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I have an idea for a story. My Friend and I came up with it. Before I post it I want to see what you guys think.

Okay the whole gang are aliens. They live in New York. And they steal for a living using their "gifts"
The couples are M/L M/M K/T A/I.

What do you think?

p.s. I'll have updates on my other fic up by tomorrow

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Title: The Family Business
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Rating: uh pg 13 and up
Summary: the gang live in New York. They are all aliens.
And although they steal the are good.
Couples: M/L, M/M, I/A, T/K

Chapter 1

"Is everyone ready." A mask figure asked. Seven masked heads nodded yes

"All right lets get the show on the road."

"Alex you ready"

"Of course."

"Then let the games begin"

Everything was set, Alex would take care of the cameras, Tess would make sure the guards were kept in control, Isabel took care of the jewels replacement, Kyle was back up, Liz was the brains for the plan, Michael took care of the alarm, Maria was the lookout, and Max would get the jewel.

Alex hacked into the computer system and made sure the power went out and while that was going on Michael turned of the alarm and slipped in the tape they had of the museum the day before. This took about 15 secounds.

The guards never knew the different because Tess had them in a mind control.

When everything was set Isabel, Kyle, Liz and Max slip into the excepit where the diamonds where. Maria stayed with Tess outside to make sure no one came.

They only had 30 minutes before their time was up.

Their where three main jewels they needed. A diamond the size a lemon, a pair of rubies about the size of a ruby, and a vase made of pure gold.

Max, Liz, and Kyle each took a case. They lifted it up and took it without any complications. While Isabel used her power to replace them. She used gum warper to replace the rubies, a crystal to replace the diamond, and a regular vase to replace the gold one.

When they had place the fakes inside their case. They left they had a maximum of 2 minutes left before they had to leave. They alerted the others and walked out into the darkness.

"Did you get it" Michael asked.

"But of course" Liz, Max and Kyle said as they lifted their bags and pulled out their new found treasure.


The next day

As the curator was checking to make sure everything was in place and found that three cases were unusual as he took a closer look he found that where their should be a diamond, a pair of rubies, and a gold vase their stood a crystal, a gum warper a regular vase.

p.s. If you wondering why Isabel trick only lasted a day it will be explained later,

Hope you like.
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Chapter 1b

Detective Sean Deluca looked around the crime scene.
The scene was just like the others. And just like the others their wasn't one clue as to who might have done this.

Their were no finger prints, the cameras showed no evidence of anyone near the cases, and the guard couldn't remember anything out of the ordinary.

This was the fifth case he was in charge of were the "Replacements" had hit again.

He had come to call them that after finding that what ever was stolen was replace with something of no value.

He knew it had to be a group of people behind this. Their was no way one person could have done this alone.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ '

hope you like

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*Authur's Post*

I would like to thank everyone who has left feedback. I haven't posted in a while because I was really busy with school finals and final grades. I just got out of school so I will have more time for my stories know that it is summer.I will be posting the next chapter either later today of tomorrow.
again thank you so much for the feedback.

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part 2

"Max when are you going to meet Charlie." Michael asked

Charlie was their "employer" he was the man behind the jobs. They had never met him. they usually just handed the valuables to one of his men. And in turn the men would slip him 8 envelopes filled with a million dollars each. Along with instructions to their next "job"

"Yeah it shouldn't take long" Max left the room.

Max came back an hour later and handed them their money.

"So what does it say?" Maria asked referring to the instructions for their next job.

"Your next assignment is to retrieve the heart of pairs. The rarest diamond ever found on earth. The diamond has very tight security around it. You have 4 security guards that surround the doors inside. Motion heat activated floors. And laser surrounding the diamond case. also cameras are place in almost every conner. Now ounce the diamond is removed you have 60 seconds to evacuate the building.
Good luck and I hope to see you next time with the heart of pairs in hand."

Max finished reading the letter out loud.

"Okay this is how its going to go down." Max told them.

"Tess you and Maria well handle the guards and make sure we are not seen.
Liz you and Isabel will handle the motion heat floor and lasers since your the most flexible. Alex you handle the cameras. The rest of us will be back up. Is that understood?"

once everyone agreed.

Alex got to work on their passports and tickets.

The rest of them got to packing they were leaving in 12 hours to Pairs, France.

