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Hi! Everyone my name is Kellie.
I’m writing this new fic, it’s called ‘Painting of Memories’
Here’s the summary of it.
Elizabeth Parker- is a 18 year old female, who is caught in depression of her memories. Not just memories but visions of death.
She meets this man named Maxwell Evans, who helps her, but realizes that she knows more than he does about the death of his brother Xan and his parents.
Max is the brother of Isabelle Evans, who is a model for Beautiful Faces, she investigates, Liz, thinking that she is a fraud, and that she is lying about the death of her parents and brother.
Maria befriends Liz and helps her through this rough times, but Michael, Max’s best friend, and Maria’s boyfriend, doesn’t trust her at all.
Tess, who is Max’s girlfriends, already see’s Liz as a threat.
Kyle and Alex, show up in the story later, and soon becomes a big part of the main characters life.

Title: Painting Memories
Author: Kellie
Rating: R- For violence, disturbing pictures in mind, language, and probably more adding to it later on

Chapter 1a (Full moon)
The picture of herself in her hands, shaking slightly over the fire.
The salty tears running down her cheeks hitting the fire below, like a ship to an iceberg.
She took hold of the picture in her right hand and by the edge; she slowly and painfully dug the photograph into her left hand, making the blood drip unto the picture and into the fire. She began shaking uncontrollably, her hands twitched in a firer mood.
-A woman’s body found on the railroad
-A man’s nude body on a sheet full of blood
-A child’s body in a morgue
-An elderly woman’s hand found in the trash

“Ahhh” she screamed in the full moon of the disturbing memories. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to lock the true full memories away.
In a moment of desolation she threw the depiction in the fire, and opened her eyes, watching it burn, all the way through her face on the picture.
She slowly made her way to the ground, and sighed. Her fingers twitched uncontrollably, weighing in her every movement.
She laid on the floor, and cried, cried herself to sleep. The full moon watching above her. The full moon locking in her depression. The full moon shining light upon her tiny body.

Feedback would be nice*angel*

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Thanksx for the feedback
I owe you...................... a new part.

Chapter 1b (Model Behavior)
“And the winner is”
“Isabelle Evans”
A tall, blonde, curvy young lady stands up from her chair and begins to walk slowly up the path. She has a look of shock on her face, as she takes the red roses, out of the announcer hand. A crystal, diamond crown is put upon her head and pinned down.
“Whoa, go Izz,” shout people from the crowd.
Especially her brother Max and his friends Michael and his girlfriend Maria.
Isabelle waves her hand in a ‘Miss America’ form, and smiles as shots of her are taking.

“Did you see how the other girls were looking at me?” said Isabelle to her friends. They were all walking down the streets of L.A at 9:00p.m.
“They were so jealous,” screamed Isabelle as she walked her way down the sidewalk, with her crown on top of her head, and her blue dress, swaying from side to side.
“Yea, you blew them out of their shells, but enough about models, how about we go to the new club which we just passed a minute ago,” said Maria as she held on tightly to Michael.
“Oh, please, all you do at bars, are dance until your legs hurt, and drink until you pass out, which makes you lose sleep, and you’ll get wringles, and you can’t concentrate, and you won’t look good.”
“So, I guess that means you’re not coming with us” said Michael as he laughed.
“No, I’m not, and so isn’t Max, right” said Isabelle looking at Max for suport.
“Oh, please, all I can do at bars is Dance all night with a girl, drink all night, with a girl and buddies, which makes you horny, and you get laid, and you feel tingly all over and you’ll get extra points”
“So I guess this means you’re coming” said Michael as he laughed again.
“Wait a second, you’re going to ditch me, on my biggest night, Max stop acting so, so, so, coldhearted”
“And you, stop acting so scared, the only reason you don’t want to go to this specific bar, is because Alex works there, hmm” said Max, as he led Isabelle into the club.

