Title: Currently in progress.
Author: Deborah
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, the show or it's characters.
Couples: M&M and M&L
Summary: I suck at these so you'll just have to read to find out. :p It's nothing heavy, just focused on relationships.


Maria let herself into Michael's apartment with the key he'd had copied for her just a few weeks after Tess took off for another solar system and their relationship had finally taken the last step to complete intimacy between them.

After Alex's death sleep began to elude her grasp, and with her mother away on a continuous trail of alien conventions more often than not she'd found herself at the front door to his apartment in the middle of the night more times than she could count. He'd open the door, shirtless, hair mussed and wild from interrupted sleep and his eyes squinting against the sudden brightness of the hall light spilling into his darkened apartment. Sometimes she'd wait patiently for him to pull her inside when he'd finished grumbling about what time of the morning it was, and other times she would just lean into his chest, wrapping her arms tightly around his waist until he sighed, closed the door gently behind her then effortlessly picked her up and carried her to bed with him.

In his arms became the place she found the sleep she'd craved and when her infrequent visits turned frequent he had the key copied.

Kicking the door shut behind her Maria reached for the light switch in the darkness and flicked it. Nothing happened. She flicked it again and still nothing.

"God, why am I even surprised?" She muttered rolling her eyes. He'd forgotten to pay the electricity bill...again!

Sighing she dumped her purse on the floor and made her way into the kitchen from memory, hands sliding along the furniture until she found the emergency candles and matches in one of the kitchen cupboards.

Lighting one, she gathered the rest in her arms and carried them into the bedroom where she set them up around the bed, placing a couple on each small set of draws either side, preparing herself for yet another night alone. She couldn't even remember the last time she and Michael had really spent some quality alone time together and she was lonely. These days, it seemed that if Michael wasn't working at Metachem or the Crashdown he was either sleeping, too tired to take her out or even make love or he was hanging out with his friends from Metachem.

"Double booking me on date night with his friends from Metachem," she reminded herself through clenched teeth as she lit another candle. Date night. The one night of the week she'd asked him to set aside for her and he couldn't even get that right, she thought with a sigh.

At the same time Maria knew her thoughts were a little unfair and she bit her lip a little guiltily for even thinking it. Her poor Spaceboy had been working so hard he was losing himself in the days of the week and she knew he hadn't been eating right. She'd noticed the ever growing stack of fast food containers piling up in the trash a couple of weeks ago so she'd started preparing decent home cooked meals for him that he could heat up when he got home instead of going to the drive through. She liked to take care of him, but she also liked to be taken care of and lately....that wasn't happening. She felt like she was being pushed to the side all the time, just something on his list that he needed to do when he could get to it, and it hurt.

She didn't want him to change, she just wanted him to be with her, to want to be with her. Tonight was supposed to have been their night and she wouldn't have even minded the fact that he took her to a bowling alley for dinner, well...not much, if he had have actually been on the date with her. Sure, his body had been sitting right there next to her but his mind had been in another place completely. And when she found out where, busting him bowling with his friends from work and Kyle, she'd wanted to slap him for daring to do that to her. She was so angry and hurt. Yet again he'd made her feel unimportant to him, and she was right back on that list of things to do that he never got around to.

But then, through her own tears, she'd really looked at him, the way his smile was so big and his laugh so loud, and she couldn't be angry with him. He'd finally let himself be open enough to have friends outside their circle of seven and he was genuinely happy. She could tell there wasn't anything else on his mind but the moment. No alien hunters or shapeshifters, no FBI, no Hank....nothing. He was finally just a normal teenage boy having fun with his friends and her own happiness she felt in her heart for him wouldn't allow her to dare take that away from him. It stole her breath and at the same time she remembered feeling a small twinge of jealousy that she'd never been able to give that too him.

