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Title: Angel of Music
Author: Dreamers4ever
Rating: Pg13-ish
Disclaimer: I don't own anything that has to do with Roswell, except a poster, some books and pictures. I also don't own anything to do with the Phantom of the Opera. I just have the book and the soundtrack!!
Summary: This is going to be loosely related to The Phantom of the Opera (which is seriously one of the best books ever, I suggest everyone reads it, because it's great). I just want to add that I dedicate this to Allie *angel*, one of my bestest friends, because she loves The Phantom of the Opera.
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Max Evans sat down next to his best friend, Michael Guerin, and turned to him. “So, when is this show
supposed to start again?” Max asked impatiently. Michael laughed softly at the way his friend was acting. “Just
hold on Max. I know you didn’t want to come with me in the first place, but Maria made me promise that I would
come and see one of her shows. Besides, tonight is supposed to be a great show, the opera company has a new
singer, Elizabeth Parker. She’s supposed to be really great.”
Max sighed and leaned back into his chair. “Michael, you know that I was supposed to do something with
Tess tonight. Why did you even drag me here?” Max whined.
“Jeez Maxwell, I thought you would be proud of me going out and getting more cultured. You know what
I want to know? Why are you with Tess? I know you don’t like her, and none of us do. What’s the point of being
with her?”
“I don’t know Michael. Right now there doesn’t seem to be anybody better for me. Besides, Tess
is....stable, you know. I know she’ll always be there for me.” Max tried to explain. Michael scoffed, “You mean
she’ll always be there for your money.” Max was going to react to what Michael had said when the lights lowered
in the theater and the curtain rose. Max leaned over to whisper to Michael, “Which opera are we seeing again?”
“It’s called Phantom of the Opera, it’s supposed to be this new kind of opera. Maria said it’s really great,
they do alot more acting than singing, but the singing that they do is supposed to be wonderful.”
Max sighed once again and sat back down, getting ready to sleep throughout the whole thing.
About half-way through the second act, Max felt somebody nudging him. “Max, Max wake up. Maria and
the new singer are about to come on.”
Max tried shrugging him off, “Michael leave me alone.”
“Max, you know Maria is going to ask you how she did. You might as well pay attention.”
Max groaned and sat up. “Fine, but you both should be glad that I like you two so much.”
Michael laughed, “You just wait until you hear the new girl sing, she’s great.” Just then, Maria DeLuca
and Elizabeth Parker walked onto the stage. They started singing their song, their duet, Angel of Music. “Wow,
Michael, I didn’t realize that Maria was so talented.” Max whispered, hearing Maria singing. Michael smiled, “I
know, she’s great.....” Max had stopped listening to Michael after hearing the second voice come into the song.
“Michael, who is that girl? The one who is singing now.” Michael smiled, hoping that when Max met Ms.
Elizabeth Parker he would completely forget about Tess Harding. “That, Max Evans, is Ms. Elizabeth Parker.”
“My God, Michael, she sings like a....”
“Like an angel?” Michael finished for him. Max smiled and nodded, “Yes like an angel.” Max was from
then on captivated by the young woman’s voice. He had to meet her. At the end of the last act, the owners of the
Opera Company walked out of stage. “Good evening. We hope that you all enjoyed the show. Now even though
this isn’t exactly traditional, we have somebody in the audience who would like your attention for awhile. Mr.
Guerin, please come on up.” The audience clapped, while Michael walked up to the stage. “Umm....Hello. My
name is Michael Guerin. My girlfriend is one of the singers in the company, Maria DeLuca.” Michael turned
towards where Maria was standing with the rest of the company. He walked over there with the microphone in his
hand and knelt down in front of her. Maria, having been totally confused about what was going on, starting
shaking. “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.” The audience giggled at how Maria was acting.
“Maria, you’ve been everything to me for the past 3 years we’ve been together. You would make me even
more happy and be my wife?” Michael brought out a small little box and opened it. “Marry me?” Maria nodded her
head and pulled Michael up off the ground, “Yes Michael I will marry you.” Michael pulled her into his arms and
then put the ring on her finger and kissed her. “ I love you.” Maria starting crying, “I love you too.” The audience
clapped and whistled. Michael kissed Maria and let her go so she could go change her clothes. Michael walked
over to Max and sat back down. “Congratulations, man.” Max said, shaking Michael’s hand. “Thanks. I was really
nervous. I’m just glad that she said yes. Maria wanted me to tell you that she’s bringing Liz out to meet you, as
soon as they finish changing their clothes. So just sit still, you aren’t really allowed to go in the back.”
Max was stunned. “How did you know I was going to meet her?”
Michael laughed at him, “You were totally watching her throughout the whole show, Max. Jeez, you’re so
predictable. Besides, Maria was already going to bring her out here to meet you. You know how much Maria hates
Tess, so she wanted you to meet somebody who might actually be good for you and she thinks Liz is.” Max just sat
back down, completely ignoring anything else Michael continued on saying. He was just thinking about how
Michael had said her name, Liz. **It fits her perfectly** Max thought.
About 20 minutes later, Maria and Liz walked through the side doors together laughing and talking.
“Maria! Over here.” Michael yelled over at her, waving his hands so she could find him and Max. Maria ran over
to Michael and jumped into his arms. “I love you so much, Michael.” Maria said while kissing Michael. Max
looked away from the couple, embarrassed about how the two were acting, when he saw her. She was standing a
few feet away. He walked over to her and held out his hand, “Hi, my name is Max.” Liz looked up at him and
smiled shyly, and shook his hand. “Liz.”