“Miss, Parker, this is the third time this week, that you’ve escaped from our institute, hmm” said the man in a black suit, with a nametag saying Mr.Valenti.
“My son, who works here every night, says he never see’s you when you secretly and supposedly sneak out of here” he continued.
“How do you escape, there’s no way out of the room that your in, and I’m pretty sure you don’t get help from outside, not from my son, at least”
“The camera is always on, and there is no prove that you escaped, but every night, we see that you’re not in your room, and we find you in the woods”
“Dammit answer me!” Mr. Valenti shouted after his attempts to question her.
Mr. Valenti gets up off of his black chair and walks to the back of the small room, where painting lie on the ground. “Beautiful paintings you paint” said Valenti as he observes each of them.
“You love to paint, I see, what do you paint about?” he asks.
“About my memories” she finally answers in a whisper.
“Memories, of long ago?” he asks, putting his hands on his chin.
“Elizabeth, what kind of memory is this?” Valenti picks up one of the paintings and shows her.
It is a picture of a young woman, in black and white.
After getting no response, Mr. Valenti gets aggravated.
“I’ve been your counselor for 5 years, I’m here to help, but you don’t even listen to me, I’m-”.
“Umm, Dad” peaks in a dark- brown haired boy, who looks just like Valenti.
“Kyle, yes, what is it?” Valenti asks in defeat.
“Um, I, wanted to know, if I have to clean in the main room tonight?”
“No, Mr. Simons can do that, is that all”
“Yea, um okay-, hey cool picture,” says Kyle, as he walks into the room more, revealing his crushed up white T-shirt and his blue baggy jeans.
“What is it?” he asks.
Liz looks at him and ushers him to come closer. Kyle obeys and Valenti observes the whole thing.
“Don’t be alarmed she likes to see people hands, to identify it” Valenti says.
Liz takes Kyle’s hands, and looks it over, sighing she responds.
“Look closely, it’s a young woman, but when you look closer, it’s an old hag”
“The necklace on the young woman is the mouth of the old woman, and the ear of the young girl is the eye of the old girl”
“Do, you get it?” Elizabeth asks.
“Yea, hey that’s cool, who’s the young and old woman?”
“The old woman is my mom, and the young woman is me” Elizabeth said, as she got up from the old bed.
“Valenti, I’m sorry for going out in the night, but I’m suffocating in the days, please I just want a little freedom, instead of being locked up in this room” Elizabeth says in a desperate voice.
“Well, if you improve, then, I’m sure we can work things out.”
Elizabeth nods, but feels a chill run down her body
Elizabeth starts to shake a bit, a feeling of pain washes over her whole body. Her body freezes a moment then starts to shake the next. She closes her eyes, and takes deep breathes to let out the pain, but it doesn’t go away. She kneels down on the floor and starts to cry.

“Okay, you guys ready,” whispers a voice.
“There, coming,” whispers another.
The door opens, revealing the moonlight. In come 4 humans.
“I guess, it’s closed,” says one of the female humans.
“You think so,” says the male human.
“Surprise!!!!!!!!!” shouts a whole crowd of people. The light turns on, revealing are than 100 people in the club. As the light turned on, a shock face was revealed, belonging to no one other than Isabelle Evans.
Hitching to the ceiling were signs, and banners hanging up, like ‘Isabelle the new face of Hollywood’, ‘Isabelle a new star’, ‘L.A here comes Isabelle’.
“Oh, my gosh,” says Isabelle as she walks and hugs her friends in happiness.
“Sorry, we pulled it off,” said a voice behind her.
“Alex” said Isabelle as she embraced him in a hug.
“You did this” Isabelle continued to speak.
“Well yea, with the help of your friends” said Alex. His brown hair shining in the lights of the club.
“Thanks, thanks a lot” Isabelle smiling at her once boyfriend.
“Any thing for my girl”
Isabelle blushes, and looks at Alex, who is now being ushered away by his friends.
“Dang Isabelle, you’re as red as a strawberry, who got you all gased up,” said Michael.
“I wonder, could it be, no it couldn’t” Maria said.
“Yea, it could, the one and only Alexander Whitman” Max chimed in.
“Okay you got me, and thanks for the party, I owe you,” Isabelle sang, as one of her college friends took her away.
“Well, our job is done, how about we dance with each other until we fall down, drink with our buddies until our head hurts, and get horny and can’t concentrate in school tomm” Said Michael. He took hold of Maria and led her to the dance floor. While Max spotted a girl who needed rescuing and danced the night away.