She knew that didn't mean he didn't love her though so she'd let him stay, she'd pushed her own hurt aside so he could finish the night with his friends and she didn't let her tears fall until she'd made it out of his arms and the bowling alley. If she'd have let him see that she was upset he would have insisted on going home with her and she didn't want that. She wouldn't have known if he did it because he was feeling guilty or because he truly wanted to comfort her. Before she'd left, he'd kissed her softly and made her promise to wait for him at home and she'd nodded softly her agreement. Then placing a kiss over his heart she'd left in a hurry, avoiding his confused gaze and feeling the tears stinging for release.

She'd cried softly all the way home and even now, as she took one of the candles with her into the bathroom she could feel the dry tears sticking her pale skin and wanted to wash her face. Her eyes felt tired, her lips and cheeks puffy from her tears and she just wanted to soak in a hot bath then crawl into bed.

Setting the candle down on the ledge above the sink she splashed cold water on her face, washing away the watery mascara tracks decorating her pale skin. She dabbed her face dry with a towel then bent down to run the bath, already fantasizing about sinking into the heat of the water and bubbles. When she reached for the hot water tap she suddenly remembered no electricity meant no hot water and she closed her eyes in tired frustration. She didn't need this, not tonight.

Covering her face with her hands she straightened and took a deep calming breath, biting back the tears. She would not let herself get upset over this. When she felt she'd composed herself enough she dropped her hands and smoothed the front of her skirt down in a controlled motion before picking the candle back up and taking it into the bedroom, muttering to herself on the way.

"I swear to God Michael, if you haven't changed those sheets."


"Stay with me tonight."

Liz moaned softly, her lips curving into a smile as Max kissed her neck with an open mouth, hungry for her taste. "I can't. Curfew, Max." Her voice was breathy as she snaked her hands up under his shirt, running her fingers over the ridges of his muscled stomach, feeling his breath pull in at the touch. She'd said the words but she hadn't made any move to back them up.

"I don't care. Stay with me." Max moved his mouth up to catch her lips, taking them in a deep kiss as he turned them around and pushed Liz up against the door to Michael's apartment.

"Max..." Liz gasped and clutched Max's waist as he pushed his arousal hard into her stomach, and his thigh between her legs. She brought her hands up around his neck when he wrapped his own hands around her waist, pulling her tight against his body while still keeping her pressed into the door.

"You feel that?" He rasped harshly, lost in his own desire as he kissed her hard, pushing his aching c-ock further into the cradle of her groin where his thigh seperated her legs. "You feel how much I want you?"

"Yes." Liz moaned, kissing him back just as hard and rocking her hips against him to alleviate her own ache. "I want you inside me so badly Max." She'd been wanting him to make love to her ever since they'd gotten back together but her father was making it difficult, shadowing their every move.

Max pulled free from their kiss, making Liz moan her protest. His breathing was heavy and he gave her a hard hot stare, watching her eyes close as he slid his hand under her top and massaged her breast. "Then stay with me." He said again, forcefully, pinching her nipple hard and making her cry out. "I need you."

Liz looked at him, completely torn. She whimpered when he brushed her hair from her face and kissed her gently. "Please Max, don't make this harder than it already is." Even as she spoke his face was already buried back in her neck and his other hand now joined the other under her shirt, cupping both breasts in the warmth of his large palms. "Oh God, please...." She pleaded softly, unable to stop her body from arching into his touch, pushing more of her breasts into his hands.

"Tell me to stop." He challenged huskily, dipping his head low to suck one of her nipples into his mouth through the thin cotton of her top. "Tell me to stop and I will." He nibbled on her nipple harder, and rolled the other between his fingers, feeling his c-ock growing even harder at the needy soft mewing sounds she made in her throat. She arched violently into his mouth and hand, rubbing her p-ussy against his thigh and he groaned as the wet heat soaked through to dampen his jeans and burn his leg with her heat.

"No, don't.....I want...." Liz moaned and closed her eyes as another pulse of electric heat scorched her belly and burned hotly between her legs.

