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hiya guys...this is actually one of my first orignally stories I wrote....had it posted on anotha site n' decided to post it here to......hope ya people enjoy what I have so far
Destiny Only exists in the Heart

Author ~ Kiki (itz a nickname of mine)

E~Mail ~ xxangelbabe585xx⊕

Rating ~ NC-17/R

Category ~ Max n' Liz

Disclaimer ~ Of course none of them belong to me...but just imagine if they did....I need some nice long, hard sessions w/ Max tied to my bed....hehe

Summary ~ One rainy night after waking up from a dream Max doesn't take no for an answer any more.

Dedications ~ hmm...ta mah wonderful sick filled imagination...lolz.....n' of course my friends

A/N ~ this is like actually my first fanfic so I hope ya pplz enjoy feedback on it is appreciated

~Chapter 1: The Night it All Began~


He came to her during the night, it was raining out the air was warm, filled with lust. He slowly approached her his eyes filled with passion, he placed little kisses on her body everywhere. She was on fire she needed more, she needed him. She turned and kissed him hard full of need and want. She removed his shirt, hers soon followed. Her hands lingered on the button of his jeans as his tongue made love to her mouth the way he wanted to take her body. She brought her hands lower to cup his balls, he moaned in agony wanting her but he needed to take it slow. She finally unclasped his jeans bringing them down along with is boxers. His fully aroused member was aching for her touch. At that moment did he realize the warm sensation on his rock hard member, her head bobbed up and down, each time the cool air surround his member, he moaned at the loss of her warm sweet mouth surrounding his most sensitive area. Soon he came moaning her name, it was as if he was in heaven, he gave himself up to her. He removed the rest of her clothes, loving every part of her body before he slowly guided his rock hard member to her heated core. He pumped into her slow at first, driving them both crazy. His rhythm increased, her hands grabbed at the sheets in pure ecstasy moaning his name.

~~~~~~End of Dream~~~~~~

Liz awoke in cold sweat her body aching for Max. She got up and took a very, cold shower there was nothing she could possibly do to relax her body from this need, this want she had. Even in the shower she couldn't get her mind off that dream she had awoken from, it seemed so real, there was so much love and passion to make her go weak at the knees. She got out and dressed in just a tank and her panties still hot and flushed from the dream and the thoughts that were in her mind. She entered her room and gasped aloud, looking through her window was none other than Max Evans, his eyes filled with passion. His hair was messy some hair slightly covered his one eye, he looked innocent but never the less very sexy.

~~~~~~Max's Pov~~~~~~

He had woken up filled with need and want, his rock hard member was straining for release. Ever since the day in the desert when she walked away from him he sulked in his room, hardly coming out. Every time he tried to talk to Liz about it she would simply tell him he had a destiny in life which didn't include her and that they both needed to move on, but the fact of the matter was Max would never love anyone else and refused to. No matter how hard Liz tried to get him to love Tess the more he fell in love with her. Night after night he woke up from hot, hard, erotic dreams about Liz, his body drenched in sweat and an erection which was aching for release.

Tonight out of all the nights he couldn't stay away, he needed Liz more then ever and would convince her that he needed her in his life that nothing would change that, not even destiny. He was desperate and couldn't take her refusal again. He left through his window as quietly as he could and decided to walk, hopefully it would give him time to think. As he was halfway to her house it started to rain, by the time he reached her balcony his clothing was sticking to his body, further emphasizing his muscle and now his straining erection was more obvious then ever.

As he approached her window he saw her coming from her bathroom in just a tank top and her underwear and he felt his groin harden even more. Liz approached the window opening it for him, in which he took no hesitation to enter.

"Hey Max, what are you doing here?"

"Liz, you can't keep avoiding me. I told you we make our own destinies and I choose you. Nothing is ever going to change that, so what I was married in another life, I'm here now and no one can tell me who to love, because I'm never giving up on you, not matter what you do"

"Max you need her, she your destiny. A whole other world depends on you," she managed to get out while sobbing.

