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I know I shouldn't be starting another fic, but this idea wouldn't get out of my head and the creative juices were flowing today, so I started it!! I know the first part is kinda boring, but it picks up near the end and sets the scene and plot.

Title: Curse of Envy

Author: AngelDreamer86

Couple: CC...mostly M/L...the others might come up

Summary: AU...Historical, about 19th century (Early 1800's)....takes place in some fictional coastal city....Maxwell Evans has the perfect life: a steady job, his employer is promoting him, and he is about to be married to the town beauty. Everything is going great, until a few envious friends decide to make trouble for Max....

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of this....if I did, Sean would be the villain in every episode, but he isn’t so I just write about my ideas.....

Part 1

Maxwell Evans happily breathed in the salty air of the ocean. Standing from where he was on the stern of the Ambrosia, he eyed the coast of his home. He smiled at the lush green land and the buzzing port, not having seen it in three years. His thoughts were interrupted by a deck hand requesting orders, since they were fast approaching the port. Maxwell sighed and got back to barking orders quickly, wanting to arrive a fast as possible so he could get off of this ship and onto dry land to return to his life.

As soon as the Ambrosia was within distance, a young man came out to the boat in a skiff and approached the starboard side. Maxwell recognized him and walked over with a grin, helping his friend in. He pulled him into a hug and stepped back to see how much he had changed in the three long years he had been away from home.

“Michael Guerin!! How have you been? It has been too long!” Maxwell said, looking excited to see a familiar face again.

“I’ve been wonderful! How have you been treating this ship? It looks in good enough shape...was that not you I saw barking out orders? Where was our dear Captain Lawrence?” Michael asked, looking around the deck.

Max’s face fell. “We lost him to the smallpox a few weeks was terrible, and I just assumed position, since nobody else stepped forward.” He explained.

Just then, the owner of the ship, Jeffrey Parker stepped aboard and was greeted by Sean DeLuca, second mate, and now first mate under interim Captain Maxwell Evans. Sean put on a smile and greeted Jeffrey warmly.

“Hello, sir, how are you?” Sean asked, shaking his hand.

“I’m well, thank you, DeLuca...I assume things are in order.” Jeffrey said, looking around the deck at the condition of his ship.

“It is wonderful sir. May I apologize for our tardiness, the good Captain was taken from us and Maxwell took over. We lost three days under his guidance.” Sean said, trying to get Maxwell onto bad terms with Jeffrey.

“Do you have any idea why?” Jeffrey asked with concern.

“None whatsoever sir, why don’t you ask him yourself?” Sean asked, gesturing to Maxwell and Michael.

Jeffrey headed over to the two who appeared to be in deep conversation.

“So, Maxwell, are you going to do it tonight? When you see her?” Michael asked excitedly.

“Yes, I believe so, but I’m going to speak about it with her father while I have the chance, and what better opportunity than right now.” Max whispered, noticing Jeffrey approaching them.

“Hello sir.” Maxwell greeted with genuine excitement.

“Maxwell.” Jeffrey said with a nod, acknowledging his presence.

“Is there a problem sir? You seem upset.” Maxwell said inquisitively.

“There may be a slight one, see, DeLuca here tells me that you are tardy because of bad judgment as Captain on your part.” Jeffrey said, gesturing to Sean, who currently was trying to hide his smug grin.

Maxwell swallowed and took a deep breath. “That is true sir, we did lose three days because we had to make a stop in Cape Island for undisclosable reasons.” Maxwell explained.

“Undisclosable reasons?” Jeffrey asked.

“Yes, sir, it was the captain’s last wishes that we go to Cape Island.”

“May I speak to you in private?” Jeffrey asked, pulling him away from the other two men. Once away, Jeffrey spoke. “I employ each man on this ship, including the dearly departed Captain, and I would like to know why my resources and money were used for a three-day detour.” Jeffrey said, anger rising.

“Sir, the captain wished that I personally deliver a letter to his family on Cape Island so that they may know of his condition and he could supply them with his will.” Maxwell said.

Jeffrey lightened up. Maxwell’s story was entirely believable, and he admired the man’s courage to risk his job in order to fulfill the last requests of an old friend.

“In that case, I thank you for your obedience and would like to request something of you.” Jeffrey asked.

“Anything sir, as long as it doesn’t involve another three year voyage in the next week.” Maxwell joked.