"What?" Max breathed. "Tell me what you want." He encouraged, taking her entire areola into his mouth and suckling hard. He'd made her come just from suckling her breasts long and hard once before and he was tempted to do it again. He loved getting her worked up like this, her cheeks all pink and flustered from his touch. It was beautiful to watch and if he had his way he'd keep her in that state for the rest of her life.

Liz felt herself losing the fight under Max's ministrations. She knew what she wanted, she wanted him but if she dared say it she knew there'd be no stopping either of them. Max would have over his shoulder and on his bed in a second, giving her no more room to protest. She wanted that more than she could stand but there was no way she was going to give her father more fuel to seperate them. Using all her will power she gently cupped his face and pulled him away from her breasts, and up to meet her eyes. "Stop....Max, I need you to stop." She breathed, hating the words that passed her lips. The loss of his warm wet mouth made her wince as the cool air hit her stiff nipple and as if understanding he brought a hand up to cup her back in the warmth of his palm gently. She kissed him tenderly, her heart aching under his hurt brown puppy eyes. "You know why." She said softly, stroking his face soothingly.

Max sighed and nuzzled his nose against her own, trying to reign in his physical need for the woman he loved. "I know." He said softly, stepping back and pulling her away from the wall and into his arms.

Liz's father had made it a habit to deliberately wait up for her if he knew she was out with Max and they couldn't risk pissing him off if they wanted to keep seeing each other. Bringing her home even one minute past curfew would give him the ammunition he'd been waiting for.

"You're getting too good at resisting me though." Max pouted through a playful smile.

Liz laughed. "I guess you'll just have to try harder next time then huh?" She smiled seductively and wiggled her eyebrows.

Max growled and kissed her hard, his need still burning hot below the surface. "You can count on it." Next time he'd make sure they had plenty of time and his bed was nearby.

Liz reached between them as he bruised her lips with his kiss and brushed her hand over his erect c-ock, feeling it strain harder against the suddenly tight fit of his jeans in response. "I will." She whispered huskily and breathing heavily when they both broke the kiss for air. She smiled at his deep relaxed groaned response and found she wasn't ready to take her hand away just yet.

"Sh-it!" Max hissed when Liz went beyond a simple touch and cupped him through his jeans, applying gentle pressure by squeezing his balls, then rubbing the length of his c-ock gently.

Liz giggled at his reaction and brought her hand back up to cup the back of his neck before he could catch her wrist, her fingers delving into his soft hair. "Sorry." She kissed him on the lips still giggling at the look on his face.

Max growled and smacked her ass playfully, making her yelp. "No you're not."

"I couldn't help myself." Liz admitted, eyes still dancing mischievously. "I wanted to feel you." Liz looked worried all of a sudden as Max rubbed himself with a grimace, trying to get more comfortable in his pants. "Did...did I hurt you?"

Max shook is head good naturedly before leaning in to nip at her neck, sucking the skin gently into his mouth. "No. It's okay, it felt good." That was his problem. "Come here." He said gently.

They held each other and shared gentle but deep kisses for a while longer, when Liz finally pulled out of his embrace before things could escalate again. "I better go." She said on a sad sigh, already missing the warmth of his body. Maria didn't know how lucky she was being able to spend as much time with Michael as she wanted. "It's getting late Max."

Max nodded. "I'll walk you home." He made a move to take her hand.

"No, it's okay. You stay. Dad'll be happier if I turn up alone anyway." She stood on her tip toes and kissed him goodnight, before he could protest. "I love you."

Max pulled her into his arms, holding her one last time before kissing her softly on the lips and releasing her. "I love you too." He hated the control her father had over them but he didn't let Liz see for fear of upsetting her. They'd had a good night, the first of many and he didn't want to spoil it for her.

"See you tomorrow." Liz pulled her jacket tighter around her body, trying to recover some of the warmth she'd felt in Max's arms. Smiling she waved and turned to leave.

Max watched her until he couldn't see her anymore then turned and made his way into the apartment, intent on a very cold shower.



Let me know what you think and if you would like to see more and I shall oblige happily. LOL. :-)

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