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My Life
Disclamier: Its UPN and WB.
Summary: Liz she 18. She writes a Journal for her Grand-kids. It tells them what she has went through. Later on in this fic it will tell what she is doing right now. This has a little Charmed in it. They come in later.
Rating: PG-13 I don't know how to write a NC-17. Sorry.

Ch- 1
Hi my name is Elizabeth Lynn Paige Parker. My whole life I thought that I was like every one else. My dad moved us from some were in CA to Roswell NM. He bought the Crash Down when I was one. When I started school I had 3 friends. Alex the guy that when you needed a friend he was there. He all ways read beatween the lines. Maria is the kind of person when you don't want to hear it she'll tell you any way. Kyle was the one that used to pick on me when we were kids. When we got to High School we were not around each other. We dated ,but then Max came into the pic. He saved my life at the Crash Down. Afther he said that him ,Isbeal and Micheal were aliens. It was no big thing to me. I knew I should have run like Maria ,but I didn't. Max told me that no one knew about that they were aliens. At the time it was like some thing that should do. I'm not saying that I thought that was one of them ,but some thing in me that no one could find out.

This is my first fan-fic. How was it? Dose any one know were in CA are the Charmed ones are?

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Authors Note:Its M/L ,M/M, I/J ,K/? There is going to be lots and lots of M/L. *big* Tess is in her Journal and in the end. Lets just say that Tess gets whats coming to her for killing Alex.
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Authors note: Tess kills Alex .but she does not sleep with Max. Max went to Maira not Tess. Maira Tells Max what happend with f-Max. Liz is ready long gone by this time. Max and Liz do get together. At first he does not know that it is her. Her hair is short. Alex comes back! To much info. Ya'll will just have to wait for the rest. *wink*
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My Life

It was a week since FMax left. Now when Max looks at me I want to cry. He thinks that Kyle and I went all the way. Why did Tess have to come to Roswell? Every one was happy with out her. Alex and Isbeal just starting to become more than just friends. I have never seen him more happy then he was ever in his life. Maria and Micheal still had there ups and downs. I told Maria that week that Kyle and I never happend. Alex is still away. Maria and I miss him like crazy.

Max comes to the Crash Down. He still looks at me. That is the only thing that is the same. I miss his kiss,the way he knew just what to say to me to make me feel better. Micheal sees what I'm going through. He'll ask me if I'm ok. I just tell him that I've been better. Maria all ways said that there was a side of him that no one knows about.

Tess still tells Max that they belong together. He just looks the other way. That week all I wanted to do was to tell Max the truth. Then I ways think about what FMax said what happend to Isbeal and Micheal. I could never let that happend to them.

My dad told me the next week that I was not his or mom's. I went to my room and cryed. I told Maria she said that every thing will be ok. I went crazy. I started to look for my real family. Every one thought that I was going crazy. The only one that knew was Maria. I found out were I was born San Frannsisco CA.

Alex had all ready came back. I was so happy. One night we were at the Crash Down Maria went to the back. She yelled "NO" then came running to me. That night we found out that Alex was dead. I didn't want to belive it at first. FMan said that Alex was around when I was 19. Why and how die? I knew that some thing was not right. When I started to look more into Alex's death Max was not happy. I did still look and I'm happy that I did. Max then gave in and helped me. I was glade that he still wanted to help.

I told Maria that I had to go to San Fransisco ASAP. It was just a feeling I had. I knew that I had to trust them. I told Maria once I'm gone tell Max the truth.


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AN: What does every one want to see happend next? If I use your idea I'll post it on my fic write that you gave me the idea.