“No, nothing of the sort, the Ambrosia needs to restock and be repaired, you are going to be home for at least another three months. But, at the end of those three months, this ship is going to need a Captain.” Jeffrey explained.

“Well, I have seen Sean DeLuca become more than eager to take that position before.” Maxwell offered.

Jeffrey smiled. “You are a humble young man, Max Evans. But DeLuca has a look in his eye I don’t entirely trust. I would like you to be captain of the Ambrosia.” Jeffrey said, looking for Maxwell’s reaction.

Maxwell grinned. “Are you sure, sir?”

“I couldn’t think of anyone more qualified.”

“Thank you sir, thank you very much!!” Maxwell said, eagerly shaking his hand. He then calmed down and was overcome with a serious tone.

“Now may I ask you something, sir?” Maxwell asked, palms sweating.

“Yes, anything.” Jeffrey said in a laid back demeanor.

“As you know, I have been courting your daughter, Elizabeth for five years now, and I would like to ask you if it would be all right for me to ask her for her hand in marriage.” Maxwell said firmly, but with an unsteady feeling.

Jeffrey paused. “You are both very young.” He said.

“I know sir, I’m only 20 years old, and she is still 19, but we love each other very much and there isn’t one person in the world I can see myself with other than your daughter.” Maxwell said wholeheartedly.

“You don’t need my permission, Maxwell.” Jeffrey said cautiously.

“I am aware of that sir, and perhaps I asked because I would like your blessing more than anything else. I promise I will be able to support her and stand by her, sir....and with this new position I know I will be able to provide for her.” Maxwell explained.

“I am aware of that Maxwell, and I feel that there is no other man better fit for my daughter. You have my permission and my blessing.” Jeffrey said warmly, taking him into a hug. “But don’t think you get special employee treatment. I am still your employer.”

“I know that sir, and I do wish to be treated the same as each of your workers.”

“Well, with that settled, get back to work.” Jeffrey said with a half smile.

“Yes, sir.” Max said with a grin, and returned happily to derigging the ship.

Sean DeLuca watched the entire exchange between Maxwell and Jeffrey and saw Maxwell’s face light up at certain points in the conversation. He saw Jeffrey take Maxwell into a hug and his eyes darkened. He hated Max Evans and his perfect life...he envied his happiness. Sean went over to Jeffrey to see what had just happened.

“Hello sir, no intention of bothering you, but since the Captain has been lost, the Ambrosia is no longer under command, and I, as second mate, am more than happy to....”

Jeffrey put up a hand to silence him. “No need, DeLuca, Max has been promoted, as have you to first mate.”

Sean swallowed his jealousy and plastered a smile on his face. “That is wonderful, sir. Thank you very much.”
“No trouble on my part, get working DeLuca.” Jeffrey said, dismissing him.

Maxwell had reports to fill out and many tasks to perform before he could go and visit his family and his future fiancé. He attempted to do as many things as possible, but knew with his workload that he wouldn’t see them anytime soon. He groaned.

“Is there a problem, Max?” Kyle Valenti, a deck hand asked.

“Oh, no, none at all, Kyle, I was just thinking about how much work I have to do, I don’t think I’ll see Elizabeth tonight at this rate.” Maxwell said with a sigh.

“Well, some others and I are just finishing up, we’d be more than happy to be of service to you.” Kyle said, waving over some other men, who came over to see what was up.

Maxwell shook his head. “No, its okay, go home to your families.”

“We’re not about to leave you to all of these chores when you have a lady like Elizabeth sitting at home.” Alex, one of the deck hands explained, receiving a nod from the others.

Maxwell shrugged his shoulders and waved the others to follow him. “I really appreciate it guys, you’re being more than helpful.”

“Anything for our Captain.” Kyle said with a smile.

“Anything for our friend.” Alex corrected.

