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Rating: Eh, this will probably end up being PG-13. I dunno, depends on the response.
Summary: M/L, M/M, I/J, K/M all have children. They don’t get their powers until they reach the age of 16. But when they do, hell breaks loose. This is going to be very sci-fi-ish, a little romance. But I already have a very good idea of where I want the story to go and everything. Please give at least the first part a try. Thanks!
Disclaimer- I OWN NOTHING!
Feedback- PLEASE! I’d love it.
AN- This is my first attempt at a FF. (All I did was change the title; this is still the first part, sry about that. I just didn’t think that the title was going to fit the story quite right.)

Part: 1

The last ‘I do’ as well as sniffles and sighs of content happiness could be heard throughout the tiny church where all friends, family and loved ones gathered to see the blessed event of the coming together of Maxwell Evans and Elizabeth Parker. It was far from a big wedding, but a wonderful day as it was.

Standing as bride’s maids, Maria Guerin and Isabel Ramirez stood peacefully crying for the two. Standing as the best men, Kyle Valenti and Michael Guerin smiled whole heartedly.

Sitting in the grooms section was Mr. And Mrs. Evans along with Isabel’s family, her husband Jesse, and their three sons Colin, Alex and Christopher. In the brides were Mr. and Mrs. Parker. Mr. And Mrs. Valenti, Jim and Amy, their daughter in law Margaret, and their grandchildren Sammie, Lynn, Jezebel, and Brenden. Other relatives were scattered around but the church was too small to sit all of them.

The celebration was twice as big. It was held at Mr. And Mrs. Parker’s diner, it was named The Crashdown Café. Mr. Evans invited all the men who worked for him at his law firm in town, as well as their immediate family. Mrs. Evans told some of her friends and family that lived upstate to come. Mr. Parker paid anyone who was employed that they would receive double pay if they ‘volunteered’ to work for the day. Which meant they would have to decorate for the occasion, cook, clean, keep everyone’s glass full etc.

Max pulled Liz up the stairs of the diner and into her old bedroom.

“Alone at last.” He whispered seductively into her ear as he pulled his new bride’s body close as possible to his. “I love you.”

“I love you.” Liz replied as they kissed each other passionately.

“Ah hem.” They heard a voice behind them say. They broke the kiss in disappointment.

“Am I interrupting any thing?” Maria asked innocently as she laughed inwardly.

“No.” Max said sarcastically.

“Good. I just wanted to let you two know that guests are waiting for the bride and groom to get down stairs so they can start eating. I suggest on not letting that mob get too rowdy down there.” With that, Maria turned on her heel and head for the door.

“It couldn’t get as rowdy down there as it’s going to get up here.” Liz said has she played at the hairs on the back of Max’s neck, looking him lovingly in the eyes.

“Eww gross Lizzy, do you mind?” Maria whined.

Max and Liz laughed but secretly knew what was waiting for them at the end of the night.

Max and Liz made their way down stairs and as soon as they stepped in the diner a much anticipated roar of clapping went pounding into their ears.

After few speeches, everyone had gone from laughing to crying to being dead silent. When they finally got to eat they were totally exhausted. They danced, visited with each other and with the bride and groom until it was time to leave, none of them really wanting to.

After all but few people had left, Max began to look for his bride. He hadn’t taken an eye off of her all night and the time she did, she had disappeared.

“Max! Max, have you seen Liz anywhere? I need her to say goodbye to some of these people but nobody can find her.” Isabel said her voice in a panic.

A million things went through Max’s head. She’s been kidnapped. The FBI took her. It’s my entire fault. Maybe she was captured by an evil alien. Oh my God!!! Max began to franticly call out, “Liz! Liz where are you?”

So, I need feedback! I have to know what you guys think. Should I continue?!?! It’s up to you guys, you decide.


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I am shamelessly bumping my own fic. I would really love some feedback on this fic, so far I'm not even attempting to write the second part. *sad* So PLEASE PLEASE give me something to work off of.

Thank you to shorty828 or Lisa, and to Maia for the feedback. I really appreacited it.