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Title: Don´t You Touch Me
Rating: Pg-13
Disclaimer: I don´t own them,
Good new : This is Tess free at the moment
Discription: Starts from the first episode, what if when Liz found out Max is an alien, she feared him?

I was getting bored, so I thought I would type this part up and see where it goes



The day after, the shooting.

"Liz, I don´t come from around here"

"So Max where do you come from then"?

I point my finger upwards.

"You come from up north then", Liz answers quietly

I point my finger higher up.

"You come, from Canada then", Liz´s answers to my hand motion,

Then I point even higher.

"Max your not an alien are you"? Liz asks me with an unbelieving smile on her face.

"I like to say, not of this planet, this is no time to joke". I try to humour her.

But instead Liz just looks at me in horror! She then says.

"Max stay away from me". Liz spits at me.

I want to take that look of fear off of her face and move towards her, but she then says.

"Get your dirty hands away from me"

"But Liz...".

"I said get your dirty hands away from me, and don´t you ever come near me again".

Liz says as she pushes passed me in disguist and runs out of the music room in fear.

With a defeated look on my face, I fall to the ground, with my hands to my eyes that are now crying,
thinking to myself, was it ever a good idea to save the life of the girl that I am in love with

Part 1

From the first time I saw her as I disembarked from the school bus, I knew I was in love with her, strong feelings for a young boy of only 6 years old.
I saw her playing there, as that adoring smile of her, covered her face.
And from that day onwards, there was nothing more pleasing that would cloud my mind than the thoughts of Liz Parker.
And throughout our school days, I used to watch this girl who I loved from a safe distance.
Then in the year of our Senior year of high school, that´s when it happened.
Michael and I were sitting at the Crashdown one day, the place that her parents owned.

Yeah I told Michael that day I was hungry for a Will Smith burger, and it´s not like he really believed a word I told him, but he decided to come with me to have a meal there, but Michael knew the real reason I was really there.
To watch my secret infatuation, that I had held all these years for my Liz Parker.
The most untouchable of girls, that held me every night in my dreams.
We had been sitting there eating our meal, my eyes were solely concentrated on her, as she hussled and bussled around the diner, taking orders and serving food, when all of a sudden a shot rung out from a gun.
Eveybody in the near vicinity ducked as the loud shot from the gun was fired off.
But when I next looked up, I saw Liz´s legs lying behind the counter of the restaurant, and in panic I ran to see what had happened to her.
When I got to the side of Liz´s lifeless body, I saw the pool of rich red blood, that was steadily flowing, soaking the uniform of her waitress dress. Without a moment hesitation, I undid the buttons down the front of her dress, I placed my hand over the wound that now ripped the flesh of her stomach and started saying.

"Liz, Liz you have to open your eyes"

And almost instantly at my command, Liz eyes started beckoning themselves to open up and looked at me in my eyes.

"Liz, you have to focus on me".

Then suddenly rushes of images started to run through my mind


Liz playing paddy-wack in a buttercake dress when she was 6 years old,

Me getting off of that dredged bus, on my first day at school

completely enchanted by the young Miss Parker.

And then Liz´s eyes opened and started to flutter alive, as I held her head in my hand.

When the connection broke, I breathed a sigh of relieve, I knew she was alive!

But in panic, Michael asked me where my keys were, and as I heard him.

I turned and threw them into his hands

Then grabbing at a bottle of sauce on the shelf near to me

I broke it in my strong hands

Then deliberately poured it on Liz´s waitress dress

"If anyone asks, tell them you spilt tomato sauce down your front". I pleaded to her with my eyes.

And Michael warned me to get out of there now, and looking back I watched as Liz started to sit up and watch as I disappeared through the doors.

Now I lie here on my bed.

Thinking bad thoughts to myself.

She hates me

She´s frightened of me

She despises me

She can´t behr to be near me

She cringes at the thought of me

and then

She´s going to tell the FBI

She holds my life in the very palms of her hands

And those thoughts of mine, are slowly killing me.

As I ponder

Knowing that the girl that I love despises me with all of her heart, and she probably wants to dissect me into pieces, for her next experiment, taking me apart limb for limb.
Like she has my heart.


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Part 1 b

As I gathered my thoughts together, all I could think was that I had to find Liz
Running out of the music room, I had no idea what she would do next, as I ran passed all the blurred faces of the students.

I then saw Maria, Liz´s best friend and ran to her, grabbing her by the arm.

"Maria, have you seen Liz"? I asked her in alarming panic.

Maria stared me square into my eyes and warily said

"Yeah, and if I have, then what´s it to you Evans"?

"Maria, Maria, please just tell me where she is"?

"She left school, said she was sick"

"Do you think she´d be now at home"? As the blood ran through my veins, and my heart started beating through my chest.

"Well actually she said that to the teacher, but she´s borrowed my car, and I think she´s gone out to the reserviour".

For some reason Maria pitied me, but at that moment, I didn´t care to think why, as I ran through the corridors of school.

Jumping into my jeep, I started it up, and with great speeds, left the car-park, determined to find Liz.

The streets and the houses of Roswell, milled passed me in fast flashes, as I made my way to the reserviour.

My thoughts were running through my head 100 km´s per hour in nothing but confusion!

When I finally got there, I saw the red jetta of Maria´s, and Liz standing at the edge.

But she turned around to see who was coming, and when she saw who it was, she started running.

I halted my jeep to a sudden stop, and got out in a hurry, then yelled

"Liz, please just hear me out....".

"No, I don´t want to listen to anything you have to say"

As she fumbled for the keys inside her hand, and tried to unlock the door of the car

But I was too fast!

Then finally reaching Liz, I swung her around to face me and said in angst and anxiety

"Please Liz, I´m not going to hurt you"

That´s when she freaked out, and started to hit at me and take swipes at me yelling

"Don´t you touch me, I thought I already told you not to come near me ever again".

I knew this was hopeless, so I let Liz go

Her body trembled, and she hurriedly searched for the right key

successfully opening the car door

She jumped in and drove away from me

And then I fell to my knees, and started crying, thinking my life was over.

My heart felt like it had been ripped out of my chest

As I wallowed in my hurt and fear.


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Part 2

"Max, you jerk, how could you put our lives in danger by saving little Miss love-of-my-life, Liz Parker, God the girl doesn´t even know your exist". Michael yells at me.

"Max you were playing with our lives, why did you have to save her life for"? Isabel now takes a go at me.

"Who do you think you are doing what you did"? Michael, swings another taunt at me.

And the ranting just won´t stop. My head is going crazy, I feel like I can´t do nothing right.

As I sit on the edge of my bed, crying unceasingly.

I can feel how red and puffy my eyes are, as my tear drenched heart-ache, can´t take this no more.

Then in anger I yell, "just give me a break"!

And I push pass an opened mouthed Isabel and take-off out my window.

I choke on my sobs, as I take my first few steps

My head won´t stop banging, I think it will explode

As with all the adrenaline that´s running through my body

Makes me run even faster, I don´t know what to do.

My foot-steps, pound hard against the pavement

My breaths become laboured

And I begin to slow down, looking around at my surroundings

Taking deep breaths, I walk over to the bench in the park

Then slump down onto it´s cold surface

My head is leaning on my hands

As my crying just won´t stop

My heart is breaking, how can someone feel so much pain?

It was bad enough being pushed away from Liz, when she found out the truth about who I really am.

But now Michael and Isabel, have joined that increasing list

Of people who want nothing to do with me.

I sit there on the cold bench, in the darkness

with only the weak light of the street lamp to accompany me as I sit there

all alone


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Care bears
Angel eyes
Roswell Dreamer
Mermaid girl
aZnroswell anglgrl
angelbaby 6977
Frenchkiss 70
Mara is a dreamer
Lisa Behr

Thanks to yous all for reading my fanfic and giving it chance, I am just going through my head what I can type up for the next part, but when I have got everything sorted out, I will post again

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Part 3

As the cold morning dew start to hit against my skin

The hairs on my arms start to stand on end

And goose-bumps are now appearing where my skin is exposed

But I do not shiver, no I am not cold at all

I have been sitting on that park bench all night long

Staring into a nothingless of hurt and bent confusion

My mind is oblivious to any sounds around me

As it twists and turns in gut wrenching self-pity

And only a figure that walks passed by me

Is able to stir me from my broken thoughts

I am to numb to look at the person

Whos eyes are upon me

I just ignore them and wait until they walk on

Until my thoughts come back to me

My body and mind feel so drained

Nevertheless I get up and slowly plod back home

That´s when fate was shining on me

Who ever thought that something so obscure as a dog

could change a persons life?

As I cross the road there´s loud screeching

Of cars tires

and then I hear a "THUMP"!

Then a wounded noise of pain

I turn around and lying on the opened road

I see a dog and the car quickly drives off

I run over to the injured dog

And lift it in my hands

Bringing the dog to the pavement

I lie it down, and the dogs looks as bad as I feel I think to myself

So without even thinking

I lay my hands upon the broken dog

And start a connection

It´s one of the cutest things I´ve ever seen

As the flashes from the dog run through my mind

I see the dog when he was a little puppy

Rolling over with what I presume is the rest of the litter that was born with this larger dog

Then I see it´s dripping tongue as the dog in chasing a cat

The dogs head is now moving

And then it stands on all fours

And licks my face

"Hey boy, what´s your name, have you a collar".