With all of the others helping, Maxwell was done before sunset and waved the others goodbye as he departed the ship. He walked along the streets of his hometown quickly, wanting more than anything to see Elizabeth.

~~~~Meanwhile, at the Parker residence~~~~~

Elizabeth nervously toyed with the hem of her skirt, glancing nervously at Sean DeLuca, who was currently sitting across from her with his arms folded across his chest, looking betrayed.

“Sean, you may go home now, I really don’t need any company, I have things to do and I’m sure you would love to visit your sister.” Elizabeth said, trying to get him to leave.

“Tess is at the Evans’, waiting for Max.” Sean spat out his name.

Elizabeth swallowed down the jealousy at the thought of Tess being the first to see him, but she knew it improper manners to go calling on a man.

“Why didn’t it work out between us, Elizabeth?” Sean asked, tilting back in his chair.

“There is no “us” to work out, Sean.” Liz said, avoiding his eyes.

“That’s because you never gave us a chance, you were too wrapped up in Maxwell.” Sean said with envy.

“I love him.” Liz explained.

“You don’t love me? We grew up together.” Sean pleaded.

“I do love you, just not like I love Max...Max is all I need for that kind of love.” Liz said, covering his hand with her own.

Sean’s shoulders caved and he sat back in his chair, pouting. ‘Another reason to envy Max Evans.’ He thought.

Elizabeth shot up at the knock on her door, rushing to open it and letting out a scream of excitement.

“Max!!” She screamed happily, throwing her arms around his neck and knocking him temporarily off balance. He staggered backwards out of the house slightly, and then grabbed her around the waist and spun her around, setting her down to get a good look at how much she had changed since the last time he saw her. Liz did the same, running her hands over his face and neck, caressing him lovingly.

Max’s breath was taken away. Liz had blossomed in the years he had been gone. She was now a beautiful woman, and he was partially sad and wished he could have been with her to watch her mature and grow.

Liz gazed at Max’s face. It was now more rugged and slightly aged from all of the stress of his work, but his eyes were the same warm amber. Liz looked lower to how broad and muscular he had become and Liz was taken over with lust, but pushed it aside to have a decent conversation with him.

Maxwell gazed at her with a smile, leaning in for their first kiss in three long years. Their kiss started out gently, but years of pent up passion soon took over and the two were completely wrapped up in each other. Max anchored Liz to his body, squeezing her tightly and massaging the base of her head with one hand while the other held her tightly to him. Liz turned her head, allowing Max better access, and opened her mouth wider to take more of him into her. Maxwell slipped his tongue into her mouth, groaning at the long-missed contact of Elizabeth’s kisses. They broke apart, foreheads touching, gasping for air.

“Did you get my letters?” Maxwell asked.

“Every one.” Liz said with a smile.

“I missed you so much.” He said with grief.

“Me too, we’ve got a lot of time to make up for.” Liz said happily. The two leaned in for another kiss when Sean broke them apart, “accidentally” bumping into Max.

“Oh sorry, I was just leaving.” Sean said, putting his head down.

“Don’t leave on account of me, Sean.” Maxwell said, untangling from Liz partially, but keeping his hand on her waist.

Sean gazed at Max’s hand with jealousy. “No, I have a family to see, I was just keeping Liz company while you were finishing up on the ship. I’m sure Tess is worried sick about me and would like to see me, you know how sisters can be.” Sean said, backing away and walking in the direction of his home. Maxwell felt Liz stiffen at the mention of Tess’ name.

“Something wrong?” He asked, turning to look at her.

“No.” Liz lied.

“Not a fan of Tess, I see.” Maxwell said, reading Liz like a book.

“Is it wrong to be jealous of her?”

“Why would you be?”

“She got to see you first.” Liz said, putting her head down.

Max tilted up her chin with his finger.

“Why is that so?”

“Because she was waiting at your house for you to come home. I was ready to do the same, but I didn’t want your parents to think I have bad manners.” Liz said meekly.

“I didn’t go home.” Max stated.


“I didn’t go home, I had to see you first.” Maxwell said, looking her in the eyes with love.

“Oh, now I feel foolish.” Liz said.

“You have no reason to be, I felt the same way....Sean got to see you first, how do you think I felt when I saw him here?” Maxwell asked, trying to rectify Liz’s problem

“Forget it, lets move on to happier things.” Elizabeth said, lightening up.

“I agree...I have so much to tell you...your father came aboard before we docked and promoted me to Captain...I’m Captain of the Ambrosia!!” Maxwell explained with excitement.

“Max, that's amazing!!” Liz said, giving him a tight hug. Maxwell loosened her arms from around his neck and took her hands in his.