She was shaking, and would have fallen to the floor if it was for Max. He wrapped his arms around her was and cupped her chin with his right hand making her look him in the eye. He brought his lips down and kissed her gently, soon they were kissing more passionately. They slowly made their way to her bed Liz pushed Max back and straddled his hips, slowly rocking against his arousal.


Liz smiled as he continuously moaned her name. She began to undress him taking off his shirt, loving every inch of his marvelous chest. As her hand slid further down his chest his stomach muscles flinched under her loving caress. She hastily unbutton his jeans reaching in to squeeze his erection. "Liz," he moaned shocked at her forwardness but it aroused him even more.

She slipped his pants down along with his boxers, freeing the part of Max she's always wanted to see. Her hand grasped his straining erection, pumping his dick, driving him to oblivion. He moaned her name and other obscenities as he came. He pulled her up to him and kissed her fiercely, his kiss filled with passion which left them breathless. The wetness of her core rubbing against his limp member, aroused him more. His dick became erect and aroused needing to be released. He had dream of shooting his hot cum into her since he matured.

Max undressed Liz from the little amount of clothing she was wearing, he suckled her breasts driving her crazy.

"Max, I need you inside of me. Now!"

He took no hesitation in doing as she asked, but before he did that he reached for his pants pulling out the protection he had brought with him. Liz looked up when he had pulled away and smiled at the fact he had thought ahead.

"Max the saint walking around with a condom in his back pocket." She teased him.

Max looked up shyly and smiled. He covered his rock hard member in the latex and approached her bed. She spread her legs for him and he guided his member to her entrance. As he inched into her tight pussy he moaned and the feeling. Her walls contracting around him, pulling him further into her. He began a slow steady rhythm, which increased as she pushed her hips up meeting his pace. Soon they came calling each others name they collapsed against one another. Max rolled over pulling Liz on top of him he kissed her forehead.

"I love you Liz. And don't forget I'm never going to leave you."

"I love you too Max, now and forever."

As they expresed their love for one another they fell asleep in their lovers embrace never wanting to leave this place.

~Chapter 2: The Morning After~

The light slowly crept in through the window, waking the two lovers from their sleep. The previous night was almost as a dream to them, something they wanted but there was something stopping them. Liz woke slowly with a smile on her face thinking about her dream, it felt so real. As she shifted in her bed an arm reached over and pulled her closer. It was then that it hit her that it wasn't a dream, she had sex with Max. A smile spread across her face, knowing she had seen Max in a whole new light, a side of Max that no one else had known or would ever know. He had been so careful, and so full of passion it made her want to scream in pure bliss.

She felt him slowly stir from his sleep, a smile spread across his face when he noticed where he was. He was in bed with Liz Parker, the girl of his dreams. He glanced up only to see her watching him, her eyes full of love and adore. She reached over to brush the hair from his eye, as she reached out he gently took her hand and kissed it.

"Good morning"

"A very good morning at that," she replied as she moved in for a kiss.

As their lips met they were locked in a passionate embrace, when they finally came up for air Max knew he had to leave, or risk being caught. He thought of the time that Michael had been caught in bed with Maria, her mom jumping to conclusions, although Michael had been fully clothed and right now in Liz's bed was a georgous well built naked Max Evans.

"Babe, I have to go. I want to stay but I really shouldn't."

"Oh, but you can't even stay for a little while. I'll make it worth your wild," Liz said as she climb on top of Max straddeling his hips.

"God Liz believe me there is no where I'd rather be than with you, but if your mom sees me here, I'm as good as dead."

"Hmm....just wait till she see you though. How can she possibly hate a guy with your body."

Liz said as she reached down under the covers to grab his manhood. She lowered herself lower on the bed so she was face to face with his mighty erection. Being so turned on Max couldn't help but groan at the awaiting torture, as precum dribbled from his straining erection. She slowly lowered her head and licked up the cum which had dribbled out moments before enjoying the taste which was Max.

"Oh god Liz!" he moaned shocked at how a little action could bring him so close to losing his control.