And when I see it, I read it and it says


"Hey Ronan you got a home"?

And for the first time since yesterday, I´m able to smile again

Then the dog licks my hands and face

As I pat his long black coat, he´s really friendly

"You want to come home with me"?

And as I go home and begin to walk

The dog volunteerily comes with me.

As I approach the house

I open the door

And Ronan jumps on me

And after that he licks my now smiling face

"Max where have you been"? My Mom asks, then says relieved to see me

"I´ve been up half the night, waiting for you to come home, and whos your new friend"?

"Sorry Mom, I needed some fresh air and went out for a walk, that´s when this dog started following me, so I bought him home, can I keep him"?

"First, see if anybodys looking for him, and if he doesn´t have any owners, I suppose that you can, you better get ready for school now, so you won´t be late"

Trudgedly I walk up the stairs, not wanting to go to school, I´ve got science first period, and Liz is my lab partner.

Now as I walk through the hallways of Roswell High

I dread the thought of having to see Liz

But open the science lab door and am surprised when I see her

Sitting at our usual stools

She looks at me, when I stare back at her, she puts her head down and carries on writing

My surprise about seeing Liz at our science bench

Is because I thought she would have asked Old Mr Malcolm if she could change her seat

I sit down really nervously, and Liz doesn´t move a muscle

The science lesson is tense between us to say the least

But when the bell rings to end first period goes off

I gather my things quickly in my hands

Ready to make a dash

And when I go to walk out

Liz blocks my way, then says

"Max, can I talk to you after school, that´s if your not busy"

I stare at her with this look of blankness on my face and say

"Yeah, where do you wanna meet me, I presume somewhere quiet" I say to her

"How about at the reserviour then".

"OK, what time then"? I ask her

"I haven´t got a car, do you mind if we drive out together", she says as she bits the bottom of her lip, looking all nervous

"Yeah sure, so I´ll meet you in the car-park then after school".

Then Liz moves to the side

I walk by her, and move out of the room only thinking

That´s progress, at least she wants to talk to me about what happened the other day

The rest of the day goes by so slowly

As my anticipation grows higher

Then finally the last bell of school rings out loud

I am now walking out to the car-park

Hoping this will go better than yesterday


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Part 4

When Liz comes out to meet me

I moved into my jeep

Very uneasily

Liz then got in beside me

And I started the jeep up

And proceeded to drive to the reserviour

So we could talk

About what happened the other day

I wished that I wasn´t sitting here next to Liz

See we drove out there in silence

It was motionless

You could have heard a pin drop

As the both of us were obvioulsy nervous

Being in the presence of one another

As we reached the reserviour

I parked up the jeep

Bringing the engine to a stop!

Liz stepped out

And moved to the edge of the still waters

Then I broke the silence and asked

"Liz what did you want to talk about"? Very softly

Liz then crossed her arms

Then turned to face me and finally said

"Max I saw you last night, in the park crying"

"Oh", I said.

"Then I went to leave, but I couldn´t walk away"

"Why were you in the park last night"? I asked Liz curiously

"I could ask you the same question", she whispered then said.

"Look I needed some fresh air, and went for a walk! That´s when I saw you, sitting on the park bench crying. So I stayed there in the shadows to see what you would do next, thats all"!

She said as if she was doing me a great big favour.

"So you were paranoid, that I might blow up the world or something, is that why you watched me".

I spat at her, more than embarassed.

Thinking that someone had been watching me immersed in my sad emotons.

"No Max, something just made me stay there, and this morning when I walked passed by you, you didn´t even notice me, so I said nothing to you. Instead I followed you when you left the park bench".

"And what did you see me do next"? I asked her angrily, piercing her eyes with my own ones

But was astonished when Liz gazed me into my eyes, there was only understanding washing over me, when I stared her in her eyes.

"That´s when I saw you heal that dog that got hit by that car, then I finally realised..."

"Realised what"! I said to her in contempt

"That Max, I was wrong about the way I treated you yesterday, can you ever forgive me"?

My heart said yes, but that stupid head of mine made my mouth say something completely different.

"You want me to forgive you for saving your life, yeah I do you a favour, and look at the way that you treated me"

My heart then cursed me swiftly

Making me want to kick myself

But I am the healer, not Izzy or Michael

And I don´t think that they could heal the pain I wanted to inflict on myself

But luckily Liz said

"Max, I´m so sorry", and she started to cry.

Breaking that temporary hardness, that had been built around my heart

I felt guilty and gently put my hand on Liz´s arm and whispered

"I´m sorry Liz, I shouldn´t have yelled at you".

Liz´s then tear stained eyes, gazed into mine and she said

"Max can we be friends at least"?

Pursing my lips, I whispered back

"If you want too".

Liz then managed a smile, and then she said

"Thank-you Max, for saving my life, I really owe you, and it´s great we can be friends now", and she bit down on her bottom lip of hers.

As her eyes told me, that she really meant it!

And content that Liz had accepted me for who I am

I replied "yeah, we can be friends"


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Part 5

After Liz and I agree to be friends

Liz becomes curious and starts asking me questions

About how I got here, and why

The second question I can´t answer her

But the first one, I tell her everything I know

Liz is surprised to find out Isabel and Michael are like me

Then laughs out loud, and says that explains why Michael is so distant

She is amazed at my whole story I tell her

As we relax back against the front of my jeep

Liz doesn´t seem to be so apprehensive now of me

And says she´s sorry that we were bought up on earth away from our planet

Saying it must have been hard to be around other people

And that we all must had lead lonely lifes

I tell her it´s not entirely true about being so lonely

That´s all thanks to my parents who love us so much

I then tell Liz that my parents know nothing of our being aliens.

As we thought that we would keep our secret safe between only us 3

"Max, if you wanted to keep your secret safe, why did you heal me then"?

Staring into Liz´s beautiful eyes, my legs go weak being so close to her.

"Liz I healed you, because it was you".

"Max you risked your secret being found out because of me"?

"Yeah", I whisper

When Liz hears my answer, she blushes turning a brighter shade of red, she bits that bottom lip of hers

Then I ask Liz,

"Liz can I try something on you"?

"What is it Max"? She asks me curiously

"I want to show you somethings about me"

"How do you do that"? She asks

"I have to hold your head between my hands, can I do that"? I ask her softly

Liz nods her head, and I place my hands gently holding her face

I breath deeply, as I feel the soft skin on the side of her face

"You have to look in my eyes Liz".

Then I become drowned in her beautiful fawny doe like eyes

I start a connection, and my flashes begin to play in our minds


Me getting off of that school bus, the first day at school. Seeing Liz playing happily, with Alex and Maria


Liz leaning against her locker talking to Maria, smiling that wonderful smile she owns and laughing


Liz sitting at our lab bench, smiling as she passes Maria a book


Liz walking around in the Crashdown, carrying drinks to my table and smiling as she places the drinks on the table.

I then break the connection

And when I do Liz opens her eyes wide at me

I still have her face between my hands.

Only Liz is staring into my eyes with a look I have never seen before on her face

As if she´s seeing the real me for the first time in her life, and says

"Max is that how you really see me"?

I put my head down and whisper quietly, "yeah

As I think to myself, how much I love her

Then Liz does something I thought she would never do

She touches me, lifting my head up to meet her eyes

"Max, I never thought anyone could ever see me like that"

"But I do".

I say to Liz, then I get my second surprise for the day

Liz´s hand moves up to my face

She brushes my nervous skin with her finger ever so gently

Then we get lost in each others eyes

The moment is so poignant

It feels like heaven


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Thanks all for reading my fic, it means alot to me

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First I have to get rid of Kyle

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Part 6

As we are caught memorised in each others eyes, Liz then pulls away from me.

"Max I have something to show you".

Then pulling up her tiny top

Liz reveals more skin of her soft skin than I thought I would ever see

On her very flat stomach is a silver hand-print and I know it matches the size of my hand

"This has been on my stomach since you healed me....and Kyle saw it when my top riddled up"

My eyes are hynotised by her behr skin

"Did Kyle say anything about it"? I ask her.

"I told him that it was a temporary tattoo that I have, I don´t know if he believed me though"

"Has anyone else said anything to you about the shooting"? I ask her

"Yeah, Sheriff Valenti, but I told him I spilt tomato sauce on my uniform"

I am relieved to find out that she has protected my secret.

We talk awhile, then I drive Liz back to the Crashdown

The conversation is free and flowing

Then I thank Liz again for everything she has done so far and drive back home.


I am walking through the hallways at school when I see Liz

Only Kyle is walking with her with his arm looped around her

I wish that was my arm around Liz

When Liz sees me though she uncomfortably moves Kyles arm away from her, smiling at me radiantly

"Hi Max", Liz´s sweet voice says to me, I greet her and Kyle

Kyle is giving me funny looks though, does he suspect anything?

"Are you ready for our lab class this morning"? She asks me

"Yeah, I´ll see you there, catcha later", and walk away hurriedly as the looks Kyle is giving me creep me out.

