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I think you'll recognize the theme in the story and it's M/L by the way.

P.S.~ this story takes place somtime in the Dark Ages.

I cowered in the corner as Sir Maxwell Lucot put a dagger to His Majesty Sean's throat and turned toward me.

"It's time to make a choice Queen Elizabeth," the weapon shook with his rage, pain, and determination.

I stood slowly and looked into my lovers eyes and then I glanced into my husbands before looking away, ashamed that we'd been found out, ashamed that I really didn't mind.

I raised my face to Maxwells again and even under these circumstances, still felt the safness that I only felt with him. "I...............," I faultered. such horrible happenings from a seemingly hapless meetings those weeks ago in the forest.

3 months earlier

I tried to balance my weight on the limb of the tree and heard the tell tale sign that my weight was straining it. A girl stood below me oblivious that a knight of her Lord and King was about to plunge to his death at her feet.

"Please Sir Maxwell, just go and see if my betrothed is beautiful on the inside and the out, it'll only take a moment, for a freind?"

Yeah some freind Lord Sean was, sending me to check up on his future wife when all I'd found is what must be one of her ladies. I couldn't see her face and risked leaning farther over to glimpse her.


I gasped before I fell onto the hard Earth at her feet and glanced into those deep choclate eyes that would one day soon, be my ruining.


I jumped from the peasant that'd fallen at my feet and curiously glanced at him.

He was broad Shouldered with a thick mop of jet black hair on his head. He was clean shaven so I assumed he was a youth, not much older then I.

When a few moments passed and he still had not risen I chanced going closer to him and kicked out with my right foot whitch he immediatly caught. "You know, my Lady, that it is not proper for a girl of any standing to kick anyhting or anyone."

I jumped back and stood still as he rose to his full height. Six ft. maybe, I watched around me for a escape route as he began to talk.


"Why are you unescorted out here my Lady," I couldn't beleive the luck I had. She was no more then a year younger then my 19 summers and she was radiant with long ebony culs gliding down her pure white gown. I was sure this is what God's angels must look like.

"My caravan stopped to water the horses and I walked off to look at the scenery.''

I smiled at that, she'd been trying to escape not look around. I knew there was a small bag with a change of clothes and some food behind the tree I'd fallen from and from her darting eyes I could tell she was afraid that I already knew the truth. I just wondered from what she was running.

There was a silence before I broke it, "I'm Maxwell Lucot. It means........Of The Lake," she said along with me. I smiled. impressed with her knowledge, and you are?"

She looked at me as if she were debating whether or not to answer truthfully then decided to, "I am Lady Elizabeth of the house of Parker. I am your kings unwilling betrothed."

Rating: PG~NC17

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or the basic stroyline of King Arthur.

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Thank all of you so much for the replies. I'm not sure if I will end this story in it's true sad form. I guess it'll depend on my mood. I will try and update again later today, thanx you guys!!!
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Thanx for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it.

I tried to make sure that my shock didn't register on my face. She was a princess, THE Princess, Seans princess.

I straitened after this train of thought, even if she were only a lady in waiting, I couldn't be with her, or any other woman for that matter. In order to reach personal perfection you must not succomb to the evils of the flesh.

I repeated the mantra that my families preist at home in France at our kingdom, Joyous Gard, had drilled into my head since my birth.

That sentence and carrying out it's details had made me into the fantastic warrior I am today. It had made, or was about to anyway, make me into the kings Knight. Into the kings and very soon, Lady Elizabeths protector.

"Well miss.......," I was cut off by the thundering sound of horses hooves coming right at us. Shit, the guard had found her.

She came to my side and pulled at me, "we have to go, you'll hang if they see me with a pesant." She pulled but the guard had us surrounded.

"Come with us Madame Elizabeth," one of them ground out as they pulled me away from her. He noticed me and screamed toward they were holding me. "Hellllllloooooooo Maxwell, where ever did you find the lovely lass?"

She looked between us for a moment, confused by what was transpiring, then it dawned in her eyes as she looked at me with a face as if we'd known eachother forever and I betrayed her.

For some reason, I felt that way too.

I stood my full stature and walked toward her shivering frame. "That my dear," I said as I turned us toward the horizon and Seans kingdom, "is your new prison, Utopia, also known as Camelot."

Utopia: A perfect world, Heaven on Earth.
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Sorry it took forever but here it is. The following is a list of the characters who are in are or about to enter the story. I will have a description for those who I feel yuo might not recognize.

Merlin: Alex, a Sorcerer who raised Arthur(Sean) until he was about 5 then gave him over to a family.

Morgana: Maria, Arthurs(Seans) half sister. She hates him and is also a powerful Sorceress.