She smiled at this knowing she could affected him so easily made her all giddy inside. Max leaned up on his elbows watching his little angel at work. Her head bobbing up and down taking more and more of Max into her mouth, soon he came calling her name, gripping the sheets in pure ectasy.

"God Liz where did you learn to do that?!?" He asked in totally shock and amazement.

"I read a lot," she replied giving him a devilish grin as she rose from the bed.

"Where are you going?"

"Well you have to be going soon, so I figured we better get you cleaned up."

They both made their way to the bathroom, Liz set the shower at just the right temperature. It felt so natural being with Max in this way, she thought her first time with him would be nerve recking since had never been that intiment with a guy before. In all her years of dating people Max was the only one she ever truely loved, knowing at the moment she met him that he was the one for her. They showered quickly, enjoying the presence of one another, slightly carresing one another. Max would wash her hair as well as her entire body with loving caresses and little kisses here and there. That being done Liz returned the favor, loving every inch of him, never wanting him to leave.

Max and Liz dried up and dressed soon after, trying to be as quiet as possible so they didn't attract that much attention. She walked him to the window giving him a passionate kiss before they parted.

"I'll see you later Liz. I love you"

"I love you too," she replied as she watched him slowly decend from the ladder.

She was in heaven, her only problem was a blond bimbo who thought that she could have Max with the drop of a hat, no questions asked. Well now Liz thought to herself, let the games begin.