“And there’s another thing...” Maxwell said, swallowing.

“Oh God, what’s wrong, do you have to go away again?” Liz asked, knowing this conversation all too well.

Maxwell shook his head. “When I was away, I realized how much I miss you and how easily someone could have taken your heart away from me....I wanted to know that I could call you mine forever...and when I got to the dock and knew how close I was to seeing you...I knew what I had to do. I talked to your father and he is more than happy to oblige, so all I need is your permission, Liz.” Max said, getting down on his knee. “Elizabeth Parker, I love you more than my own life, and I know that I could never be happier with anyone else than I am with you. From the first moment I met you, I knew I wanted to spend my life for you, and I want our life to begin. Will you be my wife?” Maxwell asked, looking up at her face.

Liz gasped and felt the tears form. She tightened her grip on Max’s hands.

“Yes.” She whispered.

Max stood up. “Yes?”

“Yes. Yes!!” Liz said happily, pulling Max into a teary hug. Maxwell picked her up and spun her again and took her face in his hands.

“I promise we’ll be happy Liz, I’ll never let you have one moment of regret...we’ll have the rest of our lives together.” Maxwell promised, kissing his fiancé, pouring all of his love into it.

Sean watched Max’s proposal from behind the tree. He narrowed his eyes at their happiness and began trudging home with jealousy coursing through his veins. He arrived at the doorstep the same time his sister, Tess, blonde curls bouncing approached the door.

“Something wrong, dear brother?” Tess asked.

“Maxwell Evans is what is wrong in the world....he holds me back from everything. He stole my promotion and he stole Elizabeth Parker. I hate him.” Sean vented.

“Stole Elizabeth Parker?”

“They’re engaged....I hate them for their happiness, nobody deserves to be that happy.” Sean said with anger.

“They’re engaged? Damn that whore!! She knew that Maxwell was mine but she took him from me anyway!!” Tess spat out, anger rising.

“Mutual feelings of jealousy.” Sean acknowledged.

“Well I guess love hurts.” Tess said with a sigh, getting ready to head in.

“But revenge is sweeter.” Sean said, a plan forming in his mind.

“What?” Tess asked, curiosity on the rise.

“There’s only one way we can be happy.”

“And that would be....” Tess asked, not catching on.

“We have to make Max Evans disappear.”

Should I continue? Feedback please!!


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dreamangel, FYI Count of Monte Cristo rules!! I read the book and just had to put it into a Roswell analogy!!

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Part 2

“Disappear? aren’t making any sense.” Tess said, worried by Sean’s newly aquired disposition.

“Tess, don’t you see? Maxwell Evans is the source of all of our problems!! We’re both unhappy because HE is allowed to be unhappy....but if he were dead....” Sean implied, an evil glint crossing his eyes.

“ you’re speaking insanity...we cannot murder an innocent!!” Tess cried.

“Did I hear the word murder?” Marcus Dante stepped out from the shadows.

“Marcus!! Dear friend! You heard correctly!” Sean said, obviously joyed at the presence of his not-so-virtous friend.

“Not yet back a day and already plotting our next mode of torture? I can see you haven’t changed a bit!” Marcus greeted, pulling him into a hug.

“What is the plot then? You know I am always up for a good felon!” Marcus laughed, pulling away.

“My brother is plotting to kill Maxwell Evans.” Tess stated with disapproval, hoping to find a shred of sanity in Marcus’ mind. She was successful.

“Maxwell Evans? Why? He is a good man, I see nothing wrong with the fellow! He has my best wishes, in fact!” Marcus said cheerily. Sean was in disapproval.

“What is wrong with the both of you? Can you not see what I do? His facade has plagued your minds! Max Evans is evil and corrupt and must leave this life!!” Sean ranted. Tess and Marcus exchanged a look of worry.

“Sean, as your closest comrade, I must put forth my opinion that you aren’t thinking correctly...what is it you have against Maxwell Evans?” Marcus asked, eyebrows furrowing in concern.

“He makes me unhappy...he steals everything away from me....and he won’t reciprocate my sister’s love for him! He has made this a personal family grudge and I consider his rejection of my sister a slap in the face and a curse of my family’s name!” Sean explained with venom.

“While a good point, I don’t believe it a good idea to kill the man....why, if we were all murdered for our happiness the world would be a terrible place to live. What satisfaction would you receive from Maxwell Evans’ death?” Marcus asked.

“I would take back that which was mine! Elizabeth Parker would come back to me and I would have the rightful position of Captain of the Ambrosia.” Sean said, rubbing his hands together, a plot formulating in his mind.