But when I go to our science class later that morning, Liz isn´t there.

I only hope that she hasn´t been scared off again about me.

So mundanely I carry on through the lesson

But at lunch-time Liz finds me sitting down for lunch, tapping me on the shoulder she says

"Max, I have to talk to you, privately". And her eyes are filled with fear again.

I follow Liz as she takes me into the art room, then turning to face me Liz says

"Max, Sheriff Valenti took me down to the station this morning for some questioning"

That´s why Liz wasn´t at science this morning, I think to myself

"What about"? I ask her nervously

"He showed me a photo of a dead man, and he had the same silver hand-print on his stomach as I did, Max the photo was taken in 1959. I know it couldn´t have been you, you and the others didn´t get out of your pods until much later. Also I know that you could never hurt a living soul. But that means that there are others like you out there"

Stunned about the news that Liz has told me I stand there in shock.

"Can we meet later on tonight, I have to get going now"? Liz asks me

Theres nothing I want more than to see her, and I agree.

"Oh one more thing Max". Liz says before we get ready to go.

"What is it Liz"? I ask curiously

"I finished with Kyle after you left us this morning".

I am doubling up inside, knowing now that Liz is free and ask


Liz tells me

"He wasn´t the right one for me, I´ll see you later on then".

She then takes my hand in hers, and grazes it gently

Her eyes entranced in mine.

Then picks her pack up, turning one more time to face me, and says "bye".

Now I am standing in the art room thinking

And my heart is now skipping to a happy beat now

It´s alive again!


So Liz dropped Kyles butt. Now Max has a free road to be able to pursue Liz. FB please


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Khivars Daughter M/L pg-13.
That I finally found it on the board again and have updated it finally

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OK, I think we need a prospectus from Liz, so her POV is up next


Part 7

Liz´s POV

2 days ago I almost died, then something really amazing happened.
Max Evans entered my life and now I breath again!
It happened as I was working at the Crashdown, my thoughts were broken when a bullet was fired, it went stray and hit me directly in the stomach.
It felt like a hot burning sensation that ripped my body apart, and as I slumped to the ground, I knew I was going to die.
But then I could hear a distant voice calling out my name, and telling me to look into there eyes, my eyes fluttered, and when I focused on the person, it was Max Evan, major shy, quiet-babe of Roswell High.
I didn´t know what he was doing, and then next thing I remember I was breathing normally again.
Max then poured tomato sauce on me, and told me that if anyone asked, I spilt the sauce on myself.
As I went to sit up, I saw Max turn and look at me before he disappeared out of the front door.
After being questioned by Sheriff Valenti, my Dad told me to go upstairs and take the rest of the evening off. I was still pretty shaken and did as he said.
Entering my bedroom, I looked at myself in the mirror after undoing the buttons on my uniform-on my stomach was a silver hand-print, and on better inspection of my uniform I found a hole, the size of a bullet hole. The hairs on my body stood on end, and I shivered knowing all to well that I had been shot, and Max Evans had done something to me, so I would still be alive.
I lay awake until it was well into the night, thinking how could it be possible that I was still alive.
This was not logical!
How could a person that has been shot by a gun, in a matter of a few seconds, have no traces of any wounds, and no trace of a bullet, or that there was no blood detectable.
When I woke the next morning, I knew I had to ask Max what had he done to me.
So at lunch-time I pulled Max into the music room.
When I asked Max what he had done, he told me that he wasn´t from around here.
So when I asked him where he was from, he kept on pointing up to the ceiling.
When I could think of all of the logical answers that I could and Max kept on saying no, I laughed as my next answer popped into my head.
I then asked Max if he was an alien!
When Max told me he likes to say not of this earth, I thought I was going to choke!
I mean all these images of green little men, or Star Wars aliens started popping into my head.
I know I must have gotten a look of fear across my face, because then Max went to make a move for me.
The move was to sudden, and then I started getting images of The Attack from Mars, and Independence Day, and told Max to get his dirty hands off of me.
The look of hurt that crossed Max´s handsome face, made me want to cry my heart out for him, but my fear drove me to run out of there
I then informed a teacher that I was going home because I was sick, and borrowed the keys to Maria´s jetta and drove up to the reserviour.
I needed peace at that time, coming to terms with the fact that aliens were for real, that aliens were living on earth, and that an alien was my lab-partner.
Then I saw Max drive his jeep into the car-park, scared for my life, I tried to run to the car, but Max was too fast for me, and when he caught me in his arms, all I could do was yell and hit at him.
Then with a defeated look on his face, Max released me, and I drove away in panic.
That night as I lay in bed, I knew I wouldn´t be able to sleep that night, so I got changed and decided to go for a walk in the park. I do this when I´m really worried about something, and that night was one of those nights.
As I made my way slowly through the park, I saw a lone figure sitting on the park bench. Recognising who it was, I was shocked to hear the person crying there heart out. It was Max, and not wanting to be privy to Max´s sad emotions, I tried to turn and walk home, but his crying made me feel so bad, because it was all because of me that Max was now sitting alone on that park bench crying his heart out.
The way Max was wiping away at is tears, I knew that Max was hurting in pain, and instead of going home, I hid away in the shadows, hoping Max wouldn´t do anything horrible.
What I mean by horrible, I hoped he wouldn´t do anything to hurt himself, maybe runaway of something, so I sat there quietly watching him.
The more I watched Max, it made me think more clearly.
Max had risked being exposed to the world when he saved my life and how did I return his turn of kindness to me.
By rejecting him with every fibre in my body, making Max feel like he was a deadly disease and pushed him away.
As the sun started to come out, Max still sat on that park-bench motionless.
I ducked behind some bushes, so Max wouldn´t see me, but he was staring into the one space that he had been all night. Then I thought I would try to approach him.
When I walked passed Max, he didn´t even respond once to me, so I continued to walk on by.
Thinking how much of a coward I really was.
But when I turned around to see what Max was doing now, he was slowly dawdling away in the other direction.
The fascination I now had for the egnimatic Max Evans made me follow him.
When I did, that´s when an accident occurred.
A dog was crossing the road, when a car hit him.
But then Max turned around and picked the injured dog up, bringing it to the pavement.
Max lay his hands over the dog, and like magic the dog sprung back to life again.
It was in that moment I realised how wrong I had been about Max.
How could anyone who had done that for a dog, ever hurt anyone?
Max had bought me back to life, and now I had witnessed Max healing a dog.
How could someone who had so much respect for life, be a monster that I had envisioned him to be?
How could someone so gentle, be condemned by me or anyone else because of who he was?
To say that I felt more than bad about the way I treated Max, was a real understatement.
So at school that day I asked Max if we could speak together privately, then once school was over, we drove together back to the reserviour.
The car ride was deathly quiet, as we were both as nervous as hell, but for different reasons.
I thought the ride to the reserviour would never come to and end, but it eventually did.
When after what seemed like forever Max pulled his jeep to a halt, then we walked to the edge of the reserviour.
That´s when I told Max about what happened last night in the park.
At first Max was mad at me, and I can hardly blame him after the way I treated him.
But when I said I was sorry and began crying, Max relented and apologised for yelling at me.
I mean he apologised to me, it should have been me apologising to him!
Then I realised another thing about Max-he was such a sweet and caring guy!
After that I asked Max if we could start again, and be friends, my heart was begging some sweet devine intervention to make Max say yes-and then he did!
Then Max asked me if he could show me something, and asked if he could hold my face in between his hands.
I said yes, and then Max told me to look into his eyes.
Looking into Max´s amber eyes are like looking into windows of his soul!
Then suddenly I started to see visions of me, and began to feel how Max really felt about me.
Max thought I was beautiful, he thought I was the most wonderful person in the world. and my heart melted!
I never knew that anyone could see me as Max saw me, I was wonderful in his windows to his soul.
I mean little old me!
When the visions stopped, I felt myself drawn in by his eyes.
It was so over-powering, I thought I would lose my legs, and collapse right there in his arms.
Then I showed Max the silver hand-print on my stomach and told him about Kyle seeing it.
Max asked how Kyle had reacted, and I told Max that as far as I knew, Kyle thought it was a temporary tattoo.
I lay in my bed that night, thinking about Max, and how special it felt being seen through Max´s eyes.
But then Kyle came to mind. Hmmm Kyle!
Yeah my boyfriend of 6 months, although I liked Kyle and thought he was loyal to me, I knew I had to finish our relationship together, not with the feelings I was beginning to feel about Max.
Max had stirred a spirit in me I had never felt before in my life, and all because of the way he felt about me.
The next day at school, Max saw Kyle and me together.
The look on Max´s face made my heart break in 2! Max´s face had in 1 second gone from happiness to one of sadness.
So when Max left Kyle and myself, I took Kyle into the Eraser room.
Kyle thought that we were in there to make out, but I disappointed him badly-then broke up with him.
I knew that Kyle was hurt, but I would have been hurting myself if I stayed with him, and said sorry then left Kyle there.
His Dad, then hauled me to the station, and asked to see my stomach. I prayed silently to myself as I lifted my top up, and the Gods were shining down on Max and myself because when I looked down to my stomach, the silver hand-print was gone. But Sheriff Valenti then showed me a photo of a man that had an identical silver hand-print on his stomach, the photo had been taken in 1959, but Max had told me that himself, Michael and Isabel didn´t get out of there pods until much later than that, so I excused myself and went back to school to find Max.
When I did find him, I took him into the art room, and told him about what happened at the station, Max was stunned to find out that there were more aliens on earth.
Then I told Max how I had finished it with Kyle, a small grin appeared on Max´s handsome face, and now I sit here thinking endlessly about Max, until he comes later on to meet me.
I wish that moment was now.