~Chapter 3: Seeking Revenge~

~~~~~~Tess's Pov~~~~~~

I followed him that night, hopping he would come to me. Knowing he had finally accepted his destiny. You see when I first moved to Roswell I never knew I would have competion, I was told he would accept me as soon as he learned of his destiny. But no he had to go for the bitch. The one he's wasted his whole life wanting, Nascedo only found the other three when he heard about the shooting. Rumors had it that the girl was shot but somehow was healed by a strage mysterious guy, but they lacked proof behind they're theory. When we were first sent to Earth we were always supposed to be together from beginning to end, two halfs of a whole. Only they broke out of their pods before me and left. After that I've spent the rest of my life in search of my soul mate.

I was in pure bliss knowing he had finally giving up on this pitiful little human, I failed to realize where he was headed, The Crashdown. How pathetic can he be, choosing a worthless human over me. Rage filled my entire being, but still there was a slight ray of hope that he wanted her and he was only here to tell Liz that he needed me. I followed him, wanting, needed to know why he was here. I followed him as quietly as possible. He had crawled though her window, obviously he still wanted the human, he was pleading with her. She finally broke down and gave into him. I resisted the urge to kill them both at the very moment. They would have their fun now, but later they'll be begging for my forgivness.


Present Day ~ After Max left

Liz dressed after her shower reliving the moments she had with Max. She couldn't wait to see him. She needed to see him, ever since he left she had this urge, this wanting. Ever since he had saved her that day she always thought he had put a force on her, now she can truely say it's true. Max had put a force on her, he was her main priority, nothing else mattered as long as he was around, he was her world.

She was in such as daze she didn't even realize Tess had came in through her window. As she was knocked unconcious Tess's face appeared in her view, her words scared her.

"Paybacks a bitch, just you wait. You shouldn't have even bothered with him. He's hear. But no you had to go around and fuck him! Don't you get it he had a whole life ahead of him which doesn't include you, or well won't anymore," Tess said with an evil gleam in her eyes.

Liz knew whatever she had planned wasn't good. Hey Tess had just threated to kill her and she was powerless to stop her.

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.:*~DeStInY OnLy ExIsTz In Da HeArT~*:.

*Part From Previous Chapter*

She was in such as daze she didn't even realize Tess had came in through her window. As she was knocked unconcious Tess's face appeared in her view, her words scared her.

"Paybacks a bitch, just you wait. You shouldn't have even bothered with him. He's hear. But no you had to go around and fuck him! Don't you get it he had a whole life ahead of him which doesn't include you, or well won't anymore," Tess said with an evil gleam in her eyes.

Liz knew whatever she had planned wasn't good. Hey Tess had just threated to kill her and she was powerless to stop her.

Chapter 4

Liz slowly came to and sat up, BIG mistake. Her head pounded and she quickly fell to the floor. Thats odd she thought, last time she was in her room, now she was layin on cold concrete, right then she remembered exactly what had happened, Tess had threatened to kill her and no doubt she would keep her word.

"Well it's great to see my favorite lil buddy finally waking up," Tess said her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Liz flinched at this, afraid of what was to come. She slowly backed up against the wall for support since wasnt able to stand on her own.

"Aw," Tess said sarcatically, "dont worry I'm not going to do anything to you yet. And dont worry I'll take perfect care of Max."

~Across Town~

Max had walked into his house in a daze, he had finally gotten the love of his life back into his life and nothing would ever come between them again. He passed by his sister on his way up to his room.

"So what's gotten you out of your little funk, not that I'm complaining?"

Max looked at his sister for a minute before he began to explain the whole story to her. The he had told her how he went over to Liz's house to talk to her and how he had found out the truth. Of course leaving out the small detail that he had slept with her.

"Oh Max I'm soo happy for you!," she exclaimed as she gave her brother a hug. "You two deserve eacher, its a match made in heaven."

His smile widened if that was possible, as he entered his room his phone rang.

"Hello," he answered the phone in a cheerful voice.

"Well hey there sweet thang," the voice said. (Tess pretended to be Liz)

"Miss me already?" he teased

"Of course, maybe later do you wanna come over for some fun?"

"Well I get off work around 8, so I can come over around 9 is that okay?"

"Kay babe, I'll see you then. Love ya!"

Tess smiled evilly on the other side of the phone, she had time to spare so she decided to mess with a couple people and arouse more trouble. She made her way into town wondering whose life she could mess up with, Maria and Michael came to mind and she grinned. Micheal was at home watching a hockey game, how predictable of him. She sauntered into the house and got into his head making him think she was Maria.

"Hey there lover," she said to him seductively as she made her way over to him and hopped into his lap. His hands rested on her hips as she moved in closer to him, nibbling on his earlobe she said "you've been a bad boy, and for that your gonna be punished"

His arousal hardened more if possible her atire was reveal and left nothing to the imagination. She kissed him playfully never getting to heavily into the kiss. He moaned in frustration and pulled her flush against his body as he kissed her passionately. She began to rock against his arousal, exciting a moan from him as his hands wandered from her waist.

There was a knock at the door but they both ignored it, the person on the other side obviously had a key to the apartment and let themselves in. Maria had gotten off work early to surprise Michael but the sight that greeted her filled her with anger and hurt. She walked right up two the two of them and smacked Micheal over the head. "I can't believe I ever loved you," she yelled as she ran out of his apartment crying.

He looked back to the person in his lap which appeared to be Maria earlier yet she was no longer Maria but Tess. She kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "Thanks this has been fun"

Maria continued to run, the pain and anger still raging within her. Tears streamed down her face and she was still in shock of what she had just witnessed. Needing someone to talk to she made her way to Liz's house only to discover she was no where to be found and was already late for work. Still in desperate need to talk to someone she went to Isabel since Alex was away visiting some of his relatives.

~Later in the day say around 9'ish~

Ruining Micheal and Maria's relationship just added to the excitement of her day. Finally tonight she was going to get what she wanted under any cicumstances. She had arranged Liz's room just a bit to make the room a bit more cozy yet have a mischeviously air to it. She fell giddy inside and couldn't help the smile that drew at her lips, she was finally going to have Max. Tess had mindwarped both of Liz's parents so they thought they had a convention to go to out in California so they left early that morning, leaving "Liz" in charge of everything.

Looking around the room Tess began to wonder what would make the room a bit more cozy, finally deciding what was needed she began to set candles up around the room. Inspecting her work she smiled it was perfect now all she had to do was wait for Max to get here.