Mordred: Kyle, Arthur's(Seans) other half brother. Pure evil and only wants to see Sean destroyed. In the real story he's his son with Morgana(Maria) but we are totally not going there in this story.*big*

I think that's it for now, Thank you guys!!!!!!*wink**tongue*

In that second, I hated him. I knew that he was only following orders, that he wasn't really a person, just apart of the king. Like his leg or his arm, he was an appendich that didn't have a thought or a will of his own.

He grabbed me and drug me up on his huge white horse, "It's time to go my lady," he whispered before riding us off toward that place he'd called Camelot.


She didn't say very much as we rode toward her new home with Sean as her husband. I wanted to turn toward her and say what a great man The King was, how everyone loved and respected him, that he wasn't an ogre but somone she would love, someone she should love.

I felt my stomache tighten but pushed those feelings aside. What the hell was happening to me, this wasn't normal. Those thoughts that'd popped into my head back there when I'd thought she was just a maiden were the first sign now this.

I shook myself as we rode into the castle gates and I helped her dismount. I tried hard not to feel as she slowly slid down my body, as my hands felt the soft curves of her hips taper then curve out slowly again as the swell of her breasts.

I quickly let go of her as she we walked into the castle doors to meet her husband.


As he helped me down I fought the urge to fall into his arms, I was about to be married and to a king no less, I couldn't let silly emotions get in the way now.

I didn't want to marry him and yes, I'd even tried to run away but I was here now and I was going to be the best queen I could and make the best from a very bad situation.

Falling for his head knight or whatever this Maxwell was would only make things that much harder.

We were escorted into the hall where one of the servents told us Sean would meet us as soon as possible. That something had come up and he had to go but he'd be back soon.


Fucking Fantasic.

I felt bad using foul language, even if it was only in my head. Ladies didn't think or speak that way at all, ever. But these were extreme circumstances. God would forgive me.

We sat in silence for awhile before I broke it with a question. "What do you do for King Sean?"

He looked baffled by the question for a moment before he slowly answered.

"King Sean put out a call for men to be knights of the round table. The message got to my home in France and I came seeking a job with him. We ran into eachother on the road and we fought. I successfully knocked him from his horse at whitch point he told me who he was."

A small ghost of a smile had crossed his face at the telling of this story and I felt myself beginning to smile to. "You could say we've been freinds ever since. I'm being knighted two days from today."

All of a sudden I recognized his name and said, "You're Maxwell LuCot, from Joyous Gard in France?" He nodded and I smiled broader. " I know you, you're the warrior that's never lost a duel or a battle."

He looked a little embaressed at that and turned away from me. "How did you do it, what's your secret?"

He was turning scarlette now and I couldn't figure why until he answered my question. "I pray everyday and remain pure."

I wrinkled my brow at that, "what do you mean pure?"
He was turning redder by the moment but I had to know if what I was thinking was true. The blood was pumping loud in my ears as he clarified the stament.

"I mean by pure that I will not give into the sin of the flesh, I will not fall in love. I will live my life devoted to only God. It's worked so far."

There was utter silence in the room after his revelation. It was few and far inbetween that you ever saw a man above the age of sixteen that was still a virgin. The fact that he was oddly touched me though I had no reason why it did.

I was about to question him again about this pact he'd made when there was the signal of a horn in the courtyard below us. We jumped apart as if we'd been doing somthing we shouldn't have and maybe we had been. What we'd just been dicussing wasn't really considered proper.

I sat quietly tensed awaited the arrival of his king and my new husband.


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Thanx for standing the long wait old readers and new ones alike. I hope you continue loving the story and I hope I don't fuck it up.*angel*

I wrung my hands anxiously as it seemed like it took him forever to climb the stairs to us. I was nerveous. Would he be a horrible, evil, ugly, tyrant who wanted to stifle my creativity and independence so I could bear 55 of his sons.

I shuddered at the thought of even having to make love to a man I hardly knew. I glanced at Sir Maxwell from the corner of my eye. He was never going to make love at all and the thought comforted me for some reason.

Just as I was pondering why the king barrreled into the room and huged Maxwell then turned to me as a slow smile curved his mouth.

He was YOUNG! and handsome too. With that light brown curly hair and matching eyes, nothing like Sir Maxwell but then again, who was?

I was really lucky and he seemed.......sweet. Not at all borish or overdemanding like you'd expect the king of a great kingdom to be.

"I am Lady Elizabeth of the House Of Parker," I cleared my throat, "your new bride." He looked me over slowly and I wanted to cover myself, the look was somehow........intrusive.

"That you are and what a beauty, I was half expecting an old maid to be awaiting me." He slapped Maxwell on the back heartily and pulled me toward him.