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If anyone reads this, I am at the next stage in this fic, and I was wondering if everyone thinks I should kinda continue down the road of the series, or make up a new story-line?

Let me know what yous think. Thanks

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I think out of all of my fics, this one has to be one of my favourites, I mean Max in the first 3 or 4 parts was heart breaking for me to write, but I wanted to know where I could take this fic and it pulled all those cords in my heart reading back those parts. It will take a few more parts before the story-line is clear, but I have a few ideas where I wanna take this.

But now onto the next part


Part 8

When I went to meet Liz later on that night, my heart almost stopped in my chest when I first saw her.

Liz looked radiant as she greeted me, and held out her small hand to me.

I took her hand in my hand ever so gently, and let her lead me to her bedroom.

Do you know what kind of things were screaming in my head when Liz lead me to her bedroom?

I´m only glad that she can´t read my mind, or she would have had second thoughts

We went out to her balcony outside of her bedroom and we sat on the beach chair next to each other.

She looked so beautiful as we sat there, her eyes were shining into mine,

It took all of my will to divert my attention from all of that tantalising skin of hers underneath her little top.

I may be an alien, but I still have the hormones of any normal teenage guy, and I was finding it increasingly more difficult to sit next to Liz

Liz would brush my arms with her small hand, and I thought I would go crazy!

So I stood up and went to sit on the edge of the wall

Liz followed me, and as we stared into each others eyes, I got lost in her doe eyes

" you think it would ever be possible for us know if we ever got involved with each other".

My eyebrow cocked up skeptically, and I pinched myself on my leg to see if I really was awake or not.

When I felt my pain, I knew that I was very much awake and breathing, and I sighed a deep breath and said.

"Liz I don´t know if we could or not we´re....we´re just to.....different". I sadly said.

"But Max, when you showed me how you really saw me and how you really felt about could you let our differences deny how you really feel about me or the way that I feel about you now".

Liz says to me entranced in my eyes.

My thoughts revel through my head at Liz´s last words.

What would I say next, what would I do next?

But taking Liz´s small hand in mine I said softly

"Are you sure Liz that you want to become involved with me"?

"Yeah I´m sure", Liz smiled brilliantly at me.

"Then lets just take our time then". I said to her.

"I suppose that means we´re together now". Liz smiles at me.

"Yeah, we´re together now", I whisper back.

Then Liz, did something, I thought I would never feel

I could feel the warm breath of Liz´s again the skin of my face

As our lips drew closer together

She kissed me, a short sweet kiss, but she kissed me!

My heart is now over-flowing in joy at having Liz´s soft lips against mine

And my legs are going weak just thinking about it, but I ask Liz worriedly.

"Liz, Liz, is there anything wrong with you"? Hoping she´s not going to grow 2 heads from kissing me.

"No Max, I´m still in one piece", Liz grins at me.

And just to reassure me, she does it again.

She kisses me, and I hold her warm body against mine.

Knowing that there could be no single moment so more right then this


A little continuation in the storyline, they´re a couple now. FB please


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Part 9

The next morning I met Liz in the foyer, when Liz saw me she smiled at me brilliantly and took my hand in hers

As we walked through the hallway people were staring at us and whispering in little huddles together.

I winched nervously, and then Liz said.

"Don´t be nervous Max, everyone will get used to the idea of seeing us together", she reassured me.

But Liz must have known my stomach was doing flips because she then said.

"I know how to calm you down". And lead me away


"Where the hell is Max this morning". Michael asked Isabel.

"I don´t know, I´m his sister not his keeper, he just ran out of the door when I came downstairs this morning". Isabel told Michael.

"Well he´s not the only person you scare then", Michael said in his typical Michael way.

"You better be quiet, or I´ll have you running away from me too". Isabel eyed Michael up.

"So Max hasn´t told you anything about Liz then has he"? Michael asked him.

"Michael I don´t think we should be talking about this here, c´mon lets duck into the music room".

And Michael and Isabel entered the room, when the did, Isabel´s mouth dropped open and she said.

"OMG tell me Michael I´m not seeing what I think I´m seeing".

"Yep, he couldn´t scare the life out of her and decided to suck the life out of her instead". Michael replied.

"Ahem, do yous 2 mind, yous have an audience now". Isabel said out loudly.

See when Liz realised how nervous I was she pulled me into the music room-to lets say calm me down.

Our arms were wrapped around each other and our lips had been glued to each others as I was finding out how enjoyable it was to be Liz´s new boyfriend.

"Iz, Michael". I said in surprise, but wouldn´t let go of Liz.

"Max, you have some explaining to do, so I suggest you come with us-alone". Isabel told me.

"Anything you have to say to me involves Liz now". I told her back.

"No this involves only us 3". Michael said, as his eyes started to tear me apart.

"I´m not going anywhere, and besides, Liz and I have something to tell yous". I said as I looked into Liz´s doe eyes and took her small hand in mine.

"I think we´re already figured out what yous have to say to us". Michael said, still with that menacing look in his eyes.

"No yous don´t tell them Liz". I asked her.

So Liz told them all about her being taken down to the station, where Valenti had shown her the photo of the dead man with a silver hand-print on his stomach.

"Shit, there´s more of us on earth". Michael said with a bit of hope in his eyes.

"I don´t believe it, we´re not alone". Isabel said as she sunk to a chair.

"No we´re not, and ummm Liz is going to be helping us from now on". I declared.

"But Max..". Isabel said, but I interrupted her.

"No Iz, Michael, Liz means to much to me, and she has the same feelings for me too, and we need all the help we can get, so Liz is on our side from now on, is that clear"!

Dejectedly Isabel and Michael looked up to us, and then agreed, but only half-heartedly.

"Now if yous 2 don´t mind, Liz and I want to get back to where we were before yous interrupted us".

So Michael and Isabel left the room, once Liz and I were alone again I said to Liz.

"Now where were we again". With a smile on my face.

And Liz placed her sweet lips against mine.

My heads spinning again now

I´m on cloud 9

Liz is such an expert kisser, I hope I´m not disappointing her.

I can´t be, she´s grabbing onto my butt now.

Whoa-a man could get used to this kind of feeling.

I don´t ever want to come up for air again.


Did yous like that part. FB please


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I am just pluggin the sequel to Khivars Daughter it´s called

Finding You Again, M/L

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Part 10

At lunch-time I sat with Liz and her friends.

Maria was surprised to see how close Liz and I had become during the last few days, but she was generally happy for us.

"I knew you liked Liz, Max, the way you used to always seem so fixated on her whenever she was in the same room with her" Maria said.

I turned a shocking colour red, while Liz snapped at her and said, "Maria please".

It was nice being able to talk to other people other then Michael and Isabel

Who seemed to be ignoring me, now that I was with Liz.

It kinda hurt that they couldn´t let down the walls that they hid behind, and come and get to know, Liz and her friends, but then I knew I couldn´t push them.

As the lunch bell sounded off to go to the next class.

Liz took my hand in hers again, smiling at me and said.

"I´m sorry about Maria, she´s just....Maria"

After school Liz and I made plans to see each other later on that evening.

So I impatiently counted down the hours until I saw her again.

When I went to go in my jeep to meet her, Michael hopped in, I don´t know where he came from

But he just said, "drive Max".

So I did, and asked, "Michael what´s this all about"?

Michael just started pointing daggers at me again with his eyes.

"You have to break it up with Liz, you know you can´t get involved with her".

I got angry and then spat out to Michael

"If we are going to be stuck on earth for the rest of our lifes, then I can at least be happy, and be with the girl that I want to. Maybe you Michael choose for yourself a life of loneliness, and isolation, but not me, so like hell will I give Liz up"

"But Max..." he said, but I interrupted

"But Max nothing, I´ve made up my mind, and maybe you should let your guard down too, and start enjoying life some more".

"Max, I´m scared! It´s alright for you, Liz has accepted you, but what if I meet that girl who does it for me, and she rejects me"

"Michael, I had to go through that rejection with Liz too. It´s not like she accepted me at first like I had wanted too. And if you do find a girl, you don´t have to tell her the whole truth about yourself, so just enjoy life a bit, your to young to be carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, hey why don´t I ask Liz if she can set up a date between you and Maria".

"Max you gotta be crazy! Maria Deluca, motor-mouth of the south, please spare me the thought, can you really see me and Maria together, the girl gets on my nerves..."

"Yeah probably in more ways than one, so will you let me do it"? I asked Michael with a smile on my face.

"Let me think about it first, I´m just trying to picture in my head Maria and I in the same room together".

So I left it at that, and asked Michael if he wanted to join Liz and I for something to eat.

"No thanks Bud, you know the old saying 2´s company, 3´s a crowd".

