more. It’s been like this a lot lately. She drops the paint brush in the can of water and walked out onto her patio to sit in her favorite swing.

Everyone was pressuring her to go to this stupid reunion. They keep saying she needed to do this in order to move on, and she keep telling them if they would leave her the hell alone she could move on.

She continued to sit there staring out into the night. This was the reason she built her house on this spot, cause of this view. Lord it was beautiful, it was a half moon tonight, the stars were out, the jungle was below, and the sounds that came from the jungle was like music. It was like you were floating between the sky and the jungle. That was the benefit of have your house built on the side of a mountain that was in the middle of a jungle.

It was nights like these that the memories would come. She stopped trying to fight them a long time ago. She closes her eyes and the memories are there.

It was like it was yesterday instead of 10 years. It always begins when she started her senior year at West Roswell High, her first year in high school, plus her parents had relocated to Roswell because West Roswell High had the best science and art programs in New Mexico it was what she planned to major in. An of course only the very best for Elizabeth Claudia Parker the daughter of Jeff Parker, founder of Parker Industries, only heir to Parker Industries. Jeff Parker had been in accident that had cause serious damage to his groin area and legs. As a results from the accident Jeff would never father any more children. Elizabeth was it, the future for Parker Industries, and Jeff reminder her of that everyday of her life.

She had been able to skip her sophomore and junior year due to her grades. She knew she was ready for the school work, but not the other stuff. She missed her friends but her parents had said “You’ll make new ones, plus honey this is how it will be when you go to college.”

It had seemed like a nightmare back then, she thought to herself. But now looking back it had started out like a dream, a fairy-tale and it had ended up worse than a nightmare.


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