"We will be wed the day after Maxwells initaton into knighthood, can you stand the wait?" I smiled as brightly as I could and tried to seriously answer his question without a hint of sarcasam tinting my tone, "the days are killing me, I honestly can't wait to wed you Sire."

I lowered my head to him and began to courtesy when he stopped me and raised my chin up with one ringed finger. He looked deep into my eyes for a moment....... I was breathless. "Don't ever look down to me, when we are married we will both be rulers of this kingdom, we will both be it's king."

I was stunned silent.

"I'll come to see you later Princess, until then my right hand Maxwell will show you around the castle and it's grounds." He gave us one more look over and with a flourish, exited the room.

There was utter quiet in the room and I welcomed it, I had to think on what just occured. We were going to rule together. It took a seacure and bold king or man for that matter to admit to a woman that they were going to be running things together.

I smiled, Sean was obviously a fantastic king and a great man. He was going to be the kind of husband women killed for. I couldn't help looking at Maxwell again and feeling heat flush through me.

That was what was missing from the king and I's relationship, I didn't feel that sublime..........heat go through me by just looking at him. I sighed and pushed down those thoughts and feelings.

"Are you ready to escort me around Sir Maxwell?" He seemed lost in his own thoughts for a moment before shaking them out and gently but fimly grasping my upper arm. "Let us go madame."


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Thanx for all the feedback from my old and new readers heres a new chapter dedicated to you all.*big*

IzzyLizard: In my school theres a course by the name of Humanities and we watch all these movies and broadway plays and stuff like that. The Arthurian legends was one of the units we covered and they said that Morgausse was just another of Arthurs half sisters names. Morgana's another one. Sorry about the life story added in with the answer, I just wanted to explain where I'd gotten the name from.

I made a change in characters. Tess is now Morgana.

A light rain drizzled onus as we strolled along a small pond on the far left feild of the castle in total silence. Since I'd met King Sean everything was out of wack. If he had been a tyrant, these feelings I had for Maxwell would be a little more acceptable but he'd been a beautiful person.

I felt horrible. Like I was cheating on my future husband. Not in body but in mind and sometimes that was even worse then going out and doing the actual act.

I glanced at soon to be Sir Max and quickly averted my eyes away, he looked like he was deep in thought too. I wondered what he was thinkig about, could it be me?

I laughed almost bitterly, no he wasn't. He was the all powerful Maxwell, never loved never would. He didn't see her as a real flesh and blood woman, he saw her only as another person to protect.

I opened my eyes onto a shocked Maxwell and immediately went stiff. Had I spoken those thoughts out loud, if so, would he tell the king?

"That's not true Mistress," he said quickly grasping for the right words to express what he wanted to say. He grabbed her by the forearms and made her look at him.

"I see you as the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and because you're are to be the queen of course I will protect you but I don't have to love you like I realize that I do.''

He looked aroud suddenly and pulled me into a deserted wooded area. "You are my queen and you will be the only woman that I'll ever love." He ran the back of his hand against my cheek and leaned into it greeily.

"You love me Maxwell." He looked at me, no humor what so ever written into his features and answered as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, "I will always you Mistress, you're why I was born, to love and protect you."

His hair was plastered to his face I pushed it back and away. "You know Maxwell, I think I love you too." His broke into a smile and he leaned his forehead against mine.

I looked into his eyes and watched their transformation from unexpected joy to the hazy desire that now clouded them. I swallowed, "Maxwell?"

If I was going to ask a question it flew from mind as his lips gently brushed mine. It was a bolt of lightening through my bodyand I wanted more of

I grabbed the sides of his face and pulled him towards me again. He looked like he knew we shouldn't be doing this. That I was about to be married to a king, his best freind but it was if we couldn't stop.

I felt that if he didn't kiss me again I would die and so I pulled him towards me again. "Mistress," he said it as if he wanted to know somthing and I knew the question.

"What are we doing?" The truth was, I ahd no idea but I didn't need to know as I touched my lips to his once again.

"Does it matter?"

Obviously not, he kissed me with more passion then I'd thougt possible. The welcoming horns blasted in the distance to their deaf ears.


Tess stepped from the carriage and grimaced at the beautiful castle and it's surrounding land. Her half brother got everything but that was about to come to an end when she gave Modred the sugnal to come back.

An evil glimmer passed over her face at the thought. His father had killed hers and then raped her mother to conceive this bastard king. Allk with the help of him, Merlin. He'd changed Otther's face to look likr her fathers for him.

He wasn't going to get away with it for she had been dabbling in the black arts lately, combined with her natural ability of telepathy. Not even Merlin cuold stop her.

She relaxed her smile as Sean came towards her. "Enjoy it while it lasts little brother," her smile widened, "enjoy it while it lasts."


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