So when I pulled up outside the Crashdown, Michael said good-bye and left me.


"Hmmmm, hmmmm......Max". Liz moans.

As I twirl my tongue inside her wet recesses.

This is soooo much fun, being together with Liz.

"Liz.........mmmmm.......Liz", I say, when I feel Liz´s little hands on the skin of my back

This is getting pretty HEATED now, I didn´t think kissing could be like this.

My lips are now on the sweet skin of Liz´s neck, as the scent of vanilla fills up my senses

And my hands are wandering over the fabric of Liz´s tiny top.

"Max....oh....that good".

As I hungrily feed on Liz´s neck

When I feel my self arousing, I pull away from Liz and say.

"We better slow down a little".

Liz´s sweet lips are all swollen and her hair is all messed up, I suppose I look not that much different.

Then we talk together, until I leave, happy and content about my life, I´m on top of the world.

And when I get home, I whistle as I enter the door.

"Someones in a good mood tonight", my Mom comments.

I say goodnight and walk up to my room.

Where I dress out of my clothes, and fall asleep thinking sweet thoughts of Liz.


The next day at school Maria and Liz were dressing for there next class, they had gym, and as they were about to go to the gymnasium, Maria pulled Liz back in shock.

"My God Chica, you have a hickey on your neck, and it´s glowing, what the hell is up with you Liz, and since when do hickeys glow, has this got anything to do with Max"

Shocked, Liz says, "Maria you can´t say anything to anyone about the hickey, I´ll cover it up, where´s my jumper"

"Liz you better tell me the truth now". Maria says as she crosses her arm angrily.

"OK, I´ll tell you, but not now, after school I promise you".

Nervously Liz carries on the rest of the day at school, until she meets Max at lunch-time and tells him the news.

"Max, Maria saw the hickey on my neck and it was glowing, she wants to know the truth, what do we tell her".

Looking blankly I say, "we tell her the truth".


Now Maria has to be told the secret, will Maria act as Maria usually acts, or will she take the news well
FB please


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some of yous may not know that I have posted the sequel to Khivars Daughter,

That being called, Finding You Again,

It isn´t neccesary to read Khivars Daughter to read the sequel thought, as apart from Liz´s protector Teron, there are I don´t think any new characters in this fic. On Antar, Liz and Max were happily married together, and Liz is Khivars daughter, and in this fic Khivar is a goodie, and Ava is the baddie.

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Part 11

When Liz met me after school, she was a bundle of nerves, but I held on to her tight and told her everything would be OK.

Then Liz asked me something else.

"Max what about Alex? It´s been so hard keeping your secret from my 2 best friends, and now we have to tell Maria, can we tell Alex too"?

"Liz I don´t know, it was hard enough for Isabel and Michael to let you in on our secret, but now we have to tell Maria, and maybe Alex too, I can´t make that decision, with the others agreeing on it too".

"Max, I promise you, Alex will take your secret to the grave, he can be trusted, I know him"

"I will have to ask Michael and Isabel first", then I kissed Liz before dropping her off at the Crashdown.


"Why don´t we just tell the whole friggin town then Max, if you want to let Maria and Alex in on our secret" Michael said to me angrily, when I told him about what Liz had to say.

"Yeah it´s not like they´re going to be the ones hauled off by the FBI, if we get found out". Isabel then said.

"I know, all of this is abit to much for yous to take in, but can it really hurt us, if they find out"? I asked.

"Max, do you think they´re going to lay out the red carpet for us when they find out the truth"? Michael spat at me.

"I don´t know, all I know is that Maria wants some answers, and how are we supposed to explain a glowing hickey to her".

"Well you should have thought about that, before you and Liz got involved with each other". Isabel shot at me.

"I know, and I´m sorry that I puts yous in this position", I said, as I put my head down.

"If you tell them, I wanna be there, so if they cause any problems, then I can deal to them" Michael told me.

"What do you mean so you can deal to them"? I asked Michael warily.

"They are either going to freak when they find out, or they´re going to freak, either way I wanna be there". Michael said.

"So then we tell them then"? I asked not sure what they had decided.

"Yeah we tell them, lets just hope we´re making the right decision Max". Isabel said, before she turned from me and walked towards the jeep.


Later on that evening all 6 of us met at the reserviour.

"So is someone going to tell me how Liz got a glowing hickey on her neck"? Maria asked us.

"A glowing hickey, what the hell"! alex excalimed.

Liz was holding tightly onto my hand, and said, "tell them Max".

Pausing I then said, "Alex, Maria....we are aliens".

"I think I´m going to faint", Maria said before she blacked out.

"This is some kind of joke isn´t it"? Alex said, half grinning at us.

"Maria, Maria". Liz called as she held Maria´s head in her hands.

Isabel looked like a scared rabbit and said to Alex

"No Alex, this is no joke, Max, Michael and I are...are aliens".

"Woah, I think I need a seat", Alex said as he stumbled back.

"Alex please, you have to promise us that your´ll keep this a secret, Max saved my life the day of the shooting in the Crashdown, and it was me that asked him if you could be bought in on the secret, this can´t be easy for them to admit that they´re aliens, please Alex". Liz pleaded to him

While Maria lay still, but then she started to come too.


See how Maria and Alex deal with the truth in the next part. FB please

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Part 12

When Maria finally came to, I watched as Alex had slunked back against the bonnet of Maria´s Jetta.

I knew that them finding out about us being aliens would be a huge blow to what they believed in, but it was so important to Liz to have her friends in on our secret, I didn´t want to disappoint her.

Then I realised that I would risk everything for Liz, even my own life for her, and was only glad that Michael or Isabel couldn´t read my thought.

" are like telling me that yous are aliens", Maria said as she went to stand up, Liz helping her up.

"Yeah", I confirmed to Maria her question.

"I always knew there was something strange about you Michael". Maria said as she wiped the dust from her clothes and tidied herself up.

"Well some of us don´t need to be aliens to be strange Maria". Michael said to her with a hint of contempt in his voice.

"Very funny, space-boy"! Maria looked right through Michael.

"Space-boy, that´s a new one". Iz said, and we all cracked up laughing.

"Hey, I don´t see what the joke is"! Michael said to us.

"Your the joke", Maria teased him.

"But..but...guys how is this all possible"? Alex said breaking us from our thoughts, so we told them the truth.

"Wow, that´s an amazing story". Maria told us.

"It´s not a story Maria, it´s the truth". Liz said to her, as she sat back against the jeep, and I stood in between her legs, with my back faced to her, and Liz had her arms wrapped around my neck, and the side of her beautiful face leaning against my head.

I leaned my head more onto Liz´s beautiful face, knowing that Liz was my greatest support.

"So can yous 2 swear that yous will never say anything to anyone about our secret".

"Your secret is safe with me". Alex told us, as he looked around all of us, to confirm his stance with us.

"Yeah me too, I´m only feeling very priviledged that yous could all trust me enough to tell Alex and I the truth, it couldn´t have been easy, for any of yous". Maria nodded at us.

Isabel then started crying and said.

"Yous have no idea, what´s it like to be.....accepted".

Then Maria went to Isabel and embraced Iz in a comforting hold.

"Isabel, you have us now, you don´t need to feel alone ever again".

Isabel then cried on Maria´s shoulder, thanking her.

It was really touching to see my sister, feel wanted, I knew it meant everything to Iz, not to be rejected.

Then Alex said, "can I get in on the hug too"!

"Alex, I think you better be putting whatever thoughts in that little mind of yours OUT! As in now"! Maria scolded him.

"Just ignore him, Isabel, you know, typical guy, hormones going crazy" Maria smiled at Iz.

"Hey, I resent that last comment". Alex stood up and said.

Isabel then blushed bright red, a new one for Isabel, but then she had never contemplated that anyone would ever find her attractive if they knew she was an alien.

Liz then kissed me on the side of my face and said.

"We better be getting back home now, so is everyone alright then"? Liz asked as she slipped her arms back from around my neck, and I felt suddenly cold without her warmth near me.

"Yeah we´re all fine".

Everyone assured us, so we all drove home.

As Liz was sitting next to me she asked me.

"Max are you OK, I mean now that Maria and Alex know the truth now"?

"Yeah, I´m fine", I said as I smiled at Liz and squeezed her leg.

"So long as your by my side, I can take on the world".

And we carried on home.


Today, we have a public holiday in Germany, so I may update later on. FB please


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Part 13

The next week that followed was absolute hell-just to put it lightly.

The FBI came to town, and were asking questions about the shooting at the Crashdown

I go hauled down to the Sheriffs Department, and put through a grilling from Sheriff Valenti, it was only because no one had come forward to tell Valenti that I was in the Crashdown that day, that Valenti released me. But that also had alot to do with the fact that Liz was there when I got hauled-off and rung my Dad up, it helps when your Dad is a lawyer, and he through the book at Valenti, and took me home.

But that didn´t stop the FBI from setting up house outside of my parents home

Anywhere I drove to, I was always followed by 2 men wearing suits, sun-galasses and they drove a dark coloured vehicle.

Liz and I couldn´t even walk down the strret without these goons followind us.

