posted on 28-Apr-2002 1:45:42 PM by JasonBsgurl
UPN feels Roswell is not getting the right ratings infact, the ratings have been quite low. We as Roswell fans must help show our commitment to such a show. Please help us out by sighing the petition bellow!

Help keep the *best* show alive!

Click here to sign the petition:


posted on 1-May-2002 8:14:46 PM by JasonBsgurl
*Ouch* Maybe we are emotional yo yo's but you know if you don't like being it why have you stuck with the show? Here is my point we are *all* Roswell fans and even if we end up losing the battle to win another season of Roswell atleast we'll know that we stuck by our show and didn't give up without a fight... I mean isn't thats what's important? To show your faith to the things you love? I don't know about you but atleast I'll have known I tried. Thanks to all of you who have tried and have sighed the petition!