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Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!! Anyway, here's the next part, I hope you all enjoy it! I know it's short, but it's the only thing I could come up with on short notice. Please don't forget FEEDBACK!!!!!*bounce*

Part 2a
15 years earlier....
Max Evans and his best friend, Michael Guerin, sat on the steps of their elementary school. It was the first day of third grade and they were waiting for their teacher to arrive. "Rock, paper, scissors!" they both said, playing the game while waiting.
"Ahhhh...No!" A little voice cried out, despite to hang on to whatever was falling out of her hands. Max had looked up when he heard her, and ran over to help her pick up everything that she had dropped. The girl smiled shyly, and brushed her hair off her face, "Thank you." Max just nodded. The girl started to walk off when Max called out to her, "I'm Max." She smiled and continued to walk on.
"Wow, Michael did you see that girl?" Max asked his friend.
"Yeah what about her? Did you see how she was clumsy enough to drop all her books! That was great." Max just glared at him and stalked off. "Max!! Max, come on what's wrong?" *Oh well, he'll get over it later.* Michael thought to himself as he pulled out a drawing pad and starting doodling.
10 minutes later, the bells rang and everybody rushed to their classes, hurrying so they wouldn't be late on the first day. Max walked into Mrs. Shapiro's room, still thinking about the girl that he had seen earlier. Max went over and sat down near his sister, Isabel, even though he could see out the corner of his eye, Michael waving him over. "Hey Izzy, is it okay if I sit with you guys?" Max asked his sister. Isabel looked over at her brother, as if looking him over for her approval. "Just today, ok Max? You might ruin my reputation if you sit with us everyday." She said, before turning around to talk to her friends. Max rolled his eyes and sighed, hoping that somehow this year, he would be able to make more friends.
Mrs. Shapiro walked up to the front of the class and clapped her hands. "Okay guys. It's time to start class. Now I realize that everybody wants to sit with their friends all year long, but I've already made seating charts." She heard the class groan, "I know, I know. But maybe you'll find some new people to hang out with this year." She moved over to the first couple of desks and started naming off people. Max got up to move and heard his name, "Max Evans? Where is Max Evans?" He raised his hand and walked over to his teacher, "That's me." She smiled and pointed to the middle desk in the front, "That's where you're sitting. You have Ms. DeLuca on your left and......Ms. Liz Parker on your right."

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Author's Note~~~May 4,2002
Hey everyone. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback! I'm so excited that people like my story.I just wanted to write that hopefully I will be able to update by Monday, maybe even Sunday if I'm lucky. My weekend is kinda busy, I have Prom tonight and then tomorrow I have this music thing I have to do. But I hope to update soon!!!*angel*
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I am so sorry that it took me so long to get this next part out. I hope it's okay, and I will try very hard to write again this weekend. Thank you guys for all the great feedback. Please don't forget to leave feedback after you've finished reading, good or bad!!!!

Part 2b
Max placed his head in his hands and groaned softly. He had thought that sitting next to the girl he had met on the playground would be great, but the girl on his left, Maria, would not stop talking! He was hoping that sitting next to Liz would help them become great friends and they would be able to talk about anything, but the only interaction that they’ve had was Liz asking him for a pencil. Max smiled, even handing her a pencil had been good, their fingers had slightly brushed together and sent a warm feeling throughout him, Max had blushed and looked at Liz, “Thank you.” She said, blushing slightly, too. “No problem.” But now, all he wanted was for Maria to shut up. Right now, her and Michael were fighting and it was getting really annoying for the people sitting around them.
“Are they always like this?” a small voice asked him. Max looked at Liz and shook his head.
“Michael hardly ever talks to anybody, but Maria is always talking non-stop.” Max replied. Liz giggled softly.
“You know Max, I heard that!” Maria’s loud voice screeched out at him.
“Well, it’s the truth Blabbermouth.” Michael told her.
“Michael! I wasn’t talking to you. God!! I was just talking to Max and….” Maria just kept going off on Michael while Max and Liz ignored her.
“So, I was just wondering, do you wanna work together on the class work?” Max asked shyly. Liz nodded and moved closer so the two of them could share a book while working.