If matters couldn´t get anymore worse then this crazy blonde &/§%/$%"%"" Gerbil came to live in Roswell

The day that Tess entered my life, I was in the Crashdown waiting for Liz to finish her next shift

When this Gerbil came straight up to me and started kissing me!

ECK GOD! I thought I was going to throw up right there on the spot, and pushed her off of me!

"What the hells your problem, do you always go up to strange guys and kiss them"? I spat at her.
I mean who the hell did she think she was???? I still ask myself that!

"I belong to you my husband", the Gerbil smiled seductively at me.

"What are you demented or something"? I asked her absolutely unamused.

"It´s me, your wife, can´t you remember me at all Zan"? The Gerbil asked me.

"Hell no, and who the hell is Zan, my names Max, Max Evans". I told her. I could see Liz and Maria staring daggers at me and this Gerbil, and I motioned for Liz to come to me.

Liz moved towards me, and kissed me on the lips before sitting on top of my lap, and Liz started eying this Gerbil up and down.

"And who do you think you are"? The Gerbil asked Liz.

"She´s my girlfriend, so what the hell do you want with me"? I asked, almost about to explode, but Liz held onto my hand, calming me down somewhat.

"How can she be your girlfriend, I am your wife", the Gerbil spat at me.

"With all due respects, but for 5 minutes I didn´t even know you existed". I told her.

"Look, I think it´s better if you come with me, and I explain this all to you", she then said to me.

"I´m not going anywhere without Liz, especially with you-alone"!

"Have it your way then, meet me in half an hour, heres my address", and the girl wrote down on a piece of paper and gave it to me then said.

"If you feel you have to bring your little love-thing with you do it, but she won´t mean a thing to you once I´ve finished telling you about us". The Gerbil told me.

"Yeah whatever"! Then she left.

Liz and I talked about who she could possibly be, then 1 hour later I knocked on the front door of the house, while Liz held onto my hand.

The Gerbil answered the door, and lead us into the lounge, we sat down, and that´s when I met Nacedo.

Nacedo looked on at Liz as if she was some kind of insect that needed to be swotted.

That´s when I found out about "my destiny".

The one where Tess and I were to marry one day, and that I was a King of some alien nation.

God how depressing, to think that these people really expected me to one day marry Tess.

I said as long as I was the King, I wouldn´t be marrying Tess, and pissed-off, I lead Liz out of the house holding onto her small hand in mine.

"Nobody, and I mean nobody is ever going to come between us Liz", I then kissed Liz on the top of her small hand, then drove her home.


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Isn´t it weird how life pans itself out sometimes.

Only after finding out about Tess something happens to her.

It happened 2 days later after finding out that Tess existed that she got kidnapped.

I am not exactly sure of all the details myself, but apparently Tess was using her powers and one of her neighbours was looking through the window when it happened.

The woman wanted to greet her new neighbours, and when no one answered the door, she looked through the windows, to see Tess fixing a broke vase.

Scared out of her mind the woman rung the FBI up.

That night as Tess lay in bed, she was awoken by men from the FBI, who took her away.

Nacedo was not in the house that night, he was off somewhere, and he only made contact with me today.

Nacedo confirmed that Tess had been taken away by the FBI, Nacedo has no idea where she has been taken to, but asked us for our help.

Now we are all at Michaels place discussing what we should do next.

Nacedo doesn´t look to pleased at having Liz, Maria and Alex there too, but those 3 are now a part of our small circle, and as I sit there, Liz is holding onto my hand.

"We have to find Tess, your Majesty, she is your destiny, she will one day become your wife" Nacedo tells me.

Liz is looking at me worriedly, but I say.

"I do not know who Tess is, and I am involved with Liz now, we will help you find Tess, but now that the FBI know what Tess is, it will not be safe for Tess to stay around Roswell anymore, she will bring to much danger to the rest of us". I say.

"I agree with you your Majesty, but then you must fulfil your destiny, I suggest that once we find Tess that you and the others come with us too". Nacedo tells me.

"I will just not up and leave the only life I have ever known, I will not be leaving Roswell". I tell him

"But your Majesty...."

"Nacedo, I am the King, and like I said, I will not be leaving Liz or Roswell is that clear now". I tell him with all the authority I can use in my voice.

"Yes your Majesty". Nacedo responds.

Then Isabel dream-walks Tess.

Isabel is able to tell where Tess has been taken too.

We plan her rescue.

It won´t be easy, but Nacedo says, with the help of our powers we have a chance.

Then after divising a plan, we all set off to rescue Tess


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Next part

The rescue attempt of Tess, took us to an old deserted Army Base called Eagle Rock.

As we drove up there, my nerves had gone right out the window.

Although I didn´t know Tess, and she claimed to be my wife in our former life, I still couldn´t imagine, any of us being tortured by the FBI.

Our plan was simple, Nacedo would shape-shift into an agent, and then would destroy any security systems that were in place.

I would then use my powers to put up a force field once Nacedo had given us the go ahead.

Michael and I would enter, and Isabel would use her powers to let Tess know that we were coming for her.

In theory it sounded easy, but we all knew what we were getting ourselves into.

One false mistake and we could all be captured!

That future I didn´t like to think about, but then what were we to do?

Leave on of our own at the mercies of the FBI, or attempt the rescue mission.

Nacedo´s powers were alot more developed than ours, but we were the only back-up that Nacedo had.

Isabel stayed in the jeep which we had parked up a good mile or so away from the base.

Using a photo of Tess, Isabel was able to successfully dream-walk Tess.

"She knows that we´re coming, good luck you guys, I´ll try and dream-walk Tess to put up a mind-warp". Isabel then told us, and we men set out.

On approaching the building, Michael found a door, and using his powers, Nacedo opened it.

Nacedo hesitantly, walked through the door, he knocked out the security system and the camera´s as well.

Walking down the hall-way it lead us to a basement, underneath.

"Now wait here, and when I signal you´s then come upstairs, I was here once before", and Nacedo told us how to make our way upstairs.

"Wonder how he knew that"? Michael asked me when Nacedo left us.

"I have no idea", I responded.

It seemed like forever until Nacedo gave us the go-ahead, and Michael and I made our way through the maze of corridors.

We found body´s of dead FBI agents as we made our way to where they were holding Tess.

"Nacedo killed them all", I said in shock at our protectors handy-work.

"It´s either them or us"! Michael said sullenly.

In the meantime, Tess was mind-warping her captors.

We found out later on that Tess was able to make the agents think that they were torturing her, in reality they hadn´t even touched her.

The FBI had not been able to find a device to stop us from using our powers.

This was the very advantage that we needed!

Then an alarm went off!

"What the hell"! Michael exclaimed, and we ran in great distress to find Nacedo and Tess.

We made it around a corner, and Michael and I saw someone shouldering Tess.

Michael went to use his powers, but the man shouted out to us.

"It´s me, Nacedo". And we went to help him with Tess.

"What happened"? I asked Nacedo when we reached him

"Looks like they figured out that we were going to rescue Tess". Nacedo explained to us.

"Take Tess, and I will hold the agents back for as long as I can". Nacedo told us.

"I´m coming with you", I told him.

"But your Majesty...".

"Look there´s not time to argue, Michael you know how to get out of here don´t you"? I asked him.

"No worries Max" Michael said to me.

"Max, you came to rescue me". Tess whispered out.

"Just go"! I ordered them, and Michael helped Tess as they went to escape.

Footsteps could be heard coming around the corner.

"Let me take care of them". Nacedo said, and before I could say anything, he had backed up against a wall, and waited until the men ran around.

Without thinking Nacedo placed his hand on one of the mens chest, within seconds the man fell down-dead!

"No, no more killing"! I shouted out, but then one of the agents took a shot at me.

I instinctively put up my shield.

But Nacedo was still in the line of firing.

"Run"! Nacedo shouted at me.

"But.." I said.

"Just run", so I walked back-wards, as I saw Nacedo take a shot.

"Oh God", I said, then taking one last look backwards, I ran out.

I was running throught the corridors, when Michael came back for me.

"Where´s Nacedo"? Michael asked me.

"He got shot, he´s still back there", I yelled at Michael.

"What do we do now"? Michael yelled back.

"If we go back, we´re get caught, we have to get outta here",

Then I followed Michael out.

Once we were about 30 metres out of the building, Michael ran over to some bushes, where he had hidden Tess.

"She better be worth all of this", Michael said as he lifted Tess up and supported Tess with his arm around her.

I went to Tess´s other side, and between Michael and I we carried Tess out of there.

Isabel must of known something had gone wrong, because we hadn´t run very far, and she was there with the jeep.

"Hurry up Max jump in". And without a moments delay, we practically threw Tess inside and Michael and I jumped inside.

"Where´s Nacedo"? Isabel asked me.

"He got shot", I told her.

"We have to go back to rescue him", Tess said to us.

"No way in hell", Michael spat out.

"But we need him, we have to save him". Tess then cried out.

"The risk is to big, if we do we´re get caught". Michael then replied.

And we drove into the night, afraid for our lifes.