“Sean, you know I am your greatest friend, but killing an innocent man is where I draw my line of criminal intent. Is there not a way around this?” Marcus asked.

Sean pondered a moment. “He doesn’t necessarily have to BE dead for everyone to THINK he is dead....” Sean thought out loud to himself. “As long as nobody else believes he is alive, then I can have the place as Captain and Elizabeth Parker’s husband.” Sean stroked his chin. “I find that idea much more enjoyable...Maxwell will be able to see how easily I took his life, and he will live the rest of it in solitude and misery.” Sean plotted out.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Sean?” Tess asked.

“Yes, the more I think of it, it would be terrible if Maxwell died...”Sean said aloud. “If Maxwell were, say...imprisoned...nobody would know the difference if we were the only ones who knew. Absence separates as effectively as death; so just suppose that there were the walls of a prison between Maxwell and Elizabeth: that would separate them no more or less than a tombstone.” Sean formulated. “Besides, a kidnapping is so much easier to cover up than a murder.”

“There’s only one problem.” Marcus added.

“And that is....”

“Where are we going to put Maxwell? Every prison guard on this island knows of him....he would be out in minutes and ready to seek revenge.” Tess stated.

“We are just going to have to move him off of the island then.”

“To where?” Marcus asked.

“You still have those friends on the island of exile, where they put the beings, correct?” Sean asked Marcus.

“Roswell Prison, yes.” Marcus answered.

“That’s where we can keep him, they have plenty of room there, and with any luck, one of those beings would destroy him.” Sean said.

“But he’s human, he doesn’t belong there.” Tess stated with worry.

“What does that matter? As long as he is out of our way, noone will be the wiser and he can disappear. Poor Elizabeth will come running to me in her terrible state of grief...I of course, will be the shoulder she will weep on and she will eventually fall for me and forget Maxwell’s name.” Sean predicted.

“You do realize we’re destroying these people’s lives.” Marcus stated.

“Yes.” Sean agreed.

“Just making when does this all begin?” Marcus asked, rubbing his hands together in delight.

~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~

“Are you ready?” Maxwell asked, looking down at Liz’s smiling face and squeezing her hand.

“Of course!” She stated happily.

Maxwell opened the dining hall door and allowed Elizabeth through first, regrasping her hand and looking up to find the smiling faces and cheers of congratulations of all of their friends lining the entire length of the enormous table. As they walked down the aisle to their places, Maxwell recieved numerous handshakes and congratulations as they approached their assigned seats at their engagement banquet. Once there, Maxwell lead Elizabeth to her chair, pulling it out and seating her. He then took his place next to her and all others were seated. On Maxwell’s right was Elizabeth and on his left, his mother, followed by his father. The same applied to Elizabeth. Across from the happy couple was the DeLuca family of Sean and Tess and their parents. Once dinner was well underway, Maxwell thought it appropriate to make his announcement. He tapped his fork against his champagne glass until he felt enough attention was drawn to him.

“I’d like to thank you all for coming to our celebration tonight, you have no idea how much it means to Elizabeth and I to see all of you smiling only implies a bright future for the both of us. We also have something we’d like you all to know....” Maxwell took Elizabeth’s hand. She gave him a smile of approval and a nod to continue. “That this is no longer our engagement party.” The crowd rose to a confused din of voices. Maxwell put up his hand for silence. “This is our wedding feast! Elizabeth and I were wed this morning!” Maxwell said proudly. Everyone was in shock and questions were thrown out.

“But Maxwell, what of the legal contract?”

“It is true that we are not married by law, only by religion, but we have a lifetime to plan our formal wedding, but 2 months just seemed so far away!” Maxwell explained. The guests approved and more spirits were poured into their glasses.

Jeffrey Parker stood, raising his glass. “To the happy couple!”

“To the happy couple.” The table echoed, clinking glass to glass and drinking merrily.

Maxwell sat with a smile and leaned over to whisper in Liz’s ear.

“And now I can’t wait to get home and do something I’ve been waiting to do for a long...long time.” He whispered seductively. here's the deal...if you readers want a wedding night scene (and you all know what I'm talking about) and would like the story to enter R-NC-17 land, I can't write that worth if you'd all like to be interactive, email or bmail me your version of the wedding night and I'll put it in there, otherwise I'll just skip over it since my writing skills don't extend that far. Thanks!