They had no idea what they were in for.

p.s. I know its short but I'll have more next time.
I hope you like and thanks fot the feed back.
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Part 2B


Dear journal:

We have just gotten on the plane to pairs and just my luck I'm stuck in the seat next to him. Why couldn't I be with on my friends hell I would have sat next to Michael instead of max. He is just so arrogant, stubborn, bossy, inconsiderate the list goes on and on. He thinks every one should bow down to him because he the "king." Even when we were kids he would boss us girls around. When I was young I use to think that was cute thank God a grew some brain cells. The only reason we even work together is because of the gang. If I left they would tear each other apart. I the one that keeps everyone together the peacemaker you could say.
Well, that's all for today I going to try to get some sleep before tomorrow when we begin our assignments.

Liz closed her journal and put it her back pack.

As she got up to use the rest room she pass by Michael and Maria who where fast asleep next to each other. ' Something going on between those two' Liz thought.

She passed Kyle and tees who where the only ones in the gang who were married.

Alex was in the front of them working on his laptop with Isabel asleep next to him.

"What are you doing ?"

"Getting the floor map of the museums and the blue prints."

"After your finished you should get some sleep"

"I'm almost finish don't worry so much Mom" Alex told her with a bit of sarcasum

"Whatever I'm going to brush my teeth then I'm going to sleep"

When Liz got back to her seat she turned around and looked at Max asleep.

'He looked so peaceful when he was asleep like an angel to bad he behaved more like the devil when he was awake.'

I hope you guys like it. Please leave feedback

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Chapter 3

Its been two weeks since they arrived in pairs.

They been getting ready for the break-in since then.

Alex had manage to hack into the computer and get the blue prints.

Tess and Maria had been able to get the location from the guards by pretending to be lost tourist while they entered their mind to get the locations of the cameras and where they are kept.

Michael had had posed as a guard to get the footage of the museum for the tape they would need.

Both Isabel and Liz were busy training to help them with any thing.

And Max investigated when it would be the best time to break in while Kyle got the materials they would need.

The group decide since this would be the fastest job they have had to change the "replacement" ahead of time instead of during the robbery since they had a short time frame.

"Okay every one ready" Max told them

they all nodded their head

"okay remember get in and get out"

Max removed the glass window and shimmed down the ropes from the ceiling. One by one hey followed.

They spilt up their separate ways and began their job.

Tess started to mindwarp the guards as soon as Max hit the floor so they had no clue.

Tess and Maria stuck together and head over the door to make sure they didn't get any surprises.

Alex and Michael headed over to the security room and got to work so the tape got in and the alarms went off.

Afterward Alex hack in the security system and made sure that it look as if the alarms were on.

Isabel and Liz took out the hair spray the would need to detect the lacers.

As they sprayed they would bend, shimmer, and slide over the lacers until they reached the case.

Isabel lifted the case while Liz replaced the fake diamond for the real one.

Ounce they were done they retraced their steps and got out.

Max and Kyle had been right in back of them just in case something went wrong and they needed to teleport.

As soon as they got they sent a signal to Michael and Maria telling them to get their partners and meet them back on the skyscraper.

When they all met up they climbed the rope up to the ceiling.

"You got it?" Maria asked

"And you know this ." Liz told them as she lifted the diamond with a huge grin on her face.

That grin slowly faded as they heard a stranger voice.

"I"ll take that. FBI your under arrest."
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Chapter 4
An hour later.

After getting their picture taken and their finger prints. They where lead in to the interrogation room.

“Let’s skip all the bullshit and get straight to the point. We know you work for Charlie and we want you to help us get him. “Agent James told them.

“And we would help you why “Max told him.

“Because if you don’t you will straight to jail. No trail, No jury, No deal. “

“You can’t do that we have rights “Liz told them.

“Ms were the FBI we can do anything” Agent James said with a smirk on his face and winked at her.

Max noticed this and sent a glare at Liz.

The gang looked at each other and knew they could not go to jail. But they were as wondering how the FBI new where they where and if they knew they were aliens.

“Okay, what will we have to do?”

“You will work as double agents for the FIB and help return everything you stole and were sold on the black market. We have received notice that one of the buyers has a direct contact to Charlie. Find out who it is and report it back. When Charlie is in FBI custody then you will be released and the charges will be dropped. Any questions?”

“This is blackmail” Michael said it was more of a statement than a question.

“You are smarter than you look “agent James told him with a smirk on his face.

“So do we have a deal? “

They looked at each other and nodded.

“Good will get you all the equipment you will need. Don’t worry about housing it will be taken care of.” He told them as he got up.

“On more thing how did you know where we would be? “ Max asks him.

“Before he could answer a woman entered “Oh Agent Roberts I believe you have already meet Max”

Max could not believe his eyes the woman standing in front worked for Charlie.

“Nice to see you again Max “

P.S. It should take me a week to post the next chapter.
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