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Thank you so much for the Feedback,
A new part will come on Wednesday, PROMISE
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Chapter 1c (Me and You)

“Elizabeth Parker is her name” said Kyle to his buddy Alex Whitman.
Kyle wore a black T-shirt with a dark blue baggy pants.
“Okay, so you’re telling me that we should bust her out” Alex grinned.
“Yea, come on, we are like the really daring guys, we sneaked in a police station, we, uhh, we went into the girls locker room in high school, we stole from a grocery store”
“First of all, Kyle, we didn’t sneak in the police station, we were brought into it, second, the boys locker room was being fixed so we had to use the girls, and third I was walking by an aisle and a pack of gum dropped into my hand.” Alex said as he put his leg up on the chair in front him.
“Come on, she’s pretty, well the exception of her pale face, sunken eyes, messed up hair, bruises on her face, bruises on her left hand, bruises on his right hand, bruises on her-”
“Okay, okay, I get the point, she looks like a drug addict, no offense to your cousin”
“Please, I honestly feel sad for her, she never even saw the sunlight since the age of 7, come on, she’s just locked up in a room” Kyle swore under his breath.
“Okay, okay, are you sure you can get the camera’s down and stuff?” Alex asked.
“I’m sure, just please meet me tomorrow night 11:00”
Kyle stood up in front of table and to emphasize his point he moved his hands around.
“Okay, so it’s a deal!” Alex said.

“1, 2, 3, stop, smile, turn, smile, turn, walk, walk, walk, walk, and done” Isabelle chanted as she walked up and down in the middle of the living room.
“Hello, someone here is about to graduate and needs to prepare her speech” Maria said. She got up off of the blue sofa and walked up to Isabelle. “You have graduated all ready, and now you got a chance to be a professional model, now I have my life to plan out, so can you just shut-up!”
“Look, both of you shut-up because, I have something better to do then both of you” Max said as he came in from the kitchen.
“And what’s that?” Isabelle asked.
“I’m going to get laid today, and I need to be prepared”
Max had on a black silk shirt, and a black suit pants.
“What new victim do you have today” Maria asked.
“Her name is Sharon Seville, she comes from Ireland and has a big, I mean big butt” Max exclaimed.
“Gosh, sometimes I just wanna, you are such a player, what about Tess,” Maria said with her hands on her hips.
“What about Tess, I’m a player and a Mac daddy” Max said as he grabbed his keys and walked out of the door.

“Hey, Michael” Tess shouted across the street.
“Oh gosh, here comes the slut of the month” Michael muttered under his breath and waved at her.
“So what’s up, you seen Max”
“Yea, he’s up you’re a** and around the corner” Michael smiled widely.
“Oh really, I didn’t feel him” Tess said.
“What do you want Tess?”
“I want us to know each other better” Tess said seductively.
“I have a girlfriend” Michael said smoothly.
“Yea, and I’m princess of the world, Maria’s nothing but a sidekick”
“Yea, well for all it’s worth, Maria all women instead of a slut like you” Michael said.
“Yea, I’m a slut huh, at least I can go down and above” Tess said walking around him.
“Tess, this is the last time I’m telling you, get away from me!” Michael shouted with force that Tess shock.
“Fine, you a**, I don’t need you’re a** either” Tess said while walking away.

Ring, Ring, Ring
“What’s up”
“You ready for tonight”
“Yep, I got everything under control”
“Good, I’ll be there soon”
“Make sure you dress in black, the walls are black in there”
“Whatever, just make sure you got everything, I don’t want to get busted”
“I told you I got it, just make sure you’re there”
“I’ll be there don’t worry”
“Peace out”
“Aight, bye”