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Next part

Now that we had rescued Tess, the problems that faced us, were that there was no way that Tess could stay around Roswell, and what could we do to rescue Nacedo, if he was still alive.
With nothing concrete in place yet we went back to Tess´s place so that Isabel could get a photo of him, after finding a photo of Nacedo, we took Tess out to the pod chamber.
That night was along night, I thought it would never end.
Firstly Isabel tried dream-walking Nacedo, for 45 minutes she tried, and when exhaustion finally overtook Isabel, she gave up.
Isabel was unable to come up with anything about Nacedo, it was like he had disappeared off the face of the earth.
"But you have to keep trying", Tess insisted.
"I would, but I can´t anymore, I can´t make a connection with Nacedo", Isabel sighed out of breath.
"Then we have to go back and save him", Tess then suggested.
"Yeah and maybe in the whole process get ourselves all killed", Michael spat at her then, "if you want to put all of our lifes endanger you can go to hell".
"But Max, what about Nacedo"? Tess asked me.
"Tess, Michael is right, we can´t go risking our lifes for Nacedo, we could all get caught by the FBI, or worse be killed". I answered her.
"But....", Tess tried to say, but Michael cut her off.
"What you shout the hell up! If you want to do the mercy mission then go, but I´m not going to put mine, Max´s or Isabels lifes in danger for a protector".
Then in a sulky mood Tess sat down on the ground with her legs pulled up to her chest hugging them with her arms.
"The next question is what are we going to do with you Tess"? I said.
"Why"? Tess looked at me grudgedly.
"Tess you were identified and kidnapped by the FBI, your photo will be known in every police station from her to who knows where, you can´t be seen anywhere near us". I told her.
"So what are you suggesting then"? Tess asked.
"Tess you have to leave Roswell, there´s no other alternative", I said.
"But where will I go"? Tess cried out.
"Look, my parents have a place about 3 hours from here, you can stay up there, I mean we could always come up to visit, but you can´t stay in Roswell anymore". I explained to her.
"But I can´t stay up there by myself", Tess then cried out.
"Tess if things were different....but they´re not, I´m really sorry about everything, but you don´t have a hell of alot of other options", I then said.
"Max is right, if you stay in Roswell, the FBI will only come to get you again, and you don´t want to end up the rest of your life in there hands do you"? Isabel said.
"Yous just don´t want me to be a part of your lifes don´t yous"? Tess looked at us sadly.
"Tess, you would only bring more attention to us, attention that we don´t need", Michael than sympatheticlly told her.
"Look, you can stay at my place for tonight, but tomorrow Max and I will take you back to your place, I can even pack up somethings for you, but you have to leave". Michael suggested.
I was wondering how long it would take Tess to see what could happen to us if she didn´t leave.
After bargaining with Tess for what seemed like forever, she finally agreed, and Michael and I would drive Tess up to my parents vacational home tomorrow.


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Next part

That night Tess stayed at Michaels, like he suggested.
Then driving over to Tess´s Michael and I her up some things before returning back to his place.

The next morning, I rung up Liz to tell her what was going on. I then told Liz that Michael and I were going to bunk school, so we could take Tess up to my parents vacational home, and asked if I could ring her up when Michael and I got back.

Driving Tess to my parents place was a quiet affair.
Hardly anyone spoke, Tess was still upset about not being able to stay in Roswell, but what else could we do?
Once we got there, I showed Tess around, she would have no vehicle, but told us that she would be able to buy one, with nothing else to say, Michael and I told Tess that we would keep in touch with her, and if anything happened while she was there, to ring us up, then we left Tess to drive back to Roswell.

Getting back there, I dropped Michael off at his place, then drove over to the Crashdown to see Liz.

I was just so desperate to see her, that I knew a phone call wouldn´t be enough.

When I entered the doors, Liz had her head down, as she went to pour a drink, but when Liz saw me, a smile appeared on her face and.......
Liz forgot that she was pouring a drink, and the fluids from the drink spilt everywhere.

"Here let me help you", I said, as I rushed behind the counter and bent down to help Liz clean up the spill.

But Liz was so happy to see me she threw her arms around my neck and lay a nice big home welcoming kiss on my eagar lips.

"Mmmmmm, I thought you would never get back", Liz said, as I kissed her down the side of her face.

"I know, I thought it would take forever to drive back, and it did", I said, feeling Liz´s torturous hands, grazing the skin of my back.

"Max, tell me you won´t go anywhere without me ever again". Liz said to me while my lips were still attached to her sweet tasting skin.

"I won´t leave you ever, I promise". I then whispered into Liz´s ear.

"I´ll hold you to that", Liz then whispered back to me.

I thought I was going to lose control right there, behind the counter of the Crashdown, as people milled on the other side of the counter.

"Max.....Max" Liz moaned out in pleasure.

"Yes Max, ahem, I think it´s about time you got back to work Lizzie", Mr Parker then said.

Wiping at our lips, I went as red as a beetroot and said.

"Ummmm, I was just helping Liz with the spill".

"I noticed, how you were helping Liz with the spill Max", Mr Parker looked at me unamused.

"I think, I´ll go and sit down", I then said to Liz.

"I´ll come over to take your order", and Liz followed me out to the table I normally sit out.

Then after taking my order, Liz whispered to me that she would see me later on, and went to get my order.


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Next part

Once Liz had finished her shift, she came over and told me she was just going to get changed and went upstairs.

I waited as patiently as I could until Liz came back downstairs again.

"Don´t be to late home Lizzie", Mr Parker called out to us as we walked out of the Crashdown hand in hand.

"Where do you wanna go Liz"? I asked her, as I helped her into the jeep.

"Somewhere quiet", Liz grinned at me, and I kissed her on her sweet lips, as I held her chin up with my finger.

"Anything you want to do", I whispered, staring Liz intensely into her deep chocolate pools.

So driving out of Roswell, I took Liz into the desert, and parked up outside of the pod chambers.

Going to Liz´s side, I helped her out of the jeep, and pulled her into my arms, and we walked up to the chambers.

Opening the entrance, we both then went inside.

I had bought some blankets up here, and I put them down onto the hard ground.

Then sitting down, I held my arms out to Liz to join me.

Lying down we then became engaged in a heated kiss.

Liz lay underneath me, and my hands grazed onto the soft skin of Liz´s flat stomach

Liz´s lips were doing wonders to me, as she trailed soft kisses down my face and onto the hollow of my neck.

"Liz....", I hissed out in pleasure.

And I then began to feel Liz´s tiny hands brush over the hot skin of my back.

My head was spinning, I had dreamed of having Liz like this for most of my teenage life.

And now my dreams were becoming a reality.

How life works out sometimes.

Then I moved my lips down, onto Liz´s body, she arched her stomach into me.

I kissed over the cloth of Liz´s top, my hand massage Liz´s breast.

"Max, oh God"! Liz exclaimed.

And my mouth moved even more in a southbound direction

Until my lips were kissing the sweet skin of Liz´s stomach

I could feel Liz´s hand ruffling through my hair.

And then I started moving my lips up towards Liz´s breasts.

My lips reached the edge of Liz´s bra, then I pulled my head up and said.

"I can stop if you don´t want to go any further".

"I don´t want you to stop yet Max", Liz eyes blazed into mine.

Then arching her back upwards, Liz placed her hands behind her back, unhooking her bra

Then Liz sat up, and took her top and bra off.

I stared at Liz´s beautiful body in awe

My hand gently moved over Liz´s breast

"Your so beautiful Liz", I said, as I looked into Liz´s darkened eyes.

"Oh Max", and Liz pulled my head to her breasts.

On contact, my tongue lapped up the taste of Liz´s breast

My mouth sucked hungrily at Liz´s breast, while with my other hand I played with the hardened nipple of her other breast.

Then moving my mouth over Liz´s other breast, I flicked my tongue over her other hard, plum coloured nipple

Rolling my tongue over and over it again and again.

Then I pulled Liz´s nipple in between my lips.

Oh man, I was in heaven

With the girl that I had loved like forever, at my mercy.

Liz´s hands were gently squeezing my shoulders, my arms, anywhere she could grasp at me.

But then I felt myself harden, and pulled away from Liz.

"Liz, I think we better stop there for now", I said, as my groin ached in pain.

"Max are you...."? Liz looked querily into my eyes.

"Yeah", I gasped out.

But then without taking her eyes off of me, Liz unzipped my jeans.

"Liz you don´t have to do anything if you don´t want to", I told her.

"We don´t have to go the whole way, but I can relieve you", and then moving her tiny hand under my boxers, I felt Liz hold onto my manhood.

"Oh God.....", I groaned out, and lay back onto the blanket.

Liz´s hand moved up and down on me

And my body arched higher and higher.

The feeling was unbelievable.

And Liz´s mouth was trailing hot kisses on my behr skin, while her minstral touches bough me over the edge, and I pumped my cum all over myself.

I remember calling out Liz´s name, and she slumped onto my body.

The blood had felt like it had boiled, and now it was slowly simmering down again

"Liz, let me clean myself up" Liz then sat up, and waving my hand over myself, my cum disappeared.

Then pulling Liz into my arms, we fell asleep.


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Next part

When I wake up again, I look at my watch and it´s after 2 in the morning.

"Shit Liz, wake up, we´re late", I say as I rise and shake Liz gently.

"What Max"? Then Liz sits up and looks at her watch.