20 minutes later, the bell rang for the first recess. Max and Liz put their stuff back into their desks and walked out to the playground together.
“Hey, Liz! Come over here and play with us.” Maria called out to Liz. Liz looked over at Max shyly and pointed over at Maria, “I’ll see you after recess.” Max nodded and headed over towards Michael.
“Hey Max, so what do you think about those stupid seating assignments? Man! I hate that Maria girl. All she does is talk, she never shuts up!….” Max started ignoring Michael after a few minutes, realizing that his friends were probably hiding something for the Maria girl. Max started scanning the playground for Liz and saw her standing on top of the monkey bars, trying to walk across without falling. All the sudden she tripped on one of the bars and fell threw, hitting her head on the way down, and breaking her arm when she hit the ground.
“Oh my God!” Max muttered to himself as he ran over to her. He pushed past Maria and Isabel and kneeled next down to Liz. “Liz, Liz, please wake up.” He grabbed her hand and forced her to look at him, “Liz, I need you to look at me, ok?” As soon as she had opened her eyes, he opened the connection between the two of them and started healing her broken arm and her concussion. Max pulled away once he was down and let Liz sit up by herself, “You’re okay now, you’re ok.”

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Thanks for all the great feedback, I'm so glad that people like my story! And about Max and Liz meeting when they were little, I didn't forget or anything, I'll explain it soon. If I get inspired, I might put up a new part today, but that's a maybe. Hopefully a new part will be up be tomorrow night. Again, thanks for the feedback!!*bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*
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Here's part 3. I hope that everybody likes it. Please don't forget feedback, I seriously live for it!!!!!! Anyway, onto the next part!!

Part 3
Max stepped away from Liz’s outstretched hand that was going out to meet his. “ I’m sorry, you just seem really
familiar. Have we met before?” Max asked her. Liz narrowed her eyes and tilted her head slightly to the side, “
You know, I have this really strange feeling that we have, but I’m not sure where.”
Max just shrugged, “Well, maybe it will come to us later.” Liz nodded and stuck out her hand again, “I’m
Liz Parker, it’s nice to meet you.” Max smiled at the twinge of familiarity he felt, “ Likewise, I’m Max Evans.” Liz
frowned at how his name sound so familiar, but she still wasn’t able to place it. “You know, it’s really going to
bother me. I know I’ve met you somewhere else.”
“Of course you have, Lizzie.” Maria cut in, after hearing Liz’s remark. “We were all in the same third
grade class together for a little while, before Liz had left for private school. Liz, you remember, Max sat next to
you.” Maria said, trying to help them clear everything up.
“Yeah, Max. Remember, Liz was the girl who fell off the monkey bars during recess on the first day of
school. I remember you ran over to her and....” Michael drifted off after looking at Max’s pale face. “What’s the
matter Max, are you alright?” Michael rushed over to his friend and shook him slightly, after noticing that Max
had spaced out.
“Oh my God.” Max whispered softly. He turned and walked off, shaking his head like he was trying to
shift all his thoughts around. Michael looked at Maria and ran after his friend. “Max, come on, what’s going on?”
Michael asked him when he finally got up. Max looked up at Michael, “ Michael I remember her. Do remember
when she fell off those money bars, I ran over to her and....and I.....I....” Max couldn’t get out what he was trying
to say. “What, Max, what did you do?” Michael asked suspiciously.
“I healed her Michael.” Max croaked. “She had a concussion and a broken arm, and I healed her.”
Michael looked over at him in surprise.
“Oh my God! Shit Max. What are we going to do? I mean, we can’t tell her anything, we hardly know
her. What are we going to do???”
“ I don’t know Michael. I don’t know what to do. I can’t believe I didn’t even remember what happened. I
guess it’s just been too long of a time for me to remember.” Max said, still thinking about what had happened back
in the third grade.
“ I don’t know Max, this seems a little weird. I mean, you seem really enamored with her, but suddenly
when she left it just seemed like you totally forgot that she was even alive.” Max blushed when he heard Michael
talking about how he had been totally in love with her, even when he was young. “Come to think of it, Liz left
right around the same time that new girl showed up. After the new girl had showed up, you seemed to spend most
of your time with her. What was her name again?” Michael asked. Max opened his mouth to respond but was cut
off by another voice.
“Her name was Tess, Tess Harding.” Liz said, having walked over midway through their discussion.
Michael turned back towards Max and raised his eyebrow, “Tess Harding, hmmmm....Now, where have I heard
that name before?”
“Oh, you mean Max’s little bimbo girlfriend, Tess Harding. Is that the Tess you were talking about babe?”
Maria replied, walking over and wrapping one arm around Michael’s waist. Michael smiled at her, “Yup, that
would be the one.” Michael and Maria both looked up to see Max’s reaction when he noticed that both Max and
Liz were gone already. “Hey!! Where did they go?” Maria asked. Michael shrugged, “Who cares? You ready to go
home?” Maria nodded, “What about Max? Didn’t he come with you?” Michael smiled, “I’m pretty sure that Max
can find another ride home.”

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