Part 1
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o there I was sitting with max and all of a sudden the skins came
And attacked us they said that I Liz Parker was max.'s true bride. We
Killed them and then found out that Tess was a traitor and that she
Worked for kivar who is our enemy we tried the orbs and found out
That max and I were married and that I am pregnant now and not Tess
I am so happy got to go here comes max. Hey babe hey I missed u I missed u t o
Are u coming over tonight we have to tell our parents you know.
I know I want to move in together. I want to move in together to Liz in fact that I already bought an apartment for us. I love you so much. Elizabeth Ann Parker will you marry me tonight and love me for the rest of my life please say yes. Yes max I will marry you tonight I love you sop much you don't even know how much I love you.

Part 2
I can't believe we just graduiate. I know says maria. me and max are getting married tomorow I can't believe it then we are going to harvard for collage in a apartment it is going to be great I can't wait.
I know it was short byt I have alot of things to do to day and my computer lost most of this part

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