"Oh no, my parents are going to kill me", Liz then says.

"Me too"! I then say, dreading having to face the Parkers anytime soon.

Then getting up quickly, I hold onto Liz´s small hand in mine as we exit the pod chamber.

Driving back to Roswell, I am thinking I´m dead meat!

Yep! One fried alien on a bar-b-que spit, I can see myself now, frying over a big fire.

"Max, it will be alright, we´ll just tell my parents, that we fell asleep" Liz says.

"Then they´re ask us if we used condoms next"! I say dishearedly.

When I pull up outside the Crashdown, the lights are still on, and I see both Liz´s parents wide awake, Mr Parker is pacing up and down in the room, probably wearing a hole in the floor.

I go to step out of the jeep, and walk to Liz´s side.

"Max, you don´t have to come with me", Liz then says.

"I´m not going to let you face the music by yourself", and I take Liz´s small hand in mine again.

We walk through the doors of the Crashdown, and are met with a barage of questions.

"Mom, Dad, Max and I went out into the desert, we were only watching the stars, when we fell asleep", Liz then say.

"Is that all yous got up too"? Mrs Parker asks staring daggers at me.

"Yes Mom, please believe me", Liz pleads to her parents.

"Lizzie, I just don´t think that´s good enough, you should have known better than to fall asleep in the desert", Mr Parker then says and now he´s staring daggers at me.

"I´m really sorry, please, we didn´t mean to fall asleep, it just happened", I then say.

"Well Max, I think you better go home now, Lizzie has some explaining to do", Mr Parker says to me.

I look down on Liz, hoping nothing will come of this.

"I´ll ring you up tomorrow Max", Liz then says

"Yeah OK", I want to kiss Liz but know that at this moment, it´s probably not a good thing to do.

"Bye Liz, Mr and Mrs Parker, please believe me, I did not do anything to Liz tonight", I say, but think yeah but she did something to me.

Then reluctantly I leave, and I turn one last time to face Liz, who is trying to grin at me, before, I go through the doors, and drive back home.


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Next part

When Max left to go home, then Liz´s parents started in on her.
"Now Lizzie you really don´t expect us to believe that you and Max fell asleep stargazing", Nancy then said.
"But Mom, it´s true, we really did fall asleep". Liz replied, pleading to her parents.
"Lizzie, I saw what you and Max were up to behind the counter this evening and I don´t think stargazing is what either of yous had on your minds", Jeff said suspect of Liz´s story.
"Why doesn´t anyone believe me"? Liz said throwing her arms up in the air.
"Because I know what it´s like to be a teenage boy, and stargazing was the last thing I had on my mind whenever I took a young girl out with me", Jeff then replied.
"But we really did just fall asleep", Liz kept on pleading to her parents.
"Either way Lizzie, you could have rung us up, instead we stayed up worrying about you, that maybe you were in an accident or something", Nancy told Liz
"I know, I could have rung yous up", Liz said semi-defeated.
"So you give us no other choice, your grounded for 1 week, no going out, and you come straight home after school". Jeff then punished Liz.
"Mom, Dad, that´s not fair"! Liz then said.
"No what´s not fair, is that you go out with your boyfriend, and then don´t come back home until well after 2 in the morning, now you go upstairs to your bedroom, I don´t want to hear anymore about what´s fair and what´s not", Nancy then told Liz.
"But Mom...Dad.....", Liz tried to plead again.
"No upstairs now Lizzie", Nancy repeated herself.
So upset Liz moved slowly to her bedroom.
When she got there, Liz slammed her bedroom door, and lay on top of her bed.
Where she eventually fell asleep.


When Liz woke up the next morning, she was still in her clothes from yesterday, remembering about her punishment, Liz went and had a nice, long, hot shower, after she changed into some fresh clothes she then rung Max up.
Isabel answered the phone, so Liz waited patiently until Max got on the phone.
"Hey Love", Max greeted Liz.
"Hey", Liz said dejectively.
"What´s the matter Love"? Max asked in concern.
"My parents grounded me for 1 week", Liz then told Max.
"Love, I´m sorry" Max then said.
"It wasn´t your fault Max, but that means I can´t come and see you for 1 whole week", Liz said very upset.
"But did your parents say anything about me not allowed to come to the Crashdown"? Max then said.
"No, that would be to bad for business, your one of our best customers", Liz then managed to smile.
"So, I´ll just have to visit you everyday, in the Crashdown then", Max said.
"Max, you do that anyway", Liz smiled to herself.
"Yeah well I´ll just have to set up camp there until your groundings over", Max now grinned.
"If you have too"! Liz responded.
"So I´ll see you then in maybe another hour or so", Max then replied.
"Yeah OK then in another hour", Liz said.
"OK the catcha then", Max said.
"OK till then", and then Liz hung up the phone.
Although she was grounded for a week, it wouldn´t be all that hard, at least Max could still visit her during the grounding, then Liz went downstairs to have breakfast.


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Next part

As said Max turned up to the Crashdown later that morning, when Liz saw Max enter she went eagerly to his side.
"Hi Love", Liz said, staring intently into Max´s eyes.
"Hi Love", Max said to Liz with a smile on his face but very much aware that Jeff was giving him a death stare.
"I think I better take a seat before your Dad´s death ray stares knock me down", Max then joked to Liz.
Gently brushing her hand against Max´s hand, Liz looked hesitantly back towards her Dad.
"Yeah with a stare like that he could kill elephants", and Liz slipped into the seat opposite Max.
"So your really grounded for a week then"? Max asked Liz.
"Yeah, unfortunately", Liz told him.
"Lizzie, don´t you think you should be taking some orders", Jeff then said.
Liz looked around the half empty room, and sighed saying.
"He´s not going to give up, what do you want to eat then Max"? Liz asked him.
"The normal", Max replied.
"OK, then and if I get a free moment from here, I´ll come and see you later", Liz then said as she stood up.
"I won´t be going anywhere soon", Max told Liz
Then Liz went about with her orders.
When Liz went behind the counter Jeff then said to her.
"Lizzie, I don´t want you spending your shift talking to Max".
"Dad, thats not fair, I only went to say good morning to Max and he is one of our best customers, we can´t go around scaring our customers away now, can we"? Liz then pointed out to her Dad.
"Just don´t go neglecting your other customers, thats all I´m saying", Jeff then said.
And Liz set off to do her work.


Max stayed at the Crashdown practically the whole day, Michael and Isabel came in later that afternoon, and Maria started her shift as well.
As Liz was finishing off her shift, she went over and whispered something into Max´s ear.
"Later on when I go upstairs, sneak up the fire exit", Liz said to Max.
"Yeah OK then", Max agreed with her plans.
Then as Liz went upstairs, Max waited for 20 minutes before he got up from the table, saying farewell to Michael and Isabel, Max went out of the Crashdown entrance, but then turning down the alley way, Max made his way to the fire escape, looking around to make sure that no one was watching him, Max made his way up the ladder.
Looking over the top of the wall, Max noticed that Liz was now stretched out on a seat.
Liz went over to greet Max.
Wrapping her arms around Max´s neck they engaged in a kiss.
"Mmmmm, I missed you", Liz said to Max.
"Not as much as I missed you", Max then replied.
They were about to get into a heated kiss, when they both heard, Nancy calling out.
"Shit Max, hide", and Max ran to the side of the wall and hide in the darkness of the shadows.


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Now on to the next part


"Lizzie", Nancy called out.
"Mom, I´m coming", Liz said out loud to her Mom, while shushing Max with her finger to her lips.
Then Liz moved quickly through her window inside.
"Lizzie, what´s the matter with you, you looked so flushed", Nancy asked Liz querily.
"Am I? I feel OK Mom", Liz then said.
"Heres your washing, your jeans are still a little wet, but I´ll bring them up to you tomorrow", Nancy said as she placed the wash basket on Liz´s desk.
"Oh thanks Mom. Is there anything else that you wanted"? Liz then asked standing nervously before the window.
"No, why"? Nancy asked looking strangely at Liz.
"Oh it´s just that I have a bit of home work to do, that´s all", Liz then said.
"OK then Honey", and Nancy walked out to Liz´s room.
Liz then went to the bedroom door, and leaned against it and said.
"That was close", before placing the chair in front of the door, and going back onto the balcony.
"Max it´s all clear now, you can come out now", Liz then ushered Max to come out of hiding.
"Phew that was close, we better not risk me coming here again, or your parents might lock you in your room, and throw away the key", Max said, as he embraced Liz in his strong arms.
"Yeah say that again", Liz said leaning her head against Max´s strong chest.
"I think I better go now, just incase one of your parents decide to come back into your room", Max then said.
"It´s probably for the best", Liz said, then placed her soft lips against Max´s lips.
"Mmmm, I can´t get enough of you", Max then commented to Liz.
"And I can´t get enough of you", Liz said.
"I´m crazy about you Liz", Max then admitted.
"I know you are, just like I´m crazy about you", then the 2 reluctantly unlocked there lips from one another and Max slowly started to decend from the fire exit ladder.
"I´ll see you tomorrow then", Liz whispered down to Max.
"Yeah tomorrow then", and Max the walked down the rest of the ladder, and